New Moon in Capricorn 2016

between Dec.29, 2016- Jan 28, 2017

thank you for following from the former article.

January aspects: we can see, that the dominant aspect is the Jupiter 60 Saturn; ( the green line).

Jupiter 60 Saturn... only 18 times since 1950

10.11.1997  - 21.11.1997  
28.10.2003  -  7.11.2003  
3.04.2004  - 13.05.2004  
 5.08.2004  - 28.08.2004  
30.11.2016  - 24.01.2017  
22.08.2017  -  2.09.2017  


January 29, 2017, Sunday

We are after the New Moon, time to move on. Next article is the New Moon in Aquarius...
Under this Capricorn New Moon, we got new highs in the markets... DOn't forget! it happened in Capricorn, Earth and Cardinal sign. 

Follow me to the next article!

January 25, 2017 Wednesday

While I was sleeping the US markets rallied.. I was too tired yesterday to follow it.. Now I see, it ran up to 2284. My last alerts were sent on January 18th, so there you are.. 
The last low was on Jan 23rd, at 2257.75; scroll down, see what I wrote on that day...Mars/GC angle was the trigger.. The index is out of the consolidation level, since Dec.13th. 
Upcoming celestial events: Geocentric:

28.01.2017    7:38:58 > Ari Mars.
With Timing Solution we can check what happened in any index/share, when Mars entered Aries?
S&P Mars in Aries: 

Next, it'll be Venus's turn to enter Aries. This year it'll linger in this sign more than usual, because it turns retro. TS. helps in this too..
S&P Venus in Aries:  
S&P : Venus Retro in Aries: Statistics give only 56%... so this is not a very reliable move. 

Here is a larger  view on what happened in the S&P when Venus was Retro: click on the pic. to enlarge it. You can see, that sometimes it made a bottom, other, a top.. 
January 29- June 7: Jupiter will turn retro. Taking in account all the retros since 1950, there were more rallies than crashes. 

Mention my name, if you decide to purchase Timing Solution.. 

Besides these angles there are always more, many more issues to check. I teach all these in my course. 

A reader asked me what happens when Saturn conjuncts the Galactic Center. Well, this is a very rare event! it happened before in Dec 4, 1958, Nov.2,1984, Dec 23, 2017 ( it will be exact.) In 58 and 84 we got a rally. 

Famous people born with the Sun in Aquarius: Vettius Valens, (Hellenistic astrologer), Mozart! Abraham Lincoln, F.D.Roosevelt, Christian Dior, R.Reagan, Jimmy Hoffa, Benny Hill, Paul Newman, James Dean, Placido Domingo, Carole King, Ehud Barak, Mark Spitz, J.travolta, N.Sarkozy, King Abdullah II (Jordan); Mark Rutte, ( Holland PM); Sara Palin; Virginia Wolf; and many more, I guess.. Among the politicians there are few.. 
In any case, as you see this list, and know a little bit about them, all made a huge difference.

Let's look at Mark Rutte, Holland's PM. He is in charge since Oct.14, 2010, and yesterday he said, who doesn't like it, can leave.. 

He will turn 50 in 3 weeks. He is not married. He still teaches twice a week.. This is his second period being PM. In March there will be elections, I think, and the main adversary is Geert WIlders, born Sept 6, 1963. Now WIlders has a Virgo stellium! and Saturn in Aquarius...
I don't know, if in Holland the same person can run 3 times, neither have I found the exact election date. So... we'll see.. 
Thanks to Marij, astrologer friend, I know now the details. Elections will be held on March 15. There was a precedent of someone else, who was elected 4 times.. So Rutte can also be, if time is right for him. Using different methods he will be in a very favorable timing. The transit planets are supportive as well. 
Saturn, exact square to his natal Saturn, Pluto in exact trine to natal Pluto, Jupiter in opposition his Moon. But, the road in not clean... Uranus sits right on his Moon, in H8, so some skeletons can surface during this time.. 

It is interesting, that both have the Moon in Aries..
Now here is the natal and transit chart for Geert Wilders. His ascendant is on the malefic fixed star:Betelgeuse. Zet tells us" Keywords: Calamities, danger, violence
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Mars/ Mercury"
No wonder he has armed bodyguards now for some years...

Here is the planetary picture for March 2017. As you can see, on the 15th, only minor angles in the sky. As of March 23 more red lines...

His Moon+Jupiter are in Aries, fire sign, which as it is lit, so it fades out.. He has the Sun, Venus, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. His 9th house of philosophical life view, opens in Aquarius, which would be great, if Saturn was not there. Today is the first time that I hear about him, and I know nothing about him.. But Saturn in this house turns one to a dogmatic person, not open to any other view than his own.. Probably he speaks against immigrants..I'll have to read about him more. In any case, here is the transit chart: 
Saturn is not helping, Neptune in opposition to his Sun, neither. TImewise he is not yet "ripe" to become PM. But in 2019 there will be a major turn in his life.. 

Now, since the net is full of how Russia interferes and will do in Europe... all rumors, but, who knows? I checked, just for the fun of it, how do they "fit" Putin.

Putin and Rutte: 150* angle, isn't too harmonic,
Putin and WIlders, not only that this is not a honeymoon, but there are serious issues in WIlders' chart with himself... .

I guess there are others who run... But, that's it for now.. 
Bottom line: Rutte has a good chance to be reelected.

Just think about it, how lucky we are... to sit back and blabber about the world, while others, millions of people,  are on the run !!! 

