New Moon in Leo, 2015

Between August 14- Sept 13, 2015

Thanks for following from the former article, New Moon in Cancer, 2015 

So let's see what is ahead for the coming Lunar month?
The Sun, like a swiss clock, will move exactly 30 degrees. Mercury moves to Libra, moving 33 degrees. The Maximum distance Mercury can have from the Sun is 28 degrees, while Venus 47 degrees. This 47 is a very interesting number! You should check this out.. 
Venus turns Direct and becomes a Morning star. Mars moves 19 degrees, making some important encounters with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Jupiter will meet the Sun again on Aug 27th, and Sept 8 will be a day to watch! When Mars will trine Uranus at 19 degrees again! Look it up, what 19 degrees mean- in the search box- left panel. 

August 16 Sunday, 2015 

The day is ruled by the Sun and Mercury. The SUn is at 22 degrees,in Leo, while Mercury at 13 Virgo. Mercury rules this sign, as it rules Gemini too, but it "behaves" completely different in this one, than in Gemini... It is also in trine with Pluto.

The Moon is at 10 Virgo, and in this sign, it is good for TA25- our index... Let's see how will it enfold. 
Venus conjuncts the Sun, and turns a Morning star. 

I think Arab markets also trade today, like us, so let's look at them... I wrote in the past, that they are much connected to the advance/decline of the Oil, but I think lately they have detached themselves from it. 

Bahrain: Fell from March 12th 1569 to 1395- You can try a small position going 1405-1425. 

UAC: different motion here: 

Kuwait:  trade range 417-425= long only above 425. 
We are short below 8654- Interesting all indices turned on Dec 16-17... What happened on that day in this part of the world? 

Egypt: 5 years chart:

Well, of course! On Dec 16 there was a square between the Moon-Pluto and Uranus... this angle will not occur till 2018 again, something else will have to move them. 

CRUDE: on Dec 16 traded at 53- and while the Arab countries, mostly corrected up since then, the oil trades now at 42... So, as I said, they have detached themselves from the oil. 

If you go back and check Jan 1, 2015- under "New Moon in Cap" 2014- I wrote, that falling from 46$ it will go to 33.3.... 

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Happy birthday today to Shimon Peres... born in 1923- 92 years old..In February 2016 transit Pluto will be in a nasty place.. 
The Queen 1926, same year as Fidel Castro. Happy anniversary till 120- as we say ... not sure if it's enough... LOL..  
I think they have found THE pill, but they don't tell us...

OK I have to go now. 
Meanwhile search for previous articles about the New Moon in Leo- there are 5 more... SInce I write this blog since 2009. 

August 17, 2015 Monday.. 

it is a today again... Next to have on the 26th. Previous was on the 8th. this triple 8 will return only in 2024.. 
Anyway... what's new today? or this week? The sky is still. Except the Moon nothing moves. As if clinging to a picture that froze. 
Today we will have a planetary position in the sky, that happened only on Dec 5, 2009, and then, made the market fall.= well. most of them.. Since nothing moves simultaneously. Tel Aviv fell by 3 percent! I hope it will not be the same situation now... Unless something drastic happens. lately I am not listening to the news... I am so fed up with all the killing and stabbings, I don't want to know anymore. Since I moved, I am still very busy and when I have some time at night I search for a good film, instead of torturing myself with the news. 
But, I see the sky... and that tells me a lot. 
A.. and today is 150 days from the March Solar Eclipse... an aftershock to be expected. See what happened in the index you trade, on 3.20,15.. 

August 18,2015 Tuesday 

We got a reversal yesterday, even if not so bombastic, but the S&P is above 2098- and that's good for long positions, as long as it stays there... 
The news in the sky is that the Moon moved into Libra. It is already after a conjunction to the North Node,, next angle to make will be to Mars- a sextile, which is also good- price wise: 2105.95- Next will be to 2108.78- and 2113.35- Now this point will be difficult to cross, 
but it will happen only on the 19th at 2:30- noone trades at that hour.. I would raise stops as it goes today, never know when the morning will bring. LOL... 
Building Permit before the opening... too. US market will close under a favorable position- so we might get a rally at the closing, to 2120-ish area..Expecting 2147 sometimes this week. . IF!!!!! IT STAYS ABOVE 2098... 
Healthcare and Services pushed the market up yesterday...

