New Moon in Pisces, 2016

Between March 8 to April 7, 2016

April 8, 2016 Friday

We are after the New Moon, time to say bye bye, and start a new article.. Please follow me to " the New Moon in Aries, 2016"

April 7, 2016 Thursday

I am very lucky to have so many good friends, personal, or pen pals and I learn from them so much...every day! I am astonished to see, that there is so many new things to learn. There is a bottomless knowledge out there, folks, so study, study whenever you can!! 
Socrates said: 

" The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

Read more at: 

Yesterday I wrote, that I am long in the S&P- and it ran up to 2066! ( 5 min. spot chart).

It is very important to rise above 2067, base itself above it, then next up targets: 2072- 78- 80-84-86-87-90. All my calculations, here and in the application, are based on planetary positions, a system I teach in my course. 

DOW: daily chart: we got a W pattern.. Support at 17400~ oscillators are still strong, and we have the New Moon today. Time has come. I wrote April 7th.. Any announcements?? 

In 90 minutes ECB... Interesting ! Exactly under the New Moon. 
As always, I start a new article after the New Moon... so see you later.. 

April 6, 2016 Wednesday

For the last 3 months I take my grandson to kindergarten, because my daughter, who is a doctor, must leave home at a quarter to 7. So I get up at 6, go to her, stay with the adorable little creature, and take him at 8; till I get home is 8:30, for the last week, I continue my routine taking care of my mom, who is getting slowly better...Thanks God, and the oxygen. LOL Today, on my way back, I tried to think, what planetary move, that is so rare. triggered this situation?? Since I have a Scorpio rising, my 6th house is in Aries, and I am under a Mars return. This happens each 2 years. In my case, Mars represents, sickness, and service= in this case, my mom's sickness... and my service to her, and to my daughter. Mars will turn retro, on 4/17th,  and Pluto too, on 4/18th  and stay so for 2 months till June 30th.. it will go back to 23 Scorpio, will cross my Ascendant.. so it will be a long long summer. 
Sorry if I bore some of you...I think this is an astrological lesson. how to understand our map. 2 and a half years ago, former Mars return I cared for my step-dad. RIP. He died in his sleep, 4 days, before his Solar return, at the age of 89.
Here are the planetary moves for April: 
6.04.2016    1:09:14 > Tau Mercury
 6.04.2016    8:45:48 > Ari Moon
 8.04.2016    8:10:26 > Tau Moon
10.04.2016    7:58:33 > Gem Moon
12.04.2016   10:06:30 > Cnc Moon
14.04.2016   15:52:55 > Leo Moon
17.04.2016    1:22:36 > Vir Moon
17.04.2016   14:14:07 R     Mars  8°54'02"Sgr
18.04.2016    9:25:50 R     Pluto 17°29'06"Cap
19.04.2016   13:23:48 > Lib Moon
19.04.2016   17:29:27 > Tau Sun
22.04.2016    2:17:28 > Sco Moon
24.04.2016   14:46:10 > Sgr Moon
27.04.2016    1:54:22 > Cap Moon
28.04.2016   19:19:42 R     Mercury 23°36'07"Tau
29.04.2016   10:46:47 > Aqr Moon
30.04.2016    2:35:36 > Tau Venus    
So let's see where are the planets for the markets? It's a Wednesday, so we are under the rulership of Mercury. As I write, Mercury enters Taurus- then, on 4/28th will turn retro,from 23 degrees,will retreat to 14th, turn around, Direct again on May 22, and leave Taurus only on June 13!!!!! Wawawawawa!~!!!~~!!~~~ Mercury was retro in Taurus only in 4/2/2-1- till 5/12/2010- can you recall what happened to you then ?? 
The other news today is, that the Moon moved to Aries! together with Venus... This is a fighter Moon, a lot of energy, and also anger, accidents, cuts.. So be careful.. For the markets it brings some new energy after the Piscean lethargy.. We are before the New Moon.
OKEY. what happened in the US markets yesterday ? 
S&P last low was 2058- the spot. I am still long.. for long term traders, short is only below 2022... so.. 
the DOW rallies since 2/11- 53 calendar days- we still have 2 days for a Fibonacci turn.- that will bring us to April 7-8...the date I wrote that I expect a turn. Former top was 17902- should go above it for a new rally.. But even se, we got a 15% rise since Feb. 
VIX: fell to the target given in the application, to 13... 
Then, we have the new world scandal: called the Panama papers... many heads will roll ..and not by ISIS. How low can people fall? More than 15 PM's had their money hidden... With Saturn in Sag. truth slips out, and justice is demanded.  

