New Moon in Capricorn 2016

Between Jan.10- to February 8, 2016 

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As the sign shows it, we are in Capricorn. This sign resides in the 10th house of career. No wonder, I started to think about mine... I am writing my blog since October 2009, and I have not seen a penny out of it. So now I am searching for a programmer, who can change this. I might be good with the stars, but not so ayaya with computer programming. So if you read this blog, and you would like to help me, send me such an angel. I know there are Google Adwords, Adsense, who knows what else? But I got lost in the labyrinth of videos and explanations, how to make it easy... 

So now I talked with a very nice guy at Adwords, and he helped me, so far... He helped me how to pay to google in order to get more visitors.... I am so good when I have to give. and so bad to get. What is wrong with me? Mercury retro... yeah.. in my natal chart as well . 

So if you arrived to my blog, because you clicked one of the adwords, you should know, what old readers read so many times here: 
1) I teach Financial astrology, 
2) you can sign up for the S&P, or other index report, 
3) there is a new service, in the app.- for $35 ~ should you stay in position overnight, or the weekend will bring such a planetary change, that your index will be chopped to pieces? to know how will Monday open. 
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5) Natal chart reading

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So here we are, before the market opens, with the Sun at 21 Capricorn, Moon at 25 Aquarius! A!!! What these numbers tell us? that they are at 30^ distance, and the Moon is separating from the Sun. Everything has a meaning, we just have to spot it. Since the Moon is at 24 Aqua, we remember, that the Galactic Center, that DOES NOT MOVE! IS AT 27 Sag! therefore it is not VOID, as ZET tells me, but makes a square to it. This position brings a lot of energy to the opening. Now you can check, if there are any announcements in the fundamental world.... At the same time... La luna is in bad position to Jupiter! and again, at the same time at a good position to Mercury, so which side of the scale will win? the positive or negative side? 

This is when we turn to other tools for clues.. and they are there... 

January 13, 2016 Wednesday

Markets are trying to correct. During the night the Moon moved on, to Pisces. In the helio chart Mars will enter Libra,- and we have a turn. I can add to this, that we have a positive aspect between Sun-Jupiter, at 23 degrees, they form a resistance at 1943- for the S&P for ex. 

If you have any question, pls. write me, there is a window below, where you can write. 
Sectors that pushed the markets up yesterday: 
Watch out, for the Fed. Beige book today! 

January 14, 2016 Thursday

Tom, you asked me, if we are in a bear market, yes. We are. If you have my application, you received yesterday 23 alerts!

I sent on the S&P: " we are getting a correction to to 1940- 1943-45... If it goes higher, than next is 1955-57. " So, when in trade, you were supposed to put a " take profit" order at 1945. or, at least move the stop to here. Actually we got a top at 1948.73, and when the Moon reached Neptune, shook it up, waved away  the dreaming, and we got a fall to 1893.4!

Crude oil: Stop was 31. we are again short. 

What is new in the sky today? I wrote last week, that it is a turning day. Moon conjunct Chiron, = people get hurt , Moon 30^ to uranus  = it will be unexpected. more turmoil in the markets... Another Chinese millionaire is reported missing. Mercury gets closer to the Sun = dis information, do not sign anything, especially this day! . etc etc ... It's all in my weekly report. 

Welcome to my visitor from Bhutan! How did you find me? what do you trade?

I just looked at the countries, that visitors come from, and I am absolutely amazed, to see, that the most come from Russia! ??? !!! Is that, because I posted so many times Putinka's chart? LOL.... may he live till 120.  Our president, Shimon Peres was rushed to the hospital today morning, and had some heart issues, but' he's all right now. 

There are many people who don't believe is astrology. I have to clear here, that my calculations are based on A S T R O N O M Y - on the Ephemeris, or the planetary positions, there is no magic here, just MATH. So there are is nothing to be afraid of, in my weekly reports you receive numbers, price levels, and not all the blah blah, that you read in the weekends in the newspapers . 

TA25: On Dec.19, I wrote the following forecast for our index: See the outcome: 

Order you index forecast! For only $ 250 for 3 months... you will know how to trade in advance. 

