New Moon in Gemini 2014

between  May 28- June 27,2014 

If Aries is the one that lights the spark, and Taurus the one that actually has the work done, Gemini is here to tell the world about it... Gemini is about everything that is short. Short studies, short courses, short trips, early years schooling or kinder garden. It symbolizes close family, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles,and neighbors as it is written : " thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself…” (Leviticus 19, 18). This paragraph has MAJOR importance nowadays, with all the hatred against foreigners raising its head... 

Mercury stands also for short notices, telegrams, e-mails, faxes. Transportation, cars, bicycles. It is the first "AIR" sign, of the thinking, and the mind. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which has no gender. It is neither male nor female. It will turn to one, depending next to which planet it stands. It is fickle and unpredictable, double faced. Not in a negative way, just in a joyful, playing way.... The proverb says: " Don't agree with me, I have already changed my mind" this is Gemini... 
Mercury behaves completely different in the other sign that it rules, Virgo. There it can trigger unemployment.

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The main important issue of the month is Mercury and Neptune turning retrograde. Besides these, Mars will make a square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus, which will boil the markets. 
But, let's take it day by day... 

I have found this link, thought it interesting...What do you think? 
I uploaded to You tube about the Sun in Gemini and the Jupiter-Saturn trine, which is the cause of the last rally.

Yesterday I heard a program about "Nano technology"- you should Google it.... at least see the pictures, how  our life will look in NO TIME! 

Breaking news: King Juan Carlos is abdicating in favor his son, Prince Felipe. Capricorn Sun is exchanged with Aquarius Sun. The only other Aquarius ruler I recall, is King Abdallah, of Jordan. Let us wish him good luck !

And Prince Felipe: inner wheel is the natal, second is the directed, outer is the transit. I always look for Saturn to crown kings, so there it is, right on Directed Uranus, ruler of his 10th house of career.

The Moon today : 
2.06.2014 15:09:58  5°11'21"Leo Square Venus
2.06.2014 19:59:42  7°34'55"Leo Quincunx Neptune
I wrote to subscribers that the US markets will open under a negative aspect: and this is what we got: 
On the other hand, I wrote: "By the time Europe opens there will be more favorable aspects from the Moon.- which will back further rise"- and the DAX topped at 9991.

June 3,2014 Tuesday

It is the day of Mars and Neptune. Major turn day. It is also the card of the Tower, wrote so much about it in the past! It is also 105 weeks from the Low...

The Moon is leaving a positive position to the Sun, US will open under Sun 135 Pluto; the only positive aspect in the air is Venus 60 Neptune. Both are strong, in their sign. 

June 4, 2014 Wednesday 

The day is that of Mercury and Saturn... No coincidence, that the disharmonic angle between them caused a fall- as predicted in my forecast. 

I wrote last week: June 4 Wednesday: The Moon has left the positive area, and it is VOC- before moving to Virgo… but even before that, the negative angle between Mercury-Saturn will darken the optimism. Indices might correct, and gold should rise.

June 5,2014 Thursday

"Gold should rise"... hmmmm... it made only 10 points to 1248.50 Failing to go higher, it was a clear sign even for those who don't know astrology, or technical analysis, that the S&P will rise... And it did, reached my other target: 1927- well, almost. Here it bumped into Moon 180 Neptune, and reversed. Is THAT IT??? 

Today is Mars- Jupiter ruled day, but the small and important position is the Moon opposition to  Neptune. A N D the other important issue is, Venus will be at 8 Taurus, the eclipse degree. 

Something weird popped out from my mind... What was the low in the S&P? 666-667? 
Today' date writes: 6.5.7- tomorrow it will be 667! will this mark TOGETHER WITH MERCURY TURNING RETRO!!! A TOP ~AND~TURN? We should watch it now. 

