New Moon in Aries, 2016

Between April 7- May 7, 2016

May 7, 2016 , Saturday

Again, we have to turn a page in this book. The New Moon arrived, and with it a turn in trend. I thought the turn will come much earlier, but no... Time is time, and we have to bend before it. 
As usual, I shall start a new article and we shall continue to explore the upper worlds. 
But let us see what happened during this last month? April 7 - in the S&P we got a low,at 2033- May 6 we got another low, but higher, at 2039. Same in the Dow, the DAX, higher lows. The Euro$ returned to almost the same place. Check your index, or share, did they break the April 7 low? If not, that low is our stop for long now. 

Thank you for your interest, let's move on... to "the New Moon in Taurus, 2016"

May 6. 2015, Friday

Today is a very special day. The Moon is closest to Earth, very powerful. 
We do not have trade today, But Europe does, so here the DAX future weekly: 
The stop is at 9500- if you can afford such a deep stop, falling below the support is at 8500. 
The 1 hour graph shows a support at 9800- as given yesterday in the alert... so basing itself above this level, it might try for an upside correction. In any case, we are still short with a stop at 9900- 
The S&P is still holding above 2033- which is the last straw. we are 14 days from the top... 2x7.. and tomorrow is New a correction should come. 

May 5.2016 Thursday

It's 6:20 am  and I must go to take my grandson to the kindergarten, as I do each morning, Just wanted to tell you, that the Moon is conjunct Uranus now, in Aries, and that can bring a gap. 
Next, the Moon will conjunct Eris, will add to this effect. In effect for the markets that trade now! 
Back later.. 
Now I am back...
I see the NIfty bottomed yesterday, and now it is trying to correct. 
Till it is not above 7979 it is just a correction phase. 
I made a recording today , I hope you can open it.. I am very bad with computers... let's hope it'll work. 
No... It's too big.. A.. maybe I can upload it to You tube.. here it is: 

May 4, 2016 Wednesday

I did not analyze Ted Cruz's chart, because I did not think he was relevant. I posted last year, that Donald Trump will win... But now , I see he, Cruz, dropped out of the race, so I had to look at his chart. 
And , as usual, it is all there.. We have here 3 charts. The inner wheel is his natal, the outer, the announcement date, that he is running for presidency, the outer, the drop-out. The relevant planets are : Venus, ruler of the Ascendant, the Moon, ruler of his career, and Mercury, the announcement. Also, his "open enemy, or adversary, is Mars- symbolizes Trump. 
March 23, 2015 the announcement: Mercury sends a150^ angle to the Moon- bad- Mercury was in Pisces, very bad position, to announce anything.. Venus, in the natal chart is at 17 Scorpio, bad by sign. At the time of the announcement Venus was at 6 Taurus, in the 8th house of death. Bad- position. The Moon was also in the 8th, in opposition to Mars, the "enemy"- it is like pulling a rope? who will win?? but at the same time Moon 150 to natal Moon- bad. So the whole start was under a bad timing. 
The end, or quitting the race: May 3, 2016. It is very interesting, that Venus is at the same places as at the announcement-back to house 8- house of endings or death. Mercury is there too, at the 22nd degree of Taurus- meaning"kill or get killed" it this case, politically he got killed. Mars sends 150^ to his MC-career- check -mate. 

Readers write me, skipp personal charts analysis... Well, I can't It is all connected. 

So, let's look up to the sky and check what's new?Well, the Moon entered Aries. On May 3, at 20:10- it gave the final push to Cruz, to quit... 
S*P 10 minutes: 

TA25: reached one of the targets given yesterday : 1411.55- Now is at 1418.35- Support is at 1415.20- we are long above this level. 

May 3, 2016 Tuesday

The fall in the markets was blocked yesterday, so all markets that topped on April 20-21, with the Sun ingress Taurus and Helio Venus Ingress to Aries, bottomed on May 1st, with geo Venus ingress to Taurus. It was a thin hair to cling to... but as I explain each day, there are more issues to follow than just ingresses.. 
For those, who follow the fundamental announcements, there were a lot yesterday, so they too brought a back wind. 