For the coming months, the most vulnerable people will be those born in Aries, Gemini,Cancer, Virgo, Sag. and Capricorn... Transit planets send their angles and will affect you in various and multiple ways, depending on your own natal chart data. 

To prepare for these times, order your own Natal chart reading. 

January 15, 2016 Friday

Moon crossed over to Aries, during the night, at 4:48 am gmt+2, But, the top was yesterday evening, when the Moon-Sun angle was exact. For intraday trades we should  definitely watch the Moon. 

On January 4, I sent alert on Natural Gas: short stop 2.30- target 2.19-1.98

January 16, 2016 Saturday

I came down with a cold. .. Mercury conjunct Sun. bad bad.. writing my reports.. If you want to know how will the planets affect us next week, time to sign up . 

See you later. 

January 17, 2017 Sunday 

The main angle, that will accompany us this week is a good one, Mars trines Neptune. The position is good, 120 degrees, but if I was to analyze the planets: mars, god of war and conflict, injuries, accidents, Neptune symbolizes illusions, dreams, religions, epidemics, mixing the two together... and we get a culmination  (120) of a religious conflict. To sign a contract USA-Iran under this angle.. well.. you tell me. Who is the dreamer and who is the attacker? 

This angle happens once a year, or twice, if Mars is Retro. Here is the list, maybe you would like to make your own little research, see what happened before, during this aspect. 

Mars- Neptune angle brought here the crazy rally on Modiin share! rallying with 600% . But, Mercury is retro, at 20^- we'll see what news will come in, on Feb 2 ? ! ran up from 270 to 1700! LOL - now it is falling back - obviously.. 

TA25: was suppose to rally today, under a positive arbitrage, but no... 

Only a few shares are greenish.. the rest all red. 

Writing my forecast on the DAX! 

January 18, 2016 Monday

A new week ahead.. What will it bring? So let's see, who are the actors on stage? the Sun is at the last degrees of Capricorn. Moon in the middle of Taurus, where it is strong, but lazy... Mercury is still retro, no help from here. Venus at 23Sag- departing slowly from a square to Jupiter, which is very bad in Virgo, and retro. Mars at 7 Scorpio, a sign it rules, together with Pluto, the sign of money, is 120^ to Neptune, planet of illusions, idealism and deception.- this aspect will be in the background the whole week!  Saturn which we could use as a blocking tool, makes 45^ - minor bad to the the Sun- Uranus is solitary, and Neptune at 8 Pisces! oh?? that's a new degree! Rules the left ankle bone! so watch your steps!!! In the wonderful work of " Keane" I found the following: 
8 BELLIGERENCE. 8° Pisces denotes one who may be defiant and belligerent
because of his own inherent weaknesses which he realizes subconsciously and
tries to hide from himself as well as the rest of the world."
So this is the picture the sky gives us. 
taking a step back, and looking at the bigger picture, we have huge powers working up there! Saturn 30^ to Pluto; and 120 to Uranus! - This position will bring many many new technological, scientific findings. Pluto 90^ to Uranus is a rare position! mars will join them
 as of January 26th! Mark this date for a CIT. 


Here is a new service I shall start: PPA or Personal Portfolio Analysis. Chose 3 shares that you have, and you would like to have a deeper analysis on them, and follow up, for $100 per month. Or for 5 shares for $150 per month. You will receive technical analysis and Planetary supports and resistances. So sign up now! for the PPA.  - at the left panel, send me by e-mail the shares you would like me to check. and we are on the way... ( Preferable shares that I can find on yahoo finance, if not, send me historical excel csv file of trading data, open high low close, volume. ) 

Communist took over the markets... I mean the red color. USA's eyes should be now on China. Some bad rumors say, that the Chinese ordered the banks not to buy USDollars... This can add to the turmoil we are already in. If this will materialize, on the long long run, the dollar will return ot 2001 low: 0.83.
In November 2015 the International Monetary Fund approved China's yuan to enter the market. 

Here is the YUAN 

HSCE: this is a graph I uploaded today on Facebook - you should follow me there, sometime I upload there too some is heading towards 2009 low.. Will they do something to stop the avalanche? Can they? As long as the planetary positions are so negative, hardly.. But, there are great shorts! 

Don't forget... the Sun moves to Aquarius... soon... there is the light at the end of the tunnel. 

