New Moon in Aquarius, Feb 15 - March 17, 2018

Between Feb 15 - March 17, 2018 

Thanks for following from the former article! 

Important events of this Lunar month: 

18.02.2018    6:28:01 > Psc Mercury
18.02.2018   19:17:59 > Psc Sun
 6.03.2018    9:34:19 >  Ari Mercury
 7.03.2018    1:45:25 >  Ari Venus
 9.03.2018    6:46:14 R  Jupiter 23°13'22"Sco
17.03.2018   18:40:12 > Cap Mars

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Former New Moons in Aquarius can be found here: 2017; 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012.


March 15, 2018 Thursday 

I "liked" a photo on Fb, and 25 people reacted... More than ever on what ever I write I write here... 
Maybe I should stick to cats and dogs, and nothing more beyond. 

New Moon in Pisces, 2018- we turned the page. 

March 14, 2018 Wednesday 

Stephen Hawking ended his role in this world. He passed away during the night. Looking at his chart, we see that his Sun is at 17 Capricorn. I wrote about him in 2016, 17.
Sun: 17 VISION. 17° Capricorn denotes one who may see either further or deeper than
his contemporaries. Sometimes indicative of an active clairvoyant faculty.
Mercury: 27 DECISIVE. 27° Capricorn denotes one who tends to exercise a precise "cutoff'
and beginning to affairs. Rather than the usual flow for life, this

individual tends to pigeonhole whatever he comes across.
Mars: 28 OPTIMISTIC. 28° Aries denotes one who is usually opposing something or
someone and who confidently expects to win. Lawyers, sportsmen and reformers
often have this degree occupied.
These degrees are explained in the fine work of Keane. 
His Mercury( nerves) Mars ( Muscles) square was the basic problem in his chart, that brought him the Lou Gehrig disease. 
Venus20 DESIGN. 20° Aquarius denotes one who is interested in and fascinated by the
shapes and forms of both things and events, whether it be the designs on
materials, the patterns made by the currents in space, or the patterns formed by
people's lives as they move over the planet, this is their work and life.
Jupiter- added to the Merc-mars position, being in detriment-weak- and retro! 
12 CRITIC. 12° Gemini denotes an unusual person whose criticism of others and
conditions can degenerate to mere sarcasm. Much ability in many lines of endeavor.
Saturn: 21 AMBITION. 21° Taurus denotes one who may carry this to an extreme, ruthless
towards all which seems to block his path. May be connected with poisons.- Nikola teaches that 21 degree is the Sagittarius degree- 
Saturn is in retro in his natal chart , and when it turned direct the disease broke out.
Uranus, Neptune, Pluto were also retro, and important live events happened when these turned. 
Here is his chart when I think the disease started: Transit Mercury turns retro, and in opposition natal Mercury.

Note, that his MC is on the Galactic Center, a topic he studied and wrote about all his life. 

There are many aspects that point to the death.

May he rest in peace.
In the markets I see Asia is red. I hope you used the stops I sent you in the app... and you are in the right direction. 
Europe is also red... and in the US only my two shares are green. NANO: 

and CANF, but that is a minor tiny move. 

March 13, 2018 Tuesday

I added more thoughts on XI Jinping's chart below, in yesterday's post.
Today we start the day with the Moon at 4 Aquarius. It is also approaching the Sun, we are before the New Moon. Remember, that the Moon in Aqua. always brings a top or a high for the S&P. 

On the news now: Trump cancelled QCOM buy by Broadcom! Note, that the first trade date is Dec 13, the cancellation is on 13th of March. Natal Venus at 8^, transit Venus too! Pluto ( higher power) in transit affects natal Sun, and Neptune in transit squares natal Neptune, which is the ruler of the 2nd house of money, buy cancelled, income dissolves Neptune) in air. 
3/21 Dividend payment

Other deals blocked by Trump. 

Other shares that pay dividend this month: 
Groups that rallied the last 3 months: 
the VIX: 

Today, before market opens in the USA: CPI: Change in the price of goods and services purchased by consumers;


Until now I did not hear about Rami Hamdallah. Now he is in the news. Apparently he is Gaza's PM; and someone, probably the Hamas, put a bomb on the way his car passed by. No harm, but a lot of angry people. I read his short biography, he lost " 3 of his children" in a car accident , ( no date available). So I made up this chart for him. 
he is an English professor, so Saturn in Sag is the 1st house. But the reason I made his natal chart as I did, is based not only on his Age point, but on the terrible tragedy of his life. loosing 3 children in a car accident! So house 3rd( accidents) from 5 ( children) put his Sun, Uranus(sudden) and Mercury(car) in the 8th house of death. 
Outer chart is June 6, 2013, when he was asked by Abu Mazen to form a government, see how transit Saturn sextiles his natal Mercury? ruler of the 10th ? BUt, both are in retro, so we read, that he resigned 14 days later, and" Six weeks after Hamdallah's resignation, Abbas asked him to form a new government, which he did on 19 September 2013."- so we see the on and off events, due to the retros. 
And now in the news: the Turks are attacking Afrin, Kurdish town in Syria... Next, they intend to go against Nanjib, a town backed by the US> 
I read, that the MOBI desert is great target to mine copper. So here is the graph of the copper


Sergei Skripal, former Russian Spy, living in Salisbury, was poisoned, together with his daughter on March 4rd . See what his chart shows. I again turned his chart to have the Sun in the 12th, being the house of spies. Ruler of the 12th house is Mercury , and that is on a bad fixed star, Betelgeuse. He also has a Sun-Uranus conjunction in Cancer, pointing to a future sickness, either heart disease, or some kind of cancer. But he didn't have to wait for that, did he? He was poisoned, and that we can see very clearly in his chart. Transit Moon was exactly on Neptune- that signifies gas. Then we have death asteroid Atropos on his Moon. Jupiter at 23 degree, I suppose it was carefully planned, when it was in 22 deg. transit Mars at 22 degree, exactly in opposition his natal Mars- at 22 Gemini.- Lung injuries.
Who did it? The ruler of the opposite sign- Saturn- a powerful man or government. His natal Saturn is at 26 Virgo- pointing to the age it will happen. Furthermore, at the time of the attempt, Sun was conjunct Neptune- in the 8th house of death, AND ! transit Chiron conjunct Mercury(lungs) and Venus (ruler of the end of life, H4). 
His daughter, Julia born on March 17, 1985 was found in his arms, on a bench in a park. She too is fighting for her life. She was visiting him in the UK, lives in Moscow. In the father's chart Julia is Venus, and see how Pluto - hell - is conjunct Venus! 
Julia's leading planet is Neptune, and that, shows a critical event at the age of 33.50. 


Pls. check out the alerts sent in the app for the Cryptos! 

After 418 days in office Rex Tillerson was fired by Trump today.  What a Solar return ! Born on March 23rd, not a nice way to celebrate  66th birthday.. 

March 12, 2018 Monday

The week starts with the following aspects: 
Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn, the Moon is just separating from Pluto, We have still a stellium in Pisces, Mercury-Venus are still conjunct, and Jupiter in Retro is 150^ to Uranus. 

