New Moon in Aries 2018- Financial astrology

between April 16-May 15, 2018

Inner chart Apr 16, outer May 15,2018 planetary positions
Important events of this Lunar month: 
Begin: 16.04.2018 Period: 1 month (GMT+3)
17.04.2018 11:09:35 > Ari Chiron
18.04.2018 4:46:42 R Saturn 9°08'56"Cap
20.04.2018 6:12:32 > Tau Sun
22.04.2018 18:26:11 R Pluto 21°17'14"Cap
24.04.2018 19:39:51 > Gem Venus
15.05.2018 18:16:45 > Tau Uranus

Monthly aspects
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May 15, 2018 Tuesday 

Today, in a few hours we will have the New Moon, new beginnings, new hopes. We wave goodbye to this Lunar month, and look forward with expectation into the future. 
Looking back, let's see what happened since April 16th? 
AXJO rallied and double topped with Jan 2018 top. What a gain! 
Hang Seng: Almost reached March 20th top
HSCE: Rallied by 5.30%
Nifty rallied by 6.40%
Nifty Bank by 8.67%
SSEA: by 3.50
Nikkei: by 4.73%
DAX: 5%
FTSE: by 7.84%
IBEX: 4.68%
WIG20: was weak. 
CAC: by 4.56%
TA35: was weak
AEX: by 3.13%
MIB: by 6.06%
DOW: Double topped with 4/18 top
IXIC: by 4.22%
S&P: by 2.74- also made a higher high from 4/18
VIX: - 21.9% fall. 
So we can see, that April was very good month for Asia, less for the US indices. 

I shall close this article here, and start a new one: New Moon in Taurus, 2018.
Thanks for being here, follow me to the next page! 


May 14, 2018 Monday 

Today is the 70th birthday of Israel. The number is ruled by Neptune and Pluto. Not an easy mix! Neptune stands for hopes,prizes and dreams, also everything you can think of under the word art and medicine, and also religion. Pluto, as we already know from so many posts, stands for destruction and rebuilding. So we have a religious destruction, in the worst place, and a rebuild of hopes and dreams, in the positive side of it. Next year, this day, we'll know what is was. Or maybe not next year, but in the next 7 years, having Uranus entering Taurus.
As always, we'll take day by day. As long as we have a roof above our head, food and water, are not dependent on anyone else, all is great. 

I wrote about a rare event that is taking place this year, as it was only in 1971- Mars retro in Aquarius. I had my computer run all night, to show you what happened in the Dow under this phenomena in the past: 
1971: in Aquarius the Dow fell by 10 %; While in Retro it made a V. 
Dow in Aquarius 1971
Before that it happened in 1939, the Dow rallied by 13% 
DOW in 1939 Mars in Aqua and Retro
Today we are under the effect of Jupiter. Indices to watch for a turn are: EURO/$;
The stop here is 1.1960- long or short above/below. 
EURO/$ chart

TA35: Jumped yesterday, with a gap-up, today probably it'll close that gap. 
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Watching the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. I am moved. A really historical moment. it happens in the hour of Jupiter. May it bring a better future! 
the time of the opening of the US embassy.
Ivanka unveils the seal


May 13, 2018 Sunday 

Neta Barzilai, won the Eurovision. Heeeeeeyyyy!!!Hurrahh!!  She was born on the 22nd of the month, her song was the 22nd in the performance. Interesting, no? I thought she will not win, but I did not have her time of birth. Now I heard the win was announced at 1:42 am this morning, when the Moon was at 19 Karmic degree. It made an exact square to natal Neptune- planet of hopes, dreams, and talent, in the 9th house - if I use the time of birth at 11:02 am. Transit Jupiter squares the ruler of the 9th, Saturn. 
Not only her song and performance won, but more, in my eyes, her attitude, her accepting the different, and the other. 
Neta barzilai Eurovision winner
The sky today: we have some difficult aspects, but also good ones. There is the Aries stellium: Moon, Mercury, Uranus in Aries. Uranus is just one step from entering Taurus. It is incredible, how the US embassy will be opened EXACTLY when this happens! Uranus arrives to Taurus once in 84 years! A historical event, no doubt about that! 
Next we have the Moon, Sun and Venus at 22 Master no.- numerologically; astrologically it is a very difficult degree; as you should know by now, reading this blog... 
Mars squares Uranus- extremes in fights, quarrels, attacks or quakes, volcanoes eruptions still in the agenda. And Venus is in a disharmonic aspect to Pluto, but this will pass in 1-2 days. 

Our market opens with a positive arbitrage. Should go above 1476 to reach 1500-ish levels. 
Mercury enters Taurus today, till May 29. Mercury symbolizes the swift thinking, well, in the fixed, earth sign of Taurus, it actually stops, thinks, slowly and thoroughly. Will speak slow as well. Will catch up with others' ideas later. it will express his ideas in a polite, pleasant and nice manner, after all the bull is ruled by Venus. Will talk of love and harmony. Cooperating and accepting the other. 
People with Mercury in Taurus will have a pleasant voice, will dress elegantly, will appreciate wealth in all its meanings and forms, will write about markets, or be good traders, will be maybe owners of lands and properties. 
Mercury in taurus

People with Mercury in Taurus: Queen Victoria, Rudolph Valentino, Katharine Hepburn, Orson Welles, the Launch of the Titanic, Yehudi Menuhin, JFK, Dean Martin, Liberace, George Bush, Clint Eastwood, Hosni Mubarak, Barbara Streisand, Cher, etc. 
Orson Welles said: " If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story."
Mercury in Taurus meant in the past a rally for Ethereum
Today is a CIT day for the IOT. First trade date that someone found for me is AUG. 2, 2017 No time or place. This is a solar chart: the important planetary position is Sun-Mars conjunction. 
IOT first trade
Since it trades less than a year, it is difficult to use planetary positions to forecast future moves. But, the graph tells its story. We are long above 0.80l target 2.70

Yesterday was a CIT for XLM! Have an eye on that too! Stop 0.30- target 0.47- above it, will rally! 

May 11, 2018 Friday

With the Moon still in Pisces, and before the New Moon, the markets showed strength yesterday. 
The Trump-Kim meeting is set to June 12, so that date is a major one to look forward to. 
Today is a CIT for IBEX, WIG20, ETH, MIB.
Tighten stops here.. 
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As you can see, it double topped in a 9 days interval. As I wrote, it already broke former low.. so deeper correction is expected- to 8145- 7758.
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May 10, 2018 Thursday

Today we are under the Saturnian effect. Today is is 150^ to the North Node, in retro , at 8.40 degrees. This is an important planetary resistance level. So my calculations will be based on it, mostly. The Moon is in Pisces, conjunct Neptune, approaching the Sun. She is in the last phase before the New Moon. Mars has moved on from Pluto, but still in Cap. You saw or read their impact in Hawaii, and several earthquakes in the world. The last one was in Tajikistan, 6.2 on the Richter scale, this morning. 

One of the alerts on May 7 was:

" KLSE: Topped at 1895- May 9 elections have a negative impact! Must stay above 1815; otherwise wild short". 

The opposition party won, and the index rallied. 

Now, it should stay above 1845, then it'll go to 1851-59

Before I started writing or reading my emails, I sent updates to subscribers. In the app I post once a week, max twice. 

So what will move today? I see there is a bank holiday in Europe, so no trade there... Only at 3:30 pm there are US announcements. CPI; Unemployment, budget... so guard your stops! it's a CIT day for the FTSE. 
Check out the FED announcements today! The Stop given on 5/7 was 7560- we went long above. Now raise it to 7650.Should be above 7659 to be a strong long.

The Gold is still consolidating... no news here, stop stays as 5/7.

Upcoming world events: May 19, the Royal wedding. I wish best of luck to the happy couple! 

I see I was wrong... There IS trade in Europe.. Sorry. 
12:36: Just sent some updates in the app.

May 9,2018 Wednesday

Yesterday Trump made history, and signed the "non agreement" with Iran. Mind you, the agreement was signed on July 14, 2015 in Vienna, Austria. I use a chart for 12 noon, in lack of exact time. If anyone has the date and time when Obama signed the agreement, pls. send it to me. 

Israel is alert. With these facts, backed by very difficult planetary positions, we should. 

The markets were in expectation, in spite that it was obvious what He will announce, but if you used the stops given Monday, it was not difficult to trade. 

Today is a CIT day for the DAX, Gold, LTC,AEX,BTC and Soya. 

I just sent some updates for subscribers, pls. check your mails. 

I am off to the gym.

I made some changes of the blog's outlook. What do you think ? There is also a SHARE button on every page. Let me please know, what you think? Is it better, easier to read it now?

