New Moon in Sagittarius, 2016.

Between November 29 to December 29

We just entered the Hebrew month " Kislev". It is a positive month. There is a saying, that KIS- in Hebrew is pocket, while LEV is heart. So this month should  bring a full pocket and a happy heart..
We will look back, and see if it was correct, this saying. 

Thank you for following me from the former article.... 

As I wrote in the former article, there are 6 other Moon in Sag. articles from former years. I will add them, so you can catch up. 
2015;   2014  2013   2012   2011 very interesting! 2010.

But, what is new this year?? compared to the former years? Since we don't live in an isolated world, we have to look at the other planets as well. And as you could feel it to the bones this year, the other planets are really shaking us inside out up and down... While the Sun and Moon move on, the others STAY... and you see what happens. 
Here is a graph of the month: 
The red ones are the evil ones, but they also are the "pepper" that push the markets up/down.. Depends..
Important events this month: Mercury turns again retro. Venus moves from Cap. to Aquarius. Mars leaves Aquarius, and moves to Pisces... where is is weak. The other planets move several degrees or minutes only. 
There are many other issues, but we will go over them during the month. 

December 29, 2016 Thursday

As of yesterday Netanyahu is under police investigation for several issues. I don't envy him. The planets are turning against him... Specially Uranus, which is in opposition his Libra stellium for a while now, and will be there till March 2019! 
His mantra is " They will find nothing, because there is nothing... " Will his lucky Sagittarius rising save him again? 


The S&P yesterday fall back to where it was on Dec 14th. 
Alert and update sent to subscribers. 
So what happened?? If you are getting my report, you knew. The Moon moved to Capricorn. Today the Moon will conjunct the Sun, sign for a New Moon, and time for me, to end this article, and start a new one. 
Our market will open with a big negative arbitrage,losing the last gains. Subscribers got alert yesterday, to close longs, and wait  or buy puts. 
Today is ruled by Jupiter and Mercury, it'll be a very volatile day, also it is the last trade day of 2016. 
See you in 2017, with a Moon in Aquarius.... :) 

Follow me to the new article.. New Moon in Capricorn

December 28, 2016 Wednesday

My morning tranquility was deeply disturbed today. 
Will be back later. 

December 27, 2016 Tuesday

It is the 361th day of the year, which in the gann square falls in the corner. It is a minor CIT day. 445 years year ago, on the day, Johannes Kepler was born. 
I measured the skies, now the shadows I measure
Skybound was the mind, earthbound the body rests"

194 years ago Louis Pasteur was born.. Interesting, also with a Capricorn stellium, another researcher... Towards the end of his life he was partly paralysed..

115 years ago Marlene Dietrich was born...Her Leo Moon made her a world famous actress. She lived till 90 years old.. 

66 years ago Haris Alexiou, was born. She is a great Greek artist, singer. This we can see in her chart, of course, under her Moon in leo, and Jupiter in Pisces. 

In lack of time of birth, this is a Solar chart. 

if you can bear the ads between the songs... listen to the You tube link I added..She has beautiful songs. Well, at least, here in Israel, we love her. 

The sky today 

Minor good aspect is the Moon's position in optimistic Sag. But, ongoing and long, effective position is that of Pluto, squaring Jupiter and Uranus, which are in opposition. 

Uranus is stationary, slowing down before turning Direct, a move, that will again mark a CIT . 
Here are times to watch NY time: 

Nifty: Dec 24 post: 

December 26, 2016 Monday

Yesterday, you won't believe what I did!! I cleaned, deleted my mail box... more than 8000 mails were deleted, since 2009.. I guess my computer can breath now... LOL... If YOUR mail was there, and went un- answered.. pls. resend. 

The days are passing so fast, it seems, that from Monday it jumps to Friday... and hopp, another week had passed... I am busy trading, so I guess that is why. 
So today we wake to a clean sky, but yes, a LOT of rain fell yesterday... And also snow in the Hermon mountain. Maybe you remember my post, about the rain expectations for the coming 2-3 months.. ? The higher the red lines, more rain to expect... 

Yesterday we had a huge fire again, this time oil reservoir in Haifa... 
There was also a big earthquake in Chile.
Today the Moon rules... we are before the New Moon, and the Moon just crossed over to Sag... We have a CIT. 

I just read, that George Michael , the world famous singer died in his sleep tonight... 

Watch the planets at 20 degrees! all triggered his moon! 
Another celebrity leaves this world.. 
People with planets at 20 degrees are in most danger!  Order now a natal chart reading, to know.. 

The other day I read an analysis from Ed Tumplin, an Australian astrologer, about Israel and its wars..Well, Ed is very anti Israel, but he is a good astrologer. So I looked into his thesis... He wrote, that whenever transit Uranus makes an angle to natal Uranus, which is at 24Gemini21, Israel will be at war. 
So let's see: with TS help, I could search when will transit Uranus make an angle to this point?

Wars of Israel - by Google: 13 wars, since 1948. or 17, by another site.. 
taking a closer look at the above picture: Uranus made 30^ between 1953-1955, and will be again 2023-2026. 

Here is a quote from my article written in 2006: 

"War of independence : 27 Nov.1947- 20 July 1949.
( 6373 dead)
Solar eclipse 12 Nov 1947 at 19 Sco 36- Saros 132 no 42
Ended under Sol ecl on 28.4.1949 at 7Tau41.
Lunar eclipse : 28Nov 1947 at 5Sag16
Lunar eclipse at the end: on 13 April 1949- at 22Ari55.

