New Moon in Cancer

Between  July 1-30

What is important to know about July? It is the seventh month of the year, has 31 days. What struck me when I looked it up in Wiki, that there are 20 " independence days, " celebrations all over the world during this month. Could this be, because after Aries-lighting the fire, and Taurus " baking the cake" , Gemini, spreading the news, now in Cancer we make our new rules and new hopes? Cancer is the first water sign in the horoscope. It is emotional, loving, intuitive, imaginative, shrewd and cautious. Imagine a crab, it looks rather awkward with its shield and many legs, no? So is one's personnality. People born under this sign can be untidy, sulky, introvert, moody, inclined to self pity, because of how they look. They stay home, and like to cook for the family. Family is the most important for them, they like it large and harmonius. Wth a Cancer mother noone will starve, that's for sure. A cancer father will be more patriotic, and fight for the "bigger family" plunging himself in local activities. The shield they wear protects them, and depends on you if you are under this shied protected, (if you live by the laws of the Crab) or you are outside it, and you don't matter. They are strong willed, you cannot fight them, just join them. Look out for emotional manipulations, being a feminine sign, it is expected of them.
Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so there you are, more emotions! like a harmonica, frequent up-and-downs. The cancerians have a good memory, and often they live in the past. It is difficult for them to throw away childhood memoirs, letters, clothes, that remind them of their first love. After all the crab moves backwards, no?  
The Mythology story tells us about Cancer: While Hercules was busy fighting the multi-headed monster,Lernaean Hydra, the goddess Hera,
who hated her step-son Hercules, sent the Crab to
distract him.Cancer grabbed onto the hero's toe with its claws, but barely breaking the rhythm of his great battle with Hydra, Hercules crushed the crab with his foot. Hera, grateful for the little crustacean's heroic but pitiful effort, gave it a place in the sky; but none of its stars were bright because the crab had failed to accomplish its given task ( Second version) Cancer tried to kill Hercules, but Hercules kicked Cancer so hard that the crab was sent into the sky..
This is the Crab Nebula:

Shares "born" under this sign tend to underperform the markets. Meaning, if the S&P went up in a year by 10 percent, they will make 3-4%.
Ruler of Cancer, the Moon rules the Silver.

But, as I always say, astrology is all about synthesis. We do not analyze anyone by it's Sun sign alone, but take in consideration all the planets, astroids, fixed stars, and other chukumukus that there are....

Famous Cancerians: Lady D, Herman Hesse, Neil Simon, Jean Cocteau, Maximilan, Dalai Lama XIV, Sylvester Stalone, King Henry VIII, Tom Cruise, Pierre Cardin, Ringo Star, Tom Hanks, Angelica Huston, O.J.Simpson, Armani, Bill Cosby, Gerald Ford, Ingmar Bergman, Ginger Rogers, Hemingway, Robin WIlliams, and my dear aunt, who married for the first time in her life at the age of 79! Looks like 50, walks faster than me, and finnally found happiness. It is  n e v e r  too late!!

It is important to read March article, it has relevance to July. 

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Have a nice week end, see you later.

One of the platforms for graphs that I use is MarketTrader4. WMA members received special mail about it. Using Fibonacci time combined with Venus lines, you can see future time changes.
July 3, 2011 Sunday

Woke early... Dreamt that I was preparing to go to a ball, and the Queen of England!! was choosing the dress and jewelry for me. ha! Prince Albert already married, so where am I heading?? By the way, the 20 year younger bride was born on my day, 25th January... Well, another prince is taken, anyone left out there???
Last month I wrote about Mr. Strauss Kahn, see under May 18. Now I hear in the news he's been acquitted... Ajajaj it was all there. Uranus tears you away of your routine, but he will be back, big time, in the future... We have not heard the last from Mr. Kahn.

Yesterday I was looking at the map of Prince Albert and his wife now... Do these people consult an astrologer? How can one get married on a Solar eclipse? There are so many things that do not fit in their maps, that I am not starting even to write about it. What we shall do is, watch and learn how in spite of their maps they'll manage. Sometimes miracles happen. Since she was born on my birthday, I sympathize with her, and whish both all the best luck in the world.

