New Moon in Taurus 2014

Between: April 29- May 28.

Taurus is ruled by Venus. It is a fixed sign, of the earth element. If Aries starts or comes with an idea, Taurus will be that actually does the work. So we can see, that people born in this sign are the DOERS. Venus is the planet of love and harmony. Venus will bring all the beauties and pleasures in our lives. It is the "minor benefactor". In Financial astrology Venus represents the banks. So we shall see... 

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Market starts over here. light red. 
Till they will decide to turn up, look at this pic: 30 minutes graph of the S&P: 

On May 2nd Helio Mars will enter Scorpio. Is it a coincident or not, it falls to the Hebrew month of AYAR, when the count of Omer is going on. From Passover to Shavuot, one should ( in Israel cannot! ) NOT marry. Here are the rules about this period. Why do I mention it? Helio Mars brings falls. 
Mercury and Venus, on the other side, point upwards. So, no panic pls.
Here is a picture of the Helio planets that change signs for the DOW: 

The key is Saturn. As long as the index is above 16290- LONG. 

Here is a radio show I was invited to: 55 minutes! I talk... 

May 1,2014 Thursday

we say good bye to April 2014, never to return and hello to May. the stone of the month is the Emerald. The flower is the Lilly.
For the Dow, since 1885 May brought .

For the time being, the US markets made new highs yesterday. The Dow even made new historical high!. S&P topped at 1885: there is a resistance at 1888.35- Running above it, ot gapping up, next: 1897,1900,-1904. I thing at that level the rally will be done. Let's see. 
TA 25: closed at 1378.93. here it is supported. The arbitrage is light red, so falling from here at the opening, next support is at 1377-1370.65

I am preparing my May forecast... you are welcome to sign up. One cannot rely on 54% ... right?

May 7, 2014 Wednesday 

I took some days off, due to market holiday. We had memorial day and Independence day, and today we are back...
We are under the ruler ship of Mercury  and the Sun. Mercury is just about to arrive "home" to Gemini, and the Sun is at 16 degrees, leaving the sextile it made to Jupiter. The Moon is in Leo. I wrote many times, that when the Moon is in this sign, or in Aqua (180^), it makes a top or low in the S&P. This "trick" does not work for all the world... every share or commodity with its own ticks. 
TA25: trades now at 1370- after a top at 1423 on April 10. Equals 13 trading days from the top. we are now at 1370. Supported fiercely by Saturn; also 1/3 correction from the top. Time to decide which way to turn. Since we have detached from the US markets, and our index moves with a different rhythm, falling below Saturn will mean 1363. targets up: 1378,25-1379.50-1385-1387. Look for a CIT on Sunday. May 11, after Sun will oppose Saturn at 1400. ( or its derivatives). 

S&P: topped so far at 1891.33 on May 2nd. Go the last "push -up " from the Sun-Jupiter sextile. 
To see which sector is the leading one: go here
Today we have a Mercury 45 Uranus position, watch out for surprises! It will come together with Mrs. Yellen speech... Stay out of the trades... Or at least be alert. 
TS statistics show: 

May 8, 2014 Thursday

We are living times when all rules are broken. As I was writing for the last months, I am expecting new highs. see S&P 15 min graph- next is 1905. + - 

