New Moon in Scorpio, 2016

Between Oct 30- November 29

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Scorpio.... Is a sign that occupies the 8th house in the wheel. It is a sign of money, sex and rock and roll... well. maybe not the the last one.. Scorpio is a water sign. It is introverse, feminine, revengeful. Everything in the right time, at the right moment... Anything said or done is not forgotten and certainly never forgiven. Remember, in the former article I wrote, during the holidays, we eat apple dipped in honey, to activate one of our senses?? Well, Scorpio is the Queen of senses!! Scorpio can go very low to achieve his/her targets. can offer you money and sex, you name it.. and your services will be weighted.. Did I receive equally for what I paid for?? And the scale should be completely vertical... otherwise... You can never get rid of a Scorpio... Only if he decides so. 
Who is a Scorpio? Certainly, people born between October 23- Nov.22nd... when the SUn is in Scorpio, but not only.. If your Sun is in the 8th house, you'll get its attitude. If the Sun conjunct Pluto, too, also, if your ascendant is in Scorpio, and for that one must know the hour of birth... So there are many plain and hidden Scorpios... Only when we check the exact map, we know. And there are other things to look at as well.. 
Since I write this blog since 2009, You can find 6 other articles under the Sun in Scorpio New Moon.. At the left panel, archive. Maybe I'll link them here.. lots to learn!! 
2015;   2014 ;    2013 2012 ;  2011;  2010;

So let's look at this coming month: The Sun moves 30 degrees, Next New Moon will be at 7 Sag.. Mercury moves from Scorpio to Sag... Venus is now conjunct malefic Saturn, will leave it, and slowly join Pluto, for the worst. Mars will leave Capricorn, and enter Aquarius- fire in air!! a lot of action here... Jupiter will move just 6 degrees, still in Libra, trying to normalize things.. Saturn moves just 3 degrees,in Sag, and the rest will hardly move. Neptune will be more tight up with the South Node, in Pisces, nothing good can come out of this.. and this is a long lasting marriage.. And last, but not least, ruler of Scorpio, Pluto, is still at 15 degrees, opposition US SUN, bringing its slow but sure demolition. 
For outer planets even 10 degrees orb is used. If I only use 5 degrees, Pluto will still be in this malefic opposition till mid March, 2017, June 2017- January 2018. If I use a 10 degree orb, it'll linger there till Feb. 2020. 
So, any president will have the most difficult time...THis opposition is new, since USA birth, 1774. USA has never been under this aspect. Last time at 15 Capricorn was in 1770 October. 
Neptune was in Pisces only in 1852, and Uranus in Aries in 1932. 
We have planetary returns now, of these dates... 

November Calendar: 

November 30, 2016 Wednesday

We are after the New Moon, time to move on to the next article" New Moon in Sag." thanks for the company.. even if in the shadow... You are welcome to post, comment and I will answer if I can...
See you.. 

November 29, 2016 Tuesday

The rumor has it, that a commercial flight, with a football team on it, from Brazil, disappeared/crashed just now.. If this is true, (CNN has not reported yet, but it was said here on the news). I hope this is not true... We had enough disasters this Scorpio month... Just a few more hours and the Moon will be conjunct the Sun, signaling a new Lunar month, in Hebrew it is Kislev.- a positive one. Let's see... 

Meanwhile, we saw the markets correcting, yesterday, I mean the US markets, exactly, when the Moon moved to Sag. 
S&P rallied from 2085 to 2213.= 128 points. If you square root the numbers, you'll see, that we get Pi.. more or less... 
Planets' wise, that moon from Nov 4th till the 28th moved 300 degrees, Mercury 37° and Venus 30... The other planets made minor tiny moves.. 
So, let's see there will the planets be at the end of the upcoming Lunar month? Many changes are coming in the sky... so in the markets.. so stay tuned.. 
AEX: I have been following this index for a long time now... This is the 5 year chart

To trade it, you should sing up to the weekly forecast, since a 22$ price difference, not everyone can trade, and we have to look deeper... 
CAC: Looks the same as the AEX: 

FTSE: I posted in the application stop and targets, so you should be still in trade.. 

Today's aspects: 
Moon         135 Uranus        29.11.2016  3:43
Mars          45 WI                29.11.2016  6:11
Sun          135 Eris              29.11.2016  6:37
Moon         135 Eris            29.11.2016  7:14
Sun            0 Moon             29.11.2016  7:18
Moon          90 Node           29.11.2016  8:02
Moon          90 S.Node        29.11.2016  8:02
Venus         60 Chiron          29.11.2016 10:14
Moon          90 Neptune       29.11.2016 10:25
Sun           90 Node              29.11.2016 14:23
Sun           90 S.Node           29.11.2016 14:23
Venus         90 Uranus          29.11.2016 15:20
Moon          60 Mars            29.11.2016 22:58
Moon          30 Pluto            29.11.2016 23:47


Have you ever heard of the K-Index?? It's a first timer for me.. LOL... Here is explanation. 
In any case, we are up to graphs, and numbers... so DEc 7-11: look out for extreme celestial activities! 

On December 6th, there is a vote planned in Italy. I thought I wrote about Matteo Renzi in the past... but I did not.. Strange.. Maybe because I did not think, back in 2012, when he won the elections, that he will last. Well.. here we get another Gemini figure, Trump is not alone! I added Armstrong's post because it is relevant to the Italian elections.. They moved Berlusconi away, because he said he wants to take italy out of the EU, make an Italian Brexit, Italexit... and now, this preferendum, on December 6th. 

Gladly, we have a confirmed birth hour, from, so we can look into Mr.Renzi's chart. He is 41.91 now. He got elected in 2014, when he was just after his 39th birthday. As you can see, his Pluto and nodes are at 9 degrees, signaling a major shift in life at this age. Numerologically, he was also in his 1st year, of new start. Although he has a Gemini Ascendant, his Sun+Moon in Capricorn show a very serious young man, who is not afraid of hard work, and always pushes forward, never giving up. Looking at his vulnerable points, like the eclipses, etc... even he will not be able to stand up to the Uranian affect now in the sky. This is a transit map for Dec.6. Uranus, at 21in Aries will shake and move his career. The effect lasts a couple of months... so it will not be instant. 