The question is, what will the rest of the month bring in the markets? I read many opinions, that the big crash is around the corner. IS it?? 
The most important news in the world is, the XI Jinping "crowned" himself President for life. We have now in the world a few personalities, who seem to reign for ever. Putinka, no one dares to stand up against him, and those who do, in some mysterious way disappear. THen we have Erdogan in Turkey, he is the new Sultan of Turkey. Assad, is still standing, after 8 years of war. Although elected, but Angela Merkel is still on the chair. I don't count African countries, where they have their own dictators... Now China. I rectified Xi Jinping's chart, in lack of birth time. I think this is his chart: 
We see that Directed Saturn is in opposition his Sun, and transit Saturn trines his Venus, ruler of MC.- career. 
His date adds up to 3, ruled by Jupiter, which is at 8^ in Gemini, weak. But the 8th degree is the degree of Scorpio. His Pallas ( ethics) is conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter pushes someone to great achievements. But, all this happened when Jupiter turned Retro, so we will see some changes in July when it'll turn Direct again. And there is another thing.. His Sun is at the problematic 23^. Furthermore, his Mars is UNaspected.! So not everything is smooth. 
He was elected President in 2013: see what a perfect , fated timing! 
Directed Sun A N D transit Sun in aspect with his natal Sun, and more, favorable aspects.. 
Using Placidus houses his 2/8 axis opens on 22^. 
It is extremely interesting to see the rise of people in Mutable signs. Xi, Trump, Xi: has his Sun, Jupiter, Pallas and Juno in Gemini.
Trump : Sun, Uranus North Node in Gemini, Moon and S.Node in Sag. 
Here is the chart of XI, inside, and Trump outside: they share the same Sun! 
The slogan of Trump was " Make America great again, the slogan of XI was : the Chinese Dream... 
What do you do when you are the leader of 1.4 BILLION people??? 
Since assuming power, Xi has introduced far-ranging measures to enforce party discipline and to ensure internal unity. His signature anti-corruption campaign led to the downfall of prominent incumbent and retired officials.[8] ( Pallas -Jupiter conjunction in the natal chart) Pallas stands for ethics, Jupiter for law .
Xi has tightened restrictions over civil society and ideological discourse, advocating internet censorship in China as the concept of "internet sovereignty".[9][10] Xi has called for further market economic reforms, for governing according to the law and for strengthening legal institutions, with an emphasis on individual and national aspirations under the slogan "Chinese Dream". ( While resting, it just occurred to me, what this "Chinese Dream" means looking at Xi's chart. If Neptune stands for dreams, it is very much "centralised, blocked, restricted by Saturn( government) conjunction. No wonder one of his thoughts is: no 14. 

 Xi has also championed a more assertive foreign policy, particularly with regard to China–Japan relations, China's claims in the South China Sea, and its role as a leading advocate of free trade and globalization.[12] He has also sought to expand China's Eurasian influence through the One Belt One Road Initiative.[8]
Considered the central figure of the People's Republic's fifth generation of leadership,[13] Xi has significantly centralized institutional power by taking on a wide range of leadership positions, including chairing the newly formed National Security Commission, as well as new steering committees on economic and social reforms, military restructuring, ( Saturn at 20 Libra-)

 and the Internet. Xi’s political thoughts have been written into the party constitution, and the state constitution was amended to abolish term limits for the presidency.[14] Xi has had a cult of personality constructed around himself[15][16] "with books, cartoons, pop songs and even dance routines".[17]

When all critics are banned, closed, wiped out, I wonder what regime he is leading? 
Here are some thoughts on his natal chart. 
The SUn is at 23 degrees in Gemini, a mutable sign, in the 11th house of big enterprizes, of friends and mental fulfillment. Nikola teaches, that the 23rd degree is the degree of divorce or suicide. ( He is a divorced man, like his father was. 
His Moon is on the Ascendant, conjunct the South Node, in the first house, pushing him to fulfill his life aim- in Leo- to be a ruler. 
Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Cancer- a brilliant, rebel mind. A mind of a genius, due to Uranus, but in Cancer, it is very Fixed, and follows a direct line pointing- you will do as I want, then I'll cherish you.
Netanyahu has Mercury-Uranus opposition.
Stalin, Steven Harper, Scaramucci,  had them in trine.
Ted Cruz in square.

Mercury-Uranus couple is squaring his Saturn-Neptune couple in Libra.- giving him a strong drive to achieve his goals. I found only Tony Blair who was also born in 1953, who has this conjunction. Very rare! Saturn-Neptune. See, that bother are in retro. Saturn turned direct when he was 13 years old, and if you read his biography, around that age his family went through a very tough time. His Neptune turned Direct when he was 22. 
His most questionable planet is Mars. It is solitary, makes and receives no aspects. Very dangerous. 
Venus rules his 10th house of career, and it is at 8th degree of Scorpio. That too is dangerous. Scorpio stands for money and life/death issues. 

No doubt he will be remembered in history, see all the asteroids that show fame. Aeternitas in his 2nd house.- but again, we see the 21st degree... 
I checked future charts, he will be on stage, unharmed for quite a long time. 

The cryptos I follow : 


March 11, 2018 Sunday 

Writing my weekly forecasts.. 
S&P, Dax, Nifty, Btc. are ready. 
The weekly report costs $155 per month ( for 4 reports). Be ahead of others! Sign up now! 


March 10, 2018 Saturday

Yesterday I sent 10 alerts. In them, 4 for the cryptos. If you followed them, you were stopped out, and went long. You made fantastic gains in the US indices too. So I hope you are happy. 

Today we have a Moon-Mars conjunction. The Moon is approaching the Sun, we are before the New Moon. 
Yesterday or the day before we heard on the news that Trump and Kim Jong Un will meet sometime in the near future. 
Looking again at his chart, and IF his date of birth ir correct, and IF my rectification is correct, then we see a Jupiter on the Galactic Center. Searching who else has the same position, I am surprised to find, that the State of Israel. I have more than 7000 charts. These two pop up. That's really interesting for me. Why? Because as I understand planets on the Galactic Center, they show a "chosen" a " messenger", someone who has a task, a mission in this world, they come, as if, from another world. The Galactic Center is our "Black Hole". 
Searching on, I find that the following people have their Sun on the GC: 
Edith Piaf, Uri Geller, Martin Schultz. 
Moon on the GC: Nigel Farage, Adele.
Mercury- didn't find any.
Venus: Farrah Fawcett, Lehman Brothers, and Trumps signed the tax bill Dec 22, 2017.
Mars: Putin, Angela Merkel, Jonathan Pollard.
Saturn: Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait, Black Tuesday crash on Oct 29, 1929, Mohammed Emwazi- or Jihadi John. ( Aug 17,1988)
Uranus: Jihadi John, Hamas, Jason Holmes (Aurora Colorado shooter), Cary Grant.

The Galactic Center was at 27 degrees Sagittarius on April 10, 2010. It takes almost 72 years to move 1 degree. 
At the time of the Great London Fire, for ex. Sept 2, 1666, it was at 22 Sag12. 
On July 28, 1914 Hungary declared war on Serbia- the start of WWI, Saturn was in opposition the GC , then at 25Sag.40
On Sept.11, 1939 WWII breaks out- No aspects. 
Hiroshima bomb falls on Aug.6, 1945 with Jupiter squaring the GC. 
But, to return to the Trump-Kim meeting: Important dates to watch will be March 24, April 11, May 25, July 12, 18, Aug 7, Sept 13- again, IF his time of birth is correct. 

Must write my weekly forecasts, so bye for now. 


March 9, 2018 Friday 

The Moon squares the Sun today. Jupiter already started it's retrograde move. it will move back 10 degrees. 

The BTC is melting down. it made an M pattern. If you have my weekly forecast, you knew this last week. 

Last alert was given on the 7th, We are short since 11090.

Must go now... Family gathering. 
Have a good day. 

3:50 pm- just sent 10 alerts in the app. 
March 8, 2018 Thursday 

We have a new player on the world stage. As of Feb 15th, South Africa has a new president. He would not caught my attention, if he did not say that he is going to take away the farms from white people. People who own their lands since 1600. 
Looking at his chart, I am not surprised to see that he has 2 planets at 22 - the killer - degree. I think white people are in major danger over there. By the way he is the richest person in South Africa. Google him. 

Nick Champion has several charts for South Africa. First chart is made for the Dutch settlers. 

The last date is based on the inauguration of Nelson Mandela's govt. 


On March 18 a massive geomagnetic storm to hit Earth. This might cause mobile phones crashes, and accidents, fights. 
On this day Mars enters Capricorn, where it is exalted- very strong, and the Sun squares the Galactic Center. 
Markets wise: It's a turning day for the KLSE, Nikkei, and Nifty. 
It's March 8, the 68th day of the year, it's a Fibonacci number. It is also teh international Women day- so hurry , send your flowers.

