New Moon in Cancer 2014

between June 27- July 27, 2014 

This month to come, has a lot of "presents". Will it be for the longists, or for the shortists ?? LOL... the vocabulary did not recognize these words... But I guess you know what I mean. 

To know what the future will bring, we should always look back. So here are the former articles: 
2013, 2012, 2011, 2010. Our market is opening, you go on reading... see you later. .. 

Today is the first day of the Hebrew month Tammuz. We learn from history, that during this month, Jerusalem was conquered and destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. 
Today is also the 180th day of the year- counting from Jan.1- it is an important number... The card of the day is the card of Death... 

The map of this month: the Sun will move 28 degrees, Mercury will turn direct on the 1st of July, Venus will move 36 degrees from Gemini to Cancer. Mars will move out... finally! from Libra to Scorpio.. hmmm, not so bright here too... It is a sign that it rules, any wars going on now, will strengthen and get worse. Jupiter will move from Cancer to Leo. All people born in this sign will benefit of this positive planet. 

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June 30,2014 Monday 

I wrote in my weekly forecast that the East will open under some positive planetary positions.. And they did. All are rising. 

here is today's chart. All the numbers have a meaning. Which ?? Well... I teach that in my course. 
As we get deeper into the summer the question TILL WHEN will the markets rise, is more acute.
Today we should watch the Moon and Neptune.! Well well well... we didn't have Neptune since a while now. The Moon and Neptune are in a disharmonic position! The card of the day is the card of the Tower. For those who are not familiar with tarot cards, you can look it up in this blog, I posted several times about cards and their meanings. Now don't stare at me, as if I was an old gypsy lady... Those cards have a LOT of meanings... depending what you take in consideration.. They have Numerology, astrology, colors, directions, personal and group related messages... They can tell a story you would not think of... 
Anyways... our market is due  to start. Let me see what is new in the world? The mondial in Brazil is still going, so people are very busy with it... I wonder what will happen when all these men will have nothing to do? in a very hot and humid summer?? All these reality shows are made to keep the crowds busy. But, there are places that are not calm, where there are no TVs! Like in Nigeria, well, most of long forgotten Africa... who cares? Let them kill each other. Ebola is rising there as well. The Arab world does not know what to do with their "spring". All kind of new groups pop out like mushrooms after the rain, and they terrorize those who let them. Well.. I should stop here. Concentrate on my own yard. 
Breakfast. and to work. Do you drink 2 liters of water every day?? I try. 

back later 
For you, Tokio: see who is in the market: is it the smart/big money, - green line - or the simple people ? - blue - ? 

Looking at the futures: Sugar and coffee are falling, and cocoa??!! is rallying.. go figure. I don't trade them. 

Ta25: is at 1381.71 now support only at 1376,35- as I posted in the application yesterday.

Breaking News: As I wrote in my previous article, the kidnapped children will be found when Mercury is stationary. Maximum till July 2nd... Well, their bodies were found today not far from where they were kidnapped. With the bad planetary positions coming on us in July, I expect to a large development triggered by this murder... Very very sad. 

Map of Israel with the transit day of the kidnapping. transit Mercury on Venus. Venus is the open, or known enemies. Mercury is for children. 

today they were found: tr. Mercury in stationary retro on natal Uranus in the 8th house.

With Mars in Libra there are no good news... It is terrible terrible..

July 1, 2014 Tuesday

We wave good bye to ugly June, and what it brought. And, since our memory is very short, we are looking ahead hoping for the best. July was named after Julius Caesar, born in this month. July has 31 days, and it is opening with the Sun in Cancer at 9 degrees, degree of war. The Moon is at 21 Leo. Leo, is the master of the jungle, and the second fire sign in the wheel. It affects the S&P . Mercury is stationary at 24 Gemini. Venus is at 9 degrees Gemini, another war degree, Jupiter, at 26 Cancer, still squaring the nodes; 

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July 2, 2014 Wednesday

Late morning... just woke up. let me see what happened during the night.. S&P reached a target I gave to subscribers. 1966 is a major important level. price wise and time wise as well. 
Yesterday was 333 days from 8/2/13; 182 days from 1/13/14;
What is new today in the sky? 

The Moon moved on, it is now in Virgo, but still in a good position to the Sun. Mercury is Direct in gemini, at 24 degrees. It is harmonious to the Nodes. Venus is positive to the Sun. Now the bad news? Saturn is in a bad position to Uranus, and will be for a LONG time. 
Market starts... let me see how my share, that made my day yesterday will behave.. 
TA25: is now at 1385.29 it is consolidating. There is a blocking line at 1387.45- it should gap up above it in order to go to... not much higher, because the next step is only at 1390, 1392,35-1396.30
The Tv is talking in the background. They are talking about "vintage" jewelry and dresses///What is this Vintage?? let's face it! they are old dresses that you took our from your grandmother's long forgotten cupboard, and ware it now... A way to re sell old stuff. Vintage. So pathetic... In my eyes anyway. 
With Mercury in GEmini ( transportation ) and Uranus in Aries ( new high tech foundings ) it is just normal to see a program about drones. I wrote you a couple of months ago, that Amazon is working on a delivery possibility by drones... Now even Pizza shops use it. Here is an article about the 12 important companies that manufacture these drones, maybe you would like to follow them... ?? ~ 
Mercedes Benz: I know someone who has this share.. I would not invest in a share that is 1) expensive.. 2) moves 1.5 dollar in 18 months... Isn't that a waste of money ?? 


July 3, 2014 Thursday 

It is the last trading day in the US till July 7. So it will be extra important. There are a lot a lot of announcements today... Looking at the sky, we can see the Moon moving away from a positive position to the Sun. Venus is in a dis harmonic position to Pluto. And the last, very rare angle today is a 150^ between Jupiter-Galactic Center. This occurred before in 2012, 2002, 2000,1990, 1989.

