New Moon in Gemini, 2015

Between June 16- July 16, 2015 

Thanks for following.... We shall see what does it mean, when Sun, Mercury and Mars are in water element, Cancer. 

June 18, 2015 Thursday 

I posted yesterday on facebook, in my group: called "Stockmarket and astrology" , two graphs, of the S&P and the Euro/Dollar. If you trade currencies, boy!!!! that was a rise to ride and a gain to pick up from the floor.... 
So what is in for today? Sun-Mars still conjunct, Jupiter-Uranus still in trine, POF (Part of Fortune) conjunct Jupiter! and, the most important, Sun in opposition to the Galactic Center,at 27^, which means, they block/ support at that level. 
For the S&P it is 2097, For Nasdaq: 5067, etc... 

June 19.2015 Friday 

wowowooo!! what a rally yesterday! Sun-Mars conjunction, two fire planets in air sign, did it! 
The S&p is now at 2121!! While everyone was waiting for a crash, here we see new highs again and again. Quite unusual, in the same time the Nifty rallied too! Only TA25 fell, yesterday morning, and did not trade during this fantastic conjunction, so we did not join this happening. Some math from 666 low- shows me the following targets: 


When???? That is in the weekly report. 

Sign up now for the weekly reports. 

June 22, 2015 Monday 

The news are, that both the Sun and the Moon have changed signs. The Sun entered Cancer last night, thus announcing the arrival of the summer, the Moon Virgo. Mars is still conjunct the Sun, at 28 Gemini, on a malefic fixed star, Betelgeuse. 
It is a day ruled by the Moon. All these aspects and more, point to a big move today in the markets. 
Counting the days, it is also 333 days from 7/24/2014. A day to watch will be July 1st. 
Our market rallied yesterday, from 1682 to 1704.The close was 1702. This means, that it is supported by most of the planets, but it should gap up now, above 1709.55- in order to reach new highs.- 
The S&P closed at 2109- exactly on the line of Neptune. Next target up is 2114, 2119,2129. 2139.

I sent 18 alerts now. If you have not received them, pls. mail me at and I shall forward it to you. 

Have a good day! 

Now you tell me what is this ?? I wrote last week about Nifty: in the weekly newsletter: 
June 22: MONDAY: 3:00 am The week opens with the Sun at 0 Cancer (8400 resistance) The Moon at 3 Virgo. The week opens with the Moon departing from the Sun waxing, going towards to full moon. Mercury is still in Gemini, so volatility is still in full gas/ Venus is in Leo, approaching Jupiter, They will meet at 21 degrees, signaling for a CIT on July 1st. I have a price level in my mind: 8353- let’s see if it will hit it till July 1st.

Where did it close ?


Apple delivered after 2 months 

June 25,2015 Thursday 

Major move today in the sky: Mars entered Cancer! Following the Sun. Now we have two fire planets in water... cooling down, but first, they produce a lot of "bubbles". Weather will be wet and hot. Sun and Mars are on Pakistan and India:

Market wise it's the opening of the "cucumber season". Meaning... consolidation, no real reason to be in the market. I am not saying that you will not find a share here or there to trade. 
The other planet in water is Neptune. We will get a culmination point on July 1st, when the Sun will trine it. I already mentioned July 1st, so we can add this event to the others. 
It's expiry day today, I closed my June positions yesterday, and am short in July, but that, can change any minute, I CAN, psychologically, swift from one direction to the other... Not everyone can. I couldn't too a few years back, I was stubborn, and thought market should go as I planned. Soon enough, or not, since I lost a lot of money because of my behaviour, in the past, I learned, that the market is stronger than me. 
Now I apply technical analysis, and the planets, but even with them, when I see  the smallest discrepancy, I just sell. I can always get in again and again. 
I promised you to show the Mars in cancer effect on the S&P: 
Timing Solution, which is a great software to make statistics, shows, that this is not a reliable cycle: 

It's been a while, that I covered politics. But I must mention now, that I heard on the news a few days ago, that Morsi got 25 years in jail, instead of death penalty. If you go to the search window in the left panel, and do a search on Morsi, Egypt's PM not a long time ago, you can read what I wrote about him. 

