New Moon in Cancer, June 24- July 23, 2017

Between June 24- July 23, 2017

Before everything else, you should know, that you can search this blog for anything you can think of, there is search window in the left panel. Since I write this from 2009, probably I repeat myself. I wish you would comment more, share your thoughts and feelings on what you read! Don't let me be here alone. Sometimes I feel abandoned... sad, alone... I guess you too.... It's the month of the sign of Cancer, feelings overwhelm us, we want back the past, we want to be needed, be together with the family. This month those feeling will surface. 

July 23, 2017 Sunday. 

We shall turn the page now, to "the New Moon in Leo, 2017" 


July 22, 2017 Saturday

We are just before the New Moon. I'll start a new article, as always. But, before that, I am preparing new the weekly forecasts... Didn't it feel, yesterday, that, that's it? markets are sliding down? I made a few nice trades in both directions, this time based on the 15 minutes charts... 
DAX: fell by almost 6% from June 20th top, we are short here since 7/13th, from 12680. What's next?? That, in the report... Order it now !! 
The Dow is consolidating since 7/12th, here too big gains can be made. From Nov.4th=21.37% gain. 
S&P: 18.84% from Nov 4th low.- in 177 days. 

HSCE: returned to Oct.26, 2016 level, which is not even 50% of the April 2015- Feb.2016 fall! Although it made a 48% rally, since 2/16, it is weak compared to the US indices. 
SSEA: is quite similar to HSCE. 
HSI: rallied by 45% from Feb.2016 low, the best out of the three. 

The Nikkei and AXJO " behave" almost similarly. bothe made an almost double top with 2015 top, and now are consolidating. it will be important to watch them... Will they repeat the Aug.19th 2015 move? a fall of 19% in 29 days? Only the planetary positions can answer that one... So here too, you should order the report of the AXJO. 

Italy has a completely different pattern... Isn't it interesting, that under the same sky, they perform so different? LIke people... Same influence, will trigger out a different reaction...
CAC: made it to Jan 2008! level... 
DAX: made a new historical high, just like the US. This one is actually rallying since 2003... 
FTSE: also made a new historical high, and rallies since 2003. 

Are the US indices and the DAX, FTSE at a saturation point, and a reversal?? 

In the last 4 weeks, there were 3824 pageviews. Not ONE! CLICKED LIKE! 


July 21, 2017 Friday

It is a day ruled by the Moon and Venus.
I went to sleep with a Bitcoin at 2600- ish area, I woke up with a 2900 level... What the hec?? When it was 1800, just a few days ago, I thought, I'll wait for 1440- to buy it... Now there you are! it has doubled. It is very difficult to forecast something that has no past. It started trading in 2009, so we cannot use the slow planets. In any case, who said, that a Pluto conjunction to the Sun is BAD?? Look what it does to the Bitcoin!! And, we have several other planets that arrived to certain positions, that made it possible.

The Dow is not that enthusiastic as the Bitcoin, made a lower high, top so far was at 21677, I would be careful with longs here. Alerts sent... 
Nasdaq: Target given was 6392- ran up to 6397... next days to watch July 27th, Aug 4, etc.. 
If you get my weekly forecasts, you receive a much much deeper analysis.. Based on Technical analysis, math, planetary cycles. While in the app, I can give just a few words ... 

Sectors that pulled the markets up: all sectors rallied in the last week! No crashes around. 

Gold: rallied from 1205 to 1248= 3.58% in 10 days.. Still, should go above 1259 to be a long, until then it's just a correction of the last fall. Stop is now at 1245. 
Crude oil: ran up , in 10 days, by 19.38%- from 43.65-47.74.made a new high, then 7/4th. 

You still don't have my app?? I can't believe it! You have it, and did not tell your friends ?? That's not nice.. 

Off to the gym. Have a good day. 

Oh... and there were 2 earthquakes during the night, as I wrote, they'll come more and more often and stronger, due to the eclipse... 
Turkey and Greece this time. 
Map of today's moves under the ground: 

I looked into historical crashes. Searching for clues. It is interesting to find, the 1987 Oct 19th crash so called" "Black Monday" , 
On that day, Saturn was at 17 SAG. Now it is at 22 SAG in retro. so 29 years, since THAT crash, a Saturn cycle. But do the other planets back a similar crash now? 
Uranus was at 23 Sag., now at 28 Aries- trining it. 
Neptune was at 5 Cap, now at 14 Pisces. 
Pluto was at 9 Scorpio, now at 17Cap51. 
So as you can see, besides, showing the time, yeah.. 29 years passed.. but none of the planets make major aspects to the ones in 1987. 

Now, taking the USA chart, and using the date of 1987 crash and today, we can clearly see, the triggered planets, from wheel 2 to wheel 1. But, again, no aspects from 3 to 1. At least, not yet. 

Asian crash: July 2, 1997; the Tom Yum Goong crises. Then, in 1992 Uranus was conjunct Neptune. at 16 degrees, Capricorn. Both were in opposition Venus. 
Today Pluto is on that conjunction! so major attention is needed here! 
2002 "crash" of 36% in the DOW ; a fall of 203 days, and a recuperation, a higher high in 336 days, from March 2003 low. 

2007 SSE crash was a warning for the west.. 

In that time Saturn was in opposition Neptune. Uranus conjunct the SUN. 

Today: Uranus squares the Sun, which will pass tomorrow, but, Neptune is on 2007 Uranus position! 

Oct 2007 crash in the DOW and worldwide.- made a gain in shorts of 54%! for 511 days. A similar fall would push the Dow to 9800-ish area.. 

Just, that the last Jupiter -Uranus square occurred in February and April 2014, and the DOW rallied. And they will not square each other in the next 2 years.. SO, as you can see, we cannot base our decisions, EVER! on one aspect. 
Future dates: Realization intervals (begin - end):
17.08.2013   - 26.08.2013  
16.02.2014   - 23.03.2014  
25.03.2014   -  2.05.2014  
14.01.2021   - 22.01.2021 
 7.09.2027   - 15.09.2027 
 2.05.2034   - 13.05.2034 
15.09.2034   - 28.09.2034  
12.01.2035   - 21.01.2035 
 2.11.2041   - 11.11.2041  
20.05.2048   - 28.05.2048  

On June 6th I wrote about Sean Spicer. 

" What's in a name?? SEAN, this time... First Sean Hannity, now Sean Spicer... both rise to the top and fall. Sean adds up to 5, ruled by Mercury. No wonder ... the vacillating fate. SEAN is of Irish roots, it is John in English. I wrote about Sean Hannity before, how he was sent "on vacation" a few days ago, not sure what is happening with him now, because the news are pouring in so fast, who has time to update? This time it is the career of Sean Spicer on the table.. Interesting, that he "vibrates under the no. 5. Not enough the name under 5, the date too. Born Sept 23, 1971- I have no time, so here is a Solar chart:

We know already, that we can do NOTHING when Uranus strikes; see the sky now, Uranus is 150 to his Sun, Transit Mercury on the Pleiades,( weeping sisters); Mercury is his career ruler. transit Pluto is 150 to it... transit Neptune in opposition. So his career is wrapped in "fog" ... unveiled issues are going on behind the curtains. Don't worry, we will know it fully in a day or two, when Mercury enters Gemini. "

his Sun and Pluto are triggered by the UPCOMING Solar eclipse.

I saw this coming in June. he had to wait to say the words, till the SUn and Mars backed Uranus. 


