New Moon in Leo, 2016

between August 2, - September 1, 2016

thank You, for following me from the former article...

we should always understand and digest the past, in order to comprehend the future. 

Monthly chart: 

September 1, 2016 Thursday 

Just a few hours before the moon conjuncts the Sun, signaling that this month is over, our eyes are turned towards the future, the month of Elul, in Hebrew. It is interesting, that the Hebrew calculation does not start punctually, on the conjunction, but on Sept 4th, when the Moon is at 30 degrees separating from the Sun, and it is already seen in the sky. 
This year the holidays ( rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Succoth) fall in October, leaving just 13 days to trade...
But, we still have today, and the whole September, so let's see... 
Today we have the Solar eclipse at 9 degrees in Virgo. I worte many times about it, where and how it will hit. 
The first person who got a direct hit is Mrs. Dilma Rousseff, Brazil's president.. gives 2 am as her birth hour, which makes the Moon the ruler of her carrerr, which is at 9th °, thus getting an exact hit from the eclipse. She is removed from office...

I research can be made. People who have planets around 9 degrees in Virgo/Pisces axis will feel it most. In what area?? Well, that depends on each and every chart. It is a complex issue... 
And don't get me wrong! an eclipse is not always a bad thing! It just draws our attention to a particular issue, that should be dealt with or attention focused on. 

As every New Moon, time to say goodbye, and start a new article

August 31, 2016 Wednesday

Mercury is stationary, and all the scandals come out, published... see Anthony Weiner, posted yesterday, his map, and other will pop up today and tomorrow... 

Nifty: those who are subscribed to my weekly report, can now dance all the way to the bank... I don't only send a weekly forecast, I also update it, during the last days, from Aug 26th -when the Moon was at 24 Gemini ( in the western chart) till today noon, it made more than 300 points! while the Moon moved 60 degrees. It is a huge move! 

August 30, 2016 Tuesday

Well well well!!!! Her ladyship, La luna, delivered... We got our tops in the S&P... I wrote last night, at 9 pm my time, that it is imperative to go above 2184-87, in order to fly higher... Well, it scratched 2184, but never got above it, and having the stop at 2180, ... we are on a thin hair now... 
News in the sky: Venus moved to Libra, as of today girls born, will be extremely beautiful! Mercury is stationary, at 29 Virgo, just in opposition the evil Scheat, so better hold it, for a day or two!!...( I write this to my daughter LOL, but no worries here, she never reads my blog, being a Virgo she disapproves of astrology... well. what can I do?? )  Mercury will conjunct again Jupiter, will make geniuses born, under a Solar eclipse. Many strong aspects in the sky... 
Now , let me show you a dilemma that a financial astrologer has: today in the geocentric chart venus enters Libra. Usually, when a planets is "at home" it is lazy, and will not help in the market.. On the other hand, in the Heliocentric chart venus is in Scorpio. TS tells us, that here, since the Dow started to trade brought a rise of 56%..... Can I rely on such a low efficiency to trade it?? 
Looking further on, in the Vedic calendar Venus is already in Libra, at 6 ° and thanks to timing SOlution software, which is great for research, in this sign venus usually brings a decline for the Dow. I use the Dow because I have a long historical data. 
So, I will leave these misguiding thoughts, and stick to my system, which I have developped and use it in trade for years... in a rather promising way... 
I teach, by the way, my bottom lines, in a course of 10 lessons, on skype, cost $4500. YOu are welcome to read students' letters in the left panel. 

One of the most amazing personalities in the world, is Warren Buffet. Not only because he made millions, but because, he survived his Uranus return! There are very few who join his group: the Queen, Castro, Shimon Peres etc... What does it mean, to survive Uranus? It is to live after the age of 84-85. He is 86 today. 
There is another peculiarity in his map, that I see now... His Sun in conjunct Neptune... this makes a person with a dream, an illusionist, one who lives a dream. Well, maybe he does.. I don't know his life story. gives 3 pm as birth data, and here is his chart: 
Ruler of chart is Jupiter, which is very strong in Cancer, and on a fortunate Star, Sirius.. Wasn't he born in a lucky hour?? LOL... Happy birthday, Mt. Buffet! 

There is a very disturbing planetary position coming... It will be the mirror effect of the Sumatra earthquake, on March 2, 2016, at 14:49. Then, the Sun conjuncted Neptune, with 3 degrees orb, and was on the "Head of Hydrus" at 12 Pisces. The Moon was in Sag.' Jupiter in opposition to the SNode. Uranus 150 Jupiter. Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces, in opposition to the 9 degrees Virgo, upcoming Solar eclipse. 

Around Sept 4, but it can be between 1-7 too- taking 3 degrees orb, the Sun will be in opposition Neptune! Jupiter conjunct retro Mercury, Uranus still 150 to Jupiter... and this opposition will hit near Brazil... 

Anthony Weiner.... is now the black goat... born on Sept.4, 1964~ no birth hour known~  He lost his head as Jupiter on Algol points out....he is lucky, that he lost only his marriage... He has 4 very strong planets conjunct his Sun in Virgo, and Venus+Mars in Cancer. He desperately needs sex, and show off... Transit Uranus now blew him out of all the favors...

August 29, 2016 Monday

did you have a nice week end?? I hope you remembered to look up to the sky, and see, the very rare Mercury-Venus-Jupiter conjunction! Here it was cloudy... In any case, Mercury and Venus are now departing from Jupiter, and we can say that a new cycle starts now, will post important dates to watch after I run TS. 
Mars is loosening up from the tight grip of Saturn, it is now 3 degrees away, but still , both in Sag. 
And her ladyship, La Luna, is in the last phase, applying to the Sun, now still in Cancer, at 27° 
Every single little move has a meaning, in the personal charts thou different than in the markets... there are many many laws to remember... I am giving you the bottom lines.

