New Moon in Aquarius, 2015

between Jan.21- Feb.19, 2015 

What we see in the chart is the inner wheel is the New Moon in Aquarius,the outer wheel is the New Moon in Pisces on Feb 19. During the coming 29 days Mercury will complete its retro motion and turn direct. All these days it will be in Aquarius. Venus will move to Pisces on Jan 27th. Venus is exalted, (very good) in this sign. Mars will be all this time in Pisces. fire in water... Jupiter is retro. Will regress 2.5 degrees in Leo. Saturn is in Sag. 
The main aspects during the month will be: 1) Uranus 90 Pluto square is still there. 2) Uranus conjunct South Node will end on Jan 31st. 
Former Aquarius New Moons of 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011.

January 21,2015 Wednesday

Today we woke to a terror attack on a bus.15 people were stabbed, the driver fought with him, now he is severely injured, hopefully he will live. The attacker was wounded and arrested.. 
It was so nice outside, that I left everything, and went to the beach.My computer is getting crazy, and my technician has a pregnant wife, so I cannot catch him. LOL... Any day now, she is due. After that, probably I will have to look for another technician. 
LOL .. 
I asked several friends on Facebook, and they had no problem loading my blog, so I really don't know, what is the problem. I wrote Google- now I am waiting for an answer . 

About my application. As I wrote in the last article, I lowered the price for the app. I analyze indices of the world, commodities, and many shares. But you cannot expect from me, to write all the time! If you want to subscribe to my weekly reports, I will be glad. But, don't expect to receive alerts on everything, all the time...
Vick, I guess, your GPRO share turned Friday, and is ok now... Glad for you. 

January 22, 2015 Wednesday

We are ruled by Mercury and the South Node today. Mercury is stationary turning retro, in Aquarius. The South Node is conjunct Uranus. Two positions that can shake the markets today. Any announcements? Oh yes, US unemployment claims. here is the graph: You won't believe it! Since Obama is in charge, it is declining... 
If I would be sarcastic, I would say, it is because they count otherwise.. But I try not to be.
Looking at Bloomberg, I see all is green, except Nikkei and Switzerland. 
During the evening yesterday, the S&P tanked at 2028, after a top at 2032. The Gold is now 1290- our stop was 1295. Nasdaq is at 4187.5 . Only falling below 4041- it will fall to 3850-ish. For a long it should be above 4350. 


In the last article I wrote about Cholesterol check up. I did a new test, after 12 hours not eating, and drinking 2 liters of water, and surprize!!!! the level of the Cholesterol fell by 30 points! Also the bad, LDL, fell back to normal. So take this in consideration, if YOU have to make any blood tests! Do not eat for 12-14 hours before, and drink at least 2 liters of water. 
Some politics: I checked the New Moon for Iran. Here is the map: Oct 7, 1906 in Teheran: The New Moon falls in the 12 house of hidden events.- conjunct the Arabic part the point of Murder. transit Mars - planet of war, that was conjunct Neptune ( hidden events ) was conjunct Saturn ( government) and opposite natal Mars ! AND Uranus-S.Node -this bad conjunction , at 12 degrees in Aries, is attacking the Sun ( PM ) of Iran. Not a happy chart.. 

Now we read in the news, that pro iranian rebels conquered San'a- Yemen's capital.

Who is next? Saudia. Will the US help them in a time of need? Not likely... They didn't help Mubaraq some years ago! By the way he was released lately... Funny how life brings it's turns/ I always say, that EVERYTHING can happen to you, if you live long enough... Why? Because you will get 3 or 4 Saturn return, and one Uranus return, which, usually, at age 84-86- kills you, but if not, you can find yourself in an unthinkable situation... We never get a Neptune return, because this one needs 164 years to make a round trip, but we get it's angles, all right, which are more than enough. 

I shall be away till the evening... See you later! 

January 25, 2015 Sunday. 

Today we are under the influence of the Sun and Neptune. last time we had Neptune was on January 16 an 7. On both days we got a reversal. On the 7th down, on the 16th up. 
But, today only we trade, so it is not relevant. 
TA25: closed at 1455.66- this is exactly Mercury line.  1453- is a support below, while targets are 1459.25
DAX: made a Head and shoulders pattern since June 10- Jan 16.- and we got a break out. Target of the pattern is 11500 at least. STOP 10430.! There is an open gap.. so any announcement could send it close this gap!> 

AEX: target given on the application was 452.8- it ran up to 457.1. We got 12.6% rally in 3 trading days! do you have the app?? you won. Now raise stop 456- end of the rally in near. 
Milano: We got 14% in 8 days!. But only above 22066- former top- it would be a long- till then just a correction. 

FTSE: Alert given in the app. was 6585- is the stop- long above it. On Jan 19- it ran above it, and we went long- topped so far at 6841.73
JKSE: Our stop was 11900 . targets given on the app. 

I sent now 21 alerts, on different indices and shares. If you have not received them, or do not see it properly, mail me, I shall send it to you. - Only those who have bought my application. 

January 26, 2015 Monday. 

The Aquarius New Moon is shining in full ! Aquarius, the sign of " we are the world, we are the people"... Did it again! Greece voted and Alexis Tsipras won. Aquarius, the sign of revolution, ruled by Uranus, the planet that brings surprises. I wonder what else is to come in the next 26 days????? 
Natal chart of Alexis Tsipras- now Greece PM: I don't have the hour of birth, so it is a Solar chart, with the Sun at the Asc. 

the name. like in the case of Alberto Nisman, holds a secret. In Tsipras case, at the age of 43 and 1 months till 43.7 months. His Sun is at 4 Aquarius, Moon at 28 Scorpio. I also checked the eclipses before his birth, and we got gemini 13, and 28 in his chart. Any transit on these degrees will be important. The important planet to look at in his chart is the N.Node and Uranus. The latter is at 23 Libra.. The NN is on the Vertex, also conjunct the Point of Sudden progress. 
In the past, I always wrote about the importance of Saturn. The one, that "crowns kings". In this case Saturn is weak in Cancer. Somehow he feels not connected. He also has Mercury and Venus in Cancer.
Numerologically he is now in his 6th year, 7th personal month and 5th day- yesterday- showing the change. I wonder what happened with him between 2012-2013.? And we got the answer from WIki " Tsipras led SYRIZA through the 2012 elections, overseeing a swing of over 22% to the party, and becoming the Leader of the Opposition.In December 2013 he was the first candidate proposed for the position of President of the Commission of the European Union by the Nordic Greens/European Left. The vote will be a EU member states election to the European Parliament in May 2014.
His date shows that he will undergo many fated changes in his life. The important years to watch will be 38,41,43. 
The transit for last night, are incredible! Saturn, which was weak in his natal chart, did it again! was in exact trine to natal Sun and sextile transit Sun. One doesn't need more... But, Since I said, that Uranus is important in his chart, then transit Saturn was conjunct Directed Uranus. 

