New Moon in Virgo to Libra September 20- October 19, 2017

between September 20- October 19, 2017

thanks for following me from the former article

I realised just now, that in all the former articles I jumped- by title only- a month. Example, last month It was the New Moon in Virgo, while the article was written between the New Moon in Leo-to Virgo, and the name should have been accordingly. 
So now this article is also called New Moon in Virgo- to Libra- and from the next one it will continue with the current date and not the end date. I cannot change what has been written till now, because I am afraid Google will not find the right articles... 
The numbers you see in the middle of the wheel are the years by the Jewish calendar. We enter today the 5778th year. The Bible says, we will exist 6000, so any doom's day forecast is cancelled as per this assumption... LOL... This is a good thing, right?
We will have many good things coming, some order too, with Saturn entering Capricorn. But, later about this. 
Let me upload the month's aspects, and then I must go and prepare for the evening celebration. 
The month that starts the year, is called TISHREI. In ancient Akkadian language the meaning is "Beginning". 

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October 20, 2017 Friday. 

We are after the New Moon. As always, I am starting a new article, the New Moon in Libra, 2017. Please follow me there. 

October 19, 2017 Thursday. 

Today we are 3150 days, or 450 weeks from March 6,2009 low. We are also under the double vibration of Jupiter. Jupiter is at 1^Sco52, makes no aspects. Isn't it interesting, that since Jupiter entered Scorpio we hear about all those sexual harassments? Scorpio stands for sex, abuse, life and death, and when Jupiter entered the sign, it blew up the whole thing. Jupiter rules the 9th house of law, publicity, surfacing things... Bringing out to the public knowledge. 
The Moon is at 19 degrees Libra, applying towards the Sun, we are before the New Moon, when I'll start a new article.  
My friend, Arch Crawford writes on FB about the 1987 Aug crash in the markets. Looking at then and now: Then 59% fall.
Jupiter made on Oct 9th a perfect opposition to Aug 25, 1987. Then the Dow fell from 2745 to 1613
As we know, we are after Oct.9th and no crashes occurred. The other planets did not agree. 

THere was another correction in 1990, July 17- to Oct 11, 1990- 86 days, 22%= 9957 days ago. 1422 weeks ago.

But, what is a crash?? It is very subjective. If you are Warren Buffet, you are long since 1982! Since then the Dow rallies... 35 years. If you are "everybody" you are long since 2009. it really depends on your pocket. 

October 18, 2017 Wednesday

The Moon moved into Libra and it conjuncts Venus. This is a positive opening for the markets that trade now. 
It is a turning day for the NIfty. 
The US markets traded yesterday under the VOC Moon, and we got a consolidation. 

DOW: 5 min. yesterday. Historical new high! 23000- see my alerts!!

Nasdaq: topped 6128

Tomorrow I shall start a new article, so let's look back: First runner up: technology.
Announcements for today: 
Aspects in the sky during the announcements 9 pm

October 17, 2017 Tuesday

Ibex fell yesterday to 10153.- so yes, a downturn again, after a few days of trying to climb up. Alert sent. 
WIG20: Still trades below the given stop. 

Today we are under the effect of the Sun and Mars. The Sun is at 24 Libra, Mars at 26 Virgo. I just found in ZET, how to see the daily aspects... 
So what is new here? One can see the declinations as well. The parallel and antiparallel planets. 
We can see the same in this table, but it doesn't show the parallels.
The Moon will be void of course: gmt+3
17.10.2017 14:27 - 17.10.2017 20:35
19.10.2017 22:12 - 20.10.2017  4:41
22.10.2017 14:35 - 22.10.2017 14:57
24.10.2017 19:44 - 25.10.2017  3:12
27.10.2017  8:22 - 27.10.2017 15:59
29.10.2017 19:22 - 30.10.2017  2:46

Meaning? You should not decide or start anything during these hours...because nothing will come out of it. 

What else happens today? It is a turning day, or CIT for the S&P, AXJO, Dow, Dax, Nasdaq, Nyse, Gold. 
Persons to read about in the news: Mike Pence, Hassan nasrallah, King Felipe of Spain, Orban Viktor , PM of Hungary, Ali Khamenei, etc.. 

I will have to add Kurz to the no. 5. !!! I was wake last night till 2 am, trying to figure out his chart. There is not much that we know about him. 
Born on August 27, 1986 in Vienna. finished high school, went to the army, started law school, but quit, to enter politics. There he climbed the ladder very fast. At the age of 27 he was foreign minister of Austria. On Oct 15th 2017, elected PM. I could not find anything about his family. Nothing about parents, brothers/sisters. He might have a girlfriend. 
What we know for sure is his name. 
Sebastian adds up to 7 in Chaldean numerology, and to 9 in Pythagorean system. 
Kurz adds up to 17/8 in Chaldean and 22 in Pythagorean. 
So our eyes are on Neptune, Mars, Saturn and Uranus. 

So with this information I looked at his picture. the first thing I notice about him, is his high forehead. Trait of Virgo, Sag. or Aquarius. But then I see his hands. And he has a very strong Mercury finger.So Mercury must be strong in his chart. And voila.. In the first picture we see his fingers almost at the same length, but his thumb is curved outside, meaning, his mind is very flexible and can change his mind often. 
 This picture shows clearly how his little finger is departed from the rest. Again a strong Mercurial aspect. 
So let's see his chart. This is not a final chart, just thinking out loud. 
He is tall, and wide forehead so I put Uranus on the Asc. This also shows his meteoric rise in politics. His Sun is at 3 Virgo, ruled by Mercury... Then his Moon is in Gemini, I got 6 degrees, but I am not sure, maybe it will be 5 degrees, or 3. And this is very important! to find the right degree of the Moon!! The Moon squares the Sun. I wonder if his parents are not divorced? Mercury is in fall in Leo. But it is very quick! So it shows that he is a good speaker, has an excellent memory and is very clever. Mercury rises before the Sun.It will bring a change in life when he is 67. Venus is conjunct the South Node, in Libra, this is bad; at 20 degrees. He should watch his back from friends and big organisations, parties..
And now MARS! His Mars is OOB! Extremely OOB at its MAX. 

His Mars is exalted, very strong in Capricorn, will push him and make him strong.
MArs will change his life when he'll be 43. 
Jupiter is the ruler of Asc, as per this time that I found, and being in Pisces, it is also exalted.
Saturn at 3Sag24 squares the Sun, from the 12th house...What is in his past??? I wonder! and is in opposition the Moon. This is one tough position towards one's parents! 
Someone wrote me on FB, that he spent most of his childhood on his grandparents farm in lower Austria.
Uranus at 18Sag21, on the Asc, but could also be in the 12th... and this degree is a bad one to have, Uranus is parallel Neptune, and in opposition Chiron, in the 7th! This might show a problem in relationships. 
Neptune is at 3Cap8, in the first house. " I have a dream!!" echoes from the past. 
Neptune changed his life when he was 18. 
Pluto is at 5 Sco, in the 11th. As I wrote before, watch out from friends. 

Here is the Progressed and transit chart for the day of the elections, October 15, 2017. 
If the hour is right, Venus rules his MC, Progressed Mercury, ruler of H10, was conjunct on the day of the elections, and transit Sun too. But, at 22 degrees! 
Progressed Saturn Square natal Sun, put him on the chair. Also, transit Mars 120 to progressed Mars, a favorable aspect in the 10th house of career. Transit Mercury 180 to Uranus, shows the huge change. 

I'm still working on it. Any input or information will be great ! The purpose of the article is to find the right birth time. Next, I'll be able to make a forecast. 

Here is the Vienna index: not very prosperous, I should say! It didn't even correct 50% of the great fall! 

After I got 6 dates about his career, from a FB friend, I made a rectification on ZET, and the outcome is 3:25 pm, which puts his Asc to 16 Sag.17 and here is the chart:


October 16, 2017 Monday. 

Today we are under the influence of Mars!!! and the Moon. Both are in Virgo. It is a turning day for Ibex, and WIG20.

Now I shall send some alerts, and later an analysis on Sebastian Kutz, the new PM in Austria. Age 31! 

The Nifty report is ready. If you are curious to see what next??? Sign up now!!!!!!!!!

The Crude oil: weekly picture: trades between 56-31. There were two big crashes: in 2008-2009 and 2014-16. In 1986-1999 it traded at 9 $... will it go so back down again? 

October 15, 2017 Sunday

We are after the holidays. Here at least... But I see more to come in all parts of the world. Diwali in India, between Oct 18-21. There is some important day for different cultures every day! So happy holidays for all... 
But, I think markets will go on regularly. When we have holidays, markets tend to gap up or down, very disturbing. It's mother's' day in Argentina today... And we had Friday the 13th... And we will  have it twice in every year, till 2020. This is just a curiosity, I don't believe in the story behind it.  I'm reading about it on Wiki, and I wonder, who are the people who actually write these articles, or any article on the Wiki... 

