New Moon in Pisces 29^ deg, 2015

Between March 20- April 18, 2015

Inner wheel March 20- outer April 18.- the next New Moon at 28 Aries. 

SKY: Important moves or ongoing angles: Although we had the culmination of the Uranus Pluto square on March 17th, the "aftershock" is still there till April 8. Important days to watch will be : March 31 and April 1st, then 12th 15th. 
Oh, and thanks for following me from the former article! 

March 22,2015 Sunday

In the Hebrew calendar this is the month of Nisan- or the first month, when the bulbs are opening. Here is a better explanation for you, in English.  the word Nisan sounds like Nisim, and that stands for miracles that were done ( as per the Bible ) in the history of the Jewish people. A miracle... yes, that what Netanyahu did. But he will need another one to form a coalition. 
This week the sky  is calm. Only the Moon moves. It goes from Taurus to Gemini and Cancer. In each sign it "behaves" differently, and sends its energy down on us. The Moon's position to different planets is also very important. We shall see that during the week. 

This table below is the yearly angles between planets. Noticeable is the Neptune 150^ to the Galactic Center, which will last from mid March to Mid September- it happened before only in 1913- during the WWI.( The yellow line in the middle of the chart. )
Neptune.150.Center of Galaxy
 Realization intervals (begin - end):
17.08.1912  0:00 (GMT+2:21) - 15.01.1913  0:00 (GMT+2:21)
20.06.1913  0:00 (GMT+2:21) - 13.08.1913  0:00 (GMT+2:21)
25.01.1914  0:00 (GMT+2:21) - 15.06.1914  0:00 (GMT+2:21)

Neptune rules religion. All clear now?
The markets rallied last 2 days, everything, even cattle, orange, indices, all except Nifty. Beats me why??? In any case, if you kept the stops given in the alerts, you are better off than last week. 
TA25: closed at 1601.20- after a top at 1618.8. Now the stop should be on 1594- and next day to watch 4.4.15
Sectors that rallied last week: Financial and healthcare..

March 23, 2015 Monday

I see that lately I have many visitors from the Arab countries and Japan. I wonder if you have downloaded my application??!! I am sending alerts about the Nikkei too! Also on the Arab countries, Australia, Indonesia, europe of course and the US... The link for the app is at the left panel. 

Today we open with a good Moon position. It is in Taurus and 30 degrees to the Sun.
Times to watch for intra day traders only! GMT+2.
23.03.2015 10:15:45 13°00'42"Tau Square Jupiter
23.03.2015 14:16:24 15°23'28"Tau Trine Pluto
23.03.2015 14:43:19 15°39'23"Tau Semi-sextile Uranus
23.03.2015 16:24:28 16°39'09"Tau Sextile Mercury

23.03.2015 18:11:57 17°42'30"Tau Semi-square Sun
I see the East opened green. Except- again, the Nifty This bottomed at 8564-so far... The support is 8550.- 8530. THe arab indices are also falling, due to Saudi-oil issues. 
TA25: rallied yesterday and reached 1635- which was a target given. 

Must send my alerts now, see you later. Meanwhile here is an interesting reading!
Just an example of one of the alerts: "JKSE: target given on March 18 was 5413- it bottomed at 5412.96"

March 26, 2015 Thursday

Yesterday I sent more than 20 alerts on a lot of shares. I hope you benefitted from them!.
let's see what is happening this week- end? 
First of all, we have 5 planets in fire signs, and the Moon in Gemini - air- together, they bring big moves into the markets, nervousness, and volatility. The Moon will be VOC today, and enter Cancer!- a sign it rules- markets will calm down- which is not good for intra day traders- consolidation is hard to trade!. The day is ruled by Jupiter, which is still retro. There is a good Venus-Jupiter position-Venus is in taurus, a sign it rules, so it is strong. Venus rules the banks- so look for a culmination ( negative or positive) in banking shares.  I analysed GS, JPM, MS.
JPM: 3 fathers pattern and falls. Support at 55.45- 

MS: Only above 38 it will be a long- support 31

Gold: this is what I think will happen: NOT a trading advice! At 1255 it is blocked by the trend line from Nov. In the past it took 60 days to turn- from the fall 60 days is April 17- watch it for a CIT. Some planetary calculations: the price is now 1200. It is blocked at 1204.80- 1205. Only a gap-up will push it higher. Support is at 1197.55-1195.65. 