Today we are ruled by Jupiter and the Moon. La Luna just entered Virgo. Soon it will trine the Sun=. May 9 at the closing of the US markets, at 19 degrees. 
s&p: On the Gann square 1879 it is 180 degrees from the April 11 1814 low. it is a strong support. Targets up : 1880-1888. 
~~~Dhragi is speaking... about the EURO : Ran up today from 1.39 - almost 100 pips..- to 1.39924!! What a nervous market!!  
If you downloaded my application, you received today more than 20-25 alerts.. If you still don't have it, the link is at the bottom of the blog. 


May 9 , 2014 Friday. 

At the beginning of this article I uploaded a graph of the S&P - 30 min. here is the outcome till today: 

The graph shows Gann lines, planetary positions, and future. Next day to watch is May 12. Till now we got a triple top, with higher lows. the range is now between 1871 to 1885. Breaking one side will mark the direction. 
The Dow made a new high yesterday, Nasdaq is still negative, the DAX is trading sideways, like the Gold and Silver, this one even made a new low.. Any Fed.announcements today ? Yes, at 5 pm my time... what is going on in the sky then ?? Moon 60^ Jupiter... Minor positive. At that exact time Helio Venus enters Aquarius, after the depressive Capricorn, what a refreshing place to be!... So I think the direction is up up up... 

No trade here, so bye and be good and wise. 

May 11, 2014 Sunday

As usual, we have trade over here, and we will catch up with the arbitrage, which was minor positive. Today we are ruled by the Sun and Mercury. The Sun is at 20 Taurus, Mercury at 6 Gemini.-pointing to a nervous period, as long as it stays in this sign. The Moon is conjunct Mars in Libra, sending a disharmonic angle to the last eclipse.
look at Venus! It will conjunct Uranus, that will be an angle to follow, this week. Also the important issue of the week is Mars stationary, before it will turn Direct. 
I have my weekly report ready... if you wish to subscribe :) 

TA25: 1372.99- target: 1378--up to 1396.94 
relevant Moon angles for today - during trading hours: 
11.05.2014 14:22:01  9°30'20"Lib Conjunction Mars
11.05.2014 14:34:31  9°36'59"Lib Opposition Venus

Other aspects: for gmt+3\
Venus 180 Mars 05/11/2014 12:26:50
Moon c.p Uranus 05/11/2014 13:19:01
Mercury 090 Neptune 05/11/2014 15:34:07
Mercury 144 Pluto 05/11/2014 16:10:13

Closed at 1371.79... consolidating the whole day with a low volume. 

See u tomorrow.. 

May 12, 2014 Monday

It is the 52nd day from the spring equinox. Nothing special in this number, but it reminds us to watch May 15, which will be 55 days. + - 1 day I expect a change in trend. The Sun today is at 21 Taurus. The Sun will be at 25 Taurus in 4 days. Also one of the worst Fixed stars, Algol is at 26 Taurus- all coincide together for a CIT. 
For the time being, we enjoy the rallies, but with open eyes and mind. 
So what else is there today? Sun-Moon dis harmonic angle, Mercury good-Mars and Jupiter is getting closer to a trine to Saturn- exact on May 23rd- another date to watch!

times to watch for today: 
Sun 150 Moon 05/12/2014 12:50:24
Moon 135 Neptune 05/12/2014 14:15:39
Moon 180 Eris 05/12/2014 15:03:43
Moon 144 Chiron 05/12/2014 15:32:31
Moon par Neptune 05/12/2014 15:45:55
Venus c.p Mars 05/12/2014 17:26:55
Moon 135 Mercury 05/12/2014 17:45:16
Mercury 120 Mars 05/12/2014 19:01:34
Moon 165 Venus 05/12/2014 21:00:13

NEWS: on June 9- Tel Aviv index will start to trade in the futures of Eurex.

May 13,2014 Tuesday 

The day is under the shadow of the Tower card.... Mars rules, and Neptune.
On the TV right now Olmert is getting the verdict... Let's see how many years? He is a lawyer himself, already promised to go to the High court..
Markets rallied yesterday, getting ready to reach the top- as advised my subscribers. 
We have a very positive arbitrage, probably will open with a gap up and consolidate the rest of the day. 
S&P closed at 1895.1///long-  Gold at 1295///"on the fence"-  Russell 1133/// long- Nasdaq 4144/// long

I will send alerts today, so keep your mobiles open. The link to the application is at the bottom of the blog, or at the left panel. 

The Moon just moved to Scorpio.- New energies are pouring in... be alert. 
TA25: now is at 1378.42 - as long as it stays above this level, next target is 9-11 points higher. After that, up to: 1396.29 
Olmert got 6 six years in jail. I wrote and posted his chart on March 31. I thought h will get 7-10 years.. I was not too wrong. Age wise he is on his Uranus. Some unexpected event may take place! Will he commit suicide?

