New Moon in Libra, 2016

Between Oct 1-30, 2016 

thank You , for landing here with me, from the former article.

The map above shows the planetary moves during the coming lunar month. The Sun moves 30 degrees, Mercury moves from Virgo to Scorpio, Venus moves from Scorpio, where it is bad, or weak, to Sagittarius, where it is neutral, but better than in Sco... Mars will still be in Capricorn and out of Bound, where it is exalted, extremely strong, and the rest don't move much. Uranus and Neptune will still be retrograde, it is enough to absorb Pluto's Direct motion... 
Not a dull moment! 
The aspects we will have to deal with : 

Don't worry, if you don't understand the above, we shall go thru each, when they happen. There are many more issues to look at when analysing a chart, and it is different for a person, and for a market... 

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October 30, 2016 Sunday 

We arrived to the end of this article... The Moon conjuncts the Sun, we are under the New Moon in Scorpio. So, as usual, I shall start a new article. 
But, before I go, let's see what happened during this month? No doubt the scandal of the elections in the USA got to higher and higher levels. Native Americans are wakening ( Dakota pipe line/ police brutal intervention ) not very harmonious month, as under LIBRA, one would expect! 
But, if you think of it, Libra is an air sign, it does need a lot of harmony and love, but it can be very cruel, cold hearted, or no -hearted at all... Libra is the only OBJECT in the wheel.... How much feeling does it have?? It is a sign where agreements are made, a sign of compromise, where contracts are signed, where cooperations should be made, if not affected by another planet, a sign of endless DILEMMA!! OF DISAGREEMENT, DISAPPROVAL, DISPUTES, DIVORCE!!! and I could name another 500 words that Libra stands for... 
So what do I read now, in the news? 

" The CA SoS just posted on their website that Bernie is now officially approved as a write in candidate for president, with Tulsi Gabbard approved as a write in for VP. This is as a result of 55 people signing up to be electors for Bernie and Tulsi via the SoS office (a little known CA law that allows votes for a candidate to be counted even if the candidate did not pre-register, as long as there are 55 electors).

There are now 12 states plus DC that will count write in votes for Bernie. These are WA, OR, CA, IA, AL, WY, WI, NH, NJ, PA, RI and VT. If Bernie wins in just one state, e.g. VT (where he is currently polling ahead of either T or HRC) that could steal enough electoral votes from H so that neither of the front-runners gets the 270 electoral votes needed. The decision would then be thrown to the newly-elected House of Representatives in January."

I can only comment on this: OH BOY !

Let's turn a page, and study the sky... What pearls, pearls????? is it bringing under the New Moon in Scorpio ??? 

October 29, 2016 Saturday

On Oct.26 I wrote that Hillary will be hit by some failure? I suppose you read the news.. The FBI re-opened the investigation about the hidden mails.. 

When I open ZET , it always gives me the birthdays of the day, and the following day. So it is a COINCIDENCE ?????????? or NOT??? that the birthday of the Internet popped out now, and I made a chart for it and Hillary. It is amazing what I have found! WHile their Sun are only 4 degrees apart, in Scorpio, in the synastry chart, I's Sun is in the 5th house of entertainment, while for H' is the 12 house of hidden issues. 
Next, asteroids " Damocles" and Arabic Part " Point of Danger" in the I's chart is in the 7th house of "known enemies/ partners, they both fall in the 3rd house of Hillary, house of communication... You follow??? Isn't this amazing?? 

Writing now my weekly forecasts... What will happen next week? How will the markets react?? so see you later.. 

Now look at this: S&P: fell to 2119 yesterday- and "met" Saturn.. Bottom yesterday = top April 2016. 190 days passed, and Saturn returned to the same place it was back then. It is also interesting, the market symmetry! made 80 points up and down from that same line. 
Now tell me, that astrology is not working... 

October 28, 2016 Friday

It is hard to keep up with the planets... What I wrote yesterday, can be wrapped up, and thrown away. Today new actors are on stage. Yesterday's divas are forgotten, and the eyes are raised to the new newborn. 

So what happened yesterday evening?? 
I wrote, that the Moon will be VOC.- ( Void of Course).- and later entered 16:51 pm my time...gmt+3- that is after US markets opened.
This is the graph of the S&P 1 minute: it gapped
Where did I write this? On FB- in my page... SO if you follow me on FB, or have the app, you should click FB, and see there too some advises. I am not all the time near the computer, but I can send alerts from my mobile, if I see something dangerous coming. So I hope you saw that, and exited the longs. 

Nifty: here too targets were reached, and we went long: See yesterday's post. 
click on the graphs to enlarge. 
AXJO: fell to 5260; will send more alerts on these in the app.... 
HSCE: Double bottom with 10/13 low...
IBEX: arrived at  an interesting turn: 
CYNA: is still holding.. 
MA: Earnings today: 104.60 now.. Check out yesterday's post. Tighten stops!!
MTCH: special request : Planetary calculations : Stop was 18.60- technically, 16.90- is the last straw... 

TODAY: We are ruled by Venus and the Moon. The Moon conjuncts Jupiter, in LIbra. Actually, there are a few "pairs" in the sky.. between 8-15 degrees. They will be the indicators for calculations... 

October 27, 2016 Thursday

TS worked all night, calculating the turning point for SDS, and it shows, that from mid December to mid January it'll be a long with 3 waves.. It is not a buy yet. 
Yesterday the markets, most of them, traded sideways.. no new tops or lows. it is the most difficult to trade when there is no trend. 
Dow: Vegetating... 

Today the Moon is still in Virgo, and it'll be VOC in the evening, but we have another important position: Mercury is conjunct the Sun. When a planet is too close, or conjunct, it is " burnt" by the Sun and its effect fades out. Any Fed. announcements today? Yes, at 3:30 my time, unemployment.. At this time exactly, Jupiter will be on unfortunate star:"Vindemiatrix": Vindemiatrix (47 Epsilon Virginis  m 2.83)
Keywords: Falsity, folly, disgrace, stealing, widowhood, depression, witch-hunts, mysticism & the occult
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Saturn/ Mercury"
All these positions will be used to calculate the next support and resistance levels.
Example: S&P closed at 2139.43, there is a support at 2134, and a resistance at 2140.
Nifty: I sent alert in the app. to go short with a stop at 8710: 

Former low was 8506- let's see if it'll cross it... Planets support at 8562- 8538-8515.

HSCE: Stop was 9615, targeting 9830. We went short below 9615. Outcome: Topped at 9873, today fell below stop; our sell order was triggered. 

Sign up to the weekly forecasts, to receive alerts in time! 

Earthquake in Italy, again, yesterday, see where was the Ascendant! Exactly on the Pleiades, and the Moon on the cursed 19 degrees.
The stock market in Italy did not shrug, topped so far at 19092, stop was 18820- Now we can raise stop to 18800. 
SPAIN: IBEX:  unemployment in 9 minutes... watch out! Stop was 9150. 

Sometimes I post in different platforms alerts... Here is one on Bitcoin: 

I wrote about a small share, CYNA, (Parkinson disease) on Sept 1st. The Share jumped from 19 to 40 $, due to a good announcement on parkinson disease. 

What happened in the sky, that made the jump? See the highlighted planets?? Part of Fortune on the Moon, which is the ruler of Asc.' tr. Sun 120 to natal Sun, New Moon, all pointed to a jump. 

