New Moon in Sagittarius, 2015

between Dec 11- January 10, 2016 

Thanks for following me from the former article. 

What can we learn from the map? The inner wheel is today, the outer: January the 10th, the next New Moon. During these days the Sun moves exactly 30 degrees and will enter Capricorn. Mercury will turn retro, Venus enters Sag. Mars Scorpio, Jupiter! turns retro, Uranus! turns Direct. The others don't move much. 
Based on these position, and some more... I am doing my calculations for market levels. 
Why and how? You can sign up to my "Financial Astrology" course, which will change your way of trade, and all in all you view on life, and people, and yourself. Read students' letters..

OK. So Europe is open now. Let's see what are they up to. 

Usually Sun in Capricorn brings the X-Mas rally. Except when it does not... LOL. The S&P fell in 1992, 2002, 2004, 2005,2007!  And, as I A L W A Y S  write!!! We can never decide on one planet only, which direction to trade. 
Watch Fed. announcements today! 

December 12, 2015 Saturday

I am checking the times that the Fed announced of interest rates. In July 29, at 1 pm the Ascendant was at 0 Scorpio- a fixed sign, and Moon conjunct Pluto. Rate stayed 0.25%

By the way, it is 0.25% since 2010- but I am not going to analyze so far back..

Why is it important to know now? people want to know, will the market fall, if they do raise the interest rate... What does it matter now, when the market already fell? Please get into proportions! and don't panic!  Anyway, let's see.. 

Next decision date was Sept 17, 20015, at 1 pm. the Asc. was at 8 degrees, a fixed number, and the Moon in Scorpio again, fixed sign. The rate did not move. 
Then, October 28, at 1 pm- Moon at 21 Taurus- a fixed sign, and Pluto on the Asc. again, rates did not move. 
The big decreases in the rate started on Sept.18,2007- then 10 planets and objects were in mutable signs.Look at the date! adds up to 9.9.9.LOL, isn't that cool? 9 is ruled by Mars, and that was in mutable, most mutable sign of Gemini. 

On Dec 16,2015 at 2pm. The Moon will be at 0^ Pisces. This position only tells me that something "fishy" is going on on this date; raise might be postponed....Ascendant at 12^ Taurus, a fixed sign, its ruler: Venus is 180^- in Scorpio- another fixed sign. So far, it shows that no changes will be made. But then, when I add up the date, I get a 9, ruled by Mars, and this is on the cursed degree, 19 in LIbra, and we have 6 planets, including the Sun in mutable signs. Bottom line, I think, if I read this correctly, a minor raise will be made, and this date will be a low.

But, don't worry, Santa Claus is still coming. LOL... 
And, always remember, that I am just a human and can be terribly wrong. So don't trade it. Sit on your hands when the announcement is due. 
Looking at the graphs: From Oct 14th low took 33 days to make another low, on Nov 13, next 33 days will be on Dec. 17- hmmm... Major support is at 1994, it's the midpoint of the rally from Sept 29th. If the planets will not hold, ayaya... but, that, you can read in my weekly reports. 

This mail really warmed my heart: 

After reading two of you reports I must say, that they are the most precise reports/forecasts I have ever seen - no question! There are so many forecasts in the internet, but most of them are wrong and dangerous.

Thanks for your mails and so far your trading tips are OK!

December 13, 2015 Sunday 

Big news, and change in life for the women of Saudia! first time in history, they are allowed to vote. Under a Sun-Jupiter square, Jupiter in the 9th house of freedom, and the Moon 29^ Sag ( the people, very strong degree). Isn't this a perfect chart for " say what you think"? 

Today we have trade, and market will start in 15 minutes. We have a huge negative arbitrage, to 1513 is coming.
The Moon is conjunct Pluto, both square Mars- with a 3 deg. orb, Mars is still in opposition Uranus, an angle that helped the markets fall. 
Day to watch will be Dec. 16th, when the interest rate will be announced.
Today is the last day to download my application with a discount... 