The East is green. Nifty: raise stop to 7691- targeting 7737-7823. NIkkei shows some weakness- Made a double top at 15445- yesterday and on June 23rd, stop should be at 15320. HSI: topped with a Doji at 23591.Only above 23640 is a new Long; AXJO is consolidating since the beginning of 2014. Top till now 5554- 
TA25: closed yesterday at 1382.60- we have a positive arbitrage, so probably it will make a new try for higher highs. Targets as given yesterday. Support at 1380-77-- resistance 1385.80-1388. 
I am very happy with the outcome of the last 3 days trades. I traded local shares, which did extremely well. I also shared those trades in my application. I sold them meanwhile, let me see how will today develop. These shares can be very risky, I am watching the screen, would not dream of going out when I am in such trades. I hope you did well too. In the past I used to trade 20 hours, locally, the US markets in the afternoon and forex till the early hours of the night. After a few weeks I was a zombi. Then I decided to cut it, took a break, and returned with another strategy... I think one cannot trade calmly if you cannot sit for 4-6 hours at least undisturbed. Unless you are Warren Buffet, and you can afford big losses. 
~~~~~On June 2nd I wrote: 

People who have a Cancer Mercury will be affected most. Like Amanda Fox, remember her?, Angela Merkel, Donald Trump, Jonathan Polard, Julian Asssange, Monica Levinsky, Prince William, Schwarzenegger, Ms.Sotomayor. XI Jinping. From the financial world and countries: USA, Thailand, the World Bank (25.June 1946), Nifty, Merrill Lynch, JKSE, Dow, Dax, Corn.

Well, and who was on the news?? Almost all of them... Donald Trump against illegal immigrations, our president asked again and again Obama to release Polard,Monica, is all over again, making a "come back" , Prince William is renovating his home on a huge budget, great scandal in the UK, China- new laws, executed 13 Jihadists and is forbidden to fast during ramadan, Thailand demonstrations, etc etc.. 
Mercury is in Gemini now, but soon it will re enter Cancer, and we shall hear more on these people. What interest us is the corn : 

In the last days there are more and more earthquakes, that climb higher and higher 4-5.9 on the scale of Richter. Is a big one on the way?? I hope not.. 

July 4, 2014 Friday 

Yesterday I was wondering if a bigger earthquake is due to come... and there was one of 6.9 in New Zealand.. 
The markets made new highs yesterday, after a positive unemployment outcome. I was expecting these highs, as I wrote to my subscribers too... former resistances turn to support, and we are watching for higher levels. 
But... this cannot last for ever. July 4 is exactly  1948 days from the low of 2009- the same amount of days that passed during the 1994-2000 rally. We should be very careful here.
Watch July 18-25 for a major important event in the world. I don't know what, but surely related to money. Another date to watch will be April 14,2015.
For those who want to dig in more and understand events that are in front of our noses, here are a few charts to take in consideration : 
US natal chart with Gemini rising: ruler of the chart is Mercury at 24.28^. in Cancer. 

The chart of the IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) is March 1, 1947. Mercury in this chart is at 22.48 ^ Pisces. The date adds up to 7. 2014 adds up to 7. 20 July 2014 adds up to 7. But it falls on a Sunday. Note that between 18-20 there is a G20 Meeting... what are they cooking? 

The head of the IMF is Mrs. Christine Lagarde born on Jan 1, 1956. Her date adds up to 5, again Mercury. Her Mercury is at 25 degrees, again 7. Her natal chart is more than interesting. transit Pluto is on her Sun, transit Sun+Jup is on her Uranus. These transits are major transforming planets. 
and more charts: the following is a tri wheel of the World Bank, of the Euro and transit July 2014. Just see how the 25 deg. pop up all the time. !! 
See the aspects Mercury will make in the sky during the a/m week: 

I made this graph on June 27. It is the shekel towards the USDollar. We can see that the Dollar is weakening targeting 3.38 and lower. 

July 6, 2014 Sunday 

If you read this blog long enough, you know, that it is only us, Israel, that trades Sundays in the world. Usually it is a boring day, and we catch up with the arbitrage of the US.= since a lot of our shares trade on the Nasdaq. 
So let me check where is it going? It closed at 4486- from a low at 3946. Support is now at 4474, target: above 4500 - Although it rallied in the last days, the volume is getting smaller. 
So, technically we are good. Let's check the sky. 
The Sun is at 14 Cancer , approaching Jupiter- at 27 Cancer. Venus and Mercury are in Gemini, Uranus and The South Node are in Aries, soon to meet too, Mars, Moon, North Node in Libra. Actually the Moon just left a conjunction to Mars, which is an important position. We will watch its angles, as usual, for intraday trades. If you are a long term trader, La Luna can be dismissed. 

TA25: broke through all the resistances, and closed at 1391.87. Now the trade range is between 1387- 1407. 
The only relative angle from the Moon today is: 
6.07.2014 13:52:30 25°22'22"Lib Trine Mercury

What sectors were the best? and made the markets rise?

Big success for Angela Merkel.. Minimum wages starting 2015: 11:50$ per hour. If I count that in shekels, it is much higher than what it is here... Maybe this will open a hope for other countries as well. 

Imagine... my credit card was hacked. :( 
But I took care of it..  :) 

July 7, 2014 Monday 

It is a very rare date: 7.7.7. It is the day of the Moon and Jupiter. In the cards, a rare card, the card of the Fool. So the day is a rare one by all means. Last time we had 7.7.7. was in 2005- when the London bombing happened. How many victims were? 52 = 7. 

This chart in the middle is the UK- from Liz Green's site, with the transits for that day:

The FTSE did not fall on that day. 
On that day Mars was conjunct the North Node. These two will be conjunct again on July 14th. 
Again, it will be a vulnerable day for the UK. 