March 28, 2015 Saturday

I am writing next week's reports now. A lot of changes in the sky! Sign up, to know how to trade. Will April be a strong month? are we short or long... which index rallies, which turns?
I have a lot of work. LOL 

Have a nice week end. 

March 30, 2015 Monday 

It is a day ruled by the Moon and Mercury. In the cards: the temperament. Many years ago, this was the day that I was conceived. LOL.... Look what happened since :)
Vincent van Gogh  was born on this day also Celine Dion. 
Looking around in the world, not even the whole world, just my area here... Fights are going on in Yemen, we have an unprecedented coalition in the Arab world against Iran, which is spreading as mushrooms after rain. The US- is at the wrong side of the events- regarding the nuclear weapon to Iran. What is going on ??? 
Looking at the sky... maybe the planets can give us a clue. we have 6 planets in fire- there you are- they all bring fire, fights and wars. Neptune and Mercury is still in Pisces- so disinformation is all around.- Don't believe even yourself... LOL... But, hang on! Mercury is soon to leave Pisces, and to enter Aries- thus joining the other 6 planets in fire. Will that be better? I doubt. Mercury - language- will be full of bullets and sparks. Loud quarrels that all your neighbors will hear. What else? Mars will ingress Taurus, a sign it is exalted in, so although it leaves the fire sign of Aries, but in Taurus is a stubborn, envious fighter, who won't let go. The other "FAULT" of Taurus is, that is is full of malicious fixed stars. Having Mars go through them will not help for making peace. The cherry on this pie is the upcoming Lunar eclipse at 14 Libra, on April 4th. This Lunar eclipse, is also a part of the " Blood Moon Series"- I wrote about the eclipses and Blood Moons in the former articles.
How will all these effect the markets?
Since I write a lot of reports during the week end I see how the world trades. The Arab countries rise with the price of the Oil, Europe rallies- pulled by the Dax, if the Dax falls, other european indices will follow, The East rises, Us falls- only the Gold is vegetating. 
Here is the Oil: Until it does not go above 55- it's a waste of time and money. We are short below 50. 

VIX: April 15th is a date to be watched- meanwhile it is consolidating between 13-18

In the sky, on April 14th Venus will be 180^ to Saturn , Mercury just passed into Taurus. So take even 2 days +- - for a CIT. 
Gold: We are short with a stop at the last top. I am seeing a similar pattern forming as in July 2013- Sign up for the weekly forecasts, to know what, how and when to trade! 

Now, I am posting alerts... see u later. 
One more: Euro dollar and the 90 months cycle: 

March 31,2015 Tuesday 

In my weekly report for the S&P I wrote:

"Planets wise Actually next week we have a rather easy planetary picture. Some planets support at 2055- others block at 2068. This is our trading range. Breaking one end will signal for the coming moves."
Now raise stop to 2068!
Targeting 2100.

I did not trade yesterday, too busy before the holiday... So I lost some opportunities. What can I do"? I cannot be in multiple places in the same time. In any case, one should never run after a bus, or the market. ( or men ) excuse me, guys... because always another one , another opportunity will pop up. But if you traded yesterday, there were some good opportunities, like GENE, I sent alert, etc etc... 
What is new today? 
The Sun conjuncts the South node, which is a bad bad bad position. If the Sun represents kings, PM, celebs- and the SN is evil- yo can figure out what it might bring. 