I wrote 2-3 years ago, in this blog, that Europe is doomed.. Everyone, looking at the chart could see that.. USA giving up on different states, turning their back to them, to former allies, actually demolished those states. Now people wanting to eat, God forbid, fled to better places, like Europe. "Higher minds" took advantage of this, to destroy Europe from within. Once the Europeans did not want to work hard, they let the 3rd world in. But they came with everything they had... also their religion. The religion, that killed more people during the human history than anything else... Now, in Indonesia the same Islam is not the same as in Syria, Iran , Iraq.. Who can understand the small differences?? Definitely not the Europeans!!.. So it was obvious, that Europe is going to destruction... Read my former posts, in 2014- till today.. Americans also don't want to work too hard, so they had either China to outsource their factories, or Mexico.. Now what?? the world is "shocked and amazed", that radicals rise?? They let this happen! They made this! 
Now deal with the consequences... 

January 24,2017 Tuesday

I had some issues to arrange ~ at the municipality, I was 107 in the line...Can u believe it??

no energy now,whatsoever....and don't think I am done!! nonono....they need more papers~ for my mom...God bless her soul....and it's my birthday tomorrow, I'll turn 61..... But I see, the Solar return happened already on Jan.23~ 22:48, that's strange!!! Time is speeding up! I'll be 70 at 69..if this goes on!! LOL.

January 23, 2017 Monday

During the night the Moon moved to Sag. Us markets will open With the Sun 150 to the Nodes, =bad, the Moon at 13 Sag. Mercury 60^ to Neptune, Venus 30 to Uranus-minor positive positions; Mars at 26 Sag.- is squaring the Galactic Center., the rest are as they were last week. Still forming a support/resistance at 2270.

The FTSE: is checking former tops.. 
KLSE: trade range 1660-1670.. Subscribe to the weekly forecast!

CAC: Nice rally!! Hope you followed instructions from the app!


January 22, 2017 Sunday

The week opens with the Moon in the last degrees of Scorpio, in a sextile to the Sun, before the New Moon. The New Moon will occur in Aquarius. The whole week we shall have the Jupiter-uranus opposition, Jupiter sextile to Saturn and Mars inconjunct, 150* to Saturn. All above 20 degrees., all forming a support at this level for the markets. Sign up now for the weekly forecasts, to know what this means, for different indices/commodities. 

We have 7 planets in feminine signs, so vulnerability is high.
we should note the closing levels of different indices, and follow up in the coming year... Let's see how will the market react under the difficult upcoming aspects? It doesn't matter who sits in which chair... Markets have their own rhythm, and react accordingly.

DOW: 19827
Nasdaq: 5555
S&P : 2271.31
Russel 2000: 1351.85
VIX : 11.54
DAX: 11630
FTSE: 7198.44
CAC: 4850.67
NIKKEI: 19138
SSEA: 2123.14
STOXX50E : 3299.14
NIFTY : 8349
AORD: 5709.7 
TA25: 1421.47
EURO/$ : 1.0703
USD/JPY : 114.59
GBP/USD" 1.2374
GOLD: 1208.13
CRUDE: 55.52

All these, and much more are included in my alerts. Download the app!... 

Our markets will open with a minor negative arbitrage, as usual, Sundays come with low volume, and are dull to trade. 

TA25: fell for 90 days between Aug 10- Sept.11. Next 90 days from Aug. 10th top falls on Jan.25th, or, taking the Dec 28th top + 90= March 28th... So watch these two dates. 
price wise it fell by 7.08%, now the same would push it to 1377. Will this happen? Stay tuned.. 
Our index went nowhere in 2016. Traded between 1372- 1502. You might think.... it THAT a consolidation?? Well, everything is relative.. Once it topped at 1720, yes.. during the whole 2016, it didn't even correct 50% of the fall... 
Quote from my FB page :

"The first word that pops up ~ for me ~ when I think about Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is restriction. So playing with this word and its meaning, I decide now, to go along with this energy, and RESTRICT myself of using my many credit cards, till Jan 21th. Also, I will not buy anything new to eat or cook, untill I finish everything I have in my kitchen... And, that's a lot!... I can do it, because I am alone now, my grandchildren are abroad, don't have to buy them anything. And I certainly don't' need much"

January 20, 2017 Friday

We entered a new cycle... The Sun enters the highest AIR sign, Aquarius, on Jan 20th. I posted here the most important fixed stars that lodge in this sign. There are only two malefics, all the rest, even the smaller ones, that I have not included, are positive and favorable. I wrote about the Sun in Aquarius in former articles, check it in the left panel of the blog. 
Here  are the links, saves you time to search: 2016,  2015 , 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011.

Yesterday, of course we had the historical inauguration of the 45th president in the USA. Numerology tells us, that this president will be eccentric, new, modern, shocking, unprecedented, innovative ( 4= is ruled by Uranus ) and will have things move ( 5 is ruled by Mercury ). Watch the new roads and bridges, transportation of all kinds, also correspondence ( FB, Twitter) or any other modern form of reaching out to the people, with the Uranian help. So this is the first energy that we pop into. Just keep in mind, that this President has a Mercury, Pluto out of Bound...!!! 