But, back to our small real world. My flowers, planted 2 months ago, had died all. I will have to buy new ones. Achhhh this heat! Today I have several readings, and we have the market, not a dull moment.

See you later... :)

TA25: closed at 1223.91, this means that the first obstacle to pass is 1224.5, 1229.1. Support at 1217.6 
We opened witha gap up, (expected) now, next targets: 1238.5,1240.6, 1241(calculated on the planets) and 1247 - 1251 - 1256 with fibo. But, the index should pass 1263, 1282 in order to start thinking of a new rally. Our last top was at 1345, it looks too far.

Have fun

Closed at 1252.91, nice rally, of 2.37%

The July forecast is ready...

July 4, 2011 Monday

I just realised that Angelica Julie was born today too! Happy birthday, beautiful lady :).and to you too, America! 
Can anyone fill me in, why was Charlene crying? I hope not because what I wrote in this blog!

Today the Moon is Void of Course; the day is ruled by the Moon- in Leo as I write these lines - and by Venus. Venus enters right at this moment Cancer, following the Sun, which is at 11.54 deg, therefore Venus is under the Sun's beams, getting fried. (negative for the markets). Venus will conjunct the Sun together with Mercury and Pandora, on August 16, at 14:47 (gmt+3), and slowly at that moment,  will turn to be an Evening star. Mark this day as major turn! I will have to make a research to understand what happened in the past when Venus was in similar position. I will let you know.

What's happening in the East? All markets are positive. TA25: closed at 1252, closest obstacle is at 1253- 54.50, then 1259.1 -1261.8-1266.15. Support at 1247.35.

Dax: now, at 14:02 - top at 7451- here price met Saturn and can not go above it. Be careful, use stops!
July 5, 2011

Watch this movie... Wonderful world. Lost tribe meets white man for the first time.

Dax: From the Jan 2009 low the Dax made a strong move, forming a top at 7644 in April 2010. Now it tries to make a new high, but there is an important CIT on July 21; 610 trading days from the bottom. Also pls. check the RSI and MFI, they show a bearish div. While the index went up, these went down.

Looking at a lower resolution, we see the same picture. This is the 5 minutes graph, a rally from 7090 to 7480, and here too we have a triple top, remember my "three fathers' pattern?" In the Bible there were so called three fathers: Abraham, Izhak and Jacob. If after three tries to index fells, it will be a correction. Look at the MFI, people just sold out, RSI ( 14) below 30, but I use RSI 3 for intraday charts. A correction to 7400- 7352 can come, if the index will not go above 7480.
Yesterday the Dax went sideways, just like our index, but at 12:31 there was a break out, and climbed above Saturn line. At this time exactly there was a Venus 120^ trine Neptune, which gave the push.

What is ahead for us today??
From the Earth point of view, this week there are several important Fed. announcements. I always advice not to be in the market at the time of announcements. They can shake the market.
Astrologically we are under the influence of Mars and Neptune. Mars is in Gemini - high volatility -  sends a trine to Saturn. Neptune is at 0Pisc40 and retro, receiving a positive angle from Venus. In general we have positive aspects today. But... look naughty Moon, achhh... Luna luna...


July 6, 2011 Wednesday.

I had a mistake the other day, Angelina Jolie was born on 4 June, and not in July, so sorry for that.

Yesterday the US markets opened, but they underperformed. The S&P (future) 1337.88, failed to go above the last high of 1340. There is a support from Helio Mercury, but this is a rather weak support. Below this line we have 1336.5 Venus-Saturn line, which should hold the market further up. Next planetary resistance is at 1344.8- 1349.15

Today it's a mercurian day, again, should be high volatility, but it is conjunct Saturn, so will this be another boring day?? The other planet in charge for today's energies is Saturn... Hahha how interesting! There is a Venus Saturn 120^ today, look at the grains under commodities, they should start a move today. In the Geocentric map we have an exact angle between Mars- Saturn, at 1330 - for the S&P for instance, so this is also a support line. We have to calculate the support lines for each index. For the Dax they form a resistance at 7490.(future)
TA25: closed yesterday at 1248.63- Looking at the planets there is a range of 5 points up and 10 points down.

