New Moon in Taurus, 2015

between May 18- June 16

Thanks for following me from the former article, the New Moon in Aries. As readers know, since 2009- I start a new article every New Moon. The above map shows the planetary positions in the sky for the beginning of the Lunar month, the outer circle is the last day, or the beginning of the next Lunar month. If you enlarge the map, you can see how fast each planet moves. I highlighted important angles now in the sky. The colors matter! They tell us something about energies. I teach that in my course. 

Unfortunately, I have a virus on my blog... I cannot read what I post! Is it Mercury in retro? LOL... I will have to call someone. I wrote to Google, but they answered that it's not their head ache. 

May 20, 2015 Wednesday

I was asked- in the comments window if I see a turn in the markets. This is a very general question. While one index rallies, the other falls... Nifty rallies, as I advised my subscribers, while the S&P turned yesterday. Today is 666 days from July 23, 2013 top. 
The virus on the blog doesn't allow me to see what I write, or to use my own blog. The technician did not come yesterday to fix it. I am helpless. 

May 21, 2015 Thursday

It is again Thursday... time is passing too quickly. Good people are trying to help me with the virus on the blog, but still I could not repair it. So I cannot see what I write, or wrote in the past. 
Someone hacked my blog. May he be cursed. 
Today the Sun is on the Pleiades, or the "Weeping Sisters" the most malefic point on Taurus. Thanks God, planets move on, nothing lasts for ever... and the Sun will enter Gemini today. Will that be better for us? Well, for some, yes... it takes a lot of nerves to move thought Gemini. The Sun will "meet" Mars and Mercury there. What else is changing? The Moon entered Cancer, a sign it rules. Brings quietness. But what is the effect of the Moon to that of the Sun? Everything is measurable. The other important move is Venus
s place! It will be on Sirius, fixed star, which is the center of our Galaxy. I already posted about this position. When planets are on Sirius, they bring a turn in the markets. And not only that! Venus will be at 14-15 Cancer, thus in opposition to Pluto, and 30^ to Jupiter, so 15 degrees is crucial now- for a support or resistance level. 

Thanks to my international friends, I got support from all over the world! and the virus is cleaned now! Halleluya!!!! 

Now we can go on.... walking on the stars. 

May 22,2015 Friday 

It is a turning day for the Nifty today. it is trying hard to break former tops... This is the chart I sent to subscribers.
How about the S&P? Will it break out, the third time? or retreat to the support line? 

VIX: shows no signs of panic...June 5 will be important to watch!  

Platinum: Sent to subscribers a month ago: 

The news in the sky is, that the Sun just entered Gemini... THe First angle to make will be to Saturn.- that is at 1.42 Sag. in retro- this means, that they form a blocking aspect, at 1.42 degrees. Nifty: 8416, S&P 2131.6, etc etc.. How to calculate these levels? I teach that in my course. 

May 24,2015, Sunday, 

We have holiday today, so I had time to finish my reports. Some hectic week ahead! If you want to make accurate trades, sign up now for the S&P, or QQQ, or Nifty, or what ever you trade! Markets are climbing for 2270 days, or 324 weeks... For how long??? What will make it tumble? and when ? This is what you can find out from the weekly reports, for only $225 for 3 months! 

And HEAR HEAR! The application is on sale now for reduced price during the summer.- as of June 1- it'll cost only $44.99 - FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME- out of which, after Apple takes a bite I get 31$. I send a huge amount of alerts during the week! so download it N O W. 

May 25, 2015 Monday 

I just got this mail: feed back to my weekly newsletter on the Nifty : Out of the World Weekly advise.
Only One Word can describe it " Excellent "

S. R. 

The Nifty turned today, as advised before, and the Moon moved to Virgo. 

This week, not only we have the G7 meeting but also some ugly conjunctions in the sky: 
mercury will meet again Mars in his retro motion. at 9 degrees Gemini. 9 is the highest number we have, it is ruled by Mars- planet of wars. mars in Gemini can bring disputes, fighting with the things that we say, quarrels. I wouldn't be so upset about this, if Neptune was at a different degree.... But Neptune is at 9 Pisces. And it does not end here! The Nodes are also at 8.23- almost 9- On the 28th, at 2:41 am gmt+3 the South Node will be on the Ascendant. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, will square Neptune, and Neptune will be 150 to the nodes. In the same time, the Moon will be at 2 Libra, Conjunct the Vertex, and in opposition to the South  node. A planetary position, that points to an Earthquake. So the night between 27-28 May is very dangerous.. I DO HOPE I am wrong. Earthquakes happen all the time, now I am talking of an ugly one. 
I don't know enough, to be able to say where it will happen. 
For the markets, these days will mark a turn and correction. 

