New Moon in Virgo, 2018

between Sept 9- Oct 9, 2018
Thanks for following me from the New Moon in Leo, 2018
Geo aspects:
Days to watch: 
9.09.2018   12:25:16 > Sco Venus
11.09.2018    3:55:49 > Aqr Mars
22.09.2018    6:39:20 > Lib Mercury
23.09.2018    4:54:03 > Lib Sun
26.09.2018    3:11:18 > Psc Chiron
 1.10.2018    5:03:56 D     Pluto 18°45'22"Cap
 5.10.2018   22:04:41 R     Venus 10°50'22"Sco

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Former articles new Moon in Virgo: 2017; 2016; 2015; 2014, 2013, 2012; 2011& 2010, I cannot find them.
October 9, 2018 Tuesday

When you make an appointment, get up early, dress up, drive in the rush hours of the morning for an hour, arrive, wait an hour or more, and receive a cancellation, we have a saying for that in Hungarian, my mother tongue, if you did not know it till now... "You owed a devil a trip." 
It happens on a new Moon in "harmonious"LIbra.. I hope it will not repeat the whole month. Let's turn the page and look what will the month bring?

October 8, 2018 Monday
Till I finished to read and answer all the mails and look at the world events, Asia dropped- except for the Nifty- but, if you followed the alerts sent last week, I think you are on the right side of the trend. 
So let's see, where are the planets? Have you noticed, that there is not one planet in fire element? In lack of fire/energy how can a market rally? Except for the exceptions, that strengthen the rule? 
Our main concern is with Venus, for the next few months... Why Venus? Because it is a personal planet, close to Earth, and it affects us more than the slow moving planets from Saturn to Pluto. THe outer planets affect a whole generation. While the personal planets: Mercury, Venus and Mars affect up personally; depending where they fall in your chart. 
The picture below shows the Heliocentric Venus' and the Earth path around the Sun. At the conjunction they form a pentagram. In the Christianity they call it the cross of the Devil. Read more about it here. 
Here is a visualised move of the Earth and Venus around the Sun and the "embroidery" they make. 
To dig deeper, sign up for the Financial Astrology course....
Today is a CIT for Nifty, Maaden,  NFLX, BO, Chevron, NSYS, etc. 
On Sept.17, I wrote about the Brazil elections, Jair Bolsonaro; now here is the outcome
Seems, that the 23* in any sign is a rather heavy, unfortunate degree. Heavy karma accompanies it. Not only Judge Kavanaugh has it- Sun at 23 Aquarius, but now I found a local VIP, who found the Tower card.. so to say, and he is falling from high high to the gutters. It is surprising, that he has a Libra stellium. I though nothing can touch them... until something does. president of the Israeli Bar association. Date of birth adds up to 33/ highest master number, but he couldn't deal with such an energy, so he falls to 6, a number ruled by Venus. Mind you, Venus just turned retro- Venus rules Libra, his stellium. So he will be affected far into 2019. His attitude, that nothing can harm him ( being a SAG) backfired. Venus rules his H5- romances, and transit Mars just arrived. But, the picture was on the wall for more than a year, when Uranus was getting closer with a 150* to natal Uranus. 

Others with the Sun at 23*?? Abraham Lincoln, Born Feb 12, 1809- hmmm 156 years before Kavanaugh! same date... 
Mexico revolution started on Sept 15, 1810; 
Albert Einstein : Mar 14, 1879
Michael Caine: Mar 14, 1933
Ehud Barak: Feb 12, 1942
Israel: May 14, 1948
Modi: Sept 17, 1950
XI Jinping: 15 June 1953
Madonna: Aug 16, 1958
Carmel Shama Aug 16, 1973
Lehman Brothers collapse: Sept 15, 2008
Ehud Olmert convicted may 14, 2014.
and probably many others... There are some, like Prince Harry and Trump, who "missed" the degree by a few minutes. In any case it is a heavy karma bringer. 
Sent 31 alerts for the whole world... Check out your apps. 

October 7, 2018 Sunday

You don't have trade over there, but we do, and again we have a karmic day, loaded with energy. The arbitrage is -0.4%, so expect a low opening, then a correction and lingering till Tuesday. 
TA35: the close was 1639. Let's see if 1631 holds... 
Let's look at the sky and see what is  it telling us? we are before the New Moon in LIbra- very important event. Will write about it later. The Moon is in Virgo at 18*-trines Pluto. The Sun is at 13  Libra, is 150 to Neptune- bad aspects. Mercury is just 12 degrees away from the Sun, this means it is under the SUn's beams, weak. Venus is at 10 Scorpio- weak in this sign AND retro- double that. Mars is in Aquarius- strong and motivated. Aquarius is the sign of the people- Mars brings enthusiasm whatever the crowd is up to. Jupiter is at 23 Scorpio- a troublesome degree. Saturn is at 3 Cap 150* to the North Node; Uranus, Neptune and Pluto  didn't move much since last week. 
The cryptos trade today: The BTC is consolidating between 6180-6780. Breaking above will be a buy, meanwhile I would stay out. 
ETH: fell to 183. Will be a buy above 250.
The commodities didn't make any new highs...
CYRN: is the only share that made new high, out of 70-80 shares I follow.. 

