New Moon in Pisces, March 17- April 16, 2018 Financial Astrology

The new moon is indicative of rank and power, of kingly and despotic dispositions, "             Vettius Valens

New Moon chart for March and April 2018

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The New Moon occurred at 26Pisc.53, for Israel, in the 8th house of transformation, life and death, sex and others money. Events to come will be connected to these issues. But not only. Mars is at the 29th degree, and OOB!!!, ready to enter Capricorn, where it is very strong. On the New Moon it trines Uranus, in the 9th, house of law and foreign issues. (Netanyahu's interrogations by the police is still an ongoing fact, and with Uranus staying in the 9th house for very long, these issues will not end or solved either). Saturn is at 8th degree, on a destructive fixed star, Facies, approaching Pluto, that will not happen this year, but as the proverb says, the route is important not the final point. Before Saturn to meet Pluto, Mars will meet Saturn. -see my weekly reports- finally, Neptune, oh, Neptune, the big illusion, in the 7th house of partnerships, dissolving them. Neptune is solitary, aspectless, and that is worse than when aspected. 
During the Lunar month Mercury will turn retro in Aries, Mars will move to 16 Cap., Jupiter moves back 2 degrees in its retro movement, SATURN will turn stationary, preparing to turn Retro as well, the rest will not move much. However, Uranus will sextile the Feb.15,2018  eclipse degree, and trine the Aug.21,2017 eclipse degree. 
What all the above means for people or countries, that, of course depends on your own data.

Important aspects of the month: 
Planetary aspects during the New Moon
                                       Aspect Exact gmt +2
Mercury          120 Node              16.03.2018 23:37
Sun               90 Center of Galaxy  17.03.2018 20:21
Sun                0 Chiron            19.03.2018  1:15
Mercury            0 Venus             20.03.2018  6:03
Uranus           120 Vesta             22.03.2018  6:58
Center of Galaxy   0 Vesta             22.03.2018 18:40
Venus             90 Pluto            24.03.2018  1:17
Sun               90 Mars              24.03.2018 18:08
Uranus           120 Center of Galaxy  25.03.2018  1:53
Venus            150 Jupiter         25.03.2018 11:08
Venus            120 Center of Galaxy  28.03.2018 22:31
Vesta             90 Chiron          28.03.2018 22:45
Venus              0 Uranus          29.03.2018  2:47
Sun               90 Saturn            29.03.2018 16:16
Mars              45 Jupiter           31.03.2018  1:45
Venus             45 Neptune        31.03.2018  5:15
Sun                0 Mercury            1.04.2018 19:53
Mars               0 Saturn             2.04.2018 17:45
Sun              120 Node               2.04.2018 22:15
Mercury           90 Mars             4.04.2018  9:05
Mercury           90 Saturn           5.04.2018 10:22
Venus            120 Saturn            7.04.2018 15:36
Sun               90 Pluto            11.04.2018  6:54
Venus            120 Mars          11.04.2018  8:02
Sun              150 Jupiter         11.04.2018 14:15
Jupiter           60 Pluto           14.04.2018 12:00

I picked the major aspects, but there are hundreds more every day.

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April 16, 2018 Monday.

It is time to move to the new article, The New Moon in Aries, 2018.
Thanks for being here. Thanks for all your feedbacks this month! 
Asia is already trading, and red! Time to turn the page. 


April 15, 2018 Sunday
I would like to show you around in the blog, to know where is what: 
If you scroll down on the first page, you will also see "former posts" and "Like button". There are still stuff I am fixing. I gave the work to a company, I am waiting for their answer. 

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Do you think I should add/ or change anything? Let me know.. I am working on graphics still... to put some color on the page. 

Thank you for answering to my question about dividing the blog to Financial and Mundane astrology. I will keep it as it is.
We have market today, as other middle east countries have, so let me see what's up. 
The sky today: 
We are before the New Moon. The Moon is at 13 Aries, joined Mercury, the Sun and Uranus in this sign. Aries is a fire element so the New Moon tomorrow will be here. the Moon is at Venus-Neptune midpoint. Squares Mars  more fights and blasts to come. Those who live in peaceful places on Earth, watch out of quarrels with friends and relatives... Moon-Mars square just brings that. 
Planetary positions April 15

TA35: closed at 1461; has been rallying since April 4th from 1387.

The Cryptos also trade today. I read on twitter, that people think BTC will hit 25000 in 1-2 years, and 250000 in 2022. Well.... Let's meet here then. Meanwhile as long as it stays above 7000 we are holding. It is different if you are a trader, or an investor. The letter tells you, that you bought a share at X price, it fell, you didn't sell in time, or "believed" in the share, or " oh I love this share".. how many times I hear that??!! - the share fell and now you are stuck. So you are now  an investor in the company, and wait 5-10-20 years to get back to the price you bought. It is very difficult to be disciplined in the trade. One must be a robot almost. 

Will send some alerts now on the app. See you later. 


US attacked Syria

April 14, 2018 Saturday 
This morning, at 4 am the US attacked Syria. The chart of the event is extremely interesting! The Moon is on the worst fixed stars of Pisces- Scheat, ON THE ASCENDANT.- conjunct Chiron and in opposition the Vertex. The Ascendant is at 27 Pisces, a mutable sign, Mercury is retro and Saturn is stationary. All these point to a very versatile position. First, it happened AFTER the markets closed, so it did not affect the markets. Second, it is reversible... Mercury is also stationary- at 4 Aries, just about to turn Direct. So let's remember these planetary positions, for another attack or escalation when they'll hit the same degrees again. A good thing is, that it happened BEFORE the New Moon, so it will be over soon. 
However, Mars will turn retro and that brought wars for Israel. So we are in front of a long hot summer again.. Note that the Moon was VOC in the time of the attack.

Planetary positions for April 14 US attack on Syria

OK. over here the weather is nice, and I am working on the weekly forecasts. Hope to reach the beach later... 

Before I dive into work, I have a question. 
Would you prefer to have a new, different blog on world issues, under the name Mundane astrology and to keep this one ONLY to market related issues?? 
Or should I continue posting both, since I think that markets are very much related to mundane events, and one cannot be separated from the other? 


April 13, 2018 Friday 

Friday the 13th... Superstitious people will take this day seriously.. It is also a CIT day for S&P and AXJO DOW, Dax fut, Nasdaq, Nyse, Gold fut, Corn, Ripple, BCH.
I sent alerts for all of them on the 10th or 11th.  

The sirens did not howl in the night, so I guess the USA did not attack yet. I don't see what good it would do to attack Syria. They have to replace Assad, who gave the orders for the gas attack. IF he did. I heard yesterday, that he didn't. Who is there to replace him? On jan 30th 2017 I wrote that when he had a stroke the Russians brought in a new puppet, General manas Tlass. I asked for his data. No one answered.

What else is new? 
China's trade balance came out really bad! 30 Billion minus! 
China's trade balance Minus 30 Billion

Graph of USD Yuan

Groups that rallied this week: 
Groups that rallied this week

Here is a new name to get used to in the news: Martin Selmayr, nicknamed by his colleagues "the monster".
Born December 5, 1970- in office as of March 1, 2018- one of the most powerful persons in the EU. 
martin Selmayr natal chart with march 1 transits
Among many tasks, he will confront Theresa May in Brexit talks... 
April 9 and 10th Mark Zuckerberg sold another 50 million shares of FB! 

