New Moon in Taurus, 2017

Between April 27- May 25, 2017

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Geocentric aspects of the Lunar month
I marked with black arrow, the Jupiter - Saturn aspect, that will run all the month. There are many other aspects to consider, but I will not bore you with astrological details, not everyone knows what I am talking about!

Last month, New Moon in Aries brought a rally in the markets. 


May 26, 2017 Friday

Busy sending alerts... Also, will start a new article under the New Moon in Gemini. 
Thanks for being here.... See you later. 

May 25, 2017 Thursday

180 people read my post yesterday. Only 1, a friend took the effort and time to react, and write me. Why? Why aren't you, the other 179 write me  something? Did you like it? Dislike it? What do you think? What have you learned, or did not understand? Maybe you too are astrologers, and see things differently.... Comment, share... 

Today we have a very strong Moon in the sky. It is approaching the Sun, soon a New Moon. Watch your animals! Are they acting strangely? Are they hiding? going in the house instead staying outside? They are the first perceptors of earthquakes.. I am talking about higher than 6 .. small ones we have all the time. 

What else? The Moon is on ALGOL, the most wicked star in Taurus..The other aspects, that company us the whole month are still there. 

Yesterday the DOW ran above my last stop, which was at 20650- and reached 21012. Looking at the 30 min. chart, this is the 4th time it tries to cross 21070. Now, it should stay above 20990, otherwise it'll be a short. 
We see the same quadruple top in the S&P, Nasdaq, etc.. 
If you followed the alert sent yesterday, for the S&P, you gained nicely.. 
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I saw today on TV, that Duterte Rodriguez, PM of the Philippines, met with Putin, and asked for weapons, since his purchase request was cancelled or denied by the Americans. He needs to deal with ISIS, he says, who popped up in the South. Now, I was not following the events in the Philippines, but I wrote about Duterte on August 2016. Here is what I wrote:
  " Philippines president, Duterte, Rodrigo.... born on March 28th 1945- is another interesting personality to look at.. He, Like Erdugan PM of Turkey, has a strong Sun-Neptune influence. In his case, Sun in opposition Neptune, with an OOB PLuto, Pluto being the ruler of H10 and Uranus ruler of House 1, will be triggered by the eclipse- is he another dictator that is unfolding in front of our eyes?? ". 
By the way, he is under the vibration of no. 5, like Hitler, Assad, Ahmadinejad, Mao, Modi, Ratko Mladic, Theresa May, Jacob Zuma.. etc..

You can read in the news, that he enforced martial law, yesterday. This is dangerous... He is learning how to become a dictator. 
For the USA, losing him, I don't know what was the reason they cancelled his armament requests... but he just let in Putinka- in the middle- between Hong Kong and Australia... 
I'm not a strategist, but this is a big leak in US attention... 
Maybe all I'm saying is pure nonsense... I  don't know.. I don't know the details.. 
I can just see, that there are and will be major events in Duterte's life during: March 2016-Dec.2030 ; subperiods: specially June 8, 2017- June 3, 2018, and turning points between Aug 21-26, 2017, Oct 27-31,2017; April 8-10.2018; Nov 12, 2019 -Jan 14, 20;  etc... 
The chart below is Duterte's chart with the Aries ingress: the most important is, transit Mars squares Pluto, ruler of the MC, signaling for war, and danger .

WHile the Aries ingress for Manilla, clearly shows Uranus ( uprising, revolution ) on the Descendant, Mars, planet of war on the cusp of house 8, (death and transformation.)


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May 24, 2017 Wednesday

Today we are under the influence of Mercury and Jupiter. The Moon is conjunct Mercury in Taurus. The Moon is strong here. Jupiter is in retro, at 13 degrees 37 Libra. Jupiter turned retro on February 6, 2017 at 23.08 Libra.- it will be retro till June 8th, and retreat till 13^13 Libra. Then it will turn Direct. It will take another 90 days ! till Sept.7th, to return to 23^08 Libra. This path or period of time is called " the shadow period". From June 8th to September 7th, there is time to reflect what have I learned during the retro period? What worked and didn't? what should I change? One explores new ideas, ne approaches to old problems. trying to debug issues. You confront your inner demons, but now you have learned and acquired new tools to deal with them.. WIll you use them? or you'll just be yourself again. 

I just found this poem, which I love, and which explains this exactly: 

There’s A Hole In My Sidewalk

(Autobiography in Five Chapters)
By Portia Nelson
(1) I walk down the street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I fall in.
I am lost ... I am hopeless.
It isn't my fault.
It takes forever to find a way out.
(2) I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I pretend I don't see it.
I fall in again.
I can't believe I'm in the same place.
But it isn't my fault.
It still takes a long time to get out.
(3) I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I still fall in ... it's a habit.
My eyes are open.
I know where I am.
It is my fault.
I get out immediately.
(4) I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I walk around it.
(5) I walk down another street.

Since Jupiter represents our faith and religious/ psychological understanding of life and of our surrounding, neighbors, colleagues, how do we accept them or don't, during the "shadow" period it gives humanity a time frame to change its ways. 

After September 7th, when Jupiter is out of the shadow path, we can fall back to the same hole and act as if we learned nothing, or really really walk down another street. 
Jupiter is in retro and in shadow period once a year. This gives mankind many opportunities to change its ways. 
Example: USA chart, with Scorpio rising, Jupiter rules the 2nd house of money, assets, material things, self image, psychological worth, the banking system, commerce, currency !!!; the economy, internal trade, debt owned by the nation to others, how the collective feels about the security gained from material resources social values. 
During the coming months, till Sept 7th Jupiter FROM HOUSE 12!! hidden issues! Will make some very important decisions relating to all the above. These will surface once Jupiter reappears in house 1, at 9^09 Scorpio, during the first week on November, 2017. 

Example 2: Trump: time of birth 10:54 am, Jupiter rules his 4th house. and is situated in the second house. Money comes from home, from parents. Some say house 4 is the mother  others, the father. In any case, he made his millions, no one else. . Now, this Jupiter is undergoing a transformation period... Let's see if he'll "walk down another street" 

By the way, we are NOW under the Venus shadow period... Many ruptures in relationships.. 

After this article caught my eyes, I had to investigate, what happened on July 7, 2005, when 52 people were killed and 700 injured at 8:51 am, in London... The time is crucial, because looking at the ZR we get the following creepy picture. 

There is an LB period as of 1984- occurring in Leo, but actually the main period starts in 1967, in Aquarius. Note, that Aquarius is the 12 house from Fortune.( 27 Pisces). By the way, POF on Scheat, not a shining position! . 

On July 7, 2005 - England was till 12:00 noon under Aquarius sub period- death and endings. 

Second chart: July 7, 2005: On that day Mars squared the Sun, and conjuncts the NN; Uranus 150 Mercury + Venus, Pluto at 22 Sag- destructive point; Jupiter and Chiron at 1 Aqua. 

3) chart : the Geodetic chart for London, we have Saturn line crossing London. 

The question is, do we see another terror attack on London, that justifies all that army surveillance on the Palace? 
Searching for similar aspects: Pluto will be on 22^ Cap only in 2019; Mars will square the Sun only on March 25, 2018; Mars will conjunct the NNode on Aug 25, 2017. Uranus will be 150^ to Merc and Venus during Oct, Nov, 2017, but not to both at the same time. 
So based ON THE SAME aspects, I don't see any threat in the near future.

But then I think, let's see the Geodetic chart... and I animate it and we can see, that Mars is crossing Ireland, today, and will be exactly conjunct CHiron line on June 2, and on London on June 4. 
The next day, June 5 adds up to 3, exactly as July 7, 2005, and Pluto will be on the "Satan" degree; Uranus will square Mercury- surprise transportation attack; The whole week Mars conjuncts the Sun. 

So yes, I think it's a good idea to have the army around.  And I hope I am dead wrong. 


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May 23, 2017 Tuesday

Today we are under the vibration of the number 2, the Moon. Today we have the elections for the Unions, one of the "runners" is Shelly Yechimovits, I already mentioned this. She is also ruled by the Moon. The Moon is now at 26 Aries, till the evening, the outcome of the elections, the Moon moves to Taurus, where it is exalted. - Good. But, good for whom? That depends on each and everyone natal chart. 
The other personality ruled by no 2 is Mahmoud Abbas, or Abu Mazen, the leader of the Palestinians, and look, who's coming to visit today!!??.... 

