New Moon in Scorpio, 2014

Between Oct 24- November 22

So we are in Scorpio now. Do you know who was born with the Sun in this sign? Cheiro, Picasso, Joseph Goebbels, McCarthy, Gandhi, Rock Hudson, Robert Kennedy, grace Kelly, Larry King, Charles Manson, Joe Biden, Goldie Hawn, Kevin Kline,Prince Charles, Bill Gates, Achmadinajad, King of Saudia, Leonardo Di Caprio, Oscar Pistorius- just to mention a few. When you read these names, what pops into your mind? Life and death, money and sex. Isn't it? This is exactly what Scorpio stands for. 

Here is the map of the New Moon in Scorpio- inside, and the next new Moon in Sag. During this Lunar month the following events will be important: 
Mercury turns direct on the 28th, Venus will leave Scorpio- where it is bad, to Sag. on Nov.17th, Mars enters Cap. where it is strong Oct 26th, Jupiter moves just 3 degrees, still in Leo; Saturn moves 3.24 degrees, still in Scorpio; Uranus in Aries is still retro, moves 0.56 minutes; Neptune turns Direct! Nov 16th. Pluto moves 0.38 minutes. 

to be continued... 

meanwhile listen to Barry Manilow

OK. Now I am warning you ! I have multiple reasons to write the following sentence: 

Speak only if you have something positive to say. Do not gossip. Do not let others pump out of you information about him or her.- Answer with yes/ no to questions. DO not elaborate details!!!! thus you will be saved this destructive month!. 

October 26,2014 Sunday 

A new week is ahead. But not just a new week, and the last one of this October... Many changes in the sky, seen and unseen. During the week end I could catch up with my studies and readings. There isn't a single day that I don't learn something new. Then I think, What a dummy I am!! I know nothing.. How could I get this far, not knowing what I know now? So what did I learn, you ask me... Thanks to Tim, a fellow numerologist, I listened to another, named Gary, who talked about the important and lucky number of 8 - in the Chinese culture. Next step was to Google it, and here it is for you... Since the Chinese - a very ancient civilization - believe, that no 8 is a lucky number. Now, why is that? In the wheel 8 rules house 8- of Scorpio, of money, and of life and death... And we are back to the topic of this New Moon! Many of their flights are 888- or they do things on an 8 day - like today - we write 26= 8. 

So you go on and read that link. 

Next if we are already in China, let's look at the Chinese years! We are now in the year of the horse.A very good year. 
You can check out which year you were born, 
Now, I opened ZET, and it is telling me, that Hillary turns 67 today. Happy birthday Hillary@
For the Chinese 67=13/4 - is a bad number. I looked up, she was born in the year of the Pig. The upcoming elections will be on Nov.8.2016= in the year of the Monkey! Pig and Monkey are bad together... But, one cannot assume anything on one detail, the whole map, and other's presidents' maps and elections should be checked and compared. 
You can check out your and your partner Chinese years, see if you fit or not, or events that happened in your life- see if they were positive or negative for you...  
So this was what I got busy with yesterday. 
The other issue I want to draw your attention to is the Void Moon. It is bad to decide or do business when the Moon is black or void. 
Here are the hours for Greenwich - just add your time difference - to know when to sit on your hands. 

 3.10.2014  7:02 -  3.10.2014 10:00
 5.10.2014 10:47 -  5.10.2014 11:24
 6.10.2014 21:38 -  7.10.2014 12:07
 8.10.2014 23:10 -  9.10.2014 13:44
11.10.2014 17:18 - 11.10.2014 17:51
13.10.2014 19:58 - 14.10.2014  1:30
16.10.2014  1:27 - 16.10.2014 12:29
18.10.2014 23:15 - 19.10.2014  1:08
21.10.2014  8:51 - 21.10.2014 13:12
23.10.2014 19:22 - 23.10.2014 23:10
26.10.2014  6:19 - 26.10.2014  6:40
28.10.2014  0:28 - 28.10.2014 12:03
30.10.2014  5:01 - 30.10.2014 15:52

By the way, the Nov.8,2016 USA elections will get a VOC Moon - Washington: 16:17-16:45 ... Minor effect, since the finals are around 23:00 no?? 
We switched to winter time today - gmt +2 as of now... Will be dark early.. :( 
Local share that is rallying today - God knows why - and the people working there... 

Brainsway : 

15 min. chart. 
Local share: Medivi: 

Last week Indonesia got a new President: Joko Widodo

I shall add him to the world leaders file- born with the Sun at 29.10!!! Gemini!! 

See, how again, transit Saturn put him on the chair! Well, good luck to him ! He has 252 million people to care for! He is a self-made man... rather modern... in the biggest Muslim country in the world. May he succeed!!!!! Born in the year of the Ox. In spite of the difficulties of the Horse, he made it!... :) . 


October 27,2014 Monday

I see in the news, that Evo Morales, won presidency for the 3rd time in Bolivia... Uha... I was thinking.. long time he is ruling... Why is that?? So I had to check his chart. What did I find? 26.Oct.1959 : 26 adds up to 8 - here is the "lucky" 8 from China, we discussed yesterday... But that is not enough, of course, so looking at the map he has Sun at 2 Scorpio and Saturn at 2 Capricorn. Sun-Saturn in sextile-(positive). Scorpio a fixed sign, Capricorn an Earth sign- and you get longevity in career. To be a serious researcher, one should make a map of all those who ruled for a long time, and search for this 2 degree, or Sun-Saturn sextile.. 

