New Moon in Sagittarius, December 18-January 17, 2018

Between December 18-January 17, 2018 

Above are the aspects of the Lunar month. I would pay more attention to the blue ones. They are the conjunctions. 

And below are the ingresses 
I shall guide you in the labyrinth.. 

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Here are former articles written on a new Moon in Sag.

So I started to write about Saturn, and when was it in Capricorn, look back in history, to see what happened in the world, or what is more important how did it affect you ? 

But, let's see what does the New Moon in Sag. mean?

New Moon is always sign of a new start. Better wait till the Moon is visible, meaning, 15-30 degrees apart from the Sun to start something. Sagittarius is the highest in hierarchy, in the fire signs. As I wrote many times, Sag. is half man half beast sign. It is quick, sees far, doesn't care about the small details, its middle name is freedom. Never ask a person born in this sign where are you going? when will you return? The simple question makes them run further away. A Sag. person is optimistic, like a cat always falls on his feet. Has the last argument for every topic. They can lie, you will never notice it. They believe in their own lies, or ways to look at things. The ruler of Sag. is Jupiter, the "major benefactor". Jupiter brings exaggeration, prosperity, stretching the boundaries, actually it has no boundaries. Tears down obstacles. 
Opps.. we have a double bummer. One: Saturn enters is good for Saturn, because it returns to a sign it rules. But not so rosy for the other signs. Second: Jupiter is in Scorpio. Ruler of fire in water... what do we get? Volcanoes eruptions. Fire from the depth of the earth. 
In personal charts, we check in which house falls the Saturn ingress. There you can expect a restriction, or longing for the past, or stabilization of an issue.
Market wise, it is more complicated. We should check how did index x or y behave under these positions in the years I posted in the former article. 


January 18, 2018 Thursday 

two things happened during the night. We had the New Moon in Capricorn, sign to move on and close this article, and Venus enters Aquarius. I have a story about this event, so follow me to the next article. 

January 17, 2018 Wednesday

We did have that correction yesterday, after an opening with a gap-up. The gap is still not closed, in the S&P, here is the 30 min chart: 

Today is a turning day for the Nifty. From 7893- to 10742- Technically it is in the inclining channel, but it might correct. Subscribers have the stops

January 16, 2018 Tuesday

Today is a turning day for the S&P, AXJO, DOW, DAX futures, Nasdaq, Nyse, Gold futures and Corn. 
SO let's watch them.. I gave targets to all of them....
The planets are depressed, most of them in Capricorn. On the other hand, if, by planetary calculations, the index is above the planets in Capricorn, they form a strong support, How to make these calculations? my students know it. Be the next to signup to my Financial astrology course, and be much much ahead of the markets! 

example? Yesterday I gave you a share with targets. Look what I wrote! Now it is at 2000.- now at 2009 - wawa now at 2025... 
OK. must go - reached 2200! ~
SO I sold that share, and I bought NNDM- nano technologies- it is a share that trades on Nasdaq as well, I hope they'll not disappoint me. As per TS it should rocket. 
Locally: 30 min chart: 

Check out RedHill RDHL : I just bought it- good announcement. !
eth: targets on the graph

January 15,2018 Monday

Today we are under the energy of number 9, which is ruled by Mars. Mars is at 23 Scorpio, making 150^ angle to Uranus in Aries. 150 degrees are bad aspects in a personal reading, but for the markets, they are full of energy, especially if they are between these two planets. 
It is a turning day for Ibex, WIG20, Ethereum. 
There is a rallying share over here: Biomedics: Target 1673-1756-1841-1927-2000-2200

On this day in history: 1559 Elisabeth I is crowned.
1759 the British Museum opens.
Born on this day: Molier in 1622, Mihai Eminescu, Romanian composer in 1850. , Aristoteles Onassis in 1906; Nasser Egypt ruler, in 1918; Martin Luther King, in 1929, etc.

Moliere was a writer and actor. His interesting 51 years are described here. Read also his quotes!  he actually died while performing, on stage. 

Mihai Eminescu, Today, in 1850 Mihai Eminescu was born a romanian poet. He wrote many poems, here is one.

Mihai Eminescu
To the star

The radiance from that new-born star
Will take many thousands of years
To travel a path that comes so far
To finally reach our eyes.

Perhaps it died while on its way
Through infinite blue space,
Yet only now does its light stray
To shine upon your face.

Slowly climbing the dark skies
Is the dead star's icon:
Invisible when it did exist,
Today, we see an illusion.

And so it is when passion's fled
Lost in the depths of night,
The light of our love, now dead,
Still haunts us in its flight.
Solar chart. It is interesting for me to read about him now. During my childhood we had to learn his poems by heart. He was the national Poet of Romania. It is saddening to me, to read how he died. ( of syphilis and madness ) It was kept in secret in those times, there.


January 14, 2018 Sunday. 

I read somewhere, that 2018 will be a rather quiet year. Ok. I had to check this, of course. 
Here is the picture of all the planets going retrograde and Direct during the year: The red diagram is the total of all of them. 

Using another software we get the exact date, gmt 00:00
Ingresses of planets in Year 2018
System: Ecliptic Geocentric
Time Zone: +00:00:00

 2.01.2018   14:11:19 D     Uranus 24°34'13"Ari
 9.03.2018    4:44:56 R     Jupiter 23°13'22"Sco
23.03.2018    0:19:35 R     Mercury 16°54'28"Ari
15.04.2018    9:20:43 D     Mercury  4°46'39"Ari
18.04.2018    1:45:39 R     Saturn  9°08'56"Cap
22.04.2018   15:25:08 R     Pluto 21°17'14"Cap
18.06.2018   23:26:04 R     Neptune 16°29'33"Psc
26.06.2018   21:04:49 R     Mars  9°13'05"Aqr
10.07.2018   17:02:10 D     Jupiter 13°20'40"Sco
 7.08.2018   16:48:49 R     Uranus  2°33'39"Tau
27.08.2018   14:05:06 D     Mars 28°36'36"Cap
  6.09.2018   11:07:48 D     Saturn  2°32'32"Cap
  1.10.2018    2:02:52 D     Pluto 18°45'22"Cap
 5.10.2018   19:04:31 R     Venus 10°50'22"Sco
 16.11.2018   10:51:07 D     Venus 25°14'32"Lib
17.11.2018    1:32:59 R     Mercury 13°29'30"Sgr
25.11.2018    1:08:23 D     Neptune 13°41'38"Psc

With this list of events it is difficult to have a quiet year! 

Next: eclipses: Solar eclipses affect us 1 year + - , Lunar eclipses 6  months. 
People who have planets at 11 Leo/ Aquarius, Asc/Des, should be aware of the Lunar eclipse around January 31- for 6 months. 
People who have planets on 27 Aquarius/ Leo/ Ascendant/ descendant;  should watch it during the February eclipse. 
People who have planets at 20 Cancer/Scorpio, Asc/ Dsc, should pay attention around July- for a year! 
People who have planets at 4 Aquarius ( My Sun is there) should watch it as of July- for a year.. 
And the last one , at 18 Leo will hit on August 11th. 
So what should we be aware of? It is the same eclipse cycle that happened 19, 38.57 years ago. Of course, this is not so simple. There are other planets, in the eclipse time that have their impact.... For that you need a full reading! 