As for me, off to the gym. 
In Israel we have a very interesting issue, as you know, Bibi is being investigated by the police for several cases, and there are now 3 state witnesses in those cases. Who are those state witnesses? HIs closest advisors. But, politics aside, let's see the chart... That, NEVER LIES. 
The question is, will we have elections in the close future? 
The Sun represents the PM. and Jupiter! the great benefactor is in opposition, in Scorpio- all the dirt surfaced, and today it is turning RETRO!!! So as long as Jupiter is retro there will be a try to save the existing government. Mercury in Pisces helped discover all those issues. 
In a former post I write about the enemy, the one that can stab you in your back, and you will not know it. 
So if Sun is in Taurus, the enemy is Aries. And look how transit Uranus trines natal Mars! There will be a sudden, unforeseen move to change this status quo. 


March 7, 2018 Wednesday

Venus followed Mercury to Aries. 
Saturn is at Mars/Pluto midpoint. This position will last till the 13th. Ebertin teaches us, that this means" a desire to overcome all difficulties".
Asia is red, Europe is green, The US is also green except Nasdaq futures. Cryptos are also red, well, the ones I send alerts for. 
We are in a correction phase. 

Today it's  CIT day for the EURO.

Our index is at 1482.12- before the opening- Support is at 1477.50.
Teva sank to $19.18  It is still in a declining channel, since June 2015, higher than 10$ in November 2017, but the last highs were achieved with little volume. SO I don't see any reason to be here. 

GPRO: SHows some recuperation, but it is still weak. 

GE: is falling for 593 days. nothing to search for here as well. 
DIS: is interesting- makes a double bottom- It's a long above 103.
AMZN: made new high, Stop 1525
T: is like DIS: Stop 36.33
FB: Stop 173. 

On this day in 1799 Napoleon conquers Jaffa. 
1876: Bell is granted patent for the telephone. 
Maurice Ravel was born on this day. Beautiful music!! Listen here. his famous work the Bolero... Magnificent. 
Ravel was born with a SUN in Pisces, of course, and his talent is shown under the Jupiter-Neptune opposition. 


March 6, 2018 Tuesday 

It is the 65th day of the year. It is a day ruled by Mars and the Moon. mars just moved on from the 22nd degree took one step forward to a trine to Uranus- actually, using a 3 deg. orb, it is already making a trine. WHile the Moon entered Venomous Scorpio. She is also sextile Saturn. 

But our attention is drawn to the Sun and Neptune conjunction. The Sun- PM, President, leader, is leaving the foggy and fake Neptunian cloud. He cannot fake it any more. But, it is still in Pisces, so there is more time to prepare for war and fight back, when he will enter Aries.- March 21. 
The other aspect is also extremely important: Mercury and Venus are at 29 Pisces, Scheat- bad fixed star. Just about to enter Aries, For some it is a good thing, for others bad. Depends on your birth data. They are both on Chiron, where they meet their vulnerable sides. 
We remember today Gabriel Garcia Marques, born on this day. He is the author of " One hundred years of solitude" 

" Lost in the solitude of his immense power, he began to lose direction. He was bothered by the people who cheered him in neighboring villages, and he imagined that they were the same cheers they gave the enemy. Everywhere he met adolescents who looked at him with his own eyes, who spoke to him with his own voice, who greeted him with the same mistrust with which he greeted them, and who said they were his sons. He felt scattered about, multiplied, and more solitary than ever. He was convinced that his own officers were lying to him. He fought with the Duke of Marlborough. "The best friend a person has," he would say at that time, "is one who has just died."
p. 166

I think some " Sun " figures can understand what this means.. 
So who else is reaching for extremes? 
I read that North and South Korea have reached some kind of agreement. WOW! Why now? Here is Kim Yong Un's chart, if I am right with the year and time... Venus rules his career, and Directed Pluto in conjunct. PLuto changes people inside out upside down. To this aspect we can add transit Saturn, the " normalizer"- helping . Also see Directed Uranus on his Sun! That is extremely strong position. Let's hope that he is not faking it- since teh meeting was under a Sun-Neptune conjunction. 

Another important event is the visit of Mohammed bin Salman in Egypt.  From there he is heading to the USA, for a long stay...He is only 32 years old, but what a power! I wrote about im on June 23, and Nov 6th 2017. 
He is 1.83 m tall, while Sisi - Egypt President, is 1.66. 
This is important if we want to make a rectification chart. 
Napoleon was 1.69 m. 
Putin is 1.60 m
Stalin was 1.68.
Hitler 1,75 m
Ceausescu: 1.68 m
Obama: 1.85
Trump: 1.90 m  

Why I post this? Yesterday on TV. bin Salman looked so much taller than Sisi. Now I see why. 

Asia and the far East are all green- You must be now long, if you followed yesterday's alerts. 

Here are March Sun-Moon aspects GMT+2 - maybe they'll be useful 
Actual aspects
Begin: 1.03.2018  Period: 1 month  (GMT+2)
                                                    Aspect Exact
Sun          11Psc25 180 Moon         11Vir25   2.03.2018  3:43
Sun          13Psc43 150 Moon         13Lib43   4.03.2018 10:48- BTC bottomed
Sun          14Psc53 135 Moon         29Lib53   5.03.2018 14:53- BTC topped
Sun          16Psc06 120 Moon         16Sco06   6.03.2018 19:50
Sun          18Psc53  90 Moon         18Sgr52   9.03.2018 14:32
Sun          21Psc36  60 Moon         21Cap36  12.03.2018  8:03
Sun          23Psc01  45 Moon          8Aqr00  13.03.2018 18:02
Sun          26Psc58   0 Moon         26Psc57  17.03.2018 17:02
Sun           0Ari28  45 Moon         15Tau28  21.03.2018  5:39
Sun           1Ari36  60 Moon          1Gem36  22.03.2018  9:04
Sun           3Ari56  90 Moon          3Cnc56  24.03.2018 17:24
Sun           6Ari15 120 Moon          6Leo15  27.03.2018  1:29
Sun           7Ari22 135 Moon         22Leo21  28.03.2018  4:29
Sun           8Ari28 150 Moon          8Vir28  29.03.2018  7:20
Sun          10Ari42 180 Moon         10Lib42  31.03.2018 13:36

I ran TS and it shows, that the Moon-Sun cycles don't work for the BTC. 
Here is a mail I got from a reader: 

Hope all is well with you.

The dream you posted about was interesting, re Mars 120* Pluto at 22* in Cap/Taurus. The Last time was in July 1770. Of course there always seems to be something ‘dramatic’ going on in the world/history, so there is a danger of drawing conclusions on cause/effect/relationships, but that said: in America during this time there was a dramatic increase in tensions with Britain do to the Boston Massacre which occurred in March 1770 and the trial occurred in November (I think). So July would have been about the midpoint with a lot of tension in the air. This event was very significant for it increased tension from which it was going to be difficult to ‘walk back’, the dye (die) was cast. Anyway those are my thoughts.

Stay well,
I will check US chart after I'm back from the gym. 

OK . here is the Directed chart . USA inside, March 19, 2019 outside. We see D.Mars - aggression, fight, weapon, war, on the Moon ( people). This aspect will be exact one year later. This means very difficult times for US residents during 2019-2020-even 21. 

BTC: TOPPED so far at 11693 and fell Support is now at 11090- weak support. 
BTC hits 10873 when Merc. is 0 ARIES~ 

4:20 pm BTC daily 


March 5. 2018 Monday

Italy- elections outcome: Hung government. No winner. Coalition talks will start. Turbulent times. The question is, who will use this "void" space and time, for its own benefit? 
Here in Israel we are very much aware what coalition talks mean. Blackmail. In one word.. 

OK... The Italian index fell and is unstable, shows just the situation. 

Looking at Rome, Italy for March 4, 11pm - when the polls closed, the most interesting thing that pops up is that all the planets are below the horizon. Only the Mon is on the cusp of the 12th! representing foreign threat. 
The Moon represents law too, so in the background ( H12) there is some law issues, that is hidden from people's eyes. 
Look how many times we have the 22 degree! That points to fights and turmoil in the close future. Any older and reliable personality, that can put some order in this chaos? Saturn is solitary. Nope none. 
The planets below horizon show that multiple inner problems Italy must deal with. SO many they cannot rise their eyes to see the real threat, disguised- under the MOON. 


