New Moon in Scorpio, November 18- December 18, 2017

Between November 18- December. 18

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It is the month of Scorpio. INVESTIGATIONS! MONEY! SEX! LIFE AND DEATH! and Sarcasm.... 
So I investigate, how many people read my former article: 3099. No one clicked like. Isn't that great? Continue.
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Here is the list of aspects for the month, see the arrow at the right? there are so many, that my screen is not long enough to show them all. 

( Blue aspects are soft, harmonious, red ones energetic, blacks: conjunctions) 

If you click on the picture, you will see the table on your screen. We have some aspects, that will be there the whole month. They are supporting the rallies. 
So what is going on in the sky?? Here is a simpler chart: 
We have the Uranus-Neptune 45^ ( watch for more and more articles and news about aliens and new, discovered distant or not so distant planets). Sign up to " Ancient Code" they bring some really good news there! 
And we also have the Saturn-Uranus trine, as I already wrote in the past, very controversial energies clash here. 
Saturn is on the Galactic center, and Uranus trines it. Everything that touches this point, brings a fated event .

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In the Hebrew calendar we write today, ALEPH KISLEV. The first day of every Jewish month, it is said, that it hides the seed, the potential for the whole month. You should meditate, and see yourself do 1-2-3 things during this month, set the goals, and they will be done. The word KISLEV is built from KIS ( POCKET) and LEV ( HEART). Meaning, one should have an open pocket and heart as well. 
The letters of the month are : ס and ג. ( Samech and Gimel). Samech is for the sign of Sagittarius, and Gimel for Jupiter- justice. The Gematria value of the month is 63, which is also, in another calculation, one of the names of the Lord. It cannot be translated to English.. sorry. Under the energy of these two letters, we try to reach wisdom and understand the energies of this month. 
The month of Kislev is the month of miracles. We celebrate Hanukkah during this month.

December 18, 2017 Monday

The Moon moved on, and so the ichy, stabbing feelings in my heart. 
Today we have a new Moon, a positive one and a very powerful one, in Sagittarius and on the Galactic Center.  Be ready for more and more UFO news, and extraterrestrial encounters. I read, that Nasa found a similar Earth. as ours. More and more documents are released to the public proving what we already knew... That there is life around us, and we are not alone. It is a question of time just when will the physical encounter be, for the masses, since several people in the worlds have already met, / kidnapped and returned by them. 

This New Moon made a lot of new millionaires. People who dared to invest in the cryptocurrencies have the ball of their lives now. BTC. hit 18000, and I think it'll go to 22 till the end of the month. ( Not a trading advice! ) 
As Saturn enters Capricorn, we shall see what effect it will bring. It's positive side- it can stabilize the whole new concept, and make governments accept it, and go with the flow, on the negative side, some regulations and taxations can emerge, which , I think will stir a lot of anger. We'll see. 
Previously Saturn was in Capricorn in 1988- for 2.5 years. We can see, that in 1988 the ingress took place under a Scorpio new Moon, and look the other planets' positions, and the way they did since then. 
Saturn was conjunct Uranus, on the Galactic Center, and we had: 
* the Tiananmen Square massacre, on June 3rd, 
* Lech Walesa rises to power in Poland on June 4th. 
* the fall of the Berlin wall.( Nov 10, 1989);
* Dec 3rd: Michael Gorbachev and G.W.Bush declare the end of the cold war. 
* Dec 22, 1989 the Romanian dictator, Ceausescu and wife are killed by rebels. 
* Nelson Mandela is released after 27 years in prison, on Feb 11, 1990

Saturn was in Capricorn between : 
Realization intervals (begin - end):
22.01.1900  - 18.07.1900  
18.10.1900   - 20.01.1903  
16.03.1929   -  5.05.1929  
 1.12.1929   - 24.02.1932  
14.08.1932   - 20.11.1932  
 6.01.1959   -  3.01.1962  
15.02.1988   - 10.06.1988  
13.11.1988   -  6.02.1991  
21.12.2017   - 22.03.2020  
 3.07.2020   - 17.12.2020  
25.01.2047   - 11.07.2047  
23.10.2047  -  1.01.2050  
But only in 1664 the Sun was conjunct Saturn, at 0 ^ Capricornm=, as we will have this year again. Later about this aspect. 

Today is a day that vibrates under Uranus and Moon energy. It is a turning day for KLSE, Nikkei, Nifty and BIG. 

But, I should really start now the new article... so follow me to the New Moon in Sagittarius, 2017. 


December 17,  2017 Sunday

Transit Mars squares my Sun. I feel my heart.. Should I go to make a check up? I went to the gym, as usual but the pilates lesson was cancelled today, so I am back in the chair. Let's see what's going on in the sky? 
Moon at 15 Sag, Mercury is conjunct, and retro. (for me, both trigger my South Node.) Ok, since it's the Moon, it'll pass. 
What else? We are under the vibration of Jupiter. We still have the Sag. stellium. And the Sun shines outside. Yesterday I went to the beach, it was great ! 
TEVA: is firing many workers, not only in Israel, but in the whole world. The Unions declared a strike. How stupid... As if they could return some of the billions lost. No. they are adding to the loss, flights are postponed till 2:30, the whole industry is on hold. Idiots. 
Nothing works, no hospitals, nothing. 

OK. I wonder if the stock market works.. let me check. No. Incredible.. Well. OK. I have good books to read. 
Mercury in retro... Did I say that already ? 
LEt's see some markets that trade now:
Egypt: is rising as of Sept 2017--on"empty stomach"... 
Jordan: Same, from Nov 22
SAUDIA:TASI: it's a long above 7000.
UAE: no action here... 

But, the winner is, still, and in spite of all, the BitCoin! Seems that the sky's the limit... Well, 22500 seems the next target.
The annoying thing with the cryptos is, that they trade in 20-30 different markets, and each has its own value. So actually you can buy Ethereum for cheap at Kraken or Bitstamp, and sell it expensive, at Binance or Coinon... there is 40$ difference. 
The ETH: hit 720; It was 752 before, so it should go above it, to reach new highs... 
On the 20th, not only Saturn is already in Capricorn, but Pence is landing in Israel. Oh dear... LOL... Since Trump declared that Jerusalem is Israel's capital, ~ not that we did not know it~ Abu Mazen ran to the Iranians for help. How is it, that he is all the time on the "wrong"side of the table?  So now Pence comes to calm down the sides. Is anyone listening?
More riots expected. 
I find it extraordinary, that Pence lands, when the chapter of the week is " Vaigash" . In this chapter Joseph reveals to his brothers who he really is. I wonder, if we will see some veils lifted in the world of politics, and leaders will actually say who they are and what is their aim. 
Surely the chapter has deeper levels. It tells a story of misunderstanding and forgiveness. 