Here is a name to remember! Thomas Edmond Price; as of today, secretary of health, nominated by Trump. We don't have the hour of birth, so here is his Solar chart, together with Trump's. 
Vulnerable points: 8 Cancer and 2 Capricorn. We can see, that they share the 16 Leo! Mars and Pluto.. very powerful aspect! 
Now looking at the composite chart: Sun-Pluto conjunct in Leo, they will bring extreme changes. 

Sometimes I write something and do not explain why. I do that, because I don't want evil powers to work against people, by pointing out their weaknesses.. . 
South Korea is also in the news!! In lack of birth hour, I must use Solar map: 
If anyone has her birth hour, I'll be glad to have it.. Being an Aquarian like her, It is hard for me to accept of she has been accused of. 

November 28, 2016 Monday.

Although I woke up before 6 am, it is already 9, and I have not yet looked at the markets.. Too busy reading and answering mails... requests, etc.. 

we are just before the New Moon, let's keep our fingers crossed no disasters in the last 2 days, just let the Moon move on to Sag... 
In the past I wrote many times about Trump. For the first time I heard about him, yeah yeah.... sorry I am not American, so I heard about him only when he said he will run for presidency.. So I analysed his chart, and wrote in August 2015, without, going into details, and explaining why and how, that he will win. Sometimes I think people read this blog to trade and are not interested in deep astrological explanations, since this might be chinese for what the average person knows on astrology. So I try to keep my chart analysis very simple, here in the blog. In a natal chart reading, it is a different issue, there, you get a report of 25 pages, and in the end your actually "MEET yourself". In any case, I wrote about trump on 4/28,16, May 4, 2016, 5/20, 5/22, 7/20, 8/5, 10/11, 10/19, 10/21,( I wrote, that the market will reach 2200); 11/9, 11/11, I wrote, that the last week of November will be dangerous for him, and we read about the recounting in Wisconsin... 
By the way, I wrote in May 20th, that Meryl Streep and Bob Dylan will have an exceptional year, due to transit planets effect on their SUN-Uranus natal position. And the outcome: pls. see links under the names. 
In the last 3 years, I mentioned, and analyzed Erdogan's chart, and the Turkish index for more than 10 times.. WHile in 2012-13 it ran up by 75%, being one of the strongest indices in Europe, it fell till 2014 from 950- to 630. THen i, in 2014 we saw again an up leg to 940, only to fall again, to 710 ish area.. Now it trades at 775. Will it rally again?? and when?? Pls. sign up to the weekly newsletter! find out in due time.. It trades now at a crossroad!

November 27, 2016 Sunday

I got a very good feedback from a natal chart reading I made in March. "You nailed it" "the date you wrote it'll happen, happened.." he wrote me.. Can it be better than that?? I read astrologers write on FB, that astrology is not for forecasting, but to describe one's personality.. etc.... LOL... I think yes, but after that one should be able to forecast upcoming events.. Otherwise what use is there? So this mail, made my day! I am happy. 
Let's look at the sky, what is happening today? First of all, we are before the New Moon, soon this article will end, and I'll start a new one. The Moon is still in Scorpio, and the evil is still goes on. People are still lighting fires and destroying our forests, houses, lives. More than 23 people were caught on action.. 
The good news is, that the government will pay for the losses caused by the arson/ fire, thus accepting, that it was a terror attack. 

In the US, in Wisconsin? I think, they are recounting manually the votes. There are some people who live in denial. Cannot accept what is already done.. But, this has to do with Hillary's Scorpio chart. A scorpio-born refuses to give up. It is like a "wobbly -man" LOL, first time I see this word.. In Hebrew it is called "Nachum-Takum".

Would you like to know, if you had Scorpion qualities, and where they manifest? order a natal chart reading! - Left panel - paypal.. I assure you, you'll be astonished. 

Our market will open in an hour and a half. I woke up before 6 am today... Plenty of time to catch up with mails, news. 
I also prepared the alerts for this day... so here is the sky now: 

TA25: the close was 1450. The index is pressed down by many planets. Multiple resistances at 1453,56-57-60. So only a gap up above 1460 will let it go higher.. 

I see some changes coming in the AXJO and AORD... Sign up now to the weekly forecast, prepare! and be ready. Know when and what to do. 
AORD: On Nov 10 I wrote: we are long above 5380. Since then you gained 4% ! Topped so far, at the given target on Nov 22: 5578, even higher! 5583. Now there is a strong support at 5560, let's see if tomorrow we'll have a "surprise" opening.. 

I just added a NEW SERVICE button : "Analyze a share". Look at the left panel. You can chose 1-2 or 3 shares that you have in your portfolio, and are stuck with ot, and need a quick look-at.. I use my 20 year knowledge, technical and astrological, to answer you the best I can. 
I mean stocks that trade in the US, and I can see data in Yahoo Finance or in Google finance. For other countries stocks, pls. send me excel csv. files the longest history you can! 
Success for all.. 

November 26, 2016 Saturday

It is Shabbat morning. The Sun is shining outside..No sign of rain... 
Here is the map of ongoing fires now, the 3rd day already... 


Fidel Castro died today, age 90. A piece of history is gone. He died a few minutes after midnight, so the chart is made for 05:00 Havana. Transit Pluto in opposition natal Pluto.. Few arrive to this aspect! Birth time is not sure... In any case, to see Pluto's affect, the time is not so important. 

YOu want to know, where will the S&P be till the end of the year?? How about the Crude oil, gold. or Nifty?? Sign up now, for the weekly reports!!! Don't be in the dark! 
click on Services, in the left panel.. 

November 25, 2016 Friday

Some celebrated Thanksgiving, yesterday, I wished you happy holidays!!! 
Unfortunately, here in Israel, we had a horror event, multiple wildfires occurred mostly in the north, in one of the most beautiful places, Zichron Ya'akov, and in Haifa, but not only there... More than 70000 people were evacuated, about 1000 houses were burnt down. 70000 dunams of forest.. Many of the fires were arson, and 10 people were caught.. What can I tell you?? Very very sad. 
I uploaded on my FB page charts and posts, regarding this fire. 