So go ahead... tell me what you have found ... LOL.... 

Then I check - curious- of course - who reigns for a long period, and then I find, that the Queen is on the throne for more than 62 years...then I go on, to see who reigned less than a year, a month, a week???? and it is fantastic, this internet... :) So, good luck to Mr.Evo- and everything is relative.. 

In Brazil Mrs. Dilma Rousseff won again- 51.5%. No 2 degrees, but YES Sun-Saturn 120^ in the natal- and transit Saturn there too... 

Be back later.... 

Some interesting news:

China launches new World Bank rival on Oct.24, 2014 in Beijing. AIIB: Japan, Indonesia, Australia, and South Korea did not participate at the launch. The chart is extremely positive, because: the Ascendant on 8 degrees = 8 Chinese lucky number. The Sun and Venus are at 0 degrees-  the Sun and Venus are in Scorpio, the sign of money, and transformation. I am sure this AIIB will disturb enormously the USA!! USA will no longer be the only world power who loans money! The Dollar is in danger too. Pluto on the Ascendant - Money- in Capricorn- very powerful! 

The only disturbing position is that of Uranus- in the 3rd house- of neighbors- conjunct to the South node.  Disturbance, sudden changes will come from there. I do not have the exact hour, but using 12:03 am - will get a 8 - lucky no. degree. 

Will this be the reason for WWIII ? 

The other important issue that happened on Oct 24th, is the opening of St.Petersburg Natural Gas trade! I am not sure about the hour.. So until a Russian friend will check this out for me, this is the hour.  

October 28, 2014 Tuesday 

Today is the birthday of Julia Roberts 1967 (year of the sheep) , Bill Gates 1955 ( also year of the sheep) and Achmadinajad.1956 ( monkey). remember him ? and of many other people, but these I have in my system. 

What is new in the sky today? accchhh the Moon is void- till 12:03- so sit on your hands... 
The Sun and Venus moved to H12- are hidden, another reason to do nothing today in te market. The Moon is at the end of Sag- will soon enter Capricorn - after 12:03 - The First planet to meet will be Mars. Last month I gave you the times when the Moon will meet Mars in different angles, and based on that only we got nice turns. 
Some days fall on week ends - take a day before or after. 
The day open with a positive Venus -Neptune angle. Here is the Natural Gas graph with its effects: 

Medivi: I gave it on the application! on Oct 19th when it was 51- Now it trades at 117. :) 


Do you know what I hate most? To beg for money people owe me. It really makes me feel cheep and makes me sick. 
October 29,2014 Wednesday

Today is the day of Mercury and the Sun. Venus is conjunct the Sun, in Scorpio. Babies born today will be very beautiful, and they will be surrounded by beautiful women during their lives. But, in Scoprio, they will also be suspicious, always with a need to explore what is beyond, over and below... 29 adds up to 11- is a master number. In the cards it is the card of the Sun. 

The Sun is at the 5Sco45. The Sabian Oracle tells us this meaning about it: 
Sun's Position at 8:12:45 AM is 05°Sc45'
The gold rush often tears people away from their native soil, looking for a better place. The temptation is to chase the promise of riches elsewhere. You may find the choice is between a stable situation and a fairly unstable, temporary and risky situation. The actual promise of abundance is only for a few, make sure you have an adequate `map' of your new territory, you just might strike gold or you may just find yourself a long way from home. Learn to discriminate. Easy fulfillment of hopes and dreams. If negative - chasing the impossible dream and losing everything."

During the night the Moon moved into Capricorn, and right now it is conjunct Pluto. There are two important aspects today: gmr+3:
Mercury      10Cnc19 135 Saturn       25Sco19  29.10.2014 15:28
Venus         8Sco39  90 Mars          8Aqr38  29.10.2014 16:32
THe Moon's angles are
Moon          90 Uranus         11:50 jumpy! 
Moon         144 Jupiter        12:36
Moon          90 Mercury        19:30  "     " 
Sun           72 Moon           19:41
Moon          90 Node           21:16
Moon          72 Venus          21:49
Moon          45 Neptune        22:32
Moon         150 Jupiter        23:02
Regarding the fixed stars, Saturn is on Agena- a very fortunate star, Venus on Gacrux- also... 
After looking at all these details, we are long :) LOL 

Good trading. 

29 is the atomic number of the copper: here is the November future: 