April 4,2016 Tuesday.

What can I say?? Difficult period in my life.. 
Markets? Waning Moon, it's almost New Moon... Soon Mercury and Venus will change signs, some different energy will come in, hopefully, FOR ME better... sorry, guys/ But, Mercury is Taurus is bad, and venus in Aries is worse. So I don't see any improvement. The only good thing is, that Venus leaves Pisces; this position is like " turning the other cheek"... over service, over giving. 
So I sent a lot of alerts yesterday, and I think all of them was broken. Moon is Pisces is not so good for the markets. 

S&P Future: Will be a long above 2047! Planets are blocking at 2047- should go above it, to be safe.. 

I wrote to some friends, that I lost my voice.. Some might say. or think, ok, it's a virus... But let me show you the astrological side of the issue... Voice comes out of the throat. The throat is ruled by Taurus. What kind of animal is it? Big, strong, stubborn, can endure hard work.... oh oooo! Here comes the bummer... Once one is overloaded with hard work, Taurus collapses... how? by losing its voice. It is the first sign, the body sends, to signal that we took upon us too much.. What comes after Taurus??  Gemini... Gemini rules many areas, and also the nerves..So we get a nervous breakdown, tremble in the hands, difficulty to breathe... What next? Cancer... rules the stomach... we get diarrhea.. Next , Leo- we get a heart attack. So in order to avoid this chain of declination, we have to learn how to build borders, and say NO! I CANNOT DO THIS AND THAT now... maybe later, or search for another help. Our body sends signals all the time, in all possible way... so listen to your body. 


April 4, 2016 Monday

After just one day in the hospital, no one could persuade mom to stay as long as it takes. She signed, that she wants to go home.. So I rented oxygen, and bought all the necessary medicine, and now she is with me. Hoping for the best. After many years of smoking, even without a cigarette since 16 years, her lungs remember... and gave in. Astrologically she is under Uranus return.. which is horrible. 

Thank you for your patience, I did not write for a few days... My initial date for a major CIT is April 7th.. I think I already wrote about this- for the S&P...I see it goes up with little steps, it is still strong and supported by inclining trendline and also by the planetary positions~ at 2067, targeting 2086- 2092.
The change in the sky is only the moon moved to Pisces. Uranus moved to the 20th degree in Aries. Remember, that the September 13, 2015 solar eclipse occurred on this degree! This position will back more upcoming positions till April 7th for a CIT. 

April 3, 2016 Sunday 

My mom is very sick, I am with her in the hospital, so sorry, I cannot send alerts or write. 

March 30, 2016 Wednesday

Yesterday I sent 23 alerts in the application. All came true, and were tradable.  I hope you made money. 

Mrs. Yellen's speech, and planetary positions made it happen. Which came first? Obviously, the planets... Since I sent my alerts before 6 am, my time... before the markets started to trade.. Sign up to my Financial Astrology course, you will see, a whole new world will open in front of you.. 

News today in the sky: 
The Sun is departing from a trine to Mars. Tomorrow it will make an exact 30^ to Neptune, which is a minor position. More important is a Mercury-Saturn trine, now, as I write, at 16^33. Saturn always restricts.  Jupiter is at 15^37 to Saturn, in a sextile and Pluto at 17^24~ 30^ to Saturn. So wherever I look I see Saturn. Saturn blocks. If, by calculation, the index/share is above Saturn, than it gets a strong support. If below, a strong resistance. 
One interesting example: AORD: SHould go up only above 5076.55- in order to benefit of the Mercury-Saturn position. 

March 28, 2016 Monday

Today, at 9:46 am gmt+3 the Moon moves to Sagittarius, just in time for the markets.... will bring some energy.  
SSEA: shows some strength, it crossed to the upside the declining trend line. Should go above 3020- to be a more positive Long. 

Very sad news about another bombing, this time in Pakistan, Lahore... Sun-Mars 120^.. I wrote about it, in previous posts.. that I am afraid to switch on the TV!?? The chart is self expressive. 

it was a difficult day... I was not next to the computer. My mom is sick... So I went to help what ever I can. Not daughter, who is a doctor, wrote her a receipt, I brought her antibiotics... but she has, after many years of smoking, a lung problem, and Sun-Mars trine did it for her... She absolutely and irrevocably refuses to go to the hospital. 
I hope she'll recover in a week.. I told her till the end of the week...She has some nasty transits... 
We are soooo different... Her Moon is in Cancer, full of fEEEEEElings, while mine in Gemini, logic... for me, it's easy to understand her or anybody... but she cannot understand me. Oh.. well... 
So I did not write in the blog or application today. 