TIme for the gym. See you later. 
Happy birthday to Putinka. He is 66 today. I posted lots of charts for him in the past..He is famous for his Libra stellium,just like Bibi.During my many years of astrology...I started to learn in 1980; I realised that Libras are people that nothing sticks to them. Teflon. So here is his natal chart with Directed futures: He put on weight lately I see.. 
The Directed chart, the outer wheel , shows, that his Libra stellium moved on , to Sag. In a year Mercury moves to Cap. Mercury rules his 8th and 10th house, He will win more power. How much more?? He is at the top! Health wise I think he should be under check ups... Mars rules his 6th, and it entered Pisces 2.5 years ago, no wonder he put on weight. Mars soon squares his Moon in Gemini another reason to be under surveillance. He enters his 3rd year , ruled by Jupiter. This is at 25 Cancer, squares his Mercury, makes a 150* to natal Mars. 
Will we know if anything happens? No . Just as no one heard about the "probable" cancer Duterte has. I was wondering why did he visit us? Well... for check up. Maybe there are some mentions on the internet about this.. I'll have to check. 
Here is Putin's transit chart: It shows more troubles health wise. transit Uranus it triggering his Mars- and will do that for a long time, since it is in retro! Mars rules his health, if the time is right...
He has a triple return: Sun return, Mercury and Venus, extremely rare! And to add to all these, transit Neptune, slower than Uranus triggers his Sun. that will take much longer than Uranus' effect. 
AND to add to all these, transit Pluto is in opposition natal Uranus, in Cancer. that is a very bad position. 
Surely we wish him a happy birthday. 
Here is Duterte's chart with transits for Sept 4, when he was here. Uranus, the one that triggers cancer is conjunct his natal Venus, in Taurus. Venus rules the glands. Looking further, his health is ruled by the Moon, and this is conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter is weak here- transit Neptune is in opposition both, so it will be difficult to find anything, and by the time they will it will be too late. Neptune is the "silent killer". Note that Moon+Jup. are in the 8th. Uranus will be on and off his Venus till mid 2020.
Will follow the news on him.
oh, and look whom I found! sharing a LIbra stellium!: Simon the handsome, Cowell
He is 59 today... Happy birthday!!! 

October 6, 2018 Saturday. 

When I first saw Dr.Christine Bailey Ford attorney, I immediately thought I a watching a Hollywood film. Do you know who is this person? He is Michael R. Bromwich, the attorney who defended her, for FREE! Why for free? Because the firm he worked at, would not want to do anything with the case.So he took it on himself for free. 
Born in LA, Ca in Dec.19 1953. Born on a Karmic day. 
Why did I felt I was in a movie? Look at this picture: actor Mandy Patinkin from "Homeland" serial. Born on Nov 30th 1952. 
Lucky him, he is just an actor and still works, unlike the attorney, who resigned.
There is a saying " Cherchez la femme"...Search for the lady/woman... Well,guess what? Asteroid Christine conjuncts his Mercury, ruler of the career. What a bummer! There are many more issues going on in the chart, but this is the point I wanted to highlight. 
I think we could make a research... Take anyone's MC or Ascendant and look which asteroid conjuncts it... We will have a dramatic outcome sometime in the future. 
This is getting more and ore interesting... I am looking at Brett Kavanaugh's chart. his MC is at 24 LIbra (as per my rectification). I am searching what asteroid is there at this degree? And I find Martha. I look up in WIkipedia "Martha Kavanaugh" and guess what? His mother is called Martha! THen I find on "snopes" this.
Looking at Trump's MC at 24 Taurus, He has asteroid Doris there. So I looked up "Doris and Trump". Guess what? I found this... Never heard of her, but it is interesting, no?
In BIll CLinton's chart asteroids Hillary and Monica are in opposition in H8/H2.

October 4, 2018, Thursday
Yesterday I showed you some graphs, made on people's natal chart. If you wish to see how is YOUR life enfolding for the coming year, you can order such a graph, for 80$, I will include a small explanation too. For that I would need full time of birth, date, time, place and full name at birth. 
Today we are having another energy loaded day.... not only the Moon moved to Leo and conjuncts the North Node, but she will oppose Mars, which is conjunct the South Node, and Lilith. The Moon is waning in the last quarter, we are before the New Moon,, which will be very dramatic. But later about that! The time is good to reflect and reevaluate things. ( Moon wise). For trade, the S&P makes a top or bottom when on Leo/Aqua axis. 
Gold: I gave targets in the app 2 days ago, they were barely reached. It's time has not yet come.
The Oil topped at 76.89! So I would raise my stop to max. =76. SHould stay above 76.49 to go higher. Turning day Oct 6.
Groups that lead: 
I am searching for shares that made new historical highs: the first that pops up is BA: from 102 in Feb 2016- to 398 yesterday. 
AAPL: topped at 233.47 !!! new high. 
The DOW: also made a new high, higher than in Jan.2018.- at 26962.
Today is a CIT for: DAX, Gold, LTC, AEX, BTC, Soya, GPRO, JNJ, NNDM, GM, MCD, etc.
The Moon will be VOC - Washington time- thinking about the results of the FBI, on Oct 5; between 7:34-am to 7:19 pm. A VOC Moon means, that nothing comes out of anything. Events that happen are reversible. 
On Sept 22nd Vick, an old reader, asked me about some cannabis shares. I answered then, scroll down to the comments window. Now let's look at them again: 
CNAB: double topped at 0.78- it is a buy now- above this price level. Targets are 0.96-1.13
ACB: is also attractive, above 11.70; but it should go above 13.50 to rally. 
CGC: is a long above 46; 
TLRY: should go above 164 to rally. 
The others are not interesting.. 
Hope this helps. 
let's look at the BONDs 30 y: It is declining since July 13, 2016; last low was at 127- in 2013. It will be a long above 135.
30 y bond
10 year bond: also falls since 2016: reached 2011 low- targeting 2010 low-114. 
10 year bond target 114
2 year Note: fell with 4.21% since 2016 
EUR/USD: is declining since 2009- daily chart. For a rally should go above 1.23 
To trade : I would use 1.1490 and go long. 