It is one month that my dear mom gave up the fight on Earth, I can tell you, that she sits with me, in my mind, all the time, and we have a conversation... Sometimes I talk loud, as if waiting for an answer. But I know her answers, I had the priviledge to have her for almost 86 years..She was very sharp, with an excellent memory, very strict and extremely punctual...till the last evening when I was with her. One month ago, before I got to the hospital, her heart stopped. She raised a small apple tree in her window, which I took here, and you will not believe! it died, and recovered, and now it has 3 new bunch of leaves.. I am so happy...

And now I am expecting every moment my daughter to give birth to her second, a girl this time... Will let you know.. 

My mom had her Moon in Cancer, as it is now... so let's see... But, it might take another day or two, will she be born under a solar eclipse? 
It is not advised to make astrological reading till after 6 months old... That is what Lilly wrote in his books... 

So, let's go back to the markets. 
The East is minor red..
Except for the Nikkei, that gapped up at the 400 points!!!! pssss... what is going on in the country of the rising Sun? I wrote in the weekly forecast: 

"There is a support at 16300-16290. Should base itself above it. 
The index fell to 16320. It is below MA 28, weak.. target: 16000."

After all, 16300 held, and it is now rallying! Move stop to 16620! 

Meanwhile TS finished calculating, and the time to watch for Mercury-Jupiter angles, starting from today's conjunction are: 9/2,10/11/10/22, 2/2, 2/21, 3/24,6/13,6/27, 10/18/17 
Venus-Jupiter angles : 10/26,11/25,/12/25, 5/19, 7/18; 8/16; 9/15; 11/13/17

11:14 AM, THE MOON JUST CROSSED OVER TO LEO... and we had a CIT  in the markets! Also Mercury is stationary!! preparing to turn retro. Mark the level of what ever you trade! it should be at the same level, when Mercury turns again, Sept 21. This is a research I make for years... Lets' watch it. 

And now this!!! Under Mercury retro all the truth comes out! As I wrote, the coup in Turkey was faked by Erdugan himself, to kick out all the on wanted people, and attack the Kurds.. Neptune transit on his Sun... and it is not over yet!!! Neptune will be around a long long time, on his Sun.. 

August 28, 2016 Sunday

We are opening our trading day with the Moon on Sirius, at 15 Cancer. It should be a blessed day. But, here comes, the bummer... Moon is in opposition Pluto, at 15 Capricorn..and, with Saturn still on Antares, let's hope for the best... 
The plutonian negativity manifests in the negative arbitrage we have, closed on 1453,84, falling below 1442, it will be a signal for a deeper short. 
Planets support at 1449-1452, so, here I tightened the trade range, below 1449 it is a short to 45-37-25. 

I read now, that Domino's Pizza are delivering with drones, in New Zealand... will this help the company, or the drones?? I don't have data... But, it's interesting. After Amazon, now Pizza... 

August 27, 2016 Saturday

As always, on this day, I write my weekly forecasts... It is quiet outside, no TV, I can work... Do you know what to do next week? How to trade? Time to sign up for the weekly forecast! 
On September 1, not only the Solar eclipse will occur, in the mutable Earth sign of Virgo,   but also, Helio Mars enters Aquarius.. How did this position influence the markets in the past?? All in the report. 


August 26, 2016 Friday

It is a day ruled by Venus and Neptune! Venus is catching up with the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction, at 28 Virgo, a very very rare treesome meeting! while Neptune is at 10 Pisces, in retro, still partially conjunct the evil South Node. ( that brought the last earthquake in Italy...) Two other malefics, Mars and Saturn are adding to the intense vibrations that we are under, both on Antares, and now also, the volatile Moon is in opposition!! in Gemini... The Moon is 150° to Pluto too. Uranus doesn't calms the nerves either.. it is 150° to the threesome. 

I am sending alerts on many indices, here is the Nifty spot: very tight trade range! Download my app. to receive updates almost daily.. What will happen on Monday?? Should you stay with open positions? In which direction? All that in my weekly report. 

I just remembered, that Venus rules SUGAR, one of the silent killers... like SALT, you should watch your diet!!! SUGAR has been rallying since February, from 13- to 21- now there is a triple top! So we will go short below 20. Venus moved 240 degrees... 

Looking at the monthly chart: it didn't even make 50% correction.. 

Today, at 5 pm- gmt+3, mrs. Yellen speaks, and the world is waiting for news on the interest rates. For the last few days, I have been reading, that once she said, it will not be raised till mid 2017... In any case, at this hour, the Moon will be on a fortunate fixed star, Capella, on contrary with Jupiter, that is on "Alkaid" and Saturn +Mars on Antares.. which will win? Do you know? 

Natural Gas hourly graph: Stop 2.80; target 3.15-3.20

During these days, there is an extremely RARE celestial event in the sky! Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will conjunct in Virgo. I ran TS, and since 1900! there was no such event!. 


August 25, 2016 Thursday

I woke up at 2:40 in the morning. Apparently I fall asleep very early yesterday evening... So I got up, and posted all the maps below, on the earthquakes that occurred yesterday, and looked back till the eruption of Vesuvius, in 79 AD. Do you know what is AD? It is latin for Anno Domini... God's year/ That means 79 years after the count of the years started.( actually it is based on the catholic calendar, the year after Christ was born) Before that, it is written BC - of before Christ. 