Another fantastic point, is that, the modern birth date of Greece is 24.7.1974! 4 days before Alexis's birth/// So I can say, that he is " the son of Greece". They almost share the same planets! 
Now... I wrote, that the age of 43.1-43.7 will be difficult and life changer. let's forward the time for 2018: and what do we find in August 2018? transit Jupiter will trine natal Jupter. it is a culmination point in life, and from there, .... who knows? 
Meanwhile the markets did not fell because of this, on the contrary, the DAX reached the forecasted target. 
This New Moon took Demis Roussos, at the age of 68.61. He was a well known Greek Singer... Isn't Greece on stage lately?
The hour of birth is uncertain, but this is what ""has. In any case, Wiki writes, that he was hospitalised from time to time in a private hospital, fighting clinical depression, obesity, etc..since 1980!. Overweight- probably because of Mercury+Venus+Saturn in Cancer- in this fixed-water sign, that has difficulty of letting go, and lose weight. 
Previously I wrote about Neptune's affect. We don't live long enough to have a Neptune return (164 years), but its angles are enough. Here Neptune contributed to his illness- depression- and death - with an exact angle. Other aspect, highlighted in blue and yellow are also important, but, I shall not go into details. Now, that we know that he died of Liver cancer, we see Dir.Pluto on Jupiter (ruler of liver). When in transit the bad (retro) Jupiter conjuncted his Uranus (cancer) brought the end. 
May he rest in peace. 
Extreme cold and snow storm is landing on NY- flights are delayed and cancelled ( Mercury in retro) The Nodes are on NY now... 

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January 27, 2015 Tuesday

It is a day ruled by the Moon and Mars. The Moon is now in Taurus, where it "feels" best. LOL... probably you think, how can a planet fell good or bad in a sign ? Well, I teach all that in my Financial Astrology course. In any case, for the trade is good. It is also good for babies born today. They will like everything that is beautiful, like nice dresses, good food, wine, jewelry. They might become singers, or interior decorators, but, for that we should check the whole chart of course, not only the Moon. 
What else is new today? Venus enters Pisces. It is exalted here. Venus is Pisces is like turning the other cheek... Can you do that?? LOL... not in our world today.. In any case, for the markets, venus rules the banks, so we should see a move in the banking shares. 

The Sun is now at 6 Aqua. In this sign, there are only 3 unfortunate Fixed stars. One we already passed, next look out for FEB.2 and 9. 
Mercury is retro, so it will touch again malefic stars on Jan 27 and Feb 8-11.Venus enters Pisces and will join Neptune on Feb.1, Mars on Feb.19th. Saturn is on 3 Sag. This sign is full with malefic fixed stars! from 2nd degree to 9.54! Saturn will be on these degrees till Dec.22, 2015!!!!!!!! Because it turns retro. 
Pluto moved 1 degree, and is now at 14 Cap. 

Will be back later. 

"Historical stormmmmm" Histerical storm!!!!! LOL> I wonder Oct 27, 9 month from now how many children will be born in NY?

January 28, 2015 Wednesday.

The Moon will be void the whole day! It is now at 20 degrees Taurus.Did you know, thet there is an asteroid "Gaudi" at 20.30 Taurus? If you were in Barcelona you should know who Gaudi was! Look him up! Look him up!. Now I wonder if there will be any news from Spain today ???!!! 
The day is ruled by Mercury, and this one is retro- now at 13^09 Aquarius. Mercury is the star to follow in the coming two days. It is in sextile to Uranus- and 120 to the Nodes! Also, it is 135^- bad- to the asteroid Arachne. This is what I learned lately about this asteroid: 
"Asteroid Arachne #407 indicates extreme talent, the ability to focus on detail and where we will encounter obstacles when employing our gift. Arachne was a mortal weaver who was so talented that even the Goddess Minerva (Athena) became jealous. She demanded that Arachne bow to her and acknowledge that she received a good portion of her talent from the God's. Minerva challenged Arachne to a weaving contest which Arachne won. Life was made difficult for Arachne after her victory and she subsequently hung herself, turning into a spider. This heavenly body is about where our greatest talents lie, and where we can get into trouble when we employ them fully. Ego is also a facet to this asteroid and how our talents and ego play together. Arachne can point to where we are hurt by others for doing what we do best, regardless of how socially acceptable or "normal" it is. This asteroid is also very much about learning from our mistakes and swallowing our pride when it can further our creativity." I got this from Jewel Ellefson Mayberry - thank you, from a FB group. 
Find out where is YOUR Arachne! in your personal chart!!! Order a reading! It is only $180- and I combine it with Numerology, Gematria, your name meaning, and astrology.- several charts!! 

So what happened yesterday in the US? 

positive outcome of the announcements. The S&P bottomed at 2012- at 17:30- gmt+2- and then, reversed: 
See what was the situation in the sky: See almost all the planets were at 12-14 degrees, many angles from the Moon, and the punch line was a Mars= Ura/Merc- Mars at the midpoint. 
Will send now my alerts- back later... 

OK, I sent 16 alerts till now, you know what to do. 
I checked the sectors, and I see that "Technology" wast the worst this week. No wonder... with Mercury retro... 

We got again fired at from Syria. People are in shelters... let's hope it will fade out and will not develop. 
But, February 15th, transit Mars will be in exact angle to Israel's Mars- then, again fights can pick up. 

The Second Libanon war broke out on July 12, 2006. Then transit Mars was conjunct Israel's Mars. Transit Moon 180 to I's Moon and 150 Venus- (red arrows)/ The Sun was on the malefic degree of 19 Cancer. and then too Mercury was retro. 
Or 8 years, 7 months, 16 days ago - In 2006 Jupiter was at 9 Scorpio, Now it is 270 degrees further, at 19 Leo. 
On Feb 15, 2015 Mars will make an exact 150-bad- angle to natal Mars- see also other aspects.. 

Although it is the Hisballah, that fired, and mind you, I wrote a few months ago, that the wife of Khaled Mashaal was treated in an Israeli hospital, while a war was going on!. 
Another enemy is Ismail Hanieh, he turns 52 tomorrow... What can I tell you ? His map is full of action. 

here is Nasrallah's chart- with Feb 5 transit, when transit Mars will be in exact position to Natal Mars. 

I am really sorry for the Lebanese people, who don't have a strong leader, and are in actually "conquered" by foreign forces. What will they do when Isis will take over? Iran is conducting its wars on other people territory... So why care? 
This is the map of Lebanon with the date of the constitution and transit for today: Here too Mars is active. Worse! Uranus too. 

