New Moon in Virgo 2014

Between August 25- September 24.

I wrote about this New Moon in the former article.... You can also look up all the former articles on the Virgo Moons, since 2009- that I write this blog. 
2013 article; 2012 article; 2011 article; 2010 article.

What makes Virgos so special? They are all "reason" people, they need proof, scientific ones for everything. But, since Mercury rules them, and it is an "air" planet... it will make them more "airy"... not so stuck and stubborn like Taurus or Capricorn, the other Earth signs. The tool of the Virgo is the magnifying glass. they will check and re-check everything. So, let's hope, that situations in the world too will be under a microscope and we shall find the cure to all the wounds the Lion new Moon made.. 
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Sites I quote from them are: finviz and forexfactory. 
Numerologically it is a day of: 8.8.7.= 5. same as Aug the 8th... and then a rally for the S&P started. Will it be the end of that rally today? We have a mirror here.. hmmm... we shall see. 
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I am looking at some maps... Prince Charles- major change is coming on Oct 19th... 

On the same day- see the Queen's map: Uranus -Venus angles.... Venus is the ruler of her career.

August 27, 2014 Wednesday

my son returned last night after 2 months from China. He made thousands of pictures. he had a great time, and I am happy he is home. So I got up just now... we have options expiry tomorrow, so waiting for a zig-zag trading. We have a cease fire as of yesterday 8 pm... Let's see if Mars will allow it to stay. 
Today's sky: 

The zig-zag trading is because Moon-Merc. conjunction, on a day that is ruled by Mercury! and the card of death. We had it only on July 28th. See the other not-so-happy-pairs! That cause the wars, quakes, all the evil... And! why not believe anything you read or hear? Look where Neptune is ... 
Todays' angles gmt+3 
Moon              45 Jupiter          27.08.2014 13:19
Pluto             60 Vesta             27.08.2014 16:47
Moon              45 Vesta           27.08.2014 17:16
Venus             90 Mars            27.08.2014 18:46
Moon              90 Center of Galaxy  27.08.2014 19:02
TA25: trades now at 1393.66- that means, that there is a strong resistance at 1396-99. Running above it, under a positive Sun-Moon position, next it should go to  1404-1406-1409.

August 28,2014 Thursday

Our index run up yesterday to 1408.53. Nice :) 
Today... will we see a continuation of the trend? The Moon moved to Libra during the night and it is 30 degrees to the Sun...They form a resistance at 1413-1415. The support is only at 1402- 1399-1397.
19 degrees is on the stage... I wrote about this degree many times in the past. Pls. make a search in the blog. Where does it hit on the globe? Follow the link.. It is a very vulnerable point. 
North and south positions in the world.. I always check astronomy too, before turning to astrology and numerology, or the cards. Numerologically it is a day ruled by Neptune- brings major change! In the cards it is the card of the Tower... A fall from high... so we have all the signs we can get from the universe for a CIT. 

The GO game is based on the number 19. It is one of the cleverest games I know. 

The Moon is very active today: gmt+3
28.08.2014  9:16:51  4°12'23"Lib Semi-square Mars
28.08.2014 10:05:24  4°36'48"Lib Semi-square Venus
28.08.2014 10:44:58  4°56'42"Lib Semi-sextile Sun
28.08.2014 13:16:36  6°13'03"Lib Quincunx Neptune
28.08.2014 19:43:37  9°28'18"Lib Sextile Jupiter
28.08.2014 23:02:50 11°09'02"Lib Square Pluto

Other angles to look out, when they happen: gmt+3
Sun              135 S.Node         28.08.2014 10:02
Sun               45 Node              28.08.2014 10:02
Venus            120 S.Node       28.08.2014 15:50
Venus             60 Node            28.08.2014 15:50
NOTE, THAT AT 3:30 unemployment announcement.. 

August 31,2014 Saturday

I see many people read my blog or have downloaded the site on their iPhone, or androids. Pls. note, that I send market notifications on many indices  and shares, but only if you BUY the application you can see them!!! You have to accept "push notifications". 

Today we are celebrating my children birthdays... They are 30 and 28, born 3 days and 2 years apart... may they be healthy and happy.:) 

August 31,2014 Sunday 

it's a very humid day today. I opened the windows, hoping for a cooler breeze, but, no, it is like rain was hanging up there, refusing to fall. Soon it will evaporate and leave us with a hot summer day.... We do not have rains in this side of the world till November... But, maybe this year it will come earlier. 
I programmed my ZET in a way, that I get a pop up when I open it with today's birthdays... So today the following personalities came out: Hassan Nasrallah, Queen Rania of Jordan, Richard Gere,Caligula, and many more, if you want to check it out on Wiki, but I have never heard of them...
17 years ago, on this day, Diana died. 
What is interesting in this number? 31.8.2014? It adds up to 19- again... this number.. The Nodes are there now, at 19 degrees. Roll up, see what I wrote about this number.
The sky of today shows the Sun on Thuban, and Mercury on Alkaid... very malific fixed star.- at 26 Virgo.
Zet shows: Alkaid (85 Eta Ursae Majoris  m 1.86)
Keywords: Associated with death and mourning, war, natural catastrophes
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Moon/ Mercury/ Saturn
People born on Sept 20th have the Sun on Alkaid... Auch... 
Upcoming event on Sept 18th, is Scotland voting to stay or leave the UK. Does Scotland want a " Scottish spring"? OY WEY!! We saw what did "springs" brought for the Arab world. Looking at the chart of Sept 18th for Edinburgh, I think they will stay. Why? Well, on the day of the vote the Moon is VOC. It is a day when no decisions should be taken. I made the map for 10 pm- see the ruler of the Ascendant is Mercury, which is conjunct the North Node, in the 5th house, in Libra.- opposing Uranus in the 10th house of government.- conjunct to the South Node in Aries.
Uranus and the South node WANTS and pushes to a change, but not now.. the timing is bad. the Moon in Cancer- fixed, does not want a change. The Moon represents the people...and it is at MIDPOINT between Mer-Ura.... LOL... they found a date.. 