Today we are under the ruler ship of Mars and Neptune. Ohoooo.... We did not have it for a long long time! Neptune. last to be seen was July 17th. that was a Friday- so it was not together with Mars. On that day the S&P topped! 17 & 18th... Now this is interesting, don't you think?? Let's see if we ll'' get again a top and turn in 2 days.. .The major top was 2134- on May 21, which also gave us a 7. Isn't this fantastic?? In any case, it should go above 2135 to rally... Many obstacles till there!! 

August 19, 2015 Wednesday . 

I started the weekly report saying:" the sky is still this week, only the Moon moves. " And when there are no moves up, no moves down. Consolidation. Waste of time... nerves. 
This time we got a tiny minor top with the 7 effect... Expected 2105.95- did not make it.. And we are below 2098... CPI before the open, probably nothing will happen till then either. 
I read in the news about the explosion in China... I don't have the exact time, maybe someone will publish it.. In any case, if it happened on the 15th, it was under the Jupiter- South node 150^- bad degree-. Will wait for details before I work on the chart. 
Today we are under the effect of Mercury and Saturn. Mercury is at 18 Virgo, Saturn at 28 Scorpio. Mercury is solitary, makes no angles, so we cannot expect any push from its side, while Saturn is blocking anyway. After the closing, at night, again some action, but again, no trades in the world...Main aspect of the week is the Venus-Uranus trine-120- and Jupiter-150- SN. Their position gives us a very tiny range..My calculations sent in the application are based on these.  

Donald Trump: not knowing much about him, and I have no time now reading, just looking at his chart, for Nov.8,2016- there are very favorable angles in his chart! He might even be Mr. President... I'll have to check the adversaries charts thou... 

August 20. 2015 Thursday 

Saturn did it again... 2098 was not run over, and after so many tries, the index just collapsed. I see a bottom at 2067

Today we will have Venus at 19 degrees, also Mercury, and the Moon moves to Scorpio at 12:30 . The Moon is weak in this sign. 

August 21,2015 Friday

Well, what can I say? failing to run above 2098 did it... 

I hope you have my application, and you were at the right side. 
Nifty: sent to subscribers: 

I would not leave open positions for the night, SInce the Moon is moving on and there could be a turn. 

  • 20.08.2015 12:24:08 > Sco Moon
  • 22.08.2015 21:55:08 max S S.Node
  • 22.08.2015 21:55:08 max S Node
  • 22.08.2015 22:27:11 R Node 1°25'39"Lib
  • 22.08.2015 22:27:11 R S.Node 1°25'39"Ari
  • 22.08.2015 23:41:01 > Sgr Moon
Next week is another symphony...Sign up now for the S&P, Nifty or other index to know how to place your bets. 
Crude oil: sent in the app on 8/13" Crude reached 2009 level- lower stop to 42.90 – Neptune) target 40- we are almost there!! 

August 23, 2015 Sunday

In 15 minutes the Sun moves to Virgo. Our market will open in 2 hours with the Sun already there. This means a new cycle starts and lasts for 30 days only , since the Sun moves one degree per day. It is the "swiss clock" of our universe. The first angle to make will be to the Nodes, a bad one. Next to Jupiter, a conjunction. Since Jupiter is in Detriment, or weak, bad in Virgo, getting the Sun as a neighbour, even for a few days, is not a good thing. Meanwhile, the Moon also moved out from Scorpio and is now in Sag., the sign of Jupiter, where it enlarges everything that happens. 
I sent my weekly reports to subscribers, you might want to subscribe too?? I wrote on the S&P, Nifty, KLSE. 

You can also download my application.. I send many very useful alerts, people tell me... 