October 3, 2018 Wednesday
Today we have a very heavy, Karmic day. prepare for some kind of announcement, that will bring big turmoil. We are under the effect of Mercury, in Libra, and Neptune in Pisces. They are 150^ from each other. Mercury brings the news, from Libra, which sometimes can be really cruel. To these we can add a Cancer Moon. Now she is at 20 degrees, till my evening, will go to 30^. 
here are the aspects she will make today: gmt 00:00
 3.10.2018  2:09:55 18°45'26"Cnc Opposition Pluto
 3.10.2018  2:26:38 18°55'15"Cnc Square Mercury
 3.10.2018  8:33:04 22°31'03"Cnc Trine Jupiter
 3.10.2018 21:12:05  0°00'00"Leo <<<
 3.10.2018 23:28:59  1°21'15"Leo Square Uranus
To all these we can add Venus, which is stationary the whole week! in the sign of Scorpio- on one hand it is weak in this sign, but being stationary it is strong. So I think that balances out its position. 
Today we have a CIT for: 

Comey , Muller , Pauline Hanson, Rahul Gandhi, Nawaz Sharif, Mario Draghi, Gene Wilder, Akihito, (emperor of Japan). Jerome Powell.
Sometimes I use Timing Solution to check a person's life in graphic picture. Here is Brett Kavanaugh since 1965 till 2030. Highest point in 2018. 
Closer picture: Oct 4, 2018 
Charles Aznavour died in his sleep on Oct 1st, 2018. He was 94,36 years old. He was supposed to tour here in Israel in November. Such a pity. But , I guess everyone would like such a death. He was a performer, music writer, singer for more than 70 years. I am amazed, that people on FB asked me, Charles WHO? He wrote more than 500 songs, has been awarded many times. It is interesting, that he was very tiny: 1.6m tall and 50 kg. just to compare, Napoleon Bonaparte was 1.67. I guess small people reach high. has his time of birth at 00:15 in Paris. That puts his Moon in the 12th house. I doubt this time is correct, for a person who lived on stage! That Moon would like to be behind the curtains. 

He was married 3 times to Micheline, Evelyne and Ulla.(since 1967 till today) i I find it fantastic that asteroid Ulla s right conjunct his Sun! That is a cosmic encounter. He had 6 children. His family fled from Armenia in 1914, during the Turkish massacre.. yes, THAT war, that no one speaks about, is 100 years old.. But, he was born in Paris, sang in French, English, etc... Here is one of his interpretations of  "SHE" by Elvis Costello. My favorite song.
His Venus-Pluto conjunction in Cancer, in opposition to his Moon in Capricorn, kept him going, sober! and working, writing and singing for more than 70 years! Show me someone else who did that. 
That transit Jupiter at 22^ just started to take casualties...
May he rest in peace. He will be remembered!!. Asteroid Aeternitas is conjunct his Venus, ruler his MC. . 
Here is the graph of his last year: We can see that the graph is highest on the night he died. 


October 2, 2018 Tuesday
Today we have a day ruled by Mars and Mercury. They are not in aspect. Today we are 150 days from May 3rd low. 
CIT day for: TA35, CAC, CANF, Copper.
People to watch for in the news: Duterte, Assad, Bernie Sanders, Modi, Theresa May, Jacob Zuma.
TA35: we open with a negative arbitrage. Let me send some alerts now.. 
10:30 am Asia and Europe sent... 
11:11 am : sent alerts for the commodities.

O C T O B E R  1, 2018 Monday

The month's  aspects are below: I took here 5-10 degrees orb.
If I take 05-1 degree we have a "clearer"sky, but might not show the small or short aspects. 

During this month the Sun moves, of course 30 degrees, will enter Scorpio. Mercury moves from 15 Libra to 1 Sag. Venus turns retro, will revisit Libra, return to Scorpio and leave it only in mid January! Mars moves from 6 to 21 Aqua; Jupiter from 22-28 Sco; Saturn from 3.03-4.57 Cap Uranus R.from 1Tau27 to 0Tau 33!!!! and Neptune 14Pisc27- 13,51 , Pluto 18Cap45 to 18Cap60. 
Starting from Pluto, it is at the so called Satan degree the whole month. It was here more than 26o years ago, so cannot be compared. Neptune also is a slow moving planet. But what is interesting, is Uranus, that brings sudden blows. Guess whose Sun will be triggered? by on opposition? Hillary's... I'll wait for some news about her. It is interesting more, that the asteroid Soros is conjunct her Sun. 
The Queens' Sun is right on transit Uranus, so she too will be worth while following. 
We have no trade today. It is the last day of Sukkot holiday. Many will return from abroad after a month, that had only 13 working days, a perfect time to travel. I was happy to be with my grandchildren, precious days. 
September usually is a weak month trade wise. Now let's see what will this October bring?
October main events: 

1.10.2018 4:02:24 D Pluto 18°45'22"Cap

5.10.2018 21:04:37 R Venus 10°50'22"Sco

10.10.2018 2:40:07 > Sco Mercury

23.10.2018 13:22:22 > Sco Sun

31.10.2018 6:38:14 > Sgr Mercury

31.10.2018 21:41:40 > Lib Venus

More and more posts are circulating about crashes and gold rally. I would be careful about them.
Crude oil rallied 5.3% in September: My last alerts were to go long, since 69$- topped so far at 73.74. An easy couple of hundred dollars gain!
Gold fell by 1.41% in September: We are short since 1214. - if you have my app!.

