New Moon in Virgo, 2017

Between August 21- September 20, 2017


Important events in the sky: 
23.08.2017     Vir Sun
25.08.2017    D     Saturn 21°10'56"Sgr
26.08.2017     Leo Venus
31.08.2017    Leo Mercury
 5.09.2017    Vir Mars
 5.09.2017   14:28:46 D     Mercury 28°25'28"Leo
10.09.2017    Vir Mercury
20.09.2017    Vir Venus

So I was telling you about the month of ELUL. I added here a link for better understanding. For us, traders, the important thing to remember, is that there are 40 days from 1st Elul till Yom Kippur. 40 pops up many times in the Bible, it is one of the sacred numbers. It was 40 days that Moses stayed on the Sinai mountain, 40 years, that the people of Israel went around and around in the desert... before the flood the rain fell for 40 days and 40 nights.. etc. Christianity and the Islam has many mentions of this number as well.

40 days before today was July 13th, and from today, to the future is October 1st.  Check your index, see where it was, let's check it where will it be on Oct 1st. 

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September 20, 2017 Wednesday. 

Slowly, but surely we got to this date as well... Last day of this month, Venus entered Virgo, and brought a huge earthquake, the biggest since 1985! 
Children born on this day, or in the sign of Virgo, will be beautiful. Remember Sophia Loren? It's her birthday today! She is 83 years old today. 
Shinzo Abe will be 63 tomorrow. 

The Dow based itself on 22353 and made a new high, thus entering a cycle area.
THe S&P is indecisive. Trade range is between 2503-2507. 
Nasdaq E-mini: also, between 5988- 5997. 
Dax: also, is trying to show positivity.. 

But, Venus in Virgo and other planets, will show what's next.... 

Let's go to the next article, and see. 


September 19,2017 Tuesday

Yesterday I saw the film " Second chance". Run and watch it! it is a very very good film. It is a modern Greek tragedy, a multilevel film.
While I was out, the Dow made it to the price level I was writing about, for 2-3 weeks. 22353. 
Subscribers on the Dow know what to do now.. 

Tomorrow we will celebrate the New Year. The year 5778. A year that adds up to 9. Closures... 
I wish you all a very good closure, release the past, to let the new energies flow in next year, this time. 

Jose is threatening now Washington area.. 
As I wrote before Harvey, multiple planets in Virgo, cause hurricanes in this time of the year. Now the Moon is too in virgo, so this one can be nasty as well. 

Tomorrow we will have the New Moon. In Israel it will fall in the 12th house of hidden issues. And there are many, in Netanyahu's corner.. Will we get some life changing-for him- information? yes, I am pretty sure... the next month will be a huge "closure"for him. 

The New Moon for Washington DC falls in the 3rd house of news. the Sun and Moon will be in exact 150^ to Uranus, which is not a dream position... this too will trigger a major event during the next month.More so, the next new Moon for Washington falls in the 9th house of foreign affairs, in LIbra!. at 26.36 degrees. ( Oct 19th). If you are wandering who has planets there... Remember! LIbra stellium: Putin, and Bibi ..

For Berlin tomorrow's New Moon also falls in the 12th! hmmm interesting.. Elections on the 24th. For Moscow too.. 
New Moon in Manila~ Philippines~ I heard Duterte wants full power.WIll he  announce martial law?  The New Moon will fall in the 9th house. Will he be blocked by law? Or someone stronger than him? The same is for Pyongyang, North Korea! 
Interesting, that the New Moon will be exact at 27.27 degree-= 9.9.
Even in this field, we are into big closures and new Beginnings. 

Do you feel sometimes, that your mind is toast? I do.. Today. Then, what do I find in my chart? Transit Mars 150 ( fire)  to natal Mercury. ( mind).... LOL... 
September 18, 2017 Monday.

Markets are still closed, in Europe and the US, and we start the day with the Moon in Virgo. Actually it is right on Regulus. 
Mercury is still conjunct Mars.
Let me see the East: rally! Oh boy... All the doom's day seers... how many hats have they eaten already? 
Ok. Let me go to the app to send my alerts.. 
Sent so far 25 alerts! 
9:54 our market has started... 
Let me check ... ha! Gapped up. Bold move... but we are not arguing.. 

What made the markets rally this month? Basic materials- first runners up! 

September 17, 2017 Sunday. 

Hello everybody, how are you?? You should be well, with that Moon in Leo. New love? New friends? the Moon will join Venus today, so maybe you will even get a present ?! That would be nice.. Mercury is conjunct Mars, in Virgo.. oh, don't be so picky! Too much analysis and criticism will not make anyone happy! 

Our market will open in an hour, under a negative arbitrage. We got 3% rise in the last 5 days, time for a correction. The close was at 1415.46. We are short below 1418. 

Bitcoin updated report is ready! Is this cryptocurrency the future's money? Seems so.. In spite of all the obstacles governments try to raise. The other one is the Lite Coin and Ethereum. I am following all. 
What happened with the Gold, let's see? We got a rally of 60 days, and a correction of 7. technically it is still a long. Order now the report, see where will it be at the end of the year? 
The DOW: made new historical high... How long will the rally continue? I wrote in the app, on 9/12: that the next jump will take it to 22353. And then what?? Sign up ! Sign up now... Will it go to much much higher levels, or finally the doom's day seers will get their reward?
Wheat: rallied for 13 days! Now what?? Nobody asked for it, but I sent alert on 8/16th  to go long above 433. Fell to 395 till 9/29, and since than rose to 450. 
Soya: if you went along with the alert, sent on 8/16, you are now gaining 5.9%

What should we expect in the next month? This is the list: if you still don't know the symbols of signs and planets, just mark the days in your calendar... I will surely write about it in due time. 

How will these moves, and the next ones influence MANKIND, yes, I am not exaggerating... we shall see. Much bigger moves will come in 2018! 
Minor move on the 20th, Venus enters Virgo. How will this affect your share? index?? 

MAJOR MOVE: Jupiter enters Scorpio. It will be there till Nov.8, 2018. How will this affect YOU? Jupiter returns to Scorpio every 12 years. Look back, where were you in 2005 Nov- 2006 Nov? where were you 24 years ago?? or 36, or 48? etc.. 
Everyone will feel it, depending which area of life it triggers. 
Jupiter is called the Great Benefactor. So at first glance it should bring only good news. But then, in Scorpio? It will be money related, transformation related. You will be changed, think differently after this passes. Major internal changes. 
In the Uranian astrology it is also called Zeus.

Ptolemy writes: Jupiter rules also the 7 to 14th, included, degrees of Scorpio. So it will be strongest, while in these degrees. so between Nov 12- Dec 20. 
Lilly teaches us, that by nature Jupiter is Diurnal, masculine, hot and moist, airy, Sanguine, author of Temperance, Modesty Sobriety and Justice. 
When negatively placed, it will be unfortunate, hypocritically religious, tenacious, and stiffe, ignorant careless... etc. etc. 
Babylon, Persia, Hungary, Italy and Spain are ruled by Jupiter. (Sagittarius).

Here is a list when was Jupiter in Scorpio: 

With Timing Solution is easy to find all the aspects Jupiter will make from Scorpio.

I am searching what happened between Oct 1922- Nov 1923, and I am surprised to find, that fascism was already present, where? in Italy! in Naples.. a town specifically mentioned by Lilly 

October 24, 1922 (Tuesday)

Mussolini made a speech to his Blackshirt followers in Naples declaring, "Either we are allowed to govern, or we will seize power by marching on Rome."[32]
Former German chancellor Bernhard von Bülow gave his first interview in seven years, in which he said there was no chance for the monarchy to be restored in Germany because "The republican majority is stronger than the nationalists." Of the country's economic problems he said that they "may lead to local riots, but from all I know of the German people I can say that they are too fond of quiet and order to allow bolshevism to sway the country."[33]

Is it , because the country is ruled by Jupiter? hmmm... Let's see what else happened? 
Nov 1, 1922: abolition of the Ottoman sultanate- Sultan Mehmed VI abdicated the Turkish throne... ending the Ottoman Empire, that lasted 600 years. Will we see Erdogan crown himself Sultan, after 95 years?? 
Nov 2, 1922: financial crisis in Germany. 
Dec.5, 1922: The russian government closed all Catholic churches in Petrograd. ( Jupiter=religion).
Dec.23, 1922: Lenin warned against Stalin... (did he have a deja vu?). 
Dec.30: Treaty of creation of USSR. 

And so on and so on... YOU can see, that major changes took place in the world. Mainly in beliefs. Religion was out, fascism started to rise its head. 
Since Scorpio rules everything under the earth, in Nov.4 tutankhamen's tomb was discovered by Howard Carter, british archaeologist. Scorpio also rules death, poison, any kind of killing... so when Jupiter was in Scorpio, June 20 Zyklon B was discovered in Germany- cyanide based insecticide... we know what was its use later.. 