What is new today in the sky? The Moon moved on, to Gemini.... If your natal Moon is in Scorpio or Capricorn, it will be a day when you will lose, in the markets. So check your chart..
The indian astrologers look at the Vedic maps, and there, Jupiter just entered Virgo. In the Western astrology Jupiter is at 26 Virgo, soon to cross over to Libra. As per the Vedic astrology, they underline the weakness of Jupiter, in Virgo, what us, westerners know as well, but they are behind us... or we are which one is correct? The Vedic, or Sidereal astrology. so, I always look at both variations.. If you use ZET, there is a very easy way to switch from one to the other. 
Here are both, for comparison: most of the planets in Vedic, are one sign behind.. 

SO, back to the action... which sectors were the first to turn? 
Although Biotechs, but still a share I wrote about on FB: Nano Dimensions, rose by more than 4% yesterday. Mark this share, it is a sleeping beauty... and I hold it. LOL 

I am posting in my app now.. I see most of the alert came true! 
Download my application now- link at the left panel- make money in the markets, with the alerts... 

Did you buy a parachute?? I think one one can save you now... !!!!!!!!!!!!!
More in the application!!


August 24, 2016 Wednesday

Neptune conjunct the South Node, and we wake to the news, that a 6.2 earthquake hit Italy. In 2014, there was a similar earthquake, in Hacienda, Chile, on this day!!! 24.8.2014, then, Uranus conjuncted the South Node. 
Since Neptune moves slow, more earthquakes are possible in the coming days. 
Next time it will be in exact conjunction on Nov.17; but already as of Oct 20th it will be in 3° orb. till Dec 10th 
The earthquake occurred at 1:36 in the night... and looking at Italy's chart, was right on the Asc., also many other exact hits... 

here is the map for the event. 
The interesting thing is, that now, Mars and Saturn are in Sag, and 72 years ago, when they were conjunct in the opposite sign, in Gemini, occurred the eruption of Vesuvius, on March 17, 1944. 
Now, the question is, will we always have an earthquake, when Mars conjuncts Saturn in gemini, Sag, virgo and Pisces?? A question for research! 

Looking again back 72 years, ( March 26, 1872 ) there was a 7.4 quake in Lone Pine, CA.7.4!!! on richter. then, Neptune was on mars-Merc. in Aries.. Saturn in Cap.. no pattern here..besides Neptune again shows up in a nasty conjunction. 

Another earthquake occurred in Chauk,Myanmar, Burma, on 8/24/2016 at 10:34 local time.. Not only the Mars-Saturn conjunction on Antares, but Mercury on Alkaid! another evil fixed star in Virgo... 
Looking at the 90° dial, Mars and Saturn are right on Neptune. This planet always pops out, when an earthquake occurs! I told you/// Neptune is the silent, sneaky killer. 
And, the astrocartography: 
This is a very good site, to follow earthquakes

August 23, 2016 Tuesday

The sky is busy... many changes, new energies pour in. Yesterday evening, my time, Gmt +3, the Sun waved bye bye to Leo, and entered Virgo. It will take another 365 days until it returns to Leo. In Virgo, the first star that it encountered is Regulus, the Royal star, one of the four "watchers of the sky" as they are called... Regulus is the watcher of the North, also, the "Lion's heart".... Now here is the twist: While Regulus was in Leo for ages, in 2012 it moved, yes even fixed stars move, to mutable Virgo. The question is, how is Regulus affecting the world, from this sign? While in Leo it was a proud ruler, like the king of the jungle, how will a king feel, in a sign that talks about service? or servants... will the servants rule? I am thinking about this issue, and I have time, since it will be in Virgo till 4169!! ( moves one degree in 72 years.... ).
The other watcher or the sky is Antares, which was in the sign of Scorpio, but now , it is already in Sag... and I have been writing about this, it is one of the wicked stars. And Saturn is not moving on ... yet. 
So, let's focus on our small daily universe... 
The Moon enters Taurus. For the trade it is a minor, but significant CIT. 
In spite of all these similarly bad positions, the markets are still hanging up there, and the worst they could do, is to consolidate.... Since July 10, approx... the S&P, for ex. moves between 2193 to 2147. Our stop was 2175, and we are still above it. 

I shall be away till the afternoon... be good! 

I am back, and the markets are greeeeeeeeeen!!!!! Long long long.. 

August 22, 2016 Monday 

The day is ruled by the Moon and Jupiter, and they are 150° apart. You must know, already, reading this blog, since 2009! that this is a malefic angle. The Sun grew old in Leo, it is at 29°, will die soon, and reborn in Virgo, bringing a different energy on stage. The Moon, is Perigee, closest to Earth strong, is in Aries... will conjunct Uranus, watch: 
Gmt: 00:00 
22.08.2016  5:14:28 20°21'01"Ari Quincunx Venus
22.08.2016 11:03:04 23°50'19"Ari Sesqui-quadrate Mars
22.08.2016 11:47:39 24°17'04"Ari Conjunction Uranus
22.08.2016 12:43:47 24°50'46"Ari Sesqui-quadrate Saturn
22.08.2016 14:32:05 25°55'46"Ari Semi-square Neptune
22.08.2016 15:06:22 26°16'21"Ari Quincunx Jupiter
22.08.2016 15:17:57 26°23'18"Ari Quincunx Mercury
22.08.2016 21:19:10  0°00'00"Tau <<<
22.08.2016 21:39:19  0°12'05"Tau Trine Sun
We use the Moon's moves for intraday trades.. 
What else is there in the sky?? Saturn is still on malefic Antares. Mars conjuncts Saturn. This happens once in two years, so it is a powerful aspect. 

And if you want to see the future market, this is a great site! 