Anyway, market wise... we are opening after 4 days of absence. The arbitrage is negative. Teva, our leading company, has fallen another 5.95%, now it shows, that it'll fall to 5240. It will take another 6 months till it'll make a comeback.. Many people are to be fired. And I alerted many times about it in the past.. but who listened?? Some pharma stocks are green in the arbitrage table, maybe they'll deliver. I don't have any of them. 
In the sky: The Moon is at 27 Leo. Reminds us of what?? Yes. The eclipse degree. Jupiter entered Scorpio, Venus to Libra, and soon Mercury will cross over to Scorpio. Watch the bad and poisonous language it will arise.  

TA35: Now at 1444.17. Stop is at 1441. We are 66 days from the last low, I guess we will get a reversal soon. Rallied from 1346.7, almost 100 points... 

Teva: It is a worldwide pharma share. Located in Israel. Topped at $67.69, when transit neptune trine natal Neptune, and since then it is falling, for 811 days, it'll be a long only above 4847. or $20.

October 14, 2017, Saturday. 

I rectified Harvey Weinstein's chart. I found some very interesting informations... Double Harvey catastrophe hit the US, since the Solar eclipse in August. 

Now I am writing the weekly reports, time to sign up and see what are the planets whispering us? 

I wrote a long article on Harvey Weinstein, after I rectified his time of birth. here it is. 
Feel free to add, correct, or write anything that comes to your mind.. 
In a positive way, of course... 
hmmm. how do I add a PDF file to here? 
OK, I don't find how to add a pdf file, so if anyone interested, send me a mail, I'll send it to you. 

OK, here is the whole article. 
Harvey Weinstein: the rise and fall of a dreamer.
March 19, 1952, Flushing NY.
"I'm cutting for the shit to work. All my life I served one master: the film. I love movies"
Love is Venus. Venus is in Pisces; exalted.
Looking at the Numerology : Birth date adds up to 39/3.
3 is ruled by Jupiter, expansion, making everything big, extraordinary. Jupiter rules ( as per my rectification) the 6th house, of work, routine and coworkers. Nothing can be routine when Jupiter sits in the 10th house of career, conjunct Mercury, in Aries. It will bring in a lot of fire energy, disputes, scandals at work, always saying the last word.  Jupiter is also conjunct Mercury, which in Aries gives the venom, bad language, probably a lot of cursing and intimidating others. But also a quick mind, always going on to the next project.
I never hear of him till now, so I don’t know his past. I was not aware till now, that he won 81 Oscars, and several other titles and trophies. So no doubt, he made it, big time. The question is, how.
The date draws our attention to the age of 19, 1971, 74 and 1991.It will be interesting to know what happened during those years.
The Name: Harvey, in Chaldean numerology adds up to 20/2. It is very interesting, that if I make the Hebrew gematria, I also will get a 2, and this is ruled by the Moon, the mother figure.
Miriam in Hebrew adds up to 11, a master number.
Why am I talking about the mother? Because his natal Moon, that represents the mother, is at 7 Capricorn, and we know, that she lived till 90, and was very much involved in his life and career. She was very strong willed, everything had to be done as she said, during his childhood. Read this article by his brother.

Moon in Cap
Mother Miriam: 17.Feb 1926 Brooklyn.- Mother died at the age of 90, on Nov 11, 2016
Mother died on Nov 11, 2016; when progressed Moon was on Uranus declination 

Sec.Prog. chart for the death of the mother.

Father MAX: born 1924. Father died June 4, 1976, of a sudden heart attack, at work at the age of 52.
Max was a diamond cutter, ( Mars =cut in Scorpio-Diamonds).

“It was sometime in 1963. I was seven and my brother was nine. My father called us to him, saying he had something “important” to discuss with us. Our minds began racing to figure out what our infraction had been to get the butt-whipping we were sure was coming. But that wasn’t what Max had in mind. He walked us into the living room and told us to take a seat in the two “club chairs.” Now we really knew something was up, because in our whole lives we had never, never been allowed to sit in these chairs or even look as if the thought of sitting in them might have crossed our mind. The expensive chairs were for “company only” and that was that. So we figured we were dead for sure. We obediently sat in our assigned seats and waited to hear what we had done. But what followed was the only “sit-down” speech my father ever made to me and my brother in our lives.

“I want you both to listen. I have something very important to tell you.”

He proceeded to recount the story of the Kennedy family: how John Kennedy was the president and had picked his brother Bobby to be the attorney general and how their old man, Joe Kennedy, had helped organize the entire election campaign. Joe and his two sons were a lesson in how important family was—if a family worked together, they could accomplish any ing. He went on to say that John and Bobby Kennedy were the perfect example of how powerful that bond of family could be and that John had picked Bobby because he knew he could trust him like no other. Then came Max’s greatest leap, a leap that only a dreamer with an innocent purity of belief in the power of his dream could make.

“And you guys can accomplish as much as them. If you stick together, nothing is impossible.”

There it was in one sentence—the prime directive. The secret ingredient had been stirred in. He went on to say that even if someday we ended up not working together we should always look out for each other, no matter what. But the implication remained. Together was better. And with this knowledge imparted, we were dismissed.

“O.K., that’s it. Get out of here.”

The only thought I remember having as we slid out of the hallowed club chairs was how weird my father was. And as we went off to play baseball or football or whatever, Harvey and I didn’t discuss what Max had just said to us. Nor in the years to come did we ever, not once. The sentence “Remember what Dad said about sticking together … ” was never uttered by either of us. Somehow Max took his dream, bypassed our conscious minds, and injected it directly into our DNA.

On June 4, 1976, as he was walking up the front stoop after a day at work, just as he had every other weekday of his adult life, my father died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 52. I was now 22 and my brother was 24. Max had lived to see Harvey achieve a high level of success as a concert promoter in Buffalo, where he put on all kinds of shows, from Frank Sinatra and Bette Midler to the Grateful Dead. And my father had gone to listen to and meet them all, even the Dead.

I had dropped out of college, having set the record for lowest number of credits earned over two years. I then moved to Buffalo to live with my brother and began promoting movie festivals in the theater Harvey owned, to keep the money coming in between live concerts.

One day the rock group Genesis came to perform. They mentioned to my brother that they had a concert film they had made, and asked if he knew anyone who could promote it nationally. He told them his brother, Bob, was the best movie promoter in the country and could easily do the job. At the time, I didn’t know a single theater outside of Buffalo.

Thrown into a job you know nothing about with no way out, you learn very fast. Genesis: A Band in Concert, as it was titled, became the first picture we owned together. The seeds were being planted—we just didn’t know it.

Harvey was becoming frustrated with the concert-promotion business, and I was busy doing my thing, but not enjoying doing it alone. The “club-chair conversation” must have been working in both our subconsciouses, because it wasn’t much longer before Harvey and I set out to start our company for real. I came up with the name in an hour, Harvey approved it in a minute, and Miramax was born.

Twenty-five years have passed, and I have so many memories: a hundred Miriam stories, a thousand Harvey stories, and even more Bob-and-Harvey stories. As our company has grown, and continues to grow, and as our families do the same, the stories multiply. But the Max stories stopped on that June day in 1976.

As for you, Max, well, your best “shot,” the one you nurtured all through our childhood, has paid off: your sons are making movies that you would love, they can hold their own with anyone when it comes to business, and they are not only each other’s partner but best friend as well—an alliance that cannot be broken.

You also have four grandchildren: my two daughters, aged 22 and 17, and Harvey’s daughters, aged 7 and 4. And rest assured, both sets of sisters hear all the stories of Grandpa Max, and there are two important lessons from their grandfather that we will always keep alive: that they are each other’s greatest ally, and that their hair always “looks great.”