But yesterday is over, and today we have a new symphony.. 
Will the rise continue, or those who loaded puts will bring the bears out again? 
Just as markets are about to open, the Moon sits on "Markab" a very unfortunate fixed star. 
I never promised you a rose garden... says the song.
What else is there to disturb a smooth rise today? . 
Helio Venus is 150 to Mars- bad-and to Jupiter- actually, this means a YOD, or "Finger of God"/ Very very rare! 
And it is also conjunct Uranus- so - which way will it take the markets?? By being at 20-21 degrees, it tells us, that 2091 is a strong resistance for the S&P, or 10110 is a strong support for the DAX, or 1281 is a strong support for the Gold, etc.. 
In my alert on 4/26 wrote, to go short in the Nikkei with a stop at 17400- fell by 10%, in 4 trading days... It is critical to stay above 15470../

Spanish King dissolves the parliament.. 

Was it a good timing??First, the Moon is VOC. Next, look where is Chaos?? On the Ascendant.. the Ascendant degree is 22- as per astrologer Nikola Stojanovits, this degree tells us " to kill or get killed"- well, King Pelipe, 'Killed", dissolved the parliament. Why? the two parties could not agree on the PM. how can we see this in the chart? H7- ruler is Jupiter, is weak, and retro in Virgo, in opposition to Neptune, ruler of the 10th house.

 New elections will be held on June 26, 2016. Let's see if till then things will get back to normal? 
Again, Moon vill be VOC. Probably some fraud at the counting.. should check it again next day, after 9.10 am. 
Ruler of 10th house is Venus, and that, is conjunct the SUN>- which is good.- So the ruling party will get its candidate.H7- open , or know enemies is in Cancer, and the Moon is in Pisces... the other party candidate will somehow evaporate. mars will make 3 major aspects, that shows a lot of fights... but at the end, things will calm down. 

May 2, 2016 Monday

Just a little change in the sky, and the markets are red! 
The Moon crossed over to Pisces during the night. 

But, looking deeper, we can find Uranus at Mercury-SNode midpoint(MP), Venus at Sun-Uranus MP, Saturn at Moon-NNode MP, Pluto at Merc-Jup MP. More: Saturn is conjunct Pluto by Declination..Pls. see graph posted on 4/20 .
All these positions tell us a story. and more! they give us support and resistance levels. How? Well, that' I teach in my course... 

the Moon is slowly disappearing, towards the New Moon. It will sextile the Sun today, and later it will conjunct the South Node, which is quake-prone.. Is this the word? 
here are the times to watch - if you are an intraday trader. gmt:00:00

2.05.2016 10:22:52 11°33'28"Psc Conjunction Neptune
 2.05.2016 11:59:15 12°30'25"Psc Sextile Sun
 2.05.2016 13:22:40 13°19'47"Psc Opposition Jupiter
 2.05.2016 16:38:06 15°15'47"Psc Square Saturn
 2.05.2016 20:16:37 17°26'00"Psc Sextile Pluto
 2.05.2016 22:10:48 18°34'16"Psc Semi-square Venus
It will catch up with the South Node tomorrow. 
Follow the red arrows! Most vulnerable places..
Why is this more dangerous conjunctions, that usual? Because the Moon will be Perigee, closest to Earth tomorrow. and when close, it is powerful. Being in Pisces, points to extreme water issues, from tears to floods.... choose. 

next, there is a major Jupiter-Neptune opposition in the sky. Here is the Dax for example. Very rare! 

Watch today's announcements... Europe, Draghi... everybody has something to say today... 

May 1, 2016 Sunday

Another Passover is over, and we are back to normal... But not for too long, soon it's independence day, and again no trades. 
Let's see what's new in the sky?? There is a major shift in energy. We have 5 planets in Earth signs. I read, that some astrologers think that the decline of the markets is dependent on too much Earth element. I ran TS, to see, but this is not true, there is nothing that shows or that we can rely on more Earth or more air for a rally or a fall.. it would be too easy... 

April 30th Saturday.

As each Saturday, I write my weekly forecasts now.. TIme to sign up! Please go to the left panel, click PayPal, pay $250 for 3 months, and you will know when and how to trade. 
I shall analyse the cycles for the next week and month. How long will this correction last? are we done with the longs? what will change in the sky to block a crash? and when?? It's all in the stars, we just have to read them well.

Here are some of the alerts with outcome; sent on different indices on the application. 
 To download the app. pls. go to the left panel, there are links for androids and Iphones as well. Or search for "Financial Alerts" . 