August 21, 2016 Sunday 

My weekly forecasts are ready... I write one for the S&P, Dax, Nifty, Gold... etc etc.. You are welcome to sign up! Let's see what is ahead, what are the numbers and the planets whispering us? 
It is the 233rd day of the year- this is a major, cardinal number. The day is ruled by the Sun, which is at 28°Leo34,- in 2 days it will pass to Virgo. The other ruler for the day is the Moon, and this crossed over to Aries, while we were sleeping. Any new Olympic records? There should be!! I must switch on the TV. 
For us, TA25 the market opens with a minor negative arbitrage. The trade range is very tight. Close at 1468.41. There is a resistance at 1468.55 and a support at 1466. As you can see, there isn't much air to trade... 
In the sky, again no planets in air. We will have on 8/25-27, with the Moon entering Gemini, and as of 8/30, with Venus entering Libra till 9/23. With Venus, and Jupiter moving to air signs, we will see finally, some action. Up or down?? well..... that' in my weekly reports. 

Tower locally: Bradley shows a fall, so if you own it, be careful! 

there is a reason for this decline, as Bradley shows us, when we check the natal chart, transit Pluto is on the SN. 

Venus will ingress to different signs on:  

30.08.2016    > Lib Venus
23.09.2016   > Sco Venus
18.10.2016    > Sgr Venus
12.11.2016    > Cap Venus
 7.12.2016    > Aqr Venus
 3.01.2017    > Psc Venus


A few words about Venus in Libra... Venus rules the second house, the sign of Taurus ( Earth), and the 7th, the sign of Libra (Air). In the financial astrology it signifies money and the banks. Returning to a sign that it rules, gives her powers, if it is not affected by disharmonic aspects from other planets. 
Dates to watch: this took a while, but here it is... 

August 20, 2016 Saturday

Writing my weekly forecasts now. Sign up to know how to trade, in advance.! Link at the left panel... For only $250 for 3 months.. 

August 19, 2016 Friday

Yesterday we got a 15 points rise in the S&P- from 2168- to 2183...there are still 18 points to go, to make a new high.. Now the Moon enters Pisces, where is "feels good".. For energy we need fire, and it won't be in fire till Monday, when it will make a trine to the Sun,- a good  position, but also will conjunct Uranus, so watch out, August 22nd is a very powerful day. Not only because of the Moon, Sun will be on Regulus at the last degree of Leo, and this fixed star makes one rise ... first, and then lets you down. Price wise we are looking for 2189. the index should be above it, by Monday, in order to be able to reach higher levels, so next will be: 2198.90- 2199.85-2200.90 as you can see, multiple resistances, by the planets, and as we know round numbers are psychological resistances as well... Fibo calculations give us 134 days from Feb 11th low, and 90 months (which are also degrees ) from March 2009 low..So time is squaring price... 
Another date to mark in the calendar will be Sept 8, 2016, and Sept 6 2018... . 
I am looking at shares that rallied yesterday, one of them is SEMI... Well, I would go short on it, that gap must close sooner or later.. 
Now LLEX: will be a buy above 2.60 
SGY too :
See which groups pushed the markets up: 

Bill Clinton is 70 years old today...His Sun is just 3 degrees apart from Regulus..The star that takes one to great heights, but then, comes a sudden fall... And we know what happened to Bill... But, I looked at his chart, to learn about Hillary.. You know, that from one's chart, we can see even the neighbours' dog.. so Hillary is Mars in his chart, and Mars is conjunct Neptune at 6 degrees. Neptune disguises everything that it touches, nothing is clear, and 6 degrees stands for Virgo, so we have a health situation for Hillary, that is hidden, or secret, maybe even she doesn't know it..Neptune  plays dirty ... Can we see if Hillary will win?? There is a lot of dispute about her birth hour. Some say it is in the morning, others evening. So we can use Bill's to see... Her career is his 4th House, so Saturn is her ruler. Saturn in Bill's chart is at 2 Leo. Both in the Directed chart and in the transit Saturn is separating from natal Saturn, so as times gets closer to Nov. 8, the chances weaken...  
In any case, I admire both candidates, who can stand up, day after day, and talk and talk... Give their speech... chapeau... 
And as the saying goes: everyone digs his/her own grave... 
Here is Bill's chart for today: 

Here is the chart for Nov 8, 2016 Washington 11 pm. There is an interesting twist in the chart.. Transit Uranus is sextile natal Uranus. The planet represents the 11th house for Hillary, which stands for big enterprises, friends, mental satisfaction..also, the senate. Uranus will still be retro till Dec.29, it will be exact on Nov 21,2016, and on Feb 4, 2016. When is the swearing in ? I don't' know.. In any case... Nov 8 is not the final date, and a lot of unforeseen things will pop out under this Uranus. 

Looking at Chelsea's chart, will her mother be elected? Mother is her Moon, at 9° Leo, her Sun (father is at 8° Pisces. Bothe will be triggered by the upcoming eclipse.... And again, Neptune sends a disharmonic angle to the Moon...

Philippines president, Duterte, Rodrigo.... born on March 28th 1945- is another interesting personality to look at.. He, Like Erdugan PM of Turkey, has a strong Sun-Neptune influence. In his case, Sun in opposition Neptune, with an OOB PLuto, and Uranus, Pluto, rulers of H10 and 1, will be triggered by the eclipse- is he another dictator that is unfolding in front of our eyes?? 