May 8, 2018 Tuesday 

The main aspect of the month, till June 2nd,, is a trine- a good aspect- between Jupiter-Neptune. Jupiter is the planet of freedom and justice, while Neptune of art, medicine, religion, but also fake news, and dissolution of people or events. Jupiter is in Scorpio- to it uncovers fraud and money issues also sex scandals- see ME TOO- Neptune is in Pisces, a sign it rules and reaches it each 164 years only. Neptune also stands for ideals, Jupiter- to fight for them and reach goals, get prizes. Nobel prize for example. 
Jupiter was trine Neptune many times since 1900, but NOT when Neptune was in Pisces! It was there only between Feb.9,1848- Feb 19, 1862; ! Rings a bell? French revolution...abolishing the slavery.. and more... 

The problem is, that, Mars-Saturn and Pluto are right in the middle of this "could be rosy" situation. Mars=power, Saturn=control and Pluto destruction for the purpose of rebuilding later, are there to stay. Pluto and Saturn will stay in Cap. at least a year, Neptune as well is there to stay. Only Jupiter will move out of Scorpio and move to Sag. a sign it rules- so only in a year we will see a change in this planetary picture. To be more precise, on Nov 8th 2018 Jupiter moves on. 
This is the big picture. The smaller planets move in and out of signs, and they bring the intraday changes. 

Today is a CIT day for :Aord, DAX fut, HSI ,PRG,Ta35 

Comey, Muller, Pauline Hanson, Rahul Gandhi, Nawaz Sharif, Mario Draghi, Gene Wilder, Akihito, (emperor of Japan). Jerome Powell 
I sent 30 alerts yesterday. One of them was for the oil: If you followed the advice, you did great! 
Crude oil intraday graph

TA35: will open with a positive arbitrage. One of the shares to follow is "MYSIZE" (MYSZ); SNPS,
A share that is rising today is RDHL: 
RDHL graph

A share that jumped but all the air evaporated is ICE SECURE 

Those who trade the Nifty: Would you like to know if it is heading up or down ? 
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The German trade balance came out positive! 
Germany trade balance
more reason to stay long on the DAX- if you have a deep pocket! 
Dax long term graph
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On this day, in 1884 Harry Truman , the 33rd US president was born.- died at the age of 88.6 He had a Gemini stellium- Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, conjunction in Gemini. 
Harry Truman natal chart
Reminds us to another president, with a Gemini stellium? Trump, maybe? Well, not quite. Trump has a Sun-Uranus-NN. in Gemini. So much different! 
And he is due to speak at 9 pm my time... markets are waiting.. 
Meanwhile, some statistics: Since 1789, 44 men were elected as presidents. Mr.Trump is the 45th, that is a number that adds up to 9, a number ruled by Mars, and a number signaling for some kind of endings. 
William Henry Harrison had the shortest term, was 31 days in office. 
Franklin Roosevelt served the longest period, over 12 years.- almost 4 terms! 
4 were killed while in office.- 1 resigned ( Nixon).
Abraham Lincoln was assassinated- he had Jupiter at 22* Pisces- the Killer degree- Killed when Jup. in Sag.
James Garfield was assassinated : Neptune at 22*, Jupiter at 15 Aqua. Killed 19 Sept 1881 when Jup+Pluto on the Pleiades, in Taurus. 
William MCKinley: Had an Aquarius stellium- Sun at 9*- Head- on Mars degree. Killed when Jupiter was at 3 Capricorn; tr.Pluto 150 natal mars- 18*= Mars degree. 
JFK: also assassinated had Jupiter- Mars conj in Taurus. Killed when Jupiter at 9 Aries.
4 died in office- of natural causes - of sickness:
Harrison, (Jupiter in Taurus) died 4.4.1841 with Jupiter in Sag., 
Zachary Taylor( pneumonia) Jupiter at 29 Aqua- died in 1850 with Jupiter in Sag,.
Warren Harding ( cardiac infarct)Sun-180-Pluto on Aug 2, 1923.( Jupiter was in Scorpio).
Franklin delano Roosevelt: Died of cerebral hemorrhage on Apr 12, 1945, when tr.Jupiter in Virgo came conjunct to natal Uranus. 
Why am I posting these? do you remember the Indian curse? Do you see here a pattern? Deaths occurred when Jupiter was mostly in Sagittarius, Taurus or Capricorn. 
Jupiter enters Sag. on Nov 8.2018- Dec. 2019. 
Why is Jupiter in Sag. so bad for US presidents? Because Sag. is in opposition US Mars, and in Capricorn is in opposition US Sun! 
Looking at the future chart of the US: transit Jupiter will oppose Mars as of Jan 8, 2019 and will continue to affect Venus, Jupiter and the Sun till Feb. 20, 2020. 
THese days will be extremely difficult for the US.
May 7, 2018 Monday

It is so clouded outside, the world is grey. The Moon moved to Aquarius, today she'll square the Sun on her way to fade out, and form the New Moon on the 15th. 
The next international event is the Eurovision. Our representative is a 25 year old very talented girl, Neta Barzilay. I don't have her hour of birth, but of what I checked, she'll pass the first two levels, but will not win. 
Neta Barzilay
The hour is critical here, to know the final outcome. She has a very strong date of birth: 22.1.22. 22 is a major Karmic number, - see yesterday's post- In my analysis I use first Numerology too, where the time of birth is not needed. I also use Hebrew kabbalah and other tools. 
Surely I wish her the best of luck. 
So what's new in the markets? Yesterday one of our biotechnology share soared by 138%! ISECURE. They invented an anti breast cancer treatment, by freezing the cells. It is in use in the USA and Japan. Not here... Can you imagine? it traded at 900 in 2013. There is plenty of space upwards. 
Isecure chart with graph

9:00 am wow!! heavy rains now! HAIL!? LOL... in May??? At least it'll put out the fire on the fields, caused by the kites. Damn them. 
John KERRY: I don't follow him, but today I looked at his chart. It looks bad. His position and career are triggered by Directed and transiting planets. Some secrets will be revealed.

solar chart
Today is a CIT day for CAC, and TA35. 

On May 9th there are elections in Malaysia. The chart is set for Aug.31,1957 Independence day  The ruling planet is Neptune. See how it is on the MC at 5/9/18 at 10 pm- when the first count should come in. I think the ruling party will stay, but there will be uprisings in the next 6 months, triggered by transit Uranus to Neptune and Pluto. 

On May 7 I corresponded with a friend on FB, and I posted this chart: Mahathir Muhammad: saying " Saturn's positions in future and transit charts grant him a few more years in the chair. Birth date July 10, however it was questioned- father changed it to Dec. 10- ... so not sure of the date.

K.S.: "He is our former PM -Dr Mahathir Mohammed who was in office for 22 years and once was considered a dictator. 

As the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is serving prison, Dr M is heading the opposition party to fight against Najib Razak.

The issue is IMDB, the case is still being investigated by other countries but we are not allowed to discuss the matter. The government is still paying for the debt incurred by IMDB. The rising cost and increased tax, people r so so angry. 

Dr M is Najib Razak's former mentor. Dr M is the only who can bring him down but I sense there will be some manipulation by the ruling party...
May 6, 2018 Sunday

We find the Moon at the last degrees of Capricorn. Remember, we have Mars, Saturn and Pluto there, which triggered the volcano and the earthquakes in Hawaii. The Moon will add to their destructive energy. 
These planetary positions, will make possible to find new oil fields. Look for news! Or any other oil related news. 
Mercury squaring them, will bring it. 
Today is a CIT day for KLSE, Nifty, Nikkei and a local share that I follow, Blockchain. Probably for many other shares too, but I did not analysed them. Those indices don't trade today, so be alert tomorrow. 
BLockchain graph: There is a historical support. Let's see what happens. 
Share Blockchain

The volume in the Israeli market is so low, that I advise you to stay out ! 
KLSE: Malaysia made a double top in 1380 days interval! What a symmetry ! 
Sign up for the forecast to know what will happen and see into the future! 
NIKKEI: is rising for 1984 days. What will happen next? Will it fall in the channel, or turn up?

Nifty Bank: Will we see it at 18000? or not?
Nifty Bank chart
Without knowing how the planetary energies work for each and every one of these, technical analysis is not enough! 

I just bumped into this person: 

Claude Edmond Shannon. Born before our times, yet so ahead of us all! April 30, 1916- 24 Feb. 2001.
Shannon birth chart- I put Venus in Gemini on the Asc. because the date adds up to 6, ruled by Venus. But, it could also be on the MC. In any case, what is important is that he was unique, first in his field. Endless imagination with the Moon-Jup conj. And a breakthru with the Sat.-Pl-Nep. in Cancer.