I have several cryptos. I bought them 1-2 months ago. I wish I didn't. I wish I was more concentrating on BTC alone. 


March 4, 2018 Sunday

Yesterday we had a beautiful weather, 25C, but I was working on the forecasts. So now the S&P, Nifty, BTC and DAX are ready. 

Today it'll be warmer. We are under the Sun and Mars' effect. The Sun is at 21 Pisces, separating from Neptune, and Mars at 22 Sag; the killer degree. I read that there is extreme weather conditions in the East Coast of the US. 2 million are without electricity, some froze to death. I wonder why are people on the streets, homeless, when there are so many churches, mosques and synagogues..... Why don't they take those people in, in a weather like that ??? Horrible. 

Yesterday we saw the BTC soar, touched a new high, well, not higher than 20000, but, nice rally from 9260 to 11530= 2270 points. 


Today is the elections day in Italy... I wrote about Berlusconi, scroll down. 
I also read about a new player on the German stage. Kevin Kuhnert. Interesting... In lack of hour of birth, here is his Solar chart. 

Born on a Saturday, ruled by Saturn, date adds up to Saturn as well. Saturn is the planet that "crowns kings", it is "the responsible adult". It also it represents or is the ruler of the sign of Capricorn, the highest position in the wheel.- showing career. A goal reached by all means and any means. ( with a little help from my friends). Saturn rules elder people too. It signifies also blacks or colored people. The poor. The little I know about German politics is, that Angela Merkel is backed by the older generation in Germany. Those who don't want change every year, those who want stability. ( and of course by Putinka, her best friend). Saturn is status quo. it is also responsibility, limitation, discomfort, blockage, accomplishment and recognition, excellence, meeting goals. 
So where is this Saturn in Kevin Kuehnert's chart? exactly in opposition his Sun. Meaning, that he turns against the old and known. With the help of what? Uranus! the revolutionary and Neptune, the foggy and dissolving. All three are in Capricorn opposing his Sun in Cancer. What is in obsite? His Gemini stellium. The Moon, Mercury and Jupiter, which is in detriment, weak in Gemini. So he might be a good speaker, but Gemini... ah.. that is a mutable sign! So we have here an inner fight between his very fixed personality, ( Sun, Saturn, Neptune Uranus) against his Moon, Merc. and Jupiter. Which side will win? 
But, there are other more, much more difficult planetary positions, as I look deeper. He has a Mars -90- Uranus aspect, and a Sun-180 Uranus aspect which is very dangerous when in the wrong hands. And with a Gemini Moon, he can flip flop in a moment... In any case, Directed and transit Saturn will help him come to power. 

Angela Merkel is an old fox. Her chart is really something that gives one a thought! 
If Kevin K. has Sun-Uranus opposition, she has it in conjunction! at 23-26 degrees. Now, I learned from Nikola Stojanovic, that the 23rd degree is a suicidal degree, an Aquarius degree, the strange, the different.... Angela Merkel has 3 !!!! planets at this degree! Well, I don't think she'll commit suicide, but her actions can bring her to a no return position. To see what is happening in one's life today, we must look at the Directed chart with the transit. And Saturn in transit is conjunct her natal Saturn. She stays. She's strong..  
However, the road is not smooth! She should watch it on March 17-21th, May 4-6, July 11th. etc.. 

I would love to see some thoughts and ideas from my German readers.. 

I dreamt this night the date 19 March 2019. So I check it now... what is there? Mars 120 Pluto at 22 degrees! and the Sun in between. This is a very dangerous position. I can only check when were they in trine and in Cap/Taurus before, July 23, 1770. Well... 

BTC. Entered again @11160 with a small pos. The Sun today is 60^ from BTC Sun. Exactly in opposition then on Nov 5, when it was approaching a sextile. Price should reach 11500.

March 2, 2018 Friday

We have multiple planetary positions in the sky today and the days to come. First, we had the Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces axis. Full Moons should be used to complete chores. Example, your teeth are aching, it's time to go and check it out. You were postponing things since the New Moon, now you have time till the next New Moon to complete it. It is a good time to sign contracts, close an argument. It's Purim today, a happy holiday, not so for Netanyahu and wife. They are interrogated today, separately by the police, regarding case 4000. Sara, if you don't know, is fully intervening with political issues. She is everywhere, she gives orders, and Bibi just bows to her. So time wise, it's a good time today for the interrogation.
Besides the Moon, aas you can see, Mars sends several aspects to almost all the planets. Mars is Out of Bound till mid May! This warns us of fights, wars, weapon issues, accidents. 

In the markets: 
Asia is red. Actually all the indices are correcting. The Gold is at 1318 after a dip to 1306. 
BTC: Hit 11200 during the night ( expected price reached)..... I bought yesterday, now let's see if it'll go above 11200 again, I was not awake during the night to baby sit it.. 
I hear Berlusconi is back....he is almost 82... I am not up to date with Italian politics, but of what I heard on the TV, he cannot run till 2019, so he is pushing a puppet and intends to take over in 2019. He will be 83... He is full of botox, but physically he looks well, and his mind is clear, his tongue is still lashes out. has an AA time of birth - meaning it is checked and correct. So he was born on Sept 29. 1936 Zet shows us that he is 81.42 years old. Why am I underlining the time? Because his MC, career, is ruled by the Moon, ( the Moon is waning, waxing, so is he, coming and going and reappearing again) and this Moon in his natal chart is at 81.86 years old. This means, that Aug 8, 2018 will be an important day-week for him. 
Also, remember the  chart of our Health minister?( scroll down) Moon conjunct Saturn? I am the power,law? We have here the same aspect! 
I made a search among more than 7000 charts I found Jimmy Hoffa, Jay leno, Peter Sutcliffe, ( murdered 13) Jane Austen , David Bowie, and the Hiroshima bomb was dropped under this position. 

So let's see what is happening in August for Berlusconi? 

His Moon-Saturn pair is in the 9th house, showing some legal issues. But, more important is Directed Uranus conjunct his Pluto. Pluto rules his 2nd house of money and self esteem. We know he is the second richest person in Italy. I wonder what law-scandal will land on him in the summer? Note also, that 6!~!!! planets will be retrograde. This point to more scandals and turmoil for him and if he is the head, than for Italy as well. 
I read on many pages what is Moon-Saturn conjunction mean? I can hardly stick it to Berlusconi! 
For me Moon is the subconscious, Saturn is the career, the power. So my subconscious pushes me to gain power by all means. Even stepping on others. 
Looking at Netanyahu's chart: We know he has the Libra stellium just like Putin, Ulmert (our former PM, who served jail). Transit Uranus has been in opposition this stellium, for a long time. He is still standing, and waving away all the cases (1000,2000, 3000, 4000.) He is being interrogated today for case 4000. Look at his chart, and what is more severe, is the 22 degree of Mercury! 150 to this stellium. 
He is super clever, Super by all means, but, no one can stand against Uranus for eternity. Uranus will enter Taurus in may, and the gov. will fall apart. IMHO>
Answering a reader's question:  Since a mini ice age is due, is there a planet that signifies Natural Gas, and point to a rally? If I understood the question correctly. 
Well, the only planet I can think of, that lingers for 7 years in a sign is Uranus. It will ingress Taurus. Uranus means revolution, unforeseen events, while Taurus is land. Fight for land, annexing land, below earth treasures, agriculture. Gas is ruled by Neptune. Unfortunately, I don't have data for the Natural Gas 84 years back, to check how it behaved then, when Uranus was in Taurus before. Neptune, the natural ruler of the gas is in Pisces ( March 3,2012-March 30, 2025), see pls. graph: 

If anyone has data of 100 years for the Nat. gas. Pls. send me an excel file in csv format, with OHLC data and i'll check. 