Today we are 49 ( 7X7) days form Sept 1st... TIme to decide which way to go.. last alert was:
" Should go above 40.55 to be on the safe side. Stop 40.37"

So far it made it to 40.48... So if you hold it! Be ready.... If no news will come, it'll turn down in a day or two!

Sky on Oct 28: 

Master Card: Earnings tomorrow. Stop here is 103.50= should go above 105- to be a safe long... tighten stop!. 

October 26, 2016 Wednesday

So, we got a turn yesterday... The Moon "delivered". I hope you followed the alerts, I sent more than 65 yesterday... and you were in the right direction! 

Today 3 people popped out of my database, who celebrate their birthdays: Hillary Clinton, Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenia's president, and Evo Morales, Bolivia's president. Watching the news about them, will be interesting. Astrologically, when the Sun returns to the natal Sun's position, it is the weakest position in the year. So I will not be surprised if she'll come up with some illness or failure. 
But, I am sure other millions of people have the Sun at 3 Scorpio, and have their birthdays. Picasso had his Sun at 2.42 Sco... and here are a few shares that share this 3 Sco degree: MPLX, MOS, CR, VOD, TGI, NCC, DCX, MOS, WMI, PTV, BMO, WWE, HIB, PVR. Check them, if you wish, see what does a Solar return mean.. 

So what else is happening in the sky? I rand TS calendar, and found these aspects. See how planets angle Antares, Algol ?? Nothing good can come out of these positions! SO take the stops I gave yesterday, and act. 

Sad news again today, Gavin MacFayden, Wikileaks, died. Some write of cancer, others of poisoning... We live ugly times.. 
I wonder if Julian Assange is still alive? I posted his chart with danger on Oct. 17th.. scroll down if interested.. I read stuff on the internet, that I think I am going nuts.. 
But, markets started and that brings me back to MY small reality.... 
So let's see... 

Here is an interesting site... These are ETFs to watch. Right now, I am running SDS, see if it's time to invest in it... 
KMDA: has been an interesting share to trade. I alerted about it in January, saying it'll go to 5, and higher. SO let's see the graph: WOW! 79% rally... 
Now let's widen the perspective! 
Weekly graph: 
We are short with a stop at 5.90. 
5.90 was stop, once it ran above it, it was a long again!. Targets now: 

And, some science... Saturn is changing its colors... They say.. And Jupiter South Pole.. 

October 25, 2016 Tuesday

I posted more than 40 alerts on different stocks in the application. Pls. check. 
There is a change in the celestial sentiment today... The Moon just entered Virgo. 
it will pick with magnifying glass which share will go on rallying and which will fall back. Pls. check the application! 
Besides the Moon, Mercury entered Scorpio, where it is bad bad bad.. 

October 24, 2016 Monday 

My daughter and family arrived safe and well, everything is OK... it is not easy to travel with an almost 2 years old, and a 49 days young baby!! 

So I mentioned yesterday, that I was reading Zimmel's articles. In one of them he writes about September being the worst month of the year. So, as it is 6:30, am  and everything is very quiet outside, till the phone starts to ring, I have time to check this... 
Here is the S&P: TS gives us a 53.7% outcome, something we cannot use for trade. Better toss a coin.. 



But all the above are just statistics, and we don't trade statistics... They help... thou...
So let's see on what is this based? It is based on the Sun's path thru the signs.We also know, that many times the Sun shows up, but 3 other planets show down... so we have to take in consideration many many facts... 
Here is the Sun's graph with TS: 

Now let's look back and see if this cycle was tradable??? On the long run: 
Obviously not... While the red arrows tell you to sell, we know, that the S&P was only but rising since 2009! So there are bigger forces than the Sun , that show us the direction... This is what I do all day.. searching the directions. Backtesting is the answer.. Takes a lot of time thou... It also depends if one is a short term or long term trader.. 

Let's see what performed best in the past 6 months/ 1 year:

It was technology.. Now running the Sun cycle for it: 



Nifty: Absolutely NOT reliable!!! The Sun !!!! 

So what is happening today ?? Let's focus. The Moon is in Leo, approaching the Sun. We are before the New Moon. Mercury is soon to leave Libra, where it is positive, and move on to Scorpio.... Watch out for the dragon! 
Mercury in Scorpio till Nov. 12th: as if we didn't have enough... 

10:00 am  I posted 26 alerts so far, in the application. I hope you have it. We don't have trade today, so off to the beach... Have a great day! 

October 23, 2016 Sunday

Just got back from the airport... My daughter and family left... I start my backcounting- ONE YEAR.. and they should be back... OK... Let's take it day by day.. 
I am already planning my first visit to see them, probably during Hanukkah, which, this year falls exactly on X-mas!!! 

We have again holiday today and tomorrow, ( Simchat Tora ) so no trade.. for you it is Sunday... So again, we can rest and catch up with the reading.. Today we start reading the Bible from the beginning.. A new start... a new beginning.. how much more symbolical this can get??? 

The sky today: the Moon is now in Leo. This week it'll "travel" to Scorpio. The Sun moved to Scorpio, while I was at the airport... LOL... everything is connected, but I will not bore you with personal details. 
Mars is leaving the difficult conjunction from Pluto... instead, Venus approaches Saturn. Venus rules the banks, Saturn the government, so look for a CIT in BANK related shares. 

it's already evening. I slept all afternoon... I woke the the singing that pours out of the temple, right below my window... I live on the 5th floor, and the biggest synagogue is just below the house. So listening to the chant, I read.... I read the articles of Manfred Zimmel, he is an astrologer you should look up, and absorb his knowledge, like I do. I don't agree with everything, but it is sure a mind opening read! 
In one of his articles he mentions the importance of Numerology. My eyes and ears are wide open, since I am one too. So I read on, and indeed I learn new things... It is incredible how many new things are there to learn, all the time!!! So he mentions the importance of 911. We know, that the Twin Towers disaster was on 9/11. But I take this a little further, make a calculation, adding 911 days to that date. What is the outcome ? Chilling... 3 times 911, and we got a market low... March 6, 2009. check the other dates.. see what happened. Looking into the future, 2021, there will be a very bad solar eclipse.... But, it's holiday today, let's concentrate on positive things. 

October 22, 2016 Saturday

I got a " congrats " from a reader, who asked for an analysis on KOOL back in Sept... 30% gain... 

KO: another alerts given since Sept 1, last on Oct 6, we went short with a stop at 44.- fell so far 5.40%. 
Etc... etc.. 
I am writing my weekly forecasts now.. 
Sign up, it's never late.. 


October 21,2016 Friday

Hello Tom from Michigan... You asked if I covered the US elections... I wrote about this issue not only here in the blog several times, but also on FB. I wrote already in 2015, I think in August, that I think Trump will win. ( if he is still alive and standing till January 2017.) Will this affect the economy?? you ask... 
As I wrote yesterday on FB, the economy and everything else down on Earth, is affected by the planetary moves. There are some nasty upcoming aspects, not to speak of the next 4 years' Solar eclipses, that are awful...So in the short term, yes, the markets arrived to a saturation point, and are due to correct. Doesn't matter who wins. If Trump, "They'll" accuse him. If Hillary, she will accuse the Russians. LOL... So even if the market rallies into Nov 8th, which I shall check in my weekly forecasts, and will reach 2200- the S&P, still there is a decline over the corner... So prepare your shorts, read the alerts I am sending, in the application, and just BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE of the trade. Some while ago I read that shorts will not be allowed, but that news faded out.. 