You should also read this!!!!!!  Ask your brokers !!! for details. Maybe it's just a false alarm. 

January 19, 2016 Tuesday

In the Bible it is written " Twice as good on Tuesday " and why is that? here is a better explanation from WIki: 
 In Judaism, on the other hand, Tuesday is considered a particularly lucky day, because in the first chapter of Genesis the paragraph about this day contains the phrase "it was good" twice.

I woke up during the night to a horrible storm, that banged my doors. I had to get up, and close them, and put some rugs below, not to open again. I went back to sleep, thankful to have a roof above my head! There are millions who don't 

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, planet of war. Mars is in Scorpio, water- so brings storms, even snow! I hear now on the TV. Mercury, the wind-bringer is next to Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, adds to the situation. 

But then I open Yahoo, and what do I see? HSCE is rising.. Oh well... someone is trying hard to save the situation. So now , 8240 is a stop for long, if you want to risk it. 
The East is rising... so we'll get a positive opening in the US as well- is situation stays as is, till the opening. With the Moon moving to Gemini, everything can happen. 
S&P future: looks as if trying to correct. Did not fall below Sept low, and trades now at 1900

Until it reached 2060- it is just a correction, and for a new rally, it should go above 2134- the green line, of what, I guess we can forget about for the time being. So every rise, till 2060 will be an opportunity to buy puts. 

Somebody contacted me about forecast on Forex- I have now a forecast on the Euro/Dollar- if you would like to subscribe! $250 for 3 months. 

Glenn Frey died yesterday, the guitarist of the Eagles, Numerologically he was in his 8th year, ( of transformation/death), in his 9th month and 9th day, of endings.. 
He was only 67 years old... Slowly all childhood idols die on us. 
When I was a child- till 17 years old, I lived in Romania. The country was closed for any western influence. So we used to gather in a club, and dance on these musics, on the lowest volume possible. You never knew, who will tell the police.. .. As it turned out, years later, the father of my best friends' boyfriend, was a "security:" officer... So if the guy said something the "Security" would know. My best friend committed suicide, when she found out, who her father in law was. 
My God bless my late father, who brought us out to the free world, Israel, in 1973! 

May he rest in peace. 

Saturn moved on to 13 Sag. I thought it would interest mothers of newborns, what this degree means? 

So "Keane" again, says:  GAMBLER. 13° Sagittarius denotes one who is always ready to take a chance, one who will risk everything for working out things as he sees them, regardless of the cost to himself."
Medically, it brings Rheumatic pains.. 

January 20, 2016 Wednesday

The day is ruled by Mercury, which is in retro and bad, and by Jupiter, which is also retro and bad. HSCE: broke the last straw- as I wrote yesterday, that someone is trying to hold up the market.. but when the planetary influence is bad, who are we, little creatures down  here, to influence them? 
HSCE now at 8029

Would you like to know how down it'll fall, or when will the markets turn ?? Time to sign up to the weekly reports. 

Yesterday was a good day, being Tuesday, as I wrote, twice as good... but it fell while Moon in Gemini, not very reliable.. We have to study, and understand every little piece of information the sky gives us. It's all there under our feet, we just have to collect its gifts and use it for our benefit. 

I have to ask you, clever people, which index is the leading one in China

I saw yesterday on Bloomberg, they were featuring SSE50... Any thoughts? 
EURODollar: Ran up yesterday from 1.0860- to 1.09750- a verrry nice gain! 

Now, see supports.  Order the report now! 
I cannot believe, that , from the wealthiest country in Europe, Germany, NOONE had ever downloaded my app. I see you reading my blog, aren't you curious what I'm selling there?
But, I am widely read in Pakistan !! 
I am looking at the world indices. I think all of them broke former major lows, and are heading towards Oct 2014 low. ANY upmove will be a window to buy more Puts. 
CAC: is now at 4105- targeting 3500. Looking at the last rally from June 2012- to April 2015- at 4105- it is ONLY  a 50% correction... so what's the panic? Gann support is at 3890. 
Last month I was trading on a platform called Plus 500! I was tricked out of my position, and account closed... Corresponded with the company with more than 20 mails.. then I found this: on "Motley fool: a few weeks too late ! I post this, in order to warn you, you warn others. 
TLT  Failing to go above 127, will signal for a reversal... 