April 29, 2016 Friday

Yesterday Mercury turned retro, and with it a turn in trend.See 4/15 post, scroll down, it was a date I gave for a CIT.  Will it last? Today Venus moves to Taurus, a sign it rules, a good position, so I think a reversal will come. My target, 2106 was not reached, the S^P fell back 3 times from 2100- which is a psychological price level. 
here is the spot 10 minutes chart: 

April 30th is 55 trading days from Feb 11th low- a date to watch for a final and major CIT. 
Checking the USA chart with transits, here is the reason for a correction: transit Saturn, which is awfully slow, is at the USA Moon-Saturn midpoint, which signify the money : 
This is a very rare event. Saturn was at this place only in 1986-87. 
Then we have a transit Mars in opposition to natal Uranus, this happens each 2 years, but contributes to a big turn. 
The question now is, will they bring a fall, or, nowadays, when the markets are so deeply controlled and manipulated, also having an US elections this year, "THEY" will not let it happen, but pump in more monopoly money to keep it up? 
SO Mercury turns retro, thus joins other 4 planets, that are already retro. This is a rare event in the sky, to have 5 planets simultaneously going retro. Mercury does that, 3 times a year. This time , in Taurus.  I wrote somewhere in this article, that Taurus is full of bad, evil fixed stars. Mercury is now at 23^ Taurus and will retreat to 14^, till May 21st. On it's way it will touch Rana = good May 4-6, Menkar=bad, at 14^May 20-22. Then it turns Direct, and will touch again Rana on June 5-6, and will hit Algol, one of the worsts, on June 10th. Mark these dates in your calendar... 

DOW: with retrograde planets: the higher the line, more planets are retrograde in the same time. 

April 28, 2016 Thursday 

In my weekly report, last week, I wrote about the S&P: Planetary calculations for the spot: closed at 2091: here it is supported. Next support is at 2087.50-2085.55- while the targets are at 2090-94. And then a huge jump to 2106." 
- and voila... we got 2099- so far, the rest is to come .
But, let us see what is new in the sky today? Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.
Market movers yesterday with 10 top shares: 


I learned so much in the last days!!! about Trans Neptunian planets. You can do the same, just google it.. anyways, I want to show you, a chart, for 11 pm Washington time, for the upcoming elections in the USA. : just look at the colored asteroids: Sun conjunct Ceto. Ceto is the sea monster. signifies how we cope with the "monster" in us and with the others' monsters.. it is an exact conjunction, in Scorpio. 
A rather more interesting position will be , the conjunction of Lucifer and Typhon. (another monster we have to deal with... 
here is Donald Trump's chart to that hour, after the elections... an dI am stunned to see what I see. He is ruled by Uranus, in the natal it is at 17 degrees. In the transit, the Sun and Ceto will be 150 ^ exact! to his Uranus. 

And Hillary: the time of birth is not sure... she is ruled by Jupiter,by numerology, and in the astrology chart her MC is in Aries, thus Mars decides... transit Saturn will trine = good = her Mars. But, there are other disturbing angles: transit Sun and Ceto will be in opposition to Midas... read the greek mythology, to know what Midas did.. 
Which one is good for America? 
Here is the USA with Hillary- USA Asc. in gemini, Hillary's in cancer, first sign of dis harmony. I could not find anything harmonious.. 

USA and Trump: Asc., Moon in harmony, but also Uranus on Mars, Jupiter on Saturn, if elected, he will bring a lot of seizures to the status quo. 


April 27, 2016 Wednesday

We wake to a Moon in Capricorn. it's a completely new symphony, that we hear here... Today it will trine the Sun, 
Here are the times to watch: gmt:00:00
27.04.2016 14:53:22  7°46'07"Cap Trine Sun
27.04.2016 15:49:54  8°15'36"Cap Semi-sextile Mars
27.04.2016 16:23:33  8°33'09"Cap Sesqui-quadrate Mercury
27.04.2016 21:56:20 11°27'13"Cap Sextile Neptune

Other important angles are:
Sun 150^ Mars, Venus 120 Galactic Center, and other smaller positions. 
for us it is the last day of trade till Sunday. Tomorrow and Friday is again Passover celebrations, the second holiday. Then no holidays till Independence day, so no trade on May 11th and 12th. 