Now someone else ( Lance Taylor) on FB mentioned, that both Hillary and Theodore Roosevelt were Scorpios. In astrology there are 3 kind of them." the stinging scorpion, the higher snake,still potentially dangerous, and the higher eagle,". Which type suits Hillary? here are the two natal charts, from which we can learn: While Hillary has her South Node, the deadly sting, in Scorpio, Roosevelt had his in efficient Virgo. And the position of the Moon shows best: H: 's Moon at 22° "kill or get killed" in Pisces, while R's Moon in "nation loving " Cancer. So there you are... 

I am a subscriber of Martin Armstrong... I learn a lot from him. Today he posted the Schengen Agreement, about which I have never heard.. So an opportunity to look it up, and see what it is. Here is a link for you, if you want to know what it is about. In two words: free transpassing of 400 million EU citizens... 
Now let's look at the time of the signature: In a quiet town on Luxemburg, I made it for 12 noon, no time mentioned..we have the Asc/MC MP at the cursed degree of 19 in Cancer. You might want to look up this blog, why this 19 deg. is bad!... Next, the Sun is at 23 Gemini, on "Alnilam" this star means: "Brief fame, quick temper, scandal"3) Mercury, ruler of Asc. conjunct Mars, and in opposition Neptune- fights, and dreams.... also 150 to Pluto.. Venus is on "Hamal" Keywords: Violence, cruelty, brutality, also the "Healer"
Effect: Unfortunate . and  Damocles is in the 7th house. So the start was rather bad.. But, they believed it it!! Jupiter was in Aquarius.. All sang " Kumbaya".  
What is it we see now in the world? Immigrants... Are the borders open? Not any more... Neptune in Pisces " let the people go.. and Pisces is the 7th house, of " open enemies... Eu is fighting now these immigrants. Astrologically, I highlighted the event, in green, Saun-Saturn at 22-23 degree at the time of signing, and transit Uranus from Aries now at bad position, will dissolve this agreement. 
Thanks to Armstrong... 

Happy 67th birthday to Netanyahu.. I will not post his chart. 

Netflix: raise stop to 117.- see target on the graph. 

The markets yesterday were still struggling, searching for SOME KIND of a support. 
The Nifty broke the support: 8685, so it was and is a short again. fell to 8658. target 8630.

It took 152 days to rally from Dec 3 2015- to may 4, and it will take 180 days- till Oct. 29th, to see some turn.. 

Brittish POUND: 

On June 13, 2016 I wrote in this blog: " Ok.. I have the forecast, by Timing Solution. This search takes in consideration hundreds of astrological positions, and shows, that NO MATTER what UK votes, the pound is to decline till early November. So as it looks now, it will retreat to Feb 28th low, maybe lower. "

On June 13, the Pound was at 1.43. topped on June 23rd at 1.4940, and since then , it is falling. Bottomed so far, not on Feb 28th low, BUT at 1.2100 - 12.56% LOWER!!!! What a gain for shorts, if you read this blog, and HAVE my application!!!

November is just around the corner, so stay tuned!!!

AUD $: 2% gain in a week! 

In August someone asked my about GDX: I wrote: special request: we are short below 32.45, target 28.95-27.80. Falling below 27.40 will signal for a deeper correction, to 24- ish area. Has been rallying for 144 days, we got a CIT ON 8/15.

October 20, 2016 Thursday 

The world is AFTER the 3rd debate... and it survived!... Now we can look into the daily issues and let the lava flow... We can't do anything against it... 
So what's in the sky as I write? 

The Moon is still in Gemini, conjunct the Part of Fortune. They will trine the Sun, a triumph, a culmination point... The Sun sextiles the Galactic Center... so It will be a FATED culmination. Let me check the time: gmt:00:00
20.10.2016 11:16:30 27°29'34"Gem Trine Sun
20.10.2016 15:28:17  0°00'00"Cnc <<<
20.10.2016 20:42:37  3°06'40"Cnc Quincunx Venus

21.10.2016  6:40:37  8°58'18"Cnc Square Jupiter
21.10.2016  7:33:21  9°29'05"Cnc Trine Neptune
21.10.2016 14:12:40 13°21'04"Cnc Quincunx Saturn
21.10.2016 17:13:04 15°05'10"Cnc Opposition Pluto
21.10.2016 20:04:06 16°43'30"Cnc Opposition Mars

US markets are light green, but did not go above former highs... All are in a correction phase. Nasdaq: I wrote yesterday in the alerts, that it FAILED to cross 5249.. for the 4th time now.. Technical oscillators are weak... Planets are blocking... It would take a gap- up to cross this difficult level! 
If you click on the graph of the planetary angles, that open this month's page, you can see, that today and tomorrow there is a Sun 45° Saturn aspect, and a Mercury 180° Uranus aspect. My calculations will be based on these. 

I just got back from shopping... You won't believe what a discount we have now, Sukkot eve.. On this price, 149- there was an extra 15% less!  So I payed 125 shekels.= $32.... and Life is beautiful... 

I should sit on my hands, and not serve my credit card so easily... But. well.... OK .. 
Life is difficult in Israel.... One cannot find a parking place anywhere...  LOL.... 

Meanwhile our index went nowhere... it is not a time to trade... people are travelling/shopping... I should not sit here and absorb the celestial negativity either..

US markets will start in 2 hours.. time for lunch. 

October 19, 2016 Wednesday

It is a day ruled by Mercury and the Moon. Mercury is at 20 Libra, approaching an opposition to Uranus! at 18200 for the Dow, at 2150 for the S&P. etc... 
Dow 30  min spot: 

I have been sending alerts on the Eurostoxx, I see a Head and Shoulder pattern..Don't you ?? 

Orange has turned.. 

Netflix: Alert from Oct 3: and outcome: 

Goldman Sachs: weekly graph... is in a correction phase.. 

Another aspect in the sky, under which all the underground dirt is washed to the surface, is the Jupiter-Neptune 150°. Jupiter, in the sign of Libra, (law), Neptune in Pisces, where all the issues are under shu- shu... Pisces, I think is worse than Scorpio, first, because it is on the top of the water signs pyramid, second, because, as I wrote before hundreds of times, it attacks you silently, and by the time you acknowledge its presence is faaaaar toooo late... 

Here are the charts for the day of the elections for HC and DT:
One of the most important points to check is the midpoint of the Asc/MC. 
1) Hillary: her MP falls on 13° Libra 34 ( I use the 8:02 am data). So this degree will be conjunct transit Jupiter, in Libra. jupiter is good in Libra... But, Oy! it is 150 to Neptune and the SN... Looking further, the asteroid Pandora is right ON Jupiter!!! ruining its gifts. 
It is interesting, that her Mercury, ruler of MC ( career) is right on natal Mercury... but in Scorpio, where it is worst it can be. 
Adding to all these, the Fixed stars, her midpoint, is right on the MOST DESTRUCTIVE fixed star in Libra, Algorab. And the ancient books say about this star: " Scavenging, destructiveness, repulsiveness, malevolence, fiendishness and lying, suicide, greed, injuries."

2) Trump: His Asc/MC MP is at 11.59° Cancer. the closest Fixed star to this point is Alzirr ;the books say:" Hunting, besieging towns, the revenge of princes, trouble, disgrace, sickness, loss of fortune, affliction, danger to knees".

The Sun trines the midpoint, the NNode sextiles, and Pluto is in opposition. All these mean a major shift in his career.

Back to business: I just ran TS for a local share: Modiin. Here is the outcome: it should rally till Oct 11 th at least! It's about OIL> The lines only show DIRECTION! and not price levels...