1618 – English adventurer, writer, and courtier Sir Walter Raleigh is beheaded for allegedly conspiring against James I of England.- not only ISIS- ha ?? 

~~~~ much to read... 
Another astrological turning point today is Ceres enters Sag. till Jan 9,2015. For the S&P it meant a rally in the past. So we can add this small detail to the other positive points. 
The S&P hit 1977 during the night. We are long ... Going to send now the alerts on the application. Download it now to receive them. 
Yesterday a Nasa Antares rocket exploded 6 seconds after the launch: 

Former Nasa disaster was the explosion of Columbia: 

The name is very important! Columbia adds up to 4- this number is ruled by Uranus.It tells up look where Uranus is at the time of the launch? what aspects it gets or sends? the day of the launch adds also up to 4! too much Uranian - surprise energy. The ascendant was on "Point of Unusual events" at 1 Aries, which is also a fire, explosion degree. Uranus in the map is in square to Mars! which is at 29 Sco.- a very powerful degree. Mercury is retrograde! Come on!!! Sending out a spaceship on a Mercury retro?? Are these Nasa people sleeping with eyes open ? Mercury makes a 150- bad anlge to Jupiter... Which is supposed to be a benefactor, but with such an angle, in retro -too - is bad. 

Mars squared the "point of tragedy".// so the launch was a very unfavorable time and date. We all know the outcome... 
A fantastic declaration from the Pope today: " Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real and God isn't 'a magician with a magic wand' 
Mind you, on August 19th 2014 he said he has 2-3 years to live and he may step down...
Looking at his chart, I can understand why this revolutionary declaration! He has Mercury OOB- and transit Mercury is right on his natal Mars. Mars rules his 9th house of "philosophical views" - and although the house opens in Pisces- the bigger part of the house is in Aries- so the timing is right now for such a sentence. Also, MC is right on his Uranus, planet of surprises and revolutions.

On October 5 I wrote about the maps of the Queen and Charles. How they will be triggered.
Today this is in the news: Armed soldiers in London 
There is a "love and hate" cycle what is related to Benjamin Nataniahu. Right now it is the "hate" period- Transit Mercury - Uranus opposition ( bad) with the nodes -is right on his Libra stellium. Since it has to do with Mercury, which is the fastest planet, it will pass. He will live. LOL.

Hundreds of people read my blog daily. NOT one takes to EFFORT to click like. What is wrong with you people?????????????????????????????????????????

October 30, 2014 Thursday

Today the Moon will move to Aquarius gmt+3 15:51 ... Expect a CIT. 

October 31,2014 Friday

On July 27 I wrote about Tamim Al Thami- ruler of Qatar. The world will turn against him... 
Well, it is not the whole world, but certainly someone, David Cameron... finally made the first step. The money to ISIS comes from Qatar... 

Now we will only have to find who is behind the Ebola and we can go to the beach.. 
Meanwhile, as I wrote you yesterday, we had a CIT ( Change in Trend) and we are trading now the S&P at 2011.... LOL.... 

November 1, 2014 Saturday

Saturday is always the day when I wrote my forecasts. It is quiet, no trade, and the rain outside will keep me in the house- at least for a while. So I have time to look at shares readers ask me to. Here is for you, Vick: SPWR
The share started to trade for the first time on Nov 17, 2005- Soon to turn 9 years old- thus ending a cycle. Top was at 164$ on November 8, 2007- low was 3.90 on Nov.16, 2012 = 1836 days difference and roughly 160 $. It is interesting to see, that to top and bottom was close to the birthday- all in November. Therefore, we can assume that Novembers are quite vulnerable for this share. I added the Sun's cycle to the graph together with Fibonacci arc:
Fibo arc is blocking at 31.84. Running above it next station is 39.50- Dec 17th. 
Adding to this the technical analysis: weekly graph: although we got a positive momentum since Oct 15th,- like all the market, the negative divergence points to a fall. Since it is a weekly- the fall will not be immediate, but count in weeks. 

Bottom line Vick, I would be long with a stop at 29 targeting 33.40-34.8-35.50-36.20... And sell out if falls below 29. 
Good luck :) 

Have a nice week end. 

November 2,2014 Sunday. 

TA25: opened with a gap- now all the day it will linger around 1436 level- 1434 is a support, but this gap should close, so stay out.. 

November 3, 2014 Monday 

It is the day of the Moon. It is at 22 Pisces right now...- it will turn VOC on 22:25 gmt +2. 
the other ruler of the day is Jupiter. It is now in Leo, at 20.40^. 
Main angles for the day: 
Moon 72 Pluto 3.11.2014 9:52
Moon 120 Saturn 3.11.2014 11:05- blocks movement.
Sun 135 Moon 3.11.2014 14:10- bad - points to a fall. 
Moon 144 Jupiter 3.11.2014 15:20
Venus 150 Uranus 3.11.2014 17:04 - gap 
Moon 135 Venus 3.11.2014 18:28 - bad. 

I  can happily tell you, that I am a very very happy grandmother as of this morning. 

November 4, 2014 Tuesday 

Today the Moon covers Uranus, so expect a zig zag trading. We can add to this the ruler of the day is Uranus... and Mars, so it will be a very powerful zig zag. 
The most you could gain on the Natural Gas: 

TA25: closed at 1440.75- it is consolidating since Oct 6- in spite of all the world indices, that rallied. It is an index you don't want to touch! 
Nikkei: jumps like a kenguru!!! $ 18% since Oct 18th . If you have my application, boy, you are rich now! We are long there with a stop at 16720. Today is 144 days from April 14 low and 23.66% higher. If you are a day trader, the stop for long is at 16950! So careful now... 
Nifty: stop for long 8180 

Cyprus: why the crash ??? 

Spain: stop 10200- target 10500. 

Local share: BiComm: this is the weekly chart: we have a triple top, but there is a neg. divergence in the RSI+MACD- ! Stop 7640. 
TO receive updates- download my application now! 

November 5,2014 Wednesday

