Leo New Moon 2011

between July 20- August 29

New Moon in August, in Leo… what can we learn from Leo?? He is the king of the jungle, he roars. Leo represents the kings, the leaders, prime ministers, presidents. This New Moon occurred in the 7th degree of Leo, thus it brought Neptunian energies into the stage. Some say 7 is ruled by the South Node. Where is Neptune?
It is just about to enter again, in it's retrograde motion, the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius teaches about higher ideas, fighting for ideals. The Oracle says: " Sun's Position at 8:54:37 AM is 07°Le45'

You may feel as though you have had enough of the situation and that you have no power. You must enlist the support of others if you wish to succeed and it is through the promise of equality that power will be won. Unwavering and unbending intellect. Burning passions. Revolutionary. If negative - Political brainwashing or finding things to be dissatisfied with."
What a perfect sentence for the uprising that is taking place here in Israel. For the last two weeks people gather, and speak up for social justice. The planets are "in place" the time is ripe. But not only here, in the US too. People are, and will be facing major problems. In the USA map this new Moon falls in the 8th house of money; conjunct the North Node.

 With Venus close by, in the 2^ of Leo, some changes will be in the banking system. Also there is a Saturn return for the US, together with the before mentioned disharmonic angle between Uranus-Pluto, which occurred only in 1933, difficult times are here. It is the time for the Leo, the Presidents, to speak up, and make the change. I think a major monetary change will come, also because of the square between transiting Uranus to Natal Venus.

Today, as in June 3, 1963 the President wants to raise the debt ceiling, as Kennedy then. Are we living a "deja vu"? Then they called it  the Executive order 11110.

August 3 is here.... with Mercury retro.

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Oh, but action calls, market starts...
The pipe line that brings gas from Egypt was blown up for the 5th time... How predictable... Muslim brothers are back. Oil shares will roar today. How cynical can life be?
Our market fell to 1217. There Saturn stopped the fall....

August 1, 2011

As expected the magician came on stage, and pulled the right rabbit out of the hat. Read my July article if you don't understand.... Markets are up. WMA members received a special mail yesterday... What's next?
Today we are ruled by the Moon and Uranus. They'll form a 150^ angle tonight, around 19:20 pm; but, till then some positivity in the air. the Moon is still in Leo, but at the last degrees. At 11:41 will enter Virgo.
TA25: closed at 1224.14. It will have to pass over Mars, 1228.55- 1229.40, in order to be sure that we saw the bottom for a while. There is an open gap between 1241-1252.....
Dax: we are long here as yesterday. Stop at 7063, target: 7330
Vix: made a high to 21.94 with a doji, now it'll correct to 19.60- 19.15

market opens, have to prepare... If you not a member of my group yet, the WMA , it's time....

Almost closing... in attendance to the US markets' opening, I found the followings :

"America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit."

Who said this?? back in 2006?
Click on the link, you will find the great paradox.

While I was busy writing my August report the market closed at a new low: 1199.45! Incredible... players abandoned it at the last minute... Why?? futures are 1% up...See how the index fell after the Moon entered Virgo...

Market opened in the US: falling, due to Venus 150 to Pluto and 120 to Uranus, the square between Pluto- 90-Uranus, Sun- 90- Jupiter.

Favorable angles for the Gold: target now at 1629- 1659.

The August forecast is ready. Pls. click on it. 

August 2, 2011 Tuesday

What a move yesterday in the EurUsd, in Gold!! I hope you took the ride.
Today we are under the influence of Mars and Mercury... more action; quick decisions are required. Swift turns. Mars is at the very lest minutes of Gemini, about to enter Cancer. When fire hits the water, what happens?? People calm down. But, as I always say, astrology is about synthesis. We should not forget Uranus! the revolutionist, in Aries.... So while Mars enters Cancer, this fire will not die, it will bubble under the water, waiting for September the 19th, to be launched in Leo.  
S&P (spot) closed yesterday at 1286.94- falling below 1262 it will wake the bears, in mid summer!  meaning :1192- 1153.

S&P (future) made a low at 1270, thus price trined Earth. With the help of Venus it could make a try to run back to 1308.
The Moon is VOC today, till August 3,13:04 another reason to be alert.
TA25: closed yesterday at 1199.45. The channel now points to 1150.