I talked about the effect of the Moon when it is Void of Course. Here is the list for this month: ( gmt+3)- for new visitors, pls. make a search at the left side of the blog.

6.07.2011 3:19 - 7.07.2011 6:54

8.07.2011 9:29 - 9.07.2011 9:31
10.07.2011 16:05 - 11.07.2011 12:47
12.07.2011 15:21 - 13.07.2011 17:14
15.07.2011 9:40 - 15.07.2011 23:30
17.07.2011 15:23 - 18.07.2011 8:13
20.07.2011 14:15 - 20.07.2011 19:25
25.07.2011 16:12 - 25.07.2011 19:34
28.07.2011 3:35 - 28.07.2011 4:11
29.07.2011 2:03 - 30.07.2011 9:16

 Watch these hours, and stay put.

July 7, 2011 Thursday

During the night the S&P got naughty, and while you were sleeping, and maybe turned short, this one danced the french Can Can, and made a new high, at 1343.25. Here price met the Nodes, and fell. This will be our solid resistance for further up-side. Today we have lots of happenings in the sky, members, check out the calendar.

The day is ruled by Jupiter, and Mars, a powerful day. Fed announcements before the opening, 8:30 NY time and crude inventories at 11:00 am. 
TA25: closed at 1238, today support at:1235-37, resistance at: 1241,1244  
market starts, talk later...

July 10, 2011 Sunday

A new earthquake shook Japan this night. Close to the last one, near Fukushima. As far as I know, no casualties. A media-earthquake in the UK. with the close of "News of the world". A new country was born, ROSS: Republic of South Sudan; just a few of this week-end's news. I saw a very good movie: Footnote. A clever, interesting and unexpected film.

Today we have trade, probable will be affected of the US markets. 
TA25: Support lines at : 1252-1250-1247 , resistance 1259. 

July 11, 2011 Monday

Yesterday our index broke all resistances, and rallied to 1268.44. Here price squared Venus, and was stopped. Today, under the influence of Luna and Uranus, we are due to see a volatile and unexpected market. Uranus truned retro grade in the Geo map, and the Moon is just about leaving Scorpio. I remind you, of my earlier posts about Moon in Sco. ( make a search at the left side of this blog) . The Moon will be VOC between till 12:47, when it will pass to Sag. - an intraday CIT.
There are news about Italy to line up after Greece,

TA25: a turning point at 11:28-12:59 and again between 2 pm-till the closing bell. In the daily graph we had a high at 1345 on April 21, a low at 1180 on June 16= 165 points down; 86 points up ( half corrected) now, it the index does not go above 1330, or 1345, we are in for a deeper correction of wave C to 1116 - 1076... This scenario will take place only if 1180 is broken.

Good trading.

DAX: Broke below 7387, you should be deep in shorts now. Falling below 7320 will mean that the index is below all the slow and powerfull planets, and will be difficult - for the time being climbing above them. next target: 7200 
The Moon is already in Sagittarius, made a square to Neptune, now it is on it's way  to a trine to Uranus. The exact angle will be at 20:39 pm (gmt+3), I think it's half past 6 in the US, is there any announcement for that hour?? I would definetly stay out of the market.
Dow: I would go short here, with a stop at 12600. Target ( for the next days)12100. falling below 11800- it would mean the bears are getting closer.

Rupert Murdoch is all over the news. Mr.Murdoch was born on March 11, 1931,whic hmakes him over 80 years old. We remember from past maps the impact of Uranus return. It shakes the person. See Mubarack for instance.
Numerologically he is in his 9th year of endings, till March 2012. He should not get into new businesses till then, on the contrary...The map shows us that transiting Pluto and Uranus, two most powerful planets, life - changing planets, send angles to his natal Neptune, which shows his foreign businessess. Transiting Saturn, in his house of carreer will soon conjunct the South Node, a bad, and difficult placement. I would advise Mr. Murdoch to take a long long holiday to India or Acapulco, where his Jupiter line crosses.  

July 12, 2011 Tuesday

Yesterday we got the reversal in the US markets. It works, like a swiss watch. Today we are under the influence of Mars and Mercury. They are in a sextile with each other. Will they fool everyone by rebounding??
TA25 closed yesterday at 1247. Support line is on these two planets at 1244, resistance at 1249 -1253. We will watch the Moon. It will tell us what to do. I personnally went short on our index.