Everybody is writing about the bad earnings of AAPL,, and about the fall of the Nasdaq because of it. On 4/21st I sent alert, that we are long above 4887. This level broke on 4/22. I wrote to raise stops, because I knew a correction is due. falling from 4887, there is nothing to hold it till 4877-4872. 
AAPL: is falling since the triple top in 2015.. why the panic now? It was then around $128, till January 2016 it made a 50% correction of the 2013-2015 rise, reached 112, and fell back.. So what's the big deal? it will be a more disturbing picture if it falls below 90. Important days to watch for a CIT: May 2, 15th, June 2, 20th, and Jan.2017. We are short below 105.60.
The astrology map shows us, what happened with Apple since July 17th 2015: Since the Ascendant of the share is in Aquarius, a sign ruled by Uranus and Saturn, which fits to the share, being a huge innovation, that only Uranus can bring, when transit Saturn conjuncted natal Uranus, it "suffocated" it, blocked all its possibilities. This conjunction happens each 26-28 years. Since Saturn moves very slow, now it only reached the Mercury-Sun midpoint, so until Saturn will not move out of Sag, or at least to 25 degrees, Apple will suffer. 

Today we wait for FB earnings: FB is rallying from 17.50- to 117$, for 190 weeks- exact now..Trade range is between 95-127 . 125.20 is a perfect closure of the rally, with some math calculations. Weekly graph: trades in the channel, but there is a negative divergence, pointing to a correction. 
Astrologically, closed at 108.76, which means, that is is pressed down at 110-111.50-112. We can use these levels for stop. Short below, and long above. Support is at 103.
The chart below shows the time of the announcement today. Look, Part of fortune is on the SUN, Mercury- that brings the news too. Don't tell me, they did not consulted an astrologer, when they opened the company! perfect timing! Sun conjunct Jupiter... 

April 26, 2016 Tuesday

Yesterday TA25 broke the support, at 1492, and fell to 1484. All markets turned on April 21st, after the Sun ingressed Taurus, and Helio Venus to Aries. Today we have a huge negative arbitrage, so further falls are coming. However, to have a major turn in trend, is should fall below 1433.... I don't think it will, in April. 
S&P closed at 2087.79, where it found a strong support on Saturn line. 
Any announcements today? Yes, plenty... so sit on your hands... or stay out of trades.. 
SSEA: made 2 Dojis, with low volume, keeping the last low- so here we are long as long as it does not break 2905. 
We were stopped out in the Nikkei! We are now short here. 

April 25, 2016 Monday 

Due to passover, we only have trade till 2:30, with a low volume.. not something that justifies staying glued to the screen. 
In several countries there is a bank holiday, and there are no fed announcements today.. Only the Moon moved on, now in Sag., conjunct Mars, this can give a push to the trading markets. We are after the Full Moon, it is approaching the Sun now, next New Moon in Taurus.

TA25: closed yesterday at 1496.56.- support is at 1492-93.- we are long above it. Targets up: 1504-1506-1508-1516. 

April 23, Saturday

Happy Passover! 
Yesterday I was not by the computer, since we celebrated Passover. I was invited to my son in law's parents, where 38 other family members gathered. It was a very nice and warm evening....
So I see the S&P fell from 2091- the price level I wrote about yesterday, and recuperated, closing at the same level, 2091.58. This is fantastic, because now it is ready for another rise. Since Feb.11 we only have higher lows, and technically, this shows an uptrend. 
I am working now on the astrological and other math calculations, to see if the planets agree with the technical picture.. With Mercury turning retro, more volatility is expected. 
So, time to sign up for the forecasts.. 


April 22, 2016 Friday

it's Full Moon today, and Uranus is at Mercury-SN. MP. This position highlights the 21^. 
2091 is the exact point - the close of the S&P, at this degree. Why and how? I teach that in my course... My students know it. Luckily, there are more supports below level, from Venus and Pluto. 
China: SSEA: broke support.. No help from there... 
HSCE: is still rising, raise stop to 9000.
Nikkei: rallies! raise stop to 17230. Target 17650.
More later, in the application.... 

April 21, 2016 Thursday

For us it is the last day of trade this week. The Sun is on Mira , the first unfortunate Fixed star in the sign of Taurus. The Moon is still in LIbra. mars and Pluto are stationary. When still, the planets are strongest. Mars is at 8.49 Sag. will retreat to 23 Scorpio..but I already wrote about this. 
We got new highs yesterday, the US markets are crawling up... Closed at 2102.40 . Now the support is at 2101... LOL.. yes, very tight.- This is the Sun's line/ 
I gave alert for the VIX yesterday, that we are long above 14.10- and we got a gap up! to 16.

