New Moon in Scorpio, 2015

Between Nov 11- till December 11 at 12:29 at 19 degrees Sag.

The first issue that hits me is, that the upcoming New Moon will also occur at 19 degrees! Search the blog about this number! 

Thanks for following me from the former article! 

How do we know, that there is a New Moon? The Moon is conjunct the Sun... 
So what else will happen during these days? Mercury moves from 14 Scorpio 38 degrees to 2 Cap.
Venus moves from 2 Libra to 7 Scorpio- 35 degrees
Mars from 29 Virgo to 15 Libra = 17 degrees.
Jupiter moves 3.5 degrees.
Saturn too- in Sag. 
Uranus 1.15 Degree and it is still retro.
Neptune turns Direct! Major issue! 
Pluto 0.43 minutes. 
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Market starts... see you later 
Thanks, Joe, always nice to see you :) ... And you guys!! Listen to Joe ! LOL 
DAX: don't be fooled ! Long only above 11000. 

CAC: long only above 4950: Support 4920, but there is a gap to close between 4912-4890..Alors!! 

Thank you Tom, for clearing out, there IS trade in the US, it is only a Bank holiday. 

November 12, 2015 Thursday

It is a day ruled by Jupiter and Uranus. They are still inconjunct, or at 150^. We are after the New Moon, the Moon in Scorpio, is in fall, or weak. Mercury is getting closer and closer to the Sun, weakening. We have multiple planets at 16-19 degrees, they will guide us in the trade. 
Yesterday's outcome: S*P: topped at 2086.91 and bottomed at 74.85. Locked in the range given above. Full gas in neutral. 

CAC outcome: stop was 4950: what you gained to 4973.6- you lost to 4935- and more! Hope you had a sell order at 4950

DAX: outcome: If I wrote long only above 11000- we could have used this as a stop for short. - fell to 10855- which is a pretty gain for one day! 

TSEM: Sent alert yesterday about TSEM:  topped at 15.70

Euro.$ Sent targets, which were reached, now next: raise stop to 7390 and go till 7940-8120

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I am amazed how only 3 people sent me what they are interested in. However, this simplifies my work, from now on, I shall send alerts for those specific indices, commodities that they mentioned. My time is very valuable to waste it on stuff no one is trading.... 

November 13, 2015 Friday..

Where did the Dollar go? 1,082?? Hope you caught that one!
Yesterday I sent alerts for TWTR, FB,BABA, AAPL, NFLX; hope you got them, and used them.
Today is the 13th, and also a Friday. it is a day ruled by Venus and Mercury. 

We have some important positions in the sky: Mercury sextile Jupiter, and both 150 to Uranus, expect the unexpected! A rare combination! Then Venus is sextile Saturn at 6^, and last but not least, the Moon moved to SAG. By the time the markets open on Monday,, they will move on. What will they bring? SIgn up for the weekly newsletter, and find out. 

Nov 14, 2015, Saturday 

Neptune moving direct will mark a major shift in everyone's life. Would you like to know how will it affect yours? Subscribe for a Natal chart reading for $180. Meet yourself! Find out who is that person looking at you in the mirror. 
Very sad news are flowing in from Paris, France... yesterday evening during a concert suicide bombers killed approx. 130 people, injured 100. it was a question of time, and not an IF , that this will happen. I wrote years ago, that Europe is doomed. Mars- conjunct the NN, and in opposition to the South node, this, in the 8th house of the dead, and conjunct the malefic Scheat Fixed star. 

I guess, this is the end of " Egalite, Liberte, Fraternite.". France closed its borders.

For disasters like this, we should look back to the last Lunar and Solar eclipses. The Lunar occurred on Sept 29,2015 at 4 Aries40^ it will trigger Nov 28th, Dec 28, Jan 27, Feb 20, Feb 26, etc.... dates to watch.This is the astrocarthography map for the Lunar eclipse, and you can see, that Mars crossed France: 

The Solar eclipse occurred on Sept.13... hmmmm again 13, like the terror attack! at 20 Virgo. The dates that it will trigger: Nov 12, December 12, Jan 11, Feb 4, 10, March 11. etc.. Will be worth while watching these days, for world/market events. 
Now, after the event, I am "clever" and I see things, I would have not payed attention to then... Mars of the Solar eclipse was at 22^ Leo, a degree of"kill or be killed". Leo rules France. Look, in the inner wheel, the eclipse's wheel, Fanatica and Pandora with Venus are all in Leo- the sign of France. Venus is the ruler of the 7th House, of "open or known enemies" And of course, transit Mars with the Nodes triggered the South Node at 0.58 Aries.
I will have to check the upcoming eclipses... but now market starts soon, let me see where are we.. 
It is a day ruled by the Sun and Neptune. It is a turning day. With the arbitrage we have, I think we will see a deep fall at the opening, and then a try to correct, the whole day. The Moon is already in Capricorn. The Sun is at 22.34 Scorpio- a bad degree. The Moon will be at 4 Cap, the Lunar eclipse degree. All these point to a lot of negativity in the air. 
TA25: closed at  1557. Probably it will drop 20-35 points lower. The low on Sept 29th was 1468, we will talk of "crashes" only below this level. 

Before looking at the future eclipses, I just read on FB, that there was a partial Solar eclipse on Jan 4, 2011, that covered the whole Europe. Probably I wrote about it, pls. search in the blog, at the left panel, there is a search window. 
This January Eclipse occurred at 13 degrees Capricorn. With the asteroid Damocles on the ascendant. Interestingly, the Part of Fortune is also there. On the same day there was a Jupiter -Uranus conjunction, at 27 Pisces, and Saturn was squaring both the eclipse and Mars, being at the midpoint- from 16^ LIbra.