Yesterday brought a change in the senate. Looking at the USA natal chart with yesterday's transits fro Washington, there are 5 angles to point to this change.: 

The main angle is 1): transit Uranus squaring natal Sun- a revolution, a change. 2) tr.Pluto in opposition to natal Sun- this is an angle that affects the USA since Dec.2013 and will be there till Feb. 2015. If I take a larger orb, then even longer. 3) transit Uranus is in opposition to Saturn (government) and will be till the end of March 2015. 4) transit Sun, which moves very quickly- in Scorpio- was 150 - bad angle to tr. Uranus- both bringing the change. and 5) tr.Sun 120^ to natal Sun... Usually 120 is a good aspect, but it can also represent a culmination and fall. So there you have the sky messaging us. 

Today we are ruled by Mercury. Mercury is conjunct Arcturus fixed star, a very fortunate one. It is at 24 degrees. There is a minor positive angle between Mercury and Saturn. They form a support at 2004 for the S&P; and a resistance for the gold at 1164.
I sent updates to subscribers. 
Yesterday I sent more than 15 updates through the application. 

Ok market starts, see you later 
The Moon for today gmt+2
5.11.2014 14:00:53 24°24'02"Ari Quincunx Saturn
5.11.2014 15:24:56 25°13'30"Ari Opposition Mercury
5.11.2014 23:32:59  0°00'00"Tau <<<

November 7, 2014 Friday

As I write these lines we are already after the full moon... time is passing very fast. It is the day of the Tower too, usually it brings a top or low in the gold.So far the gold fell to 1131. Between Aug 8-Oct 3 =25 days fall, then 12 days rise, and now 17 days fall... till now. I don't think we saw the last low.  A date to watch will be Feb.8,2015. 
S&P hit:2032. a target given to subscribers in my report last week. 

November 8, 2014 Saturday

On Nov 1st I uploaded SPWR after a request of a reader. I wrote, that in the past it dipped in November, and that we are long there with a stop at 29. This November too it made a low, 29.50- but we were not stopped out, and now it trades at 30.22- It should go above 30.45 in order to be on the safe side of a long pos. otherwise it can fall back.
Yesterday I wrote that the "Tower"card bring a CIT in the Gold. I hope you managed to get out of the shorts, and immediately turn LONG!!! 

On Oct. 26 I uploaded Brainsway- wrote to watch it. Then it was at 2990- now at 3599. More than 20% rise, but I don't like the volume...Long only above 3600. 
Medivi: rallied till Oct 28th, since then it is correcting- now at 71. Stop: 67.30
The Winner of this month so far is the Natural Gas... I posted in FB. 
Nikkei is consolidating for 4 days now, And we were stopped out at 16950. 
Nifty: The stop I gave in the application was 8180- we shall continue to follow up. Raise stop to 8350.
SPAIN: we were stopped out at 10200. 
Dubai: here too we were stopped out at 4500;

Download the application, to receive alerts... 
Russel 2000: is back to Sept 11 top. WIll it go further?
Copper: risky! 

I  am writing the weekly forecasts now, see you later... 
To sign up- just click on Paypal. It's only $225 for 3 months. 
I think people are happy with it, so why not you too? 

November 9,2014 Sunday

It is the day of the Sun and the Moon. Looking back to May 20th, I uploaded a video about the Dollar, when it was 1.37- saying that it will hit 1.2660 and lower.. Euro/Dollar and Mars
Today: We have a positive divergence. The last low was in 2012- 1.2050- falling below that would just open the avalanche...down to 1.0609 - March 2003 level.. 

On Oct 5, I posted that the Queen's map will be triggered by the Lunar eclipse. Here is what happened, now published. 

This week we will witness a lot of violence, fights of all kind, wars, uprisings. All these because of Mars-Pluto conjunction. In the world map he pair runs over Egypt and Ukraine, but other parts of the world will not be silent or relaxed either. This planetary position is too difficult in order to pass just like that. 
The conjunction takes place at 11 degrees of Capricorn, so if you have any planet at this degree, in any sign, you will be affected too. 
The only person I found in my data base who has Mars- Pluto conjunction, is Hillary Clinton. She has them in the sign of Leo, thus now, since they are in Capricorn, they will send a 150^ very bad- angle to her natal chart...

In the news: the coalition attacked the ISIS' leaders convoy. they are not sure if the chief was killed, or just wounded... Probably revenge attacks will burst out now.

November 10, 2014 Monday

It is a day ruled by the Moon. It is VOC. till 10:38 gmt+2- then it will enter Cancer. 
The aspects it will make: 
10.11.2014 10:37:56  0°00'00"Cnc <<<
10.11.2014 15:04:33  2°21'13"Cnc Trine Mercury
10.11.2014 16:30:43  3°06'43"Cnc Sesqui-quadrate Sun
10.11.2014 19:43:50  4°48'27"Cnc Trine Neptune
10.11.2014 22:44:39  6°23'24"Cnc Semi-square Jupiter

Tomorrow there is a Bank holiday in France, Canada and the US! 
I googled "news about Assad". Reading Al Jazeera, I cannot figure out who is against whom over there... 

The East is consolidating... My target for the Nifty was 8393- I see it reached 8380. Now it trades at 8323.It broke the stop, which was 8350- Only above it it will be again a long. Since tomorrow there is a bank holiday in the US, I think world markets will wait till Wednesday to decide which way to turn.
TA25: closed at 1450.35 ; the volume is catastrophic... long only above 1455.
Indian Rupee: 

Download my application - link below - to receive updates and alerts...

Silver weekly chart: from the top of 51 - trades now at 15 - hmmm same numbers. 

OK, something that backs the Mars-Pluto conjunction is this interview- in a different perspective. Michio Kaku. 
The good point in this is that this effect is short lived, Mars will move on, and we will be all right.

November 11,2014 Tuesday 