Also, looking at the date, it adds up to 7, which is Neptune, right at the highest position in the map. So there is a lot of hidden issues, behind the scene.

I also looked at the map of the Queen for the day of the vote. Will she lose any asset, she has? 
Here too, I don't see any loss, more some "behind the scene" issues (Neptune 180^ to Jup+Mars) 

We shall see what happens. I am not familiar with politics from that side of the world.. I have enough here. 

Watch this, it is very interesting
and this: 
I hear about the unrest in Pakistan.... It has a fascinating chart! Sun, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the part of fortune in Leo. When we have more than 3 planets in a sign, we have a STELLIUM. Now look how this stellium is triggered by transit Uranus with the South Node, that wants a change.
Saturn squares the stellium , wants a status-quo; and the worst! Pluto from Capricorn is 150^ to the stellium... showing, that distruction will come from inside. Saturn, cannot win, because it will move on, while Pluto and Uranus, being in Retro, will here to stay... 

I am listening to this wonderful piece of music, by Tchaikovsky/// I had to see his chart, of course, what kind of genius can write such a music??!! 
The inner wheel is the natal, the outer, the death. But let's see first, from where does a genius come from ? He wrote music... He has Sun, Mars is Taurus, a sign that rules the throat, voice, music. These two, are in perfect sextile at 19 degrees!!!!! again to Uranus, the planet that makes geniuses, but eccentrics, that society rarely accepts. ( Aquarius born people are extravagant, different, peculiar) The ascendant falls in Cancer, and the ruler, the Moon is in Virgo- requires perfection from its bearer. Since the Moon is in Virgo, a sign that is ruled by Mercury, , this is the KEY planet for this chart. and at what degree is it? 23.38. add 30 degrees, and we get the age when he drank arsen and killed himself after accused of homosexuality. Died at the age of 53. At the same time- now look at the outer wheel, Jupiter was conjunct his Sun and Mars, thus releasing his soul, and Mercury was in sextile to Mercury, releasing his body. On his day of death he was in his 9th year of endings. 
What a present to mankind he was!! 
Welcome to my reader from Kenya!!! Poland, and the UAE. 

September 1,2014 Monday 

We shall wave good bye to August, never to come back again. Was it a good one? I can hardly say so- not politically... Maybe good for the markets. Many cannot comprehend how comes , when everything seems so gloom, the markets are continuing their up trend. and still no crashes around.. 
So September... the 9th month, with a 9 letter word. 9 closes cycles, brings  ends. After that comes October, which is a 1 with a twist. there is a 0 too... but later about that. In the Hebrew calendar 
The stone of September is the Sapphire and the flower " Forget me not".
On this day, in 1902, one of the first science fiction movie was released. 
" A trip to the Moon". Now this is interesting, because yesterday I saw the new Woody Allan film, "  Magic in the Moonlight" go see it!!! Very good, and I love Colin Firth! ( Sept 10, 1960) La Luna... yes, people were occupied with the Moon and it's affects on us since ancient times. 
In the trade we use it for intra-day alerts. 
This is the chart I use: 

And this : 

What we see on these charts, I teach in my course. 

So what else can we see on this date? It is ruled by the Moon and Saturn. Both are in Scorpio. In this sign the Moon is weak.
the aspects to watch : 
1.09.2014 10:16:54 24°33'15"Sco Square Venus
1.09.2014 13:09:01 26°06'38"Sco Semi-square Pluto
1.09.2014 18:39:33 29°06'49"Sco Sextile Mercury
1.09.2014 20:16:42  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
1.09.2014 21:49:13  0°50'44"Sgr Sesqui-quadrate Uranus

SOME ASTROCARTOGRAPHIC maps for the month. I think these are understandable. 

Sept 18: Scotland votes: 
Sept 30: 

The East is green... so all OK :) 

I am sending alerts on the application! Download it, so you will be the first to know. 
Ok.... market starts, see u later. 

September 2,2014 Tuesday 

Today we have a Moon-Sun square in the sky, Mercury entered Libra till Sept 28th. In my weekly forecasts I feature how it affects different markets. 
Our market went to the forecasted level - on the application. Now 1408 is a major support- next 1416- to 1429 is open. 

Some politics... check out what I wrote about Putin, in May 14th. Also, I sent a notification about Turkey's index see what happened since: The H&S pattern will materialize, if it falls below 780.

Spanish unemployment is due... let's see if there was any change since the new King took the throne. 

the outcome : 

FTSE: I posted in the past a few times. Boy, this one is a stubborn one.. 

It only has to go a little bit higher to make a historical rally!! 

Have you downloaded the app?? Link below... 
More news are coming from Pakistan. I had to look at the PM's chart, Nawaz Sharif, age 64.67

Using the New moon's moment at 2 Virgo, on Aug.25 as transit chart-(the outer), we can see very interesting things. first, he has a Sun-Uranus opposition in the natal chart, at 2 degrees! These two were triggered by the New Moon, which, for Lahore time, fell in the 12th house of unknown enemies, jail and endings. I don't have his hour of birth, but I put Pluto at his age now, thus receiving Gemini as his MC, or carreer, and his natal Mercury is at 20 Capricorn- squared now by the malefic south node. So, as I said in the chart of Pakistan, above, that a major change is coming, I don't think Mr. Sharif will be there to see it/ 

Pakistan has almost 200 million population, 97% are Sunni.

read this article, to see why they kill each other.. 

For those who are new to my blog, you should know, that I have made some You Tube recordings in the past. I am there either under my name, or GMAMA.

This is the recording about the euro $ - back in May 2014. 