The Ascendant of the Eclipse was 6 Aries: Syria is ruled by Aries. Also: England, Germany, Poland, Palestine, Israel, & Lithuania.
Aries towns are: Leicester, Florence, Krakow, Naples, Utrecht, Marseilles, Birmingham (UK)

If you remember, the "Arab Spring" started with Uranus entering Aries, on March 13th, 2011.
If this Jup-Ura conjunction was important, we should follow the dates, when these two again will make an angle. 
Here are the dates: these dates can be helpful for the markets turn as well! 


Realization intervals (begin - end):
 1.01.2011  0:00 (GMT+2) - 12.01.2011  0:00 (GMT+2)
11.08.2011  0:00 (GMT+2) - 24.08.2011  0:00 (GMT+2)
29.09.2011  0:00 (GMT+2) - 12.10.2011  0:00 (GMT+2) Gadaffi killed
14.03.2012  0:00 (GMT+2) - 20.03.2012  0:00 (GMT+2)
18.07.2012  0:00 (GMT+2) - 27.07.2012  0:00 (GMT+2) June 3, 2012, Mubaraq to prison
26.01.2013  0:00 (GMT+2) -  4.03.2013  0:00 (GMT+2)
17.08.2013  0:00 (GMT+2) - 26.08.2013  0:00 (GMT+2)
16.02.2014  0:00 (GMT+2) - 23.03.2014  0:00 (GMT+2)
25.03.2014  0:00 (GMT+2) -  2.05.2014  0:00 (GMT+2)
22.09.2014  0:00 (GMT+2) - 30.09.2014  0:00 (GMT+2)
26.02.2015  0:00 (GMT+2) - 10.03.2015  0:00 (GMT+2)
16.06.2015  0:00 (GMT+2) - 29.06.2015  0:00 (GMT+2)
 2.09.2015  0:00 (GMT+2) -  5.09.2015  0:00 (GMT+2)
 2.11.2015  0:00 (GMT+2) - 11.11.2015  0:00 (GMT+2)-Nov 13 Paris attack
 1.03.2016  0:00 (GMT+2) - 12.03.2016  0:00 (GMT+2)
 9.08.2016  0:00 (GMT+2) - 18.08.2016  0:00 (GMT+2)
20.12.2016  0:00 (GMT+2) -  5.01.2017  0:00 (GMT+2)
22.02.2017  0:00 (GMT+2) - 10.03.2017  0:00 (GMT+2)
25.09.2017  0:00 (GMT+2) -  2.10.2017  0:00 (GMT+2)
 5.11.2018  0:00 (GMT+2) - 12.11.2018  0:00 (GMT+2)
 8.01.2019  0:00 (GMT+2) - 12.01.2019  0:00 (GMT+2)
 5.06.2019  0:00 (GMT+2) -  9.06.2019  0:00 (GMT+2)
12.10.2019  0:00 (GMT+2) - 16.10.2019  0:00 (GMT+2)
12.12.2019  0:00 (GMT+2) - 19.12.2019  0:00 (GMT+2)
14.01.2021  0:00 (GMT+2) - 22.01.2021  0:00 (GMT+2)
14.02.2022  0:00 (GMT+2) - 22.02.2022  0:00 (GMT+2)
15.02.2023  0:00 (GMT+2) - 19.02.2023  0:00 (GMT+2)
16.04.2024  0:00 (GMT+2) - 26.04.2024  0:00 (GMT+2)

The war in Syria started on March 15, 2011. But, who cared? back then !!
Now, with the immigrants flooding Europe, suddenly it is an issue. The genie should have been killed when it was still in the bottle. Now it is too late. What is the "genie?" The whole situation in the 3rd world.
Next important eclipse was on May 20, 2012, at 0^ Gemini, on the "Weeping Sisters" star constellation, and here too the Asc. was at 3 Aries.- Again triggering Syria, and all the other countries mentioned above. The trigger will be on the Pleiades, or the weeping Sisters...This time too, Saturn made a 150 degree- bad- to Jupiter and Mercury. Also a trine to Venus. It was a bottom for the S&P. 
this one covered the USA and Russia. 3 years later, the situation between the two is, "weeping". 
Then May 10, 2013 Annular Solar Eclipse at 19- cursed degree in Taurus. covered Australia.
Jumping a few eclipses, we arrive to Oct 23, 2014 at 0^ Scorpio- with the Asc. at 11^ Leo- and we remember that Leo rules France. Here too, Jup-90- Saturn. Also Jup 90 SNode. This one covered the USA, they start an air strike in Syria, on Sept 22nd. Also 2 Malaysian planes crash/disappear. 
Finally: March 20, 2015- the eclipse covers Europe. the eclipse occurs on 29^Pisces 28, with the ascendant at 12^Cancer 60; Jupiter 150-bad- to Pluto and Mars in Aries.

Countries ruled by Cancer are: Holland, USA, Paraguay, Scotland, New Zealand
Towns ruled by Cancer are: Amsterdam, Manchester, Milan, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo, Venice, York

So let me see the upcoming eclipse: Total Solar eclipse on March 9, 2016 at 18^56 Pisces and Ascendant at 6 Aquarius 45.