On January 24 I wrote, that after Yemen it will be the time of Saudia to fall in the hands of ISIS> Now I read this: 

January 29.2015 Thursday

I woke up to the news, that there was a 5.7 earthquake in California ? Note the Moon was in exact opposition to Saturn, and all the other planets at 12-14 degrees. 

This opposition was also the reason - besides other angles - to block further rise in the markets, and turn. In my weekly newsletter , last week I wrote:"Their level is
2052.46. This is the stop- long above , short below." So if you are a subscriber, you turned short on January 27th- this was the top- or if you did not, you got a second chance on Jan 28, at 14:30- when it tried for a new high, but failed, and fell- now I see, to 1987!

TA25: Last alert sent on the application was on Jan 25. I wrote: 1460 is support. next 1468.95.
Actually made it to 1465.68- only, and turned. If you kept the 1460 stop- you are now short- and it trades at 1447.
BABA: I alerted in the app that 102- is a stop- and it will be difficult to cross! That was on January 21. Now it is at 88! 
Do you have the app? then you are doing g r e a t ! 

January 30, 2015 Friday

Today we are ruled by Venus and Jupiter. Venus is in Pisces, - good - AND square Saturn. Timing Solution gives a thumbs up- 59.8% out of 100- events, that the index rallies with this position.

The other important position is the Mercury-Sun conjunction. This happens frequently, so I wouldn't scale it... What else is the sky telling us? The Moon is still in Gemini. So more zig zag trade is expected. Any announcements today? Yes, in the early afternoon. 
Yesterday GENE rallied. When I saw it, it was too late to enter. But it made a breakout- after a long decline! SOmetimes sharp eyes, good timing and 1 line can make the whole work! Targets on the graph: Now it is falling in premarket. I would not enter now... but wait to stabilize itself. 

Last time it rallied was Nov 15,2010- July 10,2011- from 3.45- 51.50. Of course, this is no guarantee it will do the same again. But, keep it under the radar! 

Top losers yesterday were: APPY CTP, FRO- shares that I don't follow. These are also worth monitoring, because they will revert sometime... 
I sent alert on BABA- hope you were in the right direction. 
So what to expect today? The planetary positions point up, but  the technical analysis is getting weaker. So tighten stops.

I am running TS- to calculate something, everything else froze... patience.. LOL. 

There are very few world leaders who were born in Aquarius. Two of them celebrate their birthdays today: King Abdallah of Jordan,53 y.o. and King Felipe of Spain 47 y.o. So happy birthday to them... I don't have time now for their charts. 

January 31,2015 Saturday

On January 28th I uploaded Nasrallah's chart. Now I hear in the news, that he announced himself as Lebanon's ruler. He was not elected, nor he is a member of the Lebanese party, but he says he is the ruler. 
I guess someone is reading this blog.. How long will the world put up with him?? 
I just completed the S&P report for the next week... It will be a difficult week to trade. Sign up now to know what is ahead! 
Now I am writing the Nifty report and the Gold. 

February 1,2015 Sunday 

We wave good bye to January 2015. What happened during this month? The S&P fell from 2082 to 1988, The DOW: from 18047 to 17095, Russell2000 from 1221 to 1164, Crude Oil: fell from 53.68 to 44.08-; Corn: from 398 to 364! Wheat from 603 to 495! GOld from 1203- to 1283. VIX: 19.91- 20.97. 
In spite of all these falls none of them broke former lows or highs ! So if you are a long term trader, you are still long. I think day traders make much more money, but one has to baby-sit the screen. 

February: The month gained its name from: "The Roman month Februarius was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification,"- pshhhhhh purification.... that's a good one! Now you know what to do. The world needs it. February is the shortest month, only 28 days, and once in 4 years, 29. 
What is to expect planets wise? 
The Sun is now in Aquarius- will move to Pisces on Feb 19. Mercury is retro, will turn Direct on Feb 12th, Venus will move from Pisces to Aries, where it is bad, on Jan 28th, Mars Will leave Pisces and enter Aries, a sign it rules, on Feb.20th- WIll stir up wars, if we did not have enough of them till now...  Jupiter Is retro now in Leo, will regress 4 degrees, the outers, :Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Pluto will hardly move. 

All those dates will be important to watch. 
But, as usual, I shall comment on each of these changes in due time. On their way, the planets will meet several Fixed stars, some of them good, others malefic, these too have an impact on our lives. Consciously, or not, but they have. 
I ran Timing SOlution - to see how TA25 behaved during February since 1992-

The outcome is 53% up- not something that is tradable!. 
The world wakes to a very sad news: the Japanese journalist was beheaded by Isis. Yes, Isis is still here.. Horrible. 
The sky today: we have 3 planets in Pisces, and the Moon will be trine Mars- making a CIT. 

For the S&P: February is 50.8%- and it shows: risky! 

I wrote in the past about the Russian Rubel: Now it looks like this: stop at 68.5; Targets: 72.48-73.92-78.28. Time to watch : June 18, 2015 

AMZN: I wrote Last alert was on Jan 25th- I wrote raise stop to 312. We were long since 287! Now it is at 356 .raise stop to 348 !

Barkleys Bank shows some advancement- however, the technical tools are high or weak! 

Download the application now!! Receive alerts in due time!  Link : below 

February 2, 2015 Monday

There is a turmoil over here in anticipation to the upcoming elections. there is no trash left to throw one on the other between the main parties. Now Sara Netanyahu is under the magnifying glass, and probably the police will open an investigation on her... On the other hand, the Likud Party is accusing the other that they use foreign money campaigning against them... 
Mercury retro... Did I already said that?? LOL! And in Aquarius- the sign that stands for " we are the world , we are the people, and love each other as thyself... when in retro, it will pull out all the skeletons. Nobody loves no one, on the contrary. all faults and defects are brought upfront....  We have it till Feb 12, then stationary- so another 2 weeks to wash the dirt. Then Mercury will move on to Pisces, and there ( air in water )- but Mercury rules talkative Gemini, and in Pisces its mouth is full with water... So it is worse. 
What else is going on in the sky?? Venus ( ruler of the banks) is now in Pisces, where it is very good, is conjunct Neptune. ( Neptune rules this sign ). Neptune -for the trade - stands for inflation or deflation- so I would look for some banking news today. Anyone going bankrupt? We shall watch the news... 
The other important position to watch is the Sun-Uranus sextile.- They are at 13 degrees.
The Moon is VOC! Till 19:41 pm ( gmt+2). 
So if you will not trade today, no harm done.. The market will wait for you. 
Let's look at the East: 
BSESN: rallied from Jan 7-30 by 11.3%. Now it trades at 29048.Former top was 28810- so as long as this holds, it is just a correction of the last 3 weeks. - Alerts sent on the application! 
HSI: TOPPED AT 24995- and corrects. 24300- should hold. 