Astrologically the strongest planet today is Mars... So let's hope the day ends well. 
Looking at the world, Mars crosses the USA and India. 

click to enlarge 

Trump starts his visit to Bethlehem, meeting Abu Mazen, leader of the Palestinians. at 9:20, in 8 minutes. I hope his visit to Israel will be safe. 
The markets today: Turkey is reaching new highs... HSI rallies, etc.. will go to post now in the app. 

May 22, 2017 Monday 

It is a day that vibrates under the number 1. It is an important day for the S&P and Axjo. 
The sky is busy this week. We still have the Jupiter ( expansion, religion ) 150^ Neptune ( dissolving  events, dream, illusions , a planet that rules Hollywood, by the way ) angle; 
Saturn- Uranus  ( old meets revolutionary new ) 90^, and slowly but surely Mars ( wars,  new beginnings ) comes in opposition Saturn.( old, dogmas, restrictions ), by all means, will shake up the status -quo as we know it today. 
All these positions, are backed by a very volatile Sun, in Gemini, for 30 days to come. 
Today is also the 142th day of the year. watch for May 24 for a major event. 

Donald Trump in Israel today. I am watching the TV. It is fascinating.. Historical day. He visits hand in hand with Melania the Christian sites, and then they arrive to the Wailing wall. I posted on FB, that no matter how cynical, skeptic, sarcastic one is, once you arrive to Jerusalem, a certain "atmosphere" enfolds you, and you are thrilled. It is a feeling you will not get from anywhere in the world. ( I think, not that I have seen the whole world). So When Trump said, that he will never forget his visit to the Wall, I know what he is talking about and I believe him totally. 

See what a fantastic position of transit planets- to Trump's natal chart yesterday, during his visit to the Wailing Wall. 4:18 pm.

Transit Mercury, ruler of his natal chart, from house 9- house of religion in exact angle to Neptune, signaling religion. The Moon and Venus, ( Venus rules his 10th house of career-, Moon is his subjective feeling), are in opposition Jupiter, ruler of House 9, religion. I believe he WAS moved, and as he said, he'll never forget those moments.


May 21, 2017 Sunday 

Today is a day that ends a cycle. Ruled by Mars and by the Sun. Some people who " vibrate under no. 9 are: Ibex, Anna Bligh, Netanyahu, Hassan Rouhani ( got elected), Jimmy Carter, Jaroslav Kaczynski, Khaled Mishaal, Pippa Middleton ( got married), Stalin, Al Thani ( Qatar). Dates to watch for these people will be May 30, June 2, 9, 20, 29.

The Sun in Gemini. Fire in air. Happens once a year. Brings a lot of action in all levels. Volatility in the markets.  Changes, news, news that change before you can absorb them... Lies. Gemini rules the third house  in the wheel. Aries starts new issues, Taurus makes them done, Gemini tells about it to the world. Gemini rules the speech, the mind, the thinking, the intellect, how one expresses himself, transportation, communication, lungs, arms, legs, nerves. Surely it is not this simple... There are planets that ingress to Gemini, their effect is reciprocal. Gemini is the first Air sign. the first DUAL, double bodied sign. Has no gender. Changes all the time. Can point to gay traits, depending what planet is conjunct to Mercury, the ruler of the sign.Mercury was the messenger of the Gods. 
Fixed stars of Gemini: The Pleiades, 0^, Alcyone, Hyades, 5^, Aldebaran 9^, Bellatrix 21^, Polaris, Betelgeuze Menkalinan at 28^ are bad stars, their effect is Unfortunate. 
All the other degrees are fortunate. 

Famous people under this sign: JFKennedy, Dean Martin, Prince Philip, Judy garland, Henry Kissinger, G.Bush, Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood, Morgan freeman, Paul McCartney, Trump, Zahal ( the ISraeli army), XI Jinping, Liberman, Miri Regev , Orban Viktor, etc... 

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May 20, 2017 Saturday

I read that Hassan Rouhani took the second time the Iranian elections. Iran belongs to the Shia muslim faith, while Saudia, Trump is visiting, to the Sunni. 
Here is an explanation who they are, and what is the difference between the two faiths, that divide the Arab world. 
Who are you, Hassan Rouhani ? Born on November 12, 1948, 68.5 years old, vibrates under no. 9- Mars. Mars in his chart is at 19 Sag. I wrote many times about the number 19. In numerology it s a Karmic Number, bi-polar, difficult. His Sun is also at 19 degrees. in Scorpio. In lack of birth time ~ anyone ~ ?? I post his Solar chart. 
What we see, it is very interesting! Inner wheel natal Solar chart, outer - yesterday 10 pm for Teheran. Transit Chiron is at the Sun-Pluto MP
Also, transit Uranus hit, prenatal Eclipse at 24 Aries. 
The Iranian people are and were interested, for this election, only in economic welfare. They don't care about the bomb, or OTHER complicated stuff... They have to eat first. So Chiron, the wounded healer, triggers Rouhani's Sun and Pluto- rulers of his chart and career, showing that there is a second chance for him to improve the people's situation... Will he?? With Sun, Mercury and South Node in Scorpio, and Venus conjunct Neptune in Libra, I very much doubt. 
What does anyone else think ? 
The next days, till the end of May will be very hectic. I don't even know which one is more than the other. May 23rd will be the first to highlight! Then May 25, 26, etc.. For the whole world. 
For individual indices of course, each with it's natal data.. 
Unprecedented welcome in Saudia, by King Salman, born Dec 31, 1935- (no 7)- to meet Trump at the airport ??? !!! 
KIng Salman 81 and a half years old. 

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May 19, 2017 Friday

Today is a CIT for the DAX and GOLD. It is a day that vibrates to the number 7.... Major turns in all the markets..
People influenced by no. 7: Angela Merkel, Bernanke, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Geert Wilders, Timothy Geithner, Jehn Stoltenberg ( Norway PM), Kevin Rudd, Matteo Renzi, Moon-Jae In, Mauricio Macri, Nicolas Maduro, Putinka, Wolfgang Schwabe, Juan Manuel Santos, ( Colombia PM) etc.. 

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May 18, 2018 Thursday

Today we are under the influence of Jupiter and Venus. They are in exact opposition; on the Aries/Libra axis. Venus is weak in Aries and Jupiter is weak because it is retrograde, so if they should have helped, in any level, they cannot. Instead, they add to the polarity there is in the sky anyway...The planets are now at 1,12-13, 19 and 26-29 degrees. Therefore the big correction in the markets. I hope you closed long positions, and your shorts were triggered. By the way, Trump is NOT to be blamed, for this correction, it was all expected by the planetary positions. 
I hear soooooooo much rubbish on the TV... it is incredible.. ! 

We are in nice gain in the $/Yen, Euro/$, Gold, Vix, etc... see May 14th alert, and short in most indices, see my app... 
It is unbelievable, for this time of the year, but I hear on TV, that rain is expected during the week end! Similarity to the markets.. :) 
Readers from Australia: AORD: 

I wrote about the Vix on May 14th, I sent alerts too. Our stop was 9.90- now it is 15.59!  I guess you made good money on that alert.. :) 

I recorded myself today on FB, with Tarot and Trump's trip to Israel on May 22. may want to see it... It's on my FB page. 
Here is a recording about the S&P.

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May 17, 2017 Wednesday

It's Nyse's birthday today, expect a correction! 
Today we are under the effect of Mercury. Mercury is in Taurus. Mercury rules grains, Taurus is an Earth element, so the highlight is on grains now.. Wheat, Corn, Soya. 
So I ran TS, to see what is the Mercury cycle doing for the Corn... the outcome is poor, mainly, because I don't have enough data.. But, I have other tools, will post alerts now. 
Corn yearly cycle: 
same cycle can be made for anything... Sign up for the weekly reports! 

The Sun is on the most destructive fixed star, Algol, today... So be careful...what ever you do. It is also 150^ to the Galactic Center.. Yesterday there was a Moon-Sun trine, I think we saw tops- for some indices- for the time being..Mars landed on 17 Gemini first sign for a correction. And of course, we have the Saturn-Uranus trine...

Crude oil inventories today, so not much news, besides Trump, acting as Trump... The S&P made 3 tops, fell back, time to start closing longs. 2995 days from March 6, 2009 low. For long term traders, 2200 is still a stop. 
By the way, check out my May 9 post! I wrote about the market turn, based on some calculations, and May 15- is when more trouble started for Trump...
Next date to watch will be June 1st. and before that, very tricky, confused and vulnerable days between May 23-28 ( they are the midpoint between last and next Solar Eclipse. 