Vitamin E was also discovered. 
And more discoveries, like radio broadcasting. etc. 

Reading Bill Meridian's book, 1745 Black friday in London occurred while Jupiter in Scorpio.1816: British export panic; 
1840-44 Debt Repudiation depression, also in France, 
1958 recession;
1971: Nixon closes Gold Window;
1994: Peso crisis; Orange county broke;

I guess, now, 95 years later... we will communicate with space- ET. 
In the world: I should wish Mr.Modi, India PM happy birthday, he is 67 today. Born on this day, in 1950; he has a Virgo stellium. Sun, Mercury, Saturn in Virgo, with the South Node. He should watch Mercury and Mars transits on this stellium, between Oct 6-20!. 
I don't have his time of birth thou... so if anyone ha it, I would be happy to get it. 
The only threat, as I see in his chart is Neptune, which will be activating his Virgo stellium in 20121. So far so good. so I wish his success. 

Between the years 1977- 2000, I worked as a sales and Marketing manager for a hotel chain. We had 600 rooms to sell. One of them was in Nazareth, so we had pilgrims. Once a week I travelled to Jerusalem, to visit the Arab travel agents, with whom I got to excellent relationships, and they loaded me with work. Cheap, but worth while, during the low seasons. Many times there was curfew in East Jerusalem, but I knew their back doors, and I went, nevertheless. Only me, with my James Bond bag and the policeman on horseback were in the street. But, they knew me, and invited me to expensive dinner parties, sent me home with private driver... you have to know, that, in those days, they were the elite of the town. I think I was the only hotelier who visited them anyway, in summer, in rain, in snow and during curfew.  In 2000 the intifada broke out and there was no tourism of any kind. I was fired, after 23 years, but as you see, I am great.. 
Today, I had a Tv technician due to come. He called me, and I see an arab name. Normally I would not give it a second thought... But today?? I am alone at home... and I think.. what if... what if... and then I reproach myself... what happened to that girl, who was walking alone in the streets?? 
He came, big blue eyes, smiling... Fixed it, and left. 
What happened to our world?? that brings THOSE thoughts?? 

I started to work on the AEX forecast- if you trade it, it's time to order it! 
Will be ready today. Ok, It ready and out.. 


September 16, 2017 Saturday. 

One of the best indices to gain money with, is the Nasdaq E-Mini. The report is out. Sign up now, to catch the right direction!! 

The Dax is hot as well, but very dangerous to trade.. 
The Gold is cool.. 
So make up your mind, sign up... 

Major moves next week!! 

September 15, 2017 Friday. 

I woke up at 4:45, to a load TV from the neighbors, in the next house. Annoying. I went to the balcony, and fell asleep again, till almost 8. I woke up, to see that the sky is dark grey, and what is that?? rain drops ?? In September?? woww!! 
Here is the mapp, just to keep score: Moon on the MC, in Cancer. 
When I was a child, they used to say: " God is crying", when it rained. 

What else to see in the sky? Jupiter is getting to an exact opposition Uranus; Also, Jupiter is conjunct "Arcturus" a very fortunate fixed star. 
The Sun is at 22 Virgo! 
And Kim launched another missile, saying, he doesn't need his Japanese neighbors.. 
This is not going to end well.. 

September 14 , 2017 Thursday. 

Yesterday I was stopped out, after a very small gain. The gold went to 1339 only, There it was blocked, second try went only to 1338, and then I closed my position... No need to go with one's head to the wall... 
I see it now, trades at 1321.69. So what happened yesterday, that made the Gold turn and fall? The Moon was 180 to Saturn. ... The same aspect made the Oil rise.. 

What's new today? 
The Moon moved into Cancer. Mercury is conjunct Mars. Let me see where are the hurricanes, typhoons? I see Jose is out in the ocean... as I wrote a few days ago.. 

Japan and Myanmar are getting there share.. 

Iceland and Europe has their own storms.. Pity this site doesn't features the planets.. 
Here are the planets... They run thru the typhoon and hurricane lines. 

September 13, 2017 Wednesday

The market doesn't stop. We got again new highs. I went long on the Gold yesterday and short on Oil. I hope you got also good trades from the weekly reports or from the app. 

You, who live in the far east! By the time I get up, your market is closed... So if you would like to get some advice, pls. send me a mail, and I could prepare for you a report, for long term trades... It must be frustrating receiving alerts when your market is already closed... 

So, what's new today? in the sky? The only thing I see is the Sun moved to the third decanate of Virgo. You know, each sign has 30 degrees. There are several divisions. The first, we divide 30 by 10, we get 3 decanates, which define deeper the persona. A person born in Virgo will be a bit different if he is born between Aug 23- Sept 2, or  9/2- 13, or 9/13- 23. In his book " Man and the Zodiac, David Anrias tells us, that this is the most fortunate decanate of the sign. 
But, I never promised you a rose garden!!! Here comes the thick! During history, we have about 5 different concepts or teachings from eminent astrologers, what sign rules which decanate... And since this is a deep issue and not market related, I am not going into it. Just wanted to show you, how " easy" the life of astrologer is... LOL... BUt, I love it, as you know. 
The thing is, to make a lemonade from each lemon, and always say positive things. 
I see my fellow astrologers how they are spreading fear and anxiety... 

So markets rally. In my weekly newsletters I gave weeks before targets that were "unthinkable"... Slowly we are getting there... 

That 45^ between Uranus-Neptune lasts till the end of the year... I wrote about this one in human history aspect!. The other aspects are an opposition from the Moon to Saturn, and Jupiter- Uranus, this one will last 1-2 weeks. 
Here is an interesting site that I found: In different parts on Earth, the same baby is called different names. SO while We have a Hurricane in the US, in the Far East, they call it cyclones.It is the same "gift" in different wrapping. 

One of my "incredible forecasts were about the $...
OK.. market starts, see you later. 

September 12, 2017 Tuesday 

We are under Uranian effect today. Also Mars's . The Moon crossed over to Gemini and she squares Mars. 
After Irma calmed down, yesterday the US markets made a fabulous gap-up. They reached all my targets given in the weekly reports.. Well, almost all. In the weekly reports I give a long term overview, so there is still more. But now we have open gaps which will be painful when they close. So be alert!! 

12:13 : I posted a lot of alerts... Pls. check app. 
You, who were in the flood and hurricane , can  you pls. send me a word, that you are O K ? 


September 11, 2017 Monday

The Moon is still in Taurus. Today she will pass the "weeping sisters", while entering Gemini. Seems, that Irma calmed down, and there is no sign of Jose?! This is what I read on Fb, but "WIndy" still features both. In any case, I think, by this time tomorrow everything will calm down. 
I also read, that these hurricanes were "man-manipulated".. It is all over the net. Thinking "astrologically", it is possible. Why? because, as I already wrote Uranus is 45^ from Neptune. Uranus stands for everything that is unexpected, supernatural, it rules nano technology, drones, cyber weapons, and my imagination is not wide enough to point to anything else... but once these rumors start, they might have a point. 
There are many videos about Haarp manipulating the weather... and even admitting it. Google it. God save us from ourselves! 

The other scary scenario circulating is about "Nibiru" or Planet X, that will hit Earth on Sept 23rd and destroy us. Nonsense. We still have a couple of years to live... and our children, and theirs.. 
Ok.... markets will start soon. Let me open, and I see that the far east is green. This, probably will trigger Europe positively. 

September 10, 2017 Sunday

Let's see what is new for now?? Oh, but first, I have to thank Vicky, for the warm words. It is so nice to wake up and read mails, like this, Vicky! thanks... 

how are you?? Now, you know why i wake up early even at age of 72+ to read your blog.i am sure you remember what you wrote about IRMA EVEN WHEN IT HAD JUST BEEN FORMED and you said Miami will miss this but it go more west and may even go towards neworleans and i was wondering all these days whether you will be right or wrong and i tell you for sure you are one of the sharpest and intelligent Astrologer that i know. you are right again and again and again, IRMA IS going more towards west of Florida and miami is going to miss it this time till its turn comes again as you said

Great, my hats go off to your Godly work even though i feel for those innocent people involved in this natural calamity and hope they do alright.

with many thanks

vick "

So let's look at the sky, see what is it telling us? 

Today we are ruled by the Moon and Pluto. The Moon is now in Taurus. It is exalted in this sign. But first, I should let you know, that I corresponded with people onFB, mainly with the asteroid expert Mark Holmes, to learn which asteroids are signifying bad weather, storms and hurricanes. I learned a lot in these days! So here is a very "busy" chart, and we can learn a lot. 