Something I wrote about on Facebook- I heard a lot of accidents and children being killed, by head injuries! It is Mercury in Aries to blame. This will culminate when Mercury will conjunct the SN- in early April, and we have the passover- so children are on holiday from schools, at the beach, in the malls, etc... very vulnerable. So keep a special eye on your children in the next week or two! 
Also pedophilia can pick up- with Mercury in Aries. Check your children mobiles, computers, talk with them, if they don't open up, tell them something about yourselves, thus the child will also tell you things that was afraid to say, or WAS told NOT to tell!. Make smaller children draw pictures of their parents, friends, schools... there are a lot of ways to make them open up. 
Let's see what is happening today in the sky? 
The Moon is VOC- a bad time to decide on anything. Mercury just entered Aries; brings a CIT. Today we will have a lot of Fed.announcements while the Moon will be 120^- good - to the Galactic Center. We might get a peak. 
Later in the evening Mars will enter Taurus- so a lot of action today! 
Todays ingresses: gmt+3 
31.03.2015 2:31:19 min S Node
31.03.2015 2:31:19 min S S.Node
31.03.2015 3:39:56 D Node 10°00'10"Lib
31.03.2015 3:39:56 D S.Node 10°00'10"Ari
31.03.2015 4:43:34 > Ari Mercury
31.03.2015 19:26:26 > Tau Mars
31.03.2015 21:12:09 > Vir Moon

I wrote in the past about Ehud Olmert, our former PM- he is one of the personalities that I know of, ( besides Putin and Netanyahu) who has a stellium in Libra. Saturn was in Libra when his trial on bribe started. And Uranus, of course- from 180 degrees in Aries- brought his fall from high! It is just a perfect fatal or universal "closure" when the Sun conjuncts the evil SN. - In opposition to his natal Sun!!!!!! to be convicted and probably get more than 5 years in jail!. Shame on him, and bravo to the justice system over here. 

Opening Google today, this picture struck me.

What do I see here? Children on the big loop- how do you call it? in the circus? left side OK- right side there is a failure, some electric wires are broken or cut... and they might fall. 
Adding up the date of today 3.31.2015= 3+4+8= 15 is the card of the Devil. Mercury represents children, and cables= electricity is Aries. at this moment Mercury enters Aries. 

What you you think ?? 

Oh, well... Nobody thinks anything! Sad. Again, I am alone here... 

April 1, 2015 Wednesday.

We tear off the page of March from the wall calendar, never looking back. It is a new month now, new hopes and dreams are knocking at the door. April is the month of Aries, the sign that starts the wheel. Aries is the baby in the wheel, and as we go though the next signs, it is growing, turns into a student in gemini, falls in love in Leo, marries in Libra, starts out a career and in Capricorn reaches its top, then looks around, where are my friends? Did I invest in making friends all my life? Children leave home, he is left behind to his friends only. Childhood mates come back, and they remember the " good old days" on a good cognac. then, fades away in Pisces, mingle with the infinite only to return again, completely forgetting the past- in Aries. This is the road the lad in the tarot cards makes, and all of us. It is extraordinary, that when people draw a card from 78 cards, they will draw the exact card that explains where they are in life. No matter of age. It is unexplainable. But it happens over and over again. When people come to me for a reading, I draw their astrology map, and Numerology table, and at the end I ask them to draw just one card. It works, always. It is a " closure" to whatever I said in the counselling. 
Aries is ruled by Mars, and I already wrote about it, that brings wars, fights. This time the war broke out in " Bab el mandeb" also called the " Gate of tears". read here more. Arab countries, no longer waiting for outside help or guidance, built a coalition against the expanding Iran. Although Mars entered Taurus, it is in detriment (weak) in this sign, fierce and stubborn.(shows its negative side).
It will not let go till work is completed. What that means? Maybe Iran will change - from inside - the rulership of the ayatollahs. Iranians were one of the historical cleverest nation. Where is the youth? where is their "Arab spring"? In any case. war is spreading.You can see the line of Pluto crossing Saudia, Uranus too, and Mars on Doha. Pakistan is sending troops too. I have no idea what that has to do with them... 

But, I am not here for politics, but to see how all this energy is moving the market? 
On March 2 the S&P closed at 2117.39- on March 31 at 2067.89. consolidation, it is a pattern I hate to trade. Yesterday it turned down with a huge volume. hmmm, what happened? I was not here. OK in the fundamental world Chicago PMI came out negative,

In the sky: the Sun conjunct the South node. This is what I wrote last week in the report on the S&P: 
March 31: Tuesday: 3:00 am the East opens with the positive Venus-Uranus and Pluto pos. at 2056. Mercury will be on a malefic fixed star, Scheat and on the eclipse degree. It can mark a turn! Price wise 2069. The Sun will conjunct the South node- a very bad position in the mundane chart. Hits world leaders and causes heart failures.
Europe : at 9:00 opening under Mercury entering Aries.- brings a lot of quarrels, fights, and energy to the markets. Till 2:00 pm – gmt+3 – the Moon will be in a disharmonic pos. to the Sun.
US: Before the opening, the Moon will be very positive to the Galactic Center- at 2067/ At 5 pm “Consumer confidence” watch announcements!"