August 3, 2011 Wednesday

Oh boy, what a midnight trade....Seems that this August will be extremly good... Well, depends on which side one is. Let's see, the Dax fell from the "3 fathers" pattern support, and now it is on it's way to complete the M pattern.
The S&P: closed at 1254.05, same here.
The Dow: made a low at 11867.- next support is at 11821, but as I write now, 7:20 am in the morning, the Dow future already is at 11803, showing us that the negativity is still here. Not a very happy birth day for the President... but, till tomorrow things can change. I had to look at the maps of the US combined with Obama's and todays' transits. It is very interesting! I will point out only the monetary corelance: the second house speaks of what I earn, of my possessions, and on a higher level also about self esteem. In the US chart this house opens at 12 Cap., it's ruler beeing Saturn, occupies the 11th house- is at 14 degree in Libra. Pluto occupies the 2nd house. Pluto rules the 8th, the house of "other's money, and also the house of life and death, or of big transformations. The US was "born" with Pluto in Capricorn, and now it is the first time that Pluto returned to this sign, since 1776. So it is a most important period in the US history. Pluto first destroys, then rebuilds. Pluto is about money. Obama's Saturn! the ruler of his map, having an Aquarius Ascendant, is at 25 degrees Cap, thus conjunct US Pluto.... Bringing restriction and difficulties.
Then, the US ruler of the Ascendant is Jupiter, at 5 degrees Cancer. Transiting Pluto is right on it! Also showing the difficulty the country is going thru.
The 8th house is also important for money issues. US's is ruled by the Moon, at 27 Aquarius, and the South Node of Obama is on US Moon! Bad placement money wise.
US- Neptune at 22 Virgo, Obama's Mars 22 virgo... Wait till Jupiter will be in 22 Taurus next year... :( .
A change was due to happen in the US. It seems it had to be Obama- with his chart - to do it....

Today we are under the affect of a stationary Mercury. Mind you, when a planet stops, it's strongest. Mercury is a fickle little spot, it mixes up everything. You might trade in the wrong direction today, so look out. The other planet in charge is Venus; but it is too close to the Sun, it looses it's positiveness. Can we find any support here today?? Mars on Betelgeuse ( I wrote about it in the past)... bad. Jupiter at 9 Taurus.... Oh, why do we remember the no. 9??  a... yes, July 1 Solar eclipse was on this degree... The next eclipse, on Nov.25 will be on 2 Sagittarius, so here is another detail to remember...there is no end to these tiny little devils. But how useful they are, if we do remember them....

Mubarak's trial just opened, at 11:00 . He was brought in on a strecher. See how his chart looks: He is under the blow of transiting Uranus. You can search this blog for " uranus return" I wrote about this extremly difficult aspect in the past. It brings it's blow at the age of 83-84. It either kills you, or raises you. See elders still living, see what happend to them at this age. In the below map, Jupiter, ruler of justice, is almost conjunct his Sun. But the Moon is at the end of the sign. If it was a horary map to look at, this Moon would mean: it is too late to make a judgement.

Ok, I said enough, time for breakfast. I woke up today before 5. My son went to film something...
back later .

TA25: made new low today at 1165. Will this be the last low for the next 10 days?? Hmmm

August 4, 2011 Thursday

Today Mercury turns retro... This has many meanings, but market wise it's a turn in trend. But, since Mercury is a small planet, bigger ones can outperform it, so we always have to make a synthesis.
The Moon is conjunct Saturn in Libra, (negative), Mars is 120^ from Neptune, so is Jupiter from Pluto. Many major angles in the sky, each one has to be checked, is it for, or against the market??
Today the ruling planets is Jupiter and Neptune.
But, I paid attention to the fact, that all the planets are in early degrees of the signs. This too must be taken in consideration...
S&P (future) completed the M pattern with 1230 bottom.
Ta25: bottomed at 1164.74 - I expect a correction to 1205 -1217.

Everything I wrote this morning evaporated somewhere... Mercury effects are here :) - I had to rewrite it.

Gold: Made a top at 1673- look at the 15 min. graph, it tried 3 times to go above, unsuccessful. Bottom at 1657. Breaking this bottom next target: 1644
FTSE: like all the other indices made a triple bottom. The low of Nov. 30,2010 will be the last straw. For the time being, I think it will get back to the bollinger band, and will correct up to 5769- 5820. Falling below 5519, the Nov.low will be a great move, if you are short....

one third correction from March 09-Apr.11 is at 5090-95.

