New Moon in Taurus, 2018 - Financial Astrology

Between May 15 - June 13, 2018
New Moon in Taurus 2018
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Important planetary moves for this Lunar month: 

15.05.2018   17:16:45 > Tau Uranus
16.05.2018    6:55:00 > Aqr Mars
19.05.2018   15:10:33 > Cnc Venus
21.05.2018    4:14:36 > Gem Sun
30.05.2018    1:48:56 > Gem Mercury
12.06.2018   21:59:35 > Cnc Mercury

Aspects during the month
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Links to former articles: Taurus New Moon : 2017, 2016; 2015; 2014; 2013; 2012; 2011; read them... there is so much information in there!. 

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June 14, 2018 Thursday 

Again! Thursday... the week is over. the month is over. I must say, great accomplishments, not only market wise- S&P hit forecasted targets, but also politically, you like it or not, Trump is nominated for Nobel prize! 
What will happen? Are the planets supporting another rally? 
Let's find out in the next article. 
Follow me to "the New Moon in Gemini, 2018

June 13, 2018 Wednesday 

Yesterday I went to see the movie "Book club" starring Jane Fonda, age: 80.46; Diane Keaton, 72.44; Candice Bergen, 72. The film was... well.. not bad. But it was nice to see people still act at this age. They look good, even if after a lot of botox. It's never too late!
Before leaving, I sent alerts to subscribers, those who trade , and they got all the targets. 
Now today, we are under Mercury's energy, and this just entered the sign of Cancer till June 29th. A different symphony. AND it sextiles Uranus. AND it is OOB!
As of June 30th, the "days of distress" or in Hebrew, Bein Hametzarim" start for 3 weeks, a time when it is advised- well, for very religious people, not to marry, trade, or go to the beach, and many other "don't do's.. Mercury will be in Leo.  Correction time for the markets. Usually... Will it be also this year?? We will analyze each index or commodity, and have the forecasts ready. 
The Moon is approaching the Sun, fading out, tomorrow we will have the New Moon, new article, everything new. Scroll down, see what I wrote about the New Moon.
So bottom line, we are in for another very volatile day. 
Read about TESLA ( will be a short below 360) , SNAP,(it's a short below 13.80).AT&T( is a short too). But is you trade these share, you can order the yearly report for $540. 
*pay attention to the Fed announcements today!
Again another scandal in Hollywood- this time coming from Robert De Niro. Born on August 17, 1943; he spoke harshly against Trump. His date adds up to 8.8.8/24/6 So looking at their chart, it is clear why: inner wheel De Niro, has his Saturn=8 on Trump's Sun- Very severe and judging position. Then, they can even start a fight in the ring: Mars- conjunct Sun. And the answer from Trump is not delayed. 

June 12, 2018 Tuesday. 

We finally got to the historical Trump/Kim meeting, in Capella hotel, with the Sun on a fixed star called Capella.(at 22.06 Gem). LOL. They DELIVERED! We can now sleep tight, and smile at all the skeptics and cynics. Trump, as I wrote before, will be reelected in 2020. Times are tough, but, as someone wrote "walking on a razor's edge", nevertheless, targets sent to subscribers have been achieved, and more to come.
trump kim handshake 12.6.18

So we look into the future. What's next? Today the Moon moves to Gemini, bringing more volatility. Look out! before market starts in the US- Fed. announcements. 
Today it's the 163rd day of the year, a Fibonacci number! 
I wrote about the Brazilian Real a few days ago-6/7- now it's time to look at the Argentina's Peso. It is a huge long, like the BTC- Long means, that the Peso is losing its value, big time. It made a parabolic rise. CIT and first target on the graph. Click to enlarge. 
Peso to USDollar

here is the Colombian Peso to the Dollar weekly chart: 
Colombian Peso to the $
Mexican Peso to the Dollar: 
Mexican Peso /DOllar
NNDM :) if you were following my alerts... You gained BIG TIME! 
MY LAST ALERT WAS ON 5/12: NNDM: Watch for a turn on May 19! Technically it made a bottom at 1.25- should go above 1.42 to start to move up!" aLL YOU HAD TO DO IS TO HAVE A BUY ORDER ABOVE 1.42, AND FORGET ABOUT IT. 
See the first trade chart: and transits, that made it rally: 
NNDM first trade chart
Date adds up to 17. Miraculously, natal Mercury, PLuto is at 17 degrees and the Moon at 16.40; so transits or Midpoints transits will be important. Yesterday it was THE PERFECT DAY! Mer/Pl MP is at 17 Leo, it was triggered by tr. Moon. 2) tr Moon 120 to natal Moon; 3) Tr. Saturn 120 natal Sat. and a 3 year long fall ended, by becoming a vendor, receiving a very good contract from US army. 
Knowledge is in details. 
SIngapore index didn't care about the meeting... 

June 11, 2018 Monday

I got a message today, on FB, that Che Guevara was actually born one month earlier, in May 14, 1928. From his mother's memoirs, saying she was pregnant before getting married, and had to hide the true date of birth. Her parents died when she was a child, father committed suicide when she was 5 and mother died when she was 13, so she was brought up by a very strict aunt and family. She had to go to Rosario, another town to give birth to Ernesto. So this new date moves his Sun to 23Taurus13, and Someone should do a research to rectify his chart. In any case, Mercury is conjunct asteroid Aeternitas, so Mercury is important in his life, and the ruler of his chart is Jupiter- at 25 Aries. 
Note, that he was executed at the age of 39.40, exact Nodes position. 
The cryptos crashed yesterday. So if you have my app- you either closed longs a few days ago, or you went short. I just sent updates! 
Let's see what's happening in the sky?
We are before the New Moon. La Luna is exalted, very lazy and comfy in Taurus. Children born today will be beautiful, with long eyelashes. Also very stubborn. somewhat slow..Mercury soon to leave Gemini and enter Cancer: Mercury in Cancer. In this sign it makes people to be sensitive, withdrawn, slow in reacting, driving crazy people who have Mercury in fire or air signs. They remember everything. Once I wrote about the book "The water remembers" by Dr.Emoto. People with strong emphasis in water signs, remember everything, they have a good eye for details. They remember the "mood", the atmosphere things were said or done. No detail escapes their memory. And they will throw it to you once, in need! 
Venus is is Cancer, soon to leave and enter Leo. Mars is slow and conjunct the SOuth Node. Jupiter is bad , retro in Scorpio. It still sends and angle to Neptune- the big deceiver, and fake news planet.This aspect is accompanying us for some weeks now. And it's not going away. Saturn in 7 capricorn and retro, makes life miserable for people who have their Sun at 7 Cap, or Cancer.Actually, as I look at the sky now, there are no planets in fire... hmmm. Only with Venus entering Leo we will have some... till then we are in the myst. 
For new readers: all my calculations and alerts are based on this analysis of the sky. 
We have a very important week in the world, under the Trump-Kim meeting, so here are the aspects for this week: 
Venus            150 Center of Galaxy  11.06.2018 13:36
Mercury         180 Center of Galaxy  11.06.2018 14:25
Sun               150 Pluto             11.06.2018 20:14
Mercury        135 Jupiter           12.06.2018 17:25
Sun              135 S.Node            12.06.2018 21:08
Sun               45 Node              12.06.2018 21:08
Mercury       180 Vesta             13.06.2018  0:45
Mercury          60 Uranus            13.06.2018 14:41
Venus          150 Vesta             13.06.2018 23:30
Sun              135 Mars              14.06.2018 12:04
Jupiter          120 Pallas            15.06.2018  0:35
Venus             90 Uranus            15.06.2018  6:33
Venus          135 Neptune           15.06.2018  7:31
Mercury       150 S.Node            16.06.2018  2:25
Mercury       180 Saturn            16.06.2018  4:47
Uranus          45 Neptune           16.06.2018 12:40
Sun               60 Ceres             16.06.2018 19:30
Jupiter           45 Vesta             17.06.2018  3:12
Mercury       150 Mars              17.06.2018  4:03
Today I had a really nice surprize. Someone was sent to me for a reading, who saw me on TV 10 years ago! Very skeptical, and non believer in anything esotheric, she left with a wow... 
Now, isn't that nice? 
I read people in Paris are complaining that they cannot sleep, because of the call to prayers in the mosques. 
Well, no worries, in no time, everyone will be muslim there, it will not bother you. I am sorry for the Versailles, thou... will they keep it or burn it down?
The fall of Europe is inevitable. If you have not visited the Versailles, do it as fast as you can do. 
The eyes of the world is now to the Far East- rising markets- and potentials. When I was a child, my mom always told me: learn Chinese! I didn't, but it's not too late for my grandchildren, and yours. 
NNDM: a share I was writing about, is finally delivering, BIG TIME !!! fiRST TARGET:3.29
I wrote about how Trump will have his birthday AND  a New Moon. I had to check how is old Hillary doing?? and surprise! look here. If her time of birth is 8:02 am, than
Hillary New Moon in June
She has a Scorpio stellium on her Asc, which I think fits her perfectly. This new moon, at 22 Gemini will trigger her Moon, which is at 22 degrees as well. But what is more powerful is tr. Pluto- see how many planets it triggers?
Next I looked at her birthday, her Solar return, and the new Moon, and that shows, that this year- till Oct 2019, she might end up in jail or in hospital, in any case, in a closed place. 
Hillary sol.return and new moon
her 12th house is rather busy! Also, Radix Neptune's position points to that. 