August 18, 2015 Thursday 

Today is a very important day, because not only we have a Full Moon in Aquarius, but also, the Moon is Perigee, closest to Earth, it's effect is strongest. So, depending in which house it is in your chart, those issues will be activated.
For Washington it falls in the 1/7 house axis, so ego and partnership issues will surface.
In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it will trigger money issues. In Rio.. watching the Olympics, aren't' we?- it falls on the cusp of 6/12 house of routine, health and karma, In Berlin it will trigger 5/10 house axis which among many other things stands for physical and mental satisfaction... and so on.. For us it will stir 4/10 house issues- home/government stuff.. and there we have multiple problems.. 
But, we are here to trade, so let's see, if this full moon will push the S*P higher than 2200?? 
Do you see the pattern? 

Do you remember, AAPL, was on the cliff to be crashed, back in Feb-March?? And then, surprize!! Buffett and Soros bought it... They made 25% since then... not bad...

BABA: 8/11 stop was 87- Now at 97... Raise stop to 95. 
RTX: (Russia) stop at 1283, target: 1480 

A new star was born on August 16th, under the name of Thiago Bras de Silva, an unknown Brazilian, 22 year old... He jumped 6.03 m high, winning the gold medal. Looking at his chart, and the transit for the day, everything is clear! With 4 planets in Sagittarius, that got an e x a c t trine from transit Sun, and bingo! Just like Phelps... The potential is there, big time, but one needs the timing! And the Sun delivered.. 
Below a solar chart: 


August 17, 2016 Wednesday

With the Moon in Aquarius, we got again, yesterday a low... I just posted support/resistance levels on FB. The other important position for today is a Sun-Uranus trine, which happened before on Dec.8, 2015. check what happened with your share/index on , or around that date.. 

August 16, 2016 Tuesday 

Yesterday night I worked on all the alerts for the application, so when you wake up, or your market starts to trade, you know what to do... For the new users, CIT means : Change in trend. 
Let's see what wind do we get today?? if at all? And yes... there is no wind. No planets in Air element... We have 4 planets in earth and the Moon, 4 in fire, and only one in water, Neptune. 4-4 it is pointing to a status quo...What do you think?? 
Saturn is still on Antares- bad... and the Moon is still in Capricorn. Maybe we shall get some motion when the Moon moves out from capricorn to Aquarius, there it will get some back wind. 
16.08.2016 11:52:15  0°00'00"Aqr <<<
16.08.2016 22:49:42  6°06'53"Aqr Sextile Mars
Interesting, that the moon enters Aqua- when the US CPI is announced.

Will be back in the afternoon, I have so much to do... 


August 15, 2016 Monday 

It is a day ruled by the Moon and Mercury. SHould be a very volatile day, just knowing these two parameters...The Moon is at 15 Capricorn. while Mercury is at 20 Virgo. Two Earth signs, they will trine at 10 pm gmt +3... towards the close in the US. 
What else?? 
15.08.2016 12:04:21 15°20'25"Cap Conjunction Pluto
15.08.2016 21:41:58 20°33'30"Cap Semi-square Mars
15.08.2016 21:59:10 20°42'52"Cap Trine Mercury

The Moon will conjunct Pluto, which is on a fortunate fixed star, VEGA. 
Neptune 120° Kronos!!! time is ticking! 
Venus 180° Neptune- illusions... watch the banks !
Jupiter 150° Uranus- long effect 
Saturn 135° Uranus  too  and bad
Saturn 150° Kronos
Jupiter 150° Uranus
Mars 150°Hades
Venus 0° NN

Enough??? try to make a decision with all these positions... 

I was watching the olympics, disappointing Israeli performance... I wrote about Maayan Davidovits, our windsurfer, that she had a chance as long as the Moon was in Sag., but will not make it with the Moon in Capricorn- because of her chart.. not the wind, her chart...and she came out 7th... the truth is, that the country is not funding or pushing the sport over here...

August 14, 2016 Sunday 

The Moon just entered Capricorn.... and we don't have trade today, due to the T'beAv fast... So. we can rest, and watch the olympics.. 

August 12, 2016 Friday

Major event in the sky, made the markets green again. Heliocentric Jupiter just entered Libra..which is good, after Virgo... so we see green again in the markets... How long it will last?? Tomorrow is the last day of the " 3 weeks" of Bein ha meizarim... that is good also... 
Next main events: Geo

13.08.2016    D Saturn  9°46'45"Sgr
22.08.2016    Vir Sun
30.08.2016    Lib Venus
30.08.2016   R  Mercury 29°04'39"Vir
20.08.2016   Cap Mercury
22.08.2016   Psc Earth
28.08.2016   Sco Venus
30.08.2016   Aqr Mercury

Indices will try to go higher than last tops, as they do just raise the stop. 

Good trading. 

Teddy Riner, fabulous Olympic champion, won 126 games, I think... is the gold medalist again... He has a very powerful map: a stellium in Aries, and in Capricorn- in square. Aries stands for sport, Capricorn for achievements... and you got a world champion... 

Our Or Sasson, who fought with him, has the same stellium in Capricorn, being born 1 years apart.. the main planets don't move much, but his other stellium is partly in Cancer and Leo.150° and 180° to the Cap. stellium..... He fought well, and was lucky with transit Mercury on his Mercury.. 

Another Israeli hope is Maayan Davidovits, in windsurfing... She, as the two others above, has a Capricorn stellium, which pushes her to great achievements. Just, that her Sun is on the "Pleiades".. Today, with the Moon in Sag. she has a great chance to win. No birth hour, so solar chart. 