A pleasant surprise, and honor... I just received this : My Blog included in the TOP 100 in the world.. 


October 18, 2016 Tuesday

I sat all day yesterday by the computer, reading all the news, answering questions, meeting new people, learning new things... It is incredible, how one can learn all the time something! The markets "behaved" under the lazy Taurus Moon, and made no swift turns.... Well, don't fall asleep! What is delayed, will arrive!  Venus in Sag.- enters today, and the Moon in Gemini... they will bring it. 
TA25: will open with a -0.86% arbitrage... closed at 1416, support is at 1407. Resistance at 1419. We are short below this level targeting 1407-1403. Falling lower, next important support is only at 1392. 
For TA25: the trade is positive when the Moon is in Gemini- till Virgo... Usually... But, there are other aspects to consider. The Moon is only for intraday trades. 

Nifty: 1 hour chart. 

Euro$: Stop was 1.1010- now long above.. 
Download the app... receive these and more alerts.. 

October 17, 2016 Monday 

A new week starts. We have holiday today, no trade. Depending of the close of the US markets today, we will open tomorrow. So far we have a  -0.5% arbitrage. But, I'll leave this now, will check in the evening. 

The sky: we have the Moon in Taurus. Why do I always check the Moon's position? Because it is a catalizator of the energy between Earth and other planets. It is the closest catalyzation. Then we have Mercury, Venus, and so on... When the Moon is in Taurus, astrologically it is strongest. Makes new born to be stubborn, powerful, achieving their goals, steady and also lazy. Girls will have long long eyelashes... This is a sign of Taurus, this is how just looking at the face of someone you can tell in which sign he/she has the Moon. 

The Sun is in Libra, on the very fortunate fixed star, Arcturus.It forms a negative aspect to Neptune, which will fade away till tomorrow, since the Sun moves a degree a day. 
The other planet to watch for today is Mars. Mars is very strong in Capricorn, and it is still OOB, so it's strength is negative. Mars is also conjunct Pluto - till the 22nd - adding to its destructive powers. 

In the news: " the fight to liberate Mosul- Iraq from Isis, started this morning. For you, who have no idea where this is, here is the map. 
Why is this important? Read about this town.... it has marble... and what else?? Yes, you guessed. oil. Would anyone give a damn without it?? I doubt. 

Chart for Mosul this morning: Perfect timing for a war ( Mars conjunct Pluto. ) Will check out for news again when Venus enters Sag. Oct. 18, 11 am. 

Here are the major ups and downs of the  shares/ indices I follow from Yahoo: 

Check out my post on the DOW on Oct 12th, below.. I wrote, that as long as it stays above 18000, and the Sun moves on from 14 Libra, there is a chance for a new rally. Today, 5 days later, the Sun is at 24 Libra, and the index at 18138. 
The futures of the DOW, S&P, Nasdaq, Rut 2000 are all negative. They signal for a low opening, if nothing happens in 6 hours from now... 
The East: Nikkey: stop is at 16890- we are long above. 
SSEA: Long above 3052. 
HSCE: Stop was 9750 - lower it to 9600 

Check out the rest of the alerts in the app.. 
More and more posts and tweets are pouring in, about Julian Assange... He is in life danger.

Julian Assange: more and more news are coming in about the treat on him... Looking at his chart: inner wheel natal, second: Directed, 3rd, transit.
Second map: tertiary and secondary progression.
His hour of birth, was 15:00, from his book, so this hour puts Jupiter+neptune on his Ascendant.- A " don QuicHotte of modern times. But on all levels, we can see Saturn (gvmn) and Uranus sudden, unforeseen events, triggering his Sun and Jup+Neptune.
Also, SN, in the 9th, exile, is triggered by Mars+pluto in Cap.
His natal Saturn and Venus are also on malefic fixed stars.

October 16, 2016 Sunday. 

For you it is Sunday, for us it is Succoth holiday. So no trade.. It is a warm and nice day to make a trip, or rest. 
In the sky the Moon is in opposition the SUN, thus we have a Full Moon It is a Super Moon in Aries! It is good to end things as of today till the new Moon. It is good to sign contracts, to move, any issue you want to finish, it is good to do it as of today till the 30th. 
The Sun is on the extremely fortunate fixed star, Arcturus! 
The outburst of energies or Aries, (channeled by the Moon), and this on Uranus (unexpected events) on Eris( strong events), will for sure bring some twist in the near future... Let[s hope, for the better! 
Tomorrow the Moon will be in Taurus, where it is strongest of all signs, and it will also be perigee. (closest to Earth).  We live under very powerful energies! to these we can add the upcoming Mars+Pluto conjunction, which happens each 2 years, but in Capricorn to be together, happened only on Sept 24 1764.  

October 15, 2016, Saturday

Here is the list of alerts I sent yesterday morning: You can decide if it worth while having it or not.

Oct 14:

Moon will move to Aries! Watch for a change in trend.

Nifty: Double bottomed with Aug 29th low. 8525. Now at 8584- the future. Support is at 8570- Place stop at this level, we are long above, targets in the graph. Failing to stay above 8570, will fall back.
here is the graph: 

KLSE: target given in the weekly report: 1672, reached. Stop was and is 1662- short below. 

AXJO: In March, May, August/16 fell by 7-7.50%. A fall like this now, will push it down to 5100- ish. Planets are supportive at 5370 ( stop).Place a short order below it. But, as long as it stay above, can correct to 5470-5490- 5520. Outcome: topped at 5447-

AORD: stop was 5563, we went short below. Now at 5518. There is a strong resistance level at 5525. Going above it, next resistance is at 5625- this will be very difficult to cross. Downside support is at 5360.Long term traders will go short only below that level… this, for who can afford such a deep stop. Outcome: bottomed at 5505.

Gold: Wrote on 10/12 that 1242 should hold.. It is still holding. Check out target up, on the graph . Outcome: 1242 is still holding.. 

Crude Oil: Is now blocked by a historical Gann line, at 51.36- failing to gap up, it will retest former low: 49.35. The stop is at 50.50, we are short below and long above. Outcome: never went above 51.36! bottom so far 49.90-49.35

Euro stoxx 50: stop is at 5855, and short below. Outcome: we went long above 5855- topped at 5947

Dax: First support now is at 10470. Falling below, will go again to 104250- and much lower. Basing itself above 10470- target up 10560-10570-1590. Outcome: topped at 10615
Every level is important! Failing to reach any, will be a sign of weakness!

S&P: bottomed at 2115- lower than former low! See what I wrote in the blog on 10/12.. Now it should go above 2150- technically, to be a long again. 
The planetary calculations show us a support at 2127- next 2122, 2113. While target up are at 2136-2137-2139-2143. Outcome: Trade range was 2133-49. To technically we would have not entered a trade, but the planets showed, that above 2127- is a long! 

AEX: last alert sent on 9/22, targeting 463. Topped at 460 on 10.4, and since then it corrects. We are long above 445. Target 447-456-459. Outcome: topped at 453.

FTSE: Stop was at 7050, it broke, we went short below. We are still short below this level. Managing to climb above it: Long term target is still 7300. Outcome: did not make it to 7050.

GOLD future : 11:21 am: 1256.76 is a strong support level. Falling from here, will fall back to former lows. Outcome: fell to 2151.

So, now You can see , how this works. When I send an alert, it is based on planetary positions. You place a buy/sell order above/below the price level, and wait to be triggered. If  the buy is triggered, you cancel the sell, and vica versa. 

