New Moon in Aries 2021 ~ Financial and Mundane Astrology

 Between : April 11,- May 11, 2021

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The New Moon in Aries occurs - for ISRAEL - in the 9th house of law. The Sun being at the21st degree; is also the degree of SAG; so we have a double "law " issue going on this month. And since the trial of Netanyahu started and will go on for the next 3-4-5 years, there is no better sign for a start .
The Sun is exalted in Aries, so , market wise we are still in an uptrend. To this we can add the Moon, Mercury and Venus, that are all in Aries and also COMBUST = 8.3* from or to the Sun.- being so close they are loosing of their effect. Mars is at the 22nd, killer degree (by Nikola S); I will post the ingress times, which are important for a CIT. Mars, which is the one to look at for a pump in the markets, is OOB the whole month.
The next new Moon will fall in the 10th house for us, at the 21 degree of Taurus; both will be conjunct the Lilith. Till May 4th Netanyahu must form a government, which I doubt he will be able to do. There are too many disharmonious aspects on the way.

Geocentric ingresses: times to watch: 
12.04.2021 20:43:42 > Tau Moon
14.04.2021 21:21:52 > Tau Venus
15.04.2021 9:34:50 > Gem Moon
17.04.2021 22:25:15 > Cnc Moon
19.04.2021 13:29:06 > Tau Mercury
19.04.2021 23:33:18 > Tau Sun
20.04.2021 9:10:29 > Leo Moon
20.04.2021 10:08:12 D Vesta 6°41'40"Vir
22.04.2021 16:08:08 > Vir Moon
23.04.2021 14:48:49 > Cnc Mars
24.04.2021 19:05:45 > Lib Moon
26.04.2021 19:18:15 > Sco Moon
27.04.2021 23:02:10 R Pluto 26°48'29"Cap
28.04.2021 18:42:16 > Sgr Moon
30.04.2021 19:16:01 > Cap Moon
2.05.2021 22:30:49 > Aqr Moon
4.05.2021 5:48:56 > Gem Mercury
5.05.2021 5:08:25 > Psc Moon
7.05.2021 14:52:21 > Ari Moon
8.05.2021 11:51:00 > Tau Ceres
9.05.2021 5:01:09 > Gem Venus
10.05.2021 2:46:18 > Tau Moon
Helio Centric ingresses: 
13.04.2021 13:06:19 > Ari Mercury
19.04.2021 1:33:15 > Psc Pallas
19.04.2021 7:55:17 > Tau Mercury
19.04.2021 23:33:18 > Sco Earth
21.04.2021 17:08:35 > Leo Mars
24.04.2021 9:08:20 > Gem Mercury
29.04.2021 3:33:43 > Cnc Mercury
29.04.2021 4:11:19 > Lib Vesta
29.04.2021 6:43:45 > Gem Venus
4.05.2021 1:36:26 > Leo Mercury
9.05.2021 14:42:29 > Vir Mercury

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May 13,2021 Thursday 
follow me to the new article: New Moon in Taurus 2021

May 12, 2021 Wednesday 
In one of her " sober" moments, Sara said: we will leave the country , let it burn" well, the burning part is undergoing.. And unlike her husband, she keeps her word... That is written in this picture below. 
I live in Ramat Gan, a town, 15 minutes drive from Tel Aviv. So usually we don't have alarm or Sirens shrieking. Now I found out, there is one below my window somewhere, because it was going on and off yesterday at 8:30-9 pm and tonight at 3  am several times. I let the windows open, so if and blasts, they will not break. I don't have a shelter, but my bedroom is safe, thinks me... I woke up at 3 when the alarm went off, but the third one I heard distantly, because I fell asleep. I am so glad, that I am so cool. I just read that a woman my age, well almost, she was 67, had a heart attack from anxiety. I remember, during the Gulf war, I behaved the same, when everyone else was freaking out. So are my kids...So far 850 rockets were fired on Israel, but this is the first time Tel Aviv and the northern towns are also attacked. It must be Iran behind this with long range rockets. God knows how did those rockets arrive to Israel. There is complete anarchy in Lod and Ramla, two towns where Jews and Arabs lived together well till now. Each burning up the other house or car. The interior minister is nowhere to see. Of course, he and Bibi want this go on, to show that we cannot form a government with the new Arab party. They want further escalations, to pronounce martial law, when Bibi MUST stay on the "save" the situation.. Damn him. But, the planets showed this long time ago. I wrote about it. 

We are after the New Moon, so I will start a new article after market today. Fights and arrests are still going on, that means, it will last!! The Arabs have their holiday today, Id el Fitr ( break of the Ramadan fast), and we have Shavuot on Shabbat, so all these will be cancelled. 
TA35: closed yesterday after a huge crash to 1590.65 rebounding, at 1618.55. Now we have a minor positive arbitrage, to 1622.75; there is a resistance at 1624. The Moon is in Taurus, conjunct Algol; which is bad; the Lilith conjuncts the Sun, at 22Tau; which is bad; moment, I will upload a graph.. 
Aspects: I added a few asteroids: GMT+3
Moon          45 Chiron            12.05.2021  8:07
Moon          45 Mars              12.05.2021  8:22
Cerberus      90 Damocles          12.05.2021  9:05
Moon         120 Pluto             12.05.2021  9:07
Moon         150 Center of Galaxy  12.05.2021  9:55-market starts
Moon         144 Pholus            12.05.2021 14:55 - remember Pholus meaning! scroll down-
Moon          90 Jupiter           12.05.2021 15:23- culmination and CIT
Moon          90 Damocles          12.05.2021 16:55
Cerberus      90 Lucifer           12.05.2021 17:01 
Moon          90 Lucifer           12.05.2021 17:32
Moon           0 Cerberus          12.05.2021 17:34
Lilith        90 Karma             12.05.2021 18:19
Moon          30 Ceres             12.05.2021 19:09
Vesta         30 Sisyphus          12.05.2021 21:13
Mercury      120 Saturn            12.05.2021 21:34
Mars         165 Pluto             12.05.2021 22:32
Moon          45 Israel            12.05.2021 23:01

May 11,2021 Tuesday
we got about 200 rockets fired on Israel last night, under Mercury-Uranus aspect.
Here is the chart of Israel with the transits of this night. This event has many reasons.
One of them is, that Abu- Mazen cancelled the elections, (instructed by you know who); fearing he will lose and the Hamas will take over. The ones that fired all those rockets are, of course the Hamas. 
Next, you know who, lost the possibility to form a government, and said, swore, he will do anything in his power, to stop Yair Lapid from forming a gov. with the help of the Arab parties. Not that I think he called the Hamas and told them, fire a few rockets... but the Arabs have their Ramadan now, when hundreds of thousands gather to pray. One of our "clever" Knesset member caused agitation among them, fight started, followed by blocking busses full of people trying to reach the Al Aqsa to pray, and all those people started marching, angry... how wonderful for Netanyahu, to "show" that Jews and Arabs cannot form a government together. If you scroll down, you will see that I wrote a few days before, that Naftaly Bennett has a short time tunnel to agree with Yair Lapid and form a gov. as time passes, the opportunity is fading out.. 
What will happen now, in the following months, as I already wrote, the Arab Parties will rise; and there will be new elections, no 5.
As I write, 7:18 am, more rockets are being fired, and thanks God for the Iron Dome, they are blown up in the atmosphere. So far we have 7 people injured, who didn't have a shelter to run to and the rocket fell on their house. 
Ashkelon got the most rockets. who doesn't know the story of Samson and Delilah?? Let me die with the Philistines?
And, of course, Saudia, the Emirates are now against Israel; which was so obvious, when we signed those normalization agreements... I wrote, on 8/14/2020 " I wonder how long will these last..".
Look , how interesting this is! The agreement with the UAE was signed on August 13, 2020, a date that adds up to 16/7- ruled by Neptune. Neptune rules religion. and we have now a religious uprising that broke out during the Ramadan. .Jupiter, ruler of Sag. also rules religion is at its 29th degree, a degree that is the most powerful one in every sign. With Jupiter entering Pisces, there religious uprisings will spread . 

The USA markets were negative yesterday, so our market will open under a negative arbitrage of -0.45%.The close in TA35 was 1649.- now the trade range will be below 1641.- down to 1630 and even below. Last low was on 4/26; so falling below 1615, will mean the end of the uptrend for a few months 
The BTC is correcting, as expected, LTC double topped and fell, as I alerted yesterday, ETH reversed. The DOGE compared to SHIB: when DOGE falls SHIB rises, took its place. 
60 min graph : 
NASDAQ USTECH : I wrote in my Telegram group- see link above- that as long as it trades below 13723 it is weak, short. Fell to 13178. The last low was on 3/25- that is target now. 

May 10, 2021 Monday 
The sky today: we are before the New Moon, with the Moon in Taurus, a sign of her exaltation. 
you can see on the picture the important midpoints, and Mercury being conjunct the South Node, That will bring some bad news, I am afraid. Mercury is in ♊, a sign it rules, so very strong. Also conjunct  
Aldebaran (87 Alpha Tauri  m 0.85)
Bull's North Eye
Keywords: A Royal Star. The archangel Michael, the Watcher of the East. Eloquence, high honours, integrity, popularity, courage, war mongering, agitation
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Mars
And so, under this planetary affects, Jerusalem is in turmoil, 3 rockets fired from Gaza to the southern towns, no injuries.. 
On this day in 28BC:  A sunspot is observed by Han dynasty astronomers during the reign of Emperor Cheng of Han, one of the earliest dated sunspot observations in China.[1]
Asia is green..
DOGE Coin: some news here
LITE COIN: watch out!! top is coming 