June 10, 2018 Sunday

Yesterday was a marvellous day at the beach. Three generations: my kids and my grandkids. A really rare event- to be at the beach together. Otherwise, we meet weekly. Later at night, I fell asleep with a broad smile on my face. That I remember. 
It's morning again, soon markets will start here, just checking news. If once I was looking if there was any disaster in the world, now I search more and more news on Trump. And he delivers. There is always something he does or says, or does not say, that makes the mind running... What will happen now? LOL.... Since he is a Gemini, I had to look him up again, and voila: New Moon is coming, and it'll be also a Solar return, since it happens on his birthday. This is an extremely rare and powerful event! it is his 72nd birthday, he is completing the wheel! He arrives - age wise to Regulus, 29 Leo.58-his Asc.- hitting- again age wise his Mars. So no wonder anything he does! I read he would not sign the G7 agreement either. 
Trump New Moon
So what can we learn from the New Moon? Sun and Moon are at 22-the killer degree-. Adding some numerology here, actually 22 is a major master number. There is a lot written about  it on the net. The problem with Master numbers is, that 99.9% of the population, bearing this number, cannot live up with its energy, and fall back to the combined 2+2=4 no.'s energy, which is ruled by Uranus, and then, astrologically, you know, that it means, "surprize, unprecedented, unforeseen events". 
The effect of the New moon lasts for one month. 
Mercury is in Cancer, weak- just by being in a water sign; Venus is at 29 Cancer;(29 degree will search for extremes, adding to the 22 affects).Venus rules Trump's career, 10th house... the government.
Mars is slowing down before retro, at 8 Aquarius, the revolutionary, at the Scorpio degree;
Mars rules Trump's 9th house, isn't this Mars helping undermine the G7 meeting?
Jupiter at 14Sco, retro and weak (being retro), rules his 6th house of gambling and romance ( will another Stormy pop up?); Jupiter trines Neptune in the sky, and this is in his 7th... So what's happening with Melania?? more news about her, during this Lunar month, for sure. 
Saturn is at 6 Cap- in his 5th house of romance and children, square natal Neptune- we are back to Melania.. 
And so on.. 
The world has its eyes on the upcoming Trump-Kim meeting; Here is Kim's chart, with my rectification. 
Did anyone notice, that the upcoming New Moon is exactly on Trump's Sun? Not only a regular new Moon, but also Perigee, trump turns 72- ends one wheel. and the New Moon occurs, on a the "killer"degree. HMMMMM BIG one. Looking at Kim- on the same day: The New Moon is in opposition his Jupiter, which as per my rectification is the ruler of his Asc. Watch transit Pluto lingering on his Sun
Kim, doesn't need a new Moon to be under a very stressful time! he has transit Pluto on his Sun. And Pluto will stay there for a long long time. A transit Pluto transforms the personality completely. He also has a sextile from a bad Jupiter to his Sun. Jupiter rules his chart,(ruler of Asc) and is conjunct natal Saturn- ruler of his Sun. So we have a double effect here. 
To all that, he has the New Moon in opposition- triggering his Sag. stellium- that meeting will be a show! And it'll not end, not till Pluto moves on. 
Celebs born on June 14
The first person to pop up in this list is Che Guevara! Would you believe it? Born on June 14, 1928, has his Sun at 22 Gemini. Mars at 21 Aries, Uranus at 7 Aries, no wonder he became a freedom fighter, and also caused the Cuban Missiles crisis between Oct 15-30, 1962. Now it is MORE interesting, that in that year, he had a Solar return AND  New Moon in Gemini- at 11 degrees. Not so tight as Trump, but still.... And wow!! he had asteroid Aeternitas ON his SUN! 
Che guevara SOlar return and New Moon in June 1962

Looking one year earlier, BINGO, it was at 22 degrees! 
If you want to see if You had such a powerful event in your life as a Solar return AND a new moon at the same time, you have to go year by year, and see what happened.. 
OK. market starts. 
See you. 
I have to show Klaus Iohannis, Romania' President's chart as well. Born June 13, 1959, has the same aspects. 
Note transit Uranus, will be in opposition his ruler of his chart, Neptune, in May 2019. Neptune rules his H6. Check out what I wrote about people ruled by 7... 
I didn't find many people in my database, people I know, or heard of, who have this special event ... I did find a local comedian, Hana Laszlo.... Well we too have our comedians. 
She has a difficult Pluto encounter. let's see... 
Ok. will send some alerts for the cryptos now. Ready??

June 9, 2018 Saturday

We had a very hectic trade yesterday, but it was worth it! The S&P "miraculously" OR NOT, recovered, and now we have a double top, at 2777, a price forecasted 1-2 weeks ago. A lot is coming up next week, so let me write my reports... See you soon. 

But before I go, it is interesting to check what pushed the markets up? people keep writing, that the FAANG shares are the ones that still hold the markets, once they start correction, all is over. Well, I hear this your years now... that all is over, and the big crash is here.Yesterday it was the Biotechnology, and healthcare mostly.
Look here: First time the S&P hit 2777 it was exactly when the Sun squared Neptune. Neptune rules health, so all these share were "called" to rescue. We got a 27 points correction from 2777 to 2750, and a reversal, under an Aries , strong Moon. we must combine every little piece of knowledge.

The top came in under a Sun~45~Uranus and Moon 90 GC (gmt+3) on 6/7;17:15; Moon at 26.14 Pisces. Showing the price- BINGO! big time. How and why? well, that' I teach in my course. The Moon moved 9 degrees, to 5Aries38, and a reversal started. It was painful till 13:30, then the Moon sextile Mars, squared Saturn, and trined the North Node, we got a higher low, and the rally started. We went long above 2756, you know it, if you have my app.

Those who signed up to the daily alerts, made the ride from the top to the low, and up again. gaining both sides... 

OK> bye now. 

I post a lot on FB, all kind of charts for celebs. I know some of you don't have FB, so here is my last post on Anthony Bourdain- found hanged during filming in France.

