New Moon in Cancer, 2019 ~ Financial and Mundane astrology

Between July 2- August 1, 2019
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The inner wheel is for July 2nd, the Solar eclipse at 10 Cancer, the outer is for August 1st.
During this Lunar month: 
 2.07.2019    2:19:19 > Leo Mars
 3.07.2019   18:18:02 > Cnc Venus
 6.07.2019   17:09:12 max N Venus
 8.07.2019    2:14:27 R     Mercury  4°27'54"Leo
15.07.2019    6:50:00 min N Mercury
19.07.2019   10:06:12 > Cnc Mercury
23.07.2019    5:50:19 > Leo Sun
28.07.2019    4:53:48 > Leo Venus
30.07.2019    0:01:45 min S Jupiter
I did not include the Moon and the transneptunians. 
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August 1, 2019 Thursday
What a day yesterday!!! Did you trade it or you stayed out?? Both cases you needed strong nerves. The Fed. delivered, the markets gave their answers, which were already on the wall, and sent to subscribers weeks ago. 
Thanks God we are after this new Moon... It was very powerful now we can calm down. Temperatures are also falling here; only 30C' and not 38... Better, no?? Rains started to fall in Europe as forecasted as well. But, August is ahead, so it's not over yet. But at least we can breath and turn the page to the next article... 

July 31, 2019 Wednesday
I am very busy these days... Sent alerts for the USA in the app. watch out today! All day long there are announcements, waiting for the Fed at 9 pm... Better stay out of trade.
The sky today backs it! The Moon is approaching the Sun, soon will enter Leo, and we will have the New Moon. This time extra power to this Leo Moon being Perigee! Closest to Earth. Uranus sextiles the Cancer stellium and trines the Capricorn one. We still have the Jupiter-Neptune aspect and Mercury is still retro; and slowing down before turning Direct. All these can point to disinformation, high anxiety and frustration. Breath deeply and drink a lot of water..Extreme heat is back.... so try to stay calm.  
The Dollar to the Shekel: return of the last low? 
USDJPY: a different scenario: 
WHich one would you trade? 

July 29, 2019 Monday
The Moon is still in Gemini, volatility continues. and more.. Besides the Cancer stellium, which will slowly dissolve with Mercury moving to Leo, we have a Leo stellium inconjunct (150*) to the Capricorn one, which is a disharmonic aspect. 
it's 7 am here, so only Asia trades now and most of the indices are red. 
AXJO is the only one that rallies, now at 6831... how long more before it turns?
The world is waiting for July 31st, when the Fed Funds rate will be announced. Meanwhile, eiter sit back and wait, or trade only if you are glued to the screen. 
8:40 am Alerts sent for all the markets, pls. check your apps. 
So I guess everyone knows what's coming... don't bother signing up to the updates ! 

July 28, 2019 Sunday
Good morning :) 
We start a new week of trade today, let's see where are the planets? and what can we expect? The Sun is at 4 Leo, it will square Uranus during the week. 
The Moon is approaching the Sun, we are before the New Moon, and she is in Gemini, signaling a hectic, nervous day, pointing to a zig -zag trade. Mercury is still retro and in Cancer, where it is weak; coming into an opposition with Pluto. 
Venus is at 0 Leo! Oh... this is a new position. Venus, the planet of love, in the sign of romance, children and rulership; that's a good one. Mars is at 16 Leo, in a disharmonic aspect to Neptune and Pluto. Actually we have an aspect that is called "Thor's hammer" Saturn 60* to Neptune and Mars 150* to both. The three of them form a strong support or resistance, depending where your index is..For TA35 it means a support at 1608. Our close was at 1610. 
The index ran up to 1624.

July 27, 2019 Saturday
We got a high again yesterday in the S&P, in the NDX, but not in the DOW or Russell. How should we trade next week? I already sent my forecasts so if you wish to know, sign up now..
Meanwhile, have a cool weekend! 

July 26, 2019 Friday
We end this week's trade today. It is a Cold and dry day, it says, well, Paris and Europe had 42 Celsius... so statistics apart and reality apart.. But again, this is based on the planets, in Capricorn that weigh more, so that's the outcome. The day is ruled by Venus, it is also the strongest planet for today. It is at 27 Cancer, just leaving a conjunction to Mercury.. In the Midpoint table you can see, that it squares the Sun/Pluto MP . Today watch out for the announcements, that will come in BEFORE market starts... so better stay out of trade, wait and see where are the winds blowing. 
market wise: I would buy water related shares... There are millions without water, and it is not going to be better in the next 20-30 years. Better than BTC. IMHO. 

July 25, 2019 Thursday
I woke up at 5 am; after I fell asleep at 9 I think, yesterday... LOL... So I open ZET, and this is its "good morning":  it tells me, it is a Satan day... Is Satan wearing Prada? Because after the rally yesterday, I think you can afford it.!! Satan lies in the sextile between Saturn - Neptune! well, not only.. we can add Mercury/Venus conjunction today, Moon squaring the Sun, Mars trines Jupiter ( huge moves ), and then Mr. Draghi will speak in the afternoon, so better tighten your seat belts if you don't want to fall off. He always brings changes... 
And then, the Moon will conjunct Uranus, and that will be shocking. See the list I uploaded yesterday! at 10:16 gmt 00. So what's happening then? Nothing here... Not exactly.But, in any case, just watch your steps around this hour + - 1 hour! 

Here is a list of world leaders, born in the sign of GEMINI, a mutable sign... I guess to make a change, one needs a mutable sign. 
Geminis don't go well with Scorpios and Capricorns. (Sun at 150*). Now we should make a list of those leaders, and see where will the problems rise? 
Local News: This early morning, Ehud Barak, who returned to politics to block Netanyahu, just signed an agreement with Horovitz, leader of Meretz party, left wing. Stav Shaffir ( Taurus), joined them from the Labor party. Here is the map with their picture. Barak placed himself at the 10th!!! position, so in order to enter the Knesset again, the new party must win at least 10 mandates. They had 4, in the last elections. 
So, what is this event chart tell us? the date ads up to 17, which is an Aquarius no., fits Barak's birth, being born in this sign. Horowitz, is a Gemini... so here he brings the change.. I did not add him on the above table because he is not a world leader... just a head of a local party, but who knows?? SO we have the Moon in Taurus, fits to Israel's chart, having the Sun in Taurus, and is approaching Uranus, shows the surprize change. No one would have believed, that Barak, the narcissist, will place himself at the 10th position... But, we also have a retro Mercury.... and we still have a Cancer-Cap- stellium opposition! So shifts and changes can come when Mercury turns Direct ~8/2~ and reaches 26 Cancer again ~8/8... 

