New Moon in Cancer 2015

Between July 16- August 14, 2015 

Hi! Thanks for following me from the former article, New Moon in Gemini,2015 

In the map above you can see: inner wheel July 16- outer, Aug 14th, the next new Moon. How convenient are the stars! They always move in the same rhythm, and we can see a day or thousand years ahead where will they be! If you know how to interpret their effect, you are a winner. It is not so easy... You see, the stars are there for everyone equally. Like the air we breath, the sparkling of the stars will always be there. How we absorb them, how we turn them into a subjective and not objective form, depends on us, and our day of birth

I find it verrrry interesting, that today, not only we have a New Moon, but also we start a new cycle in the Tarot cards. 
So during this coming lunar month, the Sun will move 28 degrees, from Cancer to Leo, Mercury 57 degrees, from Cancer to Virgo, Venus! ha.... will turn retro, Mars will leave Cancer and enter Leo. Jupiter will leave Leo and enter Virgo, Saturn will turn direct, Uranus will turn retro, the rest will scarcely move. Many other issues, witch we'll follow up daily. 

Most go now! Be good. 

Meanwhile, look up former ( since 2009 ) Cancer New Moons! A lot of stuff to learn there. 

You know?? I have an application, download it on Itunes or Android, search for "Financial Astrology" mine is the only one there !! Be ahead of the world.. I sent alerts, that will make you   A L O T   OF money.. 

Here is a mail:" 8545 level on report for 15 July was perfect. You are truly amazing. Forgot to thank you in excitement yesterday" this is about the Nifty... 

July 17, 2015 Friday

Today we are under the influence of Venus. In the cards, it is the card of the Empress. Since this card is ruled by Venus, All fits. As I write now, Venus is at the last minutes of Leo. It'll move to Virgo, but on the 23rd it'll be stationary, turning retro, and re-visiting Leo as far as 14^ Leo- till Sept 9th. I posted a graph about the path of Venus in my former article, look it up! it's important, since Venus not only is in charge of earthy goods, but, market wise also of banks... 
What else is up there? Mars is on Benefic Sirius. Not long ago the Sun crossed it, look it up.
The other interesting point is Pluto being on Ascella.

In the fundamental world, there are a lot of announcements today! Yesterday targets given for the S&P reached. 
Download my app to receive the alerts.. 

July 18, Saturday

History produced some legendary people in the trading world. One of them, of course was Gann, the other, I just read about, was Jessie Livermore. Born on July 26, 1877, He read at age 3.5, left home at 16, made millions and lost them, finally he committed suicide at the age of 63.5 He will be remembered as the man who shorted America in 1929! What a life!! Read about him, try not to make his mistakes! 
I don't have the hour of birth, but I rectified the chart, having Pluto at the age of 63.5- so here it is: 

William Delbert Gann: born in Lufkin, Texas June 6, 1878-June 18,1955 at 77. 

They must have known each other, even without internet or tweeter. Two successful idols, who lost it all. 
Subscribers for Googl: are all the way to the bank now: Forecast and outcome!

July 20, 2015 Monday

Yesterday a new cycle started, with Venus entering Virgo. Venus, rules of the banks, hates to be in this sign! But it goes as deep as 2 degrees, and turns retro. It will return to Leo 14.25^ till Sept 5. In the meantime, on Aug 15th, Venus will turn to be a Morning Star, meaning, it'll rise before the Sun. All these have their effects. 
Example: for Nifty Banks: See how it behaved in the past, when Venus crossed different signs: 

Nifty Banks with Venus in Virgo: 

SSEA: weekly chart with Venus in Virgo- triggered the big fall in 2007! Now, the fall started already in June, The stop here is 3565- in the weekly calculation, for daily traders this is too far... 

So what else is now in the sky? The Moon is in Virgo too, exactly in trine to Pluto- at 13 degrees. They block rallies. But, the Moon moves quickly, it'll move on till USA opens. At 4pm- gmt +3  at the opening, it'll make a minor positive angle to Mars, but there will be another aspect in the sky, that'll linger over the whole week: Sun-Saturn 120^. Now this is quite a rare position. Not to speak of Sun 150 Galactic Center! Both will block moves- each share or index's level should be calculated.
For some reason, I cannot post my answer below, in the comments window, so here it is : 

wow! Rohit, moved me to tears !!! thank you so much! But the coin has two sides! You are a person who is willing to open his eyes and ears to grasp, sometimes, incredible stuff... without knowing why ... There aren't many as you! You were able to open up, and follow, without asking questions, without going directly into the wall or arguing. You just sat back, and did as I thought it will turn out! That's a rare quality! And here you are, you and others, that are now week after week more successful than failing! That's a great gift for me. Because I only follow the stars. Even me, I don't understand why it'll go this or that way. and tell myself,,, na!!! not possible. But I lock my subjective aside, and follow what the stars tell me... and then, sometimes I am surprised...that I was right. Maybe after so many years, I am not surprised anymore. Combining math, astrology , the cards, and some tricks, we are winning. And the bottom line counts! 
As for the Natal chart reading... Believe, me, after I end my report, my brain and soul is washed out. I enter your being, trying to understand  another  culture, another philosophy, another way of thinking. Because a natal chart reading tells you, are you up to take a train and go? Or will you stay and continue your loop? And when is that train coming? How far will it throw you ? Are you capable to take the changes? Not everyone is! Are you capable to look into the mirror and face yourself? Almost no one is. 
So thanks again for your kind words, and may the stars continue to shine and guide. 