He Said" I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I'm rooting for the machines. " 

Some historical events for this day: John Deere, produces the first steel plough. 

1848 Otto Tank ends slavery in Suriname colony
1851 Dr John Gorrie patents a "refrigeration machine"
1851 Linus Yale patents Yale lock
1851 New slave regulations go into effect in Suriname
1860 Giuseppe Garibaldi's Mille sets sail from Genoa to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
1941 Joseph Stalin becomes Premier of the Soviet Union

And we wish Happy birthday to George Clooney! 57 years young. For ever.. Seems, that many famous people were born on this day ! Maximilien Robespierre 1758, Sigmund Freud 1856, Rabindranath Tagore 1861, Rudolf Valentine 1985, Orson Wells 1915, Tony Blair 1953, etc.

Karl Marx was born yesterday, 5/5/1818. Isn't that a nice number? Just look at it. Added up we get a 19= Karmic Number. Didn't he changed history?

He said:" history repeats itself. first as a tragedy, second as a farce"

" Religion is the sign of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

"The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion."

In his books and teachings he called for equality among people, which of course is an anomaly, an utopy, a dream, a farce. People are NOT born to be equal. 
In Israel, in the kibbutz they tried to build such a society. Everybody worked as much as he could and it was divided equally between families. I can tell you, I lived on a kibbutz for a few months in 1973. Today most of the kibbutzim have changed enormously. If once we ate all together in the dining room, no payment, there was  no money involved in the kibbutz! Today everyone eats at home. If you work outside the kibbutz, you no longer give your salary to it, but keep it. And you pay rent for your house, food, medical care, or schooling. 
He was a Taurus with an Aquarius rising.
His chart shows a dreamer- Neptune in Sag.conjunct Uranus- a revolutionary dreamer. one who changed history: Saturn-Pluto conjunct in Cancer. And he truly believed what he wrote: born on a New Moon.
But, it's easy to dream and write when you have everything! he was a German philosopher and lived in Paris, London. I want to see him living in Albania, the darkest socialist country- till now, and have such great ideas! Once you stay in line for food - as I did , my whole childhood, you don't dream and don't write. You are busy finding food. 
But I wanted to draw your attention to a crypto. EOS. 
With a little help from my friends the date is : 26.6.2017. The person behind it, is Brendan Blumer. 
Ok. he has nothing to do with Karl Marx, but look at his chart! HIs date adds up to 22- a major Karmic Number- has a lot to give to society. It is ruled by the "inventor" Uranus, the genius spark! Saturn  - Uranus in SAG. Born in Iowa, living in Hong Kong. and the EOS was released in the Cayman Islands. 
Brendan BLumer EOS
EOS: I am not telling you to invest NOW! jUST WATCH IT
I am sure we will hear a lot about this young man in the future! 

The daily events in our area teach us more about the signs of Uranus in Taurus: agroterrorism.
Palestinians send burning kites from Gaza, which put on fire our fields.


May 5, 2018 Saturday

Hawaii got a huge earthquake: 6.9! Seems, that there are no casualties! That's great. 
The  chart shows the planetary positions at the time it happened: Mercury-Mars lines met. 

Here finally the hamsin broke, and we got some rain last night. One can now breath...
Last  week I wrote in the weekly forecast, that the sky is silent, only the Moon moves from Scorpio to Aquarius. On her was she stopped in Sag, made a bottom, just like on April 6.= 26 days apart. From 2591 rose to 2663.
Here is what I wrote in the report and updated during the week in the app: 
So, if you were a subscriber, you took the slide down all the way from 2668 or 2662. Breaking that level, was a major issue. Gained 73 points. If you also had my app, you turned long above 2649 or 2632 and gained all the way up. 
If you followed the technical stop, then you already turned long above 2612.
Technically, it is easy to see, that only above 2680 it'll be able to rally. What I do in the weekly forecasts is I check if there is energy in the sky to make that happen, how long it lasts, and I give stops and targets, which I update during the week. 

Working now on the next week! How will the planets and the Moon move? What will they cause this time?  Take care, and have a quiet week end. 

May 4, 2018 Friday.

With Mercury squaring Pluto  and Mars in the sky, Hawaii got a volcano eruption. People are being evacuated. Mercury line is crossing the area. Note, that the August 2017 "Great American eclipse lines are crossing the area. Since an eclipse lasts at least a year, voila the outcome. 
Hawaii volcano eruption

There was also a 5.4 earthquake in the Easter Islands earlier this day.
I hope no one was hurt.. 
Tomorrow is a Gann day. Meaning, it is 45 days from the spring equinox. Since there is no trade tomorrow, all the energies of change will pour in today and on Sunday. So watch your stops. 
Today is a CIT day for the Nifty, Maaden and Yota. 

Anyone has the first trade date for EOS? it is linked to the Etherium. The first trade date I found is June 30, 2017. But I am not sure of this. 
EOS chart

For the record: I added 3 more charts about Iran. Scroll down to 4/30

May 3, 2018 Thursday 

Well, there were some who listened and many who didn't about not making those campfires. No one died, but quite a few fainted and were hospitalised. Imagine, in 35 degrees heat, make a fire! OK. so far so good. 
Today it is still extremely hot, but tomorrow the hamsin will break and we might even get some rain, to cool us down and clean the air. 
The sky: We see the Moon at 29 Sag. By the time markets will open it'll cross over to Cap. 

Today is a CIT day for S&P and AXJO, DOW, Dax fut, Nasdaq, Nyse, Gold fut, Corn, Ripple, BCH.

The S&P made big moves yesterday, so if you were glued to the screen, you could take advantage of it. Our stop was 2645- it was a long above and a short below. Double bottomed at 2623. 2624-29 are vulnerable points, it is a must! to stay above. 

AXJO: reached target given in the app. Now it is heading towards 2/2/18 top. WIll it reach it?

DOW: failed to reach 24510, the target given on the 27th, so we went short with this stop. Now at 23924. 

DAX: moves as per the forecast. 

GOLD: look how it is lingering around 1305! What next??

 OK> soon the market starts over here, see you later. 

May 2, 2018 Wednesday

The sky is angrrrry today! No matter where I look, I see injuries, fights, accidents, burns, cuts, upheaval. Not only we get a no 9, form adding up the date, no. of MARS, but there is a fire triangle in the sky, Mars-Pluto conjunct, Mars at 23 degrees- degree of accidents, suicide. Venus at 9, Jupiter at 19, the cursed degree, Saturn at 8.59- almost 9, Uranus at 29. 
May 2 planetary positions- fire triangle
We have a festival today, called "Lag ba Omer" . It is a festival, when campfires are made. Once I flew home from abroad on this day, and from above the country seemed to be on fire. Children gather around these fires, and have a happening. But, today there are heavy winds, and sand storms, and hamsin, ( desert heat). TV, newspapers and radio urge people NOT to light these fires today, because it will end in a catastrophe. But will they listen? The Nodes will be in the 5/11th house axis of entertainment and children and friends. No, they will not listen and the fireworkers will have a handful. Let's pray today no one will die. 
We read about the strike, or revolution in Armenia. ha! You don't know where that is? Here is a topic to read about... LOL... 
We got a  heavy swing day yesterday in the markets. Today it will continue. There is a fierce fight at 1305-in the Gold.. Have you noticed? 
12:35 excellent news! There is an order from the ministry not to make campfires today! I guess the religious people will not listen. Let's see what happens. 

May 1, 2018 Tuesday

Another month passed. Yesterday, for the finale, we had Netanyahu perform again scaring us more and more. It is now a habit to turn the people paranoid. The other day I posted the chart of the Likud party. Mars, planet of war, was triggered by the Nodes. The outcome, was this speech, and more, I am astonished to read, that the Knesset voted to accept that we can go to war only by the OK of the PM, and the minister of defence. What is this, if not the beginning of dictatorship? Surprise, or not, we don't hear anything about his investigations... Sad, sad, sad, 
What will May bring? if the spring starts like this, what can we expect from the summer? A war, I suppose. Achhh I don't want to think about this, really. 
The markets are green. I see Asia, Europe just started. AEX broke the stop- hope you followed the alert! The US is weak... The Gold continues to fall, as expected. Reached target., will see what is next. 

The long term forecast for the OIL is ready. Order it now, if you want to see future price levels and turns. 
If you trade the Ethereum, you must have either deep pockets, of strong nerves. Here is the 15 min. chart: every 3 days, it makes a banji. 
ETH 15 min chart

If you are a HODLER, ( crypto slang for Holder); than you don't care about intraday jumps and bums, you stay long with a stop at 500
For my visitors from Sweden, SE30 : the long term chart shows a consolidation, with lower lows, so it is in a short position, falling below 1100-- will bring a major short. 
SE30 daily chart

Heavy rains in Europe! 3:20 pm
storm in Europe
It is so hot here, yesterday I almost fainted! 