Meanwhile!! Good luck.. 
News about Jeffrey Epstein... someone must want him very dead... if you read the news. If we look at his chart, he has a Sun 180 to natal Sun, (traumatic events) and Pluto ( destruction, conjunct natal Mercury( body). Will it be over soon? no. Jupiter is there, for a long time. Although not Direct, but aspects his natal Jupiter. Justice will be done. Not sure people will want that

July 24, 2019 Wednesday
Under a fire Sun and Moon ( in Aries) and UK elections, not many were interested to check these outcomes...
Chapeau to New Zealand... But all the others were red! That should mean something.... Soon the Moon will enter Taurus, and then markets will pay attention. 
Nifty is falling by almost 8% maybe they know something other markets don't? 
New Zealand index: rally 144% in 9 years. targeting 170, 181. 
Today we are under the effect of Mercury, which is back to Cancer, and retro and Neptune, which is at 18 Pisces. 
Here are the Moon's aspects for this week: GMT:00:00
24.07.2019  5:20:14 21°39'38"Ari Square Pluto
24.07.2019 13:12:24 25°39'26"Ari Square Venus
24.07.2019 14:47:55 26°28'07"Ari Square Mercury
24.07.2019 21:42:09  0°00'00"Tau <<<
25.07.2019  1:17:58  1°50'54"Tau Square Sun
25.07.2019 10:16:32  6°29'14"Tau Conjunction Uranus
26.07.2019  3:11:30 15°20'40"Tau Square Mars
26.07.2019  4:29:09 16°01'44"Tau Trine Saturn
26.07.2019  8:58:41 18°24'44"Tau Sextile Neptune
26.07.2019 14:57:23 21°36'12"Tau Trine Pluto
26.07.2019 21:43:29 25°14'38"Tau Sextile Mercury
Watch these times, if you are an intra day trader. 
Watch also the announcements for Europe
8:00 Sent updates for Europe! Check the app. 
Where is Erdogan??? Turkish people wonder, for a week now he has not been seen in public! 
The easiest way to check, well, for me, is to look at his chart. Using 4:29 pm for birth, we get a Leo rising, and the 6th house og health opens in Capricorn. The NN is there , at 22, Cap- the "killer degree". look at his after birth eclipses! the lunar one was on his NN!. What is happening in the sky right now, that should send the Turks to hospitals and look for him?! 
Here is his natal, with the sec. Prog and Transit chart for today. Whatever he has, started, when Mars was at 20 Cancer. Maybe his cancer is back!  This was backed by transit Saturn, SN and Pluto as well, in hos 6th, in Cap. capricorn illnesses are long lasting and lingering ones. 

July 23, 2019 Tuesday
The Sun enters LEO today! This is the major move of this week. The Sun rules Leo, so it is back home... How will it affect the markets?

Here is the sky for today:the two stelliums are still there, The Sun will conjunct Mars in 2 weeks, and Uranus, is still solitary. Mars sends a disharmonic aspect to Saturn. This will influence people or events who have a Mars/Sat. conjunction in their chart; like Hillary Clinton. She also has a Mars/Pluto conjunction. 

Local Shares: Delek Kvutza, Aeronautics, Dipharm, Fox, IceSecure, KiTov, Analog, Bionvax, Bonus Bio,KolPlanet,etc.
I sent updates in the app for Europe and the USA. Pls. check and adjust your stops. 
Turmoil in Hong Kong!!! Since March 31st. 
 UK VOTES today for/ against BORIS JOHNSON. First time I wrote about him was in June 14, 2016;  I analysed his chart on June 12, and wrote that he will be elected, but it won't be a smooth year. 
Amalia Rodriguez, the famous FADO singer of Portugal was born today, in 1920. I am listening to her now... Isn't it beautiful??? 
Amalia was born on a Friday, July 23, 1920. The date adds up to 6, so it is ruled by Venus. Friday too. So we have a double Venus rulership. Venus is in Leo, at 5 deg, together with Mercury, Neptune, and Jupiter in the same sign. I added some "fame" asteroids, and she has "Glo" conjunct her Sun, at 29.59 Cancer, Aeternitas conj. Saturn. She was married twice. Once when she was 20, divorced after 6 years, second, at 41. She had no children. But if we look at her chart, we can see, that the ruler of her MC, career, is Mars, and that is in the 5th. in Scorpio. so her children were her songs. ! Her art(H5) in Scorpio, and Pluto on the Asc Saturn, is sextile her Mars, and that pushed her become the Queen of the Fado music in Portugal. I think one has to be over a certain age, to like that music, but now I find it beautiful! 

July 22, 2019 Monday
July 21, 2019 Sunday
This is the sky for today. We have the two stelliums in opposition, Moon+Neptune trine the Cancer stellium, and sextile the Cap. Mars is coming into a trine with Jupiter! This is important, since it happens only twice a year. and Uranus is S O L I T A R Y! When a planet is solitary or makes no aspects to others, it is like a wild horse. Unpredictable... Much more so Uranus, which is the "surprize!!!!" planet to start with. Not sure we always like those surprizes.. 
I can add some asteroids that are around 5-7 Taurus, and to my surprize, what is there? One that is called Pythagoras! LOL.
I sent earlier updated for the cryptos.  There were some great moves there, short wise!
In ETH we gained 46% in 19 days! in the LTC we are short since 140, fell to 76! Not to mention BTC!! 
I'll send now updates to the grains.. Download/buy (one time fee) my app
Great move in the wheat! 5.20% gain!!! :) 
Alerts for Asia and the far East sent! I'll send for Europe later.. Market is about to start.
Have a nice Sunday! Surprize yourselves! 