The most disturbing position is the South Node on the Sun.
Next, here is what WIlliam Lilly wrote on eclipse that falls between 10-20 Pisces: "
“it designs the death of a famous and excellent man, destruction and waste of fish neer the Sea Towns, it imports an Earthquake, some great Church-men questioned, and he called to account for his Knavery”

The Eclipse will occur on 18 Pisces, no bad fixed stars around. 
Mars will be on 1 Sag, this too is a neutral star. 
Saturn will be on Ras Algethi- a Fortunate star.
Only the North Node will be on Denebola: an unfortunate fixed star, at 21^ Virgo. And Paris, Turkey, Croatia, Switzerland, Brazil, Bagdad, Boston, Los Angeles are under this sign. since the NNode and Jupiter will be conjunct, in Virgo, and in the 8th house of death, again, sorrow and destruction will follow.~~
Annular Solar Eclipse on Sept 1, 2016 at 9^Virgo21-on the Fixed Unfortunate star Alioth. The Ascendant will be at 22 Sco- "Kill or be killed" degree. 
The eclipse covers Africa, most of it. Look, the Sun is in opposition Neptune, an epidemic can break out, easily. 

Next to check would be the Lunar eclipses, but this, some other time.   


November 16, 2015 Monday

We wake to a Sun at 23 Scorpio and a Moon in Capricorn. The Moon is in waxing phase, separating from the Sun, growing in light. It is also separating from a conjunction to Pluto, which was the main aspect for this morning for the East. 
The main aspect of the week, even for the coming 2 weeks is the Saturn-Neptune square, at 7 degrees, and the most important move is Neptune turning Direct. 
taking in consideration all these factors, I am basing my calculations. 

The Nifty is already trading. In my reports sent out last week, I gave targets and stops. Sign up now, to know these levels! 
Looking at Bloomberg, most of the world is red.
Let's see how will the CAC open? Sorry for being so "cold", but here in Israel, we are "used" to horrors like this. I remember, that I worked in an office, in the middle of Tel Aviv, on Oct 19, 1994,when the first bus exploded. The market fell by 21%. Then more and more busses exploded but the market did not fall. It is cruel. Seems that people can adjust and go on.
Support for the CAC is at 4685, technically, or using the planets, at 4807- which, ironically, is Uranus line.- below that 4803-4797.
This is the Yahoo graph: here we can see 4380 is a support 

I am watching the CNN. people ask for explanation from the government. There is no explanation, just getting ready for more suicide attacks. 
France, and Belgium, and all Europe should put police at every entrance to museums, cinemas, supermarkets, schools, kindergartens, as we do here. No one can go in with gun machine! or even a knife, without being caught. And yet, we have a lot of casualties, by stubbing people on the street, with knives, and screw drivers. How can one protect himself from things like these? When 12-14 year old children are running around with butchers' knives and kill people in the streets? 

Here is the map of the European Union: Nov 1, 1993 in Brussels. What can we learn form it? it is 22 years old.The ascendant is at 17 degrees, which, in the tarot Cards, is the sign of Aquarius- stands for freedom, love the other, all the world is friend. 
The Sun is at 8 degrees- a Scorpio degree- in Scorpio! Scorpio is not only the sign of life and death but also of money, and we saw how Germany slowly but surely took over the reign. 
The Moon is at 24 taurus-conjunct asteroid Chaos. 
Then we have the ruler of the MC, the government, Venus at the cursed degree of 19 Libra, also mercury at 19 degrees, in retro. 
But, the difficult positions are those of Mars+Pluto conjunction in Scorpio and Uranus-Neptune at 18^ degrees Capricorn.

I think the whole idea of the European Union  came for money purposes, to balance the USA, or even China. We can see this in the chart. The rulers of money are Mercury and Neptune. They are in a sextile- in the 1993 chart, but since Mercury is retro, it is separating from Neptune, and we saw the money problems that Greece, Spain, and other countries faced. This separation culminated in 2008, and since then, Mercury is again approaching Neptune- so watching 2021 year will be extremely important. 
It is interesting to see, that the Paris attack occurred exactly at the Nodes conjunction. This happened before only in 2006, very very rare occasion. 

I sent till now 17 alerts. Enjoy. 

This is the chart of Francois Hollande. Judging by the transits, he should be really worried. transit Uranus in retro, is in square to his Moon, and the North Node, in the 8th house..while transit Pluto is there too- both point to sudden endings. Jupiter, that can help, is also at 17^ degrees, thus triggered by Uranus.
Many other bad aspects... He should be extra careful! At least till Uranus is in the area, till 17.Feb 2016. . 

November 17, 2015 Tuesday

Mars rules today. It is at 2 Libra. mars in libra is weak. The push-up yesterday came because of the Mars- Nodes position. 
S&P rallied from 2023- 2053. I sent alerts how to trade, I hope you were successful! 

Again, we have a new situation in the sky, with the Moon moving to Aquarius. Aquarius is a masculine sign, the highest in the Air element. Children born today and tomorrow will get this very clever and mystic Moon. For trade, the S&P makes tops or bottoms when on the Aquarius/leo Axis. last alert for the S&P was to move stop to 2053. Now the support - technically is at 2040. Long again only above 2054-58- this is a price level that will be difficult to cross. Sign up for the weekly letters, to get alerts! Or download the application.

November 18, 2015 Wednesday

Yesterday night I sent an alert saying, that 2063.55 is a strong resistance. It went to 2065- and fell. Sorry for those 2 points, if it confused you. I went short below 2063- I put a take profit order at 2023, which was not filled, cannot imagine how.. Well. we go on. Now I see, that I am looking at the bad date! It was 2000 on Nov 16th.. OK. 

Today is a turning day for the S&P. It closed at 2050- the low was at 2045-a level given in the weekly report. 
There are several issues in the sky today. The Moon is still in Aquarius, The Saturn 90 Neptune angle is almost exact, supporting at 2045. Mercury 45 Venus at 2056 level. So this is our trading range for the day. 
Now... breakfast. 
I wrote to the people who built the application for me, that it can be hardly seen, and it comes out gibberish. I hope they will do something out it! If any one cannot see them properly, mail me, I'll send it to you till it's fixed. 
They answered, saying that it was corrected, let's see, in a couple of day.. 