Mercury turning retro always pointed to a turn in trend. Now it will do it from Cancer, and will regress to Gemini. Here are the days and minutes to watch: 

Those born under a retro Mercury, will benefit from this period.
Mercury in Cancer is bad. it can bring water disasters, floods, drowning, hurricanes. the important day to watch will be when it crosses back to Gemini 22^24, June 16, (watch out for all kind of accidents,watch your hands.legs and lungs, delays in flights, careful when signing contracts) and when it returns, now Direct, to Cancer: July 13 to August 1. 
People who have a Cancer Mercury will be affected most. Like Amanda Fox, remember her?, Angela Merkel, Donald Trump, Jonathan Polard, Julian Asssange, Monica Levinsky, Prince William, Schwarzenegger, Ms.Sotomayor. XI Jinping. From the financial world and countries: USA, Thailand, the World Bank (25.June 1946), Nifty, Merrill Lynch, JKSE, Dow, Dax, Corn.
Following the thread, of 667- tomorrow, with Mercury and all, looking at the S&P, it should culminate at 1933-1995.50. Tomorrow, the Sun-Uranus sextile will do that for me, I hope, and with that I reached all my targets. for the time being, that is. 
In one of my last articles I wrote a lot about Mars in Libra, and how it behaves. I also wrote about those who have a "stellium" or a group of planets in Libra, that will be triggered by transit Mars. They were Putinka, and we saw the Ukrainian crisis, Olmert, ( our former PM- got 6 years in jail), Netanyahu and the drama around the elections for presidency, and now I have found, that CHINA! too has a stellium in Libra, which together with tr.Mars, and Mercury retro will be triggered. Uranus is the ruler of Ascendant, of the "self"- will be under Mercury's retro. Well, this happens every time Mercury is in Cancer, but now, it will be retrograde! and that is different. It will add to the bad transit of Mars, which will conjunct the Sun, Mercury, Neptune and the SOuth Node!!! very very bad. In the same time transit Uranus will conjunct the North node, (black arrow)- so look for a " Chinese Spring" coming... It is interesting, that the map of the PM will be also triggered by Mercury- as posted above. 

And if that is not enough, June 7th , an earthquake should take place. I am too dumb to know where....It frustrates me enormously... 

Now, what do you know??? My target 1933.55 was reached! 

This is what I think will happen now:

Just came home to see a total re bounce! Unbelievable.. New historical high... and going higher- after jumping above a big obstacle at 1933-35! 

Good night. 

June 6,2014 Friday 

We don't have trade, but I had to share with you my thoughts: today is the birthday of William Gann. He would have been 136 years old, would he have not died at the age of 77, of stomach cancer. Some say he was poisoned... In any case, checking his natal chart I came up with very interesting stuff: Born on June 6, 1878, the date adds up to 6/6/6/= now isn't that the number of the beast?? 6 is ruled by Venus, On his day of birth Venus was in Taurus, conjunct Neptune and Chiron. actually he had a stellium in Taurus! This sigh is the sign of the money, the income, and we all know he made it big time!. The Moon-Uranus conjunction in the natal chart stands for stomach ( Moon) cancer  ( Uranus )., which was " built in" in his fate. When transit Pluto, the reaper, arrived, together!!! - there always must be multiple triggers, otherwise it can go away, or be cured - together with tr. Uranus as early as 1953- sitting on his natal Mars- in cancer, where it is bad, the disease was triggered. 

He lived 77 years. Died on the 18th on June 1955- after a solar return, on his 5th personal year, 2nd personal month, 2nd personal day; and 2 stands for the Moon- which brought his death. 

Some say, he went to gamble in Cuba. well, the Arabic part of Point of fatality runs through it as you can see. 

And another thing: reading Bill Meridian's book on the eclipses, it always fascinated me how the eclipses affect us. In Gann's case, there was a Total solar eclipse on July 27th 1878 at 6 degrees Leo. The eclipse occurred in the US, and in opposition to natal Jupiter. ( at 6 Aquarius) in the 6th house of health. On the day of his death, tr.Venus was at 6 Gemini, in trine to Jupiter. Therefore the solar eclipse degree was triggered. 
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June 8, 2014 Sunday 

Yesterday I went to the beach. I found one that was not over crowded... As I was sitting there, I started to meditate. I said: Please God, send me someone to talk with, to exchange ideas, to be together, to have fun. Please let me have a group of students to teach them what I know. etc etc... I said these words a few times, when a voice shook me out of my meditation saying, excuse me, can I sit down here, and have a chat with you ?? " I opened my eyes, and I was SO shocked, that automatically I said, "Sorry, no". He said excuse me, and walked on. 
I laughed, and I thanked God for his presence. Sorry, God, I was taught never talk to strangers..

And now, I would like to ask you guys, how about organizing for me a group of people, 10-20, who are keen to study?? I would go to your country and teach you. I am teaching my Financial Astrology course privately, but I could do it for a group too!. Anyone organizing it, will receive a percentage of the income, of course. So, what do you say ?? 