Here is teh list of aspects in the Helio sky for this week: 
Actual aspects
Begin: 10.05.2021  Period: 1 month  (GMT+3)
                                                    Aspect Exact
Venus        18Gem14 120 Jupiter      18Aqr14  10.05.2021 14:40
Mercury       7Vir37 150 Saturn        7Aqr37  11.05.2021  4:28
Earth        21Sco01 120 Neptune      21Psc01  11.05.2021 14:55
Neptune      21Psc01 120 Node         21Sco01  11.05.2021 16:04
Mercury      10Vir48 120 Uranus       10Tau48  11.05.2021 20:51
New Moon, I will start a new article. 
Venus        21Gem01  90 Neptune      21Psc01  12.05.2021  8:03
Venus        22Gem37 150 Node         22Sco35  13.05.2021  7:53
Earth        22Sco43 150 Venus        22Gem42  13.05.2021  9:27
Mercury      18Vir30 150 Jupiter      18Aqr30  13.05.2021 13:57
Mercury      21Vir02 180 Neptune      21Psc02  14.05.2021  4:00
Venus        24Gem08  60 Eris         24Ari08  14.05.2021  6:20
Earth        24Sco08 150 Eris         24Ari08  14.05.2021 20:23
Node         24Sco08 150 Eris         24Ari08  14.05.2021 21:19
Mercury      24Vir08 150 Eris         24Ari08  14.05.2021 21:34
Mercury      24Vir08  60 Node         24Sco07  14.05.2021 21:38
Earth        24Sco11  60 Mercury      24Vir02  14.05.2021 21:55
Venus        25Gem14 150 Pluto        25Cap14  14.05.2021 22:49

May 9, 2021 Sunday 
Elon Musk, on SNL yesterday said he has Asperger's syndrome. I must say, I wasn't surprised, this is quite" trendy" now, to come out with such news. Bill Gates has it, and many many more celebrities. Here is an article about it. 
What is Asperger’s syndrome?
Asperger’s syndrome (AS) is one of a group of neurological disorders known as autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). AS is considered to be on the mild end of the spectrum. People with AS exhibit three primary symptoms:
having difficulty with social interaction
engaging in repetitive behavior
standing firm on what they think
focusing on rules and routines
and what is more important, !!!! 
Because there are no specific tests for diagnosing AS
so how they know??? if someone acts differently that the crowd, does he have AS?
It cannot be cured, it makes one genius- when it is on its good side... and it is related, astrologically to Mercury, I think.

The other news news is, with a good outcome, that the Chinese rocket fell in the Indian Ocean, so that's a relief. 
After Elon Musk show, the DOGE COIN fell by 25%. I saw some tweets form 5/7, where he said, "do not put your life savings in cryptos!! especially not in DOGE, which was a " coin made for fun and has no actual value..." 
DOGE rallied from 4/13- 5/8 by 945.76%- it is a must to make a correction, to 0.416 at least.. Now at 0.56 ; I guess this "news" will be quickly forgotten, and it will continue to go up till the next level, which is 0.8232; so, I am waiting to end the correction and but more. 
On the other hand, we have MATIC, a good "gainer" that made a double top with 4/29
I would have the stop at 0.888 targeting 1.20-ish area; but I think this too will correct down till mid July.
ETH: We should raise stop to 3885! 

May 8, 2021 Saturday 
Last night we saw again a rally in the USA. We have now an arbitrage of +0.7%, that means the trade range will be above 1660; up to 73-82 even. Our historical high was on 2/12/2020 at 1750.65. A math calculation gives me 1674.72 a perfect target. 
Aspects for the coming week: 
begin: 8.05.2021  Period: 1 month  (GMT+3)
                               Aspect Exact
Venus         90 Jupiter        8.05.2021 16:38
Mercury       90 Vesta          9.05.2021  1:11
Mercury        0 Node          10.05.2021 22:01
Mars          60 Uranus        12.05.2021  5:48 - 14th 
Mercury      120 Saturn        12.05.2021 21:34
Sun           60 Neptune       13.05.2021  8:45
Neptune       90 Daedalus      14.05.2021 19:29 
Mars         150 Saturn        15.05.2021 17:49 - 17th

About Daedalus: read the article by Alex Miller, the expert in asteroids:  Astrologically, Daedalus represents inventiveness, ingenuity, cleverness and problem-solving ability, but often without the forethought to anticipate what further problems might arise from the solution. Persons with a prominent Daedalus may be associated with architecture, design, inventiveness or become skilled craftsmen, acknowledged leaders or innovators in their field.
and also this explanation: 
In Greek mythology, Daedalus (/ˈdɛdələs ˈdiːdələs/; Greek: Δαίδαλος;Latin: Daedalus; Etruscan: Taitale) was a skillful architect, craftsman and artist, and was seen as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and power.[2][3] He is the father of Icarus, the uncle of Perdix, and possibly also the father of Iapyx, although this is unclear. He invented and built the Labyrinth for King Minos of Crete, but shortly after finishing it King Minos had Daedalus imprisoned within the labyrinth. He and his son Icarus devised a plan to escape by using wings made of wax that Daedalus had invented. They escaped, but Icarus did not heed his father's warnings and flew too close to the sun. The wax melted and Icarus fell to his death. This left Daedalus heartbroken, but instead of giving up he flew to the island of Sicily.Daedalus had beaten his enemy, Minos, but at the terrible cost of the life of his son. Perhaps the gods were punishing Daedalus for daring to do something mere mortals were not meant to do: fly with the wings of a bird. "
So bottom line, Daedalus is the programming the planning, while Icarus is the carrying out, the execution of the plan

Looking into the chart of the sky Icarus is at 22Aquarius44, and Daedalus at 16Gemini47. 
24.02.2021    7:58:17 > Aqr Icarus
25.02.2021   13:24:50 > Ari Daedalus
19.03.2021   18:22:17 > Tau Daedalus
 6.04.2021    0:00:42 max N Icarus
16.04.2021   23:11:06 > Gem Daedalus
25.05.2021    3:40:29 > Cnc Daedalus
26.05.2021   16:06:48 R     Icarus 24°08'55"Aqr
 5.07.2021    0:01:24 min S Daedalus
15.07.2021    8:08:16 > Leo Daedalus
25.07.2021    3:02:11 > Cap Icarus
17.09.2021   23:05:22 > Vir Daedalus
23.09.2021    9:10:33 D     Icarus  4°09'47"Cap
22.10.2021    0:01:24 min N Icarus
19.12.2021   11:48:37 > Aqr Icarus
20.12.2021   14:46:30 > Lib Daedalus
Yair Lapid, who received the mandate to form a gov. has Daedalus at 28 Virgo and Icarus at 7 Sco, conjunct his Sun at 12Sco; in the Dir.chart Icarus is in opposition his Moon, at 4 time of birth, so I cannot know what is ruled by the Moon..that one will fly high and collapse - as per the above story. 

Netanyahu birth chart has Daedalus at 0 Libra, and in transit at 15 Gemini, in H6; while Icarus was at 27 Sag- (his Asc is around 29Sag- 2 Cap) and now at 22Aqua44, in H2 of self esteem
so what can we understand of these positions? For Bibi, it adds to his Libra stellium, and shows a great "chess player" or one who sees steps far beyond anyone else. But now, D in the 6th, house of his health can fail him. While Icarus in his H2, ... the rumor has it, that some Likud members are fleeing the sinking ship; that would be a shame for him-H2 representing what one has too. 
Naftaly Bennett
Ayelet Shaked
some indices: 
VIX: former low was 16.15- this is now target
Copper target:4.90
BTC: stop = 58000
OIL: long term graph: 
DX: last alert short below 93- now it is at 90.20- tgt 89.85
ETH: stop was 3515- now 3545!!! 
For my students: For traders: Bayer rule 2 and 27 are coming or already in action! Later this month, rule 6 and 1 ! 

May 7, 2021 Friday 
I fell asleep really early yesterday, so 4:45 am found me sitting by the computer. It is now 5 hours later, and I sent a lot of alerts for all indices, to my subscribers. I want to show you how the cryptos earned a LOT! IN THE LAST YEAR / MONTH. 
and monthly: 
Then I took the chart of Ethereum: and we can see, that it made 12 times more than its consolidation range. 

Now, it is correcting. 
SO what I want to show with this? We must find consolidating cryptos, calculate 7-8-12 times more, and wait.
If you find any, pls. let me know. 
Meanwhile I let TS calculate the DOW to see what happens when Venus conjunct Algol - now?

May 6, 2021 Thursday 
It is a day ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Oh, that bugger again... When Neptune shows up in the count we are in for a CIT. Also Lagarde speaks today!! And Venus is on Algol !! (the Medusa head) bad- also read again May 2nd post- for the Sun's aspects to diff. asteroids. 
TA35:will open under a minor positive arbitrage, so we will see today 1653-57-59 to the upside and 1648-46 to the downside. 
These are the cryptos that I follow and buy/sell: the list is longer, but doesn't fit the frame.. Also DOGE 

May 5,2021 Wednesday 
it is a big  5.5.5 day today!!! As the year is ruled by Mercury, as I pointed out in the first article of the year, now the month and the day is also ruled by Mercury, a triple Mercury day!! and where is it? just entered the sign it rules, the first MUTABLE sign, Gemini! ♊
At the same time, the MOON entered the last of the 3 "mutables", into PISCES.♓ and they are in square! 
The Moon will make these following aspects: GMT+3
5.05.2021  3:05:18 28°54'20"Aqr Conjunction Jupiter- we are now at 7:51, so irrelevant;
 5.05.2021  5:08:24  0°00'00"Psc <<<
 5.05.2021  8:54:22  2°00'11"Psc Square Mercury
 5.05.2021 19:07:16  7°23'59"Psc Trine Mars
 6.05.2021  1:56:38 10°58'35"Psc Sextile Uranus
 6.05.2021 11:40:56 16°02'43"Psc Sextile Sun
 7.05.2021  0:16:49 22°32'41"Psc Conjunction Neptune
 7.05.2021  8:33:59 26°47'14"Psc Sextile Pluto
 7.05.2021 10:36:09 27°49'33"Psc Sextile Venus
 7.05.2021 14:52:21  0°00'00"Ari <<<
These are the aspects that ZET gives us, but we can go deeper here, and check what else do we have in Pisces? that the Moon will conjunct, or is Virgo, that it will oppose? 
We have asteroid Damocles at 0* Pisces, Nessus at 14*;{a;;as at 17*; Point of fatality at 19* and Neptune, of course at 22*. Why are these important today?? Because our President will have to decide to whom to give the mandate to try to form a gov., after BIBI failed. 
What else, do we have in Pisces? Fixed stars!! A... one sec.. let me check 
We have 6 fixed "Fortunate" ones, and only at the 23♓37 we have Markab, the unfortunate one called the "Star of Sorrow", disgrace, ruin, legal problems, accidents, cuts, surgery... and the Moon will conjunct it on May7th at 2:22 am GMT+3; so... not during trade hours over here, but I would be extremely careful over ASIA...
Here is the geodetic chart l see where the Moon and Neptune are, in Pisces, with the curve of Markab: 

On this day in history: the French revolution broke out, in 1799; Karl Marx was born, Adele, Ron Arad in 1958, went missing in space (Ron Arad, Israeli Air Force weapon systems officer (WSO) who is officially classified as missing in action since October 1986, born in Hod HaSharon, Israel); 
No trade today in Japan due to "Children's day"; in China "labor day', New Zealand came out with good announcements... 