November 19,2015 Thursday

We got a new high in the S&P, reached Nov 11th high. The question is, will it go on and rally? 
Let's see if any changes in the sky? The Moon is still in Aquarius, but before the US opens, it will cross over to Pisces. As I write these lines, it is in exact square to the Sun, look up to the sky, you will see a half Moon. When the Moon is half, people tend to quarrell and fight. There is a lot of energy in the air. 
Moon angles for today, gmt+2 - signaling for intraday turns. 
19.11.2015 10:19:23 27°40'13"Aqr Square Mercury
19.11.2015 12:08:30 28°43'10"Aqr Semi-square Pluto
19.11.2015 14:21:28  0°00'00"Psc <<<
19.11.2015 17:59:17  2°06'09"Psc Semi-square Uranus

19.11.2015 21:29:51  4°08'27"Psc Quincunx Mars
Same for the US gmt-5
19.11.2015  7:21:28  0°00'00"Psc <<<
19.11.2015 10:59:17  2°06'09"Psc Semi-square Uranus
19.11.2015 14:29:51  4°08'27"Psc Quincunx Mars
19.11.2015 18:08:30  6°15'48"Psc Square Saturn
19.11.2015 19:26:14  7°01'10"Psc Conjunction Neptune

OK. index closed at 2085. At this level it is blocked at 2087 and supported at 2083.70 A very tight trade range, but very important. falling from 2083-next support is at 2077-76. Running above 2087- next 2089.55- then there is a huge void pr multiple resistances at 2096~-2097-2099. 
Nifty: the stop was 7800- fell below, we went short, reached again 7800, we went long again. There are many tricks and tips when we trade, many things to take in consideration. When I send a stop level, that shows a very strong planetary position. Once it is above it, we go long. 
There is an interesting position today in the sky. In the Heliocentric chart, the Earth is at 26 Taurus, an Algol. Checking the same position for the Sun, when was it on Algol, a malefic fixed star, it was on May 17-19, 2015, when the S&P topped at 2131. So today we have a mirror effect, and should receive again a top. So, let's see... In order to rally, it should go above 2131, so as long as it is below this level , technically it is a correction. 
It is Mr. Sisi's birthday today, Egypt president. He is 61. Happy birthday! As we say here: feel like 20 till 120.
He was born on a Friday, and his date adds up to 19.2.19- = 13/4 Ruled by Uranus. In his natal chart, Uranus is conjunct Jupiter, both in retro, at the last degrees of Cancer. A malefic position is undergoing- in transit Uranus, at 150 his natal Moon! 

Now, this has triple meaning. One: he has his hand on his stomach, pointing to his Jupiter-Uranus position in Cancer, that rules the stomach. Is he sick?  Second, transit Uranus is in a bad position to his Moon, which is ruler of Cancer, thus, his stomach. Third, in a nation's chart, the Moon is the people, and transit Uranus shows uprisings, because of lack of food.(Cancer-food)... 
This is a little glimpse of what is going on ... 
Take care, Mr. Sisi! 

Two people killed in Tel Aviv, in a synagogue, during a terrorist attack. Right with the Moon entering Pisces.~religion~ He was caught by people in the street and held till the police arrived. The killer is 36, father of 5... He will leave a nice legacy to his children. Someone who had work permit, from an arab settlement. 
Second terrorist attack, this time American tourists are also injured/ killed. 

November 20, 2015 Friday. 

I use a lot You can find there everything!. For instance, which grop pushed the markets up this day/week.month? 

Then I would like to check, which shares in any sector were rallying? 
and in technology? 

I see a new player, Square, that is moving the sector, I check everything I can about it.
First trade date: Nov. 18,2015 NY, at 10:00 . IPO price $9. - Planetary support is at 7, target 13.65-17-19. " Born" with a Mercury-Sun conjunction, Saturn-Neptune square and Jup-150-Uranus. All these will trigger future prices. If you bought it, it is a long with a stop at 7.

Yesterday I sent 23 alerts. I am just checking them now, most of them materialised. Hope you took good advantage of them.

Now I am preparing the weekly reports, the Sun is shining outside, I have to go to the beach later... so see you :) 

The outcome for Square: Target was 13.65- it never went higher! 

S&P: target 2097 given, and reached. 

Now I am writing my reports for the next week, let's see if the robots will put a grin on people's faces, by pumping the index,and the markets to new highs. I think the robots are now programmed with everything people know... They see where are your stops, they wipe you out, they "play" against you, they sell you more and more new oscillators, then use them against you... The only thing, I don't think can be programmed, is still astrological inputs. It is the only thing that Gann used, with only a piece of paper and a pen to count the levels, something I figured out years ago, nobody taught me, or showed me, and it was so stunning that I cried. 
This is what I teach in my course. 

November 22, 2015 Sunday

The sky is not quiet. Just look at the many angles the planets make! And these are only the major ones. The Sun is in the last degree of Scorpio. Here are a few angles for the coming days. I took only the ones that occur during trading hours. For the next days, these are the positions that my calculations are based on.  The main and ongoing position is the Saturn-Neptune square at 7^. It is not in the list, because the software takes the exact position, and not the ones with 1 or more degree orb. 
gmt+2:  Moon          90 Pluto         22.11.2015 16:00
Moon         150 Node        23.11.2015 17:04
Moon          30 S.Node      23.11.2015 17:04
Sun          150 Moon          23.11.2015 20:16
Venus        180 Uranus     24.11.2015  0:13
Sun          135 Uranus       24.11.2015 16:15
Moon         120 Pluto         24.11.2015 16:56
Moon          45 S.Node      24.11.2015 17:16
Moon         135 Node        24.11.2015 17:16
Mars         150 Neptune    24.11.2015 17:58
Moon          30 Uranus      24.11.2015 21:59

Our market, TA25 closed at 1573.66. Support is at 1569-67, resistance at 1575.
The arbitrage is 0.5%+ positive.
The share to watch will be MNKD: High opening, due to arbitrage=960- from there 980-1045- 1110. 
The report for the S&P is out. Also for the Nifty, and the Crude oil. To order it, pls. click on PayPal at the left panel:$225 for 3 months. 