September 3, 2014 Wednesday 

2 important issues in the sky today: Mercury entered Libra; Children born today, or people having Mercury in this sign, makes them accept the others' ideas, step into their shoes, and see the world thru their eyes. good for politicians, sales person. When it is well aspected gives a gift to music and arts. When badly aspected brings trouble with the law and marriage. 

For the S&P in the past it brought a culmination. The other aspect is Jupiter-bad position to Pluto- this aspect is usually negative. 
which one will be backed by the other planets? well.. calculation shows that 2003 is a support. SO we are long above it. what to expect next?? sign up to the weekly report!! 
Today at 9 pm - my time- the Beige book - so I guess it is a waste of time to sit here now... market will consolidate. 
Well, guess what?? exactly at 9 pm the Moon will favor Venus... 
3.09.2014 13:26:00 23°07'59"Sgr Semi-sextile Mars
3.09.2014 17:52:22 25°42'06"Sgr Sesqui-quadrate Jupiter
3.09.2014 21:06:09 27°34'47"Sgr Trine Venus
4.09.2014  1:14:42  0°00'00"Cap <<<

September 4, 2014 Thursday.

Yesterday the S&P topped at 2010, and fell with 15 points. The Dow topped also, reached July 16th level. Russell also rallied, but did not make it to July's top. VIX? we can forget about that! It is at 12.36... No sign of nervousness. The last top there was 17.57... 

While we were sleeping the Moon left Sag. and entered Capricorn. It was in this sign on Aug.8, when we had the last low.. So a cycle is being closed here- 28 days. 
SSEA: bottomed in March 14, 1974.38- heading to 2316-2335.
HSCE: stop at 11310- target: 11500-11723
Nikkei: reached my target given in the app, now correction time. If you can afford, keep the stop at 15420
KS200" since 2012 is building a head and shoulders pattern. running above 273, it will be heading towards 345.
AORD: Important target is 5677.8- running above: 5931.1
On Aug.21 I wrote:

Nature cannot stay calm, with all these planetary positions, and we get the news of a possible Vulcano eruption in Iceland. On the 4th of September Pluto will be right on it..

You can check the news... what is happening there..

Moon's aspects for today: 
4.09.2014 11:28:09  6°01'39"Cap Sextile Neptune
4.09.2014 16:13:01  8°51'10"Cap Semi-square Mars
4.09.2014 19:40:39 10°55'19"Cap Quincunx Jupiter
4.09.2014 19:56:20 11°04'43"Cap Conjunction Pluto
4.09.2014 21:44:31 12°09'38"Cap Trine Sun

Look at the FTSE!!!! i HOPE YOU ARE LONG. 

Sept 6, 2014 Saturday 

Just sent out the report for the Gold and S&P for the next week. Sign up now, to know what is coming the next week. Where are the planets, how do they influence the markets.. It's $225 for 3 months. 

Off to the beach, take care. 

September 7, 2014 Sunday

OR 9.7.7. today... What is new in the sky? We are 2 days before the Full Moon. The Moon is in square to Saturn, probably things will not turn out as you wish today, someone more authoritative will dictate you what to do and how to do it. The markets made a remarkable turn, and returned to the 2000 area... So if you were caught off guard Thursday, with your longs, Friday brought back the loss. This is why I stopped trading during hours I am not awake, and by the computer.... I hate these zig-zags. 
After the US rally, our market should open positive. There are a few shares that have a nice arbitrage difference; like Tower, and some bio-shares... As usual the volume on Sunday is very very low, so I can turn to other activities... 
As per a TV show I saw yesterday, the ONLY company that produces vaccine against Ebola, is in Israel... what do you know... PLX- once 58$ now only 2.40$
I have it... THought you might want it too !! First target 4.4

Full Moon on the 9th will fall on 16 Virgo. The person, who will be the most affected is Bashar Assad. Since Daash emerged, Assad is no longer the "bad guy"... there are worse. The world starts to believe him, and cooperate with him fighting against Daash.- ISIS. 

Other maps that will be affected is the E-mini and John MCCain. I shall watch the news.. 

September 8,2014 

It is a 7.8.9. day today... Ruled by the Moon, which just entered Pisces, and Venus, which is in Virgo, and the two are in opposition to each other at 3 degrees. What can we learn form this position ? Artistically it is great for babies born today, Moon in Pisces, gives a lot of emotions, inspirations, and expressions in all ways. Venus brings its need to dig in and be very accurate.Market wise, consolidation. The Moon is conjunct one of the most important fixed stars, Fomalhaut- a Royal star- and Zet says:Conjunction: Fomalhaut (24 Alpha Piscis Austrini  m 1.16) - Moon (orb 0°10'23"),

Keywords: A Royal Star. Archangel Gabriel, the Watcher of the South. Congenital birth defects, magic, fame, occult, faith, "Star of Alchemy", addiction, undesirable associates
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Venus/ Mercury/ Neptune
TA25: topped yesterday at 1430- the expiry is on the 25th, will it rally till then ? Or turn and fall? that is the question. Well, you can sign up to the forecast... 
I read, that Jeff Bush is running for presidency. Born Feb.11,1953, he would be the 4th person in my "world leaders" file with an Aquarius Sun. Very rare! and mostly, eccentric...
Something interesting: Here is a triple chart for Jeb Bush, Putinka, and Xi- Leaders of USA (maybe Jeb Bush will win ) Russia and China. What is interesting, that all have a SUN in air element. 
While Sisi (Egypt) and Rouhani ( Iran), in water Scorpio... that is a thing to think about... 

Off I go , I have guests today... 

September 9,2014 Tuesday 

It is the day of the Full Moon. We are ruled by Mars and Neptune today. Trend changers. 