11.11.2014 adds up to 11. This number is overloaded with karmic debts. People born under 11 have a special duty in this life. It is a difficult and heavy burden. usually they cannot reach it, or cannot find the voice to guide them, and they fall back to 1+1= 2. While 11 is ruled by Aquarius, 2 is ruled by the Moon. Aquarius is the sign that takes the 11th house in the astrological wheel, and speaks about our higher ideals, our mental satisfaction, friends and big incorporation. I was born under no. 11. 
Today, not only we have an eleven, we also have the most difficult Mars- Pluto conjunction, that happens only each 250 years.. As I write these lines, the Moon is at 11 degrees Cancer... there is NO COINCIDENCE IN LIFE!!!!!!!!!! Everything that happens to us, is because we magnetize those things to happen to us. Why do they happen? Sometimes we need a whole lifetime to understand them. 
In the cards, it is the card of Judgement. 
Today is a Bank holiday in France, Canada and the US, so volatility will be low. Forex will trade as usual. 
During the night suicide bomber killed 47 children in Nigeria... Animal! What did those children do to meet such a fate? Here is Israel, the third Intefada is enfolding. Yesterday 2 people were killed. I do hope this madness will pass with Mars moving on. Until then, we can just pray to live through every day. 
So what else in the news? I read, that Kim Yong Un- had a cyst removal operation from his ankle. Why is this important? Because knowing where one has an operation can help finding his hour of birth. 
On Aug.8 I wrote in the blog: there will be future strikes on Iraq when the a/m planets will be again in position with each other. So watch for Jupiter 60^ or 120 to Mars, Sat-30-Pluto. So watch October 5-17,2014...Nov 11, 25, Jan 1, 2015. etc... 

I am sending alerts on the application now... Hope you get them. 

An interesting thing: the number 216. In Hebrew gematria is the equal for God's name. So by adding 216 days to lows, we might get a top. try April 11,2014+216= Nov.13
ISIS confirms the death of El Bagdadi., the leader...... killed by the coalition bombing on their convoy two days earlier. 
Transit Sun is 150^-exact and bad- angle to natal Sun, which signifies the head of the organization. besides that, many other exact angles point to the probability and possibility of this event. We still have to see if world news will confirm.
BABA: Born on Sept 19,2014/ Oct 15 made a low at 82- while transit Sun touched natal Mercury. 

Today transit Sun is already conjunct natal Saturn- Watch for a culmination! and a correction. Download the application to receive alert on where is the stop, target, and CIT's 
VOC: is rising before the opening: Long with a stop at 31.50- target 33.35 and then former highs. 

November 12, 2014 Wednesday

Yesterday I wrote about BABA: this is the outcome: red lines are technical stops, 116 was planetary support. once it broke, you can see... 

Angles of the Moon today: 
12.11.2014  9:37:59 24°23'01"Cnc Trine Venus
12.11.2014 11:16:17 25°12'55"Cnc Trine Saturn
12.11.2014 20:44:12  0°00'00"Leo <<<
Nifty: different sites give different price levels.. 

November 13, 2014 Thursday.

Today is a very important day, because it is ruled by Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter brings expansion, Uranus unforeseen events. Any news in the world ? Did not have a chance yet to see. Ok. I opened CNN, and I see more killings, uprisings, fights, bomb attacks all over. Typical to Mars-Pluto conjunction, which is still in the background. 
A few days ago I tweeted some observations about the no.11. I checked most of the world leaders, I found that Erdugan, the leader of Turkey has this number.(the added up birth date). Since transit Neptune is on his Sun, I am not surprised..
Difficult times for him will come in March 2016, when transit Uranus will square his natal Uranus.

It is interesting to see, that the same declinations return that were on the stage in 1983-84. Will they bring another military coup- and end his rulership ?

Other well known people who were born under the no. 11: Prince Charles, Prince William, Pope Francis I, Al Gore, Obama.
I sent now several alerts on the app. hope you got it. I would like to know what shares, indices you are trading. So that I can adjust my alerts accordingly. Maybe I send notifications on shares that nobody trades??? Pls. mail me at

November 14, 2014 Friday 

No one sent me a mail yesterday, so I guess everybody got the alerts I sent. I am very  very frustrated with the application. I thought thousands will download it. But till now- a year- only 167 did. I believe I give a service that no one gives. So I cannot understand why so few bought it? If anyone can answer this question, or tell me what to change in it, I will be very glad... It is an application that I send market alerts, if you use it you can earn a lot of extra money to your monthly income. I can use only 140 letters in each message, and no graphs, but I am giving stop loss, target and time, CIT ( Change In trend) when you should sell. So if anyone has any idea, please let me know.
In my last week's report I wrote : S&P: 
"Us opens with a Moon 90 Sun and Sun 90 Jupiter- the price level will be 2031". It is there right now!
What is new in the sky today?? Neptune is stationary, turning Direct after a retrograde motion since June 9. Then the S&P made a top and fell during the next 3 days with 30 points. The S&P traded then at 1955-1925, now it is at 2031-. So you have to decide if you want keep your position and absorb this eventual correction, or not. Everybody as the pocket allows. Since Neptune is at 4.48 degrees, It will affect those who have planets in their natal chart at this degree. + - 1. So if your Sun is at 3 to 5 degrees any sign, Neptune will send its rays. Astrologers like to see Neptune as the planet of Divinity. This is what "Zet" tells us about it: 
" * Neptune
As URANUS is the octave of Venus and acts principally upon the love nature, aiming to elevate mankind in matters personal and social, so Neptune is the octave of Mercury, and altogether spiritual in its aims. As Mercury is Lightbearer of the physical Sun, so Neptune is Lightbearer for the spiritual Sun, (called Vulcan by the Western Mystics). Intellectuality, ruled by Mercury lifted us above the animal and made man, man; the Spirituality ruled by Neptune will in time raise us beyond the state of the human and make us divine.