Immediately we see the grand trine between the Moon-Sun-Pluto. In Earth signs. Earth is specially destructive. and more if Pluto is at one of the angles. But look! how many Hurricane asteroids are conjunct the Moon! as if she glues them to her.. .All that Taurus group makes a square to Mercury-Mars-Venus conjunction in Leo, which are the cause of the hurricane. They are extremely fast too..Then we have Jupiter in Libra getting closer and closer to an opposition to Uranus, which won't lessen anything... on the contrary..

Let's see where are the planets on the globe? 

The software crashed under so many asteroids... 
So we see Neptune right on Florida, bringing all this devastation. 
Moving west: all the spots. 
Where will they be in a week? Sept 17:  Mercury and Mars out in the ocean. 
Hopefully it'll be over.. 
But, again, I cannot say it enough! Do what the authorities tell you to do... 


There is another thing... Mercury is on Regulus royal star, the one that Trump has it, in his natal chart. Regulus is a good fixed star, till it "burns out" and can turn against his holder... So let's see where is Regulus now, we might get some news ( Mercury) about a leader somewhere in the world. 
Regulus is here.. So I don't know what to do with this info... 

But here is something funny: 


Our market started, negatively... we are flowing with the weather.... 
I'll post some alerts later... 
I still have to work on the weekly reports. It takes time till all the softwares complete their calculations.. 

I have never heard of Key West Florida. Irma made touch down there.  So it is a good time to look up its history... And what do I read? "

"In 1815, the Spanish governor of Cuba in Havana deeded the island of Key West to Juan Pablo Salas, an officer of the Royal Spanish Navy Artillery posted in Saint Augustine, Florida. After Florida was transferred to the United States in 1821, Salas was so eager to sell the island that he sold it twice – first for a sloop valued at $575 to a General John Geddes, a former governor of South Carolina, and then to a U.S. businessman John W. Simonton, during a meeting in a Havana caféon January 19, 1822, for the equivalent of $2,000 in pesos in 1821. Geddes tried in vain to secure his rights to the property before Simonton who, with the aid of some influential friends in Washington, was able to gain clear title to the island. Simonton had wide-ranging business interests in Mobile, Alabama. He bought the island because a friend, John Whitehead, had drawn his attention to the opportunities presented by the island's strategic location. John Whitehead had been stranded in Key West after a shipwreck in 1819 and he had been impressed by the potential offered by the deep harbor of the island. The island was indeed considered the "Gibraltar of the West" because of its strategic location on the 90-mile (140 km)–wide deep shipping lane, the Straits of Florida, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

On March 25, 1822, Lt. Commander Matthew C. Perry sailed the schooner Shark to Key West and planted the U.S. flag, claiming the Keys as United States property.[5] No protests were made over the American claim on Key West, so the Florida Keys became the property of the United States.
So I made a chart for March 25, 1822. WHAT ARE THE ODDS, that asteroid IRMA is on the SUN??


So, let's see what is going on in North Korea? As of today to Sept 17th-29th it is under uranian effect.. On the 29th Jupiter joins Uranus. that will bring a blast! Till October 15th very bad situation, then after it, really good news... October 19-25 th! a date to watch, regarding Kim. 

I have some friends in Florida. Facebook friends. So I was more there, posting, than here... now I shall post here what I wrote yesterday. I posted a map for Naples, Fl. 

ACG chart for Naples, Fl. now, Sept 9, 2017, morning. 

Mercury on eclipse degree. Moon conjunct Uranus, Eris, asteroids Torricelli, Oceania, Carla, Moira, all trine the ecl. deg. Jupiter approaching an exact opposition to Uranus! Here is the chart.. 

Bad times!! Stay safe! Take care!

4:00 pm gmt+3 or 9 am in Tampa Florida.

The Moon now trines the eclipse degree. 

Next days' Lunar positions for GMT 00:00

11.09.2017 0:54:01 19°02'24"Tau Square Venus

11.09.2017 19:29:18 0°00'00"Gem <<< more winds

11.09.2017 21:54:11 1°25'35"Gem Square Mercury """

12.09.2017 2:42:09 4°15'46"Gem Square Mars- more winds!

12.09.2017 16:52:33 12°38'47"Gem Square Neptune- more rain!

13.09.2017 6:24:59 20°39'35"Gem Square Sun

13.09.2017 7:47:03 21°28'08"Gem Opposition Saturn- calming down..

13.09.2017 8:25:05 21°50'39"Gem Sextile Venus " "

13.09.2017 12:43:22 24°23'29"Gem Trine Jupiter " "

13.09.2017 18:35:20 27°51'41"Gem Sextile Uranus

13.09.2017 22:12:20 0°00'00"Cnc <<< a New Hurricane>>>??

Here is a very good site to follow. WINDY

September 9, 2017 Saturday. 

Yesterday, searching for something to see on TV, I fell on a film on the life of Desmond Doss. Wow!! This is a must see picture. Now, looking at his chart, I am proud, I must say, to find out, that he was a fellow Aquarius! 

Aquarius is a sign, that loves his fellow humans, doesn't matter of what race color or anything. Desmond had a drunk father, who used to beat up him and his brother, "because the sun was rising or setting". He was a WWI veteran, lost many of his friends... But, one day, when his father beat up his mother, he almost killed him. Then he took a wow not to hold guns ever in his life. This did not stop him to enroll to the army. THere he made history. Watch the film! And bravo to Mel Gibson on directing. 
So what do we see in the chart?
Sun in Aquarius, at 17th degree. If you check Tarot cards, 17 is the card of Aquarius. I made a solar chart, Sun on the Asc. so we get a Taurus Moon- very stubborn! Mercury and Uranus too in Aqua. Uranus is this sign, that it rules, makes him a revolutioner. a unique of his kind. And what was he? The first "Conscious Objector" in the US army. 
Venus - exalted in Pisces - deep religious faith- conjunct Mars! the warrior. 
Jupiter exalted in Cancer- strong believes!... Saturn in detriment in Leo- difficulties with boundaries and superiors, and followed and loved by all... You see how beautifully this enfolds? You must see the movie what happened! 

September 8, 2017 Friday

Today we are under martian influence. Mars has entered Virgo. Mars is conjunct mercury and it is conjunct Atropos and Beaufort a bad asteroid... They are both strong and fast. Therefore the hurricane is so devastating.. And they are not calming down. Mercury now is on the eclipse degree, trining Uranus and the Galactic Center. - a fire trine... Uranus triggers nuclear facilities... So I don't have good news... about the US situation. 

Trump raised the debt ceilings... I don't think, it is a good thing, on the long run...But for now, it is a try to keep the crash in cage. 

Putin, on the other hand, came up with an idea, he is making a lemonade out of a lemon... Russia wants to build a gas line from Russia to South Korea and into North Korea. That's a hope there, to cam down the situation, on the long range. Will China agree? Will the US agree? The US is selling weapons to SKorea and Japan, so that would dry up this line.. 

Anyways, the markets are not showing the anxiety. With the Moon in Aries we got a new high in Gold.. Went far higher than my target, which was 1348- now at 1359. 

Sign up for the long term forecast, for $155 a month, get the bigger picture. 
E-BAY is hitting new highs.. ALi BABA topped at 177! 108% in 238 days.. VISA: I sent alert about this one on Dec.8, 2016! Stop was 78.8- to go long. Now, 279 days later it made 41.3%- is at 105.44~ Stop now at 103. 

There was an 8 on Richter- earthquake in Mexico... 

Now Spain is in the news too. Catalonia wants independence.. The parliament disagrees. Clash.Why now? 

We have two dates for Spain, from Champion's book: 19 January 1479 which has teh Sun at 8 Aquarius, Moon at 28 Sag 
and Modern Spain taking the coronation of juan Carlos Nov 22, 1975. at 12:45 Madrid. 
This chart has a Scorpio Sun at 29.33^, Moon at 11 Cancer and Asc. at 3.44 Aquarius. 
While Aquarius is " a humanitarian sign, Scorpio Sun and Cancer Moon will never let go. 
And we don't have to search much... we have the answer!! transit Uranus is 150 to the Sun- that brings the rupture. 

Above is Spain's chart with the last eclipse lines. at the left- 25..So the eclipse touched Spain too. The interesting thing is, that Mars is crossing Catalonia and if you have ever been in Barcelona, you felt that fierce energy! 


September 7, 2017 Thursday

Yesterday there were two powerful eruptions of Solar flares. This adds to the turmoil we are witnessing in the world, in every level.. I see now we have 3 hurricanes "working" together.

And it is not over yet... The dreadful 9/11 is coming next week. As you can see, between Sept.26- Oct 1st Jupiter will be in opposition Uranus. This aspect happened 12/27/2016, 3/2/17 and now. Before that, only 12 years ago. But then, Uranus was not in Aries. So actually, it happened only in January 25, 1928!!!  this opposition falls on Puerto Rico,

 also in Sudan, and here 

But, still a lot to come till the end of the month... 