May 26, 2015 Tuesday.

Tuesday is a day, usually, when markets decide which way to go. Because it follows Mondays, when market starts in the world... Now, because of Memorial Day, this start is postponed to tomorrow. Thursday we have option expiry, so it is very tricky... Big players can hold the markets up till the last moment and only then move. So we have to check out the backdoor moves. Are there big sales? or buys? And we should look at June July options volatility too, to see which way is the wind blowing.. As for the planets, they have their route for thousands and thousands years. It's all math, we know today there will they be in another century. We just have to understand their affect. And count. Always count. count the days, count the degrees, count the added up values... The Sun today is at 4 Gemini. This is what the Sabian Oracle says: 
You are not absolutely sure which direction... Fits the market, isn't it? Listen to the messages around you: The messages are the Moon, which is squaring the Sun, departing, Mercury, which is retro, and approaching the Sun, Mars, at 9 * Gemini, the Sun moves faster, so it is approaching Mars, Venus squares Uranus, powerful and energetic position, at 19 deg., in the same time leaving a supportive opposition to Pluto, at 15 degrees. Jupiter is inconjunct Pluto,150^ bad bad bad. Saturn at 1 Sag in retro, the Sun is leaving a supportive opposition to Saturn... and Finally, Neptune, the quiet killer at 9 degrees, 150^ bad bad bad to the NN. How many "bad" and "good" were in the last paragraph? That is the direction of the market. But, not all markets react exactly the same way to these influences... And that, I teach in my course... Why and when.. 
Today we are ruled by Mars and Jupiter. They are in sextile- minor positive position. In the same time, Mercury is at Moon-Neptune midpoint. so you see?? so many issues to check all the time! 
By the time US opens the Moon moves on and this aspect vanishes. 
Read what happened in history today , on this day... 
Today is 375 days from 5/16/2014. 375 is a Bible no. it is the number of days, that Noah stayed in the arc. It point to a CIT. (for the S&P). It is also 573 days from Oct.30,2013, it is also 2160 days from June 21,2010; 

On this day, in 1293, 30000 people died in a horrible earthquake in Japan. THen, Neptune was at 9 Libra. It would be interesting to make a research , to see when did major quakes occur? Was Neptune at 9 degrees too? 

I have about 60 earthquakes in my database, and no, Neptune was not always at 9^. So we can eliminate this assumption. 

I have to go... trade carefully. 

it's after 12 midnight/ It is already tomorrow... Rockets were fired and the sirens went off again. Sleepless night. 
The S&P fell, as I alerted in the morning.. I hope you were in the right direction. SO did the Nifty and out index as well. 
What is to be in less than 3 hours? The East will open with a bad Moon -Uranus position. expecting a gap.- at 19 degrees... Search this blog for 19 degrees... read read read. 
For I am off to bed. 
Good night. 

May 27, 2015 Wednesday

extreme heat today, will reach 45-Celsius. What causes it? Saturn in Sagittarius is hot and dry- the Sun opposes it from Gemini, which is hot, together with the conjunction of Mars- super hot, and Mercury hot winds.. all together- we get a situation. 

May 28, 2015 Thursday

After just one day of a harsh correction, yesterday we got a  bear wipe out. I cannot give any other name to what has happened. I can understand the planets thou... Exactly at the bottom, at 19:15- the Moon was at 15 Virgo, thus making a trine to Pluto, and 30^ to Jupiter, both good positions. I was not attentive to the news, if anything was announced, or what happened down here, on Earth... But, with facts we cannot argue. 
The S&P fell below 2100- but recovered to 2123! Looking at the 10 minutes graph, there was a positive divergence, that activated all the sirens, to go long. 
My stop was 2109, long above or short below.. 

The same we had in the QQQ- stop sent to subscribers was 109.6

TA25: one of the supports sent yesterday was 1681.30- that was the Sun's position. It touched this level, and closed at 1686.78- we have options expiry today. I am long- due to the positive divergence here too. But it's a week end, and I never stay in position till next week. There are always new opportunities.. Support now is at 1686.55-many resistances at 1688-1689.75,0 1690.33-1691.30-1694-1696-1699. 

 It's the day of Jupiter today, and Mercury energy is on stage! Moon entered Libra. 

Good trading!  

May 29, Friday, 2015 

There was a 7 degree earthquake in Alaska. I wrote one is coming... I am glad it was in a place that did not hurt many people. 
Another "Earthquake for Jack Warner, Fifa manager, funny how everything is on one's birth chart, and when time is ripe, the planets hit. 

