New Moon in LIbra, October 20- November 18, 2017

Between October 20- November 18th , 2017 

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Here is the aspects table. I made it more visual. The blue ones are harmonic, the red ones disharmonic aspects. How we use them and what they mean, I teach in my course. 

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November 19th 2017 Sunday. 

We are after the New Moon, so time to move on... Thanks for following me ! 
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November 17, 2017 Friday 

My day started early today. I went to give my condolences to a friend. His father died. But what is incredible, that his wife's father died 45 min. after his father passed away. So they are sitting shiva one day at her parents' house, the other at his. It is a Jewish custom to sit shiva ( Shiva comes from the word sheva-7, the shiva lasts a week ) on someone who died. When my mother died, last year, I did not tell it to anyone. It was a huge mistake. I felt so alone, that I cannot describe it. This custom is very clever. People come, stay with you, talk to you, and the loss is less felt. In the first days. Why didn't I tell to anyone? I didn't want to have people around. I did not want to smile, neither to listen to their stories. It was a huge mistake. I felt abandoned, helpless, alone, void. any word that fits... 
I went with some friends, and it was nice. One of the friends has cancer, so the talk was around her. What to eat, or not to eat! 
Did you know, that orange juice is really bad for the pancreas? really really bad! So I listened to all kind of tips and talks. 
Then, I went to visit an old ( 92 y.old) friend of mine.. She had 6 strokes in the last 5-10 years, but she is well, and POSITIVE! 

I came home after 2 pm, I am cooking ( salmon and broccoli ~ everything that takes more than 30 min. in the kitchen, for me is a punishment ) now and be back later. 


On Nov 20, we will celebrate 40 years, from the peace treaty signed with Egypt. 1977. I remember when this happened. I cried of happiness. We all did. Saadat was killed for this brave move, on Oct.6th 1981. But the peace is still standing, but it is a rather cold one. Sissy is a great leader today, and hot news!!! Looks, that we will be travelling to Saudia soon, lol with the relationships getting warmer.. Oh boy! don't we live historical times? I read, that the King in Saudia is stepping down next week, and Mohammed bin Salman is taking over. 
The chart below is Israel with the day Sadat came to Israel  Nov 20, 1977. Incredible, or not? transit Jupiter  ( the big benefactor) on Venus ( open enemies)

See, the return of the number 40? 40 years in the desert.\, 40 days and 40 nights, that rain fell...many times 40 appears in the Bible! 

 So  the land has peace for 40 years !... 

On Nov 20th, 2017 we will be 40 years after Sadat landed in Israel, and we made peace. Is this a sign for another peace treaty? and now with Saudia?? 
Future will tell 

November 16, 2017 Thursday. 

We will have 30 C* today, I must go to the beach... I think next week it'll rain, so as long as it is so nice, I should. 

Zimbabwe... Have you heard of the news? Probably it would not hit headlines, if it was not a juicy story behind it. Former Rhodesia, with 16-17 million population, capital at Harare, in southern Africa. 0.2% of the population are white, who own the best lands of the country. The leader, or better word for it, the dictator of the country is Mugabe, age 93 +, born in 1924, I think he is my oldest living person in the "world leaders" database. 
What made him such a powerful leader? see the chart! His leading planet is Jupiter, this is in Sag, conjunct Mars ( ideology+force), in trine with Neptune, at 18 degrees ( the Satan deg) and in square to the Sun + South Node. Mugabe was a teacher, so his only credit is that 99% of the population know to read and write. The only country in Africa!  
So there was a military coup. Because he wanted to name his wife next to the throne. The army holds him, while his young wife ( second wife, 41 years his junior, former secretary) " Gucci Grace" fled the country. 

So, let's see what made Grace such a lover of jewellery and a lavish lifestyle?? She must have planets in Leo and Taurus.. 
Surprise! ? Her Moon is at 18 Taurus, and her leading planet, Venus, is conjunct Mercury, in Leo. Voila. 
So, let's see, what's new in the sky today? Nothing really. The Moon will enter today Scorpio: gmt:00:00

16.11.2017  2:50:14 26°06'47"Lib Sextile Saturn

16.11.2017 10:18:41  0°00'00"Sco <<<
So watch this time for a CIT. 
Here are the "green" indices, that I follow: Check the alerts!

And the falling ones: 

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While is really nice over here, not so in Greece! They have heavy rains, and floods. I guess it is the prelude of the upcoming New Moon, in Scorpio; water sign, and on the 18th we will have the SUn, Moon, Jupiter and Venus there. All trined by Neptune. So some rain might reach Israel too, but to write about "Biblical floods", I think it's too far fetched. 

Kabala musings: On this day, 4121 years ago, the land was dry- after the flood.

If so, I can go to the beach now.. 
See you later :) 


November 15, 2017 Wednesday

Israel offered help to Iran, with the earthquake.... We are always there when help is needed. In Turkey, or anywhere else. Now, that we will be neighbors, only 5 km in the north, that's what neighbors do. 

As Charlotte Bronte wrote: " 

“I can be on guard against my enemies, but God, deliver me from my friends!”

Today we have a so called "Balsamic Moon". Just 30 degrees to reach the Sun. The Moon is is Libra, conjunct Mars, and square Pluto. This can light up some fights in the world. Venus and Jupiter are still conjunct in Scorpio, but slowly Venus is moving on. Venus is a Morning star, meaning, it rises before the Sun, this too is war-some. 
Mercury is weak ( in Detriment in Sag); It is said, that Mercury in Sag. makes a person farsighted, seeing the broader picture. Mercury is also at Venus/Pluto Midpoint; meaning, by Ebertine: " Optimism, a sense of humor,a state of happiness cause through one's thoughts."
Actually we have the three personal planets in detriment ( Merc, Ven, Mars), which , market wise is not a " pusher" position. So strong indices will consolidate, while weak ones will correct. 
Hang Seng: 
Mde the last low before 317 days, the planets cycle trigger a turn now! 3-4 days correction.
The biggest loser is the BOVESPA: Turned already in October, lost 8.6% in 29 days. 
A friend wrote me, that Iran is buying up every spot they can.. 

The Nikkei: Is still strong above 21030, but this too turned from the high at 23382 on Nov 9. If you have my app, you knew what to do!

EUR/USD: is weakening, you have to pay more $ per Euro..
And the winner is: BITCOIN! 

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Today we are under the effect of Mercury and Mars. CIT day for the IBEX,  WIG20, ETH. 
People in the news: Anna Bligh, Netanyahu, Hassan Rouhani, Jimmy Carter, Jaroslav Kaczynski, Khaled Mishaal, Pippa Middleton, Stalin, Al Thani ( Qatar), Rex Tillerson.


WIlliam Herschel was born on this day, in 1738. He discovered Uranus, in 1781, March 13. (outer chart). Starkman rectified the natal chart, which gives a Virgo rising,( researcher ) and the Moon conjunct Uranus.
His chart shows the researches, the revolutionary, one who thinks outside the box. He lived till 83, in those times, quite an age! We thank him for his work! 
Although, he was not born on this day, but, he is in the news.. Judge Roy Moore. First time I hear about him, and when I look at his chart, I see a cold and wicked person. His mars in in opposition Pluto ( in Leo). It is a Solar chart, with the Sun on the Asc. His Sun , and Mars are in Aquarius, showing a cold headed and hearted person. reason will always conquer feelings. He does have planets in water signs, but they are Mercury, weak in Pisces, can fool you with his words, and what he hears from you, can turn it against you. and Jupiter with the Moon in Scorpio, sign of sex. No wonder, the scandal around him. But, what is most eminent in his chart, is a Out of Bound Uranus, which makes him kinky- and in Gemini, maybe a pedophile? I will have to look up the rules about that. Yes, he has 4 planets on degrees that mean pedophilia. 
His South Node is on Antares...Antares (21 Alpha Scorpii  m 0.96)
Heart of the Scorpion
Keywords: A Royal Star. The Archangel Oriel, the Watcher of the West. Spirit of adventure, obstinacy, injuries to eyes, honours, sudden loss, stubborn, suspicious, violent, several marriages
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Mars/Jupiter/ Mercury.