Pay attention to Sept 9, 2017. It is the 9th, of the month, the 9th day. As of the 8th of the month, tomorrow, when the first 3 stars are visible in the sky, it is a UNIQUE opportunity to pray or meditate or concentrate for whatever good you want to yourself and others. No. 9 is the highest number, it is the antenna- the sky is open and listening.. ~~


September 6, 2017 Wednesday

Today we are under Neptunian effect. A very destructive day. The card of the day is the Tower Card. It shows a king falling from a burning tower, in the midst of a storm. 

The other planet to rule the day is Mercury, and that, has just turned Direct. This should be a good event. It is still in Leo, the bummer is, that it is stationary, on the eclipse degree... 
Then we have today the Full Moon as well, in Pisces, that means that the Moon is in opposition the Sun, and the Moon is conjunct Neptune. 
Got the picture? 
It is Geert WIlders' birthday today... Remember him?? 
The news are only talking about the hurricanes, everything else has been forgotten. But, yes, this is a major issue... I think the ocean is mad.. People are dumping missiles into the sea,so She is angry and fights back... 
But, seriously, during the month of September we will have more and more planets in Virgo, with Venus ingressing as well on the 20th, all in opposition Neptune, not a rosy situation! 
I wrote about this in former days, if you scroll down. 
I added the Uranian planets to the chart, and we see the Poseidon, king of the ocean is in trine Neptune... What else ? Hades is in water Cancer. So we have all these destructive planets in water, no wonder.. 

It is funny how I think to check these Uranian planets, that I very seldom use, and they turn up, exactly to show what is happening now.. 

Under such a "pressure from the planets, we had a violent move yesterday in the markets. 
Sign up NOW !!! for the weekly reports!! Be ahead of the markets, know something, USE something that robots have not figured out yet. Without astrology, I don't know what you can use to trade... 
So to bring everyone to the same line, I will use as basis for quotes and calculations on the alerts. 
and now I shall post some... 
see you later. 


I sent 20 alerts now. I think I covered most of the world indices.. 
Good luck! 

In the US, they still don't know where will Irma hit. it feels like Damocles sword... You never know, when will it fall on you... So I looked up Damocles, and guess what?? it is right on the South Node today!! and on Haiti and Cuba. 

I wrote about Japan many times in this blog. Last time it was on 8/9th, Pls. look up what I wrote, it is in the former article, link at the top of this blog. 

I can add to what I wrote on 8/9th, that as long as Uranus is in Aries, Japan is in danger. But once Uranus enters Taurus (mid May 2018), it will calm down. 


A reader from Suriname asked me to look at the chart and write about the weather...Possible floods... Well. I have to say and underline again, I am not an astro-meteorologer.!!!! But I can try to look and tell you what I think. 

Suriname independency : Nov 25, 1975 ~ from Nicholas Champion's book.. 

Again... the country existed 3000 years before, but we take the last modern event to check about future events. 
So the chart opens at 29 Leo, and that was exactly the eclipse degree! For sure it will be under the eclipse effect, for the coming year!!

The Sun is at 2 SAG 14in the 4th house, Neptune is at 11 SAG! but Sag. is a dry sign. 

The Moon is at 17 Leo in the 12th house. Quite a depressed nation, I would say... Who is the president?! OK. will check that later... 
Mars is at 0 Cancer- water sign, but in retro. In the future chart Mars is is Leo- fire and dry. sign. 
Mercury is at 0 SAG- again fire and dry. In the future chart Sun, Merc. and Neptune are in Capricorn. Earth and dry. 
Ohoo!! Pluto, in the future chart, is at 22^ Scorpio, and this is the only, but on the other hand the most devastating planet, to make a damage. 
The positive side of Pluto at 22 Scorpio, is , that is has been here for 22 years... Did you have floods? 
The negative side of it is, that in 8-11 years it will conjunct natal Mercury and the Sun- and will bring major changes in the country. 

Vulnerable point is 14-16 Gemini. 11-15 Aquarius. 

Very difficult times will be between July 2018-19. ~ politically and on every other level.
Yes, I think there will be floods from now till Sept 14-15 and again in the last week of October till 4-5 November.. 

Looking at the chart of Suriname's President, Desi Bouterse, I found another LIBRA STELLIUM candidate. Nothing sticks to them, they are never the ones to blame, teflon like people.. LIke Putin, Netanyahu, Olmert, now him. He has Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury in Libra. With Venus at 22^ degrees, a lot of blood on his hands.. And  " Dictator" aspect. 

But for a deeper check up, you might want to order a reading on YOUR natal charts??? Then I could be more specific. Cost:$300. 

I am still here..;. checking the storm that is coming over Australia!! Very cold over there... 

 OK. off to the gym..

I am back, and I received some messages, that there were again " underground tremors" in North Korea... Kim is blowing up now mountains... and V O I L A !: 

Wildfires, WWII bombs found, North Korea missile test into a mountain...The imagination is not wide enough to count what else?? 

On this day, in 2007, the great Maestro, Luciano Pavarotti died. I thought to upload his chart, and see his life in there. 
I chose an earlier picture of him, on purpose. here he was not HUGE yet. ( Venus in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces).  
Born under 22 Leo ascendant and Dc. the Sun weak in Libra, the Moon in Aries. With that Leo Ascendant he did receive all the stage, spotlight and attention he was supposed to... Is it possible, that in spite of all, he did not feel loved enough? Venus! is the answer... 
His chart shows his career: MC in Taurus, Venus, the ruler, ( voice) in Virgo, conjunct Neptune ( art). 
But Venus was also his vulnerable planet, being in Fall in Virgo, and in opposition Saturn, a bad influence. He had pancreatic Cancer. His Venus also got a bad 150^ from a weak Uranus! 
When Directed Uranus arrived to natal South node, that was it... at the age of 71 and 11 months... 
May he rest in peace. 

September 5, 2017 Tuesday

Today is the day when Mars enters Virgo. Fire in earth sign. Major change in all levels. 

The Moon is still in Aquarius. Jupiter at 22 degrees. Mars is just about to move into Virgo. 
Virgo is the 6th sign in teh wheel, the sign of the army in the mundane astrology. 

I read that Irma is over Puerto Rico. Googling when was PR hit by hurricanes, I am astonished to find this : 

they must know more about it than I do! 

September 4, 2017 Monday 

Somebody is taking advantage of Labor Day- no trade, and dumps the Us markets! while pumps up the Gold. 

Or, I should know better, and look for SOMETHING... So let's see where are the planets up there now? 

We have the Sun in opposition Neptune, once a year event! taking a bit wider orb, this effects for 2-3 days. Sun in Virgo, an earth and dry, even barren sign, keeps Irma away, for the time being. But we need a good wind! So lets go on... The Moon is in Aquarius, getting closer to the SOuth Node, which is a bad position. Both are in opposition Venus, Mercury and Mars- by sign- with a wide orb. Mars is on the eclipse degree, together with Mercury, the danger is still at its highesT, regarding international affairs, wars, fights, the President,.. Mars will move to Virgo, that will be a game changer!... Wrote about that in my weekly reports! Mars still trines Uranus- here is the threat of Irma. So we all wait for Mars to move on, and be grounded by Virgo. I am afraid Irma will hit land too by that time!... 

People are posting frightening posts on FB, about Irma becoming a 6 category hurricane. and how it will destroy Miami.. I find this awful... why post thing that no one knows?

July 28, 1896: We see a stellium in Leo. Very proud and successful city. I have never been there, but by this map should be really something. Now what can destroy a part of it, like the port for example? It is transit Uranus, Neptune or Pluto... And they are far from making exact aspects. 

So calm down... At least till June 2023. Then transit Uranus will come to an opposition natal Uranus. Transit Neptune will conjunct Directed Uranus. Directed Saturn will be on the Moon - people, and most important! transit Pluto will enter Aquarius, thus triggering the Leo Stellium. That will be hard.. Pluto will be in Aquarius till June 2043, and who knows if I will still be here to tell you what's next??? So better mark these dates in your calendar now. 

Here is a chart for Miami, with Mars entering Virgo. from this chart we can see, that Mars hits the land over New Orleans area, so it will lessen Irma's fury over Miami. There the Sun and Neptune lines run. But what will bring to New Orleans??

When Harvey was first spotted, on Aug 17th, Mercury was at 10 Virgo and Mars at 18 Leo. 
Harvey landfall: on Aug, 25th Mercury at 4 Virgo R and mars at 23 Leo. 
Mars will be on 4 Virgo on Sept 12 and Mercury will return to 4 Virgo on Sept 14th. 
mark these days in the calendar... Let's see what will happen. 

Again, I am not a astrometeoroler, I am just thinking aloud here... So follow the orders of the state.. 


World leaders ruled by unexpected Uranus: 

Donald trump, Kim Yong Un, Shinzo Abe, King Jordan II, etc.. 