November 23, 2015 Monday 

We wave good bye to Scorpio, as the Sun just crossed 
over to the optimistic, full of smiles sign of Sagittarius. children born in the next 30 days will have a positive outlook on the world, will be talkative, argumentative, always saying the last word. People will like them and will seek their company. The symbol of the sign is a centaur, half man half horse, with a narrow in his hand. This arrow shoots far and they tend not to see what is under their leg. They will search for bride in far away countries, while she is right there, kindergarden sweety. A sag. will always postpone chores, and getting away with it, since luck is their middle name, until this turns, and boy, then they will be surprised... The main thing to teach Sag. children is to do what you have to do now, and don't postpone it! Because it will turn back on you, and that will be painful. The most fitting word for Sag. is "Freedom". Never ask them where they go or when do they return! You will make a quick enemy. 
Some world leaders I have in my database, who were born in Sag: Joseph Stalin, Augusto Pinochet, Lee Myung-bak (South Korea President), Hu Jintao ( China President), Dilma Rousseff, Ali Zeidan (Libyan PM), Ben Shalom Bernanke, Tymoshenko Julia, Nicolas Maduro, Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Denmark PM). Saakashvili ( Gruzia president). 

Together with the Sun, we have Mercury and Saturn in this sign. Mercury is weak here. And Saturn, as usual brings its boundaries to this joyful sign. 
During the night the Sun was 120 to the South Node, I hope no major earthquakes occurred. Let me check. Yes, there was one, 4.6 in Chile, but I guess we are used to these small tremors of the Earth already. Above 7 would be a major one. 

I sent 25 alerts. Then I succeeded to upload it under "Forms" in the application, in case you missed something. Please let me know if you see it, if it works! 
I worked too much on this, for your benefit! 
Spread the word! tell your friends! 
Thank You. 

November 24 2015, Tuesday

Yesterday I sent an alert saying to watch it, for a turn in the S&P, and I gave the exact time already in my last week's report... 

TA25: closed at 1573.68- the arbitrage is -0.3%- This will push the opening to 1568,9- In the 5 minutes chart we have a Head and shoulders pattern, pointing to 1564, if 1569 breaks. 
The planets support at 1573- then only at 1567. 

November 25, 2015 Wednesday

Yesterday we got a great trading day! At least it was for me. I hope for you as well! The stop for the S&P was 2087, target given 2097. Went to 2095- and fell to 2070- we went short below 2087 of course. One has to be very flexible to trade. Don't get stuck in a position. 
Let's see what will this day bring?
First, it is a turning day for the Nifty. Then, we went short with a stop at 7860.
I wrote yesterday, that it was a turning day for the Gold. Although it turned, but I didn't faint of the rally.. 
Today: The Moon is Void till 19:15- bad times to decide on anything. It will trine the NNode later today, and then enter Gemini. Mercury glued to Saturn, and squaring Neptune, Venus is separating from an opposition to Uranus, at 18^, Mars is still 150 Neptune. These positions will guide me today in advising. 
I ran a few shares, and they fell 3 days before Mercury conjuncted Saturn. But, of course, not all shares behave the same. 
IEP, REX, ACI, XCO, RCON, REN,REXX, etc... made major moves. 
Watch these stocks: earnings.. 

And happy Thanksgiving! 

TA25: closed yesterday at 1562.29- Stop for short was 1564, fell to 1558- and turned up.
We are long now with a stop at 1562.50. target 1566-67/ next 73.
I read about the Russian plane that was shot down by Turkey.Looking at the natal chart of Erdugan, I see many worrying angles! Neptune is right on his Sun now. Neptune can make an artist, a good doctor, or a religious fanatic. Then moving ahead in time, March will be really bad for him! His natal Uranus and Jupiter are both triggered by transit planets! The bad ones. See for yourself. 

Here is the Turkish index:TR20: Short stop 820- target 722


November 26,2015 Thursday

Today we are ruled by Mars and Jupiter. Mars is separating from a bad aspect it made to Neptune, next aspect to make will be a sextile to Mercury, adding to the Gemini Moon volatility. In personal chart it makes you clever, sharp and quick minded. A good speaker. 
The Sun is at 3 Sag. is on an unfortunate fixed star, Graffias.  We learn from this star the following: 

On Nov 13, during the Paris attack, Saturn was just 2 degrees apart.

During the next couple of days the Sun will touch other bad fixed stars, which might bring more sorrow.
It's Thanksgiving today, no trade, and tomorrow, Black Friday, only half a day trade. So volume will be low. 
DAX: Stop yesterday was 10990- we were stopped out, and it turned up. Made a double top at 11160... I was wrong here, I hope you went long after it ran above 10990.
S&P: is struggling to run above 2092-94 since Nov 19th. Looking at the 1 hour chart, made bottom at 2014- on Nov 15th, it might make a surprize rally to 2174. 
So let's see... 
TR20: bottomed so far at 772...Lower stop to 795 . 

November 27, 2015 Friday

We are after the Full Moon, which occurred on 4^ Gemini. We remember this number from the last Lunar eclipse. SO far the S&P topped at 2099- and we were stopped out and I turned short at 2097. All these levels are calculated on planetary position, a system I teach in my "Financial Astrology course". Each level I write or I send in the application is very very important. falling from one, will go to the other level, and nothing to stop it. 