Good luck... The link to download is at the left panel. 

October 14, 2016 Friday 

The day is ruled by Venus. Venus, from Scorpio caused a lot of falls since it entered this sign. It is now at the 25th degree, it is the highest of all the planets(degree wise). Yesterday's position with Uranus, brought in the bears. Looking at the cards, today is the card of the Devil. ( bad advices )... So will the last low keep, or was it the first bird of a major fall? 
The South Node is still on the Head of Hydrus. The Moon is on "Markab" unfortunate fixed star- at 23° Pisces. There is only Saturn's position, a sextile (minor good) one) to support the falls. Will post in the app. targets and stops. 
The Moon will move to powerful Aries during US trading hours! so watch out!! Any Fed announcements today ? of course.. Mrs. Yellen speaks after the move of the Moon. I guess markets will keep their breath till then. 

If you have my app. Pls. download the last update, bother for IPhones and Androids. 

October 13, 2016, Thursday.

Just a quick note... WIll be back in the afternoon... With the Moon in Pisces, and Venus 150° Uranus, look more to the shorts than to the longs! 
Tighten stops, have short orders ready. 

October 12 2016 Wednesday

It is Yom Kipur today. As usual, I woke up at 6. I fast, but I do everything else.. Like write now in the blog. religious people don't do anything, don't turn up the lights even. But I am not. It is a good day to read and I have a lot to catch up with. 
Yesterday the family was here, and we had a nice evening.. 

So what happened in the world markets, while we had and have no trade? 
S&P: had the stop at 2153, it was a short below. And you could gain with that! Bottomed at 2128! Last low is very near... 2119... so breaking that one it will be a serious slide down. Watch the 18th for a CIT. 
Nifty: it is a turning day today. Last low for the spot was 8663, so it is a long above. I shall send more alerts in the app.. 
The DAX: Mercury helped.. And it topped at 10692, so we are still in trade, with a stop at 10530. 
The Oil: 51.47 was the stop.. as long as it stays above it, it is still alive and kicking..
30 year bonds: this is the monthly graph: 162.50 is the last straw... 
always click on the graphs to enlarge! 

Gold: with updates from my app: 

What can we expect today? The Moon is at the last degrees of Aquarius. This means, that by the time the US opens it will be in Pisces. But there is something else we should be concerned about: and that is a very very rare position of the South Node, on the Head of Hydrus! See notes in the chart! ( It's the Nodes' cycle of 18-19 years.. ) 
So calculating from the last top: 2169- we already got the 60 points fall... and even more... and again, the planets show us where to put our stops and "take profits" . The close was 2136,73. It would have to run above 2140 with a high volume for a recuperation; otherwise, it'll fall to 2122.
And this is how it really looks in the sky.. You can make it with ZET

Searching the web for the Head of Hydrus, I found MY blog, on Google's first page..LOL... I wrote about it in 2013. How did we manage without Google?, internet? Waze, Whatsapp? Facebook? in the past?? It beats me !!! 

I read everywhere, that a crash is coming just like in 2000 and 2008.. Let's see the Dow, which is the only share that has a history long enough to run TS; and see if we have the same planetary positions as then, and what else can we learn from from them?

Here is a graph, pls. follow explanation: 
The First thing that we see is the Sun's position at the tops and bottoms. It was at 16 Libra, at the low of 2002, and at the top of 2007. Now it is at 19 Libra. I wrote about the malefic star Algorab below.. and see how it affected the market...? During Jan 2000 top, the Sun was in opposition another malefic, Castor.
Mars: both in 2000 and 2007 was sextile Saturn. Now is 30 degrees from it, separating. 
Jupiter in 2007 was 90 to Uranus, now  no angle to Uranus. 
The other numbers that you can see on the graph are the trading days that passed from top to bottom. First 685 day, next almost half= 352 took the fall.  Rises? 1258 days, now we are already at 1873 days..( Aug 15) . 1887 days would have been a perfect timing, but it was not a top. 
Now look at this: it took 3048 trading days! the rally from 1987 to 2000... 

The conclusion is?( my conclusion) is, that as the Sun departs from Algorab, 13 Libra, and stays above 18000 price level, the threat is fading out. In any case, technically, it will be a major short only below 17000 and that will be a 9% fall from the top. While in 2007 the fall was 54%, in 2000 38%, in 1987 35%.. A similar fall now, of 35% would push it to 12000....Does anyone see such a disaster?? Only if the bomb will fall. And then it doesn't matter. 

THE BOMB: Would you imagine, that between April 25, 1942- June 1946 the Dow rallied by 165.53%?? ( Just read, what happened around April 25-26!!! ) 
Actually, on the day THE bomb was thrown on Hiroshima, it bottomed, and rallied.. 

Why am I asking these questions?? Because of the war planes in the sky, and the situation in Syria... there is no radio or TV now, so we will hear the news in the evening. I hope the sirens will not be heard. 

Let's pray for better days... I am moved, when I see people so deeply believing in something. Here is a video of the Kipur eve prayers at the Wailing Wall... in Jerusalem.

I just came back from the Beit Ha Knesset. ( the temple). I have to share with you, that it was unbelievably moving. For the first time, in Yom Kippur.. They sing the whole time.. It is so filling, I cannot even start to describe...You remember, I wrote why we dip apples in honey? In order to use one of our senses, and deepen the meanings comprehended by our brains? I think, that is why people sing in temples, churches, while praying, using another sense, that of the hearing, and so deepening the prayers..
It makes sense to me.. 
And after a day of fasting I cannot think of food now. 
May we have a blessed year. 

October 11, 2016 Tuesday

I have a Facebook page, you know?? I post there often... So you can follow me there too. On FB I get many answers, while here not really... 
Yesterday I posted the chart of the third debate.. 
The third debate will take place in Oct 19th, 2016. If someone was looking for the exact conjunction of Mars and Pluto, in the 7th... found it! With the Moon in Gemini, on Chaos...Oh boy... seek for shelter.

I also posted a triple chart: Trump inner wheel, Hillary middle wheel, and outer wheel the debate date. for a non astrologer it might be difficult to see who is against whom, but trump's position is better than that of Hillary's. So let's see... YOu see, Erik? I cannot help it.. but post astrology and not only the markets. It thrills me, and I want to share it with others too... 

I had a long conversation with Erik, in the "comments" window below... where EVERYBODY can post... so I am just answering him here... 

What was yesterday's outcome of the charts I posted? The Nifty ( India) rallied to 8793. In the weekly report I gave target 8796- here it is blocked, and fell to 8684. So it is always a question of money... how much stop one can afford, are you a long term trader, or an intraday trader. For long term traders need a very deep pocket, to be able to afford a stop at 8550. For intraday traders, they will pay more fees by jumping in and out of trade, need not only money for this but very strong nerves. 
The S&P's stop was at 2153- went up to 2163, and now it is again at 2154... 
OIL: Now here you could make a nice gain, stop was 49.20, and rallied up to 51.62! Should be above 51.47 to find a support! otherwise lower support is at 51.00- and we will go short below. Here too, long term traders will think about shorting below 46 only.. 
Dax: is making lower highs since August... With the DAX I used to make a lot of money, but also lose a lot.. It is a very difficult index to trade. Now with the DB issues, ) should go above 15.40 for a rally) it is facing severe problems. Last alert sent on 10.5 said to go short below 10530- this is the key level for this index. Fell to 10458 and rose again, but a rally is unlikely.. So use the 10530- still and short it below. I just checked now, and HMercury in Virgo is very positive for the DAX! in the past it rallied 72%  probability... so we might see here a breakout. 