July 22,2015 Wednesday

I am moving to another apartment, soI have less time to watch the markets. 
During the week end I will not have internet. So the weekly reports will have to wait.  I am thrilled with the move! It'll be lovely.... 

My personal chart shows it on the spot, Not that I planned it this way. It just happened to turn out to move on the 24th, but, We already know, nothing is a coincidence... WOW.. now, that I write, I just realised, that the house no. is 24 too... Now how about that??? 24 makes a 6, and 6 is ruled by Venus, and it'll be stationary at 0.46^ Virgo. Planets are very strong when stationary.On the 24th my natal chart is triggered in many ways... SO' let's see what else will be new? 
Let's see about the market... They turned, as expected. Today is a turning day for teh S&P.
Topped July 20th, at 2132 , we are short now.  
On the 18th I sent about 30 alerts about shares, hope you got them, and benefitted.

I sent 20 alerts now, covered all the major indices of the world! Good luck! 

July 30, 2015 Thursday 

I am back :) . As I wrote you in my last posts, and sent you an alert yesterday, I moved to another appartment, and I have so much to do, arrange, fix, throw out, that I don't know where to start... 15 boxes of books are on their place, now I see some clear spot in the living room... but the clothes, kitchen, and all the small stuff, which never end?? are still there to be arranged. 
Anyway, today is't the Satan day... It is called this way because of the Moon's position to the Sun.- Just before the Full Moon! Besides that, we have the Jupiter-Saturn square, a controversial position, they"ll hold the market at 28 degrees. Also Venus is now retro, I wrote about it in former posts. 
So let me see: my last serial of alerts sent to those who downloaded my app, was on July 22, SInce then you could make a hell of a lot of money...!! I hope you did!!
EX: I wrote about the Dow: 

"DOW: it is in a downtrend since 5/19 

Key is at 18110- short below. target 17800-this level is a historical support! below that I would double shorts. to 17460"
The stop is still at 18110- .

Russell2000: I wrote to short it below 1265: 
NIfty: I wrote that it is short below 8600!
Bottomed at 8337! Huge reward... 

Must go now... see you later. 

August 3, 2015 Monday

I just wrote in the app: "Although Venus and Jupiter are the two best planets we know, when squaring Saturn, the ball is over... Brings setbacks, blockage, trouble, slowing down. Flow with the stream! Slow down too." In the next days Mercury will join Ven+ Jup, so the blocking effect will be stronger. Only indices that are " above " them will receive a strong support. In the alerts sent yesterday, I gave you the price levels for 16 indices, so you will know how to trade. 

It's Obama's birthday tomorrow, I see now, he was born on the same day and month with Louis Armstrong, with a few years' difference. I'll look at his chart later. 

TA25: The key is 1718. This is not an astrological, but a technical level, as long as it is below, it is weak. 

August 4, 2015 Tuesday 

The Moon moved to Leo, so I expect a CIT, even is a minor one, but a CIT. Once it is above 2098- it'll go further up. 15 minutes graph: 
I am looking at Obama's map. I still think the place of birth is not Honolulu, but Kenya, but, I flow with the majority.... Numerologically, he is stepping in into a year, that will be life changing. Astrologically, his Uranus, ruler of his ascendant is triggered by multiple planets and various aspects... Here too many changes on the way. 

August: as per Wiki:
Originally this month was called Sextilis (from sextus, "six"), but the name was later changed in honor of the first of the Roman emperors, Augustus (because several fortunate events of his life occurred during this month).

TA25: closed on the edge! 1718!- We are long above it. With the positive arbitrage, I believe we shall see new highs. 

August 5, 2015 Wednesday 

The sky is very busy today~ More and more planets are meeting at 25-28 degrees! It is crucial to have your index above their level.- The prices I sent in the alerts a few days ago! 

The aspects of the Moon for today: gmt+3

 5.08.2015 12:21:47 20°27'47"Ari Conjunction Uranus= brings a slight rise
 5.08.2015 18:29:26 24°06'05"Ari Semi-square Neptune
 5.08.2015 22:25:13 26°25'31"Ari Trine Mercury

For TA25: this meant a rise in 60% of the occurrences. - Making it with Timing Solution:

If you download the TS- do mention my name pls. Sergey, the owner has to know that you came to him after you read my blog :) 


August 6, 2015 Thursday

The Moon moved to Taurus. It is " at home" here, so lazy, no motivation to show the world anything.. 