March 1, 2018 Thursday

We wave good bye to February, 2018, never to see it again. It goes with a bad taste. See here . The minister of health, in person, arrives to public hospital, moves out sick people to the hallway, ( no place in the hospitals, it is overcrowded, in each room there are at least 3 patients, so that would be 9 people) from 3 rooms, to take care of the rabbi. He can do it, because he holds the government by its balls. Outrageous. He can resign for the smallest issues, and the govt. would fall. Now he is against enrolling  religious men to the army


So March is here, and we have the Full moon tomorrow. GMT+2

1.03.2018  7:57:22  0°00'00"Vir <<<
 1.03.2018 20:10:05  7°22'11"Vir Trine Saturn
 2.03.2018  2:51:19 11°23'00"Vir Opposition Sun
 2.03.2018  6:58:06 13°50'34"Vir Opposition Neptune
 2.03.2018 18:26:14 20°39'37"Vir Trine Pluto
 2.03.2018 19:28:37 21°16'31"Vir Square Mars
 2.03.2018 22:40:12 23°09'35"Vir Sextile Jupiter
 2.03.2018 23:48:26 23°49'47"Vir Opposition Mercury

We don't have trade today, due to Purim. It's nice and warm outside, which is great for the kids, all dressed up in some costume and wearing masks. 

How are we doing earthquakes wise? Looking at it because of the Full Moon... The Moon will be in opposition Neptune, so it might trigger a bigger event than 5.2. 

Weather. I came across a very interesting article by Theodore WHite. He's a friend on FB. YOu should look him up. He warns about mini ice age to come from 2017- 2053. And he explains, scientifically why ... 
BTC: 15 min: I think we should wait a few days before investing again in BTC> 
Armstrong published an interesting article, read here: Swedish Central Bank. Did you know, that in Sweden they are accepting less and less cash? 
OIL: I cannot explain how was last month's oil supply -1.6M, the forecast was 2.4M, and the actual came out 3.M? How do they calculate it?? Beats ME! 
But, those who have my app, only gained from this outcome. Feb. 26 alert we rose the stop to 63.50- targets given were Crude Oil: Stop was 61.80- Now at 63.60- Raise stop to 63.50- target 63.67-63.73-63.83-63.87-63.97."
Topped at 64.08, and short was triggered below the stop. Now at 61.66
GOld: dangerous encounter! 

The whole world is red... So I guess shorts were triggered in all fields. I hope you followed the alerts! 

I use a lot Investing .com. it has a good charting tool. Also you can use the alerts. If you know technical analysis, you can put in the price you want to buy/sell, and you'll get an sms, or massage. So you don't have to baby sit the screen. 
I found there a tool called " Awesome" . Try it. It is really useful! 

Mercury Squares Mars today, thanks for my Dutch reader... 

So I went down to shop. I live in the heart of the town, so it really takes 5 minutes to buy everything I need. When I was coming up in the elevator, I smiled to myself, because it occurred to me, that everything I bought was for the bathroom. LOL... With all those planets in Pisces- water, and with the Moon in Virgo- health- we do subconsciously things. But if you pay attention, it is clear.. 
My balcony overlooks the main street. I see policemen and women since early morning in the streets. All they have to do is, as drivers leave parking places, not to let anyone new park park there. Tomorrow is the big Purim Parade, so they want to have clean streets. I pity them, it's hot and must be difficult to stand up all the day. I am having a cool beer. 
PURIM. I never ever dressed up for Purim. It must be my Saturn on the Ascendant, that will not make me playful and foolish. I'm OK with it. That's who I am. I also enjoy looking at others. 
May the playfulness and silliness accompany us the whole year! 
I bought BTC again at 10600- waiting to reach it 11000. Here is my play :) .
RDD/ btc: alert called for a long. I am in again at 0.00000089. target 0.00000120.Stop 85.
Ripple reached almost my target above.. America is awake... 

February 28, 2018 Wednesday

It is the last day of the month, and the last day to trade for us here, due to Purim tomorrow. So if usually we have a fall on Thursday, it will happen today. Note, that the arbitrage is very negative, I sent my alerts an hour ago... 
Today we are under Mercury effect, and it is squaring Uranus- here is the cause, the real cause for a gap down, or a correction. Weak indices will gap down, strong ones will correct. 
The Moon is still in Leo, and departing from the Sun, adds to the negativity. 
PS> thanks to A.- from Holland- My mistake! Mercury is 30^ to Uranus. now 90. 

February 27, 2018 Tuesday

Mars and Uranus are on stage today. At this moment the Moon entered Leo. It is conjunct CERES. By sign and house, Ceres shows where one is abundant, where you have plenty. If Jupiter makes a harmonious aspect to Ceres, it will reward you with incredible gains and wealth. The first aspect between Ceres-Jupiter will be a square between May 21-28,2018. 
But not everything is shiny with Ceres. If you read the Mythology story of it, Ceres is associated also with loss, compromise rage and grief. 

 " Ceres is the roman name for the Greek goddess Demeter. The introduction of the cult to Ceres in Rome dates back to the year 496 BC and seems to follow from the siege of the city by the Etruscans, while Rome was threatened with famine.
For the Greeks Ceres was the Mother Goddess of the Earth. Seduced by Zeus she had a daughter from him, Persephone. Persephone happily grew up among the other daughters of Zeus, but being extremely sweet and beautiful her uncle Hades ( Pluto ) fell in love with her. One day while Persephone was picking flowers (the legend has it, it was a narcissus) the ground opened and Hades appeared and dragged her down into the Underworld. Persephone cried out as she disappeared but, while hearing her cry, when Ceres arrived to the place there was no sign of Persephone anymore. For nine days and nine nights Ceres wandered around the world with a lighted torch on either hand, looking for her beloved daughter. Only in the tenth day she met Helios, who sees everything, and he was able to tell her what had really happened. Ceres decided to abandon her divine role until her daughter was returned to her.

Ceres' self imposed exile from the divinities made the Earth sterile, so Zeus ordered Hades to return Persephone. But that was no longer possible. During her stay in the Underworld Persephone had eaten a pomegranate seed which linked her forever to Hades. A compromise was reached by which Ceres would return to Mount Olympus and Persephone would divide the year: half with her mother and the other half in the Underworld. This is why when Persephone leaves the Underworld to be with her mother the Earth blossoms, bringing Spring and Summer to the mortals as a sign of the joy of both deities. When time comes for Persephone to leave her mother for the Underworld, autumn and winter cover the Earth in sign of grieve."

For the trade we use Ceres as ruler of Corn. 

Good news! Jupiter moved on to the 23rd degree. Not a "killer" any more. 
Let's look at the markets: 
Asia is red, except AXJO and the NIKKEI are red. I sent yesterday alerts. 
HSCE: Swing traders are long above 11800, intraday will use the alert sent yesterday in the app, which was to raise stop to 12800- so they are now short below.

Europe is all green- but they are not open yet. 
CIT day for KLSE, NIFTY and the NIKKEI.

People who are under influence are: Trump, Sisy, King of Jordan, Ismail Haniya, Kersti Kaljulaid, Abe, Ivanka Trump. 
Yesterday a terrible event happened. A couple is divorcing... They fight. The man stabs the wife, kidnaps their 3 year old boy, kills him in his car, and commits suicide, by lying on the train lines. 

So what do we see in his natal- Solar- chart? He was 45 years old. The Sun and Venus are at 15 degrees, they point to a life event when at 45. ( 30+15). Then he has Venus, Mars Ceres ( see what I wrote above) in Scorpio. Loss, grief, when in Scorpio makes it's bearer a potential killer. - if other planets back it. It is a solar chart, with the Moon at 29 Sag- on teh Galactic Center, the last degree of a sign, going to extremes. Note, that his 5th house ( children) opens in Aries; ruler is Mars. 
Look here, what are the Directed and transit chart showing? Directed Mars- (knife on the Moon- family-- stabbing, murder), and transit Jupiter at 22^ just passed his Venus+Mars in Scorpio- it was a long argument, planning and execution. Moon at 22-23 also "helped". But the strongest affect had the 4 planets in Pisces, he just lost his mind. 
In the last 8 years 44 children were killed by family members, mostly by the fathers. How is it possible? The father is not pregnant, he does not have a bonding period of 9 months... He also doesn't give birth. So that special connection is not formed. The father usually steps back, once was no 1, now he is no. 2... Frustration, money issues, many reasons for this.. But in this chart, it was on the wall. 