The S&P with the last alert:4/27. we gained 0.5% to the upside- 2682, and 1.02% to the downside.- so far. Download the app, receive these alerts! Or, better, order the weekly forecasts.
The Full Moon yesterday made the markets turn!

April 30, 2018 Monday

The Moon in Scorpio, Mercury and Neptune on 2 positive fixed stars, and we have the Full Moon. 
It is a day ruled by Mars. A CIT day for IBEX, WIG20, MIB, ETH. 
IBEX:  first support is at 9772. will it hold? or it'll fall back to 9200? 
Ibex daily graph
Order the weekly forecast now! 

WIG20: daily graph: will 2200 hold? 
WIG20 daily graph
MIB: will it go above former top? 
Mib daily graph
Yesterday I wrote about a possible stronger earthquake than 5 ... Here is the outcome: 
April 30 earthquake 5.9
The exact position was on Uranus squaring the Asc/Dsc

In Iran, during a football game people shouted: Bring back the Shah... Is the revolution back? I'll look at their chart later, now to the alerts.. 
10:30 sent 14 alerts so far! 
More alerts sent.. 

OK, let's check Iran's chart. As usual I see many interesting aspects. It is 39 years, that Khomeini took power, in April 1, 1979 till June 3rd 1989. Look! The Full Moon at 9 degrees, ( 30+9), triggers Iran's Saturn- the government- and the Sun. Furthermore, Solar Arc (SA) Jupiter- the justice and sign of freedom is on natal Saturn, while the transit Jupiter is on Uranus, planet of revolution, in this case, the religious revolution, that took place after the Shah's regime.
Mind you, the Shah was not a sweetheart either, people were not very happy then either, but in his time Iran was a modern country, and in the last 39 years, they revisited the dark ages. Will the people rise now? SA Moon, the people, is now at 14 Cancer. Cancer is a Cardinal sign, not a revolutionary! But, it does care for interior issues and it squares natal Sun, actually this aspect started 3 years ago. But we need Uranus to move.. so where is it? SA Uranus is on the Galactic Center! squares Mercury, (big enterprizes)and trines Jupiter! WOW- here is the hope! Jupiter rules the young(H5) and the markets; some massive change will happen in Iran, that will bring the revolution. In transit! Uranus trines SA Ura! No doubt! this summer we will see major changes in Iran. 
Iran SA and tr chart
Here is the chart of Ali Khamenei, present ruler: the planet that gives us a clue about him is the Sun in Cancer. Look how SA South node is on his Sun, and transit Pluto in opposition! 
The midpoint between Uranus (revolution)-Neptune(religion, also health) is at 21 Cancer, on his SUN! and in opposition Pluto. SInce Pluto is retro and moves slowly, it will take the summer to see him go. He is waving, isn't he? 

Added on May 4: After discussing with my colleague, Haim Sadeh, the Iranian charts, I need to upload the date, when Khomeini returned. It has a very strong resonance on Iran's future.
Date: Feb.1.1979, at 9:33 am, Tehran, from N. Champion's book. 
Iran chart Khomeini return with 2018 Sol. ecl
In this chart, the key planet is Mars- at 9 Aquarius- conjunct the Sun. Aquarius is the sign of revolution, and with the Sun-Mars there Iran got a new leader on that day. Mars rules the Ascendant, so the power was taken back by force. A Sun-Mars conjunction always predicts an unpleasant- to be soft- end. Ruler of the MC is Saturn, Saturn blocks, so the new ruler sent back the country to the Dark Ages. it is also retro, in Virgo- very cruel. 
The outer chart is the upcoming July 2018 partial Solar eclipse chart. In that we see transit MARS- conjunct natal Mars, which will bring a war/uprising in the summer, as I wrote above, no doubt. The South Node, Pandora and Achilles are all conjunct tr. Mars.
Note, that the eclipse Uranus is already in Taurus,- surprise hit- on Jupiter, from abroad. 
On July 28th there will be a Lunar eclipse! Guess where?? right on the Mars-Mercury -Sun stellium in Aquarius. This eclipse will underline the former. Note Pluto at 19- squares natal Pluto at 19! And the eclipse Sun on Jupiter! 
Iran with the Lunar eclipse 2018

Here is the index of Turkey, ruled by another dictator. If you follow Elliott waves, it made all the 5 waves up. The last one was 66% up, and now it is only 14% down, while during former correction, it made 32-and more% down! The problem is, that falling below current level, it will break long term support line, and it will be a major short. 
Turkey's index

April 29, 2018 Sunday 

It will be warm today, and more so tomorrow. Tomorrow will also be the 120th day of the year, so a CIT day. 
We have the Moon at 29 Libra right now, soon to change sign, to Scorpio. We are before the Full Moon, which will occur also tomorrow, at 9 degrees in Scorpio, a fixed sign. The Full Moon will square the nodes, also in fixed signs and it crosses Mexico and Bombay. I hope it is not a sign for an earthquake! There is a high possibility of a larger than 5 Richter earthquake.
Full Moon squares the Nodes
A close up: 
I published this on FB: here is the translation: 
Tomorrow, at the time of the Full Moon - at 3:51 am, Mercury will be at 12 Aries, on asteroid 


"Moira is derived from the Greek word ‘the fates’. Moira’s location by sign and house can indicate an area of life that is governed by fate or karma. Moira may show ‘negative’ karma in a chart or a very fated life.

Venus will be at 6.29, on WENDY- it was triggered in the time of the hurricanes last year. 

Mars, at 22.59- on a killer degree- enough.

Jupiter on CETO, ai 19.29- Scorpio

Ceto - aquatic monster symbolizing the fears of the unconscious mind/psyche and 

the collective unconscious.

Positive: potent imagination, adventure oriented, confident, healthy choices of 

life style.

Negative: fearful, sociopathic (telling tales about horrible woes for pity), 

insecure, weak willed

Mundane: dreams of monsters - especially sea creatures, oceanic anomalies, 

whales, whale products, dangers of the sea, unknown terrors, bizarre creatures

ALSO on KLOTHO - one of the three Karma asteroids. 

Saturn at 9.02 Cap- on BAGHDAD
Uranus on TYPHON Typhon - grisly monster with an abundance of heads and serpents, figuration of volcanic forces, hot winds. 

Mundane - snake worship, lava flow, scary reptiles, highly ionized wind 

Sometimes I search who will be hit by this or that aspect, but I don't publish.
Now I must put up this chart!! The Likud party will be hit this time and this is a major event. Mind you, the effect of the Full Moon lasts till the New Moon, so we'll look for news in the next 2 weeks. Mars, at 8 Taurus, gets the full projector from the Sun; transit Nodes will square it, and Saturn trines the Sun. Using Placidus house system, Mars rules an intercepted house, so I am not sure how will this affect it, but the Nodes and Saturn will trigger the Head of the party, no one else than Bibi. 

There isn't much going on in the sky, besides minor moves. Juno, one of the asteroids enters Aries and will conjunct Chiron. Chiron at 0 Aries, that is a major event, because it happened only in April 1, 1968 , 1918, etc.. 
Chiron will be in Aries till mid September, 2018, make a retro to Pisces till mid Feb 2019, and re enters Aries till 2027. Chiron is known as "the wounded healer"; it shows where are you carrying your wounds, from past lives and this one. A Chiron return highlights the issues and is supposed to heal them. 
The first to pop up with Chiron in Aries is the USA! Then, Queen Elisabeth's husband, Prince Philip, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Jimmy Carter, Abdullah, king of Saudia, The Queen, actually people born between 1918- 1927 and 1968-77. 
Surely transit Chiron will trigger natal positions with squares and oppositions as well. So if your Chiron is in Cancer/ Capricorn, it will get a square. If it is in Libra, will get an opposition.
For the trade I don't use it. 
I wrote about Chiron on the 17th... scroll down. 
So, we have trade today, and the arbitrage is positive.Nothing much to do here! 
TA35 index
I wrote about Egypt, their index is soaring! Targeting 20500. 
Egypt index
In the past I wrote about CYRN: If you bought it, and did not sell, you are getting an "amnesty" a possibility to check out now! Move stop to 2.89- see, it rose with no volume, soon it'll collapse. IMHO of course! 
CYRN graph
Here is IGLD, a local share that ran up in Nasdaq... Would you buy it ? 
IGLD chart
I wouldn't. 

So how did the cryptos do so far?
The BTC is now at 9463. Should stay above 9450! The ETH' s stop is at 689... OK... will post in the app. 