November 14, 2017 Tuesday. 

it is the 318th day of the year. The day is ruled by Mars, and Saturn. 
 As you can see, Mercury squares Neptune, exactly today. I  would not believe my ears today. Mercury is in Detriment, weak in Sag. 
Yesterday I sent 22 alerts, hope you are doing well in your trades! 

On this day, in 1851 "Moby Dick" was published. There are many good sentences in that book, here is one of them:  

for there is no folly of the beast of the earth which is not infinitely outdone by the madness of men ” ― Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Claude Monet, the famous painter was born on this day. Here are his paintings.. He is one of my favorites!

Not only he has 3 planets OOB, also a stellium in Sag. He must have been an exceptionally clever person for his time!
I posted yesterday on FB, that I think, that the Bitcoin moves under Sydney time. I now checked the Gold, and I found, that it fell by 1% at the opening of Chicago time! Moon was exact square to the Sun, in the 8th house of money, and Saturn on Ascendant. 

WHile the Gold is consolidating, the Silver recovered! This is interesting! But after checking the sky, we get the answer. SInce SIlver is ruled by the Moon, it moves accordingly. 

Palladium is been rallying since Jan 2016- and doubled its value. target is around 1200. 

But, I think, that the HOT issue is not the Bitcoin. 
here is today's intraday graph. It is a short below 6710; targets on the graph. 

I am discussing the USA chart on FB in a group. Let me show you:
Using the Scorpio rising, as suggested by William Stickevers, Mars is not only the ruler of wars, but also of the Ascendant ( old style). Natal Mars is at 21 Gemini, and it will be triggered by Progressed AND transit Mars on January 14th 2018. This is not a hillarious position. There could be some war some trouble. Take a week before and after for this effect.

As for Israel: transit Mars will bring some trouble between Nov 28- Dec.8
People are getting so enthusiastic about the new crown prince, Mohammad Bin Salman.(Saudia)/ they see in him the big revolutionary, the Che Guevara of the Arab world. I wish... 
Lookin up his name in the gematria, we find that his name equals to 387, or 918,  or 153. depending which system one uses. 

I would use, of course, the Jewish gematria, which gives him 387, the same words that come up under these numbers are? "The end is near, Pearl Harbour, Healing of a nation,etc.. see for yourselves. 
And now I receive this article from Armstrong. For you, to know where is what: here is the chart of the area with midpoints. 

28 years ago, exactly a Saturn cycle, on Nov 9th 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. They started to build the wall on Aug 13,1961, also 28 years before the fall! Isn't this fascinating? Today we are 2 Saturn cycles after. 
In 1961 Saturn was in Cap- trining natal Saturn, while in 1989; Saturn was conjunct Neptune at 10 Capricorn. 
Today Saturn is again at 25 Sag- trining radix Saturn. Starts a news journey till Dec.15, 2046, the next trine. 

Where will Germany be then??

November 13, 2017 Monday. 

Yesterday evening, at 8:23 pm there was an earthquake, which I felt. Suddenly I felt dizzy, and I already know this feeling... I looked up at my lamps 

in the living room, they were dancing, swinging from right to left.. 

What was in the sky at that moment? The Sun squared the Nodes. 
this tremor was the side effect of a 7.6 quake in Iran-Iraq border. I read now, there were more than 160 casualties... 
May they rest in peace. 
Yesterday I sent alerts for today's opening in the Far East. check your apps!. 
Today I will continue with Europe and the US. If you want to know anything specific, mail me. 
News in the sky? The Moon is now in Virgo, exactly in sextile to the Sun. this is a positive position. The effective energies for the day are of the Moon, and Neptune. 

Here is the index of Bali, for my new reader: Should go above 1296 for a rally. 
Shekel /$: seems to me, that it is going to hit 3.59. Now it is at 3.54

This is a huge earthquake! 
Mr.Draghi new about hiding losses by italian banks! by Martin Armstrong.
November, 12, 2017 Sunday

As of today, I accept payment for my weekly reports in Cryptocurrencies. Pls. see the new button at the left panel. 

Venus conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio! may it be in a blessed hour! 
Yesterday I posted about Bitcash.( BCH).
Now it trades at 2800! 
I found the date, with a little help from my friend, WIlliam, to be Aug 1, 2017 at 9:16 am, Place still unknown. 

On November 9th I posted the correction targets for the BITCOIN. ALL reached! 


Going to the gym, back later. 

I am back..Should eat something, before I dive in. 

On the 4th of November ( scroll down) I bored you with the explanation about the weekly chapter in the Bible. Now, you should know, that I was raised in Communist Romania, and I am not religious at all. When we made aliyah to Israel, in 1973, I went to 11th grade where I had to learn the Bible, which, in Romania, was forbidden to touch even. So everything was very new to me. Finally I studied the Bible, reading the Hungarian version, and writing the exams in English. In the final exams I got an 8 ( out of 10), in the 12th grade. The Bible is extremely difficult to understand. Even if you know, or think you know Hebrew !! It has a different language. Deep and full of secrets. In my Nov. 4th post I gave you one. You should also know, that the Bible is an astrology and gematria book. Without knowing these, forget about understanding the Bible. 
So we are still in the month of HESVAN, till the new Moon. 
Abraham linked this month to the sign of Scorpio. Since we know what a scorpio is, usually people are afraid of it. The Scorpio is the only animal, that at times of fear, it kills himself. It is the month of great fear and chaos. To know more about this sign, we should read the Book of Yetzirah, the oldest book on Earth about astrology. The talmud quotes " there is no~ mazal~sign~ for Israel". Meaning, no correlation between Israel and astrology. But Abraham, in this book shows us, that without astrology, we cannot understand,mend and get rid the chaos in our lives. Like Hippocrates, father of medicine wrote, that a person should first be an astrologer, and only then a doctor. 
The full name of Heshvan is MAR-HESHVAN. Mar in Hebrew is sower. Why did they use this word? To remember the flood. By why should Abraham remind us specially about the flood? There were many other disasters too... It was, to underline the fact, that although water rose and wiped out the world, the water carries the energy of Chesed, grace, favor, charity, goodness, benevolence. 

60% of the human body is water.  The water is a conductor. It conducts first of all the power of life. Why are we so affected by the Moon's movement? Just pay attention, how you feel when the Moon is New, or half, or full! The animals the same. I always advice people to dip in deep waters, or take baths , or at least shower often, when you feel depressed, tired, sick or angry. The water will clean your aura. !
So why did God chose water to put an end to the world as it was then? the Bible says: The world was full with HAMAS- lol~!!! dOES THIS RING A BELL? But what is the MEANING of the word HAMAS? it means robbery, theft, evil-doing! 
And again, by adding the letter HEH, we receive HAMSA- = BLESSINGS... You see? Tell me is any other language can do this. ( I explained the meaning of HEH in this article, below).
So in GEMATRIA heshvan חשון- is of 4 letters, which give 364. This tells us, that during 364 days the devil and chaos can rule, but on the 1 day left, we can clean and elevate ourselves out of the mud and chaos, and become clean. And this happens exactly in this month. Why? Again, only in Hebrew: in the word עקרב - (Scorpio) we find the two letters ע ב ( AIN , BETH) which equals 72, the no of the names of the Lord. And there are 72 blessings. 
These two letters "hug" the two other letters  ק ר ( cold, dead ) but when 72 blessings are embracing "coldness, death" they cease to be. 
So, one day, the first day of Heshvan, can cure the whole year. Only by giving and helping others has the world a chance to clean itself of evil and of the villain. 
Next month is the month of KISLEV, the month of miracles. In due time, about that.. 
The chapter of this week is " Toldot". the life of IZHAK. It is very interesting, and, again, behind the simple story, there are a LOT of precious meanings. 
News in the sky: we are in the last quarter of the Moon, approaching the Sun. The main aspect of the week is VENUS-JUPITER conjunction. In the sign of Scorpio. This happened before on Nov 15th 2006. 

These are former dates, when this happened, every 12 years only.