I shall be away from the computer today, so be good. 

9:25 pm ... I was indeed not next to the computer. .... first I had to go to see my accountant... I was there, he didn't show up. Then, I wanted to buy some plants, to put on my balcony, ... I drove and drove and drove, ... finally, I got there, just to find them closed.
 " Sundays we are closed" is said on the plate... geee. I could have checked that, before driving extra miles... Then, I went to see my mom. Suddenly my car lights up- I don't know what to do. So I call my technician, he tells. me come in, let's check. So I stay with my mom, teach her some Piano lessons... she's 85/// and I start driving to the garage. Suddenly my car is on smokes and fire... I stop. Somebody stops to help... you have no water, MAM. .. wait.. cool down.. so I wait . He tells me I can drive till the garage, for check up- I start to drive.. suddenly there is an explosion... no gas, no break.. all the car is lit up.. I drive to the side way,. grab my bag, my phone..People yell at me, stay get off the road... nowadays it is very dangerous to be on the sideways, people are run down, just for the fun call insurance.. they say, it'll take 3 hours to come and toll you.. OK. it's 3:30- pm, I sit in the car for 4 hours. I closed the doors.. Before that I put out the triangle, to be seen.... I try to figure out my chart, and the transit of this day, to see why did all this happen? Well, Moon and Mercury conjunct in my 2nd house.. of course... Mercury is transportation... Expenses to come.....Somebody stops behind me.. then he takes off.. I see my triangle is broken..   I am cold, and hungry. no battery in my I phone, . Called my kids. No battery in the car, none on the Iphone. I am somewhere on the route, how will he find me? Suddenly, after 4.30 hours he calls me, Achmed... I am coming to rescue you... another 20 minutes and he's all smiles... 20 years old. I give him a Numerology lesson, born on the 3.12.1994... good guy.. he is stunned by what I tell him. He takes my car to the garage, and, extra, he takes me home...and thanks me.  

Just another day. 

And the next: I wake up to hear, that my car is seriously ill. it is 16 years old.. I will have to look for another car.
If anyone is enjoying reading this blog, and cold help me out with it, I would be more than happy.. there is a "gift card" at the left panel, donate as much as you can... Thank you ! 

Maybe the stars will smile at me, today??!! 
The Moon is at 26 Capricorn, slowly moving out of this sign... It is also departing from a favorable sextile to the Sun. Mercury sextiles Neptune, this is good.. and no other aspects at this hour... 9:12 am 

December 15, 2015 Tuesday 

Well well well, La Luna did it again! from Aquarius.. The S&P always makes a top or bottom when in this sign. This time it's a top... and it's ain't over yet! 
I see it bottomed at 1993, 18 trading days from Oct 21- to Nov 16, and Dec 14- And we got a huge reversal. 
This is what I see now: from Yahoo: 
And this is what I see in Finviz: future: 

Will the rally continue today? Under the Fed announcements umbrella? Let's see..The Moon is in Aquarius, and will be for another day. Mercury sextiles Neptune, still, they support the index at 2007; Sun square Jupiter, at 2032. So the planets give us a trade range.

Download my application" Financial alerts" to receive more alerts... 

How is the Dax doig? This index does not respond to the Moon in Aquarius... It is falling since Dec.1.= 14 days... Bottom at 10123.

I cannot post answers in the window below, dunno why.. so here it is:
Hello, Glad you are back..
" Bottom is yet to come" - this is relative.. When? IMHO, not during the next days. 
But the card will be revealed on Dec 16th- interest rate.. 
I didn't understand what you meant by the Yahoo graph. 2032- is one of the resistances on the way "

December 16, 2015, The Big day. 

Will they, or not? increase the rate? market will consolidate, waiting. Boring day till the announcement.
Anything changed in the sky? not really... the Moon is still in Aquarius. 
This is a table of planetary events during different Fed announcements: 

Moon enters Pisces one hour before the announcement...SO watch your positions!