I expect a positive opening over here, not only we have a positive arbitrage, but the Moon is in trine to the Sun. 
TA25 : the future of the index will start trading tomorrow in the EUREX in Germany. They hope volume will pick up. Well, that will not be a problem, with the volume we have now! of an ordinary diner... 
We opened with a gap up- 1408.91 . Support is at 1407.25, -1406.30-1401.80; targets up: 1413-15-17/
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June 9,2014 Monday 

My account has been hacked yesterday. If you received mail from be between 4pm till today 9:45 am- it was not me! Also, if you receive "secure docs:" from Google- do not open! it is a virus. 
Mercury in retro does that. 

Back to normal now... Market started, I am late... will be back later. 

Today it is the Moon's day and of Uranus. 
For my Dutch visitor: AEX: my target in Feb,- you can check this blog, was 404- it is now at 414. - there will be a resistance at 417.- so watch out. Support 410; 
The mood is changing with the Moon in Sco: 
9.06.2014 13:38:05  0°00'00"Sco <<<
 9.06.2014 19:04:07  2°59'34"Sco Trine Mercury
When there are extra Solar energies, we, little earth creatures, feel it all right - we are having one now... 


Letter from a student: 

To dear Gabriella,

I took your course of financial astrology one on one, not online, and I really enjoyed.
You presented the course very practical and straight forward.
I like the way your share your expertise and that you checked on me weather I understood the
I received many tools that will guide me in my investments.



June 10, 2014 Tuesday

If we had some trouble because of Mercury turning retro in cancer, watch out for "grandpa"Neptune stationary turning retro too. Neptune is the higher octave of Mercury, so while Mercury brings it in small particles, whatever
happen, Neptune does it BIG TIME. 
In the Mythology, which is the source we should always check if we want to know more about the attitudes of the planets, Neptune was the God of the sea and of the fresh water. Or Poseidon in the Roman mythology. 
For us it is interesting to see how transit Neptune affected the S&P? so here are a few graphs, 

we can see that through all the history of the S&P transit Neptune had a major impact on this index. We can also see, that from the low of March 6, 2009 till today 1923 days passed; which equals to 5.26 years. this no. of days exceeded the 1905 days rally between 2002-2007.
It has 25 more day to go to equal the rally of 1994 Dec to March 2000= 1948 days. the only longer period of rally was back in 19743-1980= 2245 days. 

June 11,2014 Wednesday

Yesterday we got a low in the S&P at 1942.76 , and a higher close. Now the index is at 1947.76. today, being the day of Mercury and Venus, they form a support at 1942- and a resistance at 1954. What will happen? WiIl it break above 1952? or fall below the last low? 
Well, the Moon is still in Scorpio, where, as I wrote above is bad, and on that, it will be VOC till 18:23 my time... 2 hours after US trade will open. then the Moon will enter Sag. 
So I looked what happens FOR THE S&p when the Moon is in Sag. and this is what TS has: 

meaning, a correction till June 14th! at least. But, as I always write, there are other hundreds of things to watch not only the Moon... In any case, I would be very careful with longs now... Full Moon is also around the corner.. 

Any announcements today ? 
Oh, yes! UK unemployment, in two hours, and US crude inventory, etc etc in the evening...
La Luna for today : 
11.06.2014 13:12:18 26°57'42"Sco Semi-square Mars
11.06.2014 14:42:50 27°50'42"Sco Semi-square Pluto
11.06.2014 18:23:04  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
11.06.2014 19:50:48  0°51'41"Sgr Sesqui-quadrate Uranus
11.06.2014 22:36:36  2°29'36"Sgr Quincunx Mercury

TA25: is now at 1407.71 here it is blocked. only a gap-up might help... the Support is at 1402.43

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I analyzed the Vix in the past.. it bottomed at 10.73. Lower than this it was only in Jan. 2007= 9.89
There are no signs where will it fall?? It is falling for 67 months.-2022 days. 