Today we are under the energy of no.4 It is a day ruled by the Sun and Uranus. They are 150^ from each other. Mercury is on Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion
Keywords: A Royal Star. The Archangel Oriel, the Watcher of the West. Spirit of adventure, obstinacy, injuries to eyes, honours, sudden loss, stubborn, suspicious, violent, several marriages
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Mars/Jupiter/ Mercury.
It is a CIT day for the KLSE, Nikkei, Nifty,
People who "resonate under this no are: Trump, Sisi, Abdullah, King of Jordan II, Mubarak, Hamid Karzai, Ismail Haniya, Kersti Kaljulaid ( Estonia PM) , Margaret Thatcher, Naoto Kan ( Japan PM), Prince Albert of Monaco, Sarkozi,  Shinzo Abe, Tony Abbott, Ivanka Trump, etc.  News about them should pop up. 

Today, is Hassan Rouhani, Iran's PM's, 69th birthday. LOOK WHAT i HAVE FOUND!! ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! 

Born on Nov 12, 1948 ~ no hour ! ~ Pls. anyone knows? let me know.. Till then, there is more than enough to understand. 
His name in Chaldean numerology adds up to 9. 
His date too. 
9 is Mars. In his natal chart Mars is OOB! at 18 SAG, a degree addis up to 9- it is also the Satan's degree ( NStojanovits), but let's say, magnetizing accidents. Jupiter is also in Sag. and also OOB. These planets pushed him high up on the ladder of success, giving him a lot of war-some energies, which he could transform in a positive way, to elevate his country. 
His Sun, Mercury and South Node are in Scorpio! So yes, send him my today's post, to see how Scorpio can clean and transform everything. Isn't it the sign of life and death ? 
He has a Venus-Neptune conjunction on Libra, at 13 degrees, which is also an Aries degree. 
I made a future chart, for Dec 14,which will be critical for him- Having transit Saturn on Directed Jupiter, and in opposition Uranus. This Saturn will help issues calm down. 

No doubt! 2017 will be a crucial year for him. May this day bring him wisdom!

And here is his brother, rather modern... reminds me of the Shah. In his time we were friends. 

We have some important midpoints in the sky this week: and I am naming only the lasting ones: Ebertin teaches us: 
Uranus at Mars/Jupiter : Independence, the urge of freedom,an active resistance to guardianship,or to tutelage, ambition, quick determination, or resolves,the inclination or ability to make sudden decisions,sudden incidents between partners or business or marriage. 
Uranus at Venus/Mars MP: A passion desire an expression of love, an irresistible force or desire, an assault."  OHO!!! Watch out of sudden attacks, if this is true. 
Pluto at Mars/Eris MP ( I don't know how to interpret eris, It has a Martian energy.. Do you ?
I should really get out of this chair, and eat something. It is already dark outside... 
See you later, alligator.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

November 11, 2017 Saturday

Writing the weekly reports. Hopefully I'll be able to go to the beach too... So nice outside! markets are resting. Except for these little devils! 
These are the cryptos that I follow. Yesterday I hopped up on Bitcash. First trade date, that Investing features is on Aug 8,2017; 9:15 am . I don't know where, so I made a chart for NY. 
This is the 60 min graph, with some thoughts... 
Definitely not a trading advise! These cryptos can evaporate one day. Still don't understand how they are "mined"... In any case, I ventured into some. Monitoring them very closely. 

If you have another date for it, pls. share! 
EUR/$: Bottomed in Jan.2017: Failing to go above 1.55- will fall back

November 10,2017 Friday. 

I want to share with you my last week's forecast on the S&P, and the outcome: 
here is the graph: 60 minutes- from Nov.5th. 
klick on it to enlarge ! 

And sign up for the next forecasts! if you are curious what's next?    


November 9, 2017 Thursday 

After my post yesterday, I read now this, by the famous Armstrong. I just hope we are both wrong! 

Yesterday was 1 year to Trump's winning the elections. I see marktes topped again. 
You got all the alerts you need to trade.. So, I hope you are happy. 
No sign of crashes. 

Any news today? Oh sure... Never a dull moment in the sky! As of today, till Dec 7th Mercury will be " Out of Bound". What does that mean? It is like a horse released to the wild... Since Mercury rules speaking, thought, news, transportation, winds, arms, legs, lungs, and a lot of more things... ( see "the rulership book", by Rex E,Bills - 6 pages-from 187-199), everything that falls under Mercury's rulership will be exaggerated, out of proportion. 
In personal chart, it will affect the house Mercury rules based on your hour of birth. 
So let's see how will some world leaders be affected by this "wild horse"?
The oldest is Prince Philippe, husband of Queen Elisabeth, his health will be under pressure.
Robert Mugabe- President of ZImbabwe: his roots, stability and house of enemies. I don't know anything about this country, will have to see if any news will surface from there. 
Jimmy Carter- house of law. 
Queen Elisabeth: money issues! ( see Paradise Papers).
Hosni Mubarak: former President of Egypt... together with other heavy aspects, not a good month for him, to say the least. 
Bernie Sanders: scandal will catch up with him. 
Lee Myung-bak ( S.Korea)- foreign issues!
Duterte: health issues. 
Donald Trump: leadership issues.
Hassan Rouhani: foreign issues. 
prince Charles: not sure if the time I have is right, but Sword of Damocles is above his head. 
BiBi: HEalth and law issues. 
Modi: money problems. 
Erdogan: it's been a while since I read anything about him... He is sick. but.. treated, but the pressure he is under, does no good to him. 
Angela Merkel: enemies and law issues. 
Obama: money issues... hidden money. 
And the youngest leader is Sebastian Kurz, his chart will be triggered marriage wise. 
Etc etc... I have many charts but without exact hours, so I cannot know in which way they;ll will be triggered. 
Would you like to know what area in your life will be triggered?Sign up for a natal chart reading, for $300, and " meet yourself" under the magnifying glass. :) 
SO BITCoin is still rallying... How long? 

On Nov 2nd I sent the following alert for the BTC:

"Bitcoin up targets:
8154.64 "

Topped on Nov 8th at 7895. Not bad, huh? A rally during 54 days, from 2981. Nothing else was so worth while, if you traded it!

Now it is correcting. Watch Nov 14th, 30th for a new CIT.


November 8, 2017 Wednesday
Today We are under the effect of Mercury and the Moon. She is now in Cancer, dignified, strong, being in a sign that she rules. She is also approaching the Sun, 120^ from it. This is a good aspect. Being both in water, a lot of emotions will culminate today. Tears and more tears. The Moon is squaring Mars, which is in LIbra. And she also makes a trine to Neptune.Oho! We have a big trine in the sky... Well, this will not last long, not till the US markets open, but it is valid for now. So I shall check Europe openings and Asia closings. 
What else? 

Venus, the planet of love, enters the sign of Scorpio, sign of sex, life and death. Here she is in detriment, or weak, manifesting its negative sides. Venus is rising before the Sun, and will conjunct Jupiter in a few days. That will be a culmination! 
Mercury is weak in Sag, and Mars is in detriment, also weak in Libra. So we have a "weak " planetary picture. The main aspects I mentioned yesterday are still there, and holding price levels, as I give you in the app. Yesterday I sent 27 alerts. Hope you got them, used them. 
The share I uploaded, CYRN, delivered! rallied by 42% .
Crude oil targets, as alerted yesterday, were all reached. 

Today is a CIT day for the Nifty: topped at 10490, in my weekly report I gave target 10470.- 10480.  Stop sent was Long above 10370. Now it trades at 10348, so short was triggered. 
Technically the stop is 10170. That is what I do in my weekly report: I narrow down the stops. So, want to know what's next?? Sign up to the weekly forecasts! 
This offer is still valid! 
SPECIAL OFFER for the ladies! 25% discount on the first month for the  weekly reports, on ordering min. 3 month's subscription. Total 426.25$ instead of 465$ 

I am reading on FB, that Israel is being drawn to war against the Hezbollah, by Saudia. I think this is nonsense, but one should not be subjective, but check always the sky.
So what do we see in the chart of Israel? I use the Scorpio rising. The Sun is at 23 Taurus, and Jupiter will be in opposition at the end of February, 2018. TIme to watch for justice being brought to the PM. 
Army: it is shown by Mars. Will it be triggered? Natal Mars is at 28 Leo. Transit Mars is at 10 Libra. Although natal Mars is on the eclipse degree, no other planets are triggering it. 
The people: Moon: natally is at 4 Leo. No major planet triggers it.- in the transit chart. 
Let's see the Directed charts: 
The Sun ( country, PM) is triggered by Pluto and Saturn- by a disharmonic aspect.- that is bad. 
Mars: is not triggered. 
The Moon : is not triggered. 
So. fake news, or blabberings. 
LIte coin the waking beauty 
I went to the gym, and I was curious, if anyone from the local astrologers, answered to my question, on FB, if they think Israel will get into a war. Well, no surprise, no one answered. 