Asc: 24Can45 - powerful degree= feels more important than anyone else, powerful.
Pluto 19 critical deg. - in H2 R ' ruler of H5- sex, romance, but also stage, drama.
Using Equal by Asc. Houses Pluto moves to house 1.!
I used Placidus houses for the sake of the house degrees. Each degree means something.
SN in H2 at 0 Leo conjunct Pandora, Lucifer and Vesta.
H2 money: ruled by the Sun, in the 9th, at 29 Pisc, Scheat. (worse fixed star of Pisces). However, the 29th degree points to stretching all boundaries, making the maximum at all cost.
 "Melete” is connected to the Greek word for anxiety, and as such, can indicate anxiety disorders, panic attacks and other forms of mental anguish."
Pandora’s themes include: curiosity, especially curiosity that ‘kills the cat’, initiating change through curiosity, unintended consequences, caught off-guard, restlessness, rebelliousness, meddling troublemaker.
Persephone and Proserpina’s themes are: separation anxiety, separation from the parents, rape, retreating into fantasy after a trauma, loss of innocence, being ‘pulled into the underworld’, PTSD, addictions, abduction, food complexes and/or anorexia, relationships with ‘Plutonian’ partners.
H3 brother: ruled by Mercury, at 17 Aries, in H10, career with brother. Conjunct Jupiter, big career.
Brother: Robert Weinstein
October 18, 1954 (age 62)[1][2][3]
Flushing, New York, U.S.
Merc at 17Aries, conj. Jupiter in the10th- in Aries. Brothers work together, as father told them back in 1963- see page 5.
 Venus- in the8th at 3 deg. Pisc. exalted. Conj NNode.
IC 21 LIbra49 with Equal by Asc houses. Ruler of one of the parents.
In H4:  Ixion is one of the first documented psychopaths. When prominent, it suggests such tendencies (not giving a damn about consequences, acting upon inner urges no matter how dark and disruptive), both in natal and in event
Nemesis: being your own enemy, or blaming always others.
Moira: Moira is derived from the Greek word ‘the fates’. Moira’s location by sign and house can indicate an area of life that is governed by fate or karma. Moira may show ‘negative’ karma in a chart or a very fated life.
His age point was exactly on Radix Grieve when mother died.
H5 opens in Scorpio. Ruler= Pluto is in House 2. Money made from entertainments, films.
H5: entertainment, sex, romance, children, opens in Sco. Pluto is retrograde. Turns Direct at the age 42, in 1994.
He has 5 children from 2 marriages.
Mars, ruler of H10 is in H5- career made of entertainments industry. It is also conjunct asteroid Rockefellia. Mars is at the 18th degree. As per Nikola Stojanovits, it is the Satan degree. Or with less dramatic word, a very powerful degree.

Events in 1994: “Harvey Weinstein Helped Woody Allen Save His Career After Abuse Allegations

“Shunned by Hollywood means nothing to Miramax,” Weinstein said in 1994. “We’re talking about a comic genius.”

H6: Sag. work- coworkers. No one can argue with him. He has Moon at 7 Cap. in H6, mother is present at work. Also Moon conjunct Chiron.- Vulnerable issues with women- coming from his ruling and hard mother. The Moon is below the Ascendant- feeling an underdog? Fear of being too weak, therefore turning to a tyrant?
Niobe asteroid in conjunct the Moon- means: “Greif, sorrow, loses his whole family." Chiron is conjunct the Moon. 7 , the degree of Libra- degree of no feelings . Hair done was extremely important for his mother, every Saturday at hairdresser that is when his father took them to movies. He made his father dream come true.
Jupiter enters Taurus in directed chart at the age 41= 1993
In that year this strange event took place: Harvey Weinstein was kidnapped and kept in a crypt for 13 days, for ransom money.

Miramax ( name came from Miriam+Max) founded 1979 Buffalo,NY. Progressed declination: Max negative Moon
“it was acquired by the Walt Disney Company on June 30, 1993
until September 30, 2005 when they left the company and founded The Weinstein Company.
Tr. Moon and MC 120 Natal Moon- ruler of ASC. Max neg.declination of the Moon!
Weinstein has also cultivated a reputation for ruthlessness and fits of anger” Shown by  Mars in Scorpio. Also Jupiter+ Merc in Aries.
Health: Heart attack in August, 2000. I presume it happened with the Sun in a disharmonic aspect to natal Sun.

H7: Opens in Capricorn 24.43, Damocles there. Saturn is at 12.36 R. Being retro tells that he will marry more than once. It is in Libra, conjunct Neptune. Will marry a famous person. Sat is in Pisc. degree.
Weinstein has been married twice. In 1987,(pr.decl.Moon at 0) he married his assistant Eve Chilton. They divorced in 2004
Eve Chilton Weinstein Marriage I : Nov 21, 1987- Feb 21,2004
Emma Weinstein Feb 2, 1998
Lily Weinstein Feb 20, 1995
Ruth Weinstein : Oct 31, 2002.
Marriage II: Dec 16, 2007 to Georgina Chapman
Daughter India Pearl Aug 30,2010
Son, Dashiell 11 April 2013.
Georgina Chapman announced that she is leaving Weinstein following allegations of sexual harassment from a string of actresses . Oct .10,2017

H8: opens in Aquarius- money, sex, life/death.- Ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Uranus is at 9.54 Cancer-squares Saturn. Self distruction? Ura. is in the 12th! At birth stationary!  Or cancer in stomach? lungs?
Saturn is retro till the age of 82.
Rulers of death: Venus and Uranus. When tr. Jupiter will be at the MP-at 6 Sco.death? Nov 6-12.2017!
H9: law, fame, opens in Pisces. Neptune is in H4. His dreams come from his father. Conjunct Nemesis = downfall, revenge. Neptune is retro all his life.
H10: Opens in Aries. House of career. Mars at 18 Satan degree, in the 5th. Turns retrograde at the age of 6- till age 77. Goes back to 1.01.Sco.
H11: in Taurus, no planets in the house. The ruler is Venus, exalted in Pisc.
Stepping up for friends…
H12: in Gemini, house of endings, suicide, fate. Merc is at 17*in Aries- danger to the head.
Danger of stroke? Conjunct Hygeia. Tantalus, Point of Danger.

In 2004, Weinstein was appointed an honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his contributions to the British film industry. The award is "honorary" because Weinstein is not a citizen of a Commonwealth country.[63]
In March2,  2012, Weinstein was made a Chevalier (knight) of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Consulate in New York City in recognition of Miramax's efforts to increase the presence and popularity of foreign films in the United States.[64]
Progressed Declination chart: His OOB Moon points to parents death- when at max, and opening companies Miramax and Weinstein when at minimum.

Gabriella Mittelman.


Nifty Bank: 

October 13, 2017 Friday

Well well well... look what is rallying!!!! I had some controversies with people posting crashes for the Nifty. I said, it will rally. others said it will crash on Oct.12th. Instead, it is making new highs.. triple top, and it will go over. IMHO.  

But, to be sure, sign up for the weekly report!!! NOW. 
I also wrote to subscribers, that the Bitcoin will rally, and it topped at 5845! incredible.. Well, incredible for those who did not sign up to the forecast. 


Today we are under the energy of Venus. Venus is on the eclipse degree, at 28 Virgo. Soon to move into Libra. What will happen there?? All in the weekly report. 
The Moon enters Leo today. What effect has she in this sign??? 

October 12, 2017 Thursday 

To see what is happening in the markets, is to watch this: 

And the long term: 

Green green green ... A picture is better than a thousand words.. 

What is happening today? We still don't have trade, so for me, it's beach time! But for you, the day vibrates under Mercury's energy, so it'll be volatile. Mercury is separating from the Sun, at 21 Libra, while the Sun is at 19. so slowly but surely, it'll send us its energy. It also sextiles Saturn, which is a minor blocking aspects at this level. The other ruling planet of the day is Jupiter, and this is at 0 Scorpio, no angles.The Moon is squaring the Sun, raise your head to the sky, you'll find a half Moon. Watch out from fights and quarrels! 
We have a rare YOD between Mars-Eris-South Node. This is no good news..But, since Eris is very new in our charts, no one really knows how to interpret it. Only Mars-South Node, is enough to guard ourselves- in this case, with tight stops. 
We had the same aspect on 7/16/17, 1/1/16, 9/28/15, 8/30/14, 12/21/13 etc. Check what happened to your index. 
Today I shall upload some indices from the Middle East. let's see where are they? 
EGYPT: Topped on 7/18; after a  rally of 547 days. Support here is at 2752.

Oman: is the index of Muscat: is falling since Setp 23, 2014. 

QATAR: is falling since May 29, 204. Above 705 will be a long. 

UAE: is consolidating since 2016- It is a long if breaks out.. 

Jordan: is falling since Jan,23,2014. 

Saudia: is falling since 2006! 

California on fire:

The main position in the 1850 chart is the Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are at 29 degrees. They are 150^. Now transit Uranus is at 27 degrees in Aries so it triggered this vulnerable point. 
Since the Solar eclipse the USA has been hit by water, winds and fire. I just hope no earthquakes will come, and make a "four elements hit". 

We should also look at the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal, that turns Hollywood upside down. It is not only a personal crash for this Hollywood film producer, but since he was a HUGE donator of the Clintons, and Obamas, all in all to the Democratic party, it puts them in an ugly light now. 
No time of birth, but I made a rectification. Just to note, that he produced the film " Sex, Lies and Videotape". A scenario that has been coming alive. With Leo Rising and the Sun at 29 Pisces, ( on the most destructive Fixed star in Pisces, Scheat) he lived, so far,  the American dream. Successful, big time. The Sun rules his second house as well, and being in the 9th, shows, that he made his money of the films, with the famous people ( Pisces) But, Pluto, ruler of the 5th of romances, and sex and abuse is in his 1st house on the critical 19th degree. Pluto was triggered by transit North Node.
But, you know something? EVERYBODY new in Hollywood about his behaviour... and EVERYBODY kept his/her mouths shut for decades.So what happened now, to come forward? If Mars represents his career, then it is time for the crash. Transit Nodes are squaring it. 
Very sad to fall from such success to the underworld. But Pluto... ohhh Pluto. at birth at 19 degrees, at the time of fall at 18 degrees.- 150^. 

