New Moon in Aries 2017

between March 28- April 27, 2017

Thanks for following me from the former article.... the New Moon in Pisces. 
As always, I start a new article on each New Moon. This time it is in Aries. 

Here are the most important Geocentric aspects during this Lunar month. 
27.03.2017   17:10:40  Ari Moon
29.03.2017   18:47:44  Tau Moon
31.03.2017   19:40:15  Gem Moon
31.03.2017   20:30:31  Tau Mercury
  2.04.2017   21:26:51  Cnc Moon
 3.04.2017     3:25:17  Psc Venus
  6.04.2017    8:06:02 R     Saturn 27°47'41"Sgr
 7.04.2017    7:19:37  Vir Moon
  9.04.2017   15:34:14  Lib Moon
10.04.2017    2:13:45 R     Mercury  4°50'51"Tau
12.04.2017    1:41:33  Sco Moon
14.04.2017   13:26:44  Sgr Moon
15.04.2017   13:17:17 D     Venus 26°54'34"Psc
17.04.2017    2:04:30  Cap Moon
19.04.2017   13:51:40  Aqr Moon
20.04.2017    0:27:01 > Tau Sun
20.04.2017   15:48:41 R     Pluto 19°23'55"Cap
20.04.2017   20:37:06  Ari Mercury
21.04.2017   13:31:53  Gem Mars
21.04.2017   22:42:35  Psc Moon
24.04.2017    3:32:27  Ari Moon
26.04.2017    4:56:12  Tau Moon
26.04.2017    4:58:33 min N Venus
28.04.2017    4:38:57  Gem Moon
As you can see, we will have 5 important events the coming month: Saturn turns retrograde, followed by Mercury, and Pluto, the Sun will ingres Taurus and Venus turns Direct. 
What will these events mean in everybody's life, that depends, of course, of the natal data for each. 

Here are some comparison graphs for the USA  indices: from Bloomberg: worst performer was the Russell 2000., on it you could gain the most money, going short... 
the best was the IBEX: ( Spain) could make a full pocket going long.(compared to the FTSE).
Asia and Nifty
Looking at the worst performing group during the last month, it was the " Financials" ... When the banks don't support the market, we can forget about rallies. 

April 27, 2017 Thursday

Yesterday the US markets made another effort, successfully, to reach new highs... Well Almost, the last high was taken out in the S&P. Topped at 2397, a target that was given in the alerts on April 25th. 
On the same day, I gave DOW's target at 21030- it made it to 21070. 
But, the first runner up was Nasdaq, here the target is 6076, was not yet reached. 
The DAX still lingers up there...
FTSE: stop was 7395, target given 7111- reached. It is still a short. 
CAC: still celebrates ... there is a huge gap to close. look out!
Milano: here the timing is different that the other indices.. See alert. 

We are under Jupiter and Mercury 's effect today. mercury is still conjunct Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter is 135^~bad~ to the South Node. 
Venus is still on Scheat... 

I write this blog since 2009. If you want to search anything in it, there is a search window at the left top. 
I should close this article, and start a new one, as I always do, under the New Moon. 

Thanks for being here, following me to the next page! Bring your friends and relatives... 

April 26, 2017 Wednesday 

Today is a CIT day for the Nifty and Nikkei. Sometimes, I make a mistake in the weekly reports, by giving long term targets, and then, subscribers disappear... Thinking they know when will those targets come... Well, good luck for them... I understand when someone wants to quit, and not trade, new child is born, or fallen sick, or million other reasons. But disappearing without a word?? not one small e-mail..That I don't like. 

Today we are influenced by Mercury and Uranus. They are conjunct! In Aries. Mercury will come and go to this position, in its retrograde motion. It brings zig-zag trade. 

The other thing to watch is the Moon moved to Taurus, where she is exalted, strong, but also lazy. My Sabian Oracle says:
"Moon's Position at 8:49:59 AM is 02°Ta26'

A time of fulfilment is close, but there is still some small effort to be made.  Keep going the way you are, following your natural intuition, and you will find the peace you have in sight. Hopefulness. Inspirational possibilities. Gradually enlarging one's vision.  If negative - looking for the easy way out. Not making the effort to find what is just a few steps away."
I find it difficult to use the Sabian symbols for the market, but it gives some poetry... What do you think?? 

Next, it is VENUS, on one of the worst fixed stars today, on Scheat! She is also the strongest planet of the day... 

Alerts given yesterday materialised almost in full. 

CMG: shares jump! I am not surprised! When I was in the USA, in March, I loved this food! It is very similar to Israeli food, a lot of vegetables!!! 
I just got this interesting mail, written by Zane.B.Stein. Now, I would not post it, if it was not from this author! I have his excellent book on the Secrets of Tarot... 
Search his articles... 
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Why is Twitter such a bad share?? All the modern world is using Twitter! I thought, since Trump tweets all the time, the share must rocket, at least since he became president! I am surprised to see this: 
So I search the first trade, and I understand it all.. Sun conjunct Saturn. Moon conjunct Capricorn. Both luminaries are depressed. 

Sent alert 90 min. ago, about TWTR.... and it is rallying... :) LOL... 

April 25, 2017 Tuesday

Today we are under Mars and Jupiter effect. Mars is at 2 Gemini, square to the South Node, and there was a big earthquake in Chile. Earthquakes have to do with the Nodes, and usually Neptune is also active. Jupiter, is applying with a disharmonic aspect to Neptune, from Libra and in retro. 
In any case, the strongest planet of the day in the sky is Venus. She is still in Pisces, exalted=good, so it seems, that the positive momentum will continue today in the markets. But, don't fall asleep! I never promised you a rose garden!. 

Download my app! there I sent a lot of alerts yesterday on different stocks, and during the week on all indices and commodities... Of course, you can always sign up for the weekly report, to receive a deeper analysis, based on astrology, planetary cycles, math and more! 