June 26, 2015 Friday

There are no changes in the sky. We still have the Jupiter-Uranus aspect- a trine, which was supposed to be a good one, they are getting exact in these days.- Price wise: 2090.7-2090.for the S&P. All the other aspects are loosening up so we cannot count them. 
In the Heliocentric chart Mercury entered Pisces, till July 3rd, 8 am gmt +3. It is bad in this sign.- Let me see what is TS showing about it... No, the cycle is not reliable... 

June 29, 2015 Monday 

Greece. It takes only one look at the sky to understand why is happening what is happening now with Greece. 

Uranus is crossing it right now! Just to follow up, it will be on Rome on July 10-15... Let's see what happens in Italy then. 
One of the charts I have for Greece, from Nicholas Champion's book is January 13, 1822. Looking at this map, revolutionary Uranus is on Saturn. Venus+Jupiter at 21 deg. in Leo trines natal Jupiter and Saturn- Jupiter=freedom, Venus, ruler of the 9th house of high ideals, and you got a situation... 

Is the turn in the markets because of Greece? Of course not... The planetary positions are blocking, and there is no energy, with the Sun and Mars ( two fire planets) in watery Cancer. 
So let's see what is in for this week? Not much... no planet, besides the Moon moves. In the Helio sky Mercury will move to Aries,- air to fire, instead of water now, so we shall see some action.  

TA25: gapped down yesterday, and I was short, so it was a really good day! Towards the end of the trade it fell further down. 
Today we are under the influence of the Moon, which enters SAG! So look out for a switch. Soon to have the FUll Moon, which will also be a turn. Many other aspects, that I write about in my weekly reports, to influence the intraday trades. 
29.06.2015 12:20:43  3°14'48"Sgr Quincunx Mars
29.06.2015 15:56:57  5°12'38"Sgr Sesqui-quadrate Uranus
29.06.2015 20:25:31  7°39'42"Sgr Quincunx Sun

Neptune is also active today, It is at 9.44 Pisces, and the SUn will trine it on July 1st.! A day to watch. 

I looked at all the markets, indices... Only Wheat and Corn are rallying- as I alerted in the application a while ago... 

Must go now, take care. 

Something that popped up now in my mind, was to check when was the Moon in another time in Sag? and what happened then ? You will not believe it! 

It happened in September 2014- then the S&P dived with 9.40%! 9.40% fall now, would pull the index to 1900! Will it??  Hmmm... I would check this deeper, if it falls below 2060...  4th of July is around the corner.. I don't think, this time history will repeat. 

June 30th Tuesday, 2015 

It is a turning day for the Nifty. I sent alerts yesterday, to subscribers, to raise stop to 8300 ! 
Today we are ruled by Mars and Saturn. Mars is in fall in Cancer, weak, Saturn is retro in Scorpio. Mars in cancer brings miscarriages, death by water, humid weather. Saturn i n Scorpio causes sexual disorders, abuses. 
Where is the Moon now? at 13 Sag. Here are its angles for the day: gmt+3 
30.06.2015  8:38:54 14°25'19"Sgr Semi-sextile Pluto
30.06.2015 13:20:26 17°02'35"Sgr Opposition Mercury
30.06.2015 19:01:11 20°14'03"Sgr Trine Uranus
30.06.2015 20:46:52 21°13'41"Sgr Trine Venus
30.06.2015 21:17:52 21°31'13"Sgr Trine Jupiter

Mars will make an exact T-Square with the Nodes. 

Now I shall send some alerts! Download my app now!!!! 

I am sending alerts, but I see they are still in the background, and are not being sent! So if you wish, I can send them to your mail, send me a note, please... to

And here is their answer: 

Hi Gabriella,
We currently have an issue with the push notification on our servers end, our developers are working to fix it as soon as possible.

We will let you know as soon as its resolved.