July 20, 2017 Thursday. 

TIme passes so quickly..2 weeks ago I was supposed to meet someone, who came to Israel, and I thought.. Oh I have plenty of time to plan, to go meet, etc... Yesterday I got a message , she's already back in the USA.... TIme flew and I did not realised... Too busy in the sky... no time for earthy accounters... LOL.... 
Today we can use the energy of the Sun, which is at 27 Cancer 44, and of Jupiter, at 15 Libra 33. They are not in an angle. The Moon is still in Gemini... We saw a new rally yesterday, as the Moon entered this sign. Targets given in the application were reached!!! Times given in the app also had their effect.
Watch the following hours today for intraday turns: GMT: 00:00

20.07.2017  6:18:34 13°58'11"Gem Square Neptune
20.07.2017  7:46:49 14°52'40"Gem Semi-square Mars
20.07.2017  8:54:03 15°34'12"Gem Trine Jupiter
20.07.2017 11:38:38 17°15'58"Gem Conjunction Venus
20.07.2017 12:37:36 17°52'28"Gem Quincunx Pluto
20.07.2017 19:32:20 22°09'31"Gem Opposition Saturn
20.07.2017 22:03:39 23°43'27"Gem Sextile Mercury

Yesterday I wrote about the four levels of Consciousness. Then a friend sent me a note, that Donald Rumsfeld used it. I thought, he could not be the inventor of this thought,, it must go back much further in history. "Search, and thou shall find" : here it is: The four stages of competenceBut even this is not enough.. I found, that it comes from Emil du Bois-Reymond form 1872 a German philosopher, who used a LATIN MAXIM, or saying, " ignoramus et ignorabimus". Ha... I learned latin in high school! LOL... Then going back to history even more, this came from Socrateswho said" I know, that I know nothing. ( 399 BC). Read " The Apology" ... If I go on and turn more stones, I am sure, it is somewhere written in the Bible. I asked around, will revert. 

I just came back from Yoga, to see, that markets are rallying again... 
S&P Healthcare: made a higher high then in 2015, target here now is 814-827-832-846.

XLV: also new top, Stop: 80; 
RUT2000: Stop 1418
XLF: double topped with 2007!! oho... here be careful! Stop 24.40
VIX: is holding above 9.37! 


July 19, 2017 Wednesday 

There are 4 "positions" or level of consciousness in life.

1) We know that we know.
2) We know that we don't know
3) We don't know that we know. 
4) We don't know, that we don't know. - This is the most fatal, dangerous, unexpected, impossible to be prepare for, situation. 

Today we are ruled by Mars. Mars is at the last degrees of Cancer, preparing to enter LEO. If it was hot and humid till now, it'll get HOTTER! Mars will be followed by the SUN joining Mercury, that is already in Leo; and the North Node....  thus we will have 5 planets in fire signs! ( Saturn in Sag, and Uranus in Aries). 
Mars in Leo effect for the S&P: 

People who will be most affected: Those who have their Sun in Leo, Aquarius, or their Moon on the Leo/Aquarius axis. 
Let us look at the positive side of Leo: LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!! Summer love... One night stands, maybe will last 3-4 weeks, till the Sun moves on. 
These are the times when I get the most relationships questions... When will I meet him? will he call? Is he the one? will he stay? Will I STAY ?? Does he love me, and NOT his wife? 
etc.. etc.. 
Love affairs from the past: Camilla Parker Bowls, born July 17, 1947, age 70 today. Her Sun is at 23Cancer47, the Moon at 10 Cancer, ruler of the house of love and love-affairs is Jupiter. It is at 17Scorpio42. In 1970, when Venus arrived to Jupiter by transit, it triggered the love story, and fate brought her Charles. The Charles.  DEC.21, 1970)  SInce then she became the most hated woman in England. ( That is what I heard on TV). Also, transit Saturn ( someone high ranked, high official, and rich ( in Taurus) arrives to an opposition to her Jupiter. 
In the Directed chart the Sun is exactly at 17 Leo, squares natal Jupiter. So we have a trigger here in her life. 

But, she marries to someone else, Andrew Bowls, on July 4, 1973. and has 2 children. ( Tom: December 18, 1974, Laura : January 1, 1978).

25 years later that she met Charles, she divorces from Andrew. Directed Uranus on her Pluto, ruler of the home,( 4th house).

35 YEARS AFTER THEY MET ! They get married. April 9, 2005. Saturday. A date that tells us, that there will be many ruptures in the future. But, Saturn arrives to her Sun, and seals the marriage, even if none of the parents, in this case, the Queen and Philip, did not attend the wedding.
But, transit Jupiter, arrives to Neptune, and a dream is fulfilled.
Will she become a future queen?
On December 21, 2018 transit Saturn will be in opposition her Venus, ruler of career. That will be a time to watch. But from history, I think a divorced woman cannot hold a high rank position?? I don't know.. In any case, I don't think she'll make it.
Times to watch : Aug 14, 2017; Oct 1-3; Feb.15-2018, Apr 24- Sept 19/18;


July 18, 2017 Tuesday

I open wikipedia to see what happened on this day in history. What is the first thing that pops up? 
1290 King Edward I of England orders expulsion of Jews.
Oh... well... 

We are 3057 days from March 6, 2009 low. The markets are still keeping up. Except Australia... The Sun rises first over there, so they might know something we don't. AXJO is consolidating since May, between 5642- 5833, so for long term traders these are the levels that should be broken to go short or long. Other indices from the East broke the stops as well... Will the red color flow over Europe? It'll open in one hour... 
I posted in my app yesterday 35 alerts, for the whole world, including commodities. So, if you still don't have it, buy it.

So let's see what's new in the sky? Nothing much... The Moon only moved to 14^ Taurus; today she will make a disharmonic aspect to Jupiter, later to Saturn. But, the Moon's moves are important only for intraday trades, quick in and out moves.. 
The DOW: counting from 2009 low, one of the targets were 21677.- Miraculously, it topped there yesterday. LOL... If you studied with me, you had this target too. 

As I wrote in a previous article, earthquakes are intensifying as we come closer to the eclipse. 
What a weather in Greece !! With the Sun approaching Mars, both squaring Uranus... more natural disasters around the corner! Uranus at the eclipse degree, I 'll have to see if there were any solar outbursts.. Sure... here it is. 
Venezuela in turmoil! Is Maduro the next dictator? Hundreds of people in jail, just like in Turkey! Inflation rate 800%! 
Ruler of the Ascendant is JUPITER, it is conjunct Mercury and Venus. All are triggered by transit Saturn. Saturn is significator of the people. And transit Jupiter is in trine to the natal Jupiter. So, the chart of Venezuela shows the uprising. 
I wrote about Nicholas Maduro, when he was elected. He was a huge hope. But now, Uranus the revolutioner is in his house of career. August 13- 18  will be a time to watch. Also February 2018. Major changes in his life. 
Uranus line is right on Venezuela. 

On July 10 I wrote about the very high probability, that Netanyahu's career will take a sharp turn... Issues are getting out of proportion, more and more people will fall with him, before him. Meanwhile he says, he knows nothing.. I wrote to watch July 16th for a first turn. Yesterday one of the main players decided to testify as witness for the state. Today another main  figure expressed the same willingness. The house of cards is on fire. !!!
Mind you, Netanyahu's Sun is at 27Libra37, it is in sextile to the upcoming eclipse, but it has been already triggered. And, the eclipse is ON HIS MARS!! Does that ring a bell?? Donald Trump's Mars is also in the same situation...