What else happens in the sky that makes it special? The Moon passed during the night to Scorpio. This is a new energy we did not have yesterday. We have a YOD in the sky! This we haven't have for a long long time! A yod is, when two planets are sextile and both 150 to a third. The planets involved are Venus, Saturn, Uranus. 

How can we translate this to the trading world? In the course I give, I teach how to calculate planetary positions.
So let me see: In my weekly report I wrote " the East will open with a bad position, the Moon in Sco." Checking on Bloomberg now, I see they did open lower. The question is will it last till Europe  and the USA will open? I see now Dax is also trading already. The Dax is a killer. One can gain or lose a LOT of money! So far it made a triple top. If you read this blog long enough, you are familiar with the " three fathers" pattern... or in the tachniacl expression, a triple top,

The top of the Dax so far was 10050-10035- at this level it found a strong resistance. Why?? what is there that is blocking ?? It is exactly this YOD that I was talking about above. A planetary position is forming during a couple of days/weeks, depending on the planets... They are now exact, and are blocking. Does that mean that the rally is over and we should buy up all the shorts? 
 Not at all.. 

So many phone calls... destructed me. So back to the Dax: I would put my stop to 9970.-It is rising for 145 tr.weeks/ 1025 days. 

I wrote many times about the FTSE: It cannot go above the top: we had now the third top which is lower, with weakening tools. For those who can afford it, the stop is the trendline from February.. or, 6814. 
However, running above 6866, the sky will be open to 7100-7155. 
TA25: is consolidating... waiting for the US... price range of yesterday is still valid. 

I seldom post the chart of Israel. But is seems, that the coalition is going to break up: Inner chart is Israel's chart, outer is July 14th, transit Mars with the North Node is 150- bad- position to the Sun, which represents the government, And on that day, or even during these coming weeks Saturn will square natal Saturn, and be 150 to Uranus. I cannot check what happened before, because the state exists 66 years, while it takes for Uranus to be in this place 84 years. 

Since those 3 teenagers were kidnapped and killed, and the Arab kid was killed, a chain of rockets and scuds are falling again in the south, Jerusalem is in turmoil. bad times are coming. 
Nataniahu's chart shows a serious shake with today's transits. 

Nasdaq 100: future
15 minutes : 

July 8, 2014 Tuesday

As I wrote a few days ago, the " operation" is ongoing. We had about 100 rockets fired on our southern towns, no casualties, thanks to technology. The operation has a name too: ZUK EITAN, the name adds up to 8.
Here where I live is quiet, market starts soon, so let's see. The S&P touched the main pivot point of 1966...The Dow topped - historical high at 16991-the future- yesterday is corrected. technically it is easy. As long as it stays above the last lows, the markets are still long. Pocket wise this can be a problem... Because using such a large stop demands a lot of money. 
Ok, so what is new today, now? we are after a Moon-Sun trine and a Moon-Saturn conjunction. I would slowly close my long positions and either be on the fence, or be on the fence... LOL. 

TA:25: closed yesterday at 1379.37, we turned short below 1387.- see my post 2 days ago. 
Actually our index is correcting since April 12, 54 trading days already/ 88 cal. days. Tomorrow will be a Time tunnel. We shall open under a negative shadow from the arbitrage, support is at 1371-69. Former low, on May 7 was 1367.44, so breaking this level we will have to re evaluate the situation. 

OK. It is war here. Sirens all the time, in tel Aviv too, 80 rockets were fired today on us. I went to visit my mom. She lives alone, about one hour drive from me... Suddenly the sirens went off. One has 30 seconds to go to the shelter... Can you imagine? She can hardly walk. We did not move. Until it was quiet again. I explained her the planets position, but I doubt she was listening... 

July 9, 2014 Wednesday 

it was a quiet night. Special thanks to those who developed the iron domes. No casualties. But, I see now, that the evening in the markets was not so quiet, and we can use 7.7.7. for a major turning point in the markets. 
Looking again at Nasdaq: weekly chart we have a support at 3741. 

ware getting now a correction on the rally from from June 14. Support at 3830- below that, 3793. 
Sirens again... see y
Ok, I am back. 
So what made the markets fall yesterday ? Which sector? technology ??? !! Why ? Let me check the sky. 
Actually, the fall started on the 7th, in the Nasdaq, which has most of the technology shares.
Gann wrote to watch 2 days, 3,5 days for a minor correction. So we have till tomorrow. 
Let's see how it goes. 
By the way, tomorrow, July 9 will be 273 days from Oct 9,2013. Why is 273 days important? it is the length of a pregnancy....
Wowww I can't believe Germany won 7:1 ?????????? 
Today we are under the Mercurian effect. Very nervous day.. I would check out all the short etfs like SDS, but this too, will be interesting only above 25.5
I wrote about the 7.7.7 that it was under the card of the FOOL. We did not have it for a long long time... but on the 16th it will pop up again! What will happen then ?? it will be again a 7,7,7 day! 

TA25: a smooth opening, 1365.36 now, it should go 1 point higher to be "on the safe side" . Next: 1371-1378. 

I have to show you an incredible happening. Two very rich local tycoons died  with 1 day difference. One wanted to buy from the other a company. But the buyer got a stoke and died, the seller, one can say died of old age, but in both charts Uranus gave the final hit. May they rest in peace. 

July 10. 2014 Thursday 

I did not hear the sirens in the night. I see now on TV, there were... many more rockets fell, but I don't want to bore you with our problems here. 