"I did not know him, but every suicide,if that happened...??!! Is terrible. Here is his chart. I used equal houses in order to have his Sun at his age- only 20 days from his 62nd birthday! MInd you, 62 adds up to 8, ruled by Saturn. Tr.Saturn is 150^ to the South Node.. But, as you can see in the chart, second wheel is the Directed, third wheel is transit Uranus is the trigger. Since Uranus moves slowly, it must have been something that "worked" inside for a while now. Transit Uranus reached the MP(midpoint) of Ur/Mo.; It is also at the Ve/Nep MP of the Dir.chart.

One needs a lot of power-Mars-to suicide, no? His natal Mars is in Pisces, but in the Directed chart- age wise- it moved to 13 Taurus- exactly in opposition tr.JUpiter in Scorpio -sign on death.

Oh! 6 of his planets were triggered by the Aug.2017 Sol.ecl. at 28 Leo. 

I wonder what happened on Jan 23, 2018, when tr.Saturn was in exact opposition his Sun?

Ruler of his chart is Neptune- Pluto+Jupiter are conjunct. I read about his life.. I have to say, I am skeptical about the suicide. Let's see what will be published. 

May he rest in peace.

His death reminds me of Heath Ledger, Born 4.4.1979- I wrote about him in my blog in 2008; he too was ruled by Neptune, found dead in his hotel room by accidental overdose. on Jan 22, 2008. In his chart too tr.Saturn was in opposition his Sun. and Dir.Uranus on his Neptune' Dir Pl on Ura.

I also added some death asteroids to his chart. It is amazing! 

Point of death is at 3 Virgo, and it was triggered by so many death asteroids. And yes, Aeternitas conjunct his Sun, made him famous, and will be remembered. 


June 7, 2018 Thursday 

Mars is at my Sun/Mercury midpoint, and I feel nasty. This happens every two years, but now, the South Node is conjunct Mars, adding to my feel-bad. Last week I had fever, now I don't. It is the same Mars. Meanwhile Uranus just knocked on the 6th house' door... I don't even want to think what that can do~!. 

Uranus entering a house happens once in a lifetime. So there is nothing I can compare it to. 
I see the S&P reached all the given targets, the Gold is trying to reach higher levels as well, I just sent alert on it. 
In the sky we have a Moon trine Venus; while Venus is at 22^Cancer. 
The Stop for the BTC was 7200- we are gaining there.... But, forget about rallies... I think the enthusiasm left the cryptos. What do you think? 
Today it is a CIT for Aord, DAX fut, HSI ,PRG,Ta35, AAPL Goog, Cyna, TWTR; BTC.- Have you seen the alerts for the shares, I sent yesterday? 
My last post on the Indian Rupee was on March 22, 2018- Stop was 65.- It rallied to 68.50 till May 23, and reversed. Stop should be now at 66.80.
Sent alert on JKSE- download my app to get these alerts!
Watching Bloomberg usually at this hour, I hear the Brazil Real is rallying- due to the upcoming-Nov 2018 elections. Comparing it to 2014 rally before the elections, the real might go to 5.50 
Brazil Real

June 6, 2018 Wednesday

Yesterday was a Gann day, and we got a new top in the S&P. 2755. Sign up now for the daily alerts... 

Today we are under the influence of Mercury. it is conjunct the Sun at 15 Gemini. Both form an inconjunct~150~to Jupiter and square Neptune. 
Important time to watch : 1:45 pm gmt+3- Mercury will conjunct a very fortunate star, Rigel. 
I am back from the gym. My subscription ended, and now they are raising it... Life is more and more expensive. But I have to give myself this present. You cannot imagine how my body changed in the last year! Specially since I am doing Pilates. 
 Do you know the site "Zerohedge"? they have interesting articles here. The latest one is about the FAANG shares. (FB,AMZN,AAPL,Nflx, Goog). They claim all broke up bullish patterns. I sent alerts for some of these shares this morning-check out the app. If you are interested to know where are these shares heading, the forecast costs $540 for 1 year report.

June 5, 2018 Tuesday

On February 12th I wrote in this blog, that Mariano Rajoy's chart will be triggered by the eclipse, having his Venus on the eclipse degree. We hear in the news, that he had to step down. 

I wrote many times about Spain: Sept 8, 2017, I mentioned, that the eclipse line crossed Barcelona, also transit Uranus was 150^ to the Sun, in the Nov 22.1975 chart. Sept.17,17 I wrote that Spain is ruled by Jupiter, and since Jupiter is retro in Scorpio, the problems there will not end as long as the planet is there. I wrote about Spain also on Oct.20, 27, 30th; Dec.5,  2017, both about Rajoy and Puigdemont that he will be arrested.
I find it extremely interesting, that both Rajoy and Pedro Sanchez, the new PM, sworn in on Saturday, June 2nd, are ruled by Mercury. It is also interesting to see, that Neptune triggered for both the change in their lives. One stepped down, the other up, under the same aspect. 
I am waiting to hear from friends on FB about his time of birth, but look at his Mercury finger! 
Pedro Sanchez, Spain PM

On May 30th, I uploaded the Gann wheel for the S&P chart. Look what I wrote then, and where is it now! 

Someone pointed out to me, that the time I had for little Prince George- see post on June 3rd, was wrong.  The right time, as has it is at 16:24; OK, that moves his Asc. to 27 Scorpio, - worse that what I had-. the 27th degree, as per Nikola Stoyanov Its, is a degree prompt to accidents and assassination. His known and unknown enemies is featured by Venus, and that is at 0 virgo- triggered by transit Uranus. I wrote, that till the age of 6 he is in great danger, not only numerologically, but also tr. Uranus is on and off that degree. 
Everything else I wrote on 6/3, doesn't change. 
So I sent all the alerts for all the markets. 
During the week end I sent alerts for the cryptos. I hope you followed them, they are all massacred. 
Looking back to Saudi TASI index: Mohammed Bin Salman took office on June 21, 2017- since then their index rallied by 22%. SO where will it go now? to 7600? or 9200? 

It is a historical day today, if you did not notice! we are exactly 85 years, one Uranus cycle since: 1933. I have been posting and alerting about the Gold. You can order the yearly forecast too. 

Maybe it is not a coincidence, that in June 15-16th the "World Economic Conference" is due to be in Singapore. On that day Venus squares Uranus. I set the chart for 9 am, I guess it's a time to open such a meeting. 
Big trouble in Jordan! There are riots and uprising. THe PM resigned. I am looking at King Abdullah II chart. I wrote about him in 2017 and 18. His chart has been triggered by multiple eclipses during the last two years. 
King Abdullah II
His chart shows that transit pluto! in retro! is conjunct his SA Moon on the Ascendant. This is an extremely difficult transit! WIll he stand and endure, or are we seeing the beginning of the end of the Hashemite kingdom? He rules Jordan since his father's' death, K.Abdullah the I, since Feb.9,1999.
Although Iran has no border with Jordan, but now, that they based themselves in Syria, are they spreading unrest, monetizing the mob? 
Looking at the chart of Jordan, the enemy, is Neptune- right on the Moon(people), and the unknown or hidden enemy is the Sun- it is in the 9th house. It shows that the enemy is coming from abroad- and is threatening the Sun- the king. Also SA Mars will be triggering Mercury( ruler of the MC) in a year and a half. 
Jordan chart
2018 eclipses on Jordan

June 3, 2018 Sunday

Hope you are having a great weekend. I had a good one too. Now market starts over here. I already sent alerts for the cryptos, the only market that never sleeps.