Next, we can check the sky, with the time of the inauguration: 
The Sun at 0* Aquarius tells the whole story... a new era is knocking at the door. At the time of the oath, the Sun was in the most elevated house, H10, that of the government. The Sun represents the President. Now, since 1937 this date is the day, that the new president is sworn in. So you can say.... what has changed now? well, everything! We have the Jupiter( ruler of H8=money, transformation, life and death, at the 22* degrees of Libra, in H6, representing healthcare. And we read, that the Obama-care has already been abolished, reversed. I just don't know what will come instead.. So for one, the USA will have a change in healthcare. Next, house 6 represents the army as well, so a change will come there too. House 6 is also the working classes, and the Moon, the people, the women are there. Now this is a difficult placement for the women, to be in Scorpio, they will follow closely the events, and strike out when time is right. But, I am sure, that since Donald Trump is so close to Ivanka, she will influence him in the best way she can. A very strong personality, She has! and he listens ... 
Jupiter is in opposition Uranus~ and this is the main aspect of the event! Uranus, the one that started the "Arab spring" back in 2010, in a town called Sidi Bouzid, in Tunisia. 
It is interesting, to see, that in 2010, at that time, there was a Jupiter- Uranus conjunction in the sky. 

In the USA:  Obama-care was signed on March 23, 2010. It is interesting to note, that the birthdate of Obama adds up to 11, and this date too. No. eleven is the 11th house of the wheel, Aquarius, (big enterprizes, house of dreams and wishes)... ment to be good. But, when we look at the chart, we will find the Moon (people) in opposition Pluto ( money and transformation); and also the Sun at 2* Aries, a sign that is on ""fire" to start something, but this fire fades out fast. We shall see what will happen with the healthcare, then we will make a transit chart to this...

Now, this conjunction, turned to an opposition, and "landed" on the USA. 

In this Geodetic chart we will find Pluto bringing "new order" on NY, and the line where it passes, on the other side, Saturn, runs thru Mexico City, where a future wall is due to be built, bringing restriction AND NEW TAXES to this area. The thing is, that NO MATTER who was the president 45, these lines will still be there! But, since Mr.Trump is a Gemini (5), and his natal Uranus is in the highest house, H10,  he can do it. With a little help from Regulus, Royal star on his Ascendant! 
The inauguration Jupiter/Uranus line runs though Nigeria, France...

As one of my FB friend, Brian Stickevers,  put it yesterday, a VERY nice notice!, Trump is 70 years old, 7 months and 7 days today. 777 ."
 A very fated man in a most fated time for the USA> 

Mirroring the Jupiter/Uranus aspects on the Dow: 
Now look at this!! published in 2016! US debt under different presidents... Obama was the worst. 
and per CAPITA, the US citizens are in a worse situation than in Greece! 

Yesterday, another revolutionary step was taken, Erdugan, in Turkey is about, or wants to, become a leader, that has all the power in his hands. Opposition may exist, but their voice cannot be heard... 
WIkipedia writes" Erdoğan was born in the Kasımpaşa neighborhood of Istanbul to which his family had moved from Rize Province. Erdoğan allegedly said in 2003, "I'm a Georgian, my family is a Georgian family which migrated from Batumi to Rize."[25][26] However, in a 2014 televised interview on the NTV news network, he said, "You wouldn't believe the things they have said about me. They have said I am Georgian ... even with much uglier things, they have called me Armenian, but I am Turkish."[27][28]"

I posted many times about Erdugan... so we know, he has a NEPTUNE transit on his Sun, bringing not only this dream-ego mania" but also a silent sickness, that is crawling inside him..Soon it will raise it's head.. With transit Uranus, Pluto, Neptune Saturn, all triggering his natal chart. 

And now this: Earth is COOLING DOWN! 

Vick, see my answer in the comments window... 

January 19. 2017 Wednesday

Yesterday passed so quickly, I looked up and it was already 4 pm... I am learning something new. It is incredible!! LOL... there is always something new to learn! Very very exciting... It has to do with forecasting, of course....
So, let's see what happened since I wrote? As you can see, in the angles table above, Jupiter is still in sextile Saturn, and the outcome of this is a long consolidation in the markets. No new lows or highs. 
Mars squares Saturn today, so we might see some action...The Sun is at the last degree of Capricorn, tomorrow, day of the Inauguration, it'll pass to 0 Aquarius, and it will bring huge changes, for the next 30 days.. So stay tuned.. 

Vick, I answered your question, pls. check it out, below, in the "comments" window.
Today we are ruled by Mercury, which is "depressed" in Capricorn, and Jupiter, which is at 22Lib38, still in opposition Uranus.

Have to check the alerts now.. see you later. 

January 17, 2017 Tuesday

Right now the Moon is in trine to the Sun, approaching, before the New Moon. la Luna is also in sextile to the Galactic Center. All the planets are Direct. We have 3 planets in Pisces ( Venus, Mars, Neptune, Chiron and the South Node) which bring a lot of "feelings" and tears on stage. Highly charged by emotions... So look around, feel this! Market-wise emotions is the last thing one should have! To trade one should be a robot... So watch out for harsh, quick reactions or actions... 
Here is a list FOR LOCAL READERS- showing which sector rallied so far? 
 For USA traders:

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January 16, 2017 Monday

It's Martin Luther King Day, no trade in the USA. Yesterday I posted more than 20 alerts in my application. Hope you are gaining !!! 
The Moon today is in Virgo, there are no planets retrograde... Also no planets in fixed signs. Not much changed since yesterday... In lack of "action" time to make research.... 

I just learned something...

Regarding the British Pound: Looking back to June 13, 2016, I wrote in this blog"  

"On June 13, 2016 I wrote in this blog: " Ok.. I have the forecast, by Timing Solution. This search takes in consideration hundreds of astrological positions, and shows, that NO MATTER what UK votes, the pound is to decline till early November. So as it looks now, it will retreat to Feb 28th low, maybe lower. "

On June 13, the Pound was at 1.43. topped on June 23rd at 1.4940, and since then , it is falling. Bottomed so far, not on Feb 28th low, BUT at 1.2100 - 12.56% LOWER!!!! What a gain for shorts, if you read this blog, and HAVE my application!!!