The DOW:  
It made a higher high than in Jan.2018! Points to new highs. IMHO if course. 

September 28, 2018 Friday

After I was done with the reading yesterday, which by the way went very well, I listened till the early hours in the morning to the hearing in the senate of Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford. Scrolling down, I see that one of her pictures is not her. Sorry for that... 
After the hearing, I am certain his ascendant is at the early degrees of Capricorn, so his Moon is in Cancer, 2^- in opposition, in the 7th house. So the Moon represents his mother, who WAS/IS very dominant in his life, but not only! She represents also partners and the wife. We heard, that he has only women aids in his office, and 65 women came forward to back him on his past and character. 
THe vote for his nomination is today, at 9:30 am. I think he will be nominated. Transit Moon and Saturn form a positive aspect to natal Moon and Saturn. Interesting, that his career is ruled by another feminin sign and planet, Venus. And this, at birth is at 8Aqua50, in his first house, on the cusp of the 2nd if I use Placidus houses. Transit South Node was conjunct in the last weeks, and Lilith... is conjunct now- so we see all this turmoil. 
Numerologically he is in a very strong Karmic year, that shook him and his family to his bones. 

Let's see what happens in the afternoon!
In the markets Japan came out with positive announcements, one after the other... THe Nikket topped at 24280. I just sent an alert what to do.
Today we are 240 days from the Jan,2018 eclipse.
Today is a CIT day for STI, EURO, CYRN, JPM,RACE,SALT,TEVA, AT&T; Yansab, etc
For the readers in South Africa: USD/ZAR: is a short below 14.60.
EUR/USD: fell so far to 1.16220- 
Nasdaq: Dilemma: will it go to 7700? Order the weekly report! 
Nasdaq E-Mini: 

S&P Dec. Contract: 
DOW: What now ?What now????? order the report and find out! 
DAX: Dec. contract
I did not know, that today, on the Succoth eve, last holiday, as I wrote, we read the book of Kohelet or in English the Ecclesiastes . The book was written by " the cleverest man on Earth" King Solomon. I am sure you are familiar with this : 

1To everything there is a season,
and a time for every purpose under heaven:
2a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
3a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to break down and a time to build,
4a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
5a time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
6a time to search and a time to count as lost,
a time to keep and a time to discard,
7a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
8a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

God's Works Remain Forever
Now I am searching the birth date of King Solomon... Anyone? I must see why was he called the wisest of men? HInt... he was born around 982 BC.
I couldn't' help myself but to look up the birth date of Senator Feinstein, wondering how old is she... Well, WOW! 85.27. and she works! 
She was born on the high master number, 22. And look how many planets she has at 22 degrees! 3 and 2 asteroids. Is the secret of longevity behind this number? Well, first of all, she has a Gemini Moon, which will make her always look younger than her age. Mars in Virgo in a sextile to Pluto at 22 Cancer, is the answer, I think. She survived her Uranus return; Neptune opposition to Neptune, next to watch out from is a PLuto to Pluto opposition....The problem with the no.22, though is, that when they crash, they do it the hard way.  Wishing her long life and all the best :) . Feinstein means = precious stone...
While the media is full with US news, Netanyahu's speech, ITALY is GETTING CLOSE TO THE CLIFF! 
WHO or what will save Italy?? Trade wise we are gaining in this short, but not everything is trade!!! 

September 27, 2018 Thursday
Our market closes today at 2, then again no trade till Tuesday. Then, we are done with the holidays, and life turns back to normal. Daylight saving day is Oct 28th. 
Today Jupiter rules us, and it is at 21Scorpio. There are a lot of announcements today, so be alert. The Moon moved to Taurus, a sign she is exalted in, and is conjunct Uranus~ look for surprises! ~. 
Today is a CIT day for Nifty, Maaden, NFLX, BO,CHevron, NSYS. 
Children born today will have the master number 11. 
Important people who won Nobel prizes born today Or made a difference in history... 
The Asian markets topped on Aug 30th, and since then they are trying to reach that top. Exceptions are: the Nikkey, STI and SSEA. 
It's 2:20 pm. I worked on a chart for somebody who got my number from an old client. He said he was born on Xy date, in Morocco, and his grandmother told him that he was born after the fast of Tisha BeAv in 1952. SO I looked up the Hebrew calendar, it gives 7 days difference from the date he told me. People born in Morocco, Iraq, Iran, Ethiopia have their birth date written in their ID.1.1.1900 - so go figure... So, I will have to question him what happened at this or that age, to find his time of birth, not to speak of the hour... SOmetimes it's hard. 
On the news now, that the 17 years old sun of our famous film producer, Avi Nesher, died in a hit and run car accident. The accident took place on Sept 24th. 2 days before his birthday. His chart, and the parents' chart shouts of crucial events... Poor family! They donated his body parts. ~ Anybody interested? Seems you have fallen asleep... 
September 26, 2018 Wednesday
The Moon is still in Aries. We are ruled today by Mercury and the Sun. They are 4 degrees apart in LIbra. Both trine Mars, so I cannot say sit back and relax. Intense days, we are having... Yesterday I pointed out some markets, let's see how did they do? Our market fell to 1669; no big deal.. The IBEX made new lows, while Italy and Poland rose. The oil went to 72.64. From the 60-70 shares I follow OCX was the winner, while GE lost most.
SOme of you trade the contracts. Here is a timetable when they roll over. 
Example: we trade now the December contract for the S&P: It is still above a trendline since Feb. 8, 2018. Support is at 2900. 
In the app I quote for the continuous indices. 
Fed. announcements today: probably a raise to 2.25% as I read, is expected.
The Moon, interestingly, will be at the 22 Aries, the killer degree. 
New home sales: 