Pressure and pineapple wars: Taiwan fears quieter Chinese threat as U.S. warns of invasion
At 6:22 pm the President gave the mandate to Yair Lapid to form a gov. Lapid has 54 votes. He promised to form a gov. with the help of the Arab parties, which I think is fair.. they are 20% of the population, at least, I didn't check// let me check, yes, 20.9%. He wants to form a gov and give the PM seat to Naftali Bennett, who has 7 mandates; however, I pointed out, in my Hebrew group on FB - I guess local people are more interested in our politics, that the momentum will fade away for Bennett when Jupiter enters Pisces. 
Unfortunately, it happened before a NEW Moon, so he will not succeed, also under the pressure of a strong Venus, ruler of H7, -open enemies- BIBI. who will do every thing to undermine this, (Sun conj. Uranus in H7) . I wrote many times that only 2 people can crush Bibi: the religious parties, and Sara. 

May 4th 2021 Tuesday 
It will be a very dramatic day... Netanyahu must present his gov. And it is a mission impossible. He fears more facing Sara, than the outcome of this day...No joke here... If he wants to survive, he must hospitalize her. 
Anyways, let's look at our business. 
The Nifty bottomed on 5/2 and they are correcting upwards, I sent alerts on the Telegram group.  Seems to me, they will make an M pattern. 
Let me check the DAX spot: support is at 15220 
Here are the Helio aspects for the next 3 days: 
Begin: 4.05.2021  Period: 3 days  (GMT+3)
                               Aspect Exact
Venus         60 Chiron         5.05.2021  0:10
Mercury        0 Mars           5.05.2021  2:51
Mercury      180 Saturn         5.05.2021  8:44
Mercury      120 Chiron         5.05.2021 16:19
Mercury       60 Venus          5.05.2021 22:50
Mercury       90 Uranus         5.05.2021 22:53
Mercury       90 Node           7.05.2021  0:06
Earth         90 Mercury        7.05.2021  0:24
Geocentric aspects: 
Actual aspects
Begin: 4.05.2021  Period: 3 days  (GMT+3)
                               Aspect Exact
Mars         160 Pluto          4.05.2021 19:22
Venus         45 Chiron         5.05.2021 22:03
Venus        120 Pluto          6.05.2021 14:24
Node          60 Chiron         6.05.2021 20:34
Moon' s aspects : 
4.05.2021 18:59:27 24°33'49"Aqr Square Venus
 5.05.2021  3:05:18 28°54'20"Aqr Conjunction Jupiter
 5.05.2021  5:08:24  0°00'00"Psc <<<
 5.05.2021  8:54:22  2°00'11"Psc Square Mercury
 5.05.2021 19:07:16  7°23'59"Psc Trine Mars
Oh!!!! Melinda Gates is divorcing Bill.... wawawa !!! 
"Melinda Gates files for divorce from Bill claiming marriage 'irretrievably broken', court docs reveal there is NO prenup: $130B split" 
what went wrong in paradise ??? 
Uranus, ruler of H8 in H1 = kinky sex, many other women in his life..Also tr.Pluto in opposition his ASC, in Cancer- from the 7th house of relationships; always bring a breakdown of the matters the house represents. Better look at Melinda Gate's map... Jupiter+ Pluto in Leo- just like I have, but in his case they are in H2, that made him one of the richest man in the world, while they didn't do the same for me, in H10. I will add more insights after market..
Melinda Gates: 
Poor couple.... they will have to split 130Billion $...My heart goes out for them. 
So Bezos divorced, he wants to fly to Mars with Elon Musk, Gates, maybe wants to join them, now we have to look into Zuckerberg's chart... he is the last Mohican... isn't he? to fly and let us be. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Market calls me..see ya 
The first runner up in Europe now is Portugal - see stops and targets on the graph 
IBEX:3.31 stop was 8460; raise it 8938
MOEX: Russia : Raise stop to 3580 
CAC spot: Stop is now at 6313
MIB: Stop is 24165
TA35: Gann square targets : 1641-50-61 ( now at 1656)

I didn't have internet today from 11 am to 9 pm. that was a bummer, but, the day is a celebration, since Netanyahu returned his mandate to the President, not in his power to form a gov.... as expected. so , Halleluiah ! 
3 minutes before midnight.... wow!! is it possible, that he is toast? 
May 3rd, 2021 Monday 
On this day, in 1898 Golda Meir was born in Ukraine, later to be the first woman Israeli PM; RIP. In those days people still had dignity, and after tיe Yom Kippur war she resigned. Today, no one from the political parties takes the responsibility! No, they hide and cannot be seen, or those who are coming out to the microphones, have some funny statement, Damn them all.

So, as I wrote yesterday, we are still under an Aquarius Moon effect, that is approaching the Sun, therefor loosing in light. First we will have the New Moon on the 11th, and on the 16th a Total Lunar eclipse 26.05.2021 
Penumbral Eclipse Begins:  8:47:34 UT
  Partial Eclipse Begins:  9:44:50 UT
    Total Eclipse Begins: 11:11:09 UT
        Greatest Eclipse: 11:18:36 UT
      Total Eclipse Ends: 11:26:05 UT
    Partial Eclipse Ends: 12:52:23 UT
  Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 13:49:41
Also, Mercury and Venus will be OOB! and Mars will just end its OOB move. 
During the Lunar eclipse Pluto at the MP of the SUN/Pandora
Saturn at the MP of Pluto/Damocles and Ju/PLuto
S*P future: Stop is 4192 
Nasdaq USTECH : from 4/28 alerts stop was `14047 now at 13936- Move stop to 13956; lower it to 13896
20 Years bond: 

May 2,2021 Sunday 
we start this this day under a Cap. Moon; it is now 7:47am ; here her aspects: 
2.05.2021  7:41:56 21°31'17"Cap Trine Venus
 2.05.2021  9:15:44 22°25'25"Cap Sextile Neptune
 2.05.2021 16:53:42 26°48'11"Cap Conjunction Pluto after market closes
 2.05.2021 17:37:38 27°13'15"Cap Trine Mercury
 2.05.2021 22:30:48  0°00'00"Aqr <<< till the 5th! 
 3.05.2021 17:51:34 10°50'30"Aqr Square Uranus
 3.05.2021 22:08:09 13°12'16"Aqr Conjunction Saturn
 3.05.2021 22:50:00 13°35'19"Aqr Square Sun
Today we are under the effect of the Sun, at 12 Taurus ; it is now separating from Uranus; thanks God, the Sun's aspects last only one day. In Financial Astrology I haven't seen anyone of the masters use any asteroids or Arabic points, so I am not going to either. 
But, just for the record, we have now in the sky all these: so the Sun and all the other planets will make an aspect to them sooner or later. (the Sun this month, others , will take longer.) 
So, if the Sun is now at 12 degrees, it is separating from Chiron, which is at 10*Aries; and it is in trine 120^ to Orcus; see my post yesterday about its meaning; then a trine to Pandora in 2 days, interesting, it is the day when Bibi must present his gov.; no chance for that so far...the Sun will also sextile Nessus (see yesterday's post) The Point of Catastrophe will be aspected by the Sun in 3-4 days, being at 15Gemini, Point of Murder is at 16 Taurus; ( Sun 0^ in 4 days) Point of Danger in 5 days, Point of Fatality in 6; and more important, the Sun will be at 18*, the degree the Sol.ecl was, before Israel was "born" in 1948;  and Sun 0^ Lilith in in 9 days. So it won't be a boring week, that is for sure. 
here are the dates when transit planets trigger the 18th degree: 
The other planet that is to be considered today is Jupiter, at 28Aqua31; on Israel's Independence day. May 14th, it will enter Pisces. 
Now Jupiter was in Pisces between these dates: 

6.04.1950  0:00 (GMT+2) - 15.09.1950  0:00 (GMT+2)
 2.12.1950  0:00 (GMT+2) - 21.04.1951  0:00 (GMT+2)
27.03.1962  0:00 (GMT+2) -  4.04.1963  0:00 (GMT+2)
 9.03.1974  0:00 (GMT+2) - 18.03.1975  0:00 (GMT+2)
21.02.1986  0:00 (GMT+2) -  2.03.1987  0:00 (GMT+2)
 5.02.1998  0:00 (GMT+2) - 13.02.1999  0:00 (GMT+2) Netanyahu PM- ever since.
19.01.2010  0:00 (GMT+2) -  6.06.2010  0:00 (GMT+2)
10.09.2010  0:00 (GMT+2) - 22.01.2011  0:00 (GMT+2) Carmel mountain fire 
15.05.2021  0:00 (GMT+2) - 28.07.2021  0:00 (GMT+2)
30.12.2021  0:00 (GMT+2) - 11.05.2022  0:00 (GMT+2)
29.10.2022  0:00 (GMT+2) - 20.12.2022  0:00 (GMT+2)
Our market will start under a minor arbitrage. Looking the the Nifty, DAX and Nasdaq, even if we open high, the trend will be more negative today. Mercury on Algol is also a bad position. can I add any cheerful events?? well, Venus, is in the sign of Taurus, a sign it rules, that's good; but... lol... it is in sextile to Neptune; conjunct Lilith ; will trine Pluto and square Jupiter this week; check out the calendar I uploaded yesterday. 
Nifty spot: topped on 4/28 at 15042 ( my target sent to subscribers on 4/13 was 14840) and closed on Friday at 14631
DAX spot: alert was : Stop at 15265; sent on 4/24; closed on Friday at 15135; 
Nasdaq USTECH: stop sent on my Telegram group was 14047- stop- closed at 13871; 
we see a correction in all these indices.
Gold alert: 4/28 alert sent on 4/26; stop was 1786- fell below, now at 1769.70 support is at 1766- long if above. - tgt former tops" closed at 1768.85, so no party there as well. 
For the USA, I would look at 23*Cancer and 8* Aquarius, when will these positions be triggered? There were the important eclipses in July 1776. Looking at the USA Liberty chart, the Point of Catastrophe is at 12Sco- tr.Sun is in exact opposition now..this is not so bad, worst is tr.Uranus- the one that doesn't move in a day, is also in opposition... also on the 13th Mars conjunct natal SUN... it happens once in two years only.... that is danger to Biden. 
Planets at 23* and 8* triggering the Eclipse deg.
TA35: traded between 1633-41 (Saturn- Venus line). not much to do between these levels. 
Tomorrow we will have a CIT for KLSE, Nikkei, Nifty,BIG, PSTI,
Local : Robogrp, Mind,Hizdamnut Yahash, Foresight, Bezeq, Partner, Strauss Bluefenix (Block chainKria),
Venus and Neptune will be at 22*, sextile; watch the Fed.announcemnets in Europs. 
Have a nice weekend. 