July 13, 2011, Wednesday

Today it's Mercury's day. In the helio map it is VOC., meaning it makes no angle whatsoever. So we can expect anything.
TA25: closed at 1251. Now next support is at 1247, 1240, resistance at 1252.2 - 1255.4 - 1259.1

July 14, 2011 Thursday

It's the " Bastille Day" today. Remember?? 222 years since that day! South Sudan jusr aquired their freedom, they can look into the future, how will they look in 222 years. Bon chance to France and to Sudan as well.

Today we have a Jupiter and Neptune ruled day. Jupiter squares the "Killing point Anareta" - very negative- Neptune is conjunct Chiron, not so positive either. I am afraid I cannot say anything positive at this moment, and this case, I should shut up.

TA25: closed yesterday at 1250. Next support is at 1247. Falling from here next target 1229. To the upside first resistance is at 1253.33

Born today: Gustav Klimt (Austrian painter), Ingmar Bergaman, Lino Ventura and many more talented people.

July 15, 2011 Friday

We have a full Moon today, in Capricorn. We shall watch it very closely. It will mark a turn in trend.
WMA members, Pls. check your mail.

Happy trading :)

July 17, 2011 Sunday 

We are after the Full Moon already, time is flying. Today we are under the double effect of the Sun. The Sun is at 24 degrees Cancer, and is in a negative position to the North Node. The Moon in Aquarius, can be quite cruel, is also in negative angle to Venus, but a perfect trine to Mars. Which one will give the tone??
TA25: closed at 1251. Moon-Mars trine is a barrier at 1248.35 Falling below that level, will mean: 1247-6, 1236.
Nifty: Made a high on April 5, and a lower high on July 8- 90 days +- difference. I would be on the fence here till it is going sideways. Long above 5782, with a stop at 5470. Next CIT date:  July 20

After closing: what a boring day! The index made a low at 1247 and a high at 1252; not a trading day.

Tomorrow will open with the Moon in Pisces, conjunct Neptune; during the day it will send several angles to Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn. Some action...But the 1253-54 will still be an obstacle. No prosperity to the upside. We shall see what surpise the East will bring during the night.

Bye till then. 

July 18, 2011 Monday 

This is what happens when one has big expectations. :) I thought we will have a clue from the East, but 4 indices are up, and 4 down. So I am on my own again, have to think. So let's see. Fundamentally : the world is waiting for the US debt-ceiling raise. If they raise, it will mean digging their own grave. If they don't, the fall will be quicker. They need the best jongleur in the world to do a miracle. But is there anyone who can fight the waves of history? The Bible says: " Nothing new under the Sun." Under the Sun we have the planets, each, with its impact on us and on the markets. In 1929 the Dow topped on Sept 3, and crushed by the middle of October. Too quick a move, people could not take it. Which planet can do such a quick blast? Uranus. Back then Uranus was in 10^ Aries. Now Uranus is at 4^ Aries, but in retro! So there is more time to get prepared for the blast. The other significant planet in the US chart , and well as in the Dow's is Pluto. In Sept. 1929 Pluto was at 19 (karmic degree) of Cancer, today it is at 5^ Capricorn, the opposite side; 180 deg. from Cancer. This one too is in retro. We got a postponement here as well. Neptune, the one in charge for devaluation and inflation, in 1929 was at 1^ Virgo, now it is at 0^ Pisces- here too 180 degrees from the past. Are we getting a "mirror" effect , a deja vu? Lets turn to the benefactors: Venus was at 3 Leo in Sept '29, very sure of herself, as if saying " this can NOT happen to me! I am Caesar!! Today Venus is in Cancer, heading towards Leo. Finnally we turn to our last hope, Jupiter. Back then it was at 14^ Gemini- where it is debilitated, now it is in Taurus, this one too is heading towards Gemini. Can Saturn, the old, wise one,  hold the balance? It is in Libra. hahahhaa.... there you are... The jongler has been found!  for the time being.

Happy trading.