The sky today- till the end of the week: Sun is approaching Saturn. This position will be exact on Nov.30th. It's effect will be felt till Dec.5. This is what we can learn from TS regarding this aspect: 
Former conjunction occurred on Nov 15-19, 2014, then the index was at 2066- hmmmm 

But, there are other planets and other positions too. Sign up to the weekly report, to see what else is there, and how to trade the month of December? and others to come. 
If you still don't have my application... it's time to download it now and receive market alerts. Link below, or in the left panel. 

November 29, 2015 Sunday

The week starts with the Sun at 6 Sag. and the Moon in Cancer, a sign it rules. The main event of the week is the Sun conjunct Saturn, and Saturn 90 Neptune. It is very very rare, for these two events, to happen together. Actually it did only  in April 1999. even then, it was 2 weeks apart, and not so exact like now. 

Here is the graph of the Gold: 

Timing Solution, the software I use to check statistics, and all kind of effects, tells us, the the Sun-Saturn conjunction brought in the past a fall of 1.5% till 7 days after this conjunction occurred. I am short in gold, with a stop at 1070- expecting 1010. Not only because of this aspect, but many others.. 
TA25: closed at 1561.49 . from this number we can learn that the open will be very powerful. Stop : 1559- target: 1567. 

Good news! I made some changes in the application! I deleted "Forms" because people could not see it properly. Instead, I uploaded the last list of alerts under "Contact us" window, where I can write as much as I please. 
I hope now all is settled, and everybody will see the alerts when they want to, properly. 

November 30, 2015 Monday

The day arrived, that I wrote about a few days ago! The Sun conjuncts Saturn at 7 Sag. and both square Neptune, at 7 Pisces. In my course, one of the exercises I give to students is, to make a list of all the attributes they can, related to the planets. So what is the Sun standing for? Saturn? Neptune? Those who read this blog for the last years already know the answer....
Sun: Ego, the person, the will, who I am, the king or the PM, The Sun is masculine and harmful. Why? Try to look into the Sun! you will go blind. The Sun is the king of the jungle. Rules the sign of Leo. It is fire. heat, microwave. 
Saturn: Old, black, discipline, restriction, hardship, lesson to learn, governement. Ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius. Earth/ Air signs. Earth and fire go together? No. 
What is going on in Paris today? the meeting of all the world's leaders. Voila, you have the Sun meeting Saturn. Conference. What are they talking about? Neptune. What is Neptune stand for? ruler of Pisces, water sign, no boundaries, immigration of people who got out of control. Religious fanaticism. Also dreams..people follow their dreams. 
Who, the Sun and Saturn want to stop this flood of people? Turkey. The books tell us, that Turkey is ruled by the sign of Virgo. Jupiter is at 20 Virgo. It makes no aspects, so it is powerless. But it does make an aspect to 2 asteroids.:: 90^Chaos and 150^Damocles. 
Now you tell me, if astrology doesn't work? 

In a person's chart, we use an orb of 5-8 sometimes 10 degrees orb. For trade strictly 1! or 0. So you can see the Sun-Saturn exact conjunction squaring Neptune, also Mercury 30^ to Pluto. 
The upcoming issue will be when Mercury, Pluto and Mars will be at 16 degrees- Uranus' position!. 
The conference opens today with the Moon in Leo~ nothing better to fit the situation. Every leader thinks he is the king of the jungle... LOL... Pride and prejudice... 
This Moon will join the party at 3:52 gmt+1 Berlin time at 3:52 pm. trining Saturn. 
Next times to watch will be :4:46, 4;59, 9:52 pm- also trade wise. 
Moon's aspects for today: gmt+2 
30.11.2015 13:51:31  5°57'29"Leo Semi-square Jupiter
30.11.2015 15:55:25  7°03'34"Leo Quincunx Neptune= negative
30.11.2015 16:47:43  7°31'25"Leo Trine Saturn = positive
30.11.2015 17:54:06  8°06'42"Leo Trine Sun = negative 
30.11.2015 22:46:47 10°41'42"Leo Sextile Mars= positive
We had a huge reversal today. Some were caught with the pants down... Had to close position, or adjust them. I search, and found, what cause it! 
the Moon was exactly on the last Lunar eclipse degree, 4 Leo. (the eclipse was on 4 Aries). So in order to avoid these surprises in the future, here are future times for this week. 
December 1, 2015 Tuesday

Bye bye November. Never to return... What did it bring for the S&P? it was 2079 on Nov 1st, and it is at the same spot now. Only in the middle we had a drop to 2019. How easy it is, when we look back! LOL... 

Can we look back into the future? 
We can try Timing Solution... it gives some statistics. it tell us that in the last 30 Decembers, the index rallied from Nov 23- to Dec 10, then there was a harsh fall till Dec.18-20, and a rally till the close of the year. But, I learned that statistics are nice, but not tradable. It is so difficult to gain one dollar... 
So we will have to do it with a day-to-day watch. 
For some reason I cannot upload pictures.. there is an error Google tells me, I hope they'll fix it. 
OK, using another browser, helped... SO here is the S&P for the last 30 yeas- behavior during December.

Today we are under the spell of Mars and Jupiter. 
There are no significant changes in the sky. Only the Moon is moving. Now at the middle of Leo. 
Moon's angles gmt 00:00 ~ adjust it to your time zone.

