World financial markets and astrology: New Moon in Gemini, 2017

World financial markets and astrology: New Moon in Gemini, 2017:

Mercury enters Gemini, Venus to Taurus, but Mars In Cancer. Are we in a new up-leg in the markets? Or it is all dissolving in the fog.... ?


  1. President Erdogan himself waded into the controversy, praising “Dirilis: Ertugrul” as giving voice to the conservative masses. “Until the lions start writing their own stories, their hunters will always be the heroes,” he said.

    Erdogan is seen as the sole embodiment of the “national will.” He tells the faithful at public rallies that Turkey is fulfilling a sacred destiny under his presidency, returning to its historical role as a regional leader and global power.

    The referendum may have been about a technical package of amendments to Turkey’s Constitution, but many voters were guided by more elemental feelings. Those who backed the constitutional changes were endorsing Mr. Erdogan’s “New Turkey” project. Part of this project is about reshaping the way Turkey interprets its past.

    Thanks Bob.

  2. Thanks Bob, for the comment.
    What a nice metaphor! But, poetry aside, Erdogan is into dictatorship, no matter how he calls it. We are living in a time when Mutable signs reign. He is one. Soon Saturn, from opposition ( in Sag) will move on, and they will fade away. IMHO.


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