If you thought that deleting your FB account will save you and your personal details, you are wrong! FB owns Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatt's up- all the social media. Actually, Mark Zuckerberg owns the world... I will not be surprised if one day he will run for Presidency. The population of the USA is only 327 million (2017) and now he has the data of all the people online: These numbers are from a post from a group I am member: 

Zuckerberg rules the world going by this data ... ie people in countries 
and people online.
Facebook, 1860000000
China, 1373000000
India, 1266000000
WhatsApp, 1200000000
Instagram, 600000000
USA, 324000000
Twitter, 317000000
Snapchat, 301000000
Indonesia, 258000000
Brazil, 205000000
Pakistan, 201000000
Nigeria, 186000000
Bangladesh, 156000000
Russia, 142000000
Japan, 126000000
LinkedIn, 106000000
Facebook owned media,3660000000

The sky today: The Moon is in Pisces, war winds calmed down. But, they will lift again when the Moon enters Aries, and more, when it conjuncts Uranus! April 15-16. 
Planetary positions April 13

and the Geodetic chart: no war! In the local Horizon chart we see Mars ~war~ Conjunct Saturn~ the responsible adult~. 
Geodetic chart for the area.
This is the first time I look at the Local Horizon chart... You see? I learn something also, every day.. I'll have to make now a research how did it show former wars.

April 12, 2018 Thursday

I listened to the hearing of Mark Zuckerberg yesterday. I must say I was impressed. To be able to answer so many questions, sometimes not the most bright ones... with so much patience and clarity it's not a small thing. On the other hand, there were some questions, he did not have an answer for it. The share rose to 167$ during the session. Mind you, it's top was 195 and my future analysis shows a drop in the future. The graph I posted on 3/22- shows, that till 186 it is still in a declining channel. The first trade chart of FB, May 18, 2012 has a Moon at 2 Taurus. Uranus will be conjunct in may- so then watch for a surprize move in the share. Besides the Moon it has a stellium in taurus, each planet will be hit by transit Uranus in the next 7 years. 
it's interesting, that Mark has a stellium in Scorpio, and FB one in Taurus! As if his product is his partner but also his enemy.... Wow... I see this for the first time.. The more we look at a chart, we find new things.. LOL... 
How can we see that he is so clever, he was a child prodigy. First we look at his Ascendant- Virgo! Clever. Mercury is at 29* Aries- clever- has the spark of innovator. and he gave birth to something new in the world... and it is far from the SUN!  The Moon is conjunct Mars in Scorpio- a researcher. Uranus, the genius is in SAG. boundless imagination. So there you are, a recipe for a genius!
People who use FB should first learn it and use it afterwards. Or don't upload stuff you don't want others to see. Keep your kids off it. Well, anyway, as I heard, kids use instagram. 

So let's see how did the markets yesterday? 

The Gold pushed up to 1368. As I wrote before, it should go above 1380 for a rally. Then it fell back. Hope you took the ride! I sent alert for it. 

The OIL too- brought nice gains. 

With the Moon moving out of Aquarius, we saw the Indices correct. Now it is at 5 Pisces. The rest of the aspects are still there. 

We have memorial day today, it is so quiet outside, one can hear the flys.
We open under a negative arbitrage.
I am off to pilates lesson... ohhh. why so early??? 
See you later. 
9:50 am  I am back. I see the world is still standing.. Flights were cancelled to keep the sky clean... All are tensed before a possible? ( remember Neptune?) strike. 
Our market opened green ! Ha! With a negative arbitrage?! 
OK- we never argue facts, but follow. 
Sent new updates for several indices! 
Today  we are under Martian effect, it is a turning day for the IBEX, WIG20 and Ethereum. 
We should also search the news for Al Thani ( Qatar ); Jimmy Carter, Hassan ROuhani, Rex Tillerson. I wonder where is he now... 
Let's see Trump's chart. What is happening there? 
Till now I didn't see, that he, like Zuckerberg, has ZEUS on his Ascendant! I added also Hades- at 25 Aries and Kronos- the timekeeper, is at 20 Taurus. 
He is 71.93 years old, will be 72 in June. So age wise, he will be on Zeus- on his birthday! Zeus, if somebody doesn't know, was the God of Gods and the God of the skies.
His Sun is at 22Gemini56 , that gives him a volatile personality, but problems come along, since the degree is not the best one would wish for.  Moon in Sag. adds to his broad views in business and popularity. well, with some.. I don't want to get into political arguments here. Say, if you think otherwise. Mercury is far from the Sun, just like in M.Z. chart, but in his case, Mercury is in Cancer, air in water is weak. Venus in Cancer, Mars at 26 Leo- here is the fighter! 26 degree is a Taurus degree, will add all Taurian attributes to him. I guess, when he gets furious he will eat and a lot
Jupiter, ruler of the 5th- flirts and romances is strong being stationary in Libra. It is in the 3rd- short term relationships. Chiron is conjunct Jupiter, at 14*.
Saturn in Cancer builds his Cancer stellium... this is interesting! In spite of a lot of fire in his chart, he has a lot of water- that works against him...Inner fights and water wins. Will that make him soft? No, not at all... Think of the drop of water that falls on your bald head for a long long time. You can die of it... The same here. He will make those drops keep falling, till you give in. Or get out. 
Uranus is at 17 Gemini. He can make quick- and in others' eyes, irrational decisions.
Neptune is stationary retro at 5 Libra51.
Finally Pluto is at 10 Leo, in his 12th house. the 10th degree is a Capricorn degree- giving him an enormous power, hidden in the 12th! 
Trump natal chart

So now let's see where have the planets moved, at the age of 71.83? 
His Ascendant now is at 11 Scorpio. A very difficult degree. Uranus! the planet that rules his date is at 29Leo43, in the 10th house of career- we remember, that this is his Ascendant, and the fortunate Fixed star Regulus is there. The Feb.15th Solar eclipse was at 27 Aquarius- so directed uranus in in opposition. The Moon is at 3 Pisces. Remember, that the directed chart doesn't move for 1 year! 
His enemies are shown by Venus. Venus rules his 12th, which among many stands for the FBI investigation ... So his main enemy is Mueller. But we also remember, that Putin has a stellium in LIbra! Netanyahu too.. so  do we get the picture? 
Trump Directed Chart

TIme Tunnel: dates to watch, take 3-4 days: April 18, May 19-22; June 18-22; July 26-28; Aug 15-19; Sept 28-30; oct 4-10; Nov. 17-23 ; Dec. 5-9; Jan 18-22-26 2019; March 7-9 March 13-15; Apr 2-5; May 9-12; June 8-24; July 22-28; Aug.10-14; Sept 23-Oct 1. etc. 
Here is his combined chart with transits: NOTE! CHIRON enters Aries- world wide- for him, it will be in the 8th house of transformation, life and death. Uranus will enter Taurus on May 16th  and retreat to Aries on August 6th- till Jan 19th 2019! WOW !!! 
Trump Directed and transit chart

Don't you want to know what will this move mean for you ?? Guard you belongings from thieves and hackers ! order now YOUR NATAL CHART READING! 
Futures rally, as the strike on Syria is now fading away, under Neptune.. 

I told you about CYRN!  on 4/9

Look here ! Mars reached Mercury and it is rising- and will be for the next few days ! 
Don't miss this article

April 11, 2018 Wednesday

A worrisome news opens today the day! The US is about to strike Syria. I don't have to say, that Russia will not stay silent. Is this a start for a war? 
Sky planetary positions for April 11
The sky is "ready". Sun 90 Pluto, Venus 120 Mars- at 13 degrees- an Aries degree.and the Moon, still in Aquarius, but at the 22 killer degree. 
The only thing that I question in this chart, is the sextiles from Venus and Mars to Neptune. When Neptune is there, we don't see the whole picture, we are in a manipulative surrounding, there is a lot of "mystery" and unsolved problems. On the other hand, there is also a gas-poisoning threat to Mars and Venus FROM Neptune! 
Meanwhile, I hear on the TV, that the US tries to make a wide coalition and OK from other western countries like the UK, France and Germany. China is neutral. 