Next, : Suez Crisis – 29/10/1956 – 5/11/1956 – Transiting Venus squares Natal Jup.
- Transiting Nodes sextile/ trine Natal Moon
- Transiting Mars sextile/trine Natal Nodes
Mars Retro 11.08.1956 1:00 (GMT+3) - 10.10.1956 0:00 (GMT+2)
( 177 dead)
Sol ecl: on 8June 1956 at 18Gem01 Saros 146 no 24
Lunar ecl. On 24.5.1956 at 25Sco55

So far, Uranus was not in the game.. It was mainly Mars in Retro, that triggered the wars. 

2) Uranus 60 to natal Uranus: 1959-1962 ( I let 4 degrees orb), and again between Dec 30, 2015- July 15, 2018.

As you can see, there were no wars in those years, and now, end 2016, still we are at peace. 

3) Transit Uranus 90 to natal Uranus: Sept 1959- oct 1962 and March 2016-June 2018

Again, no wars between those days.. 
(Still aren't)

4) Transit Uranus 120 to natal Uranus: Sept.1972- Dec 1974 and again Nov 2000- April 2003.
Here, he has a point: 

The Yom Kippur war – 6- 26 Oct 1973 - North Node 130 degrees to Natal Node and Venus
- Transiting Mars 45 degrees to Uranus ( surprise attack )
- Ending on the 26th , when Venus trines Natal Saturn
Mars Retro 21.09.1973 0:00 (GMT+2) - 26.11.1973 0:00 (GMT+2)
(2656 dead)
16 countries against 1
Sol. Ecl on 4/1/1973 at 14 Cap 10 Saros 131 no 48
SOL.ecl on 30.6.1973 at 8Cancer 32 Saros 136 no 35
END 20.10.73

The al-Aqsa Intifada - 28 Sept 2000 – ??
(1063 dead)
5) Transit Uranus 135 natal Uranus: Between Sept 1975- Sept 1978; and again Nov. 1996-June 1999; 

" Litani River Operation 15-21 March 1978 – Jupiter 45 degrees to Natal Saturn and opposing Natal Jupiter.
Mars Retro 13.12.1977 0:00 (GMT+2) - 2.03.1978 0:00 (GMT+2)

6) Transit Uranus 150 Natal Uranus: Nov 1978- Dec 1981 and again Nov 1992- Jan 1996.

            Attack on Iraqi nuclear reactor – 7 June 1981 – Jupiter 45 degrees to Natal Saturn"

        " Lebanon war 6 June-13.8. 1982 - Transiting Venus 45 degrees to Uranus
            - Transiting Mars 45 degrees to Natal Saturn
            - Transiting N. Node sextile to Natal Venus
          Mars Retro 21.02.1982 0:00 (GMT+2) - 11.05.1982 0:00 (GMT+2)
          ( 707 dead)"

7) Transit Uranus 180 natal Uranus : Between Dec 1985- DEC 1988
             First Intefada – 6 Dec 1987 – transiting Node square to Natal Jupiter

          Transiting Node 45 degrees to Natal Venus.
 Between 9/12/1987- 1993
Solar eclipse on 23.9.1987 at 29Vir34 Saros 134 no 42
Sol.ecl on 21/5/1993 at 0 Gem.32- Saros 118 no 67"

Future Transit Uranus to Natal Uranus aspects: 

In my database, I have more than 23 wars, or "operations". So far, we counted 8 or nine.. 
So to say, that every time Uranus makes an angle to natal Uranus, we just missed another 17 war situations, when the people were recruited, sirens were shrieking, and we spent hours in shelters.. 

There is much much more to it.. 


December 25, 2016 Sunday

They expect more snow in the Hermon mountain... and rain over here... the Sun does not know that. it is still shining...but it's cold...well: 10 Celsius- will be better later.. 

When I open Zet, a window pops up, telling me who has birthday today and tomorrow- of the people I have in my database... Here they are: Jesus, Isaac Newton, Justin Trudeau, Ray Merriman, Anwar Sadat, and a famous local singer, Yehuda Poliker, whom I like very much..

Since 1968 39 Russian planes crashed. One was today. 91 people on board, including the russian army chorus singers..  Terrible.. what can I say?? Poor people.. 
The Moon today is in Scorpio and it'll turn VOC in 20 minutes, till tomorrow.. market holiday in Europe and the USA, so it'll be a dull day, with no volume. Look at the sky: 4 planets at 20 degrees... a very very rare formation or position.. Since Jupiter is opposing Uranus we had the terror attack in Ankara, killing the Russian ambassador, the Berlin truck attack, the russian plane crash today.. and news on disasters will continue to pour in, under this angle. 

December 24, 2016, Saturday

I am writing my forecasts, as usual. Meanwhile I am getting very moving e-mails.. Thank you for all the good wishes..  I sent you mine.. 

On this day, 513 years ago, Nostradamus was born. In the Gregorian calendar: Dec 24, 1503-July 12, 1566. He studied medicine, and was a very successful plague doctor. We all know him from his famous Aphorisms... Which till today were not fully understood. Yet, it seems, that Russian journalists found a clue in his writings, related to Putinka, and Syria... here it is.

And to this we say in Hebrew: Niflaot darchei elohim... Or God moves in mysterious ways...

December 23, 2016 Friday

Today we are ruled by Venus and Saturn. Exactly on Sunday, Dec 25th at 5 pm my time ( gmt+2, it will be at the Saturn/Uranus midpoint. Reading from Ebertin we learn, that this position means: " Tension or stress in love relationships, often leading to separation. " Well, I hope, this time this explanation will fail, and we shall all celebrate our holidays... This year Hanukkah falls together on Christmas...