January 21,2016 Thursday 

I posted 21 alerts in the app. Pls. check them 

January 22, 2016 Friday

In January 18th, - scroll up and see, - I wrote, that the light at the end of the tunnel is on Jan 21st, with the Sun moving to Aquarius.. Did you see the magic?? We did get a turn. But will it last??? 
It's all in my reports.. 

January 23, 2016 Saturday.

As usual, I am working on my reports. Nifty, KLSE, Dax, are sent, now it's time for the S&P and  Euro/$...

January 24, 2016 Sunday 

Mercury conjunct Pluto- almost the whole week! both sextile to Mars, and square Uranus are the reason, IMHO, for the draconic ( Pluto) Storm ( Mercury-Mars), Unusual ( Uranus ). 

We woke to a sunny morning. The sky is blue, in spite of the forecasted storms... LOL. 
The market is rallying. 
12:50 the storm reached us as well. 
Market is consolidating... thought of going to the hairdresser, but in such a storm?? 
I went after all... 

January 25, 2016 Monday

The Moon is at 22 Leo, sending a minor positive angle to Jupiter, in its waning phase. The most important angle of the week, as I wrote above, is the Mercury-Pluto conjunction, Mercury is still stationary, and as my old friend, Bill Meridian pointed out to me, they are on the 2011 eclipse degree, and Iran's president is in europe signing business contracts... 
I was not aware of this info, so thanks to Bill... If you want to know more about eclipses, you must buy his book! 

In any case, our market is falling.. waiting for Mr. Draghi.. today at 9:00pm my time. I guess US markets will wait for him too. Advice? Sit on your hands while he's speaking. 
Many people are not very comfortable to link astrology to the stock market. For many, astrology, means the week end horoscope that they read in every newspaper... But what I use for my calculations, is based on astronomy, and different math and fibonacci patterns, that help me build my forecasts.. If you ask yourself, what is different in my application, compared to the others, the difference is, that my alerts are based on planetary positions, as appears in the ephemeris, and are calculated hundreds of years forward and backward. In my application, I give you concrete price levels, stops with targets.. have you seen something similar? Let me know. 
Here is a list of the outcome of my last alerts. 
Where we were stopped out, it was a sign to go short. 

January 26, 2016 Tuesday 

We wake to a Virgo Moon... Not only that, it will make a 150^ angle to the Sun later... a lot of energy.. we will have to see in which direction. 
Mercury is stationary, soon it'll continue its way from 14^ Capricorn to 15 and 16- then we will know it is direct. 
I am working on my blog, and soon you will see a big change. Venus is in Capricorn, this planet too will join Pluto.. it will be a kind of culmination.. Mercury and Venus are so called personal planets, since they are close to the Sun, and affect us most, together with Mars and Jupiter. So when they are in Capricorn, they light up career issues. Any changes in your lives? 

When I open Zet, the astrology software I use, people birthday pop up. So Sydney was founded on this day, in 1788. Paul Newman, acccch remember him ?? What a handsome man and excellent actor, was born today, in 1925, died in 2008 of lung cancer... 

So let me see where are the markets.. China... made a new low. HSCE too, BSESN is trying to correct, trades now at 24486, after a low at 23862. AXJO is green :) ... I shall update alerts soon... The Nikkei opened with a gap-down.. 

In this side of the planet on Bloomberg, I can see just a few graphs curving up... 
Commodities? Gold topped at 1115. Higher high than Jan 7th! Strangely, Platina makes only new lows.. Beats me why.. Broke Nov. 2008 low... in the watch list! Also Corn. 
To receive alerts on all these, pls. download the app..

January 27, 2016 Wednesday 

Fomc statement today, at 9:00pm- my time- Will Mrs. Yellen raise interest rate again? Venus, planet that rules the banks, is on the eclipse degree, at 4 Capricorn.  No change.. 
I think market will wait till the announcement. And how is China doing? Oh??!! New lows.. Not much to expect from that side of the world.. On Feb 8th, they'll celebrate the year of the Monkey. mark this date in your calendar, for a CIT. It falls on a New Moon , in Aquarius, and Mars will square the Sun.- CIT. big time. 