What do you think of the North-South Korean handshake and meeting? I was debating the issue on FB, with colleagues. 
The inner chart is North Korea: Sept.9.1948. It has a Mercury-Neptune conjunction in LIbra. SInce Mercury rules the chart, the Sun in Virgo, this conjunction with Neptune doesn't smell good. It tells me of some kind of plot, brings a  lot of smoke to the situation. Then, there is also a Mars- South node conjunction in Scorpio, in the 12th, again telling about some hidden military actions, not for the best, ( SN). 
The outer chart is the time of the handshake: April 27, 2018 at 9:46 in Seoul, time from the FB. transit Neptune is in opposition the SUN, and 150 to Pluto. Uranus will sextile natal Uranus, so an unexpected move will happen in May- June. Actually, I found this date: June 10-14/2018. Let's mark this is calendar, see what happens. This handshake happened with Kim's father too, Oct 7,2007, and nothing came out of it. Big hopes, that evaporated in Neptune's cloud. The Sun was on a bad fixed star... do I have to go on? 
North and SOuth Korea Meet I

If I was certain of Kim's birthdate ( 1983 or 84~ I used and rectified 1984) I could say, yes, this time there IS hope because transit Pluto changes people. But, I'm not sure of the date. 
Here is his chart, with the time of the handshake. Can a person with a Mercury-Neptune conjunction on the Ascendant be trusted? On the other hand, transit Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus DO point to a major change.
Kim and Moon meeting

Shekel -Dollar graph: shows a rally- meaning, the Dollar is getting stronger, more shekels needed to buy one $- It can go to 3.67 and higher. For all who buy stuff on E-Bay, or travel abroad! 
Shekel Dollar graph

And I want to remind you! close all your debts and money you borrowed from the bank! It will be more and more difficult to do it!

April 28, 2018 Saturday

Good morning. As usual , I prepare the weekly forecasts. The SPY long term is ready, sign up for any index you trade! Will the volatility continue? What will next week, month bring?
The cryptos trade today. Do you remember, I wrote about new cryptos, that are linked to the Gold? Check out AU/USD; it spiked.
I'll check a few shares later.... Stay tuned. 

Haim Sadeh, a young astrologer friend, posted on FB something really curious! He found, probably from the Bible, that it is mentioned that Israel is on the shores of "the Great Sea" the Mediterranean- is under the sign of Leo. The Dead Sea is Scorpio, obviously, and the Sea of Kinnereth, ( called so because it has a shape of Kinor- violin in Hebrew-) is under the sign of Taurus- sign of life. So we have 3 seas under FIXED signs. The disaster we had the other day, was under Jupiter in Scorpio- in retro- bad, and 10 teenagers found their sudden death under water and mud and rocks that swept them away. 
He also found, that on April 22, 1963, THE SAME DISASTER HAPPENED! 
Then too, a group of religious students came to the beach in Tel Aviv, entered the sea in a place that was forbidden to swim, due to underwater streams, and drowned. The chart of the day is fantastic! 
The Mediterranean Sea disaster in 1963
They went to the beach during noon hours, that gives us again, Virgo rising. The Sun is at 1 Aries, in the 8th house of death. The Moon is at 12 degrees- it is a Pisces degree- Eris conjunct- they died at sea. The Moon sextiles Saturn- the "Timekeeper" at 21 degrees, is a Sag. degree, they died far from home. Mercury also at 21, in Taurus, squares Saturn. Venus on Scheat, in Pisces, the worst Fixed star in this sign, mars at 12^, again a Pisces degree, shows death at sea. Jupiter at 4 Aries- sudden, unforeseen death. 
May they rest in peace. 

April 27, 2018 Friday

Flood disaster- 9 killed
Yesterday a terrible disaster happened, when a group of 16-17 years old were in the Arava, on a pre-army trip, and they were surprised by rain which turned into flood. They were on the rocks and could not hold themselves and were taken by the water. The army, police, rescue groups were looking for them into the night. 9 bodies were found, the rest, about 10-13 were safe. 
The place or the river is called ZAFIT and in Hebrew it adds up to 22- the killer degree. 
The anger of Mars-Pluto conjunction, in the 5th house shows the teenagers, but look, also the Moon was VOC- not a good time to travel, or decide on anything, also at 22, the killer degree. SInce they were teenagers, we look at Mercury's position, at 9- Mars, injuries, attacks, death-in the 8th house of death. Sun conjunct the point of Fatality, and Jupiter at the cursed 19 degree. All these together gave no possibility of escape. 
Our southern towns are under water, well, the cars are, Jerusalem even... 
This is how it starts: the flood in the desert.
May they rest in peace.
Under this huge planetary pressure the markets turned up. I see Asia is green, Europe too, FB! 9%+; almost all US is green as well... THe Gold reached 1318; and in the list of the cryptos that I follow, MONA is the first runner up with 28%. I wrote about it ... scroll down. 
What's happening today? 
The Moon moved to Libra. Did you notice, that the disaster happened in an earth sign? Remember! Earth signs are disaster prones. 
So now, the Moon is in Libra, an air sign, she trines Venus, a good aspect. Mercury trines the Nodes, also good, so we have minor good positions- against the major ~ Mars-Pluto~bad aspect. 
Today we have a CIT for AORD, DAX future, HSI, PRG. 
Tomorrow and during the weekend almost all the indices have a CIT day, so be careful! 
On May 16th Uranus enters Taurus. This is an extremely major event! Happened only 83 years ago, in march 28, 1935. Until May 16th it'll be at the 29th degree, which points to extremes. So, what can I tell you? Be careful? One cannot. What comes comes in an unforeseen way. 
A funny idea popped up in my mind. What will happen if "they" close the internet? 
But, let's stay calm and think positive 

I'll send some alerts now, see you later. 

April 26, 2018 Thursday 

The BIG STORM did land yesterday afternoon. BIG TIME! Cars under water, people swept away and drowned... Winds, like a small hurricane. Now everything is quiet, nature calmed down. So what happened? Chiron at 0 Aries, Mars, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn- cold, winds and heavy hail in the southern towns.- 
Religious people call this the blessed rains. Should be the last rain for the season. One should gather this water and drink it after 3 days- to be blessed. OKEY. I got wet, so I hope I am blessed enough. 
People in Toronto weren't so lucky, I mean those who got killed in the truck incident. Strangely or not? in Canada they are not calling it a terror attack. 
Truck killing Toronto
Today we are under Mercury's effect. means, volatility. 
On 4/20 I posted Venus's aspects - scroll down! yesterday was a sextile to Chiron. 


April 25, 2018 Wednesday

It's crazy how fast the time passes. Meteorologists forecasted a bad storm for the night, which didn't happen, but I closed all the sheds, and in the darkness, I woke up only at 8, while usually at 6:30 I am already working... 
I start my day catching up with the news. lately I prefer to read them, because the TV is so full of venom, I can't stand it. 
Let's see what's new in the sky first:
Planetary positions on 4/25
The Moon moved on, now in Virgo,- another earth element, and she trines -120^- the Sun. Mars is conjunct Pluto, a VERY dangerous position in Cap! and both are squared by Mercury in Aries. Watch your tongue! Better stay silent than say foolish things. But can you? in the Aries, one first talks, later thinks. This time silly words can lit a dangerous fight! Venus is Gemini adds to this. 
In the world this Mars-Pluto conjunction is crossing right on Washington and ... see 
Geodetic chart for today:mars conj.Pluto over Washington
When is the Trump-Kim meeting? 

Venus rules forex, so let's see the Dollar: weekly chart- from 1996. the lowest point was in 2008, 70.77 Now it trades at 90.70- The stop is at 88. 
There is a currency war going on. Iran, China, Iraq are dropping the Dollar for the sake of Yuan. When Iraq dropped the Dollar, the USA  attacked them. 
Will they do the same with Iran?
The OIL: trades now at 67.71. we are still in trade, if you followed the app alert. 
The Gold: now at 1328.4 ; Target given on the 23rd, reached. 

There are some important earnings today: before market starts, and after market closes

QCOM is one of them.
To know how will the earning come out, one should know the first trade date, and analyse the share. I do that sometimes.. 
Groups that rallied/fell: 
Groups that rise/fall

OK> Markets starts... see you later. 
I am back from the gym. Do you exercise? I go at least 3 times a week. 

There is something extremely interesting that I have found just now! 

We have a Mars-Pluto -- difficult conjunction in the sky. Yesterday we learned, that our very famous singer had some medical issues on the plane home, so they landed in Vienna, and now he is hospitalized. The stewardess reported he was talking gibberish, so I PRESUME he had a stroke. 
The formidable thing, that I find in his chart, born Oct 3, 1949 at 10 am, in Wroclaw, Poland and he has a MARS_PLuto conjunction in the natal chart, transit pair just sent 150-bad- aspect to them. 