July 1, 2015 Wednesday

July: was the month in which Julius Caesar was born, and named Julius in his honor in 44 BCE, the year of his assassination. Also called Quintilis (fifth month).

I will have to summon up June, but later... Now, the important positions in the sky: are the Sun-Neptune square, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, and the Mars-Nodes square. It is a positive and powerful day. It is a good day to end things, to sign contracts, before the full Moon. The Moon is still in Sag. so it will bring a "push" to all these. The Moon moves to Capricorn, where it will not be so merry! 

1.07.2015 10:34:05 29°04'25"Sgr Semi-sextile Saturn
1.07.2015 12:10:59  0°00'00"Cap <<<
1.07.2015 20:32:21  4°49'00"Cap Opposition Mars
1.07.2015 23:50:02  6°43'33"Cap Sesqui-quadrate Jupiter

 I posted some charts in Twitter,because the app was not working, but now I hope it is back to normal.. 

July 2, 2015 Thursday 

It is the last trading day for us. I went short yesterday on TA25.1634,41 to 1676. 32 points. 
As I write these lines, the Moon is in opposition to the Sun. -It's the Full Moon. Also it entered yesterday Capricorn, I alerted, that a CIT will come!. The next positive position of the Moon to the Sun will be only on July 6th, at 17:10 pm (gmt+3)- so I think we shall get a reversal till then. 
TA25: closed at 1673; there is a support at 1671-1670- but opening with a gap down, is can push it back to 1664,1660-1654-1649.
We got a bottom at 1662.60! A very nice intraday move, from 1676! 
Now I am writing my next week's reports... will see when is the next turn. 

July 3,2015 Friday 

It is a day ruled by Venus and Mars. They are in no interaction. So we should search for answers from other planets. Venus is still conjunct Jupiter, Look up at the sky, it is a rare site! You will see Venus bigger and sparkling, next to another glittering point, which is Jupiter. The two beneficial planets are together! SInce Venus turns retro, they will line up again on August 5th! Wow! this is interesting! .... hmmm will have to check this deeper!- It might mean , that the summer fall is postponed to September! Then They'll meet again in Oct 25th, when Venus will be Direct again... Super! If other planets will not interfere, of course... 

You see? The planets tell us all, we just have to search for it, and pick it up from the ground!
It will be a very "hot" summer... You will see why... I shall post it. 

So let me go now to the app and see if it works. Guys, I am so fed up with this company, that the app. is based on, that you cannot imagine... 

Stay tuned! 

I sent alerts for the NIfty, BSESN, HSI, AXJO, Nikkei, HSCE, JKSE, TR20- any one received it? I don't see them on my screen! 
Is it only me?? with Iphone 4 that I don't get my own alerts?? 
Feedbacks please !! 

July 5, 2015 Sunday 

Good morning. here is the chart for the week: The Moon is waning, will be VOC towards the end of the trading hours. The Sun will make an exact opposition to Pluto, -once a year event-; Mercury is in sextile to Jupiter and Venus, and these two are squaring Saturn. Mercury also makes a bad angle to Saturn, which will be exact on the 8th. Mars is trining Neptune, a position that brings a CIT. this too, exact on the 8th. 
Venus and Jupiter are not only conjunct in the sky, but they are also next to each other by declination! This is an extremely rare event!

Posted 3 messages in the app. I have not received them... have you ? 

July 6, 2015 Monday 

Today my daughter receives her title of Doctor of Medicine! I am so VERY proud of her! 

The Moon is in Pisces, so fit for medicine! and it trines the Sun in Cancer. The Moon is also conjunct Neptune, ruler of Pisces. This sign also stands for high ideals, dreams and illusions. It is funny, that Greece got her decision to leave the European committee, on this day! Is this the end of the journey? Certainly not! Greece will not "disappear", nor will she be sent to jail, like a person who cannot return his debts. She will work out the situation, and face her "mirror" . The toughest decisions in life are taken, when one looks in the mirror and says, NO MORE. 
Venus & Jupiter are still conjunct in the sky! Their sparkling light followed me home yesterday on my route back from a visit to my mom, who lives an hour drive from me. I wanted to make a picture, but the street lights were too strong. 