May 1, 2021 Saturday 
I remember, in my 17 years living under communism, on this day, we were forced to go out to the street and put on a happy face and wave with red flags. It is the International day of workers. Thanks to my father, who fought for all those years, we could manage and leave that inferno, so as of 17.and 4 months, I live in the free world.
So remembering those, who still live under a forced grip of a government, or feeling sorry for those, who will bring it upon themselves, we enter the month of May; the 5th of the year, and the 120th day ; which is a CIT day. Being a week end, we got a reversal yesterday in many indices. 
SO, let's see what can we expect in this month? 
The Sun, our swiss clock, moves 30 degrees; from 11Tau - to 11 Gem. 
Mercury moves from 24♉to 24*♊Gemini; and also retro on 5/29th. 
Venus moves from 20♉ to 28*♊
Mars is in fall in ♋Cancer- moves from 4* to 23*37'; ends its OOB position. 
Jupiter moves from 28*23♒to 1*♓Pisces, a sign it is exalted in.
Saturn is in Aquarius♒, turns Retro on the23rd, at 13*, which will be a CIT. 
Uranus is in its Fall in Tau, moves only 2 deg.
Neptune is in Pisces, moves from 22*24 to 23*; which is only 0.26', but important, leaves the "killer"deg.
Pluto, last but not least, is RETRO; note that I wrote about Pluto in Retro, on 4/28th and I added O.J.Simpson's chart with some thoughts.. 
 4.05.2021    5:48:56 > Gem Mercury
 9.05.2021    5:01:09 > Gem Venus
14.05.2021    1:35:49 > Psc Jupiter
20.05.2021   22:37:01 > Gem Sun
23.05.2021   12:18:27 R     Saturn 13°31'02"Aqr
30.05.2021    1:34:07 R     Mercury 24°43'01"Gem
Some important and lasting midpoints (MP) 
Saturn at Ju/PL: as per Ebertine:" The inability to progress, difficulties, separation"
Jupiter at SA/Nessus MP
Nessus: Ferryman at the River Evenus. Orbital Period: 120.76 yr.

Positive - generous, benevolent, compassionate, willing to lend a helping hand, 
cooperative, respectful of boundaries, aware of the power of life force energy, 
healthy use of sexual energy

Negative - coveting, possessive, jealous, vengeful, manipulative, resorting to 
negative alchemy for personal gain, negative use of sexual energy

Mundane - bad blood between parties, feuds over money especially regarding 
relationship dissolution, diseases transmitted by blood, transport ferries over 
water, potions, tonics and elixirs designed to cast spells, therapy 
specifically designed for healing sexual or monetary issues

Ceremonial - prosperity ceremonies, sexual healing rituals, ceremonies 
involving Earth fertility
Nessus is abuse. We all have one. However, it is not prominent in every natal 
chart.I believe a prominent Nessus in a natal chart will be an abusive person. 
People have written to me and said that they had a prominent Nessus and were 
not abusive. I am not saying that they lied. I just believe the chart over 
personal  accounts rape-related body, named for the ravisher of Herakles’ wife Deianeira, whom he agreed to ferry across a river on his equine back. On the farther shore, 
thinking himself safe from Herakles’ wrath, Nessus attempted to rape her, but 
the hero was equal to the task of defending his wife, and shot a poisoned arrow 
across the river, killing Nessus. Nessus represents acquaintance rape, incest and family patterns of abuse. 
There are hundreds more, but I think this is enough.
We will also have interesting planetary positions, like a Grand Cross between the Nodes, Orcus ( at 11*Vir55) and part of Fortune(POF). here is what I gathered from different sources on Orcus: thanks to all! 
Orcus: Orcus emphasizes the quality and depth of our 8th house connections with others (or lack thereof), whereas Pluto emphasizes the strength and quantity of those connections.

Orcus may be helping us to uncover secret paths obscured by the sands of time, perhaps even oaths we made long ago to enter into the depths of unexplored territory, into new realms of consciousness, that lead us to a new law of life—eventually to a law that is in integrity to Heart—when Orcus conjoins Regulus, heart of the Lion, in early 2009. By 2014, Orcus conjoins the stars of the sextant, where we can plot a new course, take a new tack based on the new vertical alignment established within self.

Broken promises and revenge or punishment: that is what Orcus, the latest discovered Plutonian object, is all about. This symbol must be important for astrology and love…

Orcus was only discovered in 2004. With the same orbit period, and similar size to Pluto.. this planetoid was quickly given it's name as one of the three titles for the god of the underworld. But, Orcus has an opposing angle of ecliptic, creating an intriguing dance with Pluto. They both also cross the orbit of Neptune when on the higher side of their eliptical orbits. Each with one moon that orbits in perfect synchronisity with the planets day.. faces tied in reflection for eternity.

It is thought that Orcus is similar to Pluto in that he also represents a part of one's inner core. He also may represent one's inner fight for survival.. or in other words, the ethical battle within oneself.

For this reason I can't help but associate Orcus with death.. and perhaps, if Pluto is death in purposeful "cycle of life" sense, then Orcus is a more final death at the end of a valiant fight.

Pluto may have been the god of the underworld, but Orcus is the one who collected the dead to be brought there.. a duty of lesser valor, but no less significant.

Indeed, Orcus is designed to help you find what your limits are, and how you react when you really get down to brass tacks. Can you face Orcus and keep your integrity?

Make no mistake: Orcus is a big hitter, and when he hits, you will feel it all the way to the bottom of your soul.

Orcus progressing to the Midheaven is not usually so easy-going. In the chart below you see the progressed chart for the precise date that serial killer Ted Bundy was sentenced to die in the electric chair: would it be possible to imagine a more perfect – and chilling – manifestation of Orcus with Uranus on the Midheaven?

Broken promises and revenge or punishment: that is what Orcus, the latest discovered Plutonian object, is all about. This symbol must be important for astrology and love…

The king of Bahrain arrives in Dubai with his bodyguard, a robot who speaks 6 languages and can save him from enemies. It can fight physically, it can track and it can shoot. Armed with electric teaser, a 360° camera system with a set of infrared cameras, 3 hidden machine guns, with enough ammunition to fight against 1500 men and a laser-guided machine gun. He also transports medicine and water. Cost: $ 7,4 million
Is it the end of time?
Text and video taken over - Pantcho Coelho
Maybe you can find this on FB. Fabulous !!

let's see some shares, how are they doing...
AMZN: double topped with 3/31 top, and reversed. Stop is 3463;
BTC: ran up in one day by 7.7%; ; resistance is at 58013-
OIL: stop is 64
DAX future we are short since 15295 price level.
DIA: we are short since 340 " "
ETH: we are long since 2245 now 2857
I will sent soon updates for the Cryptos and Asia.
After the Meron mountain disaster yesterday, there is one RIGHTEOUS PERSON IN SODOM, who took the blame, what it wasn't his, and resigned.  Shimon Lavi, a high ranked police officer. All those, who are to blame, like Arie Der'i, minister of religious Services, and the one who sent all these 200000 people on the religious celebration, is silent and was not seen since. The other bigshot, damn them, the minister of public security is silent as well. And Bibi, as always, uses this disaדter in his own interest..Asked to postpone the date when he should form a gov; what he cannot do so far. 

April 30, 2021 Friday
A few days ago I wrote about the unexpected event that will happen when Sun conjuncts Uranus in ♉Taurus. 
Unfortunately we hear in the news the "Meron Mountain disaster";  and here is a chart explained ; this happens during Lag Ba Omer- read what this is here. A religious pilgrimage to  Rabbi Moshe Bar Yochai, where 200000 people gathered yesterday (also from abroad), each wanting to be closest to the grave, pushing and falling on each other, down on some steps,(Saturn-mountians, high places, on the Asc- ) as I read in the article... thus 45 dead till now and many many injured (150 till now). 
The story of PHOLUS : 
Pholus 5145

Pholus was a wise and peaceful centaur who lived in a cave near Mount Pelion, a common stomping ground for his race. His friend Heracles came to rest from his labors, after capturing the Erymanthian Boar. Pholus had in his possession a jar of wine, a gift to all the centaurs; Heracles asked for a drink, but Pholus hesitated, fearing to open the jar. Heracles brushed aside his objections, opened the jar, and poured the wine. Several centaurs in the area smelled the wine, became enraged, and charged the cave, wanting their share.
Heracles attacked them with his bow and arrows dipped in the poisonous blood of the Hydra, killing several before chasing the rest into the woods. Pholus, intrigued by how so small a thing as an arrow could kill a mighty centaur, picked one up to examine it, dropped it, and it pierced his foot, the poison killing him instantly. The name Pholus was given to one of the centaur bodies that orbit between Saturn and Uranus.
Astrologically Pholus represents the small cause yielding a large effect; “taking the lid off” a situation with explosive results; and a catalyst or reagent spurring change or transformation. Pholus also relates to mass deaths, by whatever cause, such as natural disaster or terrorist acts.
Till 2024 Pholus will move back and forth between 5-10 Cap.
Israel's chart with the disaster:
many Arabs families came to help with the injured from the surrounding villages!
And so many people lined up for hours to donate blood, that they were called not to arrive , because it is too much now. 
May calendar GMT+3
NY Time