Consumer confidence came out very good- market culminated, and fell, with Mars entering Taurus.

Local issue: Yesterday, under the Sun- South node conjunction, the new Knesset was sworn in. Do you think anything good can come out of this? I give them 2 years. max .  

I shall run Timing Solution,to show you how does the S&P behave when Mars in Taurus- since 1950. 

Note, that last time when Mars was in Taurus was between 5/20-6/23 we got a fall of 7.52%.
BUT! I always write, that we should check all the planets, Sun, Moon, Fixed stars etc etc. in order to decide how to trade. We don't trade statistics! we trade what is happening NOW.

ok- must go now... have a good day. 

April 2, 2015 Thursday. 

There is no trade today in India, and tomorrow in the US. Hope you received my many alerts from yesterday, and it was useful.
There are two good aspects in the sky today: Sun-Jupiter and Mercury-Saturn. Expect a culmination. 

Today's aspects: gmt+3.
Moon 18Vir39 36 Jupiter 12Leo39 2.04.2015 11:08
Moon 18Vir48 180 Chiron 18Psc48 2.04.2015 11:25
Moon 19Vir05 120 Venus 19Tau05 2.04.2015 12:01
Mercury 4Ari38 120 Saturn 4Sgr38 2.04.2015 15:20
Moon 22Vir38 72 Saturn 4Sgr38 2.04.2015 19:12
Sun 12Ari39 120 Jupiter 12Leo39 2.04.2015 20:20

April 3, 2015 Friday ( Good Friday) 

There is no trade today in the US. I guess volume will be low all over the world. For those who celebrate Easter or Passover, or any other holiday, may this holiday, that happens under a Full Moon, be the one to be remembered for its harmony, friendship and love, since it occurs in Libra. 

Blessings to you all. 

April 5, 2015 Sunday 

We are after the Passover-and the Lunar eclipse.  This week people took holiday, or work half a day only. I work regular hours. The family gathering was very nice, time passed quickly, it was after 12 that we went home. On the way home, I was thinking... What is the purpose of a holiday? I think it is a time when families come together, even members one does not see during the year. everyone tells his story, what happened since last time ( New Year's, or Succoth)- who was born... etc.. It is thrilling to know, that at the same time, in Israel and abroad millions of people read the same story from the Bible. I am not a religious person, but the energy of the evening is touching. It is like a huge prayer, of millions of people. In the Kibbutz people read a completely different text, but are still together. So the purpose of these holidays, like Thanksgiving, is to bring people TOGETHER. 

So before going to work, let me see what is in the sky happening now? By the way, my reports are ready- if you want to sign up to them! 
The Sun at 15 Aries, Moon at 22 Libra. There are two important angles for this week: Sun conjunct Uranus, and Mars 150 Saturn. The last will last the whole week! 
During the next 2 weeks we will have Venus moving to Gemini, which brought a fall for some of the indices in the past. I just ran TS to see how is affects the DOW: 

You see all the X es? tells us, that we cannot rely on the Venus cycles. Financial astrology is an endless research... 
Here is the Mercury cycle, which is again, not reliable: 

I sent a lot of alerts yesterday. I planned it so, that the east received it before their opening, Europe will receive it before their opening. Although there is no trade today in Europe, due to Bank holiday. I am not sure how the Arab countries trade... In any case I shall send now alerts for them too. Later for the US. 

April 6, 2015 Monday 

The sky has two bad aspects now. Between a bad Moon in Scorpio to a bad Mars in Taurus and the same Mars to Saturn.150^. All are at 4 degrees. This is a very important degree- it can block further rallies. 
But, not everything is dark for the week! Jupiter!!! the great benefactor is stationary, turning Direct right on this week! And it is in Leo... so don't just grab puts or shorts just yet.It is interesting to find out, that if Jupiter is ruler of Gold, it did absolutely nothing for its "protegee" so far... Gold is falling since ages... Looking at the graph- it should run above 1300 in order to move to 1500- well, that is a very far target. 