The sky is angry.. First, we have a planetary situation, when 7 planets out of 10 are in dry signs. Then, we have Mercury conjunct Saturn, in Sag- which cause heavy winds, and cold. So fire can extend quickly.
The arson comes under the Venus- Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. and the cruelty under Mars in Aquarius. 
As I wrote on FB, will Mercury will not move on, to Capricorn, we will not see rain. IMHO... but I can be wrong.. maybe the moon in Scorpio will already bring some wetness. 

I see the markets are green... so good trading! 

I have 10 different times for the USA chart.. It is very difficult to use it, with such a wide possibility. So I decided to use the one that Gann used, 2:13:30 giving a Gemini rising 5.07, and the Moon at 18.10 Aquarius.

So looking at this chart with today’s transit, we get a square from the Moon, at the time of the opening, and in a few days transit Mars will conjunct natal Moon, a date to watch!. Dec.3rd. Then more positions will back a turn.

November 24, 2016 Thursday 

If you do not know marin Armstrong, he is worth while reading! Here is one  of his posts I got today 

When I ask a question from a colleague, either they don't want to answer, or they don't know. SO I get answers like" busy now" will be back later.. or  read about this or that here and here...Seems, that i am the only idiot who gives free answers on the spot..and for free. Well, no more.. Sorry.  

OK. I think I can call it the " Fire intifada" . more than 22-25 areas that are on fire in different parts in Zichron Yaacov and in Haifa.. Russia, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and more countries sent planes to fight the fire... No success till now. At one 4-8 new fires start, it is obvious it is arson. Damn them whoever they are.. 

November 23, 2016 Wednesday

It is a day ruled by Mercury and Neptune. It is a turning day for the Gold and the Dax.
In my alerts on Nov 21, I wrote, that the trade range in the Dax is between 10655-10710. Closed yesterday at 10714... To be out in the safe zone, should go above 10810!.. 
Gold hit bottom at 1204 on Nov 18th, wiping out all the rally from ~ May 30- July 11~ .
42 days up and 130 days down.. I would stay out of the gold for the time being.. But, if you must.. then long with a stop at 1209. There is a strong resistance at 1215-16, next 1221.

SInce the Sun entered Sag. we have an " Italian" strike in the El-Al. They are deleting flights, or postponing.. 
A much bigger issue is a huge wildfire that goes on in one of our most beautiful towns in the north, in Zichron Yaacov.

Chart made for yesterday. when it started, it is still ongoing. We can see the Sun, mercury and Saturn in Sag., which is a dry sign, and indeed, we have 28 Celsius, summer is back. 
Mars is at 10 Aquarius, pointing to increasing winds...
We had a bigger fire between Dec 2-6, 2010, when lives were lost as well...The Carmel mountains fire: 

Then too, Sun and Mars were in Sag. and the Moon in Libra, all dry signs. 
We still don't know if it was arson, or some tourists' negligence.. In any case, it is horrible!
EL AL: share fell by 21% in 5 days... due to "Italian strike of the pilots" . this is a weekly chart.. the fall has just begun. 

A few days ago, I posted and uploaded a graph on Venus-Pluto conjunction affect on the Crude oil.
look here: in a few days, $7 gain, following the Moon! While Venus triggered, the Moon delivered. There must be harmony, ir order to get a good outcome. 


November 22, 2016 Tuesday

US markets made new highs yesterday... All the US indices reached targets given on Nov 16th. in my app. 
S&P: 60 min : we got new highs, in the price, but the MACD shows a negative divergence. When the RSI will also be negative, we will expect a correction. 
Nasdaq: target given was: 5370- closed at 5369.  Last 5 trading days the index rallied by 3.70%, but not so the volume! It was less and less each day!. People are afraid and are exiting. Match target for the cycle that started on June 27th, is at 5421. Planets are supportive at 5369.50, now it should go to 5371-75-76... Let's see if it goes beyond this strong resistance!!! Tighten stops! 

DOW: target given was 18978. So far it closed at 18957, Got a new high yesterday, but here too the volume gets lower! Stop should be at 18800 for intraday traders or 18400-17900 for those who can afford a deep stop. 

November 21, 2016 Monday

Today we are under the Moon and Mercury energies. it is also a 
cardinal point in the Gann wheel... it is a turning day. GMT:00:00

You can find the list of alerts under "Alerts" button... 

November 20, 2016 Sunday

A new week starts... Last week we had a consolidation, only minor moves in the markets.. Let's see if this week it will be worth while trading ? On November 23rd bank holiday in Japan, and on the 24th in the USA: Thanksgiving... On the 25th, when all the world returns to trade, Venus will conjunct PLuto, in Capricorn. But the most important move is that of the Sun entering optimistic Sagittarius...on Nov 21st. So, let's take it day be day... 
Our market is just about to open. There is a positive arbitrage, so they think it will be a positive day...
But the planets form several negative aspects, so let's see... will the negativity push the market up, or fool everyone? 
Our stop was 1431, target 1437. Only above this level it will be free to head higher. 


After my mom died, she left behind 500 or more books in Hungarian. Since I only read books on astrology these days, and have no time for old literature, I looked for people who would like to have her library.... I posted lots of ads, called settlements, that had hungarian residents, I called homes of old people, I called different towns' library, I called the Hungarian embassy, I called the Hungarian newspaper... No one wanted the books. So they were piled up here, in boxes.. One day someone called and asked if I still want to donate the books. I was very happy, said, yes!! of course!! Next, he came, and took all of them!! I was happy, that finally my mom's books will find the right place, in another old lady's library... But, I thought.. how much long she has?? to read all of them?? I thought they will take 1 or two boxes, but they took all the 15!!! A few days later, I got a message, of thanks, and how happy the old lady was to receive all the books... 
Today,  a misdialed call rang on my phone... it was the man who took the books. He was looking for Gabriella. So I answered.. But he was looking for the person, another Gabriella, who is in charge of a library... I got goose skin... I dialed back, and he told me, that two weeks after his mom got the books, and was so happy, she died in her sleep... just like my mom did.. and now, he is looking for a place to receive all MY and their library... 
Shocking.. isn't it?? 
I dreamt with my mom this night...  I think it was for the first time, since she left. 