June 12,2014 Thursday

These days are hectic. Bears and bulls are fighting. which one will win? Interesting, that in the stockmarket slang there are a not of animals. Bears for shorts, bulls for longs, pigs for those who never have enough and want to enter/exit exactly on the top/bottom. But the MAIN issue , that has NO title, is Father TIME. Chronus- as this statue from the Royal palace in Warsaw has it. Mythology tells us a bloody story that happened in the family of the gods... In astrology Cronus is associated with Saturn. Today Venus is in opposition to Saturn, at  17 degrees. They form a support or resistance to the markets, depending where is the share, commodity you trade. ( how to calculate this, I teach in my Financial Astrology course). 
Next turning date to watch will be June 17th, when we have multiple events: 

On that day Mercury will be at 0 Cancer- returning to Gemini- a CIT . 
* Sun-Moon 120^ 
* Mars on 13^. Libra- The cardinal cross degree
* Also Mars on Algorab, an "unfortunate fixed star, which stands for"  Scavenging, destructiveness, repulsiveness, malevolence, fiendish and lying, suicide, greed, injuries
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Mars/ Saturn" as per ZET.
* June 17 is also 777 days from 1/5/2012
*Mars is contraparralel Uranus and Mercury to Pluto .

But, we have still 5 days to go, so let's take it day-by-day. 
Yesterday I posted the Moon's effect on the S&P in Sag.- the outcome? got a new low: 1938. Now it trades, I see at 1944.
The Moon : 
12.06.2014 14:55:41 12°13'59"Sgr Sextile Mars
12.06.2014 15:54:16 12°49'16"Sgr Semi-sextile Pluto
12.06.2014 20:59:27 15°53'37"Sgr Trine Uranus
12.06.2014 23:24:13 17°21'22"Sgr Quincunx Venus

And, a simple search about June 12 teaches us, that it is the 162th day of the year, a Fibonacci number. why? The Fibonacci numbers are 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55- ( the sum of two previous numbers). 13: 8= 1.625/// This alone should ring a bell, that it will be a turn in trend around this day of the year. 
Actually all our universe is based on Fibonacci numbers: see it enfold in these fantastic pictures:
This is Venus's path .... wonderful, isn't it?? 
Since I mentioned Saturn, the following dates will be important to watch:
June 14,23,27. July 7,12,14,20,25.
Mark in your calendar.. that is what I do.. 

Another ugly face of a retro Mercury: taxi drivers strike. I wrote above that strikes can burst out. Why? Because Mercury rules Virgo too, the sign that rules the 6th house of work, co-workers and routine everyday life. Well, during a retro this routine is dis balanced. 

June 13, 2014 FRIDAY :) 

I just had to write down this day and number... Today we have a full Moon in Sag. till 20:00 pm it will be VOC... so no help from the Moon... then it will ingress Capricorn. 

June 14, 2014 Saturday 

bad news: On Thursday night around 10 pm contact was lost to 3, 16 years old youngsters, apparently kidnapped. Moon was in 150^ to Mars, before turning VOC. in Sag. the Mars- Uranus opposition, and exact Mars- Pluto square triggered the event. I hope by the evening, when Moon will conjunct Pluto, we will know what happened. 

June 15, 2014 Sunday

Yes, we know for sure now that those children were kidnapped. Still not sure by whom or what they want..
How terrible they can feel, if they are still alive... after Gilead Shalit- being 1941 days  prisoner..and other kidnapped killed... It is awful awful awful. 

With the Moon moving on , but still in Capricorn, I think they were taken out thru an underground tunnel . I also think we will hear about them only when Mercury returns to Gemini.

Meanwhile the world goes on spinning. market starts We have now 4 planets retrograde: Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. 
To tell you the truth, I am not in a mood to trade... 

June 16,2014 Monday 

Till now I could find two birth dates of the kidnapped. it is very interesting in their chart, that the Part of Fortune is conjunct their Moon. Will it save them ? I am not publishing - for the time being- their data... Who knows who is reading this blog? Being born in communist Romania, during the time of Ceausescu, everybody is suspicious... one should guard even from the neighbors... I am lucky to live now in a free country, but childhood fears stay..Don't you think so? 
Since the kidnapping happened during Mercury retro, issues during retro do not succeed... so they just might be happy to be found till the New Moon. Inshalla... as they say. In the meantime Abu Mazen's wife was treated in an Israeli hospital... Other " enemy " family members too... How can one describe this situation ? Kafka is awakening... 