Even if I use the Solar chart, with the Sun on the Ascendant, it will give an Aries rising. In this case, natal Mars is at 18^ Scorpio, squares Pluto in the 5th of entertainment and sex. 
He also has a OOB, or exaggerated, Uranus and Pluto. 


On Oct 10th I sent alert, saying, that the Nifty is heading to 10075, while all other advisors were prompting for a crash. Now it trades at 10098. 

Just keeping scores.... 


October 11,2017 Wednesday

Yesterday Catalunia announced their independence. I got the hour from FB. 21:57. 
I don't know, if a one sided announcement can keep any ground... But' let's see. 

The markets continued to rally, as forecasted. Sent alerts, as usual... Indices that are negative or where we went short, did not move with a high pointage, as if waiting to see. 
Let's see how will the IBEX move, for example. 
The Gold reached 1291.9 Now I see it is making a reversal candle. 3 Fibo days up and a turn. Trade range 1292- 1266.  (Technically). The planets support at 1287.SO this is what I do in the weekly report. Give you technical insight, and then I narrow it down to the planetary support/resistances. 

Where are we in the days count?  3142 days from March 2009 low, or 609 days from Feb 11,2016. These numbers mean something, and that' I teach in my financial Astrology course. 
Bitcoin: I gave target 4900- Went to 4909 and fell. 
Now at 4742.
So I'm telling you, if you still don't have my app, it's a pity..Onetime fee, and you have targets, stops, CIT'S

There are so many articles on the net about this ingress, that I don't know what can I add? 
When we learn astrology, the most important part is, to connect "passwords" to signs, planets and angles. For this you should have the " House Keywords" of Munkasey and the Rulership book by Rex e.Bills. At least these two books. In them you will find hundreds of keywords. I will make it simple: 
When we think about Jupiter we think BIG. Not only because Jupiter or ZEUS was the king of the sky and the thunders, in the Greek mythology, but also because it IS  the biggest planet in our Solar system.
Now if this huge planet enters the sign of Scorpio, everything related to Scorpio, will be big, extreme, huge for better or worse.
What is Scorpio standing for? MONEY, SEX AND LIFE/DEATH. 
Now you will know what will this year bring... 
Not really, we have other planets, asteroids, aspects, fixed stars and who knows what? That shape the reasons of our past and future. 

In any case, since 1900 Jupiter was in Scorpio 12 times, including retros. TS shows us, that the DOW rallied under this position... In lack of history, it is impossible to check other indices and learn from their past.. 

We have holiday today and tomorrow. Simchat Torah. It is the last holiday till Hanukkah. So no trade till Sunday. 
Today we have the Moon in Cancer. How nice.. Cancer is family, and today all families gather for dinner.... due to the holiday. I don't know, if you are aware, that in Israel every Friday night or on holidays, we have family gatherings. Lots of food too... LOL... I don't like to cook. But when one must, one must. 

As you can see, the Moon is trine to Jupiter. Both in water signs... This is a signal for a huge move in the markets. From now on I shall use a lot the word huge, because of Jupiter.. :) 

There was a 6.7 earthquake in Chile. and many small ones are still working in the fire circle. 
While cooking I am thinking about what I wrote on Jupiter in Scorpio, and I realise, that the issues that we will deal with will be much deeper than I thought before. 
If Scorpio is a fixed sign, will NEVER let go of the past, Jupiter, that rules Sagittarius, is a mutable sign and the second most important key word for it is FREEDOM. When these two energies meet there must be a clash, don't you think so? As we had catalunia fighting for its independence, there will rise many more little provinces, that think they can do it alone. So while we have the EU, Brexit, USA and other confederations, so the wish or dreams ( 9th house of Jupiter) of people to stand alone, and be free of what ever under they were till now, will surface. 
In personal relationships it'll be the same. Do I manage on my own? Do I want a divorce, be free from the past, or the money and routine and comfort will keep me chained? Same at work.. Do I need to work in this bank? Or I can be a day trader, and make millions? ( dreams)... LOL... 
Great , HUGE dilemmas ahead. 
October 10, 2017 Tuesday.

In Hebrew, Tuesday is called the Third day. In the Bible it is only on this day, that is written, that God was happy with what he made, TWICE. 

Now look here, what a celestial timing! Today, it is not only Tuesday, but it is also a day that adds up to 3, Jupiter, and Jupiter today leaves LIbra and enters Scorpio till Nov 2018.
a n d  we have a Magen David, a Star of David in the sky. at the moment of the ingress. 

People who "vibrate" under no. 3 are: Snowden, Hillary, Obama, Macron, Kim , Xi. 
Turning day for the Euro and CRYN.

The famous Lior Suchard mentalist. He has a fantastic stellium in Sag. Which makes him so gifted... I contacted him, asking for the exact hour, let's see if he'll answer.. 
About the Nifty: People are writing about major crashes here.. Now it trades a t 10020= target given in the app. For a major crash, the index should fall below 9666. 
So I don't know what they know, that I don't see... The Mars- Saturn aspect made it rally 6 out of 8 times . Yes, the Nodes turn, but that is a 50-50% possibility of a rally or fall, so not reliable. 
Stops and targets are in the app. 

October 9, 2017 Monday

Yesterday night I sent 12 alerts for all the Far East and Asian markets. Till I wake up, their market almost closes... And good that I did, because I woke up at 9:30... This didn't happen for a long long time. Usually, I am by the computer at 6:30. SO now I see that the Nifty is green, but most of the other indices are red. 
In the sky we have Mercury conjunct the Sun. When a planet is too close, it is "burnt" by the Sun, and we don't get its energy. This occurred on Aug 27th, 2017, and on the 29th we had a major low. Will the same happen now? I doubt. There are other planets on the move as well.
Bitcoin is hitting new highs! 
Bitcoin: Last alert was to have the stop at 4400- sent Oct 2. What  should you do with this alert? Have a short order at 4398 and a buy order at 4402.So it fell below, and fell to 4135! Close the short, because it was a higher low than Sept 29th 's low and wait to rise to 4400 and then the long order would have been triggered! Now raise stop to 4550.
Sign up to the yearly report of the Bitcoin! Will this be next next bubble? Why not take advantage of it, as long as you can ? 

Ethereum: I bought it a few weeks ago, and maybe this is the reason that it is consolidating... In a channel for ages.. Phhh. 
300 is stop. A break out will push it 340 . Wellllllllllllllll?? 

There is no trade today in the US, due to Columbus day. SO boooooring. 

October 8, 2017 Sunday

We have trade today, and the market opens with a positive arbitrage. We are under the influence of the Sun.
Oh, I see I forgot to write today.. Went to the gym, so.. and I am trying to figure out, why are the Indian astrologers talking about major turns this week, exactly on the 12th? THe only reason I found, or, I thought I found was Jupiter entering LIbra in Vedic, But when I checked, it is already there since September 13th. SO why now? Thanksgiving falls on the 23rd. There is no holiday in India. Mercury will conjunct the Sun,  but that is not a rare, neither bad aspect. So I don't know. 
Maybe one of the readers will answer. 
I have my date for a turn, and I wrote it in my reports. But it's not the 12. 
There is still space up and time is not yet come.
We'll see. 
Some people write about AMZN crashing soon. I think if you use 987 stop you don't have to think too much. Stay long above it, and short below. Mind you, it'll be a short only below 930... SO if you can afford this gamble, be my guest. 
BABA topped at 180. WHo would have imagined, 9 months ago?? it was at 80.... Stop here is 167.
AAPL: Stop at 155. Target 160. 
CAT: Rallies since jan 2016-= 138% ~ Stop here is 125. Let's see what happens in the next 2-3 days! Target 147.  
BA: Rally of 150% since Feb.11,16! Stop 252- Target 258
KO: Stop 45.10 
HD: Rallies since 2009 by 1091% Are you in for more?? Stop here is 160
DIS: disappointing! Falls since April 2017. Long only above 102. 
Faz: is falling since ever... Stop 14.20- Target 13.3
TNA: Target 70
EBAY: Rally of 81% Long stop 38.
FB: is vegetating around 174- a breakout will bring it to the target at 175-202. Stop 161. 
GooG: Rallies from June 2015 by 92%. builds a triple top.. let's see if it'll go above. 
QID: Fell from 1769 to 15

And I can go on and on.. 