TA35: closed at 1512, now it opens with a gap up at 1520; why is so marry? Beats me... A... The Sun and Mercury are both in Gemini, will drive us crazy till the 12th.
Besides the Geocentric chart, we also have to look from time to time at the Heliocentric chart, as if we were sitting on the Sun, and watch how the planets move around it. We will find, that Helio Mercury enters Gemini today, and that adds to the action.
Helio centric chart June 2018
What else do we see in this chart? A very important Venus-Neptune opposition, actually they for a T-Square with Earth! So we, on Earth are very much influenced by these two. THen there is a Mars- Uranus trine, but separating- they were conjunct during the Gaza incident last week... Mars is approaching Saturn; will be exact on the 9th. Also, a Jupiter-Pluto sextile. So I base all my calculations on both charts. 
William, the Prince, should have a hawk's eye on his son, George.
I just went to youtube to upload some family videos there in my site, when I saw that a terrorist is threatening to kill little George. He is not yet 5. Obviously I had to check George's chart,  which again, is incredible... 
prince George natal chart with June 9 tr.
The first thing that pops up, is Saturn on his Ascendant, at this age, as he is right now- to the day. Then, in opposition we see Uranus, from the house of known enemies, bringing a sudden event. Next, he has a beautiful water trine, just like we had last week in the sky, but his trine is built from a OOB Mars, which is also weak in Cancer, showing stomach problems, conjunct Jupiter- in the 8th house! Furthermore, see where is transit Mars- conjunct the SNOde- bad news... on the 9th there is some Balcony event, I don't know what.when he will be seen in public. Vulnerability will not end here- it'll last till his 6th birthday. But, I guess, the royals' astrologer will warn them. 

June 2 2018 Saturday

We saw a nice comeback in the markets. The Gold fell back- as expected. Writing my weekly forecasts now. Want to know how will the rest of the month look like ? What is the direction of different indices? Time to sign up. 

See you. 
June 1, 2018 Friday. 

One or two years ago when the big migration began to Europe, I wrote that Europe is DOOMED. NOW I READ THIS! 

I have been following Martin Armstrong for some time now. Funny how he published his article on DB one day after I uploaded the graph! 
SInce yesterday the DB fell to 11$!!! What will Europe do? 
So what's new today? We are under Mars and Venus effect. it is a CIT day for the IBEX, WIG20, ETH and MIB. 
We are after the Full Moon, she is now in Capricorn., after a Saturn conjunction, heading towards Pluto. 
Moon aspects gmt:00:00
 1.06.2018  0:52:42  7°41'42"Cap Conjunction Saturn
 1.06.2018 16:41:10 15°31'22"Cap Sextile Jupiter
 1.06.2018 16:57:09 15°39'16"Cap Opposition Venus
 1.06.2018 18:29:09 16°24'41"Cap Sextile Neptune
 2.06.2018  3:36:54 20°54'40"Cap Conjunction Pluto- no trade. 
On Monday the market will open under an Aquarius Moon: 
4.06.2018  1:22:37 13°24'00"Aqr Trine Sun
4.06.2018  5:09:56 15°15'57"Aqr Square Jupiter
Last time I posted the graph of the Dollar was in April. Then I wrote the stop was 88- we went long above it. Now it double topped at 95. Might correct to 92, but the direction is up to 96-98.
I see there is a G7 meeting today... a lot of European fed. announcements.. so watch your steps. 
Checking what happened in history on this day... Oh boy! in 193 the Roman emperor Didius Lulianus is assassinated, John Cor, a monk records the first Scotch whisky 1495, Anne Boleyn is crowned Queen 1533, Ion Antonescu is executed.. 1946, I come from Romania, we never heard about this... 1862, Eichmann is hanged. 2001 Crown Prince Dipendra of Nepal kills his parents and more family members. The Dolphinarium discotheque massacre in Israel- 21 killed by Hamas. , 2009, Air France crashed 228 passengers killed, etc etc... a rather bloody day in history. 
Morgan Freeman born on this day, in 1937, not a pleasant Solar return, has he? Born at 2 am, in Memphis Tennessee. He is ruled by a Scorpio Mars. Very high sexual energy. 
Using SOlar Arc, Jupiter, Justice on the Asc. 
So many bad aspects... What a bad ending to a brilliant career! 
Morgan Freeman natal chart and Solar Arc.

May 31, 2018 Thursday

Can't believe it is already and of the month! it is a CIT day for Nifty too. If you followed the alerts in the app,and this is some of what was posted, you gained beautifully

Partner: local share, also trades in Nasdaq; PTNR. Company announcement today morning of a buy back! Good timing technically and astrologically.! Mercury rules the MC- directors, is conjunct Venus- co. money, ruler of H2.

Partner first trade graph with may 31 transit
long term graph:
In Nasdaq it trades at 3.77$- was once 20$.. 
So let's see what is happening in the sky today? The Moon is VOID, at 29 degrees SAG. It'll move to earth Capricorn at noon. Watch that time! It'll also trine Uranus- at 0 Tau. 
Next, she'll be 150 to Mercury, and conjunct Saturn. During the weekend she'll be in Capricorn. So the trade range is between Uranus-Saturn.
Will post some updates in the alerts now, based on these. 
Just sent a lot of updates in the app! Check them out. And sign up for the daily alerts! Under such a volatility, it's a pity to lose trades! 
So let's look back to former forecasts, see how are they doing now? 
On May 22 I wrote about the AXJO: what a ride! Since May 14 till yesterday 170 points! 
WIG20 is leading the shorts so far! 
Wrote about the CAC, DOW, Gold, BTC, BONDS, ITALY, FTSE, EURO$, TA35, etc.
Doing good?? I hope so :) 
I mentioned the Deutsche Bank on July 20, 2017. Then I wrote in the app to go short below 19.22. Now it is at 11.57 Once it topped at 79$ ; Watch June 20 for a CIT! fIRST SUPPORT IS AT 7.80; IT WILL BE A LONG ONLY ABOVE 13.30
I forgot to write about the cease fire... LOL... The Hamas claims Israel begged Egypt to interfere, Israel claims Hamas begged Egypt to interfere. Both say Egypt pressed them to stop. In any case, since it started before the Full Moon, it was supposed to end by the time the Moon is full in Sag. Here is a different kind of chart, the 90 degrees wheel. Starting from Venus- representing our open enemies, it was at 11 Cancer, at Chiron-Pluto MP, and SUn/Vertex MP. 
After more than 100 mortar bombs, fire ceased. The last ISraeli attack was on May 30th 7:58 pm; Venus at Moon/Mars MP. 
Now something pleasant... I wish happy happy birthday to Clint Eastwood. He turns 88 today! With a Sun at 9 Gemini, Moon at 1 Leo, Asc. 18 Scorpio. Reading about him, amazed... He was married twice, first for 31 years... then for 18 years, then he was in two relationships until 1995- What happened since? And he has between 5 to 8 children, No one knows for sure. Look up WIKI.. he won 5 Academy awards, and was nominated for 7 more. A fabulous career, one of my favorites. may he live to 120, and feel like 20. Not easy times! he is under his third Saturn return, nevertheless, he survived the Uranus return! uranus rules his date of birth, therefore the many relationships and children. 