Just sent alerts for 11 indices... Good trading! 
dax 15 min

in 5 minutes: Spanish unemployment !!!! 

TA25: 30 min graph: an impossible day to trade! I wrote in the morning: the Moon is VOC.

February 3, 2015 Tuesday 

In my last week's S^P report I wrote: "Just before the closing, Mercury 30-Neptune- at 1986"-
Now I see that it worked!!! The index bottomed at the given price level, an ran up to 2018... LOL

For the Nifty I wrote: 8763- the actual low was 8753.- and a rally to 8834.
These small angles can help you keep your gains,- everybody was waiting for a crash, but this last minute angle changed the whole outlook.

Yesterday I sent many many alerts, also for the first time on Corn.
On the Dax: 

We went long on Oil too. 
If you still don't have the application, what can I say?? 

So what is happening today? It is a day ruled by Mars and Uranus. Wowowo!! Look out for a spin. Also, we will have the Full Moon on Leo/Aquarius axis. 

SInce the Sun is at 14 degrees, before the opposition, the Moon will first make a lot of connections to other planets, making it a hectic day. 
Moon angles gmt +00:00 

3.02.2015 10:31:02  8°28'32"Leo Quincunx Venus

3.02.2015 20:18:34 13°22'41"Leo Trine Uranus

3.02.2015 22:10:22 14°18'32"Leo Quincunx Pluto

3.02.2015 23:08:56 14°47'47"Leo Opposition Sun

Yesterday the Basic Materials moved the markets, here are the first 20 to follow:

Isis burned alive the Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh, and killed him. Horrrrrrrrrrrrrrible! a month ago! Now they brought the demon out of its cage- King Abdullah the II of Jordan, a very peaceful person, leading a peaceful nation, one can say, as one living in the middle of all this turmoil, the only peaceful country in the region, since years!!! But once the lion is called he will appear. King Abdullah, is an Aquarius, born Jan 30, 1962- his Sun is in Aquarius, but Aquarius is in opposition LEO! And this "cat" can be extremely vicious. Now I hear on CNN, the pilot was killed on Jan the 3rd. Looking at the KIng's map for transit on January the 3rd, Sun and Pluto were conjunct in his 12th house- of hidden issues square Uranus. 

See how many planets he has in Aquarius? Saturn, the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, the South Node, and Mercury. All in Aquarius.. King Abdullah and Sissi, ruler of Egypt, are now fighting up front ISIS. Each in its own territory. 
Here is the map of the pilot, Moaz al Kassasbeh: I hate to say it, but being born on May 29th - this year was top dangerous for him...Natal Mars in Pisces- shows a person, who cannot defend himself...  Poor soul!!!!!!!!!!! I am totally devastated. 

May his soul find peace. 

February 4, 2015 Wednesday

Today we are ruled solely by Mercury, which is in Aquarius and retro. But, the main and lasting angle of this week is Mars-Jupiter 150^- a bad degree- for natal charts, but a powerful one for the markets. We saw the rise yesterday!! :) 
Here is one of the graphs I sent in the weekly newsletter for the S&P: 

From this graph we learn, that the index rallies on the 3rd- but fells later. But of course, we have to make a synastry for all the planets and other points that I check weekly..And, this position does not work in the same way for all other stocks or indices! 
So what should be expect today? Is there more energy in the bag, for new highs? 
S&P: closed at 2042. There is a stubborn resistance at 2043.71. - then at 2044.90-2046.35. So to go higher, it should jump above these obstacles... Support is at 2037.80. 
These are the alerts I send in my application, in the mornings... 
TA25: closed at 1455.27- there is a strong resistance at 1457.80- Here too, it would need a gap-up- then 1463.71- first target. 
Nikkei: We lowered the stop to 17360- and went Long above it. Reached 17743! Raise stop to 17670. 

Just to draw your attention , that I started to cover Corn , Wheat,Oil, Gold too in the application. 
Enjoy! Let's make some money :) 

February 5,2015 Thursday 

Woowww , I woke late today. Yesterday my daughter and I took our dear grandson to his first swimming lesson LOL... and we also made a long long walk and talked... that made me sleep so late? Usually I am up at 6:30. 
What is going on in the markets?? Achhh I missed all the morning!
Yesterday I sent several alerts for the intra day traders. In the weekly report on the S&P and Nifty, I mentioned a very rare aspect  between Saturn and Hades ( an Uranian planet- I did not use them in the past, but this one is so rare, I had to ) 150 degrees^ happened before only in 1989.Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Venus. The two beneficial planets. But are they, by position really good? Jupiter is retro in Leo- showing its negative side, and Venus is good in Pisces, but 150 to the Nodes. These position lessen their supportive effect. 
The news in the sky is, the Moon moved into Virgo- is is now at 0.49^
its angles for the day: gmt: 00:00
5.02.2015  5:45:51  0°00'00"Vir <<<
5.02.2015 13:18:59  3°43'48"Vir Quincunx Mercury-gap?
5.02.2015 13:26:28  3°47'29"Vir Square Saturn - blocks
5.02.2015 18:56:14  6°30'06"Vir Opposition Neptune- balance
Why and how it makes a gap, or is in harmony, Iteach in my Financial Astrology course. 

Let me send now my alerts... back later. 
Tower: Topped at 6421 on Jan 29. 

Except the CCI- technically, all other tools point to a fall.. So probably it will double top, and fall again. 

This is the weekly chart I published in December: 
Here is what TS shows: 

S&P: I sent this graph to subscribers last week: 

It is now at 2051... 

February 6,2015 Friday 

Today we are ruled by Venus and Neptune! Here is the trend changer planet. When Neptune arrives, look out for a change in trend. But is there any news in the sky to point to this too? 
The Sun is in opposition Jupiter,- a position that happens once a year only, the Moon in opposition to Venus.. Mercury 60^ Saturn still lasts, and of course the Uranus-Pluto square too.But, the best picture we get from the Heliocentric chart. Earth is conjunct Jupiter and 120 Venus.  Now, this needs a research, so I am running TS now.. 
Meanwhile, let me see what happened yesterday? 
The S&P topped at 2058 and closed at 2054. Stop is extremely close now: 2053.90! 
Nasdaq: Only above 4277 is a clear long. 
Dow: Only above 18050 is a long again. 
Russell 2000: On Jan 28 I sent alert on it- saying: "Russel 2000: the Support is only at 1193.50- minor support, below that there is a void till 1186-1185.
It made low at 1164- and only yesterday climbed back to 1193! topped at 1209 - thus made a higher high than March and July 14! But still it is lower than 1220- Dec 29th 2014 top. So this is the new target- if it bases itself above 1200; I am afraid it won't go higher than 1214. 
VIX: is at 16.85- calm. 