December 16, 2017 Saturday

As usual, I am writing the weekly forecasts. It is 21 Celsius outside, and it's only 9 am... It'll be warmer later. The beach calls me. let's see if I'll be able to make it. 
So why this dry heat in December, while in Europe is freezing cold? Look, how many planets are in Sag! a dry and barren sign. There is also a Mercury-Venus conjunction, which will last a few days. 

A reader asked me to look if there will be a larger earthquake in the Pacific ocean, or the "Fire ring" as it is called. I mean greater than 6. And yes, there is a big possibility for that, due to Pluto sitting on Indonesia, and Uranus as well. 
here are the Moon's aspects gmt : 00:00
16.12.2017  1:07:04  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
17.12.2017  0:26:52 11°38'11"Sgr Square Neptune
17.12.2017  8:56:25 15°51'08"Sgr Conjunction Mercury
17.12.2017 18:33:42 20°37'06"Sgr Conjunction Venus
18.12.2017  2:45:47 24°40'24"Sgr Trine Uranus
18.12.2017  6:30:24 26°31'19"Sgr Conjunction Sun
18.12.2017 13:09:35 29°48'17"Sgr Conjunction Saturn

18.12.2017 13:33:21  0°00'00"Cap <<<
The most dangerous is on the 17th, from 0:28 am to 12 noon! again, GMT 00:00

December 15, 2017, Friday

Just a few more days till my daughter and family return from the US, after one year and 2 months. So. I will be less at my table, and on the internet. I am so happy, that they are landing to more than 20 Celsius- even 25! from minus 6 cold! That will be fantastic .. We are warm and Sun lover people... 

So let's see what happened in the world? 
Yesterday we learned of Dan Johnson suicide. I am sure, my American readers know who I am talking about. You see, transit Uranus was exactly in opposition his Sun. A haste deed, indeed... But I think he was more frightened of what MORE is there about him, if an investigation starts... Look at his planets! Neptune, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio. A LOT of skeletons in the cupboard. He took his secrets to his grave. But in the next life he will pay for them, nevertheless. Look Directed planets are in severe Capricorn! 

News in the sky: 
The Moon is 30^ approaching the Sun. 
Monday we will have a New Moon. This time it will be very important! It occurs on the Galactic Center! and trines the August eclipse degree. News from far away universes! ET encounters. It is a rare opening to anything new. As always, I shall start a new article. 
The markets are still rallying. 

One of the cryptos I follow is the Ripple. It ran up 70-80%... read about it. 

On May 2, 2017 I wrote about Beata Szydlo, Poland PM : 

" I find it quite incredible, that on the only day, that I am writing about Beata Szydlo, Poland's PM, I have never heard about before, I read about her, make her chart... etc... I read now, that she refused Angela Merkel's request to let in 6000 immigrants " Poland first"- she says.. So now, in spite that I don't have her time of birth, I have to post her chart. She was born in Auschwitz, April 15, 1963. Below is the Solar chart. She is 54 years old, and 54 and a half, Sept-Oct, this year, will be critical for her. Here is her Progressed and transit chart. Her Sun ( she) is attacked by Uranus/ But that's not all/ transit Saturn (higher authority) is on her Moon, and Venus, ruler of her partners, is weak in Aries.. Will it be possible, that the President, DUDA, will contradict her ? I don't know how the law works in Poland.. Anyone??"

Well, a reader just brought to my attention, that she was "fired", by that higher authority. 
Here is her natal chart, with Directions and transits. See how her Sun was caught in fire by Uranus, from all sides. No one survives an Uranus attack. I mean, his/her situation, position will be very different after it hits. 


The other interesting date to look at is the announced date of the royal wedding. May 19, 2018. Harry and Meghan Markle will be married. The rumor said, that the Queen will not attend, due to MeghAn being a divorcee, half black, and half jewish, if I am not mistaken... Oh dear, what a blasphemy! But... rumors turned out to be false, since Her majesty will attend the event. 

First, what pops up, is the Leo Ascendant of the event. Leo is the king of the jungle, ~ it also symbolises red heads, what Harry is~ so a very fitting Ascendant, for a marriage of the Prince... Then, the degree of the Sun shouts!!! I am squaring the August 2017 eclipse degree! Hallooo... ! This is a very important event. The date, 19, also points to a Karmic event. It will be after a new Moon, so it is a good timing, with the Sun on the MC. Whoever they consulted to pick the date, did a good job. What I don't like, is the degree of Saturn, 8, rules the 7th house of spouse,~ symbolises black, or colored people, and Meghan's mom is black~  but on a Scorpio degree, which rings all the bells, and we can add to that the degree of the Moon-! at 22 Cancer... that too is a very difficult degree. 
But' I'll have to look for the personal data and dig in deeper. 
Of course, I am all in for romance and happiness, and I wish the young couple a long and happy life. 
OK. I looked at the charts, and it's better that I hold my tongue. 
May they be BLESSED !
December 14, 2017 Thursday 

Remember, that we use the numerology count, from last night first 3 star appearance. So Since last night we are under Mars and Jupiter's energy. Why is this important ? Because we know Mars brings wars and fights, and last night we had 4 or 5 rockets fired from Gaza to the southern towns, since Trump said the words on Jerusalem, 16 were fired. The distance between Gaza and Ashkelon is 19 km, or 12 miles. How would you feel if it was in your town? 

More than 2000 people are about to be fired by Teva. They are waiting for a Hanukkah miracle now.... I posted in every possible channel, that the company is in danger, but people would not listen. Maybe a miracle WILL happen. 

I see the Koreans and the Japanese prefered to sleep, than to trade. The cryptos are trading sideways, waiting for a gong... 
oh, I see now.... Mercury is conjunct the Sun! I wrote yesterday, that it is "burnt" so no energy. Mercury will return to 13 Sag- till December 12th. On this day the Sun will conjunct saturn att. so it will be a very important day. 
At the exact time that this conjunction happened, the cryptos fell. Well, not all, because the ETH, made new high. 
Today is a turning day for the IBEX, WIG20, Ethereum and Crude oil. 
Ibex is above the stop I sent in the alert on the 12th. 
WIG20 too... I also gave targets, it is trying to get there. 
ETH: reached all given targets. 
Crude oil- short was triggered. 

Tomorrow is a turning day for S&P, DOW, AXJO, Nasdaq, Nyse, Gold, Corn.

Check out this page ! 

December 13, 2017 Wednesday 

Yesterday I posted on FB, that it seems, that Ripple is going to launch. 
And the outcome : 67% rally. 

Today is Wednesday, and we are under Mercury and Saturn vibration. They are both in Sag. But what is important about Mercury today is, that it is conjunct the Sun. Any planet that is in this position, is "burnt" and its energy is not felt. So we might get a flip=flop in the markets today, being Mercury one of the pushers. On the other hand, that Moon is moving to Scorpio; here are the times to watch - if you are an intraday trader: GMT:00:00
13.12.2017 14:26:56 29°12'45"Lib Sextile Saturn
13.12.2017 15:58:35  0°00'00"Sco <<<
13.12.2017 21:23:13  2°47'01"Sco Conjunction Mars

The other important position is Saturn trining the August eclipse degree. 
So what happened during the night under these planetary positions? And my night, is when the Far East trades....
The S&P fell from 2673-to 60. 
The Dow made a new high, and is continuing to rally. 
Nasdaq future topped at 6423, and it is still below it. 
CBOE Bitcoin topped at 18530 and fell to 17310. 