July 20, 2019 Saturday
Again, subscribers to the app gained big time yesterday, in no time! Also, subscribers to the daily alerts gained 0.98% in the SPY... And for the crude oil the gain was 0.60 points. 
Now I am writing my weekly forecasts, you are welcome to sign up. 
What is happening technically, in the graphs? are we going up or down? What will the Sun in Leo bring? What else is going on in the sky that will shock and rock our trades? Are we having a deja vu? 
It's already late afternoon. I am trying to figure out or to calculate, what to trade next week, in order to make daily 250$. That is about 1000 shekels. You think it's easy, ha?? Oh, the fund I want to use is 2000 shekels. Now you tell me! Because if one has 20-50 thousand dollars and want to throw it all in, that's easy, to gain peanuts... but how would you do that, with almost no funds? SO, I'm working on it...I am counting on the weekly and monthly options expiry, coming up this Thursday. So let's see if I can make 5000 shekels this week? or double the fund I want to use... 
What can we expect next week? here is a calendar.... I guess I should add more aspects, but even so it is enough. I am looking at teh week between 7/21-26. We have trade tomorrow, so it is important to see how will we open. We have a positive arbitrage, so probably will gap up and wait till Monday for the USA. Sundays are apainintheass.sorry. Trade wise. it is almost a lost day. But, we will have an opportunity to have big moves with the Sun entering Leo, Mercury returning to Cancer, sextile ALGOL on the 24th... That's danger! And on the 25th Venus too...I should check what happened historically... let me run TS. 
In the meantime,I would like to mention, that I read an interesting explanation about the chapter of the Bible we are reading this week.In the sign of Cancer.  It is the chapter 25, Numbers.
Why did I find this interesting? Because in this chapter God orders Moses to divide the country into 12 pieces, to the 12 tribes (or signs~ I told you, the Bible is an astrology and numerology book ~~). Moses should count the people, and each family, by its number would get a piece of land, smaller or bigger, depending how large the family is. God also ordered Moses to choose a so called "second hand" someone who will replace him, because Moses never got to enter Israel, the Promised Land. The sign of Cancer is the 4th, therefore the letters that belong to it are DALET ד, MEM מ and Taf ת, so people whose name ends with these letters will always be linked extremely strongly to their families. (Cancer being the sign of the mother, womb, childhood). Then when the people entered the so called Promised land, their fate changed. Therefore we say,  " changing place will change your fortune". ( and we saw that, in the astrocartography charts I upload all the time..) 
The second possibility to change one's fortune or fate is by changing the name. We have the example also from the Bible, Abram was changed to Abraham, adding the H, and Sara to Sarah, and she gave birth to a child, although they were really old.  So how come she got pregnant??? Because the letter H is the 5th letter and symbolizes the 5th house of children. 
In the natal chart, the position of the Sun shows one's fate. Why was he reincarnated into this world? What is the purpose of his life. If the Sun is in the 4th house, that person will be linked to the family, to his roots to his parents. One's fate is also mirrored in the name we get from our parents. Every letter has a resonance, every letter has a meaning. 
The software finished calculating, and here is the outcome: 
TA35: Mercury 60 Algol: rally. 
TA35: Venus 60 Algol: rally
How about your index??? There are no 2 similar charts. 

July 19, 2019 Friday
Oh my.. I forgot to write yesterday... So hooked up with options expiry.. I did send updates to the daily alerts subscribers, then went to the gym, and was loaded with work... 
Anyways, as I wrote last week to subscribers July 18 was a CIT. the question now is, will it hold? Mercury, as you can see in the list above, re enters Cancer today, a bad position, so we'll see. I'll send updates in the app now, see u later. 
If you are a subscriber to the daily alerts, SPY for example, you gained 0.73% in 2 hours yesterday! 
I really must thank to ONE visitor from IRAN!, WHO TAKES THE PAIN AND CLICKS like ON MY FB PAGE. I HAVE 2-3000 friends there, who read what I post here in the blog, but only him takes the effort and clicks LIKE every single day! 

July 17, 2019 Wednesday
I woke up at 5. The Moon was smiling at me directly over my balcony. I watched her dim out, while the Sun came up. I thought.... People are so anxious about eclipses. But if you think of it... every year we have at least 2 Solar and 4 Lunar eclipses. If you are 50, than you probably "survived" 200 Lunar eclipses already.. So why the fuss now? Is it because we are so open to social media, and all they do it washing our brains with disasters? Spreading fear.... So let's cool down, drink water.. Have an ice cream. It'll be 37-42 C today, that's 110 F. In a few months we will remember this warm weather, wishing it back... LOL.. We always want what we don't have, and when we got it, we search for something else. 
I open the map of today, and I'm smiling.. it says, it is a cold and dry day... LOL... The planets weren't watching TV... But, it is cold and dry, because we have many planets in Capricorn, which is a cold and dry sign... 
So the Lunar eclipse was at 24 Capricorn/ Cancer axis. Searching who got it in full I came up with Saudia, Martin L.King ; Sun at 24 Cap, Angela Merkel, and Camilla Parker Bowles ( Prince Charles wife) Have Sun at 24 Cancer. 
I am posting Merkel's chart, because this is the first time I see a "Balanced" chart ! look in the last row below. 
Here is her Directed and transit chart. We can see the eclipse right on her Sun, but what shows her sickness, is transit Uranus opposition Directed Venus, ruler of her health. 
merkel dir tr
Somalia: June 26, 1960 has its Moon at 23 Cancer, got the eclipse in full 
The launch of the Titanic : May 31, 1911 - had the Moon at 24 Cancer. 
KKK: 24.12.1965; Moon at 24 Capricorn.
Avidgor Liberman (local politician- once buddy of Bibi, now enemy, runs against him) has Moon at 24 Cap. 
Mercury got triggered in : USA Liberty chart, Jul 2, 1776; Julian Assange, Greece, 
Venus         "        "  24 Cancer: Dow Jones, bahrain, S&P E mini, Orban Viktor, 
Venus         "        " 24 Cap: Aiman Uda( local politician), Mati Caspi (local Singer)
Mars             "         24 Cancer: Cheiro, Haim Yavin, Stephen King, Julian McMahon, Ram Emanuel, Ayelet Shaked, 
Mars at 24 Cap: in the charts of First shot fired in WWII, Jerry Lewis, Beni Begin, Scaramucci, Drew Barrymore, etc etc 
And these are only conjunctions... I posted these people to see what news will pop up in teh next 6 months about them? 
Yesterday the basic materials lead the correction. 
Today we are under the effect of Mercury ( in retro in Leo) and Mars at 9 Leo.
It is a CIT day for: Ibex, WIG20( Poland); Ethereum, MIB, Crude oil INVENTORIES TODAY!!!, BIDU, DIS,GIS, QCOM,
Local shares: MicroMedic, Biokensel, Cinema Yahash, Clal, Biotex, Kesem Long Pi3 ,Mazor,Terapics Bio,Together,
Anna Bligh, Netanyahu, Hassan Rouhani, Jimmy Carter, Jaroslav Kaczynski, Khaled Meshaal, Pippa Middleton, Stalin, Al Thani ( Qatar), Rex Tillerson. Fernando Haddad (Brazil);
We got a correction yesterday, I sent alerts to subscribers to the daily alerts..Great short in Oil! Our market now is under a negative arbitrage, of -0.41%. The close was 1592.36, after failing to break above 1606- it turned and collapsed. 
Great moves in the weekly options that I started to trade.. You see? Fell on the 14th, with a gap, to 350 and since then corrected up to 1100. I have calculated the targets, on the chart, and was waiting.. Actually I had a sell order at 990. I never search the extremes. 
Shelly Yechimovits, local politician, announced yesterday that she is quitting the Knesset and politics, after 14 years. Looking at her chart, she is under Saturn return! A planet that blocks, and kicks you off the road you took till now. Time to reflect...
Checking who else has Saturn at 17 Capricorn? James Comey, former head of FBI! too...Are there any news about him? Something big is coming. 
Also Kenneth Branagh... Frieda Hughes and others. 
If you have bought my app, pls mail me, what do you trade, where are you from? Do you know any astrology? 

