Case studies

May 16.2018: 

For my Indian readers: Since 2013, I posted 13 times the graph of the Rupee. the last one was this: on March 22, 2018: the advice was to go long above 64. 

Where is it today?68.5850- quadruple top! you gained 7.15%.
What will happen now?? Well! that you can find out by ordering the forecast.

April 27, 2018: sent alert about the GOLD: " Gold: All targets given on the 23rd, reached! Now at 1316.70- Lower stop to 1322.falling below 1302- would trigger a major sell off! Target 1311-1305.
May 14: We lowered stop to 1299, now 5/16: it trades at 1290-
A gain of 50-60$ 

CYRN: Wrote on April 9, to follow it up! On 4/12 it rallied by 28%


4/12 post:  The Gold pushed up to 1368. As I wrote before, it should go above 1380 for a rally. Then it fell back. Hope you took the ride! I sent alert for it. 
Gold graph

WIG20 alert sent on 4/3

“Stop was 2217, now at 2223.59- should go above 2229 to be on the safe long side. Failing, we will use it as a stop for short.”  It gained 4.21% in 8 days.

WIG20 graph

Nifty from the monthly forecast

March 17, 2018 article page 6: “The close was at 10195. It closed above the Sun line= 10185! This is the stop now. Basing itself above this level, next up targets are: 10200-10280-10340-10350-10440-10580-
Down steps are: 10170, 10160-10130-10100-10084-10079- 9969- 
CIT:  March 6, 15, 24. April 5, 14, 23.

Gained 3.30% in 8 days. 

March 14 from the app. Alert:” Lower again stop to 61.28- long above it.” March 26: “  Crude Oil: We got a double top with Jan 25th top 66.60! 10% gain since 3/14! Raise stop to 65.35! “
April 4:Crude Oil: Stop was 65.35! Topped on 3/25 at 66.41(Gained 8.7% in 4 days) and we were stopped out, went short, now at 63.37, Lower stop to 63.31- Might go to 63.41-63.47- this will be a test. Above it, long.

April 12: “Crude oil: Raise stop to 66.75”- Gained from 63.31 to 66.75


Feb 6 alert: we went long above 6000.
Feb 18: BTC: Last stop at 9960- raise stop to 10500- targets: 11300-11500-11950-12000-12650. Failing to reach any, will revert, and will fall to former low and lower.
Double toped at 11776-11696; since it failed to reach targets, we went short below 11950.
April 2:  BTC: Trade range 6900-7017 ( Fell to 6591 on 3/30)

4/3 “BTC: Bottomed at 6591 on 3/30, now at 7334. Up targets: 7472-7672-7890-8137-8410-9045-9407. Failing to reach any of these, will signal for a correction, and reversal. I don’t expect to fall below 6591 in the near future. With the BTC, all cryptos based on it are rising.