Before I go to work... I wrote about the "aftershock" 150 days after the previous Solar Eclipse, which occurred on Aug 17th. Together with other planetary positions, the slide began, that turned into a mini -crash- till now- mainly in the US indices. I cannot say the same about the DAX... When will we have the other eclipse? on September 13th at 20 Virgo. Its aftershock will be felt on 10/13,28, Nov 12 Dec 12, Jan 11, Feb 4, 10, march 11, April 10, may 10, June 9, July 9, Aug 8, Sep 7, 2016. Mark these dates in your calendar.

The area of the eclipse: 

Here you can read more... 

Who will be affected by this eclipse?? People who have planets at 15-25 Virgo, Pisces, Sag and Gemini. It will be a minor effect, since the eclipse is Partial and not Total, and it is seen mainly in Alaska... and South Africa. 

Ok, must go now. Be good. 

August 24, 2015 Monday

This day will be remembered as the Black Monday. We got a low at 1833- a few points higher than the October 2014 low. If you roll up to August 17, you will see what was the trigger to this fall. The 150 days to the last eclipse. To this we add all the other angles and positions that followed and one by one pushed the markets lower... 
Now the S&P trades at 1918- support is at 1913-1901-- Falling again below this level, I doubt October 2014 low will hold.. 
The world is red.. no use to look for longs at this level. The biggest money is made in shorts. I hope you are in the right direction...
I see people ask which planetary position was in charge of the fall. 
It started on August 17th, which was 150 days from the last Solar eclipse. Like the 150 degree angle, so the days are malefic. Then we had multiple moves: Jupiter moved to Virgo where it is bad, Venus turned Morning star, but it is RETRO! so it is bad, than we have multiple aspects that each and every one of them added since Aug 17 till today to the fall... Jupiter 150 SNode, the Moon's position, in Sco, and then in SAG., Venus- Sun conjunction, Mars- Neptune angle, etc etc etc... 
Right Now we have a Mercury-Saturn -minor good position - but Mercury moves quickly, so it will not last. 

August  25, 2015 Tuesday.

The Moon is VOC till 7:22 am gmt+3- so anything that happens is reversible. A bad time to make decisions. It is in the last degree of Sag, soon it will calm down in Capricorn. There, the first angle to make will be to the Nodes, next to Jupiter and Neptune. Both positions will be good but short. 

I sent 22 alerts today on the application! if you followed them you are wealthier now.. Let your friends know about this application. Search in Itunes or Google Play for "Financial Astrology" Mine is the only one there.. 

August 26, 2015 Wednesday

I woke up before 5 today...SO what can one do? but to look at the markets?? I see we are down again.
Now look at this chart:
Today we are ruled by Mercury and Venus. Mercury is in sextile to Saturn, at 28 degrees, while Venus is at 16 Leo, retro, solitary. For a major move we need major planets, not them. And we find them in the shape of the Sun and Jupiter, which are almost almost conjunct. Not only by longitude but by declination as well! and since Jupiter enlarges everything,- and in Virgo- for the worst, we have the answer to another major move in the coming days. Why in the coming says? Because this conjunctions lasts. 
Now it trades at 1868, so we have a support here. another try for the upside will push it to 1871.- 1873,20 which is the Mars- Pluto position. Only a gap-up could help to go above these two! Next, 1880- 1888. Let's see how it goes.. 

August 28, 2015, Friday

If I don't have time to write here, check the application, I sent yesterday also alerts. I am thrilled to see that more people downloaded it in the last days... Send me a note, tell me what you trade! 

Today- sorry - YESTERDAY WAS  again a day ruled by Neptune! Just like on the 18th...and on the 9th.Roll up, see what I wrote back then... What is changed since yesterday?? The Moon entered Aquarius, Mercury is in Libra. Besides that, we will get an exact Mars-Pluto angle today, a Moon-Mars opposition, and the Sun in a bad position to Uranus... 
Sent some alerts in the morning, more later... 