Under this mist the markets rallied yesterday, as expected. FB, TWTR rallied... as the hearing of Zuckerberg was going on. He apologized and said "it will not happen again.".. Well... like a small child in the corner. It has already happened. WHAT will not happen again? 

The day is ruled by Saturn, and this is in Capricorn at 9 degrees, the number is ruled by Mars- again pointing to a war. 
Sky- Admatos at 29 Taurus on the Pleiades
ASIA: now.
Asia indices I send alerts for

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List of products

Nifty target given last week was 10450. Reached 10421
2:13 pm

As talks with allies to attack Syria go on, the US futures fall and the Gold is trying its luck.
Now at 1351. targeting 1360. 
Oil is running up too; Alert given on the 9th was to go long above 62.15- so a long was triggered above it. 
I will have to update the app.. 
Or better to sign up to the weekly forecast to see into the future. 
Crude Oil daily long term chart

CPI at 3:30! 
Crude oil inventories at 5:30
10 year bond at 8:00 pm 
Fed. Budget at 9:00 pm 

So Syria or not, a lot of volatility today!!! I would keep out of trading. You cannot beat the wide moves. 
I wrote many times about Assad. There are two times for him, both rectified. One by a Russian astrologer, Kopylov, which I use,that puts his Asc. at 3.22 Cap., the Moon at 24 Pisces in the 3rd house  his Virgo stellium in the 8th house of death... I still cannot grasp, how can a DOCTOR- as he is- kills his own people for more than 7 years! 
So, as per this timing; PREDICTION: March 2019 will be the end of his reign. Until then Time tunnel: April 16-19, 2018; May 15-20, 2018; June 19-23, November 29-Dec 1- jan.18-23, 2019; March 21-25. 
I made charts for all these dates, but the one on March 21, 2019 is really incredible! See his Moon at 24 Pisces, will be triggered by all the highlighted transit planets! It is really a unique planetary picture
Assad reign ends March 21, 2019- prediction

April 10, 2018 Tuesday

The markets are 95% green! Moon in Aquarius, delivers, this time! Nice.. The cryptos are falling... Now that Buffett, the Rothschilds, and Soros claimed that they are in- big time- Pumping the price down to buy cheaper... If anyone is in the cryptos, they are a keeper till 2020- 2024.. not a day trading stuff. Not that you can't... but the fees! 
It's 7:30 am , I already sent updates to the alerts for yesterday's list.
What's new? It was raining during the night. It will get colder. Now it's 15*. 
The Sun squares Pluto today, and is 150 to Jupiter. Volatility is on. Venus is 120 to Mars, and 90 to the Nodes. Mars is 150 to the North Node. All these affect the trade, and the price levels in the alerts are based upon them. 

On this day, in 1912 the Titanic sets sail from Southampton, England- her maiden and ONLY voyage- as we know. 

Mark Zuckerberg to testify before the congress tonight. will he sink as well? ALL facebook users data were hacked! and sold. 

I looked at his chart yesterday. there was no time of birth on, but Lauren Delsack, a fine astrologer, did a huge job rectifying his chart, and came up with 14:39- giving him a Virgo ascendant.

Here is his chart: He has 6 ! SIX!! Planets in retro....The ruler of his Ascendant and MC-career is Mercury, which is at 29 Aries- the extremes degree. He was a child prodigy. And if I add Uranian planets, He has ZEUS on his Ascendant! he thinks he is GOD. That's a pretty heave burden to carry, and a very high tree to fall from. 
Mark Zuckerberg natal and future charts
Ruler of his 8th house is Mars, and this turns to Stationary Direct at 32 years old, and turns Direct at 41 years. So between these ages he will face great difficulties. 
Directed Mercury is exactly at 33.5 years now, in the 9th house of law- pointing out the situation he is in. 

Long term chart: 
FB long term graph
Planetary support chart: 
FB Planetary supp chart

TImeTunnel: Jan. 2019,Aug 16, 2020, Oct 22, 2021, 21.Jan 2022,  Dec 8.2022, Oct 8,2024,
 Sept 24. 2029. 
5 important things to know before US markets open: 
Fed. announcements today: 
List of Fed. Announcements for today

EurDollar chart

April 9, 2018, Monday

Yesterday I was "called to the flag". My grandson had fever, and I had to be with him and at 4 to pick up the little one from pre-school. I was there till 8 in the evening. It is such a joy to be with them, I didn't feel the time passing.... But I did feel my bones when I came home. I took a long bath, and fell asleep really early. LOL... It is not in vain, that we have children when we are 30 and not 60.... 

So I don't even know what happened yesterday. 

Let me see...Oh... Our market ran up with 1.82%, trying to recover. Now it is supported by a weak Mercury and Ceres... Not much hope here, for a stabil continuation of yesterday's move. 
The Moon in Capricorn gave some stability yesterday, but look where is it now! 28 degrees, soon to enter Sag, and the "merry-go-round" will continue. Mercury is solitary, so it's energies are vasted. The Moon is approaching the Sun, and we have a whole week aspect between Jupiter- Pluto. 
Planetary positions for April 9
One of my share, a local share, ran up by 16%.. waw... Good choice. :) and NNDM-Nano, in which I have much faith, by 4.3%. 
The Cryptos traded yesterday too, let's see : these are the ones I follow. Most of them are a waste of time. Stick to BTC alone! 
Cryptos I follow
BTC: is falling since Dec. 15, 2017. Now as you can see in the chart below, is trying for a reversal... 
Bitcoin daily chart
The long term picture shows a possibility to go to 10000, if it stays above 6800. 
BTC long term graph

What will happen? That you can see in my weekly reports. Sign up now! Under "monthly products"  

I see the East rallies! 
Till Europe opens, let me see what happened in the world... 
Have you heard, that Africa is breaking up in two??? 
THe crack in Africa
The horror in Syria goes on. After a Putin-Erdogan-Rouhani meeting, obviously the winner was Putin, and he is now the sole "owner" of Syria. I heard in the news, that there was again a chemical attack yesterday, and more than 150 people died... 
have you heard about the FUSION ENERGY? it will replace- on the long run OIL! Then all the wars that are fought for it will end. People will want to reach Mars. What for?? Beats me! Anyway... this is the new trend now... All this is based on Uranus- Pluto energies. 
Bahrain to find a huge oil field! If they start producing, Oil priced will fall. Well, that will take a while, but since Bahrain has an army of 18200 people, it will be under attack soon. 
Bahrain in the world chart
Here is Bahrain's natal chart with future outlook: Uranus- teh revolutionary, brings the news... We have oil! more than the Saudis!... Uranus is on their Ascendant.. A revolution is expected. Uranus conjunct exactly natal Jupiter AND Neptune- planets signifying oil- in teh 2nd house- will bring riches to the country...But Mars will oppose Uranus in 8 years.. let's see if Bahrain will still be called Bahrain in 8 years. 
Bahrain natal chart and Future


Today we are under Venus effect. CIT for today: 
Aord, DAX fut, HSI ,PRG,Ta35

I should prepare my alerts now, so see you later! 
3:45 PM : ALL ALERTS sent in the morning.. 

There are some new cryptos "in the oven" that you should be aware of: They are linked to the Gold. I think the Gold is going down. Many think the opposite. Here is the long term chart: 
Gold long term graph
What do you think ? 

Follow the news on CYRN! 
CYRN daily chart from Yahoo
The Russian Ruble is losing ground! I ti heading towards 61 to 1 $. In 2016 it was at 85.8, then it fell but now, with all the trade war mess with China-USA, and Syria, it affects the ruble. Weekly chart: 
Ruble weekly chart
So, technically speaking, till 85.8 it is "just " ( Putinka will not like it) a correction. Above 86. it will be a disaster.
The US is shorting the Gold, in order to keep a strong Dollar. On the other hand, China and Russia are buying gold, to be on the safe side... as they say.. I don't get it.. noone can eat GOLD! or drink it.. We should look at the grains... 
Dollar index daily graph

April 7, 2018, Saturday

The blog was rearranged, remade, re everything... I hope you'll find it more clear and easy to handle. Pls. let me know what you think, and if anything is not working also! 