August 11, 2016 Thursday

I wrote  to Michael Phelps, and asked him for his hour of birth... He has now 21 medals.. fantastic... 
Saturn is stationary, and still on Antares. The sky is awful. Too many bad aspects... Too many bad midpoints... Mars negative OOB... what can I tell you ? There are so  many fights, troubles all over the world, that I will skip them, trying to concentrate on happy events... 
Still, some local news: today a one day strike starts in the hospitals. I fully back them, my daughter and her husband being doctors, they work incredible hours! From 6 am till 10 am the next day! 4 times a week... They hardly sleep !!! Walk around like zombies. I don't know of any engineer, or clerc or anyone, who works these crazy hours! 
The other ongoing issue is, the tightening rope around Netanyahu's neck..
Sorry for the expression, but his career is getting towards the end. Transit Uranus is in action. we'll see when will the other planets line up, and leave no way out. I call it the "Hungarian cube" when it clicks, it ends. 


It is a turning day for the S&P. The last low was at 2147- and the top 2187. Now at 2175. This was our stop last week... This is the support line of Pluto. Once it falls from here, it will go lower 2171- 2169.80, but only below 2147 it will be in a more dangerous zone... 
Nifty: simple trend lines, show the direction. You can also sign up or download my application, and receive alerts. For the Nifty I sent yesterday: 
Nifty: 8582 is first resistance.. 8515 is first support.

Lower stop to 8580- targets down: 8550-8500-8430" it bottomed at 8548!  


Gold: Aug.8 alert was: "Keep stop at 1329.50." The bottom was 1330- and ran up to 1356. Now I would raise the stop to 1343- and go short if falls below. . 
AAPL: Failing to go above 110, it will be again short. 
BABA: the technicals point up, but are the planets backing this?? We are long as long as it stays above 87. At 93 a strong resistance line awaits... - from the planets. The technicals show, 95.. we'll see// In any case the oscillators are weak. 

BIDU: Only above 165 it will be a long.. 
DB: Deutsche Bank bottomed at 12.48- Now above 14... First target 14.80- rising above it, we might consider a long... but not yet. 

One of the outstanding shares was till now GSV: 

Just posted on FB: 
About the DOW: The low of the Dow was 28.5 on 8.8.1896. The square root of 28.5= 5.33
Today, we are 120 years later- exact time! and the top was 18585- it is exactly the square root of 136.33. So, I think, math wise and time wise it reached a top.
Support now is at 18314, next up target, if .... 18859. 

Stay tuned. 

August 10, 2016 Wednesday

Seems, that the corrections are over, and we should prepare for a small reversal.. Not is all indices, but in some.. 

Watching the Olympics when I have time... Israel had its first win, in judo yesterday. Yarden Gerby; born July 8, 1989, below you can see her directed and transit chart. Mars- stands for achievements and sport, and directed Sun was right on it, also transit Sun. There is nothing better, than a good timing.. 

Michael Phelps won his 20th gold medal...

August 9, 2016 Tuesday

The Moon moved to Scorpio today, and with it corrections in the markets.
As of today till August 18th, Saturn will be stationary on 9°Sag. It was on this degree on Nov. 18, 1986. I will have to run TS, to see how it effected the Dow, the only index has enough data, when Saturn turned direct.. Stay tuned. And here it is... in blue, time when Saturn was Direct, in red, when Mars was OOB. we can see the index rallied... 

I am updating the alerts I sent yesterday.. One of them was: AORD: 5635 will be difficult to cross... 

I read in the news, that Erduan visits Putin in San Petersburg,to straighten out the relations...Actually, the issue is about gas. Will Russia directs its gas thru Turkey, thus eliminating Ukraine, or not... There is a great uproar lead by Germany against this, because germany gained huge amount of money by being the middleman and selling on the gas to the other european countries.. 
So I had to make the chart of the two: The inner wheel is of Putin, who has a stellium in Libra, which is "attacked" by transit Uranus.( main transit planets in yellow).  SInce the two were born 2 years apart, they share the same Neptune, which among many things symbolizes gas as well... So both have a Libra Neptune. 
Erdugan, on the other hand, has 3 planets in Pisces, ruled by Neptune, and transit Neptune is right on them. So we can see, that the issue of gas is the main issue at this time. 
Which planet can help? Saturn can calm down... Putin's saturn is in Libra, and Uranus is in opposition, so no calm here. Erdogan's Saturn is in Scorpio, and transit Neptune is in trine. SO he lives an illusion. No help... Transit Saturn is at 9 sag, in square to the upcoming eclipse, no help from his part either.. 
Who else can help? Jupiter... the great benefactor... Putin's Jupiter is in taurus, and gets a trine- good - from transit Jupiter. Erdogan's Jupiter is in Gemini- weak- and it gets a square - bad - from transit Jupiter... 
So, bottom line, Erdogan comes to Putin at a time, when he is alone, Europe and the USA turned their back on him, and he is very weak... 
His mental skills are shown by Mercury, not only his, all... and Mercury will turn retro in Virgo, right across his natal Mercury... another weak 3 -5 weeks ahead. 
In my humble opinion... of course.. Anyone thinks differently, will be glad to discuss it. 

August 8, 2016 Monday

August is full with difficult positions... Today is one of them. We are under the influence of Moon and Neptune. When ever Neptune turns up, it is a turning day. Today Mars gets Out of Bound.. I wrote about this a few days ago... Since then, I see many astrologers wrote about it as well.. When a planet is out of bound, it is negative, unpredictable, eccentric... 
Mars in Sagittarius brought new energy into the trade... so markets are green, and the bears are back to sleep. 
One of the charts that popped out, that has Mars OOB, is Pakistan. This country will be dangerous to be in, in the coming weeks. 


Emperor of Japan, Akihito, addresses the people, saying that due to his declining health and age, he is considering to step down. 
Born on December 23, 1933, on a Saturday, his most important planets are Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury. When we are 83-84 years old, we have the Uranus return... This is a very difficult transit. Mercury, ruler of his MC, or career, is in Sag, and transit Saturn is back and forth on it, being now in retro... THis can symbol a change in tasks, as he said, he will pass on the throne to his son. But, he has more years to be here, no worries... Sometimes the body is not so strong as the mind and the spirit... 