Euro$: I sent alert: go short below 1.1360! fell to 1.1290! 

Look out today: ECB press conference.. 

gmt+3: aspects for today: 
Moon         135 Neptune       21.04.2016 12:46
Mercury      120 Node          21.04.2016 13:41
Moon          45 Jupiter       21.04.2016 17:43
Moon          45 Saturn        21.04.2016 21:54

here is the chart of the European Union, with progressions and transits There is an interesting Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, where both suffer, and in the 6th house, which is a fallen house. Uranus stands for partners, or "open enemies". We can learn from this chart, that the partners of the EU are weak, uprisings and sudden changes can be expected. Neptune stands for the partners' money, which is also weak by house. On this, we can add a retro transit Pluto, that will linger there for a long time. Both planets are at 18 "destructive "degree.. so they are weak by degree as well, and both were hit by the last eclipse. We can also see the "exodus" that is going on, under Uranus in the 9th house. The money is under a retro Mercury, this at the "cursed degree" 19 degree in Scorpio, Watch how restrictive  Saturn will conjunct it in May - June, 2016~! 

On Monday we will be under a very strong planetary position: Uranus will be at the Mars/Jupiter midpoint in the Heliocentric chart. 
Every hour we have many many midpoints. I mentioned this one, because they are rather slow moving planets, and their affect will be felt. 
Ebertin writes: " Independence, urge of freedom, an active resistance to guardianship or to tutelage, ambition, quick determination or resolve. The inclination or ability to make sudden decisions, sudden incidents between partners in business or marriage. " 
It is interesting, that this aspect comes up, when the UK is deciding on staying or leaving the EU. And , don't forget the Queen, who turned 90, and who can veto all decision.

Prince died at 57... May he rest in peace! Overdose? Pneumonia? He's been "declining" for some time now... Looking at his map: there are many angles that gave him no prole... 
Born on June 7, 1958, age of death is in his date... Numerologically he had all the bad numbers to end his life. Astrologically, you can see a part of teh angles I featured, that triggered his end. may he rest in peace.. 

April 20, 2016 Wednesday 

Major move in the sky: Sun is in Taurus: 
Taurus is the first earth element in the wheel. If in Aries we got the drive to do something, Taurus will actually do it. It is a slow animal, so don't expect any rush movements. It is a stubborn animal, so don't expect volatility. Once it is in a line/ trend, will continue to be so, until some other planet will shake it, and wake him from his dreams... Look at children born in this sign, they have very long eye lashes. If you scroll down to April 9th post, you can read more about this sign. The picture I put here, at the right, shows the main fixed stars of the sign. Actually, Taurus is full of bad or unfortunate fixed stars. These will highly influence the trade. SO look out, when the Sun will be between 1^39 Tau to 7^56, 10^23-14^23, 14^27015^, 24^- 0^ Gem. 
    Another rare event is Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjuction by declination: it will happen again on June 21,16 and Nov 16th . 

This conjunction did not happen since 1950! and will happen again in Oct 2046- and Nov.2049-Nov 2050. 

This position  was close, but not conjunct like now, in 1944-45, and June 1912, Aug,30, 1917. 
A while ago circulated a post, that the Moon will appear to be green today... Let's look up at the sky and see. 

April 19,2016 Tuesday

I decided to give my car a face lifting, and I gave her a polish -vax treatment... Wow! is what I can say! it is sparkling now like a diamond.. I am very satisfied.. 
      Interesting, that the Moon squared my Moon, when I decided to do this.. Now it moved to Libra, and we are due to new energies. What else has changed in the sky? Jupiter moved back 1 degree, to 13 Virgo., thus separating from a square to Saturn, which is also retro, but much slower than Jupiter, so we can breath maybe better for some while, feel the burden lift. Just a little bit... don't get too enthusiastic about it.. Soon, I'll write again, to endure the difficulties.. But with a LIbra Moon... wawawa.. we can just enjoy life for a day or two. The Sun is at 29.53 Aries! just a small jump to be in Taurus, this will bring a MAJOR turn.. also, tomorrow is Hitler's 127th birthday... so, no expectations.  With Mars retro and in Sag, we had a bus bombing yesterday, 18 injured, burnt... and the quake in Ecuador.. Only Spain sent rescue?? I can't believe it!!! where is the world?? I'll turn on the TV, and I want to hear, that more countries rushed to help...of course, the earthquake happened when the Moon was conjunct the North Node. I gave up trying to figure out in which part of the world will quakes happen... I am not good at that.  Someone I know, posted several months ago, that she is expecting a huge earthquake in Southern Spain or in Malaysia... Nothing.. so why make people nervous before time?? and be wrong... well.. she is trying. 
      As I wrote a few days ago, markets are making new highs.. I gave 2100 ~S&P~target a month ago, to subscribers.. we got it.. and it is still not the end. 