Crude oil: Venus conjuncts Pluto each 366 days. See how it effects the Crude oil: we might get a new low by the time these two will hook up. 

November 19, 2016 Saturday

I want to show you how my alerts look like. This is what I sent yesterday: 

I read about the monetary changes that Mr. Mody did in India, fighting the black market.. Looking at India's chart, we can see the "revolution" under the Uranus 120° to the Sun, and the whole Leo stellium. Transit Sun in Scorpio ( money) was the trigger of the announcement, which was already planned for a long time. The people in a country's chart is the Moon, and transit Mars is exactly in opposition. 

However, the difficulty for india and Pakistan ( they have similar charts)  will be maximum when Pluto will move into Aquarius, as of 2025-2040. Watch what is happening in the USA, and learn, not to make their faults. 


I do have weekly reports on the Nifty and KLSE... for your info... 

For my visitor from Norway: Index forms triple top! till now it always fell from it... but none happened before X-mas... So this time it may go above.. I don't have excel data... So I cannot make a forecast. 

November 18, 2016 Friday

I see people are reading my blog from all over the world, which is great! If you would like to follow in in other places as well, you can find me on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn. Usually I am by the computer , PC, till 4-5 pm, and later in the night I look at the markets on my laptop. So from my laptop, I might upload graphs to FB, or Twitter, just the graphs, not too many words. 
Now, it is time to sign up to the weekly forecasts, which   I write during the week ends. Will we get a X-mas rally 
or not?? How high or low the indices will go?? Or the  Gold?? Also, a Natal reading for $200 will do no harm..
What has 2017 in its pocket for you ? 
2017 is a new start. Will we be like the Fool? walking to the edge of the cliff? without looking where we step? What is in front? Or will we listen to our instinct ( the barking dog) that wakes us up from our blind wandering? What is in the red bag?? 
More and more insights in the natal chart readings... 
News in the markets?? As I wrote 3 days ago, scroll down... People are waiting for a crash, that refuses to come... LOL... S&P made a new high: 2187, one of the targets given in the application. You still don't have it??? Well.... what can I say.. 
The sky today: the Moon is still in Cancer, good. 4 major planets are at the mid-signs... 

On these positions are my alerts based... Now switching to the app, to send you alerts.. 
See you soon. 
OK.... wishful thinking... I got this update from Apple: 

I can send alerts privately to you, if you send me a mail... to my gmail pls. - I see it on my mobile ! 

November 17, 2016 Thursday

I read now, that Leonard Cohen died by falling off his bed, and hitting his head, on the night of Nov.7th, 2016. Now, that we know at least the date of his death, transit Moon was on the Pleiades...- the Weeping sisters. It is also interesting, that his 8th house opens at 22° ( kill or get killed degree) Aries. (head). Next, transit Asc. is 180° to the "Point of death".

The markets yesterday traded in a very tight range,opened high, and then traded sideways...
So what's new in the sky??? La Luna moved on, now in Cancer... a sign she rules. We have now the Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury at early degrees, while Jupiter, Saturn Pluto and Uranus are at 15-21 degrees. So the trade range has widened. 
Example: Gold: trades between 1227- 1204
S&P: 2164-2181... 
will post more in the application. 

I received a few requests to analyse the Indian Rupee.I did that in the past.. Here is the weekly graph: trade range is between 66.1-69.20. Technical oscillators are weakening. falling below 66.1- will go to 63. Turning point around Sept 2017. On daily basis it should go above 68.30 for a long. YOu can use this as a stop for short. 

November 16, 2016 Wednesday

We got new highs in the US markets yesterday. It refuses to crash... LOL.... Today we are under Mercurian and Martial energy... and they are in sextile, again, a positive position... So, let's flow... 
TA25: opens with a huge gap up... 

November 15, 2016 Tuesday

It is again a turning day in the markets... Not only the Full Moon effect, but La Luna, just entered Gemini, shaking all up, confusing, and zig-zagging... I believe this Full Moon was not only spectacular, but also it brought some inner insight and deeper understanding of your lives, all of you, as I had it yesterday... 
The sky today: Highlighted Jupiter,Saturn and Pluto are the rulers... and will be the whole month. 

Sign up to the weekly forecasts, to know what is ahead!! 
I have been covering the banks since October..I hope you took the trade! 
GS: Double topped.. See alerts!!! 

I ran my software, to see who is under this Full Moon affect? here is the list: 
 * Prince Charles,(Sun at 22Sco, FMoon right in opposition... for the 10th house of career... Any news on him? Must check... I think a decision fell on his reign or not to reign... Full Moon ends things... ... I checked.. no news good news.. He just turned 68.. Happy birthday.

 * Proclamation of Palestine: Nov 15, 1988.
 * The Paris suicide attack, on Nov 13, 2015: Sun at 21 Sco... 
Here is a very useful site

People are writing about markets crashes... But what is a crash? technically, it is, when a major low is broken. For the S&P this means, it should fall below 1990, to talk about a crash...
Yesterday I sent alerts saying that 2162 is support...It is still above that level... A correction to 2126 will be still OK, and we will still be long...
Download my application, to receive markets alerts..

In April 2016 I posted the Juan/ $ I wrote, to go long above 6.4450 - Look where is it now ??!! 6.86!!! 

November 14, Monday

Outcome of yesterday's TA25 forecast: closed at 1432.36... Exactly the price range I wrote. 
I also wrote, that the planets are pressing down at 1432... 

Now' let's see, what is next?? 
We arrived to the Full Moon. Its powerful and negative effect we saw, in New Zealand! They got an 7.8 earthquake yesterday... I think there were no casualties, or I did not see any. 