Now, everything that gapped up yesterday, under the positive atmosphere, all those shares, indices etc, will fall back! They have to close the gap... It might happen this week or the next, or next month, but it will! better concentrate on cashing out, and not hunt for the exact top. I uploaded some graphs to my FB page
The FTSE is not so enthusiastic as the rest of the indices! We are short below 7310 

An interesting index to follow is VTI ( Vanguard Total shares index). Born in 1992, celebrating its 25th birthday in 2 days! Major important turn not only for the index but for ALL markets! 
Watch out for a major turn as of April 30th, 2017. 
And here is a "MUST READ article! What are they talking about? Markets rally on borrowed money. As soon as the tap closes, market tumbles. 


April 24,2017 Monday

The Moon entered Aries, and sent the S&P rallying. trades now at 2375! 
Our stop was 2338- so if you kept it, and stayed open during the weekend, you are gaining now. 
We have the outcome of the first step of the French elections, and Macron with Le Pen are the finalists... In my post on April 9th, I posted both charts, and I asked a rhetorical question, "who will win?' They both have very strong charts, so it was a dilemma, I could not solve, neither the French... so far. I will have to search deeper for answers. 
Market is about to start. The Dax trades 1.8% higher... waw!! this will definitely push our market higher as well/ Dax stop was 12130-
The sky today: besides the Moon position, we also have a trine- between Mercury-Saturn. And, let's not forget Mars in Gemini, fire in air, bringing a new push-up. 
Some gossip: 
"Cherchez la femme!" The wife behind Macron, Brigitte~one of the few he trusts~ was his high school teacher in Amiens, they met when he was 15, and together since 18 years old...She was born April 13, 1953 at 15:00 or 3 pm. Asc. 4 Virgo, Moon 19 Aries. Venus at the "killer" 22^ degree. She is 64... They married in 2007, she has 3 kids from former husband.
Now, I looked at her chart, to see if we get a clue about the outcome on May 7, second round.... And yes, her chart shows a very strong husband, and position, so it seems he is the winner. Furthermore, the upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 21, will trigger his Sun. moving him to the Presidency. Also the Lunar eclipse on 8/7, from 15 Aquarius....

At the same time, she has a Uranus-Sun conjunction, which will change her life inside out, upside down. 

April 23, 2017, Sunday

The French elections day. Europe is waiting!
The sky today: The Sun in Taurus, Moon applying, we are before the New Moon. The Moon in Pisces, with Venus, which is very strong in this sign, both in aspect. Moon to Pluto, Venus to Saturn. I cannot explain their meaning better, than the Sabian symbol below...

Oracle Degree: 12°Cp00' - 12°Cp59'

You may find yourself very focused at the moment, with a great passion for the situation. There is a sense of danger, but also a sense of new beginnings. Harnessing personal resources. Creating magic. Self-conquest. Kundalini energy being aroused. Playing with dangerous elements to reach a higher state of being. If negative - overestimation of personal power and abilities.
Mars in Gemini brings a lot of energy to the fire.
Some facts about France.

Last week I was at a wedding. At our table we met a couple from France. They live partly in Israel, partly in Paris. So what they said, it is from people who live the situation. 
He told us, an elder, about 65-70 years old, that, the immigrants, who pour in from Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, and all the other failed countries, come with 3-4 wives. each has 4-6 children. The French social law grants a lot of money for each child. So the outcome is, that one man receives money for 20-25 children! They don't have to work... and they take advantage of the laws.... They send their wives to protest and cry... the French are fed up to work FOR THESE PEOPLE.! Many years ago, the actor Gerard Depardieu was greatly criticised by French media for leaving France, for Belgium. I cannot blame him!! Can you?
The French feel that they work for these fugitives! 

April 21, 2017 Friday.

Under Aries Mercury the markets turned.- Stop in the S&P was 2338- above it we went long again. I hope you can be as flexible, as an 8 year old chinese athlete, to earn something in the markets... First resistance now is at 2358- should go above, to run higher. 

News in the sky: Mercury in Aries, Mars on the Pleiades, the weeping sisters, Paris is weeping, as I see in the news. But aren't we all? Whoever sent those killers, wants Le Pen to win... 
The Israeli market first runner up : real estate shares, last biomed.

April 20, 2017, Thursday

Sun in Taurus                                                           

Also Mercury, both entering now. 
Taurus is the first Earth sign in the wheel. 
The Sun is Fire, fire in Earth, is weak. Mercury is Air. Air in Earth is moderately good. You might want to read former posts, when the Sun entered Taurus, it always fell under the Aries New Moon. 
Mark the "Bull's eye" Wiki for explanation.. 

April 20, is Hitler's birthday. Taurus is the sign, that has one of the worst fixed stars: Algol. In the Chinese astrology they call it " Tseih She", or "the piled up corpses". Mind you, Queen Elisabeth's Sun is not far from Algol either.. (4/21/1926). In the article that I included, you will find a great explanation on Algol. Also, I recommend buying Diana Rosenberg: Secrets of the ancient sky" 2 volumes... It's a fantastic research of her lifetime. 
For the markets, shares that have their Sun in Taurus, usually outperform the market. (Bill Meridian). 
I also recommend buying " The rulership book" by Rex.E.Bills and "The astrological thesaurus" by Munkasey. 

TEVA: I posted in January, that falling from the Sun's rays, the share will crash/ People wrote me, no! Teva is strong... etc. etc.. See where is it now: from 14500- to 11200.

On April 9 I wrote about the French elections...if you are searching that. 

April 19, 2017 Wednesday

Yesterday I had retro Mercury problems. it started with my printer, that won't print, next a flat tire in my car, which ended up with buying a new tire, since the hole was exactly at the same place as in August, when it happened again. 

Then 90 minutes in the gym, this and that, and the day ended.. It is warm here, getting to be 30 C* this week end. What a joy! 