With transit Mars on Trump's Mars, everyone is freaking out.. SO I looked at his Mars return chart. And Saturn calms down everything and keeps him in charge. 

But look at Kim Yong Un's Sun! It is under Pluto influence!! and will stay so till the end of the year! Even if I use 1984 it is the same.. 

SHinzo Abe: His Pluto was triggered by mars too, lighting up foreign issues, but Mars is passing to Virgo. The threat will come when transit Pluto will oppose Uranus, in April 2019 and Feb-July 2020.


Some good news for Kate Middleton, and Prince WIlliam: She is expecting her 3rd child. I read on Aug.27th, that she went in a hospital in secret... what secret? if I read about it? and now I hear on Sky news, that she is indeed expecting her third child. 
transit Jupiter on ruler of the 5th house... Time for a child. A very tough one, with Moon+Pluto conjunction....
Good luck and in good health! 
It's time to look at Diana's chart again. I read in an article, that she said, she was born at 2 pm, and not as published till now. This makes sense, because this puts her ascendant in Libra, at 17 degrees, might be more, but Libra for sure... 
She had a Sun and Mercury in Cancer. Prince William also has them there. 
Prince Harry is completely different, his Sun and Mercury moved to Virgo, but at the bottom line the three of them have digestion and stomach problems, I believe. Diana was bulimic, I don't know about the sons, but the seed is there. 
And now Diana's grandchildren: have they the same "problems"? 
Little George has Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer. Princess Charlotte is an extremely bright child!!! And she will be beautiful when she grows up. And, so far, she is the "black sheep" of the family... meaning, she doesn't have any of Diana's planetary positions. 
She has resemblance to Queen Victoria. Is she her reincarnation?? Too early to tell. 
With so many "matching planets???" I think she is. 


September 3, 2017 Sunday

The day is under the Uranian and the Sun's effect. What a good timing to try a new hydrogen bomb, in North Korea? Thus causing an underground "tremor" or earthquake of 6.3

In the sky Mercury is conjunct Mars, Both trine Uranus... Extremely flammable situation. Mars is at 28 Leo every two years, but this year, it was the eclipse degree... so this magnifies it, and makes it a culmination point. 

Trumps is still under these effects, as I wrote below, Directed Uranus is still on his Mars, and now Mercury joined them, in its retro motion, so it will return in its Direct transit again... I read he just backed out from the South Korean agreement... Meanwhile the Russians are burning files in San Francisco embassy... Who or what will calm down this madness? I read also, that Harvey was man-made... One cannot know what to believe in anymore... How stupid people, or scientists can be? They also want to dig in Yellowstone volcano, in order to avoid in the future its eruption. I already wrote, that since the eclipse crossed the Yellowstone park, it might have woke up the sleeping monster, but playing around there, will bring USA wipeout. Just read about this in the net.... 
Oh well... 
In the Bible is written that mankind still has about 120 -140 years to go, so hopefully the Bible is right. 
Our market will open under a positive arbitrage. 
So I am back from the gym, and I see, that the arbitrage did not matter, our index fell by 1%. Now it is a short below 1388;
LiteCoin:is one of the toys now, that is picking up interest.. On Sept 1st topped at 98, now it trades at 80.30. 73.70 is support. So, good luck, if you have them.  
I was wrong about the graph, and trade levels here.. 

BItCoin is rallying from July 16th, CIT : Sept 15th. Stop here is 4650. Here is the 15 min. graph: 

Gold: 1 hour graph: will post alerts soon. 

September 2, 2017 Saturday

I am looking at the USA chart, with the Scorpio rising. I have more than 5 times for USA, so I picked one. For what I am researching, it doesn't matter.

In this chart, there is a square between Mars and Neptune. Mars at 21 Gemini and Neptune at 22 Virgo. 22, the killer degree. Neptune water, seas, floods, sicknesses. Neptune is the silent snake, the killer. 
On July 30, 2017 Mars was conjunct the Sun, at 6-7 degrees Leo. Both were at this Mars/Neptune midpoint, and on the North node of the USA chart. THis was a trigger for all the hurricanes and health issues, oil and gas problems to come. 
See the chart: 
And there are more more serious aspects on this chart, as you can see by the colors. Jupiter- makes everything big- on Saturn (on law, restriction) and there is a curfew against looters. 
Transit Venus is 150 to Pluto. Venus is supposed to help, but it was on Betelgeuze, bad star. 
Transit Uranus, at 23 degrees, squares Pluto. 
Transit Neptune trines natal Sun, in retro, so this aspect will return. The Sun is the President. Neptune will return to 13.47 Pisces in the last week of February. 
THe south node is on the Moon, Misfortune, that hits the people. 
Transit Saturn, is retro at 21.43 Sag. Will return on Sept 19th. and it triggers natal Neptune and is in opposition natal Mars. If Saturn is discipline, borders, boundaries, dogma,- somehow keeps Mars under restriction, but after Sept 20th, it will leave this opposition to Mars, and then what will calm Mars down ? 
Anyway, this is just to teach us, that 6-7 degrees in LEO, is a very vulnerable point in the USA natal chart. I ran Timing solution, to see when did transit planets ( no Moon) arrived to 6-7 Leo? 
The higher the lines, more planets hit the degree. 
Next we have a closer look but with lower lines : 
And today: 
In these charts I show only the conjunctions to 6-7 Leo, of course there are the oppositions, squares to check as well... 

The graph below shows when did transit planets from Mars to Pluto- conjunct US Sun: 

The higher the line, more planets were involved. The highest is on Nov. 12, 1989. 

Closer view: 

And closer: 

SInce we know now, that in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan there were also horrible floods that took more than 1200 lives, I am looking at India's chart, and surprise!!!!!! or not... They too have a Mars- Neptune square- well, a wide orb- 98 degrees,so for India, born August 15, 1947 at 12:01, the vulnerable point is at 19 Leo

But I didn't even had to look for the 19th degree! Look how many planets they have in Leo! All of them are more or less at the Mars-Neptune midpoint. so when transit Sun and Mars arrived to this stellium, on Aug 8, was a trigger or a sign for disaster and the  floods. 
Of course India existed long before 1945, it is just the last major mundane event that we use. 

Pakistan was "born" on the same day as India. so ... 

I have to write my weekly forecasts, so bye for now. 


Irma now: 4:20 pm gmt+3 

September 1, 2017 Friday 

A few days ago my son turned 31. It is incredible how time flies! Here is his picture less than 2:

Guess what he does today?? !! Lol... 
So we are going to celebrate and I shall not be here. 90% of my family were born in Leo/Virgo, only me am the black sheep, Aquarius... 
The sky today: The Moon will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, that will be an interesting accounter...

We saw the markets rise again yesterday. Hope you were in the right direction. Now, I read, that there is no fuel in Houston area. It figures.. the Oil made a top on Aug.1, and a low on 8/31. So long term traders are long above 45.60

Gas: fell for 121 trading days, from Dec 30- June 27,17. from 1.73 to 1.37- interesting the change of the numbers... It is a long above 1.45 

With the eclipse line. 

I made a chart for Miami, although the storm started far from there- but the longitude and lat. are correct. (as per the link I added). 

What can I say?? I hope it will not make landfall. Water will be more precious than gold. 
I must go now. 
take care! 

August 31, 2017 Thursday

Mercury is regressing to Leo. Never a better time to ask you, dear readers, to write a few words and review the blog. This will help me get to the first page of Google. Use the words "Financial astrology." How to do it? 

Search for "Astroworld" in Google, then this page opens, scroll down, and write, or click on the stars. 


The astrologers are waiting anxiously what will transit Mars on Trump's Mars do. Mercury is on Regulus royal star, which is very good.- for him and for the rest of the world. But, the issue is with Directed Uranus, which is on his Mars for 3 years now, and it gets a direct hit from transit Uranus. it will be exact on the minute on May 12, 2018. Only after that Uranus will move on. 
Of course we need two people to tango. WHo would be the other one? Putin? Kim? ( his birth date is not sure, some say 1983-, others 84...);  XI? or maybe he should look over his back and watch it? Since it is Uranus that is involved, the answer will come on a surprize flying carpet. 

So let's look at what we know. Or we think we know.. 

We got yesterday the Crude OIl inventories. 
the long term graph shows the Gann wheel. In spite of everything.... inventories, news, it fell from the Gann line, and it shows that it is heading to 37. 