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May 16, 2017 Tuesday

This is the day, when Mercury just enters Taurus. Mercury: communication, element of air, in Taurus, earth element. Not bad, but will be better in Gemini.. Mercury in Taurus can talk aggressively, can be physical too. Give you a few punches.... The day vibrates to no. 4, it's the number that has Trump, the Nifty, Nikkei, KLSE- so CIT possible. Sudden changes..
I gave an alert on the $/Yen on 5/14, we are short here below 114. 
The Nikkei topped almost at 20000, a target I gave long time ago in my weekly forecasts, to subscribers, now the stop should be 19860. 
TA35: Our market is due to open in 2 minutes. There is a negative arbitrage, so it will consolidate in a good scenario, or will drop at the opening in a worse. On 5/9, I gave target 1437- it topped at 1442.80... You still don't have my app?? Pity. 

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May 15, 2017 Monday

Salvador Sobral, 28 years old Portugese singer won the Eurovision yesterday. I did not watch it, but when my friend  Nurit called me, to look at him, how cute he is, and listen to the song, I did. It was a sweet, quiet song, with no fire-  techniques in the background. A love song. I guess, the people, who shouted " Brigitte!! Brigitte" and elected  Macron in France, hugging romance and love, were the same who voted for this song to win. Hope is back to humanity... 

The immediate instinct was to check out his chart. And what do I see? The guy has 5 planets in Capricorn.. Then the Part of Fortune on his Sun, in Cap.Point of Commerce and communication, Sun/Moon MP. too. So I call Nurit, and tell her, there is no way that I could have forecasted for this person that he will be in Music business. " And then , I learn something new: Capricorn IS music... why?? Because it is related to "Peter PAN" in the greek mythology. Pan was an ugly child, of unknown parents, ( I'll let historians argue about that). So he wondered to the woods, made his pipe and music started... Here is the whole story...
And here is Pan: 
Now we all learned something. 
Searching for other musicians in the sign up Capricorn, from my data base I come up with Marlene Dietrich, Josephine Baker,Billie Holiday, Yehudi Menuhin, etc... 
market is on!! See you .. 

I see still green- so.. cool... we have a positive day today, vibrates to no. 3. By the way, I am a no. 11/2, and yesterday I got some very good news... People who are affected today are: Snowden, Sara Netanyahu, Makron, Hollande, Kim Jong Un, Xi. - to mention a few. Let's see if there will be any news about them. Hollande left the Elysee Palace yesterday at 11:09. It was a closure for him... And Makron entered... Sara N. is under police investigation, maybe we shall hear some news today. and Snowden.. is an ongoing story...
Kim Jong Un,( a Capricorn) launched, successfully a missile 2 days ago. Yesterday I saw a doco film on North Korean children, and what a brainwash they are going thru. It reminded me of my childhood, under Ceausescu. ( Aquarius )... We were forced to sing songs, and march and shout "happily" his name. Mind you, if you are looking for a particular sign for a dictator, you will not find one. Each sign has its monsters. 

I start my mornings with a large glass of : Lemon, ginger, honey and 1 cucumber. I highly recommend it! Not only it cleans your digestive system, but also helps lose
 a few kilos. / pounds.
So Europe is green and cozy... You'll find all the alerts posted yesterday useful. 
Next news to look forward to: Trump 's visit in the Holy land...May 22- bad timing. Then French assembly June 11-18, and Theresa May, Uk elections June 8? Yes, I think so.. 
I just noticed yesterday, that NO WONDER Trump is so wishy-washy- how to say this?I can explain it better, that showing you his chart again? He has NO planets in Earth signs, to nail him to the Earth, or something solid, and 3 planets ( Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sag, Uranus in Gemini), are in DUAL signs or double bodied signs, meaning always changing... To these we can add Jupiter and Neptune in Libra ( people who can never decide or make up their minds on anything). Then he has Mars in Leo, he MUST receive constant admiration and flatter from the surrounding people.
Asteroid "Israel" trines his Mars.. Monday, May 22th will be interesting. Nobody knows what to expect . LOL... 
About XI's future plans: He taked , on 5/11, to rebuild the ancient Silk road. I believe, the Chinese can do anything they put their minds into... And with a positive planetary back wind, like Saturn in Capricorn, Starting Dec. 2017- Jan 2019- and then Saturn in Aquarius) they will just do it. 
ְְְְְְְְְְְְְI have a share,that came alive: Afrika... Bottomed on Dec. 2016, when transit Mars hit its Saturn, and now, that Mars is reaching its Sun, the beauty wakes up.. rallies by 12%. Target 62... Let's see... 
CYRN: Blocks "WannaCry" worm cyber attack- Israeli share- trades in Nasdaq- rising 30%. It is incredible, but the share vibrates to the no.3 ! 

OK.. I'm in.. not a trading advice.. just sayin. Stop Pluto line 919. - Locally. In Nasdaq 1.90 

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May 14, 2017 Sunday 

I listened to a very interesting lecture, yesterday, given by Bill Meridian. I admire this man, for his knowledge. And what I know today, is because I met him, and I wanted to know more. I will never have his brain, that's for sure... Neither will I meet the persons he met in his life, but it is always fascinating to listen to him. 
One of the topics he mentioned yesterday is the upcoming Solar eclipse in August, 2017, and how it will affect the USA. 
Here is some explanation on the eclipse. I added some of my conclusions and thoughts. 

Each eclipse belongs to a family of eclipses. This one, is the Saros 145. The root or the first eclipse that started this cycle began in 1639, January 4. Then, count 18 years, and the same " family" will strike. So it was this same eclipse that was in effect in 1765, 1783, etc.. 1927 ( the crash) 1945 ( Hiroshima, WWII), 1963 ( Cuba), 1981 ( Reagan attempt,  Sadat assassinated), 1999 ( the Euro introduced) and now. There were many many world events during these years, I just highlighted one for each year. 
Let's just see the 1963 eclipse, that covered the USA- as it will in August 2017. That day, July 20, 1963 vibrated to the no. 1- ruled by the Sun.
In 1963 the eclipse Mars was in exact angle to USA Mars, no matter what time one takes for the USA independence declarations chart... Some use Scorpio rising, others Sag..

This year: August 21, 2017, vibrates to 3, number of Jupiter. 
I highlighted a FEW aspects that will trigger the USA. As you can see, it is very "busy". So do not blame a person for any outcome of this situation... It is all in the stars. A level that we must cross. 

Market started.. see u  later. 


Today we are under the Moon's effect. She just entered Capricorn, sign of restriction. 
Our market trades now, trying for a new high. 1429 is support. - 1436 resistance. So... boring.

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May 13, 2017 Saturday 

Wow!!!! I see the FTSE outperformed, and went into a new cycle!!! Good for You, if you traded it..
Other indices that crossed over: Swiss, HSI ( May 19 is CIT ),  Eurostoxx I gave target 7274- Check it out.. It is rallying for 315 days.. If you have my app. you received all these alerts. Platina, Corn and Silver also started to move... So let's see that is the next week bringing ??
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Today is a day, that vibrates to the energy of no. 1. If there was trade, it would affect the S&P and AXJO. From my database, it is Mike Pence, that popped up... Anything going on with him ? Let me see his chart.. 
Oh! Transit Mars is right on his Sun ( in Gemini )- in lack of time of birth, I cannot tell in which way it is wounding him. BUt it surely does!! SInce he has the Sun, Moon and Mercury in gemini, this martial effect will not vanish so fast! it will culminate on June 1st. Mars represents for him the congress, senate or parliament- so the dagger will come from them. 
And there is more! He has Chiron at 27 Aquarius, and transit South Node is approaching- that is bad news! Again, in lack of time of birth I cannot say in which area this news will hit him. 
Progressed Jupiter ( law ) is at the killer's degree, 22 Cap- 
Transit Jupiter is playing with his natal Sun- so law law  and law again... 
"Something is fishy in Denmark..." as Shakespeare wrote... 
News will come out in a day or two, when transit Mercury will be 180 to progressed Pluto the destroyer. 

Energetically, it is Mercury that is strongest in the sky... It is accelerating in its move- departing from Uranus, from Aries into Taurus. I explain this effect in the weekly report. 

OK... back to work... writing the reports.. 

People post these days so much rubbish on FB, it reminded me on the story of Socrates and the test of 3 : 
How to Handle a Rumor: The Test of Three

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May 12, 2017 Friday

We had a minor slippage, I can call it that way, yesterday. The S&P fell to 2381, but recovered, and closed above 2390 again. Today, closing above 2384, will mark the 5th week of rally. Long term traders, will stay long above 2290- this is what I meant yesterday, that you should have a big margin to trade without jumping in and out of trades, feeding the broker. 

