World financial markets and astrology: New Moon in Cancer, 2017

World financial markets and astrology: New Moon in Cancer, 2017: Between June 24- July 23, 2017. Watch July 9th, the aspects we will have in the sky were not there since 1950 at least! Very dangerous!!


  1. If it not for Poland Europe would not exist today. 09 11 1683 (notice the numerology of this date) The Battle of Vienna was a turning point in world history where a 400,000 Islam army was turn back by a 30,000 Polish Army which at that time in history where the Warrior Angels of history.

    Thanks again, Bob

    Trump message being in Poland is a coded message of the invasion that is taking place today, no less.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. WOW!! 9.2.9 :) NIIICE !!! Oh, I love comments like this!! Thank YOU :)

  3. I think, like it or not, Trump, with his Gemini stellium is faster, quicker than many around him, he is much clever than the average dude, and THEY cannot keep up with him. His Mercury shows that too.

  4. Gabby,
    how are you?? it has been a while i wrote to you but i visit the site everyday for knowledge that you provide us. can i again, ask to look at GPRO stock one more time?? does it have any future or is it still stuck there only??
    with many thanks,

  5. Hi Vick,
    GPRO is consolidating since March. As long as it is above 7.90 there might be a chance to go to 9.44- 11. But it is a weak share, while the S&P rallied 4.4% since 3/15, this one did nothing... SO have your stop at 7.90. MInd you, it was once 100$! It doesn't seem it'll go there soon. I don't know what they do,so only a miracle will help this one.
    Good luck !


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