March 27, 2016 Sunday

We wake to a Scorpio Moon, waning, before the New Moon. the Sun is at 7 Sag. in 120^ to Mars.- happened before on May 31, 2014. Mercury is 30^ to Neptune- do not believe anything you read or hear.. this is a manipulative angle... Next we have Jupiter squaring saturn.. Now this is interesting...Happened in Aug 3,2015. Around this date the S&P topped.. This position will accompany us the whole week. 
Then we have a minor positive Venus-Pluto angle, which will fade away till markets open tomorrow. 
TA25: 1477  is a support line. We are short below it and long above. 

Today we have an important conjunction in the sky: Mars, Saturn and Pluto are conjunct. The graph does not show, but we can add to these the Lilith and "the Killing planet Anareta" also... all at -20 declination. Not a good sign. Watch your steps, and backs. 

March 25, 2016 Friday

Here are the alerts sent yesterday: see for yourselves if it is worth while downloading my app. or no. 

Sent in my application: on 3/24 morning hours.( gmt+2).

Dax: We turned short below 10000. Lower stop to 9870- Long above it.

S&P future: Now at 2017. Stop support)was 2043. Now the support is at 2017 and 2011. Basing itself above 2017, will reverse. In lack of planetary moves, the unemployment will decide which way. Real short will be only below 1960..

US: Unemployment at 2:30( gmt+2).

Crude oil: Lower stop to 39.75- short below it. Falling below 38.770 will go to 38.10- 37.90-37.60

STI: lower stop to 2850- short below, long above 2880 only.

Nifty: last alert on 3/21- stop was 7680- target 7710 reached!-next 7790.

CAC: is falling since 3/14=8 tr.days.. targeting 4260

StoxxEuro: Short stop 3520 target 3410-3350

Gold: fell to 1212- Support is at 1210- reversal will push it up to targets up 1216-17-18-19-21-27 above it: 1234-35-40-46.

Download to Iphone 
 or to Android

You can also sign up to the weekly forecast, where I give long term targets and turning dates. 

Have a nice week end! 

Monday will open with a totally new scenario!! You don't want to miss it... 

And Happy Good Friday, for those who celebrate it. Europe banks are closed.. 


March 24, 2016, Thursday

We don't have trade today, due to Purim. So we are out till Sunday.. 
What's new in the sky? Mercury-Sun are conjunct in Aries. I am afraid to switch on the TV... for the news I might hear under this conjunction. Both are trine 120 Mars..
Market wise we now have a group of planets at 4-5 degrees, and 5 planets around 14-19 degrees. They form a support / resistance line. 
The last low for the S&P was on March 10, during 7 days ran up from 1969 to 2054- till March 21st, since then we got no new highs. Actually, astrologically, it touched the Sun-line on March 21. Remember Icarus? He too, touched the Sun, and fell down...So we are short now with a stop at 2054, in a correction phase. You can either be short, or wait for a reversal, IMHO, the rally is not over yet.  Long above March 10th low...or. if that is too far, than above 2027. 
Internet connection falls all the time.. I am glad there is no trade, I would go absolutely nuts.. 

I posted on FB the astrology charts of the Brussels bombers... go to my page, if you are interested.. 


March 23, 2016 Wednesday

The above picture shows where is the Lunar eclipse is visible.. 

We have a new situation in the sky today, the Moon just moved into Libra.. and we are after the full Moon. Now the Moon is in opposition to Mercury, and the next angle to make will be to Saturn, then to Mars.. this angle will happen when the US markets open, any announcements? Yes, Crude oil... where is it? 40.99..The Future at 41.09. Ok.. will post now in the alerts. 
TA25: Yesterday alert was, that the key is at 1485.50- see 10 min. chart.. we were supposed to plant a buy order above this level, and a sell below. The Key given, is based on planetary calculations. 
Now it trades at 1493.28- So move stop to 1491.- target 1497. 

DAX: alert said: for intraday traders: short below 9900- for long time traders, short below 9810-

In both cases you could earn nicely, since it fell to 9765, and reversed.. Now we are long again, above 9810. 