Also, let us not forget, that it rallied from 252- from Aug 23, 1999- to 1912 in Sept 2011=4397 days rally- which is 12 years and 14 days... hmmm which is exactly one Jupiter cycle.
It is falling, from 2011, 1309 days, which is a third of 4397 days... we might get a small turn here- but, again, a rally will come only above 1300 level. 

April 7,2015 Tuesday

Yesterday we got - in the US markets - a surprise.- as a Sun-Uranus conjunction can bring !... at 1 pm my time- the S&P rallied from 2050 to 2086. Closed at 2080. Technically the stop is now at 2070- Astrologically at 2074. Targeting  2079.95-2082.55-2085.55-2086-2088-2096-2097-2104 etc.. In my weekly forecast I wrote: 
"US : will open with the Sun at 16.30 Aries, and the Moon in Scorpio 10^- with 2 important positions : Mercury 120 Jupiter and 2052,55 and Mars 150 Saturn- an angle that will be there the whole week- at 2044- This has an important blocking effect- so it is a stop- long above it, short below." This Mercury -Jupiter angle pushed the markets up. Now our market, that is greatly affected by Uncle Sam- due to the arbitrage stocks, will rally to targets given yesterday in the application. 
Today we have a bad Moon-Sun aspect- right now- in the sky- which will dissolve by the time the US will start to trade. The Moon will be VOC tomorrow at the opening of the East- so watch it over there!
7.04.2015 23:42 -  8.04.2015  8:08

April 8, 2015 Wednesday

The Moon is just about entering Sag. Watch for a change in trend. Mars is on a malefic fixed star, "Caph". The Sun is leaving a malefic conjunction to Uranus, and a square to Pluto. Jupiter is stationary, before turning direct. A lot of changes in the sky. Mind your steps down here! 

April 9, 2015 Thursday

I started to write my week end forecasts already. My mom will stay for me during the coming days, and I will have less time to work. At the age of 84 she finally decided to make a cataract operation. we all hope she will finally see the colors and will be able to read. It is hard to get old... 
And I open the astro software, and this has just popped out...

"Oracle Degree: 24°Le00' - 24°Le59'
You may find that your situation has already been like an arduous journey, but there is still further to go. Be confident that you have the reserves to survive and the endurance to succeed. You can rely on yourself. Self sufficiency and mental self-control are necessary. Completing the journey while protecting oneself from spiritual `sun-stroke'. Facing the tests of karma. If negative - not preparing properly and running out of reserves before the end."

Isn't this incredible? Reflects exactly my mom's situation.
The sky for today: 7 planets in fire. and 2 dissolving aspects. Uranus-Pluto and Mars-Saturn. Mars is weak in Taurus. Ruler of the day is Jupiter. It is now stationary before turning Direct, therefore very strong.
The Moon's aspects: 

9.04.2015 13:16:09 15°31'50"Sgr Semi-sextile Pluto
9.04.2015 15:17:24 16°37'19"Sgr Trine Uranus
9.04.2015 19:40:20 18°59'41"Sgr Trine Mercury
9.04.2015 20:41:45 19°33'01"Sgr Trine Sun

As you can see, all favorable aspects. The other difficult aspects are dissolving, so there is no reason why not to get a further rally. Yesterday the S&P fell to 2072- with the Mercury-Uranus conjunction- now it should go above 2083-2086- in order to go further up/

At 3:30- gmt+3- US unemployment... so watch your stops!. it is "pumped-down" since 2007-

Interest rates are minimum, nothing to invest in, but stocks... 
So, let's... but with our eyes wide open. 
BSESN: On April 6 I sent alert saying: BSESN: is on the move! After a low on 3/27- we are long. Stop 28160- target: 28247-28332-28400-to 28585. This level would close a perfect cycle. " Where is it now?? at 28740! If you did not make money on this, go work in a supermarket. You are not fit to trade. oh.. maybe you don't have my application? 
Raise stop to 28697- Next targets: 28737-28810. 
We have holiday today, no trade till Sunday. Now I will send my alerts. 