November is just around the corner, so stay tuned!!!"

SInce June 13 the pound fell by 25%... will this be the end of the fall? Now at 1.19.
Here is the weekly historical graph: 

The Pound did decline till early November, bottomed at 1.20, turned up till Dec 6, only to fall back and make a new low... heading towards 1.16, 1.10. It'll be a long only above 1.28. 

Looking back to January 3rd, I posted here in the blog a few graphs: FB: Stop was 112- now it is at 128.34! Nice gain.. BIDU: Target given 183, reached exactly! BABA: we went long above 87, now at 96.38; NFLX: gaining, here too! now at 134.. GOOG: at 807, still waiting for cycle close...

January 15, 2017 Sunday

During the night the Moon entered Virgo. Not only that! it is conjunct the North Node. There are no planets in fixed signs. We are after the Full Moon, the Moon is approaching the Sun. Time to end things. The Moon is separating from a trine to Mercury, and the first angle it'll make will be an opposition to Neptune. All these moves, and more, point to a volatile week, culminating with the Sun entering Aquarius, ON THE DAY of the INAUGURATION! Jan 20th the Sun at 0^ Aquarius, the revolutionary, eccentric, "different" sign... and it'll open an extremely new era. 

Here is the inauguration chart: 

I am back... SO what do we see in this event's chart? The Sun, representing Donald Trump, is at 0 Aquarius, the sign of change, revolution, he will bring a huge change in the USA. The Moon, representing the people, and women, is in fall, or weak, in Scorpio, at 9 degrees, which is ruled by Mars. So the people will plot or march, or do something, against the Sun= DT. Moon is squaring the SUn. The Ascendant, at 15 Taurus, shows also the change,( 1= EGO, 5 is CHange, ruled by Mercury)
The ruler of Ascendant, Venus, is exalted, very strong, in Pisces, in the house of big enterprises, the senate, the parliament. Venu sis also sextile Pluto, in the house of Law, so new laws will come, which will bring also changes.. But, towards the beginning of March, venus will be in Aries, where it is weak, and will turn retro, showing its negative side. SO everything Venus represents will be weak and fall. Next, Saturn will make a major move, entering Capricorn. And we know that DT is a Gemini... How will he cope under a restricting Saturn? 

Saturn: Ruler of House 9,10,11.. at 23 Sag- a dogmatic figure, blocks or tries to, all change. It is in complete opposition to all said above. Order and discipline, boundaries, walls, blocking laws. Supreme court decisions. National diplomacy, all under magnifying glass. Saturn is squaring Mars and Chiron- 8-11 house…new laws in congress, senate and parliament?? The Sun, Trump is under the Saturnian rulership. I wonder if the Sun can be ruled?.. In a way he wants change ( Aqua) in another it is clocked by dogma, past and restriction ( Saturn). Saturn is departing from a trine to Uranus, so the Uranian changing, revolutionary effect dissolves…and Saturn rules. This will last the whole 2017, since S. turns retro on April 6, - Direct on Aug 25th, and ingresses Cap on Dec 20.. Only to turn stronger. Saturn rules till March 7, 2023 when it will “calm down” in Pisces. We are having a “déjà vu” from 1958-1964. Only then was Saturn in Cap-Aqua. These presidents ruled under a similar Saturn. ( in Capricorn and Aquarius).

US presidents under Saturn: Pierce a SAG, Buchanan a Taurus, Lincoln, an Aquarius president.

It will be the first time in history, to have a Gemini, under a Saturnian period. 

Yes, I wrote back in August, that he will win, but will he be happy in this post?? Or he'll ask, why, why on earth did I do this? 
Very hard times ahead. 

Looking at DT natal chart with the transits for Jan 20th : Venus rules his career, so the aspects with the black arrows you see, are triggering his career from all possible angles..

January 13, 2017 Friday

It is Friday, the 13th... We are after the Full Moon, in Cancer. The Moon is now in Leo. For the S&P it meant a top or bottom looking back in history... The markets are still consolidating, no new highs/lows made.. Waiting...
Today we are ruled by Venus. It is exactly conjunct Neptune. A new planetary cycle starts... Venus/Neptune angles will be interesting to track. 
Mercury just enters Capricorn. Here it is " depressed". Mercury is good in air and fire signs. Not in Earth...except Virgo, where it is a ruler. 
What else? Uranus-Jupiter-Saturn and the Sun form a support/resistance level at 20-23 degrees.
Based on all these are my calculations based. 
Some math: Nov.3 low till yesterday = 70 days. (7x10) a CIT 
From Sept 22 till Jan 12 = 112 days ( 7x16)= CIT.
From Aug 15,2016 top till yesterday = 150 days = 150 degree in the wheel. 
From May 6,2016 low till yesterday = 252 days ( 7x36)... 
etc etc//// 
From this, we can see, that yesterday was an important turning point, not only planets wise, but math points out also.. 
What can we conclude of it? The close was 2270. The index is pressed down at this level. Only a gap up above 2275- will turn the planets in favor, and we will get a new up leg. If this will not happen, we will close the shorts closely..
Same for any other index or share..- You might want to do this research... I gave you the planetary positions, all you have to do, count the days... Use timeanddate..

January 12, 2017 Thusrsday

I can't really say anything new about the markets... No new highs... consolidating, waiting for the BIG GONG.. 
I am working on something very exciting... so have a good day !

January 10, 2017 Tuesday

Since January 2nd, the last low, the S&P rallied from 2233.71 to 2281.88. 2.17%.  From November 3rd low we got a rally of 64 days, and 43 trading days, also pointing to a major turn.. So now, tighten your stops.. You can always sign up to the forecasts, to know in advance how to trade. Cost:$145 for one month.