Look at something interesting: March 6,2009 was the historical low. Until today 1895 Days passed. Where is the index? Topped at 1895. 

May 14, 2914 Wednesday 

Yesterday we had a "flip-flop". The S&P made a double top- at the end, making new highs. 1902.17 was the new high. which was Helio Uranus-Pluto square line, and closed at 1897.45 which is more or less Neptune's line. We are long as long as the index is above 1880. The top was reached at 17:30 my time gmt+3- when HMercury was square Saturn, a classic position to block a rally, bottomed at 22:00, exactly when Mercury made a sextile to Venus. Now running above the high it will mean new highs, and time wise, technically too, the sky is clear. Stop, 1880. 

The planets ruling today are Mercury and Saturn... ha!! no wonder we have that angle in the sky... Today is the most hectic day of the week... A lot! of aspects in the sky. Also La Luna will be full! 
Targets up: 1899-1903-1904.70 Will it go above it today?? we shall see. 
Yesterday's sectors: 

Money makes the world go round... Do you remember that song?? Read this: 
The money starts to line the pockets. Yes, the Democrats who hate the rich in public, line their pockets just like everyone else. The youngest son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, has taken a position as head of legal affairs at Ukraine’s largest private gas producer Burisma Holdings. They announced on their website that Hunter Biden would join its board of directors and head the company’s legal unit. This is how influence is bought in Washington. You hire their family members who then become your direct lobbyist.
Remember the Cardinal Cross- when " NOTHING HAPPENED"? Well,  WWIII  is unfolding in front of our eyes.... 
Check out what I wrote on April 23rd? 

What else is new and shocking?? Putinka in action : 

On Friday Russia’s parliament voted to write off roughly 90 percent of North Korea’s debt as Moscow seeks to build a gas pipeline through the Hermit Kingdom.
This weekend Reuters reported that Russia’s Duma voted to write off roughly $10 billion worth of the debt that North Korea owes Moscow from the days of the Soviet Union. The vote ratified an agreement made in September 2012, after a meeting between then-President Dmitry Medvedev and then-North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in Siberia in the summer of 2011

let us see how far and deep Russia will rule till 2018 ??

See what happened yesterday: 

Russian deputy PM sends bomber tweet after Romania airspace 

PPI in 12 minutes, Venus 90 Pluto+ Sun 135 Mars +Moon 0 Saturn! Merc 150 Pluto! Be ready!
Crude inventories in 1 hour: on May 2013 was -0.6 
came out:  +0.9. Oil made top at 102- which was onr of my targets in the report sent to subscribers, now I am short. Stop at 102. 

May 15,2014 Thursday 

Yesterday we got a top in the S&P at 1902.17 - which was exactly Uranus-Pluto square in the Heliocentric chart. The index closed at 1888. There is an open gap from May 9th  to 1878- so this gap might close today, as long as the Moon is still in Scorpio.  It is now at 29Sco18. 
15.05.2014  8:43:34  0°00'00"Sgr <<
15.05.2014 12:39:22  2°18'05"Sgr Sesqui-quadrate Jupiter
15.05.2014 21:21:44  7°25'29"Sgr Square Neptune

DOW: topped at 16736 on the 13th. Some calculations give me a target at 16744 and a support at 16647-16550.
There is a great unrest in Turkey, due to the many casualties if the last mine crash. I looked at Erdogan' chart: we can see why... 

TA25: closed yesterday at 1383.52  Support at 1382.46- falling from there: 1379.7-1376-1374-1370-1362. 
Just heard on the news, that "El Nino" is coming, read more here..--- For those who line in that area.. 

I wrote you I am short on oil, let's see how deep it will correct?  Stop at 101.49- 

Today we are under the influence of Jupiter and Mars! 
market starts, see you later. 
Positive German announcement "saved" the market this time... Looooong! 
WOW!! What a merry go round!! I am in my 4th trade... DAX< Euro, OIl, all of them . Have to get up and drink some water. You see, how 1880 holds?? Until it doesn't, then we go short. 
US Unemployment came out the lowest since 2007! When the market falls in spite of good announcements, we know the correction is in. 

May 16.2014 Friday.

What a nervous day was yesterday!! All supports were broken! I just checked the calendar, and besides all the angles, and planetary positions, NOW.... huhuhh too late to write about it, one day later, but now we can add , that may 15 was the 135th day of the year! and 135 degrees angle is one of the worst angles. Next day to watch will be May 31, the 150 degrees. But, in between May 25 is also a small CIT day. Counting from Feb 5th low- today it's 100 days. 