Yesterday Theresa May announced the date of election in the UK, to be June 8, 2017. Did she got some appetite, seeing Erdogan winning? Does she want more power? I had to make a chart. 
The chart is for 11 pm, after the vote ends: 

Pluto on the Ascendant, at 18 degrees, same as the Sun, in Gemini. As per Nikola S.- astrologer, this is the degree of the devil. A satanic degree. Pluto is 150 to the Sun= bad position. Pluto brings destruction. The Sun, represents the PM, is weak by house.Saturn, ruler of the Asc. is retro and weak by house.(H12). The people ( Moon) is in Sag. - good... Ruler of MC, career, Venus, is strong in Taurus. so the balance for good and bad positions is 50% 50%. 
Will have to check more combined charts, to get a conclusion. 
I looked at Theresa May's chart with the day of the election, and I am sure she gets advice from an astrologer... All seems great for her. 
the FTSE, however, did not like this move! 
Alert sent on April 18:
FTSE: Target given 7395- reached, and fell back. We are short below it. Target 7266- falling below, next: 7170-7110. CIT 4/21."
And guess what?? bottom so far: 7130.... 

Today, at 9 pm it's the "Beige Book"! So I advise you to stay out of US indices, shares..
Today, at 1:51 pm, in 10 minutes, the Moon enters Aquarius, she is also  squaring the Sun. This means an intra-day CIT. 

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April 17, 2017 Monday

We know now, that Monday is the most favorable day of the week. (4.15 post). We also know, that Erdogan won. by 51.2%!! - Which I forecasted on 4/14/17. I also forecasted Brexit, Theresa May winning, Trump's victory. I also forecasted, on June 12/2016, that the UK pound will fall, lower than Feb 2009 low.. If you followed the forecast, you could gain all the way from 1.44. In 2017 bottomed, so far at 1.19.etc... 

April 17 sky: In our Galaxy we have ONE static point, and that is the Galactic Center. It is at 27 Sag.
Now look at the planets!! Saturn is right on it, and the Sun, Mars, Venus and soon Uranus will be in some kind of angle with it. 
One hundred years ago, the GC was at 25.Sag 42, so as you see, for us, it is static.
Since saturn is retro, will stay in Sag. till mid-December 2017. Till then watch  out for more major, fated world events - like in Turkey. 

Today we have holiday. The Sun is shining outside. European banks are also closed. The only trade is on only in the far East. I sent reports and alerts.. so I'm free for the day. 

April 15, 2017 Saturday

I post, only to remember Leonardo Da Vinci, who was born on this day.... He was a "Polymath". Read more here. a genius... Multilateral interests.. How do we see that in his chart? Mercury, planet of knowledge far and unharmed by the Sun, Creative: Moon in Pisces. Innovator: ( Mars in Aquarius ). But, with Uranus at the 22 degrees in House 8 of sex, in Cancer, he was also odd, peculiar, for his time. 

Of course,we have always to look for all the points in the chart. Not everyone with Mars in Aquarius will be another Leonardo.. 
Just sayin... 

I am preparing now the weekly forecasts... 
Stay tuned. 

I wrote to some friends, " I hope you will receive the nicest egg"... LOL... and Now I see they have no idea what I am talking about.. In my childhood, we celebrated Easter, by painting eggs. See pic. 
There was also a custom, to receive boys, who would sprinkle water/ perfume ( patchouli style), on girls' head... The more popular a girl, the more boys came ... so by the end of the day she was  stinking of all this cheap perfume...LOL... But it was not like this in the ancient times..  I read now in Wiki, that this custom comes from a pagan ritual. 
Now you might ask, what is that to me?? Being Jewish?? In those days, in Romania, communism killed religion. It was forbidden to go to church/synagogue.. So we just did what everybody was doing.. 
Nice memories.. 

April 14, 2017, Friday

Yesterday I learned something new. I learned, that since Monday is ruled by the Moon, and the Moon is exalted in Taurus,(second sign), Monday is a very fortunate day. No wonder, my father in law, used to say, " the week starts on Monday ( in spite the fact, that here in Israel the first working day is Sunday).... he knew no astrology, I can assure you that. But he was a wise old guy, from the ancient times. 
Now, the other day that is second best of the week, is Friday. Why? Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, this is exalted in Pisces, and Friday is ruled by Venus. Cool? 

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. This is bad now in retro. Jupiter is expansion for good or bad.Yesterday the USA dropped the biggest bomb in Afghanistan, I am sure, you heard it on the news. 

After 8 years of "deep freeze" the USA is taking again a position in the world... I wrote yesterday, that Mars with Algol, will bring some action... 

Next, we have the Turkish vote on the 16th... what a date! Then Kim Jong Un... not a dull day. I was searching and searching for Erdogan's time of birth. I found, that he was not born in Istanbul, as all astrology sites quote, but in Kazinpasa.( from the Daily telegraph) With a little help from my friends, I have the time Turkish astrologers use: 2:20 am. On Nov. 26th 2011 he had a cancer surgery. Having cancer was denied later by the media. 
In any case, here is his natal chart, I hope this is the final and correct place and time, with April 16th 11 pm transits: 
This hour puts his Ascendant on 21Sag30; Moon +Mars conjunct in H12; MC=career in Libra, so Venus rules his career, which is exalted in Pisces, at 13^ degree, conjunct Mercury in retro. Mercury rules the house of law.
The outer wheel shows Neptune with Mercury and Venus, conjunct.- So there is a lot of fog surrounding his doing, thoughts and plans.. Transit Moon- at the end of the day of the vote, is VOC- Moon representing the people, has no voice, AND is conjunct Saturn, (suppressed by the government). Furthermore, transit Pluto is in opposition Uranus, in H6, open enemies= destruction. In another chart, Directed Saturn sextile Venus, which is a good aspect. So it seems, that the vote will pass favorably for him. Which, of course will be a disaster for modern Turkey. 
But, as we follow the events, we can see, that the extremists are taking the stage everywhere. I think only Holland got it right, so far, by electing Rutte, which I forecasted in my previous articles. 
The markets are red:

Most of them bottomed on March 27th, and today we are 13 trading days from that day.. failing to turn, we will see lower lows, thus signaling for a short, to much lower levels. We are short... 