The Sun today is on the malefic fixed star " Procyon" 
Procyon (10 Alpha Canis Minoris m 0.38)
Keywords: Violence, sudden success then disaster, occult, politics, dissipation
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Mars/ Mercury

This star appears to be a VERY fortunate star, at the beginning. But, if affected by a malefic, ( Mars) it brings a huge fall. 

July 17, 2017 Monday  17.7.17 = 7 

I added some info to yesterday's post... 

Today we are under the influence of no7. it's a signal for the DAX and GOLD. People to watch for in the news: Angela Merkel, Bernanke, Diana, Dominique Strauss Kahn, Geert Wilders, Timothy Geithner, Jens Stoltenberg, Kevin Rudd, Matteo Renzi, Moon-Jae-IN ( S.Korea PM); Putinka, Queen Elisabeth, Wolfgang Schwabe, Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia PM; Amiram Levin.
The East rallies... Our market is just about to open... Yesterday it hit the target given in the app. 
The Moon moved on, it is now in Taurus.- At the opening of the East it was conjunct Uranus, thus the jump at their opening. It's spell is over now. 


July 16, 2017 Sunday.

The Moon moved to Aries, she joined Uranus in the sign, and now we have Mercury in Leo, and Saturn in Sagittarius, all in fire signs. ( See the blue triangle). Mercury in Leo brings volatility to the stock market, Moon brings gaps, It is only Saturn that tries to calm down the madness. Mercury is also the planet of communication and transportation, in fire signs, watch out of accidents! Mon in Aries symbolizes young people, too much adrenaline, can cause these accidents, fights, wars. 
Besides these angles, we also have 2 "black" angles, Jupiter-Neptune inconjunct, 150^, which accompany us since May, and Sun-Mars conjunct in Cancer, separating from a trine to Neptune. The Sun will conjunct mars in 3 days, Cancer is the sign of the family, with Mars in it, I already wrote, that it brings aggression to the family. Women are killed, or commit suicide. The other applying aspect is Jupiter squaring Pluto. This is a major malefic aspect. 
So, the Jupiter-Neptune angle brought all the media fake news, exaggerating stuff that is really so irrelevant and boring... As if, there were no real issues to deal with! Everything is fine, except Junior meetings or not meetings. Don't think we are not having the same idiotism over here... I cannot open the TV, anymore, with so much ugliness going on.. But, Guns and Roses had a fantastic concert over here yesterday, in 40 Celsius, Chapeau!! for being able at all to open their mouths! And the heat will just be higher and higher, with all those planets in fire! Wait till Sun and Mars will enter Leo! The inferno will open. By all means... Already now we are having a LOT of car accidents, drownings, you name it... Death toll is rising, under unthinkable circumstances.. 
And I am showing you only the exact aspects. But there are more upcoming ones, like Mars 90^ Uranus, that's a killer one, Happened before on Oct 29th, 2016, July 27, 2015, Nov.13, 2014, etc... check out your index, what happened before and after...Then we have a Mercury conjunct the North Node, that, in the past pushed nervously the markets up. And Venus will square Neptune! This is a position when you fall in love with someone who has a veil on him/her... the real person will emerge after Venus will pass, and that might be too late... 
But, markets don't care, they just continue to rally. 
Except the BITCOIN! My last alert was to have the stop at 2360, once it fell below, we went short. Now I read there are some troubles in the DARKNET, so guess where is the coin? 1900! I am waiting, for a few months now for 1400- people wrote me, no way... and voila.. we are getting there. Those who ordered the forecast, know. 

Our market will open under a minor positive arbitrage. There is a huge turmoil on the streets, a lot of demonstrations, against the current government. Many people are under interrogation, for different cases, which somehow "meet" in the background... SO we see the same names pop up in this or that case. As above, so below, as the proverb says... And it is not going away... no, the planets are accelerating in their move. By the way, a quick planet "produces" clever children... 
The US markets made it again!! Pushed back the bears, to sleep.... It's not time yet, in spite of all kind of technical warnings, the sky is just not right yet for that crash... 
S&P: made new high, at 2463.54. The DOW: topped at 21677; Nasdaq at 6321.
My alert on Crude oil:  7/12, was to go long above 43- target: 45.80- 46.4. If you have my app- you got it. 
The alert on GOLD: said to go long above 1214- targeting 1228... 
So, you see? you can make a lot of money by subscribing. 
The Nikkei is consolidating: between 20318-19857; The alert were was to have the stop at 20000, and short below. 
Tower: local share: target is at 9222, stop 9095

Silver: it is a short since 20.67, Stop now is at 16.60- technically.. 

Platina: 925 strong long above it.

I decided to mind my own business... No matter what I say to my best friends, they get anggggggry , annoyyyyyed, my words are misunderstood... 
oh well, I will not take ON ME their troubled charts.. 
Being an Aquarius, I cannot believe how deep one can fall. Specially Pisces people, SUn or Asc. in Pisces, no matter, they just cannot take a joke. Feeling victims, sobbing.... cursing.. heloooooooooooooo!!!!! wake up!! get real !... But, this is a lesson, conjoining signs will NEVER FIT! ( exception Leo with Virgo ) 

I am after the gym, shower, and calm. LOL... I worked on Israeli Prime ministers' charts. I found an extremely interesting pattern, that returns! 

Out of 12 people, how many have Pisces ( mutable) / Libra ( cardinal)  Suns? 7?! Note, that Ehud Barak ( Aquarius- fixed) and Peres ( Leo-fixed also Begin ) left, or were made to leave.. While Golda Meir was the only fixed sign, Sun in Taurus, she resigned after the Yom Kippur war. And Sharett with Sun in Scorpio.( fixed)  
Here is a picture, that shows who was Menachem Begin: 
No fancy planes, special beds, or any special treatments. He lived in a 2 roomed apartment, resigned and died heartbroken of what is happening in the country.. 

Why did I work on this list?? The upcoming star, Avi Gabbay, is a Pisces as well. 
So, we don't have a long history, only since 1948, but we can learn, that mutable and Cardinal signs "fit" to the country. Mind you, Begin with his Leo Sun was the most straight and naive maybe of all leaders. 


July 15, 2017 Saturday

The weekly forecasts are ready and sent. Sign up now, to know what's coming!! Did anyone see this new rally? 
From now till December we will be under a very rare planetary aspect! This had not happen before. I went back,to search, from 1700, and I could not find it. I am talking about a 45^ degree angle between uranus and Neptune. With Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces. I found a similar 45^ position, but then, in 1848, Neptune was in Aquarius... 

"There is only one key which unlocks the door to big profits and that key is KNOWLEDGE. You cannot get knowledge without work. I have made a success by hard work and you, too, can make plenty of profits out of the Commodity market, if you study and work hard enough. Work is the only way to find the ROYAL ROAD TO RICHES in Commodity trading or speculating. Money always comes to knowledge. Without knowledge, money is worthless. You can increase your capital and make wise investments when you have acquired the proper knowledge. ...

"A man who will not work hard and STUDY and pay in advance for success will never get it. If you will put in the time, study and go over the records of Wheat, Soy Beans, Cotton and other Commodities for many years back, you will be convinced that the rules work and that you can make money by following the main trend of the Commodity market." W. D. Gann, How to Make Profits Trading in Commodities, pp. 3, 29

July 14, 2017 Friday

The sky today shows a Mercury 150^ Neptune angle. No wonder my computer and car are in trouble.. Mercury stands for communication and transportation, and when it is in a disharmonic angle to Neptune, the big "dissolver" fraud, lies... myst, no wonder things are not thought properly, said properly, and definitely will go misunderstood. It's like Mercury in retro. The good news is, it'll pass till next week. 