Thanks to the reader, who posted about May 11 turning point... Pls. check out my answer. 

Today we are ruled by Venus and Mars. Mars makes a major aspect to Jupiter. But, checking this cycle, TS tells me, that it did not work in the past. So... we can disregard it. 
The FTSE: still looks strong...might go higher, but first, should go above former top. 
Planets block at 7393. And support at 7343. 
Fed. announcements before market opens, in the USA, so be careful.. 

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Markets are consolidating, nothing much happens. I can write my forecasts now quietly... 

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May 11, 2017 Thursday 

I think writing a blog is less and less effective, than just loading posts on FB.... There, the  audience is huge. The only disturbing thing is, that posts got "swallowed" by the multitude of posts... So I guess, I'll stick to my stick and continue our journey here.. 

As you probably know by now, I am also a numerologist. Numerology is a quick way to see one's destiny. What is he/she here for? What is the life purpose. When are there obstacles to climb, where are the cliffs to watch out, not to fall... Looking at James Coley's name and date, 
Now look at this!! 
Jamey Comey: born 14 12.1960- add up the date = 5.3.7= 15/6 
Fired                           9.5.2017 - add up the date = 9.5.1 = 15/6 

His name also has clues, that something will end at this age... He is 56.6 months... It is in the name!!! Wow, I can't believe it.. 
What hides in your name?? or date?? Ask for your Numerology reading!!

Using the same system, Macron should be aware to these dates: June 5, July 4, Aug.3, Sept 2, Oct 1, etc..
Trump should "watch it" on : May 16, 25, June 6, 24... etc.. 
OHי MY GODֱֱ ֱֱֱ!!!! Look here: Prince Charles "vibrates" to the number 2! Diana died on August 31, 1997 = 2. 
The Queen's number is 7, so Important days to watch will be May 19, 28 June 9..
May 5th was an important day for Prince Philip.
June 7, extremely important for Theresa May! while for Jeremy Corbyn important dates will be: May 21,30, June 11... In what way?? well, that is a much deeper analysis.. 
What a fated day, for Mrs. Merkel !! Sept. 24, 2017 !! I can't believe my eyes.. 

On May 23rd we have an election for the future leader of the Labor federation, or the unions. One of the runners is Mrs.Shelly Yachimovich, a former journalist, who turned to politics a few years ago. Her birth date, miraculously , or not, resonates with May 23rd. Important event of her life. I don't think she'll make it. Not that I don't wish her good luck... 
The markets are playing with us... I was not by the computer yesterday, but I see now, that is you went short or long, no matter, you were stopped out. ( Stop was 2397 ) Of course, if you use a lower stop, if you can afford a bigger loss, then your are flat, no gain, no loss. People think, they can make a lot of money by investing little. It does not work like that.. One must have a big enough capital, margin, to be able to sustain his/her position and do not jump in and out the trades. 
I gave you stops for commodities, indices, shares. For newcomers: how to use these stops? First of all, the stops are calculated on planetary moves, strength, cycles. When I write, that the stop for the S&P is at 2397, it is not that I like the 7 at the end, it is a strong planetary position. So you should place a buy order above it and a sell order below it. Once it starts to move in either direction, you close the other order. In the last week or so, it was an impossible mission, because the index fluctuated between 2380- 2403. 
 S&P 5 min.
I am sometimes wondering, where are the days between Monday to Friday?? time passes so fast, you cannot grasp it.... I found the answer to this! Read this article. 

Services: natal chart reading $ 200,  Weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles and math : $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to: and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. 

May 10, 2017 Wednesday

Last night Trump fired James Comey, head of FBI. I don't have his time of birth, but, because of his looks, I made a chart for 1:17 am, with Libra rising. 
Here is the chart of his nomination:  Sept.4,2013: favorable Nodes- to his natal Nodes. Jupiter on MC, expanding his career, Pluto (ruler of FBI) on natal Jupiter, and the Sun on Pluto and the NN. Neptune rules his 6th house of work, and Saturn strengthens it.
4 years later gets fired: The N.Node on natal Uranus, from H11- (big enterprises), transit Mercury- brings out or surfaces all the dirt, as it leaves the conjunction from Uranus. Transit Uranus brings an "earthquake" to his life. Transit Uranus trines natal Sun- culmination and fall~. Transit SUn- yesterday 150^ exact to natal Sun, which is at 22 (killer) degree. We can also add the affect of Saturn on his SUn, for a long time.. since it is in retro, and transit Pluto (destruction) on Saturn (establishment, higher authority).
The birth time is argumental, maybe he doesn't have a LIbra rising, I did not make a research here, in any case, the planets do not move, and they show just what has happened in 2013 and now. 

I read , that in 1973 Nixon fired the manager of the FBI, Mr. Cox. Looking at the USA chart, with the transits for 1973: In a county's chart, the 6th house is the employee, the staff. It is ruled by Mars. This was triggered by Directed, and transit Uranus simultaneously.
Yesterday: at 5.46 pm Washington
It is the affect of transit Uranus again, triggering Mars, and the progressed one the South Node. 
Andrew G.McCabe is replacing in the meanwhile Coney. Born in 1968- no birth date published.. Anyone?? 


So let's see what's new in the sky, that was not there yesterday? Not much... Only the North Node is on Regulus, fixed star... Remember, that Trump's ascendant is on this star. 

The US indices tried for a new rally yesterday, but it was rejected by multiple planetary positions. Check out the stops given yesterday in the app. 
Today it's a turning day for the Dax and Gold. 
On April 12, I wrote: People with any planets at 13 degrees, in any sign, should be extra careful... In the list, the first to pop up was Nigel Farage.Here is an article I received yesterday.
Services: natal chart reading $ 200,  Weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles and math : $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to: and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. 

May 9, 2017 Tuesday

Today is  the 129th  day of the year. 454 days ( 64 weeks) from Feb 11, 2016; 317 days or 45 week from June 27th 2016 low. there are 138 days between the two lows. The next low was on Nov 4, 2016, which is 186 days from today, or 26 weeks. Between June 27- Nov 4 there are 130 days, 
In 2017, the last low was on March 27th - in the DOW - SInce then 43 days passed. Do we see any pattern here? 45 days, or May 11 will be interesting to check out- it is half of a square. besides that, I don't see any peculiar pattern or something that I could base my trades upon... 

From 1987 low to 2000 top 4425 days passed. From 2002 low to 2007 top 1828 days. 
Then there was a second bottom on March 2003- till Oct 13,2007= 1679 days 
Now, from March 6 2009 till May 8, we will count 2989 days... so if I based my trades on these time tables, we are between 1679 and 4425 days.. Which date would be " fit" to these numbers? 
Now playing with the number 1679, I get redirected to May 8, May 17, June 14.
Each index / share/ commodity has its own rhythm...

I learned many techniques, and the planetary positions, motions, or levels are the best, IMHO, that one can rely upon. This is why I start my writing every day with the presentation of the planetary positions. I don't know how much astrology you know, so I seldom go into deeper details, but there are, believe me! The alerts I send on the app, are based on these. 
The sky today: The Moon just entered Scorpio! We will have a Full Moon when she'll be at 19 degrees. a bad degree, by the way. The Moon will conjunct the asteroid Pandora. Self explanatory, what it can bring... Then , Mars makes a square to Neptune. Otherwise, no news. Oh, but there is!! Mars is Out of Bound! Here is the DOW historical chart with the Mars OOB. 

and with the prices: the next Max OOB will be in 2018- it is a mirror effect from 2008, so, looking just at Mars movement, for the DOW, no crashes around the corner. 

Today is 72 years from Germany's surrender, Victory day, celebrated in Russia? I think... 

Announcements today: Germany and France negative so far... 
May 11: USA PPI and Unemployment... that will be interesting! 

Read what I wrote on May 3rd! I have a fantastic find!! I wrote about the Number 13! Now look where is the Sun of the S&P? yessss! at 13 Pisces, by the way, USA ' Sun is at 13 Cancer.. S&P Saturn is at 13 Sag- and both are now triggered by Neptune. at 13 degrees. 
Some other calculations drive my attention to May 15th! 
Stay tuned! Stay tunedddd! 

Services: natal chart reading $ 200,  Weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles and math : $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to: and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. 

May 8, 2017 Monday

Macron won, as forecasted. France is happy,, Germany is happy, no Frexit, the EU is happy to have a continuity, whoever is behind Macron is happy. I saw him yesterday after the victory, he was so pale, almost fainted. Is it a too big shoe he put on? The drama has not ended ! France is still facing the parliamentary votes, and seats. I am not sure how this works, but it is not yet the end.. 