April 29,2021 Thursday 
USA markets rallied again after the FED.left the funds rate at 0.25%
I sent this graph to my Telegram group: and wrote: breaking above the channel, target will be 4217; topped at 4200 so far.
The Nasdaq USTECH made a new high, but lower than 14047!! 
After the gym I will calculate next targets... 
The day is ruled by Jupiter and the Moon... 
Now its almost 9 am and I must prepare to go.... Yesterday I watched RAKE, an Australian serial, about an attorney.... Hillarious.. Watched it till 2:30 am.. funny and clever. 
I will have to look up that actor...!! LOL.. 
Our market: TA35 we have options expiry today; it will be above 1534.70; and we will see new highs too. up to 1649 ; under a SAG Moon; but, watch Helio Venus entering Gemini!! and Helio Mercury is at 1Cancer27! They are not the best for a rally... However, Mars is still strong; so if one trades the 60 or 30 min. chart, just raise your stops to the low of the third last candle. 
Today birthdays from my database: Bernie Madoff, Boris Jonson's son ( he has "at least 6... after than they lost count LOL  Son Lawrie Nicholas Johnson is 1 year old today) , Hirohito Japan Emperor; Jerry Seinfeld; etc..
I wrote 1-2 weeks ago that we will have a high option exercise- it was at 1642.64 ( which was exactly Neptune line) - in an option group the big shots were expecting 1616.. I  always sell one day before.
.I mentioned earlier Boris Johnson's son birthday. I couldn't find his time of birth, so I made a Solar chart. Why is his chart important? because from a child's chart we can see what happens with the father, mother, everyone around him. So he has a Sun-Uranus conjunction in Taurus; showing a very eccentric father (Sun=father); his planetary positions show a turn in life when the son is one year and 2 months old, and in October 2021; what is happening in 2 months, and in 6? I will have to check.. 
Oh, now I found it in blessed they be! born at 9 am, gives a 9Cancer13 Asc.- and SUN+Ura in H11; house of the parliament...Ruler of his H10(father figure is Neptune, and tr.Netp is conjunct.. Is Boris's position not clear? I'll have to read about it. 
I posted Boris Johnson's chart before, but here is a reminder: the strongest planet in his chart is Mercury, ruler of the SUN; at 28 Gemini, on a malefic fixed star Betelgeuse. BJ was born 10 days after a partial Sol.ecl on June 10, 1964 at 19Gem45- exactly conjunct his Mercury ! 

The Annular SOlar Eclipse on June 0, 2021 will hit his Mercury again, Sun-Moon _Merc- will be conjunct in his 9th house of law. SOl.ecl Saturn will conjunct his Part of Fortune at 13* Aqua- Saturn will be Retro, in an Aries degree; 
His Part of Fortune is in the 5th house of children.. His career is ruled by the Moon, which is the weakest planet in his chart.. and it is at 00Scorpio.
SOl.ecl Uranus will trine natal Pluto, ruler of H2, all these mean, a turmoil, shattering his self - esteem and money losses under this eclipse; beginning already in late May- first week of June. 
His Directed chart shows Mercury (the strongest of his planets, at 16 Leo, at the natal Jup/Nep MP.
DIr. Jup conjuncts the MC;at 12Cancer52; that means a culmination; 

April 28, 2021 Wednesday 
As if India didn't have enough sorrow under the tsunami of COVID 19, there was an Earthquake too yesterday of 6 degrees. Neptune is always present in an Earthquake, and with the Full Moon yesterday, it happened. 
Very sorry for you over there!! 
Today we are under the affect of Mercury and the Sun. It is a CIT day for many indices:
S&amp;P and AXJO DOW, Dax fut, Nasdaq, Nyse, Gold fut, Corn, Ripple, BCH, AMZN, 10 YEARBONDS, CSCO,LNKD, PSTI,
Local shares: Razio,Afrika nechasim, Evugene, Elbit Maarachot, Teva, Bank Beinleumi, DiPharm, Gvaot, machon leheker iNternet, mankind, Maayan, Medivi, Rami Levi, Silicom, TadirGan, etc

The Sun conjunct the Bad Fixed star HAMAL at 8 Taurus
Hamal (13 Alpha Arietis  m 2.00)
Keywords: Violence, cruelty, brutality, also the "Healer"
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Mars/ Saturn
The Sun will conjunct Uranus in 2 days, this is a once in a year event, thus important, but lasts only one day. 
Jupiter 60^ the GC ; this happens twice a year; and Mercury 0^Venus in Taurus today at 16-18^. 
We are in earnings period, under the Moon in Scorpio, sign of money. 
Earnings after market, sorted by volume: 
Watching COIN: I see there are 1249 people working there, and see the firms, who got it all wrong in their forecasts? 

Here is a link to "Cycles magazine" there is an article there mentioning that the most important cycles that Gann used were the 20 and 60 year cycles; 
It is now 8:42 am, I shall send alerts for the USA markets and commodities. 
back later. 
Meanwhile: stops for the main indices: 
April 28- Oct.6th 2021.  from 26Cap48 returns to 24Cap18. Only two degrees, but it means, that for the next 6 months, all who have planets at these degrees in their charts, they will be triggered by Pluto, and that is a NASTY thing to have... Just imagine if someone has the ruler of his health triggered by Pluto!!? Like for O.J.Simpson? He  was granted parole on July20, when tr.Jupiter (freedom) squared natal Sun, and the NN (fate) passed his ASC; and released on Oct 1, 2017; after serving almost 9 years. Now, transit Pluto will linger on his 6th house of health for a long time, together with Mars coming into conjunction his Sun, we will hear about him in the news. 

A check from my database and found 
Pfizer: Jan 17, 1944: Pluto conjuncts its SUN !  Pluto, as per this chart, rules the MC, or the management... so we will defiantly hear about this share in the next 6 months. Also, tr.Uranus will return to natal Mars+Uranus.. what do you think that will cause??!! Jupiter was in opposition natal Jupiter; They announced a few days ago, that they will make a billion vaccines. WIll they?? with that Pluto on the SUN...  
Trade wise we are long above 36.48

April 27,2021 Tuesday 
Today we are under the rulership of Mars.I wanted to check where is Mars running now in the world map. but then I saw that Neptune runs over India, and I recall now, that my friend Nuriel, reminded me, that the June 21, 2020 Sol.ecl. ran through India... and we see the horror that goes on over there.. Here is the world map with the 2020 eclipses and the upcoming one, in June 10, 2021. 
Unfortunately, Neptune ( ruler of the 12th house) stays across India till 2025. 
They need urgent and continuous help from the world!!! 
Nifty spot bottomed on 4/21 and is rising since, stop is now at 14576.

April 26, 2021 Monday 
Yesterday I had the computer re calculate the planetary hours, it took the whole day... but now, at least I have it correct. 
I see Asia is green, with a little help from Helio Mercury in ♊Gemini- see above list! 
Today's aspects: in Geocentric chart
That "prognostic chart" didn't work at all yesterday, so forget about it. 
Today we have 2, *** 3 started announcements, the first from Germany, where there are many manifestations against the lockdown planned till June. I sent alerts.. so you know what to do. 
TA35: opens with a +0.21% arbitrage; so we will see today: 1632-42 even. 
MIB: trades above the stop- we are long there. 
SMI: too;
SE30: stop = 1792
AEX: last alert was on 1/26; then at 967, now stop is at 1026
INDIA: in spite of their incredibly huge and sad number of dead of the Covid-19 mutation; Bank Nifty gapped up today, so it is far above the stop I gave. People die because of lack of OXIGEN! in the 21st century... 
Price should go above 32520 to reach 34400- target. 
5:25 pm 
outcome for Bank Nifty: although there was a nice gain from the stop to the top, reached 32520; and fell back, that was a sign for short. 

April 25, 2021 Sunday 
It is a day ruled by the Sun, which is at 5*♉; which is a Leo degree; It has no aspects today; The other planet to rule today is Neptune, which is at the 22♓; it has no aspects either. Sometimes I use the Planetary hours, to see, when will the market go up or trade sideways or fall. You can open this site, adjust your time and place to get YOUR time. I have it in ZET as well. So at 9:23 - 10:29 it is the Moon's hour. The Moon is at 8♎; 150* to the Sun, that is a disharmonious aspect; then, she will be 150* to Uranus,Mercury, Venus and trine Saturn and the NN. .
Then, I have this possibility: the "prognostic chart" "actual aspects" which shows an up trend between 8:2:50pm- but I never use it; I don't know how reliable it is.. 
Just to show you a month's chart with the actual outcome till now: how it didn't work: 

What I do use are the calculations, that I teach in my Financial Astrology course. 
I am back from the gym, it is now the Sun's hour; till now we had a fall trades now at 1630.It shouldn't go below 1630.36!!
I see that TS has a wrong timing ! bummer !!! It is now Jupiter hour, it shows me SUn hour... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr; one cannot rely on any software.. just check and recheck ! Damn damn damn !
Actually it was my fault, the settings were off. 
April 24,2021 Saturday
We had again, after a long time, sirens going off in the south ( between 23:59- 4:58), when 36 rackets were shot from Gaza by Hamas. The army fired back... Jerusalem is still in turmoil. Mars at 0* Cancer squares the Moon- Mars also 120* to Jupiter ( fight- exaggeration); and Saturn is nowhere to block the rioting.
When journalists asked our interior minister, why he didn't interfere in the fights between Jews and Arabs, he had a good reason.. was at the doctor... well, how convenient. what a shame...
The USA markets yesterday had a good day, all closed higher than the day before.

 EUROPE: comparing indices to the DAX: made low on Oct 30, 2020; in 2 days = 180 days !! CIT!!
ASIA indices compared to AXJO: 
SO, what happens in 2 days, that will bring a CIT? Helio Venus trines Pluto at 25th degree, which is an Aries degree. They also mark a support / resistance. 
I'll send updates based on this position. 
Here is very good explanation on the planets, aspects, etc... thanks to D.Houlding 
I am shocked to see this:
how come there is no vaccine in Switzerland!!?? Such a wealthy country!!