A quiet year?? 
Not this one! 


January 10, 2018 Thursday

With the Moon in Scorpio I read about the mudslide in South California. I see Oprah on the screen, nature makes no difference between common people and celebs. It must be devastating to be applauded one day, and sinking in mud the other. It is as if nature is turning against one, no? Isn't that a sign? Doesn't this just pulls one down from the clouds to reality? 
In our side a father of 6 was killed by terrorists, in an ambush. He was actually holed with 22 bullets a few meters from his home. He was 32 years old. 
Yesterday something weird happened to me. 
We have a person here called Alex Gilady who was accused of sexual harassment. SO surely, I had to look up his chart. He was born on Dec. 9, 1942. 

We see his stellium in Sag. Sun, Mercury and Venus . Sagittarius people can live in denial, they believe in their own lies, or how they see the world. Our former President, Moshe Katsav, has similar stellium, being born on the 5th of Dec. 1945. ( was 5 years in jail for rape and sexual harassment) But the punchline is not this. 
Later in the night I watched the Golden Globe awards and I see Kirk Douglas on stage! OMG! He is still alive? 101! But then, when I look up his date of birth, he was born too on Dec 9! Only in a different year 1916 ! Do you grasp that?? During the first WW~!!!!! Surely his chart will not look the same as Mr.Gilady's, but it's interesting. Well, I found it interesting. Probably you raise an eyebrow now... 

OK. let's look at the markets. 
TA35: Topped on Dec 7th at 1550.96- and since then correcting- fell to 1513.
DAX: Topped at 13525 ON nOV 7th and since then it cannot reach former top. - I am working now on the yearly forecast for it, so you can sign up to see how to trade it during the year! Cost $540. I'll have to raise my fees, since the Dollar is falling. 
Nikkei: Topped at 23952- made a historical high! 
Actually most of the indices that I follow are correcting. If you have my app- you know. 
Italy is rallying... SInce June 2016- but everything is relative... when I open the whole chart it looks weak. 

Monge Khan- Mongol ruler was born on Jan 11, 1209. 

When I read who was born on this day, I chose one of many. So my eyes fell on him. This is written about him on Wiki: " Möngke was born on January 11, 1209, as the eldest son of Genghis Khan's teenaged son Tolui and Sorghaghtani Beki. Teb Tengri Khokhcuu, the powerful shaman, saw in the stars a great future for the child and bestowed on him the name Möngke, "eternal" in the Mongolian language. His uncle Ögedei Khan's childless queen Angqui raised him at her orda (nomadic palace).[3] Ögedei instructed Persian scholar Idi-dan Muhammed to teach writing to Möngke." 
Isn't this incredible?? even in Mondolia! 800 years ago people consulted the stars. So let's see what did the shaman see in the sky for Mongke? 
He was born with the SUn in Capricorn, a sign that rises strongly, and reaches top jobs or positions during life. But the reason was, that Saturn! the ruler of Capricorn was exactly on the fortunate star of Sirius. 
Zet:" Sirius (9 Alpha Canis Majoris m -1.46)
the Dog Star, the Sun of the Sun, the central Sun of our Galaxy
Keywords: Ambition, pride, emotionality, fame, leadership, wealth, fires, drought, danger through impetuosity
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Jupiter/ Mars". 
He also was born with a very strong and proud Jupiter in Leo. He had a very strong Mercury also OOB, very clever. and I see also a Sun-Venus conjunction in Cap- something I just wrote about a few days ago!. 

During his reign Mongolia's borders were enlarged enormously! 


January 9, 2018 Tuesday

Last night the Knesset passed the Minimarkets law 58-57 vote. This law can forbid opening mini markets during Shabbat. The religious party wins this vote, with the backing of Netanyahu, who is afraid that his government will fall apart. Mainly in Tel Aviv there are some mini markets open that do not bother the religious population, who don't live in those areas anyway. So now, with this law, they can force ALL OVER the country to close all businesses during the weekend. *Restaurants, cinemas entertainment places excluded. 
Religious coercion is getting bigger and bigger in Israel. 

Today in the sky: we have Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunct in Capricorn. This is a rare event. Venus is not only conjunct, but cazimi, meaning very strong.
This is what ZET tells us about this position: 
* Conjunction Sun - Venus
(from 4.01.2018 21:00 until 13.01.2018 5:00; exact 9.01.2018 1:02)

You have a basic self-esteem that is plain to all who meet you. Your sense of discrimination and innate good taste means that you know good items from bad and are a connoisseur of all that is fine and beautiful. A love of authority figures (men in particular), plus an appreciation for authority and your elders in general, makes you welcome at any social scene."

You won't believe who has this conjunction in the natal chart ! 
Oprah the Winfrey! 
Surely I had to look  up her chart, after yesterday's speech... Yes, she is an Aquarius with a Sun-Venus conjunction in Aquarius. Yesterday, during that speech, we had Venus conjunct the SUn. Isn't that incredible? 

Searching my database, I found 806 other people with the same conjunction in different signs.
The only person I have with the Sun Ven in Aqua- like Oprah, is Abdullah, King of Jordan II.; and a family member, I'll let him know now, that he too can run for presidency. 
Joe Biden has them conjunct in Scorpio. 
Reuben Rivlin, our President, has them in Virgo. 
The crash in 1987 also occurred under this conjunction! Hmmm this is interesting 
And Brigitte Macron, remember her? she has them in Aries. in the 8th house, at 22 degrees
Here are some dates, when the Sun-venus conjunction occurred in Aquarius: 

To return to Oprah's chart, her 7th house of adversaries, open enemies, or partners, opens at 29 Gemini. her Venus, the ruler of her career is in disharmonic aspect with Trump's Mercury. How odd this can get? Her Mars squares his' . But they share a Sag. Moon- so both are good speakers. But, her Jupiter, ruler of Asc. is in detriment, weak by sign, and house, and position ( is retro). 
There is another intriguing aspect. In may 2018 Uranus, as it enters Taurus, it
ll conjunct her asteroid "Karma". That is a very tricky time! let's see what happens. 
I have a possibility to see the yearly chart by houses, so here it is: I'm afraid, my mid 2018 multiple problems will pop up. As much as I want the best for her, not only because we share the same sign, but because "chapeau" to her.. for all her accomplishments in spite of all, in spite of the dreadful start in life! I doubt very much she'll be running or winning the next presidency.  


Today we remember Richard Nixon. Born on this day, in 1913. I don't understand, why shows different astrocartography lines for him on Vietnam, than Solar fire ! I asked around on FB. let's see if someone will answer. 


As the day passes we hear more and more interesting news! Now I read, the Troy Gowdy , former attorney, politician and former prosecutor serving as the U.S. Representative for South Carolina's 4th congressional district since 2011. He is a member of the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party.[1] His district includes much of the Upstate region of South Carolina, including Greenville and Spartanburg.