Macron represents the red chairs. Current seats 302/ 226. If he will not maintain at least these numbers, he will be incapable to move, or pass any law. The elections for the National Assembly will take place on June 11 and 18. Don't understand why here too 2 dates?? To have time to bribe the ones who didn't vote "correctly?". May 29th will be a day to watch! Chiron, from Scheat, 29 Pisces, from Macron's 2nd house, will open an ugly wound regarding money issues. Chiron will be 150^ to natal Saturn- hidden issues.In spite of that, June 11 and 18 look again favorable for him, so he is here, for the time being. 

Here is a picture I just found... Is this what Merkel thinks of him? 
Just joking... 

The Dax is now at 12717, and the future 12834, so we can see the satisfaction... The bubble is getting bigger. We are long. And I shall post in the app the alerts. 
Since Trump won, the S&P rallied by 15%. Will the CAC rally as well? Counting from June 26th low, the next cycle end is at 5460. failing to run above it, it will mark, that the last day's rally includes already the winning. 
The planets are blocking at 5435-5439-5447.... 

Today's aspects in the sky: The Moon in LIbra, is separating from Jupiter, the joy, expansion, ophoria, I can say, is calming down. The Moon is 150 to the Sun... This might be a cold shower...The Moon squares Pluto, we are hitting the ground... the parachute had a hole.. 
There is a lasting angle in the sky: Jupiter 150^ Neptune... Illusions, big time, also debt, are enlarging... Start repaying your loans!! It will blow in your face if you don't! 
Saturn is still holding the markets...Mars is solitary and dangerous, Venus too, being weak in Aries, Mercury is still conjunct Uranus- News and fractures, bad tongue, bad reputation is leaking out... Blasts, etc.. 

Far from the media, ( or at least, my attention ) a new PM was elected in South Korea! Moon-Jae-In born on Jan. 24, 1953; I should add him to the other Aquarius leaders...And of course one who will be triggered by the transiting Nodes. Does anyone have his hour of birth? 

Look at the CAC@ just as I thought! topped and fell on the face. The real worry starts NOW!
I just finished posting a list of alerts in the app... Download it now, if you still don't have it! 

May 7, 2017 Sunday

We are under the Sun and Uranus' energy today. The Sun is at 16 Taurus, approaching a trine to Pluto. This is a very strong aspect. It will be exact in 3 days.  Uranus ( revolution, sudden , unforeseen events, rupture, divorce)  is approaching a trine to Saturn ( establishment, severeness, government). A trine like this happened only in 1928, but then there were not so exact as now.. We have a " fight" in the sky between the old and the new... this aspect will be exact in November 2017, and will last till December 20, 2017, with Saturn entering Capricorn, the sign it rules, for the next 3 years. 

Saturn was in Capricorn from Nov 13, 1988- till October 1991- think back how were those years for you ?? What happened in the world??
Then Uranus was in Capricorn, now it will be in Taurus. A different symphony, all together.. 

In any case, it is the French elections event today. I wrote in this blog, many times about him, Brigitte and Le Pen; Bottom liמe, I think he's the winner, for better or worse. I read that he is " a hologram" created by the elite, maybe so... but the timing is good .

On May 5, I mentioned Ismail Haniya, to be affected by the Nodes... read article below. I see now, that he was elected the new president of the Hamas... Just sayin... 
The other, I wrote about, is Ehud Barak.... and what a laugh! He said Friday, that he would come back to politics, if all the others in the labour party will give up their race to be elected... He is ... something.... 

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May 5, 2017 Friday 

It is a day ruled by Venus and the Moon. Venus conjuncts Uranus, still a few days to party together..I should check the banks, see how are they performing... The Moon trines the Sun- and we got another small push up yesterday in the markets. Well, in some indices.. The others just lingered there on a thin straw, waiting for Godo.. If you have my app, you got the alerts.. 
There is a major shift in energy as of yesterday. The NODES changed signs, returned to Leo/Aquarius axis, where they were in Oct 1998- 2000. Do you remember what happened then?? The EURO currency was introduced on Jan 1, 1999. The Nodes' cycle is 18-19 years, one of the main cycles Gann used. Think back! What happened with you during those years?? Will you have a deja vu? Have you learned the lesson?? 
The Nodes of the Moon are mathematical points in the sky, and not planets. However, they signal major inner changes in each and everyone's life. In this case, on Leo/Aquarius axis, they highlight the Leo/ Aquarius traits. Which one will you use? Will you be sociable, outgoing, connecting, head of a group ( Leo ), or cut yourself off from society, be peculiar, detached, free,maybe even innovative and rebellious, like Aquarius is ?? 
Mostly people born under Leo/Aquarius signs will be affected, but also people who have them on their Ascendant or the MC. 
Aquarius people : yours humble, Ehud Barak, Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta, Ismail Haniya, Mark Rutte, Obama, King Felippe of Spain, Kim Jong Il, King of Bahrain, Beatrix, Queen of Holland, Abdullah, King of Jordan, 
Leo: King of Saudia, Soros, Dustin Hoffman, Martha Stewart, Bill Clinton, Schwarzenegger, Pakistan, India, Madonna, Marine Le Pen, etc.. just to mention a few. 
Everybody will be affected in some way, depending on where your natal planets are, by sign and house positions and which of them will be triggered by the Nodes. 
I had a major turn in my life during 1998-2000. HUGE. 

Trump has his Ascendant in Leo... and he is due to visit us later this month, but this is another story. May 22 is a most dangerous day for him.

See how the Nodes performed for Obama: I took him as an example, because he is under a very important time table now... his natal nodes are on this Leo/ Aquarius axis, so it'll be a major for him: 
1) transit Node 60^ to natal and he wins elections to US Senate.4.11.2004
2) elected president, with South Node on his Sun, 4.11.2008
3) Reelected president 6/11 November/2012 With the South Node 90 to natal and squaring his Uranus, which rules Aquarius (him)
4) End of Presidency: North Node on Pluto~ ruler of his Career.

5) Upcoming time frame: End of the cycle- the return of the Jedi- South Node on South Node. Each 18-19 years.... Culmination around June 5. But all the time frame between May 12-June 25, 2017 will be important to watch! 

Where are your nodes?? What do they do / undo for you?? 
Order your natal chart reading to find out. 

Services: natal chart reading $ 200,  Weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles and math : $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to: and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. 

May 4, 2017 Thursday 

Today we are under the Sun and Jupiter's effect. The Sun is at 13 Taurus57. Jupiter at 15 Libra, and retro, and they form a disharmonic angle. The Sun represents royalty, Jupiter, expansion, and I am not surprised to read about the Queen... or something is going on in the Palace..I don't know what, but it's time to look at Her Majesty's chart again. 
Besides this aspect, we have now in the sky a Sun-Neptune separating sextile. As I write these lines, this reminder pops up ino.  computer... something I programmed into the computer some weeks ago. 

This is a time reminder, that something is happening with the Queen on this day.. 
other aspect of today: Mars conjuncts Chiron, and is 45 degrees from Mercury... this is bad news... Mind you, Mercury just turned Direct! - Otherwise Mars is solitary. 

So let's see what is happening with the Queen? Born April 21, 1926 at 2:41 am London. 
She has Capricorn Ascendant, with the South Node on it.- Sun in 0 taurus, Moon at 12 Leo, squaring the Sun with a wide orb. I wrote about her many times, so I'm not going into chart analysis, just want to see, what is influencing or affecting her now, at 91 years old.. I had a list of the " ancients" from 1920's, that included Castro, the Queen's' husband,Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon, Mubarak, Barbara Bush, my aunt, the Pope and Her.. Now the list is shorter, much shorter. 
In this chart, with transits and progressions, we see, Pluto on her SOuth node, on the Asc.- it will be exact  on Dec. 12, 2018. 
Neptune is right on her Venus, that rules her career.( 13 Pisces). Also progressed Pluto is 150^ to Venus. Pr. Moon is in trine- from Scorpio. Pr. Mars will square her Neptune,which is the most important planet , (based on Numerology).. It will be exact on July 4, 2017. But, in progression a planet does not have to be exact ! We can even use 3-5 degrees orb, and this goes back to 2013, when its effect started.. 
Astrologically, her strongest planet is Mars. It is at 20^Aqua 52. Uranus has been "ironing" this degree on and off the whole year..
Saturn has been the whole year on her Asc/MC midpoint. Natal saturn ( in blue) is triggered by progressed Saturn and Jupiter. 
So all the major planets have triggered something in her chart. I am not talking about death, but a major change is due... watch the news... 
Now, you can say, sure. she is 91.. and you are right... LOL... but this is what is happening in her chart. 