December 17, 2015 Thursday

On December 12th, I wrote, that a "Minor raise will be made" . On the App. I also sent alert, pointing to a target for the S&P at 2067.- Actually made it to 2076. Now we are in quiet waters, with the Moon in the water sign of Pisces. Is the raise just a beginning of more raises to come in the future? That is the question now, and I will check it in future articles. 

As I write now these lines, the Moon is conjunct Neptune, next it will square Saturn, sextile Mercury, and Pluto, and at the same time also 120^ to Venus. 

The main aspects for the coming days come from Venus. It'll sextile Pluto and 150^ to Uranus. This will bring in more energy, no doubt about that. 

December 18, 2015 Friday

As the Moon squares the Sun, some negativity takes over... It'll be a very difficult day to trade; many changes..  

December 19, 2015 Saturday 

Negativity took over, yeah... Looking at the 60 min. graph the S&P made an M pattern, but with all this fall, did not break last low: 1993! Santa says, nothing is over till is over...
We have only 3 and a half days of trade till X-mas. 

Curious to know what will the next week bring? It's all in my weekly report.

December 20, 2015 Sunday 

The reports were sent. Market starts over here soon. The close was 1519- there is a negative arbitrage, probably will drop to 1509-1500 ish level. 

December 21, 2015 Monday

TA25 target was 1500- actually it fell much lower, closed at 1489.67. Former low was 1484.78
The sky this week brings the following aspects: Mars-Neptune 135^- bad, and Venus will make 2 positive positions. The most important is the Sun moving to Capricorn. 

For intraday traders, is important, the Moon just moved to Taurus... Here it is strong. SO what we get, is under a wide negative umbrella, several small positivity.  Expect surprises. 

December 22,2015 Tuesday

A bad move, and a person is neutralised.. That is what happened to me, when I took my grandson into my arms.. My lower back hurts, I can barely sit, or change positions. I can stand thou... LOL... But I cannot write standing up. So, my posts were short, as you can see. 

So just a short follow up. In the weekly reports I gave these targets that we see now. 
For the S&P: Long with a stop at 2017. 
Sectors that pushed the market up : 

There are 3 more days till X-mas, but more days after it, till the year is over. I have Calls on the S&P, which expire on Jan 16th, so I am watching this index very closely.

Gold: Bottomed at 1048; Only above 1087 it would be a long.. So careful with it. 
Corn : Short stop 491, target 470
Crude oil: Bottomed at 34.30- I would not touch it for the time being.. Short, if you must, stop 33.7
AORD: Dec 15 alert said: Lower stop to 4980- this was the bottom, then it turned up. So it was a sign to go long above this level. Now at 5167, raise stop to 5150

December 23, 2015 Wednesday

We wake to a Moon in Gemini. A nervous one, hectic day, with ups and downs. We get some soberness from the Sun moving to Capricorn.check out what I posted at the beginning of this article.. 
S&P: topped yesterday at 2037, as forecasted in the weekly report. Raise now the stop to 2032- we are long above it. 
Corn: reached 471... yesterday's target was 470. 
TA25: made a double bottom, today we have a small positive arbitrage, so we might see a try to go higher. Stop is now 1486.50. BUt there are many resistances at 1489.50-1491-92-93-96! SO it will be difficult to go over all these blocking levels, unless it opens with a gap! 

And to all my friends and readers, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!! My all your wishes come true in good health and happiness. 

December 24, 2015 Thursday

I guess people are busy with last minutes shopping, and will not sit and trade on an evening like this!
Unemployment claims came out better than expected. in 90 minutes Natural Gas storage, and we are done for the day. 
The S&P reached 3 of my targets given last week... During the night, after a top at 2064, fell to 2058.
Let's see if it'll reach for my last target... 2077? 

So, if you just ran to the computer, to see what is happening... again, Merry Christmas! My calls on the S&P are flourishing, watching them closely.