So, I read on the net, that actually, Iran has opened a war with Saudia. Let's see their charts
Iran: last chart, and the one we use is for April 1, 1979. Inner wheel natal, chart, outer wheels Directed and transit for today. 

The Sun represents the country and the leader. It is at 11 Aries, shows the war-some attitude of the country. No. 11 is a master no, but also the significator of separations, divorces, splits. Now in the sky Neptune is 30 degr. from the Sun, and Mars in opposition. These positions point to an eventual clash, but not a lasting one, since Mars moves on. 
The Moon, the people is at 6 Gemini, also shows that the population is split. 
The first house being in Leo, shows a proud and strong country. Actually, there is a trine between the Asc-Neptune-Mars- in fire signs. The need to rule ( Leo), the basic belief of the country( based on religion Neptune in SAG. and keeping their force by the power (Mars.)
The standard living of the nation is represented by Pluto, and in one year the situation will be worse. 
Banks will be shaken during May 2018; but already there is some manipulation going on- till then. Deflation is in the background. 
Foreign affairs is under Saturn and Uranus affect, and this will be triggered and highlighted in the coming months. 
National diplomacy is ruled by Mars, and we shall see some clearer statements between Feb-May 2018, and again in Oct.2018. 
The ruler, or the PM is under Venus, and this one will get its shock already in january, and stronger as of May 19, 2019. The closest date for trouble is Nov 30th, 2017. ~~
SInce "trouble" is first felt in the markets, TEPIX index, I beleive, this is their index, is at a critical point. 

Now let's see Saudia: I wrote many times about Saudia: Sept 28th, June 23rd,( I wrote then, that age 32-33 will be very difficult for the crown prince, that is now and in 2018. ) Other post was on June 3rd, so I am uploading the dual chart of the two countries. And surprise! Both Moons, show a depressed population, while the Suns are inconjunct, in disharmonic position. And Iran's' Mars is preparing a war, an overthrow of the present leadership. It's clear. 

DATE to watch : 20-22 Nov. 

Here is the future outlook for Saudia. rather hectic, I would say. The higher the lines, the more difficult times. 

TASI: Saudi index: 

BAHRAIN index: weak 
Lebanon index! what is this? do they trade at all? 


UAE: Abu Dhabi: 

The question is, whose side will Russia take?  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

November 7, 2017 Tuesday

yesterday I posted on FB the chart of Devin Kelley. Someone posted, that he got from ancestry site 12 Feb, and not 21. So now, I don't know. Numerologically nothing changes, the astrology chart might change a little bit, but the important positions of the big planets don't change. Will wait and see, if a birth certificate surfaces. 
Also, someone else wrote that quote " If I ever, ever write an article or blog with a solar chart, I hope someone will shoot me. It's irresponsible. I now have people with no time of birth assuming I can do their chart anyway. We'll NEVER be taken seriously if we keep using solar charts and compromising the science.". Pity. 
All the ancients used Solar charts, and sometimes even when I do have the hour from the client, I ALSO check the Solar chart, because there is NEVER the exact and right time, as people know it, even if that is written in the birth certificate. There are many philosophical questions regarding a birth time. When is someone born? Is it when the soul descends? Is it when we hear the first cry? Is it when the baby is cut free from the mother? Is it when the nurse stopped cleaning the child and gave to the mom ? LOL... etc... 
But, anyone with his/her own beliefs. It's a free country, if I remember well. 

So what's new in the markets? US markets held, and we see new highs, as I wrote in the weekly reports. 
Today's' sky: a lot of aspects, in the list. But, the important ones are highlighted. Saturn 120 Uranus, Uranus 45^ Neptune. 

Today is ruled by Mars, and the Sun. CIT day for DOW, Dax fut, Nasdaq, Nyse, Gold fut.

It's been a while since I looked at BOVESPA: here is the monthly graph: Stop here is 73920.

So we read, that there is turmoil in Saudia... Let's see what does that mean for the oil? Weekly graph :
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Ethereum : is being dumped

November 6, 2017 Monday. 

In my weekly reports, last week I wrote for Nov 5th: "Pluto  will be at Uranus/Mars MP, and this is a lasting one, since they almost don’t move.. during the week. Ebertin: measures of violence, violent interventions, Higher Power. "
And today we hear about another massacre in Texas. Again, innocent people were gunned down. Killer is dead, so we will never know the reason, but we can see his chart.... I am surprised, looking at his chart, that he was in air force course?! got court martialed, and kicked out of the army. It is a pity they don't check people's astrology charts, before they allow anyone going to the air force, or any other high ranked course. 
First of all, his name, using Chaldean numerology, adds up to 7, which is ruled by Neptune, which is at 15 Capricorn- degree of assassination. Second, his DATE! also adds up to 7, which leads to the same outcome. Then we see all the planets( Mercury, Venus, Moon, and Chiron) all trigger Pluto. Pluto is at 20 Scorpio. Sign of death. Will everybody be a killer, born on this day? No. The Name "pushed" to this karma. No time of birth, so this is a solar chart. HIs Sun is at 2 degrees Pisces, he has a false own image. Thinks of himself highly. But he also has an OOB Mars, which exploded, once others don't think of him as he does. Venus is exalted- very good in Pisces, a sign of sacrifice, but not when it is on the worst fixed star, Scheat! The Moon "pushes" to action, being on another catastrophic fixed star, Algol. The Moon might move, if I get another time of birth... His Moon might move from 22.55 Tau to 7 Gemini. We will see, if anyone will find his time of birth.
May the victims rest in peace.... 
Here is the geodetic chart of the event. We see Pluto and the South Node on San Antonio: 

Yesterday I sent alerts. let me see where do they stand. They are fine.. 
More news pour in from Saudia. Here is the chart of Mohammed Bin Salman. I think his life is in danger during the next few days. 

I hope his astrologers see the same. Important time for him will be around Feb.28, 2019! His age will hit Venus, and if I turn his chart, to receive Taurus as MC, ( 4.36 am birth) then he will be nominated King. Please, if anyone has or can find out the time of his birth, pls. let me know! 

November 5, 2017 Sunday 

Yesterday I parked my car in the parking lot, in front of the house, hoping that I shall use it to go to the beach. It was a perfect day. But, no. I worked till dark... Dark? 4:45 pm was already dark. That's a bugger. Maybe today...Once it was unthinkable, for me, to pass a week without visiting the sea... Now?? I have a balcony, which is very tempting, to stay home and have a suntan, without searching for parking place in Tel Aviv. I'm not the same ME, as I was a few years ago. Once you could only hear the door closing behind me. 

So, what's new? 
The sky: 
We are after the Full Moon in Taurus. the effect of it lasts till the New Moon/ how it affects you? well, that depends on your personal chart data. 
Ongoing aspects in the sky: Uranus 45^ to Neptune and Saturn 120^Uranus. this will last till the end of the month, and again, for personal charts, depends which houses they activate. 
News for today are pouring in from Saudia. Their chart shows it too . Pluto aspect to the South Node: deep reorganisation in the country, furthermore, tha main aspect in the chart is a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, and now in the sky Jupiter (law, justice) will trine Neptune exactly on Dec.1st, but its effect is already felt.