1.12.2015  3:08:47 14°02'33"Leo Quincunx Pluto=bad
1.12.2015  7:40:00 16°24'12"Leo Trine Mercury =good
1.12.2015  8:27:42 16°49'02"Leo Trine Uranus
1.12.2015 16:42:52 21°05'30"Leo Semi-sextile Jupiter
2.12.2015  3:08:44 26°26'22"Leo Semi-square Mars
2.12.2015  3:09:15 26°26'37"Leo Sextile Venus
2.12.2015  8:20:02 29°04'42"Leo Sesqui-quadrate Pluto =bad
2.12.2015 10:09:07  0°00'00"Vir <<<
2.12.2015 13:41:53  1°47'36"Vir Sesqui-quadrate Uranus
In my weekly report, I wrote for Nov. 30 : "Times to watch: 3:52pm = 2080 price level"... check it out. see what happened. 

December 2, 2015 Wednesday. 

The Moon in proud Leo did it again!. And it is still there,, at 27 degrees. It produced a top. And it ain't over yet!

I still cannot upload pictures to the blog, I don't know what happened to Google... So pictures can be seen in FB, or in the app, under charts. 

Now, I did succeed to use another browser, so scroll up, and see how did the S&P behave during December for the last 30 years.
We had a boring 12 days, from Nov 19th till yesterday, when the index was consolidating between 2070-2095- Yesterday broke above 2100.
Watch out today for the Moon moving to Virgo. It will bring a turn.
Nifty: our stop was 7940: we turned short below. It is a turning day today for it.
S&P: closed at 2102- first resistance is at 2107, support or stop at 2098
Gold: last low was at 1064- top at 1072- Planets are supportive at 1066.50- and form a resistance at 1070- breaking one end will show direction. 
EURODOLLAR: bottomed at 1.0559- topped 1.0637- Now ar 1/3 correction of this move. Short below 1.0612. Target: 1.0598. 
TA25: Yesterday target given in the app: 1576.60 reached! Closed at 1572.Now we have a positive arbitrage, so probably it'll climb to 1576-80-84-88 even. Stop 1570 

December 3, 2015 Thursday

I went to visit my mom yesterday, before market opened in the US. Wowww... what a move! 
She was happy I came, returned really late, so I just saw what I have missed. I was loaded with puts on the S&P, and they returned all the losses of the too early buy. Great. 
The alerts I sent yesterday delivered, and I am amazed now, how the time table fitted the events. 
So, what happened yesterday? What did Mts. Yellen say? I have to do some reading... LOL.. 
This is what I wrote last week for subscribers: 
" December 3 : Thursday : The East will open with a Moon 90 Sun aspect- bringing a lot of energy. Mercury at 19 Sag. Will add to that, probably negatively. Also Venus is 150 to the South Node- a lot of negative positions. Price wise: 2080-2092- is again the trade range. This is the day the Mrs.Yellen chose for a speech, then PMI, and more announcements. Mars- 90 Pallas is still working, and Mercury is bad is Sag- all together, will bring some bad news.
Just before the close a positive angle might help- at 10:50 pm- 2100- level. ( or 2070- support)
We are 666 days ( no. of the beast) from 2/5/2014 low."

Where are the planets today? The Moon squares the Sun.- Look up to the sky, you will find a half moon. Brings fights, quarrels, criticism, picking on every small thing possibly. Count till 10 before you speak! 
Mercury is on the cursed degree: 19 Sag. Sextile damocles and opposition Chaos. 
Venus 150 SNode = Bad
Jupiter squares Chaos.
On these positions, and more, but I don't want to bore you.... are my calculations and timings based. 
Fundamental world: a lot of Fed announcements from Europe...between 10-11 am, tighten your seatbelts. Next before markets opens, from the US. And I am surprised to see the Natural gas storage... what is that -22B forecast? That will be interesting to trade! 
If the storage is this low, than there is a shortage of it, no? so price should fly... Not a trading advice! 
Low was 2.03 on Nov 23rd.. Top was 3.02 in May.. lately we got a double bottom, and the trade range is between 2.20-2.50- Wait till it breaks one end.. Don't jump before the cart! 
S&P: Yesterday made 35 points. Now it is trapped between 1086.78- 2084. Breaking one end will give us the signal. 
Gold: key yesterday was 1066.50- falling lower was a sign to short it. We got a low at 1051.22- how did I miss this trade? MOM!!!! Lol... Now the planets are 1048.90-1057. Where is it now? 1052... well... to have a stop at 1057- is too much money to lose- for a short. It might make a correction to 1057- 1055- but it's a definite short below 1048.90

Download my application to receive market alerts.. 

December 4, 2015 Friday 

Many years ago, we had a dog. Boy, she was clever!!!
But you didn't want to be near her, when she was shaking herself dry! 
This is what happened with the markets yesterday... LOL... shake themselves dry. 
Those who are still in, are about to begin the nicest journey. 

S&P: Dec 3. Target given in the app: 2044. 


Nikkei: Wrote on Nov.30 in the application: 


CAC: Dec 1 alert: 
IBEX: yesterday's alert: 

Nifty:  Dec.2 Alert



These are some of the alerts and their outcomes. 

The sky today : gives us a very nice Moon-Jupiter conjunction, right now: 8:39 as I write, in the morning.  Also a square to Mercury, later a minor positive position to Venus, and a conjunction to the North Node. Then, it will wave bye bye to Virgo, and enter Libra.
See the times gmt:00:00 for these: 
3:54 am
4:59 pm 
10:33 pm enters Libra! CIT

December 6, 2015 Sunday 

The sky today: 

Planetary positions that will accompany us during the week: Saturn 90 Neptune, Sun 60 Mars, and the most powerful upcoming event is Mars in opposition to Uranus, on Libra/Aries axis. Mars, planet of war, is weak in Libra, and Uranus in Aries, that brings sudden changes. The opposition is like two children playing with pulling the rope... who will fall first? who will be stronger? 
On Dec.11 we will have the New Moon, on the cursed degree of 19. Look up what this degree means... There is search window in the left panel. 