If you wonder how will Monday, the 28th open... I think I gave you the answer, when I posted the Sun in Capricorn picture.. We still have to see 2077-2086.50-2093-2095 levels... 

December 25, 2015 Friday

It is a warm morning outside. I still have my back problem, cannot sit too much. So just a few words.. 
Most important change in the sky: Uranus turned Direct. In the picture we can see statistics: only in 2012 the index fell under this position. 

have a nice day.. 

Here is an interesting article by my friend and colleague, Alphee, about Jesus birth.

December 27, 2015 Sunday 

We are back to trade today, under a VOC Moon. Meaning, it is in the last degrees of Cancer, and makes no angles to planets. Well, This is when the software is wrong, because, true, no angles to planets, but a very important one to the Galactic Center! 
TA25: closed at 1517.44. Although it made a nice rally from 1498, it is not enough for a long.. There are open gaps to the downside as well to the upside. The arbitrage is 0.03%, gives us no clue whatsoever.... Sם we can rely only on the planets. It's all in the weekly report..
The sky this week: 5 planets are at the last degrees of signs. my calculations are based on these degrees. 

I wrote many times in the past about Putinka. He, like Netanyahu has a stellium of planets in Libra. Now transit Mars is "ironing" them... Bringing many issues to the surface. In Netanyahu's case, law problems, in Putin's case, domestic problems... Now it's peanuts, compared to what will come when transit Uranus, (March- July) will be in opposition this Libra stellium! Inevitable, life changing events. 

December 28, 2015 Monday 

It is a day ruled by the Moon and Jupiter. The Moon is at 10 Leo, getting closer to the Sun, we are after the Full Moon. It is now in exact square to Saturn, at  2050/2080 price level for the S&P. 
Jupiter is almost conjunct the North Node. See the planets in yellow? All at the last degrees of a sign. Their placement, and interaction with one another is the cause of the floods, typhoons, depending above which country they shine...

All these positions also bring changes in trend. I have just one difficulty with the timing... I posted above , that the Sun in Cap brings rallies. These planets point to a CIT. Which one will glory?? The master, or the servants? 
When the rich become poor, it is much more dangerous, than the poor become poorer... 

December 29,2015 Tuesday.

It is a day of Mars and Uranus. Expect the unexpected. Mars in in exact sextile to the Galactic Center, and Uranus is solitary.. Makes no angles. its unexpectedness is stronger. 
How above the other planets? The Sun is leading~so far~ to my question yesterday... The most important position in the sky now is the Sun-Neptune sextile, at 2047/2077. 

AORD and AXJO are both rallying.. I see. Will send you alerts in a minute. and to the rest of the indices. 

December 30, 2015 Wednesday

It is a day of Mercury... And Mercury is slowing down, before turning retro on Jan 5th- till the 25th. 
Yesterday I wrote expect the unexpected... and we got to my targets, given a few weeks ago, 2077-, even 2082. in the S&= 77 points from the low... in a few days. So the SUn in Capricorn delivered... Today we have to look at Venus entering Sag.~ at 9 am gmt+2, so watch it... if you are long. I bought yesterday night some puts, just in case... and I am still holding my calls. I will turn short if falls below 2077. 
TA25: During the last 2 days the gap of Dec.10 closed.. There is a positive arbitrage, of 0.07%- whaat?? that's nul... Share to watch is Mankind.. 

For those who just downloaded my app... Click on "Alerts" from time to time, to see the list of alerts sent. 

Aapl: last stop was 117- we went short below, and got a fall till 105.57- Now there is a try to go up- Long only above 107.

December 31,2015 Thursday

I gave 15  forecasts yesterday on the app., all were OK. I hope you caught the trend. 
Is there anything to change it today? any other moves in the sky, that can bring a last day rally? 
First, there is a bank  holiday almost worldwide. Volume will be low till US opens. Before the opening, Unemployment claims. The forecast 274- negative. If it'll be 273.9 market will rally. 
How about the planets?  Only the Moon moved on a few degrees, in Virgo. So no news here..
The S&P fell as forecasted in the weekly report, with Venus entering Sag. 2063 is a support. Let's see if we'll get a second chance to visit in 2080 area before New Years.. 