News in the sky? Venus turns slowly Direct... in Pisces, soon to re enter Aries, where it is weak. 
Till the 18th Bank Holiday all over the world... Have a happy Holiday! 


April 13, 2017 Thursday

The sky today: is busy... 
We are after the Full Moon. The Moon is still in Scorpio. We have 4 planets retro. ( marked in blue). Venus is a "Morning star" ( the warrior), rising before the Sun, and she is 60^ from Mars, and 90^ from Saturn. The Sun, at 23rd degree, is on a bad position today. Also conjunct Uranus, which brings sudden and surprising events. But, the main and lasting aspect is the Saturn-Uranus trine. This aspect occurred only in June 18, 2003 and in August 2002. The effect of this aspect can be checked only on the DOW, where we have data for more than 100 years. 
On April 15-16th, Mars will conjunct the one of the most wicked stars, ALGOL. Diana Rosenberg, in her book, she writes a lot about this malefic star... So watch out! We can see the world events, and the stars either "cause" it, or back it. Depends on what you believe in. But the "coincidence" is in the air.. 
I've been working on the AORD: here is the graph with Mars conjunct ALGOL: 

Although this aspect happens yearly, adding to it, the other planets, it makes it more, much more dangerous. 

Sometimes I use all kinds of Arabic parts. Here are the max. I could upload.

Our market closed at 2 pm, - due to the holiday. We got a major fall! Bottomed at 1371, and closed at 1378. 53 days from former top. 
Next week is a new symphony... Stay tuned.. 

DAX: Fell so far to 12109; as I wrote before, we are short below 12180. 
Actually I see all the world is red. 
Turkey: TR20 is still above the stop- as given in the app!!. On the 16th! crucial v o t e !! 

April 12, 2017 Wednesday

I am home, after celebrating Passover. You know, there is a song in the Seder, that goes like this: Ma nishtana. Most of the Haggadah- the book of Pesach, is mostly song and not read. It differs to different nations. Ashkenazi and sephardi, non religious and religious, or people who live in a kibbutz, they have their own book... This song asks, " what has changed tonight? What is different? Usually song by the youngest at the table. Then the crowd answers, and explains what did change. 
Anyway, my family, for the first time, decided to go to a zimmer in the north to avoid cooking and cleaning etc.. but enjoy it " light". We are not religious at all. We booked 4-5 rooms in Yechiam, a very non religious kibbutz. My early days in Israel, back in 1973, when we came here, I spent 6 months in a similar kibbutz, near Haifa, where I have family till today. So I " warned" them, that they will see a completely different Seder, festival, than we are used to... So we go to the dining room, and some 100 people come in. Turns out, they are one family, and they booked 60 rooms. LOL... One of them leads the whole festival. And it turns out, that they are VERY religious, from Morocco, and we end up taking part in a really really different Seder than usual. Not modern at all... They sing all the Hagada. and do all kind of things we don't know about. 
First we were shocked. But then, we joined them...The singing went on till after midnight. 
It was definitely a big change for us that night! And it doesn't end here... The next day we heard, that there is the biggest mall in the country, in Kfar Yarka, a Druze village not far from us. We wanted to go and see... After driving around for an hour, we did not find it.... LOL.... So we said, Ok, we go to a market in another village, Maalot Tarshiha. We drove there, prepared to eat their very good food, but, there was no market on that day, due to Passover... LOL... So on return to Yechiam, we finally bumped into a Hungarian restaurant, called "Transylvania", after the place I was born, in Romania....And the place that the Americans turned into a Hollywood film with Dracula. Dracula was a wicked count, lived in the 15th century. His original name was Vlad ( Vladimir) Tepes..Now how many Vladimir you know nowadays?? 
To this, we say: "Niflaot darchei Elohim". "The Lord works in mysterious ways..". 

Market starts in 6 minutes. We are after the Full Moon. The Moon moved on, to Scorpio. Here it is wicked. The Sun is at 22,30 Aries, a bad degree. Mercury turned retro, and now we have 4 planets in retro. Not a happy scenario. 
Our market is light green, the DAX as well, but it would take much more to get a CIT. 
The next upcoming important event will be on April 16th, the Turkish Constitutional referendum. In which, Erdogan demands being accepted as the new Sultan. simply said..but, read the demands...

Between April 23- to May 12 all people, with any planet at 13 degrees in any sign, should be extra careful! Like Nigel Farage, Mubarak, Liberman, Larry Pesavento, Pope Francis, Deutsche Bank, ETC...

April 10, 2017, Monday

I shall be away till the 12th. You can reach me under my gmail.. 
Take care... 

April 9, 2017 Sunday

I saw a post in a group, saying, that 100 years ago, the USA proclaimed war on Germany, on April 6. This year, just a few days ago, the USA attacked Syria, after a long silence and no interference during Obama's regime. I am not going into politics, I just looked at the chart. The chart of the event in 1917, now, and both combined with the USA chart. There are some very interesting issues! 
Since astrologers cannot make up their minds about the USA natal chart, I have about 6 different hours for it... I am just using the SAG. ascendant, which, I think fits most. 
In the 4.6.1917 chart we will find the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Aries, the sign of war. Now these planets are here once a year, and we don't have a major war each year, do we? So we have to search for other triggers. And we find it under Uranus at 22^~ destructive degree~, in Aquarius.Uranus makes a 150^ to Mercury, which is the ruler of the 7th house - known enemies. 