The other news in is the resignation of lebanese PM, Al Hariri. I didn't know he was actually born in Riyadh, Saudia... He came back from a visit to Saudia, and resigned. I wonder what was he told? He is afraid he'll be assassinated/
Born 18 April 1970, no hour. SOlar chart below... WOW.. no wonder! transit Uranus is on his Sun.WOWOWO.. so many planets conjunct natal planets. No wonder he is afraid 

In the markets: no sign of crashes. 
Today she celebrates her  59th birthday. Sara. It is not a shame to be sick. I linked her name to other famous people who have OCD. Her chart is triggered many times by the progressed and transit planets. Jupiter entered her sign, Scorpio. Usually this is a good thing. Not when it rules the 6th house of health!. 
But, I care more for her husband. If this time is right, than Bibi is represented by Saturn. I wonder if his natal ascendant is right.. We use Sag. but by her chart, it should be Capricorn... hmmm will have to recheck it! In any case, in her chart, Saturn is at 23 degrees, a divorcee degree, and yes, he was divorced when they met. What is more important, is, that she is under a Saturn return. Showing the extremely difficult times that both go through because of the several police investigations. She' s Scorpio, with a Cancer Asc., like Spain.( Scorpio stellium with Moon in Cancer) she will never let him go.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

November 4, 2017 Saturday

As every week end, I write the weekly forecasts. Following my aunt's idea, ( she is the last elder in my family and we are very very close), she asked me the other day who are my subscribers for the week - end work .. I told her 95% are men, and I mentioned the countries they come from. So she proposed, that I should make a special offer for the ladies... which I did. Now, let's see who will pick up the glove?


This week has been the worst week in Kevin Spacey's life, I guess. Once a star, today in dust. Netflix just fired him.. 
Back in 2009 I was in contact with the late Diana Rosenberg. I was the lucky one, to receive many mails from her, with small secrets. Here is one. She sent me the list of "pedophilia" degrees. You will not find this anywhere else! So looking at Spacey's chart, I am surprised and sad~for him~ to see so many planets on those degrees. 
Of course, we always have to make a deep analysis and see if other planets back any statement that we make...
Kevin Spacey's name adds up to 13/4- which is the card of Death in tarot. 4 is ruled by Uranus. His natal Uranus is at 15 Leo. Leo is the sign of children. 15 is the degree of Gemini- two children. 
His date of birth adds up to 22/4. 22 is a master number. One should help mankind, by healing, teaching. Failing to do so, will "fall" to the energy of 4, which is a so called cave. secrets. This cave, the walls of this cave eventually fall one day, and then, one will meet his own self, and should heal it. 
In his chart Jupiter is at 22 Scorpio. More secrets, big ones. Jupiter, with the time given by him, falls in the 4th house. Probably he was abused by his father, (Venus at 12 Virgo, Pluto at 2 Virgo).
it is not a coincidence, that the weekly parasha/ chapter, that we are reading now, is " Vayeira". The word in Hebrew means to respect all men and women, child, animal. Fear of God, to stand in awe. 
The Bible cannot be understood in any other language, only in Hebrew. No matter how good a translation is. 
I can give you many examples, but here is one for this chapter. 
The chapter tells us that God promises a child to Sarai. But she is already 90 years old, and she giggles, laughs loud or not, I don't know. But God is furious, and asks her, why did you laugh? She is afraid, so she said, I didn't .Yes you did... etc... 
and later Izhak is born. 
Now in English, this is a nice story. Right? But in Hebrew, IZHAK comes from the word ZAHAK= to laugh. 
Now let's see how could Sarai be pregnant and have a child at the age of 90? First, one should believe that God will deliver his promises, no matter, how impossible they seem to us. 
And here steps in Gematria. We know, that God changed SARAI's name to SARAH and AVRAM to ABRAHAM. 
God took the YOD from SARAI's name, which equals to 10, divided it to 2, which gives two times 5- which is the letter HEH. So she became SARAH, and AVRAM, got the other HEH&lt; and became ABRAHAM>- So what? you will ask.. 
But what is YOD = 10 in astrology It is the number of Virgo, and the house of Capricorn. Both bareen signs. And what is 5 in astrology? It is the 5th house of LEO, of children! And Sarah gave birth to IZHAK . 
Shabbat Shalom 
Today's aspects: GMT:00:00

Moon 11Tau34 60 Neptune 11Psc34 4.11.2017 4:42

Venus 25Lib54 180 Uranus 25Ari54 4.11.2017 5:02

Sun 11Sco59 180 Moon 11Tau58 4.11.2017 5:23 Full Moon!

Moon 12Tau32 90 Ceres 12Leo32 4.11.2017 6:17

Moon 14Tau54 120 Juno 14Cap54 4.11.2017 10:07

Moon 17Tau11 120 Pluto 17Cap11 4.11.2017 13:49

Moon 20Tau23 90 S.Node 20Aqr23 4.11.2017 18:59

Moon 20Tau23 90 Node 20Leo23 4.11.2017 18:59

Sun 12Sco42 90 Ceres 12Leo42 4.11.2017 22:31

November 3, 2017 Friday~ SPECIAL OFFER for the ladies! 25% discount on the first month for the  weekly reports, on ordering min. 3 month's subscription. Total 426.25$ instead of 465$ 

The Bitcoin ran a bove 7100... Incredible.. And it has higher targets... All US indices are also green . 
Today it is a turning day for AORD, DAX futures, HSI. 
People to watch for in the news are Comey, Muller, Mario Draghi... etc. Now we can add to the list of today Jerome Powell, who will replace Mrs. Yellen in the end of January. 

When I made his chart, I saw, that transit Saturn is in harmonious aspect to his Neptune, so I turned the chart, to get Neptune on the MC. It is not a thorough rectification, but after checking his time table, End of January just fits.. 

November 2, 2017 Thursday 

Yesterday we got a top for the S&P, at 2583.75, and from there a correction. Nasdaq topped at 6749. Dow topped at 23508. VIX's low was at 9.19, now it trades at 10.46; the DAX is not stopping in red! Rally, now at 13465. Let me send some alerts, will be back. 

November 1, 2017 Wednesday

This day is called "the day of the dead". Mostly in Europe, I think. 
The day is ruled by Uranus and Mercury. They are 150 degrees apart. The Moon will move on today to Aries.So all these aspects will bring nervous trades, even gaps. 

S&P yesterday: made a quadruple top. See alerts sent yesterday! 

TEVA: Fell to 4690- even lower, than the target I gave a few months ago. WIll be a long only above 6150.
PLX: Interesting share: 

I wrote on FB about Emma Morano in Nov.1,2016, last year. She was the oldest person on Earth. 
Oldest person on Earth: Emma, almost 117 years old, cheers! To say " till 120" would be an insult.. LOL.. SHe has a Sagittarius stellium with Pluto in opposition. SHe must be a very positive thinking and strong minded person." 
She passed away this year. Her chart is incredible! 

passed away this year. April 15, 2017. Born under Sun-Uranus conjunction- died under the same! Also under the 4th Saturn return, at the age of 118. May she rest in peace!

October 31,2017 Tuesday

Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I think? what shall I write about today? But life always brings the topic or the issue I want to tell you about. 
Yesterday I answered to a post from my friend William Stickevers, on Edgar Cayce. He uploaded his chart and wrote that made a rectification of his chart. I hope you all know who he was! I have many of his books, and dvds. If not, look him up. 
To that thread answered a Brazilian astrologer, Adriana Maranhao, and she mentioned Chico Xavier, the Brazilian Medium, who corresponded with the dead on behalf of family members. He had a very bad eyesight, but he closed his eyes, and wrote letters and messages from the dead to their families. You can watch the film, it is real. No fake news here! He helped millions, for free. A real philanthropy.  Look him up on You tube!   Immediately I went to Wiki, and checked his chart, and I saw 3 films till the early hours. And that was just fantastic and amazing! 

So here is his chart : Born on April 2, 1910 at 1 am Asc. 29Cap58, Moon 1 Cap. 
His date adds up to 17, which is the card of Aquarius. He is ruled by Saturn. 
His Sun is at 11 deg- sign of Aquarius. Mars too. His Moon and Uranus are in the 12, here is the possibility to connect to the dead. Moon in opposition Pluto. Pluto conjunct Aeternitas.- will be remembered after death. What is death? Passing away to another dimension. 
I wish I had this kind of gift!