My TV is OOO, so I am now in complete silence, no news, no music. I should turn on you tube.. 
Christmas falling on a Sunday, and New year as well, market will continue to play as usual. Only that, since Dec. 13th we are getting a side trade.. not much enthusiasm, is there?? 
60 min: 
So is there anything in the sky, that can move the markets out of their beauty nap? 
The Moon is VOC today, till market opens... Then la Luna will move to Scorpio... Oh... in this sign the S&P makes a top or bottom.. SO watch it! Any Fed. announcements, before Santa?
Yes, at 5 pm... revised consumer sentiment... 
After X-mas it'll be still time to make a high.. Minor changes will occur on: 
26.12.2016    5:18:44 > Sgr Moon
28.12.2016   17:11:55 > Cap Moon
31.12.2016    3:28:42 > Aqr Moon
and in the Helio centric chart: 
27.12.2016   16:03:20 > Cnc Mercury

Every move has its effect.. 
More in the weekly reports. 


To all my friends and readers, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! 

May this coming year bring health, happiness, and fulfillment. 

December 22, 2016 Thursday

Major turn in the markets.. The Sun moved to the sign of Capricorn..This sign occupies the 10th house of career. It is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is at 20 Sag.15, in an exact trine to Uranus. If Saturn represents the government and Uranus sudden changes, put one and one together, and you will get the outcome for this month. . 
Mars, the killer, is in Pisces, and will be there till jan 27th.. 
I ran Timing SOlution, to see how this position effected the index in the past, and I get this: 
We cannot rely on this planet for a forecast. 
So we have to look on, and on.. Hundreds of possibilities.. 

I am sending now many many alerts in the app... will be back later.. 
What a day!! 


Yesterday we heard on the news, that the Queen will not travel as usual, for X-mas, because she and husband are having a cold. I made her chart, and forecast. I will not publish it now, not to give ideas to people, let just say, that for the record... I have it . In DUE time, I shall publish it. 
Deutsche Bank:While everyone wrote , 2-3 months ago, that the bank is kaput, I GAVE  long alert for it, in October, targeting 18.2.. Then it was at 11.18. Now it is at 18.71..a gain of 74%.

Nifty: target given this morning, reached! 

December 21, 2016 Wednesday

It is a special date today: 12.21. Ruled by Jupiter and Venus; the two beneficial planets. The Moon moved on meanwhile, it is in Libra. it will be solitary till tonight, then it'll make a 150^ to Neptune. 

In the markets, yesterday the S&P made a minor top, 2273. Our stop was 2270, yes very tight.. but when we are close to a culmination, better be stopped out, than lose what you earned. 

I opened today's post, saying, that we have a special day today. It is because the 21st of of the month. In one of my numerology books, I found, that 21 is ruled by the asteroid QUAOAR. My colleague, Lynn Koiner has an interesting article about it... I will check it's financial niche. So we know its orbit is 288 years. each 23 years it enters a new sign. On January 27th it will enter Capricorn.
There are many interesting articles on the net. What does it mean, bottom line? Big endings for new beginnings.. 

It will affect all of us, depending in which house in your natal chart is. Here is the graph for 1918-1922- WWI: with QUAOAR in hard aspects to Saturn-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto- while it was in Leo.. 

In 1927-1929

1992-2020: it was in Capricorn only in 1729. 

OK... the next major move in the sky is Uranus turning Direct. 
Here is how the Dow behaved in the past, when this turn occurred.. As you can see. it is a " Risky" move. 

Of course,. we will never base our trade on one aspect or planet alone.. 

December 20, 2016 Tuesday 

two terrible events happened yesterday evening in Europe, which will darken the X-mas lights and will bring anxiety and sorrow instead of joy and happiness. Unfortunately.. 
Russian ambassador, Andrey Karlov was killed at an art exhibition opening, as revenge on the ongoing genocide in Aleppo, Syria. Poor people in Aleppo, who want to flee, but are stuck there.... What Putin will do, we can just imagine... or don't have such an imagination even... I am still searching for the birth date of the ambassador, I only have the year, born in 1954... 

Then 12 people were killed in Berlin by a truck driver. 
And events like these will go on now, under the present planetary positions.... 
Very sad. 
here is the Geodetic chart: Mars is on Berlin !!

SO, we were waiting for Ms. Yellen's speech yesterday. I missed it. But I see the markets fell and recuperated later... So we are still in the game. 
Will send updates.. 

It is maybe time to look at the bonds family.. Here is the 2 years' bond

It is time to look again on Putinka's chart... He is the man on stage now.. how will he react? Where are his planets? 
I posted many times his chart. He, and Netanyahu have a stellium in Libra. In Putin's case: Sun, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury. Libra is a cruel sign. It is the only OBJECT in the wheel! And an object can't really feel anything.. can it? 
in the sky transit Jupiter is right on his Libra stellium, and it will stay there, till October 2017~. 
On the other hand, we have transit Uranus in opposition his Libra stellium, pointing to unforeseen actions that he will take. 
And he actually believes in what he does! transit Saturn sextiles his Libra stellium... 
Transit Pluto squares it. 
Actually, I am glad trump is a friend of Putin... They will work out upcoming issues.. 
I got the birthdate of the Russian ambassador, Andrey Karlov: Feb 4, 1954. ( Thanks to Nikola) I presume he was born in Moscow... not sure about this. in any case, a Solar map will put his Moon at 22 degree in Aquarius. This degree tells us " kill or get killed" ( Nikola teachings). His Solar return for 2016 has Jupiter at 22 Virgo, giving a huge " take care" !!! warning. HIs Directed Uranus yesterday , was at 22 Virgo. (H8).
Here is the message from the past: His solar return for 2016 has Jupiter( abroad) at the deadly 22 degrees- sending a bad angle to his natal Moon! 

