New Moon in Capricorn, 2014

between: Dec 23- Jan 20, 2015 at 0^ Aquarius.

Inner wheel Dec 23- outer Jan 20th. It is interesting to note, that the next New Moons will all occur at 0^. When they fall on Cardinal signs-like today- , it is most important!.

More, later. 

Here is the declination map between Jan 2014- April 2015: with the important dates to watch. Why and how? I teach that in my Financial Astrology course. By the way, if somebody organises minimum 15 students, I am willing to come to you, and teach you. 

I often mention the Fixed stars. here is the sky for tomorrow: when the Sun will be on the curve in the declination chart, starting to move up. I highlighted the 4 important Persian stars and Sirius- and you can see the majority of the fixed stars that there are, and mean something... 

Some dates to look out for: DEC30-31, Jan 6.

Today there are several important moves in the sky: the Moon ran ahead- to Aquarius- mind you, it usually makes a top or bottom for the S&P. Mars too, moved to an strategic point- squaring the nodes. Well, I saw the Dow top or bottom when planets square these points...
Of course, we followed Saturn enter SAG- this is a major for the next 2.5 years. 

Today I expect a turn in the Gold. It is the day of the Tower, ruled by Mercury.- 

besides planets we have a lot of other asteroids, or objects to watch. Pallas enters Sag. today, till 21.3.2015- the spring equinox! and for the Dow- this means a fall. Now I ran TS to see the efficiency test, and here it is: It happened before in 2010,, and then the index didn't crash... just a correction. also, with 51% efficiency I cannot rely on. 

People born today merit a Happy birthday wish! may you prosper and be happy and healthy!
Anil Kapoor, and many more, whom I don't know... LOL. 
The only world leader I have in my data is the Afgan leader Hamid Karzai:

Since his birthdate adds up to 4, a number ruled by Uranus and the North Node, I am checking where in Uranus in this tri-wheel. In the natal at 11 Leo- bumm- he gets triggered by transit Uranus from Aries, While directed Uranus squares his Sun and Mercury. Then transit Mars is conjunct dir.saturn, Natal Venus and Moon. Then there is more! transit Saturn conjunct Mars. In Sept 2015 Jupiter willtrigger his Neptune -Sun conjunction. What all these mean? Well... a lot of powerful changes, and turns in his life./Even ending his career between 2016-17. I don't have the hour of birth... 
It is interesting, that Erdugan has Neptune on his Sun too. religious fanatism?? How would you interpret it? 
Russian Rubel made a 50 % correction- to 53- now I think it will correct to 61.30 for the time being, and then down again. See it "rallied" by 135% 

December 25, 2014 Thursday. 

Happy with the presents you found under the tree?? Nice. ... we have trade, as the East too, so let's look around to see what is happening... Yesterday I alerted that the target for the S&P is 2082- there we have the Uranus-Pluto square, and one should look out. We got a top at this level, and a sell-out. 
This is what I wrote last week in the weekly report:

"By the time Europe opens, at 9:00 am, the Moon will move to Aquarius. From there it will make some positive angles to Saturn- 2070- the price level. We can add to that, the harmonious Mars-Nodes position- at 2086.
US: will open with a gap. Probably down. = 2052 support/2082 res.

I guess people will be busy with the X-mas tree, and close positions. Market will close with a gap down I think." 

this last sentence was written because of an angle that MAKES THESE GAPS! ...And we got a close at 2077. Now the support is at 2075.
next trading day is only on the 29th... then the Sun will be at 8 degrees Capricorn, and the Moon!!!! at 14 Aries. Now this is a place to bring a lot of energy on the ground. Will it be a positive or negative one? It is imperative to stay above 2070... other wise we will dance a different walz. 
TA25: closed at 1460. It is now blocked by most of the planets. Today we  are ruled by Jupiter, which makes a trine to Eris. Should open above 1462- to go higher. But, the arbitrage is negative, so expecting new lows to: 1458-1455-1452.50-1445. 

December 26, 2014 Friday. 

Yesterday I worked the whole day, in order to be able to go to the beach today, 26 degrees outside... Incredible for us too. But in the evening my TV broke down, so I have to wait for the technician between 12-2, so my day will be ruined.- The SUn goes down at 4-ish, so not much time to catch it if I leave at 2, if he comes at all till 2. Ufffff. What can we learn from this? Whenever you want to do something, do it NOW. Don't postpone it till tomorrow, 'cause maybe this tomorrow will never come. 
I found some interesting posts on FB, I thought to show you too: one is about the fish- check out what you eat! 

The other is about a "new" instrument"  well, new to me, the therebin:  
By the way, you can contact me on FB, under my name in English. I upload there too interesting stuff. 

So what is happening in the sky? The Moon entered Pisces. Hahaha, it is funny, that I read about these pisces, no? Here is the list for today, of all the angles there are in the sky. Now you see, how I have to pick the 1-2 most important ones, to forecast??!! We can see that we have two groups of planets in Capricorn- very strong, and in Pisces. we still have the monthly angle between Uranus-Pluto. And there is an upcoming bad one from Venus 150 to Jupiter. Why upcoming? because I take it only when they are exact. 

let's see the markets after the bank holidays: I see more green than red on Bloomberg... 
Now I shall send my updates on the application. 
Oh, but before that, here are the angles the Moon will make- for you, intraday traders only! :gmt:00:00 

26.12.2014  4:06:45  0°00'00"Psc <<<
26.12.2014  4:33:12  0°15'58"Psc Square Saturn
26.12.2014 11:46:23  4°36'58"Psc Sextile Sun
26.12.2014 12:08:14  4°50'07"Psc Semi-square Venus
26.12.2014 12:50:18  5°15'24"Psc Conjunction Neptune
I see now, that Europe is still having bank holiday ... so no news there. 

