New Moon in Pisces, 2017

Between February 27 to March 28, 2017

Monthly aspects

Thanks for following me from the former article. 

From the above table we can see the most important moves in the month. The long red lines are the most important... Jupiter will be again! in exact opposition to Uranus, and between March 23-31 it will square Pluto. This does not happen for the first time, nor the last, since Jupiter is in retro and will return to the same positions, once it'll turn Direct. 

Let's see where are the indices, at the month opening? 
S&P: all time high, at 2367. Dow: 20822, Nasdaq: 5845, Dax and 11804, AXJO: topped at 5833( builds an M pattern); so is the AORD. Italy topped in January, since then could not go higher, nor lower than former top/low. Same with the FTSE (UK). Turkey is building a double top with 2015. Nifty builds also a double top , but with 2016; HSI as well... 

As I wrote in my former article, about the Solar eclipse, the MAIN trait of this eclipse is mist, fog and steam... Imagine yourself in a sauna... Can you see or hear clearly?? Are you sure what you see or hear?? NO! That is the feeling that accompanies us till mid March at least.. 

Have you seen the confusion in the Oscar? ~ first sign.. 

March 27, 2017 Monday 

Time is flying... only 3 more days in the USA...Sorry for not writing here more. I can hardly find time to write my reports and alerts... I shall be home Friday, and things will flip-flop back to normal. 
I think I lost weight... LOL... 
Since I left, March 9, the Moon moved from Leo to Aries.. Now we have three planets and the two luminaries in Aries. A lot of energy... For the TA35 it brought a fall.... and a reversal, but not convincing enough... so far. So in the DAX.

This month has passed as well, and we shall turn the page, to "The New Moon in Aries" .
Since Feb.27th, the S&P made a top and fell by 3.20%; so we had a culmination under the Pisces New Moon! from March 6, 2009:666 to 2400, on March 3, 2017, in 2919 days... Is this the end of the rally ??? From March to March.8 years. 1734 points. 
So follow me, and we'll see :) ; spread the word, bring your friends! 


March 20, 2017 Monday... 

As you can see, I am very busy, lol... no time to post. But I sent out the forecasts, so job is done :) 
Life here happens around the kids. They are so sweet, I don't feel how days pass. The weather is better as we enter the Spring, and the Sun just slipped over to Aries. 

For the markets this means a major CIT. each with its own natal chart... for some it means a rise, for others a fall. 
The Moon, on the other hand just moved too to Capricorn, so this might balance the markets a little bit... Any announcements, to spoil the silence? no, nothing interesting. 
TA35: is a long now, above 1420. 
Euro$: also a long above 1.063.
Gold: is a short below 1237.

March 17, 2017 Friday

On January 25th I analysed mark Rutte's chart, and I wrote that he has a very good chance to be elected. And he was. 

March 15, 2017 Wednesday

Ok.... another day inside. Outside is minus 4 or 5, we cannot drive anywhere... Yesterday there was no kindergarten, so it was an indoor day.... Today, it's different. 
We went out in the afternoon, just to froze my ears off, but finally we found a bar open, and we warmed up with a burger, chip and beer. No wonder Americans are so huge, I mean so fat... All this junk food... what else they can be?? 

Last night I wrote the DAX forecast, if anyone interested.... 
Today, at 2 pm; FOMC... interest rates. SO I would advise you to stay out of trade... 

March 14, 2017 Tuesday

during the night it snowed, and I woke to a white world. 

It is  nice... from a heated and warm house.. Less from outside. 
I see Nifty just hit the target I gave last week, in the weekly report. 
The S&P : technically moves between 2354-78; planets' wise- 2367 is a strong support..

March 13, 2017 Monday 

I have no time to write or do anything, except play with my grandchildren. I hope you understand.. 
I see market is waiting for me... :) 

March 11, 2017 Saturday 

We arrived to Philly. from 30 Celsius heat, to minus 4. But, meeting with my daughter and grandchildren warms my heart. How much they have grown! LOL.. only 2.6 years old... so not so big... and the small one , she's 6 months old. 
The time difference made me wake up at 5 am; and I worked on the reports. 