So what's new today? we have a new energy coming in, with Helio Mercury entering Virgo. Here it is very strong, and brings a lot of volatility.. as if we didn't have enough till now.. 

Now here is the BOVESPA; Brazil... it is rallying since January 2016! by 67%.. that is nice!! It should go above 60100. failing, will fall back. Stop here is 56900- below it will be a nice short. 

Forgiveness is the understanding and the acceptance

 that one cannot change the past. 

October 10. 2016 Monday

I read some people got chest pains watching the second elections debate... Tip? Burn some bay leaves! It will calm you down.. The Moon is void of course, nothing will come out of anything that was said or done... When is the next debate? 

Today we have a double Moon day. La luna is VOC. Soon to enter Aquarius. The rest of the planets are still. 
Matthew is now a cyclone, fading out.. Just as I wrote a few days back. it will not fade out for people who lost their loved ones. It is horrible, these natural disasters. We are so meaningless... 
And to think, that people are planning to bring a greater disaster on other people... I can't imagine. 
I must go now, to take my darling grandson to the kindergarten. They, my daughter and family are leaving for one year! to the USA. Her husband will do some medical research there, what will I DO???????????
I guess I will go too... LOL...Will be cleverer in a month or so, to know when . 
Back later... 

I am back. 
Today, and not only today, we can add another important angle in the sky - to be watched, - that is Pluto being on the Jupiter/Uranus MP. Although Ebertine gave no rule for this midpoint, we can make one, ourselves. If Jupiter stay for exaggerating and Uranus sudden events, while Pluto destroys... check where are these planets in your natal chart, and how can you apply it. 
I see most of the East' indices are minor positive. We are still under the VOC Moon effect. 
Since there are no moves in the sky, the markets are consolidating. 
Not much to do.. .see you later. 

It is Thanksgiving day in Canada today, Harmonia is on the Sun! Wishing you happy holiday.
Tomorrow and Wednesday no trade over here, due to Yom Kippur. Then only on Thursday, on the 13th, and then only on the 18th.. so it is a very lazy month... with a low volume. 
S&P future: 2153 is a strong resistance/ support line. Once it is below, we are short. 

Nifty: 8740 is the stop. 

KLSE: 1665 is the key.. 

Crude Oil: Stop is at 49.20 and short below. 

October 9, 2016 Sunday 

Yesterday I worked all day on the weekly reports. Subscribers know now how will the week look and how to trade... You don't have to baby sit the screens. It costs only $250 for 3 months to have this privilege. 

So let's see, what's in the news today? Matthew has lessened, it is now 2 or 3 out of 5 grade... It left many without homes, clothes, W A T E R !! I shared a post on FB, about Usain Bolt, donating 10 million $ to Haiti. I hope the money will find the people, and will not be stolen... What weakened the hurricane? As I wrote below, the Moon in Capricorn. You see, Cap. is also good not only bad. It brings restrictions, depression,holding back in all levels. the question is, will it pick up again when the Moon passes to Aquarius? I think yes,... hope not! 
The sky today is the US elections. We have a stellium(group of planets) in Libra, another in Capricorn- so they square each other, a lot of fire work here.. Then Neptune with the South node 150° to the Libra, which is very bad... and all the Libra group is approaching Uranus in an opposition. So there is a lot of tension up there, which we feel down here... Oh yeah! 

The elections' debate is getting uglier... Oh, I don't want to get into it.. It is a farse. Important issues are not on stage... There is a serious threat of an upcoming  war , but people are busy with gossip.. 

Our market has opened. It closed at 1430, falling since Aug.10 ~ for 60 days from the last top, but looking at a greater picture, it has been falling since Aug.2, 2015! from 1729, Cycle end is at 1426.23... 
Ok... I shall post now alerts on different commodities, so switch to the app... 
Shooting in Jerusalem... 8 wounded, 3 are fighting for their lives... 
Now another shooting>>.

Juan Manuel Santos, president of Colombia, received the Nobel prize for peace. Nice.. Arafat also received it, with Rabin. Do we have peace? Will the people of Colombia have peace? 

Nicholas Champion has Colombia's date at Dec 17, 1819.


October 7, 2016, Friday

It was a boring day yesterday, the US markets were vegetating. The world holds its breath for the outcome of the unemployment report. This, of course is silly, because when we have an aspect to Neptune, nothing is sure. 
Today is a CIT day, it is the 280th day of the year...and it's also Putin's birthday. It is interesting, that Heinrich Himmler (1900), and Desmond Tutu (1931). Different life paths, that for sure.

So, let's look at Putinka's chart: He turns 64. His point of age is at 28 Virgo, an important point to watch for transits.he is in his 9th year, of endings and new beginnings. His natal Mars squares the point of age! and his Mars, is on the galactic Center, telling the world, that he is here to change the world. His life has a purpose and a mission. Mars in Sag.- huge plans and missions, and not on the peaceful side. He was born after a Solar Annular eclipse, at 27° Leo, and before a Lunar total eclipse at 9° Leo. So these degrees also tell us that he has a major ( Leo-king) role in this world. Lilly tells us about the SUn at 27° " it is in the decanate of Mars, it presages Captivity, besieging of towns, Plunderings, profanation of Holy places, a scarcity of horses, or a destructive Murrain amongst them". 
I wrote many times about him, and his life events. He has a Libra stellium, and a Pluto-SN. conjunction in Leo, on the critical 19°. These squared by Jupiter..
The question is, will he go to war this year, a new war... for the ones he is in, the world lives with it.. 
I see, that in his directed progressed chart, Mars just entered Pisces. This can mean two things, either his warsome appetite is lessened ( fire in water), or he turns against religion. 
Another kind of progression shows a restraint, for the time being, but 2018-19 will be an important turning point in his life. 
Hurricane Matthew is still alive and kicking!

Mercury just ingressed LIbra, winds will pick up.The culmination will be when it will conjunct Jupiter! Oct.11. from then on it will calm down. 
The Moon will move to Capricorn, today, at 17:20 S.Carolina time,, this might calm things down! 
What does anyone else think ?

October 6, 2016 Thursday

My application got updated, so , Erik , from Suriname, I hope it is available now in your country as well. Pls. check and let me know! 

On October 4th I alerted,: Breaking 2141 will be a colossal major break... will " they" let it? And they didn't /// not till now. Yesterday we got a reversal with the Moon in Sag. She is still there, sextiling the Sun; also conjunct Saturn. The major aspect of today is a separating Mars-Jupiter square. This aspect occurred on Apr. 18, 2015, Aug 1,2014- once a year.. Check what it did your share do under this influence.. 
The bad news is, that the Sun will be on the destructive fixed star, Algorab.- Other planets will be on it on Oct13,28, Nov 9-15!  wowww, during the elections in the US! Which planet will it be? Jupiter!!! Uhaaa. this is an extremely rare event! let me see when did this happened before? I must run the Dow so bear with me... 10 minutes.. 
Here is the outcome: 

Meanwhile, let's see some outcomes of former alerts: posting in the app!! 

October 5, 2016 Wednesday

With the Moon - Uranus evil angle the markets had their flip-flop yesterday! And you could know it in advance! 
The Moon moved on, to Sag. this time, see the angles it'll make, in yesterday's' post. 
After 3 days holiday, with a very negative arbitrage, our market will open negative and fall further down. 
TA25: short with a stop at 1445, target 1433-1425- 1422.