AORD: I gave target 5880.76 topped at 5876.80! Will this be the last top for the coming months?? Answer in the forecast.. 
AXJO: Target given 5787. Next cycle top is at 5940... but will it be reached? It is easy to calculate price levels, taking one low or another. What is difficult almost impossible, is to say W H E N  will thil level be reached?
Nifty: One of the targets given was 8313.80  So far 8306...What now?? 
Nikkei: is included in my weekly reports. 
SET.: Stop was 1569- and short below... 
TA25: We went long above 1460- as per alerts on Dec. 26. It was consolidating since then..Now we have a positive arbitrage.. But, for a new rally it should go above 1490..and higher. 

Why the turn in trend as of yesterday? Looking at the Heliacal chart, we find the Earth at 20 degrees on Castor.- a most malefic fixed star in Cancer.
2) Jupiter 150 Neptune=bad
3) Uranus on Eris = bad
4) Mars 90 to Earth = energetic...
5) Venus 45 to Earth = minor negative. 

So my students will understand, that the markets are squeezed between Jupiter-Neptune and Mars-Earth positions. 
The more the Earth departs from an angle to Saturn, which balanced or supported, the more volatility and zigzag trading we will get. 

A few days ago, Basel Ghattas, an Israeli Arab Knesset member ( enjoys immunity,therefore is not checked) smuggled into the prison 10 or more mobile phones and messages to several prisoners. I would have not mentioned this, if I have not seen his hands! Look at his 5th finger, students! The Mercury finger... Remember what we learned?? Never trust a person whose little finger is far from the rest.. 

Immediately I look , where is Mercury? I don't have the time of birth, but Mercury will not change. So Mercury is at the19 cursed degree in Pisces! in fall... Second reason why not to trust this person. 
Next we look at the Sun, well, the Sun is at 2 Aries, the baby of the wheel, who is NEVER to blame, he is always pure and good.. He will always blame others for his sins.
Next, Venus in Taurus.. Venus adores gifts... and he received about 15000 shekels for each phone.. 
Mars in Capricorn: He will step on everyone to reach his goals... Etc.. 
He is 60.80 years old, just before his birthday. At 61.50 he will disappear from political life. That we see in his chart. 


January 9, 2017 Monday

The week starts with the Moon in Gemini. This opens a very volatile week... Besides other aspects. 

January 8, 2017 Sunday

Russia expects minus 40 Celsius. The Earth is cooling down... 

Now look here: something interesting: Today the Sun is at 18 Capricorn, conjunct to Pluto. The S&P topped. On January 20, 2016 when the index bottomed, the SUn was at 29 Capricorn. So we should get a top and turn when the Sun will end the perfect route- back to 29.57 Cap, on Jan 19, 2017... So let's follow the Sun.. Price wise: 2172... This is not a trading advice.. just an exercise! 
Now, going one thought further... I checked what happened when the Sun was between 27-29 degrees, in any sign: 

Our market will open in an hour. We have a negative arbitrage. The close was 1467.83. This is an important resistance level. First support is at 1461. 
Mercury is stationary, before turning Direct in Sagittarius. Next, it will return to Capricorn, where it is "depressed". The index was at 2253 when it turned retro, let's see if tomorrow it'll re-visit this level? 
The Moon in in Taurus, and VOC. Volume will be low... Sundays are not interesting days to trade.. 
There is a myth, that says, what happens in the first two weeks in January reflects to the whole year.. Checking what happened in 2016: From Jan 4- to the index fell from 2040 to 1812... Did we get a fall during 2016? how about 2015? same... No... So there goes the myth. 
Sign up now for the weekly forecast! $145 only for one month.. - Paypal- at the left panel. 

January 7, 2017 Saturday

Shabbath quietness is disturbed by the  news..

Nothing happens without a reason! Looking at the astrological map of CNN, we can learn the followings: CNN was launched at 5 pm, on June 1, 1980. Today it celebrates 36 years old.. 3+6= add up to 9, which is a cycle end. Adding up the date: June 1, 1980 we get 16.= the TOWER card. Showing distress, falling from the top.Looking at the map with today's transits, it is absolutely amazing! Since 16 adds up to 7, and that is ruled by Neptune, in the natal chart is at 21.35 retro in Sag, and ruler of open enemy= Assange= is Aquarius- so transit Saturn is right on Neptune!.

January 6, 2017 Friday

Did I tell you what is this year about?? If 2016 added up to 9, and many people left us, in a way or other, also we felt many closures on different issues in our lives, it was because 9 is the highest number, and a cycle end. 2017 adds up to 1, which is a masculine number, ruled by the Sun, which is  the ruler of Leo, a fire sign, and also of Aries, the first astrological sign in the wheel, therefore this year is a strong starting point by all means! It will effect mostly those born in fire signs, but it will be for ALL of us a new start! New friends, new people will enter your life. Now places to go to, new jobs, everything new... It is TIME to start something new... So flow with this energy... It'll not be always easy, since it is a masculine number, and not everybody resonates well to masculine energies.
Statistics point out, that years ending in 7 ( ruled by Neptune or the South Node) we years of crashes. Now we will have to check each share, index, to see what this "crash" means. From what level? to where?? And that... it a long story.. 

Now, adding to this numerology thought, some astrology: here are the times when planets (no Moon) will dominate in fire, earth, air and water signs:

About 2 weeks ago, I wrote to subscribers for the NIfty: " Calculating the math targets, using the Dec. 23rd low 7942, the cycle ends or the target is: 8121. Next cycle points to 8300." Where is it now?? Reached 8300! 