Annemiek van Vleuten: Dutch cyclist, I saw her yesterday fall.. It was a terrible sight.. Looking at her map, transit Uranus (sudden unforeseen disasters) is in opposition to her Saturn(bones). And to underline the issue, Saturn, bad, in retro and Sag, is in midpoint of Mars/Uranus... But, I read, she tweeted she will be OK. I hope she will return home soon, and will not wait for a hospital virus to sit on her heart... (transit Neptune 150 to Sun). 

Legendary Michael Phelps, wins today his 19th gold medal... why?? transit Sun in opposition his Jupiter! This happens once a year! What are the odds??? 

August 7, 2016 Sunday

Today we are ruled by the Sun and Venus. The Sun is at 15 Leo, 150°to Pluto. Venus is at 2 Virgo, crossed over during the night. Venus will be in Virgo till August 30th, then it will enter her castle, Libra, a sign it rules. Venus is in Fall in Virgo, meaning she is weak. So expecting any help from her, will be a waste of time. The other benefic is Jupiter, it is still in Virgo, so this one too, will not be able to help. Not only in the trade, but in any other matter. Girls born today, or till the end of the month, will not go to the hairdresser every week... They will be perfect, neat and clean, but will not bother with beauty parlors. SInce Virgo is the 6th sign of the wheel, so ruler of the 6th house, these girls will make excellent doctors, for example.. Venus is squaring Mars today, so boys!! look out... These ladies will be teasers, dominant, ready to work, down to earth, ready to be at service, heal... YOu will need to work hard, to gain her attention... 
Our market opened with a gap up- due to US positive closure, and Mercury-Neptune opposition. Mercury is in virgo too, and will stay here for a long time, because it turns retro. Mercury rules this sign, it is very strong in Virgo, a reason for a rally in the markets, but an a fake ground ( Neptune ).... I will not be surprised, to find out, after Mercury leaves Neptune, that there were a lot of manipulations, misconduct, fraud, lies and who know what... During August 5-12... Sometimes reality surpasses our imagination... 

Above is the daily graph, we have a stellium in virgo in opposition Neptune. The same stellium squares Pluto. Pluto is here to destroy, then to rebuild. But Pluto will be here for another 8 years.. so we should take it day by day. 
The transformation of Pluto is so hard, that we must have time to digest it. If you will look back from 2024, you will not believe where were you be, how will you think, so much different than today.. It is a kind of evolution. 
In the chart above you can see that the Sun will trine Uranus on Aug 17th- that will be a day to watch! formerly it happened only on Sept 12, 2015. Then the Sun was in Sag. 
It is interesting, that there will be a FOMC  meeting on this day... of all days.. Do they know astrology? 
Looking back: On March 22, I wrote, that in the beginning of August, there will be again a terror attack in Belgium... to be more exact, on the 15th. Why? Because Mars will be at 5°Sag- a critical point in King Philippe's chart. There was already a terror attack, in Belgium, and in France, and in germany..but they keep saying " a disturbed" person... Killed 14, etc.. Well, if that suits them, fine with me.. I should send a pile of sand to put their head beneath. 
On August 2nd, in this article, I wrote, that because of Mars in Sag. many new world records will be reached. And we saw, the Hungarian swimmer, Hosszu Katalin, do it. Chapeau!!! 
Also Adam Peaty, and we are only at the first day!!! Others will follow... Well done! 
Our market closed at 1472.97- broke the resistance line, next: 1479... 
On June 12, I wrote, that the pound is about to drop to 1.38... well it dropped much much lower, to 1.2810- broke all historical lows... Now it seems, that it will correct. So we are long with a stop at 1.30. 

August 6, 2016 Saturday

I woke up at 3:30 in the morning, could not sleep any more.. I guess I fell asleep early yesterday. I see the markets rallied, due to a good " Non farm employment outcome" . I read in certain groups, that it was a fraud, people were hired in haste, and will be "released" in a month.. just to bring out a good data... that people got a "snapmail".. have your hear of it? I haven't.. so I looked it up. It is a self destructive mail. You got 40 seconds to read it. After that it leaves to trait, it vanishes. LOL... As if somebody used it, for mass-hiring, just to show all is ok ... Anyway, conspiracy could be, but I had to look up the facts. and here is the graph: 
The margin is pink as the situation..Pls. click on the graph to enlarge it. 

So what do we see here? It is the graph of the "non farm employment". We can see that is was very low, when Saturn was in Gemini, next 90° later, when it was in Virgo, made max. negative, and now, that it is in Sag. it is max. positive... 180° from Gemini.. 
So there is some order out there, even if people think it is a manipulation, fraud, etc.. 
Of course, people were hired, to run the elections, and they will be released after. But the stars don't lie. 
Next time it will hit bottom will be in 2024, when Saturn will be in Pisces. = 180° to Virgo.