Before his election to Congress, Gowdy was the solicitor (district attorney) for the state's Seventh Judicial Circuit, comprising Spartanburg and CherokeeCounties. From 1994 to 2000, he was a federal prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney for the District of South Carolina. From 2014 to 2016, Gowdy chaired the United States House Select Committee on Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi.[2][3] Gowdy pressed for the prosecution of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.[4] Since 2017 and the resignation of Jason Chaffetz he chairs of the House Oversight Committee.
During Obama he was never given clearance. but now, Trump gave him the highest level, so he can do his job, and investigate Benghazi and many other issues.  
So here is his chart. I put the asc. in Sag. after some rectification, no hour published. 
He has a very powerful chart. First of all his date adds up to 5, same as Trump's. Then, his Sun on Regulus, fixed star, same as Trump's Ascendant. Even if one is not an astrologer, I wrote about Regulus so much that you have to remember this by now. Regulus, as its name, is a Royal star. at the end of Leo. He has a Mercury- Uranus-Pluto stellium in the 9th house, and in Virgo. Oh boy! There is nothing you can hide from this guy! He's like House- the TV serial.. Knows before you spoken. Tranis Mars is on Karma! and Saturn crowns kings right? so watch tr. Saturn sextile natal Saturn! and Voila! he got nominated. Now he can sit in the Oval room, or anywhere he wishes. The dream of each Sherlock. 


January 8, 2018 Monday 

During the hurricane season last year, I worked a lot with "WIndy" , It is a great site.... if you want to know how is the weather, the winds, the waves, clouds all over the world. 
So, as you can see, now, at 8 am, we have 13C* and it'll get warmer. 
No terrible earthquakes to report about, so it seems all is good. 
OUr market traded yesterday, and we got a top and reversal, just as I wrote in my weekly forecast, last week. So we have a close now at 1536.92
Marske will start in 90 minutes, with the Moon in Libra, applying to the SUn, she is in the last phase, before the New Moon. There are no new aspects today that there were not there yesterday. 
The ruler of the day is the Moon. CIT for Nifty and Maaden. People under the vibration of the Moon are: Erdogan, the Queen, Prince William, Charles and Obama. 

Famous people born on this day: Stephen Hawking 1942, Elvis 1935, Kim Jong Un ( year not sure( 1983 or 84), David Bowie 1947, etc.. 
David Bowie: Born on Jan 8th died on Jan 10th... 69 years later. I find more and more proof, that people either die around their birthday, or at half birthday, meaning, 6 months before /after birthday. he died 2 day;s after his birthday, of Liver cancer. has a great list of people who died of the same disease. 

Since I have a Scorpio rising, I am always curious about death, and how can we see it in one's chart. we all know, that David Bowie was a genius, nothing new there. He also appeared in 28 films. Fantastic career! But what was the trigger for his death, so young? 
He died on his 69th birthday. the ruler of his 8th house of death is Mercury, and it is at 8Cap11. I read, that he was diagnosed with the illness 18 months before his death. That is October 17, 2014.
Here is the transit chart for that date. I added some points: the Part of Cancer, in the Natal chart is at 22.27 Sag. 22- the killing degree, and Jupiter, the ruler of Sag. rules the Liver. So he was born with a possibility that when this point will be triggered, will be fatal. 
He was diagnosed 18 months earlier his death, but he was sick much earlier! Look! it is again, Neptune, the silent killer, that triggers his Mercury(ruler of H8) and Saturn ruler of Asc. Neptune triggered his Saturn already in January 2014- if I take only 3-4 degrees orb! 

In January 2014, transit Saturn, FATHER TIME-  was on natal Jupiter. And since then, the clock was ticking. 
To these we can add transit Uranus squaring his Sun in January 2014, transit Pluto on Mars and Sun, in the 12th. transit Mars square his Moon from Scorpio- fatal blow!. then Jupiter and the North node in the 8th, and a bad Venus conjunct Saturn on his SOuth Node. 

May he rest in peace! 
Everybody is talking about Michael Wolff. Well, I don't have his hour of birth and I am not going into speculations. Here is the Solar chart., with the Sun on the Ascendant. 3 Capricorn 51. His Sun is under the Mercurial effect- and Mercury is writings, book, publications, correspondence. So he fulfilled his destiny, by becoming a reporter and writer. ( Published 8 books, the last was on Rupert Murdoch: "The man who owns the news
However his earlier book, published in 1998: was criticized that he changed facts." In the fall of 1998, Wolff published a book, Burn Rate, which recounted the details of the financing, positioning, personalities, and ultimate breakdown of Wolff's start-up Internet company, Wolff New Media. The book became a bestseller. In its review of Wolff's book Burn Rate, Brill's Content criticized Wolff for "apparent factual errors" and said that 13 people, including subjects he mentioned, complained that Wolff had "invented or changed quotes".[13]"
But, this Mercury is conjunct a very destructive Pluto! in Leo. Leo wants fame, and Pluto pushes for scandals. Isn't that fitting as well? 

I ran my search and I found the following people with the same aspect: Ringo Starr, G.W Bush, Sylvester Stallone, Bill Clinton, Robin Williams, Patrick Swayze, Jimmy Connors, etc. 
Not all of them published books... SO there must be something else in his chart. 
And we find a weak Jupiter- in Gemini, at 22 - the killer degree. Now, with the Solar chart, Jupiter is conjunct his Sun-Moon MP, and transit Saturn! is on his cancer point. I hope we will not read in 18 months about him. 
I did not find anything on family. Is he single? 

January 7, 2018 Sunday 

We wake up to 19 C*, It'll be nice and warm today, till Tuesday it'll be more and more warm. 
The Dollar fell, to 3.44 Shekel. About two months ago the Bank of Israel said that they will not let it fall below 3.5. Well,,, something happened, because it did. And it'll not stop here. Should we go short on it? Not really, because in a day or two, they will interfere after all. I used to trade forex, Dollar Yen, but since the governments interfere all the time, I dropped it. 
This is our sky today: 

and more or less for the week. The Moon will move, but the other planets not much. 
As you see, we have a Mercury-Uranus trine today besides the conjunctions :Mars-Jupiter and SUn-Venus-Pluto.  They are almost at the same degree. This is important and all my calculations are based on these positions. 
In the right, in green, we see Mercury conjunct by declination Saturn. This happened before in Feb 7. 2017; Dec 25, 16; Nov 12, 2016 ; so check your index what happened then. 
Our index, TA35 is rallying since Dec 7th, from 1440 - to 1535 now. 
The cryptos rallied during the week end. First runner up is tHE BITCASH 
The stop here is 2300- but will it stay in the channel and rally higher? That you can see in the forecast.. 