Guess who was born today? Stalin! Mao Tse-Tung, and Eli Ishay ( local politician).- and many more of course. 
26 is the atomic number of the iron.I have a weekly report for the NIfty, this is what I wrote last week: 

A very sad event happened yesterday, when Ayala Shapira, a 11 year old beautiful girl and father got injured from a firebomb. We have a lot of similar events, but this one is classic. Look at her birth day! 25.6- yesterday was 25.12- Sun in opposition to the Sun! it is called half birthday! This day is always very dangerous! And of course, all the other transiting planets that hit. Mercury, the ruler of the 8th house of life and death, triggered by transit Jupiter! tr.Saturn 150 to natal Saturn, it is a very very bad timing. 
We hope and pray she will make it. 
Her name adds up to 11- thus a tragic event in her life. 

All those born in Sept 1971, should look out for the transit of Uranus, in opposition to their natal Uranus! In the search Qatar popped out: Uranus changes one's ways. Will they change and stop their backing of Hamas? I wrote many times about Tamim al Thani... follow the news! 

Others that should watch it- if one can watch it from Uranus... usually it is surprising and impossible to guard against:  are Amanda Blair, Jerry Lynn Bailey, Joe Frazier, Bob Dylan, Ehud barak, Aretha Franklin, Danny De Vito, Mursi, Madonna, Steven Harper,Paula Abdul, Kim Jong Su.

December 27, 2014 Saturday

I am writing the weekly reports on this day. I wold like to show you, how can you see historical alerts sent to your Iphone. When you turn on the Iphone, above the hour- between Orange" and the battery percentage, there is a grey line.  If you pull that down, another wall or screen appears, showing you all the alerts or notifications you received. You can clear those you don't need, like news, and then you have more space for to see former alerts. 
Here is a screen shot of yesterday afternoon alerts. 
The S&P topped at 2088 and fell at the closing to 2083.
The Dow topped at 18047 and closed at 17994. 

If you still don't have the app. download it today... A stormy week ahead!! 

I just heard on the news, that NATO is pulling out of Afganistan. I posted Karzai's map just a few days ago. Now it is clear... the Taliban will take over, and who knows? Isis... 

December 28, 2014 Sunday

402 years ago, on this day, Galileo discovered Neptune. But he took it for a Fixed star, so the credit went to Urban Le Vernier and Galle, who finally pointed out Neptune in 1846.
You can read a lot about Neptune in the astrology books. But Neptune, as I see it, is the "silent killer". We can feel all the other planets is SOME way, but not Neptune. No, it works silently, behind the curtains, we don't see it coming, or forming. 
Neptune, for the financial markets brings inflations. well, of course not alone, but together, or combined with other planets. All these I teach in my course. 
The news in the sky is, that the Moon will cross over to Aries now,- and the drama will start. The Moon in Aries triggers fights, fires, accidents, disputes, wars. 
It is only here in Israel that we have trade on Sundays, which is usually boring with no volume, but it is the end of the year... so I think some big moves will be made in the coming days. 
Here are the times to watch for today : Moon's angles
28.12.2014  8:35:09  0°00'00"Ari <<<
28.12.2014  9:25:18  0°29'17"Ari Trine Saturn
28.12.2014 14:17:01  3°19'14"Ari Semi-square Mars
28.12.2014 17:41:59  5°18'17"Ari Semi-sextile Neptune
28.12.2014 20:31:24  6°56'27"Ari Square Sun
28.12.2014 20:35:30  6°58'50"Ari Sesqui-quadrate Jupit
TA25: closed at 1464.59- this means, that the closest support is at 1462, then 1458-57-53-52. The target up: 1467-1470.50-1475.25

December 29, 2014 Monday 

Achhh Saturn.Saturn at 0 Sag.; a major turn in trend not only for those born under Sagittarius, but all the mutable signs: Gemini, Pisces and Virgo. what kind of change? well, think. If one is "mutable" and Saturn is strikt, freezing down, makes one stand still and think seriously, it will bring some "sense" for the mutables. Saturn in the natal chart shows our fears and phobias.You can check your chart, and check out what "fears" are surfacing for you? 

Yesterday I wrote about the Moon in Aries, how bad it can be, and with Mars is Aquarius, you get a cocktail of ruthless disasters. See again, the Malaysian flight with 161 people gone and the ship in Greece, on fire. I read other astrologers finding a common signal for both, I will let you search for that, if you wish. 
We have to look at the market now.The news in the sky is, that the Moon is conjunct Uranus. It is not getting better, as you can see...Sorry, if I have to write about hardships, but this is what the sky reflects now. 