Special request: GPRO: Bottomed at 7.47 on July 24/17. Topped at 11.50. Stop is at 8.50, target 11.95-12.5 Falling below 8.5, just sell and don't look back. 
October 7, 2017 Saturday

It is a day when I wrote my forecasts. So, hurry, and sign up! We are living historical times, in the markets! 448 weeks of rally!! How long will it last? Are there signs for turns? Or maybe we shall see much higher levels? We will have a major turn in the sky on the 10th... Jupiter enters Scorpio... What does it mean, for the markets? for you? for the country? 
Drop me a mail, and I'll send you a link to pay, so you don't have to look for it. 

Have a great day! 
I just read on FB, that Stephen Paddock was born at 11:05 in Clinton Iowa. This changes the chart, that I built based on Nikola's theory, to Ascendant at 22^ Cancer, and Moon at 22^ Aquarius, and Mercury at 22^ Pisces in the H9th, 
The above chart is with most of the death asteroids. His leading planet is Neptune, which is conjunct Saturn, but with this hour they moved to the 4th house; but still are getting the YOD from Mercury and Jupiter. 
With this hour too we see, that he got money from gambling: Ruler of the 5th is in the 2nd. 
Nikola was right in that, that he had a water sign rising, just not Pisces, but Cancer. And Uranus moved to H12, so the sudden event in his life. 
With all these charts, I still don't believe he did it alone. There are too many question marks around it. 
I hope this'll be the last time I deal with this chart. 

Must work now, bye. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
October 6, 2017 Friday

Again US markets made new highs. We will never turn short, until the technicals show. Alerts were sent to subscribers .
We are 604 days from Feb 11th low. Today is a day under the vibration of the no. 8 and the planets that rule are Venus and Saturn. 

SO what do we see in the sky? Venus and Mars are conjunct in Virgo. Virgo deals with health, fatigue and pain. (Mars). So there is a lot around. With whom I don't speak, all tell me, that they have no energy, or a disease of some kind had popped up ... These planets triggered sleeping issues in their charts. The good thing is, that Mars heals fast. 
Then we have a Mercury -Sun closure in Libra. Both are in 150^ to Neptune, in Pisces, so whatever you hear or read, is unbelievable. Question and prove everything. 
In the background a square builds up between Saturn to Uranus. That will be a long long aspect. Saturn stands for restriction, law and order, represents the government, while Uranus is revolution, unforeseen events. These two will be fighting, up in the sky, and so us down here. We can learn of what they mean, by looking back to history, when this happened before. They were in trine, but in Gemini- air signs, and not fire like now, in 1776, USA was born. They were in trine in 1956, Saturn in Sag. Uranus In Leo. Then in 1972, let me search for the years.. 

Today is Friday, we don't have trade, only on SUnday, then we have holiday, Sukkot, again next week on Tuesday, Wednesday. 
FTSE: CIT day. CIT means turn in trend. Former top was on June 2nd, at 7600- running above it, with a positive push, will rally .. how high, how many more days? That you can order in the weekly report. 

After listening to a lot of news, I have now the place of birth of Stephen Paddock
So he was born on April 9, 1953 at 4:01 am in Des Moines, Iowa. 
The hour I got from Nikola Stojanovits. He thinks Pisces rising fits this person. So using his hour, let's look at the chart again!. 
Ascendant at 2 Pisces 27. One of Nikola's theory is, that people who have Asc or a personal planet at 2 degrees, they think of themselves very high, incomparably more important than the people around them. Why the 2nd degree? Because, as per his theory, this is the degree of Taurus, "pride and prejudice" have you read that book? by Jane Austen? 
RUler of the first house, the persona, is Neptune, and this is at the 22 killer degree, in the 8th house of death, and in LIbra, and retro. I already wrote many times, that LIbras are teflon people, have no feelings, or cannot show them. To add to this attitude, his Moon is in Feelingless Aquarius! At the 18 Satan degree AND in the 12th house of prison, self undoing, suicide. They are in trine. The Moon is in opposition Pluto ( mass murder), and this is in the 6th, in Leo- entertainment, the shooting happened during a concert. Pluto is conjunct asteroid Grieve, and the SOuth Node. ( bad luck, karma). Hotels are ruled by the Moon and Cancer. Moon in the 12th, death in hotel. 

HIs Sun, at 19 degrees in Aries- shows his hobby for weapons. And he buys them with his own money, Sun in the 2nd house. 
His Mercury, ruler of his 4th and 7th, so it rules the father, is at 22^ killer degree, in the first house, in Pisces. He was not a big talker, I guess, but had a very manipulating mind,since Mercury trines Uranus, which is in the house of gambling. And we know, he was rich, and made money from gambling. Mercury in the degree of Capricorn, the event was preliminarily prepared for a long time. 
Now, if this is not enough, his Mercury was on Markab, fixed star, meaning: Violence, honors and riches, Star of sorrow, legal problems, accidents. - Unfortunate. 
His Venus, is bad in Aries.And his natal Mars is at 14 Taurus, was triggered by transit Pluto, which was also at his Sun/Neptune MPHe had an OOB PLuto! Pluto is 150 to Mercury- mental problems, and Neptune too, so they form a yod- pointing to a psychopath. 

If I'll put his chart on the USA chart, I will probably find a lot of aspects. 
MInd you, he has an Aquarius Moon, like the Scalise shooter. 
In the world, I see that the Fire ring is working underneath..

October 5, 2017 Thursday

Today we are under the effect of Neptune and Jupiter. The Sun is exactly 150 to Neptune, while Jupiter is still in opposition Uranus. 

It is a turning day for the Dax and Gold. 

October 4 , 2017 Wednesday. 

We celebrate Sukkot today, so no trade, neither tomorrow. 
targets given for most of the indices are being reached... 
Off to the beach! 

Before I go.. There are some intriguing videos here, showing and proving that the LA shooting was a false flag and staged.. Decide for yourselves. 


October 3, 2017 Tuesday

More info is pouring in on the Las Vegas killing. I'll post some more charts about this later. 
Now, I see , as I wrote before, the markets continued to go up. Targets, as I gave last week, are being reached. 
Today we are under the influence of Mars and Mercury. Mars is at 17 Virgo, Mercury at 5 Libra. 

Here is the USA chart with the Oct 1 transits- with the Mandalay Bay shooting. It shows some interesting angles. 
First, we see that Neptune is at 22 degree.Neptune rules homeland security. Interiour issues. it is also, in this chart on the MC- shows reversal of national policy. transit Saturn square Neptune, pointing to future restrictions, new laws. 
We could check what happened 28 years ago, Saturn was at the same position, or 56, or multiples of 28. 
Next, we have the Pluto opposition Sun aspect- which I wrote many times, brings to the dissolution of the US, as we see it now, and building a new order. 
Then we have transit Neptune trining natal Sun. There is more hidden than known issues going on. I would not rely on the press or media, about why's and what's happened. 
Ruler of the 5th, entertainment, is Mars, at 21 degree, and the shooting happened exactly when Point of Danger was on it, and Saturn was in opposition. 
Of course, all the event happens under the Moon triggering the eclipse degree, with the South Node. and the Big Jupiter Uranus opposition. 

October 2, 2017 Monday

it is a day ruled by the Moon and Uranus. They are in sextile. The Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries. In the news? Shooting in MANDALAY BAY? I guess it is a casino in Las Vegas ( now I see this happened on Thursday..why is our TV reporting it now? ) and the low cost company "UK Monarch" crashes, and leaves many people on the ground. In Catalonia still troubles. Spain will not let them vote or get any independence. 
Seems, that with Mercury leaving Virgo the hurricanes left too. But, Venus and Mars are still there, so it might be early to celebrate. 
Today is a turning day for KLSE, Nikkei and  the Nifty today. 

KLSE: I sent an alert on Sept 25th, saying to lower the stop to 1776m targeting 1760. Now I see it fell even below it, trades at 1752. 
30 points gain since the first short alert. 
Nikkei: Stop was 20380, fell to 20267, now above the stop, so we were stopped out. Continue watching 20380, it will be again a short below it. 
Nifty: Stop 9815 on 9/29. We are short below this level. 