I also got the date of birth of the Killer, dunno his name. June 24, 1994. His Mars is at 22 taurus conjunct the SN>! Born to kill. His Mars squares Karlov's Moon.. and more!!!

Probably in another life Karlov killed him... Too many fated conjunctions! 

After I found the important warning in Karlov's Solar return chart, I had to check, what does Putin's solar return chart reveals? 
And the find is fantastic! Sol. ret. Uranus is at 22 deadly degree in Aries, sending a 150 deg. angle to natal Pluto! can this mean an attempt on his life, till Oct 2017? 

December 19, 2016 Monday 

I am reading all these awful pasts against Trump, on Facebook... Don't people understand, that the planets have brought the "change"?? And no matter what you write or curse, it will not go away ?? I guess, no, they don't know.. 

Today we are ruled by the Moon and Uranus. The Moon just entered Virgo, where it'll bring some order. It conjunct the North node. Both are in opposition Neptune. Uranus is at 20.36 Aries, triggered by Saturn, Jupiter. All these positions point to Earthquakes. Where? I have no idea.. I am sure there are other astrologers who know this. I could not find the clue for it.. And they would not share. In any case.. be careful.. Mars is at the 29 degrees of Aquarius, very strong, adding to this. Soon Mars will move to Pisces, ~ fire in water~ its energy will lessen. But then Mercury will turn retro, and confusion, delays, petty mistakes will occur... Never a dull day.. 
Hungarian Hollywood star, Zsazsa Gabor passed away at the age of 99.87- with a heart attack today... She had Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aquarius... no wonder, it was her heart. She was married 9 times? I think... She had a good life.. Oh, boy! to carry 100 years on your shoulders?? 
May she rest in peace! 
First India, now Australia... fighting the black market:
AUDUSD: weekly: 

Mercury turns RETRO now... Order your natal chart reading, to find out where will it hit you? 

Watch this monthly graph: grains: 

The US markets are about to open.. if you have the weekly forecast, it's great.. If not, it is not late to sign up for it! 
So much is going on in the sky.. you don't want to miss it.. 
In 4 hours Ms. Yellen speaks. So far we know, that in 2017, the interest rates will be raised 3 times.. What more does she have in her sleeve? market will wait...and wait for the speech. 
Mind the 150 degrees exactly! as she starts talking between the Moon and Venus! bad for the banks... 
S&P: 2263... if it'll not be above it by 8:30 pm... it'll be a sign for short. In any case, stay out of the markets while she speaks.. You will not be able to trade it. 

SOme charts I posted on FB, in my Financial astrology page: 

Russian ambassador, Andrei Karlov, was killed today at an art gallery opening, by a 22 year old police man, who shouted, " You kill us in Aleppo, etc... " 

This is an extremely severe incident... reminds us of the trigger of the first world war. Then, 70 million people died... I pray that this will not happen this time.. 
if I look at this chart, and Erdugan is the leader of Turkey, then, he s the Sun in the chart. And mind you, transit Mars will make a bad position when reaching 5 degrees Pisces!! 


December 18, 2016 Sunday

We wake to a day, that is ruled by the Sun and Jupiter. The Sun is conjunct the galactic Center. Children born today and the next 2 days, will have a mission in this life. THe Moon is in Leo, and it will form a trine today, which will bring a culmination in the markets. well, only our is open... The arbitrage is positive, so all together, we will see some positive moves today. Jupiter on the other hand is at the "cursed" 19 degrees, in Libra, sextiling Saturn , which is also at 19^. This happened only in December 1957... 
We have other planetary positions which have not been there for more than 85-100 years... 
So there is nothing to compare with... 
We are living interesting times... by all means. 
This is how our index performed: 
We did have a positive day, at the beginning, but then it faded out. Top so far was 1466.88-
Closed at 1459.05, while the stop was was at 1459. 

December 17, 2016 Saturday

I am working on the weekly forecasts.. If you are still not signed up.. do it NOW~ for $145! for 1 month... you should be prepared.. 

Click on payPal in the left panel.. 

Oh, I have to show you something... while I am writing the forecast, I see an extremely rare formation in the sky !!!! Four planets at 20 degrees! When?? right on X-Mas day !! 

December 16, 2016 Friday 

I shall be away today, from the computer.. 
Good trading.. 

December 15,2015 Thursday 

As I wrote yesterday evening, pls. scroll down, we got our top and turn under the Sun-Uranus sextile, just like in August. Will there be enough power above the clouds to push the markets to new highs in 2016? This is what this blog is about.. Analyzing the planetary cycles... we have 16 more days to go for this- let's see... 
How about 2017?? Would you like to know more or less... what is expected next year?? I write more or less, because NO ONE, and I mean it, NO ONE can tell you 100% for sure what will happen. But, we can look back 10-30-70 160 years, and analyze cycles, and conclude from them, build a forecast. 

We are under very strong planetary influences nowadays, some that occur have not been here in our lifetime.. So "holding on" is the magic word, I think... No use to fight these waves. They have their timing, they bring what they should bring, and we have to adjust.. 

So let's see: 
In the S&P: we got a 9.33% rise from Nov. 4th. 

DOW: 11.57% from Nov 4 low.. Target given in the app: 19954- reached 19952.
Nasdaq: target given: 5421, went too 5486...Now this level is the support. 
Dax: reached given target: 11250; 
Nifty: trades around 8200- this is the key for this index.. 

And so on... 
I hope you cashed in in time.. 