I am sure many astrologers posted the chart of the event, since I did not forecast it, and it already passed, I will not bore you with it.
The important points to remember, are the eclipse degrees for the last 2 years. I have an excel chart for all the eclipses, so the Aug 18, 2016 Lunar eclipse ran thru New Zealand: 

The Lunar eclipse occurred on 25 Libra, on that day Sun was 120° to Uranus, yesterday the Sun was 150° to Uranus. So maybe under the next Sun-Uranus aspects NZ will get again some shakes??!! 

Dates to check: the highlighted are the more dangerous ones.. 

13.11.2016  0:00 (GMT+13) - 14.11.2016  0:00 (GMT+13)
12.12.2016  0:00 (GMT+13) - 13.12.2016  0:00 (GMT+13)
11.01.2017  0:00 (GMT+13) - 12.01.2017  0:00 (GMT+13)
10.02.2017  0:00 (GMT+13) - 11.02.2017  0:00 (GMT+13)
26.02.2017  0:00 (GMT+13) - 27.02.2017  0:00 (GMT+13)
14.04.2017  0:00 (GMT+13) - 15.04.2017  0:00 (GMT+13)
 3.06.2017  0:00 (GMT+13) -  4.06.2017  0:00 (GMT+13)
19.06.2017  0:00 (GMT+13) - 20.06.2017  0:00 (GMT+13)
21.07.2017  0:00 (GMT+13) - 22.07.2017  0:00 (GMT+13)
21.08.2017  0:00 (GMT+13) - 22.08.2017  0:00 (GMT+13)
20.09.2017  0:00 (GMT+13) - 21.09.2017  0:00 (GMT+13)
20.10.2017  0:00 (GMT+13) - 21.10.2017  0:00 (GMT+13)
18.11.2017  0:00 (GMT+13) - 19.11.2017  0:00 (GMT+13)
17.12.2017  0:00 (GMT+13) - 18.12.2017  0:00 (GMT+13)

DAX: made, after 92 days a double top at 10802!  So now, w a t c h   i t !!
FTSE: in the intraday trade it is forming a H&S pattern. Falling below 6730, will head for 6550-6460

November 13, 2016 Sunday

It's the 317th day of the year... ruled by the Sun and Venus. The Sun is at 21° Scorpio, in exact malefic angle to Uranus. While Venus just entered Capricorn. 
But, it is Jupiter, that is on stage now... see how many very strong angles it sends to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto? Jupiter now is at 13 Libra, on a malefic fixed star, Algorab. 
How about the Moon?? It just entered the sign of Taurus, where it is exalted, very strong. It is also Perigee, closest to Earth, and tomorrow it's the Full Moon everybody has been writing about. 
So based on all the above positions, and more.. for our market, that will open in 90 minutes, there is a great pressure down at 1425- 1432. Only a high opening, above these levels, with a big volume, the market will go higher. 

Weather here is fantastic! I spent a few hours at the beach yesterday, with a book. I can read only when I am out there, because when I am at home, I am always researching something and I cannot concentrate on books. 

With all the US election, I had hardly, or no time at all, to look at any other world events.... But, I see, that no peace broke out anywhere... Unfortunately.. 

Reading Armstrong's post, I bump into the name: " Kellyanne Conway". turns out, she was Trump's' campaign manager, the first woman ever to do this job for the Republican party. No wonder, the proverb says: "cherchez la famme" . Behind each successful man, there is a woman... 
Here is her Solar chart, in lack of hour of birth...most of her planets are in the last 10 degrees, pointing to an "old soul".. 

It is important to follow her, see where will she go from here? Important turn in life around June 2017. 
Here is her transit chart for the day of the elections: a lot of positive angles... tr.Mars on her Sun, in opposition to Jupiter, tr. Sun on MC.. etc. etc. And it is also interesting to see, that she lacks fire element in her chart! But with that strong Sun at the last degree of Capricorn? Who can argue with??

So let's see some charts..: 

Gold: It is now 330 days from the 2015 low... timewise this is significant, for a turn, but, as you can see, the trade range is very wide... The technical oscillators are weak. and only above 1320 it'll be a long.. So, stay out.. In the intra day level, thou, you can make a buck or two.. 

November 12, 2016 Saturday 

As usual, I write my weekly forecasts today. The most important event of the week is Neptune turning Direct on November 24th. till then, the whole week it'll be stationary, therefore very strong. So, if you wish to know more, pls. sign up to the weekly forecast, for $250 for 3 months. 

November 11, 2016 Friday

targets given yesterday in the application, were reached exactly.. Today is Veterans' day, so no trade... Time to rest.. What a hectic week! 

Sad news: Leonard Cohen passed away at the age of 82.14, in Los Angeles. Born in Montreal, Canada, on 21st Sept. 1934. Transit Saturn is at his Sun-Moon midpoint. 
I loved his songs... May he rest in peace. 

My friend, Olga Morales wrote about Trump, that he has a very specific planetary position in his natal chart: Jupiter and Uranus at 17 degrees, in Libra and Gemini..called it the Midas touch.  
Now I went forward with this thought, and to my astonishment, I find now, that transit Sun! on the day of elections was exactly trining both! Thus, help from the skies or a perfect timing... is added to the karmic change in USA history.. 
People born in the years 1945-46, had this planetary position, so Bill Clinton, Sylvester Stallone, George W.Bush, Cher, Candice Bergen... etc.. some names that popped out from my database. 
Another name popped out, I never hear of him, so I searched WIki... and you will not believe it!! Peter Sutcliffe, born June 2, 1946 in Bingley, England... Has the same Jupiter-Uranus trine, only that he is a serial killer!! LOL... 
What do we learn from this?? that not every angle works out in the same way for everybody... And we cannot just put a stamp and say, this is the Midas touch... There are so many things to check in the chart!!! It's an endless research.. 

November 10,2016 Thursday

Are we tranquille and calm already?? As I wrote ... watch "healthcare" and it rallied yesterday by more than 3%! =3.8
Watch these stocks, that rallied : 

News in the sky: Jupiter, at 13° Libra is approaching with a sextile Saturn, and squares Pluto. The Moon is still in Pisces. These aspects show us, that there is an exaggeration in feelings, overflow.. and this will not quiet down till Jupiter makes these aspects! 