The East is declining, but not extremely! 
JKSE: 4950 was stop, we were stopped out, and turned short. CLimbing above 4950 we will go again long. 

Nikkei: Stop was 20300- if you put your stop here, you are already short, and gaining! it trades at 20140. 
HSCE: same here! Stop was 12700- now at 12608
SSEA: I wrote in the app: Long only above 4080!- now at 3766
AXJO: I wrote: is trapped between 5600-5460- Stay OUT! Consolidation is a waste of time Theta and money. . Now: 5472.... Oh?? If it does not fall below 5460- we might see a turn here!!! but the next resistance is too close= 5600 
HSI: Wrote: Stop 26200- falling from there, it will fall back to 25600- where is it now? 25180! Now lower stop to 25200. 
TA25: fell yesterday to 1653.21! I was short, it was a fantastic day. This level, 1653 is in between 1659- next resistance, and 1648- next support!  :) Technical oscillators are weak, So I would use 1659 as stop for short. 
The only change in the sky is the Moon moved to Pisces...
Moon angles: all favorable aspects. 
 6.07.2015  9:30:02  9°40'01"Psc Conjunction Neptune
 6.07.2015 17:04:41 14°12'02"Psc Trine Sun
 6.07.2015 17:11:04 14°15'51"Psc Sextile Pluto

The Sun is on Sirius: 

Besides these graphs , I just sent 6 alerts. I have not received them, I hope you are luckier. 

Must go now, 
Have a good day. If you have any questions, you can mail me at 
or on FB. Sometimes I check messages there. 

July 7, 2015 Tuesday

I hope you have all looked up to the sky, and spotted Venus and Jupiter, two bright stars, which followed us home yesterday, from Jerusalem. It was a very emotional evening for me, my daughter is a Dr. now.... AND she has this gorgeous son, just 8 month old. She is now tearing apart  between career and motherhood. Being a Dr. in Israel is the most difficult job one can have, because of the endless hours. She starts at 7 till 4, and that's OK, but she must stay in the hospital 32 hours 8 times a month... Who works hours like this?? An engineer? a high tech developer ? I know, that I would not want a doctor to operate me, after standing up 32 hours... This is insane here... I really don't know what is she going to do. 
But, let me see what's new in the sky? The Sun is still on Sirius. Saturn is on Bungula, another fortunate fixed star. If you want to read about the fixed stars, I have a link to my dear friend, who passed away last year, Diana Rosenberg, at the left panel. When Europe opens, will get a positive Moon-Jupiter angle- at 22.44^ So the daily picture is rather good. 
let me see where are the indices? 
S&P: flipped down to 2042?! WOW,,, that was a good short... But now it is reversing, and reached Mars' level. 2078-2079- there is a strong resistance! and 2074,35 a support. So the KEY is this level. 

Let me try the app again. I think I am the only one now, that does not get the alerts.. I deleted and downloaded again my app, to see if it works, still I did not get the "test" yesterday. 
Halleluya! I got it... 
let's do it. 
Moon aspects: gmt+3  to be used only for intra day traders 

7.07.2015 11:45:15 25°19'52"Psc Quincunx Venus
 7.07.2015 15:56:02 27°48'45"Psc Square Mercury
 7.07.2015 17:35:55 28°47'58"Psc Trine Saturn
 7.07.2015 19:37:28  0°00'00"Ari <<<
 8.07.2015  9:03:50  7°56'22"Ari Sesqui-quadrate Jupiter
 8.07.2015 11:15:32  9°13'55"Ari Square Mars
 8.07.2015 11:57:09  9°38'24"Ari Semi-sextile Neptune
 8.07.2015 14:08:07 10°55'25"Ari Sesqui-quadrate Venus
 8.07.2015 18:57:47 13°45'31"Ari Sesqui-quadrate Saturn
 8.07.2015 19:44:07 14°12'42"Ari Square Pluto
 8.07.2015 23:23:57 16°21'30"Ari Square Sun
EuroDollar: forecast and outcome : 

Call 1700 TA25: Forecast and outcome : 

S&P: forecast and outcome : 15 min: 

This is why you should download the application! :) 

Good night. I am after Yoga, kaput... 