Today: The Moon moved on to are it's angles for the day: gmt:00:00

15.12.2016 10:24:49 13°48'40"Cnc Opposition Mercury 
15.12.2016 14:38:10 16°23'41"Cnc Opposition Pluto
15.12.2016 19:07:35 19°07'41"Cnc Square Jupiter
15.12.2016 19:43:09 19°29'16"Cnc Quincunx Saturn
15.12.2016 21:36:50 20°38'09"Cnc Square Uranus

Which index will blink first?? 
HSI: is on the cliff! falling below 21958, will mean another fall till 21200- 20280!! 

Who or what will stop the avalanche? 
keep an eye on Mercury !!! It is slowing down, before turning retro.. 

Remember the price level of the index you trade on Dec. 20th.. See what it'll be on Jan 9th. 

Here is a comparison graph for 2016: Gold- Silver- Crude oil.. 

here I added the S&P, Dax , Dow and TA25 
5 years treasury yield: 

and combined the 5-10-30 years for the last 3 years. All bottomed in July.. 
US markets opened, with a BANGGGGGG upwards... it is the Financial sector that pushes the index up.. Never argue with the trend! We are long above 2254. - target 2259.60-2261-67-69--74. Will it make a V pattern?? That would be a ball of the year... Then, the next target would be 2277 again.. 

December 14, 2016 Wednesday

Only Neptune and the South Node in water sign, Pisces, and we have storms, shrieking winds and floods on the roads.. 
Here is a forecast for the coming months: in red planets in water signs, in Green , Mercury in Capricorn, which brings the cutting wind.- valid for the whole globe.. 
As you can see, enlarge the picture, there is almost no graph in red between Dec 12-14, but still we got this: 

The sky today: In green Neptune and the SN , in Pisces, but this is not enough for such a storm! They were in Pisces for weeks, and we did not get this storm... So what is it?? 
Mercury, in Capricorn brings the winds, and as it is coming closer and closer to Jupiter, which exaggerates everything, so are the winds...Till Dec. 19th it will get closer to Jupiter, and then turn retro, and depart from the square position. 
Anyone has a better understanding of the above ? I am ready to listen... 
Yesterday we got again new historical highs, in the US markets. 2272 is a major level for the S&P... Let's see if it'll go higher? 
In the fundamental world, there are a lot of announcements today! Watch it at 9 pm.. 
here is the weekly Euro/Dollar graph: We had a rally of 404 weeks between 2001-2008, and a fall from 2008-till now. It has been consolidating for 00 weeks between 1.04- 1.166. The technical tool show a positive divergence, so it should rise now , leaving the 1.05 figure behind... But, to have a rally again, it should go above 1.1660 again... so the consolidation period might just not be over as yet. 

Falling from 1.05- will fall to 0.98-0.94... So let's stay tuned.. 
This is the Dollar index: with outlook to the future.. 

Market starts here on 30 minutes.. So let's see: we ( ta25)closed yesterday at 1463. The arbitrage is light green, points to an opening at 1466. But, the world is waiting for the Fed. announcement , which will come only at 9 pm our time.. so I guess market will linger , waiting. The Moon is still in Gemini, shows volatility, and the planets are supporting at 1460- and form a resistance at 1467. Not a fantastic trade range... 

Alerts sent yesterday for the US markets, all materialized.. 

So 2017 is around the corner, and I am looking at the aspects that open the year.. One of the many, is Mars 90 Pluto in Helio: this is show the Dow reacted to this energy in  the last 160 years: 
Yesterday and today I went to the gym... after 4 months, that I neglected myself completely..Now, I see the Sun is on my balcony, going to absorb its rays.. 
The world is waiting for Ms. Yellen's announcement. It is interesting to note, that the Earth is 60^to Uranus in the Helio chart. THis happened before on Aug 13th, when the S&P topped at 2193. Target now 2274-2277.... Let's see/// Gapping above this level, oh boy... 

The index topped at 2276, ONE point below the maximum given earlier... and fell. We got a "deja vu" of August top and fall... Under the Sun-Uranus sextile, the Full Moon , etc. ... 

December 13, 2016 Tuesday

The day is ruled by Mars and Neptune- a turning day! Watch out.. It is also the day of the Full Moon, for some areas on the globe... The Moon moved to Gemini, where it brings a lot of zig-zag trading. Mars is at 25 degrees, coming to a sextile to the Galactic Center. 
Here is a table of the future markets: 
This week is rather anemic... but the next one !! Will be worth while preparing for it!!!
Sign up now for the weekly reports! for long term input. 

December 12,2016 Monday 

It is 12.12.9 today- a unique date... The day is under the Moon and Venus effect. The Moon is in Taurus and on Algol also called the "Demon Head", a very malefic fixed star. , a sign where it is very strong. The problem is, that she will conjunct the Pleiades, the Weeping sisters.. before entering Gemini. Until 14:41 gmt+2, will be VOC.- So better to postpone decisions till after this time. 
Venus, on the other hand is at 5 Aquarius, it is at Mars/Pluto midpoint, which means, by Ebertin:" a passionate position, assault, rape.
We had this position on Nov 15, 2015 and Jan 6, 2016.

Now, I want to show you the Polish index... for my East European readers... the index is called WIG20

STOP IS 1892. We are long above this level,

S&P Future: March contract:

December 11, 2016 Sunday

Our markets is about to start soon. Before that, I want to point out the importance of the upcoming Super Moon, - the Full Moon, which will occur on Dec 14th, for Israel. For all my subscribers I sent in the weekly report this phenomena effect, for their region. 
here is the map for Israel: 
As you can see, there are no planets crossing over Israel, but Uranus is crossing over Hungary, Greece, etc... so some disturbance is expected in that area in Europe. 
Also Mars line crosses over Baghdad, east Turkey, there too the fights will pick up. 
The astrology chart for the same moment: draws the attention to money issues! So watch for a CIT. in the local market. 