So we have nowadays all kinds of applications, to contact people. Whatsapp, messenger etc.. 
You won't believe what happened to me today! 
I went down to the gym, for pilates lesson. As always, it was great! I came back, showered, and remembered, that I must go to the bank, which is 50 meters from me. So I went out again. When I slammed the door, I wanted to close it with the key, but the key would not go into the lock. So, I think, OK. i'll be back in no time, and then it'll be OK. Only that it wasn't. I had to order a lock- expert, you know, a "burglar" to open it. With a piece of plastic he opened the door.. I was shocked! how easy it is. Then he said, someone put something in the lock from outside, to be able to break in later.. So I changed the whole system. 
Then, I wrote so some friends, what happened to me.. 
So you write, and you see noone read it. Oh!! there is one, she read it.. Now I wait for a reaction. But none comes.. What is better"? Not to read it, and you see that.. maybe she's busy, no battery. ok.. We cane take that.. But to read, and not to answer? OUCH! alL kinds of thoughts run cross my mind. NO, she doesn't care,  no, she doesn't know what to say, she's busy ... SHE'LL ANSWER LATER. Several hours pass and nothing. 
Better listen to music. 

I did receive that call late in the night. :) All OK, after all. 


January 6, 2018 Saturday.

Writing the forecasts.. If you would like to know how to trade next week. month. year, time to sign up.
Link to PayPal at the left panel, or send me a mail, to and I'll send you a payment form. 
TA35 , S&P , Nifty reports are ready ! 


January 5, 2017 Friday

The storm arrived to our places as well. The temperature is now 16C*, but the sky is grey, and it's raining. 
They said it'll rain till tomorrow. 
Let's see the sky: The moon in VOC, at 29 Leo. It is strange to have a storm like this with the Moon in Leo, but then, the answer comes from the Ascendant! It is in Pisces.- with Neptune on the Ascendant, so voila, we got the rain, or the heavy storm. The Kinereth rose by 2 cm. We have heavy snow in the Hermon mountain, so  they closed the ski platform. When this snow will melt, next week Tuesday it'll be very hot, all this water will arrive to the Kinnereth, and it'll rise more. 
If you see too many objects on the chart, it is because I added the asteroids that show happiness. We are happy for the rain, of course. 
So why do they say it'll be hot next Tuesday? The Moon will be in LIbra. applying with a square to the Sun and Venus. Libra is " cool, windy - dry- " so I don't know the reason... I'll have to read more in the book of McCormic, a good friend sent me... 
The problem with books written not in the Middle East is, that our weather is : rain during Nov-Feb- and no rain all the rest... 
This year we had draught, till yesterday.. 

January 4, 2017 Thursday 

Extreme cold in the USA, and here 18 C*. They say it'll rain today. 
Why is this happening? The planets hold the answer. Saturn just joined Pluto, Sun and Venus in Capricorn, which is brings extreme cold and wet climate. Saturn and Pluto will stay in Capricorn for 2.5 years- together, then Saturn will move on. 
The only hot place today is the market. There no matter what, the indices are rallying. I think it is the longest rally ever in history. 

Now I'll work on the alerts. 
It is a turning day for the DAX,GOLD,LTC,AEX,SOYA today. 
All alerts sent! 

Today we remember Sir Isaac Newton- Starkman rectified his time of birth , as we see, 5 Scorpio. But since I read that he missed his US election foracast and gave Hillary a win win - I doubt his time.. Others marked: " 

Source Notes

Arthur Blackwell quotes F. Manuel, "A Portrait of Isaac Newton," 1968, "born an hour or two after midnight." (December 25, 1642 OS)

(Ebertin gave "between 1:00 and 2:00 AM." Astrology Journal 3/1962 gives 1:00 AM. Blackwell rectified to 1:38:00 GMT.)

(Data Plus UK April 1998 quotes biographer Michael White, "Isaac Newton: The Last Sorceror," 4th Estate Publications,1997, which states that the birth took place "sometime soon after 2am" (on Jan 4, 1643 NS in Woolsthorpe, near Market Overton, Lincolnshire, England.)

Starkman rectifie it to 2.32.32 LMT"

Using 1 hour after midnight, would change his Asc. to 17 Libra. With 2.32 we get a 5 Scorpio. 
his quotes:
" If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people" 

Isn't this up to date?? LOL .
He also said: " The time times & half time do not end before 2060. .... It may end later, but I see no reason for its ending sooner. This I mention not to assert when the time of the end shall be, but to put a stop to the rash conjectures of fancifull men who are frequently predicting the time of the end, & by doing so bring the sacred prophesies into discredit as often as their predictions fail."
And this is very important, because this was used by GAnn in his forecasts. As we can see, all came from the Bible. 
I find it extremely rare, to reach the age of 84 in those times! But he did. 
He knew so much, and left behind for us to study. 

January 3, 2017 Wednesday

We wake to 19 C* today, the rain is gone, and it is again nice outside. 
Today we are under the influence of Mercury and Venus. Mercury is still in the "shadow" phase, but Venus's position is interesting! It is conjunct the Sun, actually it was already yesterday, and this indeed gave a push to the markets. 
A friend wrote about 2018, and I thought to share it with you. 
He is a Numerologist, and he wrote that the number adds up to 11/2. and how it'll be an important year, not only for the USA, but for the whole world. 
I can add here the followings: 
11 is a MASTER NUMBER. It is difficult to stand up and flow on this wave, or to be a Master! So usually, people chose the easy way out, and behave as a 2, which is the number of the Moon, therefore very vulnerable. 
The other face of 11 is that it can be written also as II, ( Roman number) and in this way, we get a parallel. The lines in the parallel never meet! So this symbolizes ruptures, divorces, split ups, each going on its way, separation. 
So my advice is, try to lift yourselves above the everyday- grey issues, and be a Master, to avoid ending up alone. I can assure you, that next year, 2019- which will be a 3, will bring its fruits! 
Astrologically Venus will be in an inferior conjunction with the Sun till the 10th. Until that day it'll also conjunct Pluto! But after that Venus will turn an Evening star, meaning, it'll rise after the Sun. Here is a very good explanation. 
What does this mean for trade? you ask... Well, again, each chart with it's own energies. The big picture is, that an Evening star is weaker or softer than a Morning star, therefore whatever Venus represents in your chart will be on the defensive side.
Here are the graphs: Venus Longitude - shows the retro between 10/5-11/16/18
Latitude for 2018 
Speaking about separations... someone very special for me passed away this morning... . Born on 28 Dec, 1938- she was under Solar return, 79 years old, and Neptune, the silent killer caught up with her. Interesting, that her Jupiter is at 29 Aquarius- reflecting her age, and she got hit by Uranus- Liver  (Jupiter)  Cancer ( Uranus). Too late to do anything. 
May she rest in peace
January 2, 2017 Tuesday

With the Moon in Cancer, we did get the rain. What a rain!  In the sky we can see that besides the Moon being in Cancer, we have a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio and of course, Neptune in Pisces. They form a water trine. 
Then , we have Saturn, Venus, the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, they bring extreme cold. 
Mercury is applying with a trine to Uranus, These two point to the uprising in Iran. This manifestation, which is spreading all over the country ( Sag- no borders, expansion) is turning now political, against the government, as I wrote yesterday. 

