New Moon in Virgo 2016

Between Sept 1- Oct 1, 2016

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October 1, 2016 Saturday

We wave goodbye to September... Never to return. October knocks on the doors... what will it bring? 

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September 30, 2016 Friday

It's a merry go round... Only people with strong nerves can trade these days... Pluto turned Direct, and we got a flipp-flopp in the markets. But, if you have the application, you were safe, and knew how to take these corners... Stop was 2170, the "sell order" below it brought us a gain of at least 15 points.. Closed at 2151 ( the S&P). With all this jugglery, the index did not make new lows, so the bears are still asleep. 

I am listening to the speeches at the funeral of Shimon Peres, and I have tears in my eyes. I am deeply moved.... Putting aside all the sarcasm, judgment and criticism, and coolness, I am moved. Yesterday I posted a very harsh mail on FB, to people who wrote horribly about him. I think, doesn't matter what you think, feel or think you know about someone, speak well about him, after he is gone, and cannot reply.... It is cowardice and a shame how people wrote about him...Everybody, who counts, came to his funeral... Clinton, Obama, King Philippe of Spain, Prince Charles, and many more... Shimon Peres was a man, who taught us, how to rise again and again from the ashes.He was defeated in his political career endless times. But, on the next day, he turned up to work, as nothing happened, looking ahead, hoping. Always hoping.  And here I must add an astrological issue, due to this attitude, he might have had a Scorpio rising. The Scorpio knows no defeat. Once a door is closed, he will enter thru the window...The more down he falls, the higher it will rise.
And such a man was Peres.
May his memory be blessed

Some words about this chart. I made it with Ascendant at mid Scorpio.I chose the date Aug.2, after his Hebrew calendar date. He was born with a Sun-Jupiter square. He died with a Sun-Jupiter conjunction. THis tells us, that he will be reborn again, with a very powerful position in life. 

September 29, 2016 Thursday 

With the Moon in Virgo we got a low yesterday at 2152.53. The moment it ran above it, we went again long. Topped so far at 2172.28, so now we can raise our stop to 2170. Should go above 2178-79 for a rally. till then it is just a correction of the Sept 22-27 fall. 

Today we have an extremely rare position in the sky, which, due to the slow motion of the planets will stay for a while. Uranus conjuncts Eris. this happened only in 1927-1928 and in 1984. Both are at Aries 23°. 
The Dow's fall was blocked at 18000, and we went long. Topped so far at 18350. Former tops were 18445-18540-18670, so only above these it will be a long.. 

September 28, 2016 Wednesday

This is a day, that is ruled by the Sun ( sorry, previously I wrote by Uranus) , and Mercury. Simon Peres died this morning (3:40) in Tel Aviv, ) or maybe at; after he was admitted to the hospital on Sept 13th, a day that was ruled by Uranus... As I wrote below, in the Angelina Jolie's post, Uranus takes no prisoners. May he rest in peace. 
Maybe now, we shall know the exact date he was born, till now I had 4 dates... 
At the time of his death, the Moon was just one degree apart from the Fixed star: Regulus. 

Another interesting issue is the Eclipse of Sept,1st  on 9° Virgo, occurred on his Moon, if I take the Aug.14 date of his birth. I told you, I have 5 dates for Peres. Sun-Neptune conjunction in his natal map hides many secrets, his exact time of birth being one of them... William Lilly wrote about the eclipse in the first decanate of Virgo:

You can scroll down to Sept 13th post, see what I wrote then... If you ask me, he was already " dead" then, or the next day, he was just kept alive with the machines. So ok, the machines were stopped today, but as we don't have the exact day of his birth, not until I see a birth certificate, we don't really know when he died- between Sept 13- to 28th... 

What is new in the sky? La Luna... again, crossed over to another sign, to Virgo. AND !!! Mars to Capricorn. 
TA25: fell yesterday to the level I alerted ( 1447 ). Now, tries to show some strength... It is still early, to see the volume, in any case, if you had your stop at 1452, you were stopped out above it and you went long. How long? well, the first resistance is at 1460.90. 
S&P: Stop was 2153, we immediately placed a "buy" order above. Now it is at 2159, so the buy was triggered, and we are again long. How long? 2163-64. 
Nifty: last alert was to move stop to 8730- targeting 8740-8810.

Nikkei: See alert on the graph... 

September 27. 2016 Tuesday 

it is again a 9.9.9 day! End of a cycle, new beginnings, turning points, fights...  9 is ruled by Mars, and this will enter Capricorn today, a sign it is exalted in, very strong.. So if you saw some fights till now, you will see more. ( gmt+3 11:24) . Map of Mars' position at the time of ingress... 

I see now, that during the debate, the VIX rallied like crazy!!! The markets "know" more, than what CNN wants you to believe.. 