OH... I have a FB friend, Mustafa, who was invested heavily in SIlver. I warned him, that it will fall... I hope he is reading my blog...On June 23th, I alerted: Lower stop to 16.25, on June 24th lower it to 15.95- on SIlver.. Where is it now?? 14.96!! Oh boy!! I did not trade it..

July 8, 2015 Wednesday. 

The day is ruled by Mercury. The planet is at 28 Gemini! Volatility is its middle name. If that is not enough, the Moon moved to Aries yesterday, and it passed the south node already, so the first angle to make for the European markets will be a positive one, to Mars. All these together are pointing to a positive day. A beginning in any case... towards noon this positivity will fade out. 
TA25: closed at 1655.69- after 3 tries to go above 1669! We have a positive arbitrage, of 0.16%, I don't think this will matter. The support is at 1654,4- nothing to hold it below, till 1648-1645-1640. To the upside, it is still blocked at 1659.55- 1664

I am reading the CNN, and it says, 5 days for Greece to decide.. What's in the sky on the 13th? Sun-Uranus square and Venus-Saturn square. Now these are contradicting powers. One is showing an uprising, the other a depression. And it will certainly not be the end of the Greek issue... I also read that they will leave the Euro league on July 20th. On that day, Sun trines Saturn. among other smaller positions, so I think they will stay and work it out. 
AXJO: Forecast and outcome: wrote in the alert, to stay out! One cannot trade a consolidation. 


Some history: On this day, July 8, 1497 Vasco De Gama sets sail on the first direct European voyage to India. :) 
I try to find positive happenings, since wars and hatred, one nation wiping out the other happened all the time.. And is still happening. 

OK, now off to work... 

Have a good day 

Back from work, wowww I had a great day! I was short, of course.. 
I sent alert at 9"55 am "Put 1600 running above 1150- will reach 1350- 1600 

Nifty: forecast and outcome : 

July 10,2015 Friday 

It is a turning day for the Gold. Let me see where is it? It is back to June 2010 level, falling for 1407 days... Now 1160- If you are a long term trader, you should be short on gold since 1407 days! target 1080. If you are a daytrader, you can earn a few bucks, but it is blocked at 1184! 
What's new today in the sky?  Mercury entered Cancer yesterday, and it cause a shift. Will it last? Mercury is bad in this sign! TS shows a try to go up till July 12, then a big fall till early Leo 7/25th. - this is valid for the DOW. Each index with its "kicks" . 
I ran the efficiency test, and it says, that we cannot rely on Mercury. Great.. What else is new? 

Welcome to my first ever reader, from Albania! Is there a stock market in Tirana? the only thing I know about Albania, is the crossword question: Albanian money? LEK! :) . I also know, that it was the most depressed communist country in the EuroZone, in my childhood. No one could go there. Not that we could travel freely from Romania! No no... THose born in Hungary were the luckiest, having a border with Austria, they could smell the west. Not the rest of us. 
READ more
It's been a while since someone from Brazil visited... 

IBOVESPA: resistance at 58000-support at 50000

July 12, 2015 Sunday

We wake up to a Sun square Uranus. You don't have trade, but we do, and this aspect, in the past, pushed the markets up. It'll wait for you till tomorrow, and the day after, don't worry! Now not every share or index responds in the same way... Ours rallied. let's see how high. The arbitrage is negative lite. We closed at 1658. Resistance is only at 1670. But, not everything is based on the planets! there are the Fixed stars, and other "objects" up there, that should be taken in consideration as well. 
The Sign of Cancer is full of malefic stars... so mind your step!. It might be the last opportunity to sell high, for a while. 

Some readers wrote me, in the"comment" window, but I cannot answer them. My answers do not appear. No idea why... Do you know? how can I correct this? 
Till then, thanks to all the good wishes :) 

July 13 Monday

My son, may God bless him, bought an electric piano to my mom. I cannot describe her happiness! yesterday I visited her, and we played till late night. Then we skyped her sister, who is a great piano player, and they played together! And they are 85 and 86. God is smiling and is happy. Me too. 