Looking at the chart of Khamenei, he is 78 years old, and I give him max 0.5-1 years in the ruling chair. Numerologically, as well as astrologically, when transit Uranus, which is now at 24 Aries, will enter Taurus, in May 2018, will bring to his fall. Meanwhile, we can see in his chart he has a stellium in Cancer. (in green) this stellium has been disturbed by Pluto, from Capricorn- in opposition, which is backed by the South Node and Saturn in conjunction - in the Directed chart. 

In the markets, we see the Hang Seng rallies.- Now at 30465! Fabulous! Yesterday I gave stop 29885, so this delivered... We are seeing here a new top. The highest high was in 2007- 32012- it is heading towards it. 
The other index that is rising is the BOVESPA! So keep an eye on that too. 
Actually, almost all my list is green.
The first loser is Italy, it is falling by 1.21%- but it's OK- we are short here, if you follow the application. the DOW, DAX,IBEX,NASDAQ, TASI, CAC, SMI, NIKKEI WIG, QATAR, ATX , AEX, are all correcting. 
The thing is, that there are certain support levels. Once the index falls below it, it'll be difficult to rise above, and also, don't forget, the volume is low, till the 5th. 
The question is, will a high volume after it push the markets higher, or lower? 
That you can find out in the weekly reports. 
All the cryptos are correcting too, 
BTC: 12600 is the midpoint, so it should stay above it. See alerts in the app! 

ETH:  Ready for a new up leg. 

Another small altcoin I am trading is LUMEN -XLM. - But you have to baby sit it... 
RIPPLE: after a 2 days' rally from 1.10-2.40, now it is resting. Should go above 2.1- 

On this day, in 1642, Mehmed the Hunter, the Turkish Sultan was born. I am amazed to read, that he followed to the throne his father, who was murdered, at the age of 6! He lived only 51 years, but during his reign, the Ottoman Empire expanded to all the green areas below. 

All his life he was in "holy wars"- and at the end he was overthrown by his soldiers, who had enough of the wars. 
He died of " old age"... hmmm. 

It is interesting to follow during the whole history, the Turkish threat. If once the Ottoman empire conquered neighbor countries, today they are already living in Europe. Here is a map showing : 

So how is Erdogan doing nowadays? I analysed many times his chart.. He has Pluto on the Ascendant. Directed Uranus will be conjunct in less than 3 years. He has a stellium in Pisces, which is triggered now by transit Neptune. Remember that Neptune dissolves things, events, everything. Ruler of 6th house, health, is Saturn, and this is under attack by transit Mars and Neptune. Transit Uranus is for a long time squaring his Uranus... Seems to me, that we will wave good bye to him in less than 2 years. 

I will write about the 2018 eclipses... Meanwhile here is a time table from Nasa: 
What we must remember, that the eclipses will take place in FIXED signs this year! 
1) Lunar eclipse on Jan 31- at 11 Leo
2) Partial Solar Eclipse at 28 Aqua- on Feb 15th- will be seen and felt in south America - 
3) Partial Solar eclipse at 20 Cancer- on July 13- will be felt in Australia
4) Lunar eclipse  at 4 Aquarius! on July 27th 0h! exactly on my Sun.!! 
5) Partial Solar eclipse at 18 Leo, on August 11th. - - felt in North east Europe, North West Asia, North America,.. 

4) same eclipse occurred on July 28, 1999. - it was one of my happiest summers. It is always good to look back... and remember what happened before. It'll not necessarily happen the same, but we have a clue at least. 
So what do these eclipses mean ? If you know tour chart, and you have planets around these degrees, you will be affected. Note, that a Solar eclipse lasts for a year, while the Lunar 3-6 months. 

January 1, 2018 Monday

18 in gematria is חי = Chai- life. When we attend a bar mitzvah or wedding, we use to give the multiples of 18 as a gift, so it would be 180, 360, 3600 etc. shekels. Now we entered the year 2000 and 18, so it is as if we are having 2000 times LIFE. Nice? 

It was pouring rain during the night and the Moon hasn't even reached Cancer. As I write now, it is at 29 Gemini. Probably it'll rain during the day. 
In the world we hear about the manifestations all over Iran, against the government. People have finally found their tongue to speak up, and their legs to take themselves to the streets. It is not a surprise when I look at Iran's chart! Pluto in action! 
The chart is for 3 pm; April 1, 1979.
The Ascendant is at 17 Leo. we remember, that the August eclipse was on 28.52 Leo, so the eclipse point falls in the first house. This point is now triggered with a trine, by transit Uranus~ revolution~, from the 9th house. This tells us, that there is a foreign intervention in what is happening in Iran. 
The government of the ayatollahs, os represented by Venus in Pisces, where it is exalted, showing the religious rulers. 

Transit Pluto squares natal Pluto, while Directed Saturn in right on natal Pluto. Pluto, rules the 4th house, the basics, the roots of a country, so yes, a deep shake is enfolding in front of our eyes. 
The people is represented by the Moon. In the natal chart it is at  6 Gemini, squares natal Venus! Shows a big discord between the people and the government. It is interesting, that the midpoint between them is at 17-18 Aries, and that point was also triggered by transit Uranus. Solar return Jupiter is right in opposition too. And SR Pluto squares that point. Solar return Saturn is in opposition teh Asc/MC midpoint.
So there is no way back, but forward. But, since Saturn represents the army, only this will join the people the goal will be achieved. 

let us hope they'll achieve what they are fighting for. 

December 31, 2017 Sunday

We are celebrating the last day if 2017. Another year is just about to leave, and we are looking into the future with optimism. What else can we do? Being pessimistic just makes it worse. We believe in ourselves, that we learned from the past' mistakes. We are wiser, if not older, by one year. We are closer to Spring, then in September.. 

"I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December
A magical thing
And sweet to remember.

'We are nearer to Spring
Than we were in September,'
I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December."
- Oliver Herford, I Heard a Bird Sing"

Inventions in December, read here 
December 31
1935 - A patent for the game Monopoly was received by Charles Darrow. Scrabble was also patented in December... I guess the cold kept people inside, and had to make up some games. 

Famous people born today: King Salman of Saudi,1935, one of my favorite British ( Welsh) actors: Anthony Hopkins (1937); Ben Kingsley, 1943 and John Denver too. 
We have 19 C* today, at 9:45 am... It'll be again a rather warm day, to the joy of all the tourists who will celebrate the New Year here. 
The chapter of the week is "Shemot=Names". 

Going to pilates, back later.. 
guess where was I the whole day? 
I went to the mall, and bought some beautiful dresses... LOL... Yesterday I was at a birthday celebration, and I was searching, what should I put on?? I found something... but I realised it has been some years since I bought myself some new rags ... So I did that today! I am happy. I also found year end sales, and things that I like. 


December 28, 2017 Thursday. 

Again Thursday. so quick! The week is over again. Well, for us, since we don't have trade on Fridays and Saturdays. Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. 