September 25, 2018 Tuesday
If you look up to the sky today, you will see a Full Moon. The Moon is in Aries, conjunct Chiron and in opposition the Sun. When we have a full Moon it always means that the two luminaries are 180 degrees apart. People born on a Full Moon can see any issue from both sides, not to say, they can switch opinions flexibly. An Aries Moon is a fighter, it brings energy to a trade. People born on the 25th of a month can be secretive, or something " not clear" is going on in their lives. Others see them as if they hide something, they are secretive, so people tell them their own secrets. They can be good actors, writers, be in the medical field, or get addicted to something. 
During the weekend I re-read one of Carlos Castaneda's book " the Journey to Ixtlan the lessons of Don Juan". He was born on Dec 25th... so looking at his chart, I understand much much better the whole book. I have all his books. They are a journey... to another level. 
But let's go back to the markets. 
The planets that rule today are Mercury ( verbal) and Mars (fight). They are in square, adding to the energy. 
Last full Moon in Aries occurred on Oct.5, 2017. Then the S&P was at 2552. Let's see if it'll reach today 2912 area? Or the Dax at 12360? pr the Nifty at 10780? This is a small math research I do. 
Our market, TA35 opens till 2 today, with a negative arbitrage of 0.6%. We have a lower high, so we are short below 1673. 
It is a CIT day for IBEX, WIG20, MIB, OIL, ETH,BIDU,DIS,GIS,QCOM etc. 
Michael Douglas is 74 today! Catherine Zeta Jones is 49, and Will Smith is 50 today. Wishing all of them a happy birthday :) 
I am trading on and off the Euro $. Yesterday it hit 1.18150- under Mario Draghi's speech.Then it fell back to 1.17316.A wide trade range, fun to trade it. 
MIB: alerts sent to the app. on Sept 21.
WIG20: will send new alerts today.



I sent alerts for about 40 shares on 9/6 and 8/22- if you have the app, I hope it was beneficial! 
September 24, 2018 Monday
The sky today: this is how ZET opens... "nice" message.. Satan day.. We are after the Autumn equinox, meaning, the Sun entered Libra. The Moon is coming to an opposition, or soon to be Full. at 1 Aries. Will conjunct Chiron- see my post of yesterday! To all this energy we can add a bad aspect from the Sun to Uranus, 150^, and a square from Mars to Uranus; but there are also good aspects, Saturn 120^Uranus, calms down the boiling pot. 
What else is important to mention trade wise? It is a CIT day for FTSE, BABA,SODA, SPWR, CAT, SBUX, TNK etc...And we should hear some news about Jair Bolsonaro. 
We don't have trade today. again. Then during the rest of the week only half day. Japan and China have bank holiday and at 4 pm Draghi speaks; so till then nothing much happens. 
I am listening to this wonderful music. 
Emmanuel Macron's popularity is falling under a severe Saturn transit on his 9th house- fame- ruler , Mercury. But, not only Saturn. His date adds up to 3, ruled by Jupiter, and this is under attack from Uranus and the Sun. Also, tr.Neptune 150 to ruler of his career, Pluto.
Nowhere to hide from these,but to wait them out, till they pass. 

September 23, 2018 Sunday 
No trade over here today. Only the Cryptos trade. I bought some last week. The Arab countries will trade today . let me see how are they doing? In the last 3 years Iraq did really bad. The first runner up was Egypt. 
let us see what is this week bringing? 
This week is CRUCIAL week! We have the Sun at 1 Libra and Chiron, at 1 Aries. This happened only: 2 times since 1900! In 1918 the first WW ended, well, was close to end. In 1968, Aug 20 Russia invaded Czechoslovakia. 

Thanks to my friend on FB, I received the birth data of Christine Margaret Blasey Ford, who spoke up against B.M.Kavanaugh. I posted on FB: 

I made a sunrise chart in lack of time of birth. The date she was born adds up to 7, ruled by Neptune.Born on a Monday, ruled by the Moon. The Moon is at Full Moon at the time of birth +-; and Neptune is at 22 Scorpio- revenge. She also has Mercury conj. Neptune, at 17 degrees, and the event happened around that age. Not sure when all this happened. She was born in 66 and he in 65, so they have the same Virgo stellium.

She came public on Sept 13th, and I made a transit chart on her natal. Mars, conj. SN in opposition Jupiter; Jupiter-law, justice, conj. natal Neptune. Tr. Sun conj. her stellium. Is she lying? I don't think so. The event might have happened just as she describes. maybe she was in love with him, in those years. Why now? Yes, I think it is out of revenge, something she carries for a long time, and she can be manipulated- Her Saturn(men in black suits?) is also at 22^, in opposition her stellium, a quest for power, but also issues with people in high ranks. 

This issue is "boiling" in her since tr.Uranus was in the last degrees of Aries. And it will not go away.

Here is their synastry chart: they share a Mars- no wonder they are on the fight ground.

Christine Directed chart for today- speaks for itself.

Christine Margaret Blasey Ford adds up to Neptune too- so here we have a double OK for a major impact of Neptune in her life, which can mean: art, medicine, psychology, treatment, religion but also addiction to many things.. I don't know anything about her. 

The issue - in my eyes- is NOT what happened 34 years ago, It is if MBK , who is anti abortion, fits to be nominated. Is that what a modern America wants? 

Think about all those 15-17 year old girls, who had no sexual advice and got pregnant, or were abused, raped, or the mothers who have 4 children and cannot care for the 5th, etc etc.. should they be denied of decision by a MAN? any man ?