July 16, 2019 Tuesday
I got a call yesterday, so I had to leave everything and go..But I have all the charts ready, so' I'll post them in yesterday's post... about the earthquake. It's almost 7 am here, and I just checked if the Lunar eclipses triggered another one, and yes, in Papua. 6.2; but first I must work on some daily alerts, that people signed up for, so see you later. 
Today we are under the effect of the Lunar eclipse: 
Here are the times to watch gmt +3 for the Moon's aspects - start- culminate- end
Moon 0 Saturn 1.0 16.07.2019 8:22 16.07.2019 12:14 16.07.2019 10:18
Moon 180 Node 1.0 16.07.2019 10:09 16.07.2019 14:02 16.07.2019 12:06
Moon 0 S.Node 1.0 16.07.2019 10:09 16.07.2019 14:02 16.07.2019 12:06

Moon 60 Neptune 1.0 16.07.2019 11:55 16.07.2019 15:48 16.07.2019 13:52 

Moon 108 Uranus 0.8 16.07.2019 11:57 16.07.2019 14:52 16.07.2019 13:24 

Venus 180 Saturn 1.0 16.07.2019 14:07 18.07.2019 3:01 17.07.2019 8:34 

Moon 36 Jupiter 0.8 16.07.2019 18:11 16.07.2019 21:05 16.07.2019 19:38 

Moon 0 Pluto 1.0 16.07.2019 18:20 16.07.2019 22:13 16.07.2019 20:16 

Moon 72 Chiron 1.0 16.07.2019 22:23 17.07.2019 2:17 17.07.2019 0:20 

Sun 180 Moon 1.0 16.07.2019 22:31 17.07.2019 2:45 17.07.2019 0:38
Today is a day ruled by Mars ( in Leo) and Saturn ( in Capricorn). Of course we still have the Cap. stellium, that isn't going anywhere, the moon coming into a conjunction to it, will slow market down, I think.. I'll send now alerts for the US markets. 
8:35 am, alerts sent. Now I can check my account... LOL..
I made a whole research about historical floods, and how did GONGONG asteroid's position effect, or even "caused"??!! the flood. Of course, backed by other planets. 
I wish I knew how to add here a word document.... I don't think it's possible. 
Those who are interested of what I have found, are welcome to check the link on my FB page. 
Oh... no possibility to add word document there either... 
So... I can send it by mail, if anyone interested.. 
Another scandal that shocks us over here, is Rafi Peretz, the new education minister, named by Netanyahu, illegally.. He is all in for "CONVERSION THERAPY FOR GAYS!
I checked his chart, and could not help but see that he himself is someone still in the cupboard.. 
And this issue reminds me of Alan Turing, the great mathematician! 
He committed suicide by eating an apple with cyanide, rather than being "converted" Forced by the same people whom he saved. 

July 15, 2019 Monday
It's almost 9 am, and I sent alerts for all the markets! So you'll know what to do; before market opens. 
Checking what's happening in the world, another big earthquake yesterday,  in Indonesia. 
There is an asteroid, lately got its name " GongGong" . "Gonggong is a Chinese water god with red hair and a serpent-like tail. He is known for creating chaos, causing flooding, and tilting the Earth. " no 225088
So I made a chart searching where is it crossing the Earth? See its local space line? 
Then I added the other planets: We have several planets crossing the same places.only Uranus is far from all. 
Then I magnified Australia, Indonesia: 
the Earthquake: 
Then I checked, where was Gongong in history, that might have triggered big floods? and I found that Pluto was in opposition Gongong during May 31, 1889, the big flood in Pennsylvania.  This made me start a new research of historical big floods. Will post it when I'll be ready. 
Meanwhile here are the dates for this year: it is at 4 Pisces. 
21.03.2019    0:57:44 >0 N  2007 OR10 Gongong
31.05.2019   13:25:05 R     2007 OR10 Gongong  4°31'09"Psc
21.06.2019    2:48:03 max N 2007 OR10 Gongong
23.09.2019   10:49:49 >0 S  2007 OR10 Gongong
21.11.2019   23:03:03 D     2007 OR10 Gongong  3°21'54"Psc