September 26, 2016 Monday

Again we have a new scene in the sky... La Luna moved to Leo. Water in fire... For the S&P this is not a favorable position. What else? Sun- Jupiter conjunction- a new cycle starts.... Dates to watch for this cycle: 
26.09.2016   - 27.09.2016  
22.11.2016   - 23.11.2016  
12.01.2017  ) - 13.01.2017  
11.02.2017   - 12.02.2017  
12.03.2017   - 13.03.2017  
 8.04.2017   -  9.04.2017 
 5.05.2017   -  6.05.2017  
 3.06.2017   -  4.06.2017  
 6.07.2017   -  7.07.2017  
29.08.2017   - 30.08.2017  
26.10.2017  - 28.10.2017 
My weekly reports are out... 
So let's see... what else is there in the sky to watch out from ? There is a T-square in the sky, between Saturn and the Nodes. TS helps me find when did this aspect occurred in the past? And I see it is a very rare event! 2010, 2005, 1999.... and it is negative.. 

Tonight there is the first debate between the two candidates, who, during these last months, said more words that I , in my whole life.. God?! Aren't you  americans, tired of this farce?? Not, that we don't have the same story here... Anyways, let's see how is Saturn-Nodes position effect the debate? 
Sun+Jupiter conjunction in the sky, will just add to the scenario... Both , in Hillary's chart, show us how Obama puts all his effort in helping her. But will it be enough? The SUn will move on quickly, and Saturn-Nodes T-square will stay. Saturn, for Hillary is the ruler of her 3rd and 4th House, if 8:02 time is real for her.. and with the South Node in the 4th, she will have huge difficulty in the next few weeks, till it stays there. 

As for Trump: Sun-Jupiter conjunction culminates in his 2nd house, we don't have a problem with his birth hour.. and this conjunction tells us how full he is with himself, I might say, narcissism?  Again, the Sun will move on, but leave Jupiter there, which will help him in the future. The Saturn-Nodes position show us a difficulty in house ( his own) look at him severely, judging him, while the South Node  in his 7th, tells us about the weakness of his adversary. 

What does anybody else think?? 

September 24 Saturday

Yesterday Twitter jumped by 21%. From 17, to 21-24.. I read, because of "rumors" on buyouts. I don't know about rumors, I just look at the chart, and it has the answer... 
Twitter first traded on Nov.7, 2013 Sun at 15 Scorpio conjunct Saturn, Asc. 19 Sag, Jupiter at 20 Cancer, exalted, Moon at 10 Cap= underestimated, AND  conjunct Pluto! Money in the chart is shown by Saturn, Moon, Venus. Venus at 2 Capricorn. Management is Mercury, at 3 Scorpio. This is the birth chart. So let's see what happened in the sky, yesterday, that brought this gap up ? 

1) tranis Mercury yesterday ( outer wheel) is exactly at 15 °, 30° to the Sun, here is the rumor... But not only, the management is Mercury, and it is conjunct natal Mars, ruler of H5, stands for trade,
2) tranist Jupiter is 30° to natal Mercury ( management gets some good news and a good offer)' also 90° to Venus, ( company's money).
3) transit Moon ( the people) back up the former two. Moon strong in Cancer, and applying to the Sun. 

How could you benefit in trade, how could you know beforehand, that this will happen? All you have to do, is have the natal charts of all the shares, and check for similar aspects. LOL.... I am kidding. This would take years of research. But, if you have Bill Meridian's book, " Planetary cycles", he has a list there of all the shares that trade in the US, lined up by planets.. So example: We should look for any share, that has the Sun at 15 Scorpio and Venus at the beginning of Capricorn. 
A quick search in my database, gave me LNXGF... Rallied by 49%. I should add here, that not ALL shares that have Sun at 15 Scorpio, rallied... it takes more to check, I just wanted to show you a way of research. Also, this is not a share one would trade, due to very low volume..

Back to work now, writing my weekly forecasts.. 
Have a nice weekend. 

September 22, 2016 Thursday

it is a day ruled by Uranus and Jupiter. There is nothing new about them, so we look further...

The Sun~! is the main actor today, at 17:55 gmt+3 it will enter Libra, for the next 30 days. Thus it will add to the "air element, and meet Jupiter on the 26th. 
Libra is the second Air sign and occupies the 7th house of partners, open enemies, etc...etc.. I just received the "House keywords" by Michael Munkasey, and he has hundreds of keywords for this house and every house.. It is a book to have.. 

Here are the aspects the Sun will make while in Libra: 

The other actor is Mercury, which is strong by being stationary, and at the middle of Gemini, before the New Moon... 
Mercury trines Pluto, and Mars is conjunct the Galactic Center. 
All the alert I send in the application, are based on daily aspects, cycles and different levels. 

Yesterday, as I wrote, the interest rate was not raised, and the markets rallied. The only issue is, that since Mars makes no aspects, its energy cannot be translated, and it does not help. It would have to go above 2193, to get a new up leg... and I also wrote, that the first target is 2183, Mercury's point before it turned retro.. 