US Dollar: will be a long above 95
GOld: Bottomed at 1238, now at 1244; it did rise in the 15 min. chart, but in the daily it is still in a declining channel. 
What's new? I was admitted in an Egyptian astrologers group on FB. I asked if anyone knows or has and can share Sisi's birth time. It is very important to make a forecast for Egypt. The "hug" of the Russian bear is more and more felt in the area, after the US is slowly disappearing from this troublesome area of the world. So I am now waiting for the hour of birth. I wrote about him on NOV.19TH, scroll down ~ 
The Egyptian index is the best, I think from all the Arab countries. It rallied by 178% since 2016. 

Putinka is running, so it seems, and will be surely reelected for another 4 or 8 or 40 years.. 
Roy Moore lost yesterday, so some kind of justice was achieved in that area. 
Dough Jones: Born May 4, 1954
Although the chart below is a Solar chart, with the Sun on the Asc. He must have a strong Gemini position, since Saturn brought him the victory. 
Seems, that since Trump rose to power, more and more Geminis are joining him. 
I did not have time to read about him, but, you, who are interested, be ready to many controversial sayings, or events, from this gentleman. A Gemini is a Gemini. 
I have pilatis lesson now, so see you later. 

I searched for inventions on this day, and I came up with this site. Very interesting! 
I understand, that Trump signed a paper, sending NASA to the Moon and to Mars again. On this day, 274 years ago, the Uranium was discovered. It is very interesting, how the two dates " Waltz" together. 

December 12, 2017 Tuesday 

The litecoin is under the vibration of no. 7, and today is made a historical high at 244- or 272, depends, which site one follows. From there is fell to 224/253. 
Other indices that are supposed to correct today are: DAX, Gold, Aex, Btc.

We are under Mars effect today, and this is at 1Libra50. 
Next day to watch for these is Dec 21st. 

I forgot to post in the app.. so I'll work on the alerts now. 
9:17 am- alerts sent for Asia and Far East. Pls. check !  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
13:30: pm  I sent all the alerts I could think of:all the world indices, commodities, cryptos. Good luck! 
5:03 pm Litecoin rallies like there is no tomorrow. I think it'll rally till the 18th-19th, and then stop and think... Till them I am flowing with the trend. I hope you are 2. 
target is now at 500-550. Let's see. 


December 11,2017 Monday

Yesterday at 5 pm Chicago time, the cryptos started to trade. Many thought and wrote on FB, that this will bring to a collapse. Instead, the Bitcoin rallied by 1000 $; and so did the rest. All rallied. 
More and more banks now are taking the ride.
BTC: was 735 in January 2017 ! Target is now at 20000

But, probably you are fed up already with all these posts about the cryptos...

Today: we are under the vibration on the Moon and Venus. What should we know about this day? It is the 345th day of the year. On this day in history , 1917, Jerusalem was in the headlines... General Allenby declared martial law. 

Hector Berlioz, the great French composer was born on this day, in 1803.  Listen to his Symphonie Fantastique! 

The famous OSHO was born on this day, in 1931, John Kerry in 1943, and many more, I have never heard of.. LOL...

n the Geocentric sky Mars entered Scorpio yesterday. This brings a huge push to financial markets. Mars is in Scorpio every 2 years, so check what happened in 2015-13,11,09! hmmm didn't was have a major low then ? 

December 10, 2017 Sunday 

We open the week with the following planetary positions: 
4 planets and the Sun in fire signs, 3 planets in water signs, 1 planet in earth and no planets in air. The Moon is in Virgo, approaching the Sun, actually squaring it, losing in light, we are before the New Moon. 
For our area this means warm weather, and it is 21 Celsius as I write now. 8:30 am... No sign of rain. For Europe and US, it means cold and snow. 


The chapter of the week is " Meketz" it tells us about Joseph being in prison in Egypt, but comes to interpret the Pharaoh's dreams, and his rise to power starts. 
Maybe we can link this to a rise in the markets as well.. 
We celebrate Hanukkah as of the 13th-to 20th.

The markets are rallying.. 
We open the week with the S&P at 2651.50
DOW: 24329
VIX: 9.59
Dax: 13153.70
Nikkei: 22811
US Dollar index 93.84. 
Bitcoin is correcting the last rally, now at 12710
Litecoin ran up to 200- now corrects at 134; 
Ethereum topped at 487, now at 433, 
ADA:  a new crypto I started to follow :0.10667
Gold at 1250; fell by 100$ since Sept top. 
Silver : 15.87; fell from 18.027; since Sept ... 

when will these stop / turn ? 
I shall continue to analyse and send alerts in the app. 
The futures of Bitcoin will start trading at 5 pm Chicago time, today. 
Cboe.comhere is the chart of the event: 
Asc. 29 Gemini. the date of today adds up to 5, so we have a double gemini introduction to the market. Signaling for major volatility, zig-zag trading and nervous clients. 
Besides that, the chart shows us the fight between the old and new, the restriction against expansion, the end of the old  and rebirth of a new, unknown yet, system.


December 8, 2017 Friday 

The Bitcoin topped at 17200 in In other sites, you might even see 19000, in Zimbabwe 25000. In any case, I follow investing, they have all teh graphs for all the cryptos. 
So what happened at the top, so far? why did it fall to 14000? 
The Moon was E X A C T L Y  at 120^ to the Sun! 

December 7, 2017 Thursday. 

If you read the last line of the opening paragraph of this month, we got our miracle yesterday. " The month of Kislev is the month of miracles". Since Trump's announcement was after the first 3 stars were in the sky, we look at the event, as per the Hebrew calendar, as it was today. Today is YOD TET 19,  KISLEV, ( THE 9TH MONTH) in the year 5778 this mean numerologically:  19. 9 5778.  19 is a Karmic number. 9 is the number ruled by Mars. 5778= 9 Mars. 1+9+9 = 19= 1 . No 1 is ruled by the Sun. 
The speech started yesterday at 1:07 pm Washington time, or 20:09 Jerusalem time. Trump said the words at 1:09, and signed the order at 1:19. Here is the 19 again.. 
This is the event chart, made for yesterday, 1:09 
We find the Part of Fortune and Zeus at 19 degrees. But, besides that, there are many curious aspects... 
Netanyahu's Moon is at 19 degrees. 
The Sun at 14 Sag.- squares Neptune. ( Conspiracy). Time to watch, first week of March, when the Sun will conjunct Neptune.Mind you, asteroid Pandora is conjunct the Sun... This alone can tell the story...  Neptune is the key, in my opinion to this "timing" yesterday. Since Netanyahu is under several police investigations, all this event was fabricated, at this exact time, to turn the interest to another subject, maybe event trigger a war, so that he can stay in charge. 
Next, let's look at the Moon: is at at 28 degrees, Cancer. We remember, that the August eclipse occurred on 28 Leo. well, there are more planets at 28 degrees: Mercury 28 Sag in retro, Mars at 28 Libra, Saturn at 28 Sag. Then, we remember, that Trump, Netanyahu, and Israel all have their Mars at 26-28 degrees. 