Besides this disharmony, we still have the Jupiter-Neptune 150^; both in sextile to Pluto ( the BIG destroyer).... SO fake news, is their middle name, watch your backs. Oh.. and the Moon is still in Pisces... she backs all the above said.

Actually, I think a Mercury-Neptune disharmonic angle is worse than only Mercury Retro. Because in the retro position Mercury is alone. But when a bigger planet, like Neptune is involved, the issues deepen and widen.
I posted the above on FB. Some people are still not on FB... so I post the same here. 
Note, that the Sun is approaching Mars, with a wide orb to PLuto, and with all the other aspects in the sky, some kind of a blow must come. 
Surely, everyone with his/her own chart..

Meanwhile I prepared the 2017 forecast for the AXJO. - let me know if you  wish to order it. $155/month. 

I wrote a few days ago that my car would not start. The battery is empty. I fixed it today. It turned out, that the Mobile adapter, the filler was in reason, that the battery slowly discharged. Silly me.. I would never think, that such a small thing would matter. But I guess everything matters during a long time. That is, 9 days, that is did not drive the car... So today I drove around for an hour. I hope it'll start next time. 
Outside is 33 Celsius, with 80% humidity... Summer. 

Services: Natal chart reading/$300, 2017 forecast for Bitcoin/ Silver, Crude for $ 200 each, or $500 all the three, or any other index. The weekly market report based on technical analysis, cycles, and math: $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. or, click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts. 

July 13, 2017, Thursday

It is again weekend... incredible how time flies! Well, for me, we don't have trade on Fridays... so it is the last day to trade today, this week. 
The markets made new highs yesterday, after the Beige book was so unclear as it possible can, under Jupiter-Neptune angle. This angle is dissolving, by the way, being in the background since May...  Instead, we will have a 45^ angle between Neptune and Uranus. Neptune= illusions, fairy tales, charlatans, delusions, fanaticism, sea, mist, mysticism, treachery, rumors, drugs, self-pity, victimization, escapism.. and many more words that describe this planet.- in angle with Uranus, which represents groups, friends, social movements, sudden revelations, sudden fated events, revolutionary thoughts and urges. etc.. This aspect will accompany us till early November, and it is extremely rare. 

During the night the Moon left Aquarius, where it brought the current top, and now it is in Pisces. 
The DOW reached 21577- From 2009 low- perfect target was 21579.96. - Now going higher next up targets are 21653- 21752- 21874. 
But, as I always write to subscribers, I can give you numbers or price levels, as much as you want. The question is when will they be reached? When will there be a turn? Many are waiting for it, for the last 5 years... LOL... 
The Israeli stock market: weekly chart See in yellow- We are going nowhere since June last year. All the world rallied, but not here... " They" are keeping it down. God knows why... 
So I had to check the chart: last top was on July 29, 2015, and we can see transit mars conjunct natal Uranus. Pushes the market up till the conjunction, and since then it is falling. Transit Uranus was also present, we cannot have a fall without it! It is in exact opposition to natal Mercury, ruler of the MC. 

I often tell to subscribers, chose another index... not this one.. 


There was only 1 ONE person who took my advice posted on July 10th seriously, made his homework under the link " NUMBERS" and he got full explanation now, on it and what's going to happen. 

It's really up to you, if you are here for entertainment, or receiving bottom lines, or you want to learn and use all the clues I give. For your own benefit... in trading. 


The best time to plant a tree is NOW! 

July 12, 2017, Wednesday

Yesterday the  S&P made a sudden bottom, falling to 2313, and then it recuperated, and went up to 2325. 
The Nasdaq fell to 6149 and this one too closed at 6193. 
The DOW: flipped to 21282 and closed at 21409. 
So, we can see that the robots are fully in charge... LOL... How long can they keep it up? 

I have been working on some mundane charts, so still a lot of work to be done... 
Be careful! and tighten your stops... I would cash out slowly but surely. 

Donald Trump Junior... born on December 31, 1977. No hour. I tweeted him. People don't answer. I tweeted Rex Tillerson twice too. 
SO looking at his chart, he is almost 40 years old, The Sun and Mars are triggered in his chart. 
The Sun represents him and the father too. Neptune is conjunct his Mercury, I don't see here any sparkle. Do you ? In any case, transit Saturn ( restriction, gov.) is right on his weak Mercury, and Saturn, also Mars are at 22 degrees, the killer degree. 

It is more interesting to look at Donald Trump's chart, and try to figure out, if one of his children will put him in danger? 
House 5 represents children. the ruler, Jupiter is 150 to Uranus. This is the first blow. DT. 4th house, representing family, opens under Scorpio, look where is transit Mercury! on his Pluto.
Then, he has a Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer, (sign of the family); and look where is transit Sun and Mars! right on them... So I guess the media will chew on this issue for more days. 

July 11, 2017, Tuesday

On July 5th I wrote, that Avi Gabbay, running for the elections for the Labour party, will win. Yesterday were the elections, and he DID IT! Big time!!! I was happy that I got the right forecast in spite of all the other skeptics.....
This winning means, that the sleeping beauty, the Labour party, will be able to stand up and be a possible big competitor to the Likud party in the next elections. We don't have a date for that, but with Netanyahu leaving the stage soon, ( as per my forecast) there will be many changes. 

Mercury is not in retro, although I am having problems with my computer, and my car again. Seems, that I have not used it for 9 days, and it just won't start.... The battery is out and empty. No big deal, but, still needs care. 
It is so hot, one does not want to leave the air conditioning... and the humidity makes it worse. 

This week we will not see much action in the sky... Besides the Moon the planets don't move much. Today we are after the Full Moon... It was beautiful! have you looked up?? Now it will be smaller and smaller, moving from Aquarius to Taurus.. 

I posted some graphs in my FB page. Go to Stockmarket and astrology group on FB. to see them. Here is one of them: only above 108 it'll be a long. 
Euro$: Sent alert on 3/18: to go long above 1.063- where is it today? 1.144- topped.. 

Futures : 


Can I go to the gym now ? 

When the ruler of your 9th house is on the ruler of your career, You should put on all your shields!! law is threatening your career. This is what's happening now with Donald Trump. 

July 10, 2017 Monday

It is a day ruled by the Moon and Mars. Indices to be triggered on this day: IBEX, WIG20. People to watch for in the news: Anna Bligh, Netanyahu, Jimmy Carter, Yaroslav Kaczynski, Khaled Mashal, Pippa Middleton, Al Thani, Rex Tillerson. 

In the Hebrew calendar it is TetVav in Tamuz; tomorrow will be the start of the 3 weeks period before Tisha BeAv, a period, when we should be extra careful. 
it is the 191th day of the year; 249 days from Nov 2016 low, 516 days from Feb 11,2016 low and 3049 days from March 6, 2009 low. All these numbers are important, to understand where we are in time. 

It is extremely hot over here... I am after my second shower... It is more hot for Netanyahu, I think his days as PM are also numbered... But, I'll wait and see... He is under an Uranus opposition to his Sun- period. This NEVER leaves a person as he / she was before Uranus "landed" on his Sun or Moon... And not only the Sun is triggered, his Venus! ruler of his career gets' a direct, exact square from Uranus, in the Directed chart! This one moves slower, but once his career is triggered by Uranus, I doubt he will survive the coming blow. Uranus rules his 2nd house of money, assets and self esteem, so follow the money/ greed/ that will bring to this blow. 
Days to watch: July 16th, August 29th. 