August 31,2015 Monday

Fortune has smiled on Egypt yesterday, when an italian energy group, Eni, discovered a huge gas field, that has enough gas for Egypt for decades! 
Let's see the planets: Neptune is the ruler of the GAS, Huge is ruled by Jupiter, and of course, the Sun has to be present. Jupiter is also conjunct Mercury, the one who makes public the news.. It's the messenger. 
The sky: we have a Sun-Jupiter conjunction, both in opposition to Neptune, also a Venus-Mars conjunction, Mercury conjunct the North Node in Libra.. . 
Egypt 1 year chart: only above 8000 is a long...

No rally... Strange. 
Maybe they have not absorbed yet what this means for them... Or maybe fight for power will start now over there. BUt, I trust Sissy will be OK. 
So let's see what's happening in the rest of the world? 
Sent alerts, now I must go, the rest later... 
I sent 15 alerts yesterday, hope you got them, and benefitted from them. 

September 1, 2015 Tuesday. 

76 years ago, on this day Germany invaded Poland and WWII started. Then, Saturn was at 0 Taurus, Now it is almost at 0 Sag. Neptune was at 22 Virgo, Now it is in opposition, but not exact, in Pisces. If back in 1939 Germany invaded Poland, today immigrants invade Germany. In their eyes it is the highlight of their dreams... I heard yesterday that immigrants from Syria and Iraq are allowed to take the train from Hungary but those who made it somehow from Afganistan, Bangla Desh, God knows from where...and how... are not allowed to enter. They are stuck in Hungary. 
When I was a child, we were told, that the biggest threat will be when the Chinese start to march... Earth will tilt from it's place. And voila... the Chinese are still stable, it's the arabs that are marching... Poor people... countries that lived under dictatorship for ever, now they don't know how to make a living, free. It will take decades to learn how to be free. Will they adjust in Germany, France, etc? in the west?? It will take at least 2 generations..and they will be hated. What a terrible "wake up call" ... 

THE SKY TODAY: The Sun is in opposition to Neptune. Happens once a year. Neptune stands for illusions, also gas...Wrote about it already. The day is ruled by Mars.It is now at 14 Leo, in exact conjunction with Venus.Uranus, in retro, just entered 19 degree- very very bad! The Moon will soon catch up with it, causing sudden and unforeseen moves. 

If the indices fall, one would expect that something is rising... this something.. usually is the Gold, Silver or Platinum... But as I see it, there is not much space upwards... 
One of my alerts is written on the graph.. click on it to enlarge. Trades now at 1133. At 1137-39 it is blocked. It should gap up above these levels to go higher.. 
Download my application, to receive these alerts!!! 

September 2, 2015 Wednesday

The name September comes from "Septem" or Seven , in Latin. Back then, counting from the Spring, or March, adding 7 they got September. It was the 7th month of the first day of the Spring. 7 is a very powerful number. If you read this blog long enough, you are now an expert on numbers... The most important thing about 7 is, that - and I am not a religious person - " God rested on the 7th day". So why not the markets?? LOL.... 
Just to show you, I shall run the Dow, on TS, and we shall see how did the Dow behave during Septembers, ever since?? It will take 19 minutes... so let me see what happened yesterday...I had guests, so I did not follow. 
Gold went to 1144- here it was stopped by Jupiter. It should not fall below 1139, then it'll go to 1144.7-1146.2- even 1148.25... then, we shall see... Stop is 1139. 
Dow: did as forecasted... turned down. Now at 16058, while the low on Aug 25th was around 15630-... We are very much short on it, stop 16500- target 14600 to start with... 

I looked around, in Bloomberg, and all I see is red... maybe Serbia is rising, what's so jolly over there, beats me. But they are not relevant. The Nikkei and China are too, and that is worth while watching! I also checked Switzerland, the country that is never involved in anything, and they are playing it outsiders.. well, their index is not so bright as well. 
There was a huge drop in their index, not like in any other, on Jan 13-15, guess what happened then? Uranus squared Pluto and was conjunct the South Node. - Now check when will this occur again, to gain a fortune in a few hours... 

Ok.. don't get too excited... This double position will not happen till 2020- and I did not check it afterwards... 