I also hear now on TV that Argentina won... Somehow I thought Holland will come out victorious in the finals, against Germany, seems the ball is round and turning. 

Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Venus. Two good planets, but are they strong enough to do more?- after yesterday's correction??? Yesterday we got a re bounce in the S&P, after only 2 days of correction. This was the scenario in the last months. 2-3 days correction. I see the index is now at 1964.26 - I wrote yesterday in my application, that it is imperative to go above 1966.. Support is at : 1958-1954; targets up : 1967.90-1971.90
Back. 4 rockets fired to Tel Aviv...
TA25: rose yesterday to 1376.30- it ran over my two obstacles I gave yesterday. I don't know who can still trade in this situation, but the support- planets wise- 1377-78.50, with the positive wind from the arbitrage probably it will open above these levels, next to go to 1380-84-87.
Watch these times: gmt:+3
10.07.2014 10:47:37 18°00'03"Sgr Quincunx Sun
10.07.2014 14:30:14 20°14'59"Sgr Opposition Venus
10.07.2014 18:06:54 22°26'54"Sgr Sextile Mars
The same for NY: 
Moon 22Sgr27 60 Mars 22Lib27 10.07.2014 11:07
Moon 22Sgr43 144 Jupiter 28Cnc43 10.07.2014 11:34
Moon 24Sgr33 60 Node 24Lib33 10.07.2014 14:34
Moon 28Sgr06 180 Mercury 28Gem06 10.07.2014 20:19
Moon 28Sgr49 150 Jupiter 28Cnc49 10.07.2014 21:29

What these angles mean and how to trade them, I teach in my  Financial Astrology course. 
Crude: Will it be the first one to signal for a short? Ok, I know it is falling since June 25, exactly 15 days. Then the Moon was at 9 Gemini, now it is at 15 Sag. IN OPPOSITION. So a turn should come, but technically, falling below 100- it will signal a short. Support:99.40
TA25: as I wrote earlier, our market gapped above the obstacles... heading higher. It made it to 1380.22, and fell to 1366.64 so far. 
The Dow too fell from the support: 

We got to times when good news do not make the markets rally! 

July 11, 2014 Friday

I had a quiet night. Listening to the news I see there are not much news. I hope I am right looking at the sky, that this episode will be over till tomorrow. 12-16/7 are very vulnerable days. Not only for us, but world wide. As long as Mercury is in Gemini, it is much better then when it will be again in Cancer. But, I already wrote about this, you can scroll up and see. 
We have no trade today, so I guess I will go to the beach if the sirens will let me to clear my head and vegetate. LOL. I learned this word from a friend of mine long long time ago. She was sitting and gazing in the nothing for hours. When I asked her, what is going on?! She said, I am vegetating... Try it, it is a reset to the mind. 
So the markets is very very difficult to trade with this Mercury in Gemini. One day up, one day down. In any case, the S&P did not fall below June 26th low, 1935 so for those who can afford a deep stop, this is the one. I should write my reports today too... well, later. 

Yesterday I wrote about the Crude. We DID got a turn, as expected. 

July 13, 2014 Sunday 

Hello, good morning. Usually at 8 o'clock we get a few rockets. It's 8:10 now, but nothing yet. Yesterday it was a beautiful full Moon peeping into my living room. Just as I was admiring it we got 2 long sirens and 5 or 6 bumms, which meant that rockets were shot down by the Iron Dome. One was exactly above my bed room window. Usually I go to the secure room, but this time the siren was so long, and right above my head, that I had to peep out. That is when I saw the white smog in the sky right next to the Moon. Pity I had no presence to make a video... Well... probably you see enough of it on your TV. Until now 
There is no other country in the world that it gets bombarded by the neighbors for more than 10 years.. 

Today we are ruled by the Sun at 20 degrees. The Moon just entered Aquarius. The tidal force is at maximum today. Mercury is just now entering Cancer. 
Timing solutions shows a very nervous move for the S&P during Mercury in Cancer- till Sag...

All these new powers point to a culmination and a turn. All the positions and planets should be calculated, that is what I teach in my course. We cannot rely on statistics! 

In the Jewish calendar it is Tet Vav Tammuz. In two days the fast of Tammuz starts till Aug.6- these 3 weeks are mourning weeks- for the religious people... They don't go to the beach, don't get married, and many other laws that I don't know, not being religious, but respect what they do. Markets wise it is a correction time. - in two days. Now, I don't say that these laws cover the whole world... not at all... Correction times are good for shorts. I'll look at them later. 
Now we will have - very sarcastically - a positive day, due to the positive arbitrage. AND! two of my shares I have, will rally. I sent alerts in the application!. 
Moon Tidal force is maximum today, the nodes are conjunct Mars- expect earthquakes. 
First hit in Chile. 5.2 

Other vulnerable places on Earth : 


I had to check out the map of Ismail Haniyeh, the PM of Hamas. Born in January 29, 1963 in Al Shati refugee camp ruled by Egypt. I don't have the birth hour, but by his looks I made the chart with a Taurus rising. He is now 51.45 years old. The man has 12 children, and 3 sisters, who are Israeli citizens, but see for yourself: 

Personal life

Haniyeh is married and in 2009 was reported to have 12 children.The family live in Al-Shati refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. Haniyeh's sisters Kholidia, Laila and Sabah, are Israeli citizens and live in the Bedouin town Tel Sheva in Southern Israel.[21] In early 2012, Israeli authorities granted a request to travel to Haniyeh's sister, Suhila Abd el‑Salam Ahmed Haniyeh, and her critically ill husband for emergency heart treatment that could not be treated by hospitals in Gaza. After successful treatment at the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva, Israel, the couple returned to Gaza.
This man is now sending rockets on Israel... 