March 8, 2017 Wednesday

On this day, in 1618 Johannes Kepler, discovers the third law of planetary motion... What were the first two? no idea... If interested, google it.. 
On this day, in 1702, Queen Anne becomes Queen regnant of England, Scotland and Ireland, till 1714. It is fascinating to read the English history.
On this day, in 1817, the NY stock exchange was founded....
On this day, in 1844, King Oscar I, ascends the thrones of Sweden and Norway... Now what do you know of the history of these countries?? I bet, nothing... Unless you are born there... I visited both in the past, I think Norway is the most beautiful place I have ever been... well, I was not everywhere!! But of what I saw.. I urge you to take a trip in August to Norway..
Then, on this day, in 1920 the Arab kingdom of Syria , as a modern state??!! is established... well well well... what do you know? 
And March 8 is the international women day... so go out, get a gift to your ladies.. 

As I wrote yesterday, the markets quieted down... S&P traded between 2367-75. 7 days passed from the top... The Feb 28th gap is closed. Now what?? 

I have to pack... See you later. 

iMPORTANT: MOON positions for today intraday trades gmt+2

8.03.2017 13:42:54 27°07'01"Cnc Quincunx Saturn
 8.03.2017 16:59:12 28°59'20"Cnc Square Mars
 8.03.2017 18:45:23  0°00'00"Leo <<<

March 7, 2017 Tuesday

We got some correction last night in the US markets.. Since Nov 9th low, the S&P gained 15.30%, which is great! Now, the question is, have we seen the last top till autumn?? YOu will find answers in the weekly newsletters. 
From 2083.89 topped at 2400.79. hmmm... 317 points in 117 days, 2.70 points per day.. 
Or, from 1810- Feb 2016 low, to 2400: 590 points in 385 days...1.53 points per day. 

DAX: from FEB 11, 2016: 8699.29 to March 12074: 8.76 points per day. 
While the US markets make new historical highs, Europe failed, so far, to do so. 

News in the sky: the Moon moved to Cancer. We shall see some stability today. waiting. Any announcements? Yes, Germany, at 9 am; 

Sept 17, 2017 the German elections will take place. As I read now it will be between Angela Merkel and Martin Schultz.
I will look at the charts, and see what I think will happen... I wrote about Angela Merkel many times before, you are welcome to search the blog. 
There is no time of birth for mr. Schultz, so I doubt I will look at the charts... I posted on FB, if anyone knows... 

March 6, 2017 Monday. 

Yesterday I saw an excellent movie, "Perfect strangers" It is a MUST SEE film... I enjoyed it very much... 

Today is the 65th day of the year, ruled by the Moon and the Sun. The Moon is at 25 Gemini and will be VOC, between 10:22-14:54,(gmt+2) so not a good time to make decisions.. The Sun at 15 Pisces with Mercury conjunct, both leaving a conjunction to Neptune. Slowly slowly, some issues that were in a mist, will clear.  But not completely, till the SUn and Mercury are in Pisces. We are still in the sauna... Scroll up, see what I wrote at the opening of this article. 
Venus is still stationary before turning retro.. I read in the FB, that people " are losing their minds" over this retro... Now 1) I don't understand why one has to pump in hysteria? and
2) what is wrong in Venus in retro?? It does it every 1-2 years, and we are still here... On the contrary!! Venus returns from Aries- where it is weak- into Pisces, where it is excellent.. SO what's the fuss??? 

The East is mostly green. 
Except Thailand and Japan
SET: triple top, we are short here. 