But, it is enough to see, that where the lines are high- both happened, and it occurred in 1932- 33- and now... 
Meanwhile TS calculated Septembers, and this is what it shows: In the last 100 years, this is what happened... 

But, as I wrote so many times, FOR ME! something that is lower than 65% is not tradable. It is a nice statistic, but I don't know if I would bet on it. 

And now I shall send a few alerts... so if you still don't have the app... it's a pity. 

More and more people realise, that they MUST learn what I am talking about in this blog.. 
I teach - through skype - in 10 lessons - for $4000 - all one has to know for a successful  trading. So... join us... 

Now, I have to go to baby sit my grand son. 

September 3, 2015 Thursday

It is a day ruled by Jupiter and the Sun and the Moon is in Taurus, exalted. We have several planetary positions in the sky, that form a support/ resistance for the S&P at : 1949-1958.25

September 5, 2015 Shabbat

Many ask me about my opinion on the "Sabbatical Year" or Shemitah cycle, or market crash... So I turned to Google, to see is it exactly... Yes, I know, it is each 7 year, but starting when???
This is the question! And I found multiple answers, as you can read it in this link
It is in English, and it tells you, somewhere under" Since the establishment of the State" that 2007 and 2015- are Shemitah years..But when I make a search in Hebrew, I get a different answer. In Hebrew it is written, that the people of Israel started to count each 7 year as of 68-69 AD. I just made an excel file, and got 

1853 1860 1867 1874 1881 1888 1895
1902 1909 1916 1923 1930 1937 1944
1951 1958 1965 1972 1979 1986 1993
2000 2007 2014 2021 2028 2035 2042

Now, what you can do, is check your index and see what happened during those years.. 
If you wonder if this starts from January to January? No. It starts from Rosh hashana- the Jewish new year, till; the next Rosh Hashana...which , of course doesn't fall every year on the same date... But it is too much work, and I don't' believe in all this. 
If 2014 was a "Shemitah cycle" then it ends on this Rosh ha Shana- September 13. 

What I do follow, and I think it is much easier, is the position of Saturn. You see, Saturn makes a "roundtrip on the astrological wheel each 28 years. Divide that by 4, you get the 7 years cycle. So it is enough to check where is Saturn to see what can, and I say C A N happen or might happen... Because we still have Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Mars, and many many other things to take into consideration... Play with this, and enjoy! I have to write my weekly forecasts... 

And one more thing... because of the upcoming holidays, there are almost no trading days...
As of Sept 7 - there are only 11 trading days till Oct.1st... inclusive. and with no volume, our market at least... will consolidate. But' I'll have to check that, where are the supports, so I am working on it. 

ANd another one more thing... LOL... the DOW fell in 2000 by 28%, in 2007 by 54%- to do the same it should be at 8500 level...  We have 13% till now... after a rally of 180%..from March 2009. so come on!!!!!!!
September 6, 2015 Sunday 

I just sent alert for those who trade in Israel... The Moon is Void, so better sit on your hands. TOmorrow is Labor day, no trade in the US, So only on Tuesday the world will wake up, and look around, what is happening... 
September brings the Rosh Hashana, only 11 trading days, time to relax. 

September 7, 2015 Monday. 

Europe is just about to open. The Sun is at 14 Virgo, the Moon at 6 cancer, they will be in a positive position soon. But, there are dark clouds behind the Sun, which will be there the whole week. There is no trade today in the US, so I guess volume will be low. 

SO let's see where are the markets.. The East works on full volume. 
BSESN: my last alert sent on 9/3, stop was 25395. Target 26100- 26450 . It went only to 25835, and we were stopped out on 9.4 and went short below 
HSI: We lowered the stop on 9/3, to 21200- now there is a support at 20834... SO watch this area! If it closes above, then the fall is over. Yesterday we got a Fibonacci turning day as well, so time is ripe. 