Gold: Alert said: raise stop to 1451. here is the outcome.. 
Some subscribers ask for short term, the others for long term alerts.. I can't do both.. So if you would like to receive an analysis of the bigger situation, please sign up for the weekly reports.. Only $250 for 3 months. 

Oil: made an interesting pattern: or maybe my software is coocoo? 


March 22, 2016 Tuesday

We have some minor changes in the sky: Mercury moved to Aries, and the Moon is at 19 degrees in Virgo. Search this blog in the left panel window, to see what the 19 degrees mean! Mercury represents travel, communication, hand, legs, lungs. In Aries can bring accidents, bombs on trains, airplanes, car accidents... injuries..  It is very dangerous!! It will culminate when it will conjunct Uranus, on March 25-April 5- I gave a wide orb... 
During these days, both will be 150^ to Jupiter, which is bad and weak in Virgo, and shows its ugly side.. enlarging everything to the negative, that is touches. 

targets given yesterday in the app- worked nicely.. 
Today we should get a reversal... let me check the Fed announcements for today.. Yes, it is on full schedule.. First Europe, then the US. So fundamentals are in harmony with the planets.. 
Here is the Mercurian affect on the S&P- moved today to Aries- TS tells us, that the cycle is not reliable... but, still we can see, the years that it worked( red) and when it didn't(blue). 

Also, don't forget that Mars entered Scorpio in the Heliocentric chart, that makes a major difference, and more!! Saturn turning retro on the 25th. I analyse all these cycles in my weekly report. 

I just opened CNN!!! Brussels airport suicide attackers, killed  more than 10 and many more injured .
After I wrote the above, about Mercury entering Aries, I had a bad feeling. I thought, why not open the TV, which disturbs me, while I work... but I had to see if anything is happening.. and there it is. Horrible. 

I can only think of this proverb: " No good deed goes unpunished". 

I had to look at the chart of King Philippe of Belgium... His home, H4 is ruled by Venus, and this got an aspect from transit Mars. ( planet of war). Mars turns retro, and will return to 5 SAG., to today's position on Aug 15th. so mark this date for another terror attack. 
The more disturbing angle is the opposition from Directed Mars to his Neptune, for the next 2 years! which means, that he, and his country will have to deal with attacks  in different forms, from religious oriented people. 
BUT, I am afraid, that much more serious problems will rise, towards mid June 2016, when transit Uranus will conjunct his Sun. His reign will be in danger...not that  I saw him speaking or comforting the people... 
By the way, with Pluto in Capricorn, no Royalty is safe.. 

Someone must read this blog... The King was evacuated and taken to safe place.. 
Here is the monthly graph of the FTSE: See the symmetry ! if you can afford it, the stop is at 4750. 25% lower than now... Major CIT in March 2018... Of course, this is not tradable, unless you are Buffett.. Or, you can go short, with a stop at 6450.This too needs deep pockets. 

March 21, 2016 Monday

The news in the sky is, that the Moon crossed over to Virgo.~Earth~.....The other news is, that there are planets in ~Air~ today... And, the third is, Saturn is stationary , before turning retro.. What does lack of Air mean?? No thought, no brain, no reason. Just animal instincts... and aggressiveness.A dream (water) to be achieved by force (fire). 

In the Heliocentric chart Mars just entered Scorpio, a sign it rules, so it is very important, happens only once in two years. Mars is also conjunct Juno- danger to young girls... and at 150 to Lilith.. About Lilith I can write a book... so just say, it is bad.- Mars in Helio Scorpio will bring a major turn in some of the indices. It does not "behave " the same way for everybody... 

What is happening in the fundamental world? 
Bank holiday in Japan, and Buba report from Germany at 11:00 am... 

This article is about the Moon in Pisces... let's see, who from the people we know has it in Pisces?? I ran Solar Fire, and I got a list: 
Mata Hari, Coco Chanel, Edgar Hoover, Frank Sinatra, Paul Newman, Betty Ford, Hugh Hefner, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elvis, Morgan Freeman, O.J.SImpson, Hillary the Clinton, Robin Williams, Mitt Romney, Prince, Bashar Assad, and many more... 
Dreamers, artists, people who create and live the illusion. 

S&P topped yesterday at 2053... Alert sent yesterday said, to raise stop to 2050.25- We will turn short below. 
S&P future: Stop was at 2037, targeting 2045. We are still in trade! 