Moon gmt:00:00
29.12.2014  4:19:15 12°35'33"Ari Conjunction Uranus
29.12.2014  5:08:54 13°04'04"Ari Square Pluto
29.12.2014  9:33:52 15°36'03"Ari Sesqui-quadrate Saturn
29.12.2014 15:54:04 19°13'16"Ari Sextile Mars
29.12.2014 17:18:48 20°01'33"Ari Square Mercury
29.12.2014 17:50:51 20°19'48"Ari Semi-square Neptune
29.12.2014 20:37:28 21°54'34"Ari Trine Jupiter
we are under the influence of the Moon and Jupiter today,- see? there is a trine=120^ in the evening. 
TA25: I wrote yesterday, that the closest support is at 1462. It closed at 1462.67 
Same targets are valid for today.
Nifty: I wrote in the weekly report: "look out for an energetic opening." And so it was! 8225 is an important level. Download the app to receive the alerts. 
I don't think you have such kind of a service anywhere. 
I read that Greece is voting today for PM. I checked the chart of Antonio Samaras, and I think, that Saturn will help him stay on the chair.; I have no clue in Greece's political affairs. It is just Saturn that is where it is. 
Oh dear! He loses... I was wrong here, Saturn played against him. Now he faces early elections. Seems, that Uranus-Pluto were stronger than Saturn/ . 

December 30, 2014 Tuesday. 

Analysers in the world wrote yesterday, before the opening in the US, that the market will open negative, because of the Greek drama. Well, they didn't. Greece recuperated, and closed at 817 after the dramatic, yes, dramatic fall. But, the US markets, ran up and the S&P made a new high, at 2088- which was my next target, and you know, if you have my app. If not, it is time NOW to download it... 
So what is new in the sky today? Till noon the Moon will be void, and then, leave the stage of drama, Aries, and enter Taurus, where it is very good. If you roll up, to the beginning of this article, under the Fixed stars, I wrote , to watch Dec. 30th. It is that day now. 
Today we are under the effect of Mars and Uranus.... Wowwow two very powerful planets. Mars is in opposition Jupiter, and will be till Jan.3rd- and Uranus is still in square to Pluto. 
With the year ending it is time to look back and see what happened in this year in certain stocks? So here is the graph of Mercedes Benz! I was surprised to see this : 


S&P: rallied by 14.3%

Looking at the sectors, it was the year of the Utilities. this year they rallied by 27%.Next: Healthcare. 

AEX: rallied with 7.15%- target is at 432.
DAX: by 5.64! only... Swiss: 11.26% Sweden by 12%FTSE: 0.95%Italy: 1.55%, TA25: 10%
SSEA: 55%/// HSCE: 12%///NIKKEI: 10%/// AORD: 1.6%

The picture is clear, no? 

I looked at the chart of the New Year: Jan.1, 00:01 2015 - it is a very difficult one, pointing to crucial issues in 2015. 
we have a stellium in Capricorn. Well, we always have the Sun here, but now, it is conjunct Pluto, Mercury and Venus. Mercury and Venus are two personal planets, and they feel bad and depressed in this sign. The Moon will be in the 8th house of money, trine to the Sun,so this is a good position, but the difficult part lies with Uranus on the Dsc- conjunct the SNode- in opposition to the North Node- at 15 Libra- the angles of the wheel are in Cardinal signs, thus the cardinal issues this year will bring. 
Good luck to us all. 

December 31, 2014 Wednesday

It is a day ruled by Mercury.The only interesting position for today is the Mercury-90-Saturn in the Heliocentric chart.
Let me see what happened during the night? The S&P dropped to 2072.57- I sent alerts about this! Our stop was at 2082 targeting 2088- there it triple topped, and fell, closing still below the stop, 2082.  We will go long again only above this level. 

Today Anthony Hopkins, one of my favorite actors turns 77. I wish him a very very happy birthday... I think not many know, that he wrote this wonderful piece of music!  
Also Australia turns 114.

Today I am going to celebrate the New Year, for the first time after more than 20 years... haha... time flies. Till now I told myself it is just another night. So I shall say thank you for all who followed me and read my blog. Let's bury all the sorrows  and look ahead with a smile.

Next: January, the names comes from the Latin Janus... double faced Roman God, one looks back to 2014- the other ahead, to 2015... Let's be with the one that looks ahead. 

January 1, 2015 Thursday.

I woke up to a sunny morning. They say it will rain, and even snow! in the Golan highs... Well, we will see that... Did you celebrate last night? Today there is a bank holiday in most of the world, except here and I see India and the Asian countries are trading. 
Today we are ruled by Jupiter and the Sun. There is an important Jupiter-Mars angle in the sky, which will last till Jan 3rd, together with Mars's position on malefic fixed star, as I wrote above, there was a sell out in the US markets yesterday. 
So, my long awaited target, 2094 was not accomplished, after all- it topped as high as 2088- in the future, and 2092 in the spot. 

The important news of the last minute in 2014 is that the US will export oil! This, for sure will make a check-mate to all OPEC countries who are pumping the prices up, or at least, they won't lower prices. Once the US exports oil, we can expect lower prices in the future. It seems that man found different sources to extract energy, and there is enough oil on Earth, and when there is enough of something, the price falls. 
the graph shows a support at 46$ falling below next 33.3. Surely this will not happen at once. Mind you, the price in 1998 was 10.8.

I see now, that the graphs I upload in the app. are too small, and it is hard to see. So I shall post here the last one, I think it is important. I ran a research to see how did the S*P behave in former Januaries, since 1950: 
You can see in the right panel, that the index did not fell when a year ended with a 5.- like now. 
All in all, during all Januaries the index rallied 59.4% ... 26 up 24 down. this is hardly a situation that we can absolutely rely on! 