The markets rallied yesterday. Here is the XLF: finally broke out of a dip, and now is heading to 23... at least...First target is 23.42, next 23.85- 24.39. SInce the markets are based on the shoulders of the banks, this is one of the most important indices to look at. 

FAW: is the "All world indices", someone asked me in the past, only stockcharts have it.. Trades in a declining channel, should go above 275 for a rally. I don't know of which indices it is based on... You, who trade it, would you like to assist with this? 
DOW transportation: IYT: 
SO , where ever I look, most of the indices broke resistance lines, and in spite of the protests now in the USA, not accepting Trump as their president... the markets are heading higher. 

I posted Goldman Sachs on Oct 26th, and 28th, stop was 172, next raised to 178- well, yesterday it hit 193.54! Double topped with Oct 2015 top, heading to 198-206 ( tecnically) Planets show a target till 195 only.. it would take a gap up to go higher! then 201.50-206-207.

Unemployment CLAIMS came out quite low... so nothing to stop the indices from further rally.

November 9, 2016 Wednesday

It is a day ruled by Mercury. Mercury in Scorpio, at 24 degrees now, is separating from the Sun, so gaining power! it is also 30° to Venus, and the Galactic Center. When a planet makes an angle to the galactic Center, or 27 Sag., this is a "fated" point... It is karma. What must be, happens. This is closely connected to the USA chart, that I posted here above, Pluto in opposition to USA Sun. Big changes are coming... 
The date is 9/11/9 today.... 9 is significator of an END, and new cycle, while 11 is a parallel that never ends and never meet. But, it is also the number of Aquarius, the revolutioner, the one that brings a dazzling future. 
Counting from June 27th low + 135 days = Nov. 9=- Major CIT! 
The most important angle in this chart, as you can see, is the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, that occurred only in 1934.
In this year, 1934, many things happened, but, the most important, was Hitler coming to power. Now I do not compare, God forbid! between trump and Hitler!! I just want to point out, that as Germany went thru a huge change during those years, so the USA will now. 

Looking at Trumps' chart for 20th January 2017: What we should know about Trumps' chart, is that his main planets are: Venus ( ruler of MC) by the way, his MC, at his time of birth was very close to the Pleiades, which, with time, moved to 0° Gemini!  There are some astrologers, that argue issues based on these... And the other planet is Uranus, that rules him. ANd we got a change... haven't we? Now looking at the transit for Jan 20th: The main aspect is transit Saturn in opposition Trump's Sun and Uranus. Venus, from H7, is in trine natal Venus, Uranus helps as well, all these and more point to a successful inauguration. In spite of the law issues he might have.. 
Very dangerous day/ week  for him is the last week of November!! 

So now, let's look at the markets.. They are falling. But interesting... today MARS MOVED TO AQUARIUS.! And this, and only this, that caused the fall. I have been writing about this for the last few days... This is a major move. 

Gold: rallies: still, technically, it must go above the declining trend line.. So after the universe will get used to Mars in Aquarius, this will return to its normal path.. 
EURO$:  It does rally, but only above 1.16 it'll be a clear long.. 
People were sent home... no speech from Hillary... ha... the Scorpio sting is still to come. 
Here is Hillary's chart for this moment... when Podesta sent the people home.. Transit Uranus is in exact trine to her Saturn (ruler of natural H10) bringing a culmination and end. Also see, transit Mars! at 0 Aqua- in 60° to natal Jupiter- here too culmination and fall. Her benefactor, Jupiter, is in the 8th house of life and death, transformation.. 

Back to the markets: Didn't a write a few days ago to watch out for a bull trap??? 
Alerts I sent on Nov.8, saying: S&P stop is at 2127, below it we put a sell order.
Nifty: Stop was 8480- targeting 8499, We had a sell order under 8480! and we went short below. Fell to 8000... I also wrote DO Not TRADE during these days! 
oh well... you never learn! 
Here is the whole list of alerts: 

S&P: target given yesterday, 2127 reached. Now we can move the stop here. Next up target 2129, 2139.. this will be another gap up. Failing to go above 2129, it’ll be a short. I guess markets will consolidate waiting for the outcome.
SPY: target given was 212.25, reached. Now at 213.15.- support is at 212.25 and short below. Only above 214.10 it will be out of a declining channel..
Nifty: gapped up today, and topped at 8536. Raise stop to 8480. Should go above 8499 to go higher.
KLSE: target given yesterday, 1659- reached, now the next target 1665, is a little far… Should stay above 1659 for a further rally!
Nasdaq: turned and ran to 5166. Here too we got a gap, which will be closed, and it will hurt.. Raise stop to 5165- or 5159… it’s be a hot short below.
TA25: now at 1409- support is at 1407, 1401
Nifty: Close 8543
Stop now at 8535! Long to 8547-8560-8569-8575
FTSE: Long stop 6700- target 6900
DAX: Stop 10350…if you must trade…

Markets are rebounding! S&P now at 2099- former top was 2175... 

I posted on FB, that the last week of November will be very dangerous for Donald Trump.
Why? because transit planets are in malefic positions. He should be very careful, and watch his back, specially of the people he is close to. His life is in danger. I hope I am wrong. 

Now I hear, will he build a wall to Mexico? or not?? The Peso fell... Well, looking at the charts of Mexico and trump, there will be some regulations, for sure. Trump's Saturn squares Mexico's Saturn... But there is a secret understanding.. Neptune-Sun conjunct. 
And now this: 
CNN - Russian President Putin says he wants to restore fully fledged relations with the United States after Donald Trump's victory.
" President Elect Trump spoke about resuming and restoring relations with Russia,” Putin said on state TV. “We understand the way to that will be difficult, taking into account the current state of degradation of relations between the US and Russia."
"As I have repeatedly said, that is not our fault that Russia-US relations are in that state. Russia is ready and wants to restore the fully fledged relations with the US. I repeat we understand this will be difficult but we are ready to play our part in it."

In the wheel : Putinka inner chart- Trump outer: a nice trine between their stellium. So why not work together?? 