Applying the event on Israel's natal chart, ( I use Scorpio rising); the Ascendant of the event was right on Israel's' Moon ( the people). There are so many disturbing positions... see for yourselves. 
Mars on the ascendant. in opposition Uranus. Transit Jupiter on the South Node, suggesting exaggeration of the events,; the Vertex ( is this REALLY what you dream of?) at 13 Sag- trines natal Pluto. transit North node is conjunct Saturn going towards Pluto, transit Neptune 150 to Pluto, the Point of danger on the Sun. 

So, bottom line, if we were in Switzerland, maybe, maybe, this event will end in nice roundtable talks. But we are in the Middle East. 

My mother told me once a story. During her childhood she visited many times her aunts, who lived on a farm. They had chicken and cows and dogs and cats. One day, many little chicks were born. She took one in her small hands, happy to caress it, and hold it, and kiss it, but she hold it so strong, that she suffocated the little thing. This was quite a trauma for her, I can tell you..  
Today we remember that 76 years ago, on DEC.7, 1941, PEARL HARBOR. 

The Bitcoin: reached 14159 in investing,com, and 14293 in CryptoCompare.- just keeping score..
The S&P:  fell to 2620, there it turned and now it trades at 2633.50.
The Nifty turned, as advised to subscribers yesterday. 

So let's see what's new in the sky, today, that drove out the rain and the Sun is again shining over here? Yesterday the temperature dropped to 17 degrees! Maybe God wants to cool us down ... LOL.. 
In fact, the Moon moved out from Cancer, and it is now in Leo, a fire sign, so the rain is over, for a week at least, when the Moon will arrive to Scorpio. Well, at least, till the 10th, then Mars enters Scorpio, which might bring the rainy season.
The 10th is an important day in many levels.. 



December 6, 2017 Wednesday
So finally the Moon in Cancer squeezed out of the sky a few drops of rain. At 8 o'clock in the morning we have 21 Celsius. Will be a nice day again... 
Today is a turning day for the Dow, Dax future, Nasdaq ,Nyse and Gold. 

I see during the night the BITcoin reached new highs, here is my target till mid Dec: 

Surely, don't forget to use tight stops. 
Future trading will start on the 10th in Chicago. As my friend Justine analised it, these trades will be toast... the futures. 
On this day in history: Columbus lands on the island of Santo Domingo, in search for Gold. 
In 1865 the 13th Amendment is ratified,  abolishing slavery. It happened under a rare planetary position: 

In 1917 Czar Nicholas is imprisoned with his family in Tobolsk. 
1921, the Irish Free state is formed. 
1922: Mussolini threatens Italian newspapers with censorship, for false info... 
1967: Adrian Kantrowitz performs first human heart transplant in the US.
Meanwhile I sent some alerts for Europe, etc.. The sky is grey and it's cold...well, for us here. 
BTC rallied by 8% during Tokyo trading hours. 

Going to the gym.. take care. 


December 5, 2017 Tuesday. 

It is a day ruled by Mars. It is at 27 Libra, sextiling the August eclipse degree. We went short yesterday in most of the Asian shares. If you have the app, you know. 
The Moon entered Cancer, and it was supposed to bring rain, so far it didn't. 
Pluto is 150^ to the NNode today, that's a powerful aspect, otherwise no changes in the sky. 

Turning day for IBEX, WIG20, ETH. 
I haven't heard much about the Catalonia issue, since Oct 27th, when they declared independence, the leaders fled to Brussels, some went back to Spain, jailed, and some are still in jail. Since then, silence.. 
Here is the Spanish index: technically in a fall since 2008, never rallied, like most of the world since then. I guess Catalonia is not their only problem. 

WIG20 (Poland) weekly: difficultly to run above 2600! 

ETH: Daily chart: 
LET'S check what is happening in the grain fields, now that Mercury turned retr?
WHEAT: Topped on July 20, 2012, under Ceres conjunct Jupiter and Mars 120-Jupiter, at 948. Since then it is falling. Bottomed at 381, in August 26th, 2016.  Now it is a long above 400- targeting 464. 
Subscribe to the yearly forecast, to see what will 2018 bring! 


SOYA: Fell  for  1175 days since Aug 31,2012. now at 998- First target 1060. Then, we shall see.

cryptos: are rallying.. my next BTC target is 12835$
Let's see.. 

December 4, 2017 Monday

We are under the Moon and Saturn effect today. The Moon is at 20 Gemini, will be in opposition Saturn later today. Also in opposition Mercury and the Galactic Center. 
As my friend, Arch Crawford pointed out on FB, a Stationary Mercury and Supermoon means a top and correction. The Dow reached, during Sydney hours the 24300- as forecasted last week. The S&P topped so far at 2662. All my targets given in the weekly report were reached! Now what? Raise stops... that's the first thing. 
Will send alerts.

So let's look at the Oct 12, 2007 top in the S&P: There is a Grand trine between Mercury-Mars- North Node. Also, the NN was in opposition Venus/Saturn conjunction in Virgo. I added some Uranian planets as well, Kronos conjunct Mars. 
In the Heliocentric chart, on this day Saturn entered Virgo. 

None of the above aspects are there today, or in December. So we will have to stick with what we have now: Mars-Uranus opposition, Stationary Mercury, and Jupiter-Neptune trine.I sent all the alerts for Asia and far East, good trading! 

About the cryptos: Interesting article! 

BTC: Topped at 11800//// LTC: 107/// ETH :480. 


December 3, 2017 Sunday

We open the week with interesting planetary positions. The Sun is in Sag, squaring Neptune, Jupiter in Scorpio, trining Neptune. I looked it up yesterday, for my weekly forecasts, this aspect happened only in 

4.12.2000  0:00 (GMT+10) - 16.12.2000  0:00 (GMT+10)
31.03.2001  0:00 (GMT+10) - 11.04.2001  0:00 (GMT+10)
24.11.2004  0:00 (GMT+10) -  7.12.2004  0:00 (GMT+10)
 8.03.2005  0:00 (GMT+10) - 21.03.2005  0:00 (GMT+10)
14.08.2005  0:00 (GMT+10) - 23.08.2005  0:00 (GMT+10)
15.07.2013  0:00 (GMT+10) - 22.07.2013  0:00 (GMT+10)
29.11.2017  0:00 (GMT+10) -  8.12.2017  0:00 (GMT+10)
19.05.2018  0:00 (GMT+10) -  3.06.2018  0:00 (GMT+10)
12.08.2018  0:00 (GMT+10) - 26.08.2018  0:00 (GMT+10)
17.07.2026  0:00 (GMT+10) - 25.07.2026  0:00 (GMT+10)

If I was to look when did this exact aspect happen? Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, well, that occurred only on 11.11.1851. 