September 8, 2015 Tuesday

It is a day ruled by Mars and Neptune. They "dislike" each other... Again the number 7 is popping up. What else? The SUn is at mid Virgo, Moon in Cancer, a sign it ruler, Mercury in LIbra, approaching a square to Pluto, Venus in a malefic position to Pluto, and the most important is Jupiter is in opposition to Neptune. This is an extremely rare position , therefore its effect is very strong. I ran TS on the Dow, to see when did this happen before, and this is it: 

In my application, I send alerts for almost all indices. I sent yesterday for
AXJO, Australia, and those who have the app, are gaining now nicely. But, Since the Solar eclipse is near, I would net get too enthusiastic about anything! 
Does anyone have the first trade date for the AXJO? 
OK, I got it... March 31, 2000 - and as I see it, Mid October will be critical for this index. 


The main issue in the news is the massive migration of people. Found these interesting articles, thought it would interest you too. I have not yet searched the astrological reason for this.. but give me some time, I will find it.. 
:) No doubt it has to do with the slow moving planets like Neptune or Pluto. Any thoughts? 

There are 30 million people living in Malaysia. There was only 1, who was brave enough to subscribe to my weekly newsletter on the KLSE. After my alert today to her, she is gaining now NICELY! 

September 9, 2015 Wednesday

It is a day ruled by Mercury and Saturn. Mercury is squaring Pluto, an event that happens quite often, at 12-13 degrees. We have still in the background the Mars 120 Uranus angle, which can bring wars, depending where are they in the astrocartography. FOR INTRADAY TRADERS  we follow the Moon, which is at 45^ to the Sun, and we are before the New Moon. 
Using all these positions, and some more points, stuff that I teach in my Financial Astrology course, help me to calculate and see where are the markets heading. Yesterday I was baby sitting, and I sent a few urgent alerts on the S&P. I calculated all those alerts in my head, knowing where the planets are, and what angle they form. At the end of my course you are supposed to do the same, like Gann did, just with a pencil and a piece of paper. No need for computers, extraordinary softwares... 
So let me see, to what morning I woke up? 
To my Facebook friend, Patrick, as I told you several days ago, maybe a week, the SIlver is headed north. I hope you are still in trade.. My last alert on the Silver was on 9/7- wrote: "Lower stop for short to 14.60" - and we put a "buy" order at 14.65-or 70... Now it is at 14.85. 

S&P: Wrote yesterday in the alert- the key is 1963.1- I guess some are cursing me now, if they closed the position... The east took the index to 1983 level, and we have a negative divergence in the 15 min. chart.. so watch it! I would use 1980 as a stop, if you are still in trade. As a rule, I close my computers at 11, even earlier, and open around 7 in the morning.. I can always re enter the trade, nothing is running away. Knowing that the Moon changed signs, was not safe to stay. 

September 10, 2015 Thursday 

The sky today: 

We got a top in the S&P when the Moon is in Leo,- at 1993 - at teat level it was blocked by the Mercury-Pluto angle. the same supports at 1933- which was the level the index fell during the night. 
Isn't it amazing??? 
The stop for the index was at 1984. When I give a stop or a key level, I always put a sell order 1 point or 2 , below... And a buy order above. Then I can switch off, and check what happened during the night... in the morning. 
EuroDollar: my last alert was on Aug.25- pls. see graph: 

Double click on the graph to enlarge! 

Unfortunately, I don't see from which country people downloaded the application. If you want to receive alert on your index, mail me. TO see former alerts, you should slide down your screen, there is a small ^ where you can push it down, delete all other notifications, to receive all the Financial astrology alerts.. otherwise your memory will be loaded and you will not see it. 
On August 24 I wrote about the 2014 eclipse affect. Scroll up and read it again. Next dates to watch will be Sept 18, 330 days from that eclipse, and Sept 16, 180 days from March 20,2015 eclipse. 
What else is due to happen around these days? 
look up to the sky, and we got the answer.... 

Besides planets, asteroids we have the Fixed stars to watch out from! On Sept 14, 19:13 gmt+3 the SUn will be on a malefic Fixed star... Next date will be the 20th to watch, it will sit on "Alkaid" at 27 Virgo... 