April 18, 2016 Monday 

I had some time, to play around with TS, this is the outcome: here is the S&P with Mercury beehive, I think that is the name.. 
and with Helio Mars-Pluto: with support and resistance... not a trading advice.. 

There are no new moves in the sky today. We are under the spell of the Moon and Uranus. They are 150^. to each other. Expecting a correction to the downside, due to this minor position.- 
I am running TS to see if this cycle is reliable. 
Meanwhile, let's look at the East: Poor Japan, had to deal with a huge earthquake again... I cannot imagine how can millions of people live with a trembling Earth. As if she had parkinson disease. 
And the East is RED... Only the Nifty is still merry and green. 
In the meantime, I got the answer from TS: the S&P with Moon-Uranus cycle: if there is a red X, not reliable.. 

What is? the math... 
More in the app. 

Watch today at 1:00 Buba report from Germany! Here is the DAX: 


April 17, 2016 Sunday.

After 17 long days and longer nights, my mom is at home, at her house. Now I need a vacation. LOL..
I cannot tell you in what a stress I was.. Now, thanks God, and the planets that moved on.. she is better. When everything started, transit Moon was in opposition her natal Moon. Since she has lung and respiratory problems, it's Mercury, the little Devil, that causes all the sickness. On March 31st, Venus made an inconjunct to her Mercury, from the 8th house , she almost died. The oxygen fell to below 70! ~ normal is above 90! ~ South Node was in the 8th house, added to the issue. - 8th house is the house of death. Jupiter, the savior, could be the savior, but it was retro in Virgo, bad- did not help... All these positions will not occur again for a long time... So I hope we are after the crisis. Mars was at 7 Sag. Will be again on May 1st, and Aug 19th... two dates to watch... It is very difficult to see this, believe me.. 
On the other hand, each morning I go to take care of my grandson at 6 am... he is the highlight of my day.... I am soooo recompensated! 

I came home to see, that our market makes new highs, as written in the weekly report. 
So, cheer up.. there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

April 15, 2016 Friday

Yesterday all markets reached new highs...Is there some more space to the upside?? Yes, I believe so... 
Today we are under the rulership of the Moon and Venus. the Moon will be in exact trine to the Sun tomorrow, at 21:08 gmt+3. Venus will send a 150^ to Jupiter,  Mars and Pluto will be stationary, before turning retro, thus joining Jupiter and Saturn. Also, Saturn will be conjunct Pluto by declination. So, as you can see, many changes in the background, we can never rely only on one planet to decide on the direction of the markets. 
It is interesting, that the G20 meet today, they found a good time to meet, under Mars,Pluto station... probably the markets will wait for the white smoke. By the way, the top of the S&P was exactly at the Mercury-Jupiter 120^=2084, which was one of the targets given yesterday in the app. 
Unemployment came out green, so, that too, helped. I wonder what would have been the outcome of the unemployment, if it was a square and not a trine ( 120)? 
Next up 2086-2090-2097.

Time table till September 1: 

17.04.2016   14:14:07 R     Mars  8°54'02"Sgr
18.04.2016    9:25:50 R     Pluto 17°29'06"Cap
19.04.2016   17:29:27 > Tau Sun
28.04.2016   19:19:42 R     Mercury 23°36'07"Tau
30.04.2016    2:35:36 > Tau Venus

9.05.2016   14:13:46 D     Jupiter 13°15'19"Vir
20.05.2016   16:36:30 > Gem Sun
22.05.2016   15:20:13 D     Mercury 14°20'16"Tau
24.05.2016   11:44:32 > Gem Venus
27.05.2016   15:51:17 > Sco Mars

13.06.2016    1:22:25 > Gem Mercury
13.06.2016   22:41:47 R     Neptune 12°02'24"Psc
17.06.2016   21:38:45 > Cnc Venus
21.06.2016    0:34:11 > Cnc Sun
30.06.2016    1:24:12 > Cnc Mercury
30.06.2016    1:38:38 D     Mars 23°03'28"Sco