BTC: reached target given... 10400- soon it'll go to the next step: 10800- 
Something that skipped my attention was the nomination, ON HIS BIRTHDAY! - to FED. Jerome Powell. Born Feb 4, 1953, on a Wednesday. Here is his Solar chart,  with the nominations dat in transit and Directed

His date adds up to 15/6, it is the card of the Devil.This doesn't mean he is THE devil... It is a weak card, that shows bad influences. His Sun is at 15 Aqua and its ruler, Uranus at 15 Cancer. - in detriment. weak... He has 5 planets and Ceres in air signs... Meaning, that his decisions are taken from the ratio and not from feelings. QUite detached. He has a weak Venus, in Aires, But, his strongest planet is Saturn,and that is exalted in LIbra.- thus balancing all other weaknesses. Pluto at 22*! Directed Saturn squares natal Venus- ruler of MC- career- so he got the job. 
Good luck to him for us all. 

February 26, 2018 Monday

We have a very powerful planetary position in the sky: Sun sextile Saturn. But, besides this, we have 4 planets in Pisces. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune ! Mercury and Neptune in Pisces dig up the dirt from the bottom of the ocean, and throw it straight to our faces. So just look around you, and see dirty news. Even conspiration and fake news. Nothing is as it is. We are being manipulated on all levels. Here in Israel we have some examples... I am sure if you read your local news, you'll find it there too. 
Jupiter, natural ruler of Sag. the sign of Justice, trines the Pisces stellium from Scorpio. The trine is a good, harmonious aspect, Scorpio, on the other hand, is the sting in your back. The Sun is the PM, which in 2 weeks will trine Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are conjunct! This is a minor cycle, but both are trined by this Jupiter. So this means, that MULTIPLE issues are triggered in everyones' chart. 
In trade: This means: false breakouts. 

Asia rallies. Time to send alerts.. See u later alligator. 
Today is a CIT day for CYRN, and Yansab.
We should see some news about : XI, Kim Jong Un, Macron, Hillary and Sara Netanyahu. 


February 25, 2018 Sunday. 

Nasa confirms that Earth has two Moons.

Today is the day of the Sun and the Moon. It's a CIT day for XLM, Maaden, and Nifty. I just sent my forecast to subscribers.. will it go up or down... Interesting. 

The sky is quiet this week, only the Moon moves. 
During the night the BTC fell , I also sent the report out, yesterday. If you want to know where is it heading, subscribe.. 
Here is a good site to follow and compare the Cryptos.

February 24, 2018 Saturday

Some beautiful pictures here: yesterday we had the Moon occult Aldebaran. occultation is like an eclipse, but to another planet, or fixed star. Aldebaran is at 10 Gemini. The Moon has already moved on, she moves quickly, therefore its effects are minor. 

 I wrote on the 22nd, that I felt like a zombie... Now the reason for it is here. I posted on FB, and many answered that they too. Then this video circulated: cars in China started to fly... Then a friend messaged me, that the Geo magnetic pole of the Earth is moving. This can cause climate changes, and God knows what else. 

Now sit down, and listen to this video. Don't judge, just listen. Remember, when Columbus first landed on the shores of the US, the Indians, did not see the ships, because their brain could not apprehend what they see. Are we now in the same position? What our brain doesn't understand, it does not see? There are thousands of questions to ask... But as a beginning, just listen. I brought this up, because of the occultation of Aldebaran, and because I wrote many times in the past, that 2018 will be the year of encounter. 

Have a nice weekend. 


February 23, 2018 Friday

I post on FB some thoughts and charts. People react there. Here I feel I am talking to myself. 
So here is what I posted on FB yesterday: 

Here is a thought...
If I am house 1, than things that I don't see coming, or can undermine me, or can harm me, or is my Achilles heel, is house 12.
SO if I have a Sag. Sun, and I make a solar chart, anyone born in Scorpio, is that house 12 for me. Same with every sign. So an Aries should look out from a Pisces, a Taurus from an Aries, A Leo from a Cancer, etc.
Now take couples you know, who is endangering whom?
I have a very good example, but I need to be careful. You'll understand.
WHat do you think of my theory ?

For example: Bibi and Sara. He is a Sag. rising and she has a Scorpio Sun. The real problem is she, she has on him stuff that he is terrified from her or by her. Even if I use the SUn ; Bibi a LIbra and she a Scorpio- so he is threatening her. You see how these two people are interlocked? They can't go with  and can't go without.. Karma.. 
Look at Trump- Gemini - and his wife- Taurus- oh! when that Taurus will decide to kick!... Look at Bill Clinton and Monica, she is 0 Leo, he is 24 Leo, so she is behind him- by planetary positions,and didn't he almost fall because of her? Well, the one to blame was him, 27 years younger!! whhhhaaat.... in any case, "cherchez la femme. ". 
Another example : Bibi is a Sag rising, and who turned state witness against him ??? a Taurus. Even his LIbra Sun is 150 to that Taurus... Scroll down to former post... Now you'll say, but they are not conjunct signs... yes, but the other rule to" who can harm you", is your 5th and 8th house, so Taurus is the 5th from Sag. and Cancer is the 8th. 
Or look at Prince Charles and Diana: He with a SUn in Scorpio, at 22 degrees- killl or get killed. She with a Sin at 9 Cancer. the Suns are 150^ -disharmonic aspect.  Look at her chart! His Uranus in in her 12th. Must I say more? 
Now here is a very interesting combination: Assad and Putin. Who endangers whom? Apparently Assad's Virgo stellium is in Putin's 12 house. BUT I shake my head with disbelief... is the tail swinging the dog? and then I see Putin's PLUTO, the sting of the Scorpio, at the back of Assad's Virgo stellium! 

This is working not only between people but also person and share. If I am an Aquarius, I should watch it trading the BTC, a Capricorn ( it's my 12th house). 
Also looking at the BTC chart, planets moving into Gemini and Leo will shake it.. 
For the sake of example I moved the BTC chart and made a Solar chart. So with the Sun in CAP- it should be in danger with planets in Sag, Taurus and Leo. Remember, Uranus enters Taurus in May. It was there only 84 years ago, so we don't know how will BTC react, which has no past, only 9 years.. But it's a thought...
So what is happening in the BTC? In my alerts I wrote to go short below 11000. It topped on 2/21- at 11800, and today bottomed at 9500. Lower stop to 10000. I don't think the fall is over. 
During these two days the Moon was in Taurus- 120^ to BTC's Sun- by sign- now it moved to Gemini. A reversal is possible in this sign! so be careful... but not before it'll make a new low, I think to 9000. 

So what's in for today? It's a day ruled by Venus and Mars... Oh, that's a swing... and with the Moon in Gemini, will add to it. 
CIT for today: IBEX, WIG20, ETH. 
ETH: 60 MIN: lOWER STOP TO 837- Long above it- to 944- the test will be there. 

People affected, or in the news: Anna Bligh, Netanyahu, Hassan Rouhani, Jimmy Carter, Jaroslav Kaczynski, Khaled Meshaal, Pippa Middleton, Stalin, Al Thani ( Qatar), Rex Tillerson.

February 22, 2018 Thursday

The sky today shows a Taurus Moon in opposition Jupiter-this can bring to extremes today. See also the stellium in Pisces. Today we are under Jupiter and Saturn energies. Jupiter is not always good and Saturn is not always bad. It all depends in which sign they are, and what aspects they receive or send to other planets. 

The BTC: fell yesterday to 10200- and reversed...Really only for strong nerves.. 
The S&P fell below 2700... 