Happy New Year to all ! and Good trading in 2016.

Another year passed. Were you good in 2015? Did you achieve any of your dreams? Everybody is writing about the year 2016- that adds up to a 9, and what it means... Well, all that, you can read in Sepharial's books, or even in the Bible. 9 is the highest number that we know, it ends a cycle. We, humans, have several 9 years cycle in our lives. But the endings do not start sharply in the year 9,they start already in the year 7,  and during 9, it is just a closure. Many say it is a dramatic year, with disasters. I don't agree with that either. 9 , being the highest number, is a year of leep, of channelling, of high studies, and dealing with high energy in all ways. 9 is ruled by the planet Mars, and for us, traders, it is important to see where will Mars be in the sky, what angles will it make, to trade with its' help. It shows us the wave that is coming, and once we understand it, we can use it for our benefit. 
So here is Mars for 2016: 

And the time table: 

3.01.2016   16:32:24 > Sco Mars
6.03.2016    4:28:37 > Sgr Mars
17.04.2016   14:14:07 R     Mars  8°54'02"Sgr
27.05.2016   15:51:17 > Sco Mars
30.06.2016    1:38:38 D     Mars 23°03'28"Sco
2.08.2016   19:49:17 > Sgr Mars
27.09.2016   10:06:43 > Cap Mars
9.11.2016    7:51:29 > Aqr Mars
19.12.2016   11:22:56 > Psc Mars

January 1, 2016 Friday

Started with a bloody shooting in the middle of Tel Aviv, in a pub. 2 dead, 8 wounded, the killer is still loose. His father recognized him on TV, and asked him on all media, to give himself up. ~~~ Update: Killer found and killed on Jan 8, 16:30.

January 2 Saturday.

In an accident a whole family was wiped out. 

January 3, Sunday, 2016

Heavy rains outside... If you ask me, rains will continue to fall the whole month.
Here we had today a rally- so far- a long squeeze. 

January 4, 2016 Monday

The sky is blue again, but it's cold outside. We wake to the news, that the stock market in China closed, after falling more than 6%. The other markets follow. 

What happened, during the night, that brought this fall? Mars entered Scorpio, Moon too, and Mercury entered Aquarius. Mercury and Mars are square- so we had the big falls. The Sun will conjunct Pluto in 2 days, and Venus-Saturn are conjunct. A lot of powerful positions.. 

January 5, 2016 Tuesday

The News in the sky is, that Mercury is stationary, before turning retro. 
This change, in the past, 64% out of the occurrences, brought a rise for the S&P. It behaves differently in each index. So those, who signed up for the weekly report, got this info last week. After a fall to 1989, we got a long squeeze in the last hour of the trade.

HSI: is much in the news now... Let's see is there a reason for panic? Until is above Sept 4th level, it is just a correction phase. Basing itself above it, target for the year... follow the red line. 

Crude Oil fooled everyone yesterday.. Here is a graph I sent to subscribers, made on Dec 30th: 

Topped at 38.38, and fell at 5 pm - my time, gmt+2 to 36.40. 

TA25: Closed yesterday at 1524; This is a strong support level. The arbitrage is negative. 
falling below 1523- will close open gap. However, with this Mercury stationary, everything can happen. Basing itself above 1525, next: 27-30-37. 

January 6, 2016 Wednesday

During the night Mercury turned retro. during the next 21 days it will retreat to 15 Capricorn. During all this time it will square Jupiter. Jupiter is in Virgo, weak. So what ever happens with other planets, this square will linger in the background.
today we have a very powerful Sun-Pluto conjunction. I hear North Korea made a hydrogen bomb test during the night.. fits this conjunction. 
The Moon just left Scorpio, and is now in Sag. Makes 60^ to Mercury. expect, under all these positions , a very volatile day. 