September 22, 2018 Saturday

The DAX topped, exactly 240 days from January 24 top! Sign up now for the forecast to see what's next? If you follow the alerts in the app, we were long since 12020- 

Check your index/share! Is it also in the 240 days area? THen a turn is in. How deep, how long? That depends.. 
I have a list of portfolios in, but they are down for maintenance, so, I'll be back later. 

September 21, 2018 Friday 

The sky today: Mercury still conjuncts the Sun. The Moon is in Aquarius. It points to a top in the S&P. Mars squares Uranus, and Saturn trines it. 
I added some thoughts on B.M.Kavanaugh chart below, if you are interested. 
Today is a day that vibrates under Venus' and Mercury's energy. Venus is weak in Scorpio and it makes no aspects so its energies are lost. Mercury is Cazimi to the Sun, meaning 0.17 minutes from the Sun. Very strong. Therefore a very volatile day in front of us. 
Most of the markets rocketed yesterday. 
Will send some alerts now. 
10:15  Alerts for Europe and commodities sent. 
11:00 USA alerts sent. Pls. check the app! 
Now it's time to order the weekly forecasts! What will happen next week? Next month? 

September 20, 2018 Thursday

We are after Yom Kippur fast. Now the Sukkot ( Festival of Tabernacles)holiday is coming. LOL... One after the other this month. But, today our market will open for 1 day, and then again no trade till Tuesday. 

Today we have a very strongly vibrating day! We are under the effect of Jupiter and Uranus. But, the most important planetary position in the sky is Mercury conjunct Sun. SInce I am working on Nifty's 2019 forecast, I have it open, so here it is what happens 60.9% of the occurrences, when this conjunction happens in the sky: 
Mer-Sun Conj in Nifty
The question is, can we rely on 60% occurrency? Do other indices have the same reaction to this position? Everything has to be researched, and weight. 
last conjunctions:  Feb 17, 2018, April 1, 2018, June 6, Aug 9, Sept 21,etc. What can we learn from these meetings? They happen every 43 days. Check your index, what happened on these days. 
Back later.. 
The person in the news is Brett Michael Kavanaugh.Born Feb 12, 1965; Washington, no time. Name adds up to 13, Uranus position. Date adds up to 17/8 Jupiter's position. Now look here... How was fate written on the wall??
The Sun, in the Directed chart is at 17 Aries.- Asc at 17 Aries; shows a huge life event at this time. Numerologically he is in his 7th year, till Feb 2019; his nomination is in question/ GONE, for something he might have done in 1982, when he was 17! I wonder, why 
Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser, has no data in Wiki??? Yes, he might be guilty. But to come NOW? and blame him for something that might have happened 36 years ago?? Where was her ladyship till now??

I don't want to expand here what else do I see in his chart.. But moving the natal chart to 4.09am, I get a Cap. rising( based on his looks) and in this case, transit Neptune at 14 Pisces, for Sept 16, when C.Ford came public, was in opposition natal Uranus, Pluto in Virgo~ from H3- news to H9(LAW). I have to add, that I posted this on FB, and there is a "fight" about him, between readers. I looked again in his chart, and he has 7 planets in feminin signs. With a Cancer moon, this points to a big issue with women. Probably had a dominating mother, and he, in order to hide his feminin or weak side, might attack, or bring decisions against women. He is against abortions. I think only a MOTHER can decide if she wants to have a baby or not and not a man, certainly not a politically biased judge. This is the fight about now on FB. 

Today's fed announcements:
The Dollar is correcting since 9/4: targets on the graph.
Last alert for Gold was to go long above 1193. 
Brazil Real to the USD: upcoming elections on Oct 7th, the currency is consolidating
USD TRY: Somebody wrote " The government has kicked the back of real estate investors, no foreign currency rentals + TUFE instead of UFE for yearly rent adjustments. If TRY continues the same way, landlords will get rents similar to Venezuela in two years" No idea what is TUFE and UFE, but if you are from Turkey, you might be interested.. 
S&P: the perfect target,2933,  as I wrote 2 weeks ago in the weekly report is in... Watch it now! 

September 18, 2018 Tuesday

The Moon moved into Capricorn. It is a day of very high energy. Watch your shares!! A major correction is coming in a few indices... 
Today is a CIT for: Nifty spot and future , maaden, NFLX, BO, CHEVRON, NSYS, etc. 
We might hear some news about the Queen, Prince WIlliam, Charles, Erdogan, Obama...
By the way I read yesterday, that the UK is producing a new coin with the Queen on it, eyes closed, dressed up in fur.... Are they suggesting something?
Today we have Pluto at Ven/Chiron MP. Unfortunately, Ebertin did not write about Pluto in his book... So we can only interpret alone what this means... If Pluto is destruction and Venus Forex, Chiron sickness... then it whispers us a move a rather deep move in the FOREX markets. Any announcement today? Let me check.. WOW!!! in 2 hours, now it's 8:20am, Draghi speaks... That will shake the markets! See, how the planets tell us beforehand? What else> Jupiter is at Ven/Vesta MP, also at Merc/PL MP; Jupiter is exaggeration, Mercury nerves, quick moves, Pluto.. is PLuto... again, the same outcome. I look at the outer planets, their effect stays at least a few days. 
Today is Yom Kippur eve. The fast starts in 3 hours- for 25 hours. It is easy for me. This is the only religious ceremony that I keep. For years. Actually, since I live in Israel. I read a very interesting article from my colleague, Haim Sadeh, about the fast and some explanation from the Bible, " The people of Israel are above the stars, or above the signs." Written in Genesis. In Hebrew it is the word MAZAL- sign, it also means luck. This is not an arrogant sentence, as someone wrote me on FB, that if I speak so, no wonder people hate jews. LOL.. What a narrow mind. 
There is an explanation to everything, if you just take the time and effort to dig in. Usually Yom Kippur falls on a day, when the Sun is in LIbra or the sign of the Scale: God weighs the people by their good / bad deeds during the past year. I guess, in the time of the Bible it was a way of threatening the masses.
We know, that our body is made of 70% of water. The Moon waning and waxing position affects us all, as it affects the tide and the ebb. If one fasts, and the fast is for 25 hours, we have less water in our body and so the effect lessens, and we are lifted above.
Once you are above the "sign" or your luck, you can change it, because you have a different perspective. Here enters the historical argument if astrology is a final fact, or once you are "enlightened" you can change your fate or destiny....
So, this is the meaning of being above the signs.