so, what do we see in this chart? First, the Sun in Aquarius. Among the world leaders only King Hussein of Jordan and the new King in Spain are born in this sign. The Moon in Pisces. Now look here, who, among the world leaders, that I have their data have their moon in Pisces: Abdullah,- Afgan leader, Ali Zeidan Lybia PM, Assad of Syria, Berlusconi of Italy, Hand Adam II the rpince of Lichtenstein, Hillery Clinton! Kim Jong II of North Korea And Mr Nguema, of Guinea. This list makes me think.... what is a Pisces Moon makes a person be? In Haniyeh's case it is not 100%, because his Moon fell on 29 Pisces, so easily it can be Aries...OK. Now looking at his directed chart, the second wheel, we can see that he is now at a turning point. If he was born with Sun in Aquarius, the Sun is now at 0 point Aries, the Aries point... so for the next 30 years his views will be based on fire and fight. His Moon on the other hand, is now in Taurus at 20 degrees, and it is no secret, that he is in real estate making millions in Qatar.
He is now 51.45 years old. and in his 9th personal year, 7th personal month. Dangerous month for him September this year. Let us see how will this enfold... 
TA25: my target: 1384- received... next 1387.
Closed at 1389.98- next targets: 1396-98 

July 14, 2014 Monday

the only news is that Germany won. Here the rockets are still trying to fall, but are blocked by the iron dome, sirens from time to time. The day is ruled by the Moon, which is still in Aquarius, pointing to higher highs today. Only after the US opening this picture will change. 
TA25: moves 11.93 points in average. So I would use a 12 MA. as long as it is above, it is a long. I think we well have a rally in the morning, and a quiet afternoon as of 2 pm-4:20 and then again a rally to the closing. Targets: 1396.50- will be difficult to cross. support: 1397.28
I hear on TV that Messi has stomach problems for the last two years, and he is vomiting frequently. 
Looking at his chart, well, of course! We can see that his natal Mars is in Cancer, giving him stomach aches, and serious problems Look at the transit planets how they " woke" this planet up! 

While his natal Mars is at 22 degree, transit Venus, and Mars with the nodes, are at 24. Messi is 27 years old, soon he will have a Saturn transit. I hope he will get hospitalized, and make a deep check up. His natal Uranus at 24 Sag. is bad news! I don't even understand how could he play?? 

TA25 reached 1400. next: 1402-3-4-5-1409.55-11-17. 

If you joined now and you wonder how can one trade under sirens, here are the times the alerts went out: 

July 15,2014 Tuesday

I wrote on July 8, that the name of this war has a geometry of 8. today it is the 8th day, and it SEEMS that  a cease fire will be signed. We can prepare now for the next war, which, no doubt will soon come. 
we had about 700-800 rockets fired on us, not sure of the final number. They are still firing... well, its 7:11 am now, the cease fire is due at 9. 

But, Jupiter is at 29.43 Cancer, and it will enter Leo tomorrow at 2 pm my time, by then it will be quiet. 
Egypt is the one that took the initiative to call for a cease fire. I made General Sissi's map a few days ago... well, he is a VERY strong person. 5 planets in Scorpio!!!! I don't understand why doesn't Egypt takes over Gaza and rules there?? Sissy made a very good job till now, he could continue with Gaza. People there want to have a good life too, but Hamas would not let them.

I had to look at the map of the birth of Islam: year 622. the ruler of this chart is Saturn at 1 Leo. In June 2018 transit Uranus will square it, and it will be trine natal Uranus. Also transit Pluto in yellow will square natal Pluto. These angles occur every 265 years... Also transit Neptune is in a dis harmonic angle to natal Neptune and transit Jupiter will trine natal Jupiter. So the world can look out for a major event during 2017-2018 for an Islamic uprising, or war. 

OK.... markets culminated in the US.
Nasdaq: two lows during the full moon- the next new moon will be Aug 8. 

Dow: here is a different picture: rally on empty stomach. I mean on low volume. 

Transit Jupiter entering Leo will pump the markets higher I think. Technology and the financial stocks backed the rise yesterday. 
Kate Middleton- prince William's wife is pregnant again... If you have her chart, you can see transit Mars at Sun-Moon midpoint. Will she have another boy? well, in any case, Mazal Tov. 
My daughter is pregnant too... :) . I shall be a grandmother in October. Can you imagine ?? 

market starts... 
TA25: ironically, I think today we will trade lower.closed at 1395.52 let's see...  
I was wrong so far... we had a gap -up at the opening, now 1408. Well, of course... Mercury 120 to Moon... stupid me. 
15.07.2014  9:07:06  2°08'31"Psc Trine Mercury
15.07.2014 17:24:36  7°16'03"Psc Conjunction Neptune
15.07.2014 18:44:09  8°04'59"Psc Sesqui-quadrate Sun
15.07.2014 21:35:35  9°50'15"Psc Sesqui-quadrate Mars

TA25: top till now 1406. 

Times of Sirens: 

On July 5th I posted the graph of the Dollar to the Shekel- said it will fall to 3.38. It is now 3.40... on the way. 
Yellowstone park: what is happening deep down there?? that made the asphalt melt: Is the old vulcano on the way to burst? 
Most dangerous day to look out : July 23...- then the Sun will join Jupiter in the fire sign of Leo. Well you can say, this happens every year! and every 12 years in Leo... but the line of pluto and Mercury will meet there for the first time in a looooooong loooong time. also, the bad Uranus-Sat. angles, Mars, Nodes in Libra.. look : 

Today at :15:00 Israel announced the cease fire ended... Moon - Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Sun at 22 Cancer in square to Mars/Node and in sq to SN. 
While the German foreign minister was here, sirens and alarm went off all over the country.. We did not fire since 9 am. Hamas did... Nathaniayhu is under a great pressure. It is not the time to crack! 

July 16,2014 Wednesday 