I am working now on the weekly forecasts.
Have a nice week end.

April 6, 2018 Friday.

The S&P arrived to the prives levels forecasted last week! I hope you are happy. We got a top at 2672, next at 2668; in the next report we shall analyze the next steps... Stay tuned!
Major moves are coming. Time to sign up. 

In the DAX report, in teh math ares 12306 target was given, in the planetary calculations 12310. See where did the DAX close? 

In the NIfty report target given was 10280-10410- now at 10380... 

For the Gold, alert sent on 4/3, was that it'll not go above 1348. It didn't. Short targets were given- all reached.  
Today we will get MORE volatility. US traders :CIT at 1 pm your time. (NY time). Europe traders watch out around 2:50 PM.  We don't have trade. It is so quiet outside ! Holiday.. 
Raise stops if you are gaining. You must be gaining, if you followed the alerts.. 

Today is a CIT for the EURO. Long only above 1.2250.
Euro dollar daily chart Stop at 1.2250
I see the June future contracts dropped. The alerts I am sending are for the spots. I cannot know what everyone is actually trading! 
This is what I see: USA
USA indices list for the alerts.
In any case, no matter what you trade! The alerts are based on planetary positions, so once you see your index broke that level, since you were supposed to have a short order ready- below the price given, your long was automatically closed, and you went short. 

We completed the facelifting of the blog. 
Let me knw what you think! 
It is Mobile friendly now too. 

April 5, 2018 Thursday
I am working on this blog, to make it look better, and fixing back ground problems. I started to write in 2009, it is a Google platform. SInce then Google didn't update it, or forgot to adjust it to modern tools. So I will have to hire someone who knows how to fix all these stuff.

I am also thinking of building or moving it to another platform... 

So, how are you today? Over here the weather is very nice. It is Passover week, so many are abroad, and the other half is at the beach or at the Kinnereth. So many nice places to visit in Israel! We have no trade today. Tomorrow, it's the second Seder, Pesach Eve, mainly for religious people, but, it's a holiday, so everything is closed till Sunday. April 18th - 19th we will also not have trade due to Holocaust and Independence day.

Today is a CIT day for Nifty and Maaden.
Nifty: ran above 10200- a stop I gave in the app. Now at 10273. Not a huge gain, but it is still a long.
Nifty Banks : Stop given was 24270- now 24472.
AXJO: is also above the given stop: 5757.
HSI: We gained in the shorts.
HSCE: short here too.

Europe: is green. 
USA: Will send new alerts. 
10:33 am. OK. Alerts sent, also for Crude oil, Gold, etc... If you are a new user of the app. scroll down see the explanation how you should use it!

What do you think of the new outfit of the blog platform? So far... 

Pls. note: IN The PAST I had a website under "" . I don't use it any more, or link to it or from it anything. It does not exist. For your information... 


April 4, 2018 Wednesday

I was babysitting yesterday, then I could not fall asleep, so I sent an alert on S&P , at 1:30 am... The outcome? I woke up at 9:00 and I am late for everything now.. I started to work on something when I got home, and I was so deep in it, I could not sleep... 
So quickly now, my pilates lesson starts in 30 min.... 

It is a day of Mercury, so volatility is on. Big time. Not only it is in retro, but also Combust, which means, that it is burnt out by the Sun. And it is slow.. So the worst qualities you looked for, you found it. 

The Moon is at 29^ last deg. of Scorpio, moves to Sag in a minute. 
The SUn and Moon are on fortunate fixed stars, but they move quickly. 
Jupiter, a slow one is on Unulkahai a bad star: 

Unukalhai (24 Alpha Serpentis m 2.65)

Keywords: Success followed by fall, suicide, insanity, accidents, success in war, politics, writing, problems in love, forgery, shipwreck, loss, earthquake

Effect: Unfortunate

Character: Saturn/ Mars
Neptune, at 15 Pisces is on a good one... So we will have a turn today, AGAIN, but not so drastic as a few days ago. 

CIT: for S&P , AXJO, DOW, Dax fut, Nasdaq, Nyse, Gold fut, Corn, Ripple, BCH.

April 3, 2018 Tuesday

Yesterday Netanyahu emerged with a decision not to deport thousands of migrants from Sudan and Eritrea. Today he flipped flopped, and retreated from his decision, after he received some angry mails from people on FB. Coalition party leader threatened that will leave the government. 

A turmoil. Is he losing his leadership? Is he this weak? Is he looking for headlines only? One thing is sure. He wants to stay put, on the CHAIR more and more and more... 
I told yesterday to a friend, another astrologer, with whom we discuss charts, that it seems to me a bloff. all his speech. He wants people to talk about something else than his police investigations. 

Let's look for any positive issues....

Today we are under Martian energies. Mars is at 9 Cap. Wow! We have a triple Martian energy. Not only the date, the day, but also the degree is ruled by Mars. 
Planets positions today
Mercury squares Mars, giving more power for any verbal fights. The Moon is in Scorpio, approaching Jupiter. 
I sent 4 alerts yesterday evening, when I saw the markets turn. In my weekly report I mentioned, that this week will be volatile, and one should pay attention more closely. 
let's see some indices: 
SSEA: Shanghai: long term: fell from the inclining trend line, heading to 2800. 
SSEA long term chart, support line broke.

Nifty: I sent alert yesterday to rasie stop to 10200. Below it it is again short. 

AXJO: We are short since 5900- no news here.. 

AEX: Targets given were 524-531. Now it is at 529, 2 more points to go... 

S&P: Sent alert yesterday to move stop  to 2559- hope you turned long! Now at 2581.

Gold: Sent alert yesterday, that it will turn at 1348! Now at 1342. 

Elon Musk tweeted 2 days ago, that TESLA is going bankrupt. It was an April 1 joke. Not everyone understood it right and the share fell by 5%. 

NFLX: turned on 3/9, from 331, and fell too yesterday by 5%- completent 18% in 17 days. 
FB: well, this is a black swan. Zuck. wants to launch a FB crypto. WHO WILL BUY IT???
I read that many people left FB, the young use Instagram, just to avoid their parents, who still use FB. 
I looked for Instagram share, now I know, that it is owned by FB, and its price is included in FB's price. It was a clever buy-in April 2012- for 1 billion! - as it turns out. 

Will send now more alerts... 

See you later. 
1:00 pm.  back from the gym, and sent all the alerts. Check them out! 

There was an interesting article today about a new cancer breakthrough. Liver cancer. This share is the one to watch : ICCM
The 70th Independence day is approaching, and it comes under a hard Sun-Uranus conjunction at 28 Aries. This is not a good sign. Moon is too at 28, and VENUS at 22* the kill or get kill degree. 
Planetary positions on the 70th Independence day, Israel.
I am afraid more clashes will happen with the palestinians, pushed by Hamas. last Friday there was 17 dead. 
This Friday they plan again something... Read Debka files. 

I also read, that one thousand people from Honduras started to march towards the USA, trying to go over the Mexican border, to see how will Trump react. 

Isn't it interesting, that Bibi and Trump face the same issues?  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I also read that Putin is in Ankara, meeting Erdogan and Rouhani. Erdogan looks good, in spite of his cancer rumors. What has not changed is his hatred. Transit Neptune is slowly leaving his Pisces stellium; for now, but it will be back! 
Erdogan with some future thoughts and dates. 
Erdogan natal chart with progressed and transit for today

April 2, 2018, Monday

It is the 92nd day of the year. Saturday was the 90th, but no trade, so the turn in the markets will either evaporate, till they open, or be minor. It is a day ruled by Saturn, and Mars just arrived to it, they are conjunct at 9 degrees. This event occurred only in January 1992.