September 21, 2016 Wednesday

the world is waiting for the Fed announcement today...Here is the graph : 

Even if she'll raise it by 0.25%... what I don't think, not before the elections... so what?? 
The gold goes nowhere.. It is actually falling for 72 days, 
Homebuilders Industry is declining it will be a buy only above 3660
IYG isn;t shining either. 

So what is left?? Only to pick a share, and run with it... 
What to pick?? Healthcare... 

IMHO... but what do I know?? 

In the news:  Angelina Jolie filed for a divorce from Brad Pitt, after he cheated on her, just like her father cheated on her mother, and it took her tens of years to pardon him... Was this evitable?? hardly.. Both have an ugly Uranus affect in their charts.. 

And Uranus takes no prisoners.. 
His chart is fantastic! he has a Capricorn stellium... too much Capricorn is a very very heavy burden to carry...also very successful! But, look where is his Moon? 22 ° ! Also Sun + Venus were hit by the last lUnar eclipse... and Jupiter by the Solar. transit Pluto on his stellium! So many aspects, I wonder how can he smile? 
Reading more rumor, I understand that the smile is because he is in love.. with Marion Cotillard, and she too got the Solar eclipse and the Lunar fully exact hit.. 

On the other hand, the killing of Terrence Cruthcher, age 40, another black citizen, was killed by the police, which is getting more and more restless.. What is crazy!! in this chart, is the perfect triangle between transit Uranus-Mars and natal Sun.. Showing an armed, (Mars) unexpected event ( Uranus) will happen.. If anyone knows the place of birth.. it would help..Chart made for Tulsa, Oklahoma.. .

September 20, 2016 Tuesday

This is one of the graphs I make, when I analyze an index. This is TA25, our index: with Heliocentric planetary lines. It shows, that it is blocked at 1453, 1454- the price level it fell from yesterday. In the Financial astrology course, I teach how to make this calculation, without needing to invest in expensive softwares. 

I woke up early today, so I already sent several alerts for those, whose markets already trade. 

September 19, 2016 Monday

we find the Moon in Taurus today. It is good for some indices/shares and bad for others... All depends on the first trade date. 
Our market opened with a gap up. Now the trade range is between 1450-1455. 

The affects of the Lunar eclipse, as I posted yesterday, hit in the USA. First a bombing in Chelsea,NY; next several bombs, that did not blow up, in New Jersey... 8 stabbed in Minnesota. Interesting, that even that ISIS took responsibility, the media is quiet. 
Today we had 2 stabbings in Jerusalem, but this is usual now... and how horrible it is, to acknowledge this.. 

Those who follow or trade BABA, it was its birthday yesterday... First trade on Sept 19, 2014, topped at 100 then. today it is at 104.64. SHould go above 105.50 to receive some support, and continue up. Next dates to watch : Oct 8, 31. Note, that from low to low, 134 cal. days passed, so it moves under this rhythm. 

Happy birthday to Sofia Loren, she turns 82 years young today... Born with the Sun at 26 Virgo, Venus and Neptune also in Virgo, she was one of the beauties of her time!. I am shocked, to read, that she played in 96 movies!!! Count...
In a few months- till April 2017,  she should care more for her health... Pluto makes some trouble- squaring her Mercury.- ruler of H6.

Here is a monthly overview of the upcoming aspects. This is part of what I base my forecast. As you can see, Saturn will square the Nodes This is a rare event, it happens every 5-6 years only. 
the S&P reached this way to this position: 

More info in the weekly reports! 
The war in Syria: started on March 15th 2011. Then, the Sun was at 24° Pisces, fits for a religious war, Mars at 15° Pisces.56 ruler of Asc. Venus, at 15° Aquarius, and finally, the Moon at 22°.Cancer. remember what this degree means?? "Kill or get killed" and indeed, the people, represented by the Moon, was and is killed. Also went into exile, to the "dreamland" Europe, which , turned out not to be. 
A cease fire was signed between the rebels and Assad. under the US-Russian umbrella. The fact is, IN MY OPINION, no one really knows who is fighting whom. are the rebels good Syrian people, who are fed up with Assad? Or are they ISIS, as Assad stated and keeps his argument until today... If the rebels are ISIS, than we should be on Assad's part, on the other hand, he is killing his own people with gas. Thanks God, Netanyahu is clever enough, that we, here, don't feel their war. 
In any case, I  don't understand politics, all I can do is look to the charts... I already wrote, that as launching the satellite during a retro Mercury was a mistake, so signing a cease fire too... It is not lasting, they keep killing each other. Let's see the transits: the Sun was in opposition 2 days ago, that was a good day, nothing happened. Mercury is now 150° to natal Venus, a bad angle, it will turn direct and be again at this degree, on the 25th, and on Oct 26th it will trine Venus- good news.
The problem is, that till 2018 there are no numbers that point to an end.. Saturn, the one that brings discipline, could help, but that too only in October- December 2017.
here are two or 3 maps :

This is the chart of the start of the fights... Interesting, that Venus, ruler of H1, Asc is at a degree that means, conspiracy, assassination.  Ruler of the MC, is Assad, and in his chart, Uranus is at 15 degrees, like Venus here. 