January 2,2015 Friday

The news in the sky is that the Moon moved into Gemini, bringing a change in the mood, and in trend. 
As each morning, I sent alerts for the markets trading now... and some "looking back"s. What were the alerts, and what happened. 
I am writing the reports for the coming week now, it is cold here... Must turn the heat on. 
Be good. 

January 4,2015 Sunday

Today Venus moves into Aquarius till the 28th. It brings a different energy on stage. Venus rules Taurus and Libra- and air sign, in Aqua- also an air it feels good, but distant. I guess if you meet a woman with venus in Aquarius, you can call her "Ice queen". Air signs "feel" with their minds... well not much feeling there is it? and even when they do have a fickle of feeling deep down somewhere, they don't know how to express it. They are distant and as if "unreachable". An Aquarius woman is mental. She will fall in love with the brain or the mind of a man. Looks are not so important. Also she requires to be valued for her brains. She will surprise her friends with the man she turns up with, or with a sentence she says will shock everyone. Don't forget, Uranus rules Aquarius... the planet of revolutions and unexpected surprises. A few with this placement are: Marlene Dietrich, Pope Francis, F.D.Roosevelt, Stephen Hawking, Muhammad Ali, Ehud Barak, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Mitt Romney, Elton John, Mark Spitz, Julie Walters, Oprah WInfrey, Christine Lagarde, Mel Gibson, Abdullah King of Jordan, Simone de Beauvoir, Nina Hagen, Glenn Close, Sienna Miller, Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, Ellen Degeneres.etc...

The important angles in the sky are Saturn-Moon disharmonic one, and Saturn Venus, minor positive. 
TA25: closed at 1461.97. - Opening above this level, we can use this price for a stop. Next up steps: 1463.55-1467-1468.9-. 
TOWER: in 2014 it rallied by 322%. I ran TS with the 4 and 10 years cycle adding to it the Moon's position and Fibonacci. what we see in this pic. is a fall in the cycles till March 7. 
The stop for long is 4845. 
TA25: closed at 1459.97.. with a low at 1458.32- not a day to trade! 

January 5, 2015 Monday

The Mars-Jupiter opposition is dissolving. News in the sky: Mercury joined Venus in Aquarius. Both pushed the Nifty above a very important resistance line: 8400.... This is our stop now. 
The Moon is in Cancer- in opposition to the Sun- this means, we have a full Moon today. Babies born today will be able to see both sides of a coin. and be very sensitive, but also stubborn, and know exactly where their boundaries are, and say out loud their expectations from others. TIll April 3rd we will be under the Uranus-Pluto shadow... (red arrow). The Sun, as you can see, already moved on.(blue arrow). 
Mars- planet of war... will be solitary- for a long time.therefore the "teeth" for this picture. 

Watch Jan 8th, for a CIT, and here are the angles for this week: gmt+2. 
Sun               90 Node               5.01.2015  9:50
Mercury           60 Saturn           6.01.2015  0:21
Sun              150 Juno               6.01.2015  2:20
Sun               45 Saturn             7.01.2015  4:55
Venus             30 Neptune        8.01.2015  3:34
Mercury           30 Neptune       8.01.2015 20:56
Mars              45 Uranus           9.01.2015 14:23
Mars              45 Pluto             10.01.2015 14:14
Mars             135 Node            10.01.2015 21:26
Mars              45 S.Node          10.01.2015 21:26

I sent 9 alerts till now this morning, for AXJO too, but I think it did not go through.! If anyone in Australia has my app. have you received it?? 
All together, I sent 33 alerts... If you took only one of them, you made your day! 

January 6, 2015 Tuesday. 

The Moon is at the last degrees of Cancer, and VOC. till noon. During a VOC moon is bad to make decisions." Moon's Position at 9:27:33 AM is 28°Cn11'

In a creative or intuitive way you may be pressed into making judgements and decisions, but the elements of your judgement are, in many ways, exactly the same.  The choices are confusing because they essentially lead to the same result. This situation is brand new, maybe the answer lies in taking an intuitive `punt', or waiting for the solutions to become more clear-cut. Comparisons and similarities. If negative - expressing judgemental opinions about things that are essentially equal. Being picky."

The Sun is at Cardinal 15^ Capricorn- squaring the nodes.- this is a major event... 
Let me see ... the markets turned red- as alerted. I even posted yesterday- the "teeth" of Mars. 
TA25: Former low was 1449- The support is at 1445.50- this is a strong support, but getting a negative back wind- first from the DAX, later from the S&P, it can fall to 1443.35-1441.9- below that support is only at 1437-1435-1431...  In the past I used to write, that if they will find oil, the market - ours- will rally. Well, this is not working either, now, since the oil is falling, taking with it many indices.But this too, I wrote in my alerts... Download the application!
Resistance to the upside is at 1452-1453-1455-1461.40
In my weekly report I pointed out to watch for the Spanish unemployment yesterday. It came out negative, so in the fundamental world, it can be added to the reasons of why the markets fell, together with the oil prices. 
Tomorrow we will have the German unemployment... so watch it. 

OK. market starts.. let me see. 

See how everything interconnects!!!! 
I analyzed Apple: Here is the outcome: we can see, that it trades above an inclining trend line since July 2013. the support is at 94. Only below 94 we can talk about a correction of this period of time: 556 days. 