Yesterday I sent alert on the app, that we are long again, because it hit 2098 again. I see now it went to 2106- and fell back. SInce I am still arranging the house after my move, I do not trade these days, just send you the alerts... 
Now, it is back to 2097! 1 point below the concrete and stubborn planetary line, only gaping up would put it again into higher levels. But with the Moon in lazy Taurus, I doubt. Supports: 2090-2083- Today we have an exact Sun-Pluto angle, they block at 2113.55
Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are squaring Saturn, a very rare position!!! Also Mars is 120 to Saturn. No rally. 
I see more people downloaded the app. Pls. come forward, send me a  mail, tell me where you are from, what do you trade? And, good luck! 

SKY today: rare aspects- follow the colors. 

August 7, 2015 Friday 

We are ruled by Venus and Mercury today. They are conjunct Jupiter, and the three square Saturn, which, turned Direct. They also trine -120- the Galactic Center. Mars is also at 28 degrees, 150 to the G.C. 
I hope you went short below 2098- in the S&P! 
Did you know there is such an index as VIX on the Crude oil? I didn't / But I do now... 
Mercury moves to Virgo: 

August 8, 2015 = 8.8.8. Never to return combination ! 

Oh? Maybe never say never... 8.8.2024 will also be one, as 8.8.2006 was... 

I wanted to show you what I sent in my alerts yesterday, and the outcome: 

AUG 7 sky: Multiple planets at 28 degrees- are blocking rallies.
Nifty: now at 8582- stop was 8560- if you went long above it, I don't know if it was worth your while.. Technically, there is a negative divergence, pointing to a fall- 8685- it is blocked. I would go short if it does not cross this level with a gap up!

KLSE: Alert sent to subscribers was "short below 1720" Now it is at 1679!
Here it is supported by the multiple planetary positions. a further push down, will send it to 1670-1664-1659-1652. All calculations are based on the planets.
DAX: Stop was 11580! now watch it!
IBEX: Stop was on 7/6= 10760- raise stop 11180 it is blocked at 11380.
S&P: should not fall below 2063-2044- ! former lows! If it does, the long consolidation since March is over, and we are bearish...! Look out for a CIT IN 3.5 HOURS, Mercury enters Virgo! a sign it rules! Lower stop to 2069.70- - Long above it.
VIX: is blocked at 13.97! Only a gap up will push it higher!
S&P again: resistances are at 2072-2079,2083,40,2084,90 Does not matter if you trade spot, future . These are the planetary positions, that support or block the index right now. Tomorrow it'll change, as the planets never stay still.
RUssell2000: stop was 1265. We went short below. Now it is at 1202. Support at 1198-1199.80=1192
GOld: last alert I wrote only above 1108 it's a long! Fell till now to 1071- Still it is blocked at 1108-1109. Only running above it with a LARGE VOLUME! IT'LL BE A LONG.
Download my application now!!!! I think it's worth while...

About the EuroDollar: I alerted to go long above 10850... Where is it now??

August 10, 2015 Monday

Today is the 222nd day of the year. We are ruled by the Moon, which is in Gemini, bringing zig-zag trades. If you are not glued to the screen, do not trade! The other planet that is in charge to day is Saturn. This is now Direct, at 28.20 Scorpio, Soon- 9/19, it will leave this sign, to return only in 28 years... whaaaa.... what a relief! Unless they'll find the pill of ever after... I shall be gone by then.. LOL ... 
Not only SAturn is at 28 degrees, but also the Moon, so, you see, the ruling planets are in an angle. In a bad angle.. Anyone can help out there?? Hallooo??!! Venus is at 26 Leo, in a good position to the Moon, which will vanish till the US opens, and Jupiter, the other "saviour" is at the last degrees of Leo, entering Virgo. Watch for a change in trend tomorrow at 14:44 gmt+3; or  12:44 GMT. Jupiter will stay in Virgo till 9.9.2016. I ran Timing Solution, but none of these positions gave a reliable forecast... Just to show you one: 
Jupiter cycle: 

So, when the planets fail to show us the direction, we can turn only to math. - but, this too is based on the planets. LOL... and this is what I teach in my Financial Astrology course. 

I read, that Warren Buffett is buying PCP.. I had to look at their charts: 
Buffett born on August 30th 1930, PCP on 12 Jan. 1990- 

PCP, the company he is buying is the inner wheel. See the stellium/ group of planets in Capricorn?? All are being triggered by Buffett's Sun ( his persona) and Neptune ( his dreams). I marked outside the transiting planets now, that pushed him NOW to do the purchase, and not 1 or 2 years ago.. 