I understand you have weekly options expiry today, also a lot of announcements, so watch the screen! 
Here is a link to the monthly options exp. calendar. I thought it would be useful for some. 

I am always interested in technological news. So I got to this site now, about Nano technology. It is incredible in how many fields they made a breakthrough! Here is a list of stocks, maybe you will be interested to read and follow some. 

February 7, 2015 Saturday

Looking back on the last week, I see that GENE: really did it! If anyone took that trade- did well. Look at the graph I posted on Jan 30th -targets on it. 
Now I am writing my next week reports... Will the rally continue? or yesterday's highs were just a "long squeeze" ? 
Sign up now for the S&P, Gold, etc... report, for $225 per report, for 3 months. Link at the left panel to Paypal. 

February 8, 2015 Sunday. 

This week it will rain, even snow in the north... Cold and rain during Mercury stationary, and turn. The highlight of the week- it will be on Feb.12, when it will turn. 
Till then, trade will be sideways - me thinks.... waiting for Mr.Goodbar. 
The Moon in Libra. Oh, that will produce some handsome and beautiful children, born during the next 2 days... Then, the Moon will move to Scorpio. Each and every sign has its plusses and minuses, so don't worry. 
Our market started very peacefully, not much to do. I am short... for the time being. Breaking 1459- it will correct a few points. Not a day to make money. 

I have a lot of work, so I'll let you read and enjoy your Sunday morning. 

TA 25: 5 min. goes nowhere. 1460 is holding- so far
Tomorrow from my news letter: "February 9, MONDAY:  The week opens with the Sun at 19^ Aquarius-and solitary.- makes no angles. Search the blog- for the effects of the number 19! The Moon already moved to Libra during the week end. It will make some malefic angles- for the East- at their opening. The only positive position is Venus-60-Pluto, if the index is below their level by Monday, they will form a resistance." .... etc... in the report I give price levels, targets, stops... Sign up now for the weekly reports...
Watch this! 
TA25: watch the robots work... I cannot explain how is this possible, otherwise: 
The range today was 3 points... Volume? 140 million $- the volume of a turtle.
February 9, 2015 Monday 

I dreamt, that there is a revolution, or a huge war in Saudia. I wrote about this country in the past, about the King, and how Yemen was conquered by Isis, and now it's the turn of Saudia. So the first thing to do, I checked the sky. And what do I see? Uranus, the planet of revolution is crossing it. 

As long as we have the Uranus-90-Pluto angle in the sky- till mid March, everything can happen. It is the big malefic. Then Mars enters Aries, and THAT! can really stir up wars. 
let's see what's new in the sky? The Moon is in Libra, still, and nothing else..

Today we are ruled by the Moon and the Sun. they are in a harmonious position. It will be a turning day for the S&P. 
Here is another kind of map, showing turning dates till June. 
Another bank to go down? in the news: HSBC:- short with a stop at 48.50 

NBG: in big trouble! sinking from 219- to 3! 

I just completed writing a natal chart analysis. In these reports, first I analyse the day your were born, then the numerological meaning of your date and name and end it with a very deep astrological input. It takes 15-18 pages... and believe me, you would be surprised what one can know just at looking at those numbas... :) Only $180. You can read at the left panel what people thought of those reports... 
I sent today more than 20 alerts.. Hope you got it all and use them :) 

February 10, 2014 Tuesday 

Under a stationary Mercury, and no other major affects from the planets, we are getting a consolidation in the markets. Or minor moves, that are not worth while trading. 
S&P closed at 2044, after a flip-flop to 2036. 

Today we are ruled by Mars and the Moon. This is at the last degree of Libra, will soon move to Scorpio. Here the Moon shows its black side, it is bad... The angles it will make in the next two days: gmt +2 : 
10.02.2015  9:05:16  0°00'00"Sco <<<
10.02.2015 11:50:18  1°23'30"Sco Square Mercury
10.02.2015 13:26:34  2°12'17"Sco Sesqui-quadrate Venus
10.02.2015 17:07:38  4°04'34"Sco Semi-sextile Saturn
10.02.2015 22:14:48  6°41'11"Sco Trine Neptune
11.02.2015  0:49:56  8°00'34"Sco Sesqui-quadrate Mars
11.02.2015 11:48:37 13°39'52"Sco Quincunx Uranus
11.02.2015 13:29:25 14°32'08"Sco Sextile Pluto
11.02.2015 18:11:35 16°58'57"Sco Square Jupiter
11.02.2015 21:48:42 18°52'27"Sco Trine Venus
12.02.2015  5:49:50 23°05'44"Sco Square Sun
12.02.2015  7:32:15 23°59'58"Sco Trine Mars
12.02.2015 16:22:41 28°42'46"Sco Sesqui-quadrate Uranus
12.02.2015 17:58:27 29°34'11"Sco Semi-square Pluto
12.02.2015 18:46:28  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
these times signal for intraday moves.- 
Yesterday, in spite of the side trade, the basic Materials led the market.-

Uranus- is a planet that brings unforeseen , unpredictable events. We cannot do anything against its affect, just know, that it will pass. But, it shakes hard when it arrives to a conjunction or opposition in our chart.
Uranus is now conjunct the South node- not only now, for quite a long time- which is worse. It is now ar 13.38 Aries- therefore charts with planets at this degree, + - 5 degrees- so 8-18 Aries- will be badly affected.
Also, people or countries that have planets between 8-18 Libra.
I ran a search, and USA popped up! Its Saturn is at 14 Libra. Saturn in the USA chart stands for "others's money, inheritances,life and death, sex, transformation." Is there a monetary scandal to raise its head? Mercury is stationary now, but on the 12th it will turn Direct, and then we should hear some really shocking news. 

To aggravate this, transit Pluto is in opposition USA Sun- and Jupiter is 180 USA Moon! 
Putin: It's been a while since I uploaded his chart. But now, that he is in Egypt,I had to look at it again! transit Uranus is in opposition his Sun- e x a c t l y !! - to remind you, Putinka has 4 planets in Libra, and transit Uranus is affecting them- big time! Uranus in Aries- can be harmful for one's head. Netanyahu also has a stellium in Libra, and there is a big scandal here about his speech before the congress, which, by the way, I don't think will happen. 
More names that popped out having Saturn affected by Uranus is Xi Jinping, Henry Kissinger... and the list goes on and on. 
Looking on, I see in Angela Merkel's chart- it is triggered by transit Mars... She has 5 planets between 23-27 degrees, and transit Mars- is now triggering them all. She was 3 days ago in Russia, With Mr.Hollande..what are they up to? 
Francois Hollande: for the time being he is OK, but Uranus will trigger his career see chart
Mr. Xi Jinping:  
natal chart with June 10, 2015 transits.- see here too uranus in action + + Pluto in opposition Mercury and Uranus, 

February 11,2015 Wednesday

The card of the day is "the hanged man". This card tells us, that no matter how you look at a situation, you will not see it correctly. You are fooled, there is a fraud. Planets wise it is Mercury and Mars ruling. Sky wise: it is the day when Mercury is stationary- strong- Read my former posts... the planets are on malefic fixed stars! 