I have 4 doctors in my family, I asked them what really happens in a human body if one fasts for 25 hours? Well, yes, the water lessens, and the hemoglobin rises. People with high blood pressure, or pregnant are forbidden to fast. 
You can also say, the Arabs have their Ramadan. FOR 1 MONTH! Correct! but they fast during the day, and eat during the night.So it is different. I guess yogis in India are also in the category of "above the signs". 
I wish you a happy and peaceful year, excuse me if I offended in any way, and may all your mischieves be pardoned. 
This year we have the Sun in Virgo, a sign that pays attention to every small detail. So it is harder, than harmonious Libra. 
I just checked: the years that Yom Kippur fell in Virgo since 2000 were: 2002-2007-2010-2013-2015-2018

September 17, 2018 Monday

We open the week with the Moon at the last Sag. degrees. She is also squaring the Sun. Mars, Saturn and Uranus are at the early degrees of the signs, while Mercury, Sun & the Moon are at the last degrees. In the middle we have Jupiter, at Mercury-Pluto MP. On these positions are the analyses based. 
The Nikkei is hitting new highs , just now! and Shanghai, SSEA new lows...Funny, how the same planetary positions affect differently the indices. 
Today is a CIT for S&P and AXJO DOW, Dax fut, Nasdaq, Nyse, Gold fut, Corn, Ripple, BCH, AMZN, 10 YEAR BONDS, CSCO,LNKD, etc... 
Tomorrow and the day after it is Yom Kippur. We have no trade.So I 'd better send the alerts now. 
Sent so far all the alerts for Asia, Europe and the commodities. And now for the USA.
The next upcoming elections will be in Brazil. On Oct 7th. The candidate is Jair Bolsonaro, born March 21 1955. He is married the third time, has 5 children. His Sun is at 0 Aries, tight conjunction with the worst malefic fixed star, Scheat. On Sept 6th, when transit Mercury, ruler of his 12th, was at 0^ degrees Virgo, he was stabbed, and heavily hurt. 

Was this written on the wall? Karmic event? I guess so... looking at his prenatal and after birth eclipses, and adding to them the 2018 Solar eclipse, it shows, that such an event is possible. You see, he has Moon at 28^ Aqua, and Merc, ruler of 12th in the 8th house of death. His Moon ~body~was triggered by the February eclipse, and Mercury was 150^ in transit when this happened. In the Directed chart, Mars (knives) is conjunct his Jupiter.
Above you can see the chart for Oct 7th transits. It is not the best chart for elections. Even if he does win, it will happen on a Karmic day, second round is very probable. 
But, the most important thing for him is to concentrate on his health. That Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Cancer is BAD news. 
THE CRUDE OIL forecast for 2019 is ready. 
Last year, between Aug 24 to Oct.2 I wrote a lot about all the hurricanes! Then too Mercury was in Virgo. Only after it left situations calmed down. 
Here is today's picture: 
It must be horrible to live in those areas, where there hurricanes and typhoons hit! I came across a very good analysis on Florence.. by astrologer Alex Miller. Here is the chart, for a better understanding of what he writes. 
Florence hurricane Sept 14,18

September 16, 2018 Sunday 

What more can I say? 

The forecasts for the S&P. Nasdaq, DAX, AEX, Gold are ready.

September 14, 2018 Friday

In the last few days I was very busy... Now the 2019 S&P forecast is ready, and there are some very interesting finds!!! You are welcome to order it. Now I am working on other indices. If you are interested in any of them, pls. let me know. 

I can ask you, what always people ask: " Did you feel it?" mars entered Aquarius... and more aspects, made the FOREX jump. I hope you were in the right direction! Luckily, I had my stops in, due to Draghi's speech. Never take a chance when HE is around.. 
When the tail swings the dog... Erdogan, of course... Transit Neptune is on his stellium. Blind with power.. See my post on Aug.11, 2018- New Moon in Cancer... 
The Turkish Lira bottomed on Aug.24 at 5.96; staying above this level, up target is 8.25-9.45.
Yesterday was 210 days from Aug.21, 2017 Solar eclipse. The S&P was at 2417. Yesterday it traded at 2906; targeting 2933. 
Today we are under the effect of Neptune and Venus. Neptune is at 16 Pisces; while Venus is in opposition Uranus. Will it bring another Uranian surprize? or we had enough yesterday...A mirror effect should come, so tighten stops.
I've been trading the Yuan lately... WOuld you like to know how will it trade in 2019??? Here is a shot for 2018... Order now! WIN ! 
The Yen knew its ups and downs. - order now the 2019 forecast! 
Or maybe you are curious about the Euro/USD? WHat will happen in 2019? Here is the 2018 forecast. 

