New Moon in Aquarius 2016

Between February 8- March 9, 2016 

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Today 1,379,839,345- people celebrate the New year in China, the year of the Monkey... 

Happy New Year to you all, may your dreams come true... 

I was born in this year... LOL.
As I wrote in the morning, the world will wait for the Chinese markets to open, having a Bank holiday today. 
Today we are 30 days before the Solar eclipse. So its effects will already be felt. The eclipse will occur at 18Pisces56. Will write about this later. 

Meanwhile, let's see what changes do we see in the map that opens this article? 
The Sun moves 30 degrees, Mercury moves from 23 Cap- where is is bad, to 6 Pisces- through Aquarius, where is is much better than later in Pisces. Venus is at 19 capricorn, it will move to 25^Aquarius, this planet too, "feels " better in this sign. Then Mars will leave Scorpio, a sign it rules, by the ancients, and moves to Sag- fire in fire! Jupiter moves only 3 degrees, it its retro motion in virgo, where it shows it's negative side. the rest of the planets hardly move. 

What can we learn from these moves? No help from the great benefactor, Jupiter. And the fast moving planets will be positive towards the mid- end of the month.
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I just read, that Iran wants to change from USDollars to Euro, when trading oil. This will weaken the dollar immensely. New way of war... 
On the other hand, there is someone, who sees to it, that Oil prices drop... You saw how much the Arab countries fell, more than 50% in the last 18 months... So the fight is deepening and spreading. 
I have a service, called " Monday opening" . I am writing this for the last 3 weeks. this report is important, for those, who are in position, on Friday, and don't know if they should stay over night, and wait to see what happens, or close position, pay brokerage again, and re enter... 
Those who signed up to this report, just gained 55 points.. (S&P) 
I googled my name, and to my great astonishment, this is what I have found!! My late friend, Diana Rosenberg : wawww.... She passed away, but her books are " the MUST HAVE BOOKS" on Fixed Stars. 

have you ever heard of the expression: " Dead cat bounce?" Here it is in LNKD: 

Fell from 192- to 102, and now it is rising.. Wiped out all the rise since Nov 2012... Don't enter now.. Once it fell, it can correct a little bit, but new lows will come. 

February 9, 2016 Tuesday 

We are under the effect of Mars and the Moon today. They do not "communicate". So we have to look for other clues about the whereabouts for today. 
And, as the proverb says, "seek and thou shall find"... there is an exact trine~120^~ in the Heliocentric chart. This angle happens twice a year. the angle is good, the degree they are on, is the 19th, bad. 
I sent 11 alerts this morning. Enjoy, and trade well..

Deutche Bank: once traded at 160, in 2007... now, at 15.- ! Is the bank before wipe out?? 

February 10, 2016 Wednesday

The sector that tried a small correction yesterday, was Healthcare. 

China is still on holiday... and today Mrs. Yellen speaks, at 10 am NY time. So, 15 minutes before, close positions, sit on your hands. It is no way one can trade the volatility that will be.
Any news in the sky? Yes.. the Sun is 150^!bad!to Jupiter, and the Moon is still in Pisces. There is more hidden than known at this time. Mercury-Neptune 45^ brings a lot of fraud. 

February 11,2016 Thursday

Now Japan is also celebrating, together with China, Bank holiday in both countries. After Mrs. yellen speech yesterday, the S&P fell to 1837- If you kept the stop , as advised in the app,- 1868- ~ and went short below, you should smile... 
Any moves in the sky? no, not really... Just the Moon moves on. Today it will enter Aries, new energy is coming in..The Moon is also perigee, close, so it's effect will double. Will it be a good one, or a bad one ?? 
the trend is negative. Fed announcements again, today, unemployment, Natural gas.. So careful.. The East,markets that are open, are red... So no turn to the upside. 

Times to watch for today: gmt:00:00
8:40///9:10/// 10:10/// 4:25pm /// 4:58///

Mrs. Yellen speaks. Her monotonous voice made me fall asleep. A just wonder who is the guy sitting behind her, with a poker face? 
She is asked questions, she has no answers to... I find the whole testimony very inefficient. 