   Neptune really signifies what we may call "the gods" commencing with the supernormal beings we know as Elder Brothers, and compassing the innumerable hosts of spiritual entities, good, bad, and indifferent, which influence our evolution. Its position and aspects denote our relation to them; malefic aspects attract agencies of a nature inimical to our welfare, benefic configurations draw upon the good forces."

I see Neptune as the "silent killer". Neptune makes us "live on a cloud" . We are surrounded by other clouds. We do not see, think of feel right. Only after we pass the effect of Neptune and look back, we are stricken by a thunderbolt, and cry out: how could I have not seen this ??!! Or how did I believe in him?? Or how come the doctors did not find the desease and now it is too late?? I saw too many "How comes" in the charts of people so when we want to be "down on Earth" all the spiritual mumble jumble does not help.. Sorry if I hurt someones feelings.. In the market Neptune brings inflation. 
Neptune rules Pisces, and it takes 166 years to make a trip around the astrological wheel.  It was in Pisces in 1848 during the french revolution, Mexican war, - till 1862. This time Neptune will be in Pisces till 2026.
Something strange is happening with my mobile, I don't get my own alerts, that I send you guys on the application.... What should I do ? I closed and reopened it, I checked the messaging button, all OK. 
Natural gas: I uploaded the graph a while ago, it made a very nice move: Now

As of Nov 17th Venus will enter Sag.- till Dec.11  This has a minor positive effect of the S&P. 

With the help of Timing Solution, we can learn what happened in the past under this position. If you buy the TS- just mention my name, will you ?? Thank you.

S&P: the whole picture:

November 15,2014 Saturday

I hear in the news, that there was a 7.1 earthquake in Indonesia. Ok, I think, let;s check the sky, why... so I open ZET, that gives me historical events for this day, and what do I see? On Nov 16, 2008 there was a 7.5 quake in Indonesia! Isn't that strange?? What is there in the chart of Indonesia, that on the same day! earthquakes occur? 
I could not find anything in Indonesia's chart, so if you have any ideas let me know... It is very difficult to forecast earthquakes. Many planets have to be in a certain position to happen. Even then, I am not clever enough to know w h e r e  it will happen. 
So looked at the market, and I see it continued to rally. 
Have you seen YHOO? wow! 44% in 30 days... Long stop 51- target 59.75- See my FB -page - under "Stockmarket and astrology" group- also, you may click like... :) 

AMAZON: announced that they will use drones to send books. It rallied yesterday with the news, but the chart shows that only running above 350- it will continue to rally, other wise it will make an a-b-c- correction to 270! 

Download my application to receive push notifications of many shares and indices! 

November 16, 2014 Sunday 

It is raining. Roads are flooded. I see it on TV. How lucky I am, that I don't have to go out, Since I am at home I forgot how difficult mornings can be! Probably the market will fall today, together with the rain. LOL... well, not because of the rain, but we have a negative arbitrage, and the tidal force is minimum, meaning, there is no power in the air. 
What else is in the news? Putin left Australia, the G20 meeting, after the world leaders turned their back on him. I just saw it on TV, how he sat down to have lunch alone! at a table... He is accused of the Malaysian plane crash, on the war with Ukraine. I uploaded his map many times, it is all there. It is interesting, that people who have a stellium in Libra, like him, are now getting punished. I ran his declination chart, and 2015 is extremely hectic
Let's see the markets meanwhile... 
Nasdaq- is the index we are affected, because many shares trade there and here as well. 

I made a comparison between Nasdaq composite to TA25: you can see how our index is weak, no volume...

Today we are ruled by the Sun and Neptune. Ha! Watch for a CIT! 

The new victim of ISIS is Peter Kassig. Feb 19, 1988 Indianapolis, Indiana. No hour, so it is a solar chart. His date added up gives us an 11/2- difficult karma. A clue can be found in his name...
The former U.S. Army Ranger from Indianapolis was deployed to Iraq in" 2007, and he decided to aid Syrian refugees after his service. He started his "own aid group called Special Emergency Response and Assistance (SERA).
Disappeared on Oct 2013- changed his name, and turned muslim... all this did not help. He was beheaded yesterday, while in the progressed chart Venus crossed Chiron.
I found no clue in his map for such an end. Only his age- 26.7- see how many planets are at this degree in his natal? Something terrible to happen around this age.

Secondary progressed declination: with life events. It is very interesting to see, that his natal name and new name add up to 11- exactly as his date of birth. This number is a master number, pushes its bearer to do something for mankind.( See Nov.11 post ). The names also send a clue to fatal future events. On his day of death, transit Saturn was in opposition to the most wicked Fixed star, Algol ( 26 Taurus).  

May he rest in peace. 
Read the former article, Oct.9 post. I wrote about the 15 degrees. The Lunar eclipse was there, so when a planet crosses it or sends angle to it, we can expect a turn in the market. 
Mars is now at 15 Cap- squaring the eclipse deg. in 15 Aries! To this we can add the Moon, which will be there today. 
The other important issue is the Sun-Saturn conjunction, that runs the whole week: It is exact on the 18th and runs in :

and :
They will meet in Scorpio.They will make a major effect of people having this conjunction in the natal chart. India, Pakistan, South Korea have it, Mr. Modi, India's PM, Ismail Hania, Hamas, Swarzeneger, Celin Dion, Al Pacino, Jim Kerry, etc...This conjunction occurred before in Sept.17,2009, Sept 30,2010, Oct 13.2011, Oct 24,2012, Nov.5.2013.