Planetary calculations show, that there is a resistance at 45.80- only above it can go higher to 47.9 


Listening what people say in Texas, in the flooded areas, it makes me think... Will history repeat itself? They say, they are staying. They would rather rebuild, than move to somewhere else. I don't know what I would do... But OK. so they stay. I am no architect or know much about the soil, but after so many hurricanes in this area, that gets in the bay, and stucks there, because there is no way to run... The Hurricane loves this bay, and keeps coming back and back throughout the history... Then you have a lot of water, that has nowhere to go... So I would turn to NASA scientists to find a way to break those atmosphere differences which cause the hurricanes. Then, Houston should do what Galvestone did in 1900, make the soil higher. I don't know how to do it, but maybe new canals, or some sucking equipment that can suck out the water that has nowhere to flow?! 
Because next year and the nexts it will be the same horror. 
Maybe it's silly what I think, but man went to Mars, planted potatoes there.. Is that more important then caring of the ground? It must be a way to "disarm" these hurricanes. 
AN hour later someone publishes this on FB! 


German unemployment is better than thought... rally is on the way. I am long on Crude, S&amp;P. 
With Pluto ( destruction of the past to build the future) in Capricorn ( law and order, statues, stones, rocks, discipline DOGMA ) we see the issue of TEARING DOWN STATUES. Isis started it a few years ago. They demolished all art or remembrance of the places they conquered. The world was shocked, and called them barbarians. 
But now, when this is happening in the modern USA, how will the world call it? 

Can we change the past, or whoever we became to be, by clicking on "delete" button? 


August 30, 2017 Wednesday

It is a day ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. Mercury, in its retro motion will re enter Leo, will turn Direct on the 5th. Jupiter is still in Libra. Makes an exact sextile to Saturn. The Moon is in Sag, will conjunct Saturn. I wrote last week, that I believe this conjunction will calm Harvey down. 

The chart for today shows us a solitary Neptune. Only in another 6 days the Sun will be in opposition. Uncertainty, misunderstandings, fraud, lies, suspicion, everything is unstable. and uncertain.

I wrote about the monsoon in India yesterday, and now everybody writes about it...

Reading about the preacher Joel Osteen, and how he closed his church in front of people in Houston...then opening it, under public pressure, and now asking for donations, for doing so... I had to look at his chart. The outcome is not surprising! 

He studied TV and communication. He never studied anything connected to faith or church stuff... Don't know how to call it. His father told him, he should start preaching, which he did on Jan 13, 1999. 

He has a Sun in Pisces, sign of faith but also of fraud. Ruler of Pisces is in Scorpio, the sign of money. and you have the picture of the man. Mercury- the way he thinks: in Aquarius- cold hearted. He feels with his brains. And he is clever. He also has Venus in Aquarius. Air signs can be very detached. His Mars in in Leo, need to be at the center of attention. I don't have the time of his birth... but these are enough to see who are we dealing with. His Numbers 5+3= 8 Money. 
So why now? He started to preach when transit Jupiter was on his Natal- good timing..Only that now, Jupiter is in Libra, 150 to the start point- and his fall.  Directed Moon ( the people) is in opposition his Sun ( will turn against him). 


OK...The S&amp;P turned yesterday. The market sheds no tears not on the hurricane in Houson, nor in India or anything else. This is no surprise. When busses exploded in Tel Aviv our market fell, but recovered after one hour.
Trade range in the S&amp;P is between 2454-2417. Stop here is 2443. 
The same with all US indices- trying for an up- correction. 
But, don't fall asleep, turn will come soon! 
AAPL: made new historical high. BRK.B too
EURO/$ Topped at 1.20 exactly 144 days from April 7th low. we are short here. 
DAX: stop was 12000, target 11935- reached, and more:11835 . Now at 12005 .  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Harvey dumps 52 inches of rain . That's 1.32 meter! 
Putin has spoken : " If ISIS attacks in any way Russia, Saudi Arabia is destroyed. 
Kim Yong has his third child born, sometimes in February. We don't know exact dates not of his birth , 1983?-84? his wife 1982-89? He has 2 daughters, and now maybe a son, not clear . Well... 
It's 20 years to the assassination of Diana. Will post a chart later. No, I don't think she died in an " innocent" car accident. I am surprised how her sons don't turn every stone to find out the truth.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Off to the gym . 


On Fox News they are talking about how "Gone with the Wind" film should not be on the screens, because of racism... LOL... Aren't you bored? guys??? Millions of people are fighting water, and will not have no homes, no cars, no health, and you are arguing about 100 years history?? Why not start with the indians?? go back 200-300 years... 
As I just said. World is going nuts. 
But I can turn off the TV, No? !? LOL... 

So I had to look at Clark Gable's chart. He was an Aquarius, second decanate Aquarius, ruled by Mercury.... Ahead of his time.Maybe even gay.. Born on Feb.1, 1901 at 5:30- in Cadiz, Ohio. He was "the KING", famous movie star. He was a womanizer, married 4 times, died of a heart attack ( expected)... on Nov 16, 1960. 

So all is good. The only thing I don't see in his chart, how was he a "womanizer" with a fallen Venus in Capricorn, and a Moon in Cancer? The Moon in Cancer, I can understand, shows a link to women, the mother type. But when I check his numbers, I get it.. 

2.1.11=14/5 Not only ruled by Mercury, but this is in ECCENTRIC AQUARIUS, AT 19 KARMIC DEGREE. He also had Venus at 19 degree.
His mother died as an infant. This can be seen in his chart- Saturn, from H12- 180 to his Moon. ( mother). So this made him look for the mother love all his life. His father was an oil driller and farmer, not much softness there, I guess. He lost his stepmother when he was 18, second "abandonment". But the most clear planetary position in his chart is Uranus- Pluto opposition, squared by an 8th house Mars,- this shows that he was gay. In those days I guess they did not know how to deal with it, so he searched love on and off in women. Or at least besexual. (Mars in Virgo, under Mercury's rulership). 

 I am quoting from Vivian Robson " Astrology and sex": Mars in Virgo: Danger of seduction, peculiar ties, unhappy love affairs, secret unions with inferiors. " 

Venus in Capricorn" Ambitious love nature, restricted affections,Unhealthy and secret attachments which may upset the mental balance.Intrigues with inferiors,Disappointments in love,and coldness or indifference to the partner.Marriage of convenience or for social position.etc..

There is some blue sky over Houston... And the Moon arrived to Saturn. Didn't I say so? last week, when the Hurricane started? I said . it will fade out by the time Moon reaches Saturn. 
Just reminding you... 
OK. It's 3:30 pm. markets in the US will start soon. Let's see some charts: 
S&amp;P: 2443 is stop

DOW: Targeting 21800

With Gold, the stop is at 1303. That should hold, and turn up....if not, it will trigger a short to former low. 

August 29, 2017 Tuesday

It is not over yet.... Yesterday I went to sleep hoping, that by the time I wake up, this monster will go away. It didn't. I was corresponding with Mark Andrew Holmes, the person who knows a lot about asteroids, and with his help I found some asteroids that represent weather, hurricanes and death. Actually, the storm started as a tropical cyclone BEFORE the Solar eclipse, on August 17th! This I found out from this site. Here is the chart of the event. See the highlighted asteroids and planets make any angle to the Sun.

There are too many asteroids, so I cannot make a transit chart to it. 

Oh, I can... here it is. See the Moon has moved on, to SAG. More winds? 


Yesterday the Gold rallied. Reached all targets given in the app. Now at 1316. Peaked at 1322. We will raise stop to 1316-1314. 

On Fox news they said oil will rally. It actually fell from 47.63 to 46. Now it trades at 46.77. I am long for the moment... Such a fall must be corrected. But the trend is down. Only above 47.70 it'll be a real long. 

The Dollar fell to 92 now at 92.115. 
S&amp;P reached EXACTLY the short target given! 


Yesterday I was searching for the mirror event to Houston. I thought, somewhere else int he world, there surely must be a "situation". And today I found it... Heavy monsoon rains took so far the lives of 1200 people in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This was the place I thought it will happen based on the longitude and latitude of Houston. 

August 28, 2017 Monday 

Houston is still wet. Tremendously wet...And it is not over yet! Here is the sky for now: The Moon is in Scorpio- water sign.- at 22 degree. 

Here are the Moon's moves for Houston, GMT-5

28.08.2017  4:37:56 24°54'50"Sco Square Mars
28.08.2017 14:47:28  0°00'00"Sgr &lt;&lt;&lt;
28.08.2017 18:41:08  1°56'34"Sgr Square Mercury
28.08.2017 21:48:11  3°29'46"Sgr Trine Venus
29.08.2017  3:12:57  6°11'18"Sgr Square Sun
29.08.2017 16:59:58 13°01'28"Sgr Square Neptune
30.08.2017  9:31:55 21°12'13"Sgr Conjunction Saturn
30.08.2017 10:38:28 21°45'08"Sgr Sextile Jupiter
30.08.2017 20:27:09 26°36'22"Sgr Trine Mars
30.08.2017 23:42:11 28°12'55"Sgr Trine Uranus
31.08.2017  3:18:21  0°00'00"Cap &lt;&lt;&lt;
31.08.2017  3:39:58  0°10'43"Cap Trine Mercury
31.08.2017 21:06:26  8°50'35"Cap Trine Sun

She will move to Sag. at 2:47 noon. Sag is a fire and dry sign. So I think the rains will lessen. 