S&P: in my weekly report I wrote: watch 2 pm NY time on Jan 26th, for a turn, change in energies! And the outcome: 

S&P future: only above 1900 it will be a long.. 

January 28, 2016 Thursday

I just opened my Zet, and it shows, that the Ascendant is on Scheat- at the last degree of Pisces, a very unfortunate fixed star. I am sure, for markets that trade now, it is not a good position... 
But, this will vanish soon, as the wheel is spinning and spinning, bringing now positions all the time, like a kaleidoscope. 
La Luna is at the last degrees of Virgo, soon to enter lIbra. Otherwise, no change in the sky. 
Mrs. Yellen left the interest rate untouched, and the S&P fell from 1915 to 1872...China is still falling.. As I wrote in my weekly reports, each rise is an opportunity to buy puts.. 
TA25: with a negative arbitrage is due to touch 1438.  falling below 1427 will hit 1387. 

January 29, 2016 Friday 

I shall not be next to the computer during the week end. 
Trade well ~ See you Sunday.. 

January 31, 2015, Sunday

Hello all, How is your week end? Mine was great ! Sunday here is a regular work-day, and market starts in one hour. I see we got a break out in the US markets..probably you ask yourselves, how long will this last? 
The sky is quiet this week, only the Moon moves in the Geocentric sky. But the planetary interactions, they will make the difference. 
SSEA: It is interesting to watch the rhythm of each index. SSEA's is 154 trading days, or 229 calendar days. 

Next major turn will be on Sept 10th. 
HSCE: dances on 238 steps, or cal.days.- Next date to watch will be end of Sept. Nikkei: with 164 days... day to watch will be June 25th. 
And so on... 
TA25: will open with a very positive arbitrage. SUpport is at 1448- but with the gap-up that it'll open, probably we shall see 1461-68.... We will know in one hour..

Coffee time. 

The sky today: The Moon is in Scorpio, and will be here for the next 2 days. Neptune is solitary, at 8 Pisces. Neptune rules the gas... Being solitary, it is not good news! Neptune is the quiet killer, that sneaks up to you unseen , unfeared, and by the time you realise there is a problem, it is far too late!  3 planets in Capricorn, all square Uranus- the whole week! Uranus stands for sudden events, that cannot be guarded against, and the fact the Mercury and Pluto are conjunct for such a long time, it worsening the situation. Pluto, planet of destruction, blasts, bombs, anything bad you can think of.. Jupiter, the great benefactor, is bad in Virgo, bad in retro, and bad at 22 degrees. Nicola Stojanovits, a fellow astrologer, described this degree as " kill or get killed". 

Under this umbrella we will have to make our decisions, this week, not only in trade. 
Have a successful week ! 

February 1, 2016 Monday

We shall wave good bye to January, never to come back again. It brought a 13% fall in the S&P, and in general, the whole world was red. Last bottom was Jan 20, when the Sun entered Aquarius. If you scroll up, I wrote, that we will have a turn in the markets, or the light at the end of the tunnel is when the Sun will enter this sign. Since Jan 20th, the markets are trying to correct. Let's see if February will do that entirely, or partly... 

The name February, comes from the latin " februum", which means purification. 
Times are changing... If we were watching the US markets for a clue, what will the markets do, now, I think , we should watch China... And they are not so merry. 

it took me the whole morning, to upload the Dow history, and check how did it behave during Februaries? The outcome is not rewarding...

Risky?? tell me something we don't know. LOL... 

S&P future: blocked at the green line, support the red line, falling below, it'll be a short.

February 2, 2016 Tuesday

It is a turning day for the Nifty. In the alert sent yesterday, I wrote, that the key is 7550. Once it fell below it, we went short. It is now again above this level, but, IMHO, it'll turn down again. so . careful with longs. 

What is new in the sky?? Nothing much... the Moon is still in Scorpio, it will cross over to Sag only in the evening hours. New lows are coming. 

February 3, 2016 Wednesday.

Did you know, that you can follow me also on twitter? Search for GabriellaM13. 