OK... must write next week's reports... see you later. 

Order now the 2017 yearly forecast!... fits for long term traders.. Cost: $270~ click on Natal chart, on Paypal. Enjoy.. 


January 5, 2017 Thursday

We got the second up day in the markets yesterday. So far so good.. Target given for the S&P reached. The Dow is still crawling towards 20000. Those who trade the Nasdaq also made 27 points, since my last alert on Dec. 30th. 

What's new in the sky today? 

The Moon moved to Aries. Mercury, in its retro motion moved back to Sag.- if you scroll up to the table  I posted at the beginning of this article, you will see these changes clearly. 
The Moon in Aries usually brings a top and turn. Surely we must check the other planets as well!. 

January 4, 2017 Wednesday

First day of trade was very positive.. Reached targets given in the app. The Moon is still in Pisces today. Watch 5 pm ( gmt+2) for an intraday turn. 

How to use my application? I give planetary supports and resistances, sometimes also math calculations from previous lows /highs. After you note the stop level, you should calculate the average daily move of each share you trade.... For example, I just posted the stop for the Nikkei. 19577 is the stop. But then, I have calculated the average move since the last 2 years, and I see, that it is around 230 points per day! So you have to decide: do you have enough money AND nerve, to trade it with a stop at 19320? That! depends on how much money you can afford to lose, if it turns against you. OR... you can strictly use the stop I gave, and jump in and out of trades... In that case your broker wins.. 

January 3, 2017 Tuesday

The Moon moved onto Pisces, and now it is conjunct Mars and Neptune. The day is ruled by Mars and Mercury. Mercury is weak and retro in capricorn, at 0 degrees, while Mars, is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. The T-square between Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto is still on... 
As I see now, 8:43 am, the futures are green, so there is some optimism for the European and our market, which reacts to the Dax in the morning, and to the S&P later.. 
VENUS will move today to Pisces. This is a mutable, the MOST mutable sign. Therefore, it will bring change in whatever has been started before.. What does this mean in a personal chart? In what area of life it will effect you? That depends on your birth date. 

For my readers from Thailand: The SET: is "trapped between 1550- 1400... technically it will be a long only running above 1550. The planets show the same level: they are blocking at 1552. Only above it will be a long.. SIgn up now for the weekly forecast, for $145 for 1 month, to know how will January enfold.. 
Here is a comparison chart between SET, NIKKEI, HSCE, and HSI: 

It was far better investing in the Nikkei, than any other index.. 

Here is a comparison chart for Europe: no doubt, it was the Dax the most worthwhile.. also the most volatile. One can lose/ gain a lot trading this index. 

Let's see some shares: 
FB: rallied, from 2013 by 495%! As long as it is in the channel, it has a potential to reach higher levels.. 
Stop: 112. Technically, and planets' wise as well/ 

BABA: STOP  os at 87.. 

NFLX: Target given on Nov 22, 127, reached!!! 
GOOG: from 2008 low till now it rallied by 576% in 415 tr.days. from 124- 804.. Perfect cycle close would be reaching 847.65 Math stop is at 790. 
Sign up now for the weekly/ yearly forecasts.. 


Many people analyse terror attacks and link it to the Mars- Sun aspects. I just checked, only for 2015-2016.. here are the aspects that occurred in the sky: 

Weren't there any terror attacks when these aspects DID NOT occur?? They were, and a LOT! 
Israel, is AFTER the UK, I am surprised!! 26th, with 58 terror attacks, while in the UK 115!?? I don't recall so many... Do you? 
Here are the dates of past and future angles: 

So, what we learn from this "exercise" is, that there are much more than Mars-Sun angles for a terror attack to take place. 

US markets are about to open here is a comparison chart for 2016: 

Russell 2000- in green outperformed all other indices. 
Download my app. to receive market alerts. You have links in the left panel for Iphones and androids as well. 
sign up for the weekly forecasts, for $145 / monthly. 


January 2, 2017 Monday
Markets were open here yesterday, and are today.... Europe and the USA is closed. Bank holiday...So we cannot expect much volume.. In any case, let's see the sky: 
The Moon is conjunct Venus in Aquarius, at 28 degrees. First the Moon, next Venus will move into Pisces. Pisces, as we already know, is the sign of the 12th house, of hidden things, of the ether, where issues disappear, are demolished, sacrificed, or lift upwards to religion..In Pisces we get our inspiration. These can be targeted towards art, caring for others, medicine, and religion or mysticism.  Venus is exalted, very strong, in this sign. it is like turning the other cheek.  I have it in my chart.. I don't think it is so beneficial for the person... Nowadays one should be strong. The other planets don't move much. Looking at the asteroids, Pallas, the warrior, also entered Pisces, bringing in more energy into the religious fights.
People who have Venus in Pisces: Queen Elisabeth! and she has been ill since Christmas...hmmm will have to look at her chart again.. , Barbara Streisand, George Harrison, Diana Ross, Gordon Brown, remember him? was UK PM... John Travolta, Erduan, Turkey's sultan... 
Look for news about these people.. 

Queen Elizabeth the second reins from Feb 6, 1952 till today. In February this year it'll be 65 years that she's on the throne.. Checking with good old Wiki, we will find her at the 44th row.. So , yes, it sounds a LOT of time, but there were others who made it before her, for longer periods. 
The official coronation took place on June 2, 1953, I put it at 12 noon. At that time, Sun was conjunct Jupiter, in the 10th house of career.- how very much fit, for the event!. The Moon was at 11 degrees in Aquarius, forming a trine to the SUn. BUT... Mercury and Mars were at a destructive degree, in Gemini. Mercury was the ruler of the Asc. and the MC.