Now, they say, they want to fly him home, and continue the cure here. I think it is a bad idea! Obviously, from his chart, it started a few weeks ago, and now, moving him, will be fatal. His leading planet is Venus, and look how much it is triggered, not only by a bad Jupiter but also from Uranus, that was lingering there for some months. 

Maybe you are not interested in this specific person, but look who else has this conjunction?! 
Hillary! We all remember how he was hold up by 2-3 people, I am sure she also went through a stroke, even if minor, and now, that the aspect is back, she is again under Damocles sword. 
I am running my computer now, to show you which years had this Mars-Pluto conjunction, so people born between those dates are prompt to major issues in their lives- each with his/her own personal data. 
The following people popped up from my database: Ringo Starr; Bette Midler, Moshe Katsav ( our former president who was in jail for sexual harassment), Candice Bergen, Cher, Kevin Kline, Shaul Elovitz, Bruce Springsteen, Andre Rieu, Penny Chapman, Orna Datz, Miri Regev, Brooke Shields, Nir Hefetz, KIM Jong UN ! Hamas, the European Union, etc. etc.

April 24,2018 Tuesday

Another shooting and killing occurred yesterday, thanks for the Anonymous reader, for the birth date, or Travis Reinking, the so called "Waffle house killer". Born in Dec.23,1989- arrested on April 23, 2018, after killing 4 and injuring more people. 
He has a stellium in Capricorn. Born on a Saturday, a day ruled by Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. It was just a question of time when he will snap. Sun-Uranus conjunction, Mars in Sag, in the natal chart, when came into conjunction to his Sun, he killed all those people. 
Travis Reinking- waffle house killer chart

Some nice news for yesterday was the birth of the second son of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Born at 11:01, as someone posted on FB. 
He has a very powerful chart. Cancer rising,- 27.39- ( a Gemini degree- cleverness, but also accidents pro) Sun at 3 Taurus, Moon at 9 Leo-hmmm... Moon squares the Sun, and conjunct the North Node, in H1, and I am not going to continue, because it is a bad thing to analyse a chart of a new born- not till 6 months old. 
May he be healthy, happy, and bring happiness to his family. 
Prince William son II
What's new in the sky today? 
Venus leaves home, Taurus and enters Gemini. New, volatile energies enter, losing up a little bit on the Earth signs. 
Unfortunately, the "Weeping sisters, the Pleiades" are at 1 degree, so will will have to give Venus some time to move on.. Market wise a weak point. Mundane wise, worse. 
The Moon is separating from the North Node, in Leo- she is also 150 to Pluto. So we have all the reasons to look for shorts. 
The Gold : reached target given in the app. 
I posted this video, linked from FB yesterday night... Remember, I wrote about draught? Multiple planets in Earth sign? especially in Capricorn: 


April 23, 2018 Monday 

The Moon is now in Leo, will square the Sun today. Be careful! Don't start a fight, don't quarrel~ count till 10. The Sun-Moon position just pushes you to do that. 
Today is a CIT day for for the Nifty and Maaden.
On this day, in 1564 William Shakespeare was born. He has a Neptune in Gemini ( the writer) -Uranus ( genius spark in boundless SAG) opposition, which made him world famous till this day. 
W.Shakespeare natal chart
So let's see the markets: 
Asian indices that I send alerts for
The first runner up is Nifty. Reached Feb.2018' top. 
A target that I forecasted in the monthly reports, that will be reached. 600 points since March low! Not bad.. 
European indices that I send alerts for

Some Crypto news? Japan produced its first BTC the MONACOIN. well, not quite new, it started to trade in Dec. 2013, but I found a graph only since Dec. 2017. 
MOna coin
Iran has banned cryptocurrencies trading, including BTC. 
Iran threatened to wipe out Israel on our Independence day. On that day they got a rather nasty earthquake with a 48 hours of sandstorm. 
Our market is about to open. Closed yesterday at 1497~ trade range now is between 1488-1500. 
Will start sending now alerts. Stay tuned. 

April 22, 2018 Sunday

The S&P, Nasdaq, BTC, and other indices forecast is ready if you want to order it. 

Today we wake to a Moon in Cancer, just leaving a square to the Sun, which is in Taurus, and will be here for the next 28 days. Saturn is stationary, therefore very strong, before turning Retro. Pluto too, is stationary. Both are in Capricorn, the highest in the hierarchy of the Earth element.Capricorn is the "achiever". after a life long work, they do reach their goals, even if they have to step on others. The sign of goat. Just imagine this animal. Is skinny, rather ugly, eats dry grass in the mountains.
People and events with the Sun in Capricorn: Turkey (Jan 17, 395); England, Kepler, Andrew Johnson, Adelaide, W.WIlson, Canada, Evangeline Adams, Stalin, Hermann Goering, H.E.Hoover, Saudia, Nixon, Elvis, King Salman, Stephen Hawking, Muhammad Ali, etc. etc.. do you get the picture? 
Capricorn is dry. With saturn and Pluto there for a long time, and Mars there too, we should look for water-shares or water cleaning equipment, or water distillation, desalination equipment. Israel has several, and thanks God, we have the Mediterranean sea to give us water. But many countries do not have a water border and water will be major issue in the world, not GOLD. . 
Any shares in mind? Share with us! I found this. 
OK. During the week end the Bitcoin reached 9030$. I hear rumors, that one Dollar will be 0.01. Will then the BTC be 90$? A lot of background noises are there... Don't forget! Uranus is soon to enter Taurus, Scroll down see what I wrote about this event. 
BTC graph
The Gold continues in the weakness. It trades now at 1337. Our stop was 1331- so if you went long you are still in the game, but I don't think it is something I would invest in. 
for the time being. 
The S&P: topped at 2718-what will happen now? 
S&P graph

Taurus has 11 malefic Fixed stars! So the road is bumpy this month.. 
Virgo and Capricorn have 4. 

It's time to look at the Arab countries' indices. The first runner up is Egypt. if you invested in 2016, you earned 230% till now! 
Egypt index rallies 230%
TASI: Saudia: is correcting, but no comparison to Egypt! 

Our market opens under a negative arbitrage.The close was 1484. Support is at 1479.
Sweden mourns the early death of Tim Bergling, their famous DJ, who died at the age of 28. You will find many posts on him, but what I see, that for him, to be in Muscat, Oman, where he died, was forbidden, in his chart. 
Born September 8, 1989- no time- Solar chart. His Mars, ruler of the8th, is at 22-the killer degree- in Virgo- pointing to his health issues that will bring his death. Pluto is almost 30 degrees to his Moon, also vulnerable age before 30. Transit Neptune came in opposition his Sun- he was an alcoholic. Solar Arc South Node is conjunct his Mars. His Moon and Uranus are OOB- pointing to an eccentric lifestyle. 
Tim Bergling natal chart
Now see why was it a bad place for him to be in OMAN? 
His South Node is crossing RIGHT there! 

April 21, 2018 Saturday

I just got this mail: Hitler was smuggled to South Africa! 

Almost all the indices are red. will check each and send alerts as usual. It is time for the BTC to rally. 
Working now on the weekly forecasts. 
See you later. 

A reader has been asking me questions about MIB.IT- see the comments window at the bottom of the article. I wrote, that it will turn on the 20th, and it did. Here is the 15 min. graph:
MIB 15 min graph

What will happen next? Please order the monthly report, to see the larger picture and the upcoming events. 
April 20, 2018 Friday

Not that I want to remember, but I cannot forget that this is Hitler's birthday. Rumors say, and things I read here and there, that he did not die, as historians tell us, but fled to South America and lived there till old age. 
Maybe one day we will know. 
Today is a CIT day for the FTSE. Tomorrow for IBEX, WIG20, MIB It. and ETH, but all except ETH will turn today, because they don't trade on Saturday. 
So, keep your stops tight! 
What's new in the sky today?
Major move! The Sun entered Taurus and will be here for the next 30 days. In my weekly reports I show how does this move affects each index. Not all respond the same way. 
What else? The Moon is in Gemini, so still a lot of volatility in the trades. Mercury in Aries adds to the fire. Venus on the worst fixed star! Algol... Mars is approaching Pluto, and Saturn turned retro. 
Some years ago I attended the UAC in Denver, Colorado, where I met world famous astrologer, Noel Tyl among many other astro celebs. . I bought some of his books, and yesterday I found one I have not read yet. If you are a new student of astrology, his books are good to study. He writes clearly and easy to understand and follow step by step. So try " Noel Tyl guide to Astrological consultation". This book, and all his other books can guide you in the personal astrology reading. 
If you want to study Financial astrology, you should have Bill Meridian's books, and Ray Merryman's. These two are the leaders in this field. 
Of course, if you would like to make a short-cut and spare yourselves 15 years of studying, take my course, it will bring you faster to the goal. In the course I teach everything that is relevant to know, remember and use for trading. You can read student's letters in the main page under " For the record" or in the "Testimonials". 