Mercury is 3 degrees departing from the Sun, still is Virgo, weak. Between September 1-5 Mercury will conjunct Mars. I am afraid winds will pick then up. Both will be in Leo.
On September 5 Mars enters Virgo. Let's combine the keywords for these two: Mars is the Lord of war, accidents, injuries and also building energy, acceleration, action, adrenalin, represents the army. It is a fire, dry and hot planet. William Lilly, teaches us that " He stirreth up the Western Winds"  It arrives to Virgo every two years. Virgo is an Earth sign, Virgo is the 6th sign in the wheel, representing health. So Mars in Virgo, for ex. will make good doctors. But I am looking now to understand the weather... so let's go on. Very important day to watch will be September 3rd, but even 2 days before and after. Not only will Mercury conjunct Mars, but they will be on the eclipse degree! 

Check out this site! The most hurricanes in history were in September! 

The more I read about Texas, it gets more and more interesting! I got back as far as 1900, to the Big Galveston Hurricane. It was a category 4, 145 mph/ 233 km/h winds. Made landfall on Sept 8, 1900- lasted till Sept 17, left between 6-12 thousand deaths. Galveston was called " Isla de Malhado" or Isle of bad Fate". Its first settlers were pirates, who traded slaves.On May 28, 1900, there was a Total Solar eclipse at 6 Gemini, with its Pluto at 15 sag. That eclipse triggered the huge hurricane on Sept 8, 1900- 

See the charts! I find them incredible! 

I got the date of galveston form an astrological Yahoo group. Actually I was searching for it yesterday. So thanks for that!.It is very sarcastic, to have a stellium in sagittarius, the sign of freedom, and actually being a place where slaves were tanked, before sold on. There is a grand trine between the Moon-Jupiter-Pluto.

Now watch the next chart: triple wheel- with the eclipse and the Hurricane. 

It shows Pluto in opposition the Sun, Uranus, planet of fated events, and Hurricanes, ( as we could learn so far) is in Sag- making it terrible, huge, fatal. 

The people of Galveston actually built a wall against future hurricanes and high waves, and actually raised the level of the ground...
But, this doesn't end here...
The other most terrible hurricane was Carla, on 9/11!! What do you know?? in the year 1961. As my colleague, Georg Stockhorst pointed out.
I found the asteroid Carla right on the Ascendant. And see all the other planets : Uranus conjunct the North Node, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. The Ascendant on the "weeping sisters", the SUn on a destructive degree. 
I don't have asteroids in SF, so I use ZET more. 
What else happened in 1961? JFK started his presidency, the Cuba crisis/// etc. An angry sky produces angry situations down here... 

The hurricanes that caused the most damage

There are Hurricanes of the Atlantic ocean and of the Pacific ocean. here is a You tube video showing you how the oceans meet, but never mix! 


So I wonder, what will this Chaos trigger next?


August 27,2017 Sunday

Harvey is still devastating Texas. I see it on Fox news. People try to sell water for 70$ instead of 3, others try to loot, to steal from houses that are empty, one was just shot... deserving it...I think, the rains will continue to fall, as long as the Moon is in Scorpio, but will fade out by tomorrow, 3 pm Texas time, when the Moon enters Sag. Here it will rise more wind, which, hopefully will dry to rains up a little bit. 

I am surprised to see houses built of wood!?! Like toothpicks are taken away by a laughing wind. Incredible... 

The sky today: Mercury is conjunct the Sun, at 3^Virgo. Mars is conjunct the North node, this is a very important positions, since it only happens once in two years. 

Jupiter sextiles Saturn, which is moving now direct. 

Our market will start soon... 

Back from the gym, writing about the hurricane, on FB, and to some friends over there.. Meanwhile I wrote the forecast for the Bitcoin and Litecoin if you wish to order it, it's ready. 
I just found something interesting! 

The city of Houston was founded on August 28, 1836. Yes, 181 years ago. With the Sun at 5 Virgo. Look where are the planets at the time of the landfall: exactly on the Sun! 

With Directed and transit planets: Directed Uranus is on natal Sun. It will be exact in 1.5 years... So expect a major change in the  town's history. Also transit Sun and Mercury were on Houston's sun at the time of the landfall. / 

Major catastrophe: Directed Neptune (water) on Jupiter. The SOuth Node on the North node- fated event. Directed Uranus in opposition natal Uranus! Regarding the flood- while Jupiter is still in Libra, hard times for the next 2-3 months. 


August 26, 2017 Saturday

Those who trade the gold on the daily chart and went long as per alert at 1281- cannot grasp even the drama, that went on yesterday for the intra day traders! 

The Euro Dollar also rocketed: 

Hurricane Harvey Landfall - Event Chart
Aug 25 2017, 10:05 pm, CDT +5:00
Port Aransas Texas, 27°N50'01'', 097°W03'39''
Rating: AA
Source: Weather channel

The landfall happened under the Moon conjunct Jupiter, so it made a bigger appearance than I thought! 

Will post pictures later. 

Using ZET for the same date, I can add here some asteroids, and we can see, that Grieve is conjunct the Moon, also Pandora is not far from her. 
Besides the asteroids, there is a trine ~!20~between Saturn-Mars-Eris. Again, I believe, that Saturn will calm things down. 
Mars is destruction. The wind runs 240 km/hour.
And, back to square one, it is the eclipse that triggered this hurricane, and that was written a long time ago in this blog. .. That the eclipse will cause natural disasters. But this even a child of 5 already knows. 
All my good wishes to the people in that area!! I hope it will be over soon, and no one will die. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The other prediction for this eclipse was that a king will die/ fall. Well, nowadays we have prime ministers and less kings. 

I read and hear all over, that Trump will be forced to resign. I don't see it, in spite of the hard transit from Mars on his chart. But, let's say, he will... Who will come instead? Pence, no? 

He looks calmer than Trump, but he only looks it. From the other side of the ocean.... LOL, I am talking. 
Mike Pence~ no hour~ Solar chart: If he was born before 12:44 am, then the Moon was VOC. Some say that this is not the best position in life, other astrologers don't take it as a point of weakness. What is a VOC moon? When she makes no Major aspects to other planets, before entering the next sign. The Moon's position will be important in the future charts, the secondary progressions, or Directed. 

What else? He has Sun, Moon, Mercury in Gemini, conjunct the part of Danger... so far not much difference from Trump. 
He has a Venus~ Mars~ Uranus stellium in Leo, certainly demands attention and wants to be in the spotlight. 
Jupiter in Scorpio! What does this mean? Let's think aloud. Jupiter is expansion and benefic. Scorpio is power, money, life and death , sex. So combine the two together, you will get expanded powers; big sex drive, huge money issues... OK?

He will be under Jupiter return during Feb-March, Oct-Nov, 2018. Same happened in Nov 2006.. Should check what happened to him then.. 

He has a Saturn at 5 Capricorn. O! Here is his strength and discipline- other than Trump. He will be under Saturn return all 2018. 
SInce I don't have an hour of birth, I cannot know in what areas these transits will trigger. 
 In the Secondary progressed chart the Moon is at 12 Leo! On September 29th 2017 she will conjunct EXACTLY natal Uranus! 
On June 17, 2019 Sec.Prog. Sun will conjunct natal uranus. All these dates will be interesting to note. 
In the Directed chart the Sun a year ago conjuncted his Uranus. Exactly on Sept 8, 2016. 
Neptune will conjunct his Saturn in less than 3 years. I wish I had his hour of birth, I could know what will it trigger. But this one is not rosy. 
Numerologically he has two more good years, then, from June 2019, he should rest. 


Now I have to start preparing my weekly reports, so have a nice and quiet week end.


More about the fade-out of Macron, and more.. 


The rise and fall of Mr. Gorka ( I see he is Hungarian originally..with that middle name..)

With such planetary positions, can anyone decide anything?? Or it has been decided for him!?! LOL... transit Uranus at the eclipse degree exact opposition to his Sun. As I say, you cannot "survive" an Uranus impact. Specially not if it is to your Sun. This doesn't necessarily mean that you will die! No.. But a major change in life. Check out the other planets, back it too. 


August 25, 2017 Friday.

I read the Hurricane Harvey is getting closer to south Texas. Looking at the chart of the day, we have a bad Mars conjunct a bad South Node. 

Checking the geodetic chart of that part of the USA, we can see, that Texas is in the shadow of the eclipse

We can also see, that the red line of Mars, runs through Austin and Corpus Christi. 