Internet disconnected as market started today. Then I was on the phone for one hour with the internet company, which, very calmly told me that there is an area problem, but in 4 hours the line will be fixed. Four HOURS!!! Took my laptop and fled to the next door department store, where I could follow the markets, watch people, and listen to the music. No losses, on the contrary. But I am definetly disconnecting from these guys, and try another internet company. Uff! what a frustruation! 

July 19, 2011 Tuesday 

Yesterday night my son flew to Amsterdam - a last minute flight - I barely slept after that... I hope my internet will work today, however, technicians are due to come, since I took another company's services, and they have to change wires and stuff.
Last night we got stopped out in the S&P, only to go up again, and close above 1300. We had 7 - fibo- days from the top and 25 (5x5) days from the bottom of June 23. It looks to me as a turn and up. Sometimes people talk out of position. Beleiving to see what suits their long or short position. Well, I am in no position now, I sold my shorts yesterday at the top, I also sold last week my PSTI, so it is not the case with me.  We are still long in the S&P, as long as it stays above 1258. Targets: above 1400.
Do the planets agree?? Today there is a trine between Mercury and the Nodes. The Sun is on Procyon right now, at 9:00 am, a violent fixed star:" Sudden success then disaster, occult, politics, dissipation" says my software. But the Sun moves quickly. The Moon is in Pisces. It will send a 120^ -good - to Venus on 21:42 pm ( gmt+3) and a square to Mars, after closing hours, so not relevant. It is interesting to follow the Pluto- Chiron sextile- Pluto representing money, and Chiron, the healer... in a harmonius angle.... hmmmm, are we getting a hint here, that the jongleur will be successful??
Today we are under the effect of Mars- which is in Gemini and swift in motion, and Jupiter, which is at 7 Taurus. 
TA25: closed yesterday at 1240.30, after hitting a low at 1234.18- actually rebounced from Uranus. Now Jupiter, Neptun, Pluto and Uranus are support lines, only Saturn is resistance at 1241.50, and Venus at 1248.50, Mars t 1249.85. This is our range today.

Back later...

8:30 NY time: Housing starts and Building permits
Silver break out! Long with target above 42. Stop 40.60 

Gold: break out: stop : 1606 , target  1610-16.
Dax: fighting at 7168 - Support 7140 - target: 7250

July 20, 2011 Wednesday

Silver: went up to 40.82 and fell. we were stopped out at 40.60, luckily, since it fell below 38... In the daily graph it still trades above MA6, and yesterday it was 55 trading days from the top of May.
Gold: we got to our target: 1609.84. Now it trades at 1591.41
Dax: Topped at 7247.3; we are still long here, with a stop at 7236. ( 5 min)
HSi: trades now at 21929

We are under the spell of fickle Mercury today, and that of Uranus!! Wawww, powerful day.
TA 25 closed yesterday at 1248.76, support now at 1247.4 -1241, resistance at: 1249.3 - 1252.95 Watch out for gaps.!

Happy trading.

July 21, 2011 Thursday - again !!

Jupiter is in charge today, together with Mercury. Jupiter is on unfortunate fixed star: Hamal,Keywords: Violence, cruelty, brutality, also the "Healer".

But what is more interesting today is the Moon's placement, next to Uranus....
As I write these lines Dax is breaking out!  what a run - up! We shall move our stop to 7300.

Good trading :)

Today it's Goldman Sachs' birthday, I thought I should look at the graph, and it turned out to be interesting...

GS: Made a bottom at 125.45, only going above 142.27 will convince that the down-trend is over.
July 23,2011 Saturday.

On April 1, 2011 I wrote that when Mars conjuncts the South Node will be bad. And is is terrible! Look what happened in Oslo, Norway. I wish I knew where it will hit. In the chart of Oslo, made for 7 June 1905 11:00 am we see Pluto in the 10th house of government, in Gemini. transiting Mars with the S.N. conjunct, exactly at the time of the bomb. The PM was not hurt, he was not in the building, and this we can see from transiting Sun "engaje" with the Part of fortune. House 7 shows us the open enemies, it is ruled by Neptune, Which is the sign of religion, and transiting Neptune is conjunct natal South Node and Saturn. It's a check-mate.