A nice reader pointed out to me, that the whole war began because of the oil. It is interesting, that Oil and religion are both ruled by Neptune.. So I built this chart: 
What can we see here?? Angela Merkel, with her Sun in Cancer, is in trine- good aspect - with Erdugan, ( Sun in Pisces), and squares Putinka, (Sun in Libra). Putin and Obama are in air signs, so in trine, by their behaviour one would not believe...  Erduan is in opposition Assad, Obama 150°, both bad, and neither Merkel or Putin are in favor..( only minor positive aspects). Now, if Clinton wins, ( I don't think so), it will be a perfect trine - in the water elements... If trump, He will square Assad... and form a nice trine with Obama and Putin.. Isn't that funny? I did not add the Iranian leaders... who are behind all this mess. In any case, Assad is the black sheep of the group... War will end, astrologically, of course, only if the ones in opposition give in, and make peace. 


When YOU copy from me, at least !!! mention my name... 

September 18,2016 Sunday 9.9.9. day again ! 

Another 4 days to go before Mercury turns again Direct. And it's high time... All the delays, misunderstandings, that I hear from friends... I can just smile... Yes, it's Mercury's way. What is comforting, is, that it passes and fades away, like everything else. 
Today it's the 261st day of the year, ruled by the Sun, which is in Virgo, together with Mercury and the NN. The other ruler is mars. Mars is in trine with Uranus. 
The Moon is applying to the Sun, fading out, we are after the Full Moon, and today, for us, will make the market jump. 
By the time markets will open tomorrow in the world, the Moon will move on, to Taurus, and from there, her energies shift. How? well... that is in my weekly report. 

The S&P, on the day Mercury turned Retro was at 2176. Let's see, if it will "behave" and stick to the pattern, that says, that the index returns to the same level when it turns again...

TA25: see picture: The gap is open from 1458, but will it, at least go to 1448? 

I just see on CNN, that there was an explosion in NY, yesterday at 8:40 pm. several people wounded, about 30, but none died.. This is the first reaction to the deadly Lunar eclipse that occurred on the 16th, at 24 ° Virgo. See, Uranus ( sudden, unforeseen events) right on NY? 

The Lunar eclipse, on the 24°Virgo, hit hard the USA Sibly chart.. After double checking, with my friend astrologer, William Stickevers the right hour... so here is the US chart with the lunar eclipse: 
Mercury, ruler of house 7, the partners/ open enemies, is most hit by the eclipse. But this would be just a minor effect, wouldn't be for Mars and Pluto's position, triggering natal Mars, and the Sun himself!... Dangerous times are coming on the US. The effect of the eclipse is between 3-5 months. and during this time more hard aspects will come up adding to the vulnerability of the area and its inhabitants. 

Minnesota stabbings.. 8 people.. Barcelona blast, several killed.. 

Typhoon in CHina... Sept 16th.. I just learned from my friend , Palty, how to draw locations, next I added some Arabic parts, that were triggered on the place and time of the typhoon: 

September 17, 2016 Saturday

It's a day when I write my weekly forecasts.. You might want to sign up, $250 for 3 months. Link at the left panel.. Have a nice week end! 

September 16, 2016 Friday 

Where did the last 3 days fly? I did not realise that I have not written anything.. But I posted a lot of alerts in the application! I hope you did well. 
today we have a Lunar eclipse, and we are done with the eclipses for this year... Some were hit hard, other passed it without blinking... Sometimes it is better NOT knowing what is in one's chart. 
So the Lunar eclipse today is on the Virgo/Pisces axis, followed by a Perigee Moon on the 18th. Meaning? doubles its effect. the eclipse effect lasts for 6 months at least, and the Solar, on Sept 1, for 4 years.. Until its effect will pass, we will have another 26 Sol+Lunar eclipses... so there is no end to the influences the cosmos sends on us, and had always sent... So no worries, all is cool. 

what is important, is T O D A Y . Use it, spend it, as if it was your LAST day... it will never return.
So what do we know of this day? It is ruled by Venus and Neptune- sign for a CIT. 
The Sun is at 23° Virgo, sends 150° angle to Uranus. It is a destructive position. In the same time this aspect can trigger a wild move up or down... depending on the natal chart of any share. Besides this, the Sun squares Mars, and mars trines Uranus... Venus is in an applying position to Uranus, and Mercury to 144° to Uranus. Which planet pops up most? Uranus... Uranus was in this position between May 28-June 24. So we were already in this scenario. On June 24-27 the S&P fell by 5.50%, forming the last bottom. September 20th will be 62 tr.days or 90 cal. days from June 24th! Outcome? MAJOR CIT. June 24 S&P was at 2113- let's see if it will hit 2180? Will the planets "let it? Closed yesterday at 2147, now support is at 2145-resistance 2175- 2183. Any fundamental news that can interfere? Not that the tail swings the dog... but let me check. of course, one day later, Sept 21st... 