Besides that, we have transit Saturn in Cancer, conjunct natal Mercury, pointing to a higher authority (Saturn) on the enemy.. Interferes, to bring order. And, transit Pluto is conjunct natal Venus, Jupiter and the Sun, by sign. 
Today, in 2017: transit Pluto is in opposition, from Capricorn: Venus, Jupiter and the Sun... 

Note, that USA Sun is at 13 degrees Cancer, which is a vulnerable degree. anyone/anything touching it will wake up the beast...Just a saying, not that I think the USA is the beast.. LOL... 
In any case, we are lucky, that Uranus will NOT return to 22 degrees. Instead, it will be Saturn. In its retrograde motion, it will be here in July 7-26, and again Sept 20- for 3 weeks..Those are times to watch. 

But, the interesting part is hidden in the 12th house, of "unknown enemies... And by this chart, it opens in Scorpio. Ruler of which is Mars and Pluto. They are inconjunct~150~ in the natal chart. Difficult times to come  as of March 2018 for 5 years at least.. 
Today's chart: 

Our market is open, but tomorrow we have Pesach, Passover, so we will not have trade. People are busy cooking, so there is not much going on. On April 14 Good Friday, so there isn't much left of the week.. 
I shall be away till Wednesday...
Happy holidays, and be good. :) 

For many years, it's the first time, that my family and me, will be spending the holiday in a hotel. Halleluyah!! no cooking, no cleaning, nothing... 
So I have time look into the charts of some leaders, see what is happening, under the news, and under the different planetary cycles...Who are the leaders, who change history? well, it's certainly Trump, Putin, Xi. Then second group: Assad, Erdogan and Hassan Rouhani. Then another group, dealing with their own problems: ( mainly dealing with the invasion of group 2 into their countries) : Theresa May, Merkel and La Pen. 
Here are the yearly aspects in the sky: 

You don't have to be an astrologer, to see, that there are no long lasting aspects. The only long line is in July- November, a 45^ Uranus-Neptune aspect. This aspect occurred before in March 1973. What happened then ? We had the Yom Kippur war. In the world there were wars too.. here is a link to WIki. 
This aspect made the market fall by 6% in the past.. 
I wholeheartedly advise you to buy Bill Meridian books. He has there all the possible cycles... "Planetary Economic Forecasting".
I wrote above about thhe 22 degree, and how destructive it is. Here is a picture, showing the S&P with the times, that Saturn, uranus, Neptune or Pluto were at 21-23 degrees in any sign. 

and a closer look : 

In his book, Bill writes, that when Jupiter crossed from Leo to Scorpio, most of the crises occur. Now Jupiter is in Libra. Will enter Scorpio Oct 11, 2017- till Nov. 9. 2018.
I ran TS, on the S&P,  to see what does the statistics say, and I see a rally 7 times out of 8... So now I don't know what to think..
You see?? We have to check other planets as well.... And always  use stops.
To trade successfully we always have to check, which sector benefits from the fundamental events? If there is a war, that brings jobs, weapons rally, food and water as well. IMHO... In the 21st century we should look more to drones, bio and nano technology based shares. Times, when people fought one on one with the sword, is long gone. 

I read the other day that brokers advise people to buy RTN... what a laugh! this share already rallied from 26 to 152 $... "They" want to sell and exit.. 

The main disturbing angle in the sky this year has been, and still is, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, and both square destructive Pluto. This is a rare, thus a very significant aspect. So what we should do, is to check the a/m leaders' charts under this aspect. 
Here we go: Donald Trump: has his Sun, at 22 Gemini. His natal chart is deeply influenced by this grand square. Pluto is in opposition his Gemini stellium. Uranus sextiles them. and Jupiter trines them. Sextiles and trines are harmonious aspects. While Pluto will make America great again... This planet will bring major changes in his attitude. 

Putin: I read today, in, that his natal data is not sure. Some astrologers say he was even born in Georgia, and on a different day, others made rectification to his hour. I always used this chart, which worked, so far, so I am not going to change it. Looking at the transits, you can see, that the planets are right BINGO on his Libra stellium.. 

XI: Hour unknown... but looking at his chart, we can see, a very disturbing aspect from Pluto- 180 to natal Uranus! 

Group 2: 
Assad: has a very interesting chart. First, he has a stellium in Pisces- and across, 180^ another in Virgo. This makes him bipolar... Is that the word? In any case, he is very strong, due to his SUn+Pluto conjunction, also cruel. But, Transit Saturn (higher authority, discipline) squares both his stelliums. Saturn is also 180 to his benefactor, Jupiter, which is weak in Gemini. And Pluto, the final stroke affects his Sun. The planets move slowly, so we will see him on stage for a while. 
Erdugan: Pluto 180 Uranus.. don't have to say more. But maybe yes.. transit Neptune has been effective in the last months. Now it conjuncts his Mercury, is he losing his mind? Something is very wrong with him.. I read some addendum is due, will have to read about that more. Also note the returning 22 degrees in his chart! Time is correct in this chart, so his partners will be destroyed. Major shift is coming 

Hassan Rouhani: For the time being his chart is not affected. But time will come soon, with Uranus moving to Taurus, when his Scorpio stellium will be triggered. 

Group 3: 
Theresa May: has 2 disturbing aspects in her chart: transit Neptune on ruler of H7- she is in the fog, concerning partners' relationships... And tr. Pluto trines her Jupiter, ruler of H3. In mundane charts, I would take this for a major turn regarding Ireland/Scotland.. Not sure what is in the news... BUt that is where attention should be. There will be some monetary consequences too. Transit Saturn!! signals.  
Angela Merkel: no explanation needed , I think... transit Pluto, right in the heart of her Cancer stellium. I wrote in the past, that I doubt very much her victory in the elections. 