I see a live show on TV now, they show the shooting in Mandala Bay... So I don't know what was that news, that wrote it happened on Thursday.
To the alerts now.
12:50 pm sent all my alerts for Europe. I guess Asia is closed. Will send later. 
The sky is ANGRY... and will be angry for some time now. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition, the last one of the 3, enlarges everything ( Jupiter) makes them sudden, and unforeseen( Uranus), on the Aries/LIbra axis- cardinal position, meaning, their effect will be long lasting. 
Then Saturn is at 22, the killer degree, and will stay in Sag till 20.Dec. Saturn in Sag. is the major dogmatic position, when in Sag- freedom, should accept all, not when Saturn is there! 
Mars and Venus are conjunct in Virgo, an earth element, that actually makes the "work" done... 
WHich planet can save us? Venus, but not when in Virgo, where it is in Fall, AND conjunct Mars, and Jupiter, but NOT when it is in opposition Uranus. 
GOD help us from ourselves. 
I got the chart of the event now: 10 pm or 10:08 . 
Chart below is for 10 pm, it is frightening, that the name, MANDALAY BAY adds up to 9- Pythagorean stile- which is ruled by Mars- planet of killing. 
So far, more than 20 dead, I am sure, it'll grow- due to Jupiter-Uranus opposition. The shooter is Stephen Paddock born on April 9, 1953 /
Already 50 dead and 200 injured. 

Paddock's chart. what might be the reason, for a 64 year old to kill his own? Well, he does have a Neptune at 22 fanatic degree.- conjunct Saturn in LIbra, and transit Jupiter on both, shows, it was a carefully pre prepared event. Numerologically his date adds up to Mars and Uranus. I think he might be sick with cancer, has nothing to lose... also family hardships and that was the trigger for such a low and horrible crime. We shall hear the details later, I guess. His Mars exactly squares USA Mars! 

This kind of killings will go on, till there is no police and bags checking at each door and entrance of every single bar, hotel, restaurant, kindergarden or school, just like as we have ! How can a person bring in a machine gun, and nobody checks him? He lived in a elders retiring home in Sun City, but as I read, he changed addresses frequently in the last 10 years, just showing, that he had no roots or close family- I think. 

October 1, 2017 Sunday

We are waving good bye to September 2017, and entering October. I am running the Dow, where I have maximum data, to see how it behaved during Octobers. 
In any case, Friday the S&P reached the target I wrote in July 1st, in my reports. = 2519 was the forecast, reached 2517.75. 
The Dow reached 22413. There should be a change in trend on Oct 3rd, counting from Feb 11, 2016 low. And there is still space to the upside. 
The Bitcoin reached 4384. Around September 16, when it traded at 3300, I alerted, that it will rally between Sept 22-Oct 6. and it will go above 4270, after that we will get a rally. 
About the Lite coin, I alerted on Sept 19th, that the trade range is between 46.8-52.3. Where is it today? Topped at 55.7. 
So download my app, receive these alerts, I think they are worth while. One time payment, most of it goes to Apple or Google.. 
Would you like to get the long term forecasts, please send me a mail, and I'll send you a payment form from Paypal, for $155 for 1 month. 

S&P: here is the last rally, from Aug 29th, 2422- to 2517. On Friday, Mercury squared Saturn, blocked the fall, and brought a manipulative rally to the target I gave on July 1st forecast. 

The Dow made a low on 8/21, at 21600. Max top was 22418. Now it stands at 22406. there are many kinds of calculations, to see how high an index or share will go, I can give you numbers to 30K... the question is, will the planetary positions let it happen, and is there time?
My last stop was 22380- long was triggered above it. 
You must calculate for anything you trade the average move of a day. For the Dow is 149 points, so one needs deep pockets, not to be wiped out, if you use a too tight stop. 

TIME: The major low was on March 6, 2009. till today passed 3132 days. OK, so what is this number telling us? 

For some readers from Poland: WIG20: Please sign up to the weekly report, to know what to do after 5 years of consolidation!? 

DAX: My last alert was to have the stop as 12725. I did not think it will give such a rally... I was waiting for a rally till the elections, but OK, we are after... and still, on Friday, that small Mercury-Saturn aspect built a low and rally. The Moon in Sag. and Capricorn helped. 

The famous Brigitte Bardot turned 83. The 50's sex bomb...We can see her beauty under Jupiter-Mercury conjunction in LIbra.- Both gave her fame and being known world wide. Her Neptune in Virgo, shows the intense care and love for small animals. We know she is an animal rights activist. She is raising more than 50 cats and dogs and some donkeys, mainly animals saved from slaughtering,
In 1973, Saturn squared her Sun, and she retired from the entertainment industry. She starred in 47 films and recorded 60 songs. She is married for the 4th time. Ruler of the 7th house of partners, is in Gemini, that points to multiple relationships. She has one child. On her 49th birthday, Sept 28, 1983, when Pluto was conjunct her Mercury and Jupiter at 27 Libra, her life was saved by stomach pumping, after she took sleeping pills- She was fined several times under the accusation being a racist. ( Saturn in Aquarius, at 22 degrees).In her book she wrote about the islamization of France. etc... 

And, good news from George Clooney and his wife Amal, they embrace twins, a girl , Ella and a boy, Alexander. Searching for details, I see they were born on June 6, why the news now?? Ohhhhh. 
Blessings to the nice couple... May their children be happy, in spite of the money they have.

And Ella: 2 seconds later: 12:56 
Both have their Sun on the MC- promising fame and recognition. Ruler of the ASC and MC is Mercury, at 29 degrees. They will expand their borders, maybe they will be extremely talented. Venus just entered and is at 0:11 Taurus... Beauty and money is promised. 


I see Steve Scalise is back in congress. I wrote about him on June 14, when he was shot, and wrote, that he got really lucky, with the transit stars on that day! 

September 29, 2017  Friday

We are now at 597 days from the Feb 11, 2016 low- Some indices bottomed there. 

Today it's Yom Kippur, so I think volume will be very low. I think people will close many positions. SO watch it. 

A nice little thing that I received for Yom Kippur: 

"2get and to 2give 
creates many problems
SO just double it:
4get and 4give 
solves many problems." 

The feast starts at 6 pm - ends tomorrow 7 pm/ 
And we say " Gmar hatima Tova" meaning, "get a good signature from Him" meaning, may your sins be forgiven. 
Today we are also under Venus and Jupiter effect. Jupiter is in exact opposition Uranus! This is a very major position! So they point to a strong support or resistance, depends, where your index is. Venus , on the other hand, is in fall or weak in Virgo, at 11 degrees, a degree of separation. It is also in opposition Neptune. It is interesting to note, that the TAX reform in the US is under this aspect! Venus rules the banks and forex while Neptune is fraud, idealism, dreams.. What will come out of it? We shall see... 
The Moon is still in Capricorn, separating from Pluto. and from the Sun. Monday , at the opening it will be already on the South Node, bad, might bring earthquakes.. in Aquarius. 
I think today will be a turning date for the Euro/$, CYRN. 
Volcano emergency in Bali, as the Vanuatu volcano is "working" underneath:


The Kurds finally got their independence.....yesterday, at a referendum. They were massacred by Turkey since ever. Now, they hope their luck will change. 

I am sure many people didn't even know they existed. Why I bring this up? Look how countries are fighting for their independence, and countries split up. the Kurds, now Catalonia in Spain, wants independence...  I wonder how will it go... I wrote it won't based by the Spanish chart.. Even the people themselves don't really know what they want- I hear on TV- So all this is under Pluto in Capricorn. Destroying the existing status -quo- and building a new one. Brexit, etc.. all under Plutonian affect. 

September 28, 2017 Thursday 

Yesterday we had some volatility, in the US markets. up and down and up again. 
This is meaningful if you are an intraday trader, but doesn't matter if you are a long term. Long term traders are those, who can afford a deep stop. In the S&P you are long above 2417. and don't care what is going on. You don't even look at the screen, because you have a sell order at 2416. This takes a lot of nerve, I know... If you are an intraday trader, what happens, is, that at every 20 pips up or down you are selling, buying the opposite direction, FEED THE BROKER!  and end up in nul. The bank wins. Even being an intraday trader, one must look at the weekly, and daily trend. If the trend is long, like now, since 2009, you can go long and if it turns sell, but NEVER BUY the different direction! Wait till it turns again up, and buy again longs... 
In my weekly reports I give you long term stops, based on the daily, weekly, but mainly on the planetary positions, and THESE narrow down your stops. 
I hear on TV, that Hugh Hefner died at the age of 91. he has Mars and Jupiter in the 5th house of sex and affairs. Uranus and Mercury in the 7th house of relationships- queer ones, and public(Mercury). has his time of birth, and the chart shows, the the Nodes arrived to Neptune, Neptune to the Moon, and Uranus, at 26 Pisces, got hit by Jupiter-Uranus opposition, and Mercury as well. May he rest in peace. 
Here too, one of our TV presenters, Daniel Peer, RIP.  died of stroke, at the age of 74. This is a Solar chart. The aspects speak for themselves. Mars brings strokes. It is now at 13 deg. in Virgo. See how many of his personal planets was shaken by the martian touch? The Sun, Mars and the Moon. I don't have the details, but it must have been a very strong stroke. I know a lady of 92 years old who had 6 or 7 strokes, and she is still around, happy and merry. 