September 13, 2016 Tuesday.

Yesterday the S&P recovered from 2119, and reached 2161... SHould go above 2182 for a rally. Will it? this week?? Download the application, or subscribe to the weekly report.. Be the first to know. 
News in the sky: The Moon crossed over to Aquarius, better, for the markets, than in Capricorn. Mercury conjuncts the Sun. and Mars squares it.- both bring fights, misunderstandings turmoil. Any fed. announcements today ?? Oh, yes.. Draghi speaks at 12:00 so be ready for a fluctuous market.. 
TYX: 30 years bond should be watched... 

There is so much info pouring in on Hillary, that I had to come back and sit here and check again her chart, to try to figure out what is happening... 
If the 8:02 am birth chart is real and true, than the following issues are happening: 
1) Solar eclipse on Sept 1st, at 9 Virgo: sextiled her Sun- using a wide orb. 
2) Her Ascendant falls on 22 Scorpio, which by astrologer Nikola Stojanovic, means " kill or get killed". - She has her Moon at 22 Pisces, Mercury at 21.24 Sco, Saturn at 21.19 Leo, Nodes at 23 Taurus; all these add and aggravate the situation!
3) Lunar eclipse, upcoming on Sept 16th, at 24 degrees, hits her Moon, Mercury, Saturn. Uranus,and the  Nodes.
4) Progressed Declination: 
Closer Look: 

Hillary: transit declination: Mars OOB, and transit Jupiter exactly hitting the POF on 9/11; BOTH BAD EFFECTS.

Another calculation bring me to Sept. 17-18. it is a very critical date for her... 

As a woman to a woman, as a simple person, to someone who has been running and speaking on different stages in so many countries, at HER age! I salute her.. and I really hope her Scorpio rising will" pull her out of the ashes", as we say... 
I wrote in August 2015, that Trump will take the race, but not like this.. I am really sorry for her, no matter what the media and the conspiracy has about her. 


SHimon Peres, born August 2, 1923, ( 93.12) suffered a stroke and is hospitalized.  He has his natal Sun at 9 Leo, got an exact hit from the Solar eclipse. Mars is conjunct the Sun, at 11 leo, Saturn trines it. Neptune sends a bad 150° degree... It looks bad.. Numerology tells up, that he is in his 2nd year, 2nd month, 6th day. It is not pointing to an end, but to a person who will need care, and be dependent on others. I don't know what is best? 

Someone drove my attention to this: Peres was born in '23, on Sept 13, 1993, 23 years ago, he signed the oslo agreement. He got his stroke EXACTLY on the same day, 23 years later... 

September 12, 2016 Monday

Yesterday I spent the whole day at the beach... with the book of Andre Barbault, which arrived from the UK... latest purchase. Barbault is a french astrologer, ( Oct.1,1921) mostly dealt with mundane astrology, and now, they translated his book. It is very interesting.. And I got a suntan... I can read only at the beach, here, at home, I am all the time on the computer, searching for something... LOL... What did we do before computers??? LOL... 
As every morning, I took my grandson to kindergarten. He is so adorable! He is 1.10 years old. they introduced an English class, so he started to sing in the car a song in English... Then, a song I taught him, in Hungarian... I find it incredible.. And the little newborn, eats and sleeps. My daughter asked him, what shoul we give her to eat? when she cried... So he pointed to his plate, and said " spaghetti "..... hahahaha... 

As you can see, I am melting here :) .

So let's see... what's new? I read the Hillary feels better... I would not bet on it. See my yesterday's post. SInce her time of birth is a huge dispute in different groups, looking at Chelsea's chart, we can see that her mom is severely ill. Sept 18th will be a culminating date for Hillary. I wish her the best. 

I also read, there is a ceasefire in Syria? Jupiter in action... But when it happens under a Mercury retro, and a Cap. Moon, which is also VOC, nothing comes out of it... They should have waited till after Sept 22nd. 

Today we are under the influence of the Moon and Jupiter. the Moon is at a bad degree, 22°Cap; will be VOC, but now it makes a trine to Mercury. What does a VOC Moon mean, I teach that in my course. Jupiter is at 0 Libra, solitary, makes ( send or receives) no angles, so its power is wasted. till September 25th it will be solitary !!! 