And, last but not least... Marine Le Pen. Although she did not win yet.. And I have no time of birth for Macron, to check...WOuld you believe it? Transit Pluto is 180 her MC.! She is due to bring a major change for France. Transit Saturn helps- by a trine to natal Sat. and a square to Pluto+Uranus .Interesting, that her Sun is at 13 Leo! Where did we see that before ? Putin has it at 13 Libra, USA!! 13 Cancer.... 
OK, I found Emmanuel Macron: he has very good chances to win! So who will it be? Him or her? LOL... or a coalition ??

TIme to eat... Enjoy your reading. Comments will be welcomed. 

April 7, 2017 Friday

If you think you are alone, feel alone and in despair, look up to the stars, and they'll give you the answer! Venus squares Saturn. so, in your loneliness, you are not alone! Thousands , near you are. What you should do, join them. Go to crowded places, move! Do something about it. Go to you nearby community. And the feeling will lift from your shoulders. 
SInce Venus is a fast moving planet, this feeling will pass quickly.
Former squares since 2000: think back! what happened then ? 
Look for a Chart

Range of search: 1.01.2000 - 1.01.2025
In steps of: 24h 0m 0s
Search for...:

Realization intervals (begin - end):
28.02.2000  0:00 (GMT+2) - 29.02.2000  0:00 (GMT+2)
 6.08.2000  0:00 (GMT+2) -  7.08.2000  0:00 (GMT+2)
30.12.2000  0:00 (GMT+2) - 31.12.2000  0:00 (GMT+2)
 3.10.2001  0:00 (GMT+2) -  4.10.2001  0:00 (GMT+2)
18.02.2002  0:00 (GMT+2) - 19.02.2002  0:00 (GMT+2)
 2.08.2002  0:00 (GMT+2) -  3.08.2002  0:00 (GMT+2)
17.04.2003  0:00 (GMT+2) - 18.04.2003  0:00 (GMT+2)
25.09.2003  0:00 (GMT+2) - 26.09.2003  0:00 (GMT+2)
14.02.2004  0:00 (GMT+2) - 15.02.2004  0:00 (GMT+2)
20.11.2004  0:00 (GMT+2) - 21.11.2004  0:00 (GMT+2)
 8.04.2005  0:00 (GMT+2) -  9.04.2005  0:00 (GMT+2)
18.09.2005  0:00 (GMT+2) - 19.09.2005  0:00 (GMT+2)
 5.06.2006  0:00 (GMT+2) -  6.06.2006  0:00 (GMT+2)
13.11.2006  0:00 (GMT+2) - 14.11.2006  0:00 (GMT+2)
 2.04.2007  0:00 (GMT+2) -  3.04.2007  0:00 (GMT+2)
 6.01.2008  0:00 (GMT+2) -  7.01.2008  0:00 (GMT+2)
26.05.2008  0:00 (GMT+2) - 27.05.2008  0:00 (GMT+2)
 3.11.2008  0:00 (GMT+2) -  4.11.2008  0:00 (GMT+2)
21.07.2009  0:00 (GMT+2) - 22.07.2009  0:00 (GMT+2)
29.12.2009  0:00 (GMT+2) - 30.12.2009  0:00 (GMT+2)
18.05.2010  0:00 (GMT+2) - 19.05.2010  0:00 (GMT+2)
19.02.2011  0:00 (GMT+2) - 20.02.2011  0:00 (GMT+2)
13.07.2011  0:00 (GMT+2) - 14.07.2011  0:00 (GMT+2)
18.12.2011  0:00 (GMT+2) - 19.12.2011  0:00 (GMT+2)
 3.09.2012  0:00 (GMT+2) -  4.09.2012  0:00 (GMT+2)
11.02.2013  0:00 (GMT+2) - 12.02.2013  0:00 (GMT+2)
 1.07.2013  0:00 (GMT+2) -  2.07.2013  0:00 (GMT+2)
30.03.2014  0:00 (GMT+2) - 31.03.2014  0:00 (GMT+2)
26.08.2014  0:00 (GMT+2) - 27.08.2014  0:00 (GMT+2)
30.01.2015  0:00 (GMT+2) - 31.01.2015  0:00 (GMT+2)
13.07.2015  0:00 (GMT+2) - 17.07.2015  0:00 (GMT+2)
 4.08.2015  0:00 (GMT+2) -  7.08.2015  0:00 (GMT+2)
10.10.2015  0:00 (GMT+2) - 12.10.2015  0:00 (GMT+2)
25.03.2016  0:00 (GMT+2) - 26.03.2016  0:00 (GMT+2)
13.08.2016  0:00 (GMT+2) - 14.08.2016  0:00 (GMT+2)
27.01.2017  0:00 (GMT+2) - 29.01.2017  0:00 (GMT+2)
 6.04.2017  0:00 (GMT+2) - 24.04.2017  0:00 (GMT+2)
 8.10.2017  0:00 (GMT+2) -  9.10.2017  0:00 (GMT+2)
13.03.2018  0:00 (GMT+2) - 14.03.2018  0:00 (GMT+2)
10.08.2018  0:00 (GMT+2) - 11.08.2018  0:00 (GMT+2)
 7.05.2019  0:00 (GMT+2) -  8.05.2019  0:00 (GMT+2)
26.09.2019  0:00 (GMT+2) - 27.09.2019  0:00 (GMT+2)

This year it will last a long time, instead of 1-4 days, 18 days, because of Saturn retrograde motion, and THAT!!! is very slow. I see now, that it was not as long in the last 17 years!!! WAW!!! 
In order to find out when did this happen in the past; we must look for: 
1) Saturn in Sag AND RETRO
2) Venus in Aries AND retro
3) Venus 90 Saturn.
I ran TS. I really don't think there is any other software that can do this, in a few seconds! And this is it: 

The next  step would be, to analyse each event separately, and conclude of them, if to go long or short, and where are the stops and targets. This is what is I do in the weekly reports. So unless you sign up, you will not know..