The green line is the astrological forecast- this shows only the DIRECTION! AND NOT THE PRICE LEVELS! so we get a fall till Jan 22nd- up to Feb 19, down again till March 3rd, and up to March 23 etc.. 
In the app. I alerted :  : lower stop for short to 108. Support at 104-103-102.50

January 7,2015 Wednesday

Yesterday Haled Mash'al was seen to the door by Qatar, he packed his things, and moved to Turkey. I wrote that this will happen, in a former post.. Dec 26 .
Yesterday I sent 17 alerts. I hope you took those advices, and made a lot of money!!! 
Today we are ruled by Mercury and Neptune. It has been some while since we had Neptune... But their position is minor. The thing is, that there are no exact positions in the sky... no planets to hold the market, and we see the outcome. 

TA25: Bottomed at 1449- and now it is at 1462.18- check out targets given yesterday! 
Terror attack in Paris.... 12 people killed by Muslim - seems El kaida. Watch the news... Here is Mars- solitary !! in action. 

January 8, 2015 Thursday. 

It is again Thursday- for me the last trading day of the week, when our index falls, or consolidates. We got a positive back wind from the US rise last night, so the prices for today could go to 1463-1467. 

On Dec 17th I wrote about Angela Merkel... Because of the attack in Paris, I looked at her chart again. Why? Because, as I posted in December, she has a stellium in Cancer, and transit Pluto is in opposition. So I wanted to see what else is there, threatening for her. 

And indeed, as of the beginning of March, Uranus will be right on her Moon, and transit Saturn will square her Venus, ruler of her 6th house of health. She should consult a doctor, right now, and be under surveillance. I was playing with the idea of writing her, but them ... if you are not asked, do not answer... isn't it? She is a strong woman, and I admire her for that, I would like to see her continue the good job she is doing. But, we are all human. And she is in her 4th year! and in March will be in 7th month! Double even triple reason to watch out. 

I wrote in the past, that Europe is in danger.... 
Here is the chart of Francois Hollande: drawn for yesterday's attack. 

In his natal chart, he has A Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Cancer.- also conjunct the South Node. The other pair in the chart is Sun-Pluto in Leo. at 18-24 degrees. You can see in the second wheel, Directed Mars- planet of war, is in opposition the the Sun-Pluto conjunction, and if that is not enough, transit Mars! was right on his Directed Mars, yesterday, when the killing in Paris happened. All in the 9th house- coming from abroad, after a long planning, retrograde Jupiter right on his Sun-Pluto in Leo - in green - just magnified, negatively, this transit. 
For France there are many dates. I took the last one: October 5, 1959 12:00 It is incredible the picture we get! 

But, again, NOTHING is incredible, astrology shows it all. What we see in this map, the natal Sun and Mercury in Aquarius got hit BOTH by Directed AND transit Uranus! Major shake for France. ANNNND!!! Transit Pluto squaring Sun-Merc. We know, that Pluto brings first destruction of the order as we knew it till now, and only much later rebuilds a new order. 

Another date for France is 28.9.1958, when 80% of the population voted for the constitution. Time is set for 22:00 pm- when results were published. Here we receive a Gemini rising ruler, Mercury at 29 Virgo. Mercury is the voice of the people. The Sun at 5 Libra. Problems were arising when Saturn was in Libra already... &th house in Sag... The ruler, Jupiter is conjunct Scorpio. How metaphoric this is! Jupiter is the ruler of the "partners, who turn into "known enemies," when conjunct Neptune- ruler of religion... and in Scorpio.!! All is hidden and under the Earth, until a trigger somes, and everything surfaces. In my last articles, I wrote, that when Saturn will enter Sag- it will bring to surface all the underground turmoil... And so it was. Another sign for the hidden warlike sentiment is Mars in the 12th house..- Now, Mars in Aquarius, 150 to natal Mercury was the trigger.

I remember, that there was a newspaper in Norway, that published some cartoons on Mohammed, a few years ago. Norway, with the highest socialist values in Europe, now should be on its guard too! It is interesting to see, that ,as Hollande, Norway too has a Sun-PLuto conjunction! oh, and I am wrong... it was in Denmark, not in Norway.. 
So here is the map of Denmark: and what do we see? Transit Uranus on Mars- in the house of "open or known " enemies.. ruled by Neptune. The danger will be out on the open, when transit Mars will conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Jan 18th... or + - 2 days. 

David Cameron: he too, should be on guard! transit Uranus+Moon+S.Node- will be in opposition to his SUN! on January 25th.  Such an opposition never goes unnoticed. 