What do we see in his map? he has a natal trine between Mercury-Neptune and Uranus... hmmmm this Uranus has the black flag! Once it is triggered, it will hit hard. last week, or in these days, transit Saturn came to its opposition, and he was arrested, by the authorities (Saturn). 
I just realised something while sending the alerts on the application!!!!! 
Dow Banks fell between 2007-2009- for 99 weeks. that added up is a 9 . Rallied from March 6,2009 till Sept.2014- for 288 weeks, that too adds up to a 9!. Last top was on May 15, 36 weeks from September 2014 high... also, adds up to 9! Isn't that COOL ??? 
Writing my week end reports... it's time to sign up now.. 

June 1, 2015 Monday

This is the 6th month of the year, and it was named after the wife of Jupiter, Juno. It is also the first day of the month, it is a Monday, ruled by the Moon, which , right now is at 22 Scorpio, from where, it will make a trine to Venus at 2 pm- gmt+3, next a minor positive position to the Galactic Center, and at 9:39 pm- will enter Sag. Mark these times form CIT's.

We shall wave good bye to the month of May, never to return again!. It brought destruction in Nepal and who knows how many more events, that did not make prime time? 
Changes during the month of June: 

I always add some thoughts about these moves... we shall see as we proceed. 

June 2, 2015 Tuesday Full Moon 

On November 24, 2014 I uploaded a chart for SPY- and pointed out, that there are 91 weeks difference between the tops. I forecasted, that May 2015 we should get another top. We got it, top was 214. 

Today there is a Full Moon, in Sag. New energies are pouring in, not necessarily good for longs! Each index with its rhythm... There are so many things to check, before one can take a decision, how to trade... The day is ruled by Neptune. 

I sent alerts now... But I see that you guys have not received them since May 26???? 
Please let me know! 

June 3, 2015 Wednesday

Today is 504 day from Jan.15 2014 top of the S&P. What is this 504? you ask me?? it is 252 x 2. Back then, the index fell by 6.14% till Feb 6th, low. 

We are after the FUll Moon. The Moon now is at 18^ in Sag, here are the important positions it will make today and tomorrow- for intra day traders: 
3.06.2015  8:58:59 19°24'06"Sgr Trine Uranus
4.06.2015  0:51:05 28°18'36"Sgr Quincunx Venus
4.06.2015  3:50:25  0°00'00"Cap <<<
4.06.2015  5:10:02  0°45'05"Cap Semi-sextile Saturn
4.06.2015  7:30:37  2°04'48"Cap Sesqui-quadrate Jupiter
4.06.2015 15:09:04  6°25'38"Cap Quincunx Mercury

4.06.2015 21:03:22  9°48'05"Cap Sextile Neptune

I would add to these times 9 pm today, when it will conjunct the Galactic center, a major important point, and ZET does not show it. And not surprising, at that minute exactly, it is the "Beige Book" announcement! 
What is in the news? I hear they say it is the end of Assad. Well... we shall see about that! It was definitely the end of the head of FIFA, who shamefully resigned, after bribery, and who knows what... I have less time to follow worldly issues now, since I started to work in March I I have less time. Much less. This blog too was a great disappointment for me. I am writing it for 6 years. I thought it will catch up, people will write to me, will sign up to forecasts, or start studying, but no. Very few signed up, then left without a word, less people took the course, so what can I say? Either I am not interesting, or people don't understand what I am talking about... In any case, Financial Astrology is very difficult to comprehend, and if one doesn't study, it is difficult to understand why it works.. And how.. People want to receive "bottom lines" LOL, they even want ME to trade for them... LOL ... well that would be the end of ME!!! 
In any case, I don't know why I post this blog at all... 
Thoughts during Mercury in retro.. 

The main position now is Mars's placement at 16 Gemini. As per Larry Pesavento great moves are expected when mars is at 16^55.46- in any sign. It will be exact on June 5 at 11:20 am gmt+3. So we shall see. 

June 4, 2015 Thursday. 

The day of Jupiter and Mars. mars is at the destructive degree of 16 Gemini, and Jupiter is at the midpoint of the SN and Gal.Center. Both, Mars and Jup- are in sextile- which is good pos. But! la Luna... moved to Capricorn. Mars and Venus are OOB, Ceres, Pallas and Pandora too. I posted a declination chart in the past, you can scroll up, and see. June 6 will bring multiple bad positions. But, it's a Shabbat, so market wise doesn't matter. 
Here is the S&P 15 minutes: 

Nasdaq 100: the colors are self explanatory!
Nifty: sent yesterday to subscribers: 8120- was the stop.- above it long. 