22.12.2019    2:48:45 max S 2007 OR10 Gongong
Aspects to planets: 
23.07.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 24.07.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
26.07.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 27.07.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
30.07.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 31.07.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
 6.08.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) -  7.08.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
14.08.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 15.08.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
22.08.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 27.08.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
30.08.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 31.08.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
 8.09.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) -  9.09.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
15.09.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 17.09.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
26.09.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 27.09.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
 4.10.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) -  5.10.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
 8.10.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 11.10.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
14.10.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 15.10.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
21.10.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 22.10.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
23.10.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 24.10.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
26.10.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 27.10.2019 18:00 (GMT-6)
 2.11.2019 18:00 (GMT-6) - 17.01.2020 18:00 (GMT-6)
It will make no aspect to Pluto this year. till 2030. Neither to Neptune.
Here are the dates till 2030:
to Uranus: 
 Realization intervals (begin - end):
30.06.2019 20:00 (GMT-4) - 26.06.2020 20:00 (GMT-4) sextile
31.10.2020 20:00 (GMT-4) - 16.04.2021 20:00 (GMT-4) sextile
2007 OR10 Gongong.0,40,60,80,108,120.Saturn
  8.03.2023 20:00 (GMT-4) -  3.03.2024 20:00 (GMT-4)
28.04.2028 20:00 (GMT-4) - 15.04.2029 20:00 (GMT-4)
to Jupiter:
25.11.2019 20:00 (GMT-4) -  8.01.2020 20:00 (GMT-4)
 2.05.2021 20:00 (GMT-4) - 11.08.2021 20:00 (GMT-4)
15.12.2021 20:00 (GMT-4) - 16.02.2022 20:00 (GMT-4)
19.05.2023 20:00 (GMT-4) -  7.07.2023 20:00 (GMT-4)
10.11.2023 20:00 (GMT-4) - 22.02.2024 20:00 (GMT-4)
11.06.2025 20:00 (GMT-4) -  1.08.2025 20:00 (GMT-4)
27.09.2029 20:00 (GMT-4) - 19.11.2029 20:00 (GMT-4)
to Mars: 
16.11.2019 20:00 (GMT-4) -  1.12.2019 20:00 (GMT-4)
14.02.2020 20:00 (GMT-4) - 28.02.2020 20:00 (GMT-4)
12.05.2020 20:00 (GMT-4) - 26.05.2020 20:00 (GMT-4)
 4.01.2021 20:00 (GMT-4) - 24.01.2021 20:00 (GMT-4)
23.04.2021 20:00 (GMT-4) -  9.05.2021 20:00 (GMT-4)
29.10.2021 20:00 (GMT-4) - 11.11.2021 20:00 (GMT-4)
23.01.2022 20:00 (GMT-4) -  5.02.2022 20:00 (GMT-4)
15.04.2022 20:00 (GMT-4) - 27.04.2022 20:00 (GMT-4)
 5.07.2022 20:00 (GMT-4) - 19.07.2022 20:00 (GMT-4)
26.03.2023 20:00 (GMT-4) - 14.04.2023 20:00 (GMT-4)
11.10.2023 20:00 (GMT-4) - 25.10.2023 20:00 (GMT-4)
 4.01.2024 20:00 (GMT-4) - 16.01.2024 20:00 (GMT-4)
23.03.2024 20:00 (GMT-4) -  4.04.2024 20:00 (GMT-4)
10.06.2024 20:00 (GMT-4) - 23.06.2024 20:00 (GMT-4)
 5.09.2024 20:00 (GMT-4) - 21.09.2024 20:00 (GMT-4)
22.09.2025 20:00 (GMT-4) -  6.10.2025 20:00 (GMT-4)
15.12.2025 20:00 (GMT-4) - 27.12.2025 20:00 (GMT-4)
 3.03.2026 20:00 (GMT-4) - 15.03.2026 20:00 (GMT-4)
20.05.2026 20:00 (GMT-4) -  2.06.2026 20:00 (GMT-4)
13.08.2026 20:00 (GMT-4) - 27.08.2026 20:00 (GMT-4)
 3.09.2027 20:00 (GMT-4) - 17.09.2027 20:00 (GMT-4)
26.11.2027 20:00 (GMT-4) -  8.12.2027 20:00 (GMT-4)
12.02.2028 20:00 (GMT-4) - 24.02.2028 20:00 (GMT-4)
30.04.2028 20:00 (GMT-4) - 13.05.2028 20:00 (GMT-4)
23.07.2028 20:00 (GMT-4) -  6.08.2028 20:00 (GMT-4)
11.08.2029 20:00 (GMT-4) - 26.08.2029 20:00 (GMT-4)
 5.11.2029 20:00 (GMT-4) - 17.11.2029 20:00 (GMT-4)
22.01.2030 20:00 (GMT-4) -  3.02.2030 20:00 (GMT-4)
11.04.2030 20:00 (GMT-4) - 24.04.2030 20:00 (GMT-4)
 5.07.2030 20:00 (GMT-4) - 19.07.2030 20:00 (GMT-4)

July 14, 2019 Sunday
It's a hot and dry day today, the chart says.. Watch out from fire accidents! yesterday, here we had a law that forbids lighting fires, campfires, barbeque in parks till Sept 30th. I think its wise.. due to the hundreds of fires we had lately.. 
145 years ago, on this day, there was a huge fire in Chicago, that burnt down half of the city. In France they'll celebrate 230 years from the "Storming of the Bastille.
After a new rally in the USA, we are left with a plus 0.61%  positive arbitrage. The index closed at 1598.55, now it will gap up to 1608. My target since the last month was 1616. SO let's see.. 

July 13, 2019 Saturday
This week brought new historical highs... Why did this happen? and how about all those analysts and astrologers that wrote 1-2-3 years ago, the crash is here? 
The stock markets always tend to go higher. Until they don't. LOL... But we should follow the trend. I just sent alerts for the grains and cryptos. I noticed, that most of the grains bottomed on May 10-13.. So what we should do, check , what happened on that day, till today, and use that same aspect in the future. I checked... on May 10 Mars was in opposition the Galactic Center. See more:  

So what can we expect next week? There are two events: Mercury moves back to Cancer, where it is weak, and in retro and the Moon moves from optimistic SAG. to Pisces. I deleted everything except for the planets, so there is no "noise" in the chart. 
Of course we will have the Full Moon and the Lunar eclipse. It belongs to Saros 139.
it will be visible as Nasa shows. This eclipse reminds us to the July 2001 eclipse... so go back.. anything happened then? it will be pulled out from below the blankets. 
Other Lunar eclipses at 24 Capricorn occurred: 
Scroll down and read more about the eclipse in the posts on July 6,7,8,9

I make my calculations based on these planetary positions. 
TIme to write my weekly forecasts.. Sign up if you want to know what will the above moves bring. 
late afternoon thoughts... How will the Gold move in August? I made an excel list of monthly highs and lows. I found that the average move in the last 19 years was 70.9 points. Below that, people are happy and trade shares, above that it's a sign of panic. 

July 11, 2019 Thursday
Markets made new highs yesterday. I was waiting for July 10, for that. At 15:15 my time, the Moon moved to Scorpio, sign of money, asteroid Banks was conjunct the Sun, etc.The target 3006 was given to the subscribers to the weekly report. 
.The Crude oil climbed up to 60.68 now... Alert sent to people who subscribed. In the same time, the BItcoin topped and it's time to sell! failing to run above 13000 again, will go back to 9-8400-7200! What runs up 350% in 209 days, will correct as harshly down. Our stop was 12650- short below. 
Will be away today from my desk, so trade carefully! 
Have a nice day. 
July 10, 2019 Wednesday
The computer was running the whole night, but apparently there was a power shortage, because in the morning I found it in reset mode.. So I am running DB again. Meanwhile, let's look up  and see where are the planets today? As you can see, not much has changed during the night. The Cancer-Capricorn stelliums are still there, Mercury now joined Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune ,Pluto in their retro motion, and the Moon is still in Libra, scroll down to July 8th post, see the aspect she will make. 
Yesterday there was a 7.2 earthquake that moved Darwin, Australia, strangely, the site I follow did not mention it. 
OK. here is the outcome for DB: 
Will firing so many people make it bounce back up? maybe for a while, but I would not invest in it. Don't catch a falling knife! Intermediate targets are on the graph, failing to reach them, will reverse and crash. 
Let's see some other banks? 
Local bank:Poalim made 72% in 3 years. Stop 2780; Target 3080-3280
Leumi Bank: 130% in 1240 days. Stop is at 2550. 
USA Banks: Morgan JPM: Ran up by 140% in 1170 days, It is consolidating since 2018! failing to make new highs. Stop here is 110. 
Goldman Sachs: Topped in March 2018, since then it could not reach that top! Stop is 203.
Same with MS:Morgan Stanley... Topped in 2018, and it trades 22% below that top today. 
Marcel Proust was born on this day, in 1871.He had Neptune on his Ascendant.I found a quote, that fits this position perfectly.. " “If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less, but to dream more, to dream all the time.” 