THe share is falling since Sept 19,2014= 324 days, now it reached 192.30- support line-.. SHould go above 212- to be in the safe zone, and rally. 
Well well well!!! a rally of 20% !!?? WHere is my share of it? 
 what is the symbol of South African index?? I cannot find JSE in Yahoo... ??!!

August 11,2015 Tuesday 

The news in the sky is, that the Moon moved to Cancer. After a hectic 2 days, we will see some quieting down. Yesterday I sent in the app. to raise stop for the S&P to 2102- now I woke to 2095- 2098-2100 is a strong resistance again, we are short till it is below this level. 

This is a "must listen" piece! The Moon will not only move to Leo in 2 days, but also start the month of Elul- new Moon in Leo! 

August 11 minus 144 days = March 20- look what happened then! 
Also check out May 14, May 31, July 25


August 12, 2015 Wednesday

Jupiter entered Virgo... Markets fell. This is the graph of the Crude oil.. See how Jupiter in Virgo affected it in the past. 

If you wander how will it effect you, think back to 2003-2004- or 1991-1992- what happened in your life? 
The former low in the crude was around 31$... Our stop was 44.85- lower stop to 43,40


I understand the Corn fell on Fed. announcements... It's funny how I posted in the morning the graph of the Corn..

Ok, I see everything is correcting now. What will happen to stop this glitch? 
At 13:30 tomorrow the Sun will be 120 to Uranus at 20 degrees. That can cause a turn, Next, Venus in retro will conjunct the Sun in 3 days... Well, till then I'm going to rest... Too tired.
What's the fuss about the YUAN?? It worked like a swiss clock! 

August 13, 2015 Thursday 

Sun at 19 degrees Leo, that's what stopped this glitch... Now, that I am looking back. I could have not thought about it yesterday... What can I do?? Even I forget stuff that I write. If you make a search in this blog, years ago I wrote about the importance of the 19th about it, to dig in deeper into Financial Astrology. 

So we got a turn at 19:00 hours, LOL too. yesterday- gmt +3- again the 19... There was nothing to point to this turn in the Geocentric chart, but was indeed in the Heliocentric! Venus 60 Uranus- brought a positive turn, and also the Moon's position.. 

What to expect today? The Moon moved out from "home" Cancer, and is now visiting the neighbor, Leo. On its was it'll meet with warsome Mars, - already did as I write these lines, next will be Neptune, Mercury and Pluto. The hectic week is not over yet, I wrote in my letter last week, if you cannot be glued to the screens, better don't trade. 
Moon's aspects gmt+3 

13.08.2015 17:07:50  8°54'15"Leo Quincunx Neptune
13.08.2015 19:07:47  9°55'45"Leo Semi-sextile Mercury
14.08.2015  1:54:10 13°23'33"Leo Quincunx Pluto
14.08.2015 15:36:29 20°21'27"Leo Trine Uranus
14.08.2015 17:53:24 21°30'42"Leo Conjunction Sun
14.08.2015 21:25:23 23°17'46"Leo Conjunction Venus

In 5 hours a CIT! Also: 
Expecting bad! If it'll come out 1 point better, we shall see in the S*P: 


August 14, 2015 Friday

See what I wrote about the Dow and Russell on July 30? To double shorts below 17800- if you did, you are a wealth person now! Bottomed- so far- at 17126! with a huge hammer! showing a turn in trend, on Aug 12th. Fell for 163  day, which is a Fibonacci number... and the bottom occurred at the exact SUn-Uranus trine. Now it trades at 17408-
S&P: I gave target 2092- and we got it, then again a turn down! 

For BIDU for ex. this is what it means, when these two planets meet: 
 With Timing Solution we can make all kind of searches and statistics... If you download it, do mention my name to Sergey... 
Today we are under the influence of Venus and Jupiter. Venus, in its retro move is conjunct the Sun. While Jupiter is already in Virgo. The Sun will catch up with it in 9 days.- So 23rd will be a day to watch. For other reasons as well... The Moon will align with the Sun too today, bringing the New Moon in Leo, so it's time for me to start a new article... 

Click on the link and follow me to unveil the future. 



  1. Dear Gabby,
    Finally after almost a year of subscribing to Nifty report from I thought of writing a review to let so many others know what a discovery it has been to find a humble friend, philosopher & guide like you. I am truly indebted to you for changing the way I used to plan my trades. Its been a very valuable lesson with your amazing analytical skills and rewarding too.
    I also had the honor of getting Natal chart reports from Gabby for my family and that was an eye opener. How can a person sitting thousands of miles away write about someone with such precision by date and place of birth. Amazing experience. It was good to look back and learn from mistakes to improve and perform better.
    Wishing you success !

    Rohit (Bangkok)


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