Here we have an extreme sand storm. the sand is in my mouth, and nose- I closed everything since yesterday, but still, it is everywhere. They say the winds will be 100 km/hour. This storm came from Saudia- from the Sahara desert. I dreamt about a war there, well, it turned to be a sand storm. I guess it is better. Some rain would do good... waiting for that/ 
Meanwhile, looking at the markets: we got new highs in the S&P, 2064 is a resistance.
TA25: closed at 1462 - 1463.25 is a resistance. 

Yesterday there were elections in India, and Mr.Modi lost. As the TV put it, he lost due to a golden sewed suit- with his name embroidered in it- in the strips- that costed 1 million rupee= 16000$ for one suit! I am sure there were other political reasons too, the sky shows a lot of transit and directed -bad aspects to natal Saturn, which, you already know, crowns kings, or sends them home.  

Here is an important link, I think: the Earnings Calendar. 

Continuing to look at world leaders' maps: the chart of Kin Jong Un popped out- I just read, that on Dec 12,2013- he gave orders to execute his own uncle- who was the link to China- Since than China turned its back on him. Since his natal Moon is at 13 Scorpio, transit Uranus here too- sends a bad angle. But the culmination will be during the first week of March, when transit Mars will line up with Uranus, the SNode. Also other bad aspects will trigger his life. 


UFO NEWS: Not much to do... waiting for mercury to turn- in the meanwhile read this: 

We all heard about the funny story of the American TV reporter, Brian Williams. He was fired today, or sent home for 6 months, to think over all the stories he sold on screen. I just got his data. Well, I don't have to look too much at the chart, he was born on May 5, 1959- has multiple 5's in the date.- 5 is ruled by Mercury, the ruler of twins- it is the first double faced sign. everybody lies in life. But each sign does it is a different way. A mercurian will do it playfully, he will talk just to fill the air, no matter what he said. He is already in the other story! He has no intention to harm anyone, he is a child, has no weight on his words. 
This is a Solar map- no hour- HIs Mercury is far ahead of his Sun- a very clever person, but in Aries! He wants to say it first, wants to be the first, end it, and go on to the next story. No time to look back! His Mercury is conjunct the Moon- doubles this effect. Both conjunct the South Node- ahaaa!! this is the bad thing! here comes the trouble! 
Now see also his Sun and Mars are at 14 degrees- add up to 5- another Mercurian trait- hidden in the degree. 
Why did he go down now? Uranus! nothing else! is there..120 to natal uranus- although a good aspect- but Uranus! Ajajajaj, brings a sudden fall. And, his ruler, Mercury is stationary!  

February 12, 2015 Thursday 

I just realised, that the stationary Mercury ended the career of 3 major presenters: Brian Williams, Jon Stewart and the legendary Bob Simon, who died in a car accident in the night in NY. RIP. Looking at the USA chart, transit Mars- to natal Mercury- ... 

here too, Uranus in a direct angle to natal Moon, Pluto in opposition to the Moon, Sun conjunct Damocles, A swift and unexpected death. during Mercury stationary. 

Astrology never stops amazing me... 
What's new today? It is a turning day for the Nifty. The Moon is square to the Sun. Look up to the sky, we see only a half Moon. Usually makes an angry day. 
TA25: closed yesterday at 1457.47- after a small low at 1456.01 Now the resistance is at 1457- support at 1453.6-1451-1446.6
Nikkei: jumped at the opening, gapped up- now at 18005!- Stop should be at 17900- if you are in . 
Cease fire in Ukraine! Agreement was signed by Putinka, with the help of Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande. Halleluya. praise Mercury turning Direct. 
February 13, 2015 Friday 

Friday and the 13th.... OK - We got a turn in the Nifty, as I wrote yesterday, and it rallied from 8600- to 8745- I hope you got into the trade- and in the right direction. The S&P also made new highs, pulled up by Nasdaq- and the technical shares. THe EURUSD rallied too, so if you have my application, you have a couple of hundreds of dollars more today, than yesterday. 
News in the sky: the Moon moved into Sag- and it is in its last phase before the New Moon.


I have a request: If you download the Timing Solution program, which I mention often, and I use in my analysis, PLS . mention my name! Thanks

I sent today 10 alerts till now. To see former alerts, pls. pull down the screen.
See pic. Same function should be on Androids.! 

February 14, 2015 Saturday. 

With Mercury turning direct, it is high time for you to take my "Financial Astrology" course. It is the bottom line of everything I know. It is an intense course, of 10 lessons. There is homework to be done. We don't advance till you didn't accomplished your homeworks. At the end of 10 lessons, you will see the markets in a completely new light. You will understand how I make my calculations, and with the help of a paper and pen, you will, too. The course costs: $4500. Don't hesitate, it's the best investment you did! And you will earn it back- after you take the course in no time! Read students' letters at the left panel. 

See you tomorrow. All the best. 
I wrote a few weeks ago, that after the Paris Hebdo killing, same will happen in Copenhagen. It is now in the news.. 

February 15, 2015 Sunday 

The news in the sky is, that the Moon moved into Capricorn.- Stability. Due to this, or not, and Mercury turning Direct, a cease fire signed in Ukraine, brought the silence over there. No more shooting. Seems they are going to a settlement, after all. 
See the map: the Node is crossing the area in red box- the area of Donetsk, where the fights were. To tell you the truth, because the cease fire was achieved under the flippery effect of Mercury, I don't think it will last. I hope I am wrong! 

Our market opens in 30 minutes, let me see where are we? The arbitrage is negative, we might get a low at the beginning. TA25: closed at 1452.46- the targets down are as I posted before. 1453.60- resistance- 1454.55- too, support: 1446.80-1444.25
Subscribe to the weekly report on the S&P, or Gold, SIlver, Nifty! It's only $225 for 3 months-. Know what to expect in the coming weeks!.
You can also download my application. It is a one time fee. You will get alerts on many indices, shares and more. 
Links to Paypal at the left panel. 
Those who got a reading of their natal charts in the past, and will send me 2 friends to have their reading, will receive a "refresh" on their own charts... 
Market starts... Here is the 10 minutes graph for TA25: I posted this 10 days ago- we are getting to the targets given there. The main angle of the day is a minor positive position between the Sun-Mars- they form a support at 1436- for the index. 