May 30, 2018 Wednesday

I had a quiet night. No ringing on the phone. Is the battery out? or the fight is over? On the TV they are interviewing a couple who held their marriage yesterday under the shrieking sirens. Some guests did not show up... Some ran to shelters . But at the end they got married and are happy. May they stay so all their lives. 
One rocket fell on a house, but the people slept in the shelter, so they were saved. Thanks God. 
I read in the news that one of the rackets fired by the Palestinians, or the Hamas, knocked out their own electricity supply. Well... 
So let's widen our perspective to the world. Italy is still shaking the markets. It seems that the S&P reached a certain point, maybe it'll make an up correction; sign up for the daily alerts! Believe me it is worthwhile. 
What to expect today? It is a CIT day for the S&P, AXJO,DAX future, Nasdaq, Nyse, Gold, Corn Ripple, BTC, FB. Next CIT for the same will be on June 2. 
I want to show you something. I teach this in my Financial Astrology course: Take Feb 6 low put it into the Gann wheel.
S&P Gann wheel
see where it takes us? all those price levels are possible till June 6. 
But which ones will be reached? For that, one should understand the planetary cycles, some math too... all in the course. 
Our market:TA35: opens with a negative arbitrage. TA35 last alert was sent on the 28th, 1527 was a stop, once it broke we went hard short. Now at 1509. First support is at 1507- with that arbitrage it'll break. I see now the futures are positive, so 1507, if holds, will be a stop for long.
ASIA: is red- South Africa is leading in shorts. 
Nikkey: we got a fantastic short from 22950 to 21955- Now we are long above it. Target 22190. failing to go above, use it as stop for short again. 
EUROPE: Best short is in MIB Italy, next IBEX, and WIG20. 
USA: the best short was in the financial field. 
Oh!!!!!!!!! Watch it at 2:00 the Beige Book !!! 
BTC: Although we got a small rise from 7070 to 7600; targeting 8200-8500. 
I am back from the gym, from shopping, done all the chores... Now, looking again at the markets.
You should check out what happened on this day in history !
Crude oil is at 66.90$ - I just read, that they are rising gas prices this night by 0.14 agoroth, It is outrageous! We pay 7.22$ per gallon. How much do you pay?? 
I can tell you, living in the Promised land is expensive. They promise you "Ihie beseder" .. Do you know what it means? "It'll be good"... When ? God knows. When you hear this sentence just take your money and run. 
Crude oil
the oil prices fell, but what do they care here? there are raising it. 

May 29,2018 Tuesday 

My phone is sounding a ring every time some news is coming in. This morning, I got about 25 rings. I open the TV to see, that in the southern towns the sirens went off, and they got more than 25 rockets since 7 am, one of which landed very close to a kindergarten. This is the beginning of a war I wrote about that is inevitable in the summer. I had to look up how to say this in English- it is called mortar bomb. so 25 of them were fired from Gaza to our southern towns. 
For the moment what we see is transit Mars in 150 to Venus, ruler of H7- open enemies. This will move on, But what is more worrying is tr Uranus entering H7, here it will make retro to Aries and re enter again, so the whole year we will have "action". Not only in the south but in the north as well. 
We remember the upcoming grand water trine between Venus- Jupiter-Neptune. Venus falls in Israel's 9th house- Jupiter in the first, is retro on the South Node, and Neptune in the 5th. Let's see what will unfold from this. 
Children went to school and people to work- for now. What a situation! Thanks God we have the Iron dome. 
News in the sky? The Moon moved to Sag.Sagittarius, the archer, doesn't it also show some kind of shooting, or bombing? 
Anyways, it should be a positive move- market wise. So let's see how is Asia doing? 
AXJO, Nifty are rising, all the rest are red. 
I wrote about Italy yesterday... 
Now I look at the EURO$ 1 hour chart: 
EURO$ 1 hour chart
The historical map looks like this: 
And the closer look: surprise! 
Will this happen? I wrote on 5/22 that the Euro forecast is ready... 
Last stop published here was on May 22,18 and 14. 
That Italian bond I showed you yesterday rallies! 
Today is a CIT for IBEX,WIG20,ETH,MIB. Next time cit for these: June 1, 10,19,28
I was afraid this water triangle will bring floods, cyclones and other natural disasters... Look what happened in Oman may 24-27! landslide and flood. 13 killed. 
I checked MIB Italy, it seems, that it is going to fall till last week of June...
Italy's chart shows that transit Pluto is in opposition the Venus); and since Uranus is in opposition the Moon I will not be surprised if some uprisings and fights will be triggered. 
Italy is pulling the European indices down! If you followed the alerts, boy, you are gaining now...  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

May 28, 2018 Monday.

Feeling somewhat better. I will go to the gym today, to get my powers back. Felt like an autumn leave. 
Today is Memorial day in the US; a CIT day for the FTSE, we got a rally here since March 26. Exactly 38 trading days. A fibonacci number..

FTSE daily graph

My last alert for the FTSE was on 5/21- we raised stop to 7828- below it a short was triggered. 

I see today is a bank holiday in the UK as well...

Tomorrow we will get the private loans data. I have been writing for at least 6 months now, to get out of loans! return whatever you can! interest rates have been rising and rising, and you will find yourselves falling from the cliff. 

Here is the 10 year bond chart: it is interesting! As Trump was elected the interest rates started to rally. The price of the bond falls from 131 to 123, then recovers, while the interest rate is still rising, just to make an M pattern, and return to 2011 level- 7 years is a quarter of Saturn cycle. So as you can see, not necessarily a bond rallies or falls, if interest rates are higher or lower. Like every other stock they are triggered by the planetary cycles. You think differently? OK. Prove it.

2 year bond: has been fallin by more than 3% for 1054 days. 

Italian interest rate is 0; here is a graph of the long term outlook ; the bond has been consolidating since 2015. Should run above 2.60 for a rally. 

GOld is again below 1300! My last alert on the Gold was 

We got a 50% up correction... What's next? 
BTC: is dangerous... falling from 6900- will hit 6000, and then? 

So what's to expect for today from the planets? Well, first of all Mercury is on the worst fixed star, Algol. The Moon is still in Scorpio, in fall.( weak); Venus and Mars make no aspects, Jupiter trines Neptune at 16*; and the rest don't move much. So, the planets are also on holiday, as the banks... 
I uploaded to FB that water trine we will have on June 1st, and many commented. One of them was Arch Crawford. He is an old friend, I met in 2008 at the UAC. He wrote, that in 1962 was one of the greatest crashes in the DOW. SO I go and check it. What can we learn from from it for today? 

About the DOW in 1962. The top was on Nov 15, 1961- consolidated till March 15, 1962, then it started to fall till June 28 1962; On May 31st 1962, under the Grand trine it actually rallied. The fall was with 202 points, and 27.88%
By the way I added Bradley, and it missed huge the trend. Well, half the trend. So one should always check everything and do not rely on Bradley or any other tool alone. 
to answer your question, none of the aspects then were like today.

Dow natal with March 16th 1962 transit: Tr. Saturn 180 to RJup, Tr.Jup 30 to R Jup; and Tr.Nep 150 to R Sun. 

Dow natal with June 28, 1962 low and the start of the rally: Yod in the sky : Finger of God if you wish- Sun-Saturn- Neptune; Tr. Merc. conjunct RSaturn, tr. Mars+Moon conj R Nept.
May 27, 2018 Sunday

I got a cold and I don't feel good. I had several plans for today, now probably I'll cancel. ruler of my 6th house of health is ruled by Venus, and transit Venus is 120^ to Cancer. Voila.... the reason. 
I woke up really early today, after 5 am. A lot of time to catch up with the news. Our market will open with a positive arbitrage, but with low volume. Tomorrow is Memorial day in the US, so we will see some action over here only on Wednesday. Will be a waste of time to sit here. 
I don't watch football games, but a friend called and told me about Liverpool's lost yesterday, under Loris Karius mistakes. Well, here is his solar chart.. Born June 22, 1993 in Germany, no time. His date adds up to 5, therefore he is ruled by Mercury- where is it? at 24.52- EXACTLY at his age now! He has a weak Mercury- in opposition Uranus, which received the "knock out" from transit Pluto. Pluto changes everything. And if I turn the chart, to get Aquarius as his profession, in house 10- it has ended. 
May 26, 2018 Saturday

I am working on the weekly forecasts, and there is a very very very rare aspect in the sky coming up on June 1st! A big trine in water signs between Venus-Jupiter-Neptune. This happened in May 31',1962, 56 years ago! ONLY

What does this mean for your index/ natal chart/ ?? 