 12.07.2016    7:34:02 > Leo Venus
14.07.2016    2:46:39 > Leo Mercury
22.07.2016   11:30:13 > Leo Sun
29.07.2016   23:06:02 R     Uranus 24°30'28"Ari
30.07.2016   20:18:20 > Vir Mercury

 2.08.2016   19:49:17 > Sgr Mars
  5.08.2016   17:26:37 > Vir Venus
13.08.2016   11:49:17 D     Saturn  9°46'45"Sgr
22.08.2016   18:38:29 > Vir Sun
30.08.2016    4:06:34 > Lib Venus
30.08.2016   15:03:14 R     Mercury 29°04'39"Vir

So whoever thinks astrology is a hokus pokus.... here it is for the next months and years, decades ahead what the expect... Of course if you can read hieroglyphs. LOL 

April 14, 2016 Thursday

It is a day ruled by Jupiter and Mars. Mars is already stationary, before turning retro.. It will be in retrograde phase till July 1, it will retreat till 23^ Scorpio, and will reach 8^ Sag- as it is today, only on August 22.. 
Here is Mars' effect with transit planets on the S&P: 

But, other planets should be checked as well... as I always write. 
Do not be mistaken ! One cannot base his trades on one cycle! there are hundreds of cycles working in the background! When I write an alert I use many many systems, calculations, etc.. to be able to give you the stops and targets! 

April 13, 2016 Wednesday

It is a day ruled by Mercury and Saturn. Mercury is at 12 Taurus, far from the Sun, while Saturn is retro at 16 Sag. Soon ~4/16~ they will form a 150^ , which brings a blocking effect. So the indices should better be above them, to gain some support... 
For the S&P this means 2056 level, for TA25: 1456; for the Gold: 1246... etc.. 
Today we are 3327 years from the Exodus... Interesting, that a big Exodus is going on now... 

April 12, 2016 Tuesday

Today we will have a new turn in the celestial energies, with the Moon moving on to Cancer. 
Here for example, the Moon's effect on TRXC: This cycle is not working... the blue shows the periods when it did not work... so after this research, we can drop the Moon's effect on TRXC, and look for something else that makes it kick. 

We do have another move in the Heliocentric sky, Mercury moves to Leo, today after US markets open, at 17.10 - so watch out around this time for a minor CIT. 
Unfortunately sad news from Turkey... I think I wrote about an expected terror attack again, in this country... and here it is now.

April 11, 2016 Monday 

What do you think?? THings will get better or not?? 
Today we are under the rulership of the Moon and Venus. The Moon is still in Gemini, and Venus at 6 Aries. Venus is at Mercury-Neptune midpoint.. 
Other aspects in the sky are : Mercury 150 Mars, that will bring some minor energy to the markets, and the SUn 150 The NNode
 Bloomberg shows us, that the East trades mixed, some are green, some red.. any announcements, that the world is waiting for? 'cause there are no moves in the sky today... so only us can do any good down here... 
For US readers, this article will be interesting, and important!! How to find your pension money? Billions a re missing.. 

FTSE: triple top: I posted this graph also in the past, but now, the spotlight is on David Dameron, see" Panama papers"... will the FTSE collapse because of this investigation?? 
Why is the spotlight on him?? Because the Solar eclipse at 20 Virgo triggered his Neptune! 

I checked Mr. Cameron's chart: Ascendant in early Libra, which gives him a handsome outlook. Ruler of the ascendant is Venus, and conjunct the Sun, which is in fall, weak in Libra. In spite of a weak Sun he made it to be a PM!. His money is shown in the 2nd and 8th house. both are ruled by Venus!... So far all OK, But, Neptune is in his 2nd house, which makes it unclear..., and more, conjunct to the South Node... at 20 degrees! Now in the sky we have the Sun and Uranus sending a bad- 150-~ angle to Neptune,- so money issues are stirred. But, since Sun-Uranus are in the 7th house, his enemies use the news to get rid of him, and his career might get a blow. Not an end, but some sweat.... Why I don't see an end to his PM-ship? He was born lucky... Moon - Jupiter is conjunct in Leo! 
Looking at the natal chart of the UK: Jan.1, 1801- London: 
The PM is represented by the Moon- at 19Cancer26 degrees. It got hit by the eclipse on March 9th 2016. On Sept.11th there will be another eclipse at 9 Virgo. This will trigger England's Sun ( which represents the Queen). Between March-September 2016 there is a "busy" period in the country's history. 