People ask me for an outlook on my portfolio... To show how good/bad my alerts are... 
Well, I don't keep such a portfolio, because, I am mostly a day trader, and I don't have the nerve to follow it up. 
If you read this blog long enough- since 2009 - you can get an idea if it is worth your while or not. Everybody trades differently. That's why I ask for the date of birth when someone signs up to my Financial astrology course. I want to see how he thinks, how he reacts, what impact has the market on him. I don't want anyone get a heart attack from trading. And there are too many, who have... Most of the young people, who think they can make thousands of dollars just by clicking enter on buy or sell, got bold - in a good case, or got a heart attack, by "attacking the market" . You cannot do that! The market will always defeat you. Unless you are a step in front of it. How? By learning astrology. Not the astrology you read in the newspapers, this is a completely different kind of approach! It is based on math calculations and on grasping the energies that we got from different planets. it is more astronomy we are talking about. The planets will never fool you. They are there, and will be there for thousands of years. What I teach in my course, is to understand their energies, and by that, assume what will happen in the market. Sometimes I can be wrong too. The market is always right. So we just have to flow with it. One of my favorite proverbs: 
"Those who do not study are only cattle dressed up in men's clothes."
Chinese proverb

“Time is a created thing. To say 'I don't have time,' is like saying, 'I don't want to.”
― Lao Tzu


February 16, 2015 Monday

I am reading that people entered GENE, a share I uploaded on Jan.30th. Back then it was around $1- now it is 8$... It is close to the target, so watch it, it's a CIT day today. 

It's Presidents' day today, no trade in the US. The world is green. Optimism in the air... LOL. We flow with it. 
The day is under the influence of the Moon and Saturn. The Moon is conjunct Pluto, and Saturn is square Neptune. It is a very rare position. This happened before only in June 2001. Then, June 2001-Sept 2001- the S&P fell by 27%. Is this to be expected now too? Well, there are other planets in the sky who send their energies, so we cannot rely on 1 issue alone. 
I met Bill Sarubbi, alias Meridian, about 7-8 years ago. He inspired me deeply  and I learned a lot from him, or better from his books, which were a gift to me. Here is one of his You Tube new uploads. Listen and learn

February 17, 2015 Tuesday 

We are after the Presidents' day, the markets made new highs. Let me see what has changed in the sky overnight? 
It is the day of Mars. The planet is in Pisces. Mars in Pisces is bad. Why? Because it is fire element in water. But, don't worry, we will soon feel Mars in its all grandeur, It will enter Aries on the 20th- till April 1st... 
What else? The Moon entered Aquarius overnight. Now, that's a change!.Right now it is conjunct Mercury, next angles to make will be to Saturn and Neptune. 
Here are it's positions for today only! gmt 00:00
17.02.2015  0:13:07  0°00'00"Aqr <<<
17.02.2015  4:59:47  2°58'14"Aqr Conjunction Mercury
17.02.2015  7:16:31  4°23'32"Aqr Sextile Saturn
17.02.2015 11:20:24  6°56'03"Aqr Semi-sextile Neptune
17.02.2015 18:08:06 11°12'06"Aqr Semi-square Venus
17.02.2015 21:35:08 13°22'34"Aqr Semi-square Mars
17.02.2015 22:28:44 13°56'24"Aqr Sextile Uranus
17.02.2015 23:42:37 14°43'03"Aqr Semi-sextile Pluto
Under the semi squares- look out for some action!
What else? The Uranus-Pluto square is still here, and will be till mid April. Mars squares the Galactic Center-- This is a rare,, therefore an important position. 
There are many more aspects, but I won't mention them. The important thing is to be in the right direction, and know where to put our stops. 
Looking at Bloomberg: trouble with Greece = Europe is red. the East and all the rest, green.
I posted NBG: roll up! It made 55% from Feb 6 till now! Stop is at 1.55- 
TA25: Yesterday we got a break out- and rally to 1472. 
See targets and supports on the graph: 

A friend sent me this video. At the beginning I listened and sounded interesting, till I checked the facts: 
I took the Dow: I have the longest data for it. I posted this on FB as well, but I could not upload pictures, so here it is: 

The Dow fell for 1000 days- by 38% between Jan 13,2000- Oct 10.2002- 29 Elul was on Sept 29, 2001. Actually, on Sept 20,2001- there was a low in the Dow- and a rally till March 18th 2002.

The next big fall in the Dow , of 54% was between 11 Oct 2007- till March 6, 2009- Elul 29 in 2008 fell on Sept 29th- indeed, there was a 29.42% fall from that day till oct 10, 2008.
This graph shows the Dow's behaviour on the Hebrew rosh Hashana.(New Years) or 29 in the month of Elul. 

One of the Local shares I was alerting about was Nano technologies. I sold it today because: 
There are 3 animals in the stock market: the bulls, the bears and the pigs. These, never have enough. I made 30% on the share- 
2) for 5 days did not go above 285-
3) triple top at 285- you must already know my "three fathers" system. There were Abraha, Yachak and Yaacob in the Bible. So as per the 3 fathers, if we get a triple top and no break out, on a FIBONACCI DAY!!! Then sell. 
4) I can always get in again. 
The share continues to rise, so I bought it again... LOL- should have sit on my hands. a little while longer. 