February 12, 2016 Friday

Yesterday the S&P made a new low, at 1811, and then started to climb. 
Here is what I wrote last week to subscribers: 
February 11 : Thursday : the important move of the day is Moon moves to Aries. From here it will send a lot of energy. Times to watch: 11:30, 11:55, 1:20 pm, 2:10,5:28
And the outcome: 
On my calculations, also quoted to them for the last months, 1811 was one of the targets, taking the 666 low. 

Meanwhile, the Gold , SIlver, Platinium rallied, and those who have my application, boy! are rich now... 

So what's next? Are the falls /rallies over? 
That is what I will write about in this week's forecast. 

Today we are ruled by Venus and Mercury. What do they tell us? They are conjunct in Capricorn. they hate to be in Capricorn. They are at 23- 27 degrees, so they form a strong resistance/support, depending where is your index or share that you trade. 
The Sun moves to the last decanate of Aquarius, ruled by Venus. Soon it will move to Pisces. Is he good in this sign? What do you think?? 

The quick planets will also change signs, so a lot of action, sometimes controversial, is ahead. 

February 14, 2016 Sunday

As of the beginning of this month, each morning I take my cute grandson to the kindergarden. So, in spite of getting up at 6 am, till I reach the computer is 8:30 at least.. 
Today I was most busy with some forecasts... 
So what's new in the world? besides having 27-30 Celsius heat this week, here, isn't that great?? after such a cold winter ~ well, for us ~. 
With this temperature I should be at the beach!! Ok.. first let us see what is going on 

Main position for the week: Uranus-90 Pluto; 17 degrees is important. But there are other important degrees to remember as well: 4, 19, 20.- all former/coming eclipse degrees. 
Saturn -30 Pluto is here to stay! Saturn is governement and Pluto money... what can it be? LOL 
Mars- 60 Jupiter: Mars in Scorpio , again, money, Positive angle to Jupiter, that is weak and retro, but it is still Jupiter! Favorable back winds... 
Last, but not least, Mercury will get out of the Capricornian deep freeze, and entered Aquarius..- adding to the positivity. 
So today, and the next tow days are cool- but then, the SUn will enter Pisces... and that's "Rhapsody in Blue"..

TA25: that fell to new lows last Thursday, is correcting now, heading to 1415- then, we shall see. 

February 15, 2016 Monday

We wake to a Moon-Sun square. Lookup to the sky, you will see half a Moon, and getting bigger, or waxing.  US markets are closed today, and the East is rather green, except China and Vietnam. I am looking forward to tomorrow's announcement, from China, regarding a catastrophic LOAN number... Tomorrow, the Moon will also leave Taurus, where it is now, and it is the best place for it.; = will move to Gemini, so fundamentally, as planet-wise, we will have a turn. 

Time to watch out: gmt 00:00

February 16, 2016 Tuesday

One of my concerns that I wrote about , in the weekly report, was the Chinese loan. 
here is the outcome... 

If I was frightened from the no. 1900B, now I am devastated from this huge no. I see in the outcome. 
There is a proverb that says, " Avoid going to: the bank to take loans, to the lawyer, and to the doctor. You know how you entered, you'll never know how you exit." 

Or, I did not understand this loan issue?! Can you explain it to me? Silent reader?? 

So SSEA: makes new highs, also all the other East indices, and all are merry. 

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February 17, 2016 Wednesday

We wake to a new scenario. Venus, right now, moves to Aquarius. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. It is different in each sign. Since it rules Libra, ~air~ being in another air sign is good. 
Since Venus is far from the signs it rules, it is called peregrine. The word comes from " Pilgrimage"....The first aspect to make is a 45^ to Saturn- bad. Then, it will be solitary, no aspects, till Feb 21st- then it'll make another bad aspect to Jupiter. 

So what happened yesterday? 
In the alerts sent in the morning, I wrote to watch 11:24 and onwards- exactly at that time, we got a low, 1874 and a turn, a rally to 1899. a target given in the weekly reports, page 3, last week. 

TA25: we have a positive opening, due to arbitrage, Venus will push the index higher in the coming days.. We are long with a stop at 1402. 