I hope I am wrong... 
January 9, 2015 Friday

It is unusually cold outside... We even got snow in Jerusalem and on the Golan heights an on the Hermon mountain. It is nice to have a roof above one's head, not to mention, aircondition... So it is warm inside. Only the media made a huge drama about the snow, and stupid stupid people ran to the stores, and emptied them from food and heating accessories.. What can I tell you ? A week that is usually dead in the shops, made top sales. thanks to the media. When and where I was a child, we were happy to go skating in minus 15- and even more degrees! who cared?? Here?? a little snow, 0 degrees to- 10 plus, and raining, and people are .... achhh... OK. 
I see, the US markets behaved as alerted yesterday. We got new highs. S&P top 2057-. stop is now at 2053.50. targets: 2061-2067.50
The news in the sky is, that the Moon is apogee, and entered Virgo.- Minor change in trend. 
The Dow: topped at 17876- stop is at 17770. 
Russell: On Jan 2 I sent alert in the app: Stop was 1212- we were stopped out. It fell to 1153- now it is at 1196.12- but there are open gaps- the stop is at 1175- if you can afford it. 
VIX: trade range:17-22.7

We have no trade today... so good luck to those who have. 
January 11,2015 Sunday 

Till now everybody was analyzing the Uranus-Pluto square- which will culminate for the last time in March 2015. Now, we must add the Saturn-Neptune square- which will be an ongoing issue almost all the year of 2015!. Saturn stands for old values order and government, while, Neptune, being the ruler of Pisces, and IS in Pisces, stands for Ideals, religion, artistic values and healing.  
Jupiter, now is in Leo, but on Aug 11th will enter Virgo, a sign where it is in Detriment, or weak. 
Here are the dates that there was a square between Saturn-Neptune: 
Range of search: 1.01.1900 - 1.12.2020
Search for...:

 6.04.1909   - 23.04.1909 
 8.10.1909    -  1.11.1909  
13.01.1910  -  3.02.1910  
 8.01.1926    - 27.01.1926   
12.05.1926    -  4.06.1926  
28.10.1926   - 15.11.1926  
25.06.1944  - 11.07.1944  
29.12.1944   - 23.01.1945  
24.03.1945  - 17.04.1945  
 4.05.1962   -  7.07.1962 
11.02.1963   - 27.02.1963  
 7.09.1979   - 23.09.1979 
15.03.1980   - 10.04.1980  
 8.06.1980   -  4.07.1980  
17.06.1998   -  6.07.1998  
21.10.1998   - 12.11.1998  
28.03.1999   - 15.04.1999  
18.11.2015   -  5.12.2015  
 5.06.2016   -  5.07.2016 
25.08.2016   - 23.09.2016  

January 12, 2015 Monday 

The news in the sky today is that the Moon moved to Libra. Important angle is the bad Sun-Jupiter position at 21^. Mars is at the last minutes!! of Aquarius, soon it will enter Pisces, bringing a turn. New energy is pouring in. Mars-fire in Pisces-water?? has many meanings. 
I posted some dates to watch in December and January, when Mars touches a bad fixed star, on all we got a reversal. next dates- only looking at Mars will be:  Feb.10-11 and 19th. 
Looking at the Sun, bad positions will be on Jan 21,Feb 2, 9. Saturn will be on destructive stars between Jan 13-May 13! being retrograde!!!!... and so on. 
Except Nifty, Nikkei and the Hang Seng, markets are red. 

AEX: last alert was given on Jan 6, the stop was 412- targeting 404-402. 

AXJO: I alerted on Jan 6, that 5381 is our stop. Above it we are long. 
Nikkei: We lowered stop for short to 16970- and were stopped out. 

Download the application, under Financial Astrology, to receive hot alerts!

We got 131% gain in Kitov pharma- a share I sent alerts about--- 

On Jan 7 I wrote: US markets we got a reversal! I will be calmer if it bases itself above 2014- next 2021... We see now 2047... GILD: We raised stop to 96.16 - topped at 103.83. Has to run above 110 to see a real rally. raise stop again to 102. 
Local share: Medivi- expecting a rally to culminate in mid March. 
Another share I wrote about was Kamhada. On Jan 6 I wrote stop at 1730- target 1828-1853. It topped at 1835- and we were stopped out. thank you, for 41%. 
IDB: target 62- 77. Stop 26. 
EBAY: Now: Long only above 56.1 

BABA: Past alerts: 

January 13, 2015 Tuesday

As last month, this month too, we got a low in the S&P while the Moon in Libra. This is something I would remember... The Nifty, on the other hand, is rallying. So , as you see, while Libra is negative for one, it is positive for the other. It all depends on the first trade date. All these I teach in my Financial Astrology course. 

So what is new today? The Sun is on a bad degree... The Moon will square it in a few hours. The North Node is on a malefic fixed star, Algorab. Pluto squares the nodes...In a person's chart, I would be very careful what to say... but, for the markets, all these are very energetic positions. 

Mars just entered Pisces, and the following countries are under this sign: Egypt, Normandy, North Africa, Portugal, Samoa, Scandinavia; and towns: Alexandria, Cowes, Grimsby, Jerusalem, Bournemouth, Seville, Warsaw
Mars, being the planet of war, accidents, fire, weapons, quarrels, crashes, I would be very careful in these places..
To return to the markets: not everything is falling! DOW Real estate: 


Semiconductors: targets in green:

January 14,2015 Wednesday

Yesterday we got a rally to 2051 in the S&P, and immediately from there, a fall to 1999. Why? We just have to check the planets...Both Mercury and Venus made a sextile to Uranus, which made this zig zag move.  It topped at 2052- at the Uranus line, and fell though all the supports, to Jupiter line. Anything happened in the fundamental world at 5 pm and 8:30 pm yesterday, that can explain this turn? Yes, there were some minor announcements... 