Someone mentioned on FB, that the US was attacked twice in its history. First, in Pearl Harbor, second, on 9/11. I made the chart of the two events, there are some similarities, but nothing basic, that could point to a next attack . Inner chart, Dec.7,1941, a date that adds up to 7, ruled by Neptune, which was in opposition to a most destructive fixed star: Scheat, and the Sun was in opposition Jupiter. Jupiter was weak and retro in gemini, so its negative side was working. Mars at 15 deg, as the Sun and Jup, adding to the power of the attack.  Also saturn was conjunct Uranus, in Taurus, on the Pleiades! 
So if I would want to search for a pattern, when will the US be attacked, I should look for similar aspects, or their derivatives. Example: Saturn at 60, 90, 120 150, 180 to Uranus. 
18.11.2016 19:00 (GMT-5) -  3.07.2017 19:00 (GMT-5)- trine 120° exact Dec 24, 16 ! X-mas
 1.10.2017 19:00 (GMT-5) - 16.12.2017 19:00 (GMT-5)- trine again exact 11.11.2017
18.06.2018 19:00 (GMT-5) -  2.11.2018 19:00 (GMT-5) - Sept 7, 2018~ 120° again.

Saturn conjuncted Uranus since 1940: - like during Pearl Harbor event, only in : 
13.11.1987 13:30 (GMT-10:30) - 20.01.1989 13:30 
and, there were no attacks on the USA, on the contrary, USA invaded Panama... 
The outer chart shows a Saturn-Pluto opposition, Sun 150° Uranus, etc... so different planets, not less destructive, worked under 9/11 event. Based on these, I cannot forecast any next attack on the US. 
So, as you can see, this needs an endless research. 

Some updates: On Sept 8 I alerted in the app about the HSCE: " 
HSCE: It is rallying since 5/16- 8176- Now at 10034- Here are the math targets: 10084 is the end of a cycle! Keep your stops close.
this is what happened: 

On the same day: Nifty:
Nifty: raise stop to 8860, target given on the 6th, Next: 8940-8987.5-8990-- 
targets were reached, now I just sent new alerts... 
JKSE: Alerted to go short below 5456.. 

Some serious news are pouring in about Hillary, so I had to look at Chelsea's chart... Why? read above.

When I am looking for the mother, I am checking the 4th or the 10th house. There are two doctrines about which house represents the mother. For me, I find it difficult, to accept the 10th house, the mother in Capricorn?? and the father in cancer?? but who am I to argue ancient astrologers' views... Looking at chelsea's chart, DOES NOT MATTER which house I take for the mother, Hillary is very very sick. 
Let's take the 10th house ruler, the Sun. It got the eclipse right in the face, totally; and transit Neptune with the South Node was and is, and will be on it! . 
If I take the 4th house, it is either Saturn or Uranus, and transit Uranus just smashes them both out. 
Chelsea is 36.54 years old, and a major event is due when she will be 38.78 years old, or December 2018. 

September 11, 2016 Sunday

9/11 will always bring a chill... Now we read another truth about the event... Who knows what to believe??? It is in the news, for a few days now, that it was an inside job, a demolition... who would want to do that in purpose?? Only one thing bothers me, the Sun is in opposition Neptune, a "fairy-tale" position, we should be very careful what we believe.. 
So, I'll let the professionals argue about it. 
Let's see what is new in the sky? 
Jupiter entered Libra, will stay there till Oct 10, 2017, so now any good or bad news, we can "blame" on this position. 

here are the monthly aspects... Students will know how to use them... I shall update of course. disregard the hours, it is made for gmt+3.... 

Venus         90 Pluto         11.09.2016  9:47
Mercury     90 Mars          12.09.2016 20:58
Sun               0 Mercury       13.09.2016  1:40
Sun            90 Mars          13.09.2016 22:39
Mercury    30 Venus         14.09.2016 16:44
Sun         150 Uranus        16.09.2016  3:51
Mars       120 Uranus        17.09.2016  9:04
Venus     180 Uranus        18.09.2016 10:06
Venus        60 Mars          19.09.2016 13:53
Venus     135 Neptune       19.09.2016 17:49
Venus       45 Saturn        20.09.2016  8:27
Mercury  120 Pluto         21.09.2016  3:26
Venus      135 S.Node        21.09.2016 18:20
Venus       45 Node          21.09.2016 18:20
Mercury   120 Pluto         23.09.2016 10:51
Mercury     45 Venus         23.09.2016 16:24
Sun           0 Jupiter       26.09.2016  8:59
Venus       30 Jupiter       26.09.2016 17:35
Sun          30 Venus         27.09.2016 21:14

Our market will start under a negative arbitrage, with a fall. It is now at 1438. There is a light support at 1437, next down 1430-1410. June low was 1378, so we will talk about a major turn only below that level... today is a CIT day. 
managing to go above 1440- could go to 1450... So we are short below 1440. 

I spent the day at the beach... it was a marvellous, quiet, clean water, !!! day... 

It is sad, to come home, and read in the news, that Jupiter hit. The first victim is Hillary.. 
Look at her chart, even with her birth hour at dispute... she has  natal Jupiter at 0 Sag. and in transit, it just sextiled... 
But, this is not enough, because Jupiter is the "great benefactor" so what the heck?? 
Upcoming Lunar eclipse at 24 Virgo, triggered her Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Nodes. 
By the way, she has an awful Moon, at 22 Pisces... I wrote about 22 degrees, look it up!. 

my friend, Arch Crawford, just published something on my timeline on FB. You are welcome to read. He writes, that back in 2001, at the twin tower disaster, the FBI called him... should I be more discreet of what I post?? LOL... The whole POINT, starting this blog, was to say freely whatever I want, and not to feel the Romanian secret service on our back... Guess nothing changes.. 