On July 7 I wrote: it is a very rare date: 7.7.7.- today it is again 7.7.7.( 16=1+6 = 7 +7+2014+16/7). the next will be on the 25th. Then I wrote, that on July 14th it will be a very vulnerable day for the UK. See what happened: I am not into UK politics... so I don't know the reasons... but it remarkable that so many people were moved on the chess table.. don't you think? the reason I was looking at this date, 14,.7 was because of the Mars/Node conjunction in Libra. Today Mars tip toed further a bit, but now the Sun took its place and squares the nodes.  Luckily the Sun moves away till tomorrow. What else? on the 7.7.7. we had the card of the Fool. This card shows a young fearless lad, who starts a trip, looking optimistic into the future, not aware of the void beneath him, and not listening to the barks of the dog. 
So what does this card tells us? the address is written on the wall. Just read it. 
How can we translate this to the markets? On the 7th the S&P fell 20 points. Yesterday Yellin spoke. What did she say? I was all busy with the war over here, I did not hear.. but I see it was a nervous day. 1975-59.. it is the second time it reached for 1977.63- till now the top, and did not go over. Any announcements today? a lot!!! and the Beige book at 
9:22 Sirens- 7 or 8 bumms.
The Norway foreign minister got a siren in prime time and had to flee for his life... in Ashkelon. This town is the most bombarded town of our southern towns. It is close to Gaza.  
In in the silence of the world Bashar Assad gets sworn in for another 7 years... He has killed couple of hundreds of thousands people during the last 3 years... But... He is still here. 

Bashar Assad: I don't have his hour of birth, but the highlighted planets show you, that both his Sun and Moon are triggered by transiting Uranus, Saturn and Directed Neptune. Something cardinal to happen to him because of these. If I had his hour, I could know what... 

July 17, 2014 Thursday. 

Today we will have a cease fire for 5 hours. Between 10 to 3 . Let's see if Hamas will behave. We got so far, more than 1200 rockets. The debate on the TV is endless, what to do, how to do.. It is difficult to do anything when you have 1.8 million civilians around. Well... Who am I ? 

Let's stick to what I know: the markets rallied yesterday and will continue to do so. I don't see any shorts.
Today we have a whole new situation. Skywise... The Moon entered Aries... Here it brings new energy, if we were lacking any till now.. Jupiter!!!! entered Leo! here it is good and brings optimism. The card of the day is the Emperor. stability , power, stability. OK. what is happening in the fundamental world? yes, a lot of announcements.. 
If you downloaded my application you received yesterday many alerts. 
I have CANF: I think it will rally to 795-814 and more... but check out your alerts. 
I also added a possibility to buy coupons 2 for 1- meaning, for $50 you will get an analysis for 2 shares you are holding.. Pls. send me mail with the share you have, if you bought the coupon. 
Happy birth day to Angela Merkel, she is 60 today..what a map!! Sun Uranus 23-24 Cancer! together with Jupiter, Mercury and the South Node in the 8th house of money.!! 

20 rockets till now on Ashkelon. We killed 13 terrorists that popped out from a tunnel 

Unemployment of G20 in 2012: 

12:05 2 rockets fired on us... is this cease fire? 

One of the strongest maps that I saw is that of Mr.Sisi's the ruler of Egypt. He has 4 planets in Scorpio! I highlighted all the relevant planets, in transit and directions.. Mars will soon enter Scorpio, and here it will manifest very very powerfully. One would definitely want to be a friend with him than enemy.. His chart manifests the power he has, and the leadership that he took on him. I would be happy if someone had his hour of birth !!! 

Oh... my goodness... I don't believe what I have found!! I have to write him immediately.. Maybe he's on FB? 

Since the
Moon entered Aries one disaster after the other! It will conjunct Uranus tomorrow, it will be a culmination point. 
17.07.2014 19:28:20  7°13'48"Ari Semi-sextile Neptune
18.07.2014  3:39:08 11°57'07"Ari Square Pluto
18.07.2014 11:37:01 16°30'10"Ari Conjunction Uranus
18.07.2014 11:52:26 16°38'56"Ari Quincunx Saturn
18.07.2014 21:43:02 22°12'34"Ari Semi-square Neptune
19.07.2014  5:08:21 26°21'30"Ari Square Sun
19.07.2014  5:17:49 26°26'46"Ari Opposition Mars
Here we are under severe rocket attacks, sirens all the time. Probably you heard of the Malaysian aircraft that was shot down on the Ukraine- Russian border?! Horrible!! again 300 people dead... Why on earth they flew over that territory?? Putin called Obama saying He is not behind this event... The world is getting crazy, and it is spreading. Everybody kills whoever he can. Hamas is mocking Sisi... In Syria war is on ..horrible times. 

July 18, Friday 

As the data about the Malaysian plane shot down is pouring in, there are some numbers, that are creepy: there were 295 passengers. the number added up gives 7. this number is ruled by Uranus and the South Node. 
The more I read the news that are pouring in, the more weird it gets.. Now I see, that the attack was against Putinka, who flew at the same place a little time before... 
I wrote many times about Putin. He is one of the personalities that has a massive gathering of planets in Libra. His Sun is at 13 Libra, and the last Lunar eclipse's Mars is at 13 Libra!! So this eclipse triggered the shot down, but he lucky. Why?? because transit Jupiter entered Leo yesterday and in in sextile- good aspect - to his Moon. 
He annexed Crimea on March 18- Then transit Uranus was in opposition to his Sun. Exactly 121 days later, or 121 degrees on a map later, there is an attempt on his life. This time transit Mars conjuncts his Mercury - trip, flight. But, the lucky north node is on his Mercury too, and saves him. See how Mercury moves out of the house of death ! at 16:21 hrs, when his plane was at that point, where the M.plane was shot down.. 
Did the danger pass over Putin's head?? Not at all! transit Uranus will be in opposition his Sun till March 2015. 
Nobody takes responsibility on the plane shot down. We live in times when we don't know any more who are to good guys and the bad guys? 
But, I started with the numbers of the planes' numbers.. 
Boeing 777 flight MH17 with 295 people killed:
MH17 ==> 2014-07-17