April 10, 2015 Friday. 

The day is ruled by? well, after 5 years of posting this, you must know! LOL... Yes, it's Venus. Where is Venus now? at 28 Taurus. Soon to enter Gemini .The other planet in "charge" for today is Uranus. Long time no see... Look for a CIT in Nifty today. Last week, one of the given targets was 8776.85- made it to 8780. There are some people who always ask me if I have past references, of what I forecasted, and what has actually happened. I cover so many indices, commodities and stocks, that I don't have the time to make a follow up for all this. But if you read the blog long enough, you can see, like in this case too, that the forecasts are pretty good. 

April 12, 2015 Sunday 

This is THE day, when my mom has her cataract operation. All are very excited... I try not to show her. Everybody says it's nothing... Very true... Until it comes to You. And You have to deal with your fears. I remember I was afraid in my life several times. But I was in life danger. I always turned into a robot... and said: "be as it must be". One of the times it was in the army. All of us had to jump from height to a matrace. I will never forget how I felt up there! I jumped, thinking, let THEM worry what will happen to ME! and NOTHING happened.. 
The second jump was a joke. The other fear- moments I remember were in Sharm el-Sheik, one of the most beautiful sea shores in Sinai, which we gave to the Egyptians after the peace treaty. But till then, we used to have our holidays there. Once I was there, and went out at the sea with a hasake- dunno- 
how you call it in English- with my boyfriend. A ship went by, and the marines shouted to us" Look out, there is a shark in the sea"! God! I was hysterical... I wanted to jump into the sea and swim back, but it was full with huge jelly-fish! I lost it!. We got a back wind, and could not sail back to the shore. I remember my boyfriend slammed me, to come to myself. and then a quietness enfolded me, as if it was not me there.... and all the hysteria passed. Finally we got back to the shore. I will never know if there was really a shark in the waters, or they were pulling our legs. 
And, there were other occasions that " I lost it"... I guess, that makes me human. 
Fear in one's numerology chart is represented by the number of the month. The month is the inner self, it's the skeletons you have. And one has to deal with them.Only once! the second time they are not skeletons any more. They are a joke. Once I made an "I am" course. There they had an exercise about fear. You have to imagine that fear is a person. Then you take him, her, hands in hands and go together on fire. or on board, or on an elevator.- by the time you are done, Mr Fear disappears. 
The sky is blue today, after a heavy storm we had yesterday. The day is ruled by the Sun and Venus. It is a very important day, because Venus is right now entering Gemini, a sign where it brought falls in the past- but I already wrote about it. 

That is one bad point. Next, there is a square between the Moon-Sun- the Moon is in its last phase, approaching the Sun, which is positive, before the New Moon. Which one will dominate the trade? the bad Venus, or a good Moon? All that I teach in my course. 
TA25: closed at 1650.84- It is exactly at Venus's line. Venus in Gemini- in the past- brought a fall for this index. 

TA25: our index closed at 1680. If you have the app. you got an update. 
My mom's operation went well... All is well. :) 

April 13, 2015 Monday

News in the sky is, that the Moon just crossed to Aquarius. Again, we have to deal with new energies. It is a day ruled by the Moon and Neptune! And it is also a turning day for the Gold.

In the background we still have the Uranus -Pluto square at 15-16 degrees, and a waning Mars-Jupiter square, which will be there the whole week, besides the Venus-Saturn opposition. Their degrees are the planetary steps that hold or block the markets. In my weekly reports I calculate where these steps are, for the Nifty, S&P, QQQ, Gold, etc etc... 

April 14, 2015 Tuesday

I wrote about fear and how we see it in our chart, in Numerology. In Astrology, just to complete this issue, fear is represented by Saturn. Now this needs a deep analysis, taking in consideration in which sign is your Saturn, in which house, what angles it makes or receives from other planets, and many more variations of its placement... 