News in the sky for today: The Sun is 120 to Uranus, this happens twice a year... It is also square Chiron. The Moon is exalted- good  and lazy - in Taurus, approaching the opposition ~ Full Moon position~. Mercury, the one that causes volatility is slowing down, in Capricorn, before turning retro towards the end of the month... Venus is in the early degrees of Aquarius, solitary... Mars is at 23 degrees in Aquarius, makes minor aspect to Uranus... but its affect still can be felt. I just heard on the news, that there was a suicide attack in Turkey! Killing mostly policemen.(27).. ( Mars= army, police, anyone in uniform aspecting sudden and unforeseen Uranus)... And we have a terror attack.. just as I posted above... You see, the Moon's affect can be already felt. 

Where will it fall in your natal chart:? what issues will the Super Full Moon trigger? Sign up now!! for the weekly report! or to the Natal chart reading.. 

I upload many charts on my facebook page

There was a double bomb suicide attack yesterday at 10.28 pm in Istanbul, Turkey:
Mars on the Descendant, at 23 degrees Aquarius... 

There was also another suicide attack in a Coptic church in Egypt... There is no end to terror.. 

December 9, 2016 Friday

S&P: Targets reached, yesterday, under the Aries Moon... One of the target levels sent to subscribers was 2250... Now I posted in the app. what to do further. 
Dow: Stop was 19217: once it went above we turned with it. Now at 19615.
Nasdaq: Given target was 5370- went to 5417! 
KLSE: Target given 1639, topped at 1643...
Milano: Target given 19800 and higher... topped at 20110 so far... 
and I can go on and on..

The market is strong, and everyone, who was forecasting crashes, has to wait.. . 

Today is a cardinal day- on the Gann wheel; 343rd day of the year... signals for a turn. Pluto is 150° to Earth, this is a rare position, happens twice a year. Mercury is square Earth, and 150° to Pluto, In the Geocentric sky: we still have in the background all the difficult planetary positions, which will be there for months... Mark Dec. 19 and 21 in your calendar for CITs. 
The study corner: Let's understand what is Neptune doing in our charts: The most fit word or action for Neptune is " to dissolve ". There are 500 other words as well, but this is the bottom line for this planet. Where is Neptune in your chart? what issue you are here to strengthen, in spite of the Neptunian effect??
When in house 1- it is you yourself.. You don't know who you are, or what you want. You might be an artist, or drawn to religion and mysticism... You need to touch Earth and be here and now. 
In the second house, all your earnings or belongings will dissolve, disappear, if you are not on guard...You should save money from the first income you make.. You don't treat money well... 
In the third house: you might have siblings, but they are not there for you... or they are in constant treatment.. 
House four is the childhood... You either don't remember it, or your parents were so vague, that you don't understand them at all... You might have been like Alice in wonderland, living in an imaginary world... 
Only after we pass our natal Neptune we can get a clear vision of the issues it packed in clouds. 
In your natal chart reading, we follow all the planets.. where are they, and do they represent for YOU. Forget about what you read in the newspapers... the chart changes every 4 minutes... 
To order your natal chart, pls. click at the left panel, on Paypal.. 

December 8, 2016 Thursday

Wow... what a breakout! as advised in the weekly report, for the S&P, we got a major move under Venus entering Aquarius... 
I just sent updates to subscribers... 

So what's next? the Moon is about to leave Pisces in favor for Aries. Here, a new energy will pour in. Will the index continue to fly to new historical highs?? The Sun is approaching Saturn, which is at 18Sag36- what will this mean ? In the same time Jupiter and Mars will sextile the Sun.. The Sun will trine Uranus, etc etc.. so major events are coming. 

Outcome for the Crude OIl: sent when the price was 50: 

FTSE: Two days ago I wrote, that it is waiting for "launch"... And it was launched... wasn't it? If you used 6750 as a stop, you gained till now: 2.12%, AND we got a new high, since Nov. 11th... Now raise stop to 6860- with the US back wind, it'll go higher. 

Download the application to receive market alerts! 

Today we are under the energy of Jupiter and Moon... the Moon will soon be on a wicked fixed star: Scheat! So watch out. !!!!
With the Sun in Sagittarius we are getting extreme disasters..! Plane fell in Pakistan again, yesterday! 

In my weekly report on the S&P I analyze the SSEA, NIKKEI, Crude Oil as well. 
SO it's time to sign up now, for $145 per month.. to know what is expected till the year end??
Nikkei: planetary lines: this is one of many graphs that I use: 

December 7, 2016 Wednesday

The S&P tried for a new high yesterday. It is again above 2210. Stop given yesterday was 2209, so we are in trade... with long positions. 

I see I have visitors from Jakarta, so here is your index: JKSE:
I used to have a report on this index in the past... It was one of the strongest indices in the East.. Will it be again the first runner up?? 

I shall be away till noon today... 

6"45 pm
Venus entered Aquarius today. If Venus  speaks of love and harmony, leaving Capricorn, and entering Aquarius, just made her "Happy"... Here she feels free. How does this change effects different indices/shares/commodities? well.. again. each and every one with its natal chart. 
I am running now on TS the Oil, let's see with what it comes up? 

Sent alert in the app...