Fed. announcement today, PPI - before the opening! 

February 18, 2016 Thursday 

As "promised" yesterday, we got a new symphony on the scene. The Moon moved to Cancer. Venus moved to Aquarius. This is good for some indices, and bad for others. 
I wrote in the app yesterday, at what time to watch the market for a turn ~ 11:35 am NY time,~ and as of that time, the index started to rise and rise, 1929.

There are other alerts too,  more than 20 sent yesterday, that materialised. 

So what is new today in the sky? Mercury 135 to Jupiter= lies, fraud, disinformation.

Unemployment, Crude and Gas updates today... 

February 19, 2016 Friday

The Sun moved to Pisces. - just's 8:35 am... It will be here for the next 30 days. This means a major move to the markets. But, like yesterday, for each index it "behaves" differently. 
For TA25: when the Sun was in Pisces we got 11 ups against 7 falls: 

Gold: we had some nice moves here... target given yesterday was 1231- got it, next 1241. It went till 1239 only, and reversed. I hope you follow the trade, and when it goes up, you move the stop.... which was 1227- and now it trades just a few cents below. I read yesterday, the Canada sold almost all his Gold... If other countries follow it will not worth much soon... Must follow these news! 

February 20,2016 Saturday

Have been working the whole day on next week's forecast. You can now order the S&P,KLSE,Dax,Euro/Dollar, TA25,or any other  index for only $250 for 3 months.!

February 21,2016 Sunday

The Sun is in Pisces. Fire in water.. what do we get? Humidity, blurr, an unfocused picture. 
This image will accompany us for the next 30 days. A Pisces Sun produces great artists, healers, doctors, and emphasizes religious traits... But, for the markets it puts a "veil" upon many issues. Stuff we don't want to deal with, the skeletons in the cupboard... But, don't worry, all will be clear when the Sun moves on, to Aries. 

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. So, when the Sun is in this sign, it is, as if, under their hat. Jupiter is bad in Virgo and retro, while Neptune is in Pisces, and these two planets will meet in a week. This meeting will signal for a turn in trend. 
Pisces, together with Gemini, Virgo and Sag. are mutable signs, so volatility will be huge. 
Jupiter in Virgo, and Saturn in Sag. will add to this.

Neptune rules oil. Will the Crude rally, with the Sun in Pisces? There is a huge resistance at 33.20- only above this level we are long.. 

This is the scene for this month, and specially for this week. 

The sectors that pulled the markets down: 

Everybody is worried , that the markets will crash, just it did in 2008. I am working now on the answer... to find out, ~ based only on astrology~ we have to see if the planetary influences are the same as back then? 
here is the chart of the day that the fall started: Jupiter+Pluto in Sagittarius, mutable sign. Jupiter was 60^ to Neptune, and 90^ to Uranus. Venus was conjunct Saturn in Mutable Virgo.

there was an eclipse a month before the fall, at 18 Virgo!
During 511 days, the S&P fell by 58%, till many planets gathered in the fixed sign of Aquarius, and Saturn settled on the 2007 eclipse degree. 

If it was to happen the same, the S&P would fall to 850... 
So are we in front of the same scenario? 
The last top of the S&P was in July 2015. Exactly then, at 2132.82, Jupiter entered Virgo, and made the triangle with the other planets, also in Mutable signs. On September 13, 2015, there was a partial Solar eclipse, like back in 2008, at 20 Virgo, again, in a Mutable sign. So if it was following the pattern, this fall will be blocked when we will have a stellium (group of planets) in a fixed sign, and one of the strong planets, like Saturn before, or Uranus, Neptune Pluto, will settle on the eclipse degree, 20 Virgo. 
Well, we will have to look for another anchor, since no planet will settle on 20 Virgo so fast.. 
the first planet to reach out with a square to 20 Virgo- will be Uranus from 20 Aries, on April 3rd. And that would not be a "calming" angle.. 

Checking some financial ETFs, the picture is blue. 
IAI: in 2007-9 fell by 79%. If it was to do the same now, it will fall from 35 to 10. 