On this day, in 1475 the great Michelangelo was born. He lived almost 89 years! Which, in those times, was incredible... During these years he produced the most magnificent paintings and sculptures, a must must see, while one is in Italy.. 
And interesting!!! He was born with a stationary Venus in Aries... just as we have now... venus in Aries is weak, in astrology it is called "in Detriment" so how do we explain this?
Such a great artists, with a weak Venus? (ruler of arts!) ? 
A bad Venus can point to homoxesuality, what he was..He also had Chiron conjunct, elevating this issue. 
Then, if Venus gives no answers on his art, we go on, and search for other planets. And, as the proverb says " search and thou shall find"... we see that he had an Aquarius Jupiter and Mercury, which gave him the genius spark. ( in green).

The outer wheel in the time of his death, at the age of almost 89, transit Jupiter+Saturn and more aspects.... brought the stroke. 

March 5, 2017 Sunday 

Beautiful weather outside!! I am having my morning coffee, and catching up with the news.. yesterday I took out my suitcase, wondering what should I take to the trip... And I decided... money.... LOL... I'll buy in America stuffffffffff.... 
I was always a light traveller, taking the minimum... 
There is so much turmoil in the United States, I hope my trip will be smooth.. 
In any case, market starts in 20 minutes... so let's see: 
Insurance companies rallied most over here... 11.58% since Jan 1st. I already wrote about this, we only have 4-5 insurance companies in the country... Next was real estate, with 11%.
and the last was Biomed, with Minus 11.53%....

What is new in the sky?? 
The only NEW move is that of the Moon, it is in Gemini, will bring a lot of nervousness to our market. The other planets barely moved, during the week end. We still have the Jupiter-uranus-Pluto TSquare  (red), and Mars makes today and exact trine ~120~ to Saturn (green). This should calm down issues in the world, if only for a day or two, we all need it. 
In my weekly report I wrote about the upcoming changes in the sky, those will define the next weeks' moves. 

TA35: 10 minutes graph: has been falling lately.. 
Some other indices... I have readers from Saudia, Dubai, etc.
Bahrain: is building a head and shoulders pattern, which will be waived only running above 1400 lish levels.. 

UAE: is supported at 3000, long as long as it is above it. 

KUWAIT: is a long above 6700 

SAUDIA: is a long above 6810

Did you know, that thee is an index called " world index?" 
pretty choppy, I would say... I don't know of what it is formed, but here is the graph: 

OK... market starts.. see you later. 

Never forget what Socrates said!!! 

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.

here is another proverb, that I like: 

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants".
Turnד out, that this proverb generates from the 12th century... read here /
Thanks to my friend, Yuval Meir Zapphir, for sending me the link on FB.. 
As I said, there is no end to know more... and at the end we die ignorants. 

Making a salad in Israel: when I want to have a salad beside the meat and potatoes, I buy a kilo of cucumbers( 10-14 pieces), half a kilo of tomatoes, 3-4 onions, and I cut them with a slicer, add vinegar, a little water, a little sugar, salt, pepper, and it's ready.. And it costs me tops tops 2-3 $ .
To make the same in the USA, one has to open a retirement fund.. my daughter tells me. ONE, UNO cucumber costs 3 dollars?? don't you grow vegetables over there??


March 4, 2017 Saturday

Yesterday, approx. at 1 pm, the Eurozone voted that the Americans must have VISAs to enter the European countries... By this suicidal decision, they now put the last nail in the EU coffin. 12 million Americans visit the EU yearly. Now, they will "make America great again" and travel inland...
Looking at the EU map with yesterday's transits, we can see transit Uranus and Mars in the 9th house of foreigners, and law. With Uranus and Mars in the 9th house, they made this impulsive, rushed action.
In the 7th house of partners and open enemies,  transit Sun and Neptune, Mercury and the south Node, in action.. 
But now, that I am looking at this chart, it is not a surprise, to see, that the Eu' Sun, is at 8 degrees Scorpio, and where was the last Solar eclipse? at 8 Pisces... BINGO. 
I made a lot of black arrows to 24 Gemini, which is the Asc/Mc midpoint, vital point in every chart. And we can see, that Saturn, (law and restriction) is in opposition to this point, from the 5th house of entertainment. Also at 30 degrees to natal mars, ruler of long trips.(H9).
Saturn is on the Galactic Center, so it is a "fated" decision. 
Also, Venus was stationary. William Lilly wrote, that when a planet is stationary it is weakest. Venus rules the 10th house~ the government~ of the EU. Transit Venus was in the 8th house of life and death, at the time of the decision. (approx.1 pm... I don't have the exact 
After studying the Hellenistic time lords, I also found, that the timing was "ripe" for the worst, this time, to arrive to this decision..The EU is under Sag. main period and Sag.sub period. Sag. is the 10th house in this ZR study, and the decision was taken under Sag. sub period, which started exactly yesterday. As we know, Sag. rules laws. 