The Speed of the wind makes a hurricane strong 5 or weak:1. 
Wind speed is the determining factor in the scale, as storm surge values are highly dependent on the slope of the continental shelf in the landfall region. Wind speeds are measured using a 1-minute average.
Note:The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (SSHWS) was updated in 2012 to accomodate number rounding issues.
CategoryAverage Wind (mph)Representative Hurricanes
Category One     74 - 95Danny; 1997
Category Two     96 - 110Bonnie &amp; Georges; 1998
Category Three     111 - 129Rita; 2005
Category Four     130 - 156Charley; 2004
Category Five     157 +Andrew; 1992

The strongest was in 1992, Andrew, let's see where were the planets then, they can teach us about today... 

I am not an expert in weather astrology. But I think, for a speedy wind we definitely need a fast Moon and Mercury, and a bad Mars, among other things... 
Hurricane Andrew occurred on Aug 16 till 28, 1992. In that period the Moon was on Scheat, very bad fixed star in Pisces, approaching the Sun.- in 150^ from the Sun. THe Moon was fast- and accelerating till the 26th! 
Mercury was solitary, and also in acceleration till Sept 3rd. 
Mars was at 13 Gemini and slowing down. 
Several planets were conjunct to bad fixed stars.
Here is the chart of the event- start and end date. You can see, that the hurricane faded away the day the Moon arrived to the Sun, and made a conjunction. 
Mars was conjunct the South Node at the beginning and at the end as well, so we see, that it did not matter. Mars was not the trigger. 
Venus and Jupiter, the ones we turn to for some benefits, were weak by sign. 

So, are we in the same situation as in 1992? No. First of all, Venus and Jupiter were in Virgo! earth sign, and they are not now! Just notice how Virgo can be destructive, evil and bad. 

The Moon today is in LIbra, conjunct Jupiter. BUT! We have the Sun conjunct Mercury in Virgo... The Moon is slowing down, till 8/31. SHe will conjunct Saturn on the 30th. 
So I don't think it will be so devastating like in 1992, but, since it passes in the eclipse's shadow, it can make damage. So do what the authorities tell you to do. Wish you all a quick and weak Harvey!!! 


I am told by FB friend, that Hurricane Katrina was the most devastating hurricane in USA's history. 
It started on August 23, 2005- faded away is 8/31, 2005.
Then too the Sun was at 0 Virgo, and the Moon in Aries, 150 to the Sun,just like in Andrew's case. But this time also at 22 deadly degree.The Moon was slowing down in speed. Mercury was at 12 Leo, accelerating. Mars was in Earth sign of Taurus, at 13 Karmic degree. Jupiter and Venus were in Libra, like now...( at least Jupiter is ), but in 2005, also conjunct the South Node, which ruined their positivity. 
The Moon had to reach Saturn, to calm things down. 
Also, the April 8, 2005 Central Annular eclipse ran across that area! See arrows.


Anyone in Gold?? I want to see that brave man/woman, who is holding position since January 2017! Then the gold was at 1146. A few days ago it hit 1300- yes, it is 13.4% , but could you have survived the WAVES?? Who can afford, without a blink and ulcer, to take 5-6-7% fall?
Mind you!!! every 61 days there is a bottom. Next, Sept 7

China, SSEA: made a breakout! 

HSCE too! 
Watch CYRN! 

Saturn turns today Direct!! It has been in retro since April 6th. The &amp;P bottomed then at 2348. This is a level to remember.. 

August 24, 2017 Thursday

Yesterday it was all over the news, the found of the corpse of Kim Wall, a Swedish journalist, age 31. It is again horrible to even say it, but her numbers point to a disaster... 

As for her killer, seemingly Peter Madsen's numbers are those of a killer. 
I posted their charts on FB. 

May she rest in peace... 

The markets turned yesterday, a lot of alerts sent. I hope you were in the right direction! 
Today we are under the Jupiterian and Venus' impact. 
It is a day of the AORD, Dax to turn. 
So let's see... 

Yesterday I got a Virus on FB. Spent a lot of time cleaning it, and changing my password. So look out! Do not open any videos from people on FB! It has spread! 
Today the Moon moved to Libra. Here are the times to watch for intra day trades: 
24.08.2017  1:04:29  0°00'00"Lib &lt;&lt;&lt;

25.08.2017  8:31:59 17°08'04"Lib Square Pluto

25.08.2017 15:30:40 20°51'20"Lib Conjunction Jupiter
25.08.2017 16:07:35 21°10'56"Lib Sextile Saturn
25.08.2017 20:05:13 23°16'50"Lib Sextile Mars
I logged off Facebook, and deleted Messenger. I cannot fix the Virus that pops up all the time, and people bombard me with E-Mails, messages, etc... that they have a virus, what should they do? 
Will wait a few days. Maybe after Mercury turns Direct Facebook will fix it. 
Whaaaa!! what a relief! No facebook ! LOL 


August 23, 2017, Wednesday

Have you seen it?? Exactly under Moon square Saturn the markets turned down. If you have my app, you received about 30 alerts, and times to watch... Sometimes even I find it incredible! But it happens.. 

S&amp;P: Moon 90 Saturn 


So we have the Sun now in Virgo and the Moon in Virgo as well.... Virgo is the 6th house of the wheel. The house of service, work, routine, health, even hypochondria. Psychological qualities: accuracy, anxiety, busyness, cleanliness, need for giving, criticism, precision, skills, devotion, duty, efficiency, fault-finding, guilt, health attitudes. etc.. 

Famous people with Sun in Virgo: Agatha Christie, Greta Garbo, Peter Sellers, Sean Connery, Sophia Loren  John McCain, First shot fired in WWII with Sun in Virgo, on Sept 1, 1939,  our president, Ruby Rivlin, Bernie Sanders, Narendra Modi, Shinzo Abe, Hassan Nasrallah, Itzhak Herzog, Bashar Assad, Qatar, The Twin Tower disaster, and many more, also shares.. 

Mercury rules Virgo, as it rules Gemini, but in this sign it is completely different than in Gemini! I teach all that in my course. Trade wise, we should look more at the grains. 


Corn : 

August 22, 2017  Tuesday

Today it's the day of Mars. Martial energies...combined with Uranus... Oho... a strong day..


GOld: see my alert and the outcome! 

Crude Oil: It was faking it ! 

Afghanistan in the news again. Will post the leader's chart, but I hear on FOX news, that there is a flood in Kansas city? Here is Neptune running across
Someone said the following to me today:" as the eclipse halved the USA, on the map, so it divides the population. " What do you think about this? 
I wrote many times in the past, that Since the USA was born under Pluto in Capricorn, now , at the Pluto return, it will dissolve and it will not be United any more. There is still time, till Pluto leaves Capricorn, but it will come, and America will find itself in a completely other situation, by 2025. 
A few more dangerous days for Trump, as transit Mars is still around his natal Mars. Also transit Pluto is 150 to his natal Uranus..It will take months for this to move.. So we take one at a time. 

There are some areas in the USA, he should avoid arriving... But I am sure his astrologers inform him. 



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  2. Goodmorning Gabriella, I live in Suriname, South America. We are blessed that hurricanes and earthquakes cannot reach us because of the location of the country. But Suriname is vulnerable to flooding. Could you find out astrological about this ahead for Suriname because of my agricaltural activities? Many thanks. Erik

  3. Thanks for your comment. At the moment Suriname is quite depressed because of the economic situation which has been caused by the behavior of the Government led by president Bouterse. Indeed he has a lot of bleed on his hands, at least that is what older people and history are saying.

    Till now I dont have floods but people around me have because I heightened my land to protect from floods.

    You say that in 8 11 years there will be major changes in the country. Is that political? Very difficult times july 18-19. Is that political too. Or has to do with the floods?


  4. Hello Erik, Yes changes in 8-11 years will be mostly political, but on every level. x
    THe other date July 2018-2019 as well.
    As for floods, Yes I think there will be till Sept 14-15, and again Last week of October- first week of November...
    Good Luck..

  5. Gaby,
    how are you?? Now, you know why i wake up early even at age of 72+ to read your blog.i am sure you remember what you wrote about IRMA EVEN WHEN IT HAD JUST BEEN FORMED and you said Miami will miss this but it go more west and may even go towards neworleans and i was wondering all these days whether you will be right or wrong and i tell you for sure you are one of the sharpest and intelligent Astrologer that i know. you are right again and again and again, IRMA IS going more towards west of Florida and miami is going to miss it this time till its turn comes again as you said
    Great, my hats go off to your Godly work even though i feel for those innocent people involved in this natural calamity and hope they do alright.
    with many thanks

    1. Vicky, where do you live? Are you in the hurricane area?

  6. Your todays post is really what happened with our world. And our world means: Us, the human being. Not the other living creatures. They all know what to do on our planet except us, the human beings. Look at nature, nature doesn't need humans, but human needs nature because it is part of it. But humans act like the king but we have to act like a servant.


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