I remember, that when I was 12 we moved to the center of the town. It was heavily snowing outside. Then I lived still in Cluj, Romania. As I was looking out the window, I thought, there must be something above all what we see. You have to know, that in those days, we could not even listen to Beatles, not to speak about ET! s or any other "peculiar" stuff. Communist Romania was blocked in every level, no books, no foreign stuff, nothing. But, this thought came to me, somehow I was not ""there". Today, being an astrologer, I know, that I crossed Neptune at that age, and so the vision or thought came to me. Years later, in 1980 , I started my studies of astrology. It was as if "coming home". Now I also know, that with my chart, I can get detached of events, and look at things from outside. But I am far, very far, from Edgar Cayce and Xavier. 

In the second film that I linked above, Xavier speaks about the future. He says, that if mankind can stay out of war, and nuclear self destruction, till 50 years, after landing on the Moon, we, Earth will have a great future. The deadline is July 2019. So I had to look up the date of the landing on the Moon. 
July 20, 1969. It is very very interesting, that Jupiter, Moon and Uranus were conjunct, at 0 Libra. 
During the last years I read many posts, articles about this landing. Some say, there wasn't any. Than others raise the question, why didn't we go back to the Moon since? I read now, that there is water on the Moon!. Xavier also talks about this, many decades, before the landing! He also says extraterrestrials live on the Moon and they are watching us, guarding us against ourselves. So if we manage to stay out of self destruction, till July 20, 2019, a whole new world and possibilities will open before mankind. 
SO let's see, what is happening in 2019? If in 1969 Uranus was at 0 Libra, on March 20th 2019 Uranus will be in opposition, at 0 Taurus. Saturn, Pluto and the South Node will be conjunct in Capricorn. The Sun will be at 29 Pisces-  and Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces. 

29 DEGREES shows: reaching for extremes... Mercury-Neptune in Pisces also show that message from other worlds will be received... So keep your finger off that red button, and let's live many more years in love and harmony. 
Here are 2019 aspects

Market calls me..
Today we are in the last day of the month. It is a day ruled by Venus. it is a CIT DAY for AORD, DAX HSI.
People to watch in the news are: Comey, Muller, Pauline Hanson, Nawaz Sharif, Mario Draghi, Gene Wilder. 

Now I shall send alerts for the USA> 
People are alerting on crashes.. again.. well.... follow the alerts. 
It's been a while since I wrote about Kim Jong Un. Today I read on FB, that a tunnel collapsed in the "nuke mountain" burying 200 workers. poor souls! Date unknown. So I looked at Kim's chart. 
Nov 27th is the THE DAY. we might take a few days before- after, when a major power will interfere with whatever he's been up to/ Saturn will conjunct 3 of his planets, will trigger the Solar Ecl. degree, and will be trine Uranus. 
I'll mark this date in the calendar... for follow up. 


October 30, 2017 Monday

Today is under the Moon's energy. Also that of Mercury. Mercury will make several aspects today. so expect a hectic day. 

It is a turning date for the CAC.hERE IS LAST WEEK'S FORECAST: 
Something happened... I cannot upload pictures.. ! :(  .. Oh.. it's OK now. 

people that move under Mercurian energy are: Duterte, Assad, Bernie Sanders, Modi, Theresa May, Carles Puigdemont ( Catalan leader.) etc.. so look for news about them today. 
Carles Puigdemont: Born Dec.29,1962 in Amer Girona, Spain. No hour, Solar chart. SUn at 7 Cap, ruled by Saturn. Moon conjunct Saturn. ( He might go to jail!) Born on a Saturday. he is all Saturnian personality! and his Saturn is at 9 Aquarius 39, a sign of revolution ( ruled by Uranus) and the degree of Jupiter ( law and ideals). Mars is stationary- extremely strong, gives him great force and drive to lead. Jupiter in Pisces- a Che Guevara of modern times. Neptune on Aeternitas asteroid- history will remember him. 

Times to watch: Feb 25- March 15,2018, Feb-March 2021. 

I received the time of birth from Anna-Cristal de Lyon, my friend on FB, Spanish astrologer. 22:30 . 

With 22:30 time we get a Virgo Asc.- so Mercury rules.not only his chart, asc and MC, but his date as well. Mercury is in Cap. and conjunct the South Node, not a very good place to be. . Jupiter is 180 to Pluto, he should be rich. Jupiter is also at the Uranus/Pl MP> Ebertine says: "Social aspirations"... etc. The attainment of immense success. I am afraid that Moon-Sat. conj. in Aqua will put him to jail. More surely when Saturn will conjunct his Sun - in Feb 2018.
Catalonia has 7.5 million population. Spain has 47 million- Catalonia = 40 million. 
The Chart of Spain we look at is Juan Carlos inauguration, at 12:45 Madrid.
Here is the chart of Spain, with the Catalan independence. It is very interesting! I already wrote about Spain on Jan.30th 2017, when I mentioned, that KIng Felipe VI is an Aquarius. 
Spain's Ascendant is at 3.44 Aqua!. Then on Oct 2nd, 2017 I wrote that Spain will not let Catalonia have any independence. On Sept 29th  I wrote"  now Catalonia in Spain, wants independence...  I wonder how will it go... I wrote it won't, based by the Spanish chart.. Even the people themselves don't really know what they want- I hear on TV- So all this is under Pluto in Capricorn. Destroying the existing status -quo- and building a new one. Brexit, etc.. all under Plutonian affect. "

Spain is ruled by Jupiter. See my posts on Sept 2nd. I wrote and it is still valid, that all what is going on in Europe, and what will come, is due to Pluto's destructive energy. More countries will try to break up. The USA too. 
See how " on time" the Catalonia independence vote came? Jupiter+Sun on Spain's Uranus! Revolution, break... Directed Moon is at 23 degree, a degree of divorce. in Leo! But, Mars is trouble. In Spain's chart- it is conjunct the Moon in Cancer, meaning killing its own people, turning against his own. And transit Mars is squaring NMars. 
Transit Pluto from the 12th, is in opposition the Moon(People) and we got the uprise.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
here is the chart of Mariano Rajoy. Without going into details, he is a very clever man. Both him and Carles are under Mercury's influence. He reinstated bullfights ( Mars+Moon conj)..He wants Gibraltar back... He will not let Catalonia go. 


There are some posts on FB, saying that more regions in different countries wait to see what will happen in Spain, to announce their own independence. Like Flanders in Belgium, Munich in Germany, etc.. PLUTO IN ACTION! 


October 29, 2017 Sunday

We start a new week today. Clocks were turned one hour back, we are officially in winter time, till March 22nd. It is sunny outside, will be warm today. 
New turmoil in Sara Netanyahu's agenda. She was sued by a worker in her house. This is one of many.. 

I am not sure of the hour of birth, but this is what I have. The outer wheel is the progressed chart for today. We see, in the natal chart, that she has a stellium in Scorpio, no wonder people are afraid to complain about her. Those who dare, are doomed... 
Her Moon got a direct hit by the last Total Solar Eclipse! So this year will be extremely vulnerable for her. Furthermore, transit Jupiter( Justice, law) is in exact conjunction the ruler of the 9th house, Neptune. Voila, the lawsuit. 

In the markets: We open under a Moon in Aquarius. Mars and Jupiter are at 4 degrees both and 30 degrees apart. But here is the chart of the sky. Moon conjunct the South Node, is not favorable the market. We have the ongoing aspect between Uranus 45 to Neptune. This one will last till year end. And Saturn is trine Uranus. These are controversial energies. 

TEVA: Locally: continues to fall. 