Her coronation chart, from June 2, 1953 at 12:00 is very interesting... Don't tell me, astrologers' hands were not in finding this date! Mercury, at 22! degrees! conjunct Mars !!! in Gemini, rules both her Ascendant and MC. Some calculations give another year of reign. 

11:00 am
Let's look at her husband's chart, represented by the Moon... OK... Progressed Moon is squaring her moon... Is there anything happening with Prince Philippe? This looks bad. 
Prince Philip is 95.90 years old... Born June 10, 1921 2:41 am in Corfu, Greece. Time rectified by Starkman to 10:47 

I don't like the multiple aspects that hit his SUN! 
Stay tuned for the news.. Nothing so far. 
If the rectification is correct, May 18th is a critical day.  
I read now, that he is 1.83 tall, so the rectification cannot be right. 
Oh well, how hard is the work of an astrologer!!! When birth data is not given!!
The birth hour changes the position of the Ascendant and the Moon, in some cases. However, the Sun does not move, so the triggering aspects are still there. 
May 18 is in question now, that I doubt the hour is correct. 

12"00 am
And the news are in.

News in the markets: seems, that the S&P is holding at the edge of the cliff.. Dax makes new highs... Oil new lows... Gold too. So, we follow the trend. 
Eurostoxx50- is rising since July 2016-this one, did promise a rose garden ! raise stop to 7100.- next cycle is till 7274. 
CAC, FTSE, DAX, Swiss, NIkkei are all rising... so what can I add?? 

The world is rosy and cozy. time for gym... see you later. 
After the gym, I carve for strawberries.. did yo know, that it is ruled by Jupiter and Venus? I just learned that from the" rulership book". Dunno why. 
AS I'm eating my strawberries, I realize,what a crucial time it is today! The NODES change signs!!! This happened in Oct 9, 1998, and I know, THAT was a crucial year for me! Look back! What happened to you? 
Services: natal chart reading $ 200,  Weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles and math : $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to: and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. 

May 3, 2017 Wednesday

We say about Tuesday " paamiim ki tov " or twice as good... Because, if you check the Bible, it is written only on Tuesday, that God was satisfied of what he/she saw, and it is good... 
Now, I see, that this came up at the 13th paragraph... a number, that so many think it is a cursed number. Actually, in Numerology, no. 13 and 16 are so called " Karmic " numbers.. But that' I teach in my courses... 
Just a morning thought, I wanted to share with you... 

Every Independence day we have on the TV, the Bible contest for children. 13-15 years old, I think.... Yesterday it was for the first time in 30 years, that a non religious boy won it! In that contest, I learned, that only ONCE it is written in the Bible " not good". And that is in Genesis 2/18: 

It is not good for a person to be alone. 
Nowhere else in the Bible you will find NOT GOOD. 
Isn't this interesting ?? 
Now I open my astro software, and what do I see? Sun at 13 degrees Taurus..Now, this is creepy! LOL...See what the Oracle has to say... and what is Trump doing ? 
 click on it, to enlarge..

Now, I wrote about this solitary Mars! It will get close to USA Mars' as 21 Gemini, by mid May, bringing Very vulnerable times on interior issues!!! This already started, with Mars conjunct USA Uranus.. But look at the slow moving 2nd wheel! Mars is in trine, or culminating USA MArs! and THAT is a most powerful, and L A S T I N G  for a year aspect. 

On May 22, 1927 Mars was at 22 Scorpio, 150^ to natal Mars. 
On May 22 1957 Mars was in opposition to natal Mars. 
On May 22 1897 Mars was in trine just like now, but separating from natal Mars ( in Libra).
Former dates: May 22 1867 : 90^; 1837: 60^. 1807: 30^- so you see, each 30 years something happened.. 
It was at today's position only in 1657.. well. USA did not exist then...So there is nothing we can compare it to- in the history. 
But we get a hint from the aspect. If a separating trine means that you reached something, and you are now at ease. That was in 1897, now, one is full with energy and prepared, very emotional and feel time is right to do something... Now Mars in the progressed USA chart is in Aquarius, so human rights will be in focus. 
Next, it will only be in 2047, when Mars will square natal Mars.. from Pisces... that will be interesting... I guess I won't be here to tell you about it. Or maybe I will... It's Tuesday, let's think positive. 

This week we have Mercury and Uranus conjunct in Aries. Since it takes 84 years for Uranus to re arrive to the same spot, with the help of TS, we see, that they were here between March 1927- till 1935... If you read my former posts, say going back one week, you'll find that these dates are popping up over and over again. 
Who are vulnerable under this aspect? Surely people who have their Sun at 20-30 Aries, or Libra, or any other planet. 
A search ( for the Sun only), gave me: Jacob Zuma,( S.Africa's president), Syria, Brigitte Macron, Beata Szydlo, Rodney King, Iran, Australia stock exchange. ( Aries). And for LIbra: Netanyahu, Putin, Ahmadinejad, Nir Barkat ( local figure, Mayor of Jerusalem), Nyse, etc... One can make endless researches. 

Meanwhile market started, an hour ago.. see you later. 

Today is the French debate on TV... watch it.. if you care of course. 
I realised now, that it's Wednesday today... and not Tuesday. All these holidays, messed up my timing. 

Services: natal chart reading $ 200,  Weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles and math : $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to: and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. 

May 2, 2017 Tuesday

I am glad to wake and see, that so many people read my yesterday's post on NKorea, and KimJU. I posted it on FB, and on Twitter as well, and I got more readers than in the last 6 months all together. A lot of likes too. 
But then, I check who read it, and how long they were on my page. It is incredible! My readers are so fast!! 80% of them were LESS than 5 seconds on the page!!! Isn't that fantastic?? I couldn't read and absorb all that info. in less than 5 sec..... Very proud of you guys.. 

Oh, well... let's see what's going on today?

Saturn rules. I wonder if the TAX issue is finished, out and done.. SHould be... Under Saturn. 
The Moon just entered Leo. Makes a favorable aspect to the weak Venus ( in Aries ). Venus rules the banks and the currency.. What was it Trump said yesterday about Wall Street banks?? Yes, that's the weak Venus.. So watch the banks now... if they fall, market falls.. 

Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Taurus rules Asia Minor, Austria, Australia, Caucasus, Cyprus, Dublin, Georgia, Greenland, Labrador, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Leipzig, Louisiana, Mantua(italy) Minnesota, NY, Palermo, Parma,Persia, Poland... hoppaa-- news from Armstrong about Poland... later. , Rhodos, Russia, St.Louis,S.America, Tasmania, Wales. ( from "The rulership book" by Rex E. Bills) . More countries will come under Libra.. but' for now, lets' focus on these countries for news.. 

Now I shall switch to the alerts... Stay tuned. 

The sky: The most fearful position is a solitary Mars! 

We don't have trade today, due to Independence day celebrations.. 

Wheat is worth while watching! on 4/21 I alerted, that the stop was 407, if you put a buy order above it, you made it! Trades now at 448.5

Here is the article, by Armstrong,  about Soros trying to overthrow the Polish government by 2020.
I could not resist but check Poland's chart. .
Again, this is a difficult task. Champion, ~ page 239-244~ writes and gives 4 charts. The last one: 24 Aug 1989' 13.05 Warshaw.

With a little help from my friend, from Poland I got the latest timing Polish astrologers use for Poland: Dec.31, 1989 00:00~ will put the Ascendant on 10Libra43, with a stationary retro Venus., at 6 Aquarius. Venus will return to this place 71 years later. In the Meanwhile it will retreat to Capricorn, {2006- 2050} where she is unhappy. This chart also shows a grouping of planets, Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus in Capricorn, which is not a very happy placement, but definitely building their future strongly! 
In opposition this stellium they have a very strong Jupiter, confident in their way and open to the world. However, having Gemini in the 9th house~ philosophical views,what do we stand up for... points to a change in their views and a mix. Transit Uranus and Pluto have their effect now on interior issues. The strongest planet is Saturn, and they are now in Saturn's time period, so very strong.. 

I am surprised to see, that they have a woman PM.. Beata Szydlo. Good for her! and us, women.. LOL... Now we have Angela, Theresa, Brigitte?? LOL... / Marine?, and Beata...
However, there is also a President in Poland, Andrzej Duda.
There is still time for the Polish elections.. but I made this, in the meantime: women leading european countries.. 
Will they be successful against the men?? 