By the way! Be ready for a major turn in the markets...When? That is in teh weekly forecast. Or in the yearly/ 


September 12, 2018 Wednesday

We will have a very volatile day today! I read flights were stopped in the US, due to a new Hurricane. Think about it! All those people who were supposed to fly somewhere are sitting in the terminal, or at home, and are angry, and trading... LOL... No, the real reason is not only this, but the planets control us, as marionettes. 

Our market opens with a dark red arbitrage. 
TA35: Stop is 1635 we are short. 
Let me see how did yesterday's alerts work out?
The Nikkei: fell below stop, so we went short here. 
The Yen topped at 111.640- so the long was beneficiary;
The Hang Seng continued to fall; targeting 9960. I'll prepare a forecast for it, if anyone interested? 
the Gold ran up 10$- if you took that trade from 1193- to 1203. 
The Dollar fell to 94.94. 
Wrote to use the last low and go long- the S&P, using 2864 low- rallied to 2893! I hope you were in that trade! 
We have some important announcements today! The PPI, etc... so look out. Either stay out of trade, if you cannot watch it, or close your computers. LOL... A volatile day! 
I think, due to the FOREX war, I read, and I follow of course different currencies, in these times it is best to trade Forex, they move fast and big gains/ losses are possible. 
Read this article. Not that it is new, but better written than I could have. 
To the different wars that are ongoing in the world, not counting the" blue collar wars" like trade war, forex wars, but actually killing people, I can add now South Africa. Sadly, I read, every day more than 50 people are murdered. SA's currency, the ZAR/USD is among those 7 countries. 
Although India is not in the news, its Rupee rallied since Aug 23-from 69 to 72.90. I have been sending alerts since 2016... 
Today is a CIT: for the CAC: my last alert said to go long...So keep it tight..
Also Copper has a CIT. 
Moon is Void of course: GMT:00:00
11.09.2018 22:58 - 12.09.2018 18:15
14.09.2018  8:54 - 15.09.2018  0:45
16.09.2018 23:15 - 17.09.2018 11:07
19.09.2018 17:10 - 19.09.2018 23:52
21.09.2018 17:13 - 22.09.2018 12:27
24.09.2018  5:26 - 24.09.2018 23:04
26.09.2018 10:28 - 27.09.2018  7:16
28.09.2018 22:36 - 29.09.2018 13:26

September 11, 2018 Tuesday

It's 9/11/11 today. We remember THAT disaster, 17 years ago! It is also Assad's birthday (53). The war in Syria started on March 15, 2011- 7 and a half years... still ongoing, and Assad is staying. 

But why start a post negatively? Let's look up at the sky and use the energy that the planets send us: We are after the New Moon, she is waxing. This period usually is positive for the markets. ~if other planets back it~ . We have Mars at 0^ in Aquarius and Venus at 1^ in Scorpio, both aspecting Uranus and each other. The Sun sextiles Jupiter. Now this happens only twice a year. Since the Sun moves faster, it is a waning sextile. And we have Sat-Ura trine, an ongoing aspect. 
Time wise: we are 90 days from June 12 top. And it is a CIT day for KLSE, Nikkei, Nifty and BIG.
So, let's see, that's happening in the markets? We don't have trade today. But the world has..
Japan came out with negative outcomes. let's see the Nikkei: I think it's obvious. Should go above the quadruple top for a new rally. Stop was 22650- long above.  
USD/Yen is a long above 111.20
The Hang Seng fell by 1000 points since my last alert on Sept 7th, I hope you took the trade. How about Europe? I see most of them bottomed on Sept.7th. Under the Mercury-Saturn-Uranus trine and turned up. These patterns are worth while following! And is better, of course to know in advance when they occur. So use the last lows and go long. How long will this turn last? Well... that needs a research. 
Same for the US indices.
The Gold tried to break up between Aug 16-28, but it was weak, and fell back. Until it trades below 1220, it is a waste of time and money. IMHO. But you can do as you think...of course. If you are really bored, you can try a long position with a stop at 1193. 
The Dollar: Fell from 95.50- heading to 94.90 falling from there, =94.65
This means, that the Euro might hit 1.16500
Working on the 2019 forecasts now, good trading. 
Interesting to pay attention to the FTSE: while it rallied when Mars was at 4 Cap-to 1 Aqua. for 58 days. Since May it is correcting that rally. Now Mars is at 0 Aqua... So watch the next days, it should bring either a turn up or a crash. I just sent alerts! check out the levels. 
While Erdogan is looking for trouble in Syria, his index is crashing. It is the first one that broke March's low, wiping out all the last year's rally. But, this was expected, I wrote about it many times in the past. 
Below TR20

September 10, 2018 Monday 

Now I must prepare, guests are coming, see you later. 


  1. Gaby,
    Good Afternoon From Desert Arizona. Hope HOLIDAYS have been Good to you and i know from your writings you are busy with guests. with every day, that goes by now a days POT STOCKS LIKE TLRY, CGC, CRON, AURORA CANNABIS ARE ALWAYS IN NEWS AS CANADA IS GOING TO COMPLETELY LEGALIZE ON OCTOBER 17TH
    WILL you please take a minute or couple of minutes of your precious time and please comment on this
    i can not imagine at my age of 75+ HIPPIE era or stocks are becoming more popular !!!!!

    as always with many thanks

  2. Hello Vick, nice to hear from you, from the Desert Arizona. I started to look at the shares you mentioned, but the site is down for maintenance, so what I saw this far, all those shares are red, falling. However, with Neptune in Pisces, we will see some drug developments, for good or bad (pharma shares for ex).
    The cryptos, which are a modern addiction, started to move on the 18th, so I'll look at them again will will start posting about them.
    All the best


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