Today we are ruled by Venus and the Sun. The Sun is at 25 Taurus, and makes no aspects today... Venus, is departing from a conjunction with Uranus, the conjunction that brought the fall. 
The Moon will be VOC today till 11:!2 my time.. so take it easy. 
By the time US markets will open it will find some harmonious planetary positions in the sky, so I think an upside correction might come. S&P should get above 1873-75 in order to find support. Otherwise it will continue to fall. (1855-1850).

May 17,2014 Saturday

Indian elections took place. When I read about it, a few days ago, I thought... they found a time for elections!! Under the Solar eclipse and the Cardinal cross... For sure great changes will come... I am not familiar with India's inner issues, who is against who, which one is favored, or who are the people at all that are running... So I forgot all about it. Now I am reading the outcome and since I must have the new PM chart, here it is for you too: Mr.Narendra (3) Damondardas ( 4) Modi (5) = 3 ( Name ruled by Jupiter, born on Sept. 17, 1950= 5 Mercury.
Born on the 17th , news come out on the 17th... 

The first position that struck me was, of course Saturn in transit. If you read my blog long enough, you could learn, that Saturn "crowns" kings. In this case transit Saturn is in sextile- favorable- position to natal Saturn, with is conjunct the Sun in Virgo, and Mercury. Mercury rules Virgo, so it is the dispositor of the Sun and Saturn. This CNN article writes: Modi is a good administrator," said Ramesh Menon, author of an unauthorized biography of the politician. "He is very strict, gets things done. There is a fear element."  His popularity comes in spite of a lack of strong personal charisma. Seen as hardworking and conservative, Modi had failed to establish an "emotional connect" with voters during campaigning" One could not have explained better a Virgo Sun-Saturn conjunction! 
I do not know his time of birth, so I made some calculations, or rectification , as it is called- based on his age, and I got the chart above. Only looking at the colored planets in transit and natal we can understand the influence and the TIMING of the planets for his success. 
Transit Sun in 120 to natal Sun, Venus, which is the ruler of this 10th house, or career, at 8 degrees, got an exact hit from the last Solar eclipse- which was at 8 Taurus. transit Uranus and Venus from the 9th house of justice are in opposition to natal Neptune, bringing the "change" he wants/ Even transit Pluto favored by trine his natal Pluto. transit Neptune in opposition to natal Venus- isn't it like a Hungarian cube? when everything fits, it fits. 
Some statistics: India has more than 1.2 billion population.( 4 times more than the US!)  35 states, 29 different languages, and religions: 

So good luck, Mr.Modi! 

May 18,2014 Sunday 

After the last hour rally in the US markets, our arbitrage is positive, so our market should act accordingly... But, the Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury will be150^ to Saturn, so I don't see a great move for today. 
TA25: 1378.27. It closed exactly on a support line. It is like a pivot point. falling from here the next support is 9 points lower, while the next up target is also 9 points higher. Mars is stationary before turning Direct this week; so let's see... 
After the Indian elections, let's look at the rupee: I already posted many times about it, pls. check in the search window at the left panel,now here is the chart: we can see that a historical trend line was crossed - steps down at the left of the graph in red. 

Nifty: my target was 7304- where is it now? let me see...7563!! topped! well- nice move, from 6636- when I gave the target... ( in the application ). 
There is something going on, after all,, in the sky today: the Moon is closest to the Earth, therefore the tidal force is maximum...
Here is an important time tunnel: the Geo declination for April-June: Mercury is OOB! which adds to the nervousness of the markets. 

I wrote a few days ago, that TA25 will trade on EUREX as of June from Monday to Friday.. Just for your information, the average volume of our index in 2009 was 932.31 / in 2010: 980.66, in 2011:924.17// in 2012: 825.41// in 2013: 764.13 million shekels. in a year! divide it by 4 - approx for the dollar- it is the turnover of AM-PM. Big money will wish -wash it as they please.. 

May 19, 2014 Monday

