World financial markets and astrology: New Moon in Taurus, 2017

World financial markets and astrology: New Moon in Taurus, 2017:

May 1: North Korea, Kim Jong Un and more forecasts.


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    1. Excellent finding!! Chapeau!! Thanks for sharing. This number equals to 43 years. This is more or less half of Uranus cycle.
      In 1974 Uranus was in LIbra, now in Aries, in opposition. SO yes, it makes sense...

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    3. Usually I don't like answering to " unknown"....
      You know so much about me.. so why in disguise?
      5.18.2017- vibrates to 7/ of 16
      It is the card of the Tower.- meaning : misery , distress, calamity, disgrace, ruin.
      It's ruler is Neptune.
      Brings quakes and change in trend in the markets.
      DO tell us who you are next time...

    4. I only know this site, thanks so much and I will use the handle Bob. I am just a long time trader that is all.

    5. I see the date as 06061944 D-day. thanks again

    6. Glad You like the blog, Bob :)

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