S&P: is rallying since Mars entered Aquarius! 
EUro$: Which way should I go ?? 

TA25: made a flip-flop : We are long above 1405.
Watch closely the biotech: 

Neo Nazi party leader, Marine Le Pen congratulated Trump... French elections are coming up in April/ May 2017.. I will check her transits when we'll have a date. For the meanwhile, here is her chart. 
The first thing that I see, is, ruler of H3 Jupiter, at the last eclipse degree. in Virgo. I'll look further, but no doubt she'll be on stage, in the future. 

November 8, 2016 Tuesday

The DAY is here... Tomorrow everything will be more normal and quiet. WIll it?? Lol... no, I don't think so. I think the chaos will be bigger. Why? 
Well. you saw, that the FBI cleared Mrs. Clinton. The markets rallied. I posted, to look out for a bull trap. So far, if you were brave and went long, you gained. Technically there is a gap, which must be filled sooner or later. Planets wise there is a turmoil in the sky, not a quiet week or month.. Fundamentally, the elections will be under a Pisces Moon! ( as of 5 pm NY time) Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and when Neptune is around, "something is rotten in Denmark"... And there are other aspects as well, that contribute to the mess. 
The sky now: 
And at 11 pm NY time  Moon in Pisces, Neptune and the South Node in H8, Mars at the last degree of Capricorn where it is extremely strong, but in a day or two it'll pass to Aquarius, bringing a CHANGE... Not the mention Sun+ Mercury 150° bad ~ position to Uranus, the revolutionist. 

You cannot see in this simple chart, that the Moon will be conjunct Damocles, we all know the story, right? 
The Moon is VOID OF COURSE! Means, that nothing comes out of things that are decided/ happen during this time. Everything is reversible.
The point is, that a change is coming, no matter under whose hat. 
For intraday trade here is the list of the aspects today, NY time: 

Check out, the times when Moon and Venus will be 90 and 150 extremely bad- to ALGOL! 

November 7, 2016 Monday

We wake to an Aquarius Moon. In this sign the S&P tops or bottoms. But now, the East trades and they are rising... Oh yes... 
I watch the news, the FBI just cleared Hillary, in the last attempt to push her thru the winner line. How dumb they think are the people?? I must look up the date of the FBI, let's see what is happening there.. And here is what I have found... July 26, 1908, in Washington.
There is no hour,SO I made a Noon chart. 

Someone posted here, how the FBI uses astrology! This is interesting!! 
Let's see what is going on now: Inner wheel: natal, 2nd wheel Directed future: for today: Dir.Neptune and Moon are squaring the Cancer stellium. 3rd wheel transit for today: :transit Neptune is in a trine to the Cancer stellium. Which should be good, but not when Neptune is glued to the South Node! Also note Pluto in exact opposition! 
So it's Neptune always Neptune, that pops up when something "fishy" is going on.. 
But what do I know?? I am sure they have their reasons.. 

Let's concentrate on the markets, and make some money, out of the turns... 
Nifty is rallying, just as I alerted last week, we went long as of 8415... Now at 8504.. 
Will continue in the app... 

November 6, 2016 Sunday

Yesterday I spent the morning at the beach. This is the 

 best time of the year! The water is warm, and clean, it is like a mirror, no waves, Only a few people... quiet, perfect.. Then, a nice lunch in a good steakhouse with my son and his father, closing the day in the cinema... I was shocked to see how many people are out at 11 pm! Why do I sit by the computer day after day??? People are out there, having a life! LOL... So it was a good day. Another very nice surprize was, to hear, that my daughter took her son to the first music lesson. Oh, you don't know what this means for me! Before they left, I told her how talented he is, having a Pisces Moon. But I didn't have to tell her, we all saw, what a good feeling for rhythm he has, how he remembers the words of a very large variety of songs, and sings them... He always came to see me, and we played the guitar, and flute and organ... "Played" yes... but, it's a start! I sent him a guitar fru Amazon for his 2nd birthday. 3 days ago... You should have seen how he was shining!... A flute is on its way too... LOL... And grandma is coming in December :) . 
( toes and beach LOL
What is new in the sky?? We have a malefic Mercury-Uranus position, and the Moon is between Pluto-Mars, in Capricorn. This and a negative arbitrage, will certainly push our index to lower lows. 

TA25: closed at 1387.60 The arbitrage points to a low opening, at 1376. 

The picture speaks for itself! Falling from the declining support line, from April, it'll go 1353-1300.
CIT : NOV 7! Surprize up turn ? we shall see...
In 2013 the average daily trade interval was 9.82 points. In 2014:13.14; in 2015: 7:29; in 2016: so far: 16.57. Why is this important? Because if the close was 1387, we should use as a stop the average daily intervals, in this case, 1370- as a stop. Not everyone can handle such a deep stop!. Any other ideas?? 

Another interesting thing is: the top was on July 30,2015, at 1728.89. If we add up the number, we get 8, which is ruled by Saturn.And on that day, Saturn was squared by Jupiter! A very rare position. This triggered a top and fall ever since. In a few days, Jupiter will sextile Saturn, so watch it... 
Here are Jupiter- Saturn cycle dates: 
29.07.2015   7.08.2015 
15.03.2016  - 31.03.2016 
17.05.2016  -  1.06.2016 
29.11.2016  - 23.01.2017 
These are culmination dates, of course the effect is felt much before! 

November 3, 2016 Thursday

And the leak was found! markets turn into major shorts.
I think the best picture that we are getting is in the index of Milano: On June 24 if fell sharply by 15.6%! On that day, Jupiter trined Pluto, ( Now it is approaching a square), Saturn squared Neptune ( now it is separating from a square), and Mars 150° Urannus., also Venus was 135° to Mars. The other aspects are gone. 

back in June, during Brexit, I wrote, that no matter who wins, the Pound will fall till November. Now it is November, and it is reversing.. SIgn up to the application, to receive these alerts! 