I find it quite incredible, that on the only day, that I am writing about Beata Szydlo, Poland's PM, I have never heard about before, I read about her, make her chart... etc... I read now, that she refused Angela Merkel's request to let in 6000 immigrants " Poland first"- she says.. So now, in spite that I don't have her time of birth, I have to post her chart. 
She was born in Auschwitz, April 15, 1963. Below is the Solar chart. 
She is 54 years old, and 54 and a half, Sept-Oct, this year, will be critical for her. 
      Here is her Progressed and transit chart. Her Sun ( she)  is attacked by Uranus/ But that's not all/ transit Saturn (higher authority) is on her Moon, and Venus, ruler of her partners, is weak in Aries.. Will it be possible, that the President, DUDA, will contradict her ? I don't know how the law works in Poland.. Anyone??


May 1, 2017 Monday

We have Memorial day today, no trade. Yesterday evening was 
 a very sad evening, watching the TV... So many young,  handsome and beautiful children, soldiers, killed in so many wars we had, since 1948... Today, of course, we have no trade. 

It is also May 1st, so Europe has bank holiday. Volume in the market will be low. 
Today is a day, that resonates with Neptune, so it marks a major CIT. 
Look out, there, where you do have trade!. 
We live fated times, with Saturn on the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. This position brought out all the nationalism and fanatics in the world. Not only on the GC, but in Sag. at all. 
Jupiter is now 150~ applying~ to Neptune, but I already mentioned this, I think yesterday. 
Jupiter at mid Libra, in retro, so it'll take the whole month~ this aspect.
Mars is solitary- this is a rather bad position to be... 
Venus gets 2 bad points, by being in Aries, and 150^ to the North node. Mercury is "blabbering" in retro and in Aries. Departing from an aspect from Saturn, which could shot him up, well, not any more. This affects all Geminis, who speak before thinking.. Most famous Gemini is Mr. Trump.. But I see, lately he is reading his speeches, and not talking out of his head... I guess someone is guiding him, and it's good. 

I am still working on Kim Yong Un's natal chart. I think I am getting it now.. I also have North Korea's chart... Stay tuned. 
North Korea: Nicholas Champion, page 180, writes, that the independence of NK was on Sept 10, 1948. This puts the Ascendant on 25 Scorpio, Sun at 17 Virgo, in house 10,  Moon at 15 SAG. conjunct Jupiter in house 1. Since the Moon represents the people, and Jupiter expansion, optimism, joy... and we know the people situation under this Kim dynasty... I had to look at the other date, rectified by Jamie Partridge, Sept 9, 1948; 12:39 pm. The difference is not much. The Asc. is now in SAG, at 2.51^, Sun at 16.22 Virgo and the Moon on the Asc, at 2.39 Sag.- but far from Jupiter. 

Taking a closer look, and combining other knowledge I have, we can see, that the date adds up to 22^- the "kill or get killed degree. 22 is also ruled by Uranus, and this in the chart is at 0 Cancer, where it is in Detriment, so showing it's negative side. Uranus stands for bombs, unexpected events, and we know that in the last years, there have been many nuclear tests, which, so far, failed. But, Uranus will always be the trigger point for North Korea. 
Now, the ruler: it is symbolised by the MC and the Sun. Here, the Sun is on the MC, double strength, for a dictator. And a cruel one, I already wrote yesterday in my WWIII analysis, that Earth signs can be very cruel. "Part of cruelty" is on the Sun. Kim Yong Un, was born on a Sunday, when dictators are born. (numerology).
The dispositor of the Sun, is Mercury conjunct Neptune, both on Algorab, most cruel fixed star.  Mercury is at 8^ degree, which is a Scorpio (life and death) degree. 
Neptune~ the silent killer~ rules House 4, the roots of the nation. Neptune in Libra ( water in air) it penetrates, brain washes the people's minds. 
The people: is symbolised by the Moon. This is on the Ascendant, at 2 Sag. Apparently, the people love their country, but the Moon is squared by the government(Saturn) depressed. The Moon is also 150^ from Uranus. The people will be sacrificed by the country. The Moon is in opposition to the "weeping Sisters". the Pleiades. 
The army: is Venus. Venus is very strong in the chart, far away from the Sun, and its effect. at 0 ^ Leo, in house 8th of death. 
The KIM dynasty started in 1948, after 50 years of Japanese rulership. First leader was Kim Il-sung born 15 April 1912- 8 July 1994 ( heart attack at the age of 82). Directed Uranus on the Sun. 
Inner wheel: natal, no time, so Solar chart. Sun conjunct Mercury in warsome Aries. Uranus, which is North Korea's significator, is at the MC, with the "Part of Catastrophe conjunct! Neptune, ruler of the roots of the NK chart, is triggered by a severe Saturn. Saturn also rules his MC, no wonder he ruled a long long time. Finally, when Uranus arrived to his Sun, died of a Heart attack, and Uranus return. 

Successor, the father of the present ruler: Kim Jong il. Born on Feb 16, 19410 till Dec. 17, 2011; 8:30 am ( died in a train) In office since October 8, 1997. 
Sun, Mercury, Ceres, pallas in Aquarius. Moon at 6 Pisces ( no exact birth time)... Interesting, that his "part of catastrophe" is at 6 Taurus, the exact place the Sun came to, at the time of his death. His Uranus at birth was at 26 Taurus, very close to the Pleiades. 

Successor, now third in the dynasty, is Kim Jong Un. Born, I hope I am right, Jan 8, 1984 ( his date adds up to 22= Uranus...So he is in harmony with the North Korean chart. 
It is interesting to note, that although his father died in 2011, Dec.17, he only assumed office on April 11, 2012. What a timing! Point of Catastrophe at 22^ Taurus, In opposition natal PoCatastrophe.

He is a Capricorn, with Sag. Ascendant. Two signs that do not match. 
I found 6:45 am, SAG, to fit, since he is 1.75 m tall, I mean he is not tall at all. ( 5ft 9 ins). His weight in 2014 was 20 stones, which corresponds to 127 kilos or 280 pound. He wears high heeled shoes, to look taller. His self image is Saturn, which is in Scorpio, bad.
Born on a Sunday;( day of dictators); the dispositor of the Sun is Saturn, in Scorpio. Very wicked but also clever. 
Mercury( mind, thinking ), far from the Sun's destructive effects. Also conjunct Jupiter- magalomania. And conjunct Neptune.. Is he smoking, besides cigarettes, heroin, or is he taking strong painkillers? 
Mercury rules his 6th house of health and work. He got his "work" big time~ in heritage. Broke his ankle 30 Sep. 2014. ( Transit Mercury 60 to natal Merc.)
It was written that he suffers from GOUT. This is usually something that runs in the family. It is caused by too much uric acid (Saturn) in the blood. The result is painful swellings, affect the knees and ankles, This may be the result of ill fitting shoes, heavy, fat meal ( swiss cheese, that he adores) or alcohol, what he drinks, and a lot! no wonder, with Neptune conjunct Mercury! 
Venus rules his 10th house of career, and it is far and strong from the Sun. It is a warrior. Venus conjuncts Uranus= Nuclear bombs. Venus is also on Sun/Mars MP. A recipe for war. 
His extreme love for luxury is shown by Venus in Sag. 
He is 130 kilos, extremely fat- probably diabetic= Venus.
Assassination attempt on 3.11.2012- that failed. The most likely subject was his uncle, Jang Song-taek, who was executed by having eaten alive by 120 starved dogs. His uncle was from his father side. He was married to Kim Jong Il's only daughter, Kim Kyong-hui, who was probably killed since then too. 

On April 14, 2017 Kim Jong Un ordered evacuation of 600000 people from the capital... due to tension with the USA. Well, we are 2 weeks after and nothing happened. 
On 4/29, 2017 there was a missile launch, that failed. 

Let's look into the future: here is his natal, directed and transit chart for today. It is interesting, that the rulers of House 7 and 12 ( known and unknown enemies, are conjunct ( Mercury+ Jupiter) on the Ascendant. at 1 and 27 degrees. So when a planet will trigger them, hard times will come upon him. We see Saturn at 27 degree, in retro.Also transi Mercury+Uranus are trining them...thus the treat from the USA, China, etc. 
ANother sign for a treat is tr. Jupiter squaring the Sun, and Pr. Pluto on Venus. 
Mars is moving forward in Gemini, and we must watch 10-15 May!!! 
any comments, will be welcomed! 
Trump tweeted, that under other circumstances, he would meet with Kim Jong Un.
Here is their combined chart: THe Suns at 150* angle... no wonder the black cat walked between them !