March 20, 2016 Sunday

That's it.. Today it is officially spring. Sun in Aries, fire in fire, lots of fire... Just listen to the news... 3 Israeli tourists dead and 5 injured, also 2 American tourists dead in Istanbul, of the terror - suicide attack yesterday. 
I highlighted the planets in fire signs. 
The important angle of today and actually the whole week, is a square between Jupiter to Saturn and we still have the trine between Jupiter-Pluto. Using a wider orb, there is also a quincunx Jupiter-Uranus. 
A word about Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, name change occurred in 1920. The town is ruled by Cancer. I don't have the exact time of the event, so I made a noon chart. Here we can see Pandora conjunct the Moon, 150 to the Sun, Mercury, South Node Chiron, Ceres, all in the 9th house,( foreign countries).

TA25: opens with a positive arbitrage. 

There is a very important change coming up in the sky: March 25th Saturn turns retrograde till mid August. This move, for the oil meant: 

I am reading various posts on FB. I read about Antonin Scalia. 

How he died/ was killed? while sleeping.. I had to check out his chart... After looking at all te aspects, I tend to believe that he did not die of natural causes. 
Now, I don't know him, and I am not familiar with politics. I am just looking at his chart: has his time of birth, so this is the correct chart. Sun at 21.20Pisces, Moon 3.24 Libra. Both were triggered by the last eclipses. But, what is extraordinary, is to find transit Jupiter, NN, Lilith and the Killing point Anareta- right across his Sun. What would you think with such a position?? Now to add this, Saturn in transit( government) is at the Pluto-Uranus midpoint, and also Venus, Lilith.. Now you see what I see?

Feel free to 


Ebertine teaches us about the Saturn midpoint at URA/PL: One sidedness, egotism,stubbornness,hatred,exposure to extremely great pressure by others, separation caused through higher Power. 

May he rest in peace..

I am working on the Nikkei now.. Listening to the radio, beautiful music..I think the forecast will be also very good... 

would you like to know how will be 2016? SIgn up for the report...

March 18,2016 Friday

Today Venus and Jupiter will  be on stage. Venus is on 7^Pisces, approaching Neptune... A conjunction that takes place every 367 days, so it is pretty important ...Jupiter is still in Virgo, in retro and weak... at 17^ in a trine to Pluto  . La Luna will leave Cancer today and enter Leo... This is very important for the S&P for example.. The index tops or bottoms in this sign. Mercury is in Pisces.. Since it entered this sign, most of the appointments I made were cancelled.. Not to be trusted! Today there will be a malefic Mercury-Lilith angle.. so watch your back.. 
Yesterday we got new highs in all the markets... S&P, Oil, Gold, Euro$... all rally like there is no tomorrow.. 
S&P: topped at 2046. Now , there is a support at 2039... falling below no stop till 2034-31-29-26. The index is rallying since Feb 11th, March 22,24 and 27th will be important turning days. 
Good trading! :) 

I promised to write about the VIX... taking just the last fragment of the trade, 10 minutes: from March 13th, topped at 19.06, yesterday I wrote in the application: VIX: Stop was 17.30 went only to 17.85, gasped, and fell back. It is targeting 14.45- Dec.24th low. Falling below, we will see a long squeeze in the markets.. Against all odds. Will post about this in the blog..".. Outcome? We got a long squeeze, VIX fell to 13.91. Now , it will be a long only above 15.10. targets down: 13.70-13.60- 12.90


March 17. 2016 Thursday

Yesterday , indeed was a turning day for the S&P.  This is the alert sent for S&P stop: 

S&P Spot: now at 2015, supports are at 2013-2007. Targets up :2026-27. Bottomed at 2010- topped at 2031.47 
I hope you were in the right direction!.

Gold: alert sent yesterday: Gold : Stop written in the blog today: 1233- fell below, we are short targeting 1223-1200-1190.

SO, if stop was at 1233- we put a buy order at 1234- and a sell order at 1232. the buy order was  executed, and we gained 29 points. 

TA25: alert sent yesterday: Ta25: is on the edge.. 1487-88- above it , it will rally targeting 1508.

trade range is between 1484-1490- technically... The arbitrage is negative, Should go above 1490 to go higher, but then there is again an obstacle at 1494. Planets' wise: 1489 is support, 1490.65 resistance, then 1491.55 -1497. Only above this level there is space till 1503.66-1505.90.