If there was trade today, it would be a CIT day for KLSE, Nikkei and Nifty.
CATALONIA Independence: Oct 27, 2017. I got the hour from a Spanish astrologer, so I guess it is correct. I am using here Placidus houses, and I find something very interesting!! The date adds up to 11, which, in numerology is a master number. It also means divorce. The Ascendant/ Desc. is at 11 degrees! It shows the issue, doesn't it? Then we see the Sun and Jupiter conjunct, at first glance it is a positive position, but then we see, that they are in the "Via Combusta" in the sign of Scorpio, at 3 and 4 degrees. this shows opposite energies, like two children pushing/pulling a rope. One wants freedom(Jupiter) the other wants stability, no changes! ( Sun at 4). Both are in the 8th house of life and death. 
The Moon, representing the people, is at 0 Aquarius. 0 degrees tells us about a premature issue. The Moon is at 0 Aquarius, the sign of "fraternite, liberte, egalite" , but the people, as we hear in the news, are not sure what they want. Do they really want to "divorce" Spain, or not? What will this bring? It is too early to know!
The aspect that describes the situation best is the Saturn( law, govmt) trine to Uranus(revolution). They will be a long time in this aspect, so will the Catalonia's independence issues, until they'll find the golden mid-way. Disturbing position is that of Mars, which will go forward in the 8th house, bringing fire, and fights. 
The ruler of the Ascendant is Saturn and Uranus! The ruler of the chart is also Saturn and Uranus.
TImes to watch : Dec. 20- onwards... will bring some arrangement in the chaos. But issues will light up again as of May 1, 2019. 

Asteroids: I had to add some, to see more deeply what is the chart telling us? 
And the first one that pops up, is Nemesis ( shows the enemy), conjunct the Moon. It is written about Nemesis:"

"Asteroid Nemesis: The Achilles heel. The Black Beast. The need to blame, to make someone a scapegoat. The identification of the “enemy”. The error or the reason for a problem."
Asteroids Lucifer( signature of a serial killer), Tantalus ( to want something badly, but it is out of our reach); and Nyx( undercover happenings) are conjunct Saturn. 
Moira is conjunct Uranus. It stands for fate or karma. 

So now JFK files are out. I will look at the relevant charts, but now I have to go to the gym. I have pilates lesson. 

it's 2 pm. I am after gym, shopping, etc... now I can send my alerts for the Far East and Asia-for tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

October 28, 2017 Saturday

Writing my weekly forecasts! Time to sign up! Just $ 465 for 3 months/ index! See how will the year close, and open 2018?! 
Yesterday's rally: new historical high! If you have my app- you just gained more than 25 points. 

Richest man in the world: Jeff Bezos Born January 12, 1964. AMZN.
No birth time! Solar chart. 53.79 years old,
Jupiter( extremes) 150 to Pluto (money) and Neptune (seeing the future), (YOD), combined with a Venus+Saturn( searching for new innovations) conjunction in Aqua. Seems the perfect pattern to make it "big time". Congrats!

Yesterday, under Mercury-Pluto sextile, good earnings, and the share jumped to 1100. 

October 27, 2017 Friday.

The AXJO topped and made a reversal after 21 days, from Oct 6th. This was expectable. It topped at 5931, from 5651, 280 points in 20 days, What is surprising, is the marabuzu they "produced". Anything happened there in the fundamental world? So it is now correcting, and target is 5790.
Here are the indices that I follow for your sake, and I post in the app: These went up yesterday., leading is Milano! Good for you, guys.. 

And the ones that fell: First runner up here is Bovespa, Brazil. 

AMZN, GooG, MSFT, CELG and others had earnings yesterday, none of them shined. Correction: They had earning after hours, and they did bring the new up-push in the markets~ 

The one that made it to Bloomberg was Twitter. I wrote about TWTR on April 26th. Actually, I see, that I sent alert on 4/19, to be long with a stop at 14.20. 

and on the 26th :
TWTR: Trade range is 14.50-14.90 – Running above it, will rally.. So watch it. Targets: 15-16.4-17.

So what should we expect today? it is the day 300 of the year. The energies are of the Moon and Venus. The Moon is at 26 Cap. and VOC till US trade starts. Venus is at mid Libra. The Moon square Uranus right now, but this affects only the open markets. 

October 26, 2017 Thursday 

The Moon conjuncts now Pluto, as I write. The Sun conjunct Jupiter. We are after Oct 25th, which was my date for a CIT. You knew it, if you are a subscriber... What else is there in the sky now? The Moon square Venus, and 60^ Mercury. Mars is 30* from the Sun. 
Time wise we are 3157 days from March 6, 2009 low. This no. tells up to look for a CIT again, in 4 days. 

Now I shall check the alerts in the app. 
12:15 I sent 33 alerts till now. Check it out! in the App. 

We have 31 Celsius today, rather hot for end of October! 
Before I go down to the gym, which is 6 floors beneath me, I want to draw your attention to AI. YOu will have to get used to these two letters. They stand for the whole new world, that Uranus in Aries brought. Artificial Intelligence.  This is our future. Read Armstrong's articles! 
I think, Neptune 45 to Uranus, that is the aspect that brought this new world. Neptune stands for everything imaginary, or artificial, and Uranus for the spark of intelligence. 

On the other hand, I swear to you, that this is still happening in Romania! If you want to travel in time, you will find water wells in villages, still used today! 

In Europe 2017. 
Bloomberg yesterday spoke about Chipotle, CMG. The share of this Mexican food fell yesterday harshly. 

The share started out fine. It rallied from 41.53 in 2008 for 7 years and 7 months, and reached 750! Not bad Huh>?? But then the black cat interfered, and since Aug.13!! Oh gee! 2015 it is falling, 2 years and 2 months. Yesterday we got a gap, and now it is heading back to 189-140- the 2007-08 level. 
So let me see what happened in the sky?
The first trade date, what I have found, was on Jan 26th 2006. Well, not the best date they could come up with. The date is ruled by Saturn. The the ruler of the chart is also  Saturn. In the chart we see Sun, Mercury conjunct in Aquarius- which is good, but both are conjunct Chiron. Reading the history of the share, I see, they had several times problems with diseases, in some of the restaurants, which cut the fame and income during the years. Then we see the Moon conjunct Pluto! in Sag. it is not a surprise ~ to me~ that yesterday's' fall came under a Moon-Pluto conjunction, this time in Cap. Saturn, in the natal chart is at 7.58 degrees, and we got a rally of 7 years.. hmm. But looking at the time Dec 27, 2007- top till Aug 5, 2015- = 7 years and 7 months, which is more or less Saturn's natal degree position.  Are we in the 7 bad years of Joseph? That would be harsh. 


Many important earnings today!! Look out for nervous trades. 


October 25,2017 Wednesday

Today we are under the influence of Mars and Mercury. Mars is solitary, makes no aspects, while Mercury is trine Neptune. In my weekly report, last week, I wrote to watch Oct 24th, for a gap. Look at Nifty! 

For my readers from Canada, I thought to look at your index... TSX. And right on time, since it makes a double top! what next?? sign up for the weekly report, you'll see what to expect! 

Yesterday I saw on TV, how McDonald rallies since the new CEO, Steve Easterbrook, took over, since March 1,2015 SO I had to look at the share.  Between 2011-16 the share traded between 85-105 Now it is at 163! 

And then I had to look at the chart of MCD. It has a very good chart, Sun is conjunct Jupiter(expansion, wealth) in Cancer!(food, stomach) :) . The graph shows that the breakout came 6 months after the new CEO took over, on Oct, 2015. Exactly at that time, transit Pluto was in opposition the Sun, and brought huge reorganization in the company. 

I don't have the birth date of the CEO.

Anyways, we can see, that Pluto is not always bad. It does bring old habits to die, and pushes in the fresh air. 
I have to say, that I ate, I think maybe twice in my life MCD. I prefer pepper steak. 
So if Pluto made this fantastic breakout- when it was in opposition the Sun, Here are some more shares that should be looked at: BGG, HPC, AME, ABC,DE, GCO,RGS, CTB, WWW, TRN, BAC, AGE, DJ, NWL, TRA, STI, HDI, FRE, BR, DP, BRY, TG, SFY, SGY, CAL, AZR, HCA, FGP, WTA, WFR, FDS, AGY, HC, EOP, CRY, CXY, SRE, RSG, CEC ORB, etc etc. Check them first, make your analysis, and decide. 