T25: 13:26 - yesterdays' low broke, the index is on thte way to 1153-1150-1145-1140.

August 7, 2011 Sunday

The date adds up to 19- a karmic number. The day is ruled by the Sun. There was a 4.2 earthquake in Israel, but I did not feel it, I just read about it in the news... Let's hope it was an "aftershock" and not a pre- shock. The market fell by 8% today, and made a low at 1078. The US down rating and the local manifestations add to the negative atmosphere. But, after such a big fall a rebound is always expected. I think till the 13th we shall see it, then again down. The bears are back, in mid summer.  
What is the planetary placement today? The Moon in Scorpio, Mercury retro,
Venus 60^ Saturn, Neptune just entered again Aquarius.

There is a distructive angle between Mars-Pluto. Not one single positivity in the sky....
So we will have to lower our heads, and wait for the wave to pass.

Today it's exactly 666 trading days from Nov 2008 Low. It must be turn in trend.

Same in Gold: June 16 was 666 days from Oct.24,2008 low.
                         July 28 was 666 tr.days from Dec.5,08
      Minor change on Aug.9...& 15th.
                         Sept.5, 11 is the next stop;being 666 tr.days from Jan 15,09
Different in the Dax: Dec.30,2008 and 666 tr.days is today.
S&P: 666 tr.days from Jan.6 2009 high is on Aug 25.
Vix: 333 days from April 9, 2009 was Aug 5.
Hsi: 666 tr.days today from Nov.20,2008 
You can check your own index when is this major correction due. Use 666  trading days.

By the time that the market will open tomorrow the Moon will already be in optimistic Sagittarius. So we shall see....

August 8, 2011 Monday

In the East they did not hear about my optimistic Moon in Sagittarius, and the indices continue to fall. We shall have to search for a stronger point than the Moon to hold the horses. Ok, we acknowledged that the bears are back, how deep is their hole? Let's look at the geocentric map of today. We have a Sun-Venus conjunction. I believe the governments and the banks will interfere in the markets. I know it was in the news, but we can see this also in the planetary positions. (Sun presidents, Venus banks) This conjunction will be exact on Aug 16, also Mercury will line up with them. A square is forming between Mars-Uranus, it's affect will be felt between 9-11 Aug. At the same time Mars will be 180^ to Pluto at 5^ Cancer.  This means 1175 for the S&P, 1055 for TA25, 6215- 6185 for the Dax, 20075 for HSI, 1715 for the Gold, and so on....

In spite of all the negativity, I still think today we shall see an up turn. Am I living in denial?? Maybe the Geocentric map is not the one to look at... I am not in any position...

Good trading!

10:24 I went long at the opening- see below 

Today the Oracle says: Oracle Degree: 29°Cp00' - 29°Cp59'
There are decisions to be made and possibly plans to be laid out. You can't really make all these decisions on your own, you need help. Call on the relevant knowledgable friends or authorities, with them you'll be able to iron out the details of your situation. Masterly control. If negative - excluding those who will be affected by decisions. Exploiting people or situations."
I could not have discribed the situation better...:)

I closed the long..
Well, the banks' software got stuck, so my sell order was not fulfilled. Meanwhile the market turned up again, and I am still long. The Gold made a new high at 1714. If this top will not be taken, then there can be a nice short.

check out these minutes, see what happened in the market:
8.08.2011 1:45:28 4°14'19"Sgr Trine Uranus
8.08.2011 17:06:45 12°57'03"Sgr Sextile Saturn
8.08.2011 18:12:55 13°34'23"Sgr Trine Venus
8.08.2011 22:21:56 15°54'38"Sgr Trine Sun

TA25 is 1.5% up. It was higher. I am thinking, should I stay in my long position for tomorrow, or not?? Since the futures are dark red, even if they do go up, the market will open negative tomorrow, in my opinion, so I should close it.

August 9, 2011 Tuesday

Today we have no trade, due to the Tisha BeAv fast... so sorry folks, this is  my day off.