With the situation getting uglier every day in Syria, I had to look at Assad's chart again. Here is what I wrote in a group: 

"Moscow astrologer Vladimir Kopylov, based apparently on these premises and considering temporary reversals, suggested in personal correspondence with the author of the article, a natal chart for Bashar al-Assad with 14:35 local time on the Ascendant 3 ° 23 Capricorn. After further investigation the author has slightly refined the birth of Bashar al-Assad to 14:37:49 with Ascendant 4 ° 03 Capricorn. "

As per this time, his natal Moon is at 24 Pisces, and transit Saturn squares it from H12.
Also tr. Venus, in Retro is conjunct.Venus ruler of his 5th and 10th.
He has Sun+Uranus+Pluto conjunct in Virgo, in H9.
Mercury, ruler of H9 ~ foreign interference~ is conjunct natal Venus, in the directed chart. And will be for another year. 
Important turning point in his life: beginning of June 2017.

SYrian civil war broke out on March 15, 2011 at 9:07.
At that time Uranus was at 0 Aries- Arab spring ~. Transit Sun right on Assad's Moon. 
Transit Mars in opposition his Sun+Uranus +Pluto stellium.
At the time the war broke out, tr. Mars was 120 to natal Mars. Now it is in opposition. it will take another trine, Mars to be in Cancer end of June 2017, IMHO, to move towards an end...
Tr. Pluto in 2011 was right on the ascendant, bringing the disaster... 
And the twist in the chart: Neptune, ruler of H3, siblings, close relatives, is conjunct Mars, in the 12th. Isn't he fighting his own people?"

I could not post there charts, so here it is. See for yourselves... And comment.. 

Trump authorized yesterday an airstrike on the Syrian base. Transit Pluto and Mars are in trine- and on the destructive degree , at 19! Capricorn and Taurus. There is no coincidence under the Sun.
Not to forget, that the upcoming eclipse in August will be at 28 Leo. the Moon is right on it! 
Assad and his government keep saying, they did not gassed their own people... Well, maybe not. But until we will know the truth, many others will die. 
Look up, at the list at the beginning of this blog... April 6th, Saturn turns. Saturn, for Assad, rules his first house of ego and his whole being..In his natal chart, see above, Saturn is in the 3rd house.. Again showing a hard hand on neighbors, his own people... Saturn is also conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. Transit Neptune is right on his Saturn. Thus, we don't know what is REALLY going on. Who lies, who tells the truth. But we will... when Neptune moves on.

Remember Mars in 19 degrees? Well, it will affect South Africa as well. Someone posted a question about Yacob ZUMA, their president, so I had to check what is going on in his chart. In lack of an hour, I use Solar chart, the SUn on the Asc. 

Transit Jupiter is across his Sun - BAD, since Jupiter is weak in Libra. But, worst is transit Saturn 150^ to natal Saturn. His reign is coming to an end. 

April 6, 2017 Thursday

Mars at 19 degrees Taurus, and we can say bye bye - for a while- to longs.! S&P hit time and price. ( Mentioned this 2 days ago! ) .
Stop was 2358, we are short below it. 

We are now on the 6th, and on the list above, you can see, that Saturn turns retro today. This, like all the next events will have an affect on the market. What kind of affect? Well, that depends... on each and everyone's natal data. 
Since in trade money is involved, our only "weapon" is discipline and the shield is the stop loss. 

April 5, 2017 Wednesday

With the Moon in Leo, we see the markets getting green. Tomorrow she will trine the Sun. 
Here are the times gmt:00~ to check, for intra day trades. 

4.04.2017 22:13:18  0°00'00"Leo <<<
 5.04.2017  4:30:50  3°33'22"Leo Square Mercury
 5.04.2017 21:19:53 12°58'12"Leo Quincunx Neptune
 6.04.2017  3:45:50 16°32'14"Leo Trine Sun
 6.04.2017  7:14:34 18°27'32"Leo Sextile Jupiter
 6.04.2017  8:51:22 19°20'54"Leo Quincunx Pluto
 6.04.2017  9:07:32 19°29'49"Leo Square Mars
 6.04.2017 17:22:58 24°01'54"Leo Trine Uranus

EUROSTOXX50: I sent alert on March 6, to go long above 6608- Topped so far at 6918! Perfect top would be at 6937... So now rasie stop to 6850.

Download my application, to receive these alerts!!! 

For the readers from Singapore, STI: similar to Brazil and CAC... question is, will it break out and above the trendline?

April 4, 2017 Tuesday

The CAC is still being calculated.. 820 models... till now I got 94,2% correlation. 
Let's see meanwhile what happened in the US markets yesterday. In my weekly reports I wrote to go short below 2358. The S&P fell to 2345.21 and at 19:30 reversed to 2358-and closed here. At that time the Moon trined ~120~Neptune, and the index turned. Now this is not a very strong event, it might mean nothing today! 
Technically in the intraday chart we have a higher low, and higher high... so it might , might go higher, to 2367-94- Fibo targets. We will have to see the planets.. 
Today we are under Mars' effect. Mars is at 17^ Taurus. TS tells us, that at 18^ and 19^ it is negative. Will the other planets "interfere"? The only tool we have is stop loss. And that is at 2358. 
Looking ahead, Saturn is due to turn retro. This is a major event! See the list above. 
Today's sky: Moon 180 Pluto! Attention Europe might affect opening! Venus returned to Pisces... 

OK. Here is the CAC: quite good... What do you think??

Here is a larger picture: 

Would you like me to run any other index?? Pls. sign up to the report... 

Have to go now.. will be back later. 
Where is TESLA heading? After 2.5 years, we got a break out. We will see if it is not a fake one? Target is 319- for the time being.. 

FB: Somebody is selling!! well, not just somebody... 
Feb.9 alert: long above 130- topped so far at 142.80- we are short below this level now..