Saturn symbolizes old age, the past, lack of self esteem, humiliation, passiveness, living in a spartan way, masochism, misery and poverty, spite! but also endurance of misfortunes, and sufferings. But without Saturn we could not climb the ladder of success and achieve the most difficult goals in our lives.
I just realized, that they will be in opposition to Algol, the cruel and wicked fixed star there is!

On November 11 I posted, that Isis confirmed the death of El Bagdadi... Well, now it turns out that he is still alive and kicking.

November 17,2014 Monday 

This is the day of the Star. The Sun is at 24 Scorpio.51, the Moon 23 Virgo- 60^ between them- good. The change in the sky is Venus enters Sagittarius.

 it will be in this sign till Dec. 11. This position effects different shares/indices in different ways. 
The other, major event is Saturn's opposition to Algol. See what I wrote yesterday about Its wicked effect... 
I ran TS and I found the following transits of Saturn at this point affected the Dow : 

TA25: 10 minutes chart Only above 1450 we are long... falling from 1440 the H&S pattern will materialize. 

I just heard on the news, that Klausz Iohannis, the leader of the minorities won in the Romanian elections!
Only those born in Romania, like me, and in Transylvania, can understand how HUGE this issue is!! 
It is for the first time in history - I think - that not a Romanian is elected, but a leader of the minority.
Romania has always made transfer to minorities from Transylvania- where people are much more cultivated- to the Romanian side, where people still bring water from wells- from the ground, and the most popular transportation is a carriage with 2 horses or a donkey. In spite of the richness of the soil, people live there in a time tunnel - 600 years backwards... Well, not in the capital, but 10 meters out of. it.
Although I am not there for 40 years, I am happy for this change... maybe modern world will raise its head there too...
Of course, I had to check the birth map of Klausz Iohannis: 13. June 1959- name and date add up to 7.... a dreamer??? let's hope he'll succeed.
It is very interesting, that his date adds up to 16, and he was elected on the 16th .
What do you think ??

In his name there is a sign at the age of 55 and 57- for an important turn.
Nikkei: I sent alert on the app. to turn short below 17400! Today it fell: see next steps
Mexico: Stop 265= Saturn line.


November 18, 2014 Tuesday 

It is a bloody morning. 2 terrorists- cousins- entered a synagogue and butchered with ax 4 and injured 15 people. They got killed. Now we hear, that one was working in the synagogue, the other had a small shop nearby. So they knew the place and the people they came to kill.

It is the day of Mars. In the sky it is at 17 degrees Capricorn. In Israel's map directed Mars ( ruler of H7- open enemies - squares the Moon ( people ). Transit Moon is also at 4 degrees, sextile to natal Moon. transit Venus is inconjunct natal Venus, Until it will not pass on at least, to 9 Sag, more killings will occur.

I also read, that there were 2 earthquakes in the world.
It is no wonder, that with the difficult conjunctions in the sky terror events happen. They will continue to happen till Venus will not move past 10 sag. which is Nov 24-25. But I wrote about this earlier. Also see what I wrote about the serial of the blood moons. 
The markets don't care much, and they continue to rally. 
I am going to post my alerts now... see you later. 
I found an interesting date today, somebody posted it on FB: the date of the Dollar. It is interesting, because it happened on a New Moon, in Cancer- which is a Cardinal sign. Thus, whenever transit planets will be between 13-16 degrees in Fixec signs, the dollar will be triggered. I will make a research on TS and show it to you.
Now my grandson is due to come... so see you later. while I enjoy the children, you can check out this map: USA with the Dollar.
There are no coincidences!!

Japan PM, Mr.Shinzo Abe will dissolve the parliament on Nov 21st. Interesting timing! I wrote above about Saturn being in opposition to Algol, the wicked Fixed star.All this transit and progressed charts have the Sun at 27-28 degrees- in a perfect sextile to Natal Sun. 
Nikkei: weekly picture

CANF: After 71 days of a fall, it is coming back to life: I sent alert in the app- people gained 20% in 20 minutes! Have you downloaded the application ???


November 19,2014 Wednesday

The number 19 again... I wrote about it many times. you might want to refresh your knowledge by searching in the blog- there is a window at the left panel. 
The Moon is still in Libra and in a waning pos. to the Sun. - more specific, in the Waning crescent mode. The market will open under Jupiter hour... All together point to new highs.
S&P: topped at 2053.61- a level I gave to subscribers.. During the night it fell back to 2044- which is the support of Neptune. 
Oslo: Long with a stop at 648- target 686.5- see chart: 

Ukraine: 5 years graph:

Singapore: see support and resistance on the graph : 

Download the application - search under Financial alerts or Financial astrology- to receive hot market alerts!

Yesterday Uri Geller was on TV. He is 68, looks like 50- and he is returning to Israel. God knows why. Not that is bad here... I am here too... But as the Bible writes: there is no prophet in your land." Meaning, one can make it far away, as he did it, but when you return, you will not be believed, you will be mocked, and fall.  I looked at his chart, of course.. He is the real thing. everything in his chart points to that/ and he makes believe what ever he says. 
Looking at the transit declination chart: OOB planets in Nov- Dec. push him make extraordinary changes. Numerology also point to that. 

But, looking further on: 2016 January Vertex will cross Moon, that is when one asks himself: was this that I dreamt of?