The Nifty is trading now around 9770. I wrote in April 1, 2017 report, that 9660! is one of the long term targets! It even went higher than forecasted... But who would have thought? on April 1st the Nifty was at 9170! 

July 9, 2017, Sunday

In my post on June 21, 2017, I wrote about the upcoming eclipse. " The reader asked specifically about Los Angeles, so yes, I can say, that since the eclipse will cross Yellowstone park, exactly on the Uranus line, I think a major quake will be triggered in that area. 

This doesn't mean it will occur exactly on the eclipse day.! As always, the planets must back such events. And again, this is a very difficult issue, I don't want to scare anyone. Deep research is needed to state anything. "
And now this news: 

Earthquakes: during the last 7 days, 4+ 

Today I woke up before 6 am, with the thought, that I have to look at my family's charts, to see who will be under the eclipse effect? Well, EVERYBODY! except 2. Curious to see how will it unfold. My chart will be triggered in multiple ways... let's see. 

Our market will open in an hour, there is a negative arbitrage. but no crashes yet.

The big news from the G20 meeting is, that there should be a cease-fire in Syria. I wrote many times about Assad, in 2017, 2016 etc... Do you realize, that the war broke out there 6 years ago? ( March 15,2011, 09:07 am)... isn't that horrible? So here is Assad's chart: the ruler of his career is Venus, this is at 27 Libra. Interesting, by the way, that Putin's Libra stellium takes all Assad's 10 th house.- his career. So yes, Putin is linked by fate to Syria. 
See all the planets that trigger his chart. we should focus on July 28th, when some news should come regarding Assad. 

When everybody warned about DB, I sent an alert to hold it and go long above 14.20- Since then, it topped at 20.94 :) 

Kuwait: after the big blow and fall on 7/3 to 6565, today it trades at 6670. It should go above 6765- for a new rally, Till then, it is just a correction, we can try a long position with a stop at 6565, targeting 6765. But only above this level it'll be again a long. 

Singapore: Is a long above 3222

Prague: falling below 988 will mark a short! 

AEX: IT did go up, but not with a large volume, so 508 is still STOP! 

Silver: 7/7 Target given, 15.30 reached. ( well, 15.39) closed at 15.61. Short was triggered at 16.4, Lower it to 16.10

SIgn up now for the weekly forecast... know if the markets will make another upleg? or start correcting! You don't want to stay in the dark!!! 


July 8, 2017, Saturday

I am writing the weekly forecasts... obviously, there are some Buffetts here, reading my blog, who prefer long-term forecasts. SO Example: Nasdaq: stay long as long as it is above 5680.  That's about 7.8% loss from the close, but if you can afford it, go for it. 

Have a nice weekend. 

Services: Natal chart reading/$300, 2017 forecast for Bitcoin/ Silver, Crude for $ 200 each, or $500 all the three, or any other index. The weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles, and math: $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. or, click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts. 


July 7, 2017, Friday 

It is a day ruled by Venus. Venus entered Gemini, adding to the volatility we had till now. Venus is the planet of love, Gemini is the sign of quick changes, so people with their Venus in this sign will have quick love affairs, drawn to youngsters. Since Mercury rules Gemini and Mercury, was "the messenger of the Gods', he had no gender. Venus in this sign will grant an open-mindedness in sexual relationships with man and women. 
I ran a search to see who had Venus in Gemini, the first, from my database, to pop up is James Buchanan, then Erik Satie, Rudolf Valentino, Gerald Ford, Gregory Peck, JFK, Dean Martin, Henry Mancini, Jacky Kennedy, Arafat, Omar Sharif, Giorgio Armani, AL Pacino, Ringo Starr, Jeremy Corbyn, and more... You are welcome to search their biography, to see how did this position affected their lives. 
Surely, the house where Venus is will change this effect. 
Example: is Venus is the ruler of the career, these people will change their views and positions often. 
Mercury also changed signs, entered Leo, adding some fire to this volatility... The merry -go-round it speeding up! 
We should watch today: AORD, DAX for a CIT. And Comey, Muller, for some news. 

So far, we got, in the DAX: a top on June 20th, and a 2/3 correction of the 3/30-6/30 rally.
The stop in the Dax was 12420, once it fell below, we went short. Bottomed so far at 12300- basing itself above 12340- will be a sign for long.

Watch the market return to it's June 15th levels! 
Here are the "laws"of handshaking in Europe: 
A woman will shake hand always to another woman. First to the elder woman, last to the youngest. Only AFTER that she will shake hand of a man. 
A man will shake hand to a woman, and than to another man. 
Of course eye should meet the eye... and not looking in another direction. 
Everybody who makes any jokes, has no idea of European manners. Specially in Poland! 
So please... 

July 6, 2017, Thursday

Today it's a day of Jupiter and Mercury. More nerves, this time exaggerated ones, under Jupiter's effect. 

Italy has bailed out two failing banks...So MIT is rising again. 

I wrote about the extremely rare celestial event that will take place on July 9th, but only, it will be there the whole month.

The Earth conjunct Pluto, and both in opposition Mars, Mars is squaring Jupiter and Uranus, which are in opposition. What's so rare about it? Well, Uranus is in Aries once in 84 years. So looking back, to 1933-34, Uranus was there, all right, BUT Jupiter was NOT, in Libra.... So I went back another 84 years, to the 1800- and then too, none of this position was there! So I cannot compare it to anything, in the modern times... Maybe I should go further back... 
In any case, this planetary position puts a huge squeeze on the SUN- which obviously is in the center of this wheel. And the Sun will have some extreme solar flares during this month, which will affect everything on our Galaxy. So try to keep calm, count to 10 when you want to speak or pull any triggers... 

Like everything else, in life, this too will pass, and looking back in August, you'll ask yourselves, why was I so dumb? 
OK, I found former Jupiter-Uranus opposition: Dec 25, 1174! 
BUT then, MARS was absent... so what we will have this year will be very very special. 

Here are the Heliocentric angles for July

I am watching Trump's visit to Poland. Here is his chart, (inner) with Andrej Duda's chart, outer. 
Duda's Sun is on Trump's MC, so yes, there will be commerce agreements. But, I don't like Duda's South Node on Trump's Venus ( ruler of his 10th house of career.) 
I am told, by Polish astrologers, that the real ruler in Poland is someone else. I forgot his name.... 

Oh, I remembered... Jaroslav Kaczyinsky  But, I know so little about Poland, I'm not going to go into it. But they have a very interesting history... Google it. 

WIki tells us, that Trump's ancestors came from Germany and Scottland, but their ancestors came from Europe... so who knows? He might just be Polish in some way. 
After we found, that Duda and Poland's' planets are in harmony, here is why he is NOT in harmony with Angela Merkel... 

Merkel's Pluto is on Trumps' Mars- two malefics clash! in LEO! Both searching for leadership and more power. Merkel's Uranus ( 23 Cancer) is on Trump's Saturn and Venus. Endangering his career ( Venus) and health. Her Mars is in orb with Trump's Moon, underlying the previously said. 
But, Trump was not born yesterday either.. His Pluto, is in orb with Merkel's' Venus ( interior affairs). so here will not be any beautiful friendship. 