August 5, 2016 Friday 

Today is the 217th day of the year, or 7 Scorpio. The day sextiles the upcoming eclipse degree.(9 Virgo). The day is ruled by Venus and Uranus. The card of the day is the card of Death. Where is Venus? at 29°33 Leo on Regulus. Zet tells us about this fixed star:
Regulus (32 Alpha Leonis  m 1.35)
Lion's Heart
Keywords: The most Royal Star. Raphael, the Healing Archangel, the Watcher of the North. Nobility, ambition, alertness, great power, status, leadership, sudden downfall, accidents, violence
Effect: Fortunate"
Uranus is at 24°29 Aries- so we see, that venus is departing from a positive trine.
What else, does the sky whisper us? The Moon is at 12 Virgo, we are after the new Moon, departing from the Sun. and conjunct the North Node... It is also in opposition to Neptune, Node and Neptune always play a part in earthquakes. Let me check, were there any? I am searching for bigger than 4 or 5 on richter scale, and yes, there was one in Argentina 6.1... The danger is not over yet. 
Saturn is still on Antares, at 9°50 Sag. 
Looking at the declinations, Saturn and Pluto are conjunct, still, also only 2 degrees away from Mars, 
Here is the declination chart for this year: 

So how can we interpret so much information to the markets? first, it needs a lot of research... As you see, I gather all the details of the day, month, year. Then I eliminate. Next, I make some calculations, based on all these, and I come out with the bottom line. 
Sometimes I am even right.. 
No... seriously... this works, like wonder. 

The stop for the S&P yesterday was 2160. looking at to 10 minutes chart, the tops were at 2178-2168, next should be 2158... So if the stop was 2160, once it fell below, we went short. we will double this short one it fells below 2147- last low, or, by astrology: 2159,57,54,52.-45. there are a lot of planets supporting at these levels, so it would take a really bad fundamental news to come, to drop it below 2145. Running above 2160- should go above 2167-69.90-71.40-72-73.- 75.55- so to the upside too, there is a "net" that will be difficult to cross. Cucumber season? I already said that. 

I read now, that Mr.Trump, called for a major fall in the markets, and that people should sell out.. why? because the Dow fell for 9 days.. Well, In April 2016 it fell for 68 days by 6.17%, and then rallied by 10%, making new historical high.. 
As I see it: The last days' candles were close to Dojis. people are waiting... The major stop for the Dow should be at 17900- that is a historical trend line since Feb.2016... UK lowered interest rates, so nowhere to invest, but in shares. Mars in optimistic Sag. Yes, the sky is awful, with all the angles there... but I don't see any panic. not volume like, not otherwise. So use the stops I sent in the app, and stay calm. 

August 4, 2016 Thursday

Remember, I wrote, that the S&P makes a high/low, when on Leo/Aquarius axis? well, it did it again... is this 100% sure? always?? NO. there is only 1 thing on earth that is sure. Death. 
So yesterday, we had our stop at 2152, and once it went higher, we went long . I gave up targets to 2170... Today the Moon exits Leo, here are its aspects gmt+3: 

3.08.2016  0:34:17 11°25'25"Leo Quincunx Neptune
3.08.2016  8:05:16 15°35'04"Leo Quincunx Pluto
3.08.2016 20:50:45 22°34'41"Leo Semi-sextile Jupiter
4.08.2016  0:22:31 24°29'51"Leo Trine Uranus
4.08.2016  7:12:44 28°11'46"Leo Conjunction Venus
4.08.2016 10:33:48  0°00'00"Vir <<<
4.08.2016 11:36:20  0°33'35"Vir Sesqui-quadrate Pluto
4.08.2016 11:43:16  0°37'18"Vir Square Mars
Today we are under a double Jupiter influence... and this is still weak in Virgo. it is also solitary, making no aspects- for financial astrology I use 1°orb- for personal readings, 5-10, so with a large orb is makes a bad aspect to Uranus... 
The S&P might try to reach again 2175.50, but by failing to do so, it will be again a short, to 2141-2130 and more... Check out the application from time to time, I post there alerts. 

August 3, 2016 Wednesday

"What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun."

Ok, but when ?? That is the question.. .

The markets fell in 2007-8, will they fall again? My friend Bill Meridian writes, that years ending with 7 bring crashes... So 2017 is the year.. 
I also found, that, since 7 is ruled by Neptune, DAYS that add up to 7 bring a kind of CIT. Check it out... 
It would be interesting to see, if close prices added up to 7 signal for a next day crash? Here... you have some homework. In my course, I give a lot of homework. I think, one who is not practicing wastes my time... We don't move forward with new lessons, till the last one was not digested properly.. otherwise, what's the use of studying? Even so, we only know a part of the things that we can foresee... there is so much we don't know. I wonder sometimes, what is best? Knowing? or not knowing? who is happier? the undiscovered savage tribes, somewhere deep in the Amazonas, or the people who chase the pokemon? I find it grotesque, that on one side of the world, mothers start walking with 4-6-8 kids, to search for a better life and cross countries by foot, and on the other end, people are playing video games, and kill for it.. What has become with us?? tell me!... Or I see people executed by this or that dictator.. why should one's live end, because of a madman hiccup? 

As you can see, for Israel, or gmt+3, the New Moon falls in the 4th house. The 4th house represents the past, the childhood, the mother, in mundane astrology, internal affairs. It is a time to look back. The Sun represents the PM, or the king.. should we assume, that it will bring a hard time for Netanyahu? 
Making a chart for NY the New Moon fell in the 8th house of transformation, money, death and sex... Oho... pick your choice... which skeleton will be pulled out during the next 30 days? 
A map for Rio, for the Olympic games, puts the New Moon in the 6th house of health... What can I tell you ?? It is ZIka in the background...But, the Part of Fortune is in the opposition, so let's hope, all will be OK.. there are several aspects I don't like in this map: the luminaries are 150°to Neptune ( epidemics), and Mars at 0° Sag. ( international), free, no borders, out at loose. 

If anyone can explain ANYTHING better, pls. come forward, and write to me!!! There is a "comment" window below. Don't let me alone with these or any thoughts or analysis I make. I can be very wrong... 
I am talking and talking... and the world is red.. 
I hope you used the stops I gave 2 days ago, you should be winning now. 



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