XLF: In 2007-9 fell be 83%- same scenario will push it back from 21- now , to 4.20 
PFI: in 1007-9 fell be 60%- now it could fell to 13. 

And I can go on and on...
Meanwhile I got the answer about the Sun in Pisces for the Crude oil... Here is the statistics: 
 The Sun cycle worked nicely during red years, but badly during blue years.; 

Nothing stands alone, we have to check always all the planets... 

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February 22,2016 Monday 

I get up at 6 am each morning now, So I can see how the East performs. Today, China is positive, well, not drastically, but is trying to move up. So are the other Eastern indices. This positivity will reflect on Europe opening, but will fade away till US opens, because the Moon moves to Virgo. 

AXJO: weekly chart: made 2/3 correction, long above 5000
BSESN: is falling for 346 days- ... 

HSI: is falling for 262 day. taking the top of April 2015- back- we can see, that it climbed for 431 days.- this will be exact on July 3, 2016- projected to the future. ( this is the correct date)

JPM:  falling to 48-43- it would mean a nice correction, of the 152% rally.. 

Download now the application! I made a special discount till March 1st! half price! 

Iphones   Androids 

All announcements are bad today, but markets don't care.. Rally, against all odds. 

February 23, 2016 Tuesday.

I have a report, that is called " Monday openings". I send them out on friday morning, so people would know if to stay in trade over the week end or not. In this report I wrote last week: " We are short below 1439- 1446". 
Now we see the outcome: The index topped at 1439 first, then at 1446, and fell. Now at 1432. 

The triple top occurred at the Full Moon, time was given yesterday in the app;- for a CIT. 

What is new today in the sky? 
The Sun and Jupiter are on former eclipse degrees. The Moon makes 150^ to Neptune.
The most important move is Venus moving to Capricorn today, this again, will affect thE trade, each index by its "birth date". 

TA25: 60 minutes graph, with planetary support/resistance. The red line is Mars. 

For each and every index the SUn in Pisces behaves differently. I see I have a visitor from Japan, so here is the Sun in Pisces for the Nikkei: 

February 24, 2016 Wednesday

There is no change in the sky today. The Moon is still in Virgo, just now it conjunct Jupiter- so we might get a rise in the markets that trade. 

I sent an alert today a few minutes after 6, when I got up, that the Stop for the S&P is at 1916 and we can try a long position above it. Now it is at 1920. 

Another word on "Monday Opening" report. I wrote, that we are short below 1946. If you put a sell order below 1947 ( always take 1-2 points extra); you made a huge gain, to the low of this night: 1914!

February 25, 2016 Thursday

Is it only me, who feels that the days are passing very quickly? Too quickly? 
We wake to a Moon in Libra. Again, a new energy is coming in, from a waning Moon, and in a bad position to the Sun. 
Yesterday we had a turn, S&P bottomed, and ran up with more than 30 points, exactly at the time Moon was sextile to Mars. Alert sent yesterday, at 9 pm -my time-gmt+2; saying that we are now long with a stop at 1900- targeting 1917. it topped at 1938, now at 1925. we can raise stop to 1917.- Next date to watch for an intraday turn : Feb. 29th . 9:30 pm- gmt+2.

But, while everything is merry in one side of the world, CHina is falling again... hard. 
SSEA: last alert was sent on Feb.17th, stop was 2850- target 2875-2919-2970. Topped at 2929- for 4 days did not go higher, and fell to 2729- We are short again here, with a stop at 2850- target: 2640-2500

For my visitors and readers from Pakistan, I am working on your index... stay tuned.. 
PSSSSSSSSSS it took a long time to get an answer, from the computer... I guess it is loaded with too much stuff. 
Checking how is the Sun in Pisces for the index, it gives a rally as of early March.. WOuld you like to receive a weekly forecast??? Please sign up at the left panel, $250 for 3 months.. 

TA25: we had expiry today, 1431.44.. We are short below this level. Trade range between 1430-1425- short to 1419. - there is an open gap too.. Running above 1430- next target 1435.

February 26, 2016 Friday

I woke up to see, that the markets made the incredible... The first thing that came to my mind was this.