The stop for the Euro$ was at 1.1150- I wrote to go long only above this level... So we put a buy order above it, and a sell below. The buy order was caught, and we gained all the way up to 1.1230. 
Now move stop to 1.1220. 

Dax: Stop was 9940, target 10000. Went to 10029, then to 10022, and closed 9983- we are still in trade. 

Why the rally yesterday? Fundamentally Mrs. Yellin left the rates untouched, Astrologically Moon in Cancer, fixed sign.. "fixed" or froze the situation...Other aspects as well. but I will not bore you with details.. 

March 16, 2016 Wednesday

We are ruled by Mercury and Neptune today. Mercury is on the eclipse degree, Neptune at 10 Pisces... it moved one degree! Explanation about this degree we can find in "Keane"s book:" 10 KARMIC. 10° Pisces seems to be strong in the forming of the character and 
the shape of the life. Given to events which make the native and others wonder why they happened."
Uranus also moved, now at 19 Aries, this degree is the exaltation degree of the Sun... very powerful position! 
The Moon is in Cancer today, adding to the drama.. 

Today is a turning point for the S&P... 
Now looking down to the fundamental world, we have the FOMC meeting... probably markets will consolidate till the announcement. 
S&P 10 min chart: Support at 1987. 

Gold: 10 minutes: 

We will have to check astrologically where are the planets supporting... That.. you will receive in the alerts of the app. 

March 15th 2016 Tuesday

This is not an alien ship, nor did E.T. land... This is a man made ship, that can take off... Future is here. 

In one of my articles , last year, I wrote, that with Uranus in Aries man will discover many new things.... Here is one of them.. Isn't this exciting?? 
We learned yesterday, that Putinka is pulling out his troops from Syria... What does He know, that the rest of the world doesn't? Is peace over the corner? I wish, and you wish and we all wish, but I doubt... Again, not with the planetary positions that we have. Now we have a stellium in Pisces... but what will happen, when it will move to Aries?? with Mars retrograde??? Oh, well... let's see the markets.. What can we do? 

No news in the sky.. Only the Moon is still in Gemini..SO don't fall asleep... Action is coming. 
Yesterday the S&P consolidated, not something tradable.... Now we are short with a stop at 2027.
Gold fell to 1227.. So if you have my app, you gained nicely with the short ..
Any news in the fundamental world? Yes, PPI at 2:30pm. before market opens. 
In general! Shares or indices that bottomed on Feb11th, will revert now, after 21-22 trading days.. We are still in an uptrend, so don't buy up all the shorts you can.. 

March 14, 2016

We had a rally yesterday , as forecasted. The east rallies, I see... All indices are green.
So' let's see if we can trust these rallies?? 
First, we have a stellium in Pisces. Mercury is conjunct Ceres, at 17Pisc50. Both are in opposition Jupiter and sextile Pluto. Venus squares Mars, and the Moon enters Gemini..
So my calculations in the application will be based on these positions. 

I also looked at the Dial chart. taking in consideration the main planets, we have a Mars at the Uranus/Pluto midpoint. Ebertin writes about this: "Fanaticism,an act of violence, the mania of destruction, a state of precipitation, the stage of bending or breaking, injury, accident. " Did you hear the news? Suicide bomb in Ankara killed 34 people last night... 

The other midpoint today and this week is Neptune at Mars/Jupiter and Venus /Jupiter. Again, Ebertin writes: "Feelings of inferiority,falsehood,unfaithfulness,plans without a chance of realisation. A hopeless relationship,failures, retarded or difficult birth.. "
Use this sentence for the Turkish demands from the Eurozone, and you have an idea of the outcome.
Saturn at Merc/Jup midpoint: "Inhibitions when trying to make a decision, the display of uncertainty, during negotiations. The stage of breaking them off .the stage of saying good bye, the desire to withdraw from other people, make a journey. 

About the application: SInce today and tomorrow the Moon is in Gemini, I think we should trade short terms... I would hate to lose all the gains of the last days, because of the Moon today, or Mercury on the 16th.. The name of the game is " A D J U S T and quickly. 

Hot news: Russia announces that she will pull out her troops from Syria.. hmmmmm under Mercury-Neptune conjunction?? 
So I looked up the date the war broke out... Exactly 5 years ago.. Meanwhile Saturn made a perfect sextile. So a halt is possible.. 