Then we still have the Mercury/Saturn conjunction on the Galactic Center, symbolising world events, fated events. If Mercury stands for journalism, among many other things, and Saturn for restriction/governement, see the news.... what is happening. Journalist in the US is suspended for reporting partly true news, so to say, which turn out exactly the opposite. Mercury also stands for young people, and manifestations, what we had here last night, against corruption. Mars in opposition Uranus is a powerful aspect, which pushes the markets higher. 
About the cryptos. Some countries ( Turkey, Indonesia)  are forbidding it, saying, it is against Islam, to trade it. They don't know how to block people, so they threaten them with religion. Some countries, ( Far East ) on the other side of the world embraced it, and today, even here in Israel you can buy anything with it. Important days to watch will be Dec. 18, when the future of BTC will start to trade on CME, Chicago; and on the 20th, Saturn enters Capricorn. So these 2-3 days will be critical and will show where are the cryptos heading. In my opinion, you cannot stop the sand flying in the wind, and noone can stop the cryptos. Unless they shot down the internet. 

So our starting points for the week are: 

S&P: 2643
DOW: 24231.60
DAX: 12861
AEX: 535.57
TA35: 1455.32
NIKKEI: 22813
NIFTY: 10121.80
GOLD: 1279
CRUDE OIL: 58.30
BTC: 11019
ETH: 463
Will send some alert now in the app. later to the gym and to the sea. Will be 30 degrees out there... It's crazy! 
Yes, I planned to go to the gym, what I did, but I did not get to the beach.. So many calls, and question, I could not get up from this chair. 
But' it's OK. 

This week we are reading the chapter called " Yayeshev" meaning, and he sits. Genesis 37:1- 40:23. The chapter tells the story of Joseph, how was he sold into captivity in Egypt, just to become a great king later. So what do we learn from this chapter? EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS has a HIGHER MEANING, and happens for the best!that we cannot grasp at the time of the event. it might take 20 or more years to understand why it happened. 
it is interesting, that we read this chapter while the Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius! Why? because it is the highest sign, sees further than anyone else, sees the big picture. It is also the sign of philosophy. 
The chapter tells us about envy among brothers, who fight for their father's love and attention. But Jacob loved Joseph most, son of Rachel,  of his 12 children. ( 12 tribes, 12 signs).
Which sign is envy? Taurus. where is it? at 150^ to Sag.! Earth - Fire.  Do not go together. 

The twelve tribes (clans) of Israel derive from the twelve sons of Jacob, aka "Israel." These sons/tribes were, in order of birth, Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph, and Benjamin. Levi became the priest tribe, not one of the twelve, while Joseph split into two tribes named after the sons of Joseph, Manasseh and Ephraim.

Jacob's first wife was Leah, and she was the mother of Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, and Zebulun; these are called the "Leah tribes." Leah's handmaiden, Zilpah, was the mother of Gad and Asher. Jacob's second wife, Rachel, was the mother of Joseph and Benjamin, while her handmaiden Bilhah was the mother of Dan and Naphtali. The mother of Joseph's sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, was Asenath, daughter of Potipherah, Egyptian priest of On, but they are considered "Rachel tribes" because of their grandmother.

here are many juicy stories in this chapter... of adultery, envy, grief, exile, births and deaths etc.. that would keep busy any soap opera producer nowadays. 

Behind the curtains.... : Why did Jacob love Joseph most? in Gematria Jacob adds up to 259. Joseph is called, " the youngest son" also adds up to 259. So they are alike. 

By the way, I searched the gematria calculation, and BITCOIN equals with JOSEPH AND HIS BROTHERS... 



December 1, 2017 Friday

we wave goodbye to November, never to come back again. Let us look back and see what did November 2017 bring? 
We had all those sex harrassment scandals come to the open. Many celebs' careers were thrown to the mud, after a lifetime of work, but the past caught up with them. Once investigator, become investigated. All these, due to Jupiter( law, justice- big time) in Scorpio (sex,  8th house of revenge and never letting go of the past); in aspect with Saturn, the regulator, Pluto the "destroy them all" and Neptune- (old secrets, skeletons in a cupboard.). 
The first scandal was that of Harvey Weinstein's, on Oct 5. Mercury was at 9 Libra. Mercury brings the news, in Libra, or Scales... Since then Mercury travelled till 27 Sag- the Galactic Center, and caught up with Saturn. On this 90 degrees trip, it triggered Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune... all of them.. But Mercury is a small and quick planet. The slow ones are still there, and these scandals will continue to gear up. 
Interesting to note, that on October 5th, Venus was conjunct Mars in Virgo.  ( Remember the book Women from Venus, Men from Mars? ) And both were in opposition Neptune, secrets.. Once Mercury passed them, they blew up. 

The other huge issue November brought, was the rally of the cryptos. But also a blackout, one day the trading companies just froze, and the BTC fell by 27%. I wrote on FB, this reminds me of a mother who drowns her own because she cannot take it any more. So this mother should be and will be under extra surveillance, and that Saturn in Capricorn will bring. Dec.20,17

On the political stage we had Putin, Erdogan, Nasrallah meeting in Sochi, now I read that MODI, from India !!!??? too lined up- and they "divided" Syria among them. This is probably bad news for the Kurds. Anyone heard about them? 
In the local level huge manifestations are organised for tomorrow against the corruption of the PM. There is a proverb in Hebrew: " A present, a gift hater will survive" . 
What else? Little KIm, as Trump calls him had a new missile launch. No answer to that yet. 

The markets soard. Hard aspects push the markets up. The Dow run up from 23160- to 24272 now, the S&P topped at 2655 so far,I gave target yesterday! scroll down.. In the weekly reports, last month. The Gold was 1270 on Nov 1- now is still there. 
here is a table with 1 month's performance 

So now we can look ahead, and try to figure out December. 
Time to sign up to the weekly/ yearly 2018 forecasts!! 


So, hello December! we wake to 23C*, later it will be 30.. No rain. No sign of rain. Why? 4 planets in Sag.; although Jupiter and Neptune are in water signs, but something has to trigger them..
I am running my computer now to see what are the aspects for December. 
Back later. 


We open the month with heliocentric Mars in Libra.  
Mars is fire element, Libra is air, and we get a lot of action! mars is energy, war, Libra is Love and partnerships, and we get a frustrated relationship period- till mid Feb. 2018. 
Mars is fight and Libra or Scales is what it stands for... so we will scale our limit of anger. 
Mars is operation, Libra is kidney, - watch out! drink more water if you don't want to have one. 

here are the monthly aspects: they will be analysed as we pass them. 