And now, download my app... I am going to rest.
good trading.

Before I go, I remembered, that Bashar Assad turns 50 tomorrow. Being born on 9/11/1965... It is an "unforgettable date". 
I looked at his chart. The war in Syria goes on since 2011. He has a very powerful chart. Sun conjunct Pluto and Uranus! I have not seen many alike. His career is ruled by Mercury, which is at 4 Virgo. In the second wheel, the Directed chart, we can see that both Mars and Saturn are trining it! very good position, however, can also mark a culmination and fall, after the planets move. Since Saturn moves slowly, it will take 1-2 years. Then I looked at the transit chart, and on Oct 2nd Mars will "sit" on his Mercury, so his life will be in danger. To his luck, the part of fortune is on his Sun, he will be OK> I am not a fan, just looking at his chart. 

When did the TR20- the Turkish index started to trade ??????? I am preparing a video, and I need the first trade date PLS! 


September 11, 2015 Friday

Yesterday we made a fantastic trade... who is "we" ? well who has the application. I posted my moves on the spot. 

Let me see what's new in the sky? 
The Moon's aspects for today:  gmt+3 

11.09.2015 12:57:34 28°01'22"Leo Sesqui-quadrate Pluto- bad 
11.09.2015 15:03:43 29°04'17"Leo Semi-square Mercury- might bring gaps
11.09.2015 16:03:09 29°33'55"Leo Square Saturn- blocks
11.09.2015 16:55:29  0°00'00"Vir <<< new energy !

Checking, with the help of Timing Solution, how does the S&P behave under the Moon cycles, we get this picture

We got 4 V, so it is quite good... But when we look at the graph closer, for a day trader it is not enough. 

the Moon in signs.

thanks to Cristian for the TR20 data !!! reading about Ankara stock market, I am not sure, if TR20 is their main index.. Their stock market started back in 1927! So now I am confused.. What is their main index, like the DOW or the S&P for the US? Does anyone have the cvs excel file since 2004 for TR20? 

September 12, 2015 Saturday 

I did not trade yesterday. I wrote you, that I got out at 1963. the index fell, but in the last hour recuperated, and closed again at 1961... 

Now, I am writing my weekly forecasts, have a nice week end! 

Next week we will have a major move in the sky... Saturn will leave Scorpio! uffff finally! and enters Sag. It will be in this sign till December 2017... It will affect those who are born under this sign, but also Geminis, Pisces and Virgos... If you would like to know where will YOUR chart be hit, order now a reading... $180, and you can be prepared. 

September 13, 2015 Sunday. 

It is the day of the New Moon, and the eclipse! It is time to close this article and move on...
As I completed writing my weekly forecasts yesterday, I found that some very interesting cycles are starting now... We shall explore them together in the next article, under "The New Moon in Virgo,2015". 

Just to look back, what happened this last month? 
The S&P topped at 2103, fell to 1867, and since Aug 26th, did not correct even 50% of this fall!. same with the Dow... the Russell 2000... All show weakness. 
Europe: the Dax CAC, FTSE too.
The dollar made a new high, since March 2015- at 1.1700-  doubt it will make a higher high in the near future... 
India is weak, and all Asian indices the same.. I don't see any reason to be in the market now... time to rest. We will have trade only on the 16th & 17th, this week.... Holiday. 

Rosh Hashana, we will write 5776. The number adds up to 7. As we saw in the market, the turning days appeared under the no. 7, this year will be very significant . 7 is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusions, but also creativity. the planet of medicine and drugs. The planet that gives inspiration to artists and  writers. Neptune rules religions. Let's hope Neptune will shine in its positive way and light the way to a better future. Neptune is in Pisces, a sign it rules. It is one of the slow moving planets. It will be in Pisces till April 2025. 
It was in Pisces between Feb 1848 - the French revolution! - till 1861. 

Follow me to my tiny future, to the next article... New Moon in Virgo, 2015. 
And Happy New Year to all... 


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  3. The Dow Jones Turkey Titans 20TM Index was first calculated on July 19, 2004


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