March 13, 2016 Sunday

A new week starts, with the Moon in Taurus. It is exalted here, very good. the Sun at 23^ Pisces, so they are in a sextile, also separating, thus, the Moon gains in light. Mercury at 13^ Pisces, is bad in this sign. It is also separating from Neptune. First angle to make will be to Saturn, a square. Blocking effect; due tomorrow. Venus is at 1^ Pisces. First meeting will be to Mars, also with a square.  Mars is at 2^ Sag. Mars will turn retrograde on April 17th - June 30th. For the EURO$ pair, in the past, this meant a rise, in the first 13 days. 

TA25: will open today with a small positive arbitrage effect, above 1480. Please check weekly report for the forecast.. 
STI: Singapore... for my readers from that part of the world. Here is Bloomberg chart from 2011- comparison with S&P, Dax, SSEA and Nikkei. STI is at the bottom, Nikkei is outperforming all 

STI trades since 1987. Anyone can send me data in an excell csv file? thanks.. 

USCAD: I am working on this forecast.. stay tuned. 

Have you already downloaded my application??? 

March 11, 2016 Friday

Today we are under the influence of Venus and Mercury. Venus is at the last degrees of Aquarius, and Mercury is in exact conjunction with Neptune. This conjunction tells us about lies and more lies! 
Yesterday we saw a lot of drama.... First from Mr. Draghi's announcement, during that time, Europe went up and down, so did the forex and bonds, S&P hit 1971, then, at 8:10 pm ( my time), we got a reversal, and a V pattern was formed. Moon in Aries... a lot of drama. 
S&P 5 min. chart, for people with strong nerves... I was at my yoga lesson, so not trading..
I hope you got the right directions... 

Gold: my last alert was, to raise stop for long to 1252- Now you can raise it again to 1270- topped so far at 1282.8- target 1294.- 1330. falling below 1270, we shall consider a short again. 
On the EURO$ I wrote yesterday, to short below 1.1050- and double short below 1.0964. It fell to 1.08240, and reversed, topped at 1.1215- On Bloomberg they said yesterday, that they shut down their computers!! during announcements, because it is impossible to trade such a crazy fluctuation. 

We don't have trade today, so off I go... Will write my forecasts, for the next week, meanwhile, ciao.. 

March 10, 2016 Thursday

As I wrote in the last article, I am changing the format of the posts, the last day will be on the top, so you will not have to work too hard, to scroll down. 

So it is again the last day for the week, at least for us here in Israel, friday and Saturday no trade. 
The markets are lingering, trading sideways, this is the most difficult pattern to trade. The volume is also not growing, so boooooring... 

Let's see what is the sky telling us? First of all, the Moon crossed over to Aries. that will bring some energy on the stage. Also can cause accidents, wars, more stabbings here, that we have now daily, on the streets. The Moon is departing from the Sun, thus gaining in light. 
More important is the exact quincunx between Jupiter and Uranus, at 18 degrees, of teh eclipse. And we can see, that other planets are also close to this degree. 

I posted yesterday the list of alerts. One of them was about the S&P: I wrote we are long above 2002 only. Since March 4th, it made lower highs, and lows. So unless it jumps above 1999, it will not go higher for a while. I would be short below this level. 
Today's announcements: 

World is waiting for Mario Draghi.. I just looked at his map. No hour of birth, so I use a solar map. The eclipse hit his Directed Sun, Venus, Neptune, Mars, Moon,... if I use a very tight orb.. This year will be extremely significant for him. The upcoming Lunar eclipse will hit all the other planets. 

Also, natal Saturn is under bombardment from all the transiting planets with the arrows. In this map, Saturn represents gambling and work..But, he is the last person in line to gamble. Sun and Mercury in Virgo... But, he also has Uranus in his 10th house of career.. which will be triggered during the first two weeks of June, by Mars. 
March 9, Wednesday, 2016

Thank you for following me to the new article from the former one" New Moon in Aquarius"

Events we should pay attention to : 
The Sun moves 30 degrees, it is the universal swiss clock... It is never late.
Mercury moves from Pisces to Taurus.
Venus moves from Aquarius to Aries.
Saturn turns Retrograde March 25th.
The other planets hardly move. 

The next New Moon will be in conjunction with Uranus... Anything can happen... I already said. 

The world has two or three problems. The main problem, as I see it, are the immigrants. Guess who's chart was the most triggered by the Solar eclipse yesterday? Bashar Assad's! 
WIll post his chart... His Sun is at 18 Virgo- and got an exact hit from the eclipse, an opposition, from 18 Pisces. last week of May will be interesting to see how it enfolds... since tr. Saturn will square natal Saturn. 