July 9, 2019 Tuesday
I am following the Deutsche Bank since February 9, 2016, This is the first post I could find in my blog: I wrote then, is it before wipeout? 
Today: it looks as if it is..During the years I sent several alerts for it. In 630 weeks or 4414 days, it fell from 140 to 6.61- Who or what will save the Bank? 

"The company announced yesterday it will be restructuring and cutting 18,000 jobs by 2022. According to the AP, $DB will be shedding its equities sales and trading business as it tries to improve profitability and raise its share price" 

I have two dates for first trade. Anyone, from Germany can confirm, that April 9. 1870  is the right one? I thought it was, but fell on a Saturday, no trade day.. So, pls.if you have the first trade date, I would love to have it. The other date I have is Sept.1, 1871. 
OK.. so let's see what's happening today? The Moon moved to Libra, soon, she will square the Sun. Waning or Waxing squares are times to fight, to quarrel... So try to avoid it.. Otherwise there is no change from yesterday. If I look into it with a magnifying glass, Pluto conjuncts the Part of Daughters... so watch them really carefully.
Thanks to Zsuzsanna Griga, my FB friend, who is an expert on asteroids, I made a list of asteroids, that signify banks, money and bankruptcy... The screen is not big enough, but the most interestings that I could find are Banks, on the Sun, Mony on the Moon, Morgan(named after J.P.Morgan, who bailed out BAC) is on the MC, and Soros is there also.. There are thousands of asteroids, sometimes I upload the ones that characterize a certain issue. I did this for Deutsche Bank today, we'll see how it shows, when I receive from someone, the first trade date. 

 Yesterday I sent alerts for the indices for the whole world, except for the USA. I'll do that now. Also for the cryptos, which continue to rally. Our market will open with a negative arbitrage, so around 1590... Pointing to lower lows. 
Oh... I found something interesting.. I posted the July Calendar on FB, and it popped up in my messenger, that Saturn is closest to Earth during these days! Here is the sky: Actually we are between the Sun and Saturn now. 
On the 16th the Moon joins Saturn, and we will have the Lunar eclipse. In Washington it will happen on the 2/8 - money houses axis, with Uranus in the 5th- stock market! But also with a little help from my friend, Jupiter, on the ASC! 
In Israel the eclipse will happen on the 17th, at 00:38:46, in the 4/10 house axis, if I use Placidus houses.

This eclipse shows perfectly the turmoil that is going on over here.. In the family, and in the government. 

12:40 I am back from the gym, and I already sent the rest of the alerts- for the USA, and the cryptos!
Thanks to Erik, for the dates of DB.( see comments below) I'll run TS, let's see what will it come up with? 

Meanwhile, sign up for the daily alerts!! Only 15$ per day min. 5 days.. and you will get a daily mail with updates, for anything you trade! Or order now the weekly or yearly forecasts!!
I think we are before some major moves.. don't you want to know in which direction:? 

July 8, 2019 Monday
An extremely hectic week ahead! We open the day with the Sun still conjunct the North node, which can bring fated events. The Sun is at 15 Cancer, a Gemini degree, so change is its middle name. Then we have the Moon at 29 Virgo, will soon cross over to Libra. Here are her aspects: GMT 00:00
8.07.2019  6:06:51  0°00'00"Lib <<<
 8.07.2019 13:09:19  4°10'55"Lib Sextile Mars
 8.07.2019 13:36:33  4°27'03"Lib Sextile Mercury
 8.07.2019 16:32:39  6°11'14"Lib Square Venus
 9.07.2019  9:29:31 16°08'26"Lib Sextile Jupiter
 9.07.2019 10:54:47 16°58'10"Lib Square Sun
 9.07.2019 11:22:00 17°14'01"Lib Square Saturn
 9.07.2019 19:35:26 22°00'33"Lib Square Pluto
10.07.2019  9:28:33  0°00'00"Sco <<<
10.07.2019 16:47:26  4°10'23"Sco Square Mercury
10.07.2019 19:19:53  5°36'59"Sco Square Mars
10.07.2019 20:20:57  6°11'37"Sco Opposition Uranus
11.07.2019  1:28:34  9°05'41"Sco Trine Venus
11.07.2019 15:41:25 17°04'22"Sco Sextile Saturn
11.07.2019 18:27:33 18°36'57"Sco Trine Neptune
11.07.2019 19:32:35 19°13'08"Sco Trine Sun
12.07.2019  0:28:26 21°57'21"Sco Sextile Pluto
12.07.2019 15:04:57  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
12.07.2019 21:32:30  3°31'35"Sgr Trine Mercury
13.07.2019  4:09:29  7°07'13"Sgr Trine Mars
13.07.2019 20:10:48 15°44'49"Sgr Conjunction Jupiter
14.07.2019  1:30:17 18°35'26"Sgr Square Neptune
14.07.2019 23:04:38  0°00'00"Cap <<<
15.07.2019 11:08:18  6°18'16"Cap Trine Uranus
16.07.2019  4:41:41 15°23'32"Cap Opposition Venus
16.07.2019  7:17:58 16°43'55"Cap Conjunction Saturn
16.07.2019 10:51:45 18°33'41"Cap Sextile Neptune
16.07.2019 17:16:15 21°50'30"Cap Conjunction Pluto
16.07.2019 21:38:09 24°04'09"Cap Opposition Sun-Lunar eclipse.
Mercury Turns retro! It is also conjunct Mars and both square Uranus! Look out for gaps in trade, and for fights, verbal and physical. Look out also for an outburst of sickness, after all Mercury rules Virgo, the sign of health as well, seems that no one talks about that part, from what I read on FB... Everybody writes about transportation, buying cars, signing contracts, OK, but what about Virgo's traits? Virgo also rules our everyday routine life, well, that will be disturbed as well. Virgo also rules small animals, so watch your pets! How do they behave? They can tell you if an earthquake is coming!! 
Venus is in Cancer, sextiles Uranus, never a dull moment when Uranus is involved, doesn't matter which aspect!
Mars squares Uranus, Jupiter is in Retro at 16th Sag.still squares Neptune, this too is an ongoing position. Saturn is on the SN- bad bad bad... but it's not new...
Hygeia, the fourth biggest asteroid( shows one's health condition), is conjunct Algol- very bad! And Chiron turns also retro tomorrow. till Dec. 13th, 2019. 