How about Trump and Putinka? Will that be a beginning of a beautiful friendship? Both have a Sun pointing to cleverness ( Sun in air sign). 

The Moons do bring some rocket fires though. Trump's Moon is in fire Sag, while Putin's in air Gemini. Putin's Uranus is at the destructive degree of 18 Cancer, 5 degrees off from Trump's Saturn. ( ruler of health). Trump's Uranus trines P's Saturn; Who will teach whom, I wonder... Putin's part of fortune is on Trump's Sun... While Trump's POF trines Putin's Sun! (wide orb) SO, I am telling you, this will be a good relationship, between these two people in spite of all.  

I hope they had vinegar with them, against the medusas. "For your ears only".... 


July 5, 2017, Wednesday 

Yesterday, Avi Gabbay and Amir Peretz succeeded to overrun the other 5 competitors. Next and final round will be on July 13th, and the odds are for Avi Gabbay's winning, big time. ( as per his chart, transits for that day. Will let you know. What does this mean? Well, the winner will lead the next competition/ election against the Likud party. ( No date for that yet).

I hope you had a good celebration yesterday, in the USA. Today we are back to normal. 
The day is under Mercury and Uranus effect. They are in square, they bring nervous disorders. Very nervous and volatile day ahead. 

I have an appointment with a trainer in the gym in 30 minutes, so see you later. 

Oh... someone mentioned to me USDCAD: here is the weekly graph since 1999: it is a short below 1.333 target 1.262

AMZN: nice gain !! 115% 

The Moon soon moves over to optimistic Sag! Well... for some shares it is, for others not, depending on the natal chart! 
Here are her aspects GMT 00:00 

 5.07.2017 11:41:17  3°14'34"Sgr Semi-square Pluto
 6.07.2017  9:46:14 14°09'33"Sgr Square Neptune
 6.07.2017  9:58:55 14°15'49"Sgr Sextile Jupiter
 6.07.2017 10:33:54 14°33'07"Sgr Quincunx Sun
 7.07.2017  0:05:44 21°14'51"Sgr Quincunx Mars
 7.07.2017  3:33:49 22°57'56"Sgr Conjunction Saturn
 7.07.2017 14:11:41 28°14'18"Sgr Trine Uranus
 7.07.2017 17:44:30  0°00'00"Cap <<<

Turning day for KLSE, NIKKEI, and the NIFTY.

The market is absolutely crazy! There was a "shake out" in the DAX, just 10-20 minutes ago. Lucky me, I was not in a position... I knew PMI announcements are coming... Who can trade this? 100 points ?? LOL... not for me, thank you. Of, course, if you have the stop at 12000, you don't care. 

CRUDE: I am short here... One cannot believe A N Y T H I N G  today!! read this!

What you hear is fake, what you see is fake! Are we real ???????

Venus moved to Gemini; adding to the crazy volatility... Check the bond, banks, insurance companies... WIll be in Gemini for 26 days.  
Venus rules Taurus and Libra. In Gemini is less a hero. market wise it means a minor rally. 

I read, that South Korea should rally... So let's see: 
The max graph I get from Bloomberg : trade range is between 309-316. 

The sooner you order the forecasts, the better! 

Services: Natal chart reading/$300, 2017 forecast for Bitcoin/ Silver, Crude for $ 200 each, or $500 all the three, or any other index. The weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles, and math: $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. or, click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts. 

July 4, 2017, Tuesday

The DOW topped again yesterday. Since Nov 8th, we got a rally of 20%. In spite of all the Doom -days-seers. I wonder how they explain this.... I have some very famous friends, who should....Well, the key for the secret is in 2007-2009 performance. The new target is at 21800 ish area. 

In any case, "look what you do, don't have an eye on the others", someone told me a long time ago.... and I try ... I try... but we are all humans. 
Yesterday there was a Britney Spears concert in the park. In the park!!! can you imagine, in 33 Celsius and 80% humidity??? I salute people who actually left the air condition and went to see her. She put up a fantastic show, I read...I also read her life story, while making her chart... Well, I would not want to switch with her... Very difficult events, very dramatic life. She has a Mars on a divorce degree, and so she did twice and lately split up from a third partner. But, she is an artist, with the part of Fortune in Leo, on the MC! So she's fantastic... big time. 

This summer more singers and famous people will arrive in Israel. Which is great! In the past, many canceled their arrival, due to political pressures. 

The other news was, that Adele had to cancel her tour and two concerts.... A friend of mine flew to the UK, to hear her sing. 

She was born on a lucky star, Sun conjunct Jupiter, which brought her voice, fame, money, and love.  But, her affected Venus, conjunct Chiron, in the 12th was triggered on July 1st, when she announced, told by her doctors, that her vocal cords are damaged and she had to cancel her tour. Transit Mars, Jupiter were all against her on that day. I hope when they'll move on, she'll recover. Let's follow her, to see if Aug.13 will bring any news.
When I wake up early, like today, I have plenty of time looking at maps.
So let's go back to the markets. 
Unlikely the DOW, the Nasdaq fell yesterday. Former low was 5548- breaking that, will mark a deeper correction. ( Now at 5570).

Other markets triggered the alerts sent yesterday... I hope you are following. 
HSI, HSCE: fell with a huge Marabuzu, SSEA: could not cross the 3194... as forecasted. Sell order in Nikkei as also triggered. etc etc... Follow the app... 

Today, the labor party is choosing its leader. There are 5 or 6 competitors. Itzhak Herzog, the present leader, Amir Peretz, who was born in Morocco, and I don't have his time of birth, so I cannot analyze, or make a forecast, and Avi Gabbay. Yesterday I asked if anyone has his time, and a few hours later someone tweeted me and gave his time. I thank her for that. So, here is his chart. He has 7 planets in mutual signs. People rise in this sign, since Saturn is in opposition, in Sag. Sun in Pisces, Moon in Leo! on the MC, and Mars on the Ascendant. So he has a good possibility to win. Will it be this year? Not likely. He is in his 7th year ~ in Numerology~. So let's see what planet is blocking him? 

Transit and progressed charts; the chart is strong, but not enough. There are too many manipulative planets in the background.

OK. I posted a few days ago, that July 9 is a most dangerous day! In the heliocentric chart, we will have 5 planets at 25 degrees! Mars in opposition Earth. And the Earth is on Pluto! 
And not only July 9th, but the next two weeks also, very very dangerous! I could not find a similar date, that this planetary position occurred.
Here are the charts for different parts on the globe. Look for that Mars-Jupiter-Uranus square! 
World map with the Aug. eclipse lines.
Middle East


Australia, NZ.


Some people think, that buying after the Full Moon and selling around the New Moon is a recipe to gain money. So I ran TS, to see 

This is the Dow since 2017. The green lines show the last phase of the Moon, before the New Moon, which should be the culminating period for a rally. Below the graph, you can see the Moon in signs. The black arrows show the peaks- as per the Moon/Sun cycle, which shows a top when the Moon is in Libra. So click to enlarge, and you will see, that based on the MOON, one cannot really invest money. IMHO. What do you think? 

A reader from Texas asked me if  can look at the chart of REX TILLERSON. Well, sure I can, but I need an hour of birth. Making a Solar chart puts his Moon at 1 Pisces! So the right time could change it to Aquarius, and that is critical... I sent him a Tweet... Let'see if someone on his behalf will answer. He if was born before 3:37 am, his Moon is in Aquarius... 