December 6, 2016 Tuesday

During the night a statue of Netanyahu " grew" in the middle of the town square... No one knows who put it there... Do you believe this?? I don't. Lately the press is so much and entirely against him, that he, I believe, found a sarcastic way to put some pepper under their noses... This reminds me of Ceausescu's statues all over Romania, not to mention Lenin, who was around on every corner.. 

Dictators have their statues put in their countries...
It is the second commandment in the Bible...  The golden statue of Netanyahu by an anonymous artist... who probably worked on it for months... comes to show the people, I think.., that he is full of gold and does not count you at all... The statue will be taken down by noon. 

The anonymous artist who built the statue probably was not aware of the falling prices of the Gold.. !

He should have used Copper..more than 25% gain... He would have been rich today. 

Long term chart: 

But, I want to concentrate more on the planets, and their location.
December 6 is the day, and we are under the effect of Mars only. Mars is in Aquarius, and sextiles Uranus.- at 20°
The Moon just moved to Pisces. We are after the New Moon, and the Moon is moving towards the Full position, to opposition to the Sun, on the 14th. This will not be an ordinary Full Moon, but also a Supermoon, because it'll be perigee. (close to Earth). All OK till now, no big deal, we have many Super Moons, but the DEGREE ~ of the Sun-Moon is most disturbing! it will occur at 22 degree, a very bad position to be, on the Sag-Gemini axis. 

To return to Italy... So Matteo Renzi is resigning.. The one who wants to be elected is Beppe Grillo, a comedian... Eyebrows up??  Wait till you see his chart.. But, there is a precedent in history, Reagan.. well he wasn't exactly a comedian.. but , you know.. 
Here is his natal chart... Surprize! we got the exact hour: rated AA: 

Do his fingers remind you of someone?? LOL... LOL.... I wonder if all Geminis have their fingers like that.. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and this rules speech, hands and fingers. THey use their hands a lot when they talk. By the way, the more u use your hands, while talking, the better you will remember the said words. 
So Beppe wants to take out Italy of the EU Union... But, words and deeds do not always meet. Look at England. The people voted to leave, but they haven't... yet. 
Let's look at the FTSE: It is consolidating since November. made till today 15% from June low.. The oscillators are waiting for launch. First target 7350. Stop is 6750. 

Now the AEX: this index is very weak!! Topped in 2000, and since then could not climb to former highs! 

December 5, 2016 Monday

The sky today: Do you see the black triangle? Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries in opposition, and Pluto squares them both, from Capricorn? 
This planetary position will stir up a lot of political and private issues for everyone, depending where they fall in the natal chart. 
To this triangle we can add a dogmatic Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces. All the major planets are in difficult positions... So the question is not if this will affect you, but WHEN.  

December 4, 2016 Sunday

I just found out, that Wednesday, a day I was born on, is the day, when most of the people read my blog.. Isn't that interesting??

Also, a friend drew my attention to the upcoming Chinese year. It's the year of the Rooster, celebrated on Jan 27th. Will the Chinese/ East markets rally into the New Year?? We can analyze that, please sign up to the report.. You can check out under the link in what year you were born.. 

Our market will open in 90 minutes. THe Sun is shining outside. No sign of storms... or fires.. let's hope there won't be... 
Last month I posted the K-effect... If you have not saved the dates.. here are again : extreme weather in space, which can affect us down here: 

TA25 ( our market): is heading to the negative targets, as I wrote in my weekly report.. How low will it fall?? When to expect a turn ?All that is in the report. 
I shall send now alerts for the East, so by the time they open, they will know what to do. 

I wrote about the Chinese New Year, let's see how does the SSEA look?
WHile we got an impressive rally from Sept 2016 low, of more than 10%, and 25% from January low, it did not perform as well as the other markets ( USA, even Europe), which corrected, or made new historical highs.. This one didn't even make it to the 2015 top! There are 56 days till their New Year.. Will they have a X-mas rally? All that, in the report.. For only $145 per month... You can be ahead of the market.. 
Italy is voting today, to give more power to parliament. Matteo Renzi said, he will resign if the vote does not go thru. 
Looking at Italy's chart June 10, 1946 at 18:10 Rome- as per Nicholas Champion's book. The Sun is conjunct Uranus, at 19 degrees, in Gemini. Interesting, that Renzi is also born under a Gemini Ascendant. Sun-Uranus conjunction tells us about a fascist leadership,major progressive reforms, Sudden and unexpected turn in political power, Radical change in policy. 
Now, in progressed chart, the Sun and Uranus are in Leo- fixed conjunct the NN.

The Moon, representing the people, is in Scorpio, which is a fixed sign tells us, that the people doesn't like changes. Progressed mars is conjunct the Moon, so both are in fixed Scorpio.
Natal Venus+Saturn conjunction in cardinal Cancer. Saturn is government, and in Cancer is weak. We know how many governments fell in Italy!! In transit, now, Saturn is at 18 Sag. brings here dogma, and stubbornness, the mind is not open for changes, or accepting the other's view..
Natal Jupiter is at 17 Libra, it is " blocked" by directed Pluto, but interesting, that transit Jupiter is conjunct.. Here is the key to the map. Jupiter, that want to bring new laws ( Libra). But, it is blocked by Saturn and Pluto.. 
Bottom line, I think the vote will not change a thing. not now. It will be a NO vote. 

Will Renzi resign?? that's another story and research.. 

December 3, 2016 Saturday

Last week I added a service, to analyze shares.. I see now how much my colleagues charge for this service... I must have been nuts! The prices are between $120 to $350 per ONE share!! I will have to reorganize myself...

Now I am writing the weekly forecasts... Some interesting changes are coming up next week, and till the end of the year... It's a lot of work. 7 am, with the coffee.. no clouds outside, so I would like to go out too later, and do not sit the whole week end glued to the screen. 