CIT day today for the CAC! 

We will have a Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on Jan 9th. I promised someone to check this aspect, how did it affect the trade? Pluto is in Capricorn since 2008- so they met 20 times, as you can see below: 

On this day, in 1612 Galileo discovered Neptune.

here is the chart that he himself drew: Probably he did not know, that his Sun squared Neptune! 
and, again, we have asteroid Aeternitas conjunct his Sun. Ruler of his chart are the Sun and Venus, which is exalted in Pisces, and Saturn- Uranus conjunct in Cancer, at the last degrees, show someone who is revolutionary, and has an exceptional mind. 

December 27, 2017 Wednesday

I asked those who hold my application, to mail me, which indices they trade and would like to receive alerts for? After the answers I got, as from now, the alerts will include S&P, Gold, Silver, Crude and Copper. 

if no one else will mail me, that will be from now on. 

Today we are under Mercury and Uranus effect. CIT day for KLSE, Nikkei, Nifty, BIG. 
klse: RAISE STOP TO 1764
Nikkei: Raise stop to 22900. 
Nifty: Stop is at 10480. 
Big: Stop at 56.15 
For those who trade Cryptos: here is a great site I found! Coingecko,com. 

Today Louis Pasteur was born in 1822. Look at the asteroid Aeternitas! again, on the Ascendant, showing that he will be remembered in History. He had 6 planets in Capricorn! Thorough researcher.


December 26, 2017 Tuesday 

We have 21 Celsius outside and it's only 8 am... It'll be a warm day. How nice! I don't think farmers share my joy. Seems, that the draught that we have this year will pump the fruits and vegetables prices to the sky next year. 
We have mars, Jupiter and Neptune in water signs, but nothing to trigger them! The Moon is in Aries. maybe on January 2nd , when the Moon will be in Cancer, and on the 20th, in Pisces. 

Do you remember this site? Windy? It is great to see the worlds' weather. 

But, the markets are happy with the Moon in Aries, it brings new action to the stage. 

Today we remember Mao Tse Tung and Stalin. They were born today, on different years, but there are similarities in their charts. 
Mao: was born with asteroid Aeternitas - will be remembered for ever- on his Sun. He also had the asteroid Lucifer on his Mars. and in the declinations, Venus conjunct the revolutioner Uranus. 

Source Notes: "

John Daniel in Constellations '77 gives "Between 7:00 and 9:00 AM," from a letter from Henry T. Loo given in AA 3/1951, according to a biography published in China. Ko Davis Hashiguchi writes (9/25/94) that Chinese horoscopes are cast for two-hour segments.

Ruth Dewey has Shaoshan, Honan, China, 113 E.30, 25 N.00, from AFA 12/1952, quoting a biog published by the Communist Party. She included the original quote, "He was born on the 19th day of the 11th month of the 19th year Kwagshu at the dragon hour. The year Kuei-szu (black serpent), the month Chuastzu (green rat), the day Tingyu (red cock), the chuschen (green dragon) between 7:00 to 9:00 AM. AFA suggests an ASC of 1 Capricorn 23.

Biography: Dr. Li Zhisui, Mao's personal physician from 1954 to 1976, "The Private Life of Chairman Mao," with the editorial assistance of Anne F. Thurston, Random House, 1995

Alexander Marr rectified to 7.55.42 LMT Asc 19Cap40'" ( the chart above).
I don't know Chinese astrology, so if anyone has the exact hour, I'll be glad to have it. 

Stalin: no exact birth time. He was born with the Sun, Moon? Mercury, Uranus and the Nodes at 4^. This is the degree of the fixed Cancer sign. 
Both were very cruel people. Of course, not everyone born with a Sun at 4 Cap. was a cruel person. Here is the list that History remembers. 

December 25, 2017 Monday 

Yesterday's' pouring rain is gone and forgotten. We did have the Moon in Pisces, so we got some rain. Today we wake to 19 Celsius, and getting warmer by the hour, and will be warm the whole week. 
I promised you a volcano eruption, and there was , in Bali.
Here is the Earthquake situation:

The chapter of this week, is Genesis 47, - from paragraph 27- In Hebrew it is called " Vayechi" meaning, and he lived. However, the chapter tells the story of Jacob and Joseph's death. How come? How is a chapter called and he lived, and tells about death? It is explained, that holy people live even after they die. 
There is a proverb:" A person lives as long as he is mentioned, and remembered" . 
In Gematria, of course, there is a reason for every word... VAYECHI  adds up to 34, and that are 17 years Jacob lived with Joseph after the reunion.17 years before that Joseph was sold by his brothers/ Together 34 years. 
It is written, that Joseph lived 110 years.
Jacob blesses the 12 tribes. and with that the Book of Genesis ends. 

It is interesting, that Jacob dies during this parasha, when the Sun is at maximum negative declination... Just a thought.. 
So what's new in the sky? Venus just moved to Capricorn, joining the Sun and Saturn there.

In financial astrology Venus means Forex, banks and money. Capricorn in restriction. Together, they might point to a short.. what do you think ? 

Pound to Dollar: 

GOld to the Dollar
Bitcoin to the Dollar

We all know that Pluto now is in Capricorn. On Jan. 8-9th there will be a rare aspect: The Sun, Venus and Pluto will be conjunct . 
here is a picture to make it more visible

It happened before on Dec 24-25, 2009 ~ Look at the upper row- the higher the line, more exact to conjunction. 
In 1763-1779
Pluto in Capricorn

Look what I have found~!!! Only in 1518-21, 500 years ago we had the same planetary positions as today: Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces. These four did not meet since then! 

Events in 1518:
In 1519 :
in 1520:
In 1521 :

Read about the Dancing Plague in 1518. 
As my friend peter Novak mentioned on FB, in 1518 the Protestant reformation started, by Martin Luther. 

December 24, 2017 Sunday 

Merry Christmas to all my readers who celebrate it! 

Wow.. what an evening I had yesterday! 14 people- (4 family members missing)  for dinner and chit-chat after my daughter and family return from the USA. ... It was great.. I cannot help it, but look at the sky- what happened yesterday, between 5 -9 pm? and how nice! the Moon was in Pisces, full of feelings and pouring love. 

I am now after pilates, and waiting for a friend for lunch.  Not much trading I guess. Not with the Moon conjunct Neptune. It's time to relax.. 

But I am preparing January... and you don't want to miss that !! So I let my computer work hard, let's see what will it come up with ? I can already tell you, that it'll not be boring. 


December 23, 2017 Saturday

I bumped into some articles and videos of Mark Taylor, the firefighter prophecies, about Donald Trump.It is very interesting. You might want to google it and listen/read, I am searching for his time of birth! So if anyone could help me with that, it'll be great. 

So I am updating the Cryptos a little after the shock: 
Use this site to compare how much higher or lower you are buying! 


bITCASH: fell by 60%- the key is at the red line- above it, will go higher. Below it. might fall back.