Yesterday was a very happy day. Maccabi Tel Aviv won the Euro league. It was a fantastic game! 
Haha... you did not think I was watching?? Oh yes... I was! and it was great great great. 
10 thousand people flew to Milano to cheer the team, and you should have seen the town! It was all yellow- everybody wore the team's shirt. In Tel Aviv people were celebrating the whole night! It was fabulous... I went to sleep after the game. Small happy events like these are like fuel to our lives. If you ask was it in the stars to win... well, yes, but I am not going into it now.

So what's new today? Will this positive energy pump the markets further up, when we were already calling out the bears? The day is ruled by the Moon and Uranus, in the cards it is the card of death. hmmm. this tells me that we will have an unforseen event today- nervousness, and an end with a new start. So translating it to the graphs: a turn in trend. 

TA25 closed at 1383.97 - nothing changed here since yesterday. 
The gold is trades now at 1296- It is blocked at 1297.46
The Euro is at 1.37134- while the former top was at 1.37240- and the low at 1.36870- more or less in the midpoint. I would wait and see... to break out one side... 

AEX: it is consolidating, but the support:397.45 is holding- long above it: 
FTSE: monthly graph: is having the "three fathers" syndrome... still did not break out- consolidating for the last months... 

DAX: can you trade this ?? I can't !!! 

The Moon is just entering Aquarius: the S&P tops or bottoms in this sign! 

19.05.2014  0:27:10 22°27'53"Cap Semi-square Neptune
19.05.2014 10:02:06 28°14'15"Cap Trine Sun
19.05.2014 12:57:50  0°00'00"Aqr <<<
19.05.2014 21:44:41  5°16'31"Aqr Sesqui-quadrate Mercury

May 20, 2014 Tuesday

Remember the "Death Card " of yesterday? an end and new beginning? S&P made new highs, against all odds. what will today bring? It is the card of the Temperament. The planets involved are :Mars and Mercury. Since Merc. is OOB, it will be again a very nervous day. Mars, on the other side is stationary- very strong. I can only look at longs under this sky. The Moon is still in Aquarius. So: the support for the S&P is at 1879, target: 1888. Running above: 1897-1899-to 1909.
UK cpi!!! stay tuned 
Moon aspects today : 
20.05.2014 14:01:21 20°57'12"Cap Sextile Uranus
20.05.2014 19:26:18 24°10'45"Cap Quincunx Jupiter
20.05.2014 21:10:40 25°12'49"Cap Square Saturn
20.05.2014 23:05:30 26°21'02"Cap Sextile Venus

Check out this site: Mozart at 8 years old

I made a Youtube video about the Euro/Dollar- and the cycle of Mars.Pls. click here.

May 21,2014 Wednesday

The Moon is still in Aquarius, and as I wrote above, it makes a low / high for the S&P. This time it is making a low, so it is not over yet. The moon is also void till 15:18 gmt +3, so it will enter Pisces before US opens. This will mean a CIT- by that time. 
More important is the SUN MOVING TO GEMINI- EXACTLY AT THIS MOMENT! - This is a major planetary event!. 
Today we are under the effect of Mercury in Gemini, and Venus.... They are in sextile. Positivity in the air! or, around the corner... but not just yet!  More so, due to Jupiter-Saturn trine, which will be here till the 25th. The Sun is on Pleiades...and this is a bummer... so, as you see never a dull moment. 
The Sun will leave the Weeping Sisters at 16:26, and Mercury will settle on Capella.oh... that's good. 

I made a video recording about the Sun entering Gemini, its effect on the Euro and the Dow, and also Jupiter trine Saturn. 
There are some important announcement in Europe at 11 am- so watch your stops.. 
La Luna: 
21.05.2014 12:21:37 28°15'51"Aqr Semi-square Pluto
21.05.2014 15:18:18  0°00'00"Psc <<<
21.05.2014 15:24:26  0°03'36"Psc Semi-square Uranus
21.05.2014 15:59:11  0°24'04"Psc Square Sun
21.05.2014 21:08:42  3°26'02"Psc Sesqui-quadrate Jupiter

S&P: sometimes I check what is the daily average for a share I trade. For the index it is 15.82. In 2014 only twice was much higher: at 27.73 and 27.93 1/13/14 and 4/15/. Today it already made the average. I closed my position at 1880- which was Venus's line as well. 

May 22,2014 Thursday

We had a turn yesterday, as expected, under the Jupiter-Saturn trine. Expecting continuation of this move. The only bothering thing is, the Tower card... It is "in charge today. This card shows a king falling from a burning tower. So, let's see how will this enfold in the market. The S&P is now at 1889-; support at 1888 target: 1891-97-99. 
May 19 was a turn in trend also because it was 377 days from the low. 

May 26, 2014 Monday. 