She was not seen in public for 2 weeks... I am afraid she has more than a cold.. 
There are lot of speculations who will follow her. Will it be Charles or William? Will Charles step aside after a lifetime waiting? in favor of his son?
Making a triple wheel chart, inner natal, second:coronation, outer transit we can see, that 21 Sag. ( the midpoint between MC/Asc) is triggered by multiple planetary positions. 
Prince Charles: Birth time A rating: Nov 14, 1948; 9:14 pm- puts his Asc. on 5 Leo- a royalty.. but his Sun is at 22 Scorpio, in the 5th house. This tells us, that his persona is "given, handed over" to : children, romantic relationships. This takes us to look at William's chart.. but before: His Moon is at 0 Taurus, exactly on the Queen's' Sun. This tells us, that they are not only mother and son in this life, but were related in past lives. Furthermore, their 12th house ruler are conjunct by sign.. 
Will Charles be king? 
taking in consideration the planetary positions now in the sky, and his numerology... Uranus plays a very important role in his late life. ( He is 68.. ) So you can see, that his Sun is now at the Jupiter-Saturn midpoint, but URANUS! is 150^ to his Sun... 
He might have to wait till February 2018... Then, Saturn will trine his Saturn. ( The planet that crowns kings)... 

How about WIlliam? Born on June 21, 1982, at 21:03 London, puts his Asc. at 27 Sag... Wow!!! This is extremely strong! His Ascendant is on the Galactic Center... This person comes to this world with a mission from the cosmos, or Messenger of God, if you like. Ruler of his MC, career, is Pluto, in retro- weak, in Libra.. So in spite of his duty, he will have difficulty fulfilling it. Pluto is in Libra, ruled by Venus, which is in Taurus, at 25 degrees.- conjunct Chiron! Second hardship!..Venus and Pluto are 150^= third hardship.. Important time for him are the first 2 weeks in October, 2017.
Till then both will have to wait. 

Looking at England's natal chart, from 1801, vulnerable times will come between March-June 2017 and Dec-Feb 2018.. 

The sky is black outside... before a huge storm that is about to fall . Here is something that will warm your hearts: Hungarian Gypsy music... :) 

See you tomorrow.. 
January 1, 2017 Sunday...
Look what I have found!!! Fibonacci numbers in astrology... fantastic.. 

The Dow rallied by almost 30% in 2016... Many astrologers, analysts, were expecting crashes and falls... Well, that did not happen.
This year we shall check, if it'll go to the Fibonacci target, which is higher than 21300. 
Very very sadly, 2016 took another 39 people's lives... Yesterday, in Istanbul, one person, dressed as Santa Claus, opened fire in a nightclub.
The earliest news I got was from 9.09:55 pm, which puts Mars (fire, weapons, killing) conjunct Neptune, in the 7th house of "known" enemies.. Both conjunct the South Node,- bad, and sextile the Sun.- which rules the Ascendant, which fell on 22 degree... Now look at the time, that this massacre happened, 9:09, numbers ruled by Mars, which, together with Neptune are at 9 degrees. The killer, after emptying his gun on the young people celebrating New Year, threw his gun and got away. Alive... He was caught on the cameras. Who is he? The map of the event tells us. He is the Ascendant, Leo, therefore the Sun in the map. the Sun is at 10 degrees in Capricorn. This positions tells us that he is a dogmatic person, who did not accept others celebrating a NON ISLAMIC holiday... The dispositor of the Sun is Saturn, and this is in Sagittarius. Sag. tells us about religion, with Saturn here,   gives a narrow minded person, who might have arrived from abroad. 

As I already wrote in past articles, the most difficult aspect that is in the sky now, Jupiter 180 Uranus, and both squared by Pluto. is the issue that causes all the terror attacks... 

and In 2017: Feb-March and Sept-Oct are again vulnerable times... 

December 30, 2016 Friday

The sky above: I put all the planets in Capricorn in a square for hardship, and in ellipse for flowing energies.. Mind the highlighted degrees, in 20-21, they are the "troublemakers, underlining the square stellium. 
But, Capricorn is not always hard or bad, like everything, it has its highlights as well. A person born in this sign, will be a hard-working person, always rising higher and higher in career, achieving top at older age. He will be stable, reliable upon. Capricorn resides in the 10th house of career, and its words are: " achievements, fulfillment, recognition, excellence. One who is setting and meeting his goals. Maturity, accepting responsibilities, pay for the bills. It also represents bad luck, burden, discomfort,limitations.. 
A!! limitations.. So market wise.. when we meet a group of planets in Capricorn, we can be sure, well, almost, if other planets don't interfere, that any FALL or RALLY will be a limited one. 
In the animal section: alligator, crocodile, frog, giraffe, goat, salamander and wolf, all belong to this sign- so says Mr. Michael Munkasey in his book. I highly recommend it.. 
People born with the Sun in Capricorn: Stalin,Puccini, Willy Brandt, Pope Francis, Jane Fonda, Steven Spielberg, Uri Geller, Johannes Kepler, John Edgar Hoover, Stephen Hawking, KKK, Elvis, Joan Baez, Muhammad Ali, Christine Lagarde, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Cage, Matteo Renzi, Akihiro, and many more.. 
People born with the Moon in Capricorn : Hitler, Goebbels, Marion Le Pen, Adam Lanza, and many more.. 

This sign, as you can see, is not an easy one... Now, depending WHERE, in which house these and other planets are, what angles they receive or send, under which fixed star they are, etc etc... will define one's personality.. or the outcome of any event. 