December 22, 2017 Friday

we have a historical planetary move today, that happened only in 1664, in the time of William Lilly, the legendary astrologer. 
The Sun conjunct Saturn, at 0 degrees Capricorn! 

See where they run in the world map: 
it is not a coincidence, that Trump signs today the TAX reform! Look, both the Sun and Saturn cross over the USA. Saturn is government, Sun is the President. 
At the time of the signature Sun and Saturn were in the 10th house of government. 
There are some small obstacles in the picture: Mercury is stationary, and the Moon conjunct the South Node... But, they are in the 12th, so let's hope it'll be all GOOD. 
Mars, ruler of the second house, of money, is at 8 degrees,( Scorpio degree), and in the 8th house of Scorpio-money, so that is also a very strong position. 
In the declination chart we can see, Venus conjunct the Sun at the time of signature. 

The Mirror effect of Capricorn is Cancer, and that is where the other line crosses- over India. 
As for the Bitcoin, and all the cryptos, were deeply influenced not only by this Royal passage, but also from Mercury. 
On December 3rd Mercury turned Retro. the BTC was at 10670- On the 17th it topped, and fell for 5 days, just till today, when Mercury is stationary, getting ready to turn Direct. 

December 21, 2017 Thursday

You know that I am a proverb lover.... The first one that pops up in my mind, to what is happening in the world, our world, Bitcoin world is : " The dogs bark and the caravan moves on". The dogs are the journalists, who bring one case after the other against leaders, all the odds are against them, but the caravan, the leaders, the bitcoin, moves on.
"You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks." ~Winston Churchill

 It reminds me of the story of the deaf frog. 
The Story Of The Tiny Frog

There once was a bunch of tiny frogs who got together to arrange a competition to reach to the top of the highest tower in town.

As the date for the competition was announced, the news spread everywhere and crowd in large numbers gathered around the tower to see this interesting competition and cheer on the contestants. The crowd did not really believe any of these little frogs were going to make it to the top of the tower. Yet they were curious…

The competition began, the frogs quickly started to ascend and the crowd cheered!

As a few moments passed, someone from the crowd shouted, "Not a chance that they will succeed! The tower is too high!"

Another spectator said, "Yes, they will never make it to the top. It's way too difficult!"

As the competition continued, some of the tiny frogs began collapsing. One by one… tired… exhausted… But the race continued… as those who still had the fight left, passionately continued to climb higher and higher…

In the excitement and anxiety the crowd continued to yell, "It is too difficult. No one will make it!"

More tiny frogs got tired and gave up. They all continued to give up one by one, until there was only ONE little frog left in the competition who continued to climb higher and higher and higher…

This one wouldn’t give up!

This one tiny frog who, after a big effort was the only one who reached the top! This little soul was the winner! He made it! He got the glory!

Naturally, eveyrone wanted to know how this one tiny frog managed to pull it off when every other contestant gave up. Everybodywanted to know how this tiny frog had found the strength to reach this goal that everyone else thought it was impossible. So, they asked questions.

It turned out that the winner was deaf."

Ok. Let's see what's new in the sky: The Sun is at the last degree of Sag. Tomorrow it will join Saturn in Capricorn. Since Saturn entered Cap. we got a weakening in the rally of the Bitcoin. Let's see what will the Sun there do ? 
Mercury is still retro, but slows down, before turning Direct, on the 23rd. 
here is the graph of Mercury- and its speed, path and the next reversal: March 23rd.
And here is Venus's path, just for comparison... 

What all this means, that depends on each and everyone's chart. 
Today we are under the vibration of Jupiter and Neptune. Hmmmm... when Neptune pops up, we have a turn in the market. The Moon is also in Aquarius, as I wrote, the S&P makes a top or bottom here. The Moon is separating from the Sun, increasing in light.
Today is a turning day for the DAX, GOLD, AEX,Soya,LTC, BTC. 
DAX: the stop here is 12500- or 12900- depends, what one can afford. 

GOld: we see a returning pattern. 
AEX: The stop is 533- as long as it is above it, it's a long. 
Litecoin: topped at 375, now at 339. 

Remember the chaos in Spain-Catalonia? Today they are voting again. I wrote in this blog:"  
Times to watch :
Dec. 20- onwards..SAT in CAP. will bring some arrangement in the chaos. But issues will light up as of May 1, 2019. Ura 180 SUN.
Today is the day, when the Sun is at its lowest declination. It is the "death" of the Sun, and resurrection, 3 days later. 
It is the longest night of the year. After the 22nd, the days turn longer. It is the story of Osiris, and of Christ, read more here! 

We have the Sun lingering in the "underworld" or Hades, for 3 days, as Jonah was in the belly of the fish for 3 days, and we have the Fibonacci days of 3 days' correction. 3, as 7 as 40 are very important days in the Bible. 
There are many terror attack alerts in the upcoming days. Mars is now at 7 Scorpio, sign of death and revenge. Till the New years it will go to 13 Scorpio.
Looking at the USA chart, no matter what timing I use, the Sun is still at 13 Cancer. So transit Mars will trine the Sun, indeed a dangerous position during the holidays.
On January 5th transit Mars will conjunct Jupiter, better pay attention that week too! But it is not only a day here or there! The difficulty is with Directed Mars on USA Moon.And that lasts for a year. So it's rather difficult to pinpoint to one particular day.


December 20, 2017 Wednesday

We wake up to 17 degrees , at 7:15 am... Nice, isn't it?? During the day it'll be 25 at least. Last night I posted many alerts in the app, I hope you saw them. 
The S&P bottomed during the night to 2682, now it is at 2690. Moon conjunct Pluto effect. 
Today we are under Mercury and venus' vibration. They are both in Sag. The Sun trines the eclipse degree. The Moon is just moving ahead from Pluto. Soon it'll be in Aquarius.Here it makes a bottom or low for the S&P. So keep the stop I posted in the app! 

The Bitcoin topped at 20035, now it trades at Dec 13th level. 
last time it made a correction was on Nov 8th- in 5 days fell 34%, now it is correcting for 3 days, 19% so far. 

The Ethereum topped at 871 on 12/19; 

And the Litecoin: topped at 375.

Bitcash is the first runner up. When BTC corrects, this rallies. 
The market cap of the cryptocurrencies are in numbers that I can't even pronounce. They surpassed $600 billion. 

For my readers from South Africa: JSE: is a short below 51460
Today a a CIT day for AORD, DAX, HSI. 

The Tax reform passed in the Senate.
The timing is just right. Mars rules Trump's 9th house of laws, and transit saun was exactly in 120- favorable position. 

I bought about 12 small cryptos. 
One of them is Siacoin. Well.. it is rallying! 

December 19, 2017 Tuesday.

Today is a celebration day for me, my daughter and family return from the US after 14 months there. So I am going to the airport soon. 

But, before that, I must mention here, that today we entered the month of TEVET, in the Hebrew calendar. Here is some explanation about it, and what it means

- the fourth month of the months of the year for the creation of the world, and the tenth month of the Torah for the Exodus from Egypt, is the month of Tevet. 