295 = 16 = 7
The 17 of July is also the 197th day of the year: 197 = 17

Here is the chart. The inner map is the time of the take off in Amsterdam. The outer wheel is the Lunar eclipse of April 2014. You can see how the eclipse's sun and Moon hit the sun of this flight. We can learn something from the eclipse chart: It has Mercury-Uranus ( travel- accidents- surprise, fatal) conjunction and both squaring Pluto.( fate )- also in 30^ to Pandora... This event will open the box of Pandora. Nato against Ukraina? Will Putin turn to be "the good guy" now? Transit Jupiter in Leo now, will strengthen his ruler ship. Time to watch : 10-24 August. 

The Disinformation is enormous... the plane was shot down by pro-Russians militants in Ukraine. They do what they are told by the Russians.. So this was NOT an attempt against Putin after all. But then, why?? This group shot down in the last weeks 2 other Ukrainian planes... It is a mess... Bottom line, Putin's chart is triggered till March 2015. 

Hello to my reader from Ukraina! 
I read now this... 

July 20,2014 Sunday

Last month I wrote " let's say good bye to ugly June"... I did not know, that July will be uglier. Although I wrote that the situation does not look good... but I never thought we will actually be in a war. SO many rockets, so much hatred. And the light is still not there at the end of the tunnel. 
Just look at this site: how many armed conflicts or wars are ongoing at this moment! 

Isn't this horrible ? and for what? either for a belief against the other, or for land. And this land is laughing at us, because it will be here long after we are all gone. So what does it matter? 

Yesterday it was quiet here in tel Aviv, no sirens but one has no fun going anywhere.. The weather is perfect to go to the beach, but it was empty there too. I cannot listen any more to the tv. .. so I was watching one film after the other. Looking at the sky I know it will take another week at least if not more. With Mercury entering Cancer, as I already wrote, it is bad. It turns the public in the world against us. Mercury will move out to Leo on August 1st... till then disinformation, bad news, hatred will spread. 

In the markets we have a positive back wind from the arbitrage, so our market will continue to go up. TA25: closed at 1401.26 - target: 1406-7; support: 1396. Jupiter enters Leo, and this is very good position. Another one is the Moon in Taurus.
No, I was wrong! since 1396 broke earlier this morning, we are looking now for lower levels. 
1385 now.. Support 1378. 
The war, sirens, casualties are all the time on the screen. We are organizing a hospital at the Gaza border for the Palestinian casualties..
And , we are not alone... Baghdad is being bombed right now..  and Tripoli, also 21 Egyptian soldiers were killed on the border by the ISIS.
I am afraid, as I started this article, and I wrote we are entering the month of Tammuz, it will be a very very sad month. 
Hamas asked, and was granted 2 hours of humanitarian cease fire. After 40 minutes the sirens went off.. They started to fire again. 

Something to think about : On the 13th day of the fight, 13 soldiers killed from the 13th division of Golani...  and I could go on.. 


July 21, 2014 Monday

Yesterday I went to see my mom. I did not tell her I was coming, because she wouldn't want me to drive under the threat of the sirens. On my way, I was thinking.... what if the sirens went off now? where can one hide? Hoping another car will not run you over. But, as many others were driving daily back and forth to work, I said I can too. I live in an area where one has 45 seconds to reach a shelter. My mom has only 25 seconds. She can't move so fast... as many of her age. But she's keeping up high spirits, so we are fine. So far. She was very surprised to see me, and also glad. I bought her a laptop 4-5 years ago, so we are in touch daily on skype. I came home around 9 pm, at that time sirens were shrieking again where she lives. 
OK. New day today, we still have the Moon in Taurus, here it is exalted, and makes a low or a high in the markets. 

Culminating days in every way: when Sun-Jupiter conjunction will be at the destructive 150^ angle of Saturn-Uranus

This is a very interesting article about the real conflict that goes on, since "the Arab spring
the fight that goes on is between the Sunni and Shiia Arabs.

And probably you think, oh, let them kill each other, it's their war... But if you look around, you can see the ugly manifestations in Europe, I remind you of the incident when the queen of Holland was called to convert to Islam...  This situation will not stay far away from Europe... it is ALREADY there... 

If you wonder what grouping the Islam has, I think this is  a very good map: 

And the Christianity: 

Have a good and quiet day. 
Oh.. by the way... It was raining today in Tel Aviv... this happened only in 2009; rain in July???  

Ok.. so what triggered this middle east situation ? The Lunar eclipse of 15 April 2014. See where Uranus/Pluto/Venus line crosses Tehran and Mars. 

Sirens all the time... as it looks now, it will take till early August. Sire

ok back.

Our market closed with +0.37% up. 
Have you downloaded my application ? I am sending alerts soon !! 
July 22,2014 Tuesday

It is the day of Mars. Actually it is a double Mars day. Mars is in square to the Sun. It is still, or again? a fighting angle. So no news here, in the sky, the planets are not backing any cease fire, that is due between 10-15:00. The card of the day is the card of the Hermit, which stands for: prudence, treason, dissimulation, corruption.

In the last days I am researching the maps of all the people involved. The small, but important angle of this middle east situation is Qatar, and its new ruler, only 34 years old, Tamim Al Thani: born 3 June, 1980. 

Sun in Gemini-90- Mars in Virgo, is not the one who will run away in fights. Moon in Aquarius... ratio rules over feelings. And, I don't have o tell you, that Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world... Only 2 million people on a tiny piece of land, but with a LOT of gas and oil. Actually I can say, after what I read, that there children are born with a golden spoon in their mouth. 