The Moon is weak in Scorpio. We have Mercury and Jupiter in retro motion, and Saturn is slowing down before turning later this month. 
The S&P starts the week at 2633, the Nifty 10166 now, AXJO is the major loser with 5752, BTC is at 6900... 

People are on holiday, not many trade. 
On March 27th, in the night Netanyahu was rushed to the hospital. Tomorrow it'll be one week, that we have no clue what has happened to him. Nothing in the news, nothing on FB, Twitter, silence. I wrote many times, that that transit Uranus, sooner or later will catch up with him.
Uranus in Aries is electricity in the brain. Add up one and one and you have the answer. 

4:35 pm he tuned up. Seems ok. Will wait for news.
March 31, 2018 Saturday.

We had a wonderful evening yesterday. 

Sadly not so many soldiers who were called in to stop the madness at the Gaza border. 16 dead, so far, on the other side and the UN is now calling to investigate us... I mean what would you do if thousands of people would march to break down your borders? Sit and wait them with flowers? Under an OOB Mars, it was obvious this will happen. I wrote about this a few days ago, scroll down.  
The sun shines outside, no more rain, we are going to visit my side of the family so, have a nice weekend, and enjoy the silence. The Moon is in harmonious LIbra today, makes it possible. 
March 30, 2018 Friday. 

I am looking at the statistics showing visitors to this blog. Do you think, after 9 years this is enough? Last 6 months- average of 100 people per day? 

I don't think so! 
I am not gaining a penny of this blog, I am not advertising others, (besides what Google posts on it), so why aren't there 1000 people who read it? Not interested? I can't figure out. 
And I don't understand what is "sessions"??? I have many people following me from the beginning, what I don't understand, why it is not spreading? The newcomers, why don't they stick? 

No.of visitors in the blog last 6 months.
I write instead of a diary, so when I want to search something from the past, I can open it, and see what happened on this and that day. 
Today it's Passover Eve. Falls on a weekend, so next week we will have trade as usual, but will close at 2 pm, earlier. 
What's in the sky? We have some pairs:Sun+Mercury in Aries ( fire element, bring fight, quarrels, accidents mainly to the young (Merc); Venus+Uranus in Aries too( both trigger the eclipse degree), Mars+Sat in Capricorn, very strong, and the Moon in Virgo. 
Planetary positions in the sky

We don't have trade, but you do. Tomorrow it's a Full Moon and a Blue Moon as well. Next Blue Moon will occur on Oct 1,2020. Mind you, there was one on Dec.2, and 31, 2009. 

Next important positions to watch will be on April 1st, Mars exactly conjunct Saturn. But, their effect is already felt. 
News in the world: We will have to learn these two letters and their meaning.: AI. 
Artificial Intelligence. Mankind will and is spending a LOT of money to develop this world. Yesterday Macron said he wants to compete with China and the USA... well... 

Astrologically this is Uranus effect. Uranus rules everything that is based on the genius spark. I already wrote, that when Uranus enters Taurus- May this year, it will be a start of 7 years, when the spark, the thought of Aries is executed in Taurus. I searched who, from my database has Uranus in Taurus. The first event, actually, that pops up is Jerusalem conquered by the Ottomans, Dec.21,1516. - I hope this will not be a "deja vu". Interesting, that then too, Pluto was in Capricorn. at 1^. So they were in trine. Uranus will trine Pluto in Sept-Oct 2024.again.

People with Uranus in Taurus: Handel the composer... didn't he write the "Messiah? yes...

Oscar Wilde, Nikola Tesla, G.B.Shaw, W.Wilson, Giorgio Armani, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, NYSE ! ( Oct 1, 1934); Pavarotti, Woody Allen, Robert Redford, John McCain, Destin Hoffman, Jane Fonda, etc... People and events between 1854-57, 1935-46.

We see the Russian spy event that is happening under Uranus in Aries- I hope and pray it will not trigger WWIII. 


I saw yesterday a countdown for the BREXIT. in ONE year. Exactly with Uranus in conjunct ~150^~ UK's Uranus. What a timing! 

UK: 1.1.1801 inside: Uranus at 1 Libra- will be triggered by disharmonic aspect 150- by transit Uranus at 1 Tau. Also by Directed Saturn- both aspects are long lasting. Saturn rules the 4th and the 5th, interior issues and markets. Besides Uranus being hit, look at Saturn! at 23 Deg in Leo! It is hit by Pluto exactly! Jupiter makes a trine- culmination and fall aspect; Transit Mars is on the Pleiades- the weeping Sisters. What more can this chart have to show a difficult outcome? 
UK natal chart with March 2019 transit aspects and explanations

Oh, I see now, that you have Easter too. LOL... So till April the 3rd not much to look at in the markets! 

The sky on 4/3: shows that Venus is already in Taurus, a sign it rules, strong. 
Sky today Planets position

March 29, 2018 Thursday

Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen-or Jeff Bezos- owner of Amazon lost $13 billion in the last 2 days. What they forget to say, is that AMZN rallied in 14 months by 250%. 
Amazon weekly chart
My last alert on AMZN was on 3.7: I wrote, made new high, move stop to 1525- you were supposed to have a sell order below it, and gain now from the short. It is now at 1431. 
His chart shows a Pluto conjunct the SUN- so it you see the loss. 
AMZN natal chart with transits
March 26 was the first trade for the Petro Yuan
There is a war on Oil, reason of all wars.
my last alert was on 3/26.
Crude oil chart

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TIm Cook on privacy: 
AAPL chart
But already 8 years ago Zuckerberg was warned by Steve Jobs about privacy. 
FB: fell to 153 so far- still space down to 138. 
Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune! Wow ... this is rare! 
Jupiter digs out the truth from the depths of Scorpio- things that were hidden for a long long time. Neptune on the other hand. does the opposite. It is manipulative, secretive, dissolving, foggy. They certainly don't help in any rally. We have an Aries stellium, squared by Pluto. And Mars- the one that can push the markets up, is conjunct Saturn, that blocks. SO? No cigar. 
Planetary position in the sky today

I got curious to see who are the richest men in the world? 
Forbes 10 richest people
Forbes second 10 richest persons

Forbes third 10 richest men in the world

These hold the world in their hands... Interesting , I don't see Putin or Trump here... they didn't make it? or what?
Elon Musk is the 54th. 
I think the best people are, who actually invented something, and made it GREAT, rather than inheriting a fortune. Second runners up would be~for me~ who did inherit, but made it better and bigger. 
So when the markets are melting down, what is there left to invest in? I wonder if SHORTS will continue to be allowed to trade...
The GOLD is no good: 
GOld chart
5 year bond fell by 5/5% since 3/22 
5 year bond chart
the cryptos are all falling... too.
EUROPE: is light green. I guess it's their "amnesty"day today... Living in denial. Mind you, each index should go above former top for a rally. Till then it is Neptune manipulation. I just sent Alerts ! 12:13 
What does go up? Healthcare. 
Rising and falling groups

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Here is a man who changed the world: Chuck Hull, came up with the idea of the 3D Printer, that prints now houses in no time! I would buy one! 
Chuck Hill has a Sun-uranus conjunction-~ the genius spark~ in Taurus- a sign that not only thinks ( Aries, see his stellium, comes up with the idea), but also makes it happen! Taurus rules land, houses- and you have the 3D printed house for just 10000$. 
Chuck Hull, 3D Printer, natal chart
The performance of the share is ridiculous. 
i don't have it... just sayin.. 
DDD Weekly graph

DAX graph

March 28, 2018 Wednesday

I read now, that Kim Jong Un visited XI in China, on March 26th. He took the train! 14 hours travel, instead of flying. Is he afraid of flying? I wonder... 