Coronavirus Cases:
Cryptos: I just sent updates ; and if you are curious which lost most in a week, here is from my list: 

April 23, 2021 Friday 
Today Venus and Mercury rule; they are also conjunct in Taurus. 
The BTC is now at 49270- coming closer to my target, 45000. 
For the DAX Future, there is a strong support at 15280; that is now the stop. 
Some good news of the day: Putin orders the troops back to base in Ukraine! and invites President to meet with him. ; But, Mars enters Cancer, as you can see in the list above, and that brings fights at home, or in homeland; of what, we already have here in Jerusalem; between Jews and Arabs. Shame on them! a bunch of people who can terrorize a whole city!  Once being persecuted by racists, now they become one too. And this is only because of Bibi, who stirs up hatred between the people. 
This happens when Mars conjuncts Betelgeuse Fixed star: at 29♊.
Betelgeuse (58 Alpha Orionis  m 0.50)
Orion's Right Shoulder
Keywords: Calamities, danger, violence
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Mars/ Mercury
and Saturn sextile Mars/Pl MP
Neptune is at 22 Pisces, so that too spreads a lot of "fog" on what is really happening. 
Aspects of today: 
Moon         10Vir15 120 Uranus       10Tau15  23.04.2021  9:57
Moon         10Vir17 150 Chiron       10Ari17  23.04.2021 10:02
Moon         10Vir34 120 Venus        10Tau34  23.04.2021 10:30
Moon         11Vir23  90 Node         11Gem23  23.04.2021 11:54
Moon         11Vir23  90 S.Node       11Sgr23  23.04.2021 11:54
Moon         11Vir48 135 Pluto        26Cap48  23.04.2021 12:37
Moon         11Vir57  72 Mars         29Gem57  23.04.2021 12:52
Moon         12Vir13 165 Jupiter      27Aqr13  23.04.2021 13:20
Moon         12Vir48 150 Saturn       12Aqr48  23.04.2021 14:19- before US opens
Moon         17Vir16 160 Jupiter      27Aqr16  23.04.2021 21:55
Mercury       9Tau17  72 Jupiter      27Aqr17  23.04.2021 22:06
Moon         18Vir13 144 Eris         24Ari13  23.04.2021 23:30
Sunday. 4/25: for TA35
Moon          9Lib14 165 Eris         24Ari14  25.04.2021 10:08
Moon         10Lib22 150 Uranus       10Tau22  25.04.2021 11:58
Moon         10Lib24 180 Chiron       10Ari24  25.04.2021 12:02
Moon         11Lib12  60 S.Node       11Sgr12  25.04.2021 13:19
Moon         11Lib12 120 Node         11Gem12  25.04.2021 13:19
Mars          1Cnc12 160 S.Node       11Sgr12  25.04.2021 14:14
Mercury      12Tau53  90 Saturn       12Aqr53  25.04.2021 14:58
Moon         12Lib14 160 Neptune      22Psc14  25.04.2021 14:59
Moon         12Lib33 135 Jupiter      27Aqr33  25.04.2021 15:29
Moon         12Lib53 120 Saturn       12Aqr53  25.04.2021 16:02
Moon         13Lib00 150 Mercury      13Tau00  25.04.2021 16:13
Moon         13Lib22 150 Venus        13Tau21  25.04.2021 16:48
Aspects for 3 days 4/26-29: 
I deleted the Moon's aspects: 
26.04.2021  Period: 3 days  (GMT+3)
                                                    Aspect Exact
Mercury      13Tau48   0 Venus        13Tau48  26.04.2021  1:19
Sun           6Tau04 165 Moon         21Lib04  26.04.2021  5:08
Mercury      14Tau48 108 Pluto        26Cap48  26.04.2021 12:52
Venus        14Tau48 108 Pluto        26Cap48  26.04.2021 20:59
Sun           7Tau06 180 Moon          7Sco06  27.04.2021  6:31
Sun           7Tau17  45 Neptune      22Psc17  27.04.2021 11:00
Mercury      17Tau35  45 Mars          2Cnc35  27.04.2021 20:50
Sun           8Tau08 165 Moon         23Sco07  28.04.2021  7:49
Sun           8Tau28 160 Moon         28Sco28  28.04.2021 16:17
Mars is still OOB.
April 22, 2021 Thursday 
The market turned yesterday, under Heliocentric Mars entering Leo. - see the list above. The Moon is still in Leo, check out the time she moves out! Most important aspect of today is Venus 0* Uranus at 10 Taurus. While in the Helio sky Mercury makes a lot of aspects; for now it seems we will have an up day today; TA35 to reach from 1630- close yesterday, to 1642-49; 5 trading days till options expiry, on the 29th. 
I wrote in the Telegram group about NasdaqUSTECH - that above 13720 it will go up; now it is 214 points higher. 
11:00 am :back from the gym; 
TA35: topped at 1641 now at 1634.75 and there is an open gap to 1632; I expect a rise after 3 pm. 
A lot of ECB announcements at 2:45 pm 
Note that the Moon is VOC between 3-4:08 pm; meaning nothing comes out of what is done in between. 
Read Bonatti rules that I posted a few days back. 
Nikkei earned since I sent the alert, now the stop should be 29186.
Nifty spot bottomed on 4/21- stop now is 14366 tgt 14578.
SMI spot: made lower highs; target is 11233- failing to go over, short below. 
CAC Spot: Stop is 6262
IMOEX Russia Last alert was a year ago,2608- now it is at 3566- looking at the daily chart, as long as it trades above 3430- it is positive, targeting 5400 in a year...
If you were asking yourselves how many people ( in million) use social media, and which ... here is a graph I found More explanations and graphs here .


April 21, 2021 Wednesday
The DOGE Coin I mentioned yesterday, "felt" really bad on its day and fell from 0.45 to 0.30; Now it will be a buy only if it goes above 0.377
The S&P and Nasdaq made a double bottom, maybe they'll make a W pattern, the DOW made lower lows, so it is weaker. The Energy and Financial groups led the down correction, but the Real Estate is still green. - In one month rallied by 5% but it also double topped with 2/18 top! so be careful, if it doesn't go above it, it will fall back ; The best group of the month is XLU; Utilities: 3/3/- 4/20 ran up by 16.79%; now at 68 ( reached 11/9 top; but it is still below 2/18/2020 top , which was at 71.10; Stop is now at 67.72
ASIA is red, except for Pakistan and SZSE, SSEC- 
DAX future lower stop to 15176 
UK FTSE: will it make a reversal for the Queen's birthday? Alert sent on the 19th, stop was 7010; it gained in short 2.26% in a day; now the stop is at 6830
COIN: Started to trade on the 14th; look who sold at the high!! 
There were a lot of buyers in PHX share; if you want to join, read and check why. 
Chauvin faces a minimum sentence of 12.5 years and maximum of 40 years if he serves terms for each charge concurrently.
If served consecutively, he faces between 29 and 75 years.
I WONDER if this time next year he will still be alive, with transit Jupiter conjunct his Sun.?! He will be killed in jail, when tr.Mars will be at his Ven/Mer MP
Royal bank of Canada: stop = 92
read this: 
Happy birthday to the Queen, she is 95 today. Her mother lived to 102! ( Aug 4, 1900- 3/30.2002) l In Q.E.'s chart the Moon rules her 7th house, thus her husband, that received an opposition from "Father Time" Saturn, died. The vulnerable point in the Queen's chart is at 25♓32; which will be triggered in May 2022. 
Here is a list of the oldest living leaders of the world; in this list the Queen is the 17th in line-- 16 were born between 1921-26- It would be a nice research to see how they live so long? 

April 20, 2021 Tuesday 
Today the Sun moved into ♉; till May 20; on its way it will conjunct a lot of bad Fixed stars, as I wrote on 4/16; The Moon is just about to leave Cancer and enter Leo; see my note about that in yesterday's post. Mercury joined Venus in Taurus; Venus is at Mer/Ura MP; Jupiter at 26*Aqua is at the M/P of URA/SN; Saturn at 12Aqua38 is at Jup/PL MP; and Uranus at Ma/Ne MP; Neptune at 22 Pisces is at Mer/Sat MP; 
So we have a lot of action in the sky; these MP are also important; 
Yesterday the USA markets topped and closed lower; I hope you used the stops, and are now on the "right side" which is short in the trade; or you closed longs. 
Today is the birthday of Hitler; may he be cursed ; in all coming reincarnations. 
Do you believe in reincarnation? I had a chat about this with my friends the other day. Those born in Earth signs, said clear cut NO; those in fire just were wondering... and I do. 
Anyways, let's see what is going on now? 
Asia: I am working on the alerts. stay tuned. 
Alerts sent...
Exactly on Hitler's birthday traders of DOGE COIN decided to have the Doge Day !"The cryptocurrency created as a joke in 2013 rose to a new record high around $0.43 early Monday, extending the previous week’s 340% rally, according to data source Messari."
Maybe it was created in 2013-, but it started to move only in 2021. from 0.01 to 0.45 on 4/16 Today it trades at 0.3791; support is at 0.38. Running above 0.45 can go to 0.69=0.75--0.884 
Not a trading advice ! 


April 19,2021 Monday 
It is a day ruled by the Moon, which is in ♋; at 17^; departing from the Sun, thus gaining in light, 
the only aspect today: 
19.04.2021 17:55:42 22°03'06"Cnc Trine Neptune- GMT+3; 
Tomorrow she will make: 
20.04.2021  3:03:21 26°47'37"Cnc Opposition Pluto
20.04.2021  9:10:28  0°00'00"Leo <<< when in this sign the S&P tops or bottoms! 
20.04.2021  9:58:50  0°25'27"Leo Square Sun
20.04.2021 13:08:11  2°05'20"Leo Square Mercury
20.04.2021 23:21:00  7°31'20"Leo Square Venus
The other ruler of the day is the Sun, which is at the last degree of ♈; 29.23^; conjunct Mercury ( which right now  8:39 am is Cazimi = 0.17^ to the SUN; pointing to a very volatile day; and Venus; although Venus is already in Taurus.
looking at all these aspects, and more; volatility is the day's middle name. 
In Asia :the Nikkei, Nifty and MSCI Taiwan are red, all the others green. 
My alert on 4/15 was to have the stop ~ for Nifty spot: at 14393; it is below it, so short was triggered
Nikkei stop was 29680; 
TA35: 15 min
When I add data the lines can change.!!!
It is now 1:35 pm- Netanyahu is about to speak at 2 pm.As I wrote earlier, he will and is not capable to form a gov. I don't know what he will say, but here is his very much triggered chart: 
HIs Sun receives a trine from Jupiter and Mars, also a square from Pluto; and Venus, ruler of his MC, a disharmonious aspect from Uranus. Also see Neptune at the 22nd degree?!? All these are bad news for him. 
After him Bennett and Lapid will also speak. 
Well well well, it is hamsin ( desert wind 40C*) outside- desert wind, everything is boiling, our minds as well. 
Alexey Navalny: has been transferred to the hospital, after 3 weeks hunger strike in the prison. He has a double "martyr" aspect in his chart; and I think it is too late.. 
After adding data : 
Waiting for BIBI's speech- he is calling for the 5th elections... 
Nasa lands spacecraft on MARS. How will this calm the situation on Earth? Beats me..