Services: Natal chart reading/$300, 2017 forecast for Bitcoin/ Silver, Crude for $ 200 each, or $500 all the three, or any other index. The weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles, and math: $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. or, click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts. 


July 3, 2017, Monday

I woke up at 6 am today. It is already hot... 33 degrees. It will be 40 in a few hours. Rather rare to be so hot here, maybe at the Dead Sea, yes... oh, there probably will be 50 Celsius. The inferno itself. What a laugh... Look at the chart! I said, Inferno itself? Or hell itself? Look!! Sun, Mercury, Mars in the 12 house! 
Today we are ruled by the Moon. She is in Scorpio, where it is bad. 
Here are the aspects she'll make- until the 5th. Tomorrow no trade in the USA, but there is in the rest of the world :

2.07.2017 16:59:07  0°00'00"Sco <<<
 3.07.2017 16:45:34 11°56'19"Sco Trine Sun
 3.07.2017 21:15:36 14°11'01"Sco Trine Neptune
 4.07.2017  5:28:36 18°16'25"Sco Sextile Pluto
 4.07.2017  7:57:42 19°30'30"Sco Trine Mars
 5.07.2017  1:34:10 28°14'14"Sco Trine Mercury
 5.07.2017  5:07:53  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
 5.07.2017  5:38:02  0°14'55"Sgr Opposition Venus
But, besides the Moon, we should watch carefully Uranus! it is on the upcoming eclipse degree! 28^. This number is a cancer degree, so has all the traits I wrote about the Cancer above. Uranus means sudden, unforeseen events, and together with Venus on the "Weeping Sisters"- 27-29 Taurus, this 4th of July will be very vulnerable! 

July 2, 2017, Sunday

It is a day ruled by the Sun. It is a day, when 451 years ago, Nostradamus died. " The Prophet of Doom" His scripts are still famous, and analyzed, trying to find a clue about the present. 
I wonder what planetary position gave him fame and the muse to write all those poems? 
I got the hour from; rectified by Starkman. He made a lot of rectifications, but also has the guts to come up, and say, hey, I made a mistake, the right hour is so and so... I saw this happen several times, in Noel Tyl' s astrological group. In any case, before we go to the hour, there is a problem with his date... In 1503 the Julian calendar was used, and today we use the Gregorian, by that, his birth was on Dec.24th. 
let's just look at the chart, he would look at, when he lived. Uranus, the spark-giver, is in Pisces ( talent); Asteroid Musa is right on it. Neptune, ruler of Pisces is in Capricorn so he could bring down to the concrete world his muse. He also has a stellium ( Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) in Cancer, in opposition, with a wide orb, to his Sun-Mercury in Capricorn. A.. and let's not forget the Moon!  in Scorpio ( death). No wonder he was called the Prophet of Doom. 
So let's see what is happening today in the sky... We have the Moon in Libra.

By the way, there are 3 important people, that I remember, having a stellium in Libra. I wrote about them many times...: Putinka, Netanyahu, and Ehud Olmert, our previous PM. He is released from prison today, after serving one year, I think... Shame on us, with such a PM! But, Libra people are very clever, and they don't count you! It is interesting to see, besides the Moon and Jupiter ( freedom) in Libra, on his stellium, Saturn! the timekeeper is in an angle to his natal Saturn. Saturn is also higher authorities, so he was granted to leave before his time, on good behavior, cleaned a third of the punishment. But I think the background for the release is something else... With that Pluto in the 8th, 150^ to natal Pluto... and in opposition Mars, and many other signs... he is not well. Ok... I don't want to be another Doom prophet.. we'll see. 

Meanwhile market started... uffff..... 

Services: Natal chart reading/$300, 2017 forecast for Bitcoin/ Silver, Crude for $ 200 each, or $500 all the three, or any other index. The weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles, and math: $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. or, click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts. 

June 30, 2017, Friday

The Mercury-Mars opposition to Pluto did it, yesterday, markets fell. Mars, also returned to its normal declination, ending the Out of Bound period. ( the red line ) I posted this on FB. yesterday.. the balloon has been cracked. 

The Bitcoin's stop was 2437- above it, we got a new rally. 
DAX: short below 12544

DOW: On 6/26 I gave target 21528! Went to 21535- and reversed, but did not fall, as much as the Nasdaq! 
Nasdaq: Alert sent to subscribers said to use 6227- or 6218 as a stop and go short below. Fell to 6088. I guess you must be very happy now! Huge gains can be made with this index! 
Nifty: Target given on 6/25 received! 

S&P: Stop was at 2437- long above or short below. So the short was triggered... 


And so on... I closed all my positions yesterday, shall wait to see the sky first.. ..

Remember!! Yesterday was a day that added up to 9! End of a cycle. 

What to expect next??? Well, order the forecast, to know and be prepared! 

For Italian readers: I would watch out very strongly around the end of 2017! Saturn will oppose Italy's Mercury- ruler of money, and bring the same disaster. bank and monetary disaster, that it was in 1929! 1959, 1988.... !!! 

Services: Natal chart reading/$300, 2017 forecast for Bitcoin/ Silver, Crude for $ 200 each, or $500 all the three, or any other index. The weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles, and math: $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. or, click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts. 


June 29, 2017, Thursday 

Today again we are under the influence of Mars. Mars just got company, Mercury arrived next to it, in Cancer. Both made the markets rise yesterday. It is really difficult to trade, because we have enormous zig-zag trades, just like the Cancer New Moon signaled. 
So here is the hour chart for the futures: showing this flip-flop: 
Of course, when indices rally, the VIX falls. 

Today I downloaded " Grammarly" so now if I make a mistake, it corrects... which is great! 
SO what does it mean to have Mars and Mercury conjunct in the water sign of Cancer? As I wrote at the beginning of this article, Cancer stands for feelings, tears, a lot of water in the body, we feel full... do you feel it?? Mars can bring inflammations, and heat, or fever. Since Cancer rules the stomach, watch what you eat! wash your fruits and veggies... 
Here are a few parts of the body that are ruled by Cancer: breasts, chest, digestion, digestive juices, ducts, tears, esophagus, fluid flows, fluid retention, glands, hormones, lymphatic system, mammary glands, perspiration, pulse, salivary glands, tear drop... etc.. ( from the excellent book of M. Munkasey).
Note: both are in opposition Pluto!

Another important move in the sky is the Uranus moving by 1 degree- to the 18th degree of Aries. A one-degree move is important in the case of a slow-moving planet. So the 28 degree is a Cancer degree, and there you are, we get a third level of multiple Cancer presence. Since Uranus signifies ruptures, sudden changes, and cancer is family... watch it, try not to quarrel too much, in order to avoid dramas, split-ups, departures... 

So, looking back, I wrote, that the Euro-$ trades between 1.10-1.14- and 1.1420 was the top so far... 
The $-Yen is a short now, below 112.4
The Pound hit the exact target I gave 2 days ago. 

The Moon is departing from the Sun... here are her aspects:
29.06.2017  9:43:40 16°51'09"Vir Sextile Mercury
29.06.2017 12:32:00 18°23'28"Vir Trine Pluto
29.06.2017 21:51:28 23°27'52"Vir Square Saturn
29.06.2017 23:34:27 24°23'30"Vir Trine Venus

TA35: looking at the 60 min. graph, and with some calculations. I get a target at 1462... What do you think? 

IBEX: is a short below 10900!


This is a very important site! See how the indices rise on credit! Once this credit will be stopped, the markets will fall!  pooh- and gone... 