I also read, that : 

" In late February 2018, Reuters reported[36] that Kim Jong-un and his father Kim Jong-il both had fake passports supposedly issued by Brazil dated 26 February 1996, that were used to apply for visas in various countries. Both 10-year passports carry a stamp saying "Embassy of Brazil in Prague". Kim Jong-un's passport has the name Josef Pwag and date of birth of 1 February 1983 (supposed to be 1982–84). Kim Jong-il'spassport carries the name Ijong Tchoi and birth date of 4 April 1940 (actually in 1941)."

Fake passport or not, but now the question is not only his year of birth but the month and day as well. 

The other news is about the father of Elon Musk. I wrote a few day ago, to sell TESLA! Now look: crash. But, the message was on the wall since February. Lower highs, is a sell alert. 

Tesla graph
Next, our BIBI was rushed to the hospital yesterday. High fever, exhaustion, cough...The chart below is natal~Directed~ transit: We see transit Mars- on Dir. Sun! fever, infection. BUt since Mercury and Venus were conjunct in the sky, in Aries- in opposition his LIbra stellium, made him sick. Of course, the deeper problem is transit Uranus exactly in opposition his stellium. 
Netanyahu chart with progressed and transit wheels.

Same as Putin's chart- both have the Libra stellium, and Uranus in opposition. Uranus will be there till May, and then return, in retro! so both are under hard pressure.

We saw the world turned against Putin, by sending back 160 diplomats.
The markets got one day amnesty. As the Moon moved on, the markets turned down again, and I DO hope, you raised your stops to the levels given in the app- and you did not lose what you gained.

It was raining the whole night over here... Now it is still cloudy, but no more rain. 

Our market will open with a negative arbitrage, Asia is red, Europe is still closed. USA markets also reversed. If you used the stops I sent yesterday morning, you are gaining now with the shorts. 

TWTR: fell by 12%- FB affect, I guess. 
Today we are under the effect of Jupiter and Venus. The two benefactors, but both are weak, Jupiter is retro, Venus is in Aries, so they cannot help. SHorts will win.

Off to the gym. 

Friday is Pesach Eve.
The Hamas is trying to organize one million people to march to the wall in Gaza.( till now unsuccessfully) Venus will conjunct Uranus, and the Sun will square Saturn. Venus in Israel's chart is the "known and the unknown enemy" while Uranus brings unforseen surprizes. The army is prepared. Lucky, that the "responsible adult", Saturn, is there. 
On this day, in 2002 : 
2002 – In reaction to the Passover massacre two days prior, Israel launches Operation Defensive Shield against Palestinian militants, its largest military operation in the West Bank since the 1967 Six-Day War.
Here is the chart of the Pesach massacre: 
Chart of the "Pesach massacre"
The Moon! at 22 killer degree.  Mars in 150^ to Pluto- killer position. Jupiter conj. Venus ( major event) and 150 to the Sun in transit. Venus is below the Dsc- ruler of the 12- surprize- piscean event. The killer came disguised as a woman and blew himself up in the crowd in a hotel. 
For Friday: 
Inner chart Israel with Scorpio rising, outer: transit for 6 am March 30. 
It is again incredible, these planetary positions! Tr. Uranus and Venus, are again BELOW the Dsc- surprise event!  both trine Israel's Mars ( army) and Jupiter ( self appreciation) . Maybe you don't know, that in the last 2 days, 3 palestinians entered the wall, and walked for 5 hours! till they were caught, and two army vehicles were set to fire by other palestinians. Mercury in retro makes people vague... do not pay attention. I am sure the soldiers will be in court for this negligence.. 
But, thanks God, this happened! Now they will be with their eyes wide open. 
Israel's chart with transits

Then we see that transit Mars ( the army) is in opposition Venus ( enemy). Mars is exalted, strong in Capricorn, at 7 degrees. Furthermore tr.Venus is conjunct Uranus at 27 Aries. Since Venus is the enemy signifier, they will try something unusual. Both are below the horizon, like in 2002! This does not look good at all! Good , that Venus is debilitated, weak in Aries! Both Venus and Uranus trine Jupiter, ruler of the 2nd, of self esteem. Will we be ashamed by some kind of trick or malfunctioning?? I am sure the army will make its homework and shine. ( frankly? under a retro Mercury no one can shine). 


I looked at the UK chart for March 30th. I find it interesting, that the UK Asc. is in LIbra, and Venus also rules the 8th house of death. Venus is in opposition Saturn, and tr. Jupiter
9 weak and retro) is at their Midpoint. Venus-Uranus pair at 27-29 Aries are in teh 7th house of open enemies, they were there for a while now, and they got this spy- poisoning event. Here too, luckily, I must say, Saturn is on the SUN. somewhat holding back diplomatic crashes- for the time being. 
But when Uranus enters Taurus in May, it will be 150^ to natal Uranus, and THAT, is a nasty position. 
UK natal chart with transit Uranus in Taurus

Malaysia brought a law today, they will jail anyone for spreading fake news, for 10 years! 
Right act in the right time
Malaysia natal chart with transits
9th house of law, ruled by Saturn and Uranus- at 7-9 degrees, tr. Saturn aspects them both! 
March 27, 2018 Tuesday

Yesterday I sent 28 alerts. I hope you did well! The markets turned, even Tesla was rescued from the cliff. It will still have to go above 322 at least! to show some strength. 
Tesla daily graph
Yesterday we had the Moon-Uranus square, and we read, that more than a hundred Russian diplomats were sent home to daddy. Even Putin did not see this coming. 
I used natal~ Solar arc ( US astrologers use this and not the Directed, my preferred one) and transit chart for today: He is now, age wise at 3 Libra- see how this age point triggers his Moon! Next, transit Mars triggers the Moon, and his Libra stellium is also hit by multiple aspects, in the solar arc or transit. So yes, he is under pressure.
Putin natal chart with progressed and transit charts

But, as with the trade war with China, everything is negotiable, so I would net go to the bunkers as yet. 
We saw the markets rising, something I wrote last week in my weekly reports. Is it a fake rise? a sugar candy for Easter? Probably... But, you know the proverb... Sell in May and go away... we shall see in the last week of April if this will be valid this year as well. 
The crypos are falling. yes, a window to buy them more and more cheap. I would not give up on them as yet. I think the Jedi will return. 

So what's happening today? 
we are under Mars and Mercury effect. Mars-90 Sun is still there- so watch out from accidents, fight, fires, guns. Mercury is retro, approaching the Sun. 
I'll send now updates in the app. 
March  26, 2018 Monday

it is a day ruled by Uranus and the Moon. Uranus is at 27 Aries and the Moon is at 27 Cancer, so they are is square. This will trigger something!. And we have the Sun square Mars, wow... very vulnerable positions. I will not be surprised if any fights will start today, just out of the blue. 
March 26 sky
Ongoing aspects are: Jupiter in sextile Pluto, and the Sun square Saturn (in this case, the responsible adult). 
ASIA already trades
Asia indices I send alerts for

Europe will start in 2 min. 
EUrope indices I send alerts for

Will send alerts now. 
OK, I sent for ASIA and EUROPE, cryptos, commodities and the USA. . 