Now it's 6 am, I had a funny dream... I met someone, who was pouring on me money. LOL... Where is heeeeeeeeeeeee??? Gone, when I woke up. 

SO let me see my source of money... the markets, where are they? Yesterday , with the SUn 90 Uranus I thought TA25 will rally. But, it stayed between 1654- 1663. Technical oscillators are built for a push -up. But, as usual, we shall wait till tomorrow, after watching Europe and Uncle Sam. 

SKY: Sun at 20 Cancer, on Castor, a malefic fixed star. Moon at 15 Gemini, in the last phase, before the New Moon. Aspects for today: gmt+3 

13.07.2015 15:50:07 20°26'06"Gem Sextile Uranus
13.07.2015 16:35:54 20°51'24"Gem Semi-sextile Sun
13.07.2015 22:20:55 24°01'43"Gem Sextile Jupiter
14.07.2015  6:31:19 28°30'59"Gem Sextile Venus
14.07.2015  6:37:25 28°34'20"Gem Quincunx Saturn
14.07.2015  9:14:01  0°00'00"Cnc <<<

For my new subscriber: in Kuala Lumpur: gmt+ 8:00
13.07.2015  9:25:22 14°06'12"Gem Quincunx Pluto
13.07.2015 20:50:07 20°26'06"Gem Sextile Uranus
13.07.2015 21:35:54 20°51'24"Gem Semi-sextile Sun

A lot of lies, fraud and disinformation today and this week, under Mercury-Neptune angle. Check the small letters in any contract you are signing! Money-and-government issues reflect the Greek situation down here, to which people will react with violence.
Nifty: is moving as expected, and written in the weekly letter. What else can I add? 
TIll July 27th in the Hebrew calendar we have the "Bein HaMeizarim" 3 weeks of mourning of the destruction of the Temple. During these weeks there are a lot of " don't do" s... For the religious among us. In the same time there is the Ramadan, 30 days from June 18th - to 7/18. So I guess the volume will be lower, and without volume there is no rally. 

If that is not enough, the Sun, Mars and Mercury will cross malefic stars, which will back weakness and falls. 
As I send my alerts in the app, I see that July 9 keeps returning! It was a major turning day in the East. On that day, Mercury entered Cancer. As bad it is in this sign, it brought a CIT. Something to remember!. Next time in Cancer: June 30, 2016. 

July 14, 2015 Tuesday 

I woke up late, must go to work. Just a word... Watch out ! for a CIT TODAY... 

July 15, 2015 Wednesday

The day is ruled by Mars, and it is in opposition to Pluto today. This means 2114 for the S&P, 1724 for the KLSE, 504 for AEX, 5624 for AORD, 5044 for CAC, 8545 for the Nifty....etc etc- this is also a calculation that I teach in my course! 
Today we have some extremes in the sky. Not only the Mars-Pluto opposition, but other angles too. We are before the new Moon, in Cancer. Vulnerable times. Ugly words in the air. Try not to absorb them. 

July 16, 2015 Thursday

It's the New Moon day. New Moon in Cancer. for us, gmt+3 it falls in the 12th house. The house of endings, hidden issues, unknown enemies.

For Kuala Lumpur, the New Moon falls in the First house of beginnings. 
As usual, I shall start a new article. But let me look back to these last 28 days... Politically we got two major agreements. Greece-Germany and USA-Iran. In both cases the former was defeated- as I see it, by the other. Both agreements were signed under a Mercury-Neptune culmination, which , to my understanding, is a fraud, and it will not be fulfilled. 
In the markets: Nifty rallied by 550 points, the S&P made a fabulous comeback- from 2043- to 2117- now.. I don't think it'll make it more than 2125-, Platinum- on the watchlist.. It is back to Feb.2009 price level. 
But, let us continue to the new article: New Moon in Cancer 2015. 



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