Yesterday I went short. If it will catch up, it will signal a correction. Otherwise, just a consolidation. 
And you ? Ho ware you doing in your trades? 
Only if you download the application, actually P A Y  for it, you will receive the alerts of different shares! 
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September 10, 2014 Wednesday

Yesterday we had the Full Moon in Pisces. relaxation time.... all the air runs out, all the water flows down the drain... To relax, I found you this piece of art. And we got a top and turn in the markets. Seems that my shorts will well today. 

Today we got a completely new symphony! The Moon moved to war-some Aries. And, Timing Solution, this fantastic soft ware I use, shows a Moon-Uranus occultation! Those who took my course, know what this means! This position occurred only in 1983,1991-2, 2000,2006-7 and now. 
8.14.2014- 9.10.14- 10.8.14- 11.4.14- 12.1.14-12.28.14 
You might want to check what happened in those years in the share/index you trade.. 
Today we are ruled by Mercury and Saturn. Two planets that do not go together. There is no aspect between them, but there is a square 90^ Merc-Pluto at 11 degrees, and a sextile between Sun-Saturn, at 18 degrees. This means that they block 
TA25: at 1428, and support at 1421.falling below this level they will form a double resistance. 
S&P: both are blocking at 1991
Nifty: blocking at 8112-8118
Nasdaq: 4068  blocked
GOld: now at 1256 - support 1248/


How to calculate these levels??? I teach it in my course! 
Moon' s angles for today: gmt+3 
10.09.2014 11:53:43  5°45'44"Ari Quincunx Venus
10.09.2014 12:03:44  5°51'53"Ari Semi-sextile Neptune
10.09.2014 20:31:06 11°02'01"Ari Square Pluto during US trading! 
10.09.2014 22:21:39 12°09'13"Ari Trine Jupiter
10.09.2014 22:25:26 12°11'32"Ari Opposition Mercury
10.09.2014 23:42:56 12°58'33"Ari Sesqui-quadrate Mars

Looking back: Sept 4th I gave targets for Asian indices. Roll up and see what happened meanwhile.. SSEA : OK/// HSCE: you were stopped out///Nikkei: raise stop to 15700- ot os consolidating fat too long- 6 days- LOL../// KS200: fell to support line. Short below 260- double it below 255. ///AORD turned too. Stop 5525.///

In the news: The West is anxious because of the twin Tower memorial tomorrow. A friend just draw my attention to the fact, that my natal Moon and the events' share the same degree. I can tell you, that year was one of my worst. Now, the Moon will not be at 27 Gemini, but in Aries. Aries brings new beginnings, and what do I read? More than 40 counties will meet tomorrow to discuss how to fight ISIS- which has about 20-30 , let me exaggerate!!!:  50 thousand people... Are you kidding meeeeeeeeeeee???  What is VERY bothering tomorrow, is the Moon-Uranus-South Node position in Aries.- in 150 to the Sun. 

40 days before Yom Kippur, is the time, when one can ask for forgiveness from friends, family, himself. Then, on Yom Kippur the fate is sealed. for another year. Here is the verb for this week.

Deuteronomy Chapter 26

But, I am not religious, only try not to harm anyone, and make at least one good deed a day. 


We live in times, when Apple watch fights the 7th century ... Kafka is turning in its grave. 


LOL... I just realized you might not know what that means... hahahha.... It is a Hungarian expression, when something obscure, or dramatic happens, a person that long died, is turning in his grave... not believing what is happening in this world. 

September 11, 2014 Thursday 

It is the Twin Tower Memorial day. 13 years. Markets seem calm so far. The reason for that, is a perfect planetary position , a YOD, or "Finger of God" as it is called- between the Moon - Sun -Saturn at 18 degrees. 

Today is the birthday of Bashar Assad.He is 49 years old. I found a rectification by tow named astrologers, Isaac Starkman, who analyzed 15 life events, used 16:43 and Aquarius rising. Thus we receive a Sun in the 8th house, which signals an early death.- But if I use a map rectified by Russian astrologer, Vladimir Kopylov, ( USING HIS HEIGHT AND LOOKS ) the Sun gets into house 9. and it will be triggered in March 2017. the time he uses is 14:35- Cap. rising. 

In his speech, Obama stated" Isis" has nothing to do with Islam... 
Well, I made a bi wheel- Islam inside, Isis outside.. 
I can see a lot in common! 
Inner wheel: Islam born with Jupiter in Pisces.- While ISIS with Jup. in Gemini- showing the "dark side" of it.- in H5! 
Islam- ruler of MC= Venus at 15^ Leo- ISIS Sun at 18 Aries.- + Venus at 21. 
Islam Saturn at 2 Leo- Isis Saturn squares it from 9 Sco. 
Islam Mars at 20 virgo- Isis Mars 20 Aries- inconjunct.- here too showing the dark side of it. 
Islam Moon 27 Leo conjunct Uranus- ISIS Uranus 9 Aries= what is this stand for ?? sudden change for the people?

The date for Islam I took from Nick Champion's book, it was the date Mohammad arrived to Mecca and the Moslem era started. 

September 12, 2014 Friday. 

S&P is blocked at 1998- so I would be very careful with longs now.. My reports for the index and Gold are ready, so if you would like to know what to expect the next week, pls. sign up for the report. 
Pay attention to today's announcements.. 
CIT: 15:08 NY TIME, MOON 120 VENUS. 
Bloomberg speak about AliBABA (BABA) they expect 65-70$.. let's see... 

September 14, 2014 Sunday. 