August 10, 2011

August 8 will be remembered as a major low. Since then the foreign markets are up. Our index, or better say, our market makers were not impressed by the rally, and they dropped the market here by almost 1%, as if saying, it is not over yet folks!
WMA members were updated today early morning, I hope you are in the right positions by now.
As for me, I am still in long position, waiting patiently for my target to be reached.
I can see who reads my blog. I think some of our market makers are, therefore I shall post targets and stops only for the WMA members.

Happy trading!!! :)

I am watching with horror what is going on in England!

August 11, 2011 Thursday

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.... what a day!! As I write these lines, at 12 noon, our index is up by 1.14%. But, it's a Thursday... so I doubt it will close green.
My advice is either stay out of the market, or do not trade...
Sun in Leo brings heart attacks.
SO be carefull.

August 12, 2011 Friday 

Excellent timing! we have a very very rare angle in the sky today, a 135 degree between Sun+Venus-Pluto; Sun+Venus- Uranus; Sun/Venus conjunction in Leo- the governements deciding to quitt short trades... Hmmmm... I wonder what will be the out come of this law... Jupiter, star of justice is watching from Taurus in the H8 position. (house of money)

August 15, 2011 Monday

Today we are under the spell of the Moon, and Mars. Let's see, where are they, how do they influence us?? We are already after the full moon, in Aquarius. The next two weeks will be affected by a Waning Moon. Today it is in Pisces. Watch out for these minutes, it will swing the market:
15.08.2011 1:54:42 5°09'05"Psc Sextile Pluto
15.08.2011 7:06:56 7°49'00"Psc Trine Mars
15.08.2011 11:21:10 9°58'51"Psc Sextile Jupiter

Our market will open before the sextile to Jupiter, but the US markets will not benefit from these angles.
Mars, the planet of war is on Aldebran today, " Keywords: A Royal Star. The archangel Michael, the Watcher of the East. Eloquence, high honours, integrity, popularity, courage, war mongering, agitation
Effect: Unfortunate" It might be bad in personnal reading, but a powerful placement for the markets.

How is the East doing?? They always "know" before we wake up....:) and they are DARK GREEN! An optimistic morning I would say...
Oh, I forgot to tell you, yesterday, around 9-9:30 we had rain!!! Never happened since I am in this country, and that's for 37 years.... To have rain? in mid August??? Never! When I was a child and it was raining my mother told me, " God is crying"... Well, today the Sun and humidity are back, so I suppose God got comforted somehow...
Let's see what can happen today in TA25? Closed yesterday at 1098.18, it went up by 2.77%, but I was not impressed by the volume. Today stop: 1089, target: 1114.5

And last but not least!! Happy birthday to Fidel Castro! Today he turns 85! A spectacular age, no?? to live after one's Uranus return, is quite rare... But, I suppose with today's modern health care, it is more and more possible. Castro has a Sun-Neptune conjunction in his natal map, in Leo, which gave him the possibility to be a leader, and a dreamer...Pluto/North.Node conjunction gave him the fierce power thru Cancer, a fixed sign. We know he was ill, when transiting Uranus passed his Natal Uranus in 2009-2010. Now, transiting Mars will conjunct his Pluto/Node pair on August 26, which is not a very good transit. But, if he survived the Uranus meeting, he will, this too. A weak period will be again by the end of this year, when Uranus will come on stage again in his map.

Here is his map for those who want to take a closer look. No hour of birth!
Castro's transits for today:

August 16, 2011 Tuesday

Well well well, what a hectic day yesterday!! I went short on Gold, then turned long. Now I am on the fence, waiting to see what's coming.
Today we are under the influence of Mars and the Sun. What are they up to now?? What can we learn from them??
The Sun is at 23 degree in Leo, in semisquare (45^) to Mars in Cancer. Mercury and Venus are getting into a conjunction with the Sun. The Moon is VOC. till Aug. 17. There are dangerous angles signifying young women... These angles will last at least a week. So, ladies, be careful!
TA25 closed light red yesterday, as if fearing a fall in the US markets. The close was at 1091. Support for today: 1090-1088-1084, target up: 1093.5 -1103 -1104.5
The East is light green. See Korea yearly chart, what a fall! Support: 1845, target: 1930
JSE: South Africa

And, Happy birthday to Madonna! She's 53 today... Auch, I know, never ask a lady how old is she, and much she weights... :) 

Back later, have to get ready for the market. If you have any questions, or comments, you can add them here below...