September 10, 2016 Saturday

I posted the chart of Kim Jong Un yesterday, I just looked up what does his Sun on 16°60 Capricorn mean? and I found the following: 
16 Capricorn: Degree of solid matter;
17 Capricorn: Intellectual and governmental
18°41 Capricorn: Deneb ( Fixed star) Benevolent, liberal, ability to command, and a successful warrior. 
19°34 Pluto South Node. 

Keane wrote: 

16 Cap: is a degree of Limitation. denotes a person who may be limited by circumstances or thinking but if selfishness is overcome and purpose in life is constructive, drive of this degree can produce a near miracle. ( Nicolas Cage, Malcolm Young, Kim Yong Su)
17 VISION. 17° Capricorn denotes one who may see either further or deeper than
his contemporaries. Sometimes indicative of an active clairvoyant faculty. 
( Elvis Presley, Stephen Hawking, Evangeline Adams. )
18 NARROW. 18° Capricorn denotes one whose vision and life are circumscribed
by narrow and uncompromising ideas and ideals. One who is generally in a rut of
either his own making or of circumstances too powerful for him to overcome. A
limited imagination. 
19 CONCEPTION. 19° Capricorn denotes one who is capable of conceiving and
carrying out his ideas. This may be limited or profound, but he does have the
perception and imagination to formulate them in the first place. The fixed star
Deneb is here. ( Richard Nixon, Joan Baez).

The YEAR of birth of Kim Jong Un, is not sure. Some say in 1983, others in 1984... Now I  am not sure if I should leave his map I posted yesterday, or delete it? I wouldn't like to base my thoughts on false dates.... hmmmm..... Does anyone have the exact date? 
Yesterday the stars even read this blog, and said... oh well, if it's a time for a turn, let's turn..
So now I am busy writing my forecasts for the next week... see what's happening. If you are still not a subscriber, do it now! 

The best performing stock was: LXRX: 

September 9, 2016 Friday 

Today we write 9.9.9. it is a date that will not return another 9 years!!! It is an end of a MAJOR CYCLE~ Anything you began in 2007, arrives to a closure. Another cycle will end in 2025...where will we be by then ?? Where do you want to be?? Do we know what we REALLY REALLY want??
If it is not enough, look up to the sky, the Moon is in half. it is a day when quarrels start..So count till 10 before you open an argument. Is it worth while?? 
Saturn is still on Antares... and with the Moon in Sag. we tend to exaggerate... Then , we have a major turn in the sky, with Jupiter entering Libra today. It will be there till Oct 17, 2017, another gigantic date, but about this later.. 
And, if you want more??!! the Moon conjuncts Mars today. I did not have time to listen to the news, but I am sure wars are picking up now... 
Must take a shower to wash off all the bad energies I got today... 
See you later. 

Another Mercury retro event... I don't envy them ! And the bright side of it

Oh, and how could I miss the Sun-90° Mars aspect?? 

And, I wrote about "war talks" and I read now in the news, the atom bomb test of North Korea...So I looked at the chart of Kim Jong Un. there are some very interesting positions in his chart.. 
click on it to enlarge

September 8, 2016 Thursday

On February 29th Venus was departing from Saturn and made a sextile. Today Venus is approaching it, again in a sextile. Nifty, for example made a low on that day, and yesterday a top.

September 7, 2016 Wednesday

I have been busy busy busy... 

September 6, 2016, Tuesday

SO now the Moon is in Scorpio... departing from the Sun. Moon in Scorpio is bad, is fallen. Now you know, why I prayed for my granddaughter to be born yesterday? of course, there are good traits for Scorpio as well... I have a Scorpio rising, but for her, it was better. 
I was away yesterday from my desc, but I sent relevant alerts this morning. If you have my application, you got them. 
Let's look up to the sky, and see what it tells us? 
Sun conjunct Neptune, 4 degrees orb, departing from the conjunction. I mentioned in the past, the Sun-Neptune effect, this time, they are in opposition. 
People who had this opposition are: Mozart, William taft, Marlene Dietrich, Nixon, Elisabeth taylor, Aretha franklin, Diana Ross, Elton John, Michelle Pfeifer, Sheena Easton, Steve Harper, and people born in the last 3 days.. 
We have Mercury at 26° , Jupiter at 29° Uranus at 23° in different signs.- We learn from these levels, that, with a simple calculation, that I teach in my Financial Astrology course, they form a strong support/resistance level. 
Next, we have a Venus-Saturn sextile at a lower level, 8-10°. 
Anything new in the world? Down here? 
There are some fed. announcements today, combined with a Scorpio Moon, " we'll wait and see" day...
September 6th is the 249th day day of the year, it is important, for a CIT point... 