AORD: last alert sent was on May 29, wrote: 5710- we were stopped out of longs- now it's a short! Price now: 5510! Broke Nov.2014 top! Support at 5480- 5450- 5390. Long only above 5600! 
EURO/$: Long stop 1.12065. 
Corn: Long only above 361! target 385- Only above it I would be happy with longs... Till then it's lingering.. 

TA25: Closed at 1704.92- Resistance at 1707!  

Watch the VIX! above14.6 WILL SIGNAL FOR A CORRECTION in the markets. 
On the long run, Appl: 

June 8, 2015, Monday

The week opens with a very favorable Sun-Jupiter sextile at 17 degrees.
Here is a small list of same aspect since 2000: 
10.04.2009   - 11.04.2009  
14.12.2009   - 16.12.2009 
17.05.2010   - 19.05.2010  
19.01.2011   - 21.01.2011 
25.06.2011   - 27.06.2011 
25.02.2012   - 26.02.2012  
 2.08.2012   -  3.08.2012  
 1.04.2013   -  2.04.2013  
 7.09.2013   -  8.09.2013  
 6.05.2014   -  7.05.2014  
I ran Timing Solution. This is an excellent tool to see what happened in the past and make all kind of research, statistics.

At the same time Mars in conjunct Sun, two fire planets in air sign, bring a lot of energy. Not sure if it is a positive one! Mercury is retro in Gemini, at 5 degrees and Saturn is retro at 0 Sag- soon to return to Scorpio... You, Scorpios out there, are receiving a second chance. In what way? Well, that depends on your natal data.
Today there is a chance for gaps! so trade only if you are glued to the computer. 

The Moon is VOC till 11:16- everything is changeable.

Niftybaba, if you read the blog now, I posted an answer below, but Google is stuck.. So I wrote: Dear Niftybaba, thank You for your input. Believe me, that my weekly reports are very precise, and subscribers can know exactly when and how to trade. The blog is a general outlook on the markets, and it's there to show people how astrology works. Those who are interested, can sign up to my course, and get very, very precise targets. Priceswise and timewise too. 

June 10, 2015 Wednesday

The important issue for today is the Moon moving to Aries. It brings a CIT, not always to the long side! it depends on many other planetary positions, speed, etc. etc.. There are no important fundamental announcements, besides the Crude inventories. 

Crude oil: trades now at 60,80, trading sideways since May 5. I uploaded the graph since the top, 104- so you can see, that in corrected a little bit more then 23% of the fall. At 60.33 runs Saturn. SO as long as it is above this level, it is long- next resistance for this week is 64, 69... that would be a joy to rally so high. However, a small push below 60.33, it'ss fall back to 57.

Sky of today: Important and rare: Sun+ Mars at midpoint between Uranus and Jupiter. Ura+ Jup. in fire signs, SUn and Mars both fire planets in air- bringing more action to the ground.. Keep your safety belts tight...

I read, that Erdogan, PM or the Sultan of Turkey built a palace of 1100 rooms, and his toilet is of gold. I thought him loosing 50 seats in the Parliament made the people happy. Instead, I am surprised to see this: a fall of 13% ??!! 

My last alert on TR20 was: we are short, long only above 855. Fell to 760! I hope you were there, in short, big time! Now lower stop to 800.  

FTSE: announcement today at 11:30! Stop was 6920- it broke it long time ago, lower stop to 6810. So far we got a third correction of the Jan-April rally. CIT: June 15. 

JKSE: Last alert was on June 2nd: on my application- here too, you could cash in a nice gain! Now the key is at 4960- long above it, or short below. 

Looking at Bloomberg, I see that all the Arab countries are rallying. So the Crude too should rise. Time to watch will be the announcement time, that a reversal is due. 


I am quite upset with my application. I reduced the price, and sent to Apple for update. I am still waiting for them to move. Meanwhile, looking at the statistics, I see, that even when I send the alerts, which need a couple of hours of work from me, at 6 am, when I get up, No one opens them! So why am I working?? for fun? This application was a waste of a lOT of money, and time. 
What would you do in my place? 

10:10 pm- I posted 2 alerts, just to see if you are getting them... Let me know. Thanks


June 11, 2015 Thursday

I worked on the app, also Apple came back to me, I hope is should be fixed in a couple. of days.

I am not a developer, neither a technical person so this is a great head ache for me... thank you for your patience.

June 14, 2015 Sunday

I was working on the weekly reports yesterday, so I made a lot of charts. One, at the end, was for me, it is Put 1680. I have it. Now I tried a new technique on TS - for intra day trades, and this is what I got, for the 10 minutes graph. It shows a bottom till the 17th, than a rally till the 25th. That means, that the index, TA25 will go up today till the 17th, than there will be a turn and a fall till the 25th. Expiry is on this day....But, this is very tricky, I don't advise you you trade or do anything with this info, just let's see if it materializes, then in the future we can rely on it.