April 18,2021 Sunday 
I dreamt that I had a load of Call options and they ran up like crazy. But then I woke up and I remembered that I sold everything on Wednesday.... LOL... Then I see now, that all cryptos fell; I had a buy order at 1.23 for the Ripple- it was just a calculation from last week, which was executed; now it trades at 1.30 
What happened, that caused the fall in the cryptos l? I see now, the reason is that China came out with its own that was in May 2020; so what happened a few hours ago?
In the sky the Moon moved to Cancer; but that happens every 28 days, so I don't know. maybe later someone will come up with an explanation.. 
In any case, till it trades above $50870 it has a potential to do a V pattern and go to former highs. 
A reader sent me this: 
And I found, that in the Directed chart, Uranus was since the birth of the BITCOIN in Pisces; it moved into Aries- a whole different symphony.. SO, under this aggressive sign, once it breaks 50870 , we might even see $45000
TA35: Topped today at 1650; now consolidating.. Target given yesterday, achieved! 
Some thoughts in general: we can divide the world's markets into 2 groups; the indices that ran above Feb 20/2020 top; and those that didn't. The ones that did are the strong ones, the others the weak ones. Timewise we are 424 days from that top - + - ; each with its exact date. This number doesn't ring any bell. We do have a CIT at 420 days; but we are after it; or 435 days, and that is still far away. 
Moves in the sky: Sun enters Taurus; Already wrote about that, and all the Fixed stars that it will meet; and Mercury to Taurus tomorrow. 

April 17, 2021 Saturday 
COIN double bottomed at 310- and tried for a rally- which after reaching 360 didn't succeed for the second time. So, there is SOME move in the share, 330 should be the stop, if one holds it. I don't. As you know, I trade only local options. Everything else I post is for the readers' benefit only
So, the US markets made new historical highs on Friday.
S&P Spot stop should be now at 4175; counting from 3/4/21 low ; targeting 4196; 4/16 was a CIT; so keep tight stops!
let's see what awaits us next week? 

The most important aspects are from Mars to Jup; Saturn and Pluto all at 26 degrees. All my calculations are based on these levels. 
TA35: will open tomorrow with a positive arbitrage; so the trade range can be 1639-48 and higher. All time high was on 2/12/1751; now at 1639, so plenty of space to the upside. We will see how the SUN-0-Merc position will affect the trades. 
For the DOW, I checked 100 years back - it was a 50%/50% scenario; so not usable. Even Mars moving into Cancer doesn't give a clear cut answer. So, we will continue to stick to our stops. 

April 16,2021 Friday 
COIN continues to loose; closed yesterday at 320; consolidating the whole day. The volume was low too, only $39627M; but, it is still above the low $310; so let's see how will the the third day of trade today...
The USA indices rallied, all are above the stops I sent yesterday.
Real Estate XLRE lead the rally- 1,72% rise; Last alert sent for it was 3/16; stop was 39, targeting 42 (2/21/2020 top)- now it is at 41.34- stop is now at 40.80 ; planets wise; should go above 41.37 to stay long.
next Technology with 1.52% XLY: last alert was on 3/22- stop was 166; now at 178.49 ; stop here is 178.20. ALso XLK: since 3/22- stop 130.35 ran up to 143.33- stop now:142.00
NRZ had the largest volume in the RE sector; but in all the market, CTRM traded with $214885M ! Impressive... so let's look at the graph : Top was $19 in March 2019; since then it fell to 0.455- where it is now- so on the long run this would be a good investment... first target $2. (2/11/2021 top) 
On the other hand BAC fell with the largest volume! That is a sign for being more and more cautious about longs.. 
See the volumes here
Europe starts to trade now; 9:00 am; 
Turkey bans use of cryptos to purchase goods and services." The growing boom in Turkey's crypto market has further gained pace recently, with investors hoping to both gain from bitcoin's rally and shelter against inflation. 
Yet local investors said a weaker Turkish lira and inflation pressures, as well as hopes of quick gains, have driven up demand for the cryptocurrency.
Turkey's annual inflation climbed above 16% in March.
The legislation goes into effect on April 30th."
The USD/TRY: 60 min chart: since April double bottomed at 7.95- now at 8.04- former top was 8.45; we are long here targeting the top, with a stop at 8. 
USA sends home 10 Russian diplomats; making Putin furious.. USA pulls out from Afganistan, people there fear the Taliban; we had some rockets fired at our southern towns yesterday; again... so you see, that Mars has its impact all over the world. 
TA35: so far we have a positive arbitrage, so we look forward to a gap up on Sunday; let's see how Nasdaq closes today?
The sky today: The Moon is in Gemini conjunct the NN; Venus and Mercury are still Cazimi and I promised to check what happens with the DOW when Venus enters Taurus. I checked 100 years back, TS shows that this cycle is not reliable.

Bernard Madoff died on 4/14/2021 in jail, he was 82,96 years old; born on the 29th of April 1938; I wrote about him when the scandal broke out.. One crook less. It was written he died of kidney failure, but his chart shows Chiron conjunct Neptune, ruler of his 8th; and Uranus conj. the Sun.; also Pluto 180 Pluto ; He served 12 years out of 150 sentenced.. 
Here is a very interesting input on his chart from Mark Weizmann: 

Madoff's natal chart has Regulus rising and his life story agrees with Bonatti's 145th consideration: "145. The 145th Consideration is, That thou see in Diurnal Nativites, whether Cor Leonis be in the Ascendant, that is to say in the Oriental Line or above it one degree or below it three degrees; or whether it be in the tenth in like degrees, without the Conjunction or Aspect of any of the Fortunes; for this alone signifies that the Native shall be a person of great note and power, too much exalted, and attain too high preferment and honours, although descended from the meanest parents. And if any of the Fortunes ( Venus or Jupiter) behold that place also, his glory shall be the more increased: but if the Nativity be nocturnal (born during the night), his fortune will be somewhat meaner, but not much; but if the Infortunes (Mars or Saturn) cast their aspects there it will still be more mean; but if the Fortunes behold it also they will augment the good promised a fourth part, and mitigate the evil as much; yet still what ever of all this happens, it signifies that the Native shall die an unhappy death; or at least that all his honours, greatness, and power, shalt at last suffer an eclipse, and set in a cloud. "
In the natal chart both benefics (Venus and Jupiter) make a tight aspect to the ascendant.
I wonder if there was an eclipse hitting his natal chart just before he was caught and jailed.
So, yesterday I re read the 146 Aphorisms of Bonatti; wow... million rules there.. 
Knock yourselves out!!! 
Guido Bonatti was a medieval Italian astrologer born circa AD 1207 and died circa AD 1296. Bonatti was court astrologer for a number of Italian rulers, and may have been astrologer to the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II.
Trump shares with him the Regulus rising.
Between today, when the Sun is at 26Aries42, till May 20 when it will be at 0^ Gemini; the Sun will pass some very nasty fixed stars! I wrote many times that one should have the books of Diana Rosenberg R.I.P> about the Fixed stars!!! Why is this important? Taurus is full with bad stars. You should know, that the Fixed stars move 1 degree every 72 years! So their impact is for longer than a generation. 
Almost every degree is "blessed" by a malicious Fixed star... but if I check how did the DOW react when the Sun was in Taurus it shows an uptrend as of when the Sun is at 8 tau.- 4/28! 

April 15, 2021 Thursday 
Yesterday COINbase started to trade on the Nasdaq. I didn't buy it, but here is the chart of the day and the graph: 
In my eyes COIN was a failure, but some people think otherwise. It is categorized under "Technology- Software application". The offering price was $250- ran up to $444 and fell to $310. What do you think? was that a success? Volume was 79936M. It reminds me the IPO of BABA; that too opened high and fell ; Now falling below 310- next down targets will be 237-192.
COIN: the starting day was a good one, being after the New Moon, but the Ascendant at 21Gemini points to a lot of volatility. Also with Mars on the Asc! Moon rules the H2; so any aspect to her it will move the share; also H8; ruled by Saturn, will be in effect. The house of management is ruled by Neptune! so ... I would keep out of it till it figures itself out. 
We don't have trade... but let me see for you, what is happening in the sky? The Moon just moves into ♊ Gemini; a very volatile two days are coming. Venus also changes signs right now, enters♉ Taurus;
Here are the aspects for the next 3 days: 
Mercury      21Ari47 135 Vesta             6Vir47  15.04.2021 14:59
Mercury      21Ari55  30 Neptune          21Psc55  15.04.2021 16:32
Sun          25Ari57  60 Jupiter          25Aqr57  15.04.2021 19:59

Moon          9Gem53  60 Chiron            9Ari53  16.04.2021  5:44
Sun          26Ari26 135 S.Node           11Sgr26  16.04.2021  8:03
Sun          26Ari26  45 Node             11Gem26  16.04.2021  8:03
Moon         11Gem26 180 S.Node           11Sgr26  16.04.2021  8:53
Moon         11Gem26   0 Node             11Gem26  16.04.2021  8:53
Sun          26Ari28  45 Moon             11Gem28  16.04.2021  8:57
Moon         11Gem47 135 Pluto            26Cap47  16.04.2021  9:34
Moon         12Gem14  90 Pallas           12Psc14  16.04.2021 10:31
Moon         12Gem25 120 Saturn           12Aqr25  16.04.2021 10:52
Moon         14Gem04 108 Jupiter          26Aqr04  16.04.2021 14:14
Sun          26Ari47  90 Pluto            26Cap47  16.04.2021 16:27
Mercury      24Ari08   0 Eris             24Ari08  16.04.2021 18:18
Moon         16Gem09  45 Vulkanus          1Leo09  16.04.2021 18:27
Moon         17Gem28  45 Venus             2Tau28  16.04.2021 21:07
Mercury      24Ari27  72 Saturn           12Aqr27  16.04.2021 21:53
The most important aspect is the Sun being at the Midpoint of Mars/Jupiter, being in sextile to both; next aspect of the Sun will be a square to Pluto tomorrow. These are rare positions. 
I wrote about the AXJO: on the 13th, break out came, with a gap up, now 7069 is stop and short below. 
OK; Ill send some updates now; 
War threats are escalating on Ukraine's border! 
11:15- updates sent. 