I sent you an alert yesterday, which I took from my last week's forecast: "S&P: we are long with a stop at 1917-. Going above 1950- the crash in 2016 will be avoided."
Seems, that the US has detached itself from the negative influence of the Chinese markets, and is flying up up up once again... At least, till the interest rate will be announced in March.  But what happened yesterday, that made the S&P turn?  Mercury sextiled Saturn, a blocking angle, at 1935 level.... It held the market- and this is now our stop! Since Mercury is a quick and unreliable fellow, as it helped, so it can fool us! Next time Mercury will make an angle to Saturn will be on March 14th... but, plenty of other events till then... 

As you can see, a perfect YOD~ Finger of God~ is forming in the sky... Mercury to Jupiter, and Uranus to Jupiter. The letter is very rare, happens only once in two years.. Besides that, we have the Sun conjunct Neptune, which will be exact in two days, Sunday, no trade, but the effect is already felt, and will accompany us a few more days. It brings a culmination.  After the Sun moves on, separating from Neptune, the Uranus-Jupiter angle will still be there... and so its dangers. So if you went long yesterday, you should keep your stops tight, because, remember, the rally was caused by Mercury, which today enters Capricorn, and from there it sends only negative aspects... We always must combine all the celestial events, and try to see what they are telling us. 
Now, I am going to update my alerts.. 
See you later. 

CVX: bad announcement, are loosing, first time since 2002! Short below 87. Falling below 82- double short. 

G20: China promises the "Behave".... meanwhile, in 220 days the Yuan rose by 6.66%- which is a shaking move for this sleeping beauty.. 

An example of today's trade: 

At 4:30 pm- at US opening, I think it will open with a gap-up. Tighten stops as it moves.. A perfect cycle from the low will be 1981. This is our target now. 

February 28, 2016 Sunday

February is almost over... We have a leap year this time, so we will write 29th, tomorrow... We are after the Sun-Neptune conjunction, as I wrote , it brings a culmination. Since we have trade now, we are long, and merry. 
On Feb.1st our market was at 1473- Now, it is at 1439- I doubt it will catch up till March 1- to be again at 1473... For the time being, target is 1445- 49 .

February 29, 2016 Monday

The main player in the sky this week, is Venus. As you can see, it send a lot of angles, to most of the planets, like an octopus. target for TA25, yesterday was 1445-49. It was not reached. Topped at 1443.56, and fell from there. Now at 1437- which was our stop given yesterday. 

Meanwhile, please check the new alerts, just sent.. 

March 1, 2016 Tuesday.

I am now a full time grandmother... My grandson, who s 1years and 4months old, is with fever since the week end, and this gives me little time to look at the markets, or to the stars..LOL. 
In any case, this is what happened in the S&p: When Venus made an exact angle we got a top, and an immediate fall. - until Venus made an exact angle with Saturn, that blocked the fall. I sent an alert yesterday, saying, that between 1952-47 it is in the danger zone. Once it fell below 1947, we turned short.. 

March 2, 2016 Wednesday

The Moon  moved on, as is now in SAG. This move poured a lot of energy to the markets yesterday, once we got a support from Venus-Saturn angle. Nothing acts alone, we need a couple of events in the same time, to move the market. And, of course, we need volume. No army marches on empty stomach... remember? Who said this? Napoleon Bonaparte.. I am reading his biography, and I see he died of stomach cancer.... now how odd is this? He spoke of the army, that has to eat... and finally he dies of stomach cancer. Did he have a "Deja vu"? we will never know.... 
So I was talking about volume... and, that we got yesterday. 
What is coming today? We have a Moon-Sun square and a waning Moon. la Luna is also conjunct Saturn as I write these lines. 
Our main actor, Venus, is at 17.22 Aquarius, approaching Uranus in a sextile. Other calculations and positions give me a target for the S&P at 1978.50-

March 3, 2016 Thursday

We are under Jupiter and Venus' effect today. They are in 150^... 

Today there are a lot of US announcements. So watch your steps! The Moon moves to Capricorn, exactly during the "retail sales" and French bond auction.... at 12:00- so a change in trend is due. 