- The month of Tevet is mentioned in the Bible only once, in the Book of Esther: "And Esther took Esther to King Achashverosh to his royal palace in the tenth month, the month of Tevet in the year of the seventh year of his reign."

The name Tevet, like all the months, was brought from Babylon, and in Ashurit it is called "Tevetu" from the language of drowning and sinking into the mud, because in this month the rains increase and the roads become muddy.

- The Gemara states that in the months of Tevet, Shevat and Adar, the sun walks in the desert, not to shame the seeds.

In the midrash we find that Tevet is from the language of Tova, because in this month it was good for Israel because Hadassah was Esther was taken to King Ahasuerus, and thus a good for the people of Israel was created.

- It is also stated in the midrash that another good was done to Israel in the month of Tevet, when Sihon and Og were killed, and Moses was afraid of them.

- Others explain the name of the month, from the language of improvement and improvement that Rosh Chodesh Tevet applies to Hanukkah and he receives the illumination of the candles on all days of the month.

- The month of Tevet is only a twenty-nine days old.

- In the month of Tevet the flood stopped falling on the world.

- The month of Tevet is considered a month of sorrow for the Jewish people. The few are tortured on the eighth, ninth and tenth of Tevet, in memory of these evildoers, and the public suffers only on the tenth of Tevet.

The fast on the eighth of Tevet is in commemoration of the day when the Torah was translated into Greek according to the Ptolemaic decree. Chazal said that the day was difficult for Israel at the time the calf was made, because Israel approached the gentiles when they learned their language and learned from their deeds.

The month of Tevet with Hasidic perspective

Maimonides, in Hilkhot Ta'anit, explains the matters of fasting, in that these days are meant to awaken the hearts and open the ways of repentance, so that we will remember our evil deeds and the actions of our forefathers.

On the fast of the tenth of Tevet , the Rambam writes that he is the day on which the king of Babylon relied on Jerusalem and brought it under siege and in distress, and that the siege was told at length about the prophet, which eventually led to the destruction of the Temple and the Babylonian exile. , Which indicates the importance of the date and event that occurred there. Some halakhic authorities conclude that the fast of the tenth of Tevet is so severe that even if it had been on the Sabbath, they should have fasted on Yom Kippur, as opposed to all the fasts.

The ostensible question arises, after all, the destruction of the house and the exile took place on other, later dates, and the rest of the fasts were prescribed in their memory. What, then, is the special severity on the day when the siege began, to the extent that it is more severe than the fasts determined on the destruction of the Temple? After all, during the siege, Jerusalem was still intact, and even the holy service in the Temple was done as usual, and why is it so stringent in the fast that symbolizes the beginning of the siege?

We learn from this that opening and beginning is also small and seemingly minor, this is very important. Since the rest depends on the opening and the first step. One should not underestimate small phenomena that seem to us unimportant, because in the end they can have the most serious consequences."

You can read more in the article I linked above.
Today is a day ruled by Mercury. This, is still in retro. No other important or new aspects, besides the Moon. The major aspects I pointed out yesterday, scroll down, are there the whole week.  

Moon 6Cap05 60 Mars 6Sco05 19.12.2017 3:55
Moon 11Cap40 60 Neptune 11Psc40 19.12.2017 15:16 

Moon 14Cap46 60 Jupiter 14Sco46 19.12.2017 21:33 

Moon 15Cap45 150 Node 15Leo45 19.12.2017 23:33 

Moon 18Cap23 0 Pluto 18Cap23 20.12.2017 4:54 

Moon 24Cap39 90 Uranus 24Ari39 20.12.2017 17:37 

Moon 26Cap42 45 Neptune 11Psc42 20.12.2017 21:47 

Moon 28Cap23 45 Mercury 13Sgr23 21.12.2017 1:12 

Venus 24Sgr38 120 Uranus 24Ari38 21.12.2017 1:13 

Moon 7Aqr46 90 Mars 7Sco46 21.12.2017 20:13 

Sun 0Cap08 45 Jupiter 15Sco08 21.12.2017 21:45 

Sun 0Cap12 0 Saturn 0Cap12 21.12.2017 23:08 

Moon 10Aqr58 45 Venus 25Sgr58 22.12.2017 2:41 

Moon 13Aqr04 60 Mercury 13Sgr04 22.12.2017 6:54
Markets are rallying, there isn't much I can add. 
News in the world? 
Mike Pence's visit was postponed.
A horrible train accident in Washington. 
I am still trying to find the exact birth date of the Shermans who were killed, in Canada. Now I have two dates..So until it is not clear, I cannot check it. 
I posted on FB: "Give me 27000 and we shall be friends... " LOL... No one guessed, that I am referring to the DOW. THis is the target IMHO.. 

December 18, 2017 Monday 

People with the Sun in Capricorn: King Salman of Saudia ( 12/31/35) Stephen Hawking (1/8/42); Sissy Spacek (12/25/49); Denzel Washington 12/28/54); Kevin Costner (1/18/55); Teva share... we saw its fall! (1/1/61; ) Sean Hannity (12/30/61); Antonio Scaramucci ( 1/6/64) and many more. 

World leaders born in Cap: were Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, and today we have Husain, Pakistan President,also Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan PM;  Lee Myung-bak, S.Korea president,  Hu Kintao, China President, Al Thani, ruler of Qatar, Kim Yong Un, North Korea dictator; Kate Middleton, Ted Cruz, etc..


There is a volcano alert on BALI! Looking at the chart, indeed! Uranus runs through Indonesia and Bali! Very dangerous. 

The most important aspects - lasting ones - in the sky are: Uranus-45*Neptune, Jupiter coming to a sextile to Pluto, and trines Neptune. Also, Uranus trines- wide orb-Saturn. So where these planets "fall" in the geodetic chart, expect some kind of effect.. Again, which effect? It depends on the birth chart. 

back after the gym. 


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    Good Morning from Desert Arizona/wildwest.Happy newyear !!! little late
    would you please if you have time look at TREE stock chart. it has parabolic rise up,up and away but for how long?? Thanks
    with utmost regards and Gratitude.

  2. HI Vicky
    If you are holding this share, aren't' you lucky !!??!! We never ask till when? Because then comes the turn. You are just holding with a stop at 347, and are happy.

  3. Gabby,
    how are you?? i must say with certainty that you are and your Astrological work and wisdom is Great !!! why?? i was reading your blog early this morning and you said it is a index changing time for Dow and nasdaq; i at first did not believe you because futures were up by 230 points and i believed that you might be wrong and it started that way and then at NOON something happened and it lost everything and you were right
    dow altogether lost 285 ponts and nasdaq also some 80 points
    Great wisdom, insight into future
    my many thanks to you

  4. Why Sagittarius are not so knowledgeable. My brother and friend are not good in study, and both belong to Sagittarius. I am trying to search Sagittarius weekly horoscope for them. Should I go to the astrologer or do something else.

  5. Thanks for sharing awesome information. Your information is really helpful for me. I am regular reader of cancer weekly horoscope


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