Otherwise? How are you ? Summer is here, soon the summer solstice, June 21 - will mark it officially. The mondial is on, men are out. Women feel lonely.. haha... 
So let's see: what is going on in the sky:

The Moon in Aquarius, at 30 degrees to Neptune. Mars-90- Pluto and Mars 180 Uranus are the planetary positions that darken the sky. To this, we can add Uranus 150 Saturn ( in red) very very rare and bad positions! Thus we see all the violence, war in Iraq, and places we have not heard of, not important enough. 
In two days the Sun will trine the Nodes, it will be a culmination and a ray of positiveness will come upon us. But only for 1 day... Next, Jupiter will be at the Nodes midpoint. This position is also rare... It happened... wow... guess when ?? on the 11.Feb.2007. Check out what happened then ! 

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June 17,2014 Tuesday 

Today is the THE DAY... very very important day of the year, of the month. You can search above for the reasons.. 
Another night passed with no results in finding the kidnapped youngsters. The clock is ticking.. With Mercury in Cancer in July, some kind of war or " operation" as they call it, will develop in our area. Since the Hamas is part of Abu Mazen's government, it was a question of time and not IF... Here, in Israel we will NEVER have peace. the planetary positions are just like that... 
S&P is now at 1930.76. The trading range is very tight: 1932.71 and 1927.55 breaking one end will mark the next move. 
TA25: is now at 1393.45: here the range is even tighter: 1392.7- 1396.
Dow: 16781: support: 16760- target is at 16800-16927. 

All shares that bottomed on Oct 8,2013, Jan.13,13; Sept.13,2011;  have a CIT today. 
BAC: for ex. bottomed at Oct 28,11- CIT to watch will be Aug.1,14. 

June 18,2014 

So did you figure out why was yesterday THE day? June 17th is the 168th day of the year, mathematically it is {2*3} * 3 * 7. It is also the dots in a domino game. I just made a search on Google, you can do the same..

Today we will have the culmination I wrote about on June 17th, and during the nights the Moon entered Pisces.- it is now in conjunction to Neptune. 
The Moon's angles for today for intraday trades: gmt+3
18.06.2014 10:04:33  7°34'36"Psc Conjunction Neptune
18.06.2014 12:18:23  8°54'13"Psc Sesqui-quadrate Jupiter
18.06.2014 18:40:36 12°40'41"Psc Sextile Pluto
18.06.2014 20:56:01 14°00'36"Psc Quincunx Mars

I am writing my forecasts... so see you later. 

June 19,2014 Thursday 

Yesterday, exactly on the Moon -Mars angle we got a rally in the S&P from 1929 to 1950... Now we are in a new area...back to June 9th position..- running above that high: 1955, we will see new highs. So what is new today? For us it is the last trading day of the week. we are at 1398.54, targeting 1404-1405- 1407.90 to 1425... which was the former top . next CIT:26TH.
la luna for today: 

19.06.2014  0:25:48 16°04'02"Psc Semi-sextile Uranus
19.06.2014  2:45:52 17°26'14"Psc Trine Saturn
19.06.2014 14:15:01 24°07'52"Psc Trine Jupiter
19.06.2014 16:14:36 25°17'06"Psc Sextile Venus
19.06.2014 21:38:43 28°24'03"Psc Square Sun
19.06.2014 22:05:26 28°39'25"Psc Square Mercury
and tomorrow: 

20.06.2014  0:25:44  0°00'00"Ari <<<
20.06.2014  4:35:49  2°23'11"Ari Sesqui-quadrate Saturn
20.06.2014 13:42:07  7°33'56"Ari Semi-sextile Neptune
20.06.2014 21:02:34 11°42'30"Ari Semi-square Venus
20.06.2014 22:40:32 12°37'33"Ari Square Pluto

June 20, 2014 Friday. 

Our index reached, as forecasted above 1407.64
Today is a day ruled by Venus. Mercury is 30^ to Venus. During the night the Moon entered Aries, bringing new energy to the grounds. We will see if this is a good or bad energy. The Moon is in the last quarter to the Sun.  
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The Moon just entered Aries, and for the Dow, this means a rally, till 24^ Taurus.
but, of course, we should always check the other planets as well.. 

The same Moon for the SILVER- those who trade it, shows a fall till 0^ Leo... so yes, Silver rallied in the last 15 trading days... but it will not... for ever.. 


Today Chiron turns retro till November 23, 2014.  For the Nifty it means a fall.... 

in our lives, Chiron returning from 17 Pisces to 13- will give a second chance for those who have planets in these degrees, or in opposition or square... Where is you Chiron?? What wounds are you carrying from the long forgotten past?? or former lives?? Time for the coin to fall.... 