With my mom staying with me this week, I have less time to look at the sky and to the stars. She needs all my attention. But it's nice to spend some time together... She is still sleeping, so, let me see what is happening? 
The Sun at 23.55 Aries, in 7 days to enter Taurus.What do we remember about Taurus? That is full of malefic fixed stars! See my former posts about Mars in Taurus..The Moon is in favorable position to the Sun, Mercury, that planet that is closest to the Sun, is at 28.25 Aries- this too to enter Taurus sooner than the Sun, joining Mars. Jupiter is finally Direct, in Leo, the first angle to make will be to Mars- a square-bad. Saturn, in Sagittarius-this is what I found about Saturn in Sag: "
Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
The gypsy in you just cannot be tamed! One of the most wild and adventurous signs, you Sagittarians would rather be uninhibited than follow rules or guidelines, and although you're enthusiastic about life in general, more mundane, everyday tasks have a tendency to bring you down. That's why Hypengyophobia, the fear of responsibility, and Claustrophobia, the fear of confined spaces, suit you best."
I can add to this, that Saturn brings the dogmatic behaviour, will not accept ideas of others, and with ISIS, we see what is happening..
Uranus is at 16 Aries. I wrote before, that soon we will have news of more UFO's and lives in the universe.. Search what NASA had to say just a few days ago... 
Neptune is in Pisces, a sign it rules. And last, but not least, Pluto.. at 15 Capricorn. First comes to destroy, than to rebuild. Depending on where it is in your chart.  Pluto is stationary now, before turning Retro.(4.21)

I see the Oil reached my target- we raised the stop to 50.30- now it trades at 52.44. first resistance is at 52.86. next 53.90- with the Oil the Arab countries rally, and Europe declines.

April 15, 2015 Wednesday 

The Oil reached 53.88 so far... Now watch it. We have several news in the sky: The Moon crossed to Pisces, Mercury is now in Taurus, and Pluto is still stationary... 
This picture shows how the S&P behaves when Mercury is in different signs.For Taurus the color is light red, so it is not 100% sure, but shows a decline. Of course we have other planets to check too, never decide on one only. 
Crude 4.16: 56.06- perfect target from 43.57 low would be at 57.77

April 16, 2015 Thursday. 

Yesterday I came hore with such a head ache, that I could not sit and check out what is happening. I added now the graph of the oil, if you traded it, you gained a few nickels and dimes. I went to sleep early, and I woke up at 3.30- so now I have time to look around. 
Today we will have several aspects from the Moon: gmt+3:

16.04.2015  0:36:51 15°32'45"Psc Sextile Pluto
16.04.2015  2:57:40 16°59'29"Psc Semi-sextile Uranus
16.04.2015  3:21:06 17°13'56"Psc Semi-square Mercury
16.04.2015 18:02:01 26°18'20"Psc Semi-sextile Sun
16.04.2015 18:43:24 26°43'58"Psc Semi-square Mars
16.04.2015 20:16:12 27°41'27"Psc Sesqui-quadrate Jupiter
16.04.2015 23:59:47  0°00'00"Ari <<<
The most important is the ingress to Aries, but by that time there is no trade, so its impact will be felt tomorrow.
BSESN: Sent alert on 4.9 - we raise stop to 28697- targeting 28810- it was at 28900 yesterday. Now raise stop to 28800. SHort below it! 
Nifty: One of the targets I gave last week was 8826- it culminated at 8839 and fell. If you put your "take profit" order at 8826- you did well. I would always plant a future order- "short if fells below the target". Now it trades at 8750... 

JKSE: Bottomed at 5414- we can use this level for a long stop- But, there is a resistance- 5440-only gaping above it- will make a new high by April 21. 

Nasdaq100: is forming a W: Former top was 4480- should run above it to reach 4508-4582-4643-4718. 4414 is the stop! 4422 first target- 4426- difficult to crack, above it the sky is open. 

April 17,2015 Friday. 

Today we are ruled by Venus and the Moon. Venus is in Gemini at 6 degrees and Moon entered Aries during the night, it is at 5 degrees- so they form a sextile- a good angle. The other planet that is at 4 degrees is Saturn, in opposition to Venus. These three form a strong support if you know how to calculate these planetary positions. 
THen we have a jump to Mars- Jupiter at 12 degrees- they are in a square. Uranus moved to the 17th degrees in Aries. Now this is interesting, since it is at this degree only every 84 -85 years. What does this degree mean? 17 is in the second decanate of Aries, under the Sun's influence. Keane writes : "17 NATURE. 17° Aries denotes one who is a nature lover, interested in the natural laws of the metaphysical understanding. Does best in agriculture or
other activity close to nature."