We have a Yod in the sky, Venus 150 to Jupiter and Uranus too... This is a major position, with a lot of power. Not like yesterday, the volume was ridiculous.. 

We are only 6 days before the Total Solar Eclipse, and we already feel its affect... Indonesia, in Sumatra there was a 7.8 earthquake yesterday... More to follow. 

China is still positive, but to rally, the SSEA should go above 2934... Nikkei is rising since 2/12' this too should go above 17870 for a rally... HSI: made a higher high, than Jan top, so it is promising... but the volume is weak...Stop is at 19980. 


I have to clear some things: 
I have several services: 1) the application, where I post, usually during my morning hours, at gmt+2. Once you download the app. you can see a list of alerts under "Alerts". I publish almost daily, out of courtesy to those who downloaded. I am not obliged to do that daily, I can do that once a week, or twice, as I please. There is no "MUST". But, since I am a trader as well, I know that every piece of info is important. Once you downloaded it, please do not ask FROM ME to return the money. It is NOT UP TO ME. You can ask from Itunes, or Google Play, they take down their know, I am left with not much. The price is so ridiculous, for what you can gain, if you trade well, that I am in a shock, if someone asks for a refund. To be honest, I have not seen any other application, that gives so much for so little.

Is there anything you don't understand in my alerts? Speak up... maybe I can explain. 

2) I have a weekly report, the fee for that is $250 for 3 months. There I give longer term forecast. 

3) I teach "Financial Astrology", that cost $4500  for the course, -10 lessons on skype.

I write about all these services all the time. If you don't read the blog, and the left panel, that's up to you...
All my calculations are based on astrology. You cannot expect to receive explanation on why and how.. in the app. That is like twitter just a few words can be posted. 
If you would like to know how do I get my calculations, take the course. You can read some of the letters from students, at the left panel. 

As you can feel from these lines, I am pissed off. 


Today we are 180 days before September 2016 eclipse... 

It is already tomorrow... I just came back from a wedding.My son's best friend got married. We, the parents were together since they were 2 years old. in the kindergarten, then to the other kindergarten or the grown ups- 5 years old, then in the school... till they were 18... then they went to the army,  studies in the university, and now, one after the other gets married... I was dancing, and happy, than, I sat down outside the circle, and just absorbed the happiness. It was not mine, it was their AND mine... after so many years together, As a mother I don't think there is more happiness in the world, than seeing your child happy. and his friends, and their parents, who accompanied me during the last 30 years... even if I have not met them for 30 years, they look the same, they talk the same , their children talk like their parents... we know how they think, what they think... it is a bond that we hold together.
It was a happy day to remember. 


March 6, 2016 Sunday

We are under the influence of Mars and the Sun today. Mars just entered Sagittarius. It will be here till May 27. Why so long? because it will turn retrograde. April 22- June 28 will be the retrograde period. During Mars retro we often have wars...Oh, no!!! not again!!!!! 
I highlighted the major transiting midpoints... there is a lot of action in the sky, this is Israel chart in the inner wheel, and transit for April 21, 2016... Also, the eclipses that occur at 18 degrees, pull a trigger, and on the 9th March the eclipse is at 18^Pisc56".
I will check later for some positivity... and add to this. Now market already started. 

I chose the Dow, to show you when was Mars in retro. Since we have data from 1850 for the Dow, and Israel exists since 1948- we can see that almost every 2-3 years Mars goes retrograde. Thanks God, we don't have a war each time, but always, when we were in war, Mars was in retro a few months before the war. 