June 22, 2014 Sunday 

We are after the summer solstice, half of the year gone. What have you started in the first half?? You should start finishing it... time is almost up. 
During the morning the Moon entered Taurus. It is also in a waning position to the Sun, bringing some more days of optimism. and we need it! still no word of the kidnapped kids. I don't know what to think. Should I believe the natal charts, or the media ? Trying to keep optimistic about it. 
Our market is opening with a positive and warm back wind from uncle Sam. Last we closed at 1404- now expected levels: 1407-1408-1410- 1417. 
What else can I tell you about today ?? I am listening to Colombian music. If you want to cheer up, it is a good choice... It's Meryl Streep's birthday today.. She has a very interesting natal chart!! Sun conjunct Uranus and both 150 to Jupiter at 0 degrees. Soon transit Jupiter will enter Leo, and will send positive angles to the three of them. I wonder how high one can climb?? Isn't she exceptional?? 

It seems, that with Mercury Direct and Mars in Libra, during the month of July, more wars, fights and "operations " will come. It will be a very long and hot summer.

June 23, 2014 Monday

this is the day of the Hermit. this card did not pop out since a long long time. Last time, I think it was on Feb 27th. Check out what happened in the share you trade. In 5 min. German Fed. announcements... the French wasn't so good.. 

Listen to this you tube... The deeper Uranus is in Aries, stories like this will come up more often. Who knows?? maybe we will MEET in this life. 

June 24, 2014 Tuesday 

On the 20th I wrote about the Nifty, pointing to 7400- it fell to 7446. Today it turned up... You can sign up now to the forecasts to know how to trade... Well??
Feeling alone here again. 

June 25, 2014 Wednesday 

We had one day! of correction, and the world is speaking about crashes. well, hardly. In the daily, I would turn short only if the S&P falls below 1917, OR 1888 - depending on your pocket, how deep stop you can afford. See the graph: It trades in a channel since 2011. 

Those who are subscribed to my weekly news letter, got their alert. By the way, I find it extremely rude when someone has been a subscriber, and does not care to let me know after several mails, that he/she will not re new it... How uncivilized people can be ? Don't you think, that week after week you receive my mails, we correspond, YOU GAIN A LOT!!!!!!!! OF MONEY !!!!!!!!!! and when time comes to renew, you just disappear ??? You don't even have buy a stamp to send a letter??!! I don't even know why I put so much energy, knowledge and precious TIME in those forecasts!! I am really fed up. 

As you see, today is a nervous one. Moon is in Gemini. Mars opposing Uranus, signaling for accidents, breaking bones, head injuries. Watch it. 

For my visitors from Turkey: TR20: bottomed at 615 on Jan 29th. Now it trades at 807. Staying above 800 is imperative, in order to be Long. falling below, next support is at 787-760 

I built my "Financial astrology" application in October 2013, I think. When I priced it at 4.99$ there were many who said it is a scam... It is not possible someone would sell it so cheap. those who downloaded it till now, can say is it a scam or not. 
With the Moon in Gemini the idea came to me, that I have to do some changes, upgrades, to it. I will also raise the price significantly. I am working on it now.
Ok, so here is what I changed in the application. I added a coupon, 1+1 for $50 you can have an analysis for a share You own or you are interested in, and the  second for free. Valid between July 1- Aug. 1. To obtain that, you should mail me to : or and let me know which shares you need. 
I raised the price of the application. 
Let me enjoy it too... 


June 26, 2014 Thursday

It is again Thursday... Boy!! time is flying.. Today we should watch Jupiter. It is at 25 Cancer. Mercury is 30^ to it, which is good position and the nodes are squaring it. As I write these lines, the Moon is conjunct Mercury. It is before the opening of our market... So we will miss this positivity. 
And we did... TA25: is red, at 1388.77- if you scroll up, you will see that it broke an important support, now the steps are: 1387.50- 1383.60- weak supports... it can re check 1375 too. 
To the upside it is blocked at 1396. The momentum is fading out... 
At 3:30 pm, before the opening, US unemployment update... hmmm. 
The Moon: 
26.06.2014 14:56:12 25°19'28"Gem Conjunction Mercury
26.06.2014 15:32:37 25°38'06"Gem Semi-sextile Jupiter watch out ! GAP 

27.06.2014  0:05:26  0°00'00"Cnc <<<
27.06.2014  4:12:07  2°05'37"Cnc Sesqui-quadrate Saturn
27.06.2014  8:47:19  4°25'27"Cnc Semi-sextile Venus
27.06.2014 11:08:28  5°37'04"Cnc Conjunction Sun
27.06.2014 14:52:54  7°30'47"Cnc Trine Neptune

Watch your children !!! They are the most vulnerable now, with Mercury ( twins) children, in retro- in a disharmonic position by sign to Mars- as soon as it will return to Cancer- during the month of July! Drowning, breaking legs and hands, killings, fires, burns... very very dangerous!! 