September 5, 2016 Monday

On this day, I am THE HAPPIEST GRANDMOTHER of a little girl... WOW... it was a loooong waiting...But worth while...  LOL... Born under a Libra Moon, easy, in 15 minutes, already breast feeding, no complications.. This is a happy day ! 
No astrology chart should be made till 6 months' old.. ( Lilly rules).
I am off to the hospital... 

September 4, 2016 Sunday 

We wake to a Libra Moon. It is also 30 degrees from the Sun. It is a good position. But, we are alone today in the market, and "they "can take it anywhere with no money.. 

TA25: It is imperative to stay above 1445, otherwise target is 1437 and lower. 

Sept 3, 2016 Saturday

writing my weekly forecasts.. sign up now- at the left panel, to know who is against whom...

Sept 2, 2016, 

Why are they surprised??? To launch a satellite on a stationary or ~worse~ retro Mercury ??? Where are your astrologers??? Every newborn can tell you, that something that should MOVE is not launched on a Mercury retro!! 
Now you can lick your wounds, and look at the lost millions... TESLA, I see crashed, probably more shares that were involved, not to say people's reputation.... 

So, let's see what is ahead this month?? and what did we bring with us from the last?? First, Saturn is still on Antares, a malefic fixed star... It will Finally move on on Sept 10th. 
Here is one of the tables I use : 
You can see the long red line, that is still Saturn 90° Neptune that will end on the 23rd. The black lines below are when a planet ingresses a sign. 
But, don't worry, I shall write about these during the month... 
Sectors that flourished: Technology leads! 

In my former article I wrote, that between Sept 1-7 a big earthquake is possible, under the Sun 180° Neptune angle.- Just as it occurred, when the Sun cunjuncted Neptune. ( See 8/30 post). There was a 7 degree quake in New Zealand... 
Let;s hope we are done with the big moves ( of the Earth) now... Although the conjunction is still there, depending what orb one uses... 

A follow up on Brazil... They have a new PM, in the shape of Michel Temer; born on Sept 23, 1940, almost 76 years old.. If we watched the Solar eclipse, that moved Mrs. Rousseff from the chair, here, we will watch the Lunar eclipse, at 24 Pisces, on Sept 16th, which will "hit" Mr. Temer's Neptune, Mars Uranus, and more... 

Since I don't have, neither found on the internet his hour of birth, i will not get into details..
Now, about the Solar eclipse. We learn, that its effect is for a year. Others say, that the effect is in years, as long as the eclipse lasts... the last one thus, will be for 4 years. 
The Lunar eclipse affects us 6 months. Click on the link, enter your city, and check if and when it will be visible. 
For Israel the eclipse will occur in the 4/10th house axis and stir all the issues related to these houses.. But, again, we should check the individual charts, each with his/her birth data... 

The Solar eclipse was visible at: and also see its shadow.. 

If you are interested in eclipses, there is a great book by Bill Meridian, one can learn a lot from him! 
You see, how my thoughts are running from here to there?? We are here for the markets.. Lol... 
and they are squeezing out long and short traders... Mercury in retro... I already said that. 

I am looking which share jumped by 115% yesterday, smiling cynically... here is the next crash... until I read, that it is CYNA, and they MIGHT have found an answer to parkinson. Now here is astrology! Someone was laughing at me the other day,on FB, that I find astrology everywhere... Well, that is because it IS everywhere.. LOL. We are under Mercury retro, right? it just turned yesterday... the share jumped yesterday. Mercury rules the nerves. parkinson is a nerve disease. as far as I know... But I am no doctor, I must tell you! But the trembling of the body, is nerve... what causes it?? beats me! It attacks people who are strongly Gemini related, or have a bad Mercury..( Robert Zoller, the famous astrologer shares his birth date, not the year, with me, so I might get it too, having a Gemini Moon) . Now let's look at the first trade date: 26.4.2010. Monday at 9:30 NY. The date adds up to 6, which is the 6th house of diseases, in the chart. Now it gets more and more interesting! Jupiter, ruler of the dates' 6th house was in EXACT angle with natal Neptune( drugs), which has a conjunction from CHIRON, the healer. 

Jupiter was and is still in opposition Uranus, H8 ruler, money, and you got the outcome... 116% rally. 
Trade wise, it should base itself above 40.45 to go higher... 


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  2. Hi.. I am from India.. What do you mean by CIT ? A expected jump/rise in the stock markets ? Or something else..

  3. Pls. check your mail, Sudhir, I answered. But for all readers: CIT is Change In Trend.

  4. I was pinning away for such type of blogs, thanks for posting this for us.


  5. Thank you Gaby.

    You say...

    Today we have an extremely rare position in the sky, which, due to the slow motion of the planets will stay for a while. Uranus conjuncts Eris. this happened only in 1927-1928 and in 1984. Both are at Aries 23°.

    My question is so what does that mean for markets, apart from it being rare?


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