We remember the July 1st Partial Solar eclipse, was on 9^ Cancer. This eclipse trined Oslo's Mars, if I was a Norwegian astrologer, following Norway's chart, this would lit a red light, since Mars, is the planet of wars. However, which is more disturbing, now looking more into it, in the directed chart, using 1 deg. per year, the South Node will conjunct Pluto on March 23, 2013. Will the Vikings be called to the barricades again??? Furthermore, at this time, progressed Satrun will be on Pluto, heavy times ahead for this country. By the way, I visited Norway some years ago, from all the countries I have been I think it's the most beautiful one. You should go see it!!

Today Sun just passed to Leo, Moon is in Taurus, they form a square. Look up to the sky you will see a half moon. Time for quarrels and wars. Try to stay out of it. Go near water, that will calm you down. But, Mars is still on the South Node, how careful one can be? This pair is squaring Obama's Natal Mars today, which is in the 8th House of transformation, and money.!!!!!!! (if the birth data Aug 4,'61 Honolulu 19:24 pm. is correct)
Venus is on Pollux fixed star, which is unfortunate. Mars is on powerful star Capella, Jupiter is on the cruel and brutal star Hamal and the Part of fortune is on - listen to this! - "Keywords: Currents of Fate, fluctuating emotions, irreversible changes to rhythm of life, sense of oblivion- effect: Fortunate -character: Saturn." Now this is interesting!! how can a Saturnian effect be fortunate?? but I agree with the other expression: irreversible changes... yes, it's happening. When we have the two benefactors on evil stars, we should stay home and pray the ceiling will not fall on us.

But, let's get practical: the markets...
VIX: closed at 18.15 - I would put my stop at 18-17.8 for long position.
S&P: topped at 1347.9- our stop should be here at 1338.5
Crude: bottomed at\: 99.61 - this is our stop for long pos.
Gold: topped at 1606.55; it moves in a tight channel, Long above 1606.
Dax: did well, reached my target, now stop at 7340.

Safe weekend!

July 24, 2011 Sunday 

This was obviously not a safe weekend for Amy Winehouse. I must confess I have not known her, but when I heard the age she died, I had to look at her map. Luckily, with this internet, everything is available, so I got her data: Born September 14, 1983, in the UK. at 22:25 
What can we learn from her date and name?? She had a Gemini Ascendant, a sign that rules no. 5 Her name adds up to 5. Mercury rules this sign. Mercury in her map is slow and combust ( close to Sun) She won the Mercury Prize....  Counting the degrees she arrived- age wise - exactly to Saturn. Her Pluto is at 27.59 degree, showing a troublesome age. Her extraordinary talent but also the "need" to dissolve herself came from Moon-Neptune-Galactic Center conjunction. Moon at 0 degree Capricorn, a very severe degree,. Her part of Fortune is conjunct the killing planet Anareta. Her birth date adds up to 8, showing difficult times at the age of 19, and 27. She was in her 8th personal year, 6th personal month, and 5th personal day at her death. 
As I write these lines, I am listening to her songs, here is one of them

May she rest in peace. 

What is up in the sky today? The ruler is the Sun, and Saturn. WHile we were sleepling the Sun entered Leo. The Moon is still in Taurus. leaving a conjunction with Jupiter, ( explains the rally in the US markets...) and in 150^ to Saturn. Mercury is slow, Venus is getting closer to the Sun. Children born in these days will be extremly beautiful. But, there is a worrying angle between the Sun and Neptune, we still have the distructive angle of Mars- South Node, that took 92 casualties in Norway. Do the markets care??? no. the trend is up. 

see ya' 