Yesterday several subscribers asked, what the heck is going on with the gold? The Gold rallied for 42 days from May 30 to July11. SInce then, it is falling, and reached 2/3 correction of that rally. In the sky, exclusively yesterday, not only we had the Moon-Uranus 150°, that I wrote about early morning yesterday, but also a nasty Mercury position. We got a mirror effect of June 24, then the Gold rose by more than 7%! in a day... 

Last alert for the Gold was 1331- we went short below, w h a t a trade!! 
One of the shares I traded and I had big confidence in, is Nano Dimensions. NNDM. I alerted many times about it. lately, in spite of the good outcomes, it just couldn't rise... I sold it of course, but I want to show you, why it is not rising! Saturn is blocking it... I'll let it lick its wounds, till Saturn moves on. It will be interesting later this year. On the watch list! 

October 4, 2016 Tuesday

I got so busy yesterday, that I didn't make it to the beach... Oh well... it can wait.. The stuff I learned was more important.. for me. 
So what is happening in the sky today? besides having Mars and the Moon ruling? Oh, the Moon has just left a conjunction with Venus, but it is still in Scorpio. at 16 degrees. Here are the angles she will make : gmt : 00"00
4.10.2016 11:38:00 19°44'15"Sco Semi-square Mars
 4.10.2016 12:58:43 20°24'04"Sco Semi-square Jupiter
 4.10.2016 18:07:28 22°56'21"Sco Quincunx Uranus= bad~ gap !
 5.10.2016  1:04:13 26°21'56"Sco Sextile Mercury
 5.10.2016  2:58:21 27°18'15"Sco Semi-square Sun
 5.10.2016  8:19:34 29°56'47"Sco Semi-square Pluto
 5.10.2016  8:26:05  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
 5.10.2016 19:51:11  5°38'32"Sgr Semi-sextile Mars

 5.10.2016 19:55:40  5°40'45"Sgr Sextile Jupiter
Saturn squares the Nodes, Mars squares Jupiter,Sun sextiles Saturn. 
Upon all these positions are my calculations, in the alerts, based. 26 alerts posted yesterday... You can read them under "Alerts" in the app. 
Here is an example of what I do: S&P future 1 hour: I calculate the planetary positions, and send you. I do the same with all the other alerts... 
back to work now... Be good! 

One of the forecasting tools is to look at the ingress charts. A local astrologer,in Hawaii, should have known, that the  hurricane Matthew effect will be devastating! I cannot follow up the whole world, you know? 
But, now I can show you, : The Libra ingress, the time the Sun entered Libra on Sept 22nd, the ascendant for Hawaii was in virgo. the ruler= Mercury, and this was aligned with the Nodes. A fatal incident! AND in opposition to Neptune with the South Node!. Both squaring the Moon - by sign, which was at the destructive degree of 19 Gemini. Sun-Jupiter conjunct, on the cusp of the 2nd House, point too to a large event, there the people will get hurt. Adding to these, Uranus in the house of death... and Saturn in the 4th... 

Using the same Libra ingress, but for Jerusalem, we see a different picture: 

And here are the news/

October 3, 2016 Monday

Yesterday evening was one of my happiest !!! We had the New years' meal at my place. And it couldn't have been merrier... 

We have no trade till Wednesday, but you there have, so here are a few things to pay attention to: 
The most important move of the month, is Mars entering Capricorn. It is very strong in this sign. I see markets are green. If you got my last report, you are celebrating! :) 
    I left the table of the planetary aspects, at the opening of the blog, so you can always check what aspect is in for the day. you can see, as of tomorrow mars squares Jupiter till the 8th. In the same time, there are more minor aspects, and I have not added the Heliocentric map, not to confuse you... SO while we are up, we flow... remember, to rally, it must go above former tops.. Till then it's just a correction. 
     And now it's time for me to go to the beach... It'll be very hot today. Many travelled abroad, to struggle with rain... well.. they left me the quiet beaches.. 
take care... 

Shana tova ve metuka
שנה טובה ומתוקה

October 2, 2016 Sunday

We celebrate tonight the New Year. I was wondering why do we say Have a Good - tova - and also sweet year? the explanation is, that we have to "know" = good, but also sense= sweet; the new year. Because if we only know something, that is with our mind, in order to penetrate, we have to feel it, so the word sweet must be added. Sweetness we feel with our sense of taste.... 
Cool ??

Then, the next question is, why do we dip a slice of apple in honey? 
I have been always doing it, but never asked myself, why... LOL... So now, I am 60, I can... 
And here is the link, that explains it better than I could. 

October 1, 2016  Saturday

So what is a NEW MOON? In astrology, it occurs, when the Moon conjuncts the Sun. As of that moment, for 28 or 29 days we have the lunar month, till the next one starts. 
In the Hebrew calendar it is not necessarily so. Example: today.. In the sky we do have the conjunction, but the calendar writes KAFCHET in ELUL, meaning, the 28th day of ELul.(month)... so we still have 2 days to go till ALEPH ( 1 ) in TISHREI. What is happening in the sky on Aleph Tishrei? or Oct 3rd? The Moon will be actually seen!! in the sky... It will depart from the Sun, and it will be 30° from it. 
The weekly Torah portion,( I am not religious, but this is interesting ), is "Nitzavim" in this story, the Bible tells us how the people should "behave" in order to be pardoned by God ( on Yom Kippur). 
On October 3rd, we shall write 5777. Still 223 years to go till the year 6000. 
But, if you look into it, different nations write and count different calendars, or have a different time system.. so who knows which one is correct? it is only an illusion. 

S&P: reached target I gave yesterday in the app: 2174, and fell. 
Gold: Also reached target 1313. 
Nifty: was difficult to trade, was running up and down 8580 which was the stop...Short target was 8550, then up; Finally closed at 8611.



  1. Evening Gabriella, I cannot download the android app. I got the message, no access for the country you live. I live in Suriname, South America.

  2. Hello Erik,
    Very sorry to hear! I will investigate this..and come back to you.

  3. Ok thanks for your reply and your wonderful blog.

    1. Hello Erik,
      Apple just updated the app, so Pls. check if it is available in Suriname.
      Awaiting your reply!

  4. Goodmorning Gabriella, thanks but I tried and the android playstore tells me that this app is not available in my country. You say that apple just updated but I have android.

  5. HI Erik,
    I checked with google, and Suriname belongs to the category, where you can download only free apps.
    So I wrote to google, let's see if they do something about it.

  6. Goodmorning Gabriella, Now I understand why I can download everything via playstore when I am in my birth country The Netherlands and when I am in Suriname not. Next year I am going to The Netherlands so then I can download your app and in de the meantime I will follow your blog.

  7. Ok, I wrote Google. they are working on it.. to add Suriname... but for the meantime, it's good to know you'll be in Holland.. so what do you trade?

  8. I prefer to trade the s&p, dax, oil and gold. But always with small amounts. It depends what is interesting to trade. Like yesterday you told there is a CIT. I look and saw silvrr low and oil high. So I bought short uso oilfund and long ishare silver. At the end of the day both were profit.

  9. Erik, I am glad you benefit from the alerts.
    What I cannot understand, why only 260 people downloaded the app? and not 150000? What else can I do, to make it work?