Don't you feel like a zombie today?? Can't concentrate? Too many planets in Pisces... ~~

Night thoughts: 
Looking at the USA chart, no matter which hour, I see a Mars at 20 Gemini. I can translate that to fire/guns/killin in schools. 
Now adding to the USA chart the eclipse of Feb.26,2017, eclipse MArs is in sextile-approaching- to US MArs. Looking at the next eclipse Aug 21,17, ecl.Mar is 60* to USA MArs, this time separating. Checking Feb 15,18 eclipse , ecl.MArs is now 150 to USA SUn- disharmony with the President. Ecl. MArs is in SAG- new laws will be passed, regarding guns. IMHO.

February 21, 2018 Wednesday

Today morning at 00:21 the BTC topped at 11800 and fell. See, I wrote yesterday, that it should go above 11900... It didn't , So what happened? Nothing happens under one single event. At that moment we had several events: Sky:

I sold yesterday, not at the top, but since I was not next to the computer, I just cashed out, and put in a buy at a much lower level. Still waiting.. I might lower the order. 

Where are now the planets? See the list of yesterday, the Moon is Taurus.It is exalted ~lazy~ in this sign, and departing from the Sun. 

Today is a CIT day for the DAX, Gold, AEX, Ltc,BTC, Soya. 

I sent a lot of alerts, so now off to the gym. Take care.. 
Not only Mitt Romney got eclipsed. Shlomo Filber, Netanyahu's 20 year friend, the minister of communication, turned to state witness. COuld he help it? No. He was eclipsed by the last Moon eclipse. 

The chart above is a SOlar chart. The Eclipse triggered his MC, and eclipse Mercury was just about to enter the house of justice and law! A signal for the future. The eclipse occurred on Jan 31st, and he was arrested yesterday, with 6 other "big-shots". 
But, Netanyahu waved off AGAIN all charges, seems that like any other " teflon" people- I mean with a stellium in LIbra, is not touched by the events. People fall around him, he stands up. Still. Incredible. I am not for or against him, but I admire his resilience,  power to stand. 

Another person on the stage is Nir Hefetz: Netanyahu's media advisor. SOlar chart, no time of birth, See how transit Uranus triggered his Directed MC! 

But, with all these people falling around him the one we should look at is Sara. 

But let me draw you a scenario...What we hear lately in the news is, that the palestinians are giving up to a 2 state arrangement, and now they want to become Israeli  citizens; with equal rights and everything. Abu Mazen, Said Ariquat both talked about it. Annecting land is under talks, and absorbing them into Israel. Bibi was talking with Trump about this, and later denied. If so, in 30-40 years the arabs will outnumber jewish residents, and the outcome is clear. Just like the muslim infiltration to Europe- which is already doomed, will happen here. Uranus enters Taurus. Uranus is revolution, something unprecedented, and unforeseen. Taurus stand for lands. This happens in May 2018. So if these talks will come alive and happen, all the issues against Bibi will be dropped, because he brought peace. This will be really incredible. 
On the other hand, looking at Abu Mazen's chart, as you see, he too was "eclipted". And he is 82.86 years old, and very sick. Transit Uranus will conjunct his natal Uranus- that is rare to survive. Directed Uranus is on natal Pluto! VERY bad aspect. 
Bibi has Directed Pluto on his Sun- which is there to stay... Very difficult aspect! Transit Uranus is in opposition his LIbra stellium, and his Mars was eclipsed on Feb 15th. Again , I don't know how is he still standing and smiling. 

February 20, 2018 Tuesday

Neptune is Pisces also points to oil. Neptune is in Pisces since march 2012. However, what happened yesterday only, and not in 2012? A big gas contract was signed with Egypt. As a consequence all the related shares jumped 
So what happened yesterday, specifically, that made it possible? Mercury came into conjunction to the Sun, and they are in Pisces together with venus and Neptune. Usually oil and gas shares rally when the markets falls/ corrects. Well, now both are rallying. Which will blink first? Don't forget, Mercury in Pisces is fake news! and as they ran up, so can they fall. 

OK. The Bitcoin made a nice rally yesterday, it completes 5500 points from the low- on Feb 6th. Should go now above Jan.19-29 tops then it consolidated between 10200- 11900. Technically it makes a V pattern. 
here is an interesting pattern to follow: ADA- Cardano- consolidates for 13 days! 

Gold: if you have my app. Aren't you happy now?? It dropped with a gap! And we are short since last week!... 
Today it's a CIT day for AORD, DAX futures, HSI. 
hsi: is above both MA's 50, 200:

NIFTY: Trades between them: 
The emotions of the VIX are behind us... or aren"t?? Technically it is above the MA's so for a long term trader, stop is 14. 


I wish happy birthday to Ivana Trump, she's 69 today. 
News in the sky today:: The Moon is in Aries.- conjuncts Uranus soon. Aspects for intraday trades: GMT;00:00 

20.02.2018  3:46:53 20°23'23"Ari Square Pluto
20.02.2018 13:11:18 25°33'57"Ari Conjunction Uranus
20.02.2018 21:11:39  0°00'00"Tau <<<
21.02.2018  1:16:11  2°16'04"Tau Sextile Sun
21.02.2018  7:12:14  5°34'55"Tau Sextile Mercury
21.02.2018  9:13:42  6°42'58"Tau Trine Saturn
21.02.2018 21:19:10 13°31'32"Tau Sextile Neptune
21.02.2018 21:22:51 13°33'37"Tau Sextile Venus
Note, that after the conjunction she'll be VOID of course till entering Taurus. 

So, do you have my weekly forecasts? Sign up now to know what's coming! 

I really hate to scare people, but I wrote in the past, that I am most afraid of the Yellowstone volcano eruption... And now this. 

Mitt Romney: I wrote about him, that he'll be in the news, on Jan 29th 2018,among the people who were hit by the Lunar eclipse at 11 Leo. I also mentioned him under people with Venus in Aquarius, on Feb. 18. He was endorsed to Utah senate seat. News from wall street journal/ 

I also wrote about Sylvester Stallone. Someone posted that he is dead. How bad people can be? He tweeted, that he's OK...

Have you heard of the pattern : " The dogs of Baskerville?" Yes, it's from a Sherlock Holmes movie... what it means, happened in the Lite coin. 


February 19, 2018 Monday

We have a major energetical turn in the sky today. The SUN moved to PISCES.

It followed Mercury, which is in detriment (weak) in this sign. Mercury in Pisces is worse than Mercury retro. Things spoken are not understood as they were, but with a subjective addition to it. Vulnerability is its middle name. Blurred and foggy. Yesterday 3 soldiers who were mending a fence to keep out people of a mine field, drove on one. Injured. That's Mercury in Pisces. AND conjunct the SUN. Misinformation of knowledge. Also Mercury will bring out more fake news.
Yesterday the alarms and sirens were shrieking again, triggered by missiles shot from GAZA. It went ashtray, no harm.
I hope my English is understandable.. LOL... So to go ashtray and be diffused is Neptune- ruling Pisces- so once the Sun and Mercury are here, this is what happens.
Mercury rules transportation, so today part of the train lines are not working, huge traffic jam all over.. The Sun and Mercury join Venus and Neptune already in Pisces. 
But, the good side of it, is it rules Pharma... and we saw that Warren Buffett bought shares of TEVA. How would this help today? I don't think that the jump will continue. 
Here is the weekly chart: Fell exactly 120 weeks, from 67 to 10. Now it should go above 38-40 in order to be a stronger long. Yeah, if you are Warren Buffett, you can buy the dip, because how far down can it fall? Will it disappear? no after all, it is a huge company. But the fame of Copaxone is over. They'll have to come up with some serious new medicine in order to rally again. 
So, technically speaking, I don't think there is any longs till October... In any case, as long as it is above 20- it's a keeper. Then you can afford to lose till 10? Be my guest. 
Here is a forecast from TS: 
Sign up for the yearly overview.. 