June 27,2014 Friday 

During the night the Moon entered Cancer. It rules this sign, so feels good. Being in its own "castle" it is lazy... as anyone of us would be, at home.. Soon it will conjunct the Sun. Any planet that conjuncts the Sun, gets " burnt... But, after leaving the hot area of the Sun, it will pick up again... Down here we have extreme hot winds today, to last till Sunday.. 38-40 Degrees Celsius... It is a hot summer.. But I already told that. Yesterday it was on the news, that they found the kidnappers... but not yet the kidnapped children. They belong to Hamas. Mercury will slow down next week, probably we will get more info. so what else is new in the sky? We have 3 major planets at 16 degrees. In my course I teach why is this important... For the new comers: I have a Financial Astrology course- of 10 lessons... I teach thru skype. 

See what has happened after the close: 

I am looking for the birth date of the King of Saudia... Dark clouds are coming over his country. I found just 1963.... Can anyone help?? 
Thanks to the reader who sent me some details about the data I asked... I answered you, but the mail bounced back. The date you gave is the d.o.birth of the father King, not the one that is on throne today. I think he died in 2011... ( June 29: I saw the King on the TV, so I am sorry that I wrote he was dead.. )
it is on the net.. The actual king is his third son, after the others either died, or were not competent... 

 If I am already here... did you see the turn and rally last night?? LOL... Do you know, why did that happen ?? Looking at NY time: the Moon was conjunct Jupiter! This is the reason I always post the Moons position! ... Watch La Luna. 

have to go... writing my forecasts.. and off to the beach. 

June 29, 2014 Sunday 

Another month passed, and we had a new moon in Cancer. I should start a new article, as always. In the last month the S&P rallied from 1915 to 1968. The index moves by 88 points a month in average.... so you can check out which month is strong or weak. The Dow made 307 points, while the average is 514 POINTS.. So what we got in this month a crawling, low volume new highs... Are we getting ready to a correction ?? Follow me to "The New Moon in Cancer" and we shall find out. 


  1. Hmm. Astro Stars are pointing for a fall of 5-10% but markets are closing higher each day. If that happens, it shall be a very deceptive move and a strong fall for a day or two.

  2. I think we have seen THE top for the time being...

  3. (watch out for all kind of accidents,watch your hands.legs and lungs, delays in flights, careful when signing contracts) and when it returns, now Direct, to Cancer: July 13 to August 1. ) You warned on 5th and I met the injury in my right leg. Nearly grounded in home.

  4. oh!!! So sorry to hear !! Also, because Mercury is in Cancer, where it is bad, all kind of water accidents might happen. pipe lines will break, water will sprint out from all places, floors, ceilings, from the neighbors... watch your car, the accumulator, or where ever water is passing. In the world floods or rivers can rise... The bad effect of Mercury in Cancer will return during the whole month of July, as long as it will be in Cancer, then Direct in motion.

  5. Yesterday Quite a few push messages on Android App. Please also provide some Push messages for India (nifty) time to time.

  6. Wow! You pushed Nifty Level alerts today. Thanks a ton.

    1. Specially for you :) ... And could I know your name and where are you from ?

  7. Thanks. We have been in touch. Ashish and from Mumbai, India.

  8. S & P bounce today long @ 1944.00 Six point stop

  9. OK, I tend to agree.

  10. Any thoughts on silver here? You still think it drops till 29 June (moon in Leo)? Thanks!

  11. Hello Rajat
    Sorry, I saw your message only now.. The SIlver trades at 20.908 now as I see it in MT4, Yes, I still think it should re check lower former bottoms. The support is at 20.82 technically, or 20.60-20.55 astrologically, which is not a real fall... Only below that it would be... Good luck.

  12. Thanks Gabriella for your insights!


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