AORD: targeting 5882
When one trades these platforms, upon signing up, you ask... how much is the minimum to start trading ?? There are some, that will answer, oh, you can trade with $100... you don't need too much funds. All right, so you sign up, transfer $100, just to realize, that in a minute it has been swallowed... There are so many tricks one needs to know, before actually investing a dime! A reader asked me, how much would it take to start trading... Well, I think a minimum of the minimum is $5000- to have enough for roll over, for stops, for margin and everything... 
Oh... several of my trades were triggered! In waiting for the FED announcement, in 6 minutes, I had shorts and they all triggered ~~~ OMG> LOL 

Services: Natal chart reading/$300, 2017 forecast for Bitcoin/ Silver, Crude for $ 200 each, or $500 all the three, or any other index. The weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles, and math: $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. or, click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts. 


June 28, 2017, Wednesday. 

I drank coffee yesterday around 7, pm, and I could not sleep till 2 in the morning. So I worked and sent alerts... Check out the app. 
Today, we are ruled by Mercury,- at 14^ Cancer- just joined Mars, so the heat is on, and humidity too. Both are 90^ to Jupiter, and I read that there is a major cyber attack all over the world again, demanding money from companies. Check CYRN; it should rally. With the Moon moving out from Leo, we had a major fall yesterday in the US indices. 
Quick overlook on the markets: 

News in the world: Narendra Modi, India PM, is visiting the USA, next to come here. 
I wrote in former articles, that people born under Mutable signs are rising, and rising. So it is the time for Modi as well, although he is already in the top, millions actually love him, which seldom happens in politics! 
He has 7 planets in mutable signs. But, auchhh, also a bad Pluto! We wish him further success of course. 
So I hear Modi want to buy some planes from the USA. And, what do we see in the charts of 2 people? Modi and Trump? Trumps' Jupiter is on Modi's Neptune- ruler of H5, of gambling.
and for those who love comparing natal charts, here is their charts with today's transits. See how many planets match? 

NIfty: CIT on July 3rd. Order now the report, to see what's coming.. $200. 
Services: Natal chart reading/$300, 2017 forecast for Bitcoin/ Silver, Crude for $ 200 each, or $500 all the three, or any other index. The weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles, and math: $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. or, click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts. 


June 27, 2017 Tuesday 

On June 22 I uploaded to Facebook 2 batatas, that I had no heart to cook after they started to bloom... After a short period of time, this is how they give their reward. They make me happy every morning when I see they grow... By the way, you can grow green leaves from avocado as well! 

Actually, because of the heat, I put water and grains for the birds, and I put the batatas near, but the birds never came to eat or drink... I guess they do that only on facebook... But the batatas are growing!! 

Today is a day ruled by Mars. It will be extremely hot, Mars is still on Sirius, at mid-Cancer, humidity, heat, are its middle name. And it is approaching Pluto with an opposition, as I wrote yesterday. The Moon adds to this heat, by being in fire Leo, and it also pumped the markets up. But we have to see, that the difference between the high and low is growing, just like my batatas... meaning, people, to the end of the trade are not so brave as at the beginning and draw back their money. We reached our target in the Nasdaq, as forecasted- topped at 6303- unthinkable last week! when everybody shouted BEARS BEARS... But, my subscribers are good. :) .

Example: See the rally in oil between Feb-June 2016? the average daily range was 1.56; while before and after it was only 1.19.. A small detail, but useful. 

I prepared yesterday the yearly forecasts for the Crude Oil, SIlver, and Bitcoin, $200 each, or $500 all the three. You don't want to be in the darkness! 

The other planet ruling today is Neptune; watch for a CIT in DAX and GOLD. 
Also news should come about Angela Merkel, the Queen, and all people who are triggered by no 7. 
Theresa May succeeded to buy DUP for 1 Billion pounds, extra on 500 million already offered. Well, not really bought it, only their votes. I wonder where will the money come from? They play with these zeros like I play with my hair... Well, good luck UK. Seems that Jeremy will have to wait. 
The pound: 30 minutes: Long above 1.2725- target 1.2985. 
The FTSE: is a short below 7462- not only because of the trendline. also because of the majority of the planets are pushing down, blocking at 7475- targeting 7427-7214. 

June 26, 2017 Monday

It will be extremely hot today! The Moon in Leo, fire sign, Mars on Sirius, Fixed star. ZET tells us" 
Sirius (9 Alpha Canis Majoris m -1.46)
the Dog Star, the Sun of the Sun, the central Sun of our Galaxy
Keywords: Ambition, pride, emotionality, fame, leadership, wealth, fires, drought, danger through impetuosity
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Jupiter/ Mars
Jupiter on the other hand is on the unfortunate "Algorab" at 13 Libra 48,
"Algorab (7 Delta Corvi m 2.95)
Keywords: Scavenging, destructiveness, repulsiveness, malevolence, fiendishness and lying, suicide, greed, injuries
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Mars/ Saturn
(Important Fixed Stars)"
So watch your steps!!! 
Yesterday I completed the yearly forecast for the Silver... you are welcome to buy it. $200 
And you don't want to miss the Bitcoin's forecast !! Huge moves there, compared to the Gold, which has been rather dead.
The Crude Oil forecast for the next 6 months is ready.- You are welcome to order it. $200. 
A poem I liked today:

Good night! I worked the whole day today. I also went to the gym... That was great! Now the yearly reports for Silver, Bitcoin, Oil sent... I can say good night. 


June 25, 2017 

Cancer rules the 4th house in the wheel. It is the first water sign. It represents family, nurturing, emotional attitudes, it is sentimental, high empathy to others, very intuitional. The mood is up and down, changes from hour to hour... The ruler of Cancer is the Moon, represents the mother, or other feminine authority in one's life. 
In the markets, the Silver is ruled by the Moon. 
Here is the weekly graph of the Silver: Culminated on April 2011- since then it is falling. No sign of recuperation. 

Searching for who has its Sun in Cancer: Islam July 16, 622, USA independence declaration, July 4, 1776, Sidney, Dow, the World Bank, Angela Merkel, Isis Leader, El Baghdadi ( Russian claim they killed him)... etc... 

In order to trade, we MUST look around and see what is happening in the world. This Cancer Moon, finds Theresa May, PM of UK, in an extremely vulnerable position. As forecasted, she shot herself in her leg, so to say, by calling for the June 8 elections. Why did she needed that?? Beats me. Now there is a so-called " hung" government, she cannot form a strong one, and as the clock is ticking, she will be forced to leave. What will happen? Will Jeremy be able to form a stable government? Probably not. Meanwhile, the Pound is at its historical lows... Here is the weekly chart. falling from 1.20- will quickly go to 1... maybe even lower. - to the dollar. 

$/Euro: the trade range is between 1.10-.1.14
$ Yen: weekly

It is not surprise, that people are looking for the cryptocurrencies, which, by the way, can just disappear as they appeared... Very risky to trade them. I don't hold them, not yet. 

Mars is slowly applying to an opposition to Pluto, in the sky... This aspect happens once in two years. it'll be exact on July 2nd. 

Would you like to know how does it affect the index you trade? Sign up now for the weekly reports. Know before the robots! 

Services: Natal chart reading/$300, Bitcoin/ VIX/ Etherium for $ 200, the Weekly market report based on technical analyses, cycles and math: $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Mail me to: and I shall send you a payment request form from Paypal. or, click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts. 



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