Should we HODL ( hold on forever) on the ETH? Searching support on 452. Below that,  RUN~~!!
Ethereum graph

FB: is still falling. We saw how Zuckerberg sold more than 80 mill. shares a week before the scandal broke out... He knew. 
How does the chart reflects what happened? 
FB started to trade on May 17, 2012 at 9:45- giving it a Cancer rising, Sun at 27 Taurus, Moon 19 Aries. ( By the way, this was his wedding day as well, and he tried to stop launching the share... I wonder if there are also problems in paradise? ) Both luminaries are on a vulnerable point. The Sun is on the Pleiades, the Moon at 19 degrees, a degree that I wrote a lot about!. the 9th house of law opens at 8 Pisces. With Chiron on it. It reflects a future law issue which will cost a lot to the company, since it is at 8 degree of Scorpio-= money, life and death. 
There is a trine in the natal chart between Venus ( rules the MC)-Saturn ( H8 ruler) , at 23 deg. a bad degree. 
Look where is Jupiter, the ruler of the law! on the day the share first topped at 186! at 23 Scorpio- Direct. The share made a triple top at 186, and technically it was an SOS to sell. Not to speak of Jupiter, that turned retro at 23 deg! 
FB natal chart with transit of the fall
FB graph

Here is a site, that shows you how insiders buy/sell. 
Many casualties under the Sun-Mars square. Kemerovo, Russia, 64 people perished in a fire! 
Kemerovo March 26
Here too we had a dreadful fire in a building in the south, two children died, one, 8 year old, jumped from the 8th floor to the 7th- on a blanket held by neighbors, mother too injured. A request was posted about 2 hours ago to help the family with clothes and money, now they messaged, that they  got more than enough and they don't need anything more. 
Here is a search engine, that I would use : DuckduckGo. 
I also signed up to STEEMIT- and will leave FB slowly. Maybe.. It's not so good as FB. 
We are major short on TESLA.
March 25, 2018 Sunday.

Our market opens with a 0.97% MINUS arbitrage, shorts will gain. Look up to the list, we have an Uranus- GC trine and a Venus-150-Jupiter position to add to the former still effective positions. 

March 23, 2018 Friday

Mr.President signed yesterday new tariffs with China, and made the market tumble. 

If you look up, at the list of aspects I posted at the beginning of the article, Yesterday there was a trine between Uranus- revolution, and Vesta- the keeper of the fire, or for the markets, the status -quo. Vesta is also conjunct the Center of Galaxy. Major event, as it folds out. 
It is the beginning of a trade war with China, where Xi will not be silent. 
the chart of the event, as I got the hour from US astrologers. 
Trade war with China chart of the day
What is this timing telling us? Asc. at 15 Cancer,- 15 is "accidents" prone degree. Money we see in teh 2nd and 8th house. It is on the Leo/Aqu axis. We have the Nodes there. The SOuth Node in the 8th- others money will be stuck, or pulled out. Mars is OOB, in the 6th- meaning will affect working class mostly. Pluto, destruction, is in the 7th- partners, and we have a huge stellium in the 10th.- house of the President. Chiron, on bad Scheat, mercury stationary- strong, Venus at 19, squares Pluto, and Uranus at 26.58 Aries. A revolutionary move, no doubt, which will affect the President, and the country -since Mercury rules the 4th. Times to watch" April 14-15th, Mercury is again stationary, turning Direct, and May 25, by some other calculation. 
For you, who have my app and trade accordingly, gained a large sum of money. 
S&P: we are short since 3/19, with a stop at 2780- yesterday we lowered it to 2697, and it is now at 2623,( target given in the weekly report) after a bottom at 2613. 

Sign up for the weekly report N O W ! You can ask for any index. 
9:40 am. 30 Celsius outside... off to the beach! 
Look what I have just found! On March 15th Zuckerberg sells shares, big time! Why is it published a week later? 
Zukerberg sells FB shares March 15

March 22, 2018 Thursday

Today we are under the influence of Jupiter~ in Retro, at 22^~ and Mars, at 2^ Cap. The Moon just entered Gemini, it'll be a volatile 2 days. 
You had an opportunity to get out of FB, if you didn't when I posted a few days ago. 
FB graph
Interesting, that Twitter also fell: 
Twitter graph

The S&P: topped and fell yesterday, after the Fed raised the interest rate by 0.25%, now it looks like this: 
USA interest rates

S&P graph

Group that rallied: 
Groups that rallied

5 year bond:
5 y bond graph
The indian Rupee: 
Indian Rupee graph

From the FB:

China Trade War Begins at 12:30 PM EDT Today
Its official, the China trade war will commence tomorrow at 1230 pm ET when President Trump will sign an executive order unleashing $50 billion worth of tariffs over Intellectual Property (IP) violations.

In retaliation China is drawing up a reprisal list that includes soybeans, sorghum and live hogs, report the WSJ's Lingling Wei, Yoko Kubota and Liza Lin.

Finally, as a reminder, China will begin trading its petroyuan futures contract next week (3/26) - so perhaps this action by Trump is a pre-emptive strike?

CHina trade war begins

Under a stationary Mercury ? that will be interesting to watch!. 

March 21, 2018 Wednesday

Spring equinox. The Sun moves to Aries. It is this crucial point, from which we can forecast one year ahead. Mainly used for countries. 

If the Sun stands for fight ( in Aries ) and Mars in Capricorn, that it squares, for power, than we have a fight for power. Globally. Next, we can go and check each country or state, to go in deeper. But this is the first message I see from this chart. If anyone sees more or other things, tell me. I would be glad to hear your opinion. 
Sky March 21

Mars is at 2 Capricorn. This square, on the Spring equinox happened only in 1971! Mars was then at 5 Cap. Surely no other planets matched today's position. So we cannot really compare to 1971 events, just wanted to point out, how rare this position is!. 

Here is the chart of Israel with the ingress: 0^ Aries. Not only is the Sun in the 12th house from Israel's Sun ~ and we said, that the 12 house is like a stab in the back- you don't see it coming! But Uranus aspecting natal Mars and Uranus will bring some quick attack, or war. unfortunately. Jupiter (law) in opposition the Sun (PM)- mirrors the ongoing questioning of Netanyahu. 
Israel  chart with Aries ingress 2018
The Asc. is at 14 Libra, and Neptune is at 14 Pisces, so fake news, manipulations will continue to fill the newspapers and social media for another year. 
Aries stellium ( Mercury, Venus, Uranus) will effect everybody. 

USA chart: using Scorpio rising, the Ingress asc. is at 6 Cancer for Washington. In the area of law issues. Right conjunct USA Jupiter at 5 Cancer. But the other positions are also important: Ingress Moon 120 Ing. Saturn- at 8 destructive degree- in the 7th  house of partnerships- and ingress Neptune is 150 Saturn, ruler of the 4th- internal events- triggered by manipulative Neptune, and you see what is happening in Washington. Careers are extremely short lived~