Mars in retro from 1948-2020:


Realization intervals (begin - end):
 9.01.1948  0:00 (GMT+2) - 29.03.1948  0:00 (GMT+2)
13.02.1950  0:00 (GMT+2) -  3.05.1950  0:00 (GMT+2)
26.03.1952  0:00 (GMT+2) - 10.06.1952  0:00 (GMT+2)
24.05.1954  0:00 (GMT+2) - 29.07.1954  0:00 (GMT+2)
11.08.1956  0:00 (GMT+2) - 10.10.1956  0:00 (GMT+2)
11.10.1958  0:00 (GMT+2) - 20.12.1958  0:00 (GMT+2)
21.11.1960  0:00 (GMT+2) -  6.02.1961  0:00 (GMT+2)
27.12.1962  0:00 (GMT+2) - 16.03.1963  0:00 (GMT+2)
30.01.1965  0:00 (GMT+2) - 19.04.1965  0:00 (GMT+2)
 9.03.1967  0:00 (GMT+2) - 26.05.1967  0:00 (GMT+2)
28.04.1969  0:00 (GMT+2) -  8.07.1969  0:00 (GMT+2)
12.07.1971  0:00 (GMT+2) -  9.09.1971  0:00 (GMT+2)
21.09.1973  0:00 (GMT+2) - 26.11.1973  0:00 (GMT+2)
 7.11.1975  0:00 (GMT+2) - 20.01.1976  0:00 (GMT+2)
13.12.1977  0:00 (GMT+2) -  2.03.1978  0:00 (GMT+2)
17.01.1980  0:00 (GMT+2) -  6.04.1980  0:00 (GMT+2)
21.02.1982  0:00 (GMT+2) - 11.05.1982  0:00 (GMT+2)
 6.04.1984  0:00 (GMT+2) - 19.06.1984  0:00 (GMT+2)
10.06.1986  0:00 (GMT+2) - 12.08.1986  0:00 (GMT+2)
27.08.1988  0:00 (GMT+2) - 28.10.1988  0:00 (GMT+2)
21.10.1990  0:00 (GMT+2) -  1.01.1991  0:00 (GMT+2)
30.11.1992  0:00 (GMT+2) - 15.02.1993  0:00 (GMT+2)
 3.01.1995  0:00 (GMT+2) - 24.03.1995  0:00 (GMT+2)
 7.02.1997  0:00 (GMT+2) - 27.04.1997  0:00 (GMT+2)
19.03.1999  0:00 (GMT+2) -  4.06.1999  0:00 (GMT+2)
12.05.2001  0:00 (GMT+2) - 20.07.2001  0:00 (GMT+2)
30.07.2003  0:00 (GMT+2) - 27.09.2003  0:00 (GMT+2)
 3.10.2005  0:00 (GMT+2) - 10.12.2005  0:00 (GMT+2)
16.11.2007  0:00 (GMT+2) - 31.01.2008  0:00 (GMT+2)
21.12.2009  0:00 (GMT+2) - 10.03.2010  0:00 (GMT+2)
25.01.2012  0:00 (GMT+2) - 14.04.2012  0:00 (GMT+2)
 2.03.2014  0:00 (GMT+2) - 20.05.2014  0:00 (GMT+2)
18.04.2016  0:00 (GMT+2) - 30.06.2016  0:00 (GMT+2)
27.06.2018  0:00 (GMT+2) - 27.08.2018  0:00 (GMT+2)

I also found, that of all the wars, not including "operations" - 6 started when transit Sun was in Gemini, 7 in cancer, and 1-1-1 in Sag. Cap. and Scorpio. So the most vulnerable time will be this year June 8-10, Mars will be retro, and the Sun at 18 Gemini, till July 12th, when the Sun will be again 18-20 Cancer. 
Let's hope I am wrong, and we will have a very prosperous year... 

For the trade it is important to see, that Mercury entered Pisces, where it is bad. I think this will have a negative impact, as long as it is in this sign. Another interesting formation we are having this week is a TSquare in the mutable signs. As the name has it.. mutable... not reliable, changing..the Sun is weak in water, Jupiter is weak by sign and position, only Saturn keeps the "children" in line... but not too fiercely, since it is too, in mutable Sag.  

I have to ask you, do you prefer to receive long term alerts in the app? or short term, as it was till now??

SInce I have so many readers from Pakistan, here is the Solar eclipse for karachi: It will happen in the 12th house. This house tells us about closed places, past lives. It is also the health of the partner... in a natal chart reading. 