how about the Euro/Dollar? is it turning?? 
SIgn up now, for the weekly report.. for $155. 

what abou the GOLD??? 

March 3, 2017 Friday

Current celestial positions: 
Yesterday we had a Sun-Neptune conjunction, and an ongoing, for weeks now, the triangle, Jupiter-uranus-Pluto, T Square as it is called in astrology, to which we can add the trine ~120~ from Mars to Saturn. These major positions define the action in the markets. To these, of course we can add a bad MeRcury in Pisces, and Venus turning retro, the final straw being the Moon's position. 
Based on the above, for ex. the EUROSTOXX50 reached new high.. Our stop was 6440, now at 6657. 

Yesterday I sent many alerts.. 
Yesterday also Snapchat SNAP, started to trade, started at $17- ended up 50% higher.. 
The traders made the owners very rich... let's see if it'll last.. That Sun-Neptune conjunction tells me that there is a lot of hopes and fakes around, not just about SNAP, about everything...
Now look at the " coincidences" . SNAP started to trade on March 2, 2017, that adds up to 6, ruled by venus, which was stationary-retro. The opening price was 24.42 = 6/6 again.. 
Trade hour was at 11:20 NY time , which puts the Ascendant in Gemini,ruler of which is Mercury, weak, bad in Pisces.. AND conjunct Neptune. It was also Mercury hour... 
SO what do we learn from these two small issues? The two rulers of the share are weak. IMHO/ What does anyone else think ?? 

Here is an excellent market analysis,by my friend, William Stickevers.

I think, I will be able to advise on certain trades in due time, for people to surface the upcoming changes, which are inevitable, but if we know how to navigate in this labyrinth, we shall survive, and come out victorious...also, profiting from different trades.

So stay tuned... 

March 2, 2017 Thursday

Wow!!! What a rally yesterday!! New highs all over... :) The Moon is still in Aries, in one hour she'll pass on, to Taurus, where she feels best, it is exalted, and a CIT is expected. 
What else?? 
Venus is stationary, before turning retro. This is main event... From 13 Aries it'll slide back to 26 Pisces till April 15th... 
Meanwhile other planets will also move, so watch out for a CIT... 
The Moon is VOC- till 9:43- my time... so not a good time to make any decisions.. 

On this day, Smetana, the Check national composer was born. I like his"Moldau"...listen... 

March 1, 2017 Wednesday

We wave good bye forever to february 2017, and welcome March. March, in the Hebrew calendar is Adar, a happy month, so to say, it has Purim in it.. 
Here is a link, some of the written is new to me too... to understand better the meanings of this month and date. 

Let's look up to the sky and search for something that was not there yesterday. The Moon moved on, now at 15 Aries. La Luna is approaching Uranus and Mars. It'll conjunct at  8:30 pm my time, that is still under US trade. I wonder if there are any announcements today? let me check.. 
And of course.... LOL... the Beige book! Well, SIT ON YOUR HANDS! Not a good time to trade. 