Could one foresee exactly what will happen? Hardly! That is why we have stops. I sent alerts yesterday to subscribers - we were short in the S&P- to lower stop to 2025- long above it, Short below. So if you did as advised- you still made 26 points in a long position, and 26 points in a short... Not bad for one day... 
For the subscribers in Gold, I wrote yesterday- by the way we are long in the Gold since 1172- that 1242-1244- will be difficult to cross- and 1244 was the top and reversal.... 
Other subscribers also received alerts... 

What is new now?? The Moon moved to Scorpio. It is bad in this sign. Today the only angle from the Moon will be to Neptune at noon. But tomorrow it will bring some crazy moves. 
Crude oil: I expect a reversal soon... stay tuned! 

January 15,2015 Thursday

The news in the sky is, an exact square between Mars-Saturn. Both in mutable signs. Both at 2 degrees. This means a very strong support/resistance line, depending where is your share. For the S&P they are at 2012. We are long with this stop. High high will it go ?? well...Subscribe to the newsletters. 
Former dates: when Mars was 90 to Saturn: 
30.07.2007  -  1.08.2007 
14.12.2008  - 16.12.2008 
 9.08.2009  - 11.08.2009 
28.12.2010  - 30.12.2010 
23.08.2011  - 26.08.2011 
 6.01.2013  -  8.01.2013 
 7.09.2013  - 10.09.2013 
13.01.2015  - 15.01.2015 
24.09.2015  - 26.09.2015

Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Venus. In the cards it is the card of the Devil. I read somewhere, that Saturn rules black people, and now, that Mars in squaring it, probably new killings will happen. Unfortunately, this aspect lasts for a week because, both are slow planets. 
The no. 15 is the magic square: 
Saturn also rules mines... I would watch shares related to gold mines.
Oh, I just see my trade in oil is working!! I put a future trade- buy if goes above a certain level, and I am in now... wowow.... topped so far at 49.50... :) Nice 
Switzerland votes for -0.75% libor rate!! at 11:30- markets tumble... 

Astrologically Mercury- Nodes position caused the fall. next: 
15.01.2015   - 16.01.2015  
29.01.2015   - 30.01.2015 
26.02.2015   - 27.02.2015 
10.03.2015   - 11.03.2015  
20.03.2015   - 21.03.2015 
mark these dates for sudden turns.  Besides Mercury, Venus, Mars and the others will also square the nodes. The closest dates to watch will be Jan 20, 28, Feb 5 .

January 16,2015 Friday. 

Well well well.. We got a turn, all right.. S&P hit bottom during the night, at 1970. falling below 1994-1992- we turned short. As I alerted yesterday, in the application. 
The Swiss blinked first! : 

If anybody got in in time, can now retire... Not me. LOL. Seems I am doomed to work hard all my life. 
The Nifty is happily climbing higher and higher, targets given in the weekly newsletter. 
As for HSCE: Stayed between 11900-12100- so we did not go short, on the fence, I wrote on Jan 13. 

FTSE: in grey the alert from Jan 5. 4.24% in 10 days! 

I really don't know why I bother writing this blog... I have hundreds, if not thousands visitors, 5 likes? 
I think I should concentrate on my own trades, rather than posting. I thought people will comment, will sign up to the newsletters... But apparently I give away too much free advices, so why bother??? 
Or maybe I do something wrong? 

I don't know... 

Alpari- one of the biggest companies went bankrupt... Others will follow. Because of the Swiss Frank/ They cannot pay...

January 18, 2015 Sunday 

Sunday. Only we trade.. Under the shadow of a stationary Mercury, which will turn retro on the 21st. 
TA25: closed at 1463.33- after a top at 1474- What is new in the sky today? Moon-Sun 30^- but Moon will be void till 14:00- so, not much to do today. Also, Mercury already has its effect, a train ran off the lines, so transportation is stuck. 
Market wise the arbitrage is negative, planets wise, the support is at 1460-resistance at 1467.9. 

Does anyone have a problem landing on this blog?? I received a mail from 1 reader. I wonder if others also land on other sides, and not this one?! 

OK. I contacted my technician, let's see what might be the problem... 

Meanwhile, I ran the Swiss frank on timing solution, this is what I got: these are astrology cycles, and Fibonacci price levels with dates. So if Alpari went bankrupt- it's a pity, since in 2-3 months, it will go back where it was. 
This is NOT  trading advice! very dangerous!!!. 

January 19, 2015 Monday 

It is Martin Luther King day today. Here are the markets open today.

We are ruled by the Sun and Moon today. We have 5 pairs in the sky and 2 planets solitary.
The Moon is in the last phase to the Sun. Soon we will have a new Moon, again, at 0 degrees, This time in Aquarius. 
Saturn is at 2 ^ Sag. this is what this degree means: 

"Chosen Degree: 02°Sg00' - 02°Sg59'
You may find that in the current situation there's a need to be more thoughtful and cautious, taking into account the wider picture. Impulsive acts with no forward planning will be risky. Strategies are needed. Strategic competition. Seeing the picture several moves ahead. If negative - depending on pure luck. Underestimating the opponent's skill or strategy."
Since Saturn is a slow moving planet, we might want to consider our steps into the future..