We had our change as expected...
Have a nice evening

August 17, 2011 Wednesday

Today is a turning point day. we shall see if the markets will continue to rally or turn down again. The East dressed in green, the Gold is trying for it's luck again...the dollar goes sideways.
TA25 closed deep purple yesterday, at 1075.31. The last low was at 1045 on the 17th. It should go above 1076.10 in order to continue the uptrend. WIll the planets agree??

Before I go on, Happy Birthday to Mr. Shimon Peres! He turned 88 yesterday! He is one of the " ancients" living today, with the Queen, the Pope, and very few others. Imagine what can a man see and learn in 88 years! So, as we say here, live till 120 as if you were 20!

S&P: range for today: 1195-1194-1193.28-1188-1175-1172-1168-1164.43
TA25: range for today: price now 1081: 1080-1079-1068-1061- up : 1085-1091-1098-1104

I would stay out of the market during these times:

and the outcome, which cicked me off my short on the S&P:

I have to confess, that yesterday I got fooled... I was expecting a fall after the outcomes, I even put a take profit to my trade, at 1176, but instead, Bloomberg "explained" that the devil is not so ugly as it seems, and the S&P rallied, closing my position. I will take a few days off from trading...

August 18, 2011 Thursday.

Is it just me who has the feeling that time passes quicker than before?? How can this be explained? Anyways, it's Thursday again, week end again. Today we are under the double influence of Jupiter. The planet is now at 10.07 degrees in Taurus. Why is .07  important?? because it entered the Mercury (volatility) decanate of the sign.
It is a positive position for the markets. But, as I always say, nothing stands alone, we have to check the other members of the group as well. So we still have a cluster of Sun-Merc-Venus in Leo, the Moon in Aries is separating from Uranus and from an opposition to Saturn, on it's way to meet or send an angle to:
19.08.2011 0:02:20 22°19'22"Ari Trine Mercury
19.08.2011 7:12:58 25°51'47"Ari Trine Sun
19.08.2011 8:52:56 26°41'05"Ari Trine Venus
19.08.2011 14:49:39 29°37'01"Ari Sextile Neptune
19.08.2011 15:36:15 0°00'00"Tau <<<
In the Helio chart there is a sextile between Earth and Jupiter, which will be exact in 4 days.
Based on these, the levels expected today :
TA25: resistance: 1108; 1109, 1112-1117-1121, Support: 1105-1091
S&P closed yesterday at : 1193.88, the future trades now, at 9:16am at 1180.66- it fell EXACTLY  to my take profit target, what a bummer!!! Next levels: 1181-1189-1193-1198-1206- major resistance from Pluto!
Be good!

Three Attacks on south Israel today, 6 or more dead, 26 injured.
Mars just entered the Mars decanate in Cancer. War is coming. I am afraid what will happen when Mars will leave Cancer, and will enter Leo on Sept.19,2011. Major operation, even war possible.
In Israel's chart the open enemy is symbolised by Venus. See how transiting Venus is on Mars, sign of the army, and how transiting Mars, is on Venus... A counter attack on Gaza will follow.

August 21, 2011 Sunday

During the weekend the missile alarm went off several times in the country. More people dead, or injured. I cannot imagine a positive market today. I wonder what would the people in NY. do, if people from New Jersey would bombard them??
I sent several charts for the WMA members yesterday, let's see how does our market look before the opening. Today we are under the effect of the Sun and Venus.
In the Heliocentric chart Venus just entered Virgo. In the Geocentric chart it is still close to the Sun, and at the final degree of Leo. 29 degrees are always very powerful, as if saying "I have to finish what I started, there is no time".
But the important angle today is the minor-evil one, between Saturn to Neptune. This angle happened:
7.05.1967 0:00 (GMT+3) - 14.05.1967 0:00 (GMT+3)
13.10.1967 0:00 (GMT+3) - 21.10.1967 0:00 (GMT+3)
1.03.1968 0:00 (GMT+3) - 9.03.1968 0:00 (GMT+3)
26.07.1975 0:00 (GMT+3) - 1.08.1975 0:00 (GMT+3)
29.01.1976 0:00 (GMT+3) - 7.02.1976 0:00 (GMT+3)
11.05.1976 0:00 (GMT+3) - 20.05.1976 0:00 (GMT+3)
27.07.2002 0:00 (GMT+3) - 2.08.2002 0:00 (GMT+3)
27.12.2002 0:00 (GMT+3) - 4.01.2003 0:00 (GMT+3)
17.05.2003 0:00 (GMT+3) - 24.05.2003 0:00 (GMT+3)
24.10.2010 0:00 (GMT+3) - 31.10.2010 0:00 (GMT+3)
21.03.2011 0:00 (GMT+3) - 29.03.2011 0:00 (GMT+3)
22.08.2011 0:00 (GMT+3) - 29.08.2011 0:00 (GMT+3)
TA25 closed at 1065. It can find support on 1064, 1060, 1055, 1053, if it will not fell at the opening with a gap down to 1049- 1040. Only at noon it will make a try to go up. The good news is, that Mars ends its' out of bound position, turning back to normal... So maybe tomorrow we shall see a turn up.