I got up very early today, and I was busy with Oscar Pretorius's chart and events... 
Our market isn't going anywhere..plenty of time to research. 
I have the weekly forecasts ready, if you are interested.. 
I see I have some visitors from Sweden, so I thought to check their chart.. Sweden constitutional date is set in Nick Champion's book to Dec.7 1865. 15:30 Stockholm. In this chart we get a Sun at 15Sag.33- and an Ascendant at 26Gemini. Well, it is odd why I picked exactly this country, and now... Why? Because during the week end I was looking at the upcoming Lunar eclipse, and Sweden will get a direct hit. The angle is a very positive one, on Oct.8,2014- as you can see transit Uranus+Moon will be in 120 deg. angle to the Sun A N D  Moon of the country, thus affecting, both the government and the people. 

 More difficult times to come in a year, when directed Sun will be 150 - bad - pos. to natal Sun. 
In the world map: the Lunar eclipse runs thru Mexico: Oct.8 2014 

Then we have a Solar eclipse, which also runs thru Mexico: Oct 23, 2014 

And why is this important?? Because to have an eclipse when Uranus is in Aries, and shadowed by the Moon, happened before only in 1846- during the US-Mexico war. 

I understand, there are again problems on the border?? 
If you wish to receive an analysis where on your natal chart will these eclipses fall, pls. fill an order here. 

Have you seen how the Rubel is behaving lately? to the dollar?? 

September 15,2014 Monday

As the days pass the weather is getting colder, well.... not here... it is the best time of the year to be at the beach. It is so nice, and cool, a real therapy. Not so in the politics. As the Scottish vote is getting closer, the eyes of the world are turned to the North. Will they vote yes, and separate from the UK? Catalonia, will follow... and who knows who else... Why all this happens?? It is Neptune to blame... Neptune is in Pisces, and there it rules. Neptune dissolves everything. Pisces is the last sign in the wheel, signifies the end and rebirth.
The problem is, that this period lasts 15-16 years... See the years it happened before, look up Wiki- see what happened during those years... New ideals, wish for a new world... well... what did we get till now?? 

Pisces, being the sign of Christ, represents religions. Should I continue?? I already wrote about the rise of the Islam, and we see what is happening... 
So hold on... lower your head until this wave goes away... a quick 11 years ( 3/31/2025), and Neptune will enter Aries.
Watch this - see 1000 years of borders... 
I wrote about the vote on Aug 31st- I think it will be a NO. for now... but the change is boiling underneath. 

The markets... there we don't feel the heat yet. All are climbing. manipulation? I don't care.. I can't fight it... so I flow with it. We are long... that means, if you can afford deep stops. 
Otherwise trade the 30 minutes charts. 
So what is new today?? The Moon entered Gemini and will square the Sun. 
15.09.2014  9:44:30 13°01'56"Gem Sextile Jupiter
15.09.2014 14:12:51 15°23'23"Gem Sextile Uranus
15.09.2014 19:52:22 18°21'20"Gem Trine Mercury
15.09.2014 21:22:02 19°08'10"Gem Quincunx Saturn
Watch these minutes for a change in trend. 
The day is ruled by the Moon and Uranus. 
Weekly: Pound/Dollar : In 2007-2008 it fell be 36%. A similar fall it will bring it to 1=1. 

The fall will be cancelled it it runs above 1.72
60 minutes: blocked at 1.64:

I ran my ZET to search when was Neptune in Pisces: one can learn a lot checking what happened during those years back in history.. as the Bible says: what was, will be, there is nothing new under the Sun... or, chose the version you like... 

Realization intervals (begin - end):
12.03.0047  0:00 (GMT) - 11.09.0047  0:00 (GMT)
11.01.0048  0:00 (GMT) -  3.05.0060  0:00 (GMT)
11.09.0060  0:00 (GMT) -  4.03.0061  0:00 (GMT)
30.04.0210  0:00 (GMT) -  9.07.0210  0:00 (GMT)
20.02.0211  0:00 (GMT) - 12.10.0211  0:00 (GMT)
12.12.0211  0:00 (GMT) - 12.04.0224  0:00 (GMT)
 5.10.0224  0:00 (GMT) - 11.02.0225  0:00 (GMT)
 2.04.0374  0:00 (GMT) -  8.08.0374  0:00 (GMT)
 1.02.0375  0:00 (GMT) -  8.06.0387  0:00 (GMT)
29.07.0387  0:00 (GMT) - 23.03.0388  0:00 (GMT)
 2.11.0388  0:00 (GMT) - 15.01.0389  0:00 (GMT)
11.03.0538  0:00 (GMT) -  2.09.0538  0:00 (GMT)
11.01.0539  0:00 (GMT) -  6.05.0551  0:00 (GMT)
 1.09.0551  0:00 (GMT) -  5.03.0552  0:00 (GMT)
 4.05.0701  0:00 (GMT) - 27.06.0701  0:00 (GMT)
19.02.0702  0:00 (GMT) -  2.10.0702  0:00 (GMT)
14.12.0702  0:00 (GMT) - 13.04.0715  0:00 (GMT)
26.09.0715  0:00 (GMT) - 13.02.0716  0:00 (GMT)
 1.04.0865  0:00 (GMT) - 31.07.0865  0:00 (GMT)
31.01.0866  0:00 (GMT) - 20.06.0878  0:00 (GMT)
 9.07.0878  0:00 (GMT) - 24.03.0879  0:00 (GMT)
23.10.0879  0:00 (GMT) - 19.01.0880  0:00 (GMT)
 9.03.1029  0:00 (GMT) - 26.08.1029  0:00 (GMT)
10.01.1030  0:00 (GMT) -  7.05.1042  0:00 (GMT)
22.08.1042  0:00 (GMT) -  5.03.1043  0:00 (GMT)
 8.05.1192  0:00 (GMT) - 13.06.1192  0:00 (GMT)
18.02.1193  0:00 (GMT) - 22.09.1193  0:00 (GMT)
15.12.1193  0:00 (GMT) - 13.04.1206  0:00 (GMT)
16.09.1206  0:00 (GMT) - 13.02.1207  0:00 (GMT)
 2.04.1356  0:00 (GMT) - 20.07.1356  0:00 (GMT)
31.01.1357  0:00 (GMT) - 26.03.1370  0:00 (GMT)
10.10.1370  0:00 (GMT) - 23.01.1371  0:00 (GMT)
12.03.1520  0:00 (GMT) - 12.08.1520  0:00 (GMT)
13.01.1521  0:00 (GMT) - 14.05.1533  0:00 (GMT)
 5.08.1533  0:00 (GMT) -  8.03.1534  0:00 (GMT)
11.11.1534  0:00 (GMT) - 22.12.1534  0:00 (GMT)
 4.03.1684  0:00 (GMT) - 14.09.1684  0:00 (GMT)
 3.01.1685  0:00 (GMT) - 30.04.1697  0:00 (GMT)
 9.09.1697  0:00 (GMT) -  1.03.1698  0:00 (GMT)
27.04.1847  0:00 (GMT) - 11.07.1847  0:00 (GMT)
18.02.1848  0:00 (GMT) - 15.10.1848  0:00 (GMT)
 7.12.1848  0:00 (GMT) - 13.04.1861  0:00 (GMT)
 2.10.1861  0:00 (GMT) - 14.02.1862  0:00 (GMT)
 5.04.2011  0:00 (GMT) -  5.08.2011  0:00 (GMT)
 4.02.2012  0:00 (GMT) - 30.03.2025  0:00 (GMT)
23.10.2025  0:00 (GMT) - 26.01.2026  0:00 (GMT)
21.03.2175  0:00 (GMT) - 24.08.2175  0:00 (GMT)
21.01.2176  0:00 (GMT) - 24.05.2188  0:00 (GMT)
12.08.2188  0:00 (GMT) - 17.03.2189  0:00 (GMT)
19.11.2189  0:00 (GMT) -  1.01.2190  0:00 (G