WFC: is firing 5000 workers. The share declines from July 2015. Now at 44, falling next is 38- 37, which will only be 1/3 correction of the 2009-2015 rally. We are short here

On Oct 27th I wrote to watch SDS! SInce then it went up by 5.20%. We are long here, with a stop at 16. 

November 2, 2016 Wednesday

Besides the Moon nothing moved. She' entered Sag., and for most of the indices, this meant a further fall. When there are no strong angles in the sky, to support the markets, then, they just find the leak, and fall. The question now is, will they fall below former lows?? 

November 1, 2016 Tuesday

Tuesday is a day, when cinema tickets are reduced to $2.5 instead of $10- for senior citizens... As of 62 years old, for women... I am not in this category yet... But all my friends are going to 3-4 films on this day... 
It's 8 am, I woke up, as usual, at 6:15 today too... we have winter clock now, so it is already light outside, but gets dark very early. 
It's Halloween in the US, and my little darling grandson dressed up as  a pirate... Waiting for pictures! it was his first day in kindergarten yesterday, all in English, he couldn't understand a thing... So, his mom stayed with him for half a day. I think it is wise.. until he finds his place. He will be 2 in two days. I missss them ... OK... 

Today is also a day, that is ruled by Mars, and Jupiter. There is no news in the sky... I worte yesterday, that this week we are due to a consolidation, so it makes me smile, when I read, that people were waiting for a strong opening, and trade yesterday... One should search answers in the sky.. 
TA25: 120 minutes chart: I sent alerts that we are short. and we are... 34 days today from the last top- see the symmetry? 

Listening to Mozart, click on the link, and listen with me... and uploading some charts, so look here: GILD has earning report today. "Born" on Jan.22, 1992 at 9:30 NY, has a Pisces rising, and a Capricorn stellium. Earnings, is Mars, Ruler of H2, and this is at 9°51 in Cap. Transit Sun AND  Neptune are at 9 degrees! both sextiling Mars. Sun is bad in H8, Neptune is in H12, worse. so I think it will be a negative announcement here. 

Trade wise it is a short.
EIX: Also has earning announcements before the opening.. Now this is a strong share, rallying since 2009, by 326%, from $18- to $77. "Born on Jan 2, 1980, 10:00am NY, this chart looks better, but, there is a partnership problem , that will culminate in the next weeks.. 
Next, transit Moon, before the opening will be in opposition to the Pleiades! bad timing for any announcement. 

Trade wise 73.4 is the stop. we are short below it.

FB: earning tomorrow. it was born in Taurus. I have no doubt that astrologer was consulted when they launched it... I wrote about this in my blog. In any case, FB rallied in 1447 days from $17 to $133. The trade range is between 127-139. 

HerbaLife HLF: Could not find the first trade date. In any case, the company exists since 1980, its founder died at the age of 44.. and they are pyramid selling, I think you know what that means.. I never got into it. Nor their products. The share is a in short, with a stop at 69. 
BABA:  Earnings on Nov 2nd. Watch out for a surprise! Uranus is in opposition Mercury.
Listen to more beautiful music! 

Graph: Closed at 101, that means, that is is pressured down to 100-99.. falling lower, next: 87.

October 31, 2016 Monday 

I just uploaded, here above the calendar of November.... My students will know how to read it. I shall relate to these aspects as we get into November.. Note, that I added the angles from planets to malefic fixed stars: Algol and Antares. There are more, much more bad fixed stars, but I don't want to mix you up and make a jungle. There are hundreds of aspects daily, we have to chose the ones that move the markets. 
Yesterday we switched to winter clock. It is dark early.. :( 
This week the planets are standing and waiting to see how we little creatures down here behave.  In the fundamental world we have the Fed. funds rate, on Nov 2nd,  last unemployment claims, on Nov 3rd... so till then I don't see any harsh steps.
In the planetary world, up there, nothing moves this week, except the Moon. So besides new electoral scandals, that are pouring in by the minute... no news.. LOL... 
Comey: I analyzed his chart in July I think... yes, on the 15th, and I wrote , that he has very difficult transit aspects. 

TA25: target given yesterday was 1407, closed at 1406.49. 
Now, I shall start sending the alerts for different indices... so see you later.. 
Banks are very important in all the countries. They carry the "burden" of the stock market. If they are weak, or falling, they signal for a whole correction. So I looked at the followings:

I posted GS on FB: here is the update: If you are up to losing 4% and wait to base itself on 170- you are welcome. The technical tools point to a correction. 

Bank Leumi :( local bank)
Forming a Head and shoulders pattern, targeting 1230. Falling from there, in 2017, will go to 800 

BSESN: last alert was on 10/24; we shorted below 28225. Check out the app for further alerts. 

SSMI: The swiss index behaves strangely... While other indices double topped with former tops in April or June 2016, this one lost 23% since Aug 2015:

October 30, 2016 Sunday

US presidents in Scorpio: Theodore Roosevelt, John Adams, James K. Polk, Warren G. Harding, James Garfield.

Trump is a Gemini, and before him were only two presidents under this sign: JFK, and George Bush. 

Markets: each market with its own data, of course. Since only we have market today, let's see: TA25: topped on July 30, 2015 at 1730, Now it is at 1423... 459 days from the top today, 307 points.. that is 0.66 point per day, if it would be a math calculation, but it is not. It is up to the planets.. What happened on July 30th, that led to a culmination and a fall ever since? Jupiter was square Saturn..  So I should check if this cycle works.. But I cannot, because the index doesn't have a history, it exists only since 1992. We should have at lease 30 years, better 90... when Saturn is involved. 
DOW: Like the USA, its Sun is in Cancer... SO Pluto has major effect on it as well. 
Others to watch out of this opposition: Ringo Starr, Harrison Ford,Sylvester Stallone, George W.Bush, O.J.SImpson, Camilla Parker Bowles, Cat Stevens, etc. 

Another earthquake hit Rome, just 2 minutes ago.. and a strong one too. 6.6 magnitude!.
Follow this guy !!! He is very good 

Groups that did well until now: Use this site to pick a winner, if you must trade a share!

During my trading years, I found that it is better to trade indices, which have high volume, and go somewhere, than to be stuck with a share for ages..