  10. Was it astrological a good date when you introduce the app. I looked at the stats and not so many people visit your blog everyday. Despite your blog has so many wonderful information it doesnot attrack the people. Astrology is not taken seriously by a lot of people especially financial market astrology. May be you have to shorten your daily comments by giving only financial info because your blog calls astrology and the markets. Show your prediction results so that people really see why they have to choose your app. Sometimes give clear tips on a populair index so that people going to believe you and buy your app. I have a facebook called: intelligentgreen permaculture suriname. I give tips for people how to plant, what to do. When they visit me and show the property it doesnot cost any money. But I sell plants and my experience is that people always buy plants before they leave. The compost and the plants are all made by myself. The pots I can get for free so I have less input. May be it is not exactly the same but I hope you can do something with it.

  11. Thank you for taking the time and answering.. Yes, it might be a good idea, to write only about the markets, but then there is not much to add every day..
    You are right, astrology, the one people read in the newspapers is rubbish, so not many believe in it, not to speak of the young people who trade, and think that they know everything...
    I upload sometimes the list of the alerts and the OUTCOME.. so people can see..
    I am rather tired to work so hard and have no income of it... I should just concentrate on myself, and that's it..

  12. Yes your predictions are very good so instead on focussing to sell your predictions focus on using your wonderful predictions and make money with it. Then you can share your predictions and have no stress if predictions come true or not. Because when people pay for your predictions they expect 100 procent correct. Every week you have the pressure to write the predictions. Why a lot of pressure and less income.

  13. I started to give these alerts and services after I understood that people "play" with a lot of money and have no idea how to read a graph..I try to help.

  14. Your goal was try to help people and till now you helped at least 260 people because of your app. If everybody in the world helps 260 people then we would have far more happy people than we have now. Go on with the good work and dont focus on quantity but go for quality.

  15. You are kind, Erik.... Thanks.

    1. Hi Gaby, thanks for todays post. It is so simple how you show the planetary calculations. Do you mean that you buy een short and a long position at the same time and if a planetary calculation has been reached that you cancel the loosing position. For example the s&p500, how long are your calculations valid. I mean if above 2127 is a long and the index goes to 2060 in about 2 weeks and over 4 weeks the index fell to 2100 and over 6 weeks it is again above 2127 is the long calculation still valid?

  16. Quality in life give so much satisfaction because it is based on stability, honesty and sustainability. That is what the world needs more these days than any other thing. At the moment most things are based on quantity which is very unsustainable. Thanks for al your sharings.

  17. Gabbi,
    i am from desert state Arizona; hot and dry all the age 70+ with medical problems it is Ok. reason, i wrote today is i heard from your todays note family is moving to USA. being in medical field i can tell you your daughter and soninlaw would love and enjoy medical environment in US THE BEST THAT IS ON THIS PLANET so they will enjoy and grandchildren will also. i also read you will relocate too !!! if thatis so even though i don't travel too much due to health but let me know if possible i might even visit you personally if you coming to usa and if by any chance,you are traveling to Arizona let me know i live with my daughter but still i welcome you
    i love to read your blog every day and i worry on saturdays when you don't post but you the best i know
    thanks for all that you do to keep everybody educated in Astrology

  18. Dear Vick,
    I quickly checked where is Arizona ... LOL... Well, my daughter will be in Philadelphia, and I see it is quite a distance.. But, of course, I would love to meet you! I think you follow me since the very beginning, isn't it? Vick? My daughter is also a doctor, but she is now on holidays, breast feeding her second child, only 36 days traveling with two so small kids, for the winter that is coming in those areas,... it will not be easy. That is why I am thinking of going too and help. But, they'll let me know if they need it or will manage. Now they are looking for a house to rent, and it is very hard to find a good place, close to the kindergarten. Yes, I am sure the US is the best and most modern place in medicine.
    On Saturdays I write my forecasts, which is very time consuming. At the end of the day I feel like a squeezed lemon, so that is why I don't write in the blog. I cannot sit anymore by the computer...
    I am happy you enjoy the blog, and read my Facebook posts also...
    I'll be in touch, as always..
    Happy days to you and family!

  19. Gabbi,
    they selected one of the best pioneering place in Medicine after Boston,newyork,yale and john hopkins , philadelphia has one of the Best medical institutions in country and i know first moving with Family,winter and with children it will be one of their biggest relocation of life but it will be worth it and i hope surely they will enjoy it. lots of things to do and enjoy in philadelphia but lots of traffic too.
    i do not have a Facebook account but just to follow you i might just have to start it.
    i one of your Twitter follower too
    thanks again,

  20. Zukerberg will have to pay me dividends on that! Vick...
    Thanks for the kind words...
    It's Yom Kipur eve here, dinner is in 1 hour, fast starts at 5:50 pm.. so
    Gmar hatima Tova... LOL... May all your sins be forgiven.

    Best regards,

  21. Hi Gaby, thanks for todays post. It is so simple how you show the planetary calculations. Do you mean that you buy een short and a long position at the same time and if a planetary calculation has been reached that you cancel the loosing position. For example the s&p500, how long are your calculations valid. I mean if above 2127 is a long and the index goes to 2060 in about 2 weeks and over 4 weeks the index fell to 2100 and over 6 weeks it is again above 2127 is the long calculation still valid?

  22. Hi Erik,
    You are welcome! I am glad you read it, and asked these questions.
    1) I do not buy both positions, just keep in mind, that below level X is a short. Or, one can even enter place a position, which if it goes to the different position, it will NOT be triggered, anyway.. The problem is, that when you enter an order, the "stop hunter robots" will come for you, and kill that position, and there is noone to ask for the money, because "they" will say, there WAS a trade there, but you were not quick enough.
    2) SInce these are intraday alerts, they are valid for the time I post. for that day. For log term forecasts, one can sign up to the weekly reports. But, here too , there is a "catch". For the outer planets move slowly, or don't move for a month or two, so they can be used as a long term triggers.
    3) the calculations are based on the planetary moves and cylces. And they move all the time! SOmetimes I even post the hour!!! I posted, because 10 minutes later it is not valid any more.
    4) So, as I always write: Eitehr one is a long term trader, and then he /she can afford deep stops= slow moving planets, OR, intraday trader and then jumps in and out of trade, on the 60 and 15 min. chart.
    PS. If once I felt remorse by earning money, clicking on ENTER, while others work 10-14 hours to make a living, today I understand, that this IS the hard work, an d not THAT! lol

  23. So if I understand correctly a short is placed below a planetary calculation. If it goes to the wrong direction then the short position will be closed and you entering the long position and if this goes into the right direction then you lose a small amount and win a large amount and per saldo you earned money

  24. Hi Gabby...
    Just wondering -if you've looked - what the planets may say about the election here in the US. Is it Clinton or Trump? But more importantly how does the market react to either victory? Hearing bearish under a Trump victory and bullish under a Clinton victory. I'm hoping for a Trump win but not at the expense of the market lol...only reply if you wish no pressure here!

    Tom in Michigan :)

  25. Gabbi,
    i also read Neptunecafe blog of mountain astrologer and it says No matter who wins USA is heading for another war or will be draged into one for NO reason??? is it worth going into Syria now when Assad and putin has destroyed everything and killed his own people by thousands if not millions
    is it worth it ???? and for what reason???
    i know American common people have been FED up with Washington politics but trump who downs every person who says something about him and does not like media or newspaper who criticises him !!!!
    do we really need an American president who can not even tolerate criticism??? but hey, who am to complain::: i know writings on wall Trump is going to win landslide and GOD BLESS AMERICA FOR NEXT 4 yrs
    NB;;; i hope i am totally wrong in my thinking because we don't need another war in our hands or anybody's hands because it only brings pain and misery into poor innocent children


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