November 30, 2017 Thursday

I promised you a volatile day yesterday, didn't I? Well. we got it, big time. Some crypto platforms collapsed, like coinbase, coinmama, did not receive orders, and we saw a crash in no time, from 11420- to 9000! 21% in 3 hours... Now, if it falls below 10300- will form an M pattern, and retreat to 8400. Let's see... 
The S&P reached 2634, one of my targets in the last week's forecast. 

What is happening in the sky today? 


The Nifty: rose by 29.4% only in 2017... Topped at 10490. So it will be Ok, as per all technical rules and patterns, to correct now. The only issue is, that we are before the Christmas rally. So will there be one? or not? That is the question.. Talks about nukes are more and more dense... there is a negativity in the air. So, ex example, the Nifty, should stay above 10150, to do make that rally till the beginning of next year. Trade wise, we are short below 10400, as I alerted on the 27th. 
I am looking at the world indices, and I see, that most of them are forming an M pattern. 
Here is a table of the indices I follow, and that ran up mostly in 2017 
With Uranus in Aries, the leading rallying group so far is the "Technologies".

Note, there is unemployment announcement before market opens today. 
TA35: Topped at 1455 and made a reversal candle. it made a 4.17% rally in 14 days. Below 1448 it will be a short. 
On this day, in 1835, Mark Twain was born. One of his quotes that caught my eyes is:

"It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."
Read more at:

We all saw yesterday how Slobodan Praljak, former Bosnian general took poison and died in Haag, Holland. I read about his life. Born on Jan 2,nd, 1945, in Capljina, Bosnia,  he was a film and theatre director, author and businessman ( Moon,Pluto in Leo), before life turned on him, and the war in Yugoslavia broke out. The horrible things the Croats, did during that war brought him, and Ratko Mladik, to court. Probably the other side did also horrible things..One should read their history to understand what and why did that ethnical war broke out..( 1991-2001) ..He was sentenced to 20 years in prison, filed for appeal, and finally he drank poison in front of the cameras, saying, "Slobodan Praljak is not a war criminal and I reject your verdict". MInd you, he voluntarily surrendered in April 5, 2004.. 

Below is a Solar chart, and we see transit Saturn on Mars.  Mars ( life energy), Saturn blocks it. But what is more fantastic, is that his natal Neptune and Saturn are in square, at 6-7 degrees, Directed Moon! at 7 degrees, in Scorpio ( poison ) and transit Sun at 7 Sag! A big show... taking poison, on front of the world's eyes. If no one knew him - well in the west world- till now, Now he will be remembered. 

Being born in Romania, Yugoslavia, in my time there, in the 80's, it was a "closed" country, we didn't really know what is happening there. However, they could travel abroad, while we could not. Albania was the darkest place, the most strict. But in Tito's time there were no problems between the different nationalities, since communism did not recognise religion, so there were no problems. Our God was Ceausescu, theirs, Tito. 

Yugoslavia's war: 31 March 1991- Nov 12, 2001. Started with a difficult Neptune-Uranus conjunction in Capricorn. Also I added all the midpoints that were in the sky at that time. Pluto at critical 19 degree, in Scorpio, etc.. It took 10 years till Pluto aspected natal Venus, to end the war after 140000 dead and a lot of destroyed lives. 

Yesterday, my time, 9:45 the S&P hit all time high at 2635. We should remember the planetary positions for that top! Price wise it hit Uranus line, under a Mercury-Saturn-Galactic Center conjunction. See all the other aspects at the right column. 

While the S&P is correcting, the Dow is still rallying. target there was not yet reached. 
last alert here was to raise stop to 23550. Now at 23940. 
The Nasdaq future topped at 6420; last alert sent for it was on Nov 13th, stop at 6311. Well, if you listened, you gained 100 points. 
It is very sad for me, to receive messages from people who are losing in spite of my alerts. I don't know what more can I do, just to alert you and send these stops and targets. I  cannot guard you from yourselves! 

S&P 2:00 pm Double topped at 2634- this time... it is the second time it cannot go above 2635!. If it'll fail for the third time, we are heading towards shorts. 
Bitcoin: corrects the last rally: if we will have a similar scenario, like on Nov 8th, it will go to 7300. I think 4-5th of December will be OK to re enter the BTC. Till then, let the wave pass. 
meanwhile the S&P is trying for the third time the ceiling of 2634... it is 4:11 pm. Market is about to open. 

Just wrote in my FB page:
Be careful with longs. Major shifts are coming! We have a planetary conjunction of Mercury-Saturn-Galactic Center. the full Moon is close.
In the heliocentric sky mars enters Libra on Dec 1st, and other planetary moves bring a shift of energies.
Keep tight stops! 

4:36 pm : S&P is on its way to 2656!! Move stop to 2634. 

And now it seems that we can wave goodbye to Rex Tillerson 


November 29, 2017 Wednesday 

I wake up to see, that the Bitcoin passed through 10000! The S&P also broke out and now is at a new high, 2627... price and time ... Price reached Mercury-Saturn conjunction. 

Now I would be very careful! Tighten stops!! 

Today is a double Mercury day! A lot of volatility! Mercury is slowing down before turning retro. 
Will send now alerts for Europe in the app. 
back from the gym.. I go daily. it's fantastic! 

I see BTC is at 10700..Sign up now for the 2018 forecast!! how high will it go???  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A pear a day keeps the fear ( of diabetes, high blood pressure) away !! 

Came back from the gym. The computer is calculating since yesterday Amazon chart and forecast. Just curious to see what is behind the rally? 
Will post it as soon as it'll finish. These calculations can take days, and then I can get a message, that there isn't enough memory, and closes down. Very frustrating! I upgraded my computer last year, just for the TS. 

For the 2018 forecast you are welcome to sign up.


November 28, 2017 Tuesday

It's nice outside and will be warm. The Moon is in Pisces and conjunct Chiron. Mercury is conjunct Saturn, and the Galactic Center, in Sag. Everything that happens now is crucial, fated, and will last for a long time.  
Searching who has planets at 27 Sag. I found first of all Uri Geller. His Sun is at 27^.
Israels' Jupiter is at 27^.Sag. Putin's , Merkel's' , Jonathan Pollard' s, Mars, Martin Schultz'Sun, Kim Yong Un's Jupiter, Hamas' Uranus. 

Now, there is an interesting opposition, that will be worth while following, Pluto is in opposition asteroid Utopia. Isn't that cool?  I mean, this crypto rally happens under this opposition... ???!!! 

For my Swiss readers: 
failing to run above 9545- will be a short! 

DAX: Weekly chart: Stop 12900. 

There is an ETF BGTC- for Bitcoin on Yahoo: 


November 27, 2017 Monday

Listen to this! 