May 25, 2018 Friday

I got a mail from Google about some new law in the EU. I have no idea what should I do with with. Any help will be really appreciated. Do you see any ad or notice of security popping up on your screen when you open my blog? I don't see any.. 
Oh boy! I see the graph of the Gold and S&P, it was so difficult to trade it! huge moves up and down... But, if you caught the flow, those were two precious days to trade.
Today the Moon is in Libra, departing from a 120^ aspects from the Sun. It will take another 8 days to be in an applying aspect- from Aqua- to Gemini to the Sun. In between we will have the full Moon and more volatility. 
It's 8:40 am here, have been catching up with the many mails I got during the last 2-3 days that I was not here. Funny how one falls out of the routine, with a small change! I had so many thoughts to share with you, which now are irrelevant. It is again week end, we don't have trade, I haven't even checked my own shares yet, how are they doing.. well, first comes first. When I fell asleep last night, I had a wide smile on my face. It was so sweet and funny being with the little ones! The bigger is 3.6, the girl is 1.8 years old. You should hear the conversations they have! LOL... So funny...When I am with them, I am a totally other person, on an other level. No more philosophical thoughts, I can assure you...Just silly mumble jumble and lots of singing. Yes, we love to sing and perform together.  
Well, now in the morning's silence, I can again gear in, and watch the sky. That is why you are here, right? 

So I was telling you about the fixed stars last time we dig in. Just a last thought to add to all that I wrote a few days ago: When investigating which planet is on which fixed star, you must look also to their opposition and squares. Example. If we have the Pleiades at 0 Gemini now, in opposition we have 0 Sag- what star or nebulae is there? The Sun was on the Pleiades on May 21. 6 months later Nov 22, or before it is on Bungula.  ZET tells us shortly about it: " Bungula (Alpha 1 Centauri m -0.01)
Keywords: Occult and philosophical learning, self analysis, honours, stubborn, cruel

Effect: Fortunate

Character: Venus/ Jupiter"

Everything is intercepted and connected. Then I go to Nov. 22 and search what happened in history around that day? And what ? What? Queen Elizabeth got married on Nov 20th 1947, with her Sun at 27 Scorpio, in opposition the Pleiades!  Which, on those times was at 29 Gemini.. The Sun is 2 degrees from Bungula. And there are more and more levels to dive deeper. 
But let us look at the news. I hear on TV, that there is no meeting on June 12th between Trump and Kim. Mercury sextiles Neptune in the sky, manipulations.. I don't remember when was the meeting announced at the first time. I remember reading, that "the Asian markets rallied due to the announced meeting. was that in the end of April? Mercury was then 30 degrees from Neptune. let's see what will happen when Mercury will be 90^? That falls on June 7th. But then Mercury will conjunct the Sun, its energies are powerless. the Sun outshines it- being on Rigel- a very fortunate fixed star! So there is always something to wait for.. Before that, a day to be careful is May 28th, Mercury will conjunct Algol...
I searched my blog, and I wrote on March 10, that " yesterday or the day before it was announced that Trump will meet Kim". On that day Mercury was conjunct Venus in Aries. The S&P was at 2739. it is at 2732 now. Mercury will not conjunct Venus till Oct 15th. let's see what happens then. 
Today it's a CIT day for the CAC.- alert sent. Just to show you an example how these alerts work? Here is a graph with the alerts sent from April 27th till today. It is so easy! if you follow these numbas... One doesn't have to think. Just put a  buy order above the alert level, and a sell order below. There is no way you can lose! I cannot understand how one doesn't gain tons of money following these alerts. On the other hand, if you have 500 dollars and you want to make 5000, forget about it. one has to have money in order to gain money. If you get a headache for losing, well, no one ever promised you a rose garden. I think these alerts are SO easy to follow, it is not rocket science.
CAC graph
So for the CAC, entering long above 5409 and raising the stops as shown in the picture- you gained 216 points, in 25 days, and at 5625 you went short, because when I wrote raise stop to 5625, you immediately put a sell order below, so your long position was closed,and a short position triggered. What is easier than that? You are now gaining in the short- being at 5572. 
Harvey Weinstein is to turn himself in today in NY. On Oct 14th, 2017; ( New Moon in Virgo,2017) I wrote a very long article about him. Now it is fantastic to see the planetary positions in the sky! 
harvey Weinstein with 5.25.18 transits

Prince William is to visit Israel on June 25, 2018. Now you tell me, if they don't use an astrologer!  Foreign countries is under the Sun's rulership (H9) and transit Sun is conjunct. 

There is a very interesting Uranus 150 to Uranus also..and Mars trines Mars! The Queen sends him. Look at the planets. Saturn, authority- to ruler of his MC-career.
Prince William visit to Israel June 26,18
I just made a Moon- Mars Jupiter salad. LOL... While slicing the cucumbers, I am thinking, which planet rules it? So I check in "The Rulership book" by Rex..Bills and he has it. Munkasey hasn't/// Cucumber is ruled by the Moon, onions by Mars and tomatoes by Jupiter. why? no idea.. should go to Lilly or some other ancient to look it up. Now it' lunch time, waiting for my son to come. 
If you want to learn astrology, always go to the ancients. Like Antiochus, Dorotheus of Sidon, Ptolemy, Vettius Valens, Ptolemy, Lilly, Bonatti, Abu Ma'shar, Sepharial!! Reinhold Ebertin. It is a lifetime journey. 
May 24, 2018 Thursday
My grandson had fever. I haven't been around. I hope all is well with you. 
WIll get back later. 

May 22, 2018 Tuesday 

Google Chrome got stuck, and everything I did till now, in the last 3 hours, is gone and deleted. 

So I was saying, that the first thing I do in the morning is I send alerts to people who signed up for the daily alerts. It is important for me that people would earn some extra money. 
What is new in the sky? Well, not really new, but is happening since May 6th? Venus is Out of bound. What is an OOB event? You see the pendulum? it has a certain angle to go, right? so if it goes out of the frame, in astronomical language in the declination is more than 23*27"- it is called OOB. If your Venus represents the ruler of your 7th house- pay attention to your partnerships, private or business, if it represents the ruler of your 4th house, pay attention to your mom! if it is the ruler of your 5th you might gain some money or have a new love affair. etc...  This will last till June 8th. 
Today it is a Gann day, as I explained yesterday- scroll down and read. The Moon moved to Virgo. She is squaring the Sun. She is also 150^ to Mars and later today to the South Node. 
Today is a CIT day for the Nifty. 
It is also an important day for the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William. Are there any news? I did not open the TV yet. 
AXJO: had the biggest decline so far from the Asian indices. 
WIG20: fell by 100 points- hope you made your gain there! Just sent some new alerts! 

The EURO$ yearly forecast is ready- if you are interested... 