I hope you know what this means... 

I got up early, before 6 am today, went to the 6 month's dental check up and cleaning... and now market starts. we closed 1392.81 yesterday. 

S&P is now at 1973.63- the spot- as long as it stays above 1966- it is long. Actually, there is no sign of crashes so... nothing add 
Nifty is trading now: so here it is: 7600 stop for long
AEX: Holland: is weak: I wrote in the application on June 26: stop 410! now it is at 403. the support is now at 400- below that it would be a short. 
Looking at the bigger picture: IF IF IF the fall of 2007-2009 will return, then the index fell by 65%, then first it would have to go to 323- then to 132.

FTSE as I posted before, it topped for the third time! it is so close to a break out! will it?? 

Cease fire? 8 rockets till now. 

July 23, 2014 Wednesday 

Most of the flights to and from Israel were cancelled. El al and other local companies still fly. Massive pressure on foreign companies now... probably they will return to fly soon. A LOT of people want to arrive here.. It is interesting to receive such a news on a day that is ruled by Mercury, flights.. 

About the markets: as I wrote yesterday, "no sighs for crashes" so we are long long long.. raise your stops, cash out what ever you can, don't close positions, no. 
TA25: closed yesterday at 1398.02 Support 1392-target: 1408-1411-1417

July 24.2014 Thursday 

Mercury in Cancer. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. So it "feels good" in air and earth signs. Where is it now? In water! can you talk under the water? can you hear? can you move quickly and freely? no... So everything that is connected to these will be weak or impossible. So transportation, travel, flights, explanation, debate, comprehend the situation... all these are targeted and are malfunctioning. Since everything moves in waves we have a beginning, a culmination and an end, Mercury now is after the culmination. SO the worst part is over. - Mercury wise. There are other planets, that are just starting their move, like Mars in Scorpio... but that's another story. So what did Mercury bring during the culmination? It stopped the flights to and from Israel. Today morning all got back to normal, people can travel again, come home, or go for vacation, after Mercury is declining. 

Th Sun is in Leo, conjunct Jupiter today. This is the day I was afraid of most.. Let's see what will it bring? The Moon just entered Cancer, a sign it rules. Saturn finished its retrograde move and now it is direct, so soon the terrible angle between Saturn-Uranus will end too. They were at 16 degrees inconjunct (150).- this angle caused ALL the casualties... It is CREAPY CREAPY.
I see on the news: 150 Hamas soldiers gave themselves up now... well well well... There are a lot of issues going on, you can follow me on FB, there I share a lot of films. Here I want to keep the blog market oriented... 

S&P: topped yesterday at 1983. It was one of the targets I gave to subscribers. Stop shoul dbe now at 1973. 
TA25: 1396.47... we have an option expiry today... and markets starts. 
see u later. 

One of the most important personalities in the area is Erdugan- of Turkey. I was curious to see why is he in the wrong side of the conflict?? 
Born 26 February, 1954-the hour I have, 16:29 puts his Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 7th house of open enemies. Since Saturn-Uranus dis-harmonic angle I am only searching if a person has any planet at 15-17 degrees?? And his Jupiter!! the planet that shows what is one's philosophy of life, is weak in Gemini. Gemini is the first air sign, therefore clever but always changing. This Jupiter is now under fire in the transit chart. 

Besides this angle look at all the arrows! All those natal planets are "attacked" either by transit or by direction. Very vulnerable day is waiting for him, or better say, week, the first week of August. 

And... sirens. 5 rockets. 

July 25,2014 Friday 

Nasdaq: one min chart: 

Today we have the card of the Fool. We had this card before on the 16th of July ( was a top)and on June 17th. (was a low).
Next August 6, 15, 24.

Today is the last day of Ramadan.. what can I say?? It will be a black day. At 2:30 pm Moon will conjunct Mercury in the H8- in the midpoint of Saturn-Uranus destructive inconjunct. 
About the war, I think it will last another month at least.. 

transit Mars, although is leaving Libra in these days, it will enter Scorpio, a sign it rules. Here the planet of war will receive back wind. difficult days to come between the dates on the map. 

July 27, 2014 Sunday 

It is again the New Moon so I have to say good bye and start a new article. let me look back on this month first. Scroll up to the beginning of the article. I asked will it be a "long" or a "short" month. It was a positive month, June 27 S&P was at 1952- yesterday: 1978... It was also the month when Operation "Zuk Eitan"- started, and the fight still goes on. I think it will not end for a while. On June 27th we were on the 180th day of the year, now its day 208. Look out for July 29 for a turn.  We started with the Card of Death- we end with the Card of the Hierophant. - today. - not much significance for the trade. 

I hope you made your best this month, and will continue to do so in the months to come. Watch this before you go !!!


  1. Hi Gabriella....are you pointing towards a crash in the US$ and start of a major rally in gold/silver in that 18-24 July time window? Thanks, Rajat

  2. Hi Rajat,
    One should just keep very tight stops during that week. The gold and SIlver I don't see the Gold or SIlver are making lower highs since Sept 2013.. so what is a rally? Everything is relative. But, that week will be worth while watching. Not because of the few buck one can make, but because a personality like Mrs. Lagarde spoke up as she did!

  3. world shortfall of rains, what is future of food based commodity like sugar, coffee, corn etc.


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