So... what can we do? But to wait it out? 
I am looking at the markets. Asia and the Far East are red. 
Meanwhile, there were elections in Greece, and we have a new figure on stage.
I couldn't find a clue for why did he gain, until I saw the eclipse triggering his Saturn! In the natal chart, he has a Sun 180 to Pluto, this is a very disturbing aspect! 
Anyways, I wish Greece all the luck in their choice. 
Why did Alexis Tsipras lose? The Sol. eclipse was conjunct his Saturn ( ruler of natural house of career, and many planets triggered ~badly~ his natal Jupiter(hopes)
Market is about to start, see you later!
A few examples from the last two days, how the eclipse doesn't check one's bank account, mows them all...
Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested and charged with child trafficking and abuse between 2002-2005. Below is his Solar chart. The first thing that pops up is a Venus-Mars conjunction in Pisces. Both planets stand for love, or love by force and when they are in Pisces, all borders are crossed. Then He has an Aries Moon ( Aries points to youngsters) conjunct the asteroid Child, which is prominent in sex scandals charts. Then he has an Uranus in Cancer ( unexpected events in the family, with girls~ Cancer is a feminine sign), and Pluto at 22, the killer degree. 
Second wheel is the Directed chart, Uranus in the 8th at 22- time to pay!Also Dir. Venus and Mars arrived to 22*, in Taurus. This will hit his purse(tau is H2- money).Finally, the SOl. eclipse brought the timing, by sextiling his Jupiter- planet of freedom- and he was jailed. Will he buy himself out of this? I think it will be difficult, as long as transit Saturn-Pluto-South node square his Saturn. 
He is a person way out of our league! " From the get-go, his business was successful. But the conditions for investing with Epstein were steep: He would take total control of the billion dollars, charge a flat fee, and assume power of attorney to do whatever he thought was necessary to advance his client’s financial cause. And he remained true to the $1 billion entry fee. According to people who know him, if you were worth $700 million and felt the need for the services of Epstein and Co., you would receive a not-so-polite no-thank-you from Epstein."
Strangely enough, given his scientific obsessions, he is a computer-phobe and does not use e-mail. “I like to hear voices and see faces when I interact,” he has said. Given the huge sums he has to invest, he focuses on assets with extremely high liquidity, like currencies – though he dabbles in commodities and real estate as well. Those who know him say he is an impulsive, quick-to-change-his-mind trader, still governed by Ace Greenberg’s trader’s maxim: If the stock is down 10 percent, sell it. He has been on the short side of the Brazilian real, and those close to him say bets there have paid off in spades. He recently took a long position on the euro before its rebound on the basis that Europeans were too proud to see their currency sink any lower against the dollar. His next targets: an across-the-board short of the German stock exchange and a possible attack on the Hong Kong dollar peg in light of the recent disclosure of North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program.

The other Billionaire who was taken by this eclipse  is Christopher Cline. Died in a helicopter crash accident, taking with him one of his daughters, and 5 other people. The Eclipse occurred exactly on his Sun, but it is never enough for such a tragedy... He had Mars 180 to Jupiter at 22*! And when transit Pluto arrived to 22* the accident happened. Also one day before his birthday!!! 61 only. 
It is interesting, that natal Jupiter line crosses Grand Cay Island, where he died. Jupiter at 22*!
If he was born at 6:10 am, this accident was caused by Jupiter in the 4th house...
Market is on.. let me see. 

July 7, 2019 Sunday
Except for the planets, thousands of asteroids that we know, tens or hundreds of Arabic Parts, there are the so called "Trans Neptunian planets" or the TNO's
And we also have the hypothetical planets discovered by Alfred Witte of the Uranian school; look it up on Google, or read this article by Michael Erlewine
Why do I mention these now? Because they might move really slow, but Apollon, Admatos and Vulcanus just changed signs! And their hypothetical effect, as they might be, they add to the effect of the other planets. Here is a table of what they represent: 
Let's get back to the Earth and look around. I am using here Horizons software, which shows me where are the stress regions in the world today. It shows, that Mars-Pluto line are crossing Los Angeles area, where the last earthquakes took place. 
Our market will open soon, let me check how... The close was 1606.36, the arbitrage is 0.08% minus. 1606 is a strong support price level, so staying above it, will move higher to 1611-12-17. Sundays usually we have a strong move in the morning, adjusting to the arbitrage, and then dead... We close early too, so it's no fun. 
One interesting position for today, the SUn is CONJUNCT Sirius, a positive fixed star. When it was there in the USA, the S&P topped. The Moon is separating from the Sun, in sextile, which is good, but in Virgo, which is less favorable. Then we have a rather rare event today, Mercury is farthest from the Sun. Here is the graph, see how it behaved when in similar position? Mercury today is stationary, before turning retro. 
I deleted all the other planet, see where is Mercury crossing in the world! There its effect will be felt most. 
I looked at Donald Trump's chart, how was and will he be affected by the eclipses? Many want him go. I am on the other side of the ocean, so I think, I can be neutral. 
The eclipses point to major monetary changes, that will take place during this year. 

July 6, 2019 Saturday
There was another, stronger earthquake this time, in the same spot! 7.1 on the Richter scale.
See, the Sun conjuncts ~almost the North Node? I am afraid, on July 10th it will be exact, A N D  in opposition Saturn+Pluto, and the SN, Then will be another even bigger earthquake. I hope I am wrong! 
I wrote on Feb 20, 2018 and in July 20, 2018,: during the Big American eclipse on Aug.21,2018, that what I fear most, is the Yellowstone volcano eruption after a quake. In 2018 Uranus crossed the Yellowstone Park, and I wrote: "
I read now on FB, that visitors were evacuated from Yellowstone park! The earth is trembling over there. I wrote about this on June 21, 2017: 
The reader asked specifically about Los Angeles, so yes, I can say, that since the eclipse will cross Yellowstone park, exactly on the Uranus line, I think a major quake will be triggered in that area. 
This doesn't mean it will occur exactly on the eclipse day.! As always, the planets must back such events. And again, this is a very difficult issue, I don't want to scare anyone. Deep research is needed to state anything."
If you search Yellowstone volcano- google will tell you that they think it will erupt in another 450 years...OK.. It looks BAD now! I also see the "Daily express"from the UK wrote an article questioning this, 10 hours ago.. 
Here is a local space chart made for this quake, July 6, for Ridgecrest, CA- on Google map.

And, let us not forget the July 16 th partial Lunar eclipse! at 9:30 UTC time made for Ridgecrest, CA. A lunar eclipse occurs when we have a full Moon and the Moon is on the SN> - This time it happens at 24 Capricorn, the Moon will conjunct the Capricorn stellium! very dangerous! In this special chart below, made with the Local space lines, we can see, that this opposition- Sun-Moon is pointing to South East, I am only looking at the Yellowstone park, that I wish not to be triggered by any planet! And we can see that Admatos crossed Jupiter MC line.I don't know how to interpret that... but I think this lunar eclipse will not be a major treat. 
The eclipse will last almost 3 hours as per NAsa. 
WIlliam LIlly said about a Lunar eclipse in the last 10 degrees of Capricorn: "the death of a King, Conspiracies in People or Mutinies". 