Just a few more words about Diana Rosenberg: her book is called "Secrets of the Ancient Skies". from page 343 to 459 she writes about the Gemini stars. She has hundreds, thousands of charts and explanations.. Such a treasure! I am reading it now. 
Here is a list by Linda Goodman of the Gemini fixed stars: 
You might want to buy Ibn Ezra and Vivian Robson's books on them as well.... Oh.. not much time to read.. :) 
Just to show you how these fixed stars are seen in ZET: Immediately I want to sing: "where would I begin... to tell the story?? 
fixed stars
Diana writes in her book, that she used 2-5 degrees orb. 
You should also know, that the fixed stars move 1 degree in 72 years. So for example, princess Elisabeth born  on May 22, 1770- Sun at 0 Gemini 51- the Pleiades were at 26.40 Taurus; 
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle born May 22, 1859 with the Sun at 0 Gemini 21- conjunct Uranus at 3Gem.20. The most known fixed star today, at 0 gemini, is or are the Pleiades, the weeping sisters. But in his time the Pleiades were at 27.55 Taurus; 
Bernard Shaw, also born on May 22, but in 1940, the Pleiades were at 29.05 Taurus.
Diana also teaches us, that NO MATTER if the fixed star is seen at the place of birth, or not, it affects us. Some fixed stars are seen in the northern hemisphere, some in the southern.
All these people were born with the Sun at 0 Gemini. We should say thank you, to Lois Rodden, born on this day. She should be 90 today.RIP.
Just look at all these world events: the Sun at 0 Gemini- like today, see how many disasters happened- note where were the Pleiades! 

Meanwhile the Silver started to move! Check the alerts!! 
The Gold too- will send updates. 
The Silver yearly forecast is ready!- order it now if you trade it. I found a fantastic forecast tool Here it is: 
SIlver yearly forecast 2017

May 21, 2018 Monday
Major change of energies today, with the Sun entering Gemini. There are so many aspects in the sky, I had to highlight it with strong colors! 
Sky May 21
Besides the Sun in Gemini; Venus and Uranus are 30^ to it, Mars squares Uranus- this is the strongest aspect, then Mercury comes to an opposition Jupiter; Venus is 150 to Mars, a disharmonic aspect and Jupiter still trines Neptune in water signs. A turbulent sky I would say. No wonder bad news are pouring in from Hawaii; the strength of earthquakes is growing in the circle of fire,  
Earthquakes and volcanos map
So happy birthday to all born under a Gemini Sun! 
If the Sun was in Taurus till now, which is the first earth and fixed sign of the wheel, Gemini is known as the flexible, mutable, first air sign in the wheel. Gemini will speak up, will advertise, sometimes shout out loud whatever Taurus achieved. Gemini is symbolized by the twins, two children who sit next to each other or back to back- showing that they are very versatile and can change their minds instantly. Some key words for Gemini are: adaptable, charming, versatile, inventive, intellectual, cheerful, open minded, childish, love to talk! They make good actors, comedians, thieves, politicians.
They argue for the safe of argument. They cheat, but they don't mean it. Everything is a game.
We saw that Taurus had a lot of bad fixed stars. 
Gemini has these: to learn about the Fixed stars, Diana Rosenberg's book is a must have book! It is an encyclopedia ! A fantastic book - 2 volumes. May she rest in peace. 
Fixed stars in Gemini

People born between May 21- June 20 have their Sun in Gemini. I have a long list of people, but what is more interesting is who or what has 3 or more planets in this sign? 

Silver, Mike Pence: Sun, Moon, Mercury; 
So we shall pay extra attention to Silver.. Last alert sent on May 14, Stop was 16.50.
SIlver long term graph
11:43 am I sent about 30 alerts now. Hope you got them and u use them. Example- the Stop for BTC was 8085- rallied during the weekend to 8590- if you have my app- you gained 500$ not bad for 2 days. Buy the app, or sign up for the daily alerts for 10$ per day, or even better, order the weekly reports, to see the bigger picture. 
Off to the gym. .. take care. 
1:05 pm: Back from the gym. BTC alert was triggered! Asia closed red, Europe is still green.
2:30 pm lunch: Since it is so hot, one cannot eat a warm meal. So I boil 1 potato, cut it to cubes, cool it,in the freezer, cut half an onion, add vinegar, salt, pepper, paprika, water. Next 2 chicken schnitzels, cut into small pieces, fry it with the half onion, adding salt pepper, when it's ready I add to the cold potato salad .Bon Appetit! You want to lose weight? Eat from small plates, chew min.10 times before swallowing.

May 20 2018 Sunday 

Yesterday we had a big family gathering, and meal, it was Shavuot holiday. So much food! my God!! Now I have to diet and drink only water for 3 days.... Today the world rests. We don't have trade, you have Sunday, only the cryptos trade. I see lately their fame has sunk; it isn't much fun trading them... 

The Bitcoin is at 8254, last alert, sent 5/18, was to lower stop to 8085 and go long above it, So now, if you followed it, you are gaining. We are at an interesting time cluster! We had so far a 154 days rally and the same no of days, a fall. Now it will be really interesting to see what will happen...
It should go above 10100 to be interesting. October 21 is a date to mark in your calendar- see where will the BTC be then ? 

For the Litecoin I wrote on the 18th : LTC: Stop was 135; fell to 129! Trade range is between 129-136- only above 136 will be able to go higher! Move stop to 131.80" Now it is at 134.78

On the 14th I wrote to go long above 700 for the Ethereum. Now it is at 705. MA50 is at 663- below that I wouldn't keep it. 
Ethereum daily long term

But, for the cryptos, this is no gain. where is the rally that we had not so long ago?? I am thinking to keep them for a few more days, early June, and sell. 

For the last week it was really difficult, or not worthwhile trading. The markets were consolidating. it was an expiry day in the US markets. A consolidation is killing the options.
The basic materials did well: 

So what are we to expect next week? Is there are energy to push the markets up, or at least to keep them above water? now, that we are after the expiry day?
Sign up now to the weekly forecasts, see what's coming. 
May 21 is a Gann day. Why? I teach this in my course... Gann wheel starts on the spring equinox- March 21- adding 60 days, or 60 degrees, we get May 21- 
And it is also 150 Days from the winter equinox- Dec 21. 

May 21- Monday- the Sun enters Gemini. Volatility is its middle name. Hold tight. 

I am looking at Prince Harry, Meghan and the wedding chart. There are interesting things to see. 
Prince Henry Charles Albert David Harry: born on September 15, 1984 at 4:20 pm London, UK. Ascendant is in Capricorn, Saturn, the ruler in the 9th house of fame. The Sun in the 8th, at 22 degrees. Moon in Taurus, conjunct Ceres- loss- and the North Node- fate. ( Moon represents the mother in one's chart). His strongest planet is Mercury, and it is also in the 8th house. - luckily, conjunct the POFortune. 
His 4th house - childhood- mother- opens in Taurus, so Venus is representing Diana as well. It is in the 9th house- Libra- strong. And we know who was Diana... But, this Venus is in sextile to an OOB Mars, in the 11th house, which will bring her death on August 31, 1997.

Diana death shown in Harry's chart: Transit Venus exactly conjunct natal Venus, representing Diana. Mercury conjunct the Sun in the 8th, and Mars on Saturn in Scorpio. 
On the day of the wedding Venus is OOB- as if Diana wants to be heard... Time will tell. 
As you can see, I added 3 asteroids: Diana, Henry ( Harry's first name) and Rachel, Meghan's name. Rachele asteroid is in his 7th house of partnership, while Henry is on Regulus, fortunate fixed star  at 29 Leo. 
Days to watch: July 11-16; Sept 16-20; Feb.26-28.19

Rachel Meghan Markle: Born August 4, 1981 at 4:46 am LA, CA.
meghan markle natal chart
Ascendant at 24 Cancer, ruler of the Asc. is the Moon- at 4*Libra; conjunct Jupiter ( here is the success and fame, publicity( H3) and conjunct Saturn. Worked hard to get here. Her Sun is at 11Leo in the first house, in Leo ( entertainment). She will do everything to achieve her goals. Notice asteroid Diana in her 1st? While Henry and Rachele are together  in her 5th, house of children and romance. She shares an OOB Mars with Harry. And she has a very strong Uranus in her 5th! 
The first difficulty shows up at the age of 37 and 4 months- that is this December. But even before that, dates to watch is June 25th, Aug.14th  Oct 15th, Dec.2nd. 
From her numerology she should have 3 children. 
Interesting, that transit Uranus, the planet that rules her chart, squared her nodes on the day of wedding! 
harry and meghan wedding
There are a LOT of nasty positions to analyse, but at this moment, I will just end it here, and again, wish them the best of luck. 
As the saying goes: Every story has a happy ending, if one knows when to stop. 
The Queen was EXTRAORDINARY at the wedding! Although I could not find a smiling picture of her, but her chart is incredible. Look! Transit Uranus is conjunct her SUN- what a metamorphose did she go through! Not only she let Harry marry a divorcee, but one who is" of an inspiring other culture" as SKY news reported put it... LOL... 
The Queen on the day of wedding
Harry in her chart is represented by Pluto, this is at 12 Cancer, a cardinal sign, and transit Henry is right there.. Transit Pluto is on her South Node and retro... Will Harry cause more upsets to her?
Dates to watch for news: July 28-31; Sept 16-22; Nov 18-22; Jan 27-Feb 1.2018 etc. 