Venus moved to Scorpio during the night. For TA25, this position meant a rise till 7^Sco, till the 11th, of December. 
Special price for the application for the week of Hanukkah, 199 shekel, or $52...both in Iphone and Android, on Google Play. 
Let me know, if you see these new prices... 
From today till the 13th. 

December 7, 2015 Monday 

We wake to a Moon at 28 Libra, on Izar- fixed star, and it is void of course. Not a good time to trade, or make any decisions. The planets are scattered. In two days the Sun will trine Uranus, an aspect that happens twice a year. 

TA25: trades now at 1567.43- waiting to see what will the markets do? targets, as given yesterday in the app. 
Nifty: Wrote last week in the report: 
News from Pope Francis.. and explanation: 

For new users of the application: Pls. click on Alerts and Contact, to see all alerts on one page. It took some time to figure out how to do this, but finally I succeeded. :) Enjoy. 

December 8, 2015 Tuesday
The Moon is now just 60 degrees to the Sun, on the 11th we will have the New Moon. It is also making a minor positive position to Saturn, blocking at 8 degrees, meaning, 2078 level. it is also 120 to Neptune. Till market opens in Europe, another 2 hours, the Moon will move on. The other important, and stronger position is Mercury, at 27 degrees, in SAg. right on the Galactic Center, and squaring the Nodes; at 2067 level. Voila, we have a support and resistance. We will need a push up, some energy to move it higher than 2078! Which planet can help? 

We have a T-Square in the sky now, Mars- Pluto-Uranus. I will be surprised if this combination will not bring some disaster. Sorry folks..I feel I write all the time about disasters... But, what can I do? This is what I see. 
I deleted all planets, but the Sun, Mars , Uranus and Pluto- here are they passing: 

Yesterday brought a choppy trade! We got a low at 2067.21- and a close at 2077.07. Now all we have to get is a higher high than 2094- and we'll have a new rally..  
DAX: Stop was 10900- here too we went short below this level,- closed at 10886. Support here is at 10860- target: 10910~ only above it is a long to former top. 
Nifty: is declining for 4 days. The key yesterday was 7767- now it is at 7738. Target 7714.50
at 3:40 pm  it bottomed at 7686- hope you took the slide down ! 

Oil: alert was to lower stop to 38.1- and support at 37.65- Now it trades at 36.82! - Now lower stop to 37.65, even to 37. 
Bloomberg are not aware, that Oil- made bottom, and I am celebrating with longs!!!! 
This is the one hour chart for yesterday, that I started to trade. 
Stops and targets were given in the app. 

December 9, 2015 Wednesday

The only change in the sky from yesterday, is, that the Moon is VOC. This is what the software tells me. But, then looking at the chart, I see that the Moon is at 21^Sco.- and it will make a minor positive position to the Galactic Center, and to Mercury, So we should always check. 
The S&P, in the last 5 days made higher lows, at 2042-2052- now we will need also higher highs to get a rally. 2072- will do it. 
Times to watch today: Moon moving to Sag. Gmt:00:00
10:21 pm 
Nifty: continues to fall... Sign up to the weekly report, to see where is it going? 
Oil: what made it move? explanation on the pic. 

The oil topped on June 24, 2014, at 107. I find it very interesting, the following planetary positions now: yesterday Mercury made an opposition to the day of the top, Mars returned to the same position, and Jupiter makes a sextile. Tomorrow Mercury enters Capricorn, that will stir it up..

TA25: closed yesterday at 1542.38. It is just 1/3 correction of the Sept 28- Nov- rally! 1536 is support. CIT: today, its 55 days from 9/9/high, Next Dec 15, 18, 20, 28

Basing itself above 1536- Next: 1545-51-52

Donald Trump was born on June 14,1946. This New Moon will position transit Sun right across his natal Sun. very vulnerable days! Between Dec. 11-16. Stroke, heart attacks, physical attack coming from abroad, all possible! Also transit nodes square his Sun, just adding to the drama.

This can happen to anyone born between 10-20 June...

Crude inventories came out negative! LOL!!! 
Watch these stocks turn !! 

December 10, 2015 Thursday

What a day yesterday!!! 
Target given for the S&P was 2079.70- reached, and fell tp 2037..2053 is now resistance, and 2014 target.  
Crude oil: reached 38.99- one of the targets given was 39.08.- and fell to 36.87
BCEI: Target given: 7.25- went to 7:31
PDS: target given: 3.80- went till 3.60
Nasdaq: Stop was 5040- topped at 5105- and we were stopped out. 
CMG: topped at 560- we are still in trade. 
Nifty: we are still short, lower it from 7670 to 7637.
DAX: we were and are short, lower stop to 10650
HSI: we were short, lower stop to 21830
Is anybody still in trade after yesterday? 

December 11, 2015 Friday

Today is the day of the New Moon, in Sag. I already wrote about it, scroll up, or make a search in the left panel search window. It is time to "roll over" , end this article, and start a new one. You are welcome to read all former articles about other New Moons, in Sagittarius, just to learn... 
Let's look back and see what happened during the last 28 days? 
The S&P, on Nov 11 was at 2075- now at 2054- quite a consolidation, I would say, We had a low at 2019 and a high at 2104. 85 points. Should go above 2061.50 to be in the positive area. 
The Dow: was at 17702- now at 17575; it is in the positive area above 17556. DAX: was at 10908- now at 10590- broke former low, it is negative.

For newcomers: You can subscribe to the weekly report for the S&P, or Nifty, clicking PayPal at the left panel, or download my application, and receive market alerts. 

Thank you for being here, follow me to the next article: New Moon in Sagittarius, 2015


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