There is no trade in the US today, due to Memorial day. The world will be waiting till tomorrow, to see how will they perform. I completed my forecasts for June, if you are interested, pls. subscribe. You can do it with Paypal, at the left panel. 
India and the East are trading now... 
Bsesn: did a fantastic "long squeeze" and we got a message in a bottle, from 1998: 

will it be a "for runner" for the rest of the indices? None of the others performed like it! 
TA25 premarket: 1398- there is a support at 1395 and a resistance at 1407. 
The Pope arrived for a 27 hours' visit today. It is a historical day. I was busy, but I heard some speeches on the radio. I don't recall when did I hear so many times the word " Peace" mentioned. Righ in the times when Mars, the planet of war is moving Direct... 
Under this Mars, Marie Le Pan won today in France, and in the UK a party -for the first time since 1910- that is neither the labor, nor the conservative, but a small party, that is against the UK entering theEuro committee. 
If I understood well... 

May 27, 2014 Tuesday

Today we are ruled by Mars and Jupiter.. Two powerful planets! Mars is harmless, because it makes no angles to any other planet, and Jupiter is in a waning trine to Saturn, the cause of the last day's rally. The Moon is in Taurus, where it is strongest, and getting closer to the Sun, preparing for the New Moon in Gemini, on the 28th, at 21:40 my time. Then, I shall start a new article, as I do always on the new Moons. The Sun-Moon conjunction will occur over here in the 6th house , and under a square to Neptune, which will be exact on the 29th.- at 2:43- so the East will "feel it". 
TA25: closed yesterday at 1405.37- after a high at 1408,91. The support is now at 1405-1404. Will it hold? 
S&P: topped at 1904.01- and it trades lower now, waiting for the world to wake up. 

I worked and posted my research about the EuroDollar to the Mars cycle; above 1000 people saw it. 4 !!!!!!! were not stingy, and actually clicked "like". What is wrong with you people??? Nil appreciation for the work, knowledge, posting, letting you know? 

May 28,2014 Wednesday

Under the influence of Uranus and Mercury, I can only expect a surprise, a quick and unforeseen move for today... Is something important going on in the fundamental world?
No, no red flags today... So what is preparing behind the curtains? Why am I looking down, when I should look up? The Moon leaves Taurus and will enter Gemini. This is all it is about. 
28.05.2014  6:03:50 29°04'50"Tau Semi-sextile Mercury
28.05.2014  7:47:24  0°00'00"Gem <<< on the Pleiades! 
28.05.2014  8:26:02  0°20'34"Gem Semi-square Uranus
28.05.2014 16:39:33  4°42'29"Gem Semi-square Jupiter
28.05.2014 21:40:12  7°21'20"Gem Conjunction Sun
28.05.2014 22:03:02  7°33'23"Gem Square Neptune

Major event of the day: Venus enters Pisces in the Helio chart. 

TA25: topped at 1408.53 yesterday. At this level it is blocked, although by minor planets, but until they move it will be difficult to go above. Support: 1398.
Would you like to know what is June bringing? Pls. sign up to my forecast, by clicking Paypal at the left: WMA report.

When geo Venus entered Pisces in April the S&P fell 38 points. Today it entered in Helio. 
Although the TS shows a rally, I would be very careful now... It topped at 1914- today is 233 trading days from June 2013 low- it is pointing to a CIT.

As you can see, statistics are quite favorable... but there are more planets to look at too.. Keep tight stops. 

May 29, 2014 Thursday 

We are after the New Moon, so as usual, I should and I will start a new article. I shall be away today, so be good, and make good decisions. 

It is a very happy day, this day, my daughter got married!! :) 

Again, thank you for being here... Pls. follow me to the next article: New Moon in Gemini.


  1. Rally being "done" meaning entire 5 year bull market over - or just the most recent rally to new highs being over before yet another pullback??
    Tom !!

  2. Hello Tom,
    IMHO just another pullback. There is nothing to invest in, besides shares... the gold and Silver are loosing, housing sucks...interest rates on the floor... so we are stuck with the shares.
    I am looking for new highs.
    Short, still, only below 1800.
    We don't have trade today and tomorrow, so good luck .

  3. Hi again Gabby. Are you calling the top of the bull now or just another pullback coming...? Thanks yet again! Tom

  4. Ji Tom,

    Just another pull back- You see, it closed high? 1898- My target is end of May, 23rd, 1916.-ish.


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