Some thoughts about the Sun in Taurus
Sign of Taurus picture
First of all, it is the first EARTH element in the wheel. If Aries starts the wheel, is a fire sign, it brings the spark of the life, of the event, of a thought, TAURUS will see to it, that work is done. It is the lowest in the earth elements hierarchy. - the second or the sandwich is Virgo, and the highest , the achiever, is Capricorn. 
Taurus, or the bull, is a quiet animal, until it isn't.. (Toreadors?! )
Taurus is ruled by Venus, so every aspect Venus will make during this month, will be of major event. 
Here is a list: Actual aspects
Begin: 20.04.2018  Period: 1 month  (GMT+3)
                                   Aspect Exact
Venus        135 Saturn            20.04.2018  0:23
Venus        150 Center of Galaxy  22.04.2018 10:38
Venus         60 Chiron            25.04.2018  3:41
Venus        135 Pluto             29.04.2018 23:38
Venus        135 Mars               2.05.2018  4:06
Venus        150 Saturn             2.05.2018  5:24
Venus        120 S.Node             3.05.2018  0:12
Venus         60 Node               3.05.2018  0:12
Venus         45 Uranus             6.05.2018 18:59
Venus         90 Neptune            8.05.2018  0:58
Venus        150 Jupiter            9.05.2018 21:36
Venus        150 Pluto             12.05.2018  8:05
Venus         45 Node              14.05.2018 16:35
Venus        135 S.Node            14.05.2018 16:35
Venus        180 Center of Galaxy  17.05.2018  6:15
Venus         60 Uranus            19.05.2018 20:30

And, it doesn't end here... Taurus is loaded with malefic fixed stars! So we should pay attention to them as well. 


Guess who else was born on April 20th? The new leader of CUBA! who took over the reign from Raul Castro, Miguel Diaz Canel. We don't have the time of birth, but with his looks, and age, I came up with this time. Uranus on the MC- indeed a revolutioner in the chair! After 59 years of Castro brothers, he was elected. 

Miguel Diez Canel Cuba President chart
anyone has his birth time, I'll be glad to hear.


April 19, 2018 Thursday

We celebrate today our 70th Independence day, so we don't have trade. I shall be away today.
But let's see what is due for today? it is a day ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is at 15 Pisces. It is at the midpoint of 15 Gemini/Sag. So anyone having planets at these degrees, will be affected by Neptune. When Neptune hits it means and "Ego disappearance" said by the famous astrologer Noel Tyl. 
Neptune in conjunction or squaring the angles ( Asc, Dsc, MC, IC ) brings times of confusion and bewilderment. A feeling to escape, to run away and get lost. (by trips or drugs). 
Neptune is also in opposition 15 Virgo. The same applies for them. 
After a quick search I found our President, Ruby Rivlin has his Sun at 15 Virgo and Venus at 16^. 
Also Bernie Sanders has his Sun at 15 Virgo. 
Mike Pence has his Sun squared by Neptune, and the  6 days' war started too with this position. Barbara Bush had Sun at 17 Gemini, and she just passed away on the 17th of April, 2018. 
Slavery was abolished under the Sun at 14 Sag. in Dec.6, 1865, Hamas was founded with the same Sun position in Dec.8, 1987.
So why do I mention these positions? because Neptune, as I call it, is the silent killer, dissolves things.

The markets continued to rally. I sent updates to subscribers. I am still waiting for that company to fix some stuff on my blog...
I am working on the MIB Italy index now, so if you are interested, you are welcome to order the monthly report. See how high will it go and when will it correct?

So, take care... and have a nice day. 

8:00 pm. 
I want to give you a tip. If you have several cryptos, you bought them 203 months ago, or maybe a year, and you have no idea if you are winning or losing on them, go to and enter the prices, the amounts you bought and this site, in the Portfolio" will be your accountant. 

April 18,2018 Wednesday 

Due to Memorial day we won't have trade today. Very sad day, remembering all the soldiers who died in so many many wars. 
And it will not end. The sky is angry. We are to face another one soon. 
Tomorrow it is Independence day, so again no trade, then Friday and Saturday, so only Sunday will start the trade over here. 
But, out there the markets are rallying. I read on Fb, that the markets have detached themselves from reality. LOL... so funny. No. the markets move exactly as they should and as forecasted here, or in the weekly forecasts. 
I wrote last month, that the S&P usually returns to the price level it was before Mercury started its Retro motion. 2747- March 22- It fell to 2533 and it was incredible that it will reach it. Where is it now? 2706. I just sent an update to subscribers to know what is expected. 
Our stop for Gold was 1339 on 4/10. It is still above this level, consolidating between 1340-52; waiting for a chance. 
ASIA is green, all the world is green I see. Except for the BTC. 
let's see what is happening today? 

It is a day ruled by Mercury and Venus. 
Planetary positions for 4/18

Mercury is solitary and Venus is at 22^ Taurus. Remember the 22 degree? By now if I wake you up in the middle of the night you should know the answer! 
venus is still in trine with Pluto, and all the other aspects I mentioned 1-2 days ago, are there. See the SUN conjunct Uranus? OK. one of the reasons for the rally. 
Today is a CIT for AORD, DAX, HSI, PRG, TA35.
People to watch in the news: Comey, Mueller, Pauline Hanson, Nawaz Sharif, Mario Draghi, Gene WIlder, Akihito, Jerome Powell. 

So, who is trading the DAX? 
The trick with Mercury does not work here.. Nevertheless, we got a huge reversal since 3/26 and if you follow the app, I am sure you are very happy. 
Now we have a triple top, last higher than the former, so move stops to 12530 and enjoy. How high it'll go? Well, that is in the weekly forecast. 
For my South African readers: FTSE SA: long term outlook: 
FTSE South Africa index

April 17,2018 Tuesday

I clicked on the " translate" button at the left, to see how my thoughts come out in Hungarian. I wanted to send it to my aunt. Well!! GOOGLE! IT'S TERRIBLE! I don't know what other translations are available on the net, and I hope you, who translate my blog to German or Japanese or Hindi, will get a better outcome than what I got. 

Next, if you need to make the fonts bigger, press ctrl and play with the mouse. 
In my post in the former article I explained how to find something in the blog. 
here is again a screenshot: 
Blog screen shot

As you can see in the upper list of events, Chiron enters today the sign of Aries. This is a rare event. It was here between: 

Today we have a CIT for CAC and TA35.
CAC: The technical analysis: 
CAC graph
As you can see it made it to Fib.2- the question now it, is that it? Or it will turn up? 
I could not find the first trade date for the CAC future. So if anyone has it... Pls. 
The energies of Mercury are eminent for this day- so again, volatility! To this we can add Venus 120 Pluto aspect, Venus 180 Jupiter, Jupiter 60^ to Pluto. All my calculations are based on these positions. 
The sky today: 
Planetary positions 4/17

What else?? China came out with a better than expected first quarter growth. 

Netflix- fell after earnings...Trade range is now between 304-309. I am corrected by a reader, that NFLX jumped in the after hours! So 309 is stop for long now. SHould go above 315 to go to 321.
FB faces more problems- somehow FB RECORDS you! We are turning transparent... Soon they will use FB to make a colonoscopie.
Euro/Dollar is consolidating: 
Euro/Dollar long term graph

I sold CYRN yesterday. I went up by 133% 

Pay attention to ADA: a minor crypto. fell from 1.38 to 0.12. In the last 5 days it started to move. So, it might go up... As I wrote many times, cryptos, all except the BTC are not for day trade. Not for me, at least. Once you bought it, sit on it till 2020- 2024.. The BTC, because it is so expensive, you might want to day trade it. 
Yesterday I watched on Doko the life of Warren Buffett. He is today 87.63 years old. Born on August 30, 1930 at 15:00 (3 pm). it was very very interesting. In those times they did not check if children were geniuses, but he WAS! Look: Sin conjunct Neptune in Virgo- and analytical mind, pays attention to the smallest details, but also somehow "not here", detached from the physical surrounding world. The film said, that "dad was at home, but never with us". There were pictures his 3 children playing, eating and he sits with his newspapers on his lap- deep in another world.
His Mercury is as far as it can be from the Sun- so his mind ( Mercury) is not grilled by the Sun. It is also in Libra, an air sign, giving him a prodigy quality. Moon in Sagittarius- endless imagination, and a good arguer. With a stellium in Cancer ( Mars, Jupiter and Pluto) has a photographic memory. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, rules his Ascendant- represents him. A very strong character. Mars in Cancer is in its fall- he likes quiet and known places. He lives until today in the town he was born in, in Omaha, Nebraska, although he could afford to live on the Moon if he chose. 
Venus on the most fortunate fixed star at 22 Libra, SPICA. 
Remember I wrote about ZEUS? His is in the 8th house of money . 