Somebody from Europe arrived to this blog, searching for Aug 4, 1996, He asked what happened astrologically on this date? The Sun was at 12 Leo, the Moon at 18 Aries, so they were in trine- a good aspect. Mercury was in Virgo, a sign it rules, and far from the Sun, also a good position. Venus at 27 Gemini, Mars at 6 Cancer in opposition to Jupiter, at 9 Cap. and retro- a bad position for both! Saturn was at 7 Aries, at their midpoint. Also a bad position. It is also conjunct the South Node, double bad! Uranus was in sextile Pluto at 2 Aquarius, a sign it rules, and Neptune at 25 Capricorn - 150 to Venus a bad position.

If this is a birth chart, I should know the time of birth, and place! Planets get different meanings according to that.

How does the sky look this week? One of the maps I send subscribers is the weekly planetary positions, and I go day by day, and outline the important planetary places, that affect the markets. The main issue of the week is Jupiter trine Uranus angle. This is a very rare aspect, since both move slow. Just now, I am running the Dow, let's see what will it show? Why the Dow? Because I have data since 1885. For slow moving planets you need a lot of history. Otherwise, you cannot analyse it.

The sky today :

There is a stellium ( group of planets) in Gemini. This will make this week's trade vary nervous and volatile. If you are not watching your screen, better not to trade.

Ok, here is the outcome of Jupiter 120 Uranus for the Dow:

efficiency test:

Don't forget, there are many more aspects in the sky, we cannot trade relying only on one!

June 15,2015 Monday 

It is a day ruled by the Moon. The change in the sky, that was not there yesterday, is, the Moon has moved to Gemini. It already made an angle to mercury, that had an effect on the East, that already trades. So let's see: 
Nifty: I wrote last week in the weekly report: 
June 15: MONDAY: 3:00 am The week opens with the Sun at 23 Gemini (8035.5 resistance) The Moon at 3 Gemini. The week opens with the Moon in the last phase, and on the 16th we will have a new moon in Gemini."
What was the top till now?? 8030! 
Stop is still at 7979.

AEX: Stop is at 477! Long above it. 
Russell 2000: Short stop 6023 

I sent about 10 alerts in the morning. Hope you got them! If not, mail me at will forward to your mail. 

June 16, 2015 Tuesday 

We are a few hours before the New Moon. As usual, I will start a new article. But, till then, let's see... We have 4 planets in Gemini, 3 in fire signs, 2 in water, Saturn and Neptune, and only Pluto, at 14 degrees in Earth. Someone asked me yesterday, why is it raining so heavily in Houston, Texas... LOL... But after making the map for that location, it was clear. Their Ascendant is in Cancer- water- and Neptune, from Pisces trines it! to add to this, the 4 planets in Gemini, air, build up a storm, that will soon land on them- and in any case, till the beginning of July rainy will be. 
I read , sadly, that my colleague, Carolyn Egan, owner of "weathersage" passed away this week. She was only 76, but her chart was loaded with bad aspects. She was THE pioneer of weather forecasting, I learned from her a lot, in our correspondences. I met her at UAC, astrology conference in Illinois a few years ago... May she rest in peace! 
The important angles of the week are: Jupiter trine Uranus, Mars conjunct Sun, Sun in opposition the Galactic Center and Saturn returned to Scorpio. Each and every one of these positions bring a buzz. 

Important issue of the day is the German CPI- now there is an issue with Greece, so watch the DAX! Will they continue to hold up the whole EUrope? Or maybe THEY will decide the leave the EUROZONE? That will be a merry go round! I didn't understand in the first place why they made this Euro from the beginning... 

AXJO: is trading now: day to watch : July 1  Stop 5485- long above it, or short below. 

Nikkei: Short with a stop at 20450- target 20010- falling below, next will go to 19750-19600

Moon aspects for today: gmt+3 times to watch, for intraday turns: 

15.06.2015 12:38:23  9°03'10"Gem Sextile Venus
15.06.2015 13:58:32  9°48'54"Gem Square Neptune
15.06.2015 22:41:19 14°46'03"Gem Quincunx Pluto
16.06.2015  6:04:37 18°56'37"Gem Sextile Jupiter

June 17, 2015 Wednesday

The news in the sky is that the Moon passed to Cancer. Again, a new energy is pouring in. 
trades will be sideways, I think. Are there any announcements today? Oh yes, a lot... 

Ok. I am starting a new article, follow me to New Moon in Gemini. 



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