People born on this day: Chopin, Itzhak Rabin, and many others.. 
Did you know, that Chopin was born in Poland? He was a child prodigy. It is fascinating to read his wife's biography... ; there is an asteroid called after him, no. 3784.... I will have to look that up. He wrote beautiful music, mainly during his exalted and eccentric life with his wife, they had 2 children, and he died of tuberculosis at the age of 39... What a loss, at such a young age.. 
Here is his chart: inner wheel birth, outer death. 
From his natal chart we can learn of his genius ( Sun+Venus+Pluto in Pisces) Great inspiration... Mercury, ruler of his chart, in Aquarius, adds to his genius. Reading his biography we learn that he was "fragile" (Ruler of house of health: Uranus weak by house and retro, in spite being exalted in Scorpio) and Saturn conjunct to Neptune, the sneaky silent killer, which at 9 degrees, points to his death at the age of 39. 
I listen to his music at least once a week... When I played piano as a child, I loved playing his sonatas... 

OK.. market starts in 3 minutes... let me see/// 


I am keeping sending alerts, but I am not sure how many of you use it?? 

WHile most of the alerts come up with an error in sending??!!! Even those that were sent, are not watched or opened...
SO maybe I am wasting my time, big time.. 
Let me know, if to continue this service or not? 
President Trump mentioned in his speech Ryan Owens/// I had to search him... so here is his chart: He has Mars-Jupiter conjunct in Virgo, pointing to him being in the military, or choosing this career. When transit Mars on January 29th made a disharmonic angle to this couple, he found his death. rather unexpected... 
He had a very strong character, (Moon conjunct Pluto in LIbra),and very good looking due to this...  and using a solar chart, these two are in the 8th house of death.with transit Uranus in opposition. No one can stand against a bad Uranus position. 

He left a wife and three children. 
May he rest in peace... 


February 28, 2017 Tuesday 

We wake to an Aries Moon. This will shake up everything.. and new energy is pouring in. For some indices is bad, for others is good.. As usual. 
Our index is waiting to open positive, under a good arbitrage. 
With multiple planets in Pisces, we should look more closely to the oil.. It made a low on Feb.8th, at 51.20, and since then~ 14 trading days~ it is crawling upwards. Tomorrow is CIT. 
US markets made a mini new high, I think they are waiting for today's announcement. 
Trump is supposed to say something...About Obama care, next on, we'll see... However, I don't trust anything till mid I wrote yesterday. 
Yesterday I sent 10 alerts on different indices. Milano rallied! hope you were in the right direction. 
By some time lord calculations I use, today it's time for the S&P and Putin. So let's listen to the news... 

Here is an interesting graph I have found..: 
in 100 years, there were scarcely 10 years of bear years... This shows, that the stock market is always looking upwards and not down. If you are a long term trader, 10/90 % calls will win. 

No automatic alt text available.

I want to add something about the SOlar eclipse...I wrote, on Feb 27th, in my former article, that it belongs to the Saros cycle no.140. Each 54 years the same "eclipse family" will pop up. So we had a Solar eclipse on Jan 25, 1963, which belonged to this same family, like today's 
here is the chart of 1963

And 2017: 
As you can see, the exact same areas were hit. To know what to expect in 2017, or what CLOSURE we will get on anything that began in 1963, we should look up the history of these nations, South America, mainly, and compare. 
Second, we can raise our eyes to the rest of the world, and check there as well... 
We should look a year before and after.. 
So in 1962: The Pope excommunicates Fidel Castro. in 2016 he died. 
Cuba and the Soviet Union sign a trade pact and USA announces embargo against . In 2016 Cuba and the USA approach... etc. 
.North Yemen, civil war- Yemen is today in war again. 
Oct 22, 1962 CUban Missile crisis.
January 29, French President De gaulle, vetoes the UK entry to the European Common Market.- Today we have Brexit. 
NOV 22, 1963, J.F.K. is killed.
and many more events... You can read them and think, try to figure out... what will get to a closure, and what will wait another 54 years? 

CANF: comes out with a good announcement... first target is 3.15

Following shares show a positive premarket opening: 

February 27, 2017 Monday 

We are under the Moon in Pisces and Jupiter in Libra and retro, affect. 
Bitcoin: I posted in the past about it... Now, it seems it is hitting double top as well. As you can see in the graph, I alerted in Oct.2016, to go long above 645... There was no request for it, so I did not relate to it more. In any case, if you trade it, now the stop should be at 1150.
For intraday traders, it is now a short below 1182. 