I just sent alerts for the far east and Asia. The hot stuff is still the Bitcoin. Now it trades at 9700. In the video that I added, Bill talks about the Uranian planet, Apollon. When the Bitcoin was "born" it was at 26Libra56, at the Jupiter/Vulcanus midpoint. Then he mentions Admatos aspects and Jupiter-Apollon aspects. So now, I will run TS again, with the Uranian planets, see what can I find?! 
Since these cryptos have no past, it is extremely difficult to analyze them. math works well, and that is what I use in the alerts, but I need to back it with astrology. Find the reason behind them. Surely, Uranus- new discoveries- computer science- has to do with it, but what else? 
Ok. at 11:00 am my time +gmt+2 the cryptos topped and fell. Although only in the 5 min. charts, but still... The Moon just lined up with Neptune, and sent a disharmonic aspect to the NN. 


November 26, 2017 Sunday

The weekly forecasts are out. If you want to see what is coming, it's time to sign up! either to the weekly forecast, or to the 2018, yearly forecast.. 

During the weekend the BITCOIN again made highs. Ethereum also broke out, and not it trades at 452. 

It is a day ruled by the Sun and the Moon. Only we, and the Middle East trades today. 
As you see, the Moon is about to move into Pisces. This week's important positions are Mercury conjunct Saturn, Mars will square them, and be in opposition Uranus. 
These positions, and more, will define the weekly trade and world events. 

The Litecoin is something that is still affordable, from the list of the 1200 !! cryptocurrencies. This list is growing, like mushrooms after rain. Which will survive? I am waiting for Saturn to enter Capricorn, ( Dec 12) then, many will vanish. I think... But, what do I know? Many astrologers on Fb wrote, that Black Friday will make these cryptos fall, it happened exactly the opposite. It is a new baby, no one knows what will happen. But, meanwhile, technically they are tradable. Just make sure if you trade it, that you can withdraw money anytime. 
So here is the graph of the LTC: At 82, it should be a buy. 
regarding cryptos, I am not advising anything! Just keeping score. 
Someone from Pakistan messaged yesterday, that all social media, FB, Twitter, instagram, were closed by the government, which of course brought the people to the streets, riots broke out. Just imagine... Since They have a very similar chart to India, I expect the same will happen there. 

TA35: Bottomed at 1397.65, on Nov 15th, since then it is rising. First resistance will be at 1438, technically, or 1431-1439 astrologically. 

WIG20: for my readers from Poland: The index triple topped, it is a short below 2566, heading to 2450. falling from there, it will be a banji. 
A Christmas rally is still ahead! So running above 2565- can push it to higher levels! 2725-2823. 

The Dollar: Since everybody is buying cryptos, by the way, I read, that the largest sum is owed by the FBI, the Dollar is a short now, below 98- targeting 86, and even 78. 


November 25, 2017 Saturday

As usual I write my weekly forecasts, listening to Mozart. 

Stay warm. 


November 24, 2017 Friday

The earthquake I was forecasting, did happen, in Japan, but a few hours later than expected, and was "only" 5.5... 
It happened in NAZE, Japan, their time 3:02 am, and transit Neptune triggered the MC, and ASC. Transit Moon was at 29 Cap, 150 to the North Node. No casualties, thanks God. 


In the news, the trial of Mladic Ratko, the Bosnian military commander during the Bosnian war. Born on March 12, 1943, now, the time is not sure. I asked Nikola Stojanovits, he should know.. Let's see if he answers. The time I have so far, puts his Ascendant on the worst fixed star, Algol... what explains his cruelty, but let's wait for Nikola's answer. 
Ok, got the answer from from Nikola. 

November 23, 2017 Thursday 

A few days ago, I wrote, that I am afraid, there will be an earthquake, a major one in Japan, and I hope I am wrong.. well, I was wrong, thanks God. 

Yesterday a historical meeting took place between Putinka, Rouhani and Erdugan. The event: celebrating Syria slice up. well, they did not say it with these words... But that is the issue. They said: We saved Syria from collapse. 

Here are the planetary positions for the event. I put it on 12 noon. The main planets here is Neptune. Neptune very strong, because it is stationary, before turning Direct. It will be interesting to see what will happen in Syria, when Neptune turns again, on June 20, 2018.

The host was Putin, so he is represented by Saturn and Uranus. They are in trine. Show him in a very powerful position, which we know so well, down here. The "guests" are Rouhani and Erdugan, represented by Venus. ( as per "the rulership book by Rex bills), Venus is in detriment, weak, in Scorpio. 2/0 for Putin. The "known enemy" is the USA, which was not included in this meeting. 7th house, is the Sun, at 0 sag. I believe we will hear Trump, or see tweets, when the Sun trines Uranus.... 

What does anyone else think ? 

So yesterday the S&P hit 2600, and found a concrete resistance there. Today no trade, I think, due to Thanksgiving, and they'll be back Friday. Happy holiday !! if you celebrate it! 

Meanwhile, from all my list that I follow, Hungary is the first runner up! Next it is the BITCash 

Next, it is the NIkkei, they also have Bank holiday today, it topped at 22937 so far. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Bad news today for our leading share, TEVA; more than 1700 local workers will be fired. 

November 22, 2017 Wednesday 

Sun in Sagittarius. Half human, half beast. Is the tallest of all signs, therefore he sees further , sees the big picture, and misses the small details. Jupiter rules it, Mercury suffers here, it is in detriment. Good speaker, will always say the last word. You cannot defeat him in his language. Smart, quick, thinks he is always right, like a cat, always falls on his feet... Lucky. Untill.... luck runs out, because of all the small tiny things, that were not been taken care of. 

Since I write this blog for 8 years, you can search all the former articles, and see what else this month brings. 
oh, let me help you with this search : 2016; 2015 2014 ;    2013;   2012 ;  2011 2010;


So I promised you a good day yesterday, and we got it... Didn't we? S&P rallied but the target is still out there. So just rasie stops, and stay long. 
Today we are under the vibration of Neptune and Mercury... here is the sky today: Mercury will line up with Saturn, that will bring a slow down in yesterdays' positivity. In spite of this position, there are other energies that hold the markets up. 

Yesterday I was in the gym, and while walking, I saw a doco on Warren Buffett. It was said, that he has a phenomenal memory. A photographic memory. He passed courses of 6 months in 2 weeks, he remembers numbers, just by looking at the phone book. So the first thing I did, when I came home, I checked his chart. what can we learn of it?? 
And he has many planets that point to that. Our "built in camera" are our eyes. Look, how his optimistic, broad minded Sag. Moon sextiles Mercury, and squares the Virgo Sun! Virgos are very systematic, remember small details, analyse everything. Then he has the "merchant's" finger... Mercury is strong- conjunct Vesta. and more positive aspects made him what he is. 