What's new today in the sky?? The Sun conjuncts Vesta ( asteroid). They form a support at 2495.~ S&P~Target 2506.90-2512013-16-2517.35

We should watch Mercury. It is at the retro midpoint... Europe is open now. The DAX is at 12675-former top, June 19th was at 12888- heading there. .But, it was 102 ago.. so I am not sure it'll make. it. There is a strong resistance at 12725. So, let's see.. 

Good news are pouring in from Saudia. Women can drive!! After centuries of darkness they are allowed, finally, actually to drive a car. Can you imagine?? The transit chart shows it beautifully! The main planet of Saudia - as per Firmicus Maternus is Pluto. Transit Pluto is on the SUn- bringing major changes in the leadership. 

Jupiter, ruler of the rights of people ( being the 9th house ruler of law); is squaring the Moon (women). 
But, look at the Directed chart, This is fantastic! The country is 91 years old and the Moon just entered Aquarius- the sign of emancipation, of equality... well, in the desert it'll take time, but by hook or by cook, it'll come. 


September 27, 2017 Wednesday

Today we are under the effect of the Sun and mercury. Mercury is a Morning star, rises before the Sun, and it is 10 degrees away from it. Children born during these days will be cleverer than average. 
Looking at the world indices, the biggest loser is Hungary, down by more than 2%, and the biggest winner is Turkey. the East is mixed. 
The Gold fell from 1313 to 1290, now trying to correct. 
There isn't much going on... Or I haven't opened the TV yet... But I mean, in the sky.. Only Pluto is slowing down, before turning stationary and Direct. The only one to move today is the Moon. GMT:00:00- times to watch for intraday turns. 

27.09.2017  0:15:25 22°01'39"Sgr Conjunction Saturn
27.09.2017  6:10:17 24°56'58"Sgr Square Mercury
27.09.2017 10:46:17 27°13'16"Sgr Sextile Jupiter
27.09.2017 11:08:09 27°24'04"Sgr Trine Uranus
27.09.2017 16:24:01  0°00'00"Cap <<<

28.09.2017  2:53:30  5°10'52"Cap Square Sun
28.09.2017 13:28:43 10°25'06"Cap Trine Venus
28.09.2017 17:07:43 12°13'38"Cap Sextile Neptune
28.09.2017 22:34:30 14°55'50"Cap Trine Mars

Europe opened with a gap up... At least the Dax did. I sent alert 2 days ago, that we will go long above 12600. So you should have a buy order above this level, and now you are in the game. Will this be just a bull trap? LOL... we shall see. 
CRUDE OIL: today we have inventories. technically, it rallied from June-42 to Sept. 52 level. Yesterday it culminated with a DOJI, reached May 25th top. Stop here is 52. I would stay out at the time of the announcement. For a rally, it would still have to go over 55... 
Gold: 1233 is the long term support. I alway say, it depends on you, how deep stop you can afford.. If you can live with 1233, go for it, if not, search for a strong spot in the 60 or even 30 minutes charts. My last alert was to take a short below 1312.60.. did you ? Well, I guess you should have the app. for that. 


September 26, 2017 Tuesday 

We wake to a terror attack not far from Jerusalem, at the fence, where palestinian workers enter Israel, to work. One came to kill, not to work. Now he is dead, and 3 soldiers as well. The procedure is, that once the police knows who he is, his house is destroyed. So people around him, who knew or knew not, are also punished. Jupiter is in exact opposition Uranus.
The killing happened at a place called Har Adar, and the Numerology gives us 7+7=14/5 Neptune - religious attack. and 5 is Mercury. 
Look where they are: Mercury is one of the planets forming the stellium- in opposition Neptune and the Moon is at exact square to Neptune. Mars~weapon, killing~ is in exact opposition Neptune. Now you see the exact timing for an event like this. 
Now I hear, that the killer has 4 children, is 37 years old, and had a working permit. Why would a person with a family do such a thing? Leave his children and all.... Isn't this terrible? THe whole situation, from our side and from theirs. 
here is the same chart for 7:15am, just heard the time on TV, with the death asteroids. 

The US markets made a V yesterday. Alerts sent. It was a possibility to gain money. One of the shares that I was following in the last months, is BABA. You can see my alert on the graph: 

AAPL: last alert sent on 8/23, target given 163 reached, and fell. 
BPT: Alert sent in October 2016: Long above 20- if you are still in it, here is the chart
BITCOIN: As I wrote, I wrote the 2018 forecast. Will it rally? When? Where are the supports? For the time being, here is the 60 min chart. In the 2018 forecast I give quarterly updates as well. 


FB: Rallied from 17.75 to 175.75. Alert was sent on 8/23, 


Venezuela " made it " to the black list, no visits allowed to US citizens, I heard yesterday on the TV.
Nicholas Maduro  ( a name that is ruled by Mars )  was a great hope back in 2013, March 6th  when I first wrote about him. Born in November, 23, 1962, now 55 years old. I think I got his time of birth to be at 17:00 pm on a Friday, but I would be careful with exact births... Now I read in, that he himself quoted this 5 pm time, while a local, I think astrologer says: " Castellanos add:"All this definitely inclined to assume as valid the time 21:03 , however Nicolas Maduro himself gave me the data of 5pm. He told me that this information had been given to him by his mother". So sticking with 5 pm, his Sun is at 1 Sag, in the 7th house; conjunct a weak Mercury. Asc at 23^ Taurus, its ruler, Venus weak in Scorpio and conjunct Neptune. This would make him a very ill person. MC in Aquarius, at 15^. But , his IC is at 15 Leo with Mars conjunct, at 19Leo! And his name is ruled by Mars, so this is a very strong position! 

While the 9:03 pm chart looks like this: Asc. in Cancer, angular sign, strong, with the Moon in angular Libra, at 25^- pointing to a major change in life at 55.5; His MC, career, is at 20^ Aries, ruled by Mars, at 19^ Leo, a karmic number, and his IC is at 20 LIbra... in 3 weeks the Sun will be there. It will be interesting to see what will the Sun bring? 
A former bus driver,( note the day adds up to Mercury=bus, movement, changes.) rose and became a trade union leader,( using the 5pm chart, November, 11th month, falls in his 6th house of work, =union leader)  in 2000 elected to the National Assembly; under directed Saturn sending a harmonic aspect to his Venus-Neptune pair in Scorpio.. He served under Hugo Chavez between 2006- 2013. With the death of Chavez in March 5, 2013, he ASSUMED POWER!. In the chart below, drawn for March 5,2015 16:25 Caracas, when the death of Chavez was announced, we can see clearly, the death of the BOSS, and with transit Jupiter in opposition to his, Maduro' Sun, the knowledge and preparation to seize power, a long time before the death.Directed Venus+Neptune pair from House 8, of death, trine natal Uranus, ruler of the boss ( MC). Directed Uranus on the Moon, pointing to a sudden change in life, also the transit planets activate the Moon, and Jupiter the SUn. 

However, he won an election held on 14 April 2013, by 50.62%.... Rather questionable, don't you think ? In any case, on that day tr. Jupiter was conjunct the Moon in gemini, in opposition to Directed Moon. The North Node( fate) conjunct his Ven+Nep pair, in the 6th, and tr.Mars in 180 to D.Ura. 
So we see, that the 5 pm chart works perfectly. therefore he has a hidden illness, which will not be discovered in time. 

Times to watch : Oct.10- news about his career.transit Jupiter reached Directed Uranus. Next around Nov 7-13 again Jupiter conjuncts D.Pluto, together with Venus, which is BAD news.. Pluto represents in his chart the partners or open enemies..A month later, transit Jupiter will conjunct his Neptune and venus pair in the house of health. In Scorpio. And THAT is worse news. I looked only at Jupiter, but there are many more aspects that point to the same. Check it.
He had 3 Vice presidents since 2013... LOL... What is he afraid of?
The last one is Tareck El Aissami, born November 12, 1974. Mark this name. 

What is going on in America, with so many troubles, lately???? 
It all began with the Great American Eclipse, as my colleagues call it. the Total Solar eclipse on Aug.21, 2017. Then the devil was released from the bottle. 

August 25, Hurricane Harvey lands in Texas, 
On August 30th, second landfall in in Cameron, TX, 
On Sept 3rd, Little Kim, or Rocket Man" detonates a nuke
On Sept 6th Hurricane Irma reaches its peak, 
September 7: 8.2 Earthquake in Mexico
September 10: Irma makes landfall in Florida taking 82 people and $62 billion damage.
September 19: 32 years after 1985 earthquake in Mexico, they get another one, more than 300 deaths.
On September 19th, President Trump warned the UN that America may have no choice but to "completely destroy North Korea"'.