July 25, 2011 Monday

Probably you don't know what an uprising we have here in Tel Aviv, and slowly in the whole country, in every city. Students, for the first time in history, got out of their airconditioned surroundings, and protest, for the last 10 days now, against high rents. One has to be a millionaire to live in Tel Aviv. It all started with the high price of the cheese, then the doctors went on strike, since they work 4 shifts one after the other, no rest. Who would want to be operated by a doctor who did not sleep for 48 hours?? Then the students started to protest against continuous rent rises. The people is very disappointed and see no future if drastic changes will not be made. I could never understand why isn't here in Israel governemental rent? Every house is private holding, and the owners can do as they wish. The other day there was a couple on TV telling how their landlord raised the rent from 3500 to 6500. Yes!! no typing error. I myself live in a rented appartemnent, and my rent is raised by 10 % every year. But to buy a house I would need 2-2.5 million shekel.( $700-730 K ) and that, only for an appartment of about 90-100 meters. ... The other day I dremt, that I was walking on the street, looked up on a building, and told to my daughter, you see, that building is mine, and that, and that... hahha.... Misery is dreaming, says the proverb...
Action time: TA25 closed yesterday at 1266.73. We have a strong support line here, if, in spite of the protests, and declining East, will continue to go up; next levels are: 1267.5-1271.85- 1276.5- to 1284.88. Falling from 1266 next levels down will be 1260 - 1252.8
Do the planets support a ride??
The Sun is in Leo, Moon at the end of Taurus, approaching the Pleiades! Some disharmonic angles both in Geo and in Helio charts. Members got a detailed list of happenings for this week... Would you like to take an astro-financial course? This is the time!

Good trading :)

After closing: at 1260... :)

July 26, 2011 Tuesday

We still feel the Mars-South Node conjunction; there is a lot of fire in the air. We are having one of the hottest July ever. Protesting students in the tents camp all over Israel are sitting is 35-40 Celsius heat. This does not seem to bother them. Today PM is about to give answers. I wonder... which rabbit will be pulled out of the magic hat?? The country is having the first social uprising. People had enough... A family with 2 kids pays 5 times more for kinder garden per year, than in Europe. The rent got out of proportions, the food, is extremly high. Nataniahu has a very difficult chart, with transiting Saturn on most of his planets. Will he ever run again?? I doubt. See in red arrow transiting Mars+S.N. triggered all his planets, but the uprising is featured by Uranus from his 4th house- internal affairs- squaring his natal Uranus. Not to speak about Pluto, in a150^ to it... Major changes are required, and quickly...

Today Mars and the Sun are in charge. But higher energies are in the background. There is an Uranus-Pluto square in the sky! Major problem-makers.Using 5 degree orb this will last till Nov.18.  
The Us markets went side ways yesterday, waiting. Economic calendar for this week.

July 27, 2011 Wednesday

With the markets going sideways, in waiting, there is little to say or to do. If you want to skip extra nerves, do not trade. We have options expiry tomorrow, together with a Mercurian day today, we will have lot of volatility. What's up in the sky? The Moon approaching the Mars-S.Node pair will not bring more positivity, on the contrary. This angle will be exact at 15:05 (gmt +3) to the Node, and 19:56 to Mars. This conjunction should bring a top or bottom. But, we have a trine - positive angle -between the Sun and Uranus.
I am waiting for the magic rabbit to be pulled out of the hat. By the way, yesterday's rabbit turned out to be a failure. The striking students did not believe or accept what the PM. offered.

market opened, back later...
TA25: is trapped between 1256- 1259. This is a very tight range, breaking one side will signal further trend. Not a day to trade... burning options...
Using MA 50 on daily chart will give us a clue. Take for instance the VIX- it is above it, so are most of the indices. So we should look at the 1 hour or at the 15 min charts...

DAX: goes sideways, like the whole market.... W a i t i n g 

July 28, 2011 Thursday.

If you followed the 50 moving average in the 15 minutes graph, you were not cought with your pants down yesterday...

During the night Mars entered volatile Gemini. The day is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter blocked the fall yesterday at 1298, in the S&P. 

July 31, 2011 Sunday

Another month went by and we already are in a new Moon. Before I start my new article, let's take a look back, as Cancer does, always nostalgic, never letting go of the past. What or whom will we miss in the future? As I wrote at the beginning of this article, July is full of independence days. South Senegal was added this month. We are living historical times, under Pluto-Uranus square again, as in 1933. It is bubbling underneath. Pluto, destroys in order to rebuild. Uranus brings the enthusiasm of the revolution.
I shall upload some interesting maps in my next article...

Thank you for being here, although you do not comment, I see there are several thousand people following this blog, from 100 countries. I hope you enjoy this blog, and you also made some good trades.

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