Another extremely rare and interesting thing to follow, is the placement of the New Moons as of now, till April 2015--- it will occur at 0 degrees of the signs. A global life changer... 

( thanks to my colleague, Theodore, on FB) 
Take a look at this piece of info: 

Looking up who he was... here is from Amazon: Tamerlane (1336-1405)-the tartar successor to Genghis Khan-ranks with Alexander the Great as one of the world’s greatest conquerors. His armies were ferocious, feared throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe. They blazed through Asia like a firestorm, razing cities, torturing captives, and massacring enemies. Anyone who dared defy Tamerlane was likely decapitated, and towers of bloody heads soon became chilling monuments to his power throughout Central Asia. By the end of his life, Tamerlane had imposed his iron rule, as well as a refined culture, over a vast territory-from Syria to India, from Siberia to the Mediterranean. Justin Marozzi traveled in the footsteps of this infamous and enigmatic emperor of Samarkand (in modern Uzbekistan) to tell the story of this cruel, cultivated, and powerful warrior."

I wonder what bell does this ring...History tells us, that he killed 17 million people..  

September 16,2014 Tuesday

No.16... is a karmic no. Those who took my course, know this. I woke up today to hear, that at 2:26 am USA attacked ISIS in Iraq. Last time I listened to the news, USA was isolated, and no one wanted to actually act. Looking at the chart, it is interesting to see, that 
1) there is a waning square between Moon-Sun ( the attacks will be short lived)
2) the Sun is solitary... makes no angle to other planets. 
3) Mars- the planet of war entered Sag.- fire in fire - the sign that occupies the 9th house, "my believes" 
Here is the map of the USA with the beginning of the attack: 

and the declination chart- where we have a max. north declination of the Moon. 

The US markets are waiting for Mrs. Yellin's speech on the 17th... so they are not going anywhere.. consolidation. But, when all await a fall, a side-trading kills the theta- or time, and weakens the options. 
No.16... did you know, that at the age of 16 marriage is allowed in Scotland? What's the rush?? at this age tobacco can be sold to children in Belgium, Switzerland! and Italy... yes. At this age children may drop out of school and go work. why make them get an education? Un- educated people are easier to control... they make the "herd".etc... you can read more about it on the net. 
September 16 1776: American revolutionary war began. In 1908 GM was founded. Today it trades at 33.63/// In 1920- there was a Wall street bombing//and more bad things... you can look it up if you wish...
Maria Callas was born on this day... you should listen to her... My father's favorite was her  "Norma". 
TA25: refuses to fall- so far... it is supported at 1423-1422 and blocked at 1425. Today we have a negative arbitrage... I am still short. 
The Moon is VOC TODAY..well, most of the day: 
angles to watch for a CIT: 
16.09.2014 15:01:13 28°16'05"Gem Semi-square Jupiter
16.09.2014 18:24:02  0°00'00"Cnc <<<
16.09.2014 22:10:54  1°55'53"Cnc Quincunx Mars
Yesterday I sent a lot of alerts through the application... have you downloaded it yet?? 
News: Turkey invited! the Muslim brothers, that were kicked out of Qatar... Look up Erdugan's map... He is under a strong Neptunian affect.. ( uploaded his map in July 24th article.)
Looking at the cards, it is the "Card of the tower"... calamities, overthrows, accidents, but also of pride and intellect.
I already wrote about the Scot vote. But now, rereading Sepharial's book, I found that Cancer rules this country, and the Moon will just ingress and BE in that sign, on the 18th- during the vote. 
Coincidence?? I don't believe in it... 

September 17,2014 Wednesday 

When I start a new article, I always think. what on earth al I going to write about this month?? Lol... But, it seems, that the move of the planets, and other object out there, that have such a huge affect on us, little creatures down here, fills the bag, and there is ALWAYS something happening if you go around with your eyes wide open, and antennas high and up. And, keep in mind, the "butterfly effect". Have you seen that movie? You should! Everything that happens, does with a reason, even if we -NOW- don't see it. 