Have a good trading day.
And so be it: After falling to a perfect target in the Gann wheel: 1022, from -3.5% minus, we are now at 1.13% plus! at 1078.8; target 1082. 

Closed: 1079.16 exactly on Venus! :) Fantastic!

August 22, 2011 Monday

Today we are under the spell of the Moon and Venus. Let's see what can we learn from them ? The Moon is at 2^ Gemini, so it will be a volatile day, due to the sign. Watch out at 11:29 ( gmt+3 time) for a swift move in the market. Venus just entered Virgo, also marks a change in trend. How about the heliocentric sky? there Venus is at 150^to Uranus! some unexpected issue will come up, not a good one. So we are "on the fence" untill the picture clears.
Oil: support at 81- target 88-89
Silver might flipp down....:)

August 23, 2011 Tuesday

What is interesting on this day? We have a Sun-Neptune oppistion, the Moon from Gemini trines Saturn. At this moment there is a fight in gold for 1903-1904 level, Mars and Saturn block this point. WIll it continue to rally? Till now it made a high at 1911, which squares the historical low of 252. We are still long on oil, I exited Silver yesterday.
So what is ahead? A change in turn is in the air... the market wants to rally. it's just a question of hours when .
TA25 made a nice move yesterday, made a high at 1116, but closed at 1109, exactly on Neptune. Now I expect a positive opening, with levels at 1110-1113-1115. Look out at 10:35 and 16:05 for a change in trend.

August 24, 2011 Wednesday

How are you doing?? Just a few words in this busy day. I am still short on Gold, long on Oil and S&P... I plotted my stop losses and take profits, so I can run on. 

Take care.. 
TA25: options expiry ... will update later

August 25, 2011 Thursday

I am awake since 5 o'clock... my computer stuck, and since then I am trying to fix it. Is Mercury turning today? Let me see..Well, not exactly, but tomorrow it will be stationary... so the impact is in the air.
Many things happened in the last two days, I did not write about. Gaddafi disappeared, there is a 1.5 mill. dollar fee on his head. Then there was an earthquake in the US, we had more rackets and missiles landing in the south, and CEO of Apple resigned. These are only the head lines... But in this crazy hasty world, till I write these news down, they are already old news, and new ones pop up every minute. But, we are here to watch the markets, so let's see:
S&P: trades now at 1169, there it meets Neptune, then 1172 uranus, so I doubt it will go up further. 
Dax:  trades now at 5713,resistance at 5714.50 from Saturn and Mars ( they square each other today).
Gold : made a fabulous short from 1917 to 1725-ish, it returned to Aug 12 level. The world is waiting for Mr. Bernanke's speach tomorrow, so I would be on the fence an hour before and after.
Be good :)

Steve Jobs natal map with directions and transits below: See in the natal chart there is an Uranus Jupiter conjunction. These planets gave him fame, and big success in high tech, but also, due to the distructive degree to Neptune, caused his sickness. This is what we call " give with one hand taketh with the other."

Apple first trade chart: 12 December 1980. I expect a major turn in the company in 3 years, when directed Pluto will step on natal Uranus, ruler of the ascendant.
Below we can see the natal chart with transits for Gadaffi. Since I do not have the hour of birth , I use a Sun rise chart, which always will put one's Sun on the Ascendant. These charts can be extremly accurate. In this chart, Gadaffi has his Pluto in a low degree in Leo. Pluto transiting now in the sky is at 5 degrees. Pluto is the big determinator. When one "meets" Pluto cannot hide even under the Earth... as Gadaffi did, major changes will occur in his life. Then see Uranus, the revolutionist, at 3 degrees Aries, comes to blow up everything known till now. But, the main angle is the trine from Saturn to Sun, culminating his reign, and ending it. I think I wrote about this angle in Mubarack's chart as well...