The second problem is CHina... SSEA... will it go above 2936 or not? 

The third is the oil price... Will it stay above 27$? 
If you still don't know if to download my application or not, here is the list I sent yesterday: 
judge for yourself. 

SSEA: Stop was 2875. Target: 2925 ~ it is still below!  
KLSE: Lower stop to 1692. We are short.
Nifty: We were stopped out, short with a stop at 7510. Target 7400-7235.
Nikkei: Short below 16860~ Target 16690= target reached. We are still short with the same stop.
HSCE: Topped at 8733- we are short now stop 8540
AORD: Targets reached. Topped at 5241- and fell. We are short with a stop at 5200. Target 5140-5090
Axjo: targets reached! Short now with a stop at 5157.Target 5082-5050
AEX: Stop at 434~ target: 438= reached- we are now short with a stop at 433.Target 425
CAC: Topped at 4478- target was 4480! And reversed. We are short with a stop at 4410. Target 4300. CIT 3/11
Ftse: Target: -6214-Topped at 6216! Now short with a stop at 6160. Target 6100 and lower.
IBEX: Target: 8818-35-51-68-85. Reached 8874! Short below 8743 till-8620
DAX: Wrote on FB, that is should stay above 9824! But fell,~target:9700-9659-9629-9600= no change here…
SSMI: Switzerland: Short with a stop at 8015- ~target: 7942-7898- no change.
TR20:Turkey rallies for 45 days, from 693 to 801.raise stop to 798-~ targets up 803-808. Falling below, short targets: 793-773= no change
KSE Paki: run up to 32970! Raise stop to 32520
TA25,Israel: Stop is at 1456- short below. Target 51-49-41 no change
S&P Future: now at 1988. We were stopped out. Will go long above 2002.
Russell2000: Triple top at 1094! Resistance at 1095-99. Stop 1089 Nasdaq: rallied from 4209 to 4727- Stop is at 4709- we were stopped out. Now :one of the targets given yesterday, already reached.”falling from here: 4700-4693-4680-4673-4630.”
Dow:  Rallied from 15503 to 17099.Stop is at 16940- falling below: 16800-16600. SAME
Crude Oil: rallies from 26.05~ target: 36.77-36.93-37.05-38.39 still to be reached!  // Stop: 37.55
Gold: Rallies from 1048-First top at 1279, second at at 1274. Trade range is between 1272-1276.Long above 1269, short below 65. Major support at 1230.
Silver: Stop 15.90- we are short~ Target 15-14.18 no change
Platina: we were stopped out. Short below 1002.
Hizdamnut: Stop 129~ Target: 136 reached -144-155-167
EURO$: Stop was 1.0998- fell to 1.0940- now topped again- Stop 1.09750- short below or long above.
CANF. Locally: Stop 478- Target 523.50 no change
CANF in US: Stop 2.35~ Target: 2.46-topped 2.53! 2.61-2.80-3-3.47.
VRX: Long with a stop at 64.85~target 80.5
Bpt: Long with a stop at 30.50~target 31.75-32.5 reached ! Topped at 33.30. raise stop to 32.50

CVX: raise stop to 90.~still

All my calculations are based on planetary positions. 


  1. ICE London Sugar hit new high. Is Sugar sector and coffee sector coming for a Boom or peak is nearby

  2. Gabby,
    i hope everything is OK with you?? is everybody including your Mom,you and rest of the family OK?? i know your daughter is a physician so should be !!!
    Miss reading your daily blog but don't think i am selfish and that is why i am writing because this is first time i have seen you not posting since wednesday and i hope everybody including you around you is OK and fine
    Have great weekend and hope you a healthier family and health.

  3. Gaby,
    our well wishes are with you!!!
    hope she recovers fast; i am approaching same age so i know how it goes at that age but with all our prayers are with you

  4. Wish a Speedy Recovery for your Mom. Take care

    1. Thanks dear.. much better as the days pass.

  5. Hi G...
    So sorry to hear about your mom!:(
    I hope she does get better's never an easy time and these moments are pressing and heart is with you!!!
    Be strong and if you need anything let me know!!!


    1. Dear Joe,
      Yes, I would be happy to go on holiday to Italy, incognito... LOL.. But we already see the light at the end of the tunnel


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