So what is happening now? Opening ZET every morning, it delivers its message... Today is the day of the Satan.
This is what I see... : 

I added yesterday a lot of Arabic Points,, so you see a rather full chart. But what is important now, is that with the Moon entering Cancer, we got a rally last night. The Moon is in waning square to the Sun, adding extra energy. Today Mrs. Yellin is speaking about the interest rate... Will she raise it, leave it? I think it will stay as it is, due to planets in fixed signs.- and the Sun in earth element. 
What else? Venus in the Helio chart entered Virgo. TS eff.test points up under this position.

Who was born today?? Mr.
Modi, PM of India- Sorry, I don't have his hour of birth. If anyone from India reads this post, and you have his hour, pls. send it to me... Anyone can comment on what I write- below each post, in the window.Mr Modi is 64 years old today. And I see in the news, that Mr. Xi PM of China arrived for talks to India. This is very interesting, since the solar eclipse before Modi's birth, ( Sept 12 1950) runs thrugh China. 

Buy !!!!!!!!!! Bill Meridian's book !! "The predictive power of the eclipse paths" A short search on the net, and voila.. I found the time of birth: 11:00 am , which gives him a Sco. rising. with Mars on the Ascendant. I use tropical map, so I got the Moon in Sag. but the Vedic calculation has it in Scorpio too... In any case, his Sun is at 18 Virgo. On 3/29/2006 there was a Solar eclipse right on his Sun. On 1/15/2010 there was a Sol.ecl. at 19th Cancer, that was in sextile to his Sun, and again a sextile on 5/20/2012, a trine on 11/13/2012, and next important day or period will be march 20,2015, when an eclipse will occur at 20 Virgo.
Now, if you are interested, you can research what happened to him on those dates in the past, that pushed him so far. 
Again about the Scot vote tomorrow..... Reading Sepharial's book, he says, that when Saturn is in a sign, that represents a country, they should look out for some major changes- mostly to the worst, because of the Saturnian traits. 
Scotland is ruled by Cancer. England by Aries. ( why ?? you can find the explanation in Lilly, Agrippa, Nick Champion's books ). 
Saturn is in Scorpio right now, so the countries affected are : Syria, Australia, Norway and Morocco. 

Here is an out standing article about England, Ireland, Scotland by Peter Morrell
If Scotland votes for a separation, what army do they have? Isis can reach them too, you know. And what currency will they have? or bonds? I have no idea.. 

September 18,2014 Thursday 

The Chinese see this number as a lucky one. Was this the reason, that AliBaba will be traded today for the first time?? 
In Hebrew it is "HAI" or life. because if we add up the letters, ח + י = 8ּ+ 10= 18
This is the age one can get married. When we donate money, we can donate HAI shekels- or its multiples. 18-180-1800- etc. 
Today is the 261 day of the year... Tomorrow it will be 262- which is a Fibonacci number. 
In the cards, it is the card of the  "Tower". Showing a high personality falling from the top. 
Yesterday all were waiting for Mrs. Yellen, and the markets were crazy. Usually stops are wiped out, I never trade during this time... Anyways, the
S&P closed at 2001. The future:1994. Cocoa and cotton rallied. 
Today is the historical vote, after 307 years, in Scotland... I wrote a lot about this event, you may want to scroll up and read. 
Today the Moon is in Cancer- still, at 18 degrees, as I write now.. Funny- today is the 18th. It is waning sextile to the Sun and to a trine to Saturn.All these positions are good. 

Two days ago it was 204 years celebration of Mexico independence day... 2014- will bring a lot of endings, and new beginnings for this country. 
TA25: closed yesterday at 1440. Next up targets: 1441-1451. To receive the forecast for the rest of the month, pls. sign up at the left panel with Paypal. 
Milano: It is Long with a stop at 22120

The Moon's angles: gmt+3
18.09.2014 11:21:26 20°39'23"Cnc Sesqui-quadrate Neptune
18.09.2014 12:59:47 21°28'23"Cnc Square Mercury

18.09.2014 21:38:08 25°46'11"Cnc Sextile Sun
After this angle it will turn VOC till tomorrow 6:10 my time- that means anything that happens during the VOC Moon will not turn out as expected. 
Because of the Moon's position the probability of earthquakes is very high.

Sept 19,2014 Friday 

Scotland voted NO. Just as I forecasted. 
Off to the beach now..                                           I am back from the beach, 

and I see Ali Baba is rallying... Opened high, now it is closing gaps. Planetary support is at 86... Sent alert through the application... 

have a great evening. :) 

And this is how I see the S&P: 

Have a good week end.. 

September 21,2014 Sunday

Pope Francis is travelling to Albania, while Isis threatened him that he will be killed in this country... But, he is going anyway... The card of the year for him, is the Hanged Man. This card shows a person who does not see reality as it is. It is not wise to travel not now, and not there... 
Looking at his chart, it doesn't look good... Natal Uranus, ruler of H8 is triggered by transit Mars and Neptune. If I could, I would advise him to postpone the trip by a week at least. - then Mars will move on...  Read what I wrote on July 30th...

Markets made new highs Friday... We are to open under a positive arbitrage, but also with a VOC moon. Sundays are bad days to trade, as Mondays are abroad.... Till one realizes what is the direction, it ends. 
TA25: Closed at 1447 ; trade range for today: 1444-1454. falling below 1444- support is some steps down: 1438, 1435,1434- then another step down: 1429-24.

September 22,2014 Monday 

Our index made it yesterday to 1456.15 :) 
The East is falling... as the leaves of a tree, autumn is here..  

Today we are under the effect of the Moon. It is at 6.50 Virgo, together with Venus and the Sun. Just a few more hours to flip over to Libra. Before US opening the Moon's angles will be 
22.09.2014 16:30:46 10°43'22"Vir Semi-square Mercury
22.09.2014 17:03:43 10°59'46"Vir Trine Pluto
We opened negative... Now TA25 trades at 1449. next down target is 1444. 
I think we saw the last and final top for a long time! 