OK, I sent a lot of alerts now in the application. Those who have it, know what to do today.
I read yesterday, that to keep healthy, one should drink 1 liter of water for every 20 kilos he/she weights. Since I am 67 kg, I should drink 14 glasses of water. I planned my mobile to buzz me every hour- so if I get up at 7 am- till the evening, I can do that. Let's see... Also, did you know, that before you make any blood test- specially cholesterol you should starve for 14 hours, and drink a LOT!!!!!!! of water before the test? it changes the outcome immensely. Once the max. cholesterol was 250- but to gain money on medicine, they lowered it to 200! So new they pump into you unnecessary medicine, which kills the muscles, and damages the heart. Can you believe that?? I read all this on the net. 
The main event coming in the sky is Mercury turning retrograde. It always happens, 3 times a year, for 21 days. Mercury is now at 16.Aqua33- it will regress till 1Aqua 18- on Feb 11th. We can expect delays in transportation, car, plane, bicycle accidents, hands, legs and lungs are vulnerable. Misunderstandings! is the middle name - for Mercury in retro! Mercury rules our way of thinking, and speech. While in Aquarius- since this occupies the 11 house of friends, could cause some friendly fights... if there is such a thing. Also, Aquarius rules the ankle, so be careful not to break it! Slippery shoes, streets... We don't want to be there!
This retro will mainly effect those born in fixed signs, like Aquarius, Leo, Scorpios and Taurus. 
And a day to watch will be Jan 27, when Mercury will be on a malefic fixed star. Like on Jan 15th. 
Are you in for some politics? 
Imad Fayez Mughniyeh: One of Hizballah leaders who was killed in 2008- in Damascus; born on July 12, 1962: 

I use numerology and astrology as well. the numbers are numerology calculations. In Numerology much less issues can be watched than in astrology! Only the highlighte×’ no. 4 could point to some fatal incident. While in astrology, and I don't have his hour of birth, but we can see, that when Mars lined up to his Sun, he got killed. Also Mars in the outer chart, which is the transit, made a square to Saturn, the time keeper. 

Why did I look at his chart now? Well, he had a son, Jihad, born in 1991- no date. Can we see from his chart the fate of his son's? Of course! We can see even the neighbor's dog. 
So, the highlighted 8 - points to another fatal period in his life, in this case, after he was dead. His son, Jihad died also from a car bomb yesterday, Jan 18th, 2015- when transit Mars squared his Mars again.  

Since my birthday is getting closer, I thought of giving you a present. So I published just now a downgraded price for my application. It will cost $49.99- of which I get only 35! Search for "Financial Astrology " in Itunes or Android. MIne is the only one there, you cannot miss it. It has the small man in the star on it. Why should you have it? To get alerts on different markets. 

E n j o y . 

January 20,2015 Tuesday 

We are ruled by Mars and the Moon today. Mars is conjunct Neptune, and this will  make the police sweat! They will never find who killed Dr.Alberto Nisman, the Argentinian prosecutor! Not under Neptune's shadow. 
But, since I use Numerology and astrology, his NAME hides the age of 51.3 months, when something fatal to happen. Well, it happened, at 51.1 
May he rest in peace. 
All because of Oil. Argentina gets cheap oil from Iran....

Till we shall find the time of birth for Dr.Nisman, I made a chart for Argentina with the New Moon. It is very interesting, and raising an eye brow... finding the point of Tragedy, of Fatality, of Murder, all conjunct the Sun and the Moon. 
Point of Death in the 9th house of law, and the Killing point anareta on Mercury. 

As I alerted in my app, and in this blog a few days ago, the Oil turned up from the fall, you could make a few nickels and dimes trading it. I did. ( From 46.50- to 49.25 all planetary supports and resistances). How do we calculate these? I teach that in my course! Believe me, after taking my Financial Astrology course, your way of trading will be way much easier! You can read students letters at the left panel. 
OK. Market started here, so see you later. 
Just one more thing.. Since we are close to the New Moon- it's time to make a sight check up. Why? Because the Sun and Moon are the two luminaries- or our eyes.... and they are conjunct today. 
DAX: bad announcements: but the time is right too: 

German PPI : -07%
German economic sentiment... hmmm I wonder how do they count this? 

New Moon in Israel will fall in the 4th house of the country, triggering the Moon (People), and surprising the army ( uranus 180 to Neptune.)
bad day: Jan 28th, when Mars will be 150^ to Pluto. ( + - 2 days ) .

We had the New Moon today, so as usual, I should close this article, and start a new one. There were some problems loading the blog, my technician checked it, and could find no mistakes. I mailed Google - hopefully they will find if anything...
Also, you should clean your computer of viruses, at least once a week. 

Thank you for being here. Follow me to "the New Moon in Aquarius, 2015". 


  1. Gabby,
    i am an avid follower of your blog at age 70+ and with many thanks for running such an excellent blog please can you mention something on GPRO why it keeps going down and down even while markets are up and how long this may last
    with many thanks

    1. Hello Vick,
      Yes, I know... yo stick with me for a long time. It warms my heart.
      I looked at GPRO, and if it was born on June 26,2014- what I got from Yahoo, than the reason for the fall is Saturn in a bad aspect to the Sun. I think around Feb.3 it will turn . Pity you have not asked me before!! I don't know why you bought it or when, but the first time to sell it was on Dec.1, 2014. YOu read this blog for a long time, and there is the" three fathers" pattern- : if the stock makes 3 tops, one lower than the other, for sure it will crash.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information about astrology with us!
    This is excellent information. It is amazing and wonderful to visit your sit.

  3. Hello Richard,
    thanks! Are you an astrologer yourself, or a trader?


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