July 5, 2019 Friday
There was a severe earthquake yesterday in California. 6.4! I can imagine the panic! One feels dizzy, and it is frightening. I read, there were no injuries... so all OK. SInce then, there were tens of after shocks! Neptune must be always present in an earthquake.. and you can see in the map, made for the event, Moon-Neptune lines conjunct
Let's take a note , that we have multiple earthquakes and volcano eruptions, (yesterday in Italy). The trans neptunian planet, Volcano, entered Leo together with Mars. A research should be done, when did this happen before, that happened then.. but news are coming in and I can't do that...But, you can!
Congratulations to the First Indian Finance minister, a woman! Nirmala Sitharaman! Born on Aug 18 1969 in Madurai, India. 
I don't have the time of birth, this is a Solar chart, and Mercury is the strongest planet in the chart. She was nominated on May 31, 2019. 
I wish her good luck! 

July 4, 2019 Thursday
It's 8 am, I already sent alerts for the cryptos. They are consolidating.. Consolidations are always the hardest positions to trade. You have the alerts, just apply them and enjoy the day. Today there is no trade in the USA, due to Independence day. So I think, volume will be low. 
In the sky, Venus just entered Cancer, a perfect time, to bring love (Venus) to the family(Cancer) and enjoy a day together. Not only a day.. the whole month.. till July 28th, then it moves on, to Leo. 
In the picture above we see the Sun and NN in Cancer, in opposition the Cap. stellium, and a new one is forming, in Leo: Moon, Mars, Mercury.

I wrote a few days ago, that I expect a rally till July 4th. Not only because of the Independence day, but, also based on planetary positions. So the Dow double topped with Oct, 3, 2018= 26951; it took 84 days to fall till Dec. 26th, 19.71%, and 189 days to reach former top! Now we have an interesting situation... Will it continue to rally and go 5-6000 points higher? or Venus in Cancer will make it turn and fall? Watch out of bull traps! 
On November 17, 2018 I wrote in my weekly report, that the S&P is heading to 3000. 

SInce then, I mentioned, that it will reach it by Independence day. And today it did. 
2:45pm: I just sent updates for Asia and the far East. 

July 3, 2019 Wednesday 
When I am searching who has planets at 10 Cancer, on the eclipse degree, the first (from my 9000 maps of database) to pop up is Antonio Vivaldi ( Pluto at 9 Cancer) , Thomas Jefferson(Neptune), the French revolution! Oh ! this is interesting! During the revolution, Jupiter was at 10 Cancer. Then I see Greta Garbo )Neptune), Josephine Baker )Nep), Iran! (Jupiter at 10 Cancer) ; Katharine Hepburn (Neptune at 10 Can), Gregory Peck (Sat), Judy Garland, Henry Kissinger(Pluto at 9.49) Benny Hill (Pluto), Robert Mugabe, Marlon Brando, Henry Mancini, Charles Aznavour, George Soros (Jup), Rupert Murdoch, Michael Douglas (Saturn) Danny Devito (Saturn); Camilla Parker Bowles (Venus); IDF (Venus) Angela Merkel ( Mercury-nerves-parkinson!!!!) Michael J.Fox (Parkinson)!! (Mercury); Diana (Sun 9 Can); Carl Lewis (Sun 9 Can); Omri Sharon ( Venus 10 Can) Rahul Gandhi (Venus); Julian Assange (Sun 10 Can!) Kevin Kuhnert (Sun) and some people I know, but you don't... So, all these people living or not, will be in the news this year. 
To my new reader from Morocco: You index is a long above 9810. (Looking at the monthly chart.! Would you like to know where will it go? Pls. order the weekly report! Same for any new readers! From South Africa, Australia, USA.. 
The Americans are betting on everything! Here is a poll on the Presidential elections, for 2020: Biden is in green, Kamala Harris in yellow. 
I built this chart for Kamala Harris to try to see what pushes or blocks her?
I know, it is a "crowded" chart again,  with details, not with planets! That I left clean. LOL.. So who is she?
American politician and lawyer of the Democratic Party serving as the junior United States Senator from California since 2017. She previously was the 32nd Attorney General of California from 2011 to 2017.
She was born to a Tamil Indian mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris (1938–2009), and a Jamaican father, Donald Harris. Her mother was a prominent breast cancer researcher, who emigrated from Chennai, India, in 1960, and her father a Stanford University economics professor, who emigrated from Jamaica in 1961 for graduate study in economics at University of California, Berkeley.

Her name adds up to 13/4 if I use Pythagorean or 8 with Chaldean numerology. I like Chaldean, so I'll use 8, ruled by Saturn- is at 28 Aquarius. Numerologically she will be in her 7th year! not a good one to run .
She is 54.81 years old, the elections will be in Nov 2020. In a year she will be 55-56 almost, exactly, age wise on the worst fixed stars in Pisces, Scheat- that is one minus point. 
Her date adds up to 5, ruled by Mercury, which is at 1 Scorpio. Mercury is contra parallel( as if in opposition) to asteroid Kassandra! ( credibility?!) The elections will take place on Nov 3, 2020; I made a progressed chart for 10 pm, then Mercury will be at 27Sag! on the Galactic Center! That shows, she has a role in this life and gives her a 1+ point.  
Her natal Sun is at 27 Libra, in opposition the Moon~ she was born on a Full Moon! on Nov 3,rd 2020 Vesta, will conjunct her Moon- that gives her another good point. 
She has a stellium in Virgo, Venus, Uranus, Pluto... hmmm. That points to a need of power, deep feelings, jealousy, must be in power! I would not give that position a plus one.. 
A few days ago, I wrote about Henry the 8th, (scroll down to June 28) and how his character  was built or affected by a Jupiter-Neptune opposition. Well, here we have a similar aspect, however, not so tight! 8 degrees- on the Taurus/Scorpio axis. They point to age 46 and 54, then next age highlighted in the natal chart is 57.60- 58.30. Therefore, even if she will not win in 2020, she will still be on stage and who knows? maybe later.. in 2024... 



  1. Goodmorning Gabriella, I found the info of first trade on the Deutsche bank website.
    In May 1870 Deutsche Bank shares have been traded on the Berlin Stock Exchange for the first time, since December 8, 1880 the shares have been traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. On October 3, 2001 Deutsche Bank started trading its Global Registered Shares (GRS) on the New York Stock Exchange.

    1. Dear Erik, Great, Thanks.. TA is calculating now. Pls. see post in the blog.


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