I updated my application! I also added a coupon - see it pls. I would love to hear what you think. Thanks.


November 20,2014 Thursday

Thanks to Victor, my friend, I got this tweet this morning... some flavor from the old world... Chopin- Spring Waltz. During his short life, 39, he wrote 244 masterpieces! Where have all those young boys gone ?? 

I thought with Venus entering Sag. we will be able to put a big smile on... But no... And Venus is a fast moving planet! What will happen when Saturn will enter Sag??? Sagittarius rules the 9th house in the wheel, the house of religion, or my philosophical thoughts, on what we believe in... Saturn hardens everything, so when it will hit Sag, the dogmas will rule. It will bring more religious wars, which started with the fore runner, Venus. 
Today is the birthday of Joe Biden. He is 72. We remember, that transit Saturn is at 26 Scorpio, which is right across Algol. A very unfavorable place... 
Biden was born on 20.11.1942- his date adds up to 11/2 he is full of 2's- ruled by the Moon. We discussed the no.11 above.. 
Ok... so what is new today ? Just now the Moon enters Scorpio. This position is nad for the Moon.Why? because it is exalted in Taurus, so it will be " in fall " in the opposite sign. 
New sign, new energies.. If even for just 2 days... the time the Moon is in a sign. well, maybe a little bit more, since there are 28 days in the Moon cycle, and only 12 signs, so 2.33 days. Enough with the daily lesson??? LOL
The S&P: dropped to 2036 yesterday. Those who receive my reports, got this alert last week. Now it is at 2043.26- Support at 2035. 
Dow: is at 17629- hmmm- this one did not correct- but trades sideways. 17640 - this is the stop I would work with. 
Russel:has been correcting for 5 days Now at 1157.69- Long only above 1169! 

If you have an IPhone, like me, and you pull it from above- right next to Orange- the provider - there is a line-  to the  down side, you will see all the alerts I sent in the last two days!  This really helps, if you miss something. 

We were following BABA: 
Natural gas: 

November 21,2014 Friday

For those who downloaded my application, on an android, In order to see past notifications, and make a follow up- pls. download "Notification history" app- so you will be able to keep a track on all what I alerted. - Thanks to RG for letting me know this possibility. 

For Iphone users, I explained how to see past alerts- by scrolling down- but it gives you only the last 2 days/ If you know of any apps to do the same pls. let me know. 

Today we are ruled by Venus and Jupiter, the two benefactors. Look out for a peak and turn. Not only because of the planets involved, but the time is ticking too. All those shares and indices that bottomed on Oct 15, or 16th - till today 36- days passed, 6x6. Also the New Moon is tomorrow, another planetary position that brings changes. I am not talking about crashes, only corrections. 
I shall prepare the next forecast, we will be cleverer to what to expect.. 

November 22,2014 Saturday

The Sun will enter Sagittarius, in two hours, as it did for the last thousands of years. This celestial clock works in a perfect way we can hardly comprehend.. Did you EVER think of this? How comes that since the beginning of times, always at the same time the Sun will be at the same point as it was one or 10000 years ago?? Isn't this a miracle? 

I wrote many times of this sign. It rules the 9th house in the wheel, Comes after the 8, which shows our transformation, maybe even rebirth, now we can look higher, and see how do we comprehend the world, what is our phylosophical view on eartly matters. Sagittarius is related to religion and high studies, also issues that far away countries will bring to us. Depending what planet is in our natal chart in house 9, this house will be affected. If Saturn there, the person will be dogmatic, and will not understand or agree to other's views. If Uranus, will be eccentric and different, sometimes sometimes shocking others. People who have Uranus in  H9 ex: Coco Chanel, Errol Flynn, Gregory Peck, Judy Garland, Henry Kissinger,Giorgio Armani, Pavarotti, Domingo, Bill Clinton,Israel,Diana, Assad, Isis...
People with Saturn in the 9th house: Oscar Wilde,Einstein, Hitler, Greta Garbo, Frank SInatra, Pope ratzinger, Ariel Sharon, Al Pacino, Hillary Clinton, John Belushi
Of course, this also depends, on which sign is in your natal 9th house and many more small details, that make the difference in each individual's chart.
For the markets, and this is why you follow me, Sun in Sag. brought rallies in the past. Now you ask yourself, more rally?? how high?? how long ?? This is what I am working on now..
Follow me to the next article- also on facebook, twitter, and on the app. I send many alerts.
We were trading CANF: ran up with 153% in 5 days. I hope you were there with me..

November 23, Sunday. 

Two things happened yesterday. The Sun entered Sagittarius, and we had a New Moon on 0 Sag. Since Sag. is the most optimistic sign of the wheel, we should look positively into the near future. But, since I also start a new article on every new Moon, I should end this one, and turn a new page. 
Let's see what did we achieved during this month ? A picture worth a thousand words, right? 

Interesting ? 



  1. Hi gaby,

    I still read your blog daily and it still suprises me how you know all that stuff by just astrology.

    1. I wish I knew who you are... NAME!! PLS>
      I think I often explain why I think what I think, so that everyone can learn.
      Thanks for your comment...

  2. Hi Gabby,
    Good morning, and as always many many thanks for such an outstanding contribution to Astrology and knowledge sharing.
    would you please comment on solar stocks like SPWR and relation to Saturn as it is about to change to Scorpio
    as always thanks

    1. Hello Vick, great to have you here regularly...I uploaded the weekly chart- which on the long run points to a target at 55-ish , but now there is a negative divergence. Pls. check out the graph


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