April 30, 2017 Sunday

We wake to a Cancer Moon. The Moon rules this sign. During the whole week, Mercury will conjunct Uranus, in Aries. Look out of hasty words spoken, or actions taken! Once it is out, no going back! Venus just changed signs, now it is in Aries again, where it is weak, till June 6th. But the most important upcoming event, which is also extremely rare, is the triangle forming between Saturn-Uranus-and the Node. ALso, we will have the Jupiter 150^ Neptune position the whole month... On these, and many other positions are my calculations based. 

For my readers from DUBAI: I sent alerts on 2015, then the stop was 4100-3700- Now we can lower the stop to 3500- as you can see, the index is declining since. 

For my readers in Poland:  it is a short below 2384. 

For Brazil: It's a long above 27000/

Download my application, receive these alerts! 

Today is the 120th day of the year. I think only we and the Arab countries trade today, so the effect of this number will be felt tomorrow... But opps, no trade tomorrow, in Europe, due to May 1st holiday. 
Yesterday I saw the first episode, on National Geographic, about the life of Einstein. It is very interesting! You might want to watch it.. 

After that I watched a documentary film on the life of Henrietta Lacks... This too, is worthwhile watching. Her cells were used to make research, they are called the Hela cells. Here is a link for you. 
In the true world, not in the films, the world is waiting for:
1) the outcome of the French elections. I am not sure who is Putin's favorite.. Trump, I know tweeted, that he backs Le Pen. Macron seems to be the favorite of the Europeans, not only because of their fear of La Pen, but mainly, IMHO, him being a puppet leader. Yes, he is charismatic, young and backed by all the others who lost, but is he a strong leader? He has 3 planets and the Sun in Sag. Sun and Mercury at the last degree, 29..I already wrote, that he has very good chances to be elected, but the trouble will come in two years.
2) USA taxes... I haven't heard anything about this... was there any decision? This can make the markets jump again... 
3) UK elections, not much action there. Mr. Corbyn might win some votes till June 8th, but Mrs. May is the winner after all. IMHO of course...
4) North Korea~ storm in a cup~. for the time being... No exact birth time for Kim Yong Un. Some write 1983, others 1984... well, on this I cannot start even to think of any analysis. In the past I posted about him, you might want to search the blog. He threatened Australia lately, being USA ally... . Now I have Champion's book, and the date for Australia is January 26, 1788 on a Saturday, 5:23 am. 
The other date is: Jan.1 1901; 00:00; Ascendant at  7 Libra, Sun conjunct Saturn at 9 Capricorn and Moon at 12 Taurus. 
I searched Australia's history, and they were always in a kind of coalition with the world, in several wars. The only time they were actually attacked, was during WWII, on Feb 19, 1942, when the Japanese attacked Darwin.On that day, Mars, Saturn and Uranus were conjunct in Taurus, and if the time is right, in the 8th house of death. I don't see anything similar happening in the near future. But, in 2025, when Pluto conjunct the Sun... then major changes will happen over there. 

Pluto will leave Capricorn on the 20th Nov 2024. Till then, it will make the USA miserable. Why? Because is will be on and off on USA's natal Pluto. 
Then, it will leave them alone, and go on to Aquarius. Pluto was in this sign between Dec. 1, 1778- January 1799. Mind you, America was under war 5-6 years, before Pluto entering Aquarius!
Other planets will change signs, here is the 10 years table for Mars- Pluto positions. 
Look at the black lines. Example: Uranus will be in Taurus, from March 11, 2019- July 4, 2025! just like during WWII. 
Neptune is now in Pisces, in 1932-42 it was in OPPOSITION! in Virgo. Weak...

To see where were the planets during WWII, I use the DOW: 
Although the books write, that WWII started on Sept 1, 1939, look when Hitler started to move up on the ladder: June 29,1921! Mars just enters Leo. On January 30th, 1933, Hitler elected Chancellor. ( Under Uranus in Aries-German Spring ~). And on March 23, 1933 Dictatorial power granted... reminds you of someone?? His name starts with an E. 

It is written, that he committed suicide on April 30, 1945- then Jupiter was in Virgo- just like when he was elected. A closer was done. ( I am not sure if he really committed suicide.. I read too many articles, how he still lives in South America... But who knows? I just want to show you, how Virgo pops up again and again. What a cruel sign it can be. 
Now, why is this important?? Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are in Virgo! 
There are many charts for all the countries, but, for Germany,  one of the important dates was May 18, 1848 12:00 in Frankfurt, National assembly -Champion page 133~when Neptune was at 2 Pisces. In 1933 ( elected chancellor); Neptune was in opposition, together with all the other planets. Today! Neptune is again in Pisces... If you read the link I added, and I made all the charts, you will find, that till Neptune was in Virgo, Germany was winning. As soon as Neptune crossed over to Libra, the first withdrawal happened, followed by more and more defeats. 
As of June 3, 1939 Pluto, the destroyer, moved to Leo, where it is exalted- strong. it was there till July 1957. So Pluto gave the strong background to Germany. But we know that one planet is not enough! So as soon as Neptune left Virgo, their power lessened. 

September 3, 1941 - First experimental use of gas chambers at Auschwitz. Under Uranus just entering Gemini, Jupiter is already there, mass murder starts. ( 12-13 million people killed). Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Earth (cruel) signs! ( Backed by Pluto in Leo)

Uranus was in Taurus ~ WEAKEST~( IN FALL in astrological language) from March 1935- to May 1942.When a planet is in detriment or in fall, it will always show its wicked side.
But not only in Taurus! It was conjunct Saturn! a long period of time, at the end of Aries, where Saturn is in fall ( worst ). 
Next, both enter Gemini.

So why I am checking all these?

1) As you can see, the DOW did not crash, under this horror, on the contrary, it made new highs. 

2) Planetary positions are very much different today than then. 

Jupiter will enter Scorpio on 10.10.2017; Saturn ( governments) in Capricorn is strong, Uranus in Taurus is a deja vu... from 1935-42.

Let's hope, that mankind learned from past experiences.

Today we remember those who fell during the wars since 1948. May they rest in peace!

Tomorrow we will celebrate our 69th Independence day. 
I made TS calculate the planetary positions till 2030. Sadly, it seems that history is repeating itself..Especially between 2028-2030, when Jupiter will again be in Virgo, Saturn in Taurus, Uranus in Gemini. Only Neptune and Pluto will be in other signs than during WWII.  
Neptune was in Aries in 1862-1875. Pluto was in Aquarius only in 1777- 1797.


I am trying to concentrate on Kim Yong Un's chart. But, I find it very difficult. The dates I find on the internet are contradictory:  Some say 1982, other could swore it was 1983, 

and again others say 1984. 

Also, his life events are fade. Newspapers write about events a few months after they took place.Who knows what is true or not? 

Maybe I'll try another time.. I don't have the patience now for guessing.
I just see now, that I uploaded his charts in March 2013, 4.14, 9.28/2014; 10/7/14, 11/11/14, 2/11/15, 9/26/15, 9/9/16.  So there you are...  


April 28, 2017 Friday

We are under Venus effect today. Venus is on the destructive Scheat. 
World is still expecting Trump's tax news


Now watch this! I just found out!! 
Since we have the longest data for the DOW, I make researches on it. Between the two tops 56 days passed.

So, I ask myself, which planet has a 56 days trip in the sky? In the geocentric sky I cannot find any, ( except the Moon- 28x 2= 56), so I go on to the Heliocentric chart, and voila!! 
56x4 = 224 - Venus cycle. 
Isn't that cool ?? 

We are under Jupiter and Mercury 's effect today. mercury is still conjunct Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter is 135^~bad~ to the South Node. 

Venus is still on Scheat... 
Some words about the VIX. On Dec. 19th I alerted, that falling below 11.30 it will be a sign for a new rally. Since then I didn't really checked it, but now: 

A closer look: 

I am running TS, to see, what I come up with.. 
Meanwhile, I read, that many interesting people were born on this day ! Samuel Morse,in 1791; he has Mercury-Jupiter angle.. no wonder he found the Morse system, used till today. Ulysses, S.Grant, the 18th President of the USA.; Otto of Bavaria, Sergei Prokofiev, he wrote Peter and the Wolf.. I am sure you know this opera. ... And many more interesting people.. I hope history will remember them. 

VIX: long term forecast is ready now.. order now! 


  1. Interesting lunar month, interesting year so far. We are now at the "midpoint" of 2017~!!! as far as the secular calendar is concerned. June, July, and of course AUGUST look to be well within the "interesting" category too. Thanks Gabby for your blog! Keep up the good work.

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