Anybody thinks differently, you are welcome to comment!!! 

The Dow future: like the FTSE, made a triple top: Now it is clinging to a hair.. Technically, falling to 16600- would be OK- it would only be a 50% correction. 

Nasdaq future did not make it to a triple top.... It is weaker than the DOW or the S&P, 

Not to speak of the Russell 2000, which was a great short till now, since July 2015. ~ for long term traders... 

April 10, 2016 Sunday

It's been a week now, that my mom is with me. She is much better!! Thanks God.. I had time to write, and do my own stuff, so let's see... Our market is open, under 5 planets in fire, and the Moon from Gemini adding a lot of air to it; volatility is its middle name. 
Here is today's sky: 

Jupiter in retro is approaching Neptune, but the opposition will not be exact, because Jupiter will turn Direct...and separate from Neptune. This is a good thing, because Neptune-Jupiter bring epidemics, and all kind of diseases.. So the less they meet, the better. 
The next important move of the month is Mars turning retro. Mars was retro AND in SAG. only back in May-Aug 2001! The index fell from 1348- to 926.... But, we should always look at the other planets as well. Are they supporting the markets or not.. What do I mean by this?? I teach it in my course. 
UVXY: worth while watching... 
My friend, Olga Morales posted an interesting post. She wrote to watch the Mars-Saturn midpoint at Antares. Antares is one of the most important fixed stars, is it at the heart of the Scorpion, in opposition to Aldebaran, "The eye of the Bull"- I ran TS- see what happened in the index, when these two planets' midpoint hit Antares! You see multiple lines in 2016, because Mars and Saturn, are both retrograde. 

April 9, 2016

thank you for following me from the New Moon in Pisces.

Red is the color of fire, the New Moon in Aries... It is the first fire sign that opens the wheel. Like everywhere in life, in astrology too we have hierarchy... rivalry. we have 3 levels in each element. Aries is the first energy, that pushes us to do something, then it is Leo, and Sagittarius, the highest level in the fire signs.. Each has a message, inspires us in their way. 

Here are former Aries New Moons: 2015,  2014,   2013,  2012,  2011 ,  2010.  

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In my former article I wrote, that I expect a turn in trend on April 7th. We got it..
The reason I wrote that, it is because I found an interesting Planetary move from October 11, 2007 to April 7, 2016 . In 2007 there was a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, in the Helio chart. In the geocentric chart, the top happened during a Libra New Moon, and on April 7th we had an Aries New Moon, exactly opposing the 2007 new moon !   We also had a Jupiter- Uranus square. On April 7th we had a Venus-Neptune conjunction.( Helio)  and Earth made an exact opposition to Earth... See pic:  Top to Top:

I am waiting for another peak on April 13-14th... which gives us exactly 444 weeks from the 2007 low. . 

Low: March 6, 2009- to April 13, 2016- LOW to TOP: we have 7 years, and one month, exactly a quarter of a Saturn cycle.
Top to Low: Oct 11,2007- March 6, 2009 = 73 weeks. = 513 days.
On April 13 there will be an Uranus 150 Jupiter angle, which occurred only in 2002 low. and 2005 low. 
A spoonful of politics... For those who are not close to the middle east, might not be aware, of the historical visit of King of Saudia, King Salman, in Egypt.. It is a first visit, for 5 days!! and they will talk about cooperation against expanding Iran. 
In lack of the hour of birth, thi sis a solar chart. even so, we can see, transit Jupiter in the 9th- foreign visit, on his Neptune, ruler of the 3rd- talks.. He is 80 years old.. He doesn't look 70.. His Uranus return will happen only only in 2018... 

I hope some good strategy will come out of these talks... 

The other curiosity I saw on TV yesterday, is, that Messi, the football star, offered to sell his shoes on auction, and donate the money to the poor in Egypt.. Nice gesture, in the west, but an insult in the middle East, especially in Egypt, where if they dislike someone, they throw their shoes on him... So the Egyptian television talks nothing but about the insult of Messi to the arab nation... LOL... This is what happens, when one is ignorant. 
When I worked in the tourist business, and travelled for the first time to Norway, Sweden and Finland for a sales trip, I went to the library, no internet back then... or Google, and I read history, customs,, etc.. about these nations... Messi! Next time, do the same.. 
Writing now my forecasts... sign up now, to know how to trade next week !