USA chart with Aries ingress 2018
For Russia I really don't know what date to use? USSR dissolved? Dec 25,1991, New Russia June 12, 1990, Russia and Belarus Union Apr. 2, 1996, or maybe the last presidential win? So here is the last date, 1996, with the Aries ingress for Moscow: The MC is in Aries, and Mars is at 6^, Ingress Saturn is at 8^- so career (MC) was accomplished by force (Saturn) with a little? or a lot of help from fake Neptune. 
Russia with Aries ingress 2018
If I use 1917 Nov 7 date for the Soviet Russia: we see that the Moon ( people) is in opposition Uranus ( uprising) - Now Ingress Jupiter is at their midpoint! But it is retro and weak in Scorpio, so Jupiter ( law- or fair elections) failed the people. Also Ing. Uranus is 150 to the Moon- so the people got a double blow. Where is fake-news Neptune? in the 7th! adversary parties were blocked, jailed, stopped to act. 
1917 Russia chart with Aries ingress 2018
Yesterday there was again a high school shooting, this time in Maryland. I did not see anything on the news about it, only on twitter. 
I am thinking, what made all these high school killings so popular? 
So I am checking the millenials' ingress, those children were born in 2000, when Uranus entered Aries. And I make a chart for Aries ingres in 2000- and the outer is for today, Aries in 2018-. They are 18 years old now, and start to speak up, against guns, against anything... coming out of "coma"... 
So what do we see? And again, astrology is incredible! 
in 2000 the Sun, was in the 3rd house of schools. AND is ruler of the 8th house of death! Mercury+Venus were then also conjunct, and they are in the 2nd, so it's the 12th from the Sun... Again, something coming but they, Mercury, students, cannot see. Mars was at 27^ Aries, fire, war, accidents, at 27=9-Mars degree- same. The ingress in 2000 occurred on a Full Moon- Sun 180 Moon- which is in the 9th house of law! so, the children ( H5) of this ingress, again Mercury and Venus are 150 to the law-will take issues in their hands. 
Neptune with the South Node in the first house, we see the confusion that this 2000 ingress brought world wide, with the "Arab Spring", the dissolvation of regimes and countries falling.
Outer wheel today: Neptune passed Mercury/Venus, they came out of coma, and they can now see and speak up. Uranus conjuncts 2000 ing. Mars- internal affairs- some kind of revolution is due. The Moon ( people) conj. Jupiter- want justice. Which will take time, since tr. Jup in 2018 is in Retro. But, there is hope! More so when Jupiter enters Sag. 

On Jan.7th 2018 I wrote: 

The Dollar fell, to 3.44 Shekel. About two months ago the Bank of Israel said that they will not let it fall below 3.5. Well... something happened, because it did. And it'll not stop here. Should we go short on it? Not really, because in a day or two, they will interfere after all."

This is what happened: It did reverse. Now 3,48.
Shekel graph
March 20th, 2018 Tuesday. 

The sky today: 
MArch 20 sky

As you can see, we have a square between two stelliums- Mars-Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn 90^ to Merc-Ven. -Ura. in Aries. The Moon moved to taurus, departing from the Sun. Good time to start things. Hurry, before Mercury turns

I already sent some updates one=yesterday's alerts, move your positions in the right direction! 

People say that the rise of the BTC is crazy, PARABOLIC... But look what did it before it?! 

AMZN: in 16 years: 
AMZN parabolic rise in 16 years

NFLX: in 13.
NFLX parabolic rise in 13 years

BTC: in 3 years: 
BTC parabolic rise in 3 years

Nicolas Sarkozy in the news... he got arrested for campaign financing in 2007. So let's see  if we can see that in his chart? Inner chart natal: born in Jan. 28, 1955. Ascendant at 26 Virgo- ruled by Mercury, this is at 26 Aquarius-150^ to the Asc.- in the 6th house- unfavorable aspect.
His 2nd house of money opens under Libra, and Neptune is right there, on the cusp, telling us, that there are some hidden money issues in his life. 8House of others' money opens in Aries, the ruler is Mars, Mars is at 9 Aries. Ha! What is now at 8 degrees? calling for order? Saturn! We had someone yesterday ruined by Saturn.. Oh, I think I posted that chart on FB. Someone local.. 
In any case, in 2007 he was 62 years old. Adds up to 7- Neptune! Bad age.. Neptune is stationary in his chart- very strong. at 28 degrees. Now look at the second chart, teh Directed( 1 deg.per year) how many planets trigger his natal Neptune- giving him bad decisions, and natal Mercury, as well. 
Nicholas Sarkozy natal chart with progressed and transit chart
The outer wheel is the Secondary Progression chart, ( 1 day=1 year). 
Will he go to jail? His 12th house opens at 1 Virgo- again, Mercury afflicted, will put him to jail. The representative of the Law, in his case is Venus, at 21 SAG. The degree tells us, that he has been under surveillance for at least 2 years. 
In the transit chart we can see transit Saturn triggers his Sun and Mercury, tr. Ura - Mercury.
Sarkozy transits for today


6:30 pm TIme to buy BTC. Seems that we are in for a rally. 


March 19, 2018 Monday

I was busy the last few days, and I did not write about Angela Merkel, and Putin, who got into the chair again. But, it was expected. So no news there... 
Here, the whistleblowers are under magnifying glass, and 20-30-40 years issues thrown on them. One starts to think who ARE these people?? how did they get so high?
Anyways, our interest is in the markets, and these refuse to fall. In spite of all. except the Bitcoin, which is now around 8300- the value, they came up, that costs it's mining. So this is the even point. I read this on FB, and also here. But who knows? maybe it's fake news. Like so many other news that we read... And this article is a must read! Cambridge Analytica. How 50 million people data was leaked, but not only, how people are manipulated on FB, it's i n c r e d i b l e ! - All under Neptune in Pisces. TIme to sell FB! 
FB chart
FB graph

Here is someone who made it up the ladder, and down he fell. 
Christian Bitter
I read he is of french origin, so I made a chart for Paris. I thought it would take Pluto to bring him from high to lows, and it is. 
Bitter natal chart with transits

I use Twitter more and more these days, instead of FB. 
This is how we start this lunar month: 
Asia indices

Europe indices

USA indices

Commodities I send alerts for

CRYPTOS I send alerts for

I send alerts on most of them in the app. 
G20 meeting today! 


  1. Good morning Gaby. Re April 4th blog, how long is JUPITER on fixed star Unulkahai for and when did its impact start. Seems to be having an affect around the globe... I see Sydney in Australia has been getting its share of mental health issues...

  2. Unulkahai is at 22 Scorpio. So, as long as Jupiter is conjunct, or even 1-3 degrees from it, has it's impact.

  3. Hi Gabby. Possibly not getting a lot of comments on your site as it has not allowed comments from a phone. At least not MY iPhone. New site looks good!

    Tom in Michigan

  4. Hello TOm,
    thanks !!
    Yes, I will have to make it mobile friendly...
    Still a lot of work to do.
    Best regards,

    1. Tom, I made a huge change in the blog, it is not also mobile friendly. Pls. check!

  5. Goodmorning Gabriella, your new designed blog looks much better. The white background is a good choice. It looks well-organized.

    1. Thanks Erik! It is much faster to load and mobile friendly....

  6. Hi
    I love your blog. It is one of the most inttesting blogs on the entire internet.
    Thank you thank you thank you.
    It also looks very beautiful now. I am saving up to get a reading from you.

    You are amazing.
    Love Maria

    1. Hi Mary, I am so happy you like it! Share with your friends! Do you have my app?

  7. There is No comparison as far as your blog is concerned
    You’re the BEST as far as I am concerned and that is why I always everyday iBook forward to read early in morning

    1. Thanks VIck.. You know the difference, you are one of my oldest companion in this blog! Thank you!

  8. Just a shout out loving the Black on white background easier to read.

  9. As usual Gaby, outstanding analysis of world events. I will watch your key dates with much interest. Great calls on the market of late. 1 more week away from re-commencing the mentoring. Really like the updated website format (wish I printed the historical analysis after these changes).

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the thumbs up! If you wish to see former articles, you just have to click on Older posts, at the right side of the page. Or you can make a search above. I am going to improve the search and some minor other stuff too.


  10. How can one tell from a natal chart if another person in is open to accept/study astrology?

    1. Everyone can study astrology! Some will be lazy or postpone homeworks, then it will take longer than usual. Astrology is a life long study. I learn something every day! after 34 years since I started. If you are asking abut my course, the Financial astrology, that is a 10 lesson skype meeting, very much bottom lines, and many calculations. That is different from general astrology. Practice makes the master!

  11. Hi Gabby , since you asked I would prefer markets first , the mundane events? by the time i read about it markets have already reacted . I look to astrology to give a small glimpse into what may come next as well as the technical's . Don't see why you can't just keep them in one blog though. Definitely attack was planned for market close , traders can have time to digest . Thanks for sharing in the blog!


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