His legacy: "There are two laws in the market: 
The first, is to gain money. 
The second: Don't forget the first! "
Ok. back from pilates...
Check out MYSZ- I just bought it. Should go above 1.48, then to rocket. Also ROBOF. Looking for the first trade date now. 
I am also working on the Nasdaq 100 forecast... so see you later. 

April 16, 2018 Monday.

The day is a particularly difficult day. On all levels! No 16 is a karmic number. Adding up the date we get 13, with, in the Tarot Cards is the Death. It symbolises and ending and new beginning. Astrologically, It is the New Moon, see in my last article what Vettius Valens, famous medieval astrologer had to say about New Moons! But this New Moon is more difficult, since it occurs at the last degrees of Aries, CONJUNCT  URANUS! So, by all means, it is n very difficult day. 
Let's see if we get some smoothening from the other planets?
Mercury is stationary, very strogn in Aries, doesn't help! On the contrary! Puts more oil on the fire. 
Venus is at 19 Taurus, another Karmic degree and position. I wrote many times in the past about the 19th degree in astrology!
mars is very strong in Cap, shares the sign with Saturn and Pluto. Mother Earth feels the pressure. I would not be surprised if we will hear of some volcano eruptions or new holes appearing or fractions in the ground! 
Jupiter is still in Scorpio, retro and in opposition Venus! Watch the banks today...Any announcements? or bankruptcies? If not today, as long as Jupiter is in Scorpio. 
This brings us to Saturn ! Ah... here we find father Time, Kronos, the responsible adult, as I call it. But what do we see? Saturn is stationary- very strong- before turning Retro! at 9 Cap. Saturn departing from Mars: think of it, as the chains are melting down slowly from the "fury"- Mars... Mars is heading towards Pluto- the great destructor. WIll they meet? Yes! on the 26th! based on Mars' cycle these two meet every 2 years, based on Pluto's cycle this happened only on feb 10-12, 1770. 
The only thing I could find on Wiki is, that on Feb 22, 1770, the 11 years old Christopher Seider, is the first casualty of the American Revolution. 
Since we know, that the Independence of the USA was in 1774- with this Mars-Pluto conjunction the revolution began, and we are living a "deja vu"
SO I made a chart for Feb.22,1770 and to my surprise what do we see? URANUS! at 5 Taurus. NOW we will have it at  this point between June 8-July 4, 2019 again Sept.21-Oct 18,19 and third and last time March 28- April 16 2020. 

But, if we US is bleeding, the world should worry. 
Unfortunately, I don't HAVE ANY INDEX TO SHOW YOU HoW DID IT BEHAVE IN 1770?
Another disturbing planetary position is NEPTUNE's. 
Look, in 1770 it was in Virgo, sign of health, till 1779. Today it is in opposition! Pisces. Looking back in history I found, that between 1770-72 there was the Russian Plague, 50000 people died. Smallpox, measles,- thanks God we have vaccines now against these! In Persia- today Iran, 2 million people died. In 1775 in England the influenza took more casualties than the revolution. 
Today Neptune will be in Pisces till mid 2025. 

So what can we do? 
3 planets, especially these one that we have now!  in Capricorn means draught. Make sure you have enough water. 
Plant a small garden with vegetables. It will not only feed you, but working with the soil will have a fantastic input on your soul! 
Try to close and return all your loans! DO NOT take new ones. Interest rates will mount and you will find yourselves incapable to return. 
Many will be fired from jobs.  Do not despair. It will not help. Look for new one.
Exercise every day! keep healthy! eat healthy. Try CHIA seeds. I do . Eat apples, pears, onions, garlic!  BREATH!! 
Yoga can teach you how to BREATH! Very important... We take it for granted... but it is not! You don't want to know how it is when you cannot grasp your breath for 2 minutes.. 
Wash your hands frequently!! Hygiene is crucial to stay healthy. 
And the most important thing is: 

BE AWARE that it will pass ! The planets move on and like everything else, these difficult years too will pass. 

Of course we shall follow the markets and check what is worth while trading. So let's see... 
Did I scare you? I hope not. I just put the picture in front of your nose. When we know what to expect- BASED ON 1770! we have a little bit of help, not much, because always unforeseen things , brought by Uranus, can happen... But we can use history for the future. Let's hope the people up there can too. Let's hope we are wiser now than back in 1770. 

Uranus in Taurus ... I hope I am not repeating myself.. see former articles. If Taurus is in for what I HAVE, MY ASSETS, MY MONEY and Uranus is the revolutionary, then everything that is related to Taurus will go through some revolution, turmoil, maybe some spark and new inventions too. Let's look at the bright side of things. Uranus brings something new to the money... Didn't the cryptos entered our lives? And they will - big time- but Uranus is also HACKERS- so , watch your wallets.
And I could go on and on. 

Yesterday a local share I have rocketed by 50%. Did not sell it, it just started its journey. 

OK. markets start soon, see you later. 
Today we are under Uranuan effect- expect the unexpected! 
HSCE closed red, see the last alert.
HSCE daily graph

while Nifty Bank in green. 
Sign up now for the forecast! 
Gold graph

Forecast dears! forecast... Everybody thinks the gold will rally.. Will it? 
Sold yesterday CYRN.
6:00 PM : I sent a lot of alerts just now.. Pls check the app;
6:25 pm Anyone having a problem seeing the alerts, PLs. mail me. Seems there is a problem. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  1. March 22nd Merc went rx after the close of trading SPX day price was 2643 I use this price to mark a return. Also solar eclipse in Feb SPX 2731 and price returns to this area as well. comments?

  2. So Mercury delivered. Great! About the return to the Sol. ecl. time price level, a research must be made. I don't know about it.
    Thanks for your input!

  3. On Aug 21,2017 we had a Sol. eclipse the price was at 2428. We have not seen this price since... But, maybe we will with the next Solar eclipse. Neither we had any other price levels that occurred during an eclipse.

    1. This was a theory that Kaye looked at and studied eclipse in fixed signs where markets typically go down then recover in a 3 month period. You are right about the 2017 eclipse markets did not go down either. Aug 2018 we have another fixed sign eclipse. Can trigger 2 weeks before , SPX 2830 area, can we get back there by May 15th?

  4. ciao gaby, scusa il disturbo, quando avremo secondo i pianeti una inversione sul mib italy? 23800? grazie

    1. CIT for MIB Italy is on April 21.

    2. il 21 april e' sabato, quindi l'inversione sara' il venerdi o il lunedi? grazie

    3. Grazie, e complimenti per il sito e le materie trattate, io sto iniziando a studiare da poco.....

  5. sara' il cambio del segno del sole che domani fara' invertire e scendere il mib italy?

    1. When the SUn enters a new sign it is a major importance for all the market. However , not all the indices have a CIT day. There are other factors that the CIT is based upon. I teach that in my Financial astrology course. Maybe one day you will be interested to learn. In English.

    2. grazie tante Gaby, sto cercando di essere autodidatta,imparare da solo, anche se mi rendo conto che e' difficile , e che l'astrologia e' una materia complessa, ma che mi affascina imaparare per poter applicare ai mercati per poter guadagnare. Scusa se mi permetto di disturbarti, ma vedo che sei molto competente e disponibile. buona serata.

  6. ciao gaby, complimenti per la cit detta ieri sul ib italy, volevo dirti, il mercato e' sceso dalle 14 in poi, facendo prima nuovi max, l'applicazione dello short si ha sino alla prossima cit, cioe' si lascia short, magari per diversi giorni sino a che non ci sono altri eventi geocosmici che portano la cit? grazie se puoi rispondere e buona giornata.

  7. For the sake of other readers, here is a translation from Italian: " hello gaby, congratulations for the cit said yesterday on ib italy, I wanted to tell you, the market fell from 14 onwards, making first new max, the application of the short you have until the next cit, that 'you leave short, maybe for several days until there are other geocosmic events that carry the cit? thanks if you can answer and have a nice day."
    I shall answer in teh blog with graph.
    Pls. sign up to the monthly forecast, to know in advance what's coming!

  8. waffle house killer is also Capricorn!!!
    born dec 23 1989 Morton Illinois.
    mean, arrogant and easily influenced!
    a terrorist!


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