October 24, 2017 Tuesday

As written yesterday, our index is falling back, now at 1430- closing the gap, it opened on Sunday. Let's see today's sky: Moon conjunct Saturn, in Sag. This should block the fall at 1423.. for TA35. For other indices, I'll post updates. 
What else? We have now 4 planets in water element,- see in green~ and, more important, Mars entered Libra! This will shake and rock and roll all Libras.. Are you one? 

Mars is in Libra, it is in detriment, weak. On the other hand, Mars is a fire planet and it is in air element, Libra, so although it is weak, it is well felt. It all depends which house will be triggered.
Mars will be in Libra till Dec.8.2017.
So the first 2 persons that pop up in my mind are Putin and Netanyahu. Let's follow the news.... 

Here is the progressed declination chart for Putin; taking in consideration, that Mars rules his 6th house... see the dates that the Moon crossed the Mars line. Search what happened to him then. Of course there are other planets to watch too. 

In the markets.. How will Mars affect the index you trade? All that, in my weekly reports... 
Sign up now!!!!!!!!
Here is the Gold, with Mars in Libra. Made a bottom.. But will it again ? The blue curve on the graph is the future forecast. This is what you'll get for 2018. You don't want to miss this one! 

Today we are ruled by Saturn and Mars !! We are 622 days from Feb 11th low. 
It is a CIT day for the FTSE! What's new in the UK anyways?? Here is the FTSE: rather interesting position, don't you think? 

THe DAX: trades above June top, the support here is at 12800- in the app. I gave 12950. reversals in this one can be very painful... 

The Nikkei rallies. But how much higher?? SIgn up now, for the weekly report!!! 
it is nowhere... If I compare it to the historical graph ! 

Bitcoin, the new Baby, the new favorite..!!! What will happen here? 
what will happen here?? 

Milano: hello readers, sign up now for the future report! 

And finally: TA35: what will happen here? 

For only $540 you can receive the yearly picture for 2018. And receive quarterly updates! 

Off to the gym... 

October 23, 2017 Monday

I had the feeling yesterday, that I forgot to do something... And right... I wanted to post in the app, for the Far East and Asia, because they are so ahead of me, and I forgot... So I will do it now, see you later. 

Ok... All sent.
I see the Nikkei is rallying. Immediately I think Oh, SHinzo ABE must have won.. He promised to "deal" with N.Korea. I will have to check later if Japan will get into a war.
And with progressed Saturn conjunct Venus, ruler of his career, he did. Big time. 

The Nikkei rallies: 

TA35: I gave yesterday targets, today, it seems we will pay the price for the hastyness. There is a gap there, you see? 5 min. graph

I sent till now 37 alerts! Have you seen them?

Andrej Babis, the Check PM. is called the Check Trump....This is the solar chart in lack of exact time. Transit Saturn again helped. 
What can we learn from his chart? Sun in Virgo, with Mercury there. Also his Mars and NNode are in earth sign( Cap). SHowing a strong and thorough personality. someone who goes down to details, and nothing escapes his eyes. 
Mars in Capricorn, he is wealthy. It is also in opposition his Cancer stellium ( Jupiter, Uranus and the South Node. ) So one thing to remember about him, is this Jupiter+Uranus conjunction. Numerologically he is ruled by Jupiter. It is in Cancer, =very strong. Pluto in Leo adds to the strong character. Venus+Neptune conjunct in Libra.They square his Cancer stellium, This is a weakness. Transit Neptune is in opposition his Sun. hmm...I start to wonder if he is a reliable person or what is that square mean? In lack of exact hour of birth, I don't have an answer. 
Secondary progressed chart, again, Saturn helped. AND he has an OOB Mars, just like Sebastian Kurz! Angela Merkel and Putin.HMMMM. not the person that you see you'll get! He is close friend of Putin, not so much with Mrs. Merkel.. 

There is a saying in Hebrew: "A person is known by his pocket, glass and anger." Meaning, how will you behave if you are asked to give money? when you are drunk, or when you are angry". more or less... And I'll tell you who you are. Well, with an OOB Mars, one can be very nice, clever, smooth, until he snatches. ( loose control). 
Is this the word? People who also have OOB Mars are Putin, Mrs. Merkel, Kurz, etc.. 

triple top, time for a breakout

Nasdaq future: How high will it rally??

When I post alerts in the app. they are mostly for intraday trades. Sign up for the weekly/yearly forecast, to see the bigger picture! 

Off to the gym. 

The Gold forecast is ready, if anyone is interested.. Don't write me later, "I wish , I would, I should have ". 


October 22, 2017 Sunday

My weekly reports are out. You are welcome to subscribe for them. 
Today we have trade, it will be rather positive, after the rally in the US last week. The close was at 1435. The last top in TA35 was in July, at 1458.74, then a bottom on 8/10 to 1346.7 and a rise till today, but we still did not reach the July top! 

Will it rally today above 1458? There are a lot of obstacles on the way... First targets that should be overcome are: 1436.40-37.39-42-47.  So, let's see. 
Here is a comparison chart between TA35 and the major indices... 

One of the shares that will rally is CYRN: locally.. It looks really weak, should go above 678 to start to rally.. 

Our leading share, TEVA is a disaster, as I wrote many times in the past.. It made a correction in the US, so people will tend to buy it, but I think it did not end its fall. It will take some months till it would be worth while putting money in it. 

Another share people are playing with is MANKIND: 

I don't think any of them is worthwhile trading. But, let's see... 

What is new in the sky today? market starts now, and the Moon squares the eclipse degree! This brings a push... 

We are under the effect of the Sun and Venus. The Sun will move on to Scorpio tomorrow. If you have the weekly report, you know what it means for your index. 
The Gold is ruled by the Sun... What will happen to it? 
Once upon a time...the Gold traded at 297... What will happen now?? Sign up for the yearly forecast.


I wrote about the New Mon's position for Israel and other countries yesterday. 
Now, when I am looking the the chart of Israel, and using the New Moon transit on it, I find a very interesting thing! The SUn and Moon conjunct was on Oct 19th , at 26 degrees. 
Where did they fall? In the 12th house. And they are 150^ - bad~ to the Israel's Sun. This tells us, that Netanyahu is in trouble. We know, that he is under investigation for months now, and lately he tries to push a law, that residing PM cannot be investigated.... Have you heard of this?? Very democratic, don't you think so? 
Now, looking at Netanyahu's chart, it gets even better! 
THe New Moon fell on his Sun+Moon! WHich would be great, would Uranus not be in opposition and trine his Mars... Definitely a harsh position. The problem is, that Uranus is Retro, so until it will be effective, I'll grow a beard. 

October 20, 2017

Last week, in my weekly report, I wrote, to watch it on the 19th, there will be a fall. And we got it. But, the S&P recuperated, and we got a new historical high, 2575.
I think it is very important to subscribe to the weekly report. Don't you? 

It is important to check where does the New Moon fall, in order to prepare oneself for the comings on the next 28 days... 
For Israel it fell on the 4/10 house axis, and it was exactly in opposition Uranus! WOW! This means, FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, not only for us, surprise events, and shaking the known, pushing out of balance, out of one's comfort zone! For us, it is a sign, for a shake in the government.(H10).

For Washington DC, Toronto Canada : House 2/8 issues... money,sex, and life/death issues. 

For Berlin,Paris, Moscow: House 5/11 issues... stock market, big organizations, etc

For Madrid, Spain: 6/12 house issues (work, the routine life, coworkers, health, prison, hospitals, karma) . Note that the 6th and 12th house opens under the 18th degrees, a lot of trouble is coming in that part of the world! 

In the Hebrew calendar the month of Hesvan starts. As per the Bible, on Yod-Zain in Hesvan, the flood started. This year this date falls on Nov. 6th. 
If you click on the link above, it tells you about a song. It is a beautiful one Listen . ( Well, for my ears, at least, it is beautiful) . The singer is my favorite local singer. Amir Benayun.

Sent some alerts, bye for now.. 



  1. Actually AMZN GOOG and MSFT all shinned CELG did not

  2. They did rally yesterday, but not on the day of the earnings. Correct me if I'm wrong. The earnings were on Oct 26. Oh, I see now! they were after hours... SO they did rally the next day. You are correct.


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