April 18,2015 Saturday

I thought to show you the list of my last alerts, that I sent on the 16th to the application. 
See how it looks, how many indices I cover, sometimes more, sometimes less... 
Maybe you will decide also to download the application, and gain something in this crazy market. 

BSESN: Sent alert on 4.9 - we raise stop to 28697- targeting 28810- it was at 28900 yesterday. Now raise stop to 28800. Short below it! Closed 28442
Crude 4.16: 56.06- perfect target from 43.57 low would be at 57.77
One of the targets I gave last week was 8826- it culminated at 8839 and fell. If you put your "take profit" order at 8826- you did well. I would always plant a future order- "short if fells below the target". Now it trades at 8750...Closed 8606 
JKSE: Bottomed at 5414- we can use this level for a long stop- But, there is a resistance- 5440 only gaping above it- will make a new high by April 21. Topped at 5426; Closed 5410-we were stopped out
April 16: Pakistan KSE100: Made a remarkable rally! Topped at 34826- next short targets 30327-29680-29338. Closed 32736
TR20: Stop was at 833- target 814- bottomed at 811. Lower stop for short to 828. Bottomed at 806- Closed 831.54,stopped out and long 
Nikkei: Stop was 19900- targeting 20040. Reached only 20006- and we were stopped out. Only above 19920 it will be again a long.! Targets down:
19750.45 -19820.78 -19844.16 -19877.14 -Closed 19638! 
HSCE: What an incredible rally! 24% in 8 trading days! Stop now is at 14420.Closed 14537
HSI too! 19%- raise stop to 27600. Closed 27653
Axjo: is consolidating.- we are still in trade. raise stop to 5900. Closed 5877-stopped out and went short. 
SSEA: rally with 30% in 24 trading days- Stop is at 4040. Closed 4288- Raise stop to this level
AEX: raise stop to 504- this is a strong support.. Below that, short. Targets for long:505-509-511-512-517 . Topped at 510.37- Closed 495.03- stopped out and short. 
Milano: We were stopped out at 25430- Only above it is a long again. Rallied with 34% in 2015. Final up target is 26500.Closed 24625- Lower short stop to 24760
FTSE: got exactly to my target: 7111- given on 4/10 :) Now raise stop to 7066 next targets.7139.427153.627195.97. We were stopped out- Closed at 6979.32
DAX: Last alert was on 3/16: wrote : raise stop to 11800- Since then it topped at 12400
11950- is now the stop. Closed at 11689- we went short below 11950
S&P: it is a turning day for this index today. Watch announcements! 2097- is a strong support. Breaking it, signal got a short.
Resistance is at 2106, then 2108-2112.2112.70-2115-2117.
A dense resistance net! Only a gap up would help- above 2118- then will go higher to my final target for April 2151. The turning day worked all right! fell from 2111.16 to 2073.
Nasdaq100: is forming a W: Former top was 4480- should run above it to reach 4508-4582-4643-4718. 4414 is the stop! 4422 first target- 4426- difficult to crack, above it the sky is open. Topped at 4428 and fell! Closed at 4351.80
TA25: 1684 is a strong support. Basing itself above it, next: 1689-1692-1696-1705. Topped 1689, closed 1686.31
Silver: ONly for swing traders! Short with a stop at 17.10-For intra day traders, stop for short 16.45. Closed 16.27
Gold : the key is 1206- Long above it, short below. We are short, closed at 1204.22
Now I am writing my weekly newsletters. To sign up, please click Paypal at the left panel, the cost is $225 for 3 months. You will receive a weekly article, analysing the coming week with technical analysis , numerology and astrology, you will receive targets and stops. To subscribers I also send updated during the week if it's necessary. 

April 19, 2015 Sunday. 

we are after the New Moon, so it's time to close this chapter, and start a new article, as I always do. New Moons bring new starts in all levels, so for us too. Please click this link and follow me to " The New Moon in Aries,2015". 


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