People born on this day: the phenomenal Elisabeth Taylor, Chelsea Clinton, Steve Jobs, Einstein. and probably many more..

Here is some pepper and paprika to add to your knowledge on Pisces: As per the late world famous and highly estimated astrologer, Diana K.Rosenberg, the following degrees in Pisces MIGHT!!!!! produce p h e d o p h i l i a . I write might, because there are other positions and planets that must be analysed, before we convict or charge someone of this terrible trait: 1-15 degrees of Pisces and 28-0 Aries. 
Other signs have phedofilia degrees as well, but now we are concentrating on Pisces. 
Perhaps one of the most famous people born in the sign of Pisces, was Handel, on Feb 23, 1685. He wrote "The Messiah" Here is the Halleluyah.... enjoy ...
Where are the sounds of those days?? It's better to listen to this music, that to the TV! believe me!! What is going on there!! is horrible.. 
Going to the gym.... now every day, for 90 minutes minimum.. 

While I was in the gym, I saw the movie on Stephen Hawking's life. When he was in college he got the Gehring disease, and was told, that he has 2 years to live. He still lives, and he is 75 years old. Doctors cannot understand how... In any case, we all know who he is, and how he contributes to mankind and science... What shocked me is, that the actor, Eddie Redmayne, was born 2 days and 40 years later... SO immediately I had to look at his chart, to see why isn't he ill as well, God forbid! And, of course, the chart shows it... While Hawking's Neptune is in the worst position possible, in Virgo, and RETROGRADE! Also conjunct his Moon and north Node, in 40 years time, by the time Redmayne was born, Neptune moved on, to Sag. 

Next, Hawkins' Saturn and Uranus are conjunct in Taurus, both bad; while the actors' Saturn conjunct Pluto, but in Libra... 
And another tip... We can see that both are extremely clever, from the distance between Mercury and the Sun. 

I looked up, and there are 15 people with this horrible disease. Most of them have multiple planets in Earth, Virgo, Neptune in a bad position by sign or aspect, and Uranus-Saturn in some kind of interaction...


  1. Brava! Brilliant work! ...and I have another astrology friend that I can share with and learn from.

    1. Thank you, Mason!
      I am happy you read my work...
      So much to learn from you as well..
      There is never end to knowledge out there! As Socrates said:" True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing."

  2. Gabby,
    i know you must be busy with travel and coming to USA and i know you must be looking forward to seeing family and grandkids but as you suggested to read williamstickevers work and it suggests we are going to have some rough waters soon and correction of atleast 10 to 20%
    do you really think that is going to happen??? the way things are going after NOv8th there is not a single day with real down day even !!!
    would like to read your thoughts
    with many thanks and by the way, welcome to LAND OF LIBERTY

    1. Dear Vick,
      Yes, I shall be leaving soon, till early April. But I am taking my laptop and mobile, so if internet works, in the free world.. I'll be in touch.
      Yes, the markets are rallying, in spite of all the black-seers. I alert subscribers daily/weekly on what to do..
      Every lion turns to a pussycat sometimes, so the markets as well. There is some correction coming, and there is always a possibility to profit on it, one just has to be in the right position.... and have a strong stomach... LOL...
      Stay tuned :)

  3. Gabby,
    let me first welcome you to USA.
    i meant to write earlier but children had springbreak in their kindergarden school so it was busy busy for an old man but it was most enjoyable with grandkids and never realized week got by.
    i am glad you are also enjoying grandkids and now,weather in philly is also getting little warmer so hope you will be able to see libertybell and constitution hall atleast.
    just wanted to welcome you to Land of Liberty and hope your stay with family most enjoyable and memorable.
    thanks for all your contribution to knowledge of Astrology and mankind.

  4. Thanks for the information and links you shared this is so should be a useful and quite informative!
    full moon


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