Astrology is a very complex thing..not to say  science..  

But, let's look at the markets: S&P: rallied between Dec 2-13, from the Moon in Cap- till the Moon in Gemini, exactly 5 signs. Then, we got a consolidation in Cancer, the Moon's domicile, throughout till Dec 27, Moon in Sag, and here it fell.. 

Want to know what's next?? You know what you should do... sign up for the forecasts.. 

So  2017 is here, in 2-3 days... let's see what can we expect? I used the strong planets only:

Begin: 1.01.2017  Period: 1 year  (GMT+2)

                                                    Aspect Exact
Jupiter      22Lib11 180 Uranus       22Ari11   3.03.2017  3:13
Jupiter      19Lib17  90 Pluto          19Cap17  30.03.2017 20:19
Jupiter      14Lib01 150 Neptune      14Psc01  17.05.2017 10:39
Saturn      26Sgr23 120 Uranus       26Ari22  19.05.2017  8:13
Jupiter      14Lib10 150 Neptune      14Psc10   5.07.2017  6:17
Jupiter      17Lib31  90 Pluto          17Cap32   4.08.2017 20:47
Uranus     28Ari30  45 Neptune      13Psc30  12.08.2017  0:00
Jupiter      21Lib11  60 Saturn         21Sgr11  27.08.2017 14:15
Jupiter      27Lib22 180 Uranus       27Ari23  28.09.2017  6:25
Uranus     27Ari02  45 Neptune      12Psc02   7.10.2017  9:17
Saturn      25Sgr38 120 Uranus       25Ari39  11.11.2017 11:46
Jupiter     11Sco30 120 Neptune      11Psc30   3.12.2017  4:20

Jupiter     15Sco17  45 Saturn        0Cap16  22.12.2017 16:58

Of course, we shall analyze every aspect in due time. 

Surely you know, that the effect of each, depends on the personal date. For Natal chart reading, please click at the left panel on PayPal. 


Here are two interesting maps to learn: The inner wheel is when the UN voted for Israel, back 69 years ago, in 1947, making possible the birth of the state a few months later. The outer shows the last vote, then for the first time in history, the USA abstained.. 

We can see the lucky hour or day, in 1947, Jupiter was conjunct the Sun in the sky. made it possible. saturn, back in 1947 was at 22 Leo, a very difficult degree, as you must already know, if you read this blog long enough. It warns of difficulties, deaths. And yes, after Israel was "born" and since, we had more than 23 wars, or "operations" as history noted.. 
Now, 69 years later, the same hand that made it possible, ~ Saturn ~ moved exactly 120 degrees, and from Sagittarius, the sign of the ninth house of law, is criticizing its child.. so to say... trying to make is simple. On the other hand, Uranus, the revolutionary planet, is exactly 60^ apart from natal Uranus. 60 degree is usually a favorable one, was it not in Aries, where it stirs up wars and disputes. Luckily, as it starts, so it burns itself out  quickly. But, it is in retro, so this " quickly" might just take longer.. 

Thanks for the correction... It is very welcome.. As you know, my mother tongue is Hungarian and sometimes I make silly mistakes.. Feel free to correct me, or add any though to what I write. I can be so wrong sometimes.. 


  1. Mis-spell? "The outer shows the last vote, then for the first time in history, the USA 'obtained'. .." Abstained?

    1. Yes!! Thank you!! Pls keep correcting me! :) . SOmetimes the word "sounds" the right one, but it is misspelled.

  2. Gabbi,
    hope this finds you well.
    i just wanted to wish you A wonderful Happy newyear and A Healthy,peaceful and prosperous one too.
    i again, must say with many thanks for such an excellent blog which is rewarding and educating every day after day and for that my many many thanks

    1. Dear Vick,

      Thanks you so much. It warms my heart knowing that you are following me for such a long time!
      May this year bring you and family a good start, health and happiness.
      God bless.

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  5. Suresh, Please stop advertising OTHER astrologers in my blog!

  6. Gabbi,
    if time permits will you please comment on
    BMY and ENDP pharmaceuticals why these one of best pharmaceuticals have been unfairly punished by markets?? being a healthcare provider i feel they are unfairly been singled out
    as always many thanks,

  7. Good morning Vick,

    We talk a lot on IMO, so I see them. I am planning to visit them in March, or even in February, there is an astrology conference in Baltimore.

    ABout BMY: This is a short now, targeting 45=ish. It'll be a long only above 60.
    ENDP: is a short below 17.60, going to 10- 6.60.


    Have a nice day..

  8. RE: Jan 16 post: Don't know if it will make a difference, but it was Franklin D. Roosevelt inaugurated twice in the 1930's. Teddy was earlier in the century.

  9. Of course!!! My mistake.. Thanks!!!!! I deleted that part..

  10. Gabu.
    Good morning, it is 3 AM Arizona time
    many many thanks
    now i see with new president also saying pharma getting away with murder and charging too much, looks like drug industry may have Rough going
    with many thanks,

  11. Gaby,
    Good morning,
    1. your words are like GOLD i do not know whether you keep a track or not; BmY is almost 48 going towards 45 and ENDP is Falling too.
    you mentioned 777 and does it have any correlation to DOW 666 on February 2009 as numbers sounded similar i asked this question
    italso tells you i read your blog everyday and follow you heartily
    thanks for all that you enlighten us Astrologically ; please keep up the Great work of yours
    with many thanks
    GOD BLESS !!!

  12. Dear Vick,
    I just checked, BMY, and WOW! wHAT A FALL!! I hope you were in the right direction! ENDP as well follows " directions "/// 777 has nothing to do with 666... but, it's a nice thought..


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