May 19, 2018 Saturday

It is the day when I wrote my forecasts. The Gold, AXJO, S&P are ready, sign up for them now! 

A happy event to take place today in London, Meghan and Harry's wedding. I wish them a happy and lasting marriage. :) 

May 18, 2018 Friday

We have a hamsin outside. So very hot!! One needs to drink water even if not thirsty. It makes one want to do nothing, a zombie. It is reflected in the markets, don't you think? Most the indices I follow are consolidating. Lingering there like a close to death man's monitor. The Moon moved to Cancer, a sign it rules. Here she feels cozy put on her pyjamas, and doesn't care to look good or do anything.. No power. We can look at Mercury for some action: it is at 7* Taurus. Taurus, as an animal is a heavy and lazy one. It can hardly move. It has to be agitated to be the the bull in the ring. But at 7 degrees?7 is ruled by Neptune- the big dissolver, so no power from here either. Mercury is on the bad fixed star, one of the many I mentioned in the former article that Taurus is loaded with bad fixed stars, HAMAL, this time. No other planet aspects Mercury, noone is pushing it or making it move, so we cannot expect any action from its side either. Next we can look at Venus. It is on Betelgeuze, 28 Gemini- also a bad star, nothing there. Mars? it is still squaring Uranus, yes; at 0 degrees. 

Watch your steps at 10:00- that is 8 minutes from now, then at 10:50, 11:30 am gmt 00:00.- for some action in the markets. 
On 5/14: I wrote about the EUR/$: stop was 1.1980- short was triggered, - fell to 1.1765- watch it now! Move stop to 1.1785
Today is a CIT for: DAX, GOLD, AEX, BTC,LTC, SOYA
We are celebrating Shavuot- no trade till Monday. it's a happy holiday. So I wish you a happy weekend, and may the year be one as well. 

May 17, 2018 Thursday 

The Sun is on Algol today, one of the worst fixed stars. 26 Taurus- this is it's position. Luckily, tomorrow the Sun moves on. I don't want to imagine even, what will happen when Uranus will be on this degree. But that, will happen only on April 25, 2025 for a week...well...Uranus was on Algol in April 28- May 5, 1941! WWII!

let's concentrate on today. 
The day is under the Venus' energy. It is on another bad fixed star, Betelgeuse. 
The Moon is still in Gemini. 
We have a lasting midpoint: Neptune is between Mars/Uranus. Reinhold Ebertin writes about this midpoint: " Cunning and deceitfulness a person with bad intentions, a fit of rage or frenzy also raving madness"
CIT today is for: Aord, DAX fut, HSI ,PRG,Ta35, AAPL Goog, Cyna, TWTR.
All the above tell us to be extra careful. Count till 10 before losing it. 
TA35: reached target given in the app. Today it will open minor positive. Sunday we have a holiday, so no trade, we will start again Monday. probably we will get a fall after 2 pm. 
To all Australian readers! If you want to make some money, NOW it's time to order the AXJO! You don't want to miss this one.. 
Working on the Gold forecast now... soon it'll be ready. 
May 16, 2018 Wednesday

So much action in such a short while! Yesterday we saw Uranus moving into Taurus, today we watch Mars entering Aquarius. But not only! This is the greater picture. For the moment, today is not only ruled by volatile Mercury, but we have the Moon in Gemini, and it is a date that squares the Solar eclipse day. (2.15.18). So all together, glues us to the screens. Also our ears are sharpened- listening to news. And they are pouring in... Turkey recalled his ambassador, so Israel sent home theirs. Import from Turkey of vegetables was halted, people are advised not to travel to Turkey. Kim is threatening to cancel Trump meeting, due to military exercise with South Korea. So you see? Mars in action! 

And if that is not enough... They are in square. 
May 16 planetary positions
For my Indian readers: Since 2013, I posted 13 times the graph of the Rupee. the last one was this: on March 22, 2018: the advice was to go long above 64. 
Where is it today?68.5850- quadruple top! you gained 7.15%.
What will happen now?? Well! that you can find out by ordering the forecast.  
We heard this morning, and Asia stocks tumbled, that Kim is threatening to cancel the Meeting with Trump in June. 
Looking at his chart, if birth date right...It is just a sayin.. nothing will come out of it. It is Mercury in action, when Mercury moves, so is the preparation for the meeting continue. 
KIM birth chart - is the meeting cancelled?
I worked several hours on AXJO forecast. It is ready- if you wish to know what's coming.. 

May 15, 2018 Tuesday

Let's start our journey: 

For Israel, the new Moon falls on 24Taurus36. Using Placidus houses, it is in the 9th house of hopes and prizes. ( we did win the Eurovision,didn't we?). The effect of the New Moon is till the next one. 
New Moon in Israel 2018 in Taurus
The part of Fortune is on the Ascendant. There is a square between Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury-Uranus; This square brings monetary changes, since Mars and Pluto rule the 2nd and 8th house, while Saturn the 5th of gambling. Mercury and Uranus show a swift and unforeseen event, they are both in the 8th house of endings, others' money, life and death. But, there is also a promising trine from the Capricorn group- to the New Moon. Sun and the Moon are in the 9th, house of law. So we might might might get a start for a normalization with the palestinians, pushed and backed by foreign countries- like the US. 
Depending on you timezone, the new moon falls in different houses. For Manila, the Philippines, it triggers the 6th house of work and everyday life. I read they have a lot of problems with ISIS. Surely, in that part of the world the routine of the day has been triggered. 
For Washington it falls in the 12th house! It stands for closed places,( hospitals) I read that Melania went through a kidney operation... Poor soul! I hope she's fine. 
So we can check every country and place on earth and see how the planets trigger events. 
For Mumbai India the New Moon falls in the 7th house of partners and known enemies. 
For Ankara, Turkey it triggers the 9th house of laws.

Our market opened with a positive arbitrage. 

Asia, the first "runner up" in April- is now correcting. See the app for stops. Europe is mostly green, except for WIG20 and IBEX. Gold is falling! wow... as expected. BTC should rally, but it is stuck at 8731- for a rally it should go above 8800... and the Oil, is at 71. 
What is happening in Turkey? Erduan should look into HIS country, and fast! Their index is crashing, the Turkish lira is rocketing! It was 1.38 in 2013- now it's 4.38 to the dollar! 
Chart of the Turkish Lira to the $
DOW Titan: this is a scenario of a crash! Quadruple bottom! 
Gold-to the Turkish Lira since July 2013. 

Who will push out Turkey from the mud? Russia? Saudia? The EU? I don't think so... 

Early elections will be held, June 24, 2018. Will look at this later.

Must go to take my grandchildren from preschool; be good! 

Oh, just saw that the BTC is on the move !! 



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