We wake to a Moon in Sagittarius. Water in fire... what do you think? is it good? It is now squaring Neptune, for markets that are open giving a push. TImes to watch for today: gmt:00:00
Any announcements during these times? Only UK PMI. Also watch again the Crude inventories. We got a bottom so far at 29.40. On the alert I wrote: we are short, big time ! - I hope you went short... 
Now: technical support is at 29.26. from here, next step down is 28.40. 
Do the planets agree? Yes... 29.25 is a strong support line. Up target is 30.85. So this is the trade range.. Short below 29.25- target: 28.87-28.72-28.62-
One of the times I posted this morning was 9:40- watch what happened in the Euro/$

rally: from 1.0909 to 1.0933-
Sign up now for the forecasts !! 
Oil is turning... reached my target given this morning..- 30.60 ( 30.85) . 

February 4, 2016 Thursday

Yesterday we had a break out in the US markets, while the Moon in Sag.
I just posted 16 alerts. 

I just made a New Moon discount till Feb.14th- for my app. enjoy! 

February 5, 2016 Friday

It is a day ruled by Venus and Neptune. It is also a turning day for the Gold and Dax; It is also 180 days from August top! 

During the early hours of the morning, the Moon moved to Capricorn, losing from its enthusiasm she had in Sag. Not only that, she also joined the party in Capricorn, and now there are 4 hands for the play. with Mercury, Venus and Pluto. Capricorn is a feminine sign, funny, isn't it?? It rules the house of career... Once I read somewhere, that Capricorns would step on corpses to succeed in their way up, achieving new goals.. Us? women?? naaaah..... 
there is one good news, though, Jupiter is ready to leave the 22nd degree, which is bad. Mercury and Jupiter form a trine~120~- this aspect , in the past, brought a rise, but then a sudden fall, like Mercury, this little sneaky liar, can do. So watch your positions... 

Time to watch for today: gmt: 00:00
12:40 pm 
4:15 pm 
Here is the outcome of this Mercury-Jupiter angle: 

We have now a triple bottom at 1872. During the last days Mercury, Saturn and Pluto were and are conjunct by declination. What is this? and why is it important? I teach that in my Financial astrology course. 

February 7, 2016 Sunday 

Slowly this Lunar month is also ending. Tomorrow I shall start a new article. If there is anything, that you readers, think I should change in this blog, please speak up! 

We wake to a Moon in Aquarius. The Moon stays in on sign for two and a half days. She has different effect for each and every indice. Each with it's "birth data". 
Today only we~ Israel~ have trade. It will open under a -1% arbitrage. New lows are coming. 
If you think US is falling, or the European markets, look at Saudia!! More than 50%

Check out the markets at Bloombergs' . All the Arab countries fell by more than 50% ... Since 2014 top.... Well, not all. Jordan, for ex. is doing well... Lebanon is in consolidation since March 2012.. 

Market starts, see you later... 

Planetary positions point to a more intense than usual moves underground. Earthquake alarm! In the past months almost daily there were 4-5 degree quakes. When I write about alarms.. I mean much higher than 4-5 Richter. 

For those who trade the FTSE: Support is at 5750- long above.

But do the planets back a long position? 
February 8, 2016 Monday

We are just 6 hours before the New Moon. This Moon position is called combust, because it is less than 8^30 degrees from the Sun. Imagine the Sun as a microwave, and something that is too close to it. Can it function? or it is burnt? So is the Moon today, until it will be in exact conjunction, and separating from it, then it will regain it's powers.

So until this happens,  I'll take a bath, have some tea, and see you in the new article, the New Moon in Aquarius. 



  1. Gabby are we into a long term secular bear market again here in the US? My IRA getting crushed.

    Tom in Michigan

  2. Gabby, I subscribed to "Monday Open" service. Where do I see it in the app?

  3. Gaby, On the Last weeks, I used your forecasts as a bible for my trading.
    I would like to thank you for predicting so accurately.
    The report is very helpful...It worth every penny!!
    I highly recommend

    1. Thank You, Galit... I am happy you are gaining money.
      Maybe others will also join the forecast service, and will gain too..

  4. Hey Gaby, your reports are priceless! These and your personal touch making a huge difference in reading the market.

    Tx much.

    1. thanks, Arie... It is very nice to know, that you benefit of the report.


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