April 13.2021 Tuesday 
Good morning :) 
Yesterday, as expected under a VOC moon - see yesterday's post, we got a reversal again upwards. DOW, NAS,S&P made a W pattern; now we will expect new highs. The consumer cyclical again lead, with technology in the weekly performance. The Moon is now in Taurus ♉; departing from the Sun, which is at 23Aries conjunct Eris. We don't have history for Eris market wise. But we do have a sextile from Mars  to the Sun, which will pump up the markets. Mercury and Venus are still Cazimi ( less then 8.3* from the Sun ) and Mars is still OOB. 
And, with Mars OOB, we cannot not have some fight in the world: The Houthi rebels from Yemen today claimed yet another attack on Saudi Aramco facilities, involving 17 drones and two ballistic missiles. Reuters has reported the attack, according to the statement, targeted Aramco facilities in Jeddah and Jubail. The news comes just a day after Arab News reported that Saudi forces had intercepted three drones and one ballistic missile fired at two other locations, both in southern Saudi Arabia: Khamis Mushayt and Jazan. A spokesman for the Houthis said today that these two locations were targets of their latest…"
ARAMCO share: stop is at 35.80; CIT:4/18; 5/3
TASI: Last alert was on 2/21, stop was 9067; the stop now is 9698 
In the fundamental world a lot of announcements today:
I am looking at the Heliocentric aspects today, and a 72* between Saturn-Ceres caught my eye; let's see how are the grains doing? So I am looking at the weekly performance, because that aspect didn't start before it. 
Here is the graph of the Canola: technically, if we payed attention, we should have bought it when it broke out a long consolidation.... And now in the last week it also made a rise. Now, I don't think it is worth while buying it, let it correct first : stop =807
The Wheat: is pressed down at 626; as long as it trades below, it is weak.
CORN: Last time I sent alert for it was on 10/7; then the stop was 388; topped at 595! Now the stop is at 567 and short below. 
Asia trades now, and the Nifty spot reversed. It fell for exactly 55 days! from 2/15- 7.76% or 1197 points. Made low at 14249.25; 14393 is now the stop; above it long. tgt 14840
AXJO: trade range is between 6964-6969. tight, but as long as it doesn't break above 6969, it won't rally. 
For my readers in Turkey : Titan 20: my last alert was on 3/19 we went short below 1320.Now it trades at 1126. Bottomed on 3/22; Stop is now 1133; support at 1114. Falling below that, it will close a gap of Nov 6,2020; CIT:4/26 
MSFT: Where were you in Dec. 2016, when this share broke up a long consolidation? it traded then at $58! today = $255; so I'm just saying... search for shares that consolidate for a long time, your will triple your investments when it breaks out. Stop is now $245
it is 8:45, market here will start in an hour. 
From Bloomberg:China imported a record amount of meat in March  and now this?! 
WHO calls for BAN on the sale of live animals in food markets to stem Covid
So here are my thoughts: If there will be a shortage in Lean hogs, and we see a breakout after consolidation, we keep the stop at 94 and go with it till it reaches 290 
NUANCE: BOUGHT BY MSFT:  VOICE RECOGNITION... for $56 per share, about 23% above its closing price Friday. The deal is worth about $16 billion and about $19 billion including debt.

April 12, 2021 Monday 
The day is ruled by the Moon and Mars; they are in sextile right now. The Sun is at 22* !!  Asia is mostly red; Europe opens in 3 minutes, DAX future stop given on the 6th was 15270; it is now below it. Let's see if any announcements? Only in the evening, after our market closes... so we will use the stops till then. The BTC is again around 60000. 
The Moon is still in ♈ full of energy, Sun 60^ Mars; Venus 90^Pluto; 
Nasdaq US TECH trade range is between 13809- 13840 - above it will rally higher.
10:18: with the Sun at 22 degrees we got a gap-down. from 1645 to 1635 in the premarket. Now at 1637; There is a minor support at 1635, below it next support is at 1632-29 l since we don't have trade between 14-18/4; the market will be very hectic.
Vick, my old reader asked me - see in the comments below about SRPT share: here is my answer : if you hold it, you should have the stop at 66- or 69. If you don't ; don't buy it. 

April 11.2021 Sunday ( continuation from the last article♓) 

It is now noon, 1:19 and TA35 reached the target I gave in the morning, even more! 1647.17... If this top will be reached again, we might even see 1670 this week. Mind you, we don't have trade between 14-18th - due to holiday and weekend, so the pump- towards the close should be huge. .. or... a big fall.  
Since the banks show the direction, in TA Banks index - it is a long above 2400; 

Looking at the USA chart for this new Moon: I use Scorpio rising (as per William S. course I took a few years ago) ; In this chart there are some disturbing positions: first of all the New Moon falls in the 6th house of health, conjunct Venus in Aries- it is weak, so you people there should continue to be careful about this virus!; the New Moon also falls on Chiron.. double signal for the same. Then we have for a while now, Neptune opposing natal Neptune, another sign for the same; Mars in Gemini - Mars= infections, Gemini= lungs! is conjunct natal Mars in the 8th- house of others money, sex and death. At the 23rd degree, this also shows accident in the air!, ; explosions too... Jupiter from the 25th degree conjunct USA Moon, which rules  a nation's people; this shows that the people want freedom, no more masks, or quarantines- so there will be manifestations regarding this issue. Market wise House2 and 8 show consolidation or even a deeper correction as we saw till now. 

                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  1. Gabby
    Good morning, very Good morning from Desert here; now it is getting warmer and winter is a history , shortly we all will be complaining that it is too warm and winter was much pleasant , as usual we humans just believe in complaining No matter what it is
    if and when you have time and i know you stay busy busy busy please give your Astrological opinion on SRPT lately it has gone out of favor; this is a Bio techstock that produces Gene therapy for rare kind of MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY MEDICATIONS

  2. Chauvin faces a minimum sentence of 12.5 years and maximum of 40 years if he serves terms for each charge concurrently.
    If served consecutively, he faces between 29 and 75 years.

    He will do what is called a 'hard 10', where the system as with all other criminals in the USA are or have a 'forgiven state' having the system pile high against him will in fact help him latter. Very poor judgment on his part but never the less in this case time will be on his side as new cycles of hate take over. Gabby keep up the good work and have a great day. stan

    1. Thanks Stan for your explanation. I don't have his time of birth, but transit Pluto arrived to an opposition to natal Saturn; one of the hardest aspects there are.. I wonder what will happen in a year, when tr.Jupiter conjunct his SUN... Will he be killed in prison?

  3. Bradley Model 04 21 2021 turn today. Stan

  4. Gaby
    Good Morning from Desert; i read thro' link about cycles and accordingly says in 2022 by June there will be a correction close to 25% in S& P
    but could NOT figure it out when this correction May start so if and when you have time from your Busy schedule will you please write more on this
    Also it says period from September this year also might be quite Volatile
    as always thanks for your help

    1. Vick, here are some thoughts, that I posted in my Telegram group; Gaby, [29.04.21 12:36]
      example: DJI: from Dec 24,2018 low +858 days = Apr 29/// what is 858? it equals 2 wheels 360x 2 138 ( or 1.38= Fibonacci no) .

      Gaby, [29.04.21 12:36]
      adding to this trade range: 33952-34312.

      Gaby, [29.04.21 12:37]
      closed at 33820- so we are short below 33952

      Gaby, [29.04.21 12:44]
      Or if I take the low of march 25,2021 + 38.2 days sends me to May 3rd. so from the low at 32090- the target should be 33890. - math wise, but we must check if the planets agree... 33820 is a support from Neptune- it is a long above or short below. - this is one kind of calc. to find time and price- but there are others..

      Gaby, [29.04.21 12:46]
      then I would check what happens in the sky to back this math? and we see that
      5/3: Sun 90 Saturn////
      Merc 90 Jup////
      Ven 60 Nept -
      so yes, under all these aspects and some fundamental events, we might get a turn in trend.

  5. "I live in the free world."

    Freedom has and is of great cost, most of those that have it over time lose the sense of this cost.

    To such Freedom is a Blessing from the Almighty as the fight for it is continuous each and every moment breath is taken.

    Ones flag of ones nation waves each day to remind us all of this cost, those you see opposing it are those trying to plant a seed .,,,,,,,,,,,

    Who I am...

    My likes:

    Honor, Duty and Courage

    My dislikes:


    My Code:

    Demonstrate to all in the open and in front of God Almighty

    Do it and you will forge a bond
    Do it not and you will not

    In silence I preserve freedom

    Come back with your shield or on it

    My Way of Life:

    A strong emphasis was placed on honor and carrying out acts because it was the 'right thing to do.' Xenophon wrote about the Spartans as he observed them during an Olympic game:

    An elderly man was trying to find a place to sit and observe the Olympic games, as he went to each section. All the other Greeks laughed as he tried to make his way through. Some ignored him. Upon entering the Spartan section all the Spartans stood and offered the elderly man their seats. Suddenly the entire stadium applauded. All the Greeks knew what was the right thing to do, but the Spartans were the only ones who did

    Have a great day Gaby.

  6. Gaby
    Good morning from Desert,

    wanted to wish you A very Happy Mother's Day !!!

    hope everything is Going well for you


    1. Dear Vick, as always, yo are the only attentive reader and friend.
      HAve a good day as well. We have here desert wind- about 40* Celsius, I took in all my flowers from the balcony and put out cold water for the birds.


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