People and events with the SUn in Pisces: Antonio Vivaldi, Handel, G. Washington, J.Madison, A.Jackson, Victor Hugo, Alexander graham Bell, France, the II Republic, The French revolution, Albert Einstein, Robert Mugabe, Gloria Vanderbilt, Jerry Lewis, Ariel Sharon, Rupert Murdoch, E.M.Kennedy, Elisabeth Taylor, Banks closed, gold confiscation (Mar.4.1933), Michael Caine, George Harrison, Beni Begin, Yaakov Peri, Liza Minnelli, Mitt Romney, Glenn Close, Gordon Brown, Amir Peretz, Harvey Weinstein, Erdogan, S&P! , Prince Andrew, Kurt Cobain, Avi Gabbay, Haim Revivo, Reince Priebus, Nasdaq topped on 3.20,2000,  Barron Trump, Market low 3/6/2009, war in Syria 3/15/2011; Knesseth 19- 3/18/2013, etc.. 

People who have Sun, Mercury and Venus is Pisces, from my data base are much less: Nicolaus Copernicus ( Sun + Merc) , Gaby Ashkenazi, Erdogan, Kurt Cobain, Avi Gabbay and the 19th Knesset. 

It will be interesting to watch these, during the month. Don't forget, that the last Sol. eclipse occurred in Aquarius, which is the 12th sign for Pisces, a hidden house, so anything happening to all these people will be karmic,fated, they will not see it coming. 


So what else is happening in the sky? Jupiter is at 22 Scorpio- that is a bad degree, but this is no news... Looking at the midpoint table: I highlighted the important and lasting ones... D- is the asteroid Damocles. 

I use it sometimes. For example, yesterday a poor lady, 52 years old, died when Damocles was exact on her Sun! a construction crane crashed on her car! How freaking that can be??? One in a trillion for that to happen! But, it was karma for her. 
here is her chart, may she rest in peace! Born on FEB.10, 1965- she was after her birthday, by 8 days, most vulnerable time in life! Jupiter, the great benefactor- instead of helping, from the 22 degrees- the killer degree- in opposition natal Jupiter- took her life. Mars is the one to blame for sudden and deaths, also Uranus- unavoidable events! So transit Mars at 13- sextile Natal Mercury, and transit Uranus 150 to natal Mars!  And to close all the corners, Damocles on the Sun. 
Today it's a CIT for CAC, TA35. 
Presidents' day today, no trade.. So markets will be slow, waiting for GODO. 
So I preparing my breakfast and it occurs to me, that the best word for Mercury in Pisces is BLUFFING. 
So in what area in your life you are bluffing? Is it in your 7th house or marriage? is it on your Ascendant ! OH my !!! I hope it's not on your MC- career!!
Check your charts, see where is Pisces? in that area you are bluffing. 
In the Chinese astrology we just entered the year of the DOG
BTC: is rising, but not so the volume!

February 18, 2018 Sunday 

Market is almost closing. We are now at 1498.69- 0.69 higher than today's high... The Moon entered Aries. As powerful as it may be here, for SOME indices it signals for a turn. I wrote SOME, because each index has its own first trade date, and as people are different, act different and feel different, so are the shares. In a mundane chart, I would look out for fights, accidents, crashes,= as the Moon moves towards Uranus. - at 25 Aries. 

Besides us, the Cryptos trade today. If we trade the Bitcoin, we have to be prepared for big corrections. Here is a graph I posted on Dec.23, 2017 

We see the corrections it made: 41%, 40%, 32%, 46%. - I should update this, since we already saw 6000... But what I want to say is, if you cannot be in this volatile market, don't be. If you go to coinmarketcap, you can see which crypto is based on BTC, or ETH  or other. So if BTC falls, these will fall too. and vice versa. One MUST know technical analysis, at least, if not astrology, to know what he/she sees when looking at a graph. 
I teach that.. 
The other important thing to check when one trades a Crypto, is HOW MANY COINS are there in the market? How fast are the mined? The more, it's worse... price will never rally. 
I have many small ones, and I wish I knew all this when I bought them.. 
Example: Stellar- XLM - volume is fading out... current supply is 18 billion, Max supply is 100. SO there will be more of these.. probably its price will fall. Start date is listed 19 July 2013.
SO I will make all the math and analysis, and astro I can, to keep above water. But if it goes below my buy, I don't care who says what and why... I just drop it. there are thousand others to ride. Most important thing, not to fall in love with any share or crypto. 

Astrology is a million time more difficult, so at least, one should know technical analysis, and some math.. 
With all that, don't you think I don't lose sometimes, or I am not wrong sometimes.... Oh yes, I am... and I try to learn from the mistakes, or from the aspects not taken in consideration. 
In the alerts I am giving in the app, all are based on planetary cycles, a system, I learned, and added to it, and made it special. So, sticking to the stops, it is almost impossible to lose. Self discipline is the name of the game. 


  1. gaby,
    Good morning, i am sure you must have Read about TEVA; Warren buffett is buying it
    do you think worst is over for teva now or it is just a blip

    1. Hello Vicky
      Yes I read the buy. I think it's only a blip. Made a long term forecast for Teva, and it shows an up move only in October. But, forecasts aside, we cannot argue with facts. Teva bottomed on Nov 2,17 and 71 days later topped. So the 72 days' cycle will work for it. Next: March 22. It is a long above 20

  2. Gabby, how are you?? it is late afternoon in Desert Arizona and really cold though for a change !! Are you enjoying swimming with Grand kids??
    did you see TREE was Hammered today
    few weeks back ANET was hammered?? and before that STMP went thro' same
    is there any thing common in these 3 stocks
    please write if you can as i always trust your explanations and always wake up early to read yours blog
    with many many many thanks,

    1. Hi VIcky,
      Now that you say, I checked TREE. here is the graph. I think I sent you an alert on it. So I hope all is good.
      ANET topped at 311, and now
      STMP : I don't see anything in common with the others... Although this is a crazy one
      Are you trading these, in that cold desert? I guess the andrenalin keeps you warm... LOL.

  3. Gaby, keep up the amazing work. Love your analysis of the cryptocurrencies and of mundane events. There really is not another site out there that offers such comprehensive astrological research, and certainly not with the accuracy of your market price predictions on this blog and in the Alerts. Love the TimingSolution charts that prove more often that not that planetary motion is a predictor of price action. Any non-beleivers in astrology must be reading with their eyes closed. I have a few questions for you:
    1) how are you coming up with birth times for non-famous people such as the lady struck by the construction crane (eg 6.30AM).
    2) when you cashout of BTC are putting into ETH/other crypto or into USD.
    3)can you please post your facebook to this site since not everyone is/can/wants to be on facebook
    Just to finish for now, your house theory is uncannily accurate. It explains my marriage a lot.
    Regards, Astrotrader16.7

    1. Oh, how nice to meet you and know that you like my blog, and take good advantage of my alerts. I would be really happy if I knew your real name. I am so open to the world, I would expect openness to me2, in private if you wish.
      TO your questions:
      1) I have my sources, cannot reveal them here.
      2) usd
      3) what do you mean? to post my facebook to this site? Usually I copy paste what I write there to here and vica versa.
      4) LOL.

      Best regards,

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks Gaby. Didn’t the 16.7 give it away? I am a new student of yours who is adding to well established technical analysis skills. I’m not able to reveal my name since I manage a very large interest rate derivatives book.

  5. Gabby, As i mentioned previously at my age i spend most of my time taking care of 3 Grandchildren. taking them to school in 3 different directions and bringing them back and then doing some work before they come home; takes most of my and my wife's time
    my trading days are over,living on Great social security which pays for diabetes and cholesterol medications and some milk and eletricity bills so we keep ourselves quite liquid. but i see and read about all these high flying stocks like TESLA and burning investor's money and becoming billionare like elon musk not me though. i don't need that Adrenaline shots in my system because it makes my heart runaway and don't need that
    but i like to read your blog and explanations that is why i wrote to you
    God bless !!!!

  6. I was quite pissed off by Elon Musk. Why on Earth he needs to send his car to space? Aren't there enough poor and sick to care for them on Earth? What a waist of money!
    The best part of the day is , for me too, when I am with my grandchildren! They are still very young, 3.5, 1.6. Both go to swimming lessons.
    And exercise does good for diabetes, walk walk! better than medicine.
    God bless! Keep up reading :)


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