September 23,2014 Tuesday

If you are a subscriber, you received my alerts yesterday..... There were right on spot. 
To subscribe for the S&P or Gold, pls. go to paypall at the left panel. For $225 you will receive for 3 months forecasts, alerts. SO how about subscribing now?? 
I just hear the USA attacked ISIS together with a broad backing from Arab states.

Looking at the USA map with the Sun ingress into Libra, we cannot get a better picture than that!!! Mars, the planet of war- is right in the 7th house of "known enemies" 
Oct 6-18 will be very "hot"... and I think the key person to look at is Erdugan, who wants to be a Sultan,rule the Arab world, works together with ISIS, and he is a member of Nato!... But, with transit Neptune on his Sun. I can see why he acts as he does. Neptune makes someone either very religious, or addicted to medicine and drugs.

Important date for Erdugan: Oct 10th... He is planning something.. And he is really sick too. 
What is wrong with these people?? one want to be a Caliph, the other a Tzar, the third a Sultan... Helooooo we are in the 21st century !!  
Looking at Turkey's chart, there are many disturbing aspects. Just look at the colors! 

Turkey will be 91 years old- on Oct 29th,2014. The Suns are in square- pointing to some action that is expected. Mars, the planet of war is almost at the same degree in all the maps. Uranus is conjunct the SN, in the natal map, and so they are now in the sky! Uranus with the SN- expect sudden BAD actions.- Neptune  now is in trine to the Sun- and as I said, Neptune is either dissolving matter, or brings sickness- angling the Sun- the head of the country?? here too we get a signal for Erdugan's health.
Jupiter is also in angle- under blue- in the 3 maps... So it looks really bad/
I posted yesterday in Facebook a map of the Libra ingress- pointing to some really difficult times in October. 
And what is happening with Assad?? For years he is conducting a war, now he gets a little help from this new coalition..Don't they want to overthrow him anymore?? LOL... times change. 
By the way, we just shot down a Syrian plane. Who was it? Isis? Syrian? we don't know so far. 
What made me really laugh yesterday, is to see Nasrallah swear to fight ISIS... Fantastic times. 
Maybe these names are not so familiar to many. Sorry for that. 
So what is new with Putin? He is getting closer to China, while China had an army exercise with Iran!!! :) Whaaat ??? Iran is still fully into getting atom weapon. But they are afraid too of ISIS, so they fight them too... 
What a mess... 
Now I am not sure... were there elections in Pakistan ??? who won ?? This has major importance in the world puzzle. Can anyone let me know ?? 
Look out the window.. Do you see the leaves falling?? So are some of the indices. 
Gold and Silver got a back wind from the Sun entering air sign of Libra. 
The major issue of the week is Pluto turning Direct- till April 15th 2015. Pluto will reach 15^ Capricorn, and then turn Retro again. Only 5 degrees in 7 months, but people having planets between 10-15 deg. in any sigh will be affected. 

So how about all the Libras?? The Sun is just entering this sign. I wrote about libra many times, you are welcome to look it up.there is a search window at the left panel. 
World leaders born in Libra: Berlusconi, Natanyahu, David Cameron, Julia Gillard, and Putin.
I am listening to Fox news... they ask over and over again, who is NOT in the coalition ?? Turkey is not, I have not heard of England, and mainly, Germany! Angela Merkel said she will not take part of any coalition against ISIS. Now I read, that October fest is coming up between Sept 20- Oct  5. On October 4th, there is the Eid el Adha  ... hmmm.... something to prepare for. On that day Mars will be 120^ to Uranus, meaning unexpected war/fight/strike/ 
September 24, 2014 Wednesday 

We have no market or trade today, but I am going to send you alerts after I finish writing here... We have a New Moon today, in Libra, and that is the name of my next article. 
But first, let us look back, what happened this month? 
We had a war - its final accords sounded on the 22nd, when we found and killed the kidnappers and murderers of the 3 youngsters, which caused the war with Hamas. 102 days later, we had a "karmic" closure, because transit Mercury, the ruler of the kidnap chart ( June 12,2014 ), reached the North Node.( in yellow). There more secrets that this map reveals, but I don't want to bore those who are here for the trade and for astrology.  

The second important thing that happened, just two days ago, with the Sun entering the sign of Justice, Libra, Obama, finally realized he cannot play out his Aquarius being, ( ascendant) he has to come down to earth, and A C T ... So the US made a coalition, based on Arab countries and is fighting ISIS. Unfortunately, the upcoming solar eclipse (Oct 23) shows an unexpected outcome... But I shall write about that in my next article. You can also read a detailed article by my friend Peter Stockinger.
Of course, the Scottish vote, that, as I wrote back in August, the NO vote will win... Now Scotland is quiet, but not asleep. Next we will have to look at other parts of the world, that think, that being ALONE is better than UNITED... 

How did the markets do?? 
On Sept.2 I uploaded Turkey's graph... well it hit my targets, and now it is "on the edge. 

Sept 4: I wrote SSEA is targeting 2335- now it is at 2345.75.HSCE: alerted on the application, to lower stop to 10690- target 10580. It made it to 10549.I shall continue to follow it up. Yesterday it turned up, seems to me just a stop-wipeout..
Nikkei: made 4.66% this Lunar month. topped at 16364. We are still long here. Stops and targets given in the application! 
Nifty: target given in the application, achieved! 7978... 

OK... I will end here this article, thanks for being here! 

We are counting 5775 years. Add up the number, you will get a 6. 6 is the Number of Love and family. Let us love our neighbors as we love ourselves and our family! 
I wish you the very best, prosperous healthy and happy year. 
                                                                                                       Follow me.....