On September 20th, North Korea threatened to detonate an H-Bomb over the Pacific Ocean.
On September 20th, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, a US territory, causing "apocalyptic" destruction.
On September 23, The North Korean government declared that a strike on the US mainland was "inevitable".
On September 24, a gunman opened fire in a church in Tennessee, killing one and injuring seven.
September 24: "Take a knee" protest starts. NLF against Trump... or not.
On September 25, North Korea said that the US had declared war.(Thanks to P.Novak.for the details. )
 September 26: Wildfires in Anaheim, CA. 
So why is this happening now:? The main reason is the eclipse, that triggers everything. Then we have the Jupiter-Uranus opposition that takes everything out of proportion, enlarges it and brings UNEXPECTED outcome... And then last but not least AT ALL, we have Mercury - words words words, in Virgo, Mars- action, and the Moon - People too. 
And we end up with a MESS. 
I am sorry to say, that this will last... At least! till they get out of Virgo. 

September 25, 2017 Monday 

We open the day with the Sun in Libra. It will be here for 30 days, then, as a swiss clock, will move on to Scorpio. In Libra it brings partnership issues. Highlights this area in our lives. How do we get along with our wife/husband, or business partners. Libra is masculine and THE ONLY OBJECT! This defines everything about it. For more details, read William Lilly. "The nature of Planets' from 1647 also the "Choice of Aphorisms"from 1675, and everything else you can find from him. I would also highly recommend all the ancient writings.Claudius Ptolemy, Nicholas Culpeper,Firmicus Maternus, Valens, oh I wish l remembered all that I read...

So back to the sky. Market in Europe will start with the Moon in Sag. We are after the German elections, to some of my German friends sorrow, Angela Merkel did win, but her PARTNERS now are questionable.. She is a Cancer, and the  Sun in LIbra, that's an angular problem! I mean major... The DAX rallies , like the world, since March 2009- 3128 days.

How long more??

Nikkei trades differently: while the world rallied, this one didn't make a "come back". Same with the IBEX,
HSI: reached 2015 top, we shall follow it to see what next? 
HSCE: looks more or less like the Nikkei, and SSEA.
JKSE: looks like the Dow, CAC and the Nifty, rallies since 2008. The FTSE rallies like the S&P, AEX since 2009.
KLSE: also started to rally in 2008, but since 2014 culmination, could not catch up.TA35 too culminated in 2015 and since then, nothing.  
It is interesting to compare all these main indices and see the groups of behaviour. 

There was a 7.1 earthquake in Mexico, on Sept 19th, and since then many more aftershocks. Sadly more than 300 people died- till now. I did not know, that Mexico is a union of 31 states... I took the date from Nicholas Champion's book. However, if you read the history of Mexico, there are many other dates mentioned.

It is very important to remember, that whenever a transit planet reaches the eclipse degree, something ~ related to the transit planet and which natal planets it triggers, will happen. In this case, it was Venus on the eclipse degree, 28-29 Leo, and see how many planets are at this degree! 

It is interesting to see, that in 1985, on the same day, September 19th, 32 years ago, there was another earthquake, 8 magnitude. - in Mexico City. In that year, there was a Partial Solar eclipse in May 19, 1985 at 28 Taurus. So in September the Sun trined that degree.
On that day transit Neptune arrived to natal Neptune. I believe this planet has to do a LOT with earthquakes.. So it was a double trigger. 
 Looking at the natal date of Mexico, Sept 28, 1821, there were two major eclipses in 1821... On March 4, at 13 Pisces, mind you, Neptune is there now.. and at Aug 27th  at 3Virgo57, and we just had Venus in Virgo.. So these two : Nep+Ven, triggered the basic natal chart. 
It was written on the wall, if somebody was looking.. 

AM I not clever//// after it happened?? 

Now I shall send some alerts.. 
OK. I sent 30 alerts for the whole world... 
Now off to the gym.. 


September 24, 2017 Sunday 

We are after the Autumn equinox, Sept 21, and the Sun moves to Libra. The Sun is weak in this sign. Wherever a planet is weak, it will show its "dark" sides...  here is the chart of the Sun see, how every March 21 it crossed the 0 point up- and on Sept 21 the 0 point - the equator- down, signaling for autumn and winter. It is at 0 Latitude today. 

What else? The Moon is in Scorpio, and there are elections in Germany. I wrote in the past, that in lack of competitors, most likely, that Angela Merkel wins again. Just quickly looking at her numbers, born on July 17, 1954; adds up to 7. She is now in her 7th personal year. Usually 7 will not be the best year to run, but because her data adds up to 7, for her it is a good year. Let's see... And the date of today adds up to 7... wowww!! 

Hurricane Maria and Jose are still around, but I don't think they will make a fuss, like Harvey and Irma.
There was a 3.2 earthquake in Idaho, this in no big deal, but the location.... again in the eclipse path... 
Our market is opening in 30 minutes, after a loooong break, the arbitrage is nothing to talk about... Seems that the dollar will break June low...goes to 3,42 shekels, if not lower. 

What else?? I worked on the Ethereum forecast for 2018- you are welcome to order it. or anything else... 
See you later. 


We are having holiday and no trade till Sunday... But I'll be here as usual.... 

See you later!!

September 23, 2017 Saturday

If you were wondering how will the 2018 forecast look, that I mentioned above in the Services, here is for example the Crude oil for 2016-17. As you can see, it cought the major moves, in the finest possible way. 

I can produce similar charts for any other commodity or index, that has long enough data. And, as I wrote, I shall send quarterly updates. 
Now I am working on the weekly reports. The dollar fell so much, that I am thinking on raising the fees. I will see.. 

September 21, 2017 Thursday

Do you know, what is the first thing we eat at the New year's table? It is a slice of apple dipped in honey. And there is a blessing, for the year to be good and sweet. Do you know, how much honey the bee makes during its lifetime? which is 30-60 days? half of a spoon! Does the bee say, what is in for me?? I work all my life for half a spoon of honey? I want to stop!!! I had enough??!! No, There are about 70000 bees in one colony. They "travel 800 kilometers in their lives to a certain kind of flower, they "remember " the smell, so they can produce different kind of honey. This is very interesting... read here 
William Lilly writes, that the Bees are under the rulership of Mercury. 

Then, we eat all kind of vegetables, that their names, in Hebrew, symbolise escapism from our enemies, or their defeat, example: beet, which in Hebrew is called SELEK, and the word to remove, excel or dismiss comes from the root "selek". This cannot be translated to any other language. we also eat pomegranate ( to be many as its seeds ), and fish ( and there is a saying, "must be the head and not the tail"... etc.. These all have metaphoric meanings. 
Then of course, we have soup and fish and meat, etc... just like at any other holiday. 

Soooooooo... what were yo doing, while we were eating and hoping for a better year?
I see Puerto Rico is fighting with nature. So is Mexico... Rescue teams left from Israel to Mexico... 
In the sky the Moon is now in Libra, conjunct Psyche. Do you know the story of Psyche? Look it up! lol- no meaning for trade, but the story is nice.. 
So the Moon is leaving the Sum, which is still in Virgo. Another 2 days, and it will enter LIbra. Libra, in astrology is the only OBJECT in the wheel. People born in this sign seek balance, usually hurting their own for the benefit of others. They need to be in harmony, but when they cannot, they turn to be cruel. Libra is the second air sign, and I already called its inhabitants " teflon" people. Everything falls off them... Jupiter is still in Libra, and slowly the Sun and Mercury will join it. Eros is also in Libra. Eros was the love of Psycha. Do soo the movie " Second chance"!. 
the Sun in Libra will bring a major change in the markets. All about that, in my reports. 
Has the GOld been a good investment ?? Looking at the graph, not really..It is falling for 2218 days. It is interesting, that it falls since the cryptocurrencies - more or less, started to trade. 


  1. And always here with you;)
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  2. gaby,
    Good morning, i was reading your blog and i am curious about Mexico and i was also reading SAMVA POST BY THOR AND SAMVA MENTIONS ABOUT TAURUS RISING CHART ???

  3. Hello Vick,
    I know Thor, and I appreciate his work.
    I based my analysis on the date quoted by Nicholas Champion in his book. Thor uses the indian system, so even if we take the same date the charts would look different...
    Hope this explains the difference.
    Nice to see you :)

  4. Gaby,
    would you kindly explain if the time permits what will be the difference
    i also know that Thor uses Indian vedic SMAVA CHARTS
    thanks again,

  5. The Sidereal system or SA difference to the Western astrology is explained here:

  6. Gabby,
    how are you?? i hope you had some good holidays time
    yes, i see that you gave all the stops of big company stocks
    can i request one more time to Look at GPRO
    it went down then has gone up to almost 11.50 and now back down
    what is your opinion now and does it have any future??
    as always thanks from an old old man

    1. VIck, you old old man... LOL... I don't think so!!!! Pls. check the blog- I posted for you

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