This eclipse will be important for the country, since it happens on the 18th degree, and Pakistan's Jupiter and the Moon is at this degree. SInce the Moon represents the people, and the eclipse will be 120^ to the Moon. The people feel that something is false and hypocrisy (Neptune) , unfaithfulness is happening. 

March 7,2016 Monday

Today we are under the effect of the Moon and the Sun. The Moon is at 22* Aquarius, only 2 days to meet the Sun, and form the New Moon, and this time,since both will conjunct the South Node, form the Solar eclipse. When the Moon meets with the North Node, and there is a full Moon, we have the Lunar eclipse. ( March 23). The Sun is in opposition to Jupiter. Jupiter rules celebrities, so we will depart from a few during this year. Why this year? Because the eclipse's effect is at least!!! a year. I have a list of famous people, who will be deeply effected by the eclipse, in a way or other.... They are: Mubarak, Clint Eastwood, Rupert Murdoch, Pope Francis, Pavarotti, Julia Roberts, Al Pacino, Ringo Star, Julio Iglesias, paul McCartney, Ehud Barak, Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Ehud Olmert( he is now in jail- the eclipse came early for him); Michael Douglas, Uri geller, Pakistan, Israel, Netanyahu, Putin, Shinzo Abe, Erdugan, etc.. just to show you a few... of course, the eclipse can effect them, each and every one, in a certain area of their lives. A deeper analysis is needed to see where.. 
24 alerts sent this morning. Download my app, to receive them. 

Good trading. 

March 8, 2016 Tuesday

Remember this day... March 8. The international women day.Turkey will receive 3 milliard euros !!!!! to deal with the refugees who are camping and waiting for a better life in Germany, at the border of Greece and Macedonia. Germany received 4 million refugees. Now they want to deport them back to their Syria, Iran, and all the other failed countries. I posted Angela Merkel's chart in the past, and I wrote that her leadership is in danger. I will have to look up when I posted this..I wrote 25 times about Mrs. Merkel. On Dec 17, 2014 I wrote that internal disturbances are due... And Germany is undergoing now a major unrest, because of the immigrants. 

In any case, Turkey is getting an enormous sum of money. 

In the chart above we can see, that again, the Moon moved on, it is now in Pisces. From here is will make a lot of aspects to different planets, nervous two days are coming. 

Look here: the 3 fathers' pattern from the Bible: Abraham, Izhak and Yaacov: 3 tries and a fall./ thi is the future daily .

Now the 60 minutes? 

Only yesterday I wrote about the eclipse's effect on certain people. Here is a fresh example. Nancy Reagan: born July 6, 1921- died March 6, 2016, at at the age of 94.67/ 
The upcoming eclipse is at 18 degrees. Check out where is her Directed Jupiter? Exactly at 18 degrees. Besides that, to see death, we need more than 7 angles to point to an end. And here , on her Natal Jupiter is bombarded by almost all planets.. May she rest in peace! She was a great lover of astrology... 

I was robbed... in my house. I cannot tell you how devastated I feel.. 


March 9, Tuesday, 2016

We are after the New Moon, and the eclipse. I should start again, a new article. I will change the format in the new one, putting the current day to the top, as per some requests I received from readers. 
To the request of users, I will publish long term alerts in the application. 

Let us see what did we get this last Lunar month? 
Certainly new highs... against all odds, the feared crash in the markets is postponed. At least, this is what I see now, for 2016. But, with Uranus in Aries, anything can happen... In general, we will talk about crashes if major lows will break down. 

The problems of the immigrants just enlarged. We have an exodus, I can say... It was shocking to see, that the historical exodus of the jews from Egypt, in Apr.13, 1312 BC! had the planets around 18 degrees, like now- the eclipse occurred at 18 deg. Pisces; and uranus was at 00:00 Leo and Saturn Neptune were conjunct is Scorpio. 

Watching these people all my problems get shrinked... 

I shall start now the next article... follow me to the " New Moon in Pisces,2016". 


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  2. Good morning G...
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    It's obvious to anyone that the info is to be used wisely and without expecting a cataclysmic winner in every situation....certainly it can happen that a winner and move us outstanding but it also requires prudent money management on the part of the trader...


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