February 18, 2015 Wednesday 

Elections are coming here, on March 17. There is much trash thrown one on the other, that 25% of the population don't know who to vote for... it is disgusting. 
I am still not seeing the market on line... frustrating. But, I have Yahoo finance and Finviz to catch up. 
Lets' see first the sky. Every degree matters. Every change in the sky tells us a story. The Sun is in the last degree of Aquarius.- Tomorrow it moves to Pisces- expect a major move in the markets. The Moon is still in Aquarius Mercury too.- These three produce very clever kids. Not very emphatic, but clever. Next: Venus is in Pisces. Soon it will enter Aries, where it shows its dark side. Mars too, will move to Aries- a sign it rules. Mars brings fight, wars, accidents. This is backed by Saturn in another fiery sign, Sagittarius. Sag. is the sign of religion. Saturn stands for dogmatic behaviour. They both, Mars and Saturn , produce religious war. = Isis. War against Isis will pick up. Not that they will wiped out... Sun in Pisces is not a placement that it can grasp the meaning of what the world must deal with - eventually they- the world will understand when the Sun will move to Aries. I wrote, I think last year, that Rome is in danger..Yes, on July 30th 2014-I wrote: Who will defend the Pope? ;/ Christianity... We are getting there. Sadly. 
Sorry to make you depressed. Sun in Pisces does that.. Anyway, let's look at the markets, which are merrier then ever! New highs. deflation? naaaahhhh... Everything is cool. 
TA25: closed yesterday at 1474.94 Support now is at: 1473.55- resistance 1476.90- Next 1480.50-1484-86-98.
S&P: Today is a turning day. Yesterday we got a rally to 2102- one of the targets given yesterday. But, the rise was under a very low volume. So I would raise my stop to 2098. Healthcare and Technology pushed the markets higher. So we should look at the Nasdaq. 
I see now, that I quoted the Nasdaq's level with a mistype! Nobody raises his voice? What is going on? Why don't you correct me? I can be wrong too! I wrote It is a long only above 4277- while it should have been 4772. Anyways, now it is at 4901.89. A perfect closure for the rally from Oct 15,2014- would be at 4922. This is a math calculation. The planets are at 4904-4906-4916-4918.55.
Floristem: a lot of people are trading it. But look at the rise and fall in made in 4 trading days! Now it is rising for 8 days- resistance is at 1257. So I would put a "take profit" order at this level, and close pos. if I had it. 


In the Chinese astrology we enter the year of the GOAT.


February 19, 2015 Thursday

Did you sensed it? The Sun moved to Pisces! LOL. The stage is different, the scenario is about to change. We have now 5 planets in water. Water is subjective, introvert. Babies born in this period- as long as the Sun is in Pisces, will be very artistic with a touch of super natural. They will also have an enormous inner fight-having Mars in Aries- as of tomorrow, and and Sun, Moon, Venus , Neptune in water. 
Yesterday I posted in the application, that I am short on the S&P with a stop at 2097. targeting 2088- falling below- it will make a deeper correction. Look what happened. fell to 2088- and at 9:09 pm - my time, made a reversal, and ran up to 2097- not more... knowing that my stop was there. LOL. Closed at 2093. THe outcome now is, that we have a triple top with lower highs. What bell does that ring? Yes, the three fathers pattern. Scroll up to see what that means. 
Oh... and I went long on Platinium and short on Coffee. 
Now what? 
We had the New Moon during the night, so I should open a new article. 
To summarize this last month: the S&P rallied by 4.57% and touched 2104-. Nasdaq by 6%, topped at 4907. DAX: by 8.17%- topped at 11014; Dow by 3.78%- topped at 18052. VIX fell by 27.72%- now at 15.45.
All in all a positive Lunar month, market wise. That is, if you were in the right direction. Many astrologers and analysts expected a huge fall, but it refuses to come. - so far... Follow me, to find out when, if, it will come... 

It will snow again today. 


  1. Gabby you asked the other day about problems with your site and yes I have a terrible time trying to get your site loaded. Usually takes three or four attempts. Keeps throwing me into some astrology site. I posted the link yesterday but my post was apparently deleted.

    Tom in Michigan

  2. Dear Tom, I saw your mail, and others' too. I contacted Google to see what might be the problem.
    I asked several people on facebook, to try it, and nobody had a problem. So I really don't know what to say.
    Let's wait for google to answer.
    Thanks I know, it's annoying. But, Mercury retro does that.

  3. One thing is that each time I log on I get a pop up offering a contest. When I close it your site closes or moves to another. Yours is the only I have trouble with. If I were a conspiracy theorist I'd say it's Israel - US monitoring :)


  4. Tom, Did you try to block pop ups?
    Once you've downloaded Google Toolbar on Internet Explorer, you can block or allow pop-ups:
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    To block pop-ups, check the box next to "Pop-up blocker." To allow pop-ups, uncheck the box next to "Pop-up blocker."
    Click Save.

    1. Yes I actually have a pop up blocker on Windows 8. It always asks me to allow it once - which I decline. Anyway it throws me into all kinds of weird sites. Here is one of todays'...(had 5 before getting in.)

  5. WIndows 8 is a disaster!!!!
    Actually no one answered me about this issue..
    So it is left to your patience...
    Sorry. :(

  6. A note. I mostly have this issue as well but it seems to be with Google Chrome. When i launch Explore i have no issue with the blog. Which i enjoy reading from time to time so thanks for your work :o)

  7. Hello there!

    This is really good to know! Hear Tom?? and everybody?? Use Explorer.- This "Anonymous" helped us out. Pls. mention your name next time. Thank you.

  8. Wow couldn't get I at all last couple days! I DO use Internet Explorer with Windows 8. Have no issues anywhere else FYI...ironically have no problems accessing from my iPhone yet no able to post from there - go figure...


  9. WIndows 8 sucks.! I told you before- Pity ... It would be better to return to 7.
    BUt, I am glad u found a way from your mobile- to stay in touch!
    Great moves today in AMZN. did you catch it?? DO you have the app??

  10. Gabby, when you wake up you will be able to read this. this evening GPRO reported earnings, they really good but then in conference call they said 1st quarter will be soft and then their COO left immediately by end of February. and now from 10percent up it is down to $ 45 or may be even less in morning
    do you think it will do any better?? or it is dead stock now!!!!
    thanks as always,

  11. Dear Vick.
    There are some thumb rules to trade by: the first one is: watch when is the earnings report, and stay by the screen! Always SELL on the day of the report! Because as soon as the report is out, the stock will fall.
    2) I don't know if you downloaded the app, but I started to send alerts on this stock FOR YOUR benefit. I did not know when are the earnings report due, but I wrote you to watch Feb. 3 for a CIT.
    3) In the app. I gave stop at 52.35- so falling below, you were stopped out, My targets were "TARGETS: 54.86//56.11//59.92//63.85//65.18//67.91
    Location: AllDate & Time: 1/25/2015, 3:17:33 PM"- Given on Jan.25. It did not make it even to the first one...
    4) If you go on the Message board on Yahoo- one of the messages is this: " Washington D.C. lawmakers hold GoPro shares are willing to bring FBI and DOJ to investigat.."
    NOW: with the COO leaving, and I see it is falling in the premarket. Looking at the Astrology chart of the share, the COO is Venus, and got hit directly by Mercury in retro. SOme news and stabilizasion will come on Feb 18-20- when Mercury will be again at 3 Deg. Aqua- but now in Direct. In the messages above, it seems there will be some investigations. I think some fraud will popp out- Because Mars, representing investigations, in the natal is Libra, and transit Mars is in Pisces-150 ^ to natal- so it stinks. transit Saturn is 150 to natal Sun- third problem... So I think you should just sell and leave.
    Technically, the last low was 44.36- falling below it- will go to 29.
    Good luck. :)


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