JPM: last alert was on Nov 15. stop 75, target 85, topped at 93.98! Nice gain!! Raise stop to 85.80- and short below. 

JKSE: Jakarta, hello to the visitor in the blog! Your index is at all time high... 

Sign up to the weekly report! $465 for 3 months, or $840 for 6. Receive updates and alerts in due time! 

KLSE: Malaysia long term: 

For Brazil readers: index is very similar to CAC ! trade range is huge.. 

April 3, 2017 Monday

The computer is still calculating the CAC... 
Today it's a turning day for the Nifty. I wrote to subscribers. 
Yesterday I told you a story... scroll down to read it. Today, I woke up, to my astonishment, more people signed up to my weekly reports than ever... I am thrilled. Thank you all :) 

SO let's see: what is this Monday bringing?  we are under the rulership of the Moon and Saturn. The Moon is at 7 Cancer. Waning crescent. saturn is at 27 Sag. slowing down, before turning retro. Soon we will have 4 planets in retro. Venus is on the malefic Scheat. ladies! watch your steps today! Do not walk around alone... Venus turned to be a morning star, she is a warrior now. 
The important angle is between Jupiter ( religion, law, rights, freedom, joy) and Pluto (destruction) are in square, or 90^ apart. What happened under this aspect in the past, in your index.. that should be researched. 
For the CAC this , in the past meant a rally.:

The first round of the elections will be on April 27th. I built a calendar for the CAC, and that day we will get a fall. I should mention, that as of April 10th there will be 4 planets retrograde!
The second round will be on May 7th, and that will be a positive day, as per Timing Solution.
But, we have to consider other calculations as well... This is not a trading advice! 
Pls. sign up to the report, to know in advance how to trade. 

April 2, 2017 Sunday

I woke up at 10:30 am, guess it's the jet leg... But I went to sleep yesterday after 2 am...I was not tired at all... I bent my left ankle, and walking now is a pain. But I'll have to go out and take care of my car, the battery is dead... I bought it brand new, before I left... Anyway, the Sun is shining and the weather is good outside, so everything is great. I am lucky to live in a place, where a supermarket is 5 floors below me, in the same building, so I had my morning coffee, and I can start now. 
So let's see: it's the 92nd day of the year, already... a day that we should have a CIT. 
We are under the influence of the Sun and Neptune! there you are, another important sign.
The Sun is under a lucky star, at 12 Aries. - exactly 30 degrees from Neptune. So they are favorable for today. How about the others? The Moon is in volatile Gemini. 
Our market bottomed so far at 1388.78~ exactly the level I gave to subscribers....Let's see from here what will happen. 

So I am limping home from the garage, after I fixed the problem with my car, when a man stopped in front of me, and anxiously asks me, "excuse me, mam, do you speak English? I see he is from India, so I say, yes, of course. So he said: I lost all my money, and I need 30 shekels to go to Haifa with the bus. The bus just came in, and is standing there. He looks at me, looks at the bus... 30 I have no idea how much it costs to go to Haifa. But, I give him the money, and wish him a good journey. He asks me, is this 30 shekels? and he runs off to the bus. I hope he got there.  

Was I tricked, under the Neptunian influence? Is he doing that to others? I don't care. I continue to limp home, make my huge salad, and watch the serial I like.. 

Someone wrote to me, that the French elections are already decided. I thought to check the CAC. And the weekly graph looks like this: 

It is at a very important historic resistance line. I checked... in 2000 the Jupiter~180^Pluto stopped it. In 2007 it was Saturn~180~Neptune; in 2015 it was again the first couple,but this time at 150^. We have now in the sky again the Jupiter-Pluto angle, but this time it was a square, and it rests to be seen, if it will be strong enough to block it again? I shall let the computer make some calculations, and post it tomorrow. 

Till then, good night.  

March 31, Friday, 2017

I am home. Will post as usual. It was great, to visit my daughter and kids in the USA... It will be a while till we meet again. 

You can now again sign up for the weekly newsletters, will send them out in the next 2 days. 


  1. I have nver seen the interesting content like before reading this blog, absolutely great write-up.
    Stocks to Buy Today

  2. Thanks a lot !!I'm glad you like it.
    You might want to link to my FB.. I post there more graphs.

    1. Interesting things to note: In 1517 the Ottomans took control of Jerusalem as predicted by Judah Ben Samuel in 1217,saying they would be there until for 4 Jubilees 8 x 50 = 400. 1917 +50= June 5th, 1967 + 1 Jubilees of 50 yr= June 5th , 2017. Add 7 mos, 7 weeks, 7 hrs to Jonathan Cahn's Shmitah date of 9-15-16,( needs confirmation +/- Gregorian Calendar) and arrive at June 5th, 2017. In Book of Revelations, all judgment comes in 3 sets of 7: Seven Seals, Seven Triumphs, Seven Judgments.

      We are in year 5-7-7-7.

  3. Dear Teddy, Thanks for your input. very interesting!! I wonder how was the prediction made, 300 years beforehand, which charts were used, or was it a channeling?
    The Turks entered Jerusalem " at teh end of December 1516, so I made a chart for the winter equinox, Dec 21,1516, and to my surprise, I find, that Pluto- the one that brings world wars, still unknown at that time in history, was at 1 Capricorn. Uranus was at 0 Taurus, soon will be there again. Saturn Was at 22 Sag- like now,( dogmatic wars); Neptune was at 20 Aquarius in opposition to Jupiter, which was in Leo.
    World war I: broke out when HUngary declared war on Serbia July 28, 1914: Had Pluto in opposition, in cancer, Neptune in cancer, Uranus in Aquarius, saturn in gemini, in opposition to where it was at the Ottomans invasion and today! And Jupiter was in Aquarius- bringing a huge battle- enlarging all that it touches.
    I shall post charts about these dates.
    Thank you so much !!


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