August 27, 2011 Saturday.
I completed my September forecast. If you are interested in purchasing it, pls. click on the link.

August 28,2011 Sunday
Our market starts soon. What is in for us today?? We are ruled today by the Sun and Uranus. I always smile, when I check the sky, look! today there is a 150^ betweeen them! But the Sun is already separating from this exact position, so it's effect will fade by the market starts. The Moon in Leo should bring a strong opening.
TA25: closed at 1088. If I put this number on the wheel I get 8 Aries. Support for today: 1087-1084-1083, resistance: 1094-1100-1109. (levels calculated on the planets)

Technically: we get the same levels:
Closing at: 1094.52 :)

August 29, 2011 Monday

Since Irene was not so dreadful as expected, the markets, relieved, go on on their way as expected. I made a calculation for Irene, the name gives us a 6, which is ruled by Venus, so it could not be so terrible as the media put it. Anyways, as I woke up with my a cup of coffee in hand I am checking the East, how are they doing?? Dark green there. Let's see what do the planets have for us today?
The Sun is at 5 Virgo with the Moon, we are after a new Moon, oh, I should start a new article... But let's see what else? Mercury at 19 degree of Leo, Venus at 9 virgo in a beautiful trine with Jupiter! Hmmmm this should light a red light. A top is close. Mars at 16 Cancer. well this point is of major importance... Students should remember it... Mars is separating from a square to Saturn, and it is not out of bound any more, so it's cool trade wise. Many more angles in the helio chart, but I don't want to bore you with that... Bottom line: markets will still go up today.

Ta 25: closed yesterday at 1094, watch out at 11:40 and 1:50pm for a change in trend. Support at 1090, target: 1100-1109.
Closed: 1122.52 :)

Happy trading!

I shall start a new article with Virgo New Moon, pls. follow me there.....
Thank you for being here, hope that Leo New Moon filled your pockets.


  1. Gabriella,

    "In the USA map this new Moon falls in the 8th house of money;"

    Are you referring to 8 August date? and if so, is that house of money indicates positive or negative to the USA market?

    As always love reading your blog.


  2. Hello Karen, I'm happy you are a follower...Did you click below "follow"? As to the 8th house, no, I did not mean August the 8; I meant the 8th house in the wheel. Nothing to do with a date. The New Moon falls in the 8th house, which means, that, since the effect of the New Moon is at least 2 weeks, in the next weeks the major issues will be monetary. And see what's happening in the USA, with the debt ceiling having been raised. But, the 8th house is not only about money, it's also about transformation, death and rebirth, due to Pluto, that rules this house.


  3. Hi Gabriella,

    What do you think of the theory that markets rise when the sun and the moon are both in a cardinal sign


  4. Hi Mishka,

    I think that we cannot isolate one position, we always have to make a synthesis between all the angles that occur. The stronger overrules the weak. See now, Mercury retro was supposed to turn the markets, instead it fell more. Why? The beneficial planets are not in the place to help....


  5. Hello Gabriella,

    Few financial astrologers are predicting a big day for tomorrow due to rare conjunction of the sun, mercury and venus in leo on tuesday/wednesday plus the moon in aries. What is your take on it ?



  6. Hello Mishka,

    CLients who bought my August article, or members of my WMA group, get their triggers in due time. Why not join in??


  7. I am a member of the wma group :-)

  8. Oh?? Under what name?

  9. שובב.... :)

  10. Hi Gabby,

    As you rightly pointed out, it was always going to be a volatile market yesterday, and boy were you right ! and afterall, it is mercury retro :-)

  11. Hi, I am a regular reader of your blog as sometimes I find references of nifty in your blog too. Since last week, Indian Mkt is not responding to DOW ups and down any more. Request some astro dopes on Nifty or Sensex movements in September.

  12. HI,

    I cover Nifty in my mothly report, you are welcome to purchase it in due time. It will be ready in a few days.


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