On this day, in 2005, 12 years ago Angela Merkel assumed office. One Jupiter cycle... Interesting, no? She has major problems now, probably new elections will be held in Germany, since she cannot form a government. Why is one Jupiter, in 2005, pushing her to success, and now the same fails her? 
I think the answer is under Pluto, that conjuncted her Mars, her drive, and brought a major turn in her life. Now- outer wheel, transit Saturn, is blocking her. ( conjunct Mars). There are more aspects, but, I think here is the answer. She should postpone the new elections till Saturn moves on. The bummer is, that Saturn will oppose her stellium~ in Cancer~ as of Dec.12,2018, its effect already will be felt in February. 
CIT days for today: DAX,GOLD,LTC,AEX,BTC.
Here some people, from my data, with the Sun in Sag. : Beethoven, my favorite! Stalin, 18.12.1878, George the VI, Kirk Douglas 9.Dec 1916; Woody Allen, 1,Dec.1935; Jane Fonda, 21 Dec, 1937, Pearl harbour 7 Dec 1941, Lee Myung Bak S.Korea President; Robert Hand, famous astrologer, Ted Bundy 24.11.1946, Spielberg Dec.18, 46; Uri Geller dec 20,46 Haim Katz, our transportation minister Dec 21, 47; Stephen Bannon, Bernanke, Ram emanuel; James Comey, Brad Pitt,  Emanuel Macron, britney Spears, Lior Suchard, (magician). etc.. 

November 21, 2017 Tuesday.

Tuesday is a lucky day. Why? Because 
Only on this day it is written twice that " it was good ". 
And we are not arguing. 
The day is ruled by Mars. 
I open ZET, and even this tells me, it is a good day. 

Then a window pops up to remind me, who has birthdays? Goldie Hawn 1945, Voltaire 1694, and many more, who, I never heard of... 
It rains outside. 

I see during the night the Bitcoin culminated and fell from 8310 to 7790. Now it trades at 8094. 
The S&P reached 2582, as forecasted. Check out the new alert I just sent. 

SO let's see what is new today in the sky? The Moon is at 29.51 Sag, will soon move to Capricorn. The Sun is at 29 Scorpio, tomorrow will be in Sag. From water to fire. from sex-money and videotape to freedom, justice, fire, optimism.
SAGITTARIUS rules: law and justice, religion, churches, clergy, philosophy, foreign politics, tourism, long distance trips, dreams, aliens, arrows, high education, publishing, the third child, grandchildren, etc.
Health wise: apoplexy, dislocated bones, insomnia, liver, blood pressure, migraines, osteoporosis, overweight, sciatica, lower back. 

It will leave behind Venus and Jupiter, which "struggle" in this sign. Neptune is slowing down, and will soon turn direct. It will be direct till June 18th 2018. 
Today is a turning day for the : AORD, DAX FUTURE, HSI.

Shares in the news today: CYRN: 

November 20, 2017 Monday

We are under the effect of the Moon and Mercury today. The Moon is very busy today! it is conjunct Mercury, in Sag., 60^ Mars, leaving a square to Neptune, and trines the Nodes. A platform for earthquakes, I am afraid. But, I am not good enough to tell where. I see there was a 7 Richter - in New Caledonia.. That area is very shaky lately.. Did you pay attention?

Looking at the world map, with the last and future eclipses: The North Node is right on Caledonia. So, I assume, the Moon triggered all those points, and the nodes, which fell on New Caledonia, and produced the quake. 

So following this thought, and I am just thinking out loud, on Nov 23rd, major CIT day for itself, the Moon will be 150 to the N.Node, - a bad position, and the N,Node will be  exactly on Japan! 5:08 am Tokyo time! 

The chart of that time: Sun enters SAG! MAJOR CIT, North Node on Satan degree. Moon also, and 150 to NN. Also conjunct Pluto. 

In different parts of the world, we shall hear news too on this day! There always is a mirror effect! N.Node crosses through SYria, Lebanon,  Saudia, and Yemen, and the South Node "meets" Venus on the coast of Brazil. Also, Look! Uranus is sitting on Egypt now.. 

Regarding the USA, Uranus meets Pluto on Washington... So turbulent times.. 


I am sure you are not aware, that on this day, in 762, Bogu Khan of the Uyghurs, conquered Lo-Yang, capital of the Chinese empire? 
Also, on this day, 1272, Edward I proclaimed King of England.
In 1521: Arabs attribute shortage of water in Jerusalem to Jews making wine.. 
1616 Bishop Richelieu becomes French minister... 
Where are all those people today ? 
Another difficult area is Germany. First week of December!! ( Specially on 12/4) Any problems, new elections, revolution in Germany?? 
I usually delete the aspects, when I upload a chart. But this time, you have to see this! Germany inside 23 May 1949 Bonn 12:02- OUtside Dec. 4, 2017 

And Angela Merkel's chart. Most important planet is Neptune. See how transit Mars, and all the other planets attack it. 


There is a reader from Nahariya, Israel. She is here for the 803rd time. But she is silent, never a mail, wave, like or dislike.  Isn't that annoying? 
Does anyone know a better payment form than PayPal? Their fees are outrageous, and they are slow in transferring money too. 

Ok, now I'll work on the alerts. Be good. 

I recorded an exercise on Youtube, under GMAMA, on the Crude OIl 
Will be glad to receive your feedbacks. 


November 19, 2017 Sunday 

The New Moon - in Israel occurred in the 8th house of money. Our index is not even worth looking at! It's been falling since August 2015. I don't trade it... 

The Gold is consolidating between 1200- 1360. The big money went to cryptocurrencies. 

For the US- Washington, the New Moon fell in the 1st house. New beginnings.. Also, monetary changes.. 

The Oil rallied from 42 to 57... Hm.. will have to check what's next. 

On this day in history: 

1493: Christopher Columbus discovered Puerto Rico. 
1998: Monica Lewinsky scandal, the impeachment hearings of Bill Clinton starts. 
and many more.. 

Here is the graph of Egypt: remembering Sadat, who came to Israel 40 years ago, their index rallied by 161% since January 1st. 2016.

Abdel-Fattah  el-Sisi took office in 2014 June. The chart below is a solar chart, no time of birth. Sisi has 4 planets in Scorpio, and the New Moon triggered first of all his Sun, but the whole stellium too.  For sure we will have some news about him, and through him, about Egypt this month. And not only this month, but the whole year, since Jupiter will be in Scorpio, bringing some good news. The difficult and lasting aspect is transit Uranus, that is in opposition his natal Neptune and Progressed Pluto! Nothing will be the same after Uranus, moves on, in May 2018! 


In the left panel I have so many links! One of them is my YouTube channel, under GMAMA. I just recorded myself, explaining to a group of Timing Solution users, what tools, from the hundreds there are, I use. Link to the VIX exercise. 


  1. Gabbi,
    Good morning from Arizona
    i thought i write to you as you being a woman might understand more than me. you must have read lots of Political leaders or crooks have resigned from their posts while
    our oldman Trump who once mocked women went on to side with a biggest crook or woman abuser and human rights abusher Moore in Alabama !!!! can you believe that?? and i feel unless God or some Divine force interferes i suspect he might win too.
    May God Bless women and May God Bless USA
    thanks for writing and enlightening us on your blog. i also wanted to say neither i am a Democrat or Republican but may be realist who worried too much.


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