MNKD: crashed yesterday. Luckily, I could save a part of it.. Mercury in retro, does that/ I t will be worth while watching it, for another announcement when Mercury turns direct, Jan 26. 

GOld: I sent yesterday alert to raise stop to 1076- Here is the 10 min.. graph.. 3 fathers pattern, signaling for a fall. Stop is still 1076- did not go above 1081-1083!  Today, it's a turning day for the Gold. Breakin above 1083- next target: 1087-1096
Targets reached! Now check today's alerts.. 

January 7, 2016 Thursday

In the weekly report I wrote: " US: Before market opens, the Sun will square Uranus, shaking up the dead..even"...

And the index trades now below all price levels I gave. I sent mails to subscribers what to do now.
I see China crashed. Target is 8066 = Oct 2011 level.

Crude oil: I hope you went short with a stop at 36.8~ as per the graph above.

I checked with TS, how did the S&P behave during January, since 1950... Note, that the index changes trend between 20-22, when the Sun enters Aquarius.

January 8, 2016 Friday

We are under the effect of Mars and Venus today. mars is at 2 Scorpio, water , is still sextile Mercury, at 0 Aquarius, air. So we get heavy winds and storms that woke me up during the night. I had to get up and close all windows and doors, because the wind was banging them, the glass could have be broken. Venus, on the other hand, is in Sag. conjunct Saturn. This happens once a year, so it is a strong position, and 63% of the occurrences - for the S&P - brought a rise.
But, remember, what is good for one index is not for the other... And we always have to check the other planets as well. 
Hsce:seems that is calming down. Bottomed at 8688- now it is trying to correct. Actually this index started to fall in May 26, for 156 trading days, and 227 calendar days. So, now, if the 8688 bottom keeps, we might get a correction to 9500-ish area, but to be a long, it should go above 10000. 
Gold target given yesterday was 1111 ~ topped at 1112- and fell. Hope that you caught the ride from 1061! 

January 9, 2016 Saturday

I am writing the weekly reports, on TA25, S&P, Nifty, KLSE, etc... You are welcome to sign up now, know what will the next week/month bring. Click on PayPal at the left panel, just $225 for 3 months... 

January 10, 2016 Sunday

The Sun is shining and I took my grandson to the kindergarten earlier this morning. He is one year old and 2 months/ and he is going now for several months. He likes it there. Today he did not cry when I left him there... I has glad. He is so cute~ Friday evening the dinner was at my place, and once he spotted the corn, he grabbed it, wouldn't let go. His mother told him, we sit down, when we eat, right? so he sat. LOLOL.

When I opened the blog to write, I realised, that more than one million visitors read it! 
I am happy. 
Now, imagine, if each would have left 1 $. 
That would have been a reward for writing it daily, since 2009. 

But, no. I even asked readers for help, when my car broke down, and only ONE person clicked the button.

Ending this article, will go on to the next one. But should I ? Very rare feedbacks, and no income . 


David Bowie, born David Robert Jones, died today at the age 69, January 10th, 2016. He was born on Jan 8, 1947. Died on his Solar return. His name has his age of death... Robert = 6 Jones = 9


Follow me to the New Moon in Capricorn, 2016..


  1. Hi Gaby, Hope you are doing great. Read the story of Car breaking down, hope technician rectified it.

    Reading your blog after a long time. Few Sentences confusing me.

    1. The S&P always makes a top or bottom when in this sign. This time it's a top... and it's ain't over yet!

    This Means, Bottom is yet to come. Correct

    2. Yahoo Graph shows TGT 2042 but a paragraph shows Sun Square Jupiter at 2032. That means 2042 is still a tgt but for today 2032 could be a resistance zone. but then one line confuses again and especially when it has word "today"

    Will the rally continue today? Under the Fed announcements umbrella? Let's see"

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    Hope the holidays went well and that this continued holiday week brings you some super health for your back...

    Joe xxx

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