Some of the important events of this month that I analyze in the reports: mercury's retro, Mars moves to Pisces, Venus moves as well. And there are some "ongoing planetary effects" that are stable.. Are they good or bad for your index? A lot to look at.. 

Take care.. 

I would like to show you 2 cases of requests and outcome:
Someone asked me to analyze the shares AMBA and ULTA. on Nov. 28th. I made the analysis, looked up on Yahoo, what analysts say about it, and many wrote, that the share will go to 70, thus, the option strike at 70 will get in the money, and there is a huge possibility to gain . On Nov 28, a Monday, and the earnings were due on Thursday..Dec. 1. 
Here is the chart of AMBA: 

And here is my answer on Nov.28:

"AMBA: Topped at 128, after a rally of 200 days, and fell to 33 on Feb 9, 2016 next 200 days rallied but barely reached 75. Now at 63.30- it is in a minor uptrend , however, Thursday is not a favorable day for higher highs. So Looking at the planets, should stay above 63.00 to go to 67.55.

Only above 75 it'll be a long.." 

Although my answers are short, but this is after 2 hours of work. 
Obviously, one should have put a sell order below 63... NO MATTER what. 


ULTA: rallies since Nov 7, gained 18%. Now at 264. meaning, there is a support at 261 and a resistance or target at 267- 268.20... It should go above this level in order to reach new highs! 
Math target : 264.34 is end of a cycle- below that- next down is 261- as the planets show, and next up: 267.60-
If announcement is on Thursday, outcome will be unsatisfactory.

I see, that people bought 270 call option.. well, If it doesn't go above 268- till Thursday, I doubt it'll enter the strike. "

As you can see, the share never made it, on Dec 1st to 270... But it did, on Dec.2nd, but I guess that was not relevant for those options. 
Correct me if I am wrong. I don't have a real time follow up. 
So, if stop was 261, we should have put a sell order below it. 

DEER: On Nov 24th I was asked if the share will rally by 8-11$. Then it traded at 93-ish. I wrote, YES, transit planets are favorable.. The share topped at 103!. 


December 2, 2016 Friday

The rain arrived, and brought the decline in the markets. I sent alerts for all the markets yesterday.
Not only the Moon moved, but other planets as well... In the weekly forecasts I wrote about them.. About the weekly forecasts... Are you aware, how much others charge? I see prices as $177 monthly! or 325$ monthly... while I charged till now $250 for 3 months!.. This will have to change.... fast.. 
On November 22 I sent alert for the SPY: I wrote: 
"SPY: Next station, or end of cycle is at 221.86. Should close above it, for a next up leg."

Now check out where did it top.. 

IBEX: I alerted today: 
"IBEX: Unemployment announcement is coming up in one hour. Last alert was on 10/27- we went short below 9150- It is consolidating since Nov 9- at 8570. Now at 8670. Should go above 8750 for a rally. We are short, and double it, if falls below 8590."


December 1, 2016 Thursday

We wake to a clean sky, and warm morning. If we heard the media pumping about the fires we had, now they don't cease speaking of the heavy storms that are ahead. Well... we are still waiting... LOL.. As I said, the sky is clean, no sign of rain. There is still time till it will rain. I wrote in the former article, that rain, or sign of it will arrive when the Moon enters Capricorn, at 10:50 am, my time.. Watch this time for a CIT in the markets as well. Here is a forecast, when you should take your umbrella: 

Let's see what's new in the sky? 
The SUn squares Neptune, this happens twice a year, and fades out quickly, so its impact is valid for 2-3 days. 
Mars trines Jupiter, this too happens twice a year, but lasts for a week more or less, depending what orb we use. 
Jupiter sextiles Saturn- a lasting one... 
Jupiter squares Pluto.. Now this one is a shaker.
here is a long term overlook- for the S&P.. Only shares that have a history can be analyzed. We need data of than more than 40 years to be able to use the Jupiter-Pluto aspects. 

What happened under these aspects? The S&P tried for another high, and fell below the alerted stop; the Crude oil, on the other hand, rallied nicely to 50.17! thus "saving" it from the Head and shoulders pattern I was writing about in the last month. 
Download my app. to receive market alerts! 

NFLX: will this announcement push it higher? 


November 30,2016 Wednesday

The markets made new highs, in spite of all the black-seers, who claim that the crash is here... We are new at a minor crossroad. Markets might correct... oy wei... more than 5-10 points... but, if you receive my weekly newsletters, or if you have my app, you know better. 
In the left panel you can find all my services, you are welcome to sign up. 
There is always a dilemma... should I be a day trader, keeping tight stops, but on the other hand jump in and out of trades? Or I have enough money and my pocket is deep enough, so I can afford a wider stop? This, you have to answer to yourselves, I cannot help here. When one plays with the fire (stock market) he must know, that his fingers can be burnt. 
We want to know always what will happen... So I check it with Timing Solution, a software a highly recommend if you want to make a research!> and it shows us, that the S&P, during Decembers rallied... But again, here is the bummer. What does this graph show me? The Sun. And we have 9 other planets to look at, not to mention the tens , maybe hundreds of other points that we have to take into consideration!.

What is good for Michael, is bad for Frank... right?? 

News: OPEC: Agree to reduce produce by 1.2 billion barrels a day.... When there is less supply, the price goes up. And we see the Oil rally. Running above 49.2- will "save" it from a H&S pattern, and it'll not crash to 36... It'll